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Lovesac Bean Bag Reviews

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Lovesac has been crafting high quality bean bags since their inception in 1995. Their bean bag chairs, lovingly called 'sacs,' come in a variety of different cover materials and two different distinct shapes. While these sacs are much more expensive than competitor products, what you are buying is high quality Durafoam™ technology that maintains comfort for longer. For comfort connoisseurs that don't mind paying extra, the Lovesac is definitely a brand to consider!

Bean Bag Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Comfort: 9.3/10

Support: 9.1/10

Cooling: 9.1/10

Price: $350-$1550

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Lovesac Bean Bag Details

Lovesac has an impressive backstory, starting in 1995 and featuring their own bean bag chair inspired 'Sac' products. Over the last two decades, their products have grown to include modular sofas and sectionals. However, their core 'Sac' products are still beloved by those that are looking for a high end traditional bean bag chair look with more comfort and high end covers.

Below, we'll go through the details of their six sizes of sacs, discussing the cover options, craftsmanship and feel, and what customers say about these products. Below, find each of their sacs reviewed, ranked largest to smallest.

First, we'll go through their BigOne:

The Outside: The BigOne is a large bean bag chair that easily fits two people. At 95 lbs, it is designed to be a permanent addition to any large space. It is 6' wide by 4' tall, and responds to pressure with a fluffy resistance. The cover choices include both 100% polyester velvet and synthetic phur options among others, including 12 quick ship high-end designs. Want something different? They also have over 160 different colors and designs to choose from that are big differentiators in this space.

The Insides: The insides of the BigOne is made of an insert of premium shredded Durafoam™. This foam is more resilient than other foams with a blend of both high, medium, and low density polyurethane foams. This unique blend is proprietary to Lovesac and can be fluffed to keep shape.

What Customers Say: Most customers find the BigOne to be exceptionally large and right as a replacement for a loveseat or two person couch. The high quality covers are well-loved and cozy additions. However, there were some complaints about the value as these are quite a bit more expensive than competitors.

Next, we'll go through their very popular Supersac:

The Outside: The Supersac is best for a larger single person or two people that like to get snuggly. Its dimensions are 5' wide and 3'10'' high. Similar to other Lovesac sacs, it is responsive to the touch and fluffy. It comes with quick ship options of 100% polyester velvet or synthetic phur, with its high end wolf phur being one of the most popular cover fabrics. In addition to that, it also comes with over 160 different colors and designs.

The Insides: Similar to other sacs, it is filled with Durafoam™ proprietary polyurethane foam blend that removes pressure and contours around the body while also adapting to the back.

What Customers Say: For those that are looking for a larger recliner replacement, this is a great addition for those that want a bigger impact to their living space. Most customers find the phur covers to be ideally soft and the fluffiness to be ideal for sitting and relaxing. Those that had negative things to say mentioned wanting more fluffiness.

Next, we'll go through their Moviesac:

The Outside: The Moviesac is rated as a two-person bean bag chair, but may be best for one larger person. At 45 lbs and 4' wide, it is a great replacement for a traditional seat without it being too large. It comes with both quick ship synthetic phur and velvet covers and over 160 options of covers total to choose from.

The Insides: Similar to other sacs, the inside is made of the proprietary Durafoam technology that melts away pressure points, but is resistant enough to cradle the spine for upright sitting activities.

What Customers Say: Customers really appreciate the Moviesac and describe it as being comfortable and fitting well in living spaces. The biggest negative remark from customers is that some found their sacs to be too stuffed.

Next, we'll go through their Pillowsac:

The Outside: The Pillowsac has a unique design that resembles a triangular pillow. Because of this, it is best for those that want a lounge chair feel, great for laying down. The Pillowsac is responsive to pressure with easy sitting and fluffing. The outside covers come with popular synthetic phur and velvet quick ship options and over 160 total cover designs to choose from. At 35 lbs and 6' long, it can fit well into many room designs.

The Insides: The insides of the Pillowsac include proprietary premium shredded Durafoam technology. This material helps the Pillowsac maintain shape and be contouring enough to help with pressure points.

What Customers Say: Customers are excited about the Pillowsac with many high ratings from customers on good comfort and sleek design. Those that had issues mentioned not being able to sit comfortably as it is best for laying down.

Next, we'll go through their Citysac:

The Outside: The Citysac is a single-person bean bag chair that is 35 lbs and 3' wide. It is great for sitting up-right or used as a larger ottoman to another piece of furniture. The bags are overstuffed for both responsive support and pressure point relief. With both synthetic phur and velvet quick ship covers and also over 160 more designs to choose from, customers can find something that will match even the most pesky interior design.

The Insides: The inside of the Citysac is overstuffed with shredded polyurethane Durafoam technology that has both high density and lower density foams for better longevity of comfort.

What Customers Say: Most customers mention how their Citysacs are exceedingly comfortable and continue to last for years to come. Some customers mentioned wanting more stuffing or expecting the sac to be larger.

Next, we'll go through their Gamersac:

The Outside: The Gamersac is the smallest option from Lovesac. It fits one child comfortably and can second as a low ottoman. It is 22 lbs, 2'6'' wide, and 2'8'' tall. It is responsive under pressure for sitting and watching TV. It features cover options with over 160 different designs including popular quick ship options of synthetic fur and velvet.

The Insides: The inside of the bean bag is tightly packed with shredded Durafoam™ technology that offers pressure relief with lower density foam pieces and long lasting support with higher density pieces too.

What Customers Say: The Gamersac is well-loved by parents with kids of all ages, who report comfy experiences. Those that had negative things to say mentioned it being too pricey for the materials.


