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Mattress Mart

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Mattress Mart is a midwestern mattress retailer that sells name-brand mattresses through its multiple retail locations. They specialize in Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Sealy, and Therapedic offerings. Overall, they get good sentiment from customers overall. However, their selection is small compared to the options, value, and pricepoints that you can find through online brands.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $299-$4499

Trial Period: 90 Days (Fee Required)

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Mattress Mart's Specifics

Mattress Mart gets some good reviews from customers when it comes to customer service, and they have won a few awards for their good service for their Michigan locations.

In terms of their mattresses, their selection is somewhat smaller than other mattress retailers. They primarily sell mattresses brands by Tempur-Sealy, including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Stearns & Foster.

Quality of Materials

As a mattress retailer, Mattress Mart sells a variety of mattresses and makes money marking up the prices. What you are buying from them is personalized service and retail convenience.

This means that you may find lesser value for the materials used than if you buy direct from an online brand. See Our Top Rated Mattress Brands.

We'll go through Mattress Mart's options below so you can understand what customers are saying about each one. Here are the details:

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic made the first visco elastic memory foam mattress and has expanded its offering into pocket coil and cooling foam options over the years. Customers like Tempur-Pedic overall, but the pricepoint is much higher than alternatives that can be found with similar materials online.

Therapedic: Therapedic is another name-brand mattress company that specializes in innerspring and memory foam mattresses. They also recently launched a mattress-in-a-box, Agility. They get good marks from customers, but some had issues with durability.

Stearns & Foster: Stearns & Foster is a luxury mattress maker that has been selling mattresses for decades. Their pricepoints are much higher than others and some had issues with sagging over a short period. There may be other online mattresses that offer more value.

Sealy: Sealy sells mattresses that focus on spinal alignment. They come at a competitive price and many firmness varieties. The negative is that some had issues with durability over short periods across the line.

Overall Comfort

With the exception of Tempur-Pedic, there are some issues with durability across the lines sold at Mattress Mart. Tempur-Pedic doesn't have as many reported complaints about this, but these mattresses are more expensive than can be found elsewhere for similar quality.


Mattress Mart has offerings in a variety of firmness ranges. The above chart displays the kinds of mattress firmnesses you should expect to find.

Back Pain Relief

The best scoring mattresses that Mattress Mart sells when it comes to back pain relief is the Tempur-Pedic. Make sure to align your selection with your body type. Larger sized folks will like firmer mattresses and ligher folks will like softer varieties.


Depending on the mattress selected, you may find cooling. Some memory foams sleep warm so look for something with cooling gel or an airy top comfort layer.

Who Are Mattress Mart Mattresses Right For?

You may be able to find what you like, but there are a few things to note -- the selection is a bit limited. Take a look at Our Top Rated Mattress Brands to learn more.

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Staff was friendly and helpful

Staff was friendly and helpful. Seemed very knowledgeable about the products and showed us mattresses within our budget without pushing for the more expensive ones. We were in and out in a flash and our experience was great.

We were recently in the market...

We were recently in the market to purchase a new Queen mattress and power base. We stopped into Mattress Mart in Battle Creek and were quite pleased with the knowledge and willingness of the salesman, Kevin to help us understand the many options available. After about an hour of trying different mattresses and discussing the myriad of features (with no pressure to buy), we made our decision. The mattress and power base was delivered, in less than a week, by a very efficient team of two who took away the older mattress and box and set up in less than 15 minutes. Will buy again from this store. Competitive, professional and friendly. Steve/Kathi

Im not impressed!

Im not impressed! 2 years ago I bought a mattress from them that was "on sale" that ended up at $800.00.. They didnt have a computer system to track my purchase-so I was told not to lose my receipt or the "lifetime" warranty would not be good. Now I own a broke down mattress!!! Not at all pleased....

Virginia was great!

Virginia was great! A total no pressure environment, large selection. Delivery and takeaway was seamless & professional. A highly recommended experience, a surprise but a great experience.

Larrs was extremely helpful...

Larrs was extremely helpful, kind, honest, and knowledgeable. He masterfully juggled four customers during our visit, and never did we feel ignored or slighted. Unlike our last purchase at a different store ten years ago, we are leaving with a bigger mattress AND adjustable base for a lower price. Thank you Mattress Mart!!

