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Mattress Dealzz Mattress Reviews

Mattress Dealzz is a mattress retailer based in Utah that offers their own mattress brands and also name-brand options, such as Stearns & Foster and Sealy. With over 5 locations, customers have good things to say about their service overall. However, there are some complaints about mattress durability and comfort in some cases.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: $69-$3019

Trial Period: No Trial - Exchange With Fee

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Mattress Dealzz's Specifics

Mattress Dealzz is a Utah mattress retailer that sells both name-brand and budget mattresses (including their own brands). While their mattresses are less differentiated over other retailers, they have a reputation for helpful sales staff and a blend of recognizable mattress options.

When it comes to customer experiences, there are reports of good experiences with sales staff and mattress selection. However, there are some complaints about mattress durability and mattress returns in some cases. For those looking for high quality mattresses for their budget, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses.

Quality of Materials

Mattress Dealzz offers both name-brand and off-brand budget mattresses, including their own brands. In terms of quality and value, most have good things to say about the initial feel of some brands, and name-brand models generally use certified foams and quality coils. However, in terms of value, some reviewers have complained of durability issues with some models, including higher priced name-brand options.

We'll go through their main mattress options below. Here are the details:

Mattress Dealzz Core Elements Brand: The Mattress Dealzz Core Elements brand focuses on budget options, with both coil and innerspring options. While most customers have good things to say, there are some complaints about durability for some models.

Mattress Dealzz Perfect Bliss Brand: The Perfect Bliss brand offers latex mattresses, which are higher priced than other varieties. These focus on Talalay latex offerings, and tend to be more responsive and firmer than other options. Some will do well here, but some shoppers may have disagreements with the feel and price point of latex at times.

Stearns & Foster: Stearns & Foster is a popular mattress brand that offers plush top, Euro top, and pillow top mattresses that feature thick foam layers and pocketed coil support systems. These mattresses are in the luxury price point and have some sagging complaints in the top layers in many models.

Sealy: Sealy offers both foam and pocketed coil mattress options with proprietary Posturepedic® technology that is designed to keep the spine aligned while sleeping in some models. Customers have good things to say about Sealy products overall, but there are some complaints about durability and initial comfort for some models.

Overall Comfort

Customers have mixed reviews when it comes to mattress comfort. While many have good things to say about the sales experience and initial comfort, there are some complaints about long term comfort.


Mattress Dealzz offers a variety of firmness options across the mattress brands available in-store and online. Those that are stomach sleepers may do better with firmer options, while side sleepers may feel best with a softer variety.

Back Pain Relief

With name-brand and latex options, some customers report relief for common back discomfort. However, if mattresses have durability issues, relief may diminish over time.


Most of these brands have cooling in mind in many available models. Elements to look for are moisture wicking cover layers and infused foam that diffuse heat away from the surface.

Who Are Mattress Dealzz Mattresses Right For?

Mattress Dealzz offers good service for those that want to go in-store. However, with some durability and return concerns reported, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for top rated alternatives.

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I purchased a mattress...

I purchased a mattress from them almost 7 years ago. Loved it. Unfortunately, the side collapsed causing it to sag. The mattress we purchased had a 12 year warranty, but due to previous experience with other companies, we were skeptical about them honoring said warranty. We were wrong. With the proof of purchase (that they brought up in their system), and submitting proof of the issue, Mattress Dealzz honored their much-touted warranty and even picked up the old one and delivered free of charge! With service like this, they have a customer for life.

I like there sheets and pillows...

I like there sheets and pillows. They have nice people working there. I would have given them five stars but, I got a mattress there and it wasn't to good. I took it back but they didn't want to. I talked them into it but had to pay a resalking fee.

Great selection...

Great selection of both economy and luxury mattresses. I shopped around and the prices here absolutely could not be beat. Very satisfied with the service and products here. I will be back for future mattress needs.

When I arrived...

When I arrived at the store 15 minutes before closing time, staff warmly welcomed me in and didn't rush me at all in my decision to purchase 3 new mattresses and foundations at an amazing price! The owner was even there, filling in on the sales floor! Color me impressed by this whole team! They all went above and beyond the call of customer service, staying late and making sure I got my mattresses home. I highly recommend any one looking to purchase a mattress choose to shop here.

Great service...

Great service and prices Pablo in Orem was amazing to work with

Purchased two mattresses

Purchased two mattresses from these guys. A twin and a king. The king was more on the high end in pricing the twin was a middle range. Both mattresses started sinking. The king started sinking within 3 months, but not enough to trigger a warranty, just enough to make it uncomfortable. The king has just gotten worse over time. Same with the twin. The twin had a very light child on it so I was surprised it started sinking. Rotating doesn't matter, both sides sink. On the king I paid extra for the springs that are supposed to not disturb the other sleeper, yeah right, those didn't work. Our weight, 155 & 105 lbs.. we aren't heavy. So they have this warranty where if the mattress gets sunk in area to a certain amount, you can get a new one. Guess what, the mattresses always pops up just enough to avoid that warranty when you get off them, but as soon as you lay down, the support is gone. The service, sales and speed of delivery was fine.


