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Mattress Land Mattress Reviews

Mattress Land is a mattress retailer serving the western US. They sell a variety of name-brand mattresses like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Stearns & Foster. They get some good reviews from customers on their customer service, especially regarding their 'BedFit technology' at some stores. However, there were some that mentioned durability issues for some mattresses. Better material value may be found buying direct from brands online.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $499-$3999

Trial Period: No Trial

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Mattress Land's Specifics

Mattress Land sells name-brand mattresses, like Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and Tempur-Pedic. However, like most other mattress retailers, they make their money by marking up the products to you. Although this tactic has been around for a while, online brands that ship direct can offer more value as they cut out the middleman. For quality alternatives, See Our Top Rated Mattress Brands that sell online and ship direct to customers.

Quality of Materials

Mattress Land sells name-brand mattresses like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Stearns & Foster. Depending on the store location, they may also offer discount mattresses or other name-brand mattresses as well. Make sure to understand the model you are buying so that you can get the best deal as some reviewers describe negotiation and haggling is a must.

We'll go through Mattress Land's options below so you can get a sense of what might fit you before going into the store. Here are the details:

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic is a name-brand mattress that became popular due to leading the memory foam revolution in the '90s. Since then, they have added cooling gel foam and pocketed coils to many mattresses to serve universal comfort for sleepers. These mattresses are well rated by customers overall, but are very high priced for the materials used. You may be able to find the same quality or better for less money by buying direct from an online brand.

Stearns & Foster: Stearns & Foster is a luxury mattress maker that builds high profile (thickness) mattresses with features like pillow tops and multiple firmness options. These mattresses get good reviews for initial comfort, but there were some customers that reported sagging over a very short period.

Sealy: Sealy is known for their Posturepedic line that has zoned support for a more ergonomic design. These mattresses are designed to relieve pressure points and keep the spine aligned. Most sleepers who buy a Sealy say that it does a good job initially, but there are reports of sagging over a short period.

Overall Comfort

One of the best things that Mattress Land does is they make it easy to find the right mattress for your body. With their BedFit technology that selects the firmness of mattress that is right for your body and sleep position, it is more likely that you will find what you like. However, the big catch is the material quality for your money and that some of these mattresses have reported problems with sagging. Take a look at Our Top Rated Mattress Brands for more options.


Mattress Land has a good range of options in multiple firmnesses. The above graphic displays the range of mattresses that they have. As a general rule, larger sleepers will have better spinal alignment with firmer mattresses, while those with lighter body types that are side sleepers will prefer softer mattresses.

Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief can be found with most of the mattresses that Mattress Land offers if you make sure to pick the right firmness for your body and sleep position. The big risk, however, is that this relief won't last if your mattress starts to sag.


Some of these mattresses will provide a good level of cooling. Look for mattresses that include gel-infused memory foam or airy top layers. If you live in a warm environment or consider yourself a very warm sleeper, the options may not be enough. See our top mattresses for warm sleepers for those that do the best job.

Who Are Mattress Land Mattresses Right For?

Mattress Land mattresses are best for those that want a personalized mattress experience and don't mind paying a premium for it. Just be aware of the lines that tend to sag (especially if you are above average in weight). For those that are looking for more value for their money, take a look at our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide to learn more about why buying a mattress online offers more value than in-store.

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Customer service...

Customer service and knowledge of product means everything to me and probably most customers.

Sandy is so on top of her game at both.

She made shopping for a mattress enjoyable and we left knowing we couldn't have been treated better.

Shout out to Debbie too

Great selection of higher end beds...

Great selection of higher end beds. I went in with a list of criteria that a new bed set needed to meet. Sandy the customer rep helping me listened to all my needs and showed me a selection that would meet my criteria. On top of all her fantastic service she gave me the bare bones pricing. With today's technology there is no need to wonder if you're getting a good deal, everything is at your fingertips.

A fantastic experience!

If you are in need of a new mattress...

If you are in need of a new mattress go to this mattress store you will not regret it. Sandy and Debbie are awesome, Sandy was very helpful and knowledgeable about every type of mattress. Very pleasant experience and definitely will not buy a mattress from any other store. :)

I came into Mattress Land

I came into Mattress Land a couple weeks ago and was comparing a bed that I seen and liked at Sears I talked with Sandy and she walked me over to a bed that was like what I described I laid on it and just totally fell in love with it I've been dealing with back and neck pain for years and finally started doing something about it I got over my fear of the chiropractor got a great Sealy mattress with adjustable base y'all if you don't have a adjustable base your missing out for real my body has felt this good in tears... A great mattress eating healthy going to the chiropractor taking care of your body and mind is very important... I'm beyond happy with myself and going into the store talking with Sandy, her helping me find the perfect bed has been amazing I couldn't be happier with my mattress thank you again

My fiancé and I just purchased...

