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Lull Mattress Reviews


+1.4x love it

+1.4x back pain relief

+/- firmness

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 100 Overall

Top 50 Foam Mattress


Summer 2024 Updates: Over the years, Lull has expanded its offering to include 3 competitive mattresses. Recent reviewers mention mostly comfy mattresses with some disagreements about firmness.

Lull offers 3 mattresses that are making a splash in the customer review and mattress blogosphere. Some of the differentiators of the Lull mattresses are their prioprietary blend of memory and poly foams, which work together to cradle the spine and relieve pressure point pain. Overall, customers mostly have good things to say. Those with negative feedback mostly mentioned firmness issues.


+1.4x love it
+1.4x back pain relief
+/- firmness

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 100 Overall
Top 50 Foam Mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.9/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.8/10

Price: $799-$2299

Trial Period: 365 Nights

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Lull's Specifics

Lull has grown over the years. Starting with one foam memory foam mattress in a box, they have transformed into a well-known online mattress brand with three mattresses. With popular influencer marketing campaigns, Lull's customer feedback has mostly been very good. Exceptions mostly mention issues with firmness and perceived quality for the price.

Quality of Materials

One of Lull's primary benefits is the blend of foam layers they use in their mattresses. Their Original mattress is devoted to a three layer design with the added bonus of a proprietary high resilience foam.

Lull's first mattress is their original, three layer foam design which is well-balanced and medium-firm. Here are the details of what's inside the 10" Original Lull Mattress:

Layer 1: The cover is made of moisture wicking and soft polyester and rayon for stretch, smooth-to-the-touch softness, and cooling.

Layer 2: 1.5'' gel-infused memory foam layer relieves pressure points, contours around the body, and also keeps things cool by transferring heat away from the body.

Layer 3: 1.5'' proprietary high-resilience transition foam provides a bouncier response similar to latex that keeps the spine aligned and allows the back to properly relax.

Layer 4: 7'' base support layer gives the bed shape and foundational support, while further supporting the spine and having durability without being hard as a rock.

Next, Lull's Premium mattress features a thicker 12" design with a softer quilted top layer. Here are the details of what's inside the Original Premium Mattress:

Layer 1: It all starts with the quilted memory foam cover, which features open-cell memory foam quilted directly into the cover. This layer provides extra pillowy pressure relief.

Layer 2: The first primary comfort layer is 2" of cooling-gel bead infused memory foam. These cooling beads diffuse heat away from the body and the contouring of memory foam cushions the hips and shoulders.

Layer 3: 2" of Lull's proprietary high resilience foam is supportive and responsive with a balanced feel.

Layer 4: 7" of base support foam that is high density for a firm support that helps keeps the back aligned.

Lastly, Lull's Luxe Hybrid offers the addition of pocketed coils for a more relaxed support and less partner disturbance. Here are the details of what's inside the 13" Luxe Hybrid Mattress:

Layer 1: Similar to the Premium mattress, the Luxe features open-cell memory foam quilted into the cover. This breathable layer offers a fluffy feel on the top layer for extra plush comfort.

Layer 2: The cooling comfort layer is 2" of cooling gel bead infused memory foam. It contours to the body and provides a soft, pressure-relieving feel.

Layer 3: Another layer of high-resilience fast response foam gently transitions so sleepers above have plenty of range of motion.

Layer 4: The last layer is an edge-reinforced pocketed coil system. Each coil independently reacts to the body for less pressure point pain.

Overall Comfort

Lull's three mattresses get good initial reports from customers. With their esssential foams in the top layers, most experience comfort, but some found their mattresses to be firmer than expected. If you have a smaller body type and are a side sleeper, you may do better with softer mattresses.


The Lull mattresses are rated medium-firm and should work best for those that are back sleepers, stomach sleepers, or bigger side sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

There are several reviews that claim that these mattresses have relieved back discomfort. Because they are medium firm, they will work best for average-sized back and stomach sleepers.