Lovesac's sacs come overstuffed so are fluffier than many other options. Although each Lovesac sac may be slightly different than each other due to the differences in the blend of shredded Durafoam™ within, most sacs will be medium-firm, with enough squish to cradle the body.

Who Are Lovesac Bean Bags Best For?

Lovesac sacs are best for those that want high end, more durable products and a huge selection of cover designs. Those that are looking for a friendlier option on the budget, should see Our Full List of Bean Bag Reviews for a full breakdown of available offerings and how they will work with your body.

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Soooooo comfortable

We ordered two citysacs for the kids as as well as for the wife and I. We couldn't be happier with them. Extremely well crafted and large enough for multiple people, the whole family if we feel like cuddling up for a movie. Highly recommended!!!

This lovesac is amazing!!!

Such a great purchase, we love this lovesac! It was all we were hoping it would be!!!!!!

Wolf Phur Sac Cover: A Must Buy!

I recently purchased a Wolf Phur sac cover for my BigOne and if you are looking something that is luxurious, dense and soft, this is the cover to get. What I especially like about the cover is that it is dense and heavy, the quality can't be beat. Also, compared to my Eskimo Phur and Rhino Plush covers, this has more give to it, allowing the sac to expand more. As a result, you really sink into the sac like you're nesting. The Wolf Phur is one of the most expensive fabrics but I can understand why: The quality of the material is top notch.

The size is a lie!

Fully fluffed my The Big One is 5 feet by 3 feet. No way is this 6 feet by 4 feet. Also. The big one used to be 8 feet some years back. A classic case of reduce the size of the product and keep the price the same. I guess the other sacs are not the size they claim either. So, don't waste your time. You have been warned. Plenty of other places to shop out there for beanbags/foambags. I'm actually going to get legal advice as this is actually breaking the law. False advertising. Class action lawsuit incoming.

Best Thing Ever!

I absolutely love it!! I have the Elk cover an it is super soft! It is so worth the money!! Best thing I have ever bought! Only down fall was having to move it to the new house, cause it is so big an heavy


The absolute best money I have spent on something although I didn't get to enjoy it that long due to a house fire. They don't survive very well after a fire which sucks! Guaranteed it will be worth every penny you spent. Maybe one day, I'll have another one.

My Kids dream place

So pictures don't do it justice how big the Big One really is. We were so surprised how big it got once it was removed from the shipping bag and expanded that we intially were going to return it for the next smaller size. However, after seeing our kids enjoy it so much and the fact my wife and I can join them comfortably on it as well we decided it's a keeper. I'd say the only "con" is the price. It's a little on the high side but with a lifetime warranty and the fact we own sactionals as well, we figure "we're all in" w/ LOVESAC and all that they offer. Truly enjoying our purchases from them.

Great product even higher price

The idea of a good quality sac is nice but the markup on it is crazy, I mean if you had priced the biggest version around $500 that would be reasonable but not over 1K, just silly high price.

needs more fluff

I love my lovesac but it's flat. It did not come filled enough.


I will never live without a Lovesac. Words can't express how amazing this is.


I think these chairs would be great for people with health issues such as breathing...heart...back....

Should of had one years ago

Look, I'm a retired Marine. Needless to say after many years of multiple deployments my body is just in horrible condition. I first sat in one at my cousins house about a month after my back surgery. Holy cow this thing was the most comfortable seat that I have ever sat in. So as the old saying goes, go big or go home, so I bought the biggest one they made. I kid you not if you are on the fence about buying one of these just do it! It is so worth it.


Love it. So comfortable. So big. We had a hard time figuring out how to sit in it but once we found the sweet spot it's the best seat in the house. The website says it can fit 3 people, it's pretty tight with 2 of us ... maybe a kid could fit. Overall best piece of furniture I have ever purchased.


We decorated our basement theatre around the use of love Sacs. It turned out awesome!!! Our kids love them and so do we. We're very happy with the Eskimo swirl... and the price of it. It's extremely soft. I would highly recommend!

Impossible to move

I regret buying this LoveSac. They are impossible to pack up and move once they are unboxed. If you google around on how to shrink one of these things you'll quickly find out it's very difficult. Most people end up forcing them outside by the curb and hope the trash pickup will take them.

Pricey, but comfortable

Not sure if it's as big as the description claims, but it is big. Can seat 2 people comfortably if molded correctly. Great for naps and definitely comfortable.


If you are looking for the most perfect seat ever this is the seat to get!!!!!!!! This is the most comfortable thing ever! GET IT!


I just got mine today with the Elk fur cover!! An I am in love with it! I am 5ft an it is basically my new bed!! It is definitely worth it, you will not be disappointed!

Lovesac is amazing

When I received the email the morning after a late night party I found out I had order the big one lovesac the night before while in a intoxicated state... I have always wanted on and I had looked before and just never had purchased one. It is way to big for the room I have it in but that just makes it so much cooler. I was very happy with how fast my lovesac shipped and how it feels so far. Can't wait to spend many more movie night relaxing in it. In conclusion the quote nothing good happens after 2am didnt exactly apply and some how I lucked out.

