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Luxi Mattress Reviews

Luxi revolutionized the mattress-in-a-box industry by offering a customizable 3-in-1 mattress that can be adjusted at home. How does it work? Each of the adjustable mattress layers are interchangeable for either side of the bed giving both sleepers exactly the firmness that is right for them. Adding a new budget non-adjustable foam mattress to their lineup, Luxi is definitely a brand to look at!

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9/10

Price Value: 8.8/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: $849-$1274

Trial Period: 1,000 Days

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Luxi's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Luxi offers two mattresses, their ultra-popular Luxi Adjustable Mattress and The Luxi One Mattress. We'll go through each in detail.

The Luxi Adjustable Bed is made of memory foam and have interchangeable layers that can be swapped to achieve better individual support and comfort. Here's what's inside:

Layer 1: The cover is quilted and lined with memory foam for an added plush feel on the surface of the mattress.

Layer 2: 1.5'' of perforated latex foam that allows for airflow and provides a good amount of resistance and bounce.

Layer 3: 1'' of memory foam that provides additional pressure point relief.

Layer 4: 3.5'' of memory foam 'support balancing technology' -- this is an array of flat-topped, mushroom-shaped memory foam providing further transition and spinal alignment.

Layer 5: 3.5'' of base support foam that gives the bed shape and lasting support.

The Luxi One Mattress is a budget option that doesn't have the same customization options, but has many of the same material benefits as the Luxi Adjustable Mattress. Here's what's inside:

Layer 1: Everything starts with the super breathable top fabric that dissolves heat.

Layer 2: A layer of the latex SBT technology that provides greater airflow and bouncy softness.

Layer 3: An open-cell foam layer that provides lasting support for the sleeper.

Overall Comfort

Most folks like their Luxi mattress and congregate to the medium firmness arrangement. Some complain that all three arrangements are too firm for what they are looking for so if you are a soft lover, you may want to look elsewhere.


Luxi's Adjustable Mattress means it has three firmnesses in one, but it edges towards medium-firm overall. The Luxi One mattress edges toward medium firmness.

Based on the firmness rating of the medium arrangement of the Adjustable Mattress and the medium-firmness score of the Luxi One, it should relieve back pain symptoms for back and stomach sleepers. Some smaller side sleepers may find it too firm for them.


This bed should sleep coolest in the soft and the medium firm arrangements. The firm arrangement may not sleep as cool because there is less airflow on the base foam layer. The Luxi One should also sleep cool for most sleepers.

Who Is It Good For?

Those that are tired of trying to find the perfect mattress, don't want a soft mattress, and are not excessively warm sleepers should do great with these mattresses -- with a competitive trial period, this mattress is worth a look!

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These guys really know their stuff.

My wife and I have been putting off buying a new mattress for years. We finally gave in and absolutely loving this mattress. I spoke customer service before purchasing and they were very knowledgeable and great to talk to. If your looking for a new mattress, I say go for it!

Loving our new Luxi.

We slept a week on medium, and a week on soft. Boyfriend likes soft and I prefer medium. It's so easy to switch! We had a sleep number before and while that's adjustable, it doesn't give the support on the softer setting like the Luxi does or the flexibility on the firmer settings. We love it!! #LuxiSleep #SleepyStory

Adjusting is easy

We've been sleeping on our King Luxi for a little over 3 weeks now and are very pleased with our bed. Adjusting the firmness is super easy, I like the medium firmness and my wife likes the soft. We are sleeping better than with our old mattress and waking a with no soreness.

This is a FIRM mattress, not soft.

