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Macys Mattress Reviews

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Macy's is one of the most respected department stores in the United States. When it comes to mattresses, customers expect name-brand and high end sleep products, and that is exactly what Macy's strives to deliver. Sadly, the way that mattresses are being sold is rapidly changing in favor of online mattress companies and Macy's mattress brands no longer provide the best value for the $. See our list of top rated alternatives or read on below to learn which Macy's mattress offering would be right for you.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 7.2/10
Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10
Price Value: 7/10
Back Support: 7.3/10
Price: $449-$17699

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Longevity: 7.2/10
Body Conformability: 7.2/10
General Support: 7.3
Softness: 7.4
No Motion Transfer: 7.1
No Odor on Delivery: 7.5
Good for Hot Sleepers: 7.4
Sex / Bounce: 7.3
Good for Heavy Folks: 7
Silence: 7.2
Warranty: 7

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Macys Specifics

Macy's is a traditional department store -- serving customers with a wide range of products from multiple manufacturers and brands. They sell products at a mark up and negotiate with brands to place their products in stores and online. When it comes to mattresses, Macy's focuses on higher end brands mainly with more selection for those with higher budgets than those that are looking for a deal.

But with that selection comes a hidden truth:

These mattresses often have much higher prices for the same materials as others.

This is because big mattress brands have to make profit, along with Macy's. They spend a lot on advertising to secure their name-brand status. Also, Macy's has countless costs like its salespeople's commissions and store operating costs. All of these expenses are baked into the price of the mattress.

What you are buying is convenience and the Macy's store experience.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands
Macy's focuses primarily on the mid-high range when it comes to mattress brands and lines. They have very high priced mattresses like Aireloom and Stearns & Foster, and those with more range, like Simmons Beautyrest, Sealy, and Serta.

We'll walk through each of the brand options so you'll know how customers feel and what to know before you make your purchase.

So here they are...

#1 BeautyrestBeautyrest is one of the most popular mid to luxury grade mattress brands due to its famous pillow top and traditional innerspring mattresses. Their devotion to advertising over the years, both on a national and local level, have led to them being a recognizable name in the industry. Their mattresses are well rated when it comes to initial feel and satisfaction. But there are some complaints about longevity -- and the mattresses not lasting as long as expected. These reports have caused some to look elsewhere -- such as online for more durable options for a more affordable price.

The pros: A variety of innerspring options with multiple firmness varieties. Good initial comfort scores.

The cons: There are some problems with lasting comfort that cause frustration for some customers.

Price Range: $1149-$11169

Final Score: 8.6 / 10

Online Only: Check Beautyrest Deals

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#2 Martha Stewart CollectionThe Martha Stewart Collection is a low-priced memory foam mattress in a box option sold through Macy's. They come with 2 layers of foam with a 2'' layer of ventilated memory foam on top. These mattresses are nothing special in terms of build, but they offer better value than some other options sold. Most customers were satisfied with the initial feel, but there may be some issues with durability long term.

The pros: Cheaper memory foam options versus competitors. More value for materials.

The cons: Problems with materials and craftsmanship is lacking.

Price Range: $299-$1099

Final Score: 8.3 / 10

#3 MacybedMacybed is a brand sold exclusively at Macy's. They sell memory foam and innerspring mattresses at a mid-grade price. However, these products may have compromised on craftmanship. Though they offer a competitive price versus alternatives, the mattress craftsmanship may not last.

The pros: Lower prices versus name-brand options.

The cons: Lower value beds with lower profile options.

Price Range: $299-$4669

Final Score: 8.2 / 10

#4 AireloomAireloom manufactures ultra-luxury mattresses that are handcrafted with luxury materials like cashmere and other all-natural materials. However, with the high prices comes a caveat, there are many that claimed after a short period of initial comfort, the mattress comfort degrade steadily. This is not what you want to see from a high end brand.

The pros: Very high end materials used in the mattresses.

The cons: Sagging and degrading is an issue with these mattresses.

