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Lowes Mattress Reviews

Lowe's is one of the most popular home improvement stores in the USA. With a focus on structural, plumbing, and electrical componentry, home decor and furniture have been recent additions to their lineup. When it comes to their mattresses, they offer some household names and also newer more affordable brands. Customers have good things to say overall with some exceptions mentioning product durability in some brands.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $139-$7143+

Trial Period: Depends on Purchase

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Lowes's Specifics

When it comes to mattresses, Lowe's offers a very wide selection of choices, with over 1,000 mattresses to choose from. In addition to name-brand options like Tempur-Pedic and Serta, they include budget-friendly brands and online disruptors too. While most customers have good things about their offerings at first, there are some complaints about durability and comfort about some brands offered.

But does it make sense to buy from Lowe's versus direct from the brand? In some cases, we've found extra perks buying direct from the brand, such as extra discounts and free accessories. For those looking for high quality mattresses with the added bonus of buying direct, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses.

Quality of Materials

With such a wide selection, Lowe's carries both name-brand and off-brand budget mattresses. Most prices were in line with other mattress retailers, but there were some exceptions around perks from online brands offering more discounts and freebies buying direct. Some customers have also brought up issues with durability and comfort of some mattresses purchased, especially with budget-friendly brands.

We'll go through some of their main mattress options below. Here are the details:

Tuft & Needle: Tuft & Needle (T&N) is a popular online mattress brand that focuses on budget-friendly value. Their Lowe's offering is their traditional all-foam option, which offers an all-around comfy medium-firm profile. Most customers have good things to say about T&N, but this one may pay to shop direct with more offerings. Take a look at our full review.

Tempur-Pedic: One of the most well-known name-brand mattress brands, Tempur-Pedic has revolutionized the mattress industry with their memory foam mattresses. Now with additional cooling and pocket spring offerings, customers still have very good things to say about this legacy brand. However, Tempur-Pedic's prices are higher than most, and it may pay to shop direct. Take a look at our full review.

Ghostbed: Another online disruptor, Ghostbed has been shipping their mattresses through their online store for quite sometime. They offer a selection of all-foam and pocketed coil mattresses at competitive prices. Most customers have good things to say about Ghostbed with some exceptions mentioning firmness disagreements. Take a look at our full review.

Serta: Serta is well-known for its name-brand mattresses, especially their iComfort line of memory foam focused mattresses, which are designed to align the spine and contour to the body's curves. Customers have good things to say about Serta mattresses initially, but there are some disagreements about durability.

Lucid: Lucid is a budget-friendly brand, made popular by selling on Amazon, Walmart, and other discount stores. They offer a variety of designs for extremely affordable prices. With some complaints about durability and initial comfort, these mattresses may do best as temporary options.

Linenspa: Linenspa is another discount brand that is focused on providing a wide array of designs -- memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and latex hybrid. Their mattresses offer low prices for the materials, which is a draw for many customers. However, there are some complaints about durability and perceived quality for some customers.

Other Brands: There is a wide array of other off-brand mattresses offered at Lowe's. With some that offer more luxurious mattress options and also more budget-friendly offerings, there is something for most shoppers to find. However, without widespread review data or comfort trials to go off of, these brands may be more of a risk to purchase.

Overall Comfort

Depending on the mattress selected, most customers have good things to say about their Lowe's mattress comfort. Those that described problems mostly mentioned durability and perceived quality for lower priced brands. Those that were happiest purchased popular online brands.


With such a wide selection of mattress offerings, Lowe's mattresses run the gamut of firmness offerings. The most popular options usually fall in a medium-firm range, with average-sized side sleepers desiring medium or medium-soft varieties.

Back Pain Relief

Tuft & Needle and Tempur-Pedic both have excellent scores on helping common discomfort while sleeping. Those that experienced issues mostly mentioned problems with those brands with durability issues.


With a wide selection of mattresses that offer gel-infusion and open-cell foam technology, there are plenty of mattresses available at Lowe's that should sleep cool for most sleepers.

Who Are Lowe's Mattresses Right For?

For those that are already shopping at Lowe's for home improvement, their mattress selection has hidden gems if you know which one to buy. However, when we analyzed their prices versus buying direct, we found some better deals in some cases. Take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for quality alternatives.

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2 person job to unpack it easily [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

The mattress is firm yet is comfortable. I let it sit for about 30 hours before using it.