My fiancé and I just purchased our very first mattress today and it went so well, we are so happy with our purchase and the customer service we received by Debbie. She was honest and answered all our questions. The store is in a great area and is easy to navigate in the inside. If I had brought my little one, I would say it was definitely baby stroller friendly (: but thankfully, we were able to shop without having to worry. Debbie also made sure we got what we wanted and a little more. Couldn't have been more satisfied! Best deals and prices in town! And they can guarantee the lowest price for up to a year and some! It's really too good and too true.

Customer service

Customer service is AMAZING. So patient and kind, even when I came back to change my order. Thanks Debbie for all your help

Had a great experience

Had a great experience here all thanks to Arthur (RJ). Buying a mattress can be difficult and exhausting but RJ made it a very simple and easy process and gave us the downright most realistic view of what to expect and what we would receive with our purchase. Highly recommend this place and RJ to be the first and only spot for buying a mattress.... which is by the way the comfiest bed I've ever owned.

This place was so quick and easy!

This place was so quick and easy! Frank

Sold me two mattresses and he was SO friendly and helpful. The mattresses were on time and super comfortable. I wanted to go back and just lay in one of the beds and listen to Frank's life story over and over again, that's how good of a salesman he was. In a world of greed and pushy salespeople, he was a true gem. Thanks Frank!

Seriously great service.

Seriously great service. RJ made sure I was taken care of, he threw in free delivery and some extras without me even asking. Super laid back sales approach with excellent advice regarding what mattress was the best choice for my specific situation. Would highly recommend to anybody.

Amazing experience!

Amazing experience! Frank Lopez was super easy to work with and helped us find the perfect bed. The store had lots of choices and we took our time, no pressure at all by Frank. I was worried about the delivery and it being on the date promised. Frank assured me it would be delivered on the date promised and guess was!!! The delivery guys were awesome, took our old bed away and set up the new one in no time. Finally a good night's rest. I highly recommend this place. We had shopped around and found the prices higher and the quality of service poor compared to Mattress Land Sleep Fit. won't be disappointed.

Bought my first mattress here!

Bought my first mattress here! Place is clean, and has a wide variety of mattress options. Plus Frank is a sweet guy. Let's you take your time while choosing, and was very helpful. Definitely suggest college students look here when buying a mattress.

Who knew buying a mattress could be so hassle-free

Who knew buying a mattress could be so hassle-free. I'm used to buying used mattresses because I don't want to be confronted by commission-based salesman, but decided to give this place a try having heard about it from a friend- it worked out great! I highly recommend it.

Great service and location...

Great service and location. They worked with me to find a great bed for a good price. All of the staff I interacted with were helpful and friendly. I would recommend this store to a friend.

Had a great experience...

Had a great experience shopping for my mattress with the store manager, Frank Lopez! He was extremely knowledgeable and guided me through my decision based on my specific needs. Definitely will be back for my next mattress!

It's rare to find good service...

It's rare to find good service & informed sales people these days, my wife & I just found it at mattress land on the corner of Cota & Anacapa st. We have been looking for a mattress for about six months, & were ready to give up when we stumbled upon this store. We were helped by Nick the store manager, he was very knowledgeable & easy to work with. Our mattress was delivered on time , with no problems . I would rate them 5 star. If your looking for a mattress go there? They know their stuff!

My husband and I were looking to purchase a new mattress...

My husband and I were looking to purchase a new mattress. We had checked out the Sleep Number and decided to check out Tempur-Pedic too. We had a great experience shopping at Mattress Land and are very happy with our new bed. Ken Brock was very helpful. Thank you.

Had the worst experience here...

Had the worst experience here. They have you lay on a bed, punch in some things on a computer... then go from there. We initially bought pretty much what they recommended. We returned that bed and adjustable frame within 2 weeks (which they don't like, they want you to give it at least 30)... got a different bed and frame after countless hours of arguing and.... still hate it. I would recommend going with a different store. We thought we had done our homework and did so much research.... expensive lesson learned.