Price Range: $1679-$7549

Final Score: 7.7 / 10

#5 Nature's SpaNature's Spa is a brand of natural latex mattresses that will appeal to those that like the all-natural feel of latex. Latex is bouncier and more responsive than other foams and has a unique feel that some love, but others hate. These mattresses come with latex, but also have foam options that blend the two materials. These will appeal to more customers, but isn't stricly all-natural products.

The pros: Mattresses with a focus on the latex feel.

The cons: Price is high for the materials used. Not all natural products.

Price Range: $1556-$15639

Final Score: 7.5 / 10

#6 Stearns & FosterStearns & Foster is a luxury mattress company that has been around for decades. It has always put a focus on a luxury feel with options like pillow tops and integrated boxsprings. They get good initial comfort reviews from customers, but there are many that had issues with durability and sagging issues after a short period.

The pros: High end mattresses with luxury features.

The cons: Issues with durability and sagging.

Price Range: $1259-$9748

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#7 SealySealy has a wide variety of mattresses that come in a traditional innerspring design. Their Posturepedic line is sold at Macy's with multiple options for firmness and mid-grade pricing options. Overall, they have some okay reviews from customers at first, but some have had sagging issues for their mattresses.

The pros: High end mattresses with luxury features.

The cons: Issues with durability and sagging.

Price Range: $449-$2789

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#8 SertaSerta is one of the largest mattress brands in the US. They are famous for their iComfort mattress that offers greater support for the back and spine with their zoned support systems. These mattresses feature pocketed coils and updated innerspring designs. Overall, customers have good things to say about their Serta mattresses, but there are some significant reports of durability concerns from some customers.

The pros: Mid-priced mattresses at a competitive price for the materials.

The cons: There are customers that experienced degrading comfort over a short period of time.

Price Range: $499-$2399

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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Macy's Mattress AlternativesRight now is possibly the very best time to buy a new mattress. There have been 100s of new mattress brands that have launched over the last 5 years, which means:

You can find lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Going direct to the mattress brand, rather than buying in-store or through a retailer is one of the most affordable ways to find a mattress for a higher value. If you are willing to spend a little extra time learning about the online brands and what fits for your body, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and save you from backaches.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a retailer, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

Browse Macys Reviews

Sleep well

My wife and I purchased our king size mattress and box springs from Macy's because we have had such good experiences with Macy's purchases in the past. The sales lady was so honest about the different mattresses.

So comfortable

Wonderful nights sleep again. Enjoy being able to prop myself up to read before going to sleep.

Love my new bed!

So happy that I found the bed that both my husband and I can be comfortable to sleep on! Great service from our sales lady and also delivery guys!

Is there an option for 0 stars?

Because this would be a strong candidate. How such an expensive mattress depresses so soon after purchase is beyond me. I've had several expensive mattresses and none deformed as quickly as this one. Within 6mos, it got to the point where I felt like I was sleeping on top of a camel due to the downward compression on both sides of the bed while the middle remained firm. Of course being able to flip it over might help but this is a one-sided mattress so rotation is the only option which doesn't help when both sides are depressing. Called Cust Svc after 8mos and they tried to help but mfg. warranty only kicks in at 1.5" and ours was "only" 0.75-1" They offered to refund half our money which is a waste for a mattress at this price pt. so we're debating whether to cut our losses now or wait for the bed to depress another 1/2" during which time it'll prob ruin our backs. Save your money and look elsewhere. DO NOT GO NEAR THESE MATTRESSES! It may have cost us an expensive lesson but hopefully it helps save someone else's wallet.

Lower back helped while still kind to shoulders

Addendum to previous post:

My spouse likes gel mattresses for her side sleeping while I prefer a firm mattress to support my lower back. This Hotel Gel Firm actually works for both of us. I would give the rating 5 stars if I did not need to "walk" on top of the edges and down the middle every month to get the gel back under our bodies. That does work, however, to counteract the sagging some have mentioned.

