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Summer 2024 Updates: Since their acquistion, Mattress Firm still offers a wide array of mattress brand choices. Recent customers have some complaints about post-sale customer service and product longevity.

After acquiring a series of mattress retail stores, Mattress Firm is now one of the largest mattress retailers in the United States. With over 2500+ stores, they have a wide ranging selection of mattress brands for shoppers to choose from. Mattress Firm's selection includes big names like Serta and Beautyrest, and even their own brands like Tulo and Sleepy's. While most customers appreciate the large selection offered and the in-store services, there are some complaints around delivery and fulfillment as well as durability of certain models in some cases.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 8.2/10
Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10
Price Value: 8.3/10
Back Support: 8.3/10
Price: $199-$9899

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Longevity: 8.3/10
Body Conformability: 8.3/10
General Support: 8.3
Softness: 8.2
No Motion Transfer: 8.3
No Odor on Delivery: 8.3
Good for Hot Sleepers: 8.4
Sex / Bounce: 8.3
Good for Heavy Folks: 8.1
Silence: 8.2
Warranty: 8.1

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Mattress Firm Specifics

Mattress Firm is one of the most successful mattress retailers in the United States. Over the years, they have acquired many other mattress retailers and local stores, and have found success being a one-stop local shop for sleep products and bedding. Also, they have expanded more into the online space with an easy-to-use ecommerce experience.

What does that mean about their selection? They have a wider selection than most other local stores or online e-tailers, which is a big win for customers.

But with that selection comes some common disagreements:

Prices and perks may be better buying direct from the brand.

Mattress Firm does have a price-match guarantee, which shoppers appreciate. Yet, shoppers may have to comparison shop to find the lowest price and may need to be prepared to negotiate in some cases. This is because:

You're paying for more selection & personal service.

While this is great for folks that desire a personal touch, in-person advice, and pre-sale testing, others may desire a streamlined online experience and perks buying direct from brands. Read on to learn more about their selection and which brands sell direct...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress BrandsBy being one of the biggest mattress retailers, Mattress Firm has one of the largest selections of mattresses available to customers. They have 15+ mattress brands that you can find in-store and in some locations more independent brands as well.

We'll go through each brand in depth and discuss the positives and negatives so you can get an idea of the ins and outs before walking into the store.

So here they are...

#1 DreamCloudDreamCloud is one of the best rated mattress brands available today. With 3 different mattresses to choose from with varying thicknesses, these mattresses focus on well-balanced support with superior pressure relief without too much contour. With pocketed coil support systems and airy layers above, customers love these mattresses overall. However, buying one from Mattress Firm vs. buying direct from DreamCloud may be a different story. DreamCloud offers superior perks and trial periods buying direct in many instances.

The pros: Excellent mattress brand with wonderful customer feedback and well-rounded designs.

The cons: It may be best to order direct from DreamCloud.

Price Range: $839-$3838

Final Score: 9.8 / 10

Online Only: Check DreamCloud Deals

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#2 NectarThe Nectar is one of the highest rated budget mattresses available with an all-foam design. Mattress Firm offers their original Nectar mattress and their newer Premier and Premier Copper, which comes with extra pressure point relief features. Customers overwhelmingly like their Nectar mattresses, but customers report the happiest experiences and perks buying direct.

The pros: Well-priced and pressure relieving all-foam designs.

The cons: It may pay to buy direct from Nectar Sleep.

Price Range: $399-$1899

Final Score: 9.6 / 10

Online Only: Check Nectar Deals

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#3 AwaraThe Awara mattress is an all-natural latex focused hybrid with responsive latex comfort layers and independently reacting pocketed coils. With 2 different versions with different thicknesses, customers are generally extremely pleased with the price value for the materials and comfort. However, it may be best to buy direct for extras and trial perks.

The pros: Wonderful latex-focused hybrids with good customer ratings.

The cons: It may offer more to buy direct from Awara.

Price Range: $1099-$2099

Final Score: 9.5 / 10

Online Only: Check Awara Deals

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#4 Tuft & NeedleThe Tuft & Needle mattress is one of the best rated budget-focused all-foam mattresses. They also offer a hybrid version and a pressure relieving Mint mattress. Mattress Firm offers each of these mattress selections. Customers have great things to say about the T&N mattress selection with happy experiences with overall comfort, but there are some disagreements about customer service and delivery buying through Mattress Firm in some cases.

The pros: Budget-friendly mattresses ranging from firm to medium firmness.

The cons: Some disagreements about Mattress Firm delivery and service.

Price Range: $745-$2595

Final Score: 9.4 / 10

Online Only: Check Tuft & Needle Deals

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#5 Tempur-PedicTempur-Pedic is one of the most popular mattress brands in the US. With a memory foam legacy that goes back to NASA science, their mattresses are higher end and higher priced options for those that are looking for the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam. Over the years, they have expanded their offerings to include models with pocket coils as well. Sleepers have good things to say about Tempur-Pedic overall but there are some disagreements about price value. If you are looking for a bargain, there may be added benefits in buying direct in some cases.

The pros: High end foam mattress legacy with a variety of firmness and comfort options, including cooling.

The cons: Some disagreements about price value vs newer up-starts. Some may prefer to buy direct.

Price Range: $1949-$6149

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

Online Only: Check Tempur-Pedic Deals

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#6 PurplePurple® is one of the more popular mattress in a box companies; you've likely seen their commercial about the 'smart grid' technology (the Purple Grid) used in their mattresses. Purple makes 4 different mattresses, 1 with an all foam design and 3 hybrid mattresses, that are all available at Mattress Firm. While a good number of customers love the feel of their Purple mattress and find it to be cooling, there are also some who have brought up issues with longevity, expense, and disagreements with firmness. Some other customers also mentioned issues with Mattress Firm sales and customer service.

The pros: Non-traditional mattress that should sleep cool for most folks.

The cons: Some disagreements about firmness, longevity, expense, and Mattress Firm service.

Price Range: $799-$4399

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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#7 LullLull mattress is a popular online mattress, which has won acclaim for its all foam mattress design with influencers and customers alike. It offers a gel-infused cooling layer and breathable top cover with a medium-firm feel for universal comfort. Customers have some good things to say about the mattress overall, but there are some complaints about firmness and durability issues in some cases.

The pros: Well-priced all-foam mattresses.

The cons are some issues with durability and softness reported.

Price Range: $799-$1399

Final Score: 8.9 / 10

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#8 Simmons BeautyrestSimmons Beautyrest is one of the most loved brands of the mattress retailer mattresses. Beautyrest are manufactured by SertaSimmons, who also manufacture the Serta brand mattresses. They have done a great job on creating a memorable brand and setting themselves apart with their Beautyrest Black luxury offering and also more budget-friendly Beautyrest Hybrid line. Inside every Beautyrest are layers of comfort foam and a pocketed coil system to provide back and spine support. These mattresses start over $500 so are in the mid to luxury category. That said, there have been similar complaints about the Beautyrest as their Serta counterparts, including longevity issues and high price markups for the materials used for some retail models.

The pros: Some of the most comfortable mid-grade to luxury grade mattresses initially.

The cons: Some customers have found the Beautyrests to have longevity issues in some cases.

Price Range: $749-$5699

Final Score: 8.6 / 10

Online Only: Check Beautyrest Deals

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#9 TuloOne of the more exciting brands from Mattress Firm is their new mattress-in-a-box offering, Tulo. Tulo makes 3 different mattresses, 2 memory foam and 1 hybrid, that come in a range of firmness and thickness options. While customers love the competitive prices, there are some who brought up issues comes with support and disagreements with firmness.

The pros: Competitively priced mattresses available in a range of thicknesses.

The cons are that some found other online options more comfortable for them.

Price Range: $312-$1299

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

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#10 Sleepy'sSleepy's was a popular retailer, which Mattress Firm purchased and converted into a mattress brand. Its mattresses are all-foam with layers of memory foam. Coming in both plush and medium firmness options, in a competitive price point, there is a lot to love about Sleepy's. Some customers have found that they don't agree with the firmness of their mattresses, so make sure to test these out.

The pros: All foam options that receive good feedback from customers overall.

The cons: There are some that had issues with getting comfortable. The materials may not be as good as other similarly priced online alternatives.

Price Range: $199-$2599

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

#11 King KoilKing Koil is known for its thick mattresses and plush pocketed coil designs. With various lines that offer the use of recycled materials, luxury fill, and all-natural comfort layers, there is a lot to enjoy about King Koil. Most customers report good initial comfort overall. However, reports of durability and compression issues are common for the brand.