Dreamy Cozy Great Value [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

This was by far the best mattress purchase I’ve made. It was simple and quick to setup and adding a pillow-top mattress pad it is the coziest/dreamiest sleep I’ve had in a long time

Just right [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Very nice mattress, just the right firmness for me.

Terrific mattress [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Got this mattress for my in-laws largely because it was on sale — and it is terrific. So much so that we got another for ourselves. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Sleeps really well [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Great nights so far. We love the mattress. It’s not to firm or to soft. It’s extremely comfortable. It’s not extremely thick. Sheets fit it well.

Not bad but I'm not too picky. [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

I only purchased at Lowe's because I had a large gift card amount to spend. I did some light online research on hybrid mattresses and ended up listening to a podcast with the creator of Casper and realized all these companies and raw materials to make these types of mattresses are mostly the same. Soft yet more on the firm side when laying on it, but that is my preference. I'm a mostly back and side sleeper and think it's comfortable for me. It took a little less than 2 days to inflate.

Perfect for us! [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Loving our new mattress! I have not slept this good in a long time. It has the perfect amount of firmness to support your back.

Comfortable mattress - especially the price. [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Exactly as described - easy to set up - very comfortable.

Awesome mattress foe the price! [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

This is a great mattress it is so comfortable. It is firm, but not to firm and yet it supports well. I’ve had a lot of back surgeries and I can sleep comfortably on this bed.

Better sleep than my $1k mattress. S [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Soft &comforting yet firm & supportive. This is the best way I can describe it. I sleep better on this than my $1k beautyrest. It is a great mattress we have had it over a year. Black Friday deals are the way to go.

Comfortable hybrid mattress [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

I was surprised at how comfortable this mattress is. I know that comfort is subjective, but I feel that this mattress will satisfy those who prefer a medium hardness in either a spring or memory foam mattress.

Meh [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

I wanted to love this mattress. Unfortunately- I don’t. It really doesn’t offer much support and my lower back and hips are letting me know.I loved it at first but after a few months I’m realizing that it’s just too soft. It might fare better on a platform bed as opposed the regular box springs I have underneath. I’m hoping some plywood on top of my base will do the trick. We shall see.

Cozy and easy to assemble! [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Bey pleased. Received a $300 discount. Well worth it.

Very painful [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

The first few nights were ok, nothing to jump for joy about but good enough. After that the lack of support is killing me. I like the plush top layer & it feels nice when I just lay down but after a few hours I am in pain. At this point I am chewing ibuprofen like tic tacs. I am in so much pain after trying to sleep for a few hours that I just cannot take it anymore. I literally feel like I have been hit by a truck. Everything hurts, my joints are horrible. After I stand up and walk around for 10 minutes or so the pain gets better but I cannot lay back down. I am currently mattress shopping again after only 6 weeks because I can’t take it anymore. Complete waste of money.

Won't last a year [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

We bought this mattress in the middle of 2020 and by the end there was a huge indent in the mattress. We tried turning the mattress thinking it would even out and it doesn't. At this point it's become to uncomfortable to sleep on. I don't know if springs broke or if the foam dissolved but it's absolutely awful. I called Serta to try and see if they would resolve this issue, they wanted to make a home visit to inspect the mattress which we were not open to during a pandemic. We offered photos or video to prove the issue and they declined, only accepting a home inspection of the product before they would offer a replacement or refund. Don't waste your time or money.

great alternative ! [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

bought this to replace wife's 25 year old pillow top mattress , best decision ever and great price for 250$ on sale , better than thousands of dollars for high end matttresses!

Rest Easy [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

After running into really long shipping windows in my search for a new mattress, I learned from a friend who’s casita I had slept in (like baby) that they bought this mattress, and they got it from Lowe’s. I looked online, ordered it and picked it up the same day. Maybe it’s more comfortable because it was easier to acquire? I let it offgas for a day or two, she smells perfectly fine and is a comfy dream - soft but supportive. It was awesome to order and pick up in the same day.

Good Price Mattress [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

This has adequate support, medium feel with a nice soft top. I sleep on my side but is comfortable for my back also. I bought to replace the more expensive Tuft & Needle which said medium but was too soft. I sleep like a baby

Horrible Hybrid [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Slept on this mattress four nights & woke up each morning with body aches. Since it came compacted in a box, my next task was getting it back to Lowe’s. Let me save you the trouble and say this is not worth the headache or money.