Price: A They are inexpensive because they don't build restocking fees into the price. This is huge, most other stores do in fact build restocking fees into the floor price of all their mattresses because so many mattresses are returned and can not be resold. Mattress Dealzz cuts that price out of the equation and will only charges you a restocking fee if you have a comfort exchange. BUT, here's the thing, if there are manufacture defects, they will exchange the mattress free of charge. Trust me, I did it! Selection: B The main two brands that are represented at Mattress Dealzz are the "Sealy" and the "Mattress Dealzz" brands, but their variety covers almost ever mattress type and feel you could desire. Mattress Dealzz manufactures the Mattress Dealzz line of mattresses unique to their establishment. The Mattress Dealzz line has a variety of regular, pillow top, gel foam, and memory foam mattresses that are built the with the same material, using the same suppliers as the competition. I ended up buying the 10" Gel Lux Memory Foam mattress and I love the support it gives my back and how comfortable it is. The sales floor also features a large selection of the Sealy Posturepedic Hybrids and Sealy Posturepedic Optimum mattresses that are amazing as well. There aren't any Simmons Beautyrest, but like I said, there are comparable mattresses and brands. Service: A I met the owner of Mattress Dealzz and learned more than I ever thought I would know about mattresses, seriously. The employees know their stuff too, but the owner is a hard working man (who is frequently at both the Murray and South Salt Lake location) that will make sure he educates you on mattresses and what mattress is best for you. After sleeping on the mattress for a couple of months, my wife and I felt that there was something off with our mattress. We called the store and notified them about our concern. Shortly after the owner himself called me to setup a time to inspect the bed. Within a couple of days he visited our house and confirmed that there was a slight manufacture defect. Calls were made and within an hour he called me letting me know that everything was set up for us to return our bed and exchange it free of charge. We exchanged it and are very grateful.

Zach was knowledgeable...

Zach was knowledgeable and very helpful in helping us pick out a new mattress. He didn't make us feel rushed and was able to answer all of our questions. Without being asked, he pulled up a list of everything that was in the mattress and let us sit on the idea overnight. I would highly recommend this place!

Love this store!

Love this store! I bought my mattress six months ago. I still love it. Coils are still great. Plus they have a bunch of california king mattresses in stock. Delivered the next day! Will be back here again! I shopped around at all the big name stores. But, these guys were the best! Low key sales guys too. :)

I came here from a referral...

I came here from a referral and at first I was put off by the name. I though it was totally cheesecake, BUT after spending a few minutes talking to the girl working up front I could tell they were legit. She was very knowledgeable and patient with some humor on the side. After testing quite a few out and having some laughs, I found a perfect pillow top queen mattress that was under $600. The lady made me a will call sheet with all the info and I was on my merry way. It took me longer than I planned to find a frame I liked, so I had the chance to spend some time in a lot of furniture stores that carried mattresses. In 6 different locations I found mattresses that were as comfortable as mine but for 3x the price. When I finally found a frame, I zipped into Mattress Dealzz and purchased the one I picked in less than 10 minutes. The lady set up a delivery and arranged to have my ancient full size mattress and box spring carted away for $10. On the day of the delivery (next day) they called me ahead of time so I could leave work to meet them. The delivery guys were super quick and super nice. I was back know on the road to my office in 15 minutes. I would DEFINITELY recommend them to anyone looking for a new mattress. I was expecting a much pricier and time involved experience. I would have bought a new one years ago if I knew it was that simple and inexpensive.

We had a great experience here...

We had a great experience here last week! We were looking for a bed for my boyfriend to have in his new apartment, and knew what our price point was, and that he likes firm beds with little or no pillowtop. After having a less than desirable experience at another local chain, we decided to come into Mattress Dealzz and see how they handle their people. Of course they initially took us to the nicer beds, as any salesperson knows to start at the top and work down, but when we expressed that he doesn't like all the fancy pillowtops and memory foam, they took us to the standard beds with minimal frill, and he found a great bed that he loves for a great price. The guys working here even stayed about 20 minutes late after closing to wait for my boyfriend's roommate to come with a truck to take it to their apartment. Great service, solid warranty, and we never once felt like we were being hustled. The guys here were very friendly, funny, and you could tell that they just want their customers to be satisfied with the product that they take home.

Glad we stopped in...

Glad we stopped in. Heard about this place from a relative, and decided to stop by. Todd was very helpful and informative. Made the sale personal and really took the time to make sure we had the right fit. DEFINITELY WOULD RECOMMEND

Cody was amazing...

Cody was amazing... he knew what we wanted and he was fast where other places we sat there debating and wondering where to go... He asked the correct questions heard our needs and we came out with a great bed that was well in our budget!!

