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Mattress One Mattress Reviews

Mattress One is one of the largest mattress retailers in the United States -- with a big presence in the southern states specifically. They offer a variety of name brand mattresses with a few low budget options thrown into the mix as well. They also offer online shopping with transparent pricing. Although they have some convenient elements and name brand recognition, name-brand retail mattresses are expensive for the materials used. It may be worth investigating online brands that offer more bang for your dollar.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 7.4/10

No Back Pain: 7.3/10

Price: $199-$8599

Trial Period: 120 Day Exchange (Fee Required)

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Mattress One's Specifics

Mattress One is a popular mattress retailer in the southern United States that have focused on selling the top name-brand mattress brands in their retail locations. They make money by charging their customer a mark up on the same products that others stores carry -- and they offer a price match guarantee that is attractive to customers.

What does that mean about their selection? They have mattress options from some big mattress brands like: Sealy, Simmons Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Serta, and more.

But with that selection comes a hidden truth:

The prices are often much higher than buying direct from the manufacturer.

This is because Mattress One has to pay its salespeople commissions and markup product from their mattress brand partners to make a profit.

What you are buying is customer service and retail convenience.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands

Mattress One has a variety of name brand mattresses and their own low-priced collection of mattresses that are made in-house called The Aria Collection.

We'll walk through each of the brand options so that you can get an idea of what they offer and what to consider when shopping.

So here they are...

#1 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is the original memory foam mattress maker that pioneered the NASA invented visco elastic memory foam for use in mattresses. Over recent years, they have enhanced their offering with more cooling and firmness options. One of the most popular is the cooling TEMPUR-Flex® Breeze, which also has pocketed coils too. Additionally, they have a popular online experience where you can find deals that are often much more competitive than in-store.

The pros: The original memory foam mattress with a variety of firmness and cooling options.

The cons are higher prices than other popular all-foam online options available.

Price Range: $1599-$8398

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

Online Only: Check Best Deals

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#2 Simmons (Beautyrest & More)

Beautyrest is one of the most 'well-loved' mattresses for their pillow top feel. Additionally, they are well-known for their Beautyrest Black product, which is super high-end in both price and materials. They even include diamond-infused foam! However, there are some concerns about durability on some models, which makes the pricetag look a little scary to some.

The pros: A luxury feel with pillow top options that you can't find in other products.

The cons: The products may degrade faster than expected in some cases.

Price Range: $799-$4999

Final Score: 8.6 / 10

Online Only: Check Beautyrest Deals

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#3 Stearns & Foster

Stearns and Foster is another luxury mattress brand that comes from the Tempur-Sealy company. The brand has been around for a long time, and pioneered the high-end hand-crafted mattress matket. It has many pillow top and firmness options for a higher than average pricepoint. Most customers like their Stearns and Foster mattresses at the beginning, but there are complaints about sagging after just a short period, which plagues the brand. Mixed with the luxury pricepoint, there are some issues.

The pros: High end innerspring and hybrid mattress options with multiple firmness capabilities.

The cons: Quite expensive and has some issues with the durability complaints.

Price Range: $1199-$8599

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#4 Sealy

Sealy is a famous name in the mattress industry. They offer a variety of low to mid-grade mattress options -- most of their options are innerspring and hybrid, while their Optimum product line is all-foam. Overall, customers can find pricing options within their budget range, but there are some issues with initial comfort and durability. Also, Sealy has a wonderful mattress in a box option, Cocoon, that you can find online (not a part of Mattress One) that is worth looking at for its good value versus in-store options.

The pros: Budget hybrid and innerspring options for a variety of pricepoints.

The cons: Issues with durability and initial comfort for many retail models.

Price Range: $599-$1399

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#5 Serta

Serta has a variety of mid-priced options that include innerspring and memory foam mattresses, including iComfort which is popular for its hybrid and all-foam mattresses that are designed to fit your body seemlessly with a higher value for the materials used than other lines. Most customers find their Serta mattresses comfortable at first as there are a wide array of options with some high values. That said, with some of the pillow top and softer foam mattresses, some customers that had issues with durability over a short time.

The pros: Competitive options with a wide array of mattress design choices and types.

The cons: Some issues with durability reported for some customers.

Price Range: $299-$3499

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#6 Aria Collection

The Aria Collection is Mattress One's low-priced mattress option that is made in-house. With options that start as low as $199, there are a lot of reasons why customers will be interested in these mattresses. The have a traditional innerspring feel and come in multiple firmness varieties. Some of the issues, however, come with the materials used. Though initial comfort may be okay for some, there are many problems with durability. These mattresses may only be good for temporary situations.

