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Loom And Leaf Mattress Reviews


+2.0x better cooling

+2.0x firm support

+3.1x back support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Summer 2024 Updates: Loom & Leaf mattresses are in-stock and typically delivered within 9-21 days. Recent reviewers have mentioned positive experiences overall with a firm feel.

Loom and Leaf has a lot to offer -- standing at just about 12 inches thick, it has many layers of high-end foam that help alleviate pressure points but also properly cradle the spine. If you are frustrated by mattresses that don't properly support your back and spine, Loom and Leaf can definitely help. It has a medium firm option that is approved by chiropractors and other spine gurus. Also, its firmness and thick layers help with long term durability.


+2.0x better cooling
+2.0x firm support
+3.1x back support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $1195-$3150

Trial Period: 365 Nights

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Loom And Leaf's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Loom & Leaf has a bunch of differentiators, from using only 5 lb foam sourced in the US to its cooling patented gel-on-gel layer that has the cooling power of the 'gel-swirl' within the foam itself and laminated gel spinal panel to support the spine and cool things off. Here is what's inside the Loom & Leaf:

Layer 1: The organic cotton cover comes with a natural thistle flame retardent that is soft and healty to the touch.

Layer 2: 2'' of soft gel foam in an egg crate pattern keeps things cool and has the special patented gel-on-gel design that relieves pressure points while cooling the sleeper.

Layer 3: 2'' of slightly firmer memory foam supports the spine and continues to melt away discomfort from pesky pressure points.

Layer 4: 2'' transition foam that is slightly more firm further supports the back while offering greater resilience to the mattress.

Layer 5: 5.5'' high density support foam gives the bed foundation and lasting support to straighten the spine.

Overall Comfort

Most folks feel that the Loom & Leaf is comfortable. Due to the firmness profile of the mattress, it is especially true for back and stomach sleepers.


Loom & Leaf mattresses come in either a relaxed firm or firm offering. This should work for most sleepers, but for those that are smaller side sleepers, you may prefer a softer mattress.

Back Pain Relief

The medium firm firmness should provide back pain alleviation to most, but some that are looking for pillowy softness may do better with a different mattress.


Because of the cooling gel and its patented design, this should sleep cool for most everyone.

Who is the Loom & Leaf Mattress perfect for?

For those that are heavier in body type, looking for a medium-firm or firmer memory foam feel, or love lots of layers of comfort the Loom & Leaf is the perfect fit!

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Want a great mattress from a great company? Your search is over.

Wonderful mattress at a very good price. Today or is about value. If you value a great mattress at a very good price with an industry leading warranty and unparalleled customer service you need not look any further. I did extensive research and decided on a Saatva mattress. Loom and Lead to be exact. Expertly made and uncompromising comfort. Love it. Delivered to my home and placed in my bedroom with the security of a fantastic money back guarantee. These folks don't just talk the talk - they walk the walk. If you are highly satisfied they aren't. I simply can't say enough about the great mattress and the outstanding customer service.

Outstanding with a caveat.

For the value this is a really good mattress. I'm a side sleeper and I can sleep well on our Cal. King. When this mattress is done, you're the first place I'm coming back to. The ONLY thing I would ask you to either upgrade or leave as an option is firm support on the mattress edge. You can't sit on the edge as there is minimal support there. That is my only wish as an upgrade for the future. Otherwise my wife and I are quite satisfied.

I could not be more pleased

The value of their products cannot be surpassed. The quality is excellent. We ordered a queen mattress and then adjusted our order to include the adjustable base. Making the change was effortless thanks to their great customer service. The installers were efficient, professional and kind. We love the bed. I'll never buy a mattress from another source.

Didn't work for me, but...

I gave this a shot after herniating two discs in my back. Felt great for the first couple of months, but then my back pain returned. I found out, contrary to my original belief, that I need a soft mattress. My wife loved the mattress, but unfortunately I was the problem. Customer service was excellent at handling the return, which is part of still giving the high rating, despite it not working for me. I normally don't do reviews, but I was so impressed with their professionalism that I couldn't not comment on that. It is worth it, even if you're hesitant, to try this company out!

Best mattress ever!!

This mattress in wonderful. The minute my head hits the pillow, I'm gone. Even if I just lay on it too relax after work, I'm out like a light. I, like others, looked at Tempurpedic, but there is no way I'm ever gonna pay 4 grand for a mattress. Besides, the guy at the local store was kinda uppity when I told him I wanted to compare.

Anyway, it's been a wonderful 5 months with not a backache or sore shoulder. This thing is the best investment I ever made in a bed. From box springs to inner springs to waterbeds (2) to pillow-top to this and this is the best I have ever found.

Extraordinary! I slept uninterrupted for seven hours.

I’ve had chronic insomnia since I was a teenager and have tried so many pillows, mattress toppers and mattresses that I could stock a small store. Each one dangled the promise of a good, if not great, night’s sleep. Adding to my poor sleep hygiene is a neuromuscular disorder called cervical dystonia. This condition causes certain muscles in my neck, shoulder and upper back to be in complete, non-stop spasm. Think of a charley horse that will not release. I take strong meds for the pain, having exhausted traditional treatment protocols, but between dystonia and a brain that is in overdrive, it’s the wonder I sleep at all.