Looks great, but sheds every single day

I love the way it looks and feels, but it sheds white fur every single time I fluff the love sac. It also gets all over my clothes and, after having it for a few months now, I have decided I am going to buy another cover without fur. At the moment, I have removed the cover and am using the lovesac alone. My recommendation: buy a cover that is not made of fur and avoid the mess. :)

Best money spent

It was the best birthday gift ever! Very comfortable and easy to fluff

Just ok

1: the measurements are wrong. While I ordered the big one 8ftwide 3ft tall the bag is about 5ft tall (which makes it hard to get on top of) and 5ft wide 2: the smell from the fire retardant stuff smells really bad if you are putting it in a small ish room or bedroom you need to air it out for several weeks or the smell with give you a headache. I've had mine for 6 weeks and it still smells I've tried spraying it with extra strength fabreeze with no luck of getting the smell to go away. Customer Service stated that the smell usually goes away within a month obviously that's not the case with mine 3: You can sit on the sac and not sink to the floor. It's very comfortable to sit in and the cover I got for mine (the fox phur) is really nice. While it is a very nice bag it's not exactly what I expected. Don't get me wrong I love the thing and can't wait to enjoy it once the smell goes away.

Not worth the money

I have purchased sacs from Jaxx and loved them. Decided to go with an upgrade. I mean, if a 500.00 sac is awesome, Then a 1,500 must be out of this world. One. It's so tall that you can't use a foot stool. Also it is NOT 8 feet wide. Maybe with out foam, but nope. It is 6 feet at the most with the foam. There is no words to discribe how disappointed I am. Customer service was really nice. I am getting a partial refund and returning it. But I am stuck with a 600.00 cover they won't take back. I made a mistake by ordering this

Not as big as they say

We love our Big One. It is a quality product but instead of 8'x4' it's more like 4'x5'. So it's truly a one person seat. Not three like it says. Maybe 3 babies .

Family of Mastiffs

After researching this product I finally got my husband to get me one of the Big ones. He loves it, I love it and so do our 3 fully grown English Mastiffs. I do try and keep the dogs off the lovesac when it's rainy but it doesn't exactly work all the time. With that being said I haven't needed to wash it due to dirt or stains, ect. My youngest dog will sit next to the lovesac and whine because she wants on there (she's the only one who asks permission) but I can have all 3 and my husband and I on the big one at once and still be comfy, minus a few dog elbows in my stomach lol. An amazing product and can't wait to buy more. Next purchase is sactionals...

#FiveStars #LoveSac #HighlyRecommend

I've been a Love Sac customer for about 2 years & think i've probably owned every style they've made... Needless to say I would definitely recommend to anyone in search of casual, comfortable, cozy furniture for an affordable price that'll for just about any room its absolutely perfect for dorms, studios, family rooms as I've bought pieces for all 3 places for my home & also for my son & daughter when they lived at school & then onto places of their own... I'm rambling on but can honestly say I adore this place so much that I never have enough to say about Love Sac...They are phenomenal regarding quality, comfort & selection, afforadability & style! Also like to add that the pieces are so easy to put together & lightweight its literally eliminated any need to hire movers like i usually would with a sofa & lovesat, ottoman, etc... nope... we moved all our Love Sac pieces just me, my hubby, & 20 year old girl boy twins ! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE!

Can't wait be there ASAP

I have been looking for a bag chair like this for almost 35 years. I had a much smaller one when I was pregnant. It's the only thing that you CAN find a comfortable position. I have a very bad back and it's a true blessing. Thank you for advertising on Facebook!

Biggest fan ever!

I fell in love when my college roommate built a gaming room and purchased 3 big Lovesacs nearly 10 years ago. We finally splurged on The Big One 3 years ago. It recently began to lose it's shape- I'm disappointed. No amount of fluffing would keep it upright- it would pancake out. I called the nearest location (Orland Park, IL) and Sabrina said to email her the store a picture (after fluffing it up as much as possible) so that she could send out a few boxes of foam. Talk about great customer service!! Now, do I think the Lovesac is worth every penny? Only time will tell. If this beanbag truly lasts 10 years, then the $1500+ was worth it! But for now, no, it's too expensive.

Everyone NEEDS a love sac! NOW!

This product is easy to fluff up and is the most comfortable sac ever! Customer service is also great and my entire family loves this! Great Xmas gift and big enough for me and my brother to snuggle up and watch a movie together. Totally recommend.

Most demanded seat in the house

I've only had our moviesac for about 2 weeks, but so far we love it!! It's super comfy. I was a little concerned with the size of the movie sac and worried it would not be big enough after sitting in the supersac at the store. If you are in the same position, don't worry, it is plenty big enough! Me and my 10 year old daughter (and dog) fit fine on it. Looking forward to many great years with our Lovesac.

Terrible product

This is one of the worst purchases I've ever made. The sac is absurdly heavy for its size, and overfilled, which means it's not even comfortable to sit on – it simply can't deform enough within the constraints of the sac liner. I thought I'd try removing some of the foam but the zippers are so tight it was impossible to open them, even with tools. Shrinking the sac back down to fit into the duffle is almost impossible making returns, transport, resale, or even disposal a nightmare. Buying this was an expensive mistake and I would strongly suggest you avoid these products.

Love, love, love!

I was debating if I should buy one of these, and when they were 30% off I finally did it. I really wanted the supersac, but it was just too big for our space, so I went for the moviesac instead. I find it perfect for 1 person, little tight for two, but my dogs fit well on it with me. Not sure who loves it the most, but I think this will become the most demanded seat in the house, by humans and dogs.

Too expensive and small.

Good quality, but too small and not that comfortable. The cover doesn't fit properly.

the best product on the market

money well spent. this is an amazing product that I believe every home should have they are extremely comfortable and will last a life time l.

Extremely comfortable

It's like sitting on a cloud. Every person we've had sit on our Sac has been in shock with the comfort ability. They always expect it to have the empty feeling of a bean bag chair! It's super easy to take care of, even my 8 year old daughter loves to refluff the Lovesac!

