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Mancinis Sleepworld Mattress Reviews

Mancini's Sleepworld is a large Northern California mattress retailer, which has made a name for itself across the region. They have a traditional high touch customer experience that some customers love. Overall, Sleepworld gets good ratings from customers and actively tries to reconcile complaints. In terms of mattresses, they have a selection of name-brand mattresses such as Serta, Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest and more. Though there are deals to be found, you may be able to find better value elsewhere.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

No Back Pain: 7.4/10

Price: $99-$31779

Trial Period: 120 Days (Fee Required)

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Mancinis Sleepworld's Specifics

Mancini's Sleepworld started in Sunnyvale, CA and has been family run since its inception in 1969. They've grown from a discount focused sleep company to serving all budget ranges and desires.

What does that mean about their selection? They have many options, from expensive luxury brands like Aireloom and Stearns & Foster, to mid-line options like Tempur-Pedic and Beautyrest, and have discount options like their proprietary Sleepworld Designs line.

However, as with other mattress and furniture retailers, there is a hidden truth about these mattresses:

Prices for the materials used may be much higher than found elsewhere.

This is because Mancini's Sleepworld has to make a profit, pay its salespeople commissions, and also pass along profits to the mattress brands themselves.

What you are buying is personalized service from a mattress middle-man.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands

Mancini's Sleepworld offers a variety of name-brand and discount mattress options that should fit any budget. There are also reports that they sell second-hand mattresses too (which can really save money). Make sure that you clarify with their salespeople on whether the mattress you are buying is second-hand or new.

We'll walk through each of the options so you'll know what products might be a good fit when you walk into the store.

So here they are...

#1 Nectar

Nectar is one of the most popular online mattresses with one of the best ratings from customers online. With both the Premier and Classic designs available at Sleepworld, both options feature all-foam designs that are competitively priced and all-around comfortable. However, one of the biggest claims to fame about Nectar is its 365 night trial, which sadly is not available at Sleepworld as of this writing.

The pros: One of the top rated mattress brands available.

The cons: 365 night trial and added perks not available at Sleepworld.

Price Range: $499-$1899

Final Score: 9.6 / 10

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#2 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is the original creator of the memory foam mattress, with its revolutionary TEMPUR® material. Their mattresses have also adapted to the times with the inclusion of pocket coil systems and cooling gel memory foam designs. These mattresses, however, are much more expensive than other online-only options with similar materials that you may find.

The pros: Tempur-Pedic has a wide variety of memory foam options that are high end.

The cons: There may be better options to be found online for these mattresses.

Price Range: $1499-$2999

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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#3 Purple

Purple is another popular mattress in a box brand that has gained lots of acclaim for its Purple Grid® polymer comfort layers. This layer is more responsive than memory foam with an interesting feel and pressure-relieving properties. Similarly to Nectar, Sleepworld doesn't include Purple's free trial as of this writing, making this a good mattress to consider buying direct from Purple online.

The pros: Popular online mattress with special polymer comfort layers.

The cons: Trial is not included buying from Sleepworld. Some disagreements about the feel.

Price Range: $699-$4099

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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#4 Casper

Casper is one of the first brands in the mattress in a box revolution. Having started with one three layer all-foam mattress, they have expanded into both all-foam and hybrid designs with pocketed coils. With a range of firmness and thickness options, Sleepworld offers all of the various options. However, similar to Purple and Nectar, Casper's 100 night free trial is not available at Sleepworld as of this writing.

The pros: Variety of all-foam and hybrid mattresses with good ratings overall.

The cons: Some disagreements about firmness and heat retention. Free trial is not available at Sleepworld.

Price Range: $805-$3395

Final Score: 8.9 / 10

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#5 Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons Beautyrest has gained popularity with its mid-grade and high-end hybrid and innerspring mattresses. They use pocketed coil systems and are well known for their pillow top options. That said, there are some issues with longevity reported by those that opted for the medium or softer mattresses.

The pros: Customers love the pillow top options and initial comfort of these mattresses.

The cons: Some customers have complained about durability with some models.

Price Range: $1359-$4799

Final Score: 8.6 / 10

Online Only: Check Beautyrest Deals

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#6 SmartLife By King Koil

King Koil is a luxury mattress brand that is known for its thick mattresses and posture supporting designs. At Sleepworld, they offer the SmartLife line, which is their most technologically intensive. These mattresses offer 80 individual smart cells, which are air pockets that are controlled by the central controller, and adapt to your body based on your weight and sleeping position for the ideal comfort level. While this technology sounds amazing in theory, there are some potential issues around durability. Similar technologies have had issues with technology breakdowns faster than expected.

The pros: Luxurious and technologically innovative designs.

The cons: Some durability issues likely. Prices are on the high end.

Price Range: $4299-$6799

Final Score: 8.4 / 10

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#7 Sleepworld Designs

Sleepworld Designs are Mancini's Sleepworld's own line of mattresses. These are very budget conscious and may use lower grade materials, and have multiple firmness options in both memory foam and innerspring designs. The main benefit of these mattresses are the price points -- they may be too hard to pass up. These mattresses are good temporary solutions and offer a deal.

The pros: Low-priced options with convenient mattress-in-a-box options as well.

The cons: Some of the materials used may be lower grade.

Price Range: $99-$1249

Final Score: 7.8 / 10

#8 Aireloom

Aireloom offers handcrafted luxury mattresses. These mattresses come with luxury materials, e.g., cashmere and talalay latex and are priced many times higher than other manufactured options. Although these mattresses are handcrafted, this doesn't always mean better. There are some customers that had issues with sagging over a short period of time, which was very frustrating given the pricepoints.

The pros: Luxury, handcrafted mattresses with high-end materials.

The cons: High prices versus comparable alternatives. Some had issues with sagging after a shorter than average period.

Price Range: $3450-$17799

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

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#8 Kluft

Kluft is Aireloom's parent company and offers a variety of ultra-luxury designs under this brand. They are well-known for their sumptuous hand-tufted styles with thick layers of luxurious materials, like alpaca, wool, silk, and high-end latex. These mattresses start at luxury prices and are made for the ultra-luxury market, which may not mind replacing it every couple years. Those that have complaints mostly mention quick sagging, which can happen faster due to the handcrafted and pillowy designs.

The pros: Luxury, handcrafted designs with high end materials. Good initial comfort scores.

The cons: High prices for the longevity. Complaints about sagging are common.

Price Range: $6299-$31779

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

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#9 Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster is another luxury mattress brand. They have been around since the late 1800s and have immediate name recognition when it comes to luxury. Their mattresses include modern advances as well, with gel foam and pocketed coil systems making an appearance in some of their models. They get good reviews from customers in terms of initial comfort, but some had issues with sagging and durability over a shorter period.

The pros: Luxury mattresses with a traditional look, but modern innovations within.

The cons: Some issues with durability and sagging off-set the positives for some customers.

Price Range: $2049-$7809

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#10 Sealy

Sealy is another name-brand that Mancini's offers. They are very versatile when it comes to their offerings. Their Posturepedic® line is more affordable than other options, while focusing on zoned support for the spine while relieving pressure points. Customers feel good about these mattresses at first, but there are reports of durability issues after a short period.

The pros: Posture-focused spring mattresses with multiple firmness options.

The cons: Issues with durability are reported by some customers.

Price Range: $1039-$7809

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#11 Kingsdown

Kingsdown offers competitively priced mattresses that range from all-foam to hybrid. Sleepworld's offerings mostly feature Kingsdown's pocketed coil mattresses with luxury comfort layers like wool and latex but at a much lower price than other offerings. With a range of firmness options, most customers describe initially comfortable mattresses. However, there are some problems reported with sagging and durability.

The pros: Luxury style hybrid mattresses with luxury materials for competitive prices.

The cons: Problems with durability reported.

Price Range: $799-$6499

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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#12 Serta

Serta is another name-brand mattress offered by Mancini's. They have both innerspring and all-foam options in the mid-priced range. Their new iComfort Blue series has gel memory foam mattresses that offer multiple firmnesses while bringing the cooling elements of gel. Most customers like their Serta mattresses initially, but there are some problems with durability complaints.

The pros: Innovative designed mattresses for an affordable pricepoint versus other retail options.

The cons: Some durability concerns affect customer reviews.

Price Range: $959-$3499

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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Mancini's Sleepworld Alternatives

Right now could be the very best time to buy a mattress ever. 100s of new brands have come onto the market in the last 7 years to sell directly to customers online. What this means:

You can find lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress direct from the brand online is one of the best ways to get the most value for your dollar. If you are willing to spend a little extra time delving into online offerings and learning about what fits for your body, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and give you a better quality of life.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store in person, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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Happy with the mattress we bought

Happy with the mattress we bought. Ted matched internet price and got the free sheet.

Customer service is better than Fremont.

We got our full mattress today

We got our full mattress today, and we are very happy with the service they provided. Ruben was patient, very good with our 2 years old daughter, excellent with customer service. From our apartment to our house, we have been coming here for our mattresses

So I absolutely love my bedroom set...

So I absolutely love my bedroom set. My bed to so incredibly comfortable. I got such a amazing deal. Come to find out recently why got such a great deal. So I was putting on some new sheets on the bed and found a tag on the bottom of the bed. So I was like what's this. I read it and I can't believe my eyes. This is a sanitize bed so that means that this bed was once used. So not cool. I thought and I was told this was a brand new bed. And brand new set. Watch out everyone you might think you are buying a brand new bed but you might be surprised like I was. So now I left a great review on them was so happy that I got a great amazing deal and thank them up and down for giving me such a great deal and they didn't even deserve it cause they didn't give me a good deal. They sold me a used bed and played it off like it was a new bed and acting like they gave me a good deal.

So not cool. I would give 0 stars but I wouldn't let me. Scandalous

They deliver defected piece 4 times

They deliver defected piece 4 times. When you call them, they always say we will call back but no one calls back. I had to call them at least times to have my defected mattress replaced.

i had limited budget

i had limited budget and the collection in the store was amazing. The sales man was so good he helped me to get a so much comfortable mattress at a reasonal price i had to step up little but not that big. It was win win deal.

I would definitely go back here again.

Unfortunately, the first mattress I bought from Mancini ended up not working

Unfortunately, the first mattress I bought from Mancini ended up not working out for me. I still went back to Mancini to buy my second bed because I still truly believe they have the best selection, most competitive pricing, and their staff really knows everything there is to know about mattresses.

I was worried about the return being a huge hassle but Chris made it as painless and easy as possible for me. He made several phone calls to arrange it so that my the mattress I was returning could be picked up the same day as my new mattress delivery. I offered to return the pillows that were given to me for free since I hadn't opened they yet but Chris insisted that I keep them. He was very adamant about keeping me updated on my scheduled delivery and letting me know the additional steps for processing my refund.

I stopped by the store location a week later in order to have the first charges returned. Chris happened to be in store and took care of everything for me. He apologized profusely for any inconvenience and was glad I still managed to find a new bed I loved with Mancini even though it was from another store location. He also then offered to split the cost of difference between my new mattress and the old one (the new one was a a couple hundred more) even though he would be taking a personal hit on his margins.

Thanks Chris, I really appreciate you going above and beyond to change my opinion of my previous experience. I will continue to recommend this store for all bed purchases.

Came in here after visiting couple more other mattress shops

Came in here after visiting couple more other mattress shops during the day. I have to admit I had thought that it would just be a quick price comparison before I went home to mull it over for a while (a mattress is a big decision!)

As soon as I walked in the door Brandon greeted me and he was friendly and helpful throughout the whole thing.

This is my first time ever buying a mattress and therefore I was incredibly indecisive and had a lot of questions. Brandon was very patient and thoroughly explained each mattress that he showed me with detail and answered all my questions for me. (Including one which was me saying: "I can't tell the difference?!").