The pros: Very affordably priced mattresses with traditional innerspring feels.

The cons: The coils, foams, and craftsmanship are wanting with these varieties.

Price Range: $199-$399

Final Score: 6.7 / 10

Mattress One Alternatives

Luckily, over the last few years, it has become the most exciting time to buy a mattress. There are more independent brands competing for your business and new designs hitting the online market. This means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress direct from the brand online is one of the best ways to get the most value out for your $. If you are willing to spend a little extra time learning about the offerings and what fits for your body, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and endless backaches over the near term.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store in person, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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Mattress One

Mattress One - Amazing Experience Purchasing Furniture

We had the opportunity to meet the owners of Mattress One and learned that they not only sell mattresses but also home furnishings (Homelegance and Coaster brands). We recently purchased our new master bedroom set from Mattress One and we are extremely pleased with our purchase. Pricing is very reasonable and the delivery team was fast & professional. They currently have locations in Irving and Arlington. If your looking for competitive pricing, professional service and an easy buying experience (mattress and/or home furniture) then Mattress One is the only place to go.


Horrible, horrible customer service! We were belittled by Keith, due to our lack of knowledge on mattresses, and ended up leaving to go to another place called Sleep City where we were treated MUCH better, and ended up spending over $2k there on a mattress. STEER CLEAR OF MATTRESS ONE!!

Sorry Mattress One for the lost business, maybe you should treat your customers a little better...

Keith was very rude

Keith was very rude and made me and a friend really foolish on the phone..we called about a special and he said we "ask funny questions" then he assumed we worked in the same business and got mad. We had another friend call and ask about their deal and he laughed to another worker and said "it's the same people Ryan"....very rude..

My husband found Mattress One

My husband found Mattress One advertising on CL. He showed me the post and we decided to call for prices. I spoke to Keith the owner. I was skeptical at 1st since I have a hard time trusting posts on CL. But after I finished speaking to him I went online and found dozens of wonderful reviews. We called back and 1 1/2 hrs later I was selecting from the three bed options Keith sent me on the delivery truck. I decided on the Royal Cloud, it has just the right amount of firmness we need. Hands down the best service I have ever received from a mattress store. THANK YOU KEITH!!!! Now I am ready to catch some zzzzzzz

Mattress One is the place to go

Mattress One is the place to go!

I don't know how anyone could write a negative review on this outstanding facility.

My boyfriend and I are new to the area and have visited every mattress store in the Irving and Grand Prairie area. When we read about Mattress One the reviews were great so we checked it out. Although, the facility was difficult to find, when we arrived we were nicely greeted and shown around by a gentlemen that at no point pressured us to an upsale.

Being college students, our budget was $550 for a queen size, cooling mattress. We found even better. The mattress itself was $550 and we still managed to get a bed frame, box spring, and mattress protector all for $690!!!!!! The only additional cost was shipping which they offered for the same night we purchased at a price of $35 no tax!

Without doubt Mattress One is the best place to go for price and quality, which is rarely found, along with amazing customer satisfaction. Thank you Mattress One!

Mattress one has a wide variety of mattresses

Mattress one has a wide variety of mattresses for every budget. We worked with Ryan and he was excellent in every way - helpful, informative and made us feel like we were his only customer. Great value. We recommend them strongly.

Best customer service hands down

Best customer service hands down! I recently moved into a new place and needed a mattress. I found this place on CL, went and purchased my mattress on my lunch break and it was delivered by the time I got off of work. He even carried my mattress and box spring up 3 flights of stairs. This was just an incredible experience!

Just bought our first king size mattress here

Just bought our first king size mattress here. Very knowledgable about the different styles and what each style will benefit which types of sleepers. Definitely recommended

This review is way overdue

This review is way overdue. We bought a queen size "Tempurpedic-like" mattress for a great price. I will say that we did do a little haggling and the owner was very knowledgable and considerate of our wishes and budget.

The mattress was delivered promptly and he even allowed COD! I didn't even know people still did that!

Great experience.

The owner Keith is good

The owner Keith is good, but the products and return/exchange policy suck. No "comfort guarantee" so you better be happy with what you pick. I won't be shopping here again. The mattress I got was defective (2 inches less than stated and hard as a rock) but I had to pay the 25% restocking fee, plus price difference and delivey charge to get a mattress that didn't hurt my entire.