Purely by accident, I discovered Loom and Leaf. The name was so catchy that I investigated further. I had no interest in buying a mattress in a bag because most sounded like glorified mattress toppers. And not only would my Loom and Leaf be delivered and installed, but also my old mattress would be removed for a small fee. I was almost sold before checking out the mattress!

The side-by-side comparison to the Tempurpedic mattress sold me. I had tried the Tempurpedic for a weekend at a friend’s house and loved it, but I couldn’t wrap my head around the high price. Nevertheless, I was prepared to purchase one before I saw the Loom and Leaf ad. You sold me within an afternoon after I read articles not only about your products, but also articles in financial publications praising your company. Your business model has certainly pleased Wall Street, assuring me that you are not a fly-by-night operation.

To finally get to the point, I slept uninterrupted for eight hours the first night I tried my Loom and Leaf! I was shocked when I looked at the clock. I don’t remember the last time this had happened. Non-insomniacs cannot be expected to understand the frustration of being unable to sleep and probably wondered about my faculties when I talked of nothing but my sleep-filled nigh! I can’t explain how comfortable it is, but I felt like I was nestled in a thin layer of sand. The degree of firmness is perfect (I don’t like a soft mattress), but the mattress has enough give to cushion my body in all the right places. I used my favorite pillow, and to my total surprise, I had almost no pain from the dystonia. I was also under the impression that since the mattress has memory foam, I would see an outline of my body after I got out of bed (like a crime scene diagram!). Somehow the mattress finds your sweet spot no matter where you lie.

This was not a one-night wonder. I continue to sleep well after having the Loom and Leaf for five weeks. Believe it or not, I used to dread getting into bed because I knew I would either toss and turn all night or surrender to a good book. I am spreading the word not only to friends, but also to my doctors, one of whom has done her best to help me. What I emphasize, aside from my ability to sleep, is that my Loom and Leaf looks like a regular mattress and sits atop my box springs. No new bedding is required. Yes, one can spend less money, but I would never subject my bad neck and upper back to a “mattress” that has been rolled into a bag. And the major appeal to friends? Removal of the old mattress at a reasonable price. You have done everything right to make Loom and Leaf a big success - an excellent product, the side-by-side comparison and outstanding customer service.

All I can say in conclusion is THANK YOU!!!

Best nights of sleep in years!

So happy with my mattress.
From order to set up & delivery, 5 stars

Postpartum Life-Saver!

After having my first child, I started researching mattress toxicity as well as comfort measures for back pain. When my child was a young nursling, she would cosleep with using our awful innerspring mattress that was wreaking havoc on my back. I was concerned about safety in addition to being fed up with the back pain. I found Loom and Leaf and will never look back. I am excited to get into bed every night. I ordered the softer model and both my husband and I love it. I rate the customer service, product quality, shipping, and price all with 5 stars. This is a great company with a terrific product. Now I am pregnant with my second and my sleep quality is so much better than with my first. I am comfortable, breath easy, and rest well knowing that we are sleeping on a safe mattress. It really does feel luxurious for a fraction of the price. Also, the no-risk trial policy made my husband happy.

My first night sleeping on L&L mattress was heavenly

I have the memory foam mattress and the mattress surpassed my expectations. Every day before I bought this mattress II woke up feeling like an old lady with back and body aches. My first night on this mattress, I woke up feeling great. It is hard to describe but I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud I bought the queen mattress at $1099. People said to me, why take a chance buying a mattress on line, but really it is the best way, as I read the reviews, and can only agree with all the positive reviews. Going to a store, how can you figure out which is the best mattress by laying on it for a minute or so. I also paid a little extra to get two separate box springs which makes it so easy if you have to move. Can't rave enough about this mattress.

Returned online competitor bed and bought Loom and Leaf. Extremely Happy!

I tried to save a hundred dollars and buy a competing online bed. Big mistake. We got it, waited for it to break in, and it never got more comfortable. That bed cost $1499. Loom and a Leaf cost $1598 (king size) after the delivery. I wished I had just spent the extra hundred initially and got a better quality bed like the Loom and Leaf.

Coming from a very expensive Tempurpedic, we needed something at least comparable to that quality. Loom and Leaf exceeded our expectations. In fact, it feels even better than our Tempurpedic. My wife and I both have serious back issues with my wife having had back surgery in recent years. She is VERYYYyYY particular when it comes to beds. She and I have never slept better than we have with Loom and Leaf. It supports our backs well with the special quilting in the middle third of the bed. We were both used to sleeping hot on our Tempurpedic. Not so with Loom and Leaf. With it being all memory foam, we anticipated some heat retention issues. I’m still waiting for it. It has not happened. We sleep very comfortably with the cooling features of the foam.

