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Mattress By Appointment Mattress Reviews

Mattress by Appointment has gone a long way to disrupting the traditional mattress retailer model by selling mattresses direct from the manufacturer to customers, offering many name-brands at steep discounts. There have been some controversies about how Mattress By Appointment can afford to sell such affordable products, but with direct manufacturer relationships and franchise locations across the country, budget-conscious shoppers can find popular brands for a lot less.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8/10

Price Value: 8/10

No Back Pain: 7.9/10

Price: $115-$5299

Trial Period: No Trial

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Mattress By Appointment's Specifics

Mattress By Appointment is a franchise business that focuses on passing deep discounts onto customers for a variety of popular mattress brands. As all franchise businesses, each individual location may have slightly different available merchandise and different customer experiences. Overall, customers find they are able to get a comfortable mattress for a nice price with Mattress By Appointment locations. However, some customers report that some products are not returnable or exchangeable, which caused issues for some.

If you are looking for long lasting comfort for competitive prices, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses, and specifically our top mattresses for your money for high reviewed options from customers.

Quality of Materials

Mattress By Appointment offers name-brand and popular discount brands at very nice prices, oftentimes at 50% to 80% off. Oftentimes this may mean that sales are final, but for such affordable prices, it is a hard bargain to pass up.

In terms of the selection, Mattress By Appointment sells popular brands like Tempur-Pedic, Simmons Beautyrest, Sealy, and Serta and discount brands like Five Star. The mattresses sold by Mattress By Appointment are oftentimes liquidation mattresses, which means they are brand-new but were overstocked by manufacturers and brands.

Overall Comfort

Most reviewers are happy that they have received a bargain on their new mattress, but there is not much information on long-term comfort. Luckily for those that have issues with long-term comfort, these mattresses are affordable enough to replace every few years.

Who Does Mattress By Appointment Work Best For?

Mattress By Appointment is definitely a budget-friendly mattress option. There are some customers that are going to find exactly what they want at a great price. However, note that some products may not be refundable so make sure you absolutely love it before you buy it.

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A Great experience selecting mattresses

A Great experience selecting mattresses for both my son and daughter. Paul was very helpful to making sure I received a mattress of good quality at a great price

Fraud and scam

Fraud and scam. The mattress tested in the show room may not be the one they deliver to your house!! Please be aware and cautious.

Absolutely fantastic service

Absolutely fantastic service by Paul, Bed came in time and they took my previous bed away. Definitely will recommend and come back.

Delivered on time

Delivered on time. Everything promised done. Thanks again. Will recommend to everyone I know.

Really had a great experience

Really had a great experience purchasing our Queen Bed Set. The timing to get us in was set based on our schedule. The pricing was excellent, and I am so glad we took a chance and went here instead of just going back to the furniture store. Will definitely tell others about this location.

Love my mattress!

Love my mattress! Got it for a GREAT price. Nick was awesome! He went over and beyond the call of duty. I Was able to have my mattress delivered the same day. Not only did he deliver the mattress, I had bought a head board from another company that was still in boxes and he stayed and helped me put it together. Great customer service! Thanks for everything Nick!

Once I took delivery

Once I took delivery of the second bed, after the chaos of moving, I noticed that what Nick told us was a Serta had a tag that said Five Star Mattress. I messaged him asking if that is the model name of the bed and he said that the bed is only manufactured by Serta, which means it is not actually a Serta. He wrote on my invoice that it is a Serta. I started researching and I couldn't find many good reviews for the Five Star Mattress brand. I asked Nick for the return policy a few weeks ago and he has not responded. I recently asked again because I originally decided to give it a chance but my boyfriend and I both wake up sore almost every morning now. We have only been sleeping on this bed for just over a month. The pillow top is already stretched out in the middle and bunches up when I move around at night. A couple days ago I messaged Nick asking again for the return policy. "Someone" else messaged me back and told me that Nick is out of the country. I asked when he will be back and for the return policy again and AGAIN I have had no response. I have found actual Serta mattresses for half the price of what I was charged for this off brand mattress. I am still trying to get ahold of him because I would rather sleep on an air mattress until I can find a new mattress somewhere else.

