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Mattress Hub Mattress Reviews

The Mattress Hub is a Kansas mattress retailer selling both name-brand and discount mattresses. Their selection is smaller than larger mattress retailers, but you should be able to find something that is in the right firmness range to make you comfortable. However, there may be better value found buying from online brands. There were also some complaints about customer service at some locations.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.1/10

No Back Pain: 7.3/10

Price: $299-$6999

Trial Period: 1 Year Exchange (Fee)

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Mattress Hub's Specifics

Mattress Hub has multiple locations around the Kansas area. They focus on providing more personalized service than other larger mattress retailers. They have some mixed reviews from customers when it comes to deliveries and the mattresses being sold. Some describe issues with their purchases.

In terms of their mattresses, their selection is a bit limited versus other larger retailers or buying direct from the brand online. Also, you may find that the value for the materials used is lower due to the mark-up that Mattress Hub needs to make a profit. Because of this, it will likely be better to buy direct from the mattress brand. See Our Top Rated Mattress Brands that sell online and ship direct to customers.

Quality of Materials

Mattress Hub sells a variety of household names like Serta, Tempur-Pedic, and Beautyrest. Also they sell some discount mattresses like Five Star. Most of these mattresses get good reviews from customers for initial comfort, but there have been some complaints about sagging expressed by customers.

We'll go through Mattress Hub's options below so you can figure out which mattress may work for you. Here are the details:

Tempur-Pedic: Known for starting the memory foam revolution, Tempur-Pedic has expanded into pocketed coil and cooling gel mattresses too. They get good marks from customers on initial comfort, but are priced high for the materials used.

Simmons Beautyrest: Beautyrest is a popular brand because of its pillow top offerings and multiple pricepoint options. With multiple pocketed coil firmness options, customers feel comfortable with Beautyrest products initially. There are some that had issues with durability though.

Stearns & Foster: Stearns & Foster is a luxury mattress maker that has been in the industry for decades. They have a variety of high profile mattresses with pillowy top layers that customers love. That said, some have reported that the mattresses don't last long.

Serta: Serta is known for its iComfort line that features both all-foam and innerspring mattress varieties. Customers feel good initially, but there are reports about sagging issues.

Five Star: Five Star offers competitive priced mattress options for those with lower budgets. These mattresses are priced well, but get some negative reports from customer on design and durability.

Quilbed: Quilbed was developed by Mattress Hub as a mattress-in-a-box option. It is an affordable way to buy a new mattress, but there may be better mattress-in-a-box options found elsewhere.

Overall Comfort

Most of these mattresses get good ratings from customers when it comes to initial comfort. However, there are sagging issues reported, which means that the good night sleep may not last for everyone.


As a mattress retailer, Mattress Hub does a good job at having a variety of mattresses available in multiple firmnesses. The above scale shows the types of mattresses that you should be able to find at Mattress Hub. If you are heavier in body type, aim for a firmer mattress. If you are lighter, something softer will help with pressure points.

Back Pain Relief

Some of these mattresses will help with back pain relief. Specifically, Tempur-Pedic and Beautyrest have good reviews about pain alleviation. That said, beware of sagging as it can cause spinal alignment issues.


There are a variety of cooling options available -- so make sure that you select something that sleeps cool, buy something with a cooling top layer or airy design. See our top mattresses for warm sleepers.

Who Are Mattress Hub Mattresses Right For?

Mattress Hub mattresses may provide initial comfort and some have spotted deals there. However, there are some issues reported around customer experience and durability. Take a look at Our Top Rated Mattress Brands to learn more.

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Don was good to deal with...

Don was good to deal with. He helped us find the best solution for my inlaws. He knew what he was talking about and was not overly pushy. We will probably be looking to him for our next bed purchase.

We were supposed to have our bed delivered today...

We were supposed to have our bed delivered today. After being told it could be here the day after purchase, possibly Wednesday but definitely by Friday (today). After not hearing anything, I contacted them today after taking today off, and was told our bed would not be in until Monday. I can't take more time off, and work afternoon/evening's which is the only time they deliver. Super dissatisfied, as little to nothing is being done to accomadate for their lack of communication and flexibility.