Already has pretty significant impressions

We bought this mattress in Sept 2017 and have slept on it for less than 4 months. We rotate as suggested by manufacturer and there are already significant impressions. Note -- I am only 115 pounds and my husband is 160 pounds so we are not large people. We try to sleep in the middle, but impressions sort of keep you in one place and it's hard to move around much. I know some impression is normal, but it looks weird AND more importantly this bed seems to be losing it's support already. I have back issues and this bed has not helped me. We were sleeping on an "extra firm" Beautyrest before and went with a "luxury firm" this time. Wanted support with some softness, but I'm disappointed and wake up constantly due to pain. I know the bed cannot fix my pain issues and I'm working with my doctor and PT on this, but I'd think my bed would be a haven for rest and comfort. Not so. I am not sure what we'll do next time around, but if this thing impresses to 1.5 inches in 10 years I will get a replacement mattress since it's covered in my warranty. I would not recommend this bed.


I bought this mattress back in April 2017. The experience overall was great. Ed at Somerset Mall Macy's was very helpful, and the delivery was amazing. For the first month I was in love with this mattress, but I've noticed it's starting to sag and has permant grooves where we sleep. My hips and back are starting to hurt. I'm really disappointed that its starting to sag already we haven't even owned this mattress for a year.

Grateful for smart sales associate

We thought we wanted the Ultra Firm in the Hotel Collection before we met Barbara Helfgot at the Vernon Hills store. She was very knowledgeable about the different mattresses and clearly wanted to make sure we got the one we needed and not just what we thought we needed. After asking several questions about our sleeping habits, she told us we should really consider the Firm over the the Ultra Firm.

We did not, however, heed her advice and had to pay the restocking fee after our shoulders ached on the Ultra. Never did Barbara say, "I told you so," or treat us as anything other than people she was wanted to help. I will be seeking Barbara's advice on all my future purchases, whether it a car or a coffee maker, because she is brilliant and honest.

Love This Mattress

After trying out several mattresses in the store, we felt that this was definitely the one. It is so comfortable and I don't even feel when my husband gets in and out of the bed. We upgraded to a king from our old queen and couldn't be happier! The service you get at Macy's can't be beat. Our saleslady, in the Furniture Gallery in Eatontown, Deirdre Zigarelli, was so helpful and so patient! Our deliverymen, Alex and Franklin, were outstanding. I look forward to getting a great night's sleep and waking up with no neck or back pain. My husband says he always feels like he is on vacation.

Amazingly comfortable bed

We just had this bed installed two days ago along with an adjustable base. We bought it on sale and got a really great price compared to the normal going rate of a bed like this. We expected it to be extremely firm and uncomfortable for the first month or so, because that is what we have been told to expect out of a new bed. Instead, it has been like sleeping in a luxury hotel the last two nights. To be fair, we last bought a very expensive bed 17 years ago and it was overdue to be replaced roughly 5 years ago. It held up extremely well, but it was due to be replaced. We went and compared several mattresses at several retailers and kept coming back to this bed because it was just so much more comfortable than anything else we looked at. Pricing wise, it was a good bit more but after sleeping on it the last two nights I feel like we made the right decision. We elected to switch out the Hotel Collection adjustable base that normally comes with it, for the SmartMotion 3.0 adjustable base they had in the show room. We are very satisfied with that as well and it saved us a good bit of money by making that switch. A couple of things that I noticed from this bed, is that when one of us moves on the bed it is hardly noticeable to the other. On our old bed, if one person got up in the middle of the night the whole bed moved and it may wake you up. The foam and gel in this bed makes it less noticeable. The top layer of this mattress is really nice and cushy even though it is a "firm" mattress. I am a side or stomach sleeper. My wife tends to be a side sleeper, and both of us have been happy with it. The mattress sleeps very cool even though it has foam as a top layer, which is nice because that is reportedly an issue with a lot of foam mattresses. Overall, I would say this was the best purchase we could have made when shopping around. There are a lot of similar mattresses and similar luxury type brands out there, but of all the ones we tried none of them were nearly as comfortable as this one is. In addition, it is made by Aireloom and in doing a lot of research on their mattresses they have a high reliability rating and customer approval rating so I feel confident that it will hold up over time as we expect it will for the price. I would highly recommend it. I will eventually update this review if we notice down the road that it hasn't held up, but I am very very pleased.