Trust me, there is a difference in quality with this vs a bed in a box. I can say that conclusively from first hand experience. Before making the Loom and Leaf purchase, I was able to visit a store that had 15 different types of online beds in their showroom to test out (Casper, Purple, Tuft and Needle, Leesa, Tuck, etc.). Most of the other mattress seemed to bottom out on me. I’m 6’1” 190 so I was surprised out how unsupportive they were. After being unsatisfied with that entire selection and refusing to pay $5000 for a cooling mattress in stores, I decided to try the one bed that was not available for me to test out, Loom and Leaf. We got the relaxed firm and it is wonderful. I would compare it to the firmer cloud or softer medium firmness from Tempurpedic. That being said, the quilting on top provides such a better feel on the Loom and Leaf. The delivery was simple, I didn’t have to unwrap it and carry a 100 pound box upstairs like I did with my previous mattress. The delivery was easy and the mattress was able to be laid on right away.

We couldn’t be happier. We are both average size people with a history of back issues. It has worked so well for us. Trust me, spend a couple hundred more dollars above the other competitors and pick up this mattress. You are spending a third of your life on this for the next 8-10 years. Don’t skimp. It’s not worth the hassle of losing a good nights sleep. We, for the first time, are sleeping through the night without waking up to toss and turn repeatedly. Thanks Loom and Leaf!

Just received our Loom and Leaf Relaxed firm Monday

The delivery men were efficient and set it up was done in a timely manner. The frame was not needed and we were given a credit for the bed frame. The only mistake we made was the foundation or box spring we ordered was too high for our bed frame, when I called to the return the larger box spring for the smaller box spring, the company had no problem with the return, But you have to pay a $99.00 delivery free for the new box spring. My wife and I decided to wait at least 30-60 days to make the decision to return the box spring and mattress.We wanted to make sure we liked the mattress as well, in case we had to return both box spring and mattress for a different model. The company was good and welcomed that decision due to the fact if we traded both it will still cost a $99.00 delivery charge

Love is an understatement.

Hank & I have been together for just over 6 months, and it really has been #loveatfirstsleep. He is firm, but at the same time soft. I miss him whenever I am away. I am basically Goldilocks, and Hank is just right. (By the way, Hank is my Queen, relaxed Firm bed. Yes, I love my mattress so much, that I named him.) I see a chiropractor regularly, and the bed has helped wonders!

Best sleep in 17 years

We ordered the Luxury Firm online 10 days ago and it arrived 3 days ago. Let me start by saying this is the perfect mattress, WOW! This is our first time buying a Memory Foam mattress, what a GREAT decision we made. Saatva Loom and Leaf customer service is impeccable (customer first for sure) easy online purchase and we called Loom and Leaf just to confirm our Queen mattress everything was all set, with an online confirmation. Three days later we got a phone call from the delivery company confirming our home address. The white glove delivery service was SUPER OUTSTANDING, they were patient and professional (CLEAN) that we even gave them a TIP$. Loom and Leaf, thank you for having a great product. Readers please don't be worried about buying online, Loom and Leaf is there to help the consumer, remember customer first...TRUST LOOM AND LEAF!

Love this Mattress and customer service.

After 20 years on a latex mattress with a added memory foam topper, we decided that the time had come to purchase a new mattress. I was very hesitant about buying a mattress online but the reviews were what drove my confidence. I went into our local RC Willey and tried out Tempurpedic but could not swallow the price, I really wanted to buy a Mattress not a car, crazy bananas they were expensive. I can say that I feel that Loom and Leaf is well worth the price they ask for it compared to what I looked at down at the Department Stores. The first thing I noticed over the Tempurpedic was the cover and the quality, this is a well made product. I first laid down on it and knew we had made a wonderful choice. The delivery company was not very communicative and the time was 2 hours past my latest delivery window but Loom and Leaf was (very) helpful to follow through and resolve that and get them to my house. You need to separate this review from a little frustration on delivery because the Mattress is wonderful and overall I still give the experience and the Mattress Five stars. My back can't wait to go to bed tonight!

The BEST mattress on the planet! - or at least in my universe.

By far the best mattress I have ever slept on!
We already had a "high quality" mattress I got to where I couldn't sleep in the bed due to hip pain and often found myself sleeping on the couch. After a lot of research we ordered the Loom and Leaf soft and it is AMAZING!! I waited to write this review a year later and it is still AMAZING!!
We are hesitate to stay at a hotel or time away because nothing compares to our bed at home.

You Will Love It

Wow, we are impressed! It was very easy to order our mattress on this website. Soon after we began o get emails letting us know what to expect next. We got word that the mattress was ready earlier than expected. We got a call to confirm a delivery date. The delivery guys showed up a little earlier than expected and did a great job setting our new bed up. We bought the Relaxed Firm mattress. Last night was our first night sleeping on it. We love it! We slept great the first night which I didn't expect. To best explain this mattress, It feels comfortably soft to the body but very supportive. And best of all, my lower back wasn't killing me when I got up, which is why we were shopping for a new bed.
Thanks Saatva

Good Quality

I am pleased with this mattress. I considered the Beautyrest Black Hybrid product before this one, but balked a bit at the $3,000+ price for a king. I decided to try the "Luxury Firm" option, because I was curious what you could get as a direct from manufacturer product. I wished there was no cost for delivery, and was not excited about the $30ish dollar haul away fee for the existing mattress, but I suppose that this is in an effort to keep costs down, which is the point.