The salesman, Gus

The salesman, Gus, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He was very pleasant to talk to. He gave us many options as far as what mattresses we might want to buy. I would highly recommend mattress Mart. When we did want to exchange our mattress for a softer oe again Gus was extremely helpful. His delivery People were on time and very thorough.

Purchased two sets

Purchased two sets of queen mattress and Guss was great to work with and the two delivery men were great also.

Truly amazing customer service

Truly amazing customer service and kindhearted employees.

Very happy with our purchase

Very happy with our purchase at mattress mart! Thank you for the wonderful customer service Gus!! 5 stars!!

I cannot say enough good about Mattress Mart

I cannot say enough good about Mattress Mart. I bought a bed from the Battle Creek store back in 2015. The staff was extremely nice and I loved that they were not pushy at all. I told them I was going to shop around and they were very cool about it and no way tried to make me feel bad about looking elsewhere. Well, as they state, "Nobody beats Mattress Mart" is indeed true, because they did have the best prices. Fast forward to about a month ago, my husband and I noticed an i...ssue with our mattress. I got ahold of an associate and within a week, I had Kevin at my house to inspect the mattress and frame.He was very professional and a fun guy There was indeed a default with the mattress, and to the frame as well. This was in no way the fault of Mattress Mart; that mattress was actually discontinued.With their warranty we had gotten, we were able to get a store credit for a new mattress and they replaced the frame at no charge. The associate working the day I picked out the mattress was just awesome and very helpful. He knew what he was doing and I appreciated his help very much.I think his name was Larrs. I just want to say a big Thank You to Mattress Mart, and may your business prosper. :-)

My wife and I visited the Kalamazoo store and got Gussed

My wife and I visited the Kalamazoo store and got Gussed. Guss Morley showed us the mattress that we could afford, no pressure to purchase the top of the line. We left with the information we needed to decide which mattress to purchase. Slept on our new mattress for 2 nights now and I am sure made the correct choice. Thanks Guss

I have only good things to say about Mattress Mart

I have only good things to say about Mattress Mart, Wonderful, knowledgeable, pleasant sales people, best prices. Saved me $400. on the same mattress set, from Art Van. We worked with Guss Morey, our sales person, what a great guy, helpful and knowledgeable and pleasant. I won't buy from anyone else. Keep up the great work. Phil & Vicki.

We had a very good experience at Mattress Mart

We had a very good experience at Mattress Mart on Drake Rd. Unlike Denver Mattress where no one seemed to want to help us out or explain anything, Gus took about an hour to have us try mattresses and explain differences between them and try to find the best fit for us. He knew his products well. I would recommend Mattress Mart on Drake to anyone.

I bought a queen size pillow top recently

I bought a queen size pillow top recently. The sales staff were informative and gracious. I was shown what to do to make my mattress last longer and how to not void my warranty. Overall I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. Thanks guys :)

I recently bought a new mattress

I recently bought a new mattress for my son and had a great experience. I wanted to say thank you to Guss Morey for all his help. Great Mattress, great store thank you for your help.

They have great customer service

They have great customer service and go above and beyond to help their customers. They fixed the problem with the bed, returned phones and showed up on time. I will never buy a bed or mattress any where else. Thank you Gus and Brent.

I got my first mattress from Mattress Mart

I got my first mattress from Mattress Mart many years ago. After I married my husband, he joked that he married me partially because my mattress was so nice! We have since replaced our mattress and purchased a mattress for our guest bedroom from Mattress Mart, and every experience has been extremely satisfactory. Guss has helped us each time, and has made sure we've found the perfect mattress. The most stand-out part of our experience has been that Guss asked us what our price range was and didn't push for a sale. I am very turned off by pushy salespeople, and I'm glad that we have had such a great experience at Mattress Mart every time!

Bought a mattess and customer service

Bought a mattess and customer service was good in the store. However delivery was another story. After rearranging my schedule to have it delivered they never showed and when I called no apology or offer to even set up a new delivery time. Then I even waited after my husband arranged a second delivery and again not even a simple sorry about the miscommunication. Very disappointing and frustrating.

Seemed like great service at the sale

Seemed like great service at the sale. Gus said we're not Art Van, We Stand by our warranties. That's a Lie! How is that great service if the warranty is no good? Called there 3 times, cannot find my paperwork from the sale. This would be a good place to start a mattress business. All their mattresses are junk! Will never shop there again. That schmuck needs to stop his commercials!