11 Years and still going strong!! Need suggestions on a new

I have owned my lovesac for 11 years now, it went to college with me, it lived with my brother and his wife for a while, it was alone for a while, and now it's with me in my home with my husband! It has been through quite a bit and continues to do so. Heres the NEED SUGGESTIONS part. It's not ideal, but our now 13 year old dog seems to have made it his home. I've attempted to keep a blanket or two over it at all times, but he's past the point of figuring out that he can make a nest with those blankets. I don't want him on it of course, because well.. things dogs lay on tend to become a little gross. After battling him trying to keep him off, then the blanket covers, and the fact I don't have a dry cleaner for the cover within 2 hours of my home (I did end up going to the laundry mat and washing it on the gentlest of cycles - & it worked splendidly!) I'm resorting to finding a new, more durable cover that will help keep the sac alive, be pretty resistant to dog clawing/making a nest, and yet be comfortable to sit on for both the dog & us. (if its not soft, he won't lay on it :/ and he'll go make a nest in our bed... which I equally hate) So! If anyone has any suggestions, or if lovesac company comes up with any ides or solutions, that would be amazing! I love my lovesac, and so does everyone else clearly! 11 Years and still going strong! Thank you for an amazing product!

Not As Comfortable as I Hoped

I"m a little disappointed in the Moviesac. I've had it about 60 days and its still not as comfortable as I thought ti would be. I would have returned it but the cover is not returnable so forced to keep the product because I wouldn't have a use for the cover without the insert.

Chocolate Padded Velvet Moviesac

This is the perfect size for our living room. It fits right in with the other furniture, and is the perfect chair for gaming, movie nights, web surfing, conference calls, and just about anything that requires sitting! I've fallen asleep a few times. I just nestle in, and curl up into a ball like a cat, and it's pure perfection. Every house needs an original Lovesac moviesac!

expensive, but very comfortable

The chair came in a timely fashion. The cover however did not. The people in the stores are rude so I would just order everything online.

SO comfortable!!

I LOVE my owl phur Moviesac. The only thing I'm worried about is having to sit on regular furniture at someone else's house because this has me so spoiled! I also don't like giving up my seat for visitors...teehee! Love the fabric. Very breathable and soft. We loved it so much, we bought a pillowsac and The Big One!!

A great product - made to last!

My Moviesac has helped to create a new favorite corner of my bedroom! It is so comfortable and inviting, and I love that it molds to however I'm sitting. It was a bit tricky to get out of the package when it arrived, (which I believe was the fault of a temperamental zipper -- not the Sac itself), but once I got it out and fluffed it became a great new piece of furniture for my home. Looking forward to enjoying my Moviesac for many years to come!

The sac is light

This sac is very light compared to the supersac. I know the weight and height is a big difference but I'm 5"8 and the moviesac I can fit on it but I can't really lay on it comfortably.


I cannot stress how much I love this thing. It was either but a love seat sofa for $600-$1000 or buy the beat phur moviesac. I was a bit against the fence about spending the money on it but I took the chance and purchased the moviesac. Let me tell you I am in love. One of the best decisions I have made for my living space.

unable to use

The sac was so hard that I slid off of it. It is too expensive for a beanbag.

Simply perfect

Without a storefront near me, I went back and forth on which size to order, but the MovieSac turned out to be perfect! It's large enough that I can curl up and lay sideways, or sit in it and have plenty of back support. My pug can also join me in it quite comfortably. At the same time, it's not so large that it looks awkward with the rest of my furniture. It's also super cozy and I love the way I sink in and it wraps around me a bit. It has quickly become my go-to place for watching tv/movies or reading a book. I will admit I have already fallen asleep in it more than once!

very awesome love sac

two adults can't fit comfortably in movie sac for any length of time. My 13 year old daughter got it for Christmas and sits in it constantly.. LOVES it! Very happy that she is happy but it is a 1k piece of furniture. Made well and a good product but pricey.

the perfect place to just relax and chill out.

I got my lovesac last year from vegas, I had a problem getting it home to N.Ireland, but i did it and regret nothing! the only problem i face now is that i can't get any other covers, the choco velvet cover i got is great and still looks like new but i wouldn't mind getting a couple of different ones to change it up or to have a spare when one is in for a wash. the only other problem is actually getting to sit in it when there are people visiting, first place most people go to now. best seat in the house!

Ten years later this Moviesac is still in excellent

I cant believe how amazing our Lovesac Moviesac has been for our family. Its 10 years old. It looks and feels the same way it did the week we got it. Any little spills wipe right up. Great piece of furniture. Thanks!!

There Is Nothing Softer

**Warning** You may not be "able" to get out of your Bear Phur!! I bought the Bear Phur Cover Set for myself and my son for Christmas and one of us is always in it! It's like a wonderful, warm bear hug. The negative Nancy reviewers are right, it's expensive, but I don't mind paying more for excellent quality and extreme comfort, not to mention great customer service (shout out to the ladies at the Annapolis Mall!)

Best seat available in the world right now

It is not to exspensive, you get what you pay for! I have seen many replica big pillows etc and they feel like they will burst when you sit on them. This wont, it is the real deal guys!

Ten Years Strong

I've had my movie sac for 10 years now and it looks and feels as good as it did the day I bought it. This product is by far, is the best purchase I have ever made. Are they expensive? Yes. But as my Papa has always said: "You get what you pay for." If I could have an entire living room of nothing but sacs, I would do it in a heart beat. Do yourself a favor and buy a sac. You will NOT regret it. -- Mary J. (PROUD OWNER OF A MOVIE SAC SINCE 2006)

Great product

Love the company and the product. Some downsides were how long it took to process and ship. Also how dirty and gross the duffel bag looked once it was off the truck. Other than those minor details I am extremely satisfied with the product and is why I rated a 4/5!