Loving it! [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

This was a gift and the recipient said they are Loving It! I only wish I was in need of a new mattress for myself. If so I would surely buy this Serta 10" Hybrid Mattress

Great Quality [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

This mattress is amazing for the price. I got home and let it expand for about 8 hours before sleeping on it. It is the perfect balance between firmness that contours to your body and plush comfort. This is a great first mattress for anyone. The only thing I don't like is the design on the top. The blue stripes are so prominent and can be seen through light colored sheet. Other than that this was a successful purchase.

Tried it, liked it [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

I was a little concerned after reading the reviews...what if I didn't like it? Would I ever get it back into the box to return it to Lowes? Turned out that it wasn't a problem. I love the mattress. I'm definitely sleeping better. The only issue I had was my former pillowtop DEEP mattress had a low profile boxspring. I ended up buying a new boxspring as well to raise the bed back to the height I was used to having.

Pleasantly surprised [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

I didn't even think a mattress from a box would be this comfortable. I average four and a half to 5 hours of sleep on my old mattress. I have never gone less than eight on this one. This mattress is definitely worth every penny spent

Comfortable and supportive [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

I was hesitant to purchase a mattress in a box. Sounds very strange, how can you get a mattress in a box? Our 12 inch Sealy posturepedic had seen better days and was getting very lumpy after 15 years so we decided to try the 10 inch Serta in a box after seeing it highlighted on Fox News. The reviews are great on this mattress so we gave it a try. We have been sleeping on it for a few week now and are very pleased with the comfort and excellent support from the memory foam. I am 77 yrs young an...

Unbelievable comfort [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

We have only had this a short time but it is very comfortable and unbelievably firm. Would recommend .

My 2nd one [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Great mattress. This was my second time buying it. First one was for my daughter, and now my son. They both love it!

Nice for Camper [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

I purchased this mattress to replace the one from the factory. Huge improvement. I weigh 280 and had no problems with this mattress. Very comfortable and supportive. Since I do not use the camper everyday it should be fine for my use.

So Comfortable [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

This mattress is so nice and comfortable. Excellent price

Don't buy it! [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

It is not thick enough. We had too use a 4 inch memory foam pad on top to not be sore from sleeping on it.

[Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Bought this last week for our beach house and it was easy to setup and best sleep ever!!! Came home and slept in our bed that we thought was perfect and woke up this morning and sore and now going to buy this for permanent home!!!

great mattress [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Never felt better in awhile especially when I wake fell so relaxed and refreshed

Hybrid mattress [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

This mattress has the right comfort level, not too soft, not too hard. It worked wonders on my back! No more sore back in the mornings! It stays cool, which is an added plus. Very glad we bought it.

super comfortable [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

not to soft notto firm just right! shaped up nicely. wonderful mattress

Support needed for toddler [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Purchased this to replace my old queen that my 5yo toddler slept on. While she doesn't sink down, I would on the old 8 year old mattress. This new mattress is firm but she is sleeping well on it. She doesn't get too hot or cold. I have ordered a king size as well.

Hard mattress & not 10inc [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

We have had it for 2 weeks now, it never got to 10inc, it is hard as a rock and small. We made a mistake buying this.

Surprisingly comfortable [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

Wasn't sure what to expect from a mattress-in-a-box but it's really comfortable. Price was great (was 50% off original price of $799).

Hard as a rock!! [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

I have never in my 48 yrs slept on a harder bed. If you like sleeping on concrete slabs, you're in luck. Just expect to wake up with a bad back.

Great mattress! [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

This mattress was purchased for a guest room, and sleeps much more comfortably than the higher priced one in master. Actually purchasing 2 more to replace others in my home.

Huge relief for my back! [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

I have never bought a “bed in a box” before this. I was super skeptical because I’ve always liked to try out my beds, but because of covid, I didn’t want to risk it. We desperately needed a new bed last year, but put it on hold until I couldn’t take it anymore. When I saw this bed for Presidents’ Day sale, I said you know what, if it doesn’t work out at least I didn’t spend thousands like I was about to on a purple! I got a mattress cover and a queen size for $440 total with the discount. It...

not good at all. [Lowe's Serta Mattress]

You can feel the springs and you will toss and turn. Dont buy it.

