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Mattress Firm

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Mattress Firm is one of the largest mattress retailers in the United States. What they do well is sell a variety of mattresses, from big names like Serta & Simmons to their own brands like Hampton & Rhodes and Tulo.They are also doing pilots of selling the innovative Purple mattress online as well. Like any big retailer, there are mixed reviews about customer service, sales tactics, and product quality.

Read on for the full run-down of what Mattress Firm offers...

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $149-$5099

Trial Period: No Trial

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Mattress Firm's Specifics

Mattress Firm is one of the most successful mattress retailers in the United States. Over the years, they have acquired many other mattress retailers and local stores and have found success being a one-stop local shop for sleep products and bedding.

What does that mean about their selection? They have a wider selection than most other local stores or online storefronts, which is a big win for customers.

But with that selection comes a hidden truth:

The prices are often much higher than buying direct from the manufacturer.

This is because Mattress Firm has to pay its salespeople commissions and markup product from their mattress brand partners.

What you are buying is a more personal service.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands

By being one of the biggest mattress retailers, Mattress Firm has one of the largest selections of mattresses available to customers. They have 10 mattress brands that you can find in every store and in some locations more independent brands as well.

We'll go through each brand in depth and discuss the positives and negatives so you can get an idea of what you want before even walking into the store.

So here they are...

#1 Tulo

By far the most exciting brand from Mattress Firm is their new mattress-in-a-box foam mattress, Tulo. The Tulo comes with three different firmness options (firm, medium, and soft), which means that any sleeper can find what they are looking for. This brand also gets high ratings from customers and is a big commitment from Mattress Firm in investing in the future of sleep.

The pros: Super price-competitive foam mattress options with high marks for customers.

The cons are that some found other online options more comfortable for them.

Price Range: $375-$800

Final Score: 9.2 / 10

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#2 Sleepy's

Sleepy's brand mattresses are all-foam with layers of memory foam. Coming in both a plush and medium option, in a competitive pricepoint, there is a lot to love about Sleepy's. Some customers have found that they don't agree with the firmness of the mattress, so make sure to test these out.

The pros: All foam options that receive good feedback from customers overall.

The cons: There are some that had issues with getting comfortable. The materials may not be as good as other similarly priced online alternatives.

Price Range: $799-$1099

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

#3 Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons Beautyrest is one of the most loved brands of the mattress retailer mattresses. Beautyrest are manufactured by SertaSimmons, who also manufacture the Serta brand mattresses. They have done a great job on creating a memorable brand and setting themselves apart with their Beautyrest Black luxury offering. Inside every Beautyrest are layers of comfort foam and a pocketed coil system to provide back and spine support. These mattresses start over $500 so are in the mid to luxury category. That said, there have been similar complaints about the Beautyrest as their Serta counterparts, including longevity issues and high price markups for the materials used.

The pros: Some of the most comfortable mid-grade to luxury grade mattresses initially.

The cons: Some customers have found the Beautyrests to have longevity issues.

Price Range: $799-$4999

Final Score: 8.4 / 10

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#4 Dream Bed Lux

Dreambed is another Mattress Firm brand, which was its first attempt at competing in the mattress-in-a-box industry. The Dream Bed has gone through a few iterations and is now focused on providing a luxury memory foam mattress competing with the likes of Tempur-Pedic. Overall, these mattresses are priced very high compared with many online offerings. If you can stomach the price, there are multiple firmness options and decent customer reviews, but not excellent overall.

The pros: High end memory foam mattress options with a wide array of firmness offerings.

The cons: Very expensive vs other online options and only decent customer reviews.

Price Range: $2779-$4899

Final Score: 8.4 / 10

#5 Chattam & Wells

Chattam & Wells offers high end hybrid mattresses with either memory foam or latex. They have an 'old-school design' from the outside, but on the inside they have pocketed coils and high grade foams. Overall, the prices are higher than average for what you are getting and customers don't often purchase these. That said, those that do tend to feel good about their initial purchase. Like others, you may be able to find a better price for a similar mattress elsewhere.

The pros: High end hybrid options with either memory foam or latex.

The cons: High prices for what you are getting from these mattresses.

Price Range: $3399-$5299

Final Score: 8.4 / 10

#6 Eclipse

Eclipse is an eco-conscious line of mattresses that focus most on hybrid and innerspring options. Their prices are very reasonable for the materials that they use, but there are some that have experienced durability problems with their mattresses. They are US made and found in retailers around the country like Mattress Firm.

The pros: Eco-friendly and all-natural materials are used in the Eclipse mattresses for a competitive price.

The cons: Some with heavier body types may find issues with durability and lasting quality.