This review is based on customer service only

This review is based on customer service only. The associate Tommy was very helpful and patient. He had a much better demeanor than any salesperson from Mattress Firm. We were happy with our experience. They sell Sealy, sterns and foster, and tempurpedic beds. We have yet to see the delivery experience. We hope it doesn't bring the review down from 5 stars.

North Frwy Location

North Frwy Location

Don't waste your time or money here. We purchased a twin mattress (a small ticket item I know, but we purchased an expensive matress last year from them at a different location.) We went to pick it up the next day and the store was closed, normal business hours, just no one bothered to show up to work. 4 DAYS LATER we still can't get the mattress, the district manager actually said she wouldn't deliver it even though it is their fault. So much for customer service. Now they're giving us the run around about a refund!!

Never. Again.

What a wonderful experience

What a wonderful experience buying a mattress. Courteous and very knowledgeable. Will highly recommend



5/10 I went to the store and the gentleman helping me was awesome. I purchased a queen bed, for a good price. Delivery was supposed to be the next day.

5/11 I get a call from the delivery place saying that they will not be able to deliver it today because they forgot to put it on the truck. They will deliver it SATURDAY... strange but ok

5/14 I get a call from delivery saying that they have arrived at my apartment. However, they have made the mistake of burying the mattress under others so they can't deliver it today. They will deliver it tomorrow.

At this point, the incompetence is TOO much. I call numerous times to the delivery and corporate numbers-- no answer. I finally walk to the store (VOSS LOCATION) and tell them to call the delivery people. They mysteriously are able to pick up after the first ring (eye roll). I mentioned that if I didn't get my mattress that day that I would cancelling my order. They confirm that it will be delivered.

Doesn't come

5/13 No calls for delivery or answers from my phone calls

5/14 Finally get an answer and the operator states that my mattress was "out of stock" and they can deliver the following day. OUT OF STOCK? So, you mean that delivery has been LYING this entire time??

I ended up cancelling my order. Too much money for poor customer service. I should've read the yelp reviews before wasting my time with this store. They aren't even trying to right their wrongs in order to maintain customers.

Mattres1One, you lost a customer. And I will be sure to discourage others from purchasing from your establishment.

I went in for a mattress February 2017

I went in for a mattress February 2017 and knew specifically what I wanted. The salesman was accommodating and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. The mattress was available the next day. Very smooth transaction and incredibly nice staff.

Went in on a Sunday

Went in on a Sunday (location Buffalo Speedway) and decided on a mattress. The salesman said they had one in the warehouse, and would call Monday to confirm. I call Monday and told me that they didn't have it anymore and would get some in on Wednesday. I said ok, lets have it delivered on Saturday. Another call I was told he thinks it was in one of three trucks sitting at the warehouse but he couldn't be sure. CANCEL my order. He never had the mattress it was just a sale that was needed to numbers....very annoyed and a waste of time.

This has to be one of the worst companies

This has to be one of the worst companies I have dealt with yet, which is too bad because the folks working floor sales seemed like decent enough people. I purchased my mattress on 9/3 and it's 9/24 and I have yet to receive it. I have had to reach out to find out what was going on and why the delivery was being held up. Today, when I finally contacted customer service to request how they could make this right -- I was hung up on -- not once, but twice. The third time I called back, customer service wasn't accepting new calls.

I just moved to Houston less than two months ago and the lack of professionalism puts a bad taste in my mouth.

Don at the Kirby location was fantastic

Don at the Kirby location was fantastic, very knowledgeable. More importantly, he was focused on our thoughts and preferences, not pressuring us into what he or his firm wanted to sell us. Very pleasant buying experience, we'll be back asking for Don.

The most worse experience of my life

The most worse experience of my life, there sales team will say anything to make sale after your purchase they don't care. Customer service is awful you can't get in touch with anyone. I have never experienced this bad of company. Good luck to anyone who deals with this crappie company

Just like many of the folks below

Just like many of the folks below.....horrible, unpleasant experience......POOR, POOR, POOR. Delivery on scheduled date did not happen. They were supposed to deliver the next day, and my stop was not on the calendar or the truck. Next day - nothing. Finally, after many calls the mattress was delivered almost a week late. In the meantime, a salesperson at the store yelled at me and was disrespectful when I inquired about the delivery issue. Finally, the district manager promised a good faith credit of $50 for my unpleasant experience providing I would not cancel the order.......ha, then I had to chase them for that too!!!!

Don at mattress one

Don at mattress one off of Kirby was great! He gave us a lot of information and helped us pick out the perfect mattress. Thanks!