The pros: Wide range of product lines and luxury style mattresses.

The cons: Reported issues with durability and lastingness.

Price Range: $999-$6999+

Final Score: 8.4 / 10

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#12 ZinusZinus is an extremely affordable mattress brand, which is sold in major retailers and online at Amazon. At Mattress Firm, they offer the MyGel® and Green Tea infused foam mattresses. These mattresses are very affordable with most customers finding them satisfactory, but there are substantial complaints about durability and perceived quality.

The pros: Very low priced mattresses with infused foam options.

The cons: Complaints about durability and perceived quality present.

Price Range: $289-$999

Final Score: 7.8 / 10

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#13 SealySealy is one of the largest mattress brands in the North America with its focus on posture enhancing mattresses with budget-friendly prices. Many of their mattresses feature pocket springs and foam comfort layers, and offer multiple firmness options. Additionally, their Cocoon by Sealy mattress has been reviewed highly by customers. Most customers like Sealy mattresses and have good things to say about their mattress choices. There are some disagreements about durability for some sleepers in some cases.

The pros: Budget friendly mattresses with multiple firmness choices.

The cons: Some disagreements about durability in some cases.

Price Range: $499-$2849

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#14 Chattam & WellsChattam & Wells is the luxury brand from Spring Air, one of the largest mattress manufacturers in the country. With luxury comfort layers including cashmere and latex, customers are enchanted by the luxury of these designs. However, there are numerous complaints about compression in the top layers as things adjust to sleepers above.

The pros: Luxury mattresses with top end materials.

The cons: Many reported issues with durability and sagging in the top layers.

Price Range: $1600-$6999+

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

#15 Stearns & FosterStearns & Foster is best-known for its luxury pillow top mattresses with cozy comfort layers sitting above pocketed spring support systems. These mattresses come with a high-end price tag and while most feel comfy in their Stearns & Foster mattress initially, there are mixed reports about durability, which have caused some disappointment.

The pros: Pillow top mattresses with luxury styles.

The cons: Mixed reviews on durability with many reporting issues with sagging over time.

Price Range: $1849-$6049

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#16 SertaSerta makes a variety of different mattresses in innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam options. They are most famous for their iComfort brand of pocketed coil and memory foam hybrids. These mattresses come at a wide range of options and prices, which means that oftentimes customers can find what they are looking for in the store independent of if they are side sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers. Though they get good reception from customers initially, there are those who have had quick degrading of materials in some of their mattresses.

The pros: Wide variety of products with varying prices and firmness, which can fit any sleeper.

The cons: Some have disagreed with the price value and durability of these mattresses.

Price Range: $359-$3699

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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Mattress Firm AlternativesThis is one of the best times to buy a new mattress. Online mattress brands have become commonplace over the past 5 years and many offer deeper value vs. retailers. This means:

There are lower prices for better products to be found.

If you are willing to take a little extra time reading about the best mattresses for you, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and endless headaches.

Once you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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sweet dreams

Very happy with this mattress set. Good quality and great value.

Not a good mattress

This mattress was fantastic in the store. We thought we had finally found a mattress under $600 that fit all of our needs but we were wrong. We’ve had this mattress for a month and a week and already there are deep divots where our bodies lay at night.

Good value

Nice looking- good support-would buy again. Knowledgeable salesman.

Nice Bed

I bought for a guest room. Seems to be nice no complaints from our guests yet.

Great mattress

Brought this mattress a month ago, so comfortable. Really enjoying.

Great mattress!

My sales person was very knowlegable and helpful. Thank you! I'm very happy with my mattress.

good one

I get this for $438 with tax, including tax, box and delivery free. For that price i think its good.

Flimsy Firm

Within a week this mattress started to form dips in places you sleep. The twin sample felt convincing. I believe this mattress has a weight maximum of 250 pounds. If you have someone sleeping with you that weigh more than that you will have trouble with this mattress

nice price

I bought this cause I needed a new mattress and it was great but after a couple months I feel every spring

Absolutely incredible

I purchased this for Christmas for my son the best gift everrrr!!!!


I bought this before Christmas for my guest bedroom. My guests were not impressed and did not sleep well. I will be taking this back for a refund.

good product good value

I needed to replace the old mattress due to hurricane Irma and this mattress was a great price. and included box springs.... firm is just about right and perfect for our upstairs guest bedroom

Sleep Like a Baby

This mattress was a gift to our son. He loves it and said he has slept like a baby since receiving this mattress. It was also higher than his old mattress, which is great because he is 6'3" tall.


I bought this mattress a couple weeks ago now and I am so glad I did. The mattress is exactly what I was looking for: firm, yet not rigid. This mattress has a springiness to it that provides the perfect mixture of support and comfort. The chronic back pain I was experiencing with my old mattress completely vanished after just two nights on this mattress. I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone who is looking for a fabulous, reasonably priced, firm mattress.

sleepy time

sorry i cant write a review i am so comfortable i am still sleeping on my new mattress....

Very comfortable

I bought this on black Friday. The people there were really nice. I didn't feel rushed. The delivery was made on time and professionally. I have been sleeping on it for 25 days now. And so far, it is very comfortable. I've been happy waking up on my mattress.

Very firm but not hard!

I bought this a month ago and I can say this bed is amazingly comfortable. Although I wasn’t use to a firm mattress I love how fast I go to sleep when I get into bed. It’s firm but not too hard where you need to buy a mattress pad, which I was considering.

Great mattress for my son

I bought this mattress for my 5 year old son and he loves it. Great quality mattress.

Excellent customer service

Went in about a month ago to Purchase a new mattress. Salesman Steven was very efficient and nice In helping me make my decision. I’m very happy i bought from mattress firm delivery was fast and awesome. Great Stuff from Mattress Firm will go there again for another one in Ten years lol.

Quality matters and Mattress Firm will not know yo

My hubby selected this for his ache back, found it helpful but is not happy that it has "conformed" too much for his body, he feels it's defective, which we will need to be having checked out. by Mattress Firm, ANYONE UNHAPPY BE SURE YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A PLUS 120 DAY RETURN REPLACE POLICY AND DO NOT FORGET MFGR WARRANTY GUARNTEE BEYOND THAT, OTHERWISE YOUR INVESTMENT FOR 10 + YEARS OF QUALITY SLEEP IS THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR STORE REP AND COMPANY MFGR

Great service

I brought a mattress and the service was very good.

Very comfortable firm mattress!

Bought sight unseen. Added a pillow top cover and it is just wonderful. Now to see,how it lasts!

Do not buy !!!! Super cheap mattress

I just saw it went on sale for $400 for a queen set yesterday Dec 4 , 2017 and today I already regret it , when you sit on it it’s already sagging badly and I can’t imagine a few months later how it’s gonna look like !! I’m sure will return it and exchange for a better set for my son !!!

Great purchase price!

So comfortable and at the same time giving great contour support.


I bought this mattress unexpected and it's the best thing I did. First night I slept on this mattress I went to sleep so fast I didn't remover going to sleep.


This mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had, if you purchase it you will not be disappointed. it's great mattress to lay down in after a intense workout to just rejuvenate your body


the mattress and deliver was great! the 35 emails/texts/calls asking how my mattress is has gotten ridicules. Please STOP SENDING ME MAILS & TEXTS

Sleeps good

We were in desparate need of a new bed, as usual, Beautyrest is awesome!

Excelent option, good price

I bougth this mattres a month ago to my son, he feells very comfortable

No more back pain!

I recently traded in my “high end” mattress for this one and couldn’t be happier. The back pain is been having for months is entirely gone, and I’m sleeping straight through the night. Truly a game changer!

Poor quality

I had this mattress about 3 months and it became less supportive and lost its shape and support. I do not recommend this mattress. The warranty did allow me to exchange it for a replacement, but I upgraded to another type.


I love my new mattress and love sleeping like a baby every night. A new mattress makes a big difference on your body.

Most comfortable mattress I have ever had.

This is a wonderful mattress. I am very pleased to recommend this mattress to all who enjoy a firm and comfortable supportive rest.

Sleeps great

Great feel, awesome comfort. Sleeps great. I purchase 3 of the same set.

Great mattress!

Bought this at the Labor Day sale and couldn't be happier with it. Just the right amount of firmness but never hard. The only problem is that sometimes it feels so good that I don't want to get out of bed!

Not happy

The mattress is out of shape all ready had for a few months


We bought this for the guest bedroom and its perfect!