Bought a new mattress set from Guss today

Bought a new mattress set from Guss today at Mattress Mart. Very knowledgeable and a great guy. No pressure, answered all of our questions and we got exactly what we were looking for. Have bought most of my previous beds from Mattress Mart and the staff have always been great, however, I will continue to give my business to Guss and recommend him highly to my friends and family!!! Thanks Guss!!

Went into Mattress Mart this evening

Went into Mattress Mart this evening and Guss(at the W. Main store) was seriously amazing! I was in need of a new mattress for my apartment that I'm moving into later this week, I told him what I was looking for and I was in and out within 20-30 minutes(if that!)

I just bought my first king size bed

I just bought my first king size bed at Mattress Mart from Guss. It was a great experience and if we ever get another bed we will definitely be coming back!

Bought a mattess and customer service was good

Bought a mattess and customer service was good in the store. However delivery was another story. After rearranging my schedule to have it delivered they never showed and when I called no apology or offer to even set up a new delivery time. Then I even waited after my husband arranged a second delivery and again not even a simple sorry about the miscommunication. Very disappointing and frustrating.

Thank you Guss

Thank you Guss (West Main Store) for your excellent knowledge on helping figure out which bed would be the best one to get for someone with limited mobility and problems sleeping. We look forward to seeing you at your NEW location 454 North Drake Rd Kalamazoo!!

The best place to shop!

The best place to shop! Great products, great prices and the very best service. Wish they had a store here. I need two beds. Maybe they'll ship to me.would be better then what I'm finding here. Bought from them before and very pleased.

I bought my first king size mattress

I bought my first king size mattress set today from Guss at the Kalamazoo West Main location. He was very helpful, knowledgable and funny! We appreciated the comfortable buying experience. I'm so excited to have it delivered this Friday! Thanks Guss!

Great locally owed company

Great locally owed company with the best sales staff and fantastic service after the sale . All of this and best prices as well . Thank you Kevin and Pat

Excellent, great service

Excellent, great service , great product. We bought a Mattress and we are so happy with it.

Gus was very helpful

Gus was very helpful and was very patient and answered all the questions I had I would recommend him to anybody looking for a new bed thanks again.

I've been a loyal customer to Mattress Mart

I've been a loyal customer to Mattress Mart since 2007 when I bought my first King Mattress. I've bought 4 twins and a queen since. The mattress quality and the customer service can't be beat. I will never shop anywhere else. Thank you, Trent! :)

See Guss at MM for his knowledge

See Guss at MM for his knowledge and integrity. He'll treat you right, and the company is great !!

Have bought a number of beds from mattress Mart

Have bought a number of beds from mattress Mart. Every salesperson is 100% on point. The service we've had has also been perfect. You have earned customers for life.

Just got a mattress set from Gus today

Just got a mattress set from Gus today he is the man to see about a bed when we get a new mattress for our bed going to see Gus again

I got my college mattress here

I got my college mattress here and it's still in great shape! I love it! Thanks!

Great personalized service

Great personalized service and a great price! An absolute pleasure to do business with!

Excellent service

Excellent service, one of the most knowledgeable and helpful staffs in Michigan.

Excellent experience, excellent mattress

We purchased our mattress from the Mattress Mart on South Westnedge in Kalamazoo. Guss was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We had been to several other mattress stores and had unpleasant experiences. We will be needing another mattress for our grandson and will definitely go back to purchase from Guss at Mattress Mart.

Good experience!

Guss Morey was very helpful and knowledgeable. Purchase went smooth and quick and were able to drive home with our mattress and springs same day!

I will never shop Mattress Mart again

I ordered a twin bed for my daughter. The bed is great. No complaints there but it's awful when you pay for delivery and the website says that they will bring it up and set it up for you and they don't. The staircase to my daughters apartment is narrow and when they guys showed up with the bed they said there was no way they could get the bed up the stairs. They left it right there outside. My daughter had to carry this bed upstairs by herself. I called to complain and spoke to the Manager of the delivery guys and he apologized and said they should have never done that. He said there wasn't much he could do but he did offer a free mattress cover for my daughter. He said that it would be dropped off 2 days later. Did it ever come...Of course not. The rudest and most disappointing experience. I definitely will not give them my business again.

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