He listened to what I wanted and gave me great suggestions based on his own and customer experience. He was very knowledgeable and helpful and we able to find the right mattress for me.

Chris (technically off the clock, whoops!) was also very helpful and they made my buying experience very enjoyable. Overall it was a great experience and I highly recommend them.


DO NOT GO THERE. The delivery is awful. It's the second time I'm having issues with delivery. First time, a month ago I purchased my mattress with Anthony Cooper, very nice guy. He set up everything for them to deliver the mattress the next day.

The delivery company called me around 2PM saying that they would be in my house by 2:15PM. I was at work. Do they think that people have a life and work? They basically expected me to wait for them the whole day and called me by 2PM giving me a time frame of 15min. I refused, they put me on hold and said the only time could deliver was at 9PM. I said, no...I would rather to do the first option which was 2:15 since my work is 10 min away.

They basically said that since I refused, they already gave me turn to someone else...everything happened in 5 min. By the end I agreed because I DID NOT have a choice, I was sleeping on the floor. I spoke with the manager and he was rude and did not give me any other option. CUSTOMER SERVICE from delivery = ZEROOOOO.

I came here to purchase a platform bed

I came here to purchase a platform bed. I was very particular in my style, wants, and budget. Working with Richard was awesome. He showed us a lot of options, and went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted within my budget restraints. H even threw in a free bean bag for my 5th grade classroom =)

Would for sure shop here again!

We started the process of buying a good mattress

We started the process of buying a good mattress for our new home with Mancinis sleepworld and that was the best decision we made. Ruben helped us and educated us about the various mattresses available - he was extremely patient for newbies like us and spent about an hour with us answering all of our questions. He also helped us price match with another store. Highly recommend Mancinis sleepworld and Ruben to anyone looking to invest in a good mattress!

I wanted to wait a few weeks...

I wanted to wait a few weeks before posting this review. My partner and I went in to buy a mattress on May 22, 2016 and Ruben, the ever so friendly sales guy showed us a great selection of mattresses and pillows. He was like a friend hosting us at his house. He was very informative and thorough. I learned that you can easily destroy your mattress by slapping it on a platform bed without any boxsprings (so to all my ikea friends out there, please put a box spring on your platform even if your have to get it used, you mattress will last a lot longer). He worked with our budget and we purchased the exact mattress we went in for. Thanks for showing us a great time Ruben. If you are at the Sunnyvale location ask for Ruben and you won't be disappointed by the service. Also, he's NOT a pushy sales guy :)

We purchased a mattress yesterday morning

We purchased a mattress yesterday morning. What we received was delivery men knocking on our door after midnight. We were told that delivery would come between 9:00pm-11:00pm last night (Sunday) in three different calls.

After staying up until 11:30pm waiting, we gave up, went to sleep, and were woken up an hour later. Our child was woken up as well.

I absolutely do not recommend this company.

It's a very pleasure and highly satisfied costumer service

It's a very pleasure and highly satisfied costumer service that we encountered in Mancini's Sleepworld in Mountain View. ANTHONY Mattress Specialist is the one helping us to choose and knowledgeable to get a new twin & full bunkbed, my sister is so happy. Thank you so much again. Great job! Keep it up the good work!!!

And thanks also to his boss CHIRS!!!

Our experience here was awesome

Our experience here was awesome! Right when we walked in Ruben was a big help and made us feel real comfortable. Didn't feel pressured what so ever. I'm so happy we came here I got exactly what I wanted and needed with out any hassle. I definitely recommend coming here!! Very satisfied customer!

Ruben is helpful and knowledgeable

Ruben is helpful and knowledgeable to recommend me the right mattress I am looking for in a busy day without Lee Ng waiting. Thank you Ruben and Steve !!

Anthony helped us find a mattress

Anthony helped us find a mattress and bedframe to replace our aging bed. He showed us the best options for what we were considering, and helped us get to a good price. Very happy with what is normally a frustrating experience.

Just bought a brand new queen size bed

Just bought a brand new queen size bed with metal bed frame covered with plastic protector for a great deal. I loved the service which was given by "Anthony Cooper" very welcoming and helpful, he was making sure 100% I was satisfied with what I was getting. Recommend Anthony to anyone who goes to Mancini's sleepworld in sunnyvale.

They gave us a great deal

They gave us a great deal on a split king adjustable bed. We got the "Mancinis" brand gel and memory foam mattresses. I'm going back for another mattress for my son.

I came here looking for purchasing bunkbed

I came here looking for purchasing bunkbed. I had visited lot of furniture stores and other kids furniture places and couldn't find any good bunk bed for the value. So first time i visited with my family, my daughter instantly fell in love with a white bunk bed. The sales person was very helpful to answer any questions and also to schedule a delivery few months later as that wasn't available and he had to back order. First time the delivery guys pulled in the wrong order and the sales person at the store immediately rectified the error and got the bed delivered the next day. I'm happy with the customer service and the quality of the purchase so far. Would definitely come here for other bed/mattress needs.

I called to get info...

I called to get info. on a bedrm set for my son. Anthony told me everything I needed to know & we headed down there. We had finally found my son a bedrm set that was perfect for him. Anthony had a great attitude. He was very nice to give us time to discuss & look around the store. He wasn't pushy or annoying. The price tag on one piece was lower & it was incorrect, but he gave us that price and a moderate discount on top of the total. The store was clean & had some very nice choices with reasonable prices. We appreciate the customer service of accommodating our schedule with the delivery & set up. It was delivered & set up within an hour, the next day. So when our son got home from school, he was so excited. We still need to add some items to create his new, cool bedroom, but going to see Anthony at Mancini's was a great start.

It was my third or fourth trip

It was my third or fourth trip to Mancini's when I finally sealed the deal. Every experience was extremely positive beginning with John at the Santa Rosa store. The initial interaction made me go to my boyfriend, "you know I kind of want to buy a mattress from Mancini's" purely on the feel good interactions with the sales people. Following interactions with Denny and Chris at the Sunnyvale store continued in this fashion. Denny was completely transparent in how he is able to offer us the best deal and Chris was very knowledgable and entertaining. In the end, Chris was able to both help me stay under my budget and find a mattress within my comfort preferences and needs.

What they say at Mancini's about how Sleep Train does not provide all information and transparently so about mattresses is true. The mattresses with the supposed same specs and which sales persons at Sleep Train said was comparable to the ones at Mancini's did not feel the same as at Mancini's and was not the same.

Just buy from Mancini's - there's a 4 month try-out period and worse comes to worse you can return at the end of the 4 months if other ones do not work out either. Sleep Train only lets you exchange at the end of a 3 month period.

It was time for a new mattress and box spring

It was time for a new mattress and box spring so I returned to Mancini's Sleepworld in Sunnyvale to shop again after my last purchase nearly 9 years ago. The salesman, Nick, was great. I already knew which mattress I wanted to purchase but I asked that he show me a few others just to make sure of my choice. He took his time, was very informative was a no pressure salesman. In the end I bought the mattress I originally went in for but got what I believe to be a great price. Delivery was no hassle, they were on time, actually early, were in and out and very polite. Thanks Nick and Mancini's Sunnyvale!

Our first purchase was last year

Our first purchase was last year. we purchased furnitures and a mattress for the master bedroom for a great price.

We cam back a tear after to purchase a mattress for our daughter and we got the same great service and great price again.

Will definitely go back!

The manager was pushing

The manager was pushing, and rude to us. He was keep trying to convince us to buy the mattress by saying I cannot understand what is holding you back from buying mattress from us, we have the largest set of mattresses in bay are (which was not true),... . At the end while we still in the process of deciding, he told us bye bye in a really rude way. We ended up getting a better mattress with a lower price somewhere else. Avoid this place.

Today we bought new queen mattress...

Today we bought new queen mattress and 3 boxes in Mancini's and we got an excellent service. Christopher berry was amazing giving us great price and service. Exceed our expectation

Thanks you very much

When you hear about how customer service is dead

When you hear about how customer service is dead, they were NOT talking about Chris at Mancini Sleepworld.

Getting something high-end at a competitive rate was the goal. I was looking for an ideal and truly was not expecting to find it, but had to try. I am a difficult customer (see my reviews, I am kind of a trouble maker), in that my request are very clear cut in terms of quality, features and price. I work hard to give 110% to my clients and if I am going to spend my hard earned cash, I need to have someone with the same values. If Mancini could not make it happen, I would either wait or continue looking somewhere else.

Chris answered the phone, heard my request and explained what he thought was possible and what wasn't. We reviewed the options and he spent a good deal of time working with his team to make everything fall PERFECTLY into place. Not a single detail was missed.

Not only did everything exactly according to plan; but I decided that the service/price was so AWESOME, I doubled the order to two beds for the rental. It is not often enough that you find a person like Chris willing to put up with the nuances of a difficult client, that goes the extra mile, and in this case he came in on his day off to apply payment so that it could be delivery during a time of my rentals vacancy.

Chris has not only made me happy with the order, but has made me look great with the investors for getting such great mattresses at a price that doesn't break the bank.

Chris is an asset to Mancini Sleepworld; I would recommend asking for him by name when you need quality, price, and service. He will surely meet or exceed your expectations.

Well done Chris and thank you, you have a customer for life.



I wouldn't go anywhere else to buy a mattress

I wouldn't go anywhere else to buy a mattress. I came in early in the morning while Kevin and Chris were working. Kevin helped me out initially and his knowledge of mattresses was fantastic. I told him what style and price range I was looking for, and he basically found me my mattress in about 5-10 minutes.

I bought a Sealy at an awesome price thanks to both Kevin and Chris. They definitely gave me a great deal on a mattress set, pillow, and cover.

On top of everything, they bent over backwards to make sure I got my mattress on the same day, just because they knew I didn't have one.

The delivery guys were also really nice and set everything up.

I went to 2 other mattress places before going here - I'm sorry I wasted my time anywhere else.

Yay I have a new mattress

Yay I have a new mattress! and I know I got the best deal possible because of Brandon and Chris. I had gone to one other mattress store and was quoted on a basic mattress for a decent price.

These guys didnt mess around. They started to price match on a BETTER mattress as soon as I walked in the door. The service and dedication to what was best for me was impeccable. There was no intimidation or sales attitude like at other places. They were real and honest and easy to talk to. Brandon was awesome and got all the paper work done quickly. Chris did everything possible to help Brandon get us the deal we needed. Kevin was busy making sure everything was up to quality in the store. Needless to say, the other mattress order was cancelled.

I was so happy especially because I left with a balloon! And to the fact that I know where to send my sister and anybody looking for a new mattress.

Thanks for the great shopping experience Mancinis!

I went mattress shopping for the first time

I went mattress shopping for the first time as I just graduated from college so naturally, I didn't know much. From walking in to walking out, Ted Brown, one of the store managers, was always there to help me and my girlfriend. He suggested mattresses to try and was always there for us if we had questions or needed anything. This was the 4th mattress store we've been to with previous experience being quite bad.

In the end, we found a mattress we liked and he was very reasonable in working out a deal that worked for us. In addition to that, he included some free stuff with our purchase! He clearly explained their policy to us and ran through the receipt in detail.

Ted was a very professional salesman who was also very personal and understanding. It didn't feel awkward and pressuring to speak with him as with other salespeople. It was a true pleasure shopping at this particular Mancini Sleepworld with Ted.

Went in to buy a mattress

Went in to buy a mattress and experienced great customer service from Anthony. Of course my wife and I went back and forth between which one we wanted for a whiiiile. It's a tough decision! Anthony was great, he didn't push he just joked with us and shared good insight and support through the whole process... made us feel good for being customers at Mancinis. Goodnight!

Never again...