Sagged in less than 1 month

I bought just at a month ago. I lost everything in Harvey flood and was looking for something just to get by with. This mattress is already sagging and I have flipped it twice. It will not last very long. I also bought a bed frame and when it was delivered, it was bent at the head. The delivery personnel did not want to take it back and told me it did not affect the set up. I cant see going back to this company.

Terrible Mattress

The bed is very uncomfortable. I regret making this purchase.

I got two of these for my rental space

I got two of these for my rental space- but I want them for my house too- so comfortable!

Bed is hard to get out of ....

My friend and I both got beds, mine was a King and his was a Queen .... and we're both finding it so hard to get up and out of bed, probably due to the comfort of the bed, it's a Great bed knowing you don't want to get up. I only gave 4 stars because delivery guys came pass delivery time with no ahead phone call stating problem with being so late.

So happy with this film mattress

So happy with this film mattress! Hope we feel the same after a few more months.

Great Service

Easy purchase, great product, price and delivery!!



Took care of my back problems

After about two weeks, I am waking up with no back ache. Thanks!


We bought this for our guest room. We bought 2 pillows for us and we love them.Also at your Campbell Blvd. Store Wayne was awesome. What a great person.

Love this mattress!

I have had this mattress about a month now and I love it!

I'm completely satisfied

I'm completely satisfied with this mattress. Love it!

Good night' rest

This was purchased for my 4yr old daughter's "Big Girl" bed. Somehow everyone else in the family ends up in her bed as well, it's so comfy.....and we have an IComfort! :)

Just right

Got the mattress one month ago ..Have not waking up not one time with a sore back or neck .. The mattress is super wonderful..

Great customer service

I am very happy with my matress it is very comftable.

Firm and comfortable

This is an affordable mattress if you have back problems. It is firm and comfortable. The delivery came on time.

I can't wait to return

I ordered this mattress on Monday and it was delivered by Wednesday, so I am happy about the speed of delivery. However, after sleeping on the mattress for one night I am in the process of doing an exchange. Even though it's going in the guest room if I hate, I'm sure guest will also.

Not as firm as I thought

I got this thinking it was going to be firm, but it's definitely on the softer part. Th middle side goes down right away/ I am thinking of exchanging it. I have scoliosis and need a firmer bed. But overall it's ok for now, but I know it won't last long.


I bought this for a guest room and my guest was very comfy to sleep on this mattress.

Fast delivery and great service!

I bought this mattress a month ago and I can't complaint it has been wonderful for the money I paid for it. My back pain is not as crazy as before :))

Wasn't what I was hoping for

It may be great for some but the mattress tends to form to your body and therefore leaves a hole in the mattress that you feel if you move. Ofc it goes away after a bit but it is noticeable and tends to wake me up when I move... solution you say... don't move then?!? Lol

Great Service

I bought at the Flower Mound location and the service was truly top notch, professional grade. Thank you

Keep Looking

I bought this mattress over the memorial day weekend and thank goodness it had the 120 trial because it truly is not a firm mattress and within weeks my wife and i felt like we were right back in our old mattress of 8 years. Terrible mattress

Just right

Bought this a few weeks ago and it's firm yet gives in just the right places. It's not bouncy either, which is great when you are sharing a bed. I highly recommend!

Great delivery!

I bought this mattress about a month ago and was extremely pleased with the delivery process! (I bought it in one city and had it delivered to another). The bed itself feels firmer than it did in the store. However, it lives up to one of its biggest selling points: it does not transfer very much motion which is great for when my partner stays for the night.



Sinks in!

I bought this 8 months was great the first few months. Now, the mattress sinks in and I have major back issues from the bed. After a long day of working, you expect to come home and relax on the bed is the last place I want to be on. I don't weigh a lot and for my bed to sink and cause so much back pain is ridiculous!! I wish MattressFirm had a one year guarantee because this mattress would be sent back!!

Sleeping soundly

Bought this mattress a month ago for my 2yr old. He is loving his new " Big Boy" bed!

Great Mattress!

This mattress is super comfy, very supportive, and a great value.

Very Comfortable

I am enjoying this very firm and comfortable mattress. I am so glad I purchased. It was a bargain!

Excellent to sleep on

Good product and so was the mattress cover. A great deal in all

Cheap: Wish I could give it a zero.

In less than 6 months the seems were already ripping. I had to have it exchanged and they wouldn't let me upgrade. Feels very cheap and lightweight. Says the "regular" price is over $600 but it's not even worth the sale price of $350. Stay away from this product.

Customer Service

My wife went into our local Mattress Firm here in Lafayette, LA. We were greeted by Barbara Lindon, she immediately found out what our preferences were in a new mattress. Her warm and opening personality made it easy for us after trying out a few mattresses to finally make a decision that suited us. Barbara worked with us according to our budget, but made sure we were totally satisfied with the choice made. Additionally, she told us of the 120 day period having the product in home and being totally satisfied that Mattress Firm would be the best choice in price and quality. Barbara did and excellent job!

Mattress Firm Irvington Portland oregon

I have just purchased my 4th mattress in the last 4 months. Three of these were for a vacation home remodel and one was for personal use. We worked with Shane at the mattress firm on Broadway in Portland Oregon. He was responsive, knowledgeable and very helpful. The mattresses in our vacation home ended up being too firm and he was very kind and helpful in making an exchange and being sure we were happy. I know several people who are mattress shopping and I have encouraged them to see Shane.

Sales rep

Mike, our sales rep was very helpful on helping us select the right mattress and no high pressure at all.

Worst Experience ever

Worst delivery and service . I was sent a broken bed frame and the delivery guy told the warehouse that it's broken. But they still asked him to deliver it to me. I rejected the delivery and rescheduled for next day. The driver came and seems he called me . I never got a call. I paid more that $1000 and it's been a week that I am waiting for the mattress. I just moved from east coast with family and we are sleeping on floor . Forget about compensation, they are yet to deliver my mattres. Pathetic !!!!

Worst delivery experience

Purchased a mattress online for my elderly mother who lives in an assisted living facility. Asked specifically for a morning delivery as they close the facility at night and housekeeping/maintenance go home. Scheduled for 9am. On the evening before the delivery, I get a text stating delivery will be between 5-9 PM. So i call and tell them that was not the promised delivery time and too late for a delivery. They tell me the delivery people set their own schedule and I should not have been promised a morning delivery. I tell them to cancel the delivery. They say they will cancel, but the mattress is on the truck and refund will occur after they take it off the truck. I also call the next morning to confirm the order is cancelled. I ask them not delivery, the rep verifies "NO DELIVERY WILL BE ATTEMPTED". At 5PM I get a phone call from the delivery driver, I tell him the order was cancelled the night before. He says "Why did they send me all the way out here?", then hangs up on me. I call him back and tell him not to hang up on me, it's not my fault your company sucks. So, lesson learned. This place may have good prices, but good luck getting the bed delivered at a reasonable time. If you do cancel, they will still try to deliver (probabaly at night). Don't waste your time, order from Amazon.

2 broken beds, 1 damaged floor and communication is appalling

My experience with this store started very positively. The sales lady Barbara was very insightful and willing to negotiate to get to a deal we were happy with which included a delivery within a matter of days. The delivery company arrived with the bed. They failed to use the “Red Carpet Service”, no booties or red carpets. They supplied a bed that had a large bubble in it due to the way it was stored during shipping. They were unable to identify that Mattress Firm had provided the correct headboard mounting brackets. There was a scratch on the remote for the base. During the delivery of the base and mattress they managed to damage the wooden floor in the bedroom. A scratch roughly 16 inches in length. From this point forward the communication from the Globe The Professionals Corp has been appalling. Failure to engage or acknowledge they were aware of the damage to the property. Everything has felt like I was working for them. There was a failed second delivery which also had a bubble in the bed. 3 weeks later and I am still waiting to get any sort of compensation or path forward towards the remediation of the damage caused during delivery. The communication with Mattress Firm has been on going but there has been multiple times where I have called to follow up and get a basic status of my order without rebuttal. After the second failed delivery they did do their best to reach out to ISerta to supply a new mattress but I am still yet to hear when I will actually receive this. Genuinely not one of these people who writes reviews of companies if I have bad service but at this point I feel so ignored and ill treated as a paying customer I can’t help but begin to try and steer people towards another supplier. It’s hard to know how they have gotten to be the largest mattress company ni the US with the standard of service and products I have been unfortunate enough to receive. I understand that there is cases where one or two things may go wrong, but once an issue is escalated beyond a normal sale there needs to be greater care and attention to ensure that the customer is not left in the dark and having to beg for a bed. Not like they gave it out for free. I will be using any other mattress firm going forward as will anyone I am come in contact with looking to make a purchase that is as important as a mattress.