This was the second company I visited for a mattress

This was the second company I visited for a mattress. The first company's salesperson was very pleasant, but could not seem to lower his price (which was the MSRP, and I know they can be lowered, considerably) on his products. The Mattress Hub was quite different. The salesperson, Dan, was friendly, showed me different products, and wanted to make a sale. I told him I was just in the initial stages of looking, and would get back to him, and he said let's see when I can do to change your mind. He ended up giving me a very nice deal. I got two mattresses, a bucky board for one of them, and a mattress cover for a very decent price. It makes a difference when you have a person who is willing to work with you on a deal. The first guy I talked with at the other company was unwilling to work a deal and he lost the sale. So, thanks Dan--you made my day! Delivery was easy and quick, and the two delivery guys were very pleasant. This was a smooth, painless transaction, and I really like the mattresses I got.

I would leave 0 stars...

I would leave 0 stars for this place if I were able to. Truly the worst customer service from this store -- most of my experiences were with the store manager, Lee. I scheduled my delivery date in-store and called back later to move my delivery date up, but they made a mistake and failed to have the mattress delivered on the requested day even though I'd driven an hour and a half to my college town just to be there when it was supposed to be delivered. While this was annoying, it was difficult to know whose fault it may have been between the manager or the delivery guys. Came back on the original scheduled delivery date and the delivery guys came on time and called ahead of time but were unable to fit the box spring down the stairs and into the room (not their fault), so Lee bid me the price for a split-queen box spring to switch them. Someone else from the store called back and tried to get my credit card info without telling me the final price -- which ended up being much more than what Lee originally bid to me. I went into the store that same day to request a refund on the box spring so I could buy one elsewhere and Lee didn't attempt to make the situation right or do anything to prevent me from spending my money somewhere else. I regret spending any money here, I even considered returning the mattress as well and just starting over somewhere else that wouldn't be a huge hassle to deal with. Now I have to come back to town a third time just to be here so they can pick up the box spring I am returning on another date. Just in general felt like I was being taken advantage of because I'm a student and have never purchased a mattress without my parents before so I didn't really know what I was doing. Edit: he did call me back later to try to clear things up and explain the misunderstanding (probably after seeing my review) but didn't really change my opinion about the store. The reviews for Beds for Less in Manhattan look much better.

The worst experience ever...

The worst experience ever. Total rip off. My husband and I went to Mattress Hub to get a bed. The manager offered us a good deal on Sleep iConfort bed. Basically, the bed that cost $1200 for $900. He said that it was a brand new bed, but discounted, so we were very happy to get it. Since we had some money left, we asked if he will recommend the matching pillows, which he did, for $60 a pillow. After two nights I 've got several bites on my leg, which i assume were from bed bugs in the mattress. Also, the bed and pillows were so uncomfortable that every morning I was waiking up feeling like I was hit by a truck. In addition, the pillows did not match the size of the bed and were just hanging out from each side. I called to complain about it and manager told that he will make an exception and will allow an exchange, but only on the bed, not on pillows. I still have these killer-pillows laying in the garage waiting to be thrown into the trash. So, now since we could not get a refund on the discounted bed, but only a credit for an exchange, we had to pay an additonal $400 for a better bed. We picked a pillow plush top bed from Serta as the manager recommended for $1334. After less then a month, the side I was sleeping on started to sag. I could not sleep again, so I called to complain. After arguing that we have to take care of this ourselves, the manager invited us back to his store. He said that its very hard to find a good mattress when we have such a low budget. He was saying that the bed was not of a good quality and was insisting that we need something more expensive. I was shocked. I informed that we do not have more to spend. The manager said that he will file a complaint with Serta himself and will allow us to pick another bed for the last time. Since we couldn't go with the higher priced bed, he offered the one from the same brand, just about $150 cheaper. He did not provide a refund back to us, but instead charged us $100 extra for delivery of the new mattress. We were trying to negotiate, but he made us feel cheap, so we paid. The mattress came late, but at least it doesn't sag and doesn't have any bed bugs. It's not a comfortable mattress, but we decided to sleep on it anyway. If you need a good mattress, then do you research before you shop, otherwise you'll end up like us, feeling dissatisfied and ripped off. Definitely, do not go to matress hub.

I purchased 2 full sized mattresses...