The salesman

The salesman, Bart, asked us to write a review on Yelp for him following delivery. He stated that the company has made some changes and has been "doing better" and reported that the current Yelp reviews weren't accurate. Unfortunately for me and mattress 1, he was wrong.

I currently don't have my mattress. We were told it would be delivered Wednesday and when it didn't arrive we were told it would be delivered Thursday. Midday Thursday we received a call from the delivery service saying "we will be at your apartment in seven minutes" although we were told and it is printed on our paperwork that we are to receive a "one hour call ahead" and we could not make it home from work in time for this delivery. So, they said they would delay our delivery to the end of the day. When we did not hear from them by the end of the day, we called the store twice more on separate occasions and no one was answering phone at this point.

On Friday, I chose to address my problems by taking them to the next rung of the ladder. I called customer service and spoke with Linda 2 times and she said she would call me back each time. I never got a call back from Linda either time so I called a third time and she stated that it was impossible to have my mattress delivered Friday, but we agreed to me being the first stop on the delivery list for Saturday.

Well folks, delivery starts at 8 AM and it's currently after 10:30 AM and I have not yet received my mattress nor received any calls regarding delivery. In addition, no one is answering calls to customer service or at the location at which I purchased my mattress.

Unfortunately, this was supposed to be a gift to my boyfriend for his birthday. But it looks like we will be cancelling this order for a full refund at this point.

In summary, delivery is impossible and is not carried out as promised and attempting to contact individuals to discuss customer service complaints is difficult and you may not be able to reach anyone at all. Stay away from here to avoid having to do the run around they've put me through.

Walked in and immediately had great customer service

Walked in and immediately had great customer service. Jaqurest knew everything and quickly pointed me to the mattress that was best for me. Not only that, he was able to negotiate a great price point for me. Excellent first time experience at this store.

Mattress One is a Florida company

Mattress One is a Florida company trying to quickly expand across Texas. But they lack "One" thing: Basic customer service.

I don't think the prices are any better or worse than any other mattress store. The prices seem to be set by the manufacturers. What got me in the store was their newspaper ad which promised "Free Delivery! Free Box Spring! Free Bed Frame! Free Pillows!" When I asked "Todd" the salesperson about this he explained the offer only applied to certain models. In the end, I bought a fairly new floor model at a discount and I pushed Todd to include the bed frame and free delivery.

But you get what you pay for. Delivery was a disaster. The bed did not arrive on the day promised. When I called the store to reschedule, Todd said he'd call back. He didn't. When I called again, he got mad and hung up! Who hangs up on a customer!?! I immediately called back to get the name/phone number of the manager, but Todd wouldn't give it to me! He said the manager would call me. But of course he never did.

Later the next day, the delivery truck suddenly pulled up in front of my house! Good thing I was home. No calls. No advance notice.

If you want your mattress delivered "Today," you know where to shop. If want "Firm" customer service, there's another mattress store for that. Mattress One has some work to do if they want to survive in the Houston market.

We made the mistake of buying a mattress

We made the mistake of buying a mattress from these guys and spent over two weeks waiting for deliveries that did not show up, and courtesy calls they did not make. You cannot do any worse than these guys. Proceed at your own risk!

Delivery men failed to show up

Delivery men failed to show up to deliver the mattress 4 times. On the 5th reschedule, one man showed up and apologized he did not have anyone to help him, then carried a damaged mattress into my home folded over his shoulder and drug it through the condo, scuffing my floors. Sales rep, Carlos, refused to refund my money without a 20% restocking fee. When I expressed to the driver and Carlos my dissatisfaction with their service, they asked me to stop being rude to them.

If you'd like better delivery service

If you'd like better delivery service, I would try another company. Unless you like sitting home all day waiting......

worst.customer service ever

worst.customer service ever! took our cash money and keeps lying about delivery time...had me waiting all day and never showed up and wont answer my calls!!!! its been a nightmare!

When you go ask for RICH

When you go ask for RICH! I guess he's the manager but he's so nice ! He went out of his way to help me and find what worked best for me in my financial situation. Definitely recommend this place specifically for the customer service :)

Oh and the mattress is great lol

We thought we wanted a firm mattress

We thought we wanted a firm mattress, so we bought one. However, after a couple months it wasn't working for us and we wanted a softer mattress. We contacted Rich, the man who sold us the mattress, and he helped us trade it in for the $129 fee. It arrives tomorrow and I could be more excited. Thanks for being gracious and helping us through the process.