I love mine.

It is so amazing. I brag about it all the time. So comfortable you definitely need the rocker.

Everyone loves it!!!

Since I purchased the Moviesac - it has been the hit of every gathering. It is comfy and stylish!

Eskimo supersac

I was saving and waiting to get an Eskimo supersac for years! I love the product but let's face it is way expensive! So finally after getting my sac and ottoman and whole setup going I was in heaven! I loved my "cloud"! But after a few weeks I noticed my bright white sac started to discolor. So I washed it. That did not seem to help. The longer I had it the browner it got. And after paying over $1000 for everything I would have just hoped it would have stayed new looking for longer. :-( Lovesac is a great product if you can afford it! I just would not recommend the Eskimo phur covers

Ive wanted one for 10+ years

I have wanted one since I was in highschool, 10 years later I finally got one and couldn't be happier. Is there any way I could get a lovesac sponsorship? I would gladly tattoo a logo on myself for a living room set.

Less like a chair, more like a dog bed.

We purchased a movie sac from local Sac store after trying them out. The one we received is nothing like those on display. I can only imagine they add more foam in the stores to make them more comfortable. Our movie sac sits about 6 inches off the floor and provides no support. We have followed all directions and fluffed daily for over a week. Extremely frustrating and disappointing.

Needs more foam, not same as in store

I purchased a moviesac online and received it this past Friday, It does not stay fluffed up at all, the reason I believe is there is not enough foam that comes with the product. I sat in one at a store and it had way more foam in it. I am not happy that I have to buy more foam on a product that is this expensive already. If it came with more foam would be better product.

Love my MovieSac

I love my MovieSac! Best purchase ever!!! If you want one of these for a city apartment, this is perfect size!

Super comfortable.

We couldn't be happier with the moviesac. Absolutely enjoying the comfort and luxury!

Life Saver

3 years go our daughter had to have hip surgery and was in a spica cast for 2 months. We were searching for a bean bag type cushion that could be accommodating. We were unsuccessful until we stopped at looked around at the love sac store. The customer service was excellent and we were able to find the most comfortable Love Sac cushion that was perfect for our daughters needs. Since then she is doing fine and we are still using the Love Sac Movie Watcher and we purchased another as well.

Movies Are No Longer The Same!

It's true, it's so comfortable you might have a hard time finishing your movie if sharing the Moviesac with someone. I don't have one friend that has sat in it and not wanted one of their own or fallen asleep in it. The Fox Phur cover was an excellent choice for our living room that had a combination of cherry wood veneer furniture, caramel colored leather couch and beige tinted carpet. It's really soft, and you find yourself petting and stroking it like it like the family pet. Setup was fun, and it was easy to follow the instructions in tearing up the foam block inside. The key is to beat up your sac...flip it over, roll it around, punch it, flop on it....the memory foam needs fluffing. Now if I could just find some sort of velcro eyes and mouth and it would look just like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


I have owned this sac for 7 years and I absolutely love it! I have a baby and this has been the perfect spot to feed her comfortably. Such a great sac.

Greatest Sac Option

This is the best sac, in my opinion. First of all, the moviesac is just the right size, two adults can fit in it comfortably for a movie! :) It fits perfectly in the corner for the times it is not being used. Secondly, the eskimo fur is the best cover. It is my third cover, with different sacs, and it is by far the most comfortable and soft sac cover by far. I will be getting this cover for other sacs! We have had the sac for about 3 months, and it is still as clean as it was the day I took it our of the bag, and we have a toddler and 2 dogs!! Great value!

Where have you been, Cause I know exactly where you are

I first encountered the LoveSac at an event at Shoreline Amp, I believe it was the Download festival and they are bunch of them in the GameTap Tent. I had never seen one before let alone about to bask and enjoy it's amazing comfort....I remember I ask one of the staff members how much they go for... When she told me, I kinda freaked cause it was a oversized pink fuzzy custom Lovesac it was uber expensive, however that day I promised myself that when I grew up that would be an investment that I would truly appreciated. Well I purchased my Moviesac 3 + years ago and haven't looked back since. (pun not intended btw)

oh my gosh, comfortable

Isn't that what it's all about? comfort. if it looks funny to guests, just tell them to sit on it. I have fallen asleep in the chocolate citysac more times than I care to admit, and I just got it last month, I have two of them, I also have two chocolate squattomans, and it looks like truffles all over the living room, I LOVE them! best furniture purchase I ever made. I also have a chocolate pillowsack with a rocker frame, review to follow...soon.

No snap buttons anywhere on non-refundable Custom Cover for

Received my CitySac Khaki Liner, and Custom Orion Blue Padded Velvet Cover in the mail today, after over four weeks of waiting. Stitching on Custom Orion Blue liner is well done. Very symmetrical, appears to be very robust and thick fabric used for the cover. Overall, the sewers did an amazing job with it. Just one slight problem. There are absolutely NO snap buttons for the optional snap on drink holder, or the optional head pillow. No snap buttons on cover anywhere. At first I thought I wasn't looking hard enough, but now I'm quite certain they missed a step in the manufacturing process. These products are in fact, quite expensive. I was hoping this product would be ready for prime time, but I guess my expectations on quality control were a bit too high.

Good for small spaces

I'm in the military so my living quarters are quite small but this sac fits perfect and is so comfy recommend to all enlisted personnel that still has to live on base

This product is fun and a great conversation piece

The citysac molds to your body while still giving you support and comfort. It is a fun piece to add to any collection of furniture.