I purchased 2 full sized mattresses on Oct. 7th and was told they could be delivered the next day around 4pm. The 8th came and I received a call from the store manager stating that they only had one of the mattresses but could deliver it around 2pm. I left work to meet the delivery person but no one showed up. I called a little after 3pm to let them know I was returning to work and was told the driver could not be reached. Received a call when they were able to get a hold of the driver and was told that the mattress would be delivered at 5:30 when I returned home from work. 5:30 came, no mattress. I called the store a little after 6pm after speaking with the manager to cancel the order only to be berated by the store personnel for not waiting long enough. The delivery driver finally showed up at 6:30 and I told him I canceled the order. I might have kept it had the store worker not made such a rude comment. It has been over a month and I have yet to receive my refund. I called what is suppose to be their main office and was told that I should receive a refund by the 8th of November. It is now the 12th and no refund. Maybe I didn't wait long enough. I went to Beds for Less Oct. 8th and purchased the same two mattresses for $200 less and they were delivered within 30 minutes after purchase.

Bought a mattress from here...

Bought a mattress from here about 4 years ago. Spent a pretty penny, but, well worth it. Still feels new. Love it. The only thing is, I would not buy the special mattress cover. I must sweat a lot and there is a stain on the mattress. Even though I used the special cover. I know stains void the warranty

My buying experience was Great...

My buying experience was Great. Justin took the time to help us find the right mattress and listened to what we said. Delivery was in 9 days and was handled smoothly. We got the Serta iComfort with the adjustable foundation and delivery men showed us how the remote works. They were setup and finished in 15 minutes.

went in knowing what I was looking...

went in knowing what I was looking for and not willing to spend more than I knew I wanted to spend. they helped me find what I wanted, AND threw in a new box spring for almost a $100 LESS than what I budgeted for. they were so nice, and willing to work with me, and even advised that if I wasn't sure to leave, think about it, then come back if I wanted, and while I did that, they HELD my bed for me. I have been in my new bed for almost a month now and LOVE it. I had no idea I was losing sleep and waking up in so much pain due from a bad bed until I got my new TEMPURPEDIC! I love it. I will go back to this place every time I need a bed, and tell others to too.

I was on break from work...

I was on break from work, came in looking for a mattress. Due to my back problems I have to have that right amount of firmness of the mattress. Matt one of the sales person, was really helpful and was very patient with me on finding the right mattress for me. I would definitely go back to him. He is very helpful and very understanding as well.

Great product

Great product and very knowledgeable sales rep Zach Storm. Very good buying experience. I believe I got a good value.

Great fast and friendly service

Great fast and friendly service. Thanks Donnie

The customer service was top notch!

The customer service was top notch! I've purchased from this store before and had the same great experience. We stopped at the other mattress store in Derby and were totally ignored! No wonder they don't have any business. I would recommend The Mattress Hub all day long to anyone who asked where to get a mattress in Derby!

They make shopping for a bed very easy

They make shopping for a bed very easy. The customer service is great. The set up and removal of the beds is taken care of for you. The price is reasonable too. You don't get what you pay for, you get more for your money!

DJ Jordan at Mattress Hub

DJ Jordan at Mattress Hub on Rock Wichita was very knowledgeable. We went in with knowing what we were looking for in comfort and he pointed us to a perfect fit. Not only was the customer service good, but I left feeling like I got a great deal.

i had professional courteous help

i had professional courteous help in purchasing my bed....Thank you Donny Smith. and want to give a shoutout to the 2 young professional men in delivering. i was very happy they showed up early and was quick. they had me set up within minutes of arriving. thank you Zach and co worker.

Everything was Great

Everything was Great from walking in the store to walking out with a new bed! The manager was not pushy by any means and very knowledgeable about everything we asked. Really made this a Great experience would definitely come back again!! -McPherson Mattress Hub

Thank you

Thank you to Don Smith for the great service . I got a fantastic deal not to mention the store looks great.I highly recommend the mattress hub!

My husband and I just purchased

My husband and I just purchased a new bed from Mattress Hub in Salina, KS. Jared helped us with all our questions and was extremely professional. It was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend Mattress Hub and salesman Jared.

Mattress Hub has the very BEST selection

Mattress Hub has the very BEST selection, prices, staff & customer service!! We couldn’t be happier with our purchases and the money we saved by choosing the Mattress Hub! Brendon & Nick specifically are super helpful, knowledgeable & friendly!!