Good quality, great sleep. [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

I just got this mattress today and was absolutely thrilled to finally have a real mattress and throw that sinking air mattress away I was sleeping on… Opening the box was pretty easy and they also provide a cutter to cut off the plastic around the mattress which I loved. It took about 4-5 hours for it to fluff completely up. The edges took a bit longer to form. It’s pretty light and easy to move around as well. For sleeping, I give it a 4 star, it feels amazing to finally sleep on a real bed ag...

No Brainer. Don't Overpay For A Quality Mattress! [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

By far the most comfortable bed I've ever owned. Easy to unbox, aside from the large king size. Takes a day or two to fully expand. Fantastic deal that is hundreds of dollars more affordable than similar brands without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Dimensions are wrong [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

Actual King dimensions are 72x76. Disappointed this isn’t returnable when the dimensions are off by so much. Won’t fit in a standard bed frame either because it’s so much smaller than a standard king. It’s soft and shipping was quick, I guess those are positives. Beware though- this bed runs small and won’t fit your bed frame.

Lovely Mattress [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

This was a surprise! We bought it for our son - who can sleep anywhere - based solely on the price. I was skeptical about a pure foam mattress, but after giving it a couple days to expand - and it DID reach the full 10 inches it was supposed to be - it's just amazing. I could sleep on it! Had we not gotten a Lucid brand hybrid king for ourselves, we might have ordered another one of these.

Not fully inflated [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

After I unpacked the mattress, it started to inflate immediately. I noticed on the paper came with the mattress stating that it should take about 48 hours for the mattress to fully inflated. After 3 1/2 days of waiting, I now have a mattress that is fully inflated on one side and slightly inflated on the other side. If this is a regular mattress, my daughter can easily end up on the floor at night if she sleeps and rolls on it. To fix it, I put another 2 inches memory foam on top of it which I just bought from Macy, folded up 2 bed sheets and stuffed them between the 2 memory foams on the NOT fully inflated side. Luckily, it is for my 8 years old daughter. Therefore, she does not notice or complain yet. Otherwise, I would return it immediately.

Great Mattress for both regular and adjustable bed [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

Sure beats my Beautyrest Hybrid mattress for comfort!

Dips [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

Comfortable first couple of days then it started to dip in middle

It is "very" soft! [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

At first I did not like how soft the mattress was, but now I have gotten use to it..

Soft as described [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

Soft as described. No odor at all. I opened the package, myself and my 76 year old mother was able to remove it from the plastic and place it on the frame without any issues. Sheets fit perfectly on the bed. I haven’t been able to sleep on my left side since back surgery in October. My 1st night on the was was 6 hours after opening it and placing it in the frame I slept like a baby in heaven. It was such a good sleep, something I’ve been missing for a long time now.

I have purchased at the very least... [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

I have purchased at the very least 8 mattresses over the last few years due to having RA and being in intense pain. I had a water bed, but dog kept popping it, it was better than all the mattresses I had tried, in the morning I had to still get out of bed asap to ease the back pain. I bought a serta hybrid first, it was agony, then saw this lucid and read all the reviews, everything sounded good, but knowing me I was still uneasy. . We donated the serta that was only 2 weeks old, and put this i...

Amazing! [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

It says it’s plush but I would not consider this mattress that which is fine since My husband and I prefer medium-medium firm anyway. It’s very comfy and definitely worth the price!!

Best Mattress!! [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

I was a little worried, when I first received the mattress. I was soon proven to be wrong. The mattress took about 1 hour, to puff up. It forms to your body, and is so soft. The price and the quality, makes this item a win!!

comfortable and inexpensive [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

this worked very well for my college-age son; didn't take more than a day to "puff up" so he could use it right away - so convenient to have it delivered in a box! will get another whenever needed - and thankfully true to size so no returns, etc

Terribly uncomfortable - very poor quality [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