While I was nervous about buying a mattress online; however, when it arrived I was happy that the quality appears to be very high. I bought the foundation and the mattress, and the fit and finish was top shelf. Because of the materials indicated and the fact that there was zero "Off-gassing" upon setup, it helped me feel like we were not breathing volatile chemicals for a few days after unpacking.

I came from an Aireloom mattress that was definitely plush, so there was a slight adjustment. Not to say that I had any difficulty sleeping from day 1, but the sleep quality improved over a few days and starting sleeping very well after 3 days.

If you are coming from a traditional mattress, you will notice that the Luxury Firm is not soft and bouncy, but neither is it "hard". It provides immediate resistance when you lay down that doesn't 'give' easily, but you wouldn't describe it as hard, just not spongy or bouncy. You will not sink deeply into the mattress, but it will feel comfortable. It just feels substantial.

My wife and I usually sleep hot, and feel this mattress dissipates heat very well.

We were seeking a more supportive, firmer mattress, so this fit our bill perfectly. Previous to this purchase I equated Firm to equal Hard; however, I now understand that Firm can be comfortable.

Just be sure that you are actually looking for a FIRM mattress, and not just one that is MORE firm than a soft mattress you have now. We are side sleepers, and this is about as firm as I'd want it to be.

Overall, very pleased and would recommend to others to try. I do feel like I received a not only a good, comfortable product, but a very good value. Saving thousands of dollars will definitely help you sleep better.

Side, back, and stomach sleepers

We just took delivery of our L and L bed two days ago. We were trepidatious--the specs were great, but ordering a bed we had never tried out seemed risky. There also seemed on Amazon, and elsewhere, to be a wide range of reviews about this bed. One claimed the bed arrived with a "made in China" tag and smelled of cigarette smoke. It ultimately became impossible to tell which reviews were genuine and which were not. This is one reason why I wanted to write our own real review. I spent at least an hour texting with customer service before we purchased, and then again, in a detailed query about L and L's great warranty. I was really impressed by customer service all the way around. Delivery was early--though other reviewers have inexplicably reported long delays. As soon as the bed was set up, I tested it out and was delighted. My husband came home and had the same response. The bed is a wonderful firm/soft--supportive in just the right way. We are only 2 nights in, but we couldn't be happier about L and L's transparency (we found that shopping at our local mattress store was like shopping for a used car--prices were changed constantly--and I felt like we were being charged a huge markup for the beds we were vaguely interested in), the quality of the product, and the warranty. Everyone is different in regard to mattress preference, but I urge interested buyers to steer clear of reviews, trust your communication with customer service, and try out one of these great beds!

Wow! Just plain wow!

From the quality materials, attentive customer service and the white glove delivery service, this is a superb bedding set. Incredibly comfortable. Just plain wow!

Love it

I bought the mattress close to a year ago. And it has been the best investment ever. I sleep wonderfully almost every night (when my dog doesn't take over most of the sleep space). I range from a stomach to side sleeper, and am always comfortable no matter the position. I had been looking for an affordable and eco-friendly bed for some time and was so excited to find Loom & Leaf. I've recommended this bed to friends, who also bought and loved. Could be more pleased.

Buy it! You won't regret it!

After years and hours of trying mattresses in stores and even an inhome trial and two awful mattresses, I came across this company and mattress online. First the customer service was prompt and helpful as I had a few questions after reading about the mattress. Then when I decided to buy it, SO easy and fast. I ordered it on my phone in a matter of minutes. And the price was very inexpensive. The delivery service gave me a delivery date and they showed up on the day a little earlier than scheduled. This mattress looks beautiful and so expensive! I couldn't believe it. It was delivered with no damage and no dirt. And oh my god when I first lay down on it I melted! The first comfortable mattress in years! As I suffer from lower back pain and have a difficult time finding a mattress to support my lower back while being comfortable for the rest of my joints. And this mattress did it all! And I'm happy to say six months later I'm still getting a great night sleep with no back pain.


Man what a great mattress I'm very happy with this product. It light but heavy and firm but soft the longer you lay on it the better it fill to me. I'm looking for some bed clothes for it now. The co told me that they are coming out with their own line of cloth for their beds I cant wait to get some thanks.

Extremely Disappointed!