With the enhancements of the gel bead infused foams, these mattresses should sleep cool for most sleepers. Some very warm sleepers may experience some heat retention on the top layers.

Who Are Lull Mattresses Good For?

These mattresses are good options for anyone that is looking for standard, medium firm mattresses -- best for medium-sized back and stomach sleepers.

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Love my Lull

I was hesitant to purchase Lull, due to the fact of not having access to trying it before buying. However, purchasing Lull was easily the best decision. I find myself sleeping much better each night. The bed is so comfortable! It took me about a week to get used to it. I highly recommend this mattress to you!

Great mattress at a Great price

We have had our mattress for 2 weeks and me and my wife LOVE IT!!!!!

Easy to set up, NO smell, a bit soft for a side sleeper, but GREAT value!

My wife is sensitive to outgassing from new foam products. A $1600 Serta mattress we purchased a year ago required multiple days of airing before it was "sleepable". However, this mattress (Twin XL) was out of the plastic cover and on the bed and sleepable the same night. The only think is that for a side sleeper, I would have preferred a bit more firmness. However, the mattress is very comfortable and the value is GREAT

Love my lull

Comfortable, easy to assemble and great customer service!

Exceeds expectations

A much better sleeping experience and much better shopping experience too. One of the things I dread about mattress shopping in stores is that the choices are overwhelming and the added high pressure doesn’t help. We love our Lull. We haven’t been able to sleep a full night in the same bed for years. Now we prefer our full versus our queen which is an old mattress. Soon to be replaced I might add. With a Lull!

Lull bed

I have had my bed seen November it's great so far thank you

Best ever

Best sleeping experience ever.

It took several weeks to

It took several weeks to see if we would Get all the benefits of the mattress. It Lives up to the high rating for sure Very happy

Great Customer Service

We had a rather crazy experience getting our bed, due to the shipping company. Lull was on top of it, and handled the situation well. They stepped in, and it was taken care of immediately. They checked it right after ordering as well. We couldn't be more pleased with the purchase.

Great sleep

I can see why they stand behind this mattress is a great product very comfortable lives up to its reputation

I absolutely love my lull!

I absolutely love my lull!

We love our new Lull..!!

My wife and I have been sleeping on our new Lull mattress for two weeks now and just love it!! We both used to have back pains and didn't sleep well on our old spring mattress. Back pains are gone and we both sleep through the night! Thanks Lull!!

I’m in love

I went into this with great skepticism. I admit it. I have always slept on a very firm mattress and I couldn’t imagine a mattress that shipped in a box would be firm enough. But after reading the reviews I figured I’d give it a try (the 100 night guarantee had a lot to do with that decision). And I’m so glad I took the leap. Crazy fast shipping! I gave it one night for it to plump up all the way and blissful sleep ever since. I’m honestly sleeping better than ever. I have plenty of support but the mattress seems to conform to every area of my body. Lull lives up to every promise.

Pleasent dreams

I have been sleeping on this mattress for about a month now, nothing but raves from me. I would recommend a Lull Mattress to anyone considering buying a mattress and encourage anyone who has not given a thought to buying a new mattress to change gears. As a bonus, I paid for this mattress one day and delivered the next, can't beat that for service. Let's see: didn't have to go to the store, didn't have to deal with sales people, didn't have to find a way to get it home or pay a delivery fee, the utility of this mattress is incredible, hmmm, musta made a good choice. Best.

Two Month Anniversary :)

Checking in after a couple of months and still so thankful I decided on 'My Lull'. From the first night till now, I continue to fall asleep quickly and never have an uncomfortable position . I am a very happy side sleeper. I never felt the 'adjustment period' from a spring bed to this type of product. What I felt was comfort and simple and grateful full night's sleep. As others have said, my own sciatica disappeared. Proof to me about the alignment of your body makes a huge difference. I noticed it NOT being there after about the 2nd night. That's how quickly Lull showed me how much I needed this bed. I had sciatica for a few months, no idea why or how it started, but no longer a part of me. I also never had the odor from the mattress or packaging either, that some others had and also said left after a few days. I lucked out all around! If you feel you are all wrecked and also have an old spring bed, it's so worth buying this bed. Also the financing plan to make it easier for you if needed as it was for me.

so far, no complaints!

mattress is really comfortable, and have nothing negative to say right now! getting a good nights sleep virtually every single night! love it!