Perfect size

This sac is great, I had a Super sac and I liked that but I moved a lot and it was a pain to move so I sold it. 2 years later I missed it so much I decided to try the City Sac. Its not the Super but its just the right size to be comfortable and move with, and not own the room when its really small. Thank you guy's, I think I may need to get an ottoman though. Will you be making it available in the Beaver fur any time soon? Thank you for making such kick butt product.

So comfy....

My daughter wanted a bean bag for Christmas so she had some where comfy to read, as she loves to read. I wanted to get a good quality one so it can last her years. She is 8 and the size is perfect as we both can cuddle and watch a movie together. A little bigger than expected but she will have many years with it. So glad I went with a Lovesac.

Winner of a holiday investment

My friend has been wanting a decent bean bag chair for years. I decided that she needed the best out there, since she planned on using it constantly, like any other piece of furniture. This sac did not disappoint - it's immensely comfortable and helps keep her hip from bothering her (sports injury) and the machine washable cover means we move it all over the house. It's exactly right and precisely what she (and I) hoped for. Thank you so much!!

Just ok

Received this product in a bag not with in a box. The bag was in bad shape from shipping. Breaking down the inside of the love sac was very tedious and time-consuming. Overall just ok. Some covers you can't tie onto the sac some you can. Fits one adult well.

Just as promised!

My son loves this comfy, durable sac! Super easy to put on the cover.

competition in the family for comfy funsacs!!!

I have recently purchased a supersac package and the citysac purple since our furniture was lost in a fire, everything gone. My son , home from the air force, is camped out on the supersac for video games. My wife with medical issues now sleeps on the supersac. I got the citysac for one of three daughters who loves purple. There is so much usage I just ordered a pillowsac in black with the red pillows. At this rate I may need the Big One so I can actually use the furniture sacs I ordered. This is actually saving me money since my wife would have wanted more expensive furniture than what I am ordering. And it is comfortable and topical, too!!! Thank you from a grateful frazzled father.

Large Family with Multiple LoveSacs

My family has one Big One and two City Sacs along with the sectional couch pieces and we have had them for 4+ years now and I am buying again to add to our "collection". We LOVE this company and they stand behind what they make. We all still lay in our sacs at least once a week and they are so comfortable. When I had knee surgery, it was more comfortable to sleep in my lovesac then my bed!!! Any time you have a cold and can't lay flat, sleep in your sac and you'll get a better sleep! My covers have all been washed many times, and are still looking like new! Once again, just love them and can't say enough about them.

Not enough

The city sac is not enough. Maybe if it had more stuffing. You are basically laying on the floor.


Ordered the Citysac for my daughter. She absolutely loves it! Elk fur is so soft and comfortable. Perfect size for a bedroom and one person. I loved it so much that I purchased the Supersac with the black velvet cover. Now everyone wants to sit in it! Large and also comfortable, conforms to your body and provides wonderful support for your back. I highly recommend ANY sac for purchase. Well worth the money.

This Is an Amazing Piece Of Furniture Great For The Family

When I Ordered It I Thought To Myself,"I've Probobly wasted $400 But when I Got It I Loved It And Was All I Sat On For About A Month Still Love It Now

I'm in love with my Lovesac!

When I bought my first Lovesac, my little sister informed me that grown adults do not have "adult bean bags." Well, this one does! (And since I received my Lovesac, even she has been forced to recant!) Lovesacs are supremely comfortable; it isn't unusual for my guests to fall asleep on them. Not to mention, they look great; I have received so many compliments! I also have 2 dogs. The covers are easy to clean and maintain. I love my Lovesac!

Laying on a Cloud

This love sac is amazing. Yes, you think, why spend as much on a bean bag as a couch, but it is not the same what-so-ever. I have been able to fit 3 woman on the sac comfortably. Any stain has been able to wash off with a paper towel and water.

Just not what I expected

The product is fine. I was really excited about the sac arriving. But the one I purchased isn't big enough for what I had in mind and the next size would take up to much space.

Ended up getting stuck with this from a Defective fur cover

So I had originally purchased an Eskimo fur cover and ended up having several issues with stitching and loose strings hanging everywhere. Went through Lovesac and sent them picture upon picture of the issues and they finally allowed me to send it back to them and they sent me this cover in exchange (This was lesser value). I have had it about 4-5 months now and it makes your sac COMPLETELY different from a fur cover. The fur cover was so nice and made the sac smoosh out when you sat in it and it was much more comfortable. With this one you are just stuck sitting in one uncomfortable position as the cover has no give to it (I realize this one is made for more of a structured sit) BUT It has made our citysack sit to the side now as well and we have turned and fluffed and took the cover off and washed it once and everything we could do to get it to sit right but it just wont, so it has now been retired to a closet of ours. Not sure if it is the stitching or what. I am not happy at all, I want my fur cover back! This is not the only Lovesac product we have issues with as our sactional covers have strings hanging everywhere as well.

A great spare sitting area

We have several pieces of love sac furniture. I would highly recommend if you have small children.

Fluff sit, flatten, repeat.

Citysac with chinchilla phur, super soft and comfy no doubt! I am 180lbs and 5'10" and I sink right in perfectly, my lady is much lighter/shorter than me and the sac rejects her, it's like she bounces right off :( The citysac is definitely meant for one person. If I get a long gaming session in, I tend to sink in to the point where I am constantly refluffing, which I suspect is pretty normal after an hour or more in the same position....but I wonder if I need more foam. I have had a blast having friends over to sit in it, and it is a great conversation piece. This seat pleases me, will probably buy a different cover to suit my moods. I wish I could have gotten a bigger sac but in my current home the citysac is HUGE, takes up lots of floor space but I can move it wherever I need to, unlike a recliner!