I purchased a bed that cost over $7,500

I purchased a bed that cost over $7,500 and it has been a nightmare every since I made this mistake. Go to Mattress Firm they are reputable and at least they will take care of the customer.

First, I was moving to Florida and needed a bed so I asked to make sure that what I was purchasing was available and could be delivered on Saturday. The salesman assured that they had what I wanted and I would be available. I get a call Friday to notify me that they did not have the base to the bed but would send out a temporary fix. Saturday comes and I called to see when the bed was going to be delivered I was told they would be to my house after they completed another delivery. At 6:45 I tried to call again and could not reach anyone at the store. The salesman left a message while I was trying to call them that they would be contacting me within 15 minutes to tell me the time they would arrive. I never received the call and I tried to call the store multiple times and no one answered. I waited until 9:30 and decided to go to a hotel to stay the night since I did not have a bed.

Sunday I had decided to cancel the order and go to Mattress Firm where I should have gone in the first place. I went to Mattress 1 and the Store Manager was there and he quick talked me into not canceling the order and apologized and said he would make it right. He spoke to the warehouse and I agreed to let them deliver it on Monday and they would be giving me 2 pillows free in addition to the ones I had purchased.

On Monday they brought out the bed. The bed base was damaged and they did not bring the correct pillows. I contacted the store and the manager said that he would exchange them for any pillow I wanted. Then when arriving to the store he would not give me the ones I requested. They did not have them in stock and I said I would wait for them and he really didn't want to do that.

Unfortunately we went to the mattress one

Unfortunately we went to the mattress one at Waterford Lakes on Alafaya Trail Orlando Florida we bought an adjustable bed mattress two pillows and a headboard we received the headboard in the wrong color call them back they bring me a second one in the wrong color and style this time I called them again waiting on my black pin cushion headboard that I still haven't received yet and they still haven't picked up the second wrong one that they bring me they treated me horribly I've been calling 3 to 4 times a day still no answer Jonathan one of the sales associates was supposed to get back to me today and yesterday Wasted Days and time waiting on the correct headboard and no one has done anything about it it's extremely causing me a lot of stress me and my husband are very upset we spent $2,000 and we still got nothing in return I regret walking into that store they can come get the bed I don't want nothing to do with them . I lost a whole Saturday I lost time off of work waiting on my correct headboard it's so sad that this is the kind of customer service I received you won't hear the end of it I will get my money back and come get your bed I don't want to ever go to mattress one again I'll never recommend anyone to that store

Worst shopping experience ever

Worst shopping experience ever. The employees Jose, and Ivan lie directly to your face just to make a sale. They made a mistake on the delivery, failed to fix it, and now refuse to work with me on the problem.

Ella was very knowledgeable and cordial

Ella was very knowledgeable and cordial. They had a huge selection of mattresses for every budget.

Definitely recommend purchasing

Definitely recommend purchasing your next mattress here! Kirk was informative, worked with our budget and met our needs. Easiest mattress purchase ever!!!

This was my experience

This was my experience.

Purchased mattress from "David" who promised me a certain brand of pillows as an incentive to buy. Mattress delivered, but no pillows. I called the store and spoke to area manager "Greg" who refused to help me and laughed when I asked for the corporate number. At one point, he thought he put me on hold, but must not have hit the button. I heard everything he said about me (not pleasant and decorum prohibits me from repeating here). In a later conversation, "David" admitted he made a deal that he could not live up to, but he offered me "substitute" pillows. It took three more trips to the store to actually acquire the "substitute" (code word for "crappy") pillows.

There are many options for purchasing a mattress, I will never do business with this company again.

Run around and empty promises

"Run around and empty promises" says my dad. My parents purchased $6,000 bed which took over a month to deliver. Sign on window says "free next day delivery". Major disappointment. Once it was delivered, the pillows and bed frame that were supposed to accompany the bed were not included. It's been 4 days after the bed came and still no word on the pillows or bed frame. Now they are having difficulty contacting sales person about said pillows and bed frame. My parents seem pretty stressed out by the whole ordeal and they say they would not recommend.

About 10 minutes after writing this review my parents finally got ahold of the sales rep via phone and he actually forgot about how many pillows he promised my parents (which is 4).

Let's see if he keeps his word this time.

Went in on a Sunday at 5:30 pm

Went in on a Sunday at 5:30 pm, I was greeted by Damitre, I showed him the ad and said I was interested in a queen size set. He showed me where they were, I tried both mattresses, I picked the pillowtop asked several quiestions, and I bought it.. Delivered next day... Couldn't be happier, thanks to the rude man @ bedding barn I came here and gave them my buissness.