New lull

Life’s good wife say s back has nt hurt since we started using lull

Great !!! Finally a restful night.

I broke my back a month ago and am in a lot of pain. Sleep has been very difficult. Got my new Lull Mattress and was so pleased. First night of comfort and peaceful sleep. The mattress sleeps cool and is just the right degree of firm/softness. The service and delivery was so prompt. Thank you ...THANK YOU ! !

Nice bed!

I'll be honest that it took a few weeks to get used to... it's firm... but within that time period back pain went away, sleep got better, etc. - I didn't have to "get comfortable" after using the bathroom in the middle of the night, almost any position was fine. Worth it!

Best sleep

Love my mattress. Best sleep I’ve had in years. Firm, but not too firm. So glad I decided to go with a Lull mattress.

Love it

Love it

All round excellent experience

Everything was excellent. It arrived a lot sooner than expected. It was easy to set-up easy and unwrap. So far I love it.

Amazing One of a Kind

I've only slept on it a couple of times because it's at my new house right now but every time I've slept on it, it's been amazing. I don't have anymore back or neck problems. It's very comfortable, I no longer experience tossing and turning. It's great.

Comfortable Sleep

Great, comfortable sleep, and awesome bed.


It is heavenly.

Love It

We have had great experiences with it so far. Definitely an upgrade from our old mattress, we love it.

Easiest purchase of a quality mattress.

Very convenient, process of getting into the house and on the bed was very simple and easy. Astounded by how easy it was to finance.

It's Great

Pretty comfortable.

Fast and easy

Really simple, fast, and easy. And so far we love it.


Amazing mattress. I am really happy with it!

Great night's sleep

It's fantastic! I purchased it for my mom, so she loves it.

Get what you payed for

Good experience it was exactly what i expected.

Awesome Mattress

I can sleep on anything, my boyfriend is picky but he absolutely he loves it. I do sleep a little hot on it but other than that it's great.

Amazing mattress!

Very very comfortable. My husband has had problems with his back but now he is getting six hours of sleep at night.

Great Mattress

I purchased this for my son, he is very happy and has not complained. The minute we opened it he's loved it. He usually has back and neck pain but he's had no pain from this mattress.

Nice to finally get a good nights sleep

I think the bed is working for us. My wife has a few issues with her back so we are still monitoring my wife's back pain and seeing if this bed is working. I think the mattress is helping us with better sleep.

Worth the price

It's great! Really comfortable. I am sleeping pretty well on it.

Good value for children

Website was good. It's for my daughter. She likes it a lot.

Convenient Mattress

I really enjoy it, it's a great mattress. It's better than anything else I've tried. I love that it's the right amount of firmness. I love that it came in a box and was easy to set up.

Still Adjusting

It's getting better. In the beginning I needed to adjust, I was having some back pain, but still working it out.


Fully meets expectations. Firm yet so comfortable.


I never noticed that when I got in my old bed, my body would tense up like it was preparing for battle. I would have to toss and turn and would never felt like I was sleeping enough. I would wake up to every little move my boyfriend would make. I NEVER feel that way with our Lull. I am a side sleeper and that is what convinced me that Lull was the way to go. Believe the hype and get better sleep. Get a Lull.

Comfortable with great support

Prior to sleeping on the lull my back hurt really badly. I had horrible back pains and now my back does not hurt. I love it and so do my cats.

much needed upgrade

nice and soft. doesn't hurt our backs like old mattress. We are getting much better sleep than before.

Good sleep

I went from a water bed to the Lull, so it's taken me like a week to week and a half to get used to it. But, now I'm definitely getting used to it and I'm sleeping pretty good. Everything about it is good.