dishonest and shady group/ let the buyer beware

we are long term customers at retail stores in exter pa. My mom got a king 10 yrs ago and her walls were scratched. I got a twin plush 4 yrs ago and and it was firm. 2nd mattress was determined defective my sleepy's and third also sagged but i gave up/ Marcia told me she did not want me to go to Raymor and flanagan and she would take care of me with a new plush at 399 and no shipping to match R&F. she went on to say i got such a good price she had to charge for shipping. i went on line a week later and found Out i paid same as everyone and i was deciveved. It gets worse. I let marcia know i just had cancer surgery and i had 30 staples in my stomach and I needed a soft mattress and she viewed sleepy's files and saw i had A PLUSH AND TOLD ME SHE WOULD SEND ME PLUSH. SHE ASKED ME IF I LIKED FIRM AND I SAID NO AND SHE SENT ME A FIRM. DOM TOLD ME SHE MADE A MISTAKE CAUSE SERIAL NUMBERS WERE ONLY ONE OFF AND WOULD GET AN EXCHANGE FOR FREE. I WAS CHARGED 100 AND I SAID INTERNET SAID IF I GIVE EMAIL I GET 50 OFF, BUT SHE GAVE ME 25 OFF NOT HONORING OFFERS AGAIN. I WAS CHARGED FOR SHIPPING A SECOND TIME BECAUSE I WAS SENT A FIRM AND I WAS BEING HELD HOSTAGE. I WAS IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION DUE TO CANCER SURGERY AND THIS MARICA DID MY TRANSACTION WITHOUT ME BEING PRESENT TO SIGN MY CREDIT CARD AND SHE SENT ME FIRM MATTRESS ON PURPOSE. THE FRAUD UNIT IN CREDIT CARD HAS BEEN NOTIFIED. WHAT IS REALLY SICKENING IS ON THE PHONE SHE SAID IT WOULD BE A SLEEPYS PLUSH AND MY MOM AND FRIEND HAD ME ASK ON SPOT IS IT A BRAND NAME. MARICA SAID OH YA ITS A BEAUTY REST AND AT THIS POINT I NOW UNDERSTAND I WAS MANIPULATED AND TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BECAUSE I WAS SENT A FIRM MATTRESS WITH OUT MY AUTHORIZATION . BOTTOM LINE IS MARICA IS SHADY AND SHE MAKES COMMISSIONS AND TALKS REAL FAST TO MAKE MONEY. NOT ONLY DID THEY LOSE LONG TERM CUSTOMERS THEY WILL GET SERIOUS BAD WORD OF MOUTH

great service

bought it Friday at Venice, Florida store. Manager Nicholas Bell was. informed and helpful. I0 % veterans discount-

Czarr D Freeman From Dedham Store.

Czarr D Freeman From Dedham Store. He is the best! Understands what is talking about and very attentive. So happy with my purchase!

Warranty is useless

Our warranty claim was denied by Mattress Firm. When I pointed out that it met the requirements, they changed the answer to say it was out of the warranty period. Since I bought it at Mattress Firm and was going by their instructions, I found it odd. They said they are not responsible for what the store tells customers and would not provide a copy of the previous warranty information ( from when it was purchased).When I mentioned they were owned by the same company, they flatly denied it, when it is easily found online and the owners website. Either stand by your product or own up to its inferior quality, just don't BS us. Deny, Deny and Deny. Similar plot line to the movie "the rainmaker".


I bought a new mattress right before my chemo started, because I knew I would be bed bound for several months. Within 2 months, the mattress started sagging & divots formed, causing severe back pain. I tried getting an pre-owned exchange, but when the delivery guys showed up, they claimed it was stained & refused to give me the other mattress. On top of it, the guy lied to me. The store manager is trying to be helpful, but he can't get the company to give me the other mattress. I'm so angry that I spent $400 & the mattress I have is 100 times worse than my previous mattress. I'm contacting the CEO & head of customer service. This isn't helping me recover from cancer.


Do not do business with mattress firm they are a total rip off. They are going out of business and filing bankruptcy. The products are horrible and they know it and are trying to sell them fast under false pretense and over priced. I purchased a mattress less than a year ago and it is falling apart!!! Sunken and slouching, I have to now go through the warranty department which is a hugh joke. I also purchased pillows from malouf who is another rip off with a hot and cold side...Needless to say not true and it sheds ever time I take the covering off to was it...Blue stuff everywhere! The lady mary who sold me this mess no longer exist and the store closed down. The other stores have people who are made and disgruntle because they know they are working for a junk furniture store... Buyer be very very very aware! Do not waste your money or you will be stuck trying to replace a piece of junk with another piece of junk!!!!

Don't walk, run! Run away!

Giving a one-star review only because a zero or negative star review is not an option! We bought a mattress and adjustable frame, as well as a hot tub from the sales representative. I don't know if the hot tub is affiliated with Mattress Firm itself or not, but I will restrain my review to talking about the mattress and frame, along with the sales experience. First of all, if my review were to be about sales only, I confess my review would be positive. The guys were a bit pushy, but personable, and we spent a lot of money we otherwise would not have based on that experience in the information they gave us. However, we feel like we were lied to. First of all, we were guaranteed that the entire bed would arrive together at one time, and be assembled by their Personnel at that point in time. This did not happen. We received a giant troll of immense weight that the deliver slid onto our floor in the foyer, to leave for when the rest of the bed showed up. I am disabled and am not able to move this thing, so we have been trying not to trip on it ever since it was delivered nearly a couple weeks ago now. The plastic sheets around this role was extremely Dusty, Turin, and it looks like some rats or other animal may have puked on it. There may be p on it as well. This did not instill me with confidence, but I was hoping that the plastic sheath would protect whatever the contents are. It's hard to tell. The first people who showed up to deliver the bed were astounded to find that we have cats. This, despite the fact that the entire time we spoke to the personnel he showed us the bed, we talked about our cats, and ask them to make sure that no one with allergies would be on the delivery team. Instead, the team that arrived were unprofessional and actually refused to install the bad because of the driver's allergies. Note that this guy had giant gauges in his ears and seemed disrespectful the entire time. He pointedly kept looking over at my Bernie Sanders sticker on the door, and I got the feeling his discriminatory treatment was purely political. His partner was even worse, snickered and laughed, and would not look you in the eye. The person on the other end of the phone actually asked him to take pictures, and he told them on the phone that he could not take pictures of "a smell." The size is the breach in etiquette and privacy of actually asking the installers to photograph the interior of a client's house, it wasn't even relevant. Not to mention, I served in two of our military services, the US Marine Corps and the US Navy, and was a firefighter for 20 years where I also served as a Lieutenant, Advanced EMT, and Fire Marshal. I've been in countless homes across the United States and in my home state. While I will not claim to have the nicest house in the world, it's certainly better than average. Not that that has ever mattered. I have never refused service to anyone in my career because of allergies, and would undoubtedly have lost my job, or worse, had I done so!! The company was also aware that we had cats, and one dog , from the outset, if this was something which might be problematic for any of their personnel. As for their demeanor, I was offended, hurt, and livid! I was actually rendered speechless at one point. My co purchaser contacted their representative after all of this, and we were assured that the bed would be delivered on Saturday, by their very best crew, that the offending delivery men had had complaints about them before, and that they would be fired.. It was not delivered on Saturday, and I highly doubt at this point that they even got rid of the ascending personnel oh, you were subcontracted in the first place! Now we're being told that it will be sometime on Thursday. This is not acceptable, and I already dread dealing with whomever it is that shows up, if they show up. For context, my disability leaves me very little time each day where I can get up and around at all. I've already had three days stolen from me because of this, not to mention the physical pain it takes for me to get ready just to have them fail at their job or not show up at all , and I am at the end of my rope with this organization. This has been THE WORST experience I have ever had in my half a century plus time on this planet with any company, ever! At this point, I wish I had never done business with Mattress Firm, and, despite their continued assurances to the contrary, have lost the value of sleeping on the bed purchased for an extended time due to the company's mismanagement, and horrible employee work ethic! My frustration has me at the point where I am considering legal representation. I am not a litigious man, so that shows just how badly I consider this whole experience to be. What started out as giddy excitement has turned into a horrible nightmare for both of us, and I have even had bad dreams after this experience. My recommendation to anyone considering buying from these people? Run away! Run as fast as you can!