We purchased our Lucid Comfort collection 10 inch Soft King mattress from Lowe’s online in Feb of this year and we are already looking to have to buy a new mattress. We have owned a couple of memory foam mattresses in the past and this one in particular has been the absolute worst in quality and especially in comfort. Our last memory foam mattress lasted us 8+ years and we loved it. First this mattress did not come labeled in a lucid box nor is lucid written anywhere on the mattress it doesn’t even have a name-brand label Perse. As far as the quality the cover is very nice. The mattress is a different story - it has already developed weak spots or sink holes, the rest of the mattress is very very stiff making it impossible to change positions or roll over and be comfortable. The mattress was never “soft” from the beginning rather extremely stiff and I wish we had returned the mattress the first week we received it, However we thought we might “break it in” and then of course the uproar with Covid 19 began and well here we are. The ordering and shipping was wonderful only took a few days from ordering to receiving (it took me longer to pick out this particular mattress than it did to order and receive). If you are expecting a soft mattress this is not the mattress for you, it is very stiff with very little give. It has created a lot of tossing and turning, stiffness, and waking up with back aches and pain in my household. All in all I do not recommend this mattress it is very uncomfortable and has already started breaking down within 6 months time. 6 months time!!!!

Great Value here! [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

We ordered this mattress online in QUEEN size and received free shipping. We paid total with taxes $275. The mattress arrived in TWO DAYS!... in a box that I was very easily able to drag inside and push to the bedroom (Not heavy surprisingly). Inside was the mattress in very thick protective plastic. Though the box looked a little worse for wear, the mattress was unharmed and very protected. A small tool is provided to tear off the plastic without damaging the mattress- excellent, love that! We ...

The best mattress ever [Lowe's Lucid Mattress]

Can’t believe this mattress is so inexpensive. It’s amazing! I ordered two for my kids and I’m going to be ordering me and my husband one as well!

A great experience [Lowe's T&N Mattress]

The purchasing process was a great experience, the mattress arrived quickly, unpacked easily, and it has been very comfortable to sleep on.

100% satisfied [Lowe's T&N Mattress]

We opted for the regular style, mainly because of the price. It’s a very comfortable mattress, quick delivery, easy set up, no bad smell. Would buy this one again.

Your Body Will Thank YOU! [Lowe's T&N Mattress]

After months of reviewing and searching for the "Perfect mattress" I took a deep breath in, and purchased my 1st ever (mattress in a box). Since its still new and we're LOVING it, I'll be sure to update y'all in a couple months or even years. But for now: Give it a try, you'll be Glad you DID! ;)

Great Mattress for Young Adults [Lowe's T&N Mattress]

This Mattress is great! I just moved into my first apartment and thought I would try purchasing my first mattress in a box, because of immediate usability and easy utility. I am so happy with my mattress and love the fact that I don’t have to use a box spring with it. It’s super comfortable and I love that it is foam rather than a spring mattress, because it doesn’t make noise. Something I also love about this mattress is that it is easy to clean. The mattress cover can be easily taken off and t...

Maybe I had a defective mattress [Lowe's T&N Mattress]

Purchased in store. Was hesitant at first bc it was in a box but there is a 100 night warranty. Sleep on it for up to 100 nights and if not satisfied receive a 100% refund. Unpacked at home, followed directions on the card inside of the box along with instructions from the website. This mattress never fully puffed up like it should have. All four corners and edges puffed up maybe halfway. When lying on this mattress it felt as though you were rolling out, like on a slant.

Very comfortable and amazing customer service [Lowe's T&N Mattress]

I bought the classic T&N mattress and was very impressed with its high quality. It was just a bit too firm for me and when asked to review it originally, I mentioned that. The customer service team reached out to me to offer a mattress topper, which I received promptly. Now I have the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in and I hate getting up in the morning!

Great mattress for the money [Lowe's T&N Mattress]

I was pleasantly surprised by this mattress. It arrived compressed and vacuum-sealed, but expanded to its full size within a few hours. I have this in my son's room, but had a guest visiting who slept on it a few days after we got it and they raved about how comfortable. I definitely recommend this mattress, especially at such an affordable price.

Good enough [Lowe's T&N Mattress]

The packaging came pretty damaged, but the mattress was not damaged. It is pretty comfortable, some days I wake up with back pain, but I’m not sure if that is just my body. It is a fairly thin mattress. It is definitely better than my previous mattress but not the highest quality. You get what you pay for basically.

Love this mattress [Lowe's Linenspa Mattress]

We have loved this mattress!! We purchased for our daughters room, and she loved it so much we got on for our guest room! It has held up great, the fabric is so soft, and we definitely would purchase again!