Never again will I buy a mattress from Mancini's

I bought 3 Mancini mattresses. In each case, at first the mattress was comfortable; but after 1 to 3 years, it began to sag. I often sleep on my back and a little mattress sag caused my back to hurt enough that I could not sleep well. So I would report it to Mancini, an independent company would come out to measure to see if the mattress sagged by 1.5 inches or more. It did on 2 occasions and Mancini replaced the mattresses. On the third occasion the mattress had not sagged the 1.5 inches but I still had back pain and sleepless nights.

Paying $1200 to $1600 for a queen mattress that will sag in 1-2-3 years is a lousy purchase. And it is not worth going through the hassle of getting a replacement that will sag again. Never again.

My boyfriend and I have been to a lot of mattress stores

My boyfriend and I have been to a lot of mattress stores, trying to look for a good quality bed at the best price. And in those other stores, we've had a wide range of quality in terms of customer services. Fortunately for us, Ted Brown, one of the store managers, gave us incredible service and was informative about the beds we were looking at. On top of giving us good deals on the mattresses that we bought, he was generous enough to give us some free stuff. (ka-ching)

I would definitely recommend others to buy mattresses from him/this store. :)

Got a great deal on a memory foam mattress here

Got a great deal on a memory foam mattress here. Originally came here for a Tempurpedic (sp?) mattress, my husband didn't even want to look at anything else. Good thing Kevin the Mattress Specialist came to our aid. He was real knowledgable about all the different mattresses, pointed out all the key differences and was extremely low pressure. He was always close by for questions, showed us several mattresses but also gave us our space. We got a $3,300 Comforpedic mattress for $1,600 out the door! It was a discontinued floor model. Shipping and taxes included plus a free $80 pillow!

We have been avoiding going to a mattress store for a while because we were afraid of the high pressure sales. So glad we went. It was a great experience and now we have a great comfy bed!!

I highly recommend coming to this store.

It's the worst mattress store I have ever been

It's the worst mattress store I have ever been. The staff I talked with was arrogant and pushed me to buy the mattress which I don't like. When I said I need to consider about it and compare different places he stopped talking and responding to my questions. Very bad experience...

Wow great experience all around

Wow great experience all around. Super helpful and nice sales people and great mattresses. I went during Memorial Day sale and Chris was great in getting me the best deal on an organic mattress. Best mattress ever!

I had already dealt with chauvinistic sales men (Macys Valley Fair) and less than stellar organic mattresses (Urban Sleep).

It was a great surprise and relief to find such a perfect place.

I really loved this store

I really loved this store because they have a really good quality and their servise is really good and the price is really good too . Anthony cooper and Ted brown have a good customer servise . My mom had bought a mattress n now I am too .

I came in with my mom today

I came in with my mom today to purchase a new bed for my first apartment. Ruben was an excellent help to me and my mom. He was very friendly, professional and assisted us with finding the purchase bed for my needs and our budget. He did a fantastic job at making sure we were comfortable with what we were purchasing. Thanks for the great help!

Really bad experience

Really bad experience, I went there today with my family. I waited for almost 30 minutes, one guy told me couple of time that he will be with us in 2 minutes, but no one shows up and it was not even crowded. After 30 minutes i gave up and we returned. No one even bothers to call us back.

This store is amazing

This store is amazing!!! Jake was our salesperson and he was absolutely awesome! I told him what I wanted he knew exactly what to show me asked me and my boyfriend what our price range was, took us to beds that were in that price range and didn't try to upsell us to something we couldn't afford. He made it easy and no hassle to buy a new bed that we needed so badly. Being five months pregnant and being comfortable is a huge thing, he made sure to make that happen for me. I cannot say how happy I am with my experience here!!

Mancini's has been our go to place for sleeping technology

Mancini's has been our go to place for sleeping technology for decades. They were selling mattresses long before trains were associated with sleeping.

We bought several units from Chris, a good guy and the manager. He was very knowledgeable about his products and gave his honest assessment as to which mattress would be best for us. Once he saw our history in their system, he cut to the chase and gave us strong discounts without playing the used car dealer shuffle game.

The delivery guys came more than once and were quick and on schedule and they didn't scratch up our newly painted walls.

Overall, these guys know what they are doing.

Wow, we are so impressed

Wow, we are so impressed. We walked into this store, met with Alan and Isaac. We knew we wanted a Queen size bed frame. Alan and Isaac made it happen SO fast and found exactly what we wanted. The bed was delivered the next day. Thank you Alan and Isaac. I highly recommend these two sales guys to help anyone with their sleepworld needs!

Raymond Chau was wonderful...

Raymond Chau was wonderful. First time buying a bed and not only a bed a King size bed. I wanted the wifey and baby to sleep more comfortable with more space on a somewhat budget. He knew what to do was informative and knowledgeable. Def coming back here when we move out to buy beds for our other rooms. Raymond we are going to come back and find you again!!!!

Nidal was super helpful...

Nidal was super helpful and really offered us the best deal we could find even online. We walked in, bought a mattress at the lowest price possible we could find from our research, and walked out in less than half an hour! Definitely recommend this place and him!

We checked a few other Mattress stores

We checked a few other Mattress stores and this place is the best. Best selection, cleanest store, and most professional staff. Raymond gave us all the information and left us to try many different brands. No pressure, low key, and we walked out with our perfect mattress. With all the prices being very similar , why go any place else?

Great customer service

Great customer service. The Store manager NIDAL was super HELPFUL and knowledgeable about their products. Looking forward to my comfortably mattress! Highly recommended getting your mattress here.

Our buying experience at Mancini's Sleepworld...

Our buying experience at Mancini's Sleepworld was about as good as it gets. I highly recommend the Colma store, as you will not be pressured into a sale. Be sure to ask for Al. He is both very experienced and personable. More importantly, Al is an incredibly hard worker who goes through great lengths to ensure that his customers are happy. We were returning buyers and are very pleased to spread the good word. Al, thanks for all of your help in the store and through several phone conversations. All of your efforts have been much appreciated.

VERY nice and good customer service!

VERY nice and good customer service! They made it right and we really appreciate their effort to hear our concerns. We're 100% satisfied with our mattress and our new box spring. Thank you!

I'm giving the 5 stars for Raymond's customer service

I'm giving the 5 stars for Raymond's customer service..My wife and I took her parents mattress shopping..We were greeted and helped by Raymond who asked us questions regarding comfort levels..After shopping around he pointed us to a mattress that fit our budget and comfort.. We also purchased a box spring and received free pickup of the old mattress along with free setup and delivery..

This is a great place to shop if your looking to furnish a bedroom..Great selection and lots of cool stuff..O Yeah the service is top notch too !!!!!!

Got a new tempur-cloud-luxe matress...

Got a new tempur-cloud-luxe matress and a bed frame. Staff was friendly and Greeted me right away. Raymund was great and really made me a great deal. He was knowledgeable, friendly and didn't push me to close the sale. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that's in the market!

From start to finish this was a great experience

From start to finish this was a great experience. At every instance Daniela went above and beyond to make me happy and provided me with the best price, excellent and knowledgeable product information and selection, delivered within 24 hours. I'm very pleased with my purchase experience.

Daniela helped us

Daniela helped us. She was very knowledgeable and professional. She gave us what we felt was a really great deal on a Tempurpedic mattress and different brand adjustable bed frame. We said we would sleep on it. Pun intended. She told us not to bother to go to Sleep Train which is in the same shopping center. Luckily we did because there we learned that if the bed frame and mattress are not both by Tempurpedic, the 10 year warranty could be voided. Perhaps Daniella didn't know of this rule. Perhaps she was just trying to make a sale. Either way, future buyers should keep in mind and protect their investment.

I visited with my husband and had a great experience...

I visited with my husband and had a great experience with Daniela! She is very knowledgeable and attentive. We bought the tempur-pedic mattress that she is using too. Still thinking about the frame but left the store with happy smile! Thank you Daniela!

Mancini's made it easy to shop

Mancini's made it easy to shop. We were able to get a nice deal for a bed and a bunk bed. Ask for Al when you go to Daly City. Excellent service, no pressure,AL helped us choose the right bed for our needs.

They are very good at updating you when your delivery is going to be made. They gave me two updates including a final call telling me they were 10 minutes away. They usually deliver if you buy your bed before 2 p.m. on the same day.

Al is very patient and the people he works with are also very knowledgeable and skilled. I'll definitely go back to Mancini's for future needs.

Great customer service!

Great customer service! Fast response. Nidal is on point! He'll go out of his way to help his customers in need. We had a warranty claim with our bed. In less than 2 days due to the weekend, Nidal had our order for a new bed. To top that off we don't even live in Colma. Shipped free of charge and coordinated with the local store to make sure everything was correct with the new bed we chose. Nidal you definitely deserve 6+ stars. Anyone reading this and need a bed? Ask for Nidal you can't get better service when choosing a new bed.

I really liked my sales person...

I really liked my sales person. I forget this name unfortunately. :( I think he was Filipino maybe? He was very patient and informative while he introduced each mattress to us. We were able to really take our time and make our own decision without being pushed to make a sale. Due to this service, we decided to jump the gun and purchase our mattress which was above our budget and go for the adjustable base too! I have no buyers remorse what so ever... as it should be! Thanks you!


This was the very first Mancini Sleepworld I have stepped foot in.

First - did you know that almost all of their employees have been with the company for a very long time? Second, that all Mancini's stores are still family owned for generations! How cool is that?

I think coming here is an education. I never knew there were so many different types of beds! The choices here seems endless - but Mancini makes it so simple because their staff are so cool especially making sure you are educated with your purchases!

What I like most about Mancini is that when you buy a bed - you are buying from the PROS who knows their products well. They make this a very personable experience and it's not just a one time purchase - it is about building a family for years to come!

Thank you Mancini for this awesome experience and congratulations with this great new location!

A few months ago we walked in to purchase a king size mattress...

A few months ago we walked in to purchase a king size mattress and frame.... I knew what I wanted since we have been looking for months.

When the bed and mattress arrived, we didn't get to try it out until a few days later since we were still moving into our new home. When we finally did, we noticed the bed was caved in the middle. My husband check it out and noticed the legs were stripped and the screws weren't holding the mattress up.

Called the store and they sent the crew back to fix it. All the guys did was flip it and stripped the other side of the legs. I was really upset this time when called the store. This time I spoke to Al, who explained he would fix the errors by his co worker, errors including the fact that this was a king and needed slats but he did mention it may not work with this frame model. He threw in some bean bags for the kids for all out troubles, and mattress cover we were never offered.

He suggested after so many different crews visiting and trying to fix it, he offered a new bed frame all together - an even exchange. We found a really beautiful frame that had storage and lamp plugs. Instead we received one without storage and the electical plugs were blown.

Pretty sure I was being punked, or at leased we felt like it. We spent thousands and the service and products weren't living up to its worth. Finally Al delivered the correct frame we wanted only when they realized they couldn't fix the plug.

In the end, we do love our king mattress and frame. Just wish so many mistakes weren't made before we could enjoy it.

By far the best service I've received in a very long time

By far the best service I've received in a very long time. I highly recommend you visit Raymond. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. I didn't feel that he was pushy like all the other stores I visited. Raymond took my budget into consideration and helped me find the perfect mattress for me. Thank you so much!


Had a fantastic mattress buying experience

Had a fantastic mattress buying experience at Mancini's Sleepworld due to Daniela and Al!

My boyfriend and I had been searching for a mattress for weeks before we arrived at Mancini's Sleepworld. We had this "brilliant" idea of trying out different mattresses within the stores, then seeing if they are less expensive to purchase online. This turned out to be a nightmare. We would finally agree on a mattress (I love plush and he loves firm), check online, and not find the right one. Then we came to the question, "What the hell are we going to do with our current mattress?!" Well, Daniela and Al solved our problems!

We were warmly greeted by Al, then Daniela within a few minutes of our arrival. We first talked about our budget, that we were looking for a Queen and our comfort levels. We finally agreed on a mattress, but still, it was out of our price range. We told Daniela and Al we would keep mattress in mind and continue shopping around the area (AKA search online).