Mattress Firm does not stand behind its products. (At least not my Purchase) Bought a new expensive mattress a year ago and the top has separated shifting about half a foot. Mattress firm refused with no explanation other than this is an except able defect.


Sales were fine. Product and warranty a joke. Puchased a Beauty rest hybrid twin x 2 for 2300 a piece. 1 is failing after 9 months. Can feel springs popping and moving when i roll. Went through their sham warrenty process. With pics and a video. They state it falls within their parameters. They said i can get a 3rd party inspection for $79. I agreed. Next email, they said no one in the area to do an independent evaluation but they gave me a 20% off coupon to purchase a new mattress from them. I will never do any business with mattress firm or buy beauty rest again. BUYER BEWARE!!! i was told by many people prior to buy a sleep number, but i didn’t and lost $2300. BUY A SLEEP NUMBER BED!!! DO NOT BUT FROM MATTRESS FIRM. They will rip you off…


They say you can return a mattress if you don't like it for a 10% re-stocking fee, but that is a lie. My mattress did not fit my bed and they would not return or exchange it with something the appropriate size for my bed online. I bought the smallest height of mattress they had, but should have measured! You will not be able to return or exchange for something that will work for you. They also lied saying they didn't have any other mattresses at other stores. Also, this mattress is so hot to sleep in. I didn't turn my heater on last night and it got to 62 degrees in my house and I was so warm. It's NOT a temper pedic either. DO NOT SHOP HERE!

Bad service

Cancelation fee stay away

Horrible company

AVOID MATTRESSFIRM AT ALL COST. GO ANYWHERE ELSE. Back in 2013 we purchased a$500 mattress, nothing special just a mattress. It lasted us well until mid 2018. We started researching for a new one. Our thinking was maybe if we bought a higher end name brand we might actually get 15 years from it. We tried a ghost bed ( I loved it, Tim not so much) we returned it, no problems. Feb. 2019 we went to mattressfirm. We were the only people in the store. First should have been red flag was the attitude of sales clerk. Felt like we were a bother. After many questions, discussions of health issues. We decided on a $1500. Mattress. This was a huge investment for us. We discussed warranty, delivery, set up. About 4 months ago we noticed this mattress is in about the same shape our previous one was in at the 5 year use. My arthritis has gotten so bad I cannot walk upright or without support. I had friends come flip the mattress,and have had a bit of relief. Called Mattressfirm to see about warranty. 2 options $80 for their person to come out, or we can strip bed ( note I had to have people come to that) and take photos. But input was added in phone conversations oh you did not purchase new box springs. Your warranty is null and void...... after 2 phone calls and basically the salesman saying we Did discuss the new box springs( no he did not) I guess we are getting nothing done as the last phone call..2 days ago. The salesman said he would talk to his supervisor and get back to us. WHATEVER you do NEVER,EVER purchase anything from this company.... every step has been all wrong....... Now on to figure out what to do for a good nights sleep. REMEMBER MATTRESSFIRM IS NOT AN UPSTANDING COMPANY


If you are thinking of buying a mattress from Mattress Firm...DON'T... I have never in my life seen such a scam business...lies, unapproved access to credit files, lies again, and add on to sales without approval, are just some of the reasons I am warning you about! I really doubt the reviews that show 4 and 5 stars are real customers. Most often, when I relate my story to friends, they have experienced the same shotty treatment, OR know someone who has! Don't shop at Mattress Firm. Odds are vastly against you!

I am giving this a 1 star...

I am giving this a 1 star b/c i have to enter something to write a review. Just bought an mid-range mattress from them & received a total bate-&-switch. I asked what happened if i did not like the mattress at point of sale & was told "no problem, we'll exchange/refund it if needed" (& nothing else). Turns out it was too firm. When i wanted to exchange it, the manager (who sold us the mattress) said that there was a 10% restock fee + shipping. When we contested, she said that this was what we had signed... which turned out to be yet another lie... our invoice was blank on the back-side (eg NO fineprint). Long story short, corporate out of Texas credited the restock fee but still charged shipping... sooo, good place to try & not buy as far as I'm concerned. Too bad we were too swamped w/other to cancel the whole enchilada. Buy at ur own risk & notice the website does not have an easily accessible return/refund policy.

This review is long overdue

This review is long overdue. My father and I came into this location looking for a new bed last August 2018. Troy, the manager of the store immediately greeted us and gave us a breakdown of the beds in the store. After getting a feel for the beds, we told Troy that we'd be back after trying a couple of more mattress stores out. He said that would be no problem. What I liked the most about the experience was that Troy gave us a "no pressure" feeling while in the store and before I left it. It was the complete opposite when I went to Sleepworld Mancini where the salesman was more intent on making the sale rather than finding out what I really wanted. Lo and behold, my dad and I came back to Troy to buy two of the same bed: The Tolliver Beautyrest aka Tom Brady bed. As Troy said, it's important to invest in your sleep since you spend about 1/3 of your life in bed. Best money we ever spent. After having the bed for a month or so, my dad and I accidentally ripped the side of the mattress when we tried to move the bed using it the handles. I called Troy and he was intent on keeping us as happy customers. Both beds were replaced and we have been happy ever since. I wish there were more store managers like Troy out there. He's truly the best.

I like the bed we picked out but...

My husband is dying of cancer and the bed we had wasn't good so I went to Mattress Firm in Menlo Park . I like the bed we picked out but the delivery people were beyond rude, abusive almost. My husband is in the next room dying and they made all of us very, very upset. They did not have directions for the bed and we had gotten the "bells and whistle" version so we needed directions. In all, it was a devastating experience. I gave it a 3 because Troy the store manager was very nice and knowledgeable about the beds. My family has a business with 100s of beds. I do not think we will be shopping here though. Fire the movers.

Went to the Mattress Firm

Went to the Mattress Firm and we had an excellent experience. The store manager, Troy, was fantastic. Was very knowledgeable about all the mattresses in the store and narrowing down choices based on sleeping preferences and positions. He seemed genuinely interested in making sure we picked the right mattress and there was never any hard sell techniques or pressure to buy. I never thought I would ever recommend a mattress store on Yelp but Troy really made our visits very enjoyable and informative.

We had fabulous experience on choosing a most comfortable bed

We had fabulous experience on choosing a most comfortable bed for us with help of store manager! We bought one $2000+ mattress from LivingSpace, super NOT comfortable and was refused to return. After hearing our sad story, the store manager immediately offered free-sleeping trial. If we do not feel good, we could return for free. He was quite patient to educate us how to pick the right mattress, according to our sleeping position, preference over firmness and types. We were showed around trying different mattresses without knowing what type is, giving feedback of comfortableness. Based on these info, he figured our preference and gave suggestions of firmness and type. He does not push us over to the most expensive one but the most fit one. Every item in store are lowest price guaranteed. He even searched amazon and made sure the bed sheets be 10% lower. What is more amazing, we got 72-month free interest deal. Another good word for delivery team. They were the only team who put on shoe bags before entering our carpet room.

We came into this Mattress Firm

We came into this Mattress Firm on Labor Day weekend after having visited the Mountain View location the previous day. The Labor day sale was either a free size upgrade (king for price of queen) or a free adjustable base. Troy (Manager of the store) spent a good 30 mins with us asking about our different preferences and how we slept, educating us on different aspects of the various mattresses. He was extremely professional and never pressured us into one specific model or type (conventional vs hybrid) and we left the store very satisfied with the pricing which he wrote down on paper. We told him we had to visit another store (Macy's) but decided to come back and give Tony our business because of the excellent service. Everything he said was 100% accurate and we received our delivery on Labor Day as requested and everything went very smoothly with the entire transaction. You won't be wasting your time visiting this store and asking for Troy's help.

Came here yesterday

Came here yesterday as I've been in the market for some good pillows for a while, but wasn't really expecting much out of my experience. Troy, the store manager, immediately greeted us when we walked in and explained at a high level how the store was set up so that we could maximize our experience here. He was the only staff member in the store for the entire time we were here and had several customers that he managed to circle back and forth between. We told him we were looking for pillows and he asked us questions about our sleeping styles, the firmness of our bed, etc. He was, as he said, a "sleep expert." When he learned that my bf is a back sleeper, he immediately said that my bf didn't need a pillow. This was a welcome surprise as most sales people are eager to cram as much of their product down your throat as possible. I liked that Troy was genuine and cared more about what the customer actually needs versus just making more commission. For me, he recommended that I try out a few pillows since I'm a side sleeper and I fell in love with the first one he recommended. It was an easy decision to make my purchase and I'm excited to switch over to my new pillow. Great experience at this store, and I will definitely be coming back when I'm back in the market for a new mattress, which will hopefully be soon!