I purchased three mattresses

I purchased three mattresses from Nick K. at Mattress by Appointment at Rocklin, about a week ago. Mattresses were delivered for free in less than a week since I purchased them. They are great, comfy. I am very happy with my purchase and I would recommend this place to my friends and family. I do like that Nick is able to keep the prices very affordable and this is truly the best place I found where you can get a great quality mattress at bargain prices. Customer service was great as well, Nick was on time both to show me Mattress selection at the Rocklin location as well as to deliver the mattress, I also felt Nick listened to my needs and gave me options that were right for me, he answered all my questions and gave me all the time I needed to decide what matteress(s) I wanted.

TERRIBLE Customer Service

TERRIBLE Customer Service TERRIBLE Delivery Service BAD Business FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD My wife and I setup an appointment with Justin at their Elk Grove location about a month ago. We saw some beds we were interested in, and Justin advised us to try out thier financing program (90 day buyout, no interest). Sounded good so we signed up to purchase 1 king, 1 queen and 2 twin size bedsets. The total came out to about $2,000, so we put made a down payment of $650. Justin told us he would deliver the beds the next day. We left the store anticipating our new comfy beds. The next day comes around, 12 noon no call no show. We try to contact Justin, no answer. Finally a few hours later, he texts "Sorry, had to take my daughter to the ER she has asthma." I'm a parent myself, so I respond "No worries, take care of your family first. I appreciate it if you could keep me posted so I know what's going on." He replies, "I'll let you know if I can bring it later on today or tomorrow." Sure no problem. Not until 9:15 pm, he sends a text "I will have to do it tomorrow morning." Not being rude or angry, I respond "Sure, one of us will be home in the morning." Next morning comes, no call no show once again. On my way to work I contact Justin at noon, "What time are you delivering the beds?" He replies, "I'll be on my way in an hour." My wife calls me at 3 pm saying Justin just showed up by himself & he's asking for help to carry the beds. We live in an apartment complex on the 2nd floor, so he's complaining about the distance & stairs. *** I thought that was the job of a delivery service*** Justin gets frustrated taking the beds off his u-haul rental trailer connected to his mini-suv. As a result, our king size mattress falls flat in the middle of the street (blocking all traffic because he's double parked). And he just walks off with the twin mattress set on the dolly. My wife picks it up & sets it against a neighbors car port. When he returns, my wife tells him she doesn't want that bed because it fell in the street. He says, "No it didn't, it's standing straight up." Then she says, "Yeah, because I just picked it up". Justin tells her, "Oh well, it's too late I'm already here". The twin bedsets that he took up, he drops it off on our front porch & says "I don't deliver in your house or set it up." So now my wife gets really upset and calls his dad, Nick from the Rocklin store. Nick apologizes for Justin's actions but says we don't do refunds, you must go through your financing company. While my wife is on the phone, she gets a text from Justin stating "I left the rest of your beds neatly stacked in your car port". ***Remind you, we live in an apartment complex of 500 tenants.*** So my wife rushed down to check our car port and nothing is there. She calls Justin, and his phone is off. She calls his dad Nick, and he says "The beds are in your possession, now it's your responsibility. Stop harassing me or I'll call my lawyer". So now we get stuck with only 2 twin size bedsets and a bill of $1,300. We contact our financing company & they're still trying to contact both Nick and Justin. TYPICAL SALESMAN!! ***They are the used car salesmen everyone warns you about.*** I have pictures of the bed laying in the middle of the street & screenshots of all Justin's text messages. You better believe, a lawsuit is coming for his ass. They're lucky to get one because it's required, otherwise they'll have none.

Nick was very nice

Nick was very nice when we came in to find a mattress. We knew the name of the bed we loved from another place. He found us an exact model match from same company and saved us about $1500! He's great. We love our mattress!! Now the finance co he works with leaves a lot to be desired! We wouldn't go the finance route next time!

Great experience!

Great experience! Justin was very kind and honest. He helped us pick what was best for us and there was zero pressure to go for a more expensive choice. Prices are unbeatable and we met with him and had our mattress within an hour of contacting him! We also got $25 off of our payment for referring my friend who came to get a mattress right after I told her about how great they are. Very pleased!