My bed was delivered yesterday...

My bed was delivered yesterday and within window given. I recieved two automated calls: the first to confirm a day before delivery, the second to let me know delivery was arriving in 30 min. The guys that came were very nice and took care of the old mattress and box spring and didnt leave until bed was upstairs and installed right where I wanted it, needless to say I did not lift a finger, as Brian said.

Will update again when I get better feel for mattress, but based on last night alone, I hadnt such a good sleep in a long it looks promising, so far would def recommend!

My hubby and I...

My hubby and I were not really 'looking' for a new mattress, we happened on the store when we were next door at Verizon. When we went in to Mattressland, we were greeted by Brian. He is a very sweet guy and very helpful without being pushy. He offered us to do the sleep test and we are so glad we did! We found a bed we both LOVE and Brian was able to make it work for us financially (and then some!)! We are so excited about our bed and cannot wait for it to be delivered! If you go to Mattressland, we highly recommend you talk to Brian!!!

We needed to buy a full bed...

We needed to buy a full bed for our daughter. Went in to the store just to browse when we met Brian. He was attentive, professional, accommodating and very knowledge about mattresses. The store manager Frank was awesome too! Thanks Mattress Land. We will definitely be back!

We ordered a bed here...

We ordered a bed here and spent more than $5.5K and we did not get a follow up when the bed will be delivered, we have to do the follow ourselves. And once they deliver the bed, delivery guy was saying that we did not get the rails. when we ordered the adjustable base, the guy taking our order said that we don't need anything else since we are getting the adjustable base. Good thing that the delivery truck have extra rails otherwise the bed will be seating on the floor. On top of that they did not deliver the pillow that comes with the bed. All in all buying experience with Mattress land is not a good experience, too bad I cannot give them half a star. We should have purchased it from Christians Mattress.

Went in on the recommendation of a couple of friends...

Went in on the recommendation of a couple of friends; wanted to have the "sleep fit" test done. Salesman was helpful and friendly, and we were able to find a bed that we both liked...which is no easy feat as I like soft and my husband likes firmer beds. Delivery was 2 days later and we are both very happy with the bed.

After an excessive amount of time...

After an excessive amount of time spent researching mattresses online, I visited Mattress Land SLO where I met Kimberly. She helped us find our perfect fit number using the bedFit system (important to me for back pain relief). We tested nearly every mattress with our fit numbers and chose the Sleep Fit by Kingsdown with adjustable base. I look forward to pain-free rest and bidding fond adieu to my 18 year old mattress. I figured, spending 40,000 hours in bed after 10 years, I need to invest in myself!

Thank you Kimberly for taking such good care of us and our needs.

My spouse and I...

My spouse and I were referred to Mattress Land by a friend and are very pleased with the experience we had in buying a high-end bed. Kimberly is delightful and freely shared her expertise, leaving nothing to chance as we navigated the inventory and locked in the sale. We're convinced our long-term purchase will provide quality rest and greatly improve our quality of life. Thank you, Kimberly!

We had a great experience at Mattress Land

We had a great experience at Mattress Land SleepFIT! We'd been to a few other places while shopping for a new mattress, and they were all pretty standard. What made Mattress Land SleepFIT stand out was their selection and excellent customer service. Kimberley was helpful and very knowledgeable about all of their products without being pushy. She gave us plenty of time to test out different mattresses without hovering, but she was always attentive and ready to answer our questions. Hubby and I tend to like different levels of firmness, so we took a long time testing and deciding, but Kimberley never made us feel rushed. Hubby liked that they list the firmness level right on the mattress, so you don't have to guess. I liked that Kimberley showed us mattresses in all different price ranges, rather than just steering us toward an expensive set that wouldn't have been a good fit for us. Hubby and I found a mattress that we both like, and at a price that was lower than we expected. I'm really looking forward to sleeping on our new mattress.

Looking for a mattress

Looking for a mattress and happened to see this place on our way back from Costco and Sears. It was empty but the saleswoman was so nice and helped us right away. We told her our price point and she took us to mattress options right away. She also told us about returned new mattresses people realize they don't like that was perfectly good so we got a mattress worth 900 for only 400! We took it home that day. They found us a great deal and were fast. And they took our old mattress for free. The bed is so comfy, soft yet firm, just what I wanted!

Came in today

Came in today to just look at a mattress. Really didn't think we could afford a new one. Brian helped us figure out what mattress would work best for us. And even helped us with financing. Brian was So helpful, friendly and knowledgable! And we even had some laughs. Thank you Brian !!!!