Troy is the man!

Troy is the man! Never had I ever thought I could learn so much about mattresses and sleeping positions! It was quite the lesson, and a great customer service experience all around. Troy explained the different between side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers, and we ventured mattress to mattress based on his instructions. We spent a good amount of time with him, and were very pleased with our experience. This is one of the best customer service experiences I've had in a very long time. If you are in the market for a new mattress head on down to see Troy. He will take good care of you.


This review is for Lisa. She spent time explaining healthy sleep positions and what types of mattresses work with different body types. She gave me her undivided attention and made sure I knew exactly what I should get for my body type and living situation. 10/10 recommend going to her.

She made it super easy, and found me the perfect bed

Cassondra is amazing! She made it super easy, and found me the perfect bed! Thank you for all your help.

Service is totally unacceptable

Service is totally unacceptable. The delivery is postponed for no reason and they didn't let me know until I call them!! Worst shopping experience ever!

I really like the shop

I really like the shop. Troy is the man! He introduced a system to evaluate mattresses and that really work. It saves us a lot of time. He also didn't push. I really hate when people try to push me to but something they want to sell. Great experience!

We ordered a full mattress

We ordered a full mattress and Lisa the sales person promised that it will be delivered in 2 weeks, then 1 day before the delivery this person call our house saying that our mattress will be delivered in another date, then she calls back again saying other date and so on till to this date there's no mattress and lot of excuses offering me to go back the store and pick a better mattress!!! What a joke, I do no understand how they run their business, I tried to make a complain so I reach customer service since they do have a number for all the customers complaints, but when I called this person is not help at all saying that place that I called is just a warranty department she was so bogus she couldn't answer the simplest questions!!!! To all the people who is thinking of buying in that particular store,think twice going there or do you research first and save yourself of a huge headache and deal with people who doesn't have even the remote idea of what is a good customer service!!!!


ZERO stars isn't an option so 1 star it is... This joke of a store doesn't deserve 1 star! Such horrible customer service!!! Completely useless!!! The older orange woman "Lisa" with too much and pathetically applied makeup was completely unprofessional and almost seemed under the influence with her loud peals of laughter. The black salesman she was flirting with was very unhelpful with information about the mattress we were looking at to purchase. Instead of telling us about the mattress we wanted to buy he was asking us frivolous details about our old mattress! Really?! Great sales tactics guy! The salespeople here are obviously too busy laughing and joking with each other behind their little desk instead of actually doing their job or to notice when a customer leaves. We even thanked them as we left and they either didn't hear us or ignored us. ALWAYS better off at a higher end store like Macy's where customer service is NOT an afterthought! Anyways we found a better brand mattress set for a fairer price with quality customer service at Macy's! Don't waste your time here with these low knowledgeable salespeople and their lack of customer service.

just purchased our 5th mattress from this store

just purchased our 5th mattress from this store, each one for different need and they figured out my unique demands!!!!!!!!!!!even on recent sale items...Troy was fantastic - listening - going along with specifics on price, offered excellent suggestions. There were some problems in delivery time, but they called, apologized, quickly established new, convenient time. Hey-things happen, but its the way a company handles these that make a difference and Troy has been great.



Never would I buy from Mattress Firm

I found this company to be dishonest in their dealings with me. They sold me a bed with springs coming out of the middle. It was nothing like the one in the showroom though it was the same brand. The whole process was not good when I return the mattress they did not want to refund my money at all. I had to go through the credit card company and got very little money back. I only had the mattress for 2 weeks. I got stuck with a base that I don't even want. That was supposed to come free with the bed. They didn't even want to take it out of my home so I'm going to throw it in the garbage. Never again will I ever buy anything from Mattress Firm. Don't try to contact their customer service if you have a problem with an in-store purchase they will not help you. They will tell you to contact the store that you bought it and if you don't get help there you will get any help at all.

False advertising

Terrible tactic telling customers there is no credit check and then they run your social security number

So uncomfortable Haven't been able to sleep on it a single night

Haven't been able to sleep on it a single night. So uncomfortable. Salesperson did not say "no returns" but that is what it says on receipt. Worst customer experience ever.

Sent us a USED mattress and USED BASE

Anyone who knows me I'm kind of a germaphobe. Imagine my surprise when I found out a store scammed us and sold us a used mattress 🥵 Hey everyone! This is a public service warning. Absolutely do not go to Mattress Firm!!! I should have googled them and found out there are hundreds of complaints. They don't tell you that all of their 4th of July, all holiday sales and the clearance ones they have at the back wall in the store have ALL been recovered used mattresses. So gross! We filed a report today with the Better Business Bureau. The manager who charged us $2811.09 was David J Abel on Sam Rittenberg in West Ashley. Our BBB complaint: Description of Complaint:Sold us a USED mattress and base while pretending they were new on a 4th of July sale. The Store manager, David J Abel, sold us a mattress, base, pillow and mattress cover for $2811. My wife Sandy commented to him several times about how we needed info on where the merchandise was being shipped from because Sandy and our child have extreme mold and dust allergies. David Abel assured us that the company was completely allergy friendly. The order never came on delivery day. They showed up 2 days later. They sent the wrong mattress cover and just sent a top sheet instead of the $150 mattress cover so I called the store. The mattress looked kind of lumpy and Sandy asked the delivery guys about it. They quickly left. I called the store and asked for the manager who refused to come to the phone. I googled the company to see if this was regularly an issue. Then I saw how they've been in many lawsuits for selling USED mattresses. They offered to carry mine away. Im assuming they are reselling it now. After researching, I learned that used mattresses and bases have a little yellow sticker on the bottom after delivery. Not only did the mattress tag have the yellow sticker, but the base and even the remote control had one. He sold us a USED mattress and a USED base for 2811.09 DISGUSTING!!! He tries to lie and say he told us that ALL of the mattresses on sale from Mattress Firm are used. That is a lie. My wife has several websites that have thousands of members who ask for her advice about toxic mold issues. The #1 piece of advice to people she gives is to get rid of mattresses if they found a mold problem because children (and adults) spend 1/3 of their lives on that mattress. Everyone knows my wife is extremely allergy conscious and would never buy anything used because of our child. I called the store several times thinking they made a mistake. The manager insisted that he informs every customer that all of their sales are on used items.Desired Settlement:RefundDesired Outcome Description:Please refund us and come this USED mattress out of my home.


If all you want for experience is to get the mattress that does not suit your needs, try to reach the company for exchange, receive an email with a suggestion to wait 24-48 hours, get nothing in response, finally return an item, and pay 20% of your purchase in a restocking fee, it's an absolutely best deal!

bad mattress poor after sale service

Edit mattress has no support anymore like sleeping in a pit have to sit up to turn over even then it pulls the sheets off of the corners of mattress was told by salesman to submit a claim to factory what waste of my time that was taking pictures to send them was told to put a straight edge across mattress put light pressure and if it goes down more than 2 1/2 inches it is bad mine goes down 5 1/2 inches factory now tells me that is not true I should not put pressure on mattress to show sagging and to resubmit photos but that won't show any thing as far mattress having no support Mattress Firm bend over backwards to make a sale but give no help to customers after sale Now I found that if I turn the mattress over and sleep on the bottom side there some support till I can pay to have it hauled away User's recommendation: stay away from buying a mattress from mattress Firm and sleepy mattress company they don't stand behind them.

Had a great experience at MF

Had a great experience at MF - I think our salesman's name was Bill and he was very nice and great to work with. I bought a Purple Bed with an electronic base and its a great bed. Delivery was fast and set-up was quick. Would definitely buy another bed from the company.

Frank from Mattress Firm...

Frank from Mattress Firm was extremely knowledgeable and helpful during my mattress shopping experience. It was a big success and I love my mattress!

Ok So I'm not usually one to write a review...

Ok So I'm not usually one to write a review I rather read reviews but this particular occasion I had to write my experience, To be honest I know needed a mattress for a while it was a little intimidating because I don't know much about mattresses who does?! Not to mention how many to choose I went to take a look, looked around the and Frank had such great energy he made me feel very comfortable while we went over a few different options and we figured out mattress there was right for my needs...opposite from what I thought I anyway it was an awesome experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone with confidence!! Ask for Frank you won't be disappointed!

I've been wanting to buy a new mattress...