Thank you, Nick

Thank you, Nick, for the amazing speedy service and a wonderful experience from start to finish. The beds are quality name brand mattresses and at much lower cost and we couldn't be happier with our purchase. We recently lost everything due to flooding and mold issues at the house my wife, myself, and our four kids have been at for the last five years. Having to move on the spot and move into an empty apartment was hard on the kids, the last thing they needed was to be sleeping on the floor. When Nick found out what we had recently gone through, he stepped up and went above and beyond to take care of my family. He met me at 8:30 pm, made the experience easy and enjoyable, loaded up his truck and delivered them to us that night so the kids and my wife and I didn't have to Sleep on the floor the first night in our new place. THANK YOU NICK!!!

Nick was rude!

Nick was rude! The only good thing about this place was he was redily available to meet us for an appointment. Once we showed up he didn't want to tell us prices of the mattresses flat out. He wanted us to sit on them and tell him which one we liked before naming prices. After we said we weren't sure, he just blew us off and walked away!!! Totally unprofessional and DISRESPECTFUL!! GO HERE if u want to be treated like crap!!

My husband were long overdue

My husband were long overdue for a new mattress! We searched the Internet for the best place and Mattress by appointment came up as the #1 Mattress store in Sacramento so we thought we would check it out. When we got there Nick and Justin were ready for us. I loved that we were the only ones there with them. It made the experience so fast and so easy. And you really can't beat the price! We LOVE our bed! It was delivered right on time (my husband was the late one)! And the 90 day financing is pretty awesome too. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone!!! Thank you Nick and Justin! Sorry my review is late!

Great experience

Great experience buying a mattress from Mattress By Appointment. Nick made it all so easy. We told him what we were looking for and he gave us different options, keeping our preferences and budget in mind. We ended up buying a bed frame and mattress and couldn't be happier. Nick is very knowledgeable and friendly, delivery was quick and easy, and we are sleeping so much better. We will be returning soon to buy mattresses and bed frames for our kids.

Best place to purchase

Best place to purchase any size mattress on any type of budget or no budget at all ! Purchased from Nick and felt like we were buying off a friend . Very honest and genuinely nice guy with no annoying sales pitch. He's there just to consult on the differences between the mattresses and save you money regardless of what size you're getting. Highly recommended for a great product, quick delivery and to save money

Great service

Great service and would highly recommend this company. No pressure and meet me immediately upon calling after 6 pm to buy mattresses.

Set up my appointment

Set up my appointment to view a California King size mattress with Neal. EXCELLENT service and he worked with us when it came to getting a great price on the mattress that we really wanted. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to buy a mattress!!

Very skeptical

Very skeptical of this place but I guess I will have to make do with my $900 purchase and see if it lasts me a decade. At first, I thought it was too good to be true. The person helping us seemed knowledgable and they have a great deal of mattresses. I was quite bummed that they didn't show comparable mattresses that is "cheaper" than $900 to show the difference. But I am a first time buyer and did not know any better. They claim that their mattresses are discounted but look up the mattress you are buying first and compare. Maybe I was looking at my mattress wrong but mine wasn't discounted apparently haha. They use acima credit if you want to finance. Look it up first before considering financing here. The process is sketchy. Final sale here. I commend them for delivering. It is $50 delivery charge though. Be careful guys. My advice to this place is to be a little less sketchy. Haha.

Easy, breezy

Easy, breezy. We needed a simple mattress for our college son who comes back home for the holidays/vacation. In about 15min, Neal narrowed down our options based on our budget and quality requirement. We had the mattress in the car and were driving away in about 25min from entering the store. A dream!

My wife and I met

My wife and I met with Neal today, not knowing exactly what type of mattress we were looking for. Neal is very knowledgeable, and showed us all of the different styles and construction differences. Definitely helped to try out the various options in the store. No hard-sell in any way. Got the mattress we've been needing. I highly recommend "Mattress By Appointment!"

Found Neal on Facebook

Found Neal on Facebook. Provided great information and suggestion. Was able to get approved in minutes. Also provide affordable delivery service. Great Customer Service but even better prices.

Found Neal on Facebook

Found Neal on Facebook after Jerome's conveniently went out of stock of our option the morning of delivery. We got a call at 7 am, but no voicemail, so we were out on a bed when looking through FB and found a picture of mattresses in the FB marketplace. Neal replied quickly, and was ready to showcase as soon as we arrived. He used a snap check to save us money. Helped us with military discounts, and to be honest was very reasonable about my OCD. He has charts to show you why you should care for your bed that help you and he will do his very best to go for same day delivery. Can't wait to call and cancel with Jerome's asap. I will write in a few days again after our delivery and let you know ow home quality. PS. I don't care if this bed is five years old, never been used, it's still better than buying an overpriced mattress because someone's face said it was worth it.