After doing a great deal of research and deciding on what I believed to be the best choice in the Loom and Leaf, we never received our mattress thanks to the delivery partner L&L chose to entrust our mattress to. To make a long story shorter, the delivery "company" held our mattress hostage for more than a week before (and only after I called L&L to inquire as to the whereabouts of the mattress) they called a day after L&L said that they would to arrange delivery. They promptly told me the day and time that they would deliver, never asking to arrange anything, just dictating the delivery. I told them that I was not available on that day, but had several others available, and was told that they would call back the following week to arrange delivery. Well, I did rearrange my schedule to meet theirs, and received a mattress that was damaged and soiled (surely not because it was kept buried within their over stuffed warehouse for over a week). We refused the mattress, called L&L and I must say that the L&L representatives were very nice, apologetic, and asked for a second chance - even refunding the shipping fee and a portion of the mattress cost. L&L made us a new mattress and once again sent it to the same delivery "company". Well, again, no word about it for quite some time until I called L&L to inquire. I was informed that the delivery "company" would call the next day to arrange a day and time, and even that they would be flexible as they need to get it to us in a timely manner. When they called it was only to head down the same road at the first time. Got a call at 11:30 in the morning and told that they will deliver the next day in the afternoon - so we were expected to rearrange our busy schedules to accommodate the delivery folks. I offered an alternative day for later in the week, and was told that that wasn't possible for them, and they they'd call next week to see about delivery later. I happened to ask how long they have had this second mattress in their possession and was told that they have had it over a week by this time (again, stuffed into their warehouse getting damaged). I told them to keep it - called L&L where I was again treated with respect and understanding. They tried to call the shipping manager to get it delivered, but to no avail. L&L promptly refunded my money and now I'm mattress shopping again. Not only did L&L lose my business, but others as well as many of our coworkers were anxious to see how we liked the mattress. Since the shipping partners are the face of L&L, I don't have a good impression of them now. I appreciate the customer service that L&L provided, however better vetting of their delivery partners is warranted. If I find that L&L finds a competent, customer centric delivery partner before we purchase another mattress, I might be persuaded to give them a try again, but we'll see. For now, anyone in the El Paso area looking should be wary.

Beyond Comfortable and AWESOME customer service

We are in LOVE with this mattress.
King relaxed firm: the comfort level is so good it's an entire experience. Yes it is as/more comfortable than those expensive memory foam mattresses we tested out at the store...this is a far better value!

My concerns were motion transfer and support. I am kind of the Princess and the pea if you remember that story.

Because I am a really light sleeper (an understatement) our main concern was buying a mattress that allows both of us to have undisturbed sleep. If you and your partner go to sleep at different times, obviously you don't want to be woken up when they come to bed- but I was always being disturbed on our previous inner spring mattress. It felt like an orca whale was getting into bed with me and the amount of motion would wake me up or make me dizzy like motion sickness. But oh no, this Loom and Leaf mattress is perfect, it's like having your own bed, I never feel my partner moving, it's bliss.

Also a concern was firmness, would it be too soft and I'd just sink in? Not at all, it's perfect.

Positions? We both sleep on back, side and stomach. It's so comfortable in any position.

Customer service: HUGE thank you to the really nice person who called me and made all the arrangements to have my mattress dropped off. He was polite, well spoken, professional and personable. He even went out of his way to deliver my mattress a day earlier than planned because I wanted it in the day we moved in to our new home. The delivery guys were efficient, fast, polite and perhaps the nicest out of all the deliveries I have had to accept since buying a new home (think appliances, furniture..etc!) So Loom and Leaf and Saatva are obviously working with great people.

Thank you, it's been a pleasure and we love this mattress.

Great Matress for the price

I ordered my Loom and Leaf Mattress and received it before it was originally scheduled for delivery. The customer service team was prompt and great. When they delivered the mattress, I ordered the low profile foundation since my bed sits high, however, I still needed the high foundation. I called into customer care the day the mattress was delivered and paid the $99 shipping for them to exchange it. I will say the Customer Service Team is excellent, however, I am not too pleased with the run around between the Customer Service Team and the Delivery Team of the new high profile foundation. Every-time I call into Customer Service they put me on hold to call the delivery team, I was expected a phone call last night or first thing this morning, still have yet to receive a phone call. I will say as far as the mattress itself on the low profile foundation that I have had an awesome night sleep, the mattress is comfortable and cool and it is a great investment for the price, you really can't get a better mattress.

Glad I Did my Homework

I did a lot of research of online mattress choices before deciding on the Loom & Leaf. My research showed that a higher percentage of buyers were satisfied with their mattress when buying a Loom & Leaf then when purchasing other online mattresses. I loved the fact that it included home delivery.

I have always been a traditional mattress user, and honestly never cared about the quality of mattress, until I recently began experiencing neck and back pain, and finally attributed it to what I was sleeping on.

I was a little worried that I wouldn't adjust to a memory foam mattress. My first 2 nights sleeping on my Loom & Leaf were heaven, I completely conked out. After this, there was definitely an adjustment period, but knowing that it can often take 30 days to break in a mattress, I settled in to give it time.

I'm glad I did. Going to bed is now one of my supreme joys in life. I wake up every morning so thankful for my bed. I am a very warm-blooded person, and we keep our home at 68 degrees year-round. The Loom & Leaf has never felt warm to me.