We have bought 3 mattress

We have bought 3 mattress from the Manhattan Mattress Hub and all three times we have had excellent friendly service. Delivery has always been on time. I would recommend this store to anyone!!

Jeff at mattress Hub Lawrence Kansas

Jeff at mattress Hub Lawrence Kansas was very helpful and personal. Great service, great selection, definitely recommend. Jeff was awesome to work with as first time mattress buyers, no pressure to buy anything and very knowledgeable. We will be recommending the Mattress Hub and definitely be back in the future.

Great store!

Great store! Nice salesman. Wide range of mattresses to chose from. Awesome prices! And wow free delivery!

The Mattress Hub on Dugan

The Mattress Hub on Dugan in Wichita is a great store with terrific people who work there. Zach was the person who helped us. He was an expert on the mattress specifics and he provided us with excellent information and the assistance we needed to get the mattress that fit our needs. We have purchased three different mattresses from this particular store over the past ten years and will continue to use this store for our needs.

Very friendly and helpful service

Very friendly and helpful service. Will definitely tell all my friends and family to go to Mattress Hub.

Virginia was absolutely WONDERFUL!

Virginia was absolutely WONDERFUL! She got a 100% in customer service, would highly recommend her if you are looking for a knowledgeable salesperson with a HUGE heart!!! Thanks Virginia!!!!

We walked into Mattress Hub

We walked into Mattress Hub and spoke to Curtis and explained what we were looking for he gave us options and he suggested we stick with the brand we liked and ordered it for us. He was honest, friendly and professional. Would recommend Mattress Hub.

Very friendly service

Very friendly service. Appreciate free delivery, set up and removal of old mattress.

Got a great deal on a wonderful bed

Got a great deal on a wonderful bed! So thankful that the staff was very friendly in the Salina store and willing to answer any questions that were asked. I would highly recommend this store for any bed needs!

Very friendly staff

Very friendly staff and don the manager was very helpful helping us find a bed that fit our needs and never once felt pushed into anything

Friendly, helpful

Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable my wife and I were out shopping on Black Friday and we popped in to look around we visited 3 more stores and finally decided on the salina mattress hub. The young man at the store was very help and courteous and it was obvious the he was having a great day in the mattress business

My experience with Mattress Hub

My experience with Mattress Hub (Greenwich Location) was great. The Store Manager Shawn was very helpful in helping find the mattress that met mine and my wife’s needs. I would recommend anyone that is in the market for a new mattress to stop in and give them a shot.

we were shopping at Sams Club

we were shopping at Sams Club and decided to cross the street to investigate Mattress Hub. BEST DECISION EVER. Don was knowledgeable of his products, took time to listen to us and match us to various types of beds to try out. We were pleased that when the transaction was complete, we were very close to what we'd have had to purchase singly at Sams. PLUS, REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE! ! This company has our vote!

I would definitely shop

I would definitely shop for another mattress here. Jared was friendly, kind and answered all our questions without being pushy. If they don’t have it on hand in Salina- McPherson warehouse is a short distance away. Now to get some sleep!

Great customer service

Great customer service. Phil is very helpful and answered all our questions. Shopped around and found Mattress Hub to be the best buy and it's local.

Great experience

Great experience. Salesman was very nice, knowledgeable and friendly. Made deciding that much more easier.

Informative congenial

Informative congenial knowledgeable trustworthy. A pleasant experience

We shopped at the Northwest store in Wichita

We shopped at the Northwest store in Wichita. Shawn Lund was very helpful in finding what we needed and extremely knowledgeable about the product line. No pressure just good information. Great buying experience and would recommend Shawn! Looking forward to getting our new Tempur-Pedic!

After reading reviews

After reading reviews and trying to figure out the best mattress for me, I felt more confused than when I started my research. I went in to see Donnie at the Mattress Hub to get some help. I am incredibly glad I did and so excited about my new mattress. He asked questions and listened to my needs and together we found exactly what was best for me. I highly recommend making it easy on yourself and seeing Donnie before you make such an important purchase!