FYI The sales here are final

FYI The sales here are final. No try out the mattress time frame period. The finance company they use ACIMA will sell or give away your contact info credit agencies.

We needed a queen mattress

We needed a queen mattress for the new bed frame we purchased from a furniture store. Neal at Mattress by Appointment Kearny Mesa spent a good deal of time with us, showing us different models that fit within our budget. Never tried to convince us to buy something we didn't need. This guy knows everything there is to know about mattresses and pillows. Delivery was affordable. The truck showed up right on time. Juan Carlos got the heavy queen mattress up two flights of stairs into the bedroom with no problem.This is the place to go for mattresses, not a busy chain store with dozens of customers and not enough sale people to go around. Highly recommend Mattress by Appointment.

I found Neal

I found Neal and Mattress by Appointment on Facebook, he was eager to answer all of my questions. I set an appointment the same day, he had no problem with that. At first it was a little strange making an appointment to look at mattresses, but it made sense once I got there. He was able to give me all of his attention, listened to what I liked and disliked about each mattress and we worked towards the best one for me. I've had it now for appx 3 months and couldn't be happier, plus it was delivered next day! Thank you, Neal!

Neal was great

Neal was great Very professional had a huge selection of inventory and there was no pressure at all.. He also works with all types of income . Very nice person highly recommend. Thank you I will definitely be back.


Ok. So, I saw the Facebook ad and was immediately interested as I'm sleeping on a hand-me-down bunk bed (don't judge me, I'm a child at heart and always wanted one. Finally, at 25, I got one.) and the mattress didn't have much support other than the two bowing grates that kept the mattress from falling to the floor. I've been looking for slats or some kind of sturdy support to put under the mattress since a full box spring was out of the question. Instead of trying to goad me into getting a mattresses (like some places), Neil suggested something I had completely forgotten I was even looking for. A Bunkie Bed! It's a sturdy, flat box type thing that takes the place of a box spring and it was exactly what I needed. These guys really are amazing. They work with your schedule and and are very patient and open. As soon as I'm able to put my focus back on getting a new mattress, I know exactly where I'm going. (Wouldn't you know it, the day after a bought the thing and was going to pick it up, I find out that Neil is the father of a friend of mine! It was kind of surreal.)

Neal is fantastic!

Neal is fantastic! He has a wide range of mattresses and is very knowledgeable of all the features. No pressure atmosphere, super friendly staff..since you have to make an appointment, it wasnt busy at all and I could take my time trying out all mattresses

I found this place off of Facebook

I found this place off of Facebook and seemed skeptical at first, but once I met Neal and the team at Mattress by Appointment I was really surprised. They were really helpful and had wide variety of beds. I went in expecting to buy a queen and walked out with a king at the price of a queen. The mattresses are brand new in the plastic unopened. If you're looking for a mattress this is the place to go, get your next mattress here don't settle for extra added fees and inflated prices come here to Mattress by Appointment.

We purchased a well needed new mattress

We purchased a well needed new mattress from Neal. He asked a few pertinent questions and zero'd in on a selection of 6 styles that were up our alley. His editing made our purchase quick and easy. It was delivered promptly and we love it!!

Seriously the easiest shopping experience

Seriously the easiest shopping experience of my life. I made an appointment through Facebook. Came in and tried mattress. Neal was great he walked me through the whole mattress buying process. This being my first time buying a mattress I loved it. He worked with my budget got me signed up for monthly payments. It was easy and now I have an amazing mattress!

I purchased a twin bed-in-a-box style mattress

I purchased a twin bed-in-a-box style mattress for my daughter a couple of months ago and she loves it. It's the first time I've bought this style of mattress, and was hesitant at first, but it's one of the best mattresses I've purchased. It's really light weight, so it's perfect to just pick up and throw on the floor for those sleep-overs in the living room. I also got a memory foam pillow, and it's wonderful. Neal, the owner is the best. There's no hard sale, and they're very knowledgeable and professional. What a difference from going to a mattress store.