I enjoyed good service throughout my experience, but there was one point where I felt my online assistance was copying and pasting answers for me which didn't entirely fit what I was asking. Not a big deal in the overall scheme of things. ;-)

"Heavenly relief atop my Loom and Leaf"

In 1990 I had back surgery and was told I need a firm mattress to help my back heal. On a trip to Europe I learned about European Mattresses that don't have springs. On a business trip I stayed at a very nice US hotel that had their brand mattress which was stiff and super comfortable. It too had no springs which makes sense since they eventually wear out and become uncomfortable. I purchased one of the hotel mattresses from the manufacture. Used this mattress for many years which helped my back. When it was time to buy a new mattress this year I was very worried about finding a mattress as good or better then the one I needed to replace. The company I had bought my mattress from had switched foam several times over the years and there was no way to try it locally and was told the state the mattress was made in had a no return policy on mattresses.
I started my search on line for mattresses with no springs and found Loom and Leaf. With their policy of around three months of trial and the ability to return it I found that there was nothing to lose with a trial period. The price was well below what some of the top competitors were charging. L and L also had white glove delivery service and removal of the old mattress system.
I got the less firm mattress since my wife and I are side sleepers. I knew the first night that this was what I was looking for. Firm like my old mattress but just enough cushion for complete comfort. The material quality look of the complete set way surpassed my old mattress and exceeded my expectations.
Truly in "Heavenly relief atop my Loom and Leaf."

Could not be happier!

We have been married 47 years and have had many mattresses...this is the best!! First of all, the take away/delivery/set-up was wonderful. For months I have had to sleep with a pillow behind my back and between my legs due to knee and back issues. Not any more, this mattress has me feeling no pain!!!! Thank you, Loom and Leaf for a great product and super customer service.

Very poor response

The customer service with this company is very poor. I ordered a Queen relaxed firm mattress and it is a little too soft. I inquired into exchanging for a more firm mattress. I am told that I have to pay an additional $99 delivery fee I order to do this.

Buyer beware!! This is a deceptive practice that you have to pay for another delivery on top of the original delivery. I guess this company would rather you send the old one back and buy from another manufacturer.

I'm very disappointed!!

I Legitimately Say Thank You Every Night

I bought this mattress as a responsible necessity. I did not anticipate how awesome it would make me feel every time I get into it. For realz; this mattress blows every other mattress I have ever owned out of the water. So glad that I stopped my endless research cycle and made a commitment!

Customer Service Review

I have yet to receive my mattress and have waited the 4 hour delivery window (11 AM to 2 PM). I was told that someone would contact me 30 minutes prior to arrival. No one called. I took the initiate to call at called at 1:35 PM, and was told that they would check on the status of my delivery. Ken, the representative, called me back right away to inform me that they would arrive by 2 PM. At 2:15 PM I had not received any notification, so I called back and spoke to Sandy. She again informed me that she would check on the status of my delivery. She called me back and said that "the hub" was aware that they were running late and would be here by 2:30 PM. I asked Sandy who I should call if they do not arrive by 2:30 PM and she advised me not to call back and to give them some "wiggle room". This is unacceptable. I took time off work to be here, and it is 2:30 PM and I am now late for work, and still waiting...

Great Experience

Wow, couldn't believe the great experience I had with Loom and Leaf. From on line ordering to delivery and set up it's been the best shopping experience I have had. Top it off with a great product and you have a very satisfied customer. Can't say enough good things about Loom and Leaf by Saatva.

so far...

I just ordered today but I feel compelled to tell you how awesome your website is! Very user friendly with the perfect amount of info. So excited to receive my new mattress!

Customer Service: A+

While the mattress did not work out for us due to me being a big guy needing adequate support, and my wife's preference for a plush feeling mattress, I do want to say that Loom & Leaf's customer service is top notch. Our refund request was honored immediately, and they have been a pleasure to deal with.

I am in love

Initially I wanted a tempurpedic but after much research we decided to try loom and leaf--the price point and organic materials were the two main reasons. Wow, after two weeks I am sleeping the best I have slept in years. My husband gets up a lot at night, and this used to wake me every time it seemed. Now, I do not wake and cannot even feel when he gets up out of bed! I love waking feeling refreshed, and I absolutely love this mattress.

Loom and Leaf FIRM Review

WE LOVE THIS MATTRESS.....Best service and best bed we have slept on..The firm is perfect and is almost exactly like the Temper-Pedic they compare it to..The cloud was way to soft for us so we went with the FRIM from Loom and Leaf...Great customer service and good communication for delivery and when I will get my bed. This is a great company!!!

Goodbye, back pain!

We are so happy to have discovered this mattress! I had been suffering from lower back pain for the last several months, and simply couldn't get comfortable during the night. I would toss and turn every 30 minutes or so, leaving both me and my poor husband exhausted by morning. I wanted a TempurPedic but the price tag was not an option for me. When I learned about the Loom and Leaf mattress, I had to give it a shot! And I'm so glad I did! You can truly feel your back being supported, and the mattress just cradles you right in the position you want to lay in. Perfect balance of soft foam and firm support. Sleeps cool, as far as I can tell. And I loved that there was NO odor when it arrived, unlike another brand we had tried previously.