Before we walked out the door, they mentioned that Mancini's will match any price they see online. So they found the same mattress online way below what we originally had in mind! They took the online price and offered us less! Also, they could deliver the next day and take our existing mattress off our hands. It was too good to pass up and we bought our mattress that day!

Thank you, Daniela and Al, for that amazing experience!

I try to always admit when I am wrong...

I try to always admit when I am wrong and rarely put out reviews unless truly necessary - good or bad.

My experiences with Fidel last weekend proved that I was wrong. Being in IT management for over 15 years, working with vendors and salesmen have given me the experience to tell a "crook" or "sales pitch" from the norm. I was blindsided by Fidel's honest factual knowledge statements that I thought was disguised as sales pitches. I initially thought he was another type of up-selling car salesman. Boy, was I wrong. I left Mancini's on Saturday telling my fiancé that this guy was pushing me to buy something against the consumer reports highest rating spring mattresses (Simmons beautyrest) and tried to up sell me the "Ferrari of spring mattresses" which was the airloom. I left confident that he was trying to sell that because of commission, and by Sunday... Totally educated the intricacies of why mattresses are so different. I ended up buying a temperpedic! He is a talented individual and is passionate in the things he does. I saw him a few days later at Popeyes and the guy totally remembered my name! Glad to know he's down to earth and an honest guy after all. I stand corrected. Guys, you don't have to buy anything from Mancini's but if you even remotely considering a mattress CONTACT FIDEL. also, ask specifically for him when you get there!

5 star customer service...

5 star customer service and unbeatable pricing (they not only match their competitors in price, they also beat them) . Al and RJ assisted me in purchasing my mattress. They were honest and I never felt like they were trying to "sell" me on anything. I didn't feel like any time was wasted because they were very knowledgable and could answer questions on the spot without having to stop to look things up like other locations. Additionally, working with them was hassle free and they were very professional. I've had very different experiences in the past when buying mattress' from other stores which were never this positive. I would work with them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend consumers to this store as well.

Lady Sales person was rude...

Lady Sales person was rude. First they tried to push really hard to sell it. Since we were just started looking for nice mattress. I told them I won't be buying today, I am Just looking for now, also I was particularly looking for particular model and want to compare price. She told me directly I don't like you looking somewhere and coming to check price here. I was quite surprised by her behavior.

Couldn't have had a better experience

Couldn't have had a better experience with our sales gal Daniela. She spent a lot of time with us deciding on a mattress and adjustable base. She spent extra time researching the difference between the two models we were interested in. She is actually why we bought our mattress from Mancini. Once we got the base one of the remotes became very hot when charging, Daniela didn't hesitate and instead of just getting me a new remote which is all I expected, she had a whole new base brought in. Unfortunately we were still not that happy with the adjustable bases due to the noise it made - we stopped in to pick up pillows, I told her how much quieter the tempurpedic base is, again didn't hesitate, said I want you to be happy I can have the old ones taken out and the new ones delivered today. I told her to wait - let me try one more night...she contacted us the next day to see what we decided and today I have the tempurpedic bases with no extra charges. This is what service use to be. Excellent. The delivery teams that came all three times where there when they said they would be and do an excellent job also. Can't say enough about Mancini in Colma and definitely seek out Daniela - she is wonderful

My fiance and I recently moved to the Bay Area...

My fiance and I recently moved to the Bay Area, and needed mattress. We had an awesome experience with RJ, who stayed within our budget and had us in and out in less than 30 minutes with next day delivery.

If I could give a zero (0) for the service and experience

If I could give a zero (0) for the service and experience, so far...I would! My boyfriend and I had gone to numerous mattress locations in searching for Just The Right One. Finally walked into Mancini's and was greeted by Scott. Who was a very nice, friendly Sales floor Manager. Which of course didn't let me leave unless he made the sale. And that was fine with me because in the end I walked out with a mattress and a bed frame that I loved. Best part, he through in the bed frame FOR FREE!!! mind you, i just purchased a bed approximately worth $2500. and that bed frame was on sale for $975 i believe.(which he through in for free) that's how he got the sale!

so 55 days after I've tried this Tempurpedic, I just cant anymore I cannot sleep, I can hardly move my body i'm so soar, the bed is still way too firm, so id like to exchange. I cannot get a hold of Scott he is no longer at this location. I call the other location where they say he is at and hes never available and never returns my calls. this starts at around 40 days after my purchase. I make it into the Store in Colma on Monday 8/10 and I speak with Al. (store manager) Great customer service but doesn't seem to want to help the situation. Al now indicates that Scott is on Vacation and unable to be reached, due to this situation i have now in trying to exchange beds. Because Scott through my bed frame in for "FREE" i cannot down grade my mattress to a lesser value mattress, unless i now return the frame. My thing is look, he got the sale to begin with because he through the bed frame in. I'm not trying to give all my stuff back just exchange my mattress, they still have my money! Al says hes never seen anything like this before (throwing a bed frame in for $0)...blah blah blah. i think that's a bunch of BS! Al refused to give me any contact info to a District Manager, Dave Christy? but said he would text him my info and i would receive a call back within 24-48 hours in regards to this.

so ill update this once everything is figured out. id love to keep a mattress from here but this service has sucked since week 2 after my purchase and money upfront. Scott said my bed frame would arrive in 2wks it took OVER 2 months. I will tell all my family and friends... unless you want to have a headache dealing with all this BS...go somewhere else. these mattresses aren't worth my time or money.

This is my first review...

This is my first review... I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I felt compelled to share after my recent experience... I hope this helps anyone out there...

It's been roughly 20 years since I last bought a bed. My wife and I finally decided it was time to put old reliable out to pasture and get a new bed. Easy right? OMG what a cluster... Everything has changed dramatically. Good old cotton mattresses don't exist anymore, (has cotton and natural ingredients like wool become endangered species?) everything is some kind of memory foam or variant, you don't flip the mattresses anymore, and the life expectancy is halved to 10 years. Oh, also the cost has tripled. Bottom line after sleeping on a cotton topped standard mattress with no issues for 20 years, apparently I am now a "hot" sleeper? Right... All the major brands now highlight cooler sleeping options with all kinds of buzz words - TRANSLATION: almost all of the newer mattresses sleep much hotter because of the cheaper to produce memory foams now almost exclusively used. UGH!

Anyway... if you're looking for a new bed be ready for an unwanted but necessary education in the mattress world of today. I went to all the major mattress chains in the bay area in my quest to get a decent and simple "COOL" sleeping mattress. I'll be honest 99% of the sales people I encountered were either uninformed or sleazy (think used car salesmen) or understaffed with very limited inventory to choose from. It was incredibly frustrating to say the least...

That being said... Some good news...

Finally just by luck while shopping at Target in Colma Ca. my wife suggested we take a look at the mattress store she spotted across the parking lot "Mancini's Sleep World" in Colma. I was greeted By Raymond a sales person. To my surprise we was incredibly chill, knowledgeable and really seemed interested in helping us. (Also, they have an extensive inventory with lots of options to choose from) His colleague Al was equally as friendly and helpful. A complete opposite of what I had encountered at all of the other stores I had been too. (7-8 in total) Long story short: I explained my situation and what I had been through and both Raymond and AL really helped educate us on all our options, and ultimately helped us buy a great bed. Raymond got us a terrific deal, we felt really good about the whole experience. Thank you Raymond and AL for all your help and patience. You are good guys and Mancini's is lucky to have you!

So... if you're in the market for a new bed save yourself a lot of time and headache and go see Raymond and AL at Mancini's in Colma. You can thank me later...



My husband and I came to find a new mattress...

My husband and I came to find a new mattress for our daughter. Raymond Chau was the most perfect sales rep we have ever worked with. He gave us space, made recommendations, and let us make our decision in private. He made our purchase easy, enjoyable, and fun. We will buy all our future mattresses and bedding here. Thank you Raymond!

I came here to look for bed frames...

I came here to look for bed frames. The selection is large and Scott was super friendly and helpful. He even offered to put an item on hold for me, since I had to come back. Will definitely be returning.

Best experience ever

Best experience ever!!! I'm about to move in to the new place and I need a really good mattress so I can have a good night sleep.

My wife and I are very happy with the Simmons mattress for a longer time, we walk in to Mancini's sleepworld to check which mattress we would like to buy for our new place.

I was greeted right the way with Raymund and he start to showing the mattress because we came with our kids I know is going to be hard for us.

Raymund is very patience with us and never push us at all, he told us to take our time to try sit and lay down at the mattress as long as we want.

Long story short, we finally found the mattress we like and the second problem we have is to find the white bed frame! because there is only ONE model in the store with white bed frame again Raymund take his time to show us what they have in the catalog which is similar to white and because we have to move to our new place he set up 2 things for us, 1. the delivery for our new mattress. 2. To pick up the old mattress in 2 different address (Excellent ;) Yeeeepy! We finally found the mattress, the white bed frame and the pillows for us to sleep with our new bed with ZERO % interest for 24 months.

Bay Area folks! If you need a mattress I suggest you to come to this store and ask for "RAYMUND" tell him what you want, what you need and what is your budget, he will show you the best value for your bucks!!!

Good job Raymund!!! I wish you help a lot of people to find the good mattress!!!

A+ for your service :)

I have very good shopping experience...

I have very good shopping experience with this store. Bought 3 mattresses from Nidal, the sales rep, within 6 months. He is nice and very professional . Would heights recommend and go back if I need another mattress.

Great experience shopping

Great experience shopping at this particular store. Al was our salesman and was very patient and helpful in answering all of our questions. In the end, we ended up buying the sealy's posturepedic hybrid bed.

I walked in yesterday...

I walked in yesterday and was immediately greeted by Raymond who had me try out different mattresses while explaining the differences amongst all of them. He was able to answer all of my questions and helped me find the mattress I needed within my budget. Will definitely go back when it's time for a new one and will recommend this location to friends and family. Thank you Raymond!

As others have noted...

As others have noted, there is some horrible sales people in this store. If you are honest saying you are comparison shopping or not definitely buying that day, they will just be rude and walk away....they have no time for smart shoppers here.

We asked the guy for a price and he punched a calculator frantically for seriously 10 minutes, gave a price and then over course of the next few questions, kept going down and down even more and saying things like "what do we have to do to get you to buy today?". It's seriously used car M-O at this store.

Go to Sleep Train in Daly City, there was no pressure and we got a much better price on several of the same options, right up front with no sleezy negotiation tactics.

Maybe if you do your homework and have a bottom line best price in town validated in advance going in, you can hold them to it and tolerate dealing with these jokers, but be prepared for hours of bullshit and ready to take a shower afterwards.

Tonight I walked into Mancini's looking to price some beds

Tonight I walked into Mancini's looking to price some beds! I had went to another mattress store just an hour before. Right as I walked into Mancini's I instantly felt comfortable! Nidal was with a customer and acknowledge me as soon as I walked in and told me he would be with me as soon as possible. I started to look around and within 2 minute Nidal was assisting me! I told him I had found a bed at the other Mattress store and was interested in that bed. He instantly found it and was very knowledgable about the bed. He worked with me and helped me figure out what I really wanted! I have never had this great of customer service before! I recommend going to this Mancini's in Colma, Ca if you are interested in a new bed! Ask for Nidal. He is so kind, very funny, and willing to help you out! Thank you so much Nidal!

As others have stated...

As others have stated, unless you allow yourself to be upsold, expect an 'about face' of the so-called service (manager included) I was shown only the top of the line, overpriced mattresses in the store and even when I inquired about others, I was virtually ignored. I ended up buying a foam mattress from Costco (since they have such an excellent return policy), with all the bells & whistles they tried to sell me for 3k, for about a third of the price & I love it. Also purchased from Costco a set of gel ergonomic pillows for less than a third of what Mancini's charges for one regular shaped pillow. This place is a ripoff!!!