Nice firm mattress [Lowe's Linenspa Mattress]

When the mattress was delivered the box was pretty beat up but the plastic the mattress was wrapped in is really thick and protected it amazingly. This mattress is a very firm one but the springs are not too stiff and it moves with your body shape. The memory foam is airy and supportive but does not make you feel like you are sinking into a cloud. We have gone to many mattress stores and they were all so far out of our price range even thier "cheap"ones were too much. This is a really great matt...

Extremely comfortable! [Lowe's Linenspa Mattress]

I live in my camper, it fit perfectly. If your camper or RV has a queen size mattress I highly recommend this one. This mattress is more comfortable than more expensive mattress that I have purchased. My old mattress was memory foam and it was too soft. The mattress that came with my camper was only a cheap spring mattress and extremely firm. I thought I would try this hybrid mattress in hopes of finding a firmness I prefer. The springs give you more support and firmness than traditional memory ...

Great affordable mattress. [Lowe's Linenspa Mattress]

I purchased this mattress for my five-year-old daughter who was outgrowing her toddler bed. She has woken up every morning since commenting on how much she loves her new mattress. I laid on it with her for a while and was impressed with how comfortable and supportive it was. This is the first time I have experienced a hybrid mattress like this and I am now a big fan.Her brothers keep asking her to trade with them because they all like hers better than their traditional mattresses!

Pleasantly surprised [Lowe's Linenspa Mattress]

I ordered this bed for my daughter's first "big girl bed." I didn't need anything too fancy. I was first surprised by the funny instructions. The bed looked like a taquito (their words), and it was fun to watch it expand. My daughter had a nightmare so I slept on the bed with her. It was quite comfortable. When I replace my bed I'll consider one of these.

Great quality! [Lowe's Linenspa Mattress]

This mattress is so comfortable! It provides enough support, but the top layer is also very soft! I primarily sleep on my side, and have never experienced any discomfort. I would definitely recommend it!

Great Bed at a Great Price [Lowe's Linenspa Mattress]

This arrived in great shape and is just what we needed. It is both firm and soft at the same time and very comfortable for sleeping. It required a bit of airing out to lose the new smell, but one overnight was sufficient. It looks great all made up and sleep is looked forward to as it is enjoyable on this mattress!

Like sleeping on dense brioche. Very nice. [Lowe's Linenspa Mattress]

Great mattress. Good combination of springs and memory foam. I am primarily a side-sleeper so I needed plenty of 'give' to keep my spine and hips happy. Foam has a bit of radiant body heat retention so not ideal for people who sleep hot. I sleep cold and still roll onto the cool side during the night this summer but look forward to winter use for the bit of extra warmth. Glad I got the 8" (vs the other 10"/12") because standard depth fitted sheets just fit on, no need to find the deeper sets. Bo...

Great For What its Worth [Lowe's Linenspa Mattress]

It's your standard mattress, not too hard, not too soft. It comes rolled up in a box and you have to decompress it. The decompressing process is pretty straight forward. My only problem with the mattress is that it spells strongly of factory wood which I'm sure is a smell that would go away in time. The smell is not bad for me since I enjoy the smell of wood but I'm not so sure for others.

replacing after 8 months [Lowe's Linenspa Mattress]

great new sleep surface at first started to slump rapidly on the edges. i know not to dress sitting on the edge of the bed and did not. a 78" wide surface and the only support now is about 30"+ right down the middle. good luck, jake

Great except for Shipping times [Lowe's Ghostbed Mattress]

I was really looking forward to this mattress. I have had numerous back, neck and shoulder issues over the past year and knew it was time to start looking for a new mattress. After the Texas Freeze I ended up needing to replace my mattress sooner and ultimately chose this ghostbed flex. I took about a week longer to arrive than originally quoted so a lot of sleeping on the couch. Once it arrive I unpacked it and let it sit for a day then added the bedding. First night sleep was great. After about a week no back or neck pain. Love the mattress. The ghost pillows are great too but initially have an awful smell. The smell went away after a week.

Not quite what we expected [Lowe's Ghostbed Mattress]

When we first received this bed, we were super excited. Then bed that we sampled at the Arizona Fair, made us really want this bed. The ordering and financing were simple and we got the bed in a reasonable delivery time-frame. We opened it up and it looked great. We laid down on it and it felt like we were lying down on a board. My wife was ready to send it back that same day. We decided to give it a month. The bed has very slowly becoming adjusted to our bodies. It still isn’t where we need or want it, but we are going to get trying it for about another month before we decide what to do. We have added pillowtoppers and still doesn’t quite help.