Amazing experience!

Amazing experience! I was in my car when I was told that my step-son needed a mattress. He had been sleeping on the floor on a pad and needed a bed asap. I made a call and spoke to Brian and while driving was able to buy the perfect mattress. Not only did I find a great mattress at a great price but they delivered it the next day. Excellent service and an excellent product!! Highly recommend!!

Atrocious customer service...

Atrocious customer service policies.

Can't return anything unless the mattress has never been slept on or opened, but the guys who deliver it rip the packaging off as soon as they arrive. Can't exchange unless you sleep on the mattress for 30 days, which may make sense if a mattress is too hard and needs to loosen up, but not if the mattress is simply too soft or too hot as was our case. If you do want to exchange it, you can trade for a higher value and pay the difference but if it's a cheaper mattress you cant get the difference or even make up the difference with other merch, and you have to pay a $150 replacement fee. When you complain about any of this to the store manager they make you fill out an early trade request form which they they have to send to corporate to approve or deny. In our case they denied the trade because it wasn't 30 now are sleeping on a hot mattress waiting to re-fill out the paperwork and try again.

There are lots of places to buy mattresses (not all are like this!), and mattresses are expensive, so do yourself a favor and spend your money at a place that doesn't treat their customers like garbage.

Went in last week...

Went in last week looking for a new bed and after a couple hours of "test driving" and a myriad of questions I had, I found the perfect set. Karina was very informative and patient answering questions I had and was a grade A representative of the products they sold. Tom also took the time to assist me which shows the teamwork and commitment that exists in the Carson Store. Kudos to Mattressland and they're extremely qualified staff.

Received new bed today and Brandon and Zach were very courteous, professional and had it set up in no time. Thank you for the exemplary service and can't wait to fall asleep in my new bed...Zzzz zzzz

So disappointed...

So disappointed. Bought a exspensive Top of the line Mattress King and it started to sag. I called their business to tell them that there was something wrong with my mattress they told me to switch it around and sleep on the other side it bad that is brand-new should not have a sagging problem it's just shouldn't happen and so I called back and I say you know what I want to exchange it for another bed but they said they will not do that because I have to call me I'm supposed to call the corporate Mattress Land office to have them come out and take a look and see if my bed really sucks so the only way around this is to say to Mattress Land it's a comfort issue. Then I have to choose another bad number because I have a mattress king and they go and comfort levels like for example Comfort 1 Comfort 2 Comfort 3 well I'm in Comfort 3 and I have to get a comfort to in order to get this matter resolved and it's going to cost me $150 what is going on with this world it's just so screwy that you can't get good customer service anymore

We had a WONDERFUL experience...

We had a WONDERFUL experience! I walked in and told the woman (Karina) the same thing as sleep train- we want to buy a mattress today and our budget is $500... I showed her the same the brands that sleep train showed us along with prices. She was up front about the delivery possibly being more but she told me she could show us what she had to see if there was something we liked. Karina was helpful, inviting, and super nice! She showed us another bed that was comparable to the ones sleep train showed us but a little bit more. She told us with out delivery it would be cheaper. Because of how nice and helpful she was we opted to pay more for their mattress and pick it up our self. It just goes to show you that with good customer service, customers are willing to pay a little more and with bad customer service, like we got at Sleep Train, customers WILL find some where else to spend their money, even if it means spending more than their budget!! Thank you again Karina!!!

I was skeptical coming to this store...

I was skeptical coming to this store, due to the past reviews...I don't like stores where there are salespeople generally, either.

When I got to this store, I was completely impressed. Kevin was nice and helpful when I looked at and tried out mattresses. He did not make me feel pressured to spend more money than I wanted to, and in the end he gave me what I believe was a great deal. I'd highly recommend visiting Mattress Land if you are in need of a new mattress.

Not happy...

Not happy. I wanted to return my bed after one night and they made me wait 30. I could not find my receipt and the manager told me OH TOO BAD FOR YOU. Called the corporate office and they easily found the invoice for my purchase. I told them how rude and non professional the manager was. They told me they would contact him and to let me know how I was treated. He was nice that time. The bed after only six months was faulty and what do you know, they don't sell that brand anymore and won't back up their warranty. I will still pursue replacement.

Joe was great...