Very good experience at this sleep world

Very good experience at this sleep world. Bryan was the specialist we talked to. I have not shopped for mattress for over 10 years. Bryan was very patient explaining to me the things I need to look for regarding mattress as I don't have any recent knowledge about mattress. He helped us settle on a mattress that fit our need. I would recommend Bryan to anyone who would like to find the right mattress.

First of all, thank you...

First of all, thank you Fidel.

I am 82 years of age, soon to be 83. I needed to purchase a new bed for my other residence.

Fidel spent hours with me, helping me select my bed. He explained everything in detail. He knew what type and comfort level of mattress I needed. Boy was he right.

The mattress was delivered and set up. The delivery people were very professional and they moved my couch out of the room so my new bed could be set up. Fidel arranged this.

Bottom line, go to Fidel for great service and expert advise.

Oh, my bed was a bit high for me and 1 call to Fidel it was lowered the next morning!!

How's that for service!!!!

I love my bed!!!!!

This is a very good and helpful place

This is a very good and helpful place. Very little salesman pressure and very down to earth compared to the other place in this complex...where the manager seemed slimy and not so nice. We ended doing most our business was with Brian after first dealing with Nadal. Brian is very informative and provided the right amount of attention. We felt he was honest and forthcoming. He even stayed beyond the close time to finish helping us. Go see brian! We'll be return customers. Thx brian!

We had an awesome experience!

We had an awesome experience! Bryan helped us figure out what we were looking for in a mattress and was patient with us as we tried out multiple options. He even helped us find the perfect bed frame for our unusually shaped bedroom. We are very satisfied customers!

The team here is wonderful and patient

The team here is wonderful and patient. Bf & I found the perfect new mattress to enjoy at our new place at a great price. We also love how you could put 10% down to save the sale price for up to 6 months and it's totally refundable if you decide not to get it. Delivery was on time and quick. We highly recommend them.

My husband and I bought a new mattress here...

My husband and I bought a new mattress here this Tuesday. It's one of the best mattress I ever have. Because I have some spinal problem, so I need a extra firm mattress. Also we have a budget. People here are very nice. They gave me a great deal and help me chose a perfect mattress. If you are looking for a new mattress, definitely check here!!!

Worked with Miles to get my new Tempurpedic

Worked with Miles to get my new Tempurpedic. I asked that it arrive in the box un-opened so I could be sure it was brand spankin new and not a return. When the truck arrived as promised - my queen size mattress was the only one in the truck in the box! The others were bagged of course. But wow - I am a happy customer all around... Can't wait to get a good nights sleep too! :-)

We actually had a great experience shopping...

We actually had a great experience shopping for the bed and getting financed. The sales personnel were attentive and informative and we ended up purchasing a California King foam mattress set. The financing was quick and easy. Unfortunately, this is where the all good stuff ended.

During the first 30 days of sleeping on this mattress, we discovered that we are not fans of foam. We tried to tough it out for another month to see if it was just part of the "breaking in" period...but no. The mattress was already sagging and uneven in areas that didn't correlate to body position. We even had friends and family members lay on the bed...and they all agreed that we purchased a lemon. We were relieved that Mancini's offers a 120-day (4 month) comfort exchange so we could get a different bed. We had now been sleeping poorly for two months.

We called to talk to our salesperson (Fidel) that we bought the bed from to initiate the exchange. He proceeded to give us the runaround. We called three separate occasions. He kept pressuring us to do the warranty service, never called us back when he promised to, and was finally too busy to talk to us. When he did call us during our initial contact, it was from a non-store number (he stated it was his cell phone) to do us a favor by telling us that if we didn't do the warranty service and tried to get a refund, we would be blacklisted from Mancini's. WTH? We just wanted to exchange the mattress set!

Our discovery later: Colma had delivered a "loaner" boxspring to us on initial delivery because our mattress wasn't in stock yet. A few hours later, the actual box spring magically came in and they delivered it to us. Guess what? Fidel was trying to pressure us into warranty service because these two deliveries technically counted as a comfort exchange!!! No one told us this was a problem until we got to the Geary store. We also discovered that Fidel placed a warranty service "hold" on our account. We never wanted the warranty service. All we wanted to do was exchange the foam mattress for a different one. Shady! Total failure to provide customer service and uphold the 120 day comfort exchange policy.

We reluctantly decided to give another Mancini's location a try because we were stuck with this crappy bed. After explaining our bleak situation, we were able to pick out a new bed without any fuss. Imagine that! Thanks to the Mancini's location on Geary, we are now sleeping well on a more traditional mattress.

Don't let the slick salesman Fidel fool you...after he sweet talks you into a bed...he is DONE helping you. It seems like all he cared about was covering his -ss for questionable sales practices. GO TO THE GEARY LOCATION INSTEAD!!!

ASK FOR CHRISTINA!!! She is fantastic.

***I would have awarded 0 stars but the initial sale experience was decent...our treatment after the bed purchase brought it down to 2 stars.***

***See separate review for Mancini's location on Geary***

Wow. I wish I had the same experience at this establishment as the previous reviewers...

Wow. I wish I had the same experience at this establishment as the previous reviewers! I bought my last mattress from the Mancini's Sleepworld on Geary Blvd., so when this Sleepworld opened and happened to be closer to my home I thought "perfect"! My first visit here was anything but perfect.

Upon entering Kathy assisted us. She was cordial and showed us different models. My boyfriend and I didn't fall in love with anything we saw, so I politely asked for her business card in case we changed our mind, her response "Why do you need my business card? You don't need to come back. I can find something you like today!" Let the pressurized selling begin. Like many others I HATE FEELING PRESSURED. I understand the need and want to close a sale, but please give me some space and just let me leave with a good experience instead of making me never want to step foot in your store again. This game of tug-of-war lasted another 5-10 minutes.

In the end my boyfriend didn't appreciate her brute force tactics and when she asked for his budget he threw a number out there. She walked away saying we had insulted her and wasted her time. She could have have said that that was a number she could not work with and passed along her card nicely like I had asked. But instead she acted like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum...and trust me, I would know, I'm a mom. I tried to speak to her and ask her what the problem was, but she continued to walk away from me. In the end I mentioned it to her manager, and he of course apologized which I appreciated, but I definitely will never be back.

I ended up going to Sleep Train which is in the same shopping plaza. A salesman named Kenya, who also happens to be the manager assisted us. HE WAS THE BEST. No pressure and gave us his honest opinion. We didn't buy a mattress today, because we like to "sleep on it" before making large purchases, but Kenya will definitely see us again! Sadly, Kathy will not.

P.S. If you're a germaphobe like I am then you won't feel comfortable laying your head down on the store's pilllows/beds. Mancini's give you a sheet of paper towel to lay on while testing out beds...Sleep Train gives you large disposable sheets made just for this purpose. Thanks Sleep Train!

I had such a pleasant experience

I had such a pleasant experience buying my mattress here. The salesperson was extremely knowledgable about all the mattress options that I was interested in and Daniela was so sweet and so helpful picking the right mattress for me. I chose the organic Aireloom which is the best investment of my life. I can not say enough thanks for such a great shopping experience. Thank you Daniela for making my every night's sleep heavenly!

My wife and I experienced great customer service

My wife and I experienced great customer service at Mancini's Sleepworld in Colma. Scott was very patient, polite and helpful and helped us choose a new mattress. The shipping was very efficient, and Scott was very attentive to any call or question we had. We ended up considering replacing the mattress as we had hard time getting used to it, and Scott was amazingly helpful during this process. Really awesome customer service. We highly recommend this store!

I've never purchased a mattress before

I've never purchased a mattress before. But the joys of getting older and becoming more and more of an adult is that you start to make adult purchases. So I was both excited and nervous about this. Excited because...I've a big boy! Nervous because...well, it's a pretty big deal. You spend 8 hours on a mattress in any given day, not including the naps on the weekends or the lounging after work. It adds up and takes a sizeable toll. But a friend of mine knows the Mancini family and suggested that I go with him to check them out first. He said that they had great prices, the people were friendly, and that I wouldn't be disappointed.

First, I went to their website to check out the things that they had to offer. It was a bit overwhelming, but for the most part I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into. And I did take the mattress quiz that they had online to determine that I needed a firm plush top mattress. At least that was pretty simple.

When I got to the store, I was introduced to Scott (the General Manager) and talked with him about what I wanted. To begin with, he made the interaction extremely friendly and easy. I told him that I went online and already knew what sort of mattress I needed, and he pointed me out to a few groupings of mattress to test out. I sampled a few and was able to narrow it down to one mattress type, and then was able to select the Mancini brand mattress. We scheduled the delivery for next week, and my visit there was complete.

For the delivery, I had requested a specific day and then realized that I goofed and would like it sooner. So I called the store on Saturday and asked them to reschedule the delivery date for the next day (last Sunday). They were more than happy to and told me they would call to confirm the specific time. Not only were they able to fit me into their schedule, but they were able to delivery it earlier than the time slot they allotted and were able to call and ask if that was okay and to let me know.

The delivery guys were great, especially since the stairs outside of the apartment are a bit crazy to get up (it's a winding staircase) but they delivered it no problem and were extremely quick. I think the entire time from arrival to when they left was 10 minutes. They're awesome.

I've been sleeping on the bed now for almost a week and cannot tell you how amazed I am. The start-to-finish process for this was amazing, and while I probably could have gone somewhere else and had a nice experience, I am glad that my friend recommended Mancini's so that I had a great experience instead. Definitely check them out!

Kinda weird reviewing a mattress store...

Kinda weird reviewing a mattress store, but here we are. This place is huge, clean, smells nice, comfortable and has super nice salesmen who know what they're talking about. Fidel helped me out with my vague request (something firm but NOT TOO FIRM for less than x amount) and showed me a few really good options. After choosing my mattress (for less than I was expecting to pay) and also selecting a frame, we ran into a small problem with bed frame availability. Apparently the one I wanted wasn't in stock for another week, but FIDEL moved heaven itself in order to find my frame somewhere in their system to make sure I got everything I needed ASAP, even coming up with theoretical temporary solutions that he didn't need to come up with (loaner box spring? who even offers that).

Anyway, place is rad, everyone is so nice and they're not out to gouge you. This was the most pleasant furniture shopping trip I've ever been on, ever, in all the years of my life. Including Ikea.

I was lost when it came to buying a new mattress...

I was lost when it came to buying a new mattress. I went to Sleeptrain in Colma and the sales woman their just wanted to sell me a mattress and did not take the time to find what mattress would have been good for me. I had a terrible experience so I went to Mancini's Sleepworld and I was greeted by a man name Nidal and he asked me all the right questions to find me the perfect mattress for me. He answered all my questions and he made me feel good about my purchase. I bought a Tempur-Pedic mattress and Pillow from Mancini's Sleepworld and I am very pleased thanks to Nidal.

My husband and I were there on President's Day shopping

My husband and I were there on President's Day shopping for a new mattress and headboard.

We were there to buy. All we needed was someone to come up and seal the deal. We were really glad to meet John Watkins. John had a professional and friendly demeanor and a lot of knowledge of the products. He was personable and really worked hard to meet our needs. He stayed within our budget and got us what we wanted for the price we had in mind. He even thanked me for my honesty when we were "negotiating." We will definitely go back to him in the future and refer our friends to him as well.

One tiny suggestion for the staff is to maybe check-in with customers in a way that puts them at ease....let them know you haven't forgotten about them and that you will be back around to answer any questions. I think that goes a long way. I mean, folks can see that you're busy, so it's really just a customer service gesture that prevents people from feeling ignored. But in all fairness, we were there in the early evening on a holiday. It's very possible that these guys were coming down from a crazy busy day, in which case, carry on!

I just happened to be walking by the store and popped in...