Even better in person.

I just purchased this sac for my daughter for Christmas. I have no doubt that it will be a hit! The Read Petal Pinwheel cover is beautiful and exceeds expectations. Can not wait to see her face on Christmas morning.

Extremely unsatsified.

First off, no more are the old round khaki naked sac that you put under the cover sac, now you get upgraded, even if you don't want to because they are sold out, to a rectangle naked khaki sac that can be used outside of the cover sac as a full size bed. I can let you imagine what it does when put into the cover sac. It can't be anything else but a downgrade to comfortability. The sewed material over the zipper goes right under your shoulders the moment you sit down, this plus the logo tag makes it extremely uncomfortable. This also cause the tube pillow to be innefective while attached, because it ends up in the middle of your back. Now onto the Tube Pillow and Soda sac. Both items are attached via a magnet, a extremely weak magnet mind you, which won't let the soda sac hold anything at all nor itself, and the tube Pillow won't stay in place the minute you touch it the tiniest bit. Very disapointed, would not recommend at all and currently asking for a refund.


My daughter loves it! So comfy and the color is perfect!

What an incredible deal!

We absolutely love our Lovesac! It was our introduction to the Lovesac products and we are hooked! Have lost count of the number of times we have fallen asleep on it because it's so comfortable. The items that come with this package is also great to have! We loved it so much we went and bought a 5 series sactional as well - love that, too!

Simply heavenly.

Quite possibly the most comfortable anything I've ever sat/lounged/lay/loafed around in.

Perfect for College

I bought the city sac for my dormitory a few months ago. I LOVE IT! Not only is it perfect for small space but the sac brings comfort and a modern look to the room. I HIGHLY recommend this product to customers.

Need one for each kid!!!

I got the Moonrock dense fur in a Super Sac package for my son. Best gift ever! He loves it and I love that the cover is washable. Best seat in the house for sure! Got myself a City Sac and it is a good size for me, if I get to it first!!!! Great quality and excellent customer service.

Great appartment purchase.

I bought a city sac for my appartment and it fits perfectly. I originally wanted a movie sac in fear that the city sac would be to small but that was not the case. There is plenty of room and boy is it comfortable. I would highly recommend this to anyone who can afford it.

Amazing Package

My partner and I went to view Sacs at the LoveSac store in Milwaukee Wisconsin we fell in love with the Sacs not just one but all of them are pretty amazing. We wanted one big enough so we could both fit in it ease and comfort. We loved the softness of this phur and the color is pretty neutral so it will go with pretty much anything. If your looking for a different unique alternative to some comfy furniture go with a SAC for LoveSac they are pretty SWEET!

Aubergine Velvet!

I love my aubergine velvet City Sac Love Sac. It is so soft and comfortable. It is really cute too!

Best purchase ever

Bean bag chairs don't stand a chance! This is so much better than anything I've sat in or slept in. We'll done!

Perfect Sac for One Person!

I purchased this sac on sale for my small apartment. It fits perfectly and is easy to move around and fluff as needed. The new insert that converts into a full sized bed is great. The comfort isn't as good as a bigger sac just because it doesn't swallow you as much. By all means, it's still super comfortable! Highly recommend this sac if you're looking for a practical sac for a smaller space!

Fun to have around kids

Good to have in our living room. My 4 yr old and 18 month old love it even more then my husband and I. Only negative is how much you have to flip over to re fluff. This makes the attachments obsolete. Ottoman is nice, we use it with other pieces of furniture too. Circle pillow is nice too, but we don't keep it attached because we are always rotating the sac for fluffiness.

Great stuff

I love my city sac that I have. I just moved into a small apartment and it's perfect for playing video games or watching a movie cuddled up with the lady. I have had it for 2 years now and all I ever have to do is flip it a few times a month to fluff it up. The price is a bit high for me but I still love having it

Everyone Loves this Sac!

This City Sac is super COMFY! Have the squattoman too! Everyone loves this Sac including 3 Chinese Cresteds who think it is their new bed! Enough room for all! City Sac is great for watching TV, browsing the internet and a nap!

Moonrock Dense Phur SuperSac

A little piece of heaven. I purchased this for my daughter's graduation/move out gift. I visit her often just to sit in it. Family and friends are always commenting on this piece - we have brought a lot of customers to Love Sac as they always ask us where we got it. I also shared that the salesperson was not pushy and just fun to be around. I highly recommend this company.


Best purchase ever! The Phur side in the winter months keeps you so warm and is like cuddling with a giant teddy bear. In the warmer months, the micro leather side keeps you cool and comfortable. easy to wash too...

Best big bean bag ever.

Other bags do not compare to love sacs! Do your self a favor and buy one! You will never regret it.

product was awesome

Love it and my family loves it. Enjoy it everyday. So comfy I could sleep on it.

I have wanted one of these for years.

I absolutely love my lovesac. It's ridiculously comfortable. I'm excited for the lifetime warranty because I legitimately plan on keeping this thing till I die. If you are like me and you have wanted a lovesac for a number of years, just go ahead. Get it now. Don't wait. It's worth it. You will be happier.

its too expensive

this thing is the most confortable thing ever, however it is crazy expensive. That was a major setback for me.

bring back prior version!

These are absolutely unbelievable - the consumer should NOT have to go to so much trouble to get these to any condition for which they could possibly be used!! It has been a little over a week since I purchased 2 of the citysacs and have so far spent at least 2 hours on each sac attempting to get all the lumps out. They both are still filled with a bunch of lumps everywhere!! Absolutely ridiculous!! I followed the instructions exactly as indicated. One of the sacs I started breaking up the lumps from the rock hard rectangle before letting it "sit" for 24-48 hours. This one appears to have less lumps. The other rock hard rectangle, I unpacked it and allowed it to "sit" for 24 hours. It does not appear I will ever get the lumps out. I purchased a citysac 4 years ago for my oldest son going to college and it was made out of a completely different material...NO LUMPS!! 4 years later it is still in perfect condition. I will be researching how to start returning these 2 sac of lumps!