Great mattress

I loved it!

Very pleased with the mattress!

Very pleased with the mattress!

everything is great!

Everything is great! The ordering process was easy, as was the setup. It's a great mattress.

Like sleeping on a cloud

I was sleeping on the floor when I first moved here, but now I switched to the best thing I've ever slept on, I don't know how else to explain that.

Great Mattress! Great Value!

It has been a good mattress! It took the whole time period to get used to it!

Fast Delivery, Great Sleep

Easy, fast, and comfortable.

Great Experience

It was a good experience, simple, and I like the bed.

Good experience

Good experience, ordered it online and the shipping was really quick. Received it in 2 days.

Mattress for a good price, and what I needed

It's been good. Easy ordering, easy to set up. So far the mattress has been comfortable and we've enjoyed it.

Better sleep

I've been able to sleep.

Great Mattress and Fast Delivery!

It is good! Really fast delivery

good mattress

Shipped quickly, Great customer service, and a very comfortable mattress. Doesn't sleep as "cool" as I thought however.

Better sleep

I was very happy to get a new mattress i enjoy it more than my last. It was a little harder than i expected. My body feels better and it is helping my back problems.

Still trying

Well it's still a little stiff and has a strong smell still and it has been a couple weeks.

The Best Sleep ever!

My Husband and I have slept on a Sleep number bed for 4 years. He was happy with the sleep number bed, but I was not. We decided to try the lull Mattress. It was the best decision ever. I have never slept better! The mattress fits you like a glove and you sink right in!! I would definitely recommend this Lull Mattress to everyone.

A good night's sleep at long last.

For years I've been wanting to get a memory foam mattress but was daunted by the price as well as the understanding of how hot the mattresses could get. When I read about the Lull Gel Cooling layer and the 100 day guarantee, I thought "I can't lose!". It's been two weeks now on my new Lull mattress and I've slept better than very. I HIGHLY recommend the investment. After all, what have YOU got to lose?

Comfy and great experience

Couldn’t be more pleased with the mattress and customer service. This bed rocks!

BEST mattress EVER

I have serious back issues, and this mattress has already improved my back pain. I have spent thousands on new top brand name mattresses and nothing has ever been this good. My dad also purchased a lull due to my review and he feels the same exact way. we LOVE lull, extremely recommended!

Your company is the bomb!

This company is the bomb. The mattress was to firm for me so I ended up returning it but I've never had better customer service in my life. If they had a softer mattress I would be a customer for life.

You'll sleep right away on it

I think the value is fair for the price that it is. It is really comfortable. I like that it is gel based memory foam. The first night slept really well.

Great Mattress

Its great! I bought it for my daughter and she loves it. It's the second one that I have bought and we are very happy with the mattresses and customer service we received.

Excellent Mattress, Well worth it!

The deliver was certainly very quick. So far the mattress is great I absolutely love it. I have no complaints on the mattress. I just am not super happy with the website. It is hard for me to refer people and it is really my only drawback. I would give a 4.9 because of that.

Probably had the best sleep ever

It's been great. Shipping to receive the package was great, my husband and I have enjoyed the mattress ever since we got it. It's the first new mattress we've ever had.

Best Mattress We've Ever Had

It's my partner who wanted the bed, in fifteen years we have had seven mattresses and she is in love with this mattress. We have tried all types of mattresses from pillow tops to other memory foam mattresses and she loves this one! I don't know how you did it but she loves it.

Great Nights Sleep

I love the mattress, it was easy to set up. The first night I was unsure but, after the next few nights, I fell in love with it. I'm very happy with it and have already recommended it to my friends.

Good price

My wife and I both purchased one, we ordered two twin XLs for a King and we've been very satisfied with the mattresses. They're hard and firm enough but not overly firm. So far, we've been perfectly happy with them. However, there was some stuff spilled on the mattress about 4 weeks ago and we placed the order for the replacement cover which was 100 dollars and haven't seen it yet.