I just happened to be walking by the store and popped in, figuring it might be a good time to replace my son's twin mattress. I was helped by Robert Botta, Store Manager, who was very knowledgeable, friendly, and gave me a good price on the mattress I selected. I have never shopped there before but will definitely go there the next our our mattress needs replacing.....


After having an awful experience at another mattress store...

After having an awful experience at another mattress store just a few months ago, I really didn't want to go to another retail store to buy a mattress.

I reluctantly walked in, but am incredibly glad I did. Rodney Watt took great care of me. After telling him what I was looking for and our previous experience he was able to show us what he though might work for us.

He spent quite a bit of time with us, patiently explaining the differences and taking our feedback into account.

Anyway, we ended up getting a mattress from him, got a great deal, AND got it delivered the same day.

Sleeping like a baby now

Will definitely be back as soon as our other mattress dies.

By the way, this store looks small from the outside but it is HUGE. They have a massive selection.

What a pleasant experience.

What a pleasant experience. Cameron Clark was our sleep professional. Very easy going guy and so knowledgeable about different products and what would best suit my husband and me. Just an absolute joy to work with. I swear I wanna have him over for dinner.

We got a great deal on an amazing bed and we can't wait for it to get here. Mancini's offers great financing at zero down, 4 months to try a bed or returns no penalty and reasonable pricing for high quality. And they can deliver the same day!

If you're looking for a bed you can buy one online but if you're looking for a bed at the same cost with excellent service I cannot recommend going here and asking for Cameron. Tell him Sherry sent you!! (And I swear I am not a paid reviewer. It was really that great.)

We selected an on the floor medium firm mattress

We selected an on the floor medium firm mattress, that we checked out couple of times before confirming. We were promised a bed bug protector along with it. Store manager seemed knowledgeable about the products. The delivery company is very rude n unfriendly, they were not accommodating, they gave us a small window of delivery time.But the main problem was when it arrived it came only with a dust mite protector, whhen we contacted the store they helped us by getting a new bedbug protector as promised

Actual problem : it seemed to us that we didn't get a matress that we saw the floor, this one is much more plush from day one n heats up bad. So not confident about the brand or the store or the delivery company.

I recently purchased a Mattress here...

I recently purchased a Mattress here and I would like to say that Ty is a great Sales associate. Having never bought an expensive mattress before, he walked me through several things to look for and think about, and just when I thought things were getting too rich for my blood, he offered to show me some clearance items, where I found a mattress for the right price. I had it delivered next day, the process was exactly as he explained it would be and I felt like i was well taken care of. Thanks Ty!

By far the best experience I've had in a mattress/bed store...

By far the best experience I've had in a mattress/bed store.

Interior: despite the outside appearance looking very low key and average, the inside definitely looks like a good quality showroom. It's clean, well ventilated, large, and brightly lit from the large glass windows.

Products: There are a range of brands, sizes, price points, and samples for you to test. Anything from a very low cost option, to a super luxurious brand/set. The bed frames also help give you an idea of how it would look once fully assembled, and they also carry bed accessories.

Our Experience: Ty (Tyron) was ideal for us! He approached us, greeted us professionally, and was very well dressed. Asked us about our preferences, walked us around the showroom and had us test different mattress types, and provided information on the items we showed an interest in. No pushy salesman here, he was all about giving information and guiding us during our experience; which is why we felt comfortable working with him. He was friendly, but also very mellow and relaxed, so there was no pressure to hurry up and make a decision. If you go into this location, ask for him ( because I believe the sales people rotate turns), you will not be disappointed.

Transaction: Once we decided what we wanted, we told Ty that we had a price we were hoping he could meet, since we all know that mattress sales can be negotiated. He did not drag out the negotiation, he gave us a pretty good deal right off the bat, and we expressed wanting it to go a little lower, and he was able to get the price down to exactly what we wanted, after realizing that we preferred to have a 5-inch boxspring rather than a 9-inch. I think what made the experience positive was that he was doing his best to work with what we wanted and utilized his resources to make it happen. I understand that a store cannot just give a customer the price they want (since it can sometimes be a ridiculous one), but he made the effort to ask questions and tailor the deal to make it a win-win situation.

I know for sure, the next time I need to buy any bed related items, I'm coming back to see Ty :)

Walked into the store on a Monday night...

Walked into the store on a Monday night around 7:30pm, walked out with a 2k mattress around 8:30pm. We were super impressed by Tyron, who helped us narrow down our choices. He patiently introduced the differences between brands. We were very very happy with the store and the services we got! Highly recommended if you are looking for a perfect mattress for yourself!!

Had excellent experience

Had excellent experience with Bryan Becker at this store. Wide selection that spans a full spectrum of prices and mattress/pillow types to cater equally to those with the most discerning taste and the most discerning budget, with a generous assortment of good-looking beds as well.

Roommate and I both purchased full mattress/pillow/sheet set from Bryan. He was knowledgeable, very humorous, and gave advice that accounted for each of our needs without unnecessarily nudging us toward higher-priced models. It's no surprise he also works for the chain's Los Altos location, I rarely encounter better salesmanship. Very satisfied as well with delivery, which has a late window for those of who work, and the delivery men were careful with handling and friendly.

Strongly recommend!

I recently had 3 great experiences...

I recently had 3 great experiences with Cameron at this store! I ran by the store on three different occasions to pick out a new mattress and bedframe. I was having a hard time making up my mind re: a Full or a Queen. Cameron greeted me warmly each time and welcomed me back and politely answered all of my questions. I never felt pushed or a "high pressure" sales experience. Can't wait for my new mattress to show up next week. (This was my second mattress to purchase from Mancinis in 3 years.) They have THE best selection of beds and mattresses on the Peninsula.

We bought our daughters bunk bed and mattresses...

We bought our daughters bunk bed and mattresses as well as pillows and sheets from this place. Markus voelker is the best sales person they have got. He helped me find what I was exactly looking for and how to find right mattress for my 4 year old. I wanted something very close to organic and less chemicals - he was very patient to understand my requirements and helped me find what I was looking for. I would come back here without any doubt and recommend to work with Markus on anything you wanna buy from here.

Mattress shopping is an activity...

Mattress shopping is an activity that I categorize between getting a root canal and having to watch that God-awful Virgin America flight safety video. Needless to say, I loathe the process because I know nothing about mattresses and end up feeling so lost and confused.

Ruben G. to the rescue!! Ruben assisted me that day, and immediately knew the right questions to ask, and proceeded to do a "Goldilocks test" (try out just 3 mattresses first, ranging from firm, medium and soft) to try and narrow down the choices even more. Not only did I not have to try out a trillion different mattresses, but he had me in and out of the store in less than an hour. On top of the knowledge that he had ranging from everything you need to know about mattresses to which sleeping positions are optimal for your health, he did it all with a jovial attitude and smile.

Thanks for making my mattress experience as painless as possible, Ruben! In the week that I've had my mattress I already notice a huge improvement in my sleep, and you can't put a price on that!

We went to the store to look for the firmest King size...

We went to the store to look for the firmest King size mattress. Markus welcomed us, who's really efficient. He directed us to the Stearns & Foster ultra firm, which is the firmest in the whole store. We really like the mattress, and he offered a really competitive price, without any hidden fees. The whole process took about 30 mins and the mattress will arrive in three days, looking forward to it!

I never expected to enjoy going into a mattress store...

I never expected to enjoy going into a mattress store, but goodness did I hate the mattress I was sleeping on!

I have severe back problems and my boyfriend decided it was time for us to do something nice for us and our health (healthy sleep).

Cameron assisted us and made the experience a breeze. We appreciate his customer service and we learned about the differences in mattresses. He was not a pushy salesman and was a nice person to talk to as we found our amazing new bed!

Everyone is different and has different levels of comfort.

I used to have misconceptions on how to chose a mattress. I had previously purchased one I hated so took this seriously.

Listening to Cameron teach us and actually laying down on a couple of mattresses, we were able to find a bed that we are ridiculously happy to lay on everyday.

Thanks Cameron!

his Store is awesome...

This Store is awesome, the manager fixed an issue with my order in a timely manner. No one is perfect but this guy Rodney Watt sure tried to be. I would buy a bed from this store anytime and refer every I know to San Mateo Mancini's Sleepworld! I love

My bed $3,789 Tempur-pedic was worth every penny like he said!

I came in one night to browse the beds...

I came in one night to browse the beds and furniture and Cameron was super helpful! I wasn't ready to make a decision so he kindly provided me with his work hours and all his contact info. When I went back to purchase, I called Cameron and he went in on his day off just to help me! I was in and out in maybe 30 minutes with everything I needed. He was extremely friendly and helpful! My mattresses arrived the same day, and the drivers were also super friendly and helpful. I would recommend this store to anyone. Great staff and speedy service all around!

Rodney Watt went out of his way to provide astonishing customer Service...

Rodney Watt went out of his way to provide astonishing customer Service. I have a metal bed frame bed that I didn't not buy at Mancini's Sleepworld. I wanted to accommodate a queen size mattress that I did buy at Mancini's. Although the bed frame is a unique and pretty it does not have interior support system that is needed to support the mattress. Rodney found a metal support system that would work on this frame, which was not an easy task because it is metal not wood. He even went the Redwood City store to pick it up and brought it to the closer San Mateo store for me. Throughout the whole process he was incredibly helpful. The mattress, by the way, is extremely comfortable with great support. I will always return to Mancini's for a mattress in the future.

We purchased initially the tempur cloud luxe...

We purchased initially the tempur cloud luxe king which was like sleeping on a cloud and luxurious. We loved it but were concerned it might be too soft overtime and too warm. We exchanged it for a -cloud luxe breeze Cal king split adjustable bed. The split adjustable bed is fantastic. No more sloping to the middle of the bed. Surprisingly the cloud luxe breeze is firmer and we are hoping with time it will soften equally to the cloud luxe. We were extremely happy with The staff in the San Mateo store. Cameron, Rodney,Ty, and Dylan helped us at Great lengths to answer our numerous questions about their beds. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional making it a nice experience.

Got a new bed frame and mattress...

Got a new bed frame and mattress at a great price with help from Dillon and Rodney. My wife and I never felt pressured to make a purchase and had plenty of time to browse before making any decisions. Within 24 hours, we were sleeping on our new bed! The delivery team showed up earlier than scheduled and was efficient with assembly.

Best mattress buying experience EVER

Best mattress buying experience EVER. Although they were in there he midst of receiving a delivery, I was greeted & assisted right away by the store manager Rodney who knows his stuff. He was able to answer all my questions, respond to my concerns, find me the perfect mattress at an excellent price. Delivery was today & seamless! Major awesomeness!!

If you're looking for a really great mattress, this place is the place to go

If you're looking for a really great mattress, this place is the place to go. Rodney made the whole mattress shopping experience a breeze. He is very passionate and knowledgeable of the products. Thanks for the great service Rodney!

Mattress shopping can be super tedious...

Mattress shopping can be super tedious. I'd been to 5 different mattress stores before stopping into Mancini's. To be quite honest, all the places I'd visited I'd feel like I'd seen and tested the same mattress over and over again. Most spots specialize in memory foam, and I prefer a nice & comfortable spring mattress. It wasn't until coming to Mancini's that I was able to receive exceptional service and knowledgeable assistance from Ruben!

From the minute I walked in, Ruben was amazing! Not once did he rush or pressure me to buy my mattress right then and there, but I did! This is my first time buying a mattress in 14 years, so you can only imagine how lost I was in finding the right mattress for me. Ruben guided me through the store asking about my budget, sleeping position, firmness preferences, and a bunch of other small things that wouldn't have crossed my mind had he not brought them up. Seeing as I preferred a medium soft mattress, Ruben led me through his top 3 picks. Rather than just pressing down or quickly laying down, he suggested I lay in the position that I typically sleep in. With that, I chose the Jasper EuroTop mattress and could not be happier with my choice! Thank you Ruben & Mancinis for my perfect mattress!