Awesome sleep ever [Lowe's Ghostbed Mattress]

I've never understood everyone saying I fell in love with our new ghost bed. But I'll say this once we received our ghost bed we was excited. We got the hybrid bed and it's awesome. Me and my wife fell in love with this bed . We started getting the best rest of our life on this bed . I would be at work thinking of can't wait to lay on our new bed . It's so comfortable I've been having issues with my back after we started sleeping on this bed my back issues are getting better! This bed is in the goldy lock range not to soft not to hard but just right! You get 2 pillows as well with this bed and there perfect. Perfect match with this bed

Better than traditional [Lowe's Ghostbed Mattress]

Was looking to get a new mattress for a long time. The traditional just wasn’t cutting it anymore. During the quarantine, we just couldn’t take the old mattress anymore. So many uncomfortable nights. Ordered the ghost mattress on a recommendation from a friend. The ordering process was great and what fun it was to open the mattress and see it come to life. I didn’t care for the odor at first but it dissipated within a couple of days. Definitely sleeping a lot better. It feels a little softer than I would have liked but I still get a good nights sleep. I’m a side sleeper so I have a hard time finding my perfect spot. Overall a great buy.

Best Investment Ever [Lowe's Ghostbed Mattress]

We purchased the flex mattress and adjustable bed frame package. First off, the mattress is absolutely the most comfortable we have ever owned and we have purchased some big named mattresses in the past. The adjust frame is wonderful. We really enjoy watching TV in bed and the zero gravity setting relieves all the pressure off of my back. The sheet set is so soft and feels very luxurious against your skin. Absolutely the finest sheets we have ever owned. The mattress protector is soft, not crinkly. It’s hard to believe it is water resistant! I would recommend the Ghost brand to everyone I know and that is why I am writing this review.

Best Sleep Ever! [Lowe's Ghostbed Mattress]

I spent several weeks researching many mattress companies and the various style mattresses they offered. After many reviews and making a checklist of what was important to my husband and myself I chose the Ghostbed flex. It shipped to my house quickly, we set it up easily (me and my 13 yo son), and we were able to sleep on it the first night. It was GREAT! My husband and I love it, it is the perfect blend of comfort and support. We are getting the best sleep ever and no more waking up with back pain and having to crack it every morning to function. Best decision ever, just ordered two pillows and can't wait to try them as well

Great! [Lowe's Ghostbed Mattress]

I bought the Ghostbed Flex in king size. My wife and I have been very happy with it. I was nervous at first about ordering online without trying it out first, but after reading a bunch of third party reviews and tests I decided to go with the Ghost and I am glad I did. There was no smell from the mattress when we opened it up, that was a common complaint about a lot of other brands. This made it so we could use it right away without having to let it air out. My wife wanted one made without the nasty flame retardant chemicals and the Ghost happens to work for that as well. Firmness I would say is medium... I am a back/ side sleeper and were very happy with it.

Found the bed for me! [Lowe's Ghostbed Mattress]

I just received my Ghostbed Flex and it’s been great. The setup was easy and I received the bed very quickly. I think I have found the bed that is right for me, as I didn’t have to compromise on what I was looking for in a bed. It’s very comfortable for a side sleeper. The cooling top is great as I sleep hot. The bed came with cooling pillows as well that are like sleeping on ice cubes. I have gone through a few bed in a box mattresses and this one is the one I’m going to keep. I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a great bed overall. My money didn’t plunge, as it was a great price for a queen bed, and is overall a great investment.

Well made bed, too firm [Lowe's Ghostbed Mattress]

The buying process was nice. The bed is made very well, but it doesn't give at all. It is way too firm. I did a lot of research before I bought this bed. The first night that I slept on it was terrible. After about two weeks of sleeping on this bed, my back pain has gotten much worse. I also did not have neck pain prior to using this bed, but now I do. The box was quite damaged when we received it, but nothing was damaged internally. Unboxing the bed was fun and it was amazing that a king size bed could fit in such a small box. The company has been very friendly throughout the process. I like the company, but unfortunately this is not the bed for my wife an I.