I've been wanting to buy a new mattress for quite some time and have been waiting for the memorial sale to do so. Came in today and ended up with my new dream mattress! Be sure to ask for Gigi, she is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, kind and humored me wanting to lay on all of the mattresses. Can't wait to get a good nights sleep again!

Very courteous staff

Very courteous staff. Allan was friendly, took his time with us & showed us mattresses that fit our budget. We got a great deal, delivery within 48 hours and some great coupons. Would recommend!

I bought a mattress that was supposed...

I bought a mattress that was supposed to be delivered today I called them to see if it would be delivered and Calvin at Mattress Firm (which acquired Sleepys) said there was no record of my purchase and they don't deliver in NYC so they weren't honoring the sale. Calvin, in customer service refused to pass me to a supervisor when I wanted to inquire further. I went to the store and they found my purchase and delivered the mattress. I'm not sure how customer service could have given such incorrect information and caused me problems. Good thing they're closing stores in NYC, no one would deal with them.

Walked in...

Walked in. Sweltering hot. One guy on phone. Walked around for a minute. Place is a mess. Left.

I got a sleepy's slumber top mattress

I got a sleepy's slumber top mattress. It's ok, but the salesman put several things on the bill that I didn't want. Including a mattress cover and a adjustable base that I specifically asked to be taken off before I signed. I feel scammed. I didn't ask for this expensive mattress cover because I was already planning on buying a different brand online. One star.

Great experience...

Great experience and the manager Milton was so helpful!! No wait to see a specialist either. Recommend over other locations

It was unbelievably cheap...

It was unbelievably cheap in price but great in quality. Just moved in to nyc so i needed at least a bed to start off with and searched but sleepy's had the best price, way cheaper than ikea. Vincent, the store staff that helped me out was very kind that he would offer me products that would suit me best and not what he wanted to sell. Delivery came on time except for one item (the reason for not five stars)but all in all very pleased with what i shopped for.


I AM SO DISAPOINTED IN MATTRESS FIRM SELLING. i went into the store to look around at my options since my current bed has a major dip in it, we were greeted by the 'manager" who sort of tried to sell us some beds but was having to be interrupted multiple times to answer the phones. i told him upfront I have a bed with drawers on 1 side and he said oh that's not a problem with our adjustable beds. well i was conned into buying a 3500 dollar bed and upgraded the "FREE" adjustable bed to 1 level up so that the feet are adjustable as well. he said he was giving me all the deals and was going to get in trouble with cooperate for basically giving me the bed. 3500 dollars for an alcove mattress LMAO. well the delivery guys come and look at my bed and say oh no no you cannot have the drawers I USE THESE 2 DRAWERS EVERYDAY that is why i spent extra money on the set to get the drawers. he also throws in 2 pillows a sheet set and a mattress protector that he says is valued at 500 YEA RIGHT....the sheets come and the color is wrong. he proceeds to tell me oh you can go to a ups store mail them back and we wil send you the correct ones. WHY IS THIS MY ISSUE???! WHY IS IT MY DOLLAR I HAVE TO SPEND TO GET THE FREE GIFT I WAS PROMISED?!>>!! this is terrible terrible service will NEVER COME BACK and will tell everyone i know this is not good business. when i called and spoke to my sales man to complain he said now isnt a good time theres customers in the store can you call later EXCUSE ME IVE ALREADY PAID IM AT WORK ON MY LUNCH BREAK AND YOU CANT ADDRESS MY CONCERNS

Twin mattress and base

My Serta is Awesome! Slept like a baby and no aches in the morning! Thank you and Ms. Lewanda pipkins!


DO NOT BUY FROM MATTRESS FIRM! Purchased an Intellibed from Mattress Firm that has turned out to be garbage that neither Mattress Firm or Intellibed will stand behind. Original mattress developed deep sags within 90 days. Was replaced with another mattress that immediately did the same thing in 90 days. Mattress Firm has denied two request for warranty replacement as has Intellibed, Neither individual that sleeps on the mattress weighs over 160 lbs, Yet, the mattress developed "ghosting" indention's of 2 inches or more. Mattress Firm and Intellibed will not stand behind the quality of the products they sell even if you spend over $5k with them.

Mattress Firm

A mattress store with no mattresses. Oh yeah...they'll sell you a mattress, take your money, but never deliver. Plan on waiting 6 - 10 weeks to get your mattress. How ridiculous....ask for a refund and wait 10 days. Bad Customer Service....Consumers...beware


They offered a free adjustable base with a mattress purchase, but the base they gave us was defective. If we had known we would have taken a discount on the mattress instead and bought a base from somewhere else. I suspect he this is how they offload their defective bases. Completely unethical! They refuse to do anything about the defective base because it was "free." Yet it would have cost the same amount if I had used the discount price for the mattress instead of taking the free base offer and then ordered the base from overstock.

Boss of the Bed

Very nice experience with Manager Samuel in the Lake Wales Fl. store. He was very helpful while we tried out the products and finally chose the Pressuresmart Plush Pillowtop with adjustable bases. Would buy again from this company!

Mattress Firm is the WORST

Mattress Firm allowed me to suffer in a collapsed mattress for over two years. I told them from the beginning I had a bad back. They sold me two mattresses both collapsed. Then they had some moronic way I had to prove it. If I was getting a good night sleep and waking without pain why would I continue to call them. Welll I finally got smart and got a Nector bed. Please stay away from Mattress Firm. They will lie, their mark up is 400%. Lookup the top10 mattresses, mattress firm will not be there.

120 day scam

120 day scam...bought a very uncomfortable twin wanted to return within 120 days, mattress $200...restocking return fee $40 PU fee $120...not permitted to drop off...buyer beware.



No delievery and poor customer service

I order two beds in late Feb because they could deliver them within a few days. I had no beds in my kids rooms. Just before they were due to arrive I got a message saying the shipping date had been pushed off until March 23. I accepted that day. Now 3 days before my delivery date I just got an email say it has been put off until April 12. I cancelled by order. Getting costumer service help ( virtual helper) has been awful from the begging. I will never use nor recommend this company again. Terrible experience.


Mattress Firm has the absolute worst customer service that you could possibly imagine. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a BOXED mattress on April 10th and their website, along with my order email says "Estimated Delivery: Arrives in 5-7 business days." We order a new frame, we order new sheets, etc. for the new bed. Five days later, April 15th, and I haven't received any shipping notifications. Mattress Firm ALSO doesn't offer any phone-related correspondence for their paid customers. If you call the number, there's an automated response that makes you go online and do a live chat or submit a form. Once the message is done, it automatically hangs up. I start a live chat and the person couldn't possibly be more useless. No information except what I already have from the order confirmation email...... I submit feedback, request a phone call, and nobody calls me (of course). The next day, April 16th, I submit an online form and I get an email from another customer service person who says: "Your item will be shipped directly from the vendor within (5-7 business days) from your order date (04/10/21). Once the item ships, you will receive an email with the tracking number." I email them back, twice, and they don't respond to either messages. If someone can realistically tell me why a BOXED MATTRESS takes over 6 days to ship, please feel free to let me know. It's in a box, you put it on the truck, and you ship it. At this point I just want to cancel my order... I've had enough and I don't want to do business with people who treat their customers like this. I start a live chat with ANOTHER person and they tell me that my mattress is out for delivery. They even give me a tracking number. I look it up and it's the wrong tracking information for a different order that was placed ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY. This is not only outrageous, but completely UNBELIEVABLE!!! HOW DOES A COMPANY DO BUSINESS LIKE THIS?????????? They tell me "sorry" and give me another tracking number. This one was generated TODAY and it only says "LABEL CREATED: Shipment information sent to FedEx" At this point I'm furiously frustrated and simply want to cancel my order. The live chat person says that the refund process takes 7-14 business days....... of course it takes two weeks, because why wouldn't it? I ask to be connected to a manager. Thankfully they call me within a short period of time, but they say the exact same thing as the the live chat person. Basically they're not able to help me, they "can't" cancel my order right now because it's "been shipped" (even though it hasn't... the label was just created) and now they're forcing me to wait a week or two for the refund. Once again, I can't call the company because they don't have that option, the live chat people are useless, the managers are useless, they can't cancel my order, and I can't get my money back in a timely manner. What other options do I have? File web complaints? Federal regulatory complaints? Why is this even a thing? Why can companies just treat their customers like dirt and continuously get away with it? They shove their advertising down our throats and trick people into thinking they're a good and reputable company..... YOU CAN'T EVEN CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! STAY FAR AWAY FROM MATTRESS FIRM FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!!!!