Best mattress buying experience!

Best mattress buying experience! The people are so nice, very knowledgeable! Cameron Clark was very AMAZING and really pin pointed what I needed in a mattress. He worked with me on the late time I would need my mattress dropped off, made it that much easier for me. Great selection to choose from! Love the pillow I got to go with the mattress! Interest free financing for my ultimate splurge! Highly recommend to get your mattress here!

It was a Sunday morning and no other mattress stores were open yet...

It was a Sunday morning and no other mattress stores were open yet, so we decided to come to the only one open close to home. We needed a firm good-quality twin mattress and our son was running around like crazy trying out different beds. Cameron was very patient with us and helped us find the mattress we are happy with. We've tried Tuft & Needle mattress before but it was too soft. Quality mattress is not cheap but definitely worth it. We'll be back if we need more mattress in the future!

We bought a mattress from Mancini's a year ago...

We bought a mattress from Mancini's a year ago but it didn't work out for us. We decided to go back to Mancini's to see what they can do to help us. Once we walked in we were greeted with a welcome. It was pretty busy in there possibly being because it was Labor Day weekend. My partner & I started looking around for a few seconds until Rodney approached us. We explained our situation & he immediately took off from there. He had us lie on a couple of beds to feel it. Then he saved the best for last...he showed us this Aireloom mattress that he swears by! He showed us the difference between the coils that we currently have in our bed & the Aireloom coils and what a difference!

He gave us a great deal that we couldn't pass up!

He was extremely friendly & very knowledgeable & professional! We had a great experience and will recommend everyone we know who is looking for a mattress to go to Mancini's!!

Thank you, Rodney!! You're awesome!!

I want too say this place is a five star...

I want too say this place is a five star... Great Service all the way... Rodney the manager is very good at what he does... I really like my mattress excellent, I sleep great.

I will defitnely come back. Fast and efficient.

What a great nights sleep...

What a great nights sleep. Thanks to Rodney he's the man. Been dealing with him for years and have never been let down. I would recommend Mancini's sleep world to everyone for your furniture or mattress needs. Good night :-)

I went in looking for two full mattresses...

I went in looking for two full mattresses for my kids bunk beds. I was greeted by Ty, and he was very professional and knew about the different mattresses that were available. He helped me pick out the best ones, and the whole transaction process was smooth and quick. I would definitely come back to him as he knows what customer service really entails!

My husband and I went to a few mattress stores...

My husband and I went to a few mattress stores with a goal of buying a new bed with an adjustable base. The service level and knowledge of Tyron Johnson at Mancini's far surpassed the other stores we went to. It was a great experience and we love our new bed. It was comforting to know that some stores still value customer service by having folks who are knowledgeable and friendly. Would definitely recommend Mancini's to those looking for a bed.

Dan & Jackie in San Mateo

We promised ourselves that we wouldn't move the old mattress...

We promised ourselves that we wouldn't move the old mattress to the new place.

When we walked into Mancini's in Berkeley, Jonathan greeted us with a warm welcome and started by asking us questions that would ultimately help him to only show us mattresses that fit our needs.

He was a skilled and polite salesman, that knew how to balance informing us about the current models, and allowing us privacy to relax and lay on the various mattresses while discussing our likes/dislikes.

After a thorough tour of the VAST selection, we'd narrowed it down to just two that we liked.(if you've been mattress shopping at big stores before, then you know there are so many models and firmnesses that your head starts to spin.)

We sat down for a couple of minutes discussing what we liked about the two models, and Jonathan was able to give us a price we loved on our favorite mattress of the two.

Good service is hard to come by these days, and amazing/friendly service is even harder to find, and Jonathan is just that.

My wife and I went in about 30 minutes before closing...

My wife and I went in about 30 minutes before closing on a Sunday night. Despite the time, Jonathan was super helpful and patient as we tried a bunch of different mattresses. He walked us through the differences between many we tried and struck a perfect balance between engaging us and giving us space to discuss and do our own thing. He was not pushy at all and in fact showed us some options that were cheaper than ones we had in mind. Once we decided on one, the ordering process was a breeze.

We've checked out a number of different stores in Bay Area, and this was by far the best experience. If you're in the market for a mattress, definitely worth a visit!


Wow! What a great experience we just had at Mancini's Sleep World in Berkeley. They had an amazing number of mattresses spread out all around their huge showroom. We got to try out many different brands and styles. Jonathan did a wonderful job listening to our wants and needs. He then directed us to a few different choices that matched everything on our lists. There was no rush. We took all the time we wanted to try them out. Jonathon also showed us many other options of which we tried quite a few. We ended up with the perfect couple solution...thanks to Jonathan's help. We got a split king with separate, adjustable bases on each side. But best of all, we were able to choose a different firmness for each side of our bed!

Now we can't wait for it to get delivered to our house this weekend. Thanks for making our shopping for a new bed so easy, Jonathan.

Jerry and Karen

I believe the true test of customer service...

I believe the true test of customer service at a store is what happens when things don't go as you expected and you have to engage in a return process. We made a major purchase ($7,000+) of a new bed at Mancini's; Kristina was our salesperson. Everything with the purchase went great, and we were very happy with the delivery and set up service. Unfortunately, after sleeping on the bed for about 30 days, this just did not turn out to be the bed for us, and we had to return it. We read their policy, which is clear and fair, and had 120 days to return, with only a $99 restocking fee (which basically covered the delivery cost since they delivered and removed an old mattress for free and then picked up the return with no charge other than the restock charge). All the way through the return process, Kristina, and her colleagues David and Jonathan, were unfailingly pleasant, professional and responsive to our requests. Other than a very gentle suggestion from Kristina that they might have a different mattress that we would like, there was no hard sell to get us to not return the mattress. Since we had already decided on a different bed, we were not interested in shopping further.

All in all I would give this team an A+ in customer service and would recommend that you check them out if you are in the market for a higher end bed.

Stopped by on Black Friday...

Stopped by on Black Friday as I was in the market for a new mattress. Jonathan was very helpful and knowledgeable. My new California King sized extra firm with luxury pillow top arrived the next day without any issues. Appreciate the free delivery and excellent customer service.

Thanks again!

My fiancé and I walked into Mancini's...

My fiancé and I walked into Mancini's in Berkeley looking for a new mattress. We were greeted by Jonathan who was such a pleasure to work with! He helped us find the perfect mattress. He genuinely cared about us getting a better nights sleep and went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied. I would highly recommend Mancini's, Jonathan and his awesome team.

Go see Dave at Mancini's in Berkeley...

Go see Dave at Mancini's in Berkeley before you make a purchase!

Great experience! Dave Hollaway was very helpful and patient. He was very attentive and answered all of my questions and during the long process of picking the right mattress. I truly felt he was trying to aid me in picking the right mattress for me and NOT steering me toward a more expensive mattress for a bigger commission.

Before walking into the store for a mattress I already had my selection narrowed down to two options. I travelled around the bay area to several Mancini's stores to help make up my mind before making my purchase at the Berkeley location. The Berkeley location not only had the biggest floor model selection I was interested in to view but the customer service Dave provided was really what ended up making my mind up and making my purchase.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Premier Silver Eastern King!

My boyfriend had been browsing for a new mattress

My boyfriend had been browsing for a new mattress, having his finally affecting his back. After browsing prices online and being in two stores prior this place was definitely the best one in terms of variety and pricing. The store is huge, and nicely organized. Staff was very friendly and were not super overbearing as we had feared they would be. We got the chance the browse around freely with one woman to come and check on us twice to see if we had any questions. Prices were reasonable and although we weren't ready to purchase just yet we will probably end up coming back :)

In July 2017, my husband I purchased a mattress from Macy's...

In July 2017, my husband I purchased a mattress from Macy's, lucky for us it was under warranty, it failed! We went to Mancini's Berkeley location meeting Khristina, buying a mattress isn't top of my 'fun list' however Khristina turned our frustration into an adventure. Khristina patiently listened to the differences each of us wanted, making suggestions on the retail and clearance side of the showroom. She gave us space,didn't hover, or up-sell/down-sell, she focused on our needs and the right bed.

*We highly recommend Khristina and Mancini's!

Happy new Beautyrest owners

I am having a terrible time with mattress delivery from this store

I am having a terrible time with mattress delivery from this store. Twice I called to ask for delivery during a specific part of the window that was given to me and twice the team did not deliver on its promises to make it work. Strong do not recommend. If you are reading this Mancini's - I'm happy to amend this review if you boost your customer service skills and make a Saturday morning, 12/9, delivery happen.

I just left Mancinis so pleased!

I just left Mancinis so pleased! Johnathan helped us today and was amazing!!

We came in and we're greeted promptly! He was so friendly. We knew pretty much what we wanted and had a price range. He was great at showing us options!

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! We're so excited to get our bed delivered later today!

Had the most pleasant experience at this mattress store today...

Had the most pleasant experience at this mattress store today. I have had the same mattress for what seems like forever and I was dreading going mattress shopping. As soon as we walked in the door we were greeted by the most lovely saleswoman who catered around our budget fantastically. I'm putting a down payment on a mattress as we speak. Also Mancini sleep world has free delivery and removal while mattress firm does not.

Great place to try out different mattresses...

Great place to try out different mattresses. Jonathan was very patient in helping us find the matress that will work well for us. Sleep well!

Just left Mancini's sleepworld and I am SUPER satisfied

Just left Mancini's sleepworld and I am SUPER satisfied. I just moved to berkeley from NY and was looking for something that would fit my budget. As soon as I walked in, Darren Was eager to meet my budget for a serta perfect sleeper plush queen mattress. He made a few calls and in minutes was giving me a lower price than the ticket price . Darren even set me up with a new bedframe and gave me a lower price on that too. Overall he was so attentive and considerate on my budget, definitely knows his selection of mattresses as well.


We had a really wonderful experience shopping for a mattress...

We had a really wonderful experience shopping for a mattress at Mancini's. They gave us plenty of time to look around without pressuring us. Once we were ready to talk, Darren was able to answer all of our questions. He was very knowledgeable and helped us with delivery and getting rid our old mattress -- the next day! So excited about our new mattress!!

We just purchased a bedroom set...

We just purchased a bedroom set (mattress, frame, adjustable base, two nightstands and pillows) from Mancini's. Jonathan was very helpful in finding which type of mattress was best for us and offered us several choices at different levels so we could decide what was best for us. He was quite attentive, patient and did not push us beyond our budget. I would recommend this place for the variety of products they offer beyond just mattresses. The $39 delivery and set up of the whole order seems like a good deal too.

I had a very good first encounter with store manager...

I had a very good first encounter with store manager Johnathan Dennis.

Not only did he greet me with a smile, but he excused himself from other customers to make me feel welcomed in the store.

After deciding on a bed. I left to shop the competition. Only saddened to experience a lack of customer service and enthusiasm that I had originally gotten from John.

That said, I returned to John's store, upgraded my mattress purchase and am anxiously awaiting its arrival on this Saturday.

Way to go John! Really appreciate your assistance and service!

I had a very pleasant experience shopping here.

I had a very pleasant experience shopping here. Cal was very helpful, and when given a set of vague criteria was able to help me find the perfect purchase. Great customer service, and was very patient with me, but also conscious of my time as I was kind of in a rush. Thank you!

My husband and I just bought a new mattress...

My husband and I just bought a new mattress and bed from Mancini's and we are super pleased! Shopping at Mancini's was very painless and easy. This was actually our second time buying from here.. we got a bed and mattress for our guest bedroom a year ago, and this time went back to update our master bedroom. Darren is super helpful and informative without being pushy at all. We got a beautiful wooden bed at a great price (for WAY less than the West Elm beds that I'd been looking at). The free delivery and free removal of the old bed is a plus too.

We just bought our first king mattress at Mancinis...