I purchased

I purchased a bed for my daughter. Donny Smith (Dugan store) was so helpful and aware of what she would need at her age. A very easy and simple transaction and a great price! To top it off, I live in another state! Free delivery and set up. I will be contacting Donny with any future needs. I highly recommend doing business with this gentleman.

Shawn Lund at the Northeast Mattress Hub

Shawn Lund at the Northeast Mattress Hub on Greenwich was incredible! Very polite and great service. I’m very happy I decided to work with the NE Wichita Mattress Hub to purchase a new bed versus an off-the-shelf big box store. I highly recommend seeing Shawn Lund for your next bed.

Mattress Hub was Recomended

Mattress Hub was Recomended to me by a customer of theirs. I was highly satisfied with my attentive salesman, Rob. I think he did a great job helping me choose the right bed for me. I tried several several!!! I highly recommend shopping Mattress Hub in Derby, when looking for a new bed.

Our salesman Phil

Our salesman Phil was great to work with. He was not pushy but made sure all our questions were answered. Can’t wait to get our new Tempur-Pedic bed.

Mattress Hub

Mattress Hub McPherson-Second time buying a mattress from Brian, he is super helpful and has a vast knowledge on all products he has in store. He was patient as we tried out a ton of floor models.... multiple times haha. I would recommend the McPherson store.

Rob at the derby location

Rob at the derby location was great and had a lot of knowledge about mattresses. I had done some research before coming in the store and he was able to show me several mattresses that met my requirements . It took me a while before deciding on one but it was an enjoyable experience. I had gone to a different mattress store before and ended up returning the mattress. They didn't seem to really care if they sold a mattress. Mattress Hub was great, I will buy from them again.

The service was excellent.

The service was excellent. Fast delivery!

Excellent Service!

Excellent Service! Shopped for and completed financing, delivery, etc in about 30 minutes. Plus, I got a fantastic deal. Yay!!

Very friendly and helpful

Very friendly and helpful in deciding on what mattress and box spring to choose. Prices are vey good.

Larry was very helpful

Larry was very helpful and made sure we would have our mattress for our Thanksgiving guests! Thank you!!


DJ was helpful, accommodating, and was able to move quickly to help me with my purchase. Very pleased!

My experience at the mattress hub

My experience at the mattress hub was great Dj at Central and rock Road in Wichita Kansas is very knowledgeable on those beds and very helpful and I would recommend buying a bed from Dj at the mattress hub Central and Rock Rd.,

I had a very unusual experience

I had a very unusual experience and can't be more pleased. While on vacation in upstate NY I visited the New York State Fair. While there I happened upon a booth sponsored by The Mattress Hub. After trying several mattresses I made a purchase to be delivered to Arizona. Delivery was perfect and after sleeping on that mattress I discovered it was the wrong mattress for my bed. I contacted The Mattress Hub and told them I was unhappy with my purchase. They diligently worked with me to remedy the situation and this morning they delivered another mattress to Arizona. They were professional, respectful and attentive to my needs. I would highly recommend them.

My wife and I were looking for a new mattress

My wife and I were looking for a new mattress set and we had no idea of what we were looking for. We had several recommendations from our friends. After doing some research and going to mattress hub in derby, Rob our sales representative, took his time with us, really explained everything well, helped us select the best bed for us and our needs.

My husband and I were in the market

My husband and I were in the market for a brand new bed. We were not sure what we were looking for when we first got started. After doing a little shopping, we found ourselves at the Northwest Mattress Hub. That is where we had the pleasure of meeting Shawn Lund, the store manager. He was very knowledgeable and courteous and was very helpful. He was not pushy trying to sell us a mattress. He simply just asked what we liked, what we wanted and informed us of a lot of things we didn’t even think of. We had a great experience through the whole process and we are so excited to own our new bed. We would recommend Shawn and mattress hub to anyone who wants a hassle free experience investing in a quality bed!

Larry at the Mattress Hub

Larry at the Mattress Hub in Northeast Wichita was a tremendous help while shopping for a new mattress. As someone who tends to over analyze purchases and spend an inordinate amount of time researching different products, Larry was able to help me simplify the process and deliver the mattress I was looking for at a significant discount over the competition. Shop local!!!

Purchased a set a week

Purchased a set a week before Labor Day. Still waiting on the correct headboard brackets for the adjustable base.

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