Best Mattress We've Ever Owned

Our Loom & Leaf mattress is the first memory foam mattress that my wife and I have ever owned after 36 years of marriage and we are quite pleased with the purchase. I was originally ambivalent about the need for a new mattress; but, my wife has hip and back issues that were driving our search for a new mattress. She said that her sleep experience was much improved at our adult daughters' homes where they have memory foam mattresses. So, after much research, we decided to try a Loom & Leaf "relaxed firm" mattress. After about 90 days, we concluded that the "relaxed firm" comfort level hadn't met our expectations and contacted Loom & Leaf to arrange for a pick-up/refund. The Loom & Leaf rep asked me questions re in what ways the mattress hadn't been satisfactory explaining that she wasn't trying to impede the refund process, but was trying to gain consumer information that might be evaluated for potential product improvement. She said that based upon our reasons for dissatisfaction, she felt that we would find the "firm" comfort level more to our liking. She offered to swap the "relaxed firm" mattress we had originally purchased for a new "firm" one at no charge other than the standard $100 delivery charge. The rep also explained that we would have a new 120 day free trial period with the "firm" mattress. My wife and I agreed to this proposal and we are glad that we did. We've found the comfort level and overall mattress quality to be outstanding as was the delivery/set-up for both mattresses. Additionally, the Loom & Leaf customer service personnel - whether over the phone or via on-line chat - have been very pleasant. We give Loom & Leaf a five-star rating!

Wonderful, amazing!!

My boyfriend and I decided to buy a new mattress since our old one was killing us. We considered Temperpedic, Casper, original mattress factory serenity but the L&L beat all of them!
I love the color, how firm is, and the fact they were organic and my boyfriend love the memory foam. We both love the price!! We saved 400 bucks compared to the one we almost buy from Original mattress factory 'Serenity'.
The motion transfer is almost inexistence, the mattress doesn't shake our move while rolling around. The mattress is very breathable and not hot like other memory foam mattresses.
I totally love the service, very attentive and informative.
We being sleeping in our awesome L&L firm mattress for a month now. We wake up very well rest, and happy.
We totally recommend it. It's a very good investment.

Very happy with my experience even though I didn't keep the mattress

We purchased the relaxed firm mattress and tried it out for 120 days. I've purchased a couple of "bed in a box" type mattresses online in the past and found setting those up to be a bit of a pain. It was also very difficult to achieve the smooth rounded look that you'd expect from from a mattress purchased in a store when you assemble the mattress yourself. My experience with L&L was different and I was immediately impressed by their in-home installation. Having the mattresses delivered and set up was a major convenience and made buying a mattress online feel more like an in-store experience. The mattress was well constructed and just had a very premium look and feel. We're combination side/back/stomach sleepers and found the mattress to be more comfortable in some positions than others. Ultimately we decided to return it and continue the search for a mattress that fit both of our needs. However, I felt compelled to leave a review because L&L continued to provide great customer service even during the return process. A quick phone call is all it took. The customer service manager wanted to make sure I had a good experience despite the return and I received a refund within a week. I would recommend that anyone on the fence about ordering a mattress online through L&L give it a try. It's a high quality mattress with great customer service to back it up.

Two Words - Awesome Sleep

I received my Loom and Leaf Luxury Firm California King mattress three days ago. I don't want to leave my bed in the morning. I had replaced a Sleep Number-type airbed that I had for 10 years. No more air leaking mattresses and broken pumps. No more waking in the middle of the night to refill air in the mattress. I have been in a dead sleep for three nights in a row. Train coming through the bedroom would have not awakened me. Could not be happier. Had some issues with the delivery company - not Loom and Leaf and they straightened it out promptly. I would highly recommend this mattress.

Best Service Ever! Wonderful Mattress

I originally ordered the relaxed firm in Feb. It came and I loved it. But after it began to break in, I realized it was not as firm as I would like. So I called to ask to exchange to the firm mattress. No questions, no hassle just "yes Ma'am' and it was taken care of. A week later I changed my mind, so I called and canceled the exchange, again no hassle. Three days later I changed my mind again, and called to request the exchange. Again, no hassle. The new mattress came soon after is sooo comfortable. That is the definition of customer service.

Relaxed firm?

I waited a couple of months to see how we liked this mattress. We ordered the relaxed firm as we are side sleepers. I too could not find a tag that said relaxed firm. We were surprised that is was a lot firmer then we thought. Got used to it glad we did not get the firm!

The best mattress ever!

After much research, I purchased the relaxed firm L & L mattress. As someone who has rheumatoid arthritis, sleeping can be painful for my joints. This mattress, after three months, is wonderful. Everything about the ordering and delivery was professional. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on

I have spent the last six months reading and comparing mattresses. I just want to say that this Loom and Leaf relaxed firm mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I first started looking into changing my mattress because of broken sleep and lower back pain that I had thought was related to my job. I tried all kinds of different things and finally decided to try a new mattress. This mattress was instantly comfortable and, after sleeping on it for a month, I realized I had no more back pain and I hadn't woken up once in the middle of the night the entire time I have been sleeping on it. I have tried a couple of other mattresses and just didn't get that same result. I love love love this mattress. Thank you!