We just bought our first king mattress at Mancinis and it was awesome! Great customer service/experience. Kao helped us out and made everything smooth and easy. We'll definitely be back for our next bed! Thanks so much for great experience!

Nice shop and nice people are working there...

Nice shop and nice people are working there.

Jonathan took care of us and was really helpful!

My wife and I had great experience

My wife and I had great experience, great services at Mancini's in Berkeley. The representative, David Holloway, was fantastic showing many opções, great alternatives to match our expectations and budget . We highly recommend Mancini's in Berkeley !

So happy with my experience at Mancini's!

So happy with my experience at Mancini's! After sleeping on a 30 year old bed I was in desperate need of a new mattress. I was greeted by Jonathan, and shown numerous beds all suiting my lifestyle. It was such a relief to have Jonathan assisting me, he genuinely cared and was not pushy at all. Definitely will be going back and recommend this place! Thanks again, really appreciated the sense of humor and knowledge! And love my bed:)

We ordered a bed frame with storage and a mattress...

We ordered a bed frame with storage and a mattress. Sales person/store manager Jonathan D. told us we don't need a box spring for this model. We order it. Next day, it is delivered and the guy tells me we need a box spring, and the frame he put together is the wrong one. I call Mancini and they tell me to refuse delivery, but delivery guy is pressuring me to keep it and they will send a replacement frame. We have grandparents coming today, and now I'm wasting my day waiting for a replacement frame with the drawers. Not a fun experience and not happy at all with the hassle. I would avoid and not recommend.

Follow-up: they want us to sign that we received the products, and I refused because it is not the correct products. Delivery guy really putting pressure on me to sign and keep the product, and I'm feel super uncomfortable in my own home. I told them to take everything away and that I'm not signing.

This is stress that I did not need today. Very disappointed by all that unfolded.

My girlfriend and I came in to buy a tempurpedic mattress...

My girlfriend and I came in to buy a tempurpedic mattress and our sales associate Jonathan was super helpful. He was really nice and helped us get financing pretty quickly. Great service!!!!

An all around 5-Star experience

An all around 5-Star experience buying our new mattress. The sales people at Mancini's on Ashby are attentive and knowledgeable but not aggressive or pushy. Jonathan Dennis helped us, and with twenty years in the mattress biz he is a real professional! He made the process simple and pleasant. He was able to answer all of our questions thoroughly, and went out of his way to make sure the exact model we were interested in was put on hold for us in the system. Even on a busy holiday weekend we felt well taken care of at Mancini's on Ashby. Highly recommend.

Be careful

Be careful. The sales people are very smooth (Jonathan in our case) but when delivery comes it is chaos. Delivery people did not double check what we bought before unpacking and assembling. Once we discovered it was the wrong product, the floor room folks said we should send it all back. The delivery people were extremely pushy about us keeping what they delivered, and that they would modify it......some time. Extremely stressful. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. We sent everything back after being pressured to sign that we received everything. What a mess. What stress! Beware!

We were initially happy with the purchase...

We were initially happy with the purchase. We walked into the store, were helped immediately, chose the bed frame and the mattress style we liked, were offered a discount for a better quality mattress which we took, and bought it. We felt the sales representative was talking us into buying it without comparing stores, qualities and prices, but with a hungry kid in tow and excited by the prospect of having this one out of the way, we paid for the bed, the mattress, the delivery and assembly.

The delivery people came on time and were courteous and fast. When they left we saw they had set the mattress to the side of the bed that were on, so we did not notice the huge size difference between the bed and the mattress. The bed frame is a regular full size frame. The mattress is 3-4" narrower and 4" shorter than the frame, a difference significant enough for me to be able to see the floor between the side of the bed and the mattress on each side when the mattress is in the middle of the frame. The gap is large enough for a kid to get their foot through and stuck between the wooden slats. I was not happy about this and we called the store, who said the difference should be less than that, and that they would return our call. No return call came, so we drove back to the store and explained our problem.

The sales representative explained that all their beds are like that, but I did not see the floor showing from between the bed frame and the mattress in the beds they had in the show room. He said the gap is there for the comforter and all the bedding to fit between the bed and the mattress, and told me to go home and make the bed and see how I would be happy with it. I explained again how small feet can get stuck in the gap, and that regardless of where the comforter is when the bed is made, the gap will still be there when we were under the covers. After much back and forth about this, the representative told me he could sell me a flat board with holes in it for $70 to put under the mattress to solve the issue. The more he realized he could not talk us into being happy with the mattress, the more condescending his manner became. He also informed us that beds that don't have this big gap are cheaper and low quality beds. (This is the cheapest of the 3 bed and mattress sets we have purchased within the last 5 years, the only one from Mancini's and the only one where the mattress does not fit the bed perfectly.)

We asked to return the bed. He informed us that to return the mattress there is a $99 fee. They do not take furniture back, so the bed cannot be returned at all. He was reluctant to process our return and told us over and over to go home and make the bed with a big comforter and see how happy we would be. In the end we were so exasperated by his manner that we said thank you and left.

We finally decided it will be worth $99 to never to have to think of this buying experience again. We have now been trying to return the mattress for over a week but the store is not returning our calls. I suppose it will require going back to the store for the third time to try and get rid of the mattress we don't want.

I bought another mattress off Amazon, on a super discount that kind of makes up for the $99 loss on the Mancini's mattress, but not really. Needless to say it fits the frame much better.

Upon removing the Mancini's mattress off the bed I noticed that the middle support beam is attached to the slats with only two screws out of four, and on one end the pre-drilled hole is wider than the screw so the support beam has separated from the slats. So to make the bed stable I need to purchase wood screws that fit the pre-drilled holes that look to be different sizes. The bed still has tags on it that says 10 year warranty, and maybe they would fix it. I feel so done with the shop and the sales representative that I would rather fix it myself than deal with them again. In the meantime we still have the mattress taking up space in the house to remind us of this interaction we would rather forget.

I was greeted by Kao when I first walked in....

I was greeted by Kao when I first walked in. He is very knowledgeable and have the best customer service I've ever receive from a furniture spot. He made the transaction very smooth and didn't pressure me to buy things like most furniture sales people. For that reason I will refer my family and friends here. you are right about the mattress you picked out .I don't want to get out of my bed in the morning . lol thanks kao.

My husband and I have been needing a new mattress for the longest time...

My husband and I have been needing a new mattress for the longest time. Finally, as new parents to be the time has come and we decided to do business with Mancini's Sleepworld. We visited a few different stores, but ended up back here. We picked the Berkeley location since it was very convenient for us as we are Emeryville residents. The first time we visited, we were approached by Jonathan. He asked us a few questions, then directed us to a few beds we may like. He walked away and gave my husband and I an opportunity to explore the options. We returned a few days later, and luckily Jonathan was there again. We were ready to buy, but still were not 100% on what we wanted so we spent another hour or two in the store trying different beds. Finally, we went with the Aireloom! Through it all, Jonathan was very patient and understanding with us. He let us try different pillows on different beds, and all I can really say is I felt super comfortable with him helping us choose our mattress. I appreciate the immaculate service you provided my picky husband and I :)

I do suggest you ask for Jonathan if you go to this store, he will listen to your needs.

Don't be afraid to ask questions - he will answer them! (I think we asked a million HaHa)

Bad delivery service

I bought a mattress on Monday and was told I would get it on Thursday with a call Wed. night for delivery time. that worked and I got the call and was told Thursday between 11:30 and 1:30 with a call 20 minutes before they came out. Great . They showed up at 12:45 but no call first. No big deal except they only brought the box spring. The driver made a call and said the other mattress was on a different truck and someone was gonna call me. Kevin called and was very apologetic and said he never heard of that happening before.. He said i would get bed between 2:30 and 3:30 .AT 2:30 i got a call from a young lady saying it would be here between 7:30 and 9:30. Now Im not happy.I responded They better be here because they took my old bed away and I have a bad back and cant sleep on the floor.She replied very rudely THEY WILL BE THERE IN TIME FOR YOU TO GO NIGHTY NITE.I will soon be furnishing 2 more rooms but I dont plan on shopping there again. I did get the bed around 8pm after a whole day lost waiting

Good Sleep Ahead

I stopped in the new Palo Alto store for a preliminary look and was met by Markus Voelker. I needed information and he had it all and more without a trace of pressure or pushing. When I moved from a more expensive mattress to a less expensive one, he was completely agreeable about my decision. Excellent services come with the deal. A new mattress is not an insignificant purchase and I feel completely comfortable about it with Markus guidance.

Had a great experience

Had a great experience with Ty at Mancini. Let me start off by saying I take covid very seriously and rarely go into stores. I finally had enough of the back aches and made the call that Covid has ruined enough already, it was not going to ruin my sleep. We had the pleasure of working with Ty as we embarked on the awkward task of trying out mattresses. I'd first like to call out that Ty wore a mask that fit, kept his distance, and was probably one of the most productive sales professionals I've worked with in some time. There was actually a lot of traffic in the store at the time but he was patient as I went back and forth between memory foam and old school springs. And then I went back and forth between king and queen. Ty stood by with patience and at distance and I got the sense that he understood that this is at least a 10 year commitment! Great experience overall, I highly recommend asking for Ty when you get to the store. You won't be disappointed!

Mancini's is a shoddy company with horrible customer service--please read my review

My husband and I bought a mattress (Serta Perfect Sleeper Sedgwick II Plush Pillowtop Queen) at the Mancinis in Santa Rosa back in May of 2020. While it was admittedly a strange time to buy a mattress --during a pandemic --when customers were not allowed to test out the merchandise before purchasing--we had just purchased a vacation rental and needed to furnish it ASAP and start renting it out to start recuping some of our investment. I was assured by the friendly customer service rep. that the mattress I was purchasing, sight unseen, would be a medium range soft/firm mattress and was a well regarded model and brand. The mattress arrived, it seemed to be of good quality, the house got rented and for a while there weren't any negative guest reviews. Fast forward 15 months later we started noticing it felt noticeably softer in the middle section and shortly thereafter the negative reviews started coming in. One guest actually hit the nail on the head when she stated "the mattress felt as though it had completely collapsed in the middle". Fortunately, we were taking the rental off the market for a month at which point I contacted Mancinis to discuss my concerns. The friendly cheerful salesperson said that they could send a 'third party mattress inspection company' (Integrated Bedding Group?) out to determine whether the mattress had a structural defect and if it did--they could credit some or all of the mattress. The inspector came, assessed the integrity of the mattress, and informed us that we should hear back from Mancinis in a few days. After not hearing back from Mancinis I called and left a message for the store manager, Ben, to call me back with an update. There was no return call and after calling two more times I was finally successful in getting hold of Ben when he was there and not so surprisingly, he declared that the mattress inspector determined the mattress had collapsed by 1 1/4 but not the 1 1/2 required for any kind of credit. Ben did state however, he would email the manufacturer and appeal my claim since the mattress was only 15 months old. Another week went by of playing hide and seek with Ben when I finally tracked him down and learned that he had heard back from the manufacturer who declined my appeal and that there was nothing they could --"our hands are tied!" since while their mattress was defective, it wasn't defective enough. Ben did suggest however that we could continue using the mattress another 6 months with the hopes that it would collapse by another 1/4 inch and have it reinspected again?? In an effort to take my complaint to the next level, I called the corporate offices in Livermore and attempted to reach the regional manager for the Santa Rosa office and left messages on 3 separate occasions but received no call back. I then called corp. offices again and asked to speak to the regional mgr.'s manager and left messages on two separate occasions but received no call back. I get the importance of having a system in place where a mattress' premature deterioration can be quantified but by the across the board shoddy customer service received from Mancinis I can only assume this so called 'independent analysis' is designed to keep unhappy customers at bay and is most likely anything but objective and independent. If Mancini's was a respectable company they would have at least offered me some sort of discount on a replacement mattress when the report came back showing significant deterioration on a mattress that was only just over a year old.

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