I'm 139lbs, skinny, flexible, not muscle-y. Side sleeper. It's probably best to read reviews based on the body type of the reviewer. The Luxi offers FIRM, FIRMER, and FIRMEST – it is NOT soft. I bought this mattress based on its adjustability and reviews on Sleep Sherpa. I have loose ligaments and wake with my bones in one pile and all my soft tissue in another puddle. I wanted something that was firmly supportive underneath but with some sinkability for my hips and shoulders. On the 'soft' side, there is zero sinkability around my shoulders. Maybe a tiny bit at my hips. The edge support means there is a firm ledge in the middle of the kingsize bed with the medium and soft on together. I dread having to undo everything to flip the medium to soft because there’s so much to undo: I have Bed Bands clipped under the mattress to hold my mattress protector taut and Comfi-Snug drawstring sheets (these are great; Amazon; they keep most wrinkles out). I will have to add some kind of 2-3'' thick topper. Not satisfied with this mattress. It sounded more versatile and they should not use the word soft. I figured with ''9 mattresses in 1'' something should work. But their ''soft'' is the only option and… it's firm. Also, I don’t know how any regular sheets would work on this mattress without leaving a pile of wrinkles in the middle after sleeping on it because it is only 10'' thick and sheets seem made for 18'' thick mattresses these days.

A great decision, because we could customize our bed to what we wanted/needed.

Where do I start? We were searching high and low and reading all sorts of different direct to consumer mattress manufacturers websites. They all had such great things to offer, but we didn't know what kind of bed we wanted or what firmness. So we decided to go with the Luxi! My wife and I both started at different firmness settings, and changed them every few days until we decided what was the most comfortable, we both decided that we loved the soft configuration of the mattress. We have never slept better on our bed! It truly is an amazing feeling to wake up refreshed and renewed after a good long night sleep every single morning.

From the first night we were hooked!

My wife and I recently moved into a new house with our son, and along with the move came a new King Mattress from Luxi. The delivery was fast, setup was even faster, and from the first night we were hooked! The materials are soft and luxurious, and the support at the "medium" firmness is just right for both of us. Moving is stressful, but falling asleep and staying asleep should not be. With our new bed, we love how quickly we fall asleep, and how rested we are in the morning. We're very happy with our purchase, which was extremely affordable I should add!

Sleep changer!

All my adult life I have felt that a firm mattress was best for a body and convinced myself that I preferred that. When my wonderful Luxi mattress arrived (initially set at medium), I decided to try an even softer sleep. It was so easy to unzip the cover and flip the mattress to the softer setting. What a difference that made in my sleep!! Love my Luxi!

Everyone likes our new Luxi mattress!

We tried a couple other online mattress companies before the Luxi but you can't beat the way you can customize the Luxi to make sure you get your best sleep!

Luxi has been one of my best purchases ever.

The wife and I received this King size Luxi mattress on May 24, 2016 as promised. Removing it from the box and set up was a breeze. Since then it's been cool, sound and pain free sleep! We played around with different firmness (also easy peasy) and decided we both like the soft even though you have the option for separate firmness.

#Mattressearch2016 has come to rest!

Tried a couple other mattresses that didn't work for one or both of us. Luxi wins! Not only bringing together the dream of comfort and support, but also bringing us together on what mattress to keep!

I love my Luxi!

I've had my Luxi mattress for about 2 months now and I fall asleep easier and no longer wake up feeling sweaty and stiff in the morning. Thanks to Luxi's SBT layer I've finally found a mattress that perfectly supports my back all while keeping me cool at night. Plus I can change the levels of support whenever I feel like it.

No more Grand Canyon!

We had a sleep number queen mattress for ages and kept having problems with the foam at the edges and between the two bladders crushing down and making huge hollows to fall into during the night - a big problem for two side sleepers. But while the Luxi queen mattress does have two different sides - we use soft on one and firm on the other, so easy to change around - it doesn't have a different density foam hole in the middle or at the edges_ so no more Grand Canyon sleeping and leaping for us!!!!


I had several different brands over the years, one of those from the mountains, that has an air pump and those with the springs. Nothing compares to the Luxi! I was having my son's birthday party the day it was delivered and set it up right away. Slept on it that night after being very busy and on my feet for 12 or 15 hours and slept like a baby. Tried switching one side to the soft side and realized my body prefers the medium. I just wish there was a little "cheat sheet" in the box to show you how to make the adjustments. Other than that, GREAT!!!!

The final decision came when my wife tried it.

