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World Market Reviews

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World Market is more than just a furniture and home decor shop. They also offer imported goods, such as groceries and dining / bed / bath items. In terms of their furniture and home decor, most customers report being satisfied finding affordable items with novel designs, though there were some complaints about durability and perceived quality in some instances.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

Price: $15-$4749+

Return Policy: 120 Days + Restrictions

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World Market Specifics

Cost Plus World Market is a chain of retail stores selling specialty and imported home furniture, decor, gifts, coffee, wine, craft beer, food, and more. With its first store opening in San Francisco's famous Fisherman's Wharf in 1958, World Market has since grown to over 250+ stores nationwide and has been acquired by Bed Bath & Beyond. Following their goal of selling 'Unique, authentic, and always affordable' imports, shoppers looking for a statement piece to add character and flair to their spaces can always find something new and different at World Market. For frequent shoppers, World Market even has a rewards program where you can earn points for shopping and receive deals and coupons.

Shoppers appreciate the eclectic selection of international inspired home furnishings, decor, food and beverage items, and gifts that they can find at World Market. While most customers love the unique pieces they can find at World Market, there are some mixed reviews about issues with assembly of certain furniture items as well as the perceived quality of certain items.

Material Quality

World Market offers moderately priced products with interesting designs imported from overseas. Their wooden furniture pieces feature both solid woods and engineered woods such as medium-density fiberboard, while many of their metal pieces are coated to achieve the desired finish/color. Some other materials used in their furniture include: marble, hammered steel, bi-cast leather (an upholstery material made with a leather backing and embossed with either vinyl or polyurethane), natural jute, foam padding, and more. Most shoppers appreciate the unique styles and selection of furnishings that World Market carries. Even so, some shoppers have brought up issues with difficult assembly, deteriorating comfort, and longevity concerns with the specific furniture items they purchased at World Market.

World Market's Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that World Market shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Rugs

Rugs are a