I love the size and was very surprised about the comfort

I ordered a citysac online and i was very excited to get it in the mail. when i got it, I unpacked it and let it sit for a couple of days. It was not so comfy in the beginning, but as time went on, it got more and more comfortable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has the room and wants something to make a statement!

Pancake Sac

I live in Canada so was so excited when I found out I could in fact get a Lovesac in a duffle bag and take it home on the airplane with me! I purchased the Citysac with the polar cut phur as a Christmas gift for my husband. The first problem is when I put the cover on I noticed a "bald spot" in the fur just bigger than the size of a quarter. It was comfortable at first, but the more we sit in it the more it seems like there is not enough foam. It feels like you are almost sitting on the floor and looks like a pancake every time someone is done sitting in it. I realize you have to re-fluff every time but the minute you sit in it again you sink right down. I haven't called about it because I know they don't ship to Canada and I figured this was just how the sacs were, but reading a lot of the reviews there seems to be similar problems out there. I have been in several other sacs that seem to be fuller and more supportive. I am very disappointed with my pancake sac!

Not as great as my son's Citysac ... not sure why ...

After using my son's Citysac for 10 days, I fell in love and ordered the identical setup (or so I thought). The cover is everything my son's cover is ... looks great, feels great to the fingers ... The sac insert itself, however, responds COMPLETELY different to the human body than my son's did. I'm not sure why? My son purchased his from a store, I ordered my online. Only difference I'm aware of ... until I sit on mine. In a very short timeframe my 190 lbs manages to sink down to the floor, with the content of the sac just parting around the human body ... my son's Sac was much more capable of supporting my weight. With his Sac once it wrapped around the human body, the content stays put and you feel as if your being supported ... not so with my online purchase ... Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but if I didn't know better, I'd say they look the same but are in fact 2 different products ... My wife's 130lbs seems to tolerate the Sac without the sinking experience my 190lbs does ... That leaves me thinking that my Sac is therefore different than my son's ... This leaves me of the opinion that the Sac offered online has a weight limit ... as of now it's sitting in the corner taking up valuable space ... I suppose the only thing I can say Is it looks good ...

This is a great sac

Very comfortable, great purchase. I was very surprised that i was able to get this for such a great price.

Ultimate nap sac

Great place to curl up into a ball and take a nap.

The "Smallest Big Sac" Isn't as Small as You Think!

I ordered a CitySac sight unseen apart from youtube and the Lovesac website. The cover I ordered with it shipped separately and won't be here for a few days, but I wanted to comment on the insert which I've actually been sitting in for 2 days now. The first day I got it I unwrapped it from the large duffel bag (can confirm it's a durable, tough bag - going to be great to reuse!) and began breaking up the foam. I was able to sit in it that night, and it was pretty comfortable. The *only negative* is that the large Lovesac tags sit right at my neck level, but I just shift the Sac and they're not a problem. Hopefully won't be an issue once I have the cover on. The next day I had work so fluffed it in the morning and left it all day (8+ hours). I came home that night and it was AMAZING to sit in. Way more comfortable and supportive to my back and neck! Can also confirm that this is able to seat two average people side by side, made more comfortable with a squattoman under the feet :)

Customer Service non existent

I would like to spread the Love and give a better rating, however the customer service end is so bad I can not. The sales rep. Was great in explaining the product and helping me make choices and the couch is very comfortable. The customer service dept. practically does not exist. It takes weeks to respond to emails and after waiting 10 minutes for a rep. To talk to the service disconnects stating they are experiencing a high volume of calls. Customer Service experiences a high volume of calls everyday and all day. So when purchasing the couch hope nothing comes damaged. Because I made my purchase on 12/5/2020 and it is 2/23/2021 and I still did not get a replacement. This makes me also regret believing the honoring of any replacement pieces in the future.

Heavy and customer service is terrible

This furniture is very heavy. If you are buying this with the idea of being able to periodically rearranging it be very aware that it is very heavy. Cleaning the floor under it is almost impossible. Also found it hard to get onto if you want to sit on it and put your legs on footstool. Customer service is terrible starting trying to get one cover replaced because of a broken zipper. It has been 5 months. First customer service agent said no problem send a picture and we’ll replace it. Sent picture never heard from them call again two months later was again told to send a picture which I did and I got a case number in an e mailing nothing else. Call again a month later agent said we’ll start a warranty claim, then she hung up on me but I did get a copy of the warranty claim and shipping labels for returning cover and was told they had to receive damage cover before they would send a replacement which would take two weeks. With my experience to date wonder if I’ll ever get a new cover or will I be left with the item with no cover for the duration. This furniture is too expensive for such service. Buyer beware and my advise is don’t buy

Replaced my bed

I have fibromyalgia so getting comfortable is no easy task. I purchased the SuperSac several years ago because I just wasn't getting a good nights rest in my bed. I tried all of the fancy mattresses to no avail. I don't know where I saw the add for LoveSac but I knew I had to have one. It has been the best purchase of my life. The first night on mRead more about review stating Replaced my bedy SuperSac and I slept through the night for the first time in so many years. It is the only thing that I can sleep on anymore. Now I am purchasing a smaller one for travel purposes. Nothing is worse than going on a great trip but not being able to sleep. :)


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