In Love With This Mattress Set

I am over-the-moon in love with this mattress. It is exactly the right firmness. It has fantastic motion repressor, my husband moves zealously throughout the night and this mattress absorbs the movement so now I do not wake up every time he moves...YAY! We originally bought the mattress with the 9" box and oh my it was too high for me! I called customer service the next day and got the lower platform box in one week. Macy's was gracious and accommodating throughout the entire purchase and re-selection process which includes the delivery, and pick up and re-delivery of the lower box. I could not be happier with the customer service and the mattress set. We purchased it during the Home Sale and it is worth the money!

Quality product

Haven't owned it long enough to say it is a 5 star, but, for sure this is a four star. We did not have to "air," it out like we have seen in some other mattress reviews. We needed a firm bed that did not move when one of us turned over. This is definitely one of those beds. We purchased the heavy duty rails with it as well, and are sleeping quite well.

Like Sleeping In Heaven

This mattress is firm, yet so incredibly comfortable. I no longer wake up periodically. I've been sleeping straight through the night ever since I had it delivered and I wake up totally refreshed and ready to greet the day. I was sleeping inside the mattress previously and now I'm sleeping on top of the mattress in total comfort. A good night's rest is invaluable and now I'm getting one every night. Additionally, their delivery team is top notch. Very courteous, professional, careful and clean.

Long Overdue Purchase

Needed a new mattress and when I saw this mattress from Hotel Collection and laid on it I was sold. Now at home I am enjoying the comfort and sleepless nights. The quality of workmanship and the salesman's knowledge is what sold me.

Hotel Quality Bed!

Excellent Bed! After lots of research this was the winner! Supportive yet comfortable, absorbs movement and has supportive sides that don't sag. My back pain improved overnight!

Go up a step to a better bed

I first want to say thanks to Macy's service. I first bought a Stearns & Foster. It was awful, and I returned it within a week. I then bought this bed. While better, it is still too firm for side sleepers or those like me who sleep any which way. Be sure to lie on your side when testing a bed! On this, I feel pressure points. I may have to buy an extra mattress cushion. I recommend spending more and getting a Beauty Rest.

Really Comfortable Bed

Purchased the firm Hotel bed and I am very pleased so far. Delivery was timely, the staff was courteous. My only complain is that the mattress is about 58 inches, instead of 60 as most mattresses.

Really nice mattress!

I love the classy look of this mattress and box springs in black. Since the mattress is 5 inches, the box springs makes it the perfect height with the bed frame. The mattress is firm, but really comfortable! Also, since my son sleeps on the edge of the bed, the firmness keeps him from rolling off the bed. He loves his new bed!

Very good purchase

This was a very firm and comfortable bed.

The height of the bed was just right.

The width was good also.

Great value for foam mattress set

We needed a new bed set for our teenage son who is almost 6 ft. and 180 lbs. This mattress seemed decent at a low price in the showroom. It is foam so it's thin and lighter than spring beds. Order the higher profile foundation! That said, its solid, firm and comfortable. I put a Martha Stewart topper and pad, and M.S. 100% cotton sheets on it (also on sale). So fresh and comfy. Macy's delivered on time and with a smile. Great purchase at a low price!


Unfortunately this mattress was only about 4 inches thick and of poor quality. I would not recommend it

Best purchase ever

Sales person recommended this mattress for my mom and it was a good choice

Great Mattress and Great Service

Starting with the Claudia, my sales representative and leading up to the delivery and set-up was very prompt, professional and great value. I shop other stores but ending up wit Macy's La Cantera for our second bedroom bed. Good people good service!

Terrific Bed !!!

Comfy, soft, lower profile to fit sheets well, just love this bed... especially considering what I got rid of... so very glad I made this purchase!!!

So comfortable!

We ordered this mattress in king sized and love it! We can comfortable fit our children and dog on the bed. No complaints here!

Best mattress EVER!!!

I have purchased this WONDERFUL mattress set after having a Sterns & Foster Extra Firm mattress for last 19 years. I WISH that I had bought it much sooner. It supports the back and aligns the spine when sleeping on sides or on back. My shoulder and hip pain seem to be much better. I no longer toss and turn for hours before falling asleep. My previous mattress was just a little better than sleeping on the floor. This mattress is just outstanding. It does not have any odor lingering from manufacturing process. It is about 2" higher than previous mattress, but my sheets and coverlet still fit nicely. The customer service was over the top!!! Buy with confidence and tell your friends and family what a great deal this is!