We have purchased three mattresses

We have purchased three mattresses from Greg and Laura and they are the best we have ever had. I have had everything from a King Tempurpedic Mattresses to pillowtop and the Comfort Cool we bought from Greg and Laura is the best we have ever had. We ended up buying two more for the guest rooms for a total of three from Mattress By Appointment and they are great!

shopping for a mattress here

shopping for a mattress here was the worst mistake ive ever made. one week after purchase, we found several bed bugs on the mattress. not only can we not use the mattress now but we are now have to quote around for an exterminator. and throw out all my brand new sheets. im absolutely stunned and disgusted right now and cannot even believe this is happening.

I wanted to write this message

I wanted to write this message to let everyone know how I appreciate my new mattress. I am sleeping like a baby. I'm not the type of person who stays in her room, more so the livingroom, but ever since I brought my mattress from Maurice at mattress by appointment, I hate to leave my room. I be at work thinking about my soft mattress and how happy I am for making the purchase. This mattress makes me not wanting to get up in the morning. It is so comfortable...... This pillow top memory foam cool gel mattress is the best mattress I've ever brought. Maurice, you definitely know what you are doing. The way you talked about the perfect mattress and explained the quality of sleep that is needed was amazing. Maurice you are so knowledgeable about your product and I wish you so much success. If your looking for a Excellent mattress you have to go Mattress by Appointment you won't regret it.

Thes people are scam artists

Thes people are scam artists. The beds are counterfeit beds. Knock offs of the real brand. I bought a Stearns and Foster and it fell apart in 40 days. Would not exchange. Would not refund my money. Filing suit on the person who sold me the bed and the company. They are thieves and sell trash for you to sleep on. Rude punk kids. Stay away at all cost.

Customer service was great!

Customer service was great! Fast delivery! I recommend this place if you're looking for the right type of comfort level and style when buying a mattress.

I have been trying for months

I have been trying for months to pat balance and/ or get my money back from this store! The store has closed and they never called to notify anyone who still had money owed about it. I left several notes in the door and knowone has contacted me, yet the notes were retrieved. This place is a fraud! Scam!!! I deposited $500.00 on a king size mattress with $200.00 owed. I want my money back!!!

Very Satisfied Buyer !

Anthony made the whole process easy and quick. Great quality !!

No post sales

I had a problem with my mattress and I was trying to change it, but the seller is very fishy and is always finding excuses about the change. Now I am asking for my money back because is being impossible to use the mattress and I did never got a conclusive answer from the seller. I won´t suggest this shop to anyone.

Stress free experience

Jim was a pleasure to deal with he was very knowledgeable but not in the lest pushy. We are from out of town and needed a mattress for our RV We found what with needed at very fair price

Bought a matress

Love my mattress and the help was great. Thank you very much

Great mattresses, great price!

Our family has purchased a total of 8 mattresses recently. We loved the selection, the honesty and helpfulness of our sales person, Craig Maxwell, and of course, the quality of the mattresses. We all highly recommend that you give them a call!


I bought 5 beds from this person and 3 went bad (queen, ROSE brand) in 3 months. I contacted him and left NUMEROUS messages and he LIED to me several times about returning the beds for replacements after sending him pictures of the defected beds. I had to call him using different phones, so he would answer my calls. I bought the bed April 2019 and TO THIS DAY have not been able to return, because he ignores my calls and doesn't return my messages. I also got a loan for $800 and to this day still owe $500 on the F-ing finance, because of the interest. WTF! Never been late and finance co. has taken over $1,500 from the loan. COMPLETE BOGUS LEACHERS that feed off hard working people! This company as well as AMERICAN FINANCE & KORNERSTONE shoud be SUED for their OUTRAGEOUS interest! BUNCH OF CON ARTISTS!

Fast, Easy and Inexpemsive

We needed a mattress and were long overdue buying one, due to costs, but when we finally had some money the COVOD19 hours at the big stores forced us to try a less traditional model for shopping, and Mattress by Appointment did not disappoint. We tried 5 different mattresses in our price range and picked the best one, scheduled pickup the next day and I have my new bed.