I like it

It has been great! I really like it my mattress!

Amazing product

It's truly amazing how you fit those bed into those boxes. My girlfriend was with me when bed arrived so she helped me pick and set it up. It was amazing, she bought one as soon as we opened it and laid on it. The Lull is extremely comfortable, and I'm extremely picky about my mattresses and Lull got it right.

End of sleepness nights, no more back pains

It was heavier than expected but I'm liking it so far.

Super comfortable

We really love it. Easy to order, easy to put up. It was very simple and we are really happy with it.


It has been good a experience with the delivery process and setting it up. I am still trying to adjust to it, so hopefully once I do adjust I will enjoy the mattress a lot more.

Definitely worth giving a try

Definitely enjoying the mattress. I love it compared to the spring mattresses. It's on the firmer side which i was looking for. It has been helping my back and neck, and it is very comfortable, I am sleeping better than before.

Overall Wonderful!

Ordering and Shipping was relatively easy!

Better than my last

Very good experience. I am sleeping better now. Great mattress

Comfortable and no chemical smells. Good Value

So far I'm pretty happy honestly. I'd like it be a little more soft. It's a little more firm but it is still comfortable


Don’t be scared, JUST BUY IT!!!!!!!

love it!

I was a bit skeptical ordering a mattress online, without trying it out first. However, all of the. mattresses at local stores were just too expensive! For the price, this mattress is comfortable, affordable, and worth the price.

Basically all that is was advertised to be.

Really the main reason I decided on Lull is because they offered the extra $50 off. I was looking for a memory foam mattress and while I was shopping around this one came up.

Amazing Mattress

It's amazing! Everything about it is amazing. From shipping, price, and purchasing online.

If you haven't tried it, you should!

So far we love it! We sleep better, it's been great; it's been a really long time since we had a good night's sleep.

My Lull Review

I love it. It's the best mattress I've ever slept on. Everything was really easy to set up. There wasn't really any smell to it either. No issues.

Great customer service!

I bought the mattress for a guest bedroom, so I haven't slept on it yet, but I can say that the customer service was top notch.

Beneficial for wife's back issues.

I mainly bought the mattress for my wife because she has back issues and she likes it. She likes a pretty firm be. So far so good.

Smooth process from start to finish

The delivery was fast and quick and pretty simple. It was easy to open the box as compared to lugging up a mattress to your home. It was pretty smooth. I opened it and within a day it expanded. It is good, I love it and I am sleeping fine with it. I am also surprised it did not need a box spring.

The most comfortable sleep that I have gotten in awhile!

So far, I love it, it is very comfortable!

I like the quick process, and my sleep is better.

Lull delivered everything on time and the bed is great.

Just amazing

The bed did come sooner than I thought, it didn't take long to get here. I love it! it's better than the spring mattress I used to have. I like how it sinks to my body , its great. This is one of those purchases that I'm so happy I made.

I love it!

So far so good. I haven't slept on it very long but it seems to help my back and hips. I am pretty pleased!

Best Purchase Ever

Very comfortable and firm, exactly how I wanted it, and I love it.

Glad we purchased!

My husband and I bought a Lull mattress because we had so much back pain every morning from our old mattress. First night we slept on the Lull mattress, we knew it was the right fit! 90% of our back pain was gone believe it or not. Make sure to watch the review videos on YouTube. It discusses who is likely to benefit from the mattress and who may not before you buy. Lull has amazing mattresses, but it may not be suited for everyone! Hope this helps! We are beyond happy with this purchase and will buy from Lull again!

Definitely would recommend

An overall extremely positive experience

Happy Customer

Recommend two people to move it on a king size, but packaged well and easy to set up. Extremely comfortable and a good middle of the road firmness. If you want it softer I recommend using more stretchable sheets (like cotton tee) ...if you want it more firm, a tighter knit woven sheet.


Nice solid surface. Took a couple weeks to get used to but we are very happy with it now!!