Best night sleep in a long time! Wish I hadn't waited so long.

First, I must discuss the delivery process. I was very wary of buying a mattress sight unseen, and having it delivered. Some of the comments on delivery were less than great. The company sent 3 delivery men to remove and replace our old mattress. They showed up during the allotted time, put on shoe covers, moved out the old mattress and box spring, asked for a vacuum and dusted and cleaned under the bed before setting up the new mattress and box spring! Wow, that was impressive. They were polite, professional, fast and very nice.
Next, the mattress. We ordered a relaxed King L&L with the higher box spring. This combination is higher by ~ 2" from our old one, but I like the extra height. My husband and I have been married for 30 years, and he sometimes has back aches. I suffer from scoliosis, so my back is always hurting. I'm 5'7", weigh 130 and my husband is 6" weighs 200. He's a back sleeper and I'm side or stomach. We both had a great night sleep. Of course, it's just the first night, but I was very wary having heard some many people complain about other mattresses they recently purchased. I did not wake when he moved during the night, and I also never heard him snore, but I'm not sure if that's due to the new mattress...time will tell. The mattress is fairly firm, but very comfortable. I couldn't be happier we decided to purchase the L&L. I researched many mattresses before making my decision and I think I picked a true winner!

Absolutely the Best

I bought my Loom and Leaf relaxed comfort mattress 8 months ago. It is soooo comfortable. We are back to buy mattresses for the kids, so i felt i should leave a review. We are side sleepers. The cotton pillow top and the support that the mattress provides are incredible. My husband and i both have back issues and this mattress is so comfortable, it is the best one we have owned yet. My only complaint is that if the estimate is 2 weeks to get the mattress it truly takes 2 weeks to get. I also ordered a mattress for my mom a few months after i ordered mine and she had the same experience with delivery where it did not come any earlier then estimated. The inhome setup etc is terriffic. YOu will not be sorry ordering this mattress. Casper etc, do not have the nice border etc so you can't tell when you are on the edge. Its another way they can charge less, but i want a good nights sleep and i want a premium mattress that is not made out of foam drenched in chemicals.

So glad I took the chance

Wasn't planning on buying a mattress but a flood and caved-in ceilings made that decision for me. I had not bought a mattress in 15 yrs. Mattress shopping in stores soon overwhelmed and exhausted me. I wanted a memory foam mattress but knew I couldn't afford Tempurpedic. A friend had bought a L&L and recommended it. I read the reviews of L&L, Tempurpedic, Amerisleep, and Casper and even made a spreadsheet comparing them all. I was weary of the reviews that said it helped with their back pain and helped them sleep better at night. I was nervous but figured I could always send it back. I got the Relaxed Firm mattress and box spring. I'm here to say that I could not be happier with my decision to get this mattress. I actually do sleep better and longer throughout the night. My lower back pain is just about gone. The entire process was so simple and I received great communication from L&L re:processing, when the bed was finished, and delivery. The mattress had zero smell to it. Also, there is no movement when you move or get out of the bed. I bought a memory foam mattress protector too. I've been sleeping on it now for 7 wks and am extremely happy with it.


We chose the king L&L firm mattress and my immediate thought the first time I tried it out was 'uh oh, this is way firmer then I expected!' But after sleeping on it a few nights, we couldn't be any happier! Comfortable, cool, no odor, no motion transfer, relaxing! I can honestly say I've slept like a rock!

Firmer than I'd enjoy

I don't know if maybe I was sent the firm model by mistake, I can't seem to find a tag anywhere that says it's relaxed firm but I was hoping to really sink into this a few inches and I just don't get the same sinkage as with tempurpedic.

I've been on this for about 3 weeks now and its not bad, but not what I had expect.


As RA sufferer, needed to think out of the box to alleviate pain. Was a little unsure about buying mattress sight unseen, but with option to return,you have nothing to lose. Exchanged firm for softer one, and sleep like I'm dead!! Bought one for my sister and she too is a believer....I AM YOUR BEST SALES PERSON. The idea of laying on a mattress for 5 minutes in a store is ridiculous. Step out of your comfort zone and buy this mattress, you won't be sorry.

Not Worth the Money

I have had my Loof & Leaf by Saavta for about 3.5 years. Initially I tried to return it, but customer service convinced me to keep it by sending a mattress topper to make it feel a bit softer (well played, customer service). I should never have agreed to the mattress topper or keeping it. I have never been happy with it. My minor complaints are that delivery was inconvenient for a working individual and the mattress showed up a little dirty. The mattress is honestly just nothing special for how much it costs. It has never felt great or improved my sleeping or body aches and pains. I think you could easily find a mattress for less than half the cost that will feel very comparable.

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