Joe was great, extremely knowledgable being in the industry for 30+ years. We got a great deal on a Stearns & Foster mattress set with free delivery, mattress protector, and pillows. They beat Macy's prices and all the chains up/down Federal Hwy.

Keep it local with an independent and not the big chain retailers!!

Awful service...

Awful service. We walked into mattress land ready to buy and no one greeted us. The sales man had to be tracked down and when he finally came out of the back he had an undone tie and immediately gave us the "used car salesman vibe"

When we asked about prices he decided to tell us about the differences in coils, which is good but not what we asked. I then asked him about a specific brand and model which he ignored me and continued on. My husband stepped in and asked my same question again. He told us that we couldn't compare to other stores since model names are different. He could barely get through a sentence. We tried to politely thank him for his time. He then pressured us to buy from them since they are a family business. He was Yelling to go down the street to the corporate mattress store and pay more. He then yelled at us all the way out of the door. So we did do just that and paid less then what he had quoted.

On a somewhat related note his appearance was very unprofessional.

Worst experience...

Worst experience, bought a bed that at first I thought was great, did my research I thought! after 5 months it sinks and divits,Mattress Land and MLILY (mfg) have both given me the run around and terrible support/customer care for 7 weeks! Owner Joe acts nice than never follows up or follows thru, Robbie that works there is a completely rude and obnoxious person and should not be working with customers ever! I am ready to call every news station and have them exposed for the lies and horrible unprofessional business that they conduct there. DO NOT GIVE THEM BUSINESS.

My experience today...

My experience today at this place was unbelievable. The place was low end and filthy and the owner was a total disaster. I walked thru and then stoped at the desk and asked the guy sitting there why there were no prices on any of the mattresses? He told me because they were "wholesale". I asked if he sold individual mattresses? He spoke to me with such a scowl and bad manner that I thought he was joking. I called him on his rudeness and things escalated from there. We got in a pretty ugly name calling and shouting match! Beware! This is not a store you want to enter. A. Apparently they don't sell individual mattresses and B. All of the above.

If i could give 0 stars i would have...

If i could give 0 stars i would have. Walked in picked out a mattress but didn't need a box spring, well you would have thought i ran over the salesmans cat! So rude he basically threw my debit card back at me after he swipped it. After that of course the matress wasnt in stock and i had to wait for a shipment to come in, it was promised by that Thursday but didn't come in for 2 weeks after that. After calling and complaining they offered free delivery so i accepted, the man dropped off a mattress wrapped in plastic 3 times over, once me and my husband opened it it was the most disgusting thing ever (will post all the pics if this app lets me) even had what appeared to be blood, ripped, exposed springs. After calling and was met with the biggest attitude ever by the owners son, he actually said he was SICK of dealing with us! The mattress wasn't even the brand i ordered but didn't realize til i looked at me receipt...i think when they tell you the mattress isnt in stock its because tgey want to give you a used one and hope you wont notice...HORRIBLE people liars scammers and cheats

This place was better years ago...

This place was better years ago when they carried better inventory. As much as they plaster Tempur Pedic all over their store, they only have 3 in the whole place.. wack. The prices here have always been a little high, and I have dealt with delivery from here before and It was a real pain having a wrong item delivered and having to wait for another, and having to deal with it all day. There are other stores to get the same for cheaper with less hassle.

We were shopping for mattresses online...

We were shopping for mattresses online due to price, and kind of wanted to test drive some before thinking about ordering. We entered store and couldn't believe the prices and brand/quality - they worked wig is and delivery was in 2 days only. No hassle. They offer a 60 day policy in case you are not 100% happy - they were so nice and pleasant. Greta experience and I now sleep like a baby and wake up without pain. Amazing selection

Great service...

Great service. The staff helped me find the perfect mattress and took their time as well to ensure my happiness and comfort. The mattress was delivered exactly on time and the men were very kind. The mattress is wonderful! I am fully satisfied with my experience and highly recommend

This is the third time...

This is the third time we have gone back to them over numerous years as more children enter our family. Good product, good price, good service. If wet need another mattress, we will be back.

False advertising beware...

False advertising beware!! Horrible experience. Their ad says they will beat any competitors price by 25%. I told the guy on the phone that Sears has the Sealy posturepedic hybrid cobalt King for $1349. He took my info down and called me back (assuming lay to verify) and told me could give it to me for the same price. I asked for the 25% to beat the price and he was very unprofessional telling me he won't do it.