Once I had the Luxi in place, my first night was a bit rough sure to the fact I didn't adjust the firmness. Once adjusted, it felt great and I suspected it would be "the one". We laid down to watch some Netflix and after about 15 minutes I asked her if she liked it and got no response. When I looked over at her to try and get an answer, she was already fast asleep and well on her way to dream land. Needless to say we are very happy with our Luxi mattress!

So far the default has been the best foam mattress I have tried.

Still in the process of buying furniture for the new place but the #LuxiSleep mattress is the first and favourite addition to my new room. Looking forward to trying out the different configurations (soft, med, firm).

Shipping was quick and unpacking was a very easy task.

We slept on it for a couple weeks as instructed and then decided to try flipping the foam to fine tune it to our liking. This mattress design is quite brilliant, we love it and will absolutely recommend your mattress to our friends and clients. I was a bit weary to order a mattress online but this was a piece of cake and it’s here to stay.

The best mattress iv have ever purchased

I love it!!!

I have researched them all.

Softest "Mattress in a Box" by far...

I've tried many mattresses and I really like Luxi.

You can customize the mattress every night if you don't like how you slept the night before. You can get your money back after 2.5 years if you don't like it. I've slept on my Luxi for 3 months and am finally getting great sleep after 7 years of bad sleep. I'm not a sales guy. I'm just glad I found a mattress that helps me get a full night's rest and I'm OK with paying ~$900 for that priceless sleep. Maybe call and ask for a coupon if you think it's too expensive. Sometimes companies have promotions or sales.

My new Luxi is hands down the best mattress I've ever had.

I love that its fully customizable and I can change the firmness anytime I want.. loving this mattress.. thanks Luxi!

I've never slept more soundly on a mattress than my new LUXI.

Ordering was a breeze, and customer service was superb. I recommend to all my friends that keep falling asleep on it when they come over to hang out.

We have had the mattress for two weeks now and are absolutely thrilled with it!!!

I am very pleased with the Luxi technology, customer service and pricing.

Soooo comfy

My husband and I have been taking turns sleeping on the new full size Luxi mattress. I wanted to first try it out on the smaller guest room bed before considering and saving up for a king bed. As you can see the mattress is soooooo comfy, but we are use to having our own king size space that we are taking nightly turns. Ha, we are crazy. We are in love with this mattress. Thanks for a rare great product!

Innovative & Creative

We've had our new Luxi mattress for a little over a week now. It's been pretty good sleeping with medium firm but I'm going to try firm for me and soft for my husband. I did a lot of research on the mattress before I decided to give it a try on Luxi. I just loved the idea of being able to have our own setting and that was the very reason I chose Luxi due to our different preferences. How innovative and creative this is! We'll play with different setting until we find our ultimate comfort!

No more pain!

I was in a car wreck and hadn't been able to get good sleep in years. This mattress has really changed my life. Sleep isn't painful anymore. I have uninterrupted sleep and my family is so much happier with me!

A substantial improvement

The ordering process was super easy and we received our bed a week after we ordered it. The "standard" medium setting is the perfect feel for both of us, even though my husband prefers a firm and I prefer a soft bed. He has been struggling with chronic back pain for a few years, and although it hasn't solved his back problems, he's experienced a substantial improvement with the help of this new mattress. Every aspect of the bed seems to be well made, from the removable cover to each of the different internal layers. Our toddler loves it too, and has started sneaking into our bedroom since we got our Luxi! :)

Lovin' the Luxi

Plenty of room for 3 more! If you are looking for a new mattress...we are kinda in love with this one!

This is where the soft-side magic happens

This is where the soft-side magic happens, where hundreds of tiny foam minions sink, balance, and support in response to our every movement. Thank you, Luxi, for making it possible for a couple of bony lightweights to sleep comfortably on our sides.

Has been a dream so far

So it has been over two weeks on our new Luxi mattress and I'm happy to report it has been a dream so far. Both my wife and I have kept the mattress configured in the factory medium setting and we are loving it. The only complaint I have about my new bed is that I'm sleeping so deeply that getting out of bed in the morning is very very difficult! Haha.