Awesome Price Great Service

I bought an Adjustable Base and Mattress from these Guys and saved over $1000 over the price on Amazon for the Exact same bed and Mattress

A little bit of Heaven

My husband and I worked with Kristi Ziemer from Milton. Our experience was excellent and we purchased two Wellsville 11" Gel Twin XL with bases. There is two remote controls so each person can adjust how they sleep. Our previous mattress was a king and we gained a couple more inches on the width with our two Twins were pushed together. When you lay on this bed you just melt into it and it helps with my spine pains. Kristi really listened to our needs and was very knowledgeable about the mattresses. Great job Kristi !!! I recommended a friend !!!

Horrible Mattress

I hate posting negative reviews but was left with no other option. We purchased the worst mattress ever from this place. Not only does it have no support but it has humps all over through it. If you lay in a spot it caves in and creates a huge permanent divide between the two of you. The mattress isn't a normal size either. It was about 8 inches shorter than a standard King so it would slide all over the place and cause our pillows to fall through the headboard. The expensive mattress cover is like sleeping on a plastic garbage bag, it is hot and sticks to your body. Not to mention it caused our brand new washing machine to explode then it melted in the dryer after the first wash.... The only option they gave us was to call a number to have someone decide if they would give us the same bed again. An air mattress is better than the bed we bought. And with financing we spent over $2000 for it. Very disappointing! Just wanted to warn you all. I'm sure others have had good experiences as well but we were the lucky ones that didn't.

Best Shopping Experience in a LONG TIME!

This was the best customer service experience we have had in a very long time. Denzel is so knowledgeable and cares about his customers, helps you choose a mattress based on your needs and preferences, not based on what commission he can get. He asked us some questions on our sleep and what we like/don’t like about our current mattress. Then he had us lay down on many options and give feedback on each. You don’t see brands or prices, so it is all by what feels best. The price was better than expected, and even more impressive, he and his partner were able to follow us home and deliver the mattress right away. I highly recommend mattress-by-appointment and Denzel to anyone looking for a new mattress. It was an amazing experience, I wish every shopping trip was that easy and pleasant.

Best Deal in Town

Wonderful people working there and so helpful! We love our new mattress!! Price was awesome too! Would highly recommend.

Best mattresses ever!!!!

Excellent comfort excellent service excellent sleeping


Just bought A Prema sleep bed. Bed is too hard to sleep on. Can’t not exchange it. We are told they are not guarantee “your comfort”. I email Prema sleep company top. Their respond.. go back to the seller.. don’t trust these company.. they don’t stand behind their product. And mattress by appointment is just a salesman


If I could chose less stars I would. Was sold a new in plastic mattress that was stained when we purchased it. Mind you it was an expensive one. Was told he would do us a favor and take it back. But then changed his mind since all sales were final. We went and pick out the mattress supposedly the last one of this brand that was in stock. Now we are stuck with a very expensive mattress with stains. If I were anyone else I would never let this location or any other single man operation sale me such an expensive purchase with a no return policy. I would be more understanding if this were a couple hundred dollars, but this was not. Never mind the fact that the owner was very rude when this was brought to his attention. Buyers remorse to the fullest.


Buy a mattress from a reputable mattress company and not this seller. They refuse to accept any returns and you may not get what you were told you were getting when it is delivered. Then you are stuck with whatever mattress they have delivered, even if it is in poor condition, used, damaged, etc. Most reputable mattress companies have an exchange and/or return policy. Don't spend your money here. You're better off going to a mattress firm who will address any issues you have with their product. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND DON'T BUY HERE.