I asked why the ad says that if they don't adhere to it and he wouldn't answer. This is a clear case of false advertising to draw people in. There was no fine print that excluded anything.

The sad part is that I bought a $1000 mattress there before at the Springfield location and we trying to return some business. Stay away from this place at all costs. They lost a customer.


After going to MattressFirm, mattress warehouse and another store, as well as looking online, this store and Toofan were the best in terms of prices and comfort level. He was informative, not pushy and was good with our 3 young kids who were "testing" out every bed!

We received a better price than expected. After going to the other stores, we were expecting to pay $3k-$4k but paid much less here. I would recommend it to anyone.

Great guy!

Great guy! So nice! Great deals too! This was our first mattress store we visited. We planned on shopping around but he gave us an offer we couldn't refuse.

Looks like a hole in the wall...

Looks like a hole in the wall, but when you walk in they have every kind of bed you ask for! Salesman was polite and knowledgable and he let us lay around all we wanted. No pressure. Gave us a great price and delivery for the next day !

I never leave reviews...

I never leave reviews but I was so happy with my experience here that I just really wanted to let it be known.

I walked in after reading the reviews and was not immediately pounced upon by any pushy salesmen. Andre (I think?) said Hello and asked how he could help. I told him what I was looking for and what I thought I might like.

First, Andre showed me two Sealy models, then a no-name model, and then a higher quality brand. I said I like the first Sealy model and Andre didn't push the more expensive model on me.

Andre gave me a discount without asking and then said he could deliver later the same week. I asked him if he could deliver tomorrow instead, he called his shipper and told me yes!

Then I paid and left. No up selling, no extra warranty, no mattress protector.

I'm sure some stores pride themselves on their ability to up sell but places like that won't gain my business. I would come back to Andre in a heartbeat and recommend my friends/family.

My wife and I bought a bed here...

My wife and I bought a bed here and we are very happy with our experience! They have a wide range of options from lower priced to higher end beds. We were able to try out many of them and narrow down our decision. We feel like we bought a high quality bed at a great price in our sweet spot of price and comfort. I highly recommend shopping for a bed here!

When it came time for the wife...

When it came time for the wife and I to find a nice, king-sized mattress we checked out the reviews here, and were shocked to find so many 5-star reviews for a mattress store.

Andre deserves it. I don't know quite what it is, but he's clearly done this long enough to know what customers really need. He has a set algorithm for helping you to select the best mattress, and it seems to have worked quite well. No BS, no up-selling, no sales pitch. A real class act I think.

Don't be put off by the store itself, which doesn't have the satiny sheen of bigger stores. This place is no nonsense and has quality stuff.

Excellent experience...

Excellent experience. I worked with several salespeople over time. All were knowledgeable, courteous--and no pushy sales tactics. A welcome relief from the national chain stores. Finally found a mattress to love. Highly recommend!

This location has the most knowledgeable sales person...

This location has the most knowledgeable sales person. Richard was so helpful. We chose our new Tempur Pedic bed with his help. He answered all our questions. The diagnostic available was very helpful too. Thank you Richard for a great experience!!

Showed up at the store at 6:20...

Showed up at the store at 6:20. 1 couple already there. Salesman: I'm going to be awhile and we close at 7. I'll get to you if I can. No you won't. Very snotty and rude. We'll shop elsewhere.

We purchased a Sterns and Foster...

We purchased a Sterns and Foster on 3/25/16. The bed was supposed to be delivered on 4/1/16. We received a phone call the day before that something was wrong with the mattress and they would deliver another on 4/8/16. The bed came almost an hour after delivery time. The gentlemen had a really difficult time getting it up our stairs. They tore the plastic covering on the corner of our staircase. My husband had to help them lift it and put it on the box spring. The mattress has a terrible chemical odor. We slept on it 2 nights and couldn't handle it anymore. My throat began to hurt 4/9/16 and coughing began. Had a dr appointment today and the chemicals from the mattress has caused me to now have asthma. She said I was having an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the mattress. I am now on 2 inhalers. When speaking with Richard they refused a refund. No exceptions. He was rude on the phone. Asked if I had a doctors note. Kept telling me to look at the back of my receipt about the no return policy. He called back and offered to take the mattress to a warehouse to air out for a week. I asked what happens if the odor is still there. He said there is nothing they will do about it. $2600 mattress and a really terrible experience. I will NEVER shop at Mattress Land again. I now have a doctors note and will have my attorney contact them. How can a company not care about someone's well being?