Liking it

This is a good mattress if anyone is in the market for one. 1000 night sleep guarantee.

We couldn't be happier

After 10 years, we knew it was time for a new mattress and so began our extensive research. Torn between a couple different mattresses, the split customizable design of Luxi won out! After 2 weeks on this mattress we couldn't be happier with it. If you're in the market for a new mattress I would highly recommend the Luxi!!

Loving our new Luxi mattress!!

Loving our new Luxi mattress!! Best night sleep we've had in a long time!

After doing some research we found Luxi.

I was immediately attracted by the fact that the firmness is adjustable for each side individually. We are a couple of weeks in and couldn't be happier with spending half as much as we would with another company

Love my Luxi mattress.

It's customizable to soft, medium, or firm on each side. My last memory foam mattress was slumping and causing back pain. I now sleep great with support on my Luxi.

A totally awesome mattress!

"A couple wks ago, I got a new mattress. I got to order online, and it arrived in a 2x4 ft cardboard box. (YESSSSSS!) The kids (and their big, strong muscles) helped me rearrange rooms by moving a queen mattress AND a king mattress to different places, so we could get this king mattress onto my bedframe. They helped with that too. Then we cut off the plastic, and it just "puffed out" into a totally awesome mattress!!.......And it so comfortable!! My little helpers love it too."

Our favorite part of the Luxi is that it is a mattress with options.

We've experimented with all of the different firmness options and we like the medium best. We need a good night sleep each night so that we can wake up with enough energy to keep up with our 4 kiddos and Luxi is fitting the bill. Overall we are very pleased.

The Luxi mattress has made my uncomfortable nights into very comfortable nights.

Being very active every day puts a strain on my muscles and bones. When I come home after work or physical fitness, the Luxi is the solution to take off all the stress put on my body and everything feels perfect. Getting sleep is required not optional in order to function. I truly feel that I made the right choice with Luxi and have already recommended it to a few friends :)!!

Couldn't be happier!

We had dealt with mattress toppers and whatnot for a while, trying to ease our aching backs and bodies, and finally decided to take the plunge for a new mattress. We did a good amount a research before happening upon Luxi, and couldn't be happier! We love the fact we can choose our own level of comfort per side, and both of us feel rested in the morning.

It's just all around a quality product.

My wife and I had slept on a cheap memory foam and a poor, sagging, innerspring mattress ever since we got married. She was always falling into a "hole" in the middle, and I would wake up every morning with back pain. After extensive research, we settled on Luxi. The mattress seemed so unique; and even though it was a newer company, I felt that the generous trial period and 1000 day pledge took most of the risk out of purchasing a mattress online. Let me just say, I'm 100% glad we chose Luxi! After just the first night, I woke up with no back pain whatsoever. It was like sleeping on a clou, and the support was great! My wife took a couple weeks to fully adjust; but she loves it now too. We've had the Luxi for a couple months now.

Loving our new Luxi bed!

Definitely made a good choice going with Luxi over a more expensive mattress! #LuxiSleep #SleepyStory

Thoroughly enjoying it!

Last June we got our first pet, an 8 week old German Shepherd puppy. She began sleeping with us at around 6 months when she was still smallish. That little puppy became an 85 pound teenager and we quickly realized our full wasn't enough. Luckily, we found your beds and loved the idea of a his/her firmness adjustable bed, and the price was in our budget. We have had the bed a few months and are thoroughly enjoying it, or should I say Arya is enjoying it and we are asking for her to let us sleep on it.

It's Great

Our bed is still new so far its great so great our dog does not what to leave it. She has her own memory foam mattress for her bed.

I have loved this bed since the moment I first slept on it.

Best sleep I've ever had, and I had a $6,000 mattress at one time . I purchased this after a recommendation from a friend.

Loving my new Luxi.

Tried air beds and other memory foam beds, but this is the best yet. Love that I can change up the firmness if needed. Thanks again Luxi

We both now sleep through the night and wake up without aches!