Best Ever

I have been sleeping on this bed for almost 1 month now and I absolutely love it !!

apartment mattress

Purchased this for my son...lives on the 3rd floor of an old house this was the largest mattress we could fit up the stairs... not cheap...not breaking the son is so thankful to not have an extra long twin. 12 month intrest free financing as well as free delivery.

Why did I wait so long?

Indeed, why did I wait? It's been three weeks since my new Sealy Posturepedic Lawson Plush mattress with box and frame arrived. What a difference my new bed has made! I am sleeping much, much better, and much more deeply. Best of all, my chronic hip pain has stopped! My old mattress was old and soft with almost no support. I had chronic hip pain, with occasional back pain too. Some of that is age and osteoarthritis. But the pain I had been experiencing in my right hip was more about the surrounding ligaments or something. Turning or shifting positions in the old bed was a lot of work, with a lot of insomnia with it all.

Anyway, since the new bed arrived, the chronic hip pain has disappeared --completely. Totally. I still have some stiffness in my hips and other joints due to my age. But the deep chronic all-day-long hip pain is gone, completely, honest. My occasional lower back pain has also disappeared. Most of all, my new bed is just so comfortable that I have trouble getting out of it in the's just so great. I completely endorse this Sealy mattress set and wonder why I ever waited so long to get around to buying it. BTW, I got it on sale, too.

not plush that's for sure

Back in July 2017 I slept on a brand new full size version of this mattress for three months. I loved it so much. I would wake up with no back pain. So when I had the opportunity to buy my own mattress (it was a friend's mattress I was sleeping on) I said to myself that I have to get this mattress just in a queen size. Well, not sure what's changed but it is *considerably* harder and firmer than the one I slept on for three months. And remember that full-size mattress was brand new. My friend had just ordered it for her extra guest room in which I stayed. With the mattress I purchased I toss and turn a lot more and I have the dreaded back pain. They either sent me the wrong mattress (semi-firm, firm and not the plush version) or they changed how they are manufacturing the mattress. Either way, it's not the same and not nearly as comfortable. :o( Still would recommend but only if you prefer a harder, firmer mattess. Do not expect PLUSH.

Hard as Concrete Bed!

This bed is hard as concrete. I can't sleep on it and I am sending it back. Enough Said...

Great Mattress

We bought this mattress and boxspring for a guest bedroom. It's so comfortable we are thinking of moving in.

Great Mattress

This is a great mattress. Didn't realize how bad my old mattress was until I slept on this one. My nights are no longer restless

Very Comfortable mattress

I have always purchased firm mattresses and decided to try a Plush this time...very glad I did...I bought one for myself and my guest room and am very satisfied.

Best Purchase

There were 2 types of Mattresses, the Plush and the firm. I like the firm but my husband insisted on the Plush. Plush is less firm but I don't regret getting the plush because it also has the firmness that I've been looking for a mattress. A good buy.

Great Quality

Amazing, I love it great over all, Definitely A+ Perfect in every way feels great

Pleased with purchase

I am now getting a good nights sleep and so is my husband. We’re not experiencing body aches when we get up in the mornings

Best!! Wonderful mattress set

Comfortable ! We purchased then luxury firm pillowtop! Highly recommend this mattress set. So soft, yet firm. Great quality! The salesman at Macy's recommended this set & fully informed us of all the details of the construction of the mattress.. Love it! Finally getting a good night of sleep.

Love it!

My partner and I got this mattress - he's a back sleeper, and I'm a side sleeper, and it's working out pretty well so far. The firmness helps him, and the pillow top helps me. I don't know how we lasted with our old horrible mattress for so long. We love it!

Worth the wait

We had waited a while to get a new bed and were glad we waited! We got this wonderful mattress on sale and free delivery! The bed is very comfortable and firm. Everyone, from the salesperson to the delivery men were prompt and courteous. This is why we always get our mattresses from Macy's.

great mattress

Very pleased with purchase, delivery and set up.. worth the price as also with Macy's

Like a cloud

Love it !! The mattress is firm but the pillow top makes it so cozy.