The people here are nice and they try to make you happy...

The people here are nice and they try to make you happy which is why I am giving this to stars and not one star. We spent $2000 on a mattress and weren't happy with it so we used their policy to exchange it in the first couple months. All was good for about a year then we started noticing sag. Now at the three-year mark it's really bad, and we are average weight, 120lbs and 190lbs. But according to the warranty with the manufacturer, it's not bad enough. There's nothing anybody can do with the fact that we are completely dissatisfied after three years with a $2000 mattress. I'm with the other reviewer... We should've bought at Costco

Prior to coming into Mattress Land...

Prior to coming into Mattress Land, we were at Urners, and Mor for less. As soon as we walked into Mattress land, Rich greeted us, and the experience began. Rich was personable, knew how to identify our needs in a mattress with their sleep test software, genuine honest guy. We were researching and we were not intending to make a purchase, but we did, and with no regrets about our decision. We bought a Sterns and Foster with the adjustable frame. Delivered the same day, so we are looking forward to our first night sleep. This is a significant investment, and Rich made the process perfect.

I first shopped at mattress land a few years back...

I first shopped at mattress land a few years back. My father was going into an assisted living due to dementia. We wanted him to be comfortable without spending a fortune. Rich was extremely helpful and gave us excellent service. Recommend the perfect bed. I have since went back to him a few more time to purchase beds for my kids, grandkids, and myself. My sister shopped there from my recommendation and had the same excellent customer service. And is also a return customer. If Rich was unavailable on the days we needed to go in he made sure the sales team knew we were coming in and they too treated us all so very well. They have all taken their time with us and answered every question we had. We are definitely life time customers.

Buyer beware...

Buyer beware. Purchased a very expensive custom mattress and after paying off the balance it was determined by factory certified inspector that we had a manufacturer defect in our $4500 fit bed. Our warranty was void cause we had stained the mattress. After 4 yrs whose mattress stay clean from dust, sweat, and children? Seriously! We should have left the plastic protective cover on like they did in the 70 and 80's. This would have made our pellow top useless. Now for the past year we have had the worst sleep ever. There is no integrity or pride by the manufacturer to stand by their product. Hard earned cash out the window with crappy expensive bed. SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE! Sleep Down or whatever the manufacturer is called now, review the warranty policy before you purchase.


My husband and I had been trying...

My husband and I had been trying to find a new mattress for about a month. We finalized a purchase today at mattress land, with Thomas. He was a great person to work with and he definitely knew what he was talking about. Listening to him talk about his product, you could tell he was sincerely passionate about it. We can't wait to get our new mattress and adjustable base delivered!

I didn't realize it was like buying a car...

I didn't realize it was like buying a car. We paid msrp, which they acted was like a bargain, it really was not.

Well disappointed in the condition of product delivered, damage to my house & attitude of the delivery personnel.

We have had delivery where they put down carpet, wear shoe covers, etc... This is not one of those types of considerate deliveries!

This is a hell of a place...

This is a hell of a place. I bought an expensive bed because I thought it would last. Nope. One year later it's busted. It's worse than the old bed I replaced.

My new bed was under a two year warranty. So I called them to fix it. This business told me to call the mattress company. The mattress company told me to call mattress land back. Turns out mattress land doesn't sell or support my mattress companies stuff anymore. They told me to call mattress land official headquarters. The headquarters told me to call Serta back because they don't sell Serta's anymore. I called the mattress company. They told me to call mattress land. It continues to go on and on and on.

Well, now my warranty is expired. Good work you guys. You got away with ripping me off to the tune of 1200 bucks.

Consider me pissed.

Service was terrific!

Service was terrific! I really value the quality of my rest and Jesse Waters was very kind and patient.

I know if I have any sleeping needs or questions In the future I could reach out and get the service and quality I like

Having been shopping for a bed...

Having been shopping for a bed for the past year, my husband and I have become numb to cheesy sales people and horrible attempts at up sells. We've met so many sales men who have had zero interest in what we want in a bed, only in their own commission. It was so very refreshing to walk into Mattress Land today and meet Jesse Waters. He immediately began to ask us what we wanted in a bed and what our pain points were with our current sleeping situation. He then led us to our dream bed within our price range. It was so nice to have someone listen to what we wanted for a change and actually work with us. I won't ever go anywhere else to purchase a bed.

If you're looking for a new mattress...