Perfect For Someone Who Needs Firm Support [Lowe's Ghostbed Mattress]

It took awhile for my husband and I to decide on which bed to purchase and since this is our first time buying a mattress online without being able to feel it first, it was nerve wracking. I loved the idea of having 101 days to try it out so we went ahead and took a shot on the GhostBed Flex. I need firm support since I always have back aches. The GhostBed Flex gives me enough support but is soft enough for my husband’s comfort. We’ve had the bed for five days now and I must say, best decision we’ve ever made! I can’t say much about the blend of the materials inside since this is our first foam type bed but the softness is PERFECT. Not too soft and not too hard.

Best Sleep Ever! [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

This has been the best sleep we've ever had in a long while.

Best Mattress [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

My husband and I are sleeping better than ever. This mattress is firm, and extremely comfortable.

No more pain in my hips [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

The Tempur-Pedic mattress takes some getting used to. I did not have pain in my hips from day one, but it took me a few weeks to get used to going to sleep on it. My husband loved it from the first night.

Very comfortable [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

It functions as advertised. It has been very comfortable. We have gotten a better night's rest than we have in years.

No longer waking up in pain [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

This mattress is awesome. I no longer wake up in pain. I highly recommend getting this mattress with an adjustable frame.

Very comfortable and great for my back [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

Very happy to buy this another one as I had one Firm cloud mattress before and very much satisfied with the quality.

we love our mattress's feels so cozy getting in [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

It feels very firm when you lay down on it.. but it caresses you into a wonderful sleep.

Amazing!!!!!!!! [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

The most amazing sleep ever! Highly recommended!!! I love this mattress so much!! Most sound sleep ever !!!!

A better sleep [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

With our old mattress (also a foam-style) we'd wake up in the morning (and often at night) with sore and achy backs, not quite feeling as though we got the sleep we needed. The Tempur Luxe-Adapt has cured those ills and not only do we wake up without the sore back, we wake up much more refreshed. A nice change (and a nice mattress)! Thanks! Jim and Deb

AMAZING [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

We have only had our luxeadapt for 3 weeks (our first tempurpedic ever ) I can honestly say it IS giving myself and my husband better sleep. His lower back does not hurt any longer. We owned an icomfort memory foam prior and let me tell you... you CAN feel the difference in memory foam. Well worth the amount of money we spent 110%! Sooo happy we purchased this model. It says firm but you just kind of sink slowly in to be cradled. We LOVE IT!!! To sleep better and have less pressure point pain an...

Love [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

I replaced my 11 yr old Tempur-pedic Cloud with the Luxe Adopt Soft. I am 100% satisfied with how thus mattress contours to my body yet doesn't loose it's shape. Stays firm even if it's the "soft" model. My hip pain went away and thdcqyslutg of my sleep has improved significantly. I would buy it again and recommend it.

Very happy [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

I love soft mattresses and sinking into the bed but had been waking up with joint pain so knew I needed more support. This mattress has been perfect. It was not as soft as the showroom model upon arrival but I learned that the mattress needed to be broken in and will develop more give over time and with use. It is already very comfortable now and I have no more joint pain so I am very happy.

I should have kept looking [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

Luxe Adapt soft. Comfortable for first month but now wake with lower back pain every morning. Way too soft. Wife likes it but I cannot sleep in it. The firm was like a rock in the store, this one is way too soft. Reviews that say this is more medium than soft are way off..

Love It ! [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

I love my new firm mattress. It meets all expectations. It is very comfortable I would definitely recommend the firm versus soft in this particular line. It's not excessively firm which is what I was afraid of when buying without trying it in a store at least. It has just enough give to it.

Very comfortable [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

We really like our bed. Very comfortable. We have slept better and a deeper sleep. We have in a queen size, but wish we had gone with the king so that we could adjust our own individual sides. I like staying up later than my husband.

Great Mattress [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

My wife & I are totally satisfied with this mattress purchase. I would highly recommend this mattress for comfort and improved quality of rest.

Not a comfortable product [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

The mattress is extremely uncomfortable. I purchased the soft mattress, and it feels like a rock. My body feel sore all night and I wake up with stiff muscles.

Wonderful Mattress [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

This mattress has given us relief from everyday pain. We could not believe the difference it has made in our lives. We wake up feeling rested and without pain in our joints ever since we purchased this bed.

Expected more comfort [Lowe's Tempur-Pedic Mattress]

Having trouble getting used to the Luxe Adapt Plush. Not as comfortable as I expected. Wake up during the night repeatedly with hip pain.

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