So far it’s been great

So far it’s been great let’s see how long it lasts bought one from a chain store didn’t last longer than a year so we’ll see how you were told up

Great investment

So far so good had now a full month and have been getting some well needed rest. Hadn't experienced any back pain as I was before with the other mattress which is great. Only downside is mattress doesn't fit queen size box spring evenly.

Love the mattress and pillow!!!!

Love the mattress and pillow!!!! Can’t put it into words right now as to how much though extremely tired work third shift lol but yes very satisfied with my purchase will recommend to anyone who is looking to lull themselves to sleep on a great mattress which is what I hope to be doing soon

Best mattress ever!

Shipped fast so easy to take out of box and set up. We love our mattress!!

My new love!!

We've had our new love for 30 days and we've both slept like babies. I've never had better sleep in my life! My back isn't hurting anymore, I can sleep through the night, my body is thankful!! My only regret is I didnt purchase this bed for us sooner!


This mattress is so comfortable! It took a couple of weeks to adjust because I was used to sleeping on a hard mattress all my life, but now I’m in love!

Mattress, mattress cover and bed

Mattress, mattress cover and bed frame all wonderful. I will definitely recommend to all!

Game Changer

This mattress is seriously a game changer. Previously, I was sleeping on an OLD mattress with 2 memory foam toppers and the Lull doesn't even compare to that. It is the perfect mix of firm and soft, which is perfect for me. Usually, when I sleep on a "new" or different mattress than my own I sleep HORRIBLE, but night 1 on the Lull I slept AMAZING with no "adjustment period". Seriously, best investment ever!!

Such a comfy mattress the

Such a comfy mattress the perfect balance between firm and soft. My back feels amazing in the morning


Price is good in comparison to the mattress I really want. Took about a week for it to truly firm up. At first I could sink in the middle. The edges still almost fully compress when sitting down.

Great Decision

My mattress came very quickly after ordering, and we immediately fell in love. We’ve been sleeping better, waking up feeling more refreshed, and just generally feeling less aches and pains. We love our Lull!

As a college student, I

As a college student, I bought a lull mattress for my apartment. When I would come home, I’d have back pain and restless nights. I decided to buy another lull for home and I’ve slept great ever since.

Great sleep

We are very pleased with our purchase. And would highly recommend your mattress to anyone

5 stars

I really have no complaints. It was delivered quite quickly, and it was easy to lay out.


Easy to unpack and really comfortable.

Comfortable mattress

Loves the mattress.


Sleeps great so far.

Rested !

I love the mattress! I get more sleep on the Lull.


Make an investment in your mattress. Your body will thank you. This is the best purchase we’ve ever made! No more tossing and turning. No more aches when you wake up. You get a good nights sleep and fall asleep faster. This mattress is so comfortable. Highly recommend!!

Good product

It was a little hard to get used to, but after a couple nights it wasn't too bad.


Mattress actually came in 2 days, weve only been sleeping on it for 3-4 days. My man was unsure at first but after the second night he said he liked it. I called and asked for a lullaby and very nice lady sang me twinkle twinkle little star. So far, impressed.

Absolutely worth it!

For the longest time I've avoided purchasing a foam mattress for the fear of having the bed too soft. This bed has it all! It cradles you perfectly giving you a great night of sleep whether your a side, back or stomach sleeper. I definitely recommend giving Lull a try.

Dream bed

Most comfortable bed we ever had. The sheets fit well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lull

Is the Lull mattress any good?

Overall, most customers have good things to say about the quality, comfort, and balanced support of the Lull mattresses. Those that had issues mostly mentioned firmness issues or a lack of support in some cases.

Do you need a box spring for a Lull mattress?

No. Lull mattresses do best with solid foundations and those with slats that are 5 inches or less apart.

Is the Lull mattress toxic?

Lull mattresses use CertiPUR-US® approved foams, which is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) standard. They are made without harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, ozone depleters, heavy metals and certain flame retardants that may cause cancer and genetic defects. Those with severe chemical sensitivities may require those with more rigorous certification.

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