Price Range: $299-$1999

Final Score: 7.8 / 10

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#7 Hampton & Rhodes

Hampton & Rhodes is one of Mattress Firm's proprietary brand of mattresses, which is focused on providing budget conscious options to customers. One of their most popular mattresses is the Aruba mattress that comes with 7 layers of cooling and comfort foam and pocketed coils for just $599. These mattresses are a good option for very budget-conscious shoppers, but there are some issues with durability long-term.

The pros: Good selection of products with low cost for the amount of materials purchased.

The cons: Low priced foams and coil systems break down faster than more expensive varieties.

Price Range: $189-$699

Final Score: 7.8 / 10

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#8 Serta

Serta makes a variety of different mattresses in innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam options. They are most famous for their iComfort brand of pocketed coil and memory foam hybrids. These mattresses come at a wide range of options and prices, which means that oftentimes customers can find what they are looking for in the store independent of if they are side sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers. Though they get good reception from customers initially, there are those who have had quick degrading of materials in some of their mattresses.

The pros: Wide variety of products with varying prices and firmness, which can fit any sleeper.

The cons: Oftentimes products are marked up exhorbitantly by the time they reach the customer and some have found that the value for the price is low. Others have had issues with lasting durability.

Price Range: $299-$3499

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#9 Rest And Relax

Rest And Relax are also competing with Tempur-Pedic style memory foam mattresses. They offer high price memory foam mattresses, which features like graphite infused foam. With features like 'phase change material' that keeps things cool and offers better response than memory foam, at first glance this brand seems like a winner. That said, there are some customers that found that the mattresses are not as comfortable as they'd hoped.

The pros: High end memory foam mattresses with new mattress material technology.

The cons: Very expensive for the materials used and not all customers have good feedback.

Price Range: $2199-$4799

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

#10 Snuggle Home

Snuggle Home is low priced memory foam brand that has options for children -- such as bunk beds and sofa mattresses. Their prices are quite affordable, but some customers had problems with the comfort of these mattresses. If you are thinking about getting one of these mattresses for a child that will grow out of it, it could be a good option, but may not be an ideal permanent choice.

The pros: Very low cost foam mattresses for standard beds, bunk beds, and sofas.

The cons: These mattresses are not as comfortable as other options and should only be used temporarily.

Price Range: $239-$699

Final Score: 6.9 / 10

Mattress Firm Alternatives

This is one of the most exciting times to buy a mattress. There are hundreds of brands that are coming into the market to compete for your business and this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress online direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. If you are willing to take a little extra time reading about the best mattresses for you, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and endless headaches.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store in person, read our 2018 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

Browse Mattress Firm Customer Reviews

sweet dreams

Very happy with this mattress set. Good quality and great value.

Not a good mattress

This mattress was fantastic in the store. We thought we had finally found a mattress under $600 that fit all of our needs but we were wrong. We’ve had this mattress for a month and a week and already there are deep divots where our bodies lay at night.

Good value

Nice looking- good support-would buy again. Knowledgeable salesman.

Nice Bed

I bought for a guest room. Seems to be nice no complaints from our guests yet.

Great mattress

Brought this mattress a month ago, so comfortable. Really enjoying.

Great mattress!

My sales person was very knowlegable and helpful. Thank you! I'm very happy with my mattress.

good one

I get this for $438 with tax, including tax, box and delivery free. For that price i think its good.

Flimsy Firm

Within a week this mattress started to form dips in places you sleep. The twin sample felt convincing. I believe this mattress has a weight maximum of 250 pounds. If you have someone sleeping with you that weigh more than that you will have trouble with this mattress

nice price

I bought this cause I needed a new mattress and it was great but after a couple months I feel every spring

Absolutely incredible

I purchased this for Christmas for my son the best gift everrrr!!!!


I bought this before Christmas for my guest bedroom. My guests were not impressed and did not sleep well. I will be taking this back for a refund.

good product good value

I needed to replace the old mattress due to hurricane Irma and this mattress was a great price. and included box springs.... firm is just about right and perfect for our upstairs guest bedroom

Sleep Like a Baby

This mattress was a gift to our son. He loves it and said he has slept like a baby since receiving this mattress. It was also higher than his old mattress, which is great because he is 6'3" tall.


I bought this mattress a couple weeks ago now and I am so glad I did. The mattress is exactly what I was looking for: firm, yet not rigid. This mattress has a springiness to it that provides the perfect mixture of support and comfort. The chronic back pain I was experiencing with my old mattress completely vanished after just two nights on this mattress. I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone who is looking for a fabulous, reasonably priced, firm mattress.

sleepy time

sorry i cant write a review i am so comfortable i am still sleeping on my new mattress....