We struggled with sleeping through the night on our 8 yr old mattress. Aleve and chiropractors were on our weekly schedule. We took a chance on Luxi after finding them online.

I absolutely love my Luxi mattress!

I had another air bed for many years. But I the last few years was waking up in pain and not getting a good night sleep. Every since sleeping on the Luxi mattress, I have had great deep sleep every night. I have recommended my mattress to others. Even my kids love laying on my bed.

Back pain is now a thing of the past!

We have been sleeping great with our Luxi mattress!

We bought our mattress back in June and absolutely love it!!!

It is so nice to have adjustable sides since we both have very different preferences. It makes going to work much harder not wanting to get out of the bed. Thanks Luxi sleep!!

Thank you, Luxi!"

"We have searched for years for a comfortable bed. Because our Luxi queen is split, we can each choose the degree of firmness that is comfortable for us--amazing!

The minute I found Luxi's website I was sold

I did a lot of comparison shopping and nothing matches what Luxi has to offer.We have had our mattress for a few months now and couldn't be happier with our purchase.ÊThe comfort and luxury of it was beyond compare! We love being able to change the firmness on it. Ourpreference isÊthe firm setting in the summer and planning on switching to medium in the winter.

We have strongly recommended the Luxi to our friends.

After doing considerable research into mattresses, we decided to go with the Luxi based on the great reviews, the mattress construction, and the ability to adjust the firmness of the mattress. Once we ordered the mattress with the help of a very friendly and helpful customer service rep, we received it within 2 weeks and the setup was easy. We have been sleeping on our Luxi King mattress a little over a month and it has been GREAT! It is so comfortable and cool. And being able to adjust the firmness is a great feature. I am still experimenting with my side of the bed finding both the soft and medium setups very comfortable but not sure which is my favorite yet. My wife has settled on the medium setup. Having that flexibility is a real bonus to this mattress, especially when you have 2 people with different preferences.

We have had our Luxi mattress for almost 6 months and we love it.

I was skeptical at first not only buying a mattress online but also changing to a foam mattress because we thought it might be too hot. Turns out this is one of the best decisions we have made. So comfy and relaxing we would for sure do it again.

I AM loving the ability to try out different firmness configurations!

It took about a month for us to adjust and I'm still on the fence as to whether this is a perfect mattress for us but I AM loving the ability to try out different firmness configurations. He thought he'd need firm but it turns out he does best on soft. I thought I'd need soft but I do best on medium. And I love that you can't feel the split in the middle of the mattress. So far it's been a pretty good solution for us. Hoping to see our sleep improve even more as our bodies fully adjust.

I have to say that this is by far the best mattress I've ever had.

At first I was nervous taking a chance on an internet mattress, but since getting it my #luxisleep has been fantastic. I've also been sharing my #sleepstory with friends, some of whom have also purchased and loved them.

Adjustability is wonderfu!

We've had our Luxi for a couple of months now and love it. The adjustability is wonderful, we both sleep wonderful without having to compromise. Hip pain went away the first night! Great info from the online folks too...Thanks Luxi!

Not only do both my wife and I love our Luxi but we love the fact that it is made in the USA!

My wife loves the medium setting while I prefer the soft setting. I am mainly a side sleep while she switches between her back and side. Thumbs up!!

Very happy with our Luxi!

I was a little leary about ordering a mattress online and not trying it out first. But, we read some of the reviews and everybody liked the mattress they received. I have a full size antique bed that I did not want to get rid of so we got a full size mattress that does not have the split in the middle. But for the first few night we were getting used to the mattress we found that we were sleeping better and not tossing and turning. Also, we noticed are lower backs did not hurt as much. We have been very happy with our Luxi and our weim,Trinity,loves getting on the bed also in the morning and stretching out on it. I would recommend it to anybody that needs a mattress rather it be a full to king size. Thanks you Luxi!

We have been enjoying our king sized Luxi mattress for over three months.