Please Do Not Buy Anything From Mattress Firm!!! Worst Nightmare 1St Mattress Arrived Ripped; 2Nd Mattress Incorrect & Adjustable Based Stained, Walls Were Damaged During Delivery And It Took Almost 2 Months Trying To Get Corporate To Pay For My Damages. They Promise Great Customer Service; If You Fill Out The Customer Service Request Form They State Someone Will Get Back To You Within 48 Hours. They Will Not, If You Call The Corporate Office It Just Rings (Useless) Please You May Pay More Money But Try Going To Another Retails Store You Will Save Yourself Less Stress. I Wish I Never Walked Into Mattress Firm On March 25, 2021. The 3Rd Mattress Is Harder As A Rock. Buyer Beware And Stay Away. Mattress Firm Does Not Stand By Its Policies And Is A Completely Disreputable Company. Please Take Your Business Elsewhere. Look At The Reviews. They Will Waste Your Time. If Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing It Is True I Wish I Did More Research.v


The worst adjustable bed ever no worth the price and the warranty for electrical damage is only 5 years. Sparkles came from under my bed a year after purchased.

Horrible Customer Service

Paid 10 grand for a bed, including extended warranty. They refuse to fix it!

Stuck with an uncomfortable mattress

My husband and I recently went to Mattress Firm planning on purchasing a queen size foam mattress for our son and a king size Purple mattress for ourselves. However, the very convincing sales person showed us a floor model Intellibed mattress that was being clearanced out. In the store the king mattress was fine but after a week and a half of sleepless nights and the mattress not living up to the hype I called the store to see what my options were. It turns out that I have no options, I am stuck with the bed since it was a floor model. We were told that there would be no 120 day sleep trial but were left with the impression that we’d have 30 days. No one ever said this would be a final sale or that no returns or exchanges would be available. We do not buy mattresses often, once every 15 years, but when we spend over $2000 on one we expect it to be comfortable. Also, regarding Mattress Firm’s sleep trial. The fine print says if you decide you don’t like the bed you’ll have to pay a 20% restocking fee plus $99 shipping to send it back to the store. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t buy an Intellibed, they’re far to firm, shake every time your partner rolls over and the mattress is so thick that it severely limits your sheet buying options. Go with an online mattress store. They offer up to 365 days for their sleep trial and not only will refund your money if you don’t like it but help you find a place to donate the mattress you don’t want, they don’t want it back for sanitary reasons!


I am rating this store a LOW as possible. After placing an order over a week ago and paying $200 for a specific 2 hour delivery window, got a call 10 minutes before the delivery window saying there wasn't going to be a delivery. Part of the order is not in stock and instead of asking if a partial delivery is acceptable, the warehouse decided to do no delivery.


They made 3 mistakes on delivery and I still do not have mattress.I would say look elsewhere if you need it at a sprcific time

Warranty & service

Their warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on. They will have you take a picture and deny the claim based on something that no one ever came out to look at. How can you make a warranty decision based on a 2 dimensional picture. The Sterns & Foster warranty is just as bad.


Two months after a forced $1,600 online purchase, I still have not received my refund or talked to a human!! While the purchase was initiated on March 9th, I first contacted Mattress Firm to cancel the order the following day on March 10, 2022; on March 12th after receiving an e-mail asking about my Mattress Firm experience, and on March 14, 2022, when I contacted my bank to officially file a dispute claim. It was not until after filing my claim with my bank on March 14th, that I received a tracking number email on March 16th from Mattress Firm with a tracking number from Fed Ex saying that my mattress was shipped and on its way. I filed for a return on March 17, 2022, before even receiving the mattress. After leaving a negative review, I was contacted by Mattress Firm Corporate the same day and was told that I could return the mattress for a fee of $99.99 and was offered a credit to keep the mattress. I decided to give the mattress a try, and the mattress was a complete piece of junk. I tried multiple times to coordinate an exchange of the mattress and was told that I could not be given a credit to use in-store, and that I had to purchase the replacement mattress online with website prices, which was a direct contradiction of what I was told by physical store employees. So, it was either pay the online price for a replacement or return the mattress with a higher restocking fee of 20%, as opposed to a 10% restocking fee for an exchange. The mattress was finally picked up by Mattress Firm on May 13, 2022.The refund policy says that refunds will be credited in 5-10 business days. In my first contact post return, I was told by Mattress Firm that a credit would be placed on my CREDIT CARD by 5/27/22. I gave Mattress Firm more time due to the holiday and contacted them again on 5/31/22 and was then told that a CHECK had been mailed out to me, to be received by 6/1/22. HUH? Still no refund!

Poor Management

Ordered and paid for a mattress on 6/22 from the Pace FL location and it was delivered a few days later. Then they showed up the following week to deliver the exact same order in which I refused as we already had my order. Now they have turned it over to a collection agency saying I still owe them the same amount. Called the morning of 8/22 and spoke with the branch manager who was totally clueless. He stated he could see in their system where I had already paid for it and said he could get me in contact with someone in their finance department. I informed him this isn't my responsibility and it was theirs. The manager couldn't care a less. No apologies, nothing. Just there to collect a paycheck. He couldn't manage his was out of a wet paper bag. Long and short, don't purchase from Mattress Firm

Don't Buy There

They don't honor their warrent thier guarantees at all! I bought a faulty bed, it was madning the run around I got. The sales people are nice, however I have been beating my head on a wall trying to resolve this issue. They want you to throw up your hands and give up. Your better off with a reliable company. Be coned by what they say or protect yourself. It's was a little over 1200. I will drop my mattress at the outside of their business and have a protest sign. Never again!

Kluft Carlsbad extra firm

Overpriced mattress! Sweltering hot, does not breathe. Heavy, making bed a real chore. A Mancini Rip-off.

Horrible Mattress

6 months after spending what I consider a fortune (being on a fixed income) the mattress is sagging horribly. The good news is, it is under warranty. The bad news is they make you take tons of pictures, you need to not just remove this heavy mattress I cannot lift, but also remove the box spring to tak a photo of the frame, the do not remove tags, the sewn in mattress brand identifier etc etc etc etc. If you are unable to do this, which I cannot at my age, you have the luxury of paying $90 to have a rep come out and look at it. I am not paying for a faulty mattress to be looked at and totally unable to lift the mattress etc, so now I have to just suffer with my back pain and not get a warranty. This is very sad that we are screwed now. I will NEVER buy another mattress from here again

ripped off for $100

Bought a Bunkie Board from this company for $100. Realized it's not even a board but a fabric covered wooden frame. Asked for a return and they would charge me $99 with a 20% restocking fee WTF?

Customer Service and Warranty non-existant

Bought a foundation and headboard from Mattress Firm. Got the runaround during the warranty period of the headboard, a Glenwillow Farm product. Mattress Firm DOES NOT warranty the headboard, since they don't make it. But they didn't make the box spring either. The assembly hardware broke into pieces while putting it together. Mattress Firm sent me to their store for replacement parts. Store DOES NOT supply parts for this or any other item. Claim was denied twice. Had the product, unusable, for three weeks now. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE !!! Deal with a local furniture store for the best results.

0 star

i bought a matress perfect sleeper size queen, very poor quality, for return it was 99$ plus 20% the total cost.

No they don't honor the guarantee.

My dad got a very firm mattress, they told him it has guarantee, they mattress is pretty much new and now its saggy, we did the claim process and they are not giving us the guarantee.

They got your monay, now no one cares

Don't buy from Mattress Firm! Yes they are nice folks when you are buying but not so much when you attempt to file a warranty claim. I bought my BeautyRest mattress ($2500) in December 2022 and it already has a big sag in the middle. Filed a warranty claim with all the required pictures and the response was it was a normal body impression! After 8 months?! Really? They make it difficult to file in the first place hoping you will go away. When you do provide the required pictures and info they immediatly reply with this bs. Save yourself a headache. Go somewhere else that has a quality product and stands behind it.

Great Delivery Service

The team who delivered our new mattresses and pillows to our condo on Thursday March 28th 2024 were amazing! Michael & his driver helped us take in the bed supports for the frames and efficiently moved out the old mattresses and installed the new ones. They were friendly and accommodating. We would give them a 10 out of 10!

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Is Mattress Firm a good deal?

It depends on your situation. Mattress Firm offers a wide selection of mattress brands and choices, which is ideal for those that can't find what they want elsewhere. Many customers report happier experiences buying direct from online mattress brands due to added perks.

Who owns Mattress Firm?

Mattress Firm is owned by Steinhoff Holdings (as of 2016). Steinhoff is an international retail holding company with activities in 30 countries across 40 different brands.

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