Very comfortable

I bought this on black Friday. The people there were really nice. I didn't feel rushed. The delivery was made on time and professionally. I have been sleeping on it for 25 days now. And so far, it is very comfortable. I've been happy waking up on my mattress.

Very firm but not hard!

I bought this a month ago and I can say this bed is amazingly comfortable. Although I wasn’t use to a firm mattress I love how fast I go to sleep when I get into bed. It’s firm but not too hard where you need to buy a mattress pad, which I was considering.

Great mattress for my son

I bought this mattress for my 5 year old son and he loves it. Great quality mattress.

Excellent customer service

Went in about a month ago to Purchase a new mattress. Salesman Steven was very efficient and nice In helping me make my decision. I’m very happy i bought from mattress firm delivery was fast and awesome. Great Stuff from Mattress Firm will go there again for another one in Ten years lol.

Quality matters and Mattress Firm will not know yo

My hubby selected this for his ache back, found it helpful but is not happy that it has "conformed" too much for his body, he feels it's defective, which we will need to be having checked out. by Mattress Firm, ANYONE UNHAPPY BE SURE YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A PLUS 120 DAY RETURN REPLACE POLICY AND DO NOT FORGET MFGR WARRANTY GUARNTEE BEYOND THAT, OTHERWISE YOUR INVESTMENT FOR 10 + YEARS OF QUALITY SLEEP IS THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR STORE REP AND COMPANY MFGR

Great service

I brought a mattress and the service was very good.

Very comfortable firm mattress!

Bought sight unseen. Added a pillow top cover and it is just wonderful. Now to see,how it lasts!

Do not buy !!!! Super cheap mattress

I just saw it went on sale for $400 for a queen set yesterday Dec 4 , 2017 and today I already regret it , when you sit on it it’s already sagging badly and I can’t imagine a few months later how it’s gonna look like !! I’m sure will return it and exchange for a better set for my son !!!

Great purchase price!

So comfortable and at the same time giving great contour support.


I bought this mattress unexpected and it's the best thing I did. First night I slept on this mattress I went to sleep so fast I didn't remover going to sleep.


This mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had, if you purchase it you will not be disappointed. it's great mattress to lay down in after a intense workout to just rejuvenate your body


the mattress and deliver was great! the 35 emails/texts/calls asking how my mattress is has gotten ridicules. Please STOP SENDING ME MAILS & TEXTS

Sleeps good

We were in desparate need of a new bed, as usual, Beautyrest is awesome!

Excelent option, good price

I bougth this mattres a month ago to my son, he feells very comfortable

No more back pain!

I recently traded in my “high end” mattress for this one and couldn’t be happier. The back pain is been having for months is entirely gone, and I’m sleeping straight through the night. Truly a game changer!

Poor quality

I had this mattress about 3 months and it became less supportive and lost its shape and support. I do not recommend this mattress. The warranty did allow me to exchange it for a replacement, but I upgraded to another type.


I love my new mattress and love sleeping like a baby every night. A new mattress makes a big difference on your body.

Most comfortable mattress I have ever had.

This is a wonderful mattress. I am very pleased to recommend this mattress to all who enjoy a firm and comfortable supportive rest.

Sleeps great

Great feel, awesome comfort. Sleeps great. I purchase 3 of the same set.

Great mattress!

Bought this at the Labor Day sale and couldn't be happier with it. Just the right amount of firmness but never hard. The only problem is that sometimes it feels so good that I don't want to get out of bed!

Not happy

The mattress is out of shape all ready had for a few months


We bought this for the guest bedroom and its perfect!

Sagged in less than 1 month

I bought just at a month ago. I lost everything in Harvey flood and was looking for something just to get by with. This mattress is already sagging and I have flipped it twice. It will not last very long. I also bought a bed frame and when it was delivered, it was bent at the head. The delivery personnel did not want to take it back and told me it did not affect the set up. I cant see going back to this company.

Terrible Mattress

The bed is very uncomfortable. I regret making this purchase.

I got two of these for my rental space

I got two of these for my rental space- but I want them for my house too- so comfortable!

Bed is hard to get out of ....

My friend and I both got beds, mine was a King and his was a Queen .... and we're both finding it so hard to get up and out of bed, probably due to the comfort of the bed, it's a Great bed knowing you don't want to get up. I only gave 4 stars because delivery guys came pass delivery time with no ahead phone call stating problem with being so late.

So happy with this film mattress

So happy with this film mattress! Hope we feel the same after a few more months.

Great Service

Easy purchase, great product, price and delivery!!



Took care of my back problems

After about two weeks, I am waking up with no back ache. Thanks!


We bought this for our guest room. We bought 2 pillows for us and we love them.Also at your Campbell Blvd. Store Wayne was awesome. What a great person.

Love this mattress!

I have had this mattress about a month now and I love it!