Best night sleep!

Love this mattress! We have one in our master bedroom and didn’t think twice about getting one in our guest room.

Soooo Comfy!!

The new mattress was comfortable right out of the box. Just the right firmness too. Great sale. Love Beautyrest. Our last one lasted 23 years!! Hope this one will too.

Love it!!


Such a comfortable mattress! We went with the king size and couldn't be happier!

Just right!

This is the best mattress I have had! It is the best of both worlds, firm but the pillow top gives some cushiness.

Very Nice!

Find this Beautyrest Silver mattress to be very comfortable for me. I put this on the Serta adjustable base and love this combination. Macys has excellent customer service and delivery!

Best Mattress for the price*********

Loved this mattress. Best quality mattresses. I bought it when it went on sale. It's a best purchase I made.

In general having macy's account is an asset. It makes me possible to buy best quality product at the affordable price. I love macy's!!

Excellent product

Bed is comfortable and of good quality. Delivery was on-time and courteous. No issues whatsoever.

Great mattress!

Great mattress! The purchase process was positive, the sales person was not high pressure. The delivery was neat and efficient. I do wish I had more input in the scheduling of the delivery, but overall I am very pleased with my mattress buying experience.

Sooooooo Nice

Love our new bed. We upgraded our purchase to the pillow top and so glad we did. We purchased the box springs and bed frame also. The delivery was so smooth and they set the entire bed up for us. Thank you Macys!

Best Mattress Ever!

I own a pillow top plush Queen by Beautyrest and wanted something larger with a bit more support for the BF and I- did a lot of research - I loved the Westin pillow top heavenly bed and remember how comfortable yet supportive it was - I wanted something similar-

The big problem we had was not enough space and waking each other up at night when rolling over or getting out of bed- with this luxury firm pillow top- we both sleep soundly throughout the night- rolling over or getting up to use the bathroom no longer wakes the other person in the bed up- as soon as I lay in this bed I am out- best sleep we've had in years- maybe ever! My Queen plush pillow top was just too soft - this one is so supportive yet not rock hard like a firm- I used to sleep with a pillow under my leg and have found that I no longer need it - there's so much room, comfort and support- this is the best bed i have ever slept in! Got it at such a deal in January - We truly love this bed- I ended up ordering one for my mom too! Note: when you go to the store - one side is pillow top plush and the other is pillow top luxury firm - even if you like plush- ago with the luxury firm pillow top- its way more supportive yet still comfy! Happy Sleeping!

Love matress

We are really happy with our new mattress. It is super comfortable. The only thing I wished is the delivery men would have worn shoe covers when they came into my home.

Great Mattress

This is a great mattress. My sleeping has improved greatly since I purchased it. I would recommend it for anyone who likes a firm mattress with a plush top.

I can sleep soundly now!

So comfortable! I can barely feel my husband move.

Very Comfortable, Too High

This mattress is very comfortable, yet it is too high for someone who is 5'5" feet tall We purchased this mattress along with the Avondale bedroom furniture, so if you are tall and buying these two products at the same time, you'll be safe!

Not all that

I spent a long time looking for the right mattress, after reading the description and the reviews of this mattress I decided to get it. Well I did not noticed such a big difference from my old cheap mattress in the box that I was using temporarily. This mattress is somewhat firm, and provide some support but my husband is heavier than me so his side sinks at night I roll to him, that’s something I hate and wanted to avoid. The worst for me is that this mattress does have a chemical smell. I have been using it for 2 weeks the smell is still strong and does not seems to be getting any better. I am pregnant therefore that smell is not pleasant to me at all.

I would not recommend this mattress if you are looking for mattress solutions but if you want in decent want and in the budget I think it’s ok for the sale price, never pay the full price I think you might regret it.

Perfect for back/ side sleepers

The combination of the plush top with the firm mattress is perfect for combo sleepers. It's pretty high so if you need under bed storage, go with the shorter box spring

Our new mattress

This mattress is very comfortable, It's firm enough yet comfortable plus we bought the upgraded mattress frame and bed does not move. If my husband is moving around I do not feel it on my side of the bed. A real plus. Great for the money.