Horrible experience

We made an appointment to buy a mattress at the Goldsboro, NC location after seeing the ads on social media boasting cheap prices and no credit checks. Wrong. For starters, we were flat out lied to about no credit checks needed for financing. The finance company, West Creek, informed us days later that a credit check was indeed used for our purchase, and not only would delinquent activity would go against our credit, but they would relentlessly go after our credit score until the debt is paid. We never consented to a credit check. After being approved, the Mattress by Appointment owner/salesman, Jacob, couldn’t tell us exactly what the interest rate would be. He “didn’t know.” After trying out the mattresses, we settled on a mid-line mattress. The mattress and the basic metal bedframe we chose cost $1250 total, much higher than the ads led us to believe, or at least that’s what it will cost if you pay it off within 90 days. Otherwise, it’s financed for 12 months and will cost just under $3,000 by the time it’s paid off. I also found out after the fact that there’s also a 3% debit card charge with each payment that we were not informed of; which doesn’t sound like much, but adds up to an additional $100 paid. The finance company also has many negative reviews. Sleeping on the mattress that night was AWFUL. It was really hot, in spite of the “cooling gel” Jacob said the mattress has. It was also MUCH softer than the one we tried in the store, and we both quickly sunk into a hole. We got very little sleep, and we both woke up feeling sore and unrested. If we sit on the edge of the bed, the mattress sinks over halfway. It’s absolutely nothing like the one we tried out in the store. I read the next morning that this is “bait and switch” sort of tactic is a big problem with many customers when purchasing from MbA. Many others say they received a different mattress than the one they tried in store as well. Mattress by Appointment does NOT accept returns or exchanges like most places. Jacob’s only offer was to have us upgrade to a more expensive mattress and pay the difference in cost, which would mean a huge jump in cost, or downgrade to a mattress of even cheaper quality. Our mattress is also a cheap no-name brand called Five Star, and the reviews for it are really, really bad with an average rating of 2 stars - all complaining about the very same issues we are having. We paid the loan off today at $1,340, less than a week after purchase, to avoid the extremely high interest. But we are still stuck with a really crappy mattress that still doesn’t sleep well at all. I could deal with paying $3.000 on a high-quality mattress, but this one is barely worth $300. There are just way too many red flags with this company. Do your homework on Mattress by Appointment before falling into the same trap we did. There is quite a bit of evidence online that exposes their predatory scamming practices. They bank on the hope that you need a mattress and you don’t have the money to buy one outright, so you’ll agree to whatever they offer in order to take a new bed home that day. All they care about is getting you out the door with a mattress. You have no recourse after that. UPDATE: We paid the full amount to West Creek over the phone and got a confirmation email saying the payment was scheduled to be taken on 4/29 (they said it could take up to 5 business days to be deducted. As of 5/4, West Creek called us soliciting a payment, then wanting us to pay again. We declined, saying we would wait 5 more business days before submitting full payment again, to make sure we don’t get charged twice. THEN they informed us that a random payment of $24 was scheduled to be taken from our account tomorrow, and ZERO explanation for that payment of a random amount. They claimed they don’t know what the payment id for and they can’t stop it, even though we are prepared to submit full payment AGAIN when it’s safe to do so. Buyer beware!


I quickly needed king size mattress, high in quality and easy to obtain. I worked w/Chris in New Bern, NC. Not only was he professional, knowledgeable and friendly, he went above and beyond in accommodating me w/delivery within one (1) hour!!! That is top notch service that only a professional can offer. In addition, the guest who have slept on mattress claim the best nights sleep they've had!!!! Highly recommended


Paid $700 for a mattress, they acted like I'm getting a great deal...saw the EXACT same mattress at BJ's the next week for $299!!! Of course they have a no return policy!

dissatisfied customer



Stiffed me with a soft "firm" twin mattress that was ordered as an upgrade, and no returns no exchanges. Almost a $900 dollar burn.

Excellent Customer Services [Vancouver]

Cory provides excellent customer service with no compromise of quality products at a reasonable price. I recommend all to visit his store by appointment.

Promise everything till delivered!

We returned a mattress to Costco because it was to firm. They accepted without question. Requested the softest mattress and tested one in the showroom. Promised that this would satisfy our needs. When delivered I called the same day to complain about the firmness of the mattress. I do not believe that it is the same mattress. He called me back one time and he said that the mattress needed a breakin period. i called back two days later neumerous times and never received a call back. Since there are no standard hours it has been impossible to get anyone to respond. I called my bank to cancel check the second day and should have done it.

bad mattress, scam

Did not get what we paid for. Run from this business and buy from a reliable mattress store. We totally regret and can't get help.

Wonderful Customer Service & Terrific Mattresses

We couldn't be more satisfied with the experience of purchasing a mattress with the help of Noel. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. In addition we got a terrific deal on a very comfortable mattress.

mattress that I liked

Nice friendly person in a fresh new looking storefront in Holyoke.

Great service

This young couple at Mattress By Appointment Monongahela was such a joy to work with, Got us a beautiful matttress and the delivery and set up was a breeze. Would recommend them.

Queen plush

Only lasted year and a half . Mattress dented in both sides and my wife only weighs 130 pounds. Very dissatisfied .

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