I'm completely satisfied

I'm completely satisfied with this mattress. Love it!

Good night' rest

This was purchased for my 4yr old daughter's "Big Girl" bed. Somehow everyone else in the family ends up in her bed as well, it's so comfy.....and we have an IComfort! :)

Just right

Got the mattress one month ago ..Have not waking up not one time with a sore back or neck .. The mattress is super wonderful..

Great customer service

I am very happy with my matress it is very comftable.

Firm and comfortable

This is an affordable mattress if you have back problems. It is firm and comfortable. The delivery came on time.

I can't wait to return

I ordered this mattress on Monday and it was delivered by Wednesday, so I am happy about the speed of delivery. However, after sleeping on the mattress for one night I am in the process of doing an exchange. Even though it's going in the guest room if I hate, I'm sure guest will also.

Not as firm as I thought

I got this thinking it was going to be firm, but it's definitely on the softer part. Th middle side goes down right away/ I am thinking of exchanging it. I have scoliosis and need a firmer bed. But overall it's ok for now, but I know it won't last long.


I bought this for a guest room and my guest was very comfy to sleep on this mattress.

Fast delivery and great service!

I bought this mattress a month ago and I can't complaint it has been wonderful for the money I paid for it. My back pain is not as crazy as before :))

Wasn't what I was hoping for

It may be great for some but the mattress tends to form to your body and therefore leaves a hole in the mattress that you feel if you move. Ofc it goes away after a bit but it is noticeable and tends to wake me up when I move... solution you say... don't move then?!? Lol

Great Service

I bought at the Flower Mound location and the service was truly top notch, professional grade. Thank you

Keep Looking

I bought this mattress over the memorial day weekend and thank goodness it had the 120 trial because it truly is not a firm mattress and within weeks my wife and i felt like we were right back in our old mattress of 8 years. Terrible mattress

Just right

Bought this a few weeks ago and it's firm yet gives in just the right places. It's not bouncy either, which is great when you are sharing a bed. I highly recommend!

Great delivery!

I bought this mattress about a month ago and was extremely pleased with the delivery process! (I bought it in one city and had it delivered to another). The bed itself feels firmer than it did in the store. However, it lives up to one of its biggest selling points: it does not transfer very much motion which is great for when my partner stays for the night.



Sinks in!

I bought this 8 months was great the first few months. Now, the mattress sinks in and I have major back issues from the bed. After a long day of working, you expect to come home and relax on the bed is the last place I want to be on. I don't weigh a lot and for my bed to sink and cause so much back pain is ridiculous!! I wish MattressFirm had a one year guarantee because this mattress would be sent back!!

Sleeping soundly

Bought this mattress a month ago for my 2yr old. He is loving his new " Big Boy" bed!

Great Mattress!

This mattress is super comfy, very supportive, and a great value.

Very Comfortable

I am enjoying this very firm and comfortable mattress. I am so glad I purchased. It was a bargain!

Excellent to sleep on

Good product and so was the mattress cover. A great deal in all

Cheap: Wish I could give it a zero.

In less than 6 months the seems were already ripping. I had to have it exchanged and they wouldn't let me upgrade. Feels very cheap and lightweight. Says the "regular" price is over $600 but it's not even worth the sale price of $350. Stay away from this product.

Customer Service

My wife went into our local Mattress Firm here in Lafayette, LA. We were greeted by Barbara Lindon, she immediately found out what our preferences were in a new mattress. Her warm and opening personality made it easy for us after trying out a few mattresses to finally make a decision that suited us. Barbara worked with us according to our budget, but made sure we were totally satisfied with the choice made. Additionally, she told us of the 120 day period having the product in home and being totally satisfied that Mattress Firm would be the best choice in price and quality. Barbara did and excellent job!

Mattress Firm Irvington Portland oregon

I have just purchased my 4th mattress in the last 4 months. Three of these were for a vacation home remodel and one was for personal use. We worked with Shane at the mattress firm on Broadway in Portland Oregon. He was responsive, knowledgeable and very helpful. The mattresses in our vacation home ended up being too firm and he was very kind and helpful in making an exchange and being sure we were happy. I know several people who are mattress shopping and I have encouraged them to see Shane.

Sales rep

Mike, our sales rep was very helpful on helping us select the right mattress and no high pressure at all.

Worst Experience ever

Worst delivery and service . I was sent a broken bed frame and the delivery guy told the warehouse that it's broken. But they still asked him to deliver it to me. I rejected the delivery and rescheduled for next day. The driver came and seems he called me . I never got a call. I paid more that $1000 and it's been a week that I am waiting for the mattress. I just moved from east coast with family and we are sleeping on floor . Forget about compensation, they are yet to deliver my mattres. Pathetic !!!!

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