Can we go lower than one star

Can we go lower than one star. Let me start off by saying that they have by far the most pathetic delivery in the industr. You do not have a two hour window. You get a call one hour before to let you know when the window will be. So you are screwed for thej whole day. If something goes wrong don't even waste your time trying to get someone on the phone. They do not answer or return your calls. And as for beating anyone else that is a scam. You see they carry their own line of mattresses so you can not find that line anywhere else. I know I tried. Sure they have the same name but exactly the same sub name. THEY ARE BAD. Please do not waste your time


I am not one to complain but this has been by far the worst experience i have ever received. First they sell us a mattress that is no longer in stock, then we agree on another mattress, we got done with all the paper work, set a date for delivery and on the day of delivery we get a call that they did not put our mattress in the truck. it was frustrating but we were willing to wait a week to get it. So we set another appointment and on that day of delivery it was going on 5 pm with no mattress. I had called them and they still did not have our mattress and wanted us to wait another 3 days. At that point we are very upset and had cancelled our order. It is very unprofessional to set appointments and the day of they don't show up. It has been nothing but problems with them and they were very quick to keep telling us that we could cancel our order from the time we finished with the paper work. we have heard more times that we can cancel our order then trying to solve the problem and make us feel like they want our business. I will never buy a mattress from them nor will i ever refer anyone to them. They do not even deserve the 1 star but there were no negative stars i could give.

Lie to customers to get a sale - and then refuse return of items

I can confirm that they lie about their bases and do not accept returns when the customer finds out that what was sold is not what you get. We were serviced by Robert Green at the Mattress1 store in Winter Garden, Florida. We bought a Tempurpedic mattress and were interested in the adjustable electric base. We were doubtful about the base, though, since we have a custom made sleigh bed and feared with the base and the mattress on top it might be too high. But Robert ensured us, that the base would only add 2-3 inches in the default position (not electronically elevated). So we purchased the base as well. When the mattress and base were delivered and set up on our bed, the base turned out to add roughly 10 inches (without legs the legs, of course, only the base itself). Which results in our bed being 36 inches high. Unacceptable. We called the store and Robert ensured us that would be no problem at all, he would come by and fix that. 2 weeks later, and multiple calls and visits to the store and pictures taken of the bed and shown to him and multiple promises by him to get it resolved for us - nothing has happened. He eventually also realized that he couldn't fix it, told us that he thought he could lower our bed which is why he told us it wouldn't be a problem (he admitted the he knew the adjustable base he sold us is almost 10 inches high but thought he could lower the platform of our bed by 5-6 inches to make up for it). Mind you, he had never seen our bed when he sold us the items... Today he gave us a customer service number to call, which we did. We explained our situation - the person on the phone said she was sorry, that shouldn't have happened or been promised, put me on hold to speak to a manager - and 5 minutes later comes back and tells me that there is no store credit or refund, they don't do that. It's our problem that we bought the base. And hung up. Worst possible customer service, ever. Absolute disgrace of a sales person (Robert is the store manager, mind you, which makes it even worse). They blatantly lie to customers to get a sale - and then refuse to own to their mistakes (or lies). I strongly urge everyone not to buy anything from mattress1 in general - but particularly not the store in Winter Garden, Florida!

Miserable Mattress Would give negative stars if I could!

Worst mattress ever. I only kept it for two weeks it was that bad. Lucky for me another mattress store offered me the amount I paid here for another mattress. Sales person doesn't care and it turns out the mattress is made in China. Need I say more!

Never shop Here

They have charged me twice for a mattress and refuse to correct their mistake. I have been dealing with this issues for over an year with no resolve.

very disappointed!

Very, very disappointed! Been trying to communicate with corporate offices in Orlando for weeks. On hold with recording for several minutes...then recording ask I leave my name and number...several calls, several weeks no response!!

Promises not kept

The salesman promised us interest-free financing for 5 years, INCLUDING the sales tax, if my wife brought them a letter from a doctor. My wife gave them the letter 2 months ago and the sales tax (more than $200) STILL has not been removed from the bill despite her making TWO FREAKING trips back to the store. . . . No wonder the store has been closed down. But Mattress 1 still owe us $200!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress One

Is Mattress One a good deal?

It depends on your situation. Mattress One offers a wide selection of mattress choices, which is great for customers who want a personal experience and try before they buy. However, it may pay to buy online direct from the brand with discounts, trials, and perks.

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