If you're looking for a new mattress this is the place to go! Their customer service is absolutely great! The gal that helped me (TERRI) was patient, friendly and informative. I had no idea was i was looking for or needed. She walked me through different options and price points. And WOW, i love my bed! We return almost every month with a family member because they come over and think our mattress is so comfortable! Thank you Mattress Land we'll definitely be back!

I am very disappointed with this establishment...

I am very disappointed with this establishment. Especially after going through all the reviews. Makes me wonder if they authentic. I was in the market to purchase a new mattress for my mother so I came here to look at some options. This was a mistake because the customer service was atrocious. I will not be coming back here.

We ended up buying a sealy hybrid mattress...

We ended up buying a sealy hybrid mattress because Terri gave us excellent customer service from the moment we walked in. She is very knowledgeable and has a great attitude. Definitely check this place out if you are searching for a new mattress. You will definitely appreciate great customer service.

My husband and I visited Mattress Land...

My husband and I visited Mattress Land on our search for a new mattress after a good friend ranted and raved to us about his buying experience there. We really didn't know what we were looking for other than a bed that was comfortable and not too expensive and our friend swore this was the place. As the rather cheap lady that I am I thought for sure I wasn't going find anything in our price range and we were going to buy a mattress some place cheaper. But my husband decided we needed to check it out.

We were greeted with a smile by the super friendly manager, Terri. She talked to us a bit and encouraged us to try the machine that reads what kind of bed works best for you. It only took a couple minutes and it was easy. My husband & I just had to lay on this bed and it evaluated our bodies and what we would be most comfortable sleeping on.

We told Terri our budget and she showed us beds in our price range that would work best for our needs. She is really knowledgeable about the products and answered all our questions and I never felt pressure to buy anything. It was a fun process to try everything out and not feel like we were going to leave with something expensive we didn't want. We've been in another local mattress place and it was a really snobby uncomfortable experience. Here I felt at home and like I could try it all out! Terri is such a hospitable woman! I'm so glad we met her!

We ultimately ended up buying a bed that afternoon. I am so glad we went with Mattress Land!! I feel like we got the best price and the best service possible! If I could, I'd give them 10 stars!

Great customer service...

Great customer service, Michael was very helpful. The bed machine was very useful and helped me choose the right bed for me. I would definitely recommend Merced Matress Land to my friends.

My husband and I have been on the search...

My husband and I have been on the search for a perfect mattress for a little over a year and could never decide on one together. We've been to a dozen different mattress stores and this is hands-down the best store with the best service! The manager Terri was such a sweetheart and wasn't one of those pushy sales people. She helped us pick the perfect mattress and gave us such a wonderful deal to make it work in our budget! So extremely Happy! Thank you so much Terri!

My wife and I had talked about going back...

My wife and I had talked about going back to a Cal King for years! Today we purchased our mattress at Mattress Land and we were extremely happy with the service we received. Terri was awesome. She made sure we got the right mattress for our needs in our budget. If you are in the market for a new mattress you owe it to yourself to at least give Terri the chance to earn your business. My wife and I had purchased our previous mattress at the "other" mattress - before the name change - we went back and it just wasn't the same.

Two Thumbs Down

They replaced my defective and sagging mattress (which they confirmed)... with a defective and sagging mattress! Then the service person ridiculed my concerns, declared themselves not further accountable, and terminated support. I feel ripped off. IMO a defective company, shamelessly lacking integrity.

this goes for the Spokane valley store

I would like to give a big thanks to Ryan McCauley at Mattress land Spokane valley store for being so honest and so polite. I have been comparing pricing on Tempur-pedic mattress in several different stores in the past week. What I found out is 1 of the store claimed there were no incentives, no discounts and no free delivery. One store did offer the incentives but the mattress was not in stock for 2 weeks and Mattress Land was able to deliver my mattress the next day. So I want back to Ryan at Mattress Land and He immediately offered me a discount on the mattress, free incentives and free home delivery and pick the old mattress. I had $1500 to go towards by mattress and one of the stores told me I had to finance the whole $$ amount due and then just wait until my first payment and then put the money down at that time. I am pretty sure I would have spent that money by my first payment. Ryan thought that was totally unacceptable and he took my down payment and now I am paying on a lesser amount. Kudos to Ryan I hope him the absolute best in his future carrier.

Great Customer Service

Very efficient, great prices and discounts. I'm happy with my full size soft bed the floor model. Thank You

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