I was reluctant to try a foam mattress as my previous experiences were memory foam toppers that were sweltering hot or bricks of foam. My favorite sleep environment was a down topped feather bed, but my husband preferred a much firmer sleep surface. The Luxi has been perfect for us since I can use the soft layer and he uses the medium firm layer. If I roll onto his side, I can feel the difference in firmness, however there is not a ridge or anything uncomfortable in the middle. The no risk guarantee led us to try this mattress and I am so glad we did as I no longer toss and turn looking for the most comfortable position. Even our goldie loves this bed!

Thanks for a super product!

Our thanks to you: We are so pleased with the comfort of our new Luxi mattress! It has made sleeping much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Love it

We all love our Luxi mattress!

I'm really glad that I did my homework and found your company_

The fact that from the very first night on my Luxi I could tell that my purchase would be rewarded. I awoke the first morning without a head/neck ache. I have been bothered for years with severe neck and head aches after a fall off a loading dock at a lumber yard where I worked. I stepped backward off the dock thinking that I'd still be on a hard surface. I quickly discovered that I couldn't fly. I landed on my right shoulder and neck and have suffered on and off for years, especially after a night's sleep. Well, no more, the Luxi supports me perfectly. I'm glad that I had it set up for me before it let your factory. Thanks for a great night's sleep.

So Good!

We had recently moved into a new place and our Luxi had just arrived and I couldn't wait to unbox it ... even though the plastic hadn't even been completely removed, I decided to try the mattress out and almost immediately fell asleep - no sheets, no pillows, and had a great nap. It's been a great mattress ever since.

Without a doubt the best investment I ever made!

I had an old mattress which was causing me a lot of back pain and pinching a nerve in my neck. After months of bad sleep... I decided to purchase the Luxi mattress. My back pain and my numbness in my fingers went away from the pinched nerve. Thanks again for this superb bed and giving me the best sleep ever :))

The most comfortable mattress I've ever had

This was my first time purchasing a mattress. I didn't know what to expect when ordering it. It was very easy to setup and use. This was my first non spring mattress. It is definitely more comfortable than my old mattress. I was originally worried about the price. It was more affordable than other mattresses I saw. I thought it might be a cheap product, but it was the most comfortable mattress I've ever had.

You can't go wrong

Just finishing up our 1-2 week "medium firmness" period. Wife = fully satisfied with the bed and sleep improvement. I think I'm going to flip to the softer side. With a 1,000 night guarantee, you cant go wrong!

I am so happy with this purchase and I would purchase again.

When purchasing a new mattress, I knew that I wanted it to be memory foam. I had actually tried out a couple of its competitors in the online mattress arena and I was so happy when I found Luxi. Their concept with being able to adjust the firmness in the bed is exactly what I was looking for. The night it came, I took it out of the box and slept amazingly well!

This mattress is worth it.

A great value at the right price. I was a little nervous to try it but with a 1000 night pledge, I decided to give it a try. Needless to say I will be keeping this mattress.

Sleeping well

I won the Luxi mattress during the #mattressmondays promotion. We have slept on it all summer and we're really happy with it! We've tried it on all the settings and we've both decided we like the soft. After a few weeks my aches and pains went away. We just showed it to a friend and she's buying one too.

Beware of Luxi Mattress

I strongly advise not doing business with Luxi Sleep. In September 2020 I purchased 2 twin XL mattresses from them and found them to be uncomfortable. Both my wife and I experienced shoulder, back and hip pain that woke us up during the night. We tried various configurations of the mattress without getting any relief. I contacted Luxi’s customer service representative to request a refund. After a long conversation he agreed to refund my purchase after I donated the mattresses to a non-profit organization. I donated the mattresses to Vietnam Veterans of America and provided a copy of the donation receipt and other items requested by Luxi Sleep. After several weeks of not hearing from Luxi Sleep I called and emailed several requests for a status update. Luxi never responded to any of these. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Luxi did not respond to them. The BBB has Luxi Sleep rated as “F”. Beware of doing business with Luxi. They do not honor their 100 night guarantee nor will they respond to your messages.

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