Well, the service was good

Well, the service was good. Got a nice bed for my guest room, at a very good price. And best of all I met my super hot future wife while I was there. What a perfect experience, would recommend this place to anyone!

We were also leery...

We were also leery because of the cheesy name, but they were nearby so we checked them out. We started at the Murray location. I was so impressed with the informative, no pressure approach. These guys don't get a commission so there was no pressure to buy any mattress above our means. The sales person gave us a ton of information which helped when comparison shopping. The next day we checked out *this* Mattress Dealzz in Salt Lake. We got the exact same informative no pressure sales approach. We found one we liked and then the sales person recommended a few others to try just to solidify that we were making the right decision. We bought the one we liked. We had been comparison shopping all weekend. We saw a lot of enthusiastic salesmanship (free TV! No tax!!) but we're very glad we returned to mattress Dealzz for the purchase.

One guy was playing with the computer...

One guy was playing with the computer or maybe himself and the other guy was trying to help a few customers already in the store. Waited for service didn't get anyone to help me out so I walked away. Bad customer service. ..

Amazing customer service

Amazing customer service. They made us feel so welcome and found us the best deal. They didn't push us into anything and were so polite. We found the perfect bed at the perfect price! Thanks, Glen!

Okay, so we waited a year to review...

Okay, so we waited a year to review the mattress to make sure we were being accurate with our review, even a year later. Seriously it's the best mattress we've ever had! My husband and I sleep soundly on it and I'm totally thrilled at being able to have the best mattress around! I've had family try it out as well and they were jealous haha. It was totally affordable, they had an amazing payment plan option, and the guy who helped us out in the Orem location was stellar. He was very honest and upfront with us and not pushy whatsoever. It didn't feel like I was just being tricked, he honestly cared about our comfort and what WE wanted. It's a family business that makes these mattresses and I'm proud to support a local place in Utah where I currently live. I'm from Las Vegas, I KNOW what a scam is, and these guys are far from it! 10/10 recommend to everyone! (We bought a King hybrid mattress. Springs/memory foam. Also bought box spring, mattress cover and a frame from them).

I came in 6-13-15 looking...

I came in 6-13-15 looking for a King size mattress, box springs and frame , which rc Willey disappointed me So I came here and in the same hour I found an even better mattress better deal and I got it all on the same day . Very happy with this place and there service. I wish I would of gotten the name of the guy that helped me and the wife.

When you go into the store

When you go into the store, they like to talk how they are different than everyone else. They talk about quality and warrantees. After buying 3 mattresses and 2 box springs, one of the box springs broke. They would not honor the warrantee. Very disappointed. All I received was a run around. Just be warned, no one at the store is authorized to work with you about a warrantee. No one answers the "warrantee phone" No one answers the "warrantee email". You are just ignored. I am now shocked at their sales techniques, they state that their competitors do not take care of the customer, but they do. Very disappointed.

This place is awesome!

This place is awesome! Pablo helped us and was so patient! He was very knowledgeable on competitors and helped us pick what was best for us. He built great rapport and made us feel like family. I would highly recommend this place to everyone!

I purchased a queen size mattress

I purchased a queen size mattress from Mattress Dealzz last Saturday. I was really looking forward to the amazing mattress. Unfortunately my husband found out his job transfer was coming sooner than we had suspected. Knowing I was going to move 2200 miles away, and a limited amount of room for our move. I needed to cancel the order of my new mattress that hadn't yet been delivered. I called the owners on Thursday to ask if I could cancel, the reply was "of course" and without any return fees. The refund is already back in the account. What a great experience and I only wish I could have slept on that wonderful mattress. I would like to recommend this business to anyone looking for a very high quality mattress. The prices were the best too!!!!

We loved the service

We loved the service and attention they gave at the beginning. If I had reviewed the store at the first it would have been 5 stars like everyone else. However, Mattress Dealzz excels at sales more than anything else. The product, not so much from our experience. Even though we followed the care instructions provided at time of sale, our mattres is now worse than our 12 year old one we replaced with this. It's lumpy, we can feel the springs, we wake up achy, it is just awful. Spend the extra money somewhere else, you'll be happier you did.

This store has great people working inside...

This store has great people working inside. After past experiences at other mattress stores, it was nice to talk with some genuine people at Mattress Dealzz. Would definitely recommend.

Love it!

Got this for my daughter and she sleeps so well on it. Getting one for my son now.

Buy this if you want to ruin your hips and back

Gave it 90 days thinking it would break in better but nope. My back, hips, and shoulders ache every morning. During the night I can never get comfortable to I'm constantly tossing and turning. If you have the money, I recommend you just buy a purple mattress or sleep number. It's really not worth your physical health because these mattresses will destroy your body in the long run--requiring you to spend constant money on chiropractors or other alternative therapies. And anyone who buys this for their kids should have child protective services called on them because of the pain you will cause them. (Purchased under my Dad's name in case Mattress Dealzz responds to this saying they have no order with my name on it)

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