Best feel in a mattress

We are feeling very good when choose this Beautyrest Silver Golden Gate with pillowtop, firm and soft at the same time, very comfortable.

Fabulous Mattress Set!

This is a great mattress set, for a great price! And the White Glove Delivery was exceptional. Highly recommend!

Very comfortable!

This pillowtop matress is very comfortable. We chose the firm pillowtop because it does not feel like you will fall from the matress due to the firmness. It is still very soft and comfortable!

BeautyRest is the BEST!!

Most comfortable mattress ever!! Set up and delivery seamless, highly recommend this mattress, you will not be disappointed!

Very comfortable mattress

The sales personnel at the store were excellent, and followed up after delivery to insure satisfaction. Great mattress with 4" thick support - very comfortable. Received about a month ago. It is a very nice bed. The standard white glove delivery to my upstairs bedroom was perfectly performed.

Great sleep

This mattress is firm enough but yet soft too with the pillowtop. I was having back problems and not able to sleep. The new mattress help solve the problem.

Good Sleep!

Mattress sleeps wonderfully! Delivery was perfect and salesman was so helpful. Good decision!!

Great Choice

I purchased this mattress online based on reviews and it does not disappoint. It is very comfortable

Awesome Mattress!!

Best mattress I have ever bought. I almost did not want to get out of bed, it was so comfortable. Great price on sale at Macy's.

One of the best mattresses

The mattress is what we were expecting. Very confortable and afordable.

Excellent choice

I purchased this mattress online without trying it out and it is amazing! Perfectly comfortable—not too hard and not too soft. Excellent choice!

Best mattress I've ever had. I'm blown away!!

We are in love with this mattress set. I can stay in bed longer without those aches and pains. My sleep can't get any better! What a great find!!

Perfect for my son!

Bought this mattress for my 14 yr old son. It's exactly how he likes his bed - Firm but Soft.

Warranty Defects and Terrible Return Process

Purchased a Stearns & Foster in Feb 2019. Forget the fact that had terrible issues with delivery, less than a month with the mattress and it started to sag to the point we both experienced significant pain. Macy's sent out the warranty person who declared the mattress a "lemon." Macy's fought hard to get us to do a swap, but we wanted our money back in order to purchase something not sold at Macy's. After being on the phone for an hour and a half we were finally told we would receive a refund for the total amount. The mattress and boxspring were picked up and today I discovered they only refunded us for the mattress and not the boxspring. I was on the phone with the mattress department for over an hour and spoke to three people before they were able to recognize the problem and even still the rep ended the call by saying she would "do research" to see "if" she can fix the problem. There is no IF about this, there is no way we should owe any money for this bed. Not only have I lost hours of time fighting with Macy's over the refund, but I have medical bills for the physical therapy required to correct the damage the faulty bed did to my back.

4 defective mattresses in a year

Purchased a mattress from Macys in February 2019. Since them they have exchanged 3, so on my 4th. The 4th is defective. And due to a small stain from a spill they will not honor the warranty or discount the price. Seems mattresses are heavily damaged in storage and/or delivery and they do nothing about it. Took relentless calls to find someone in upper management that would even talk to me. Beware, don’t make the mistake I did by trusting them.

Dont' buy from macy's.

i bough a Simmons Beauty Rest from Macys. Had problems four years into 10 year warranty. It was very difficult to submit the claim. The claim was denied as being ordinary wear and tear not covered by warranty. I will buy different brand from different store.


DO NOT buy any furniture or bedding from macy's ever...i have had nothing but issues and to reach a live person is virtually impossible , mattress have been defective and the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing and you cannot reach anyone at a store. Go to a mattress store to buy.

Sagging in less than 30 days

Will not let these guys that deliver come into the house when we replace our mattress. No 'White' Glove' service. Came in opened the mattress up, took off old mattress and threw new matress down and took old matress out. No shoe protection on our carpets or floors. They just left.

William Castle is worst salesman in Macy's Crossgates Mall.

Would NOY ever buy from this matress store again! What a nightmare! Took a month to get our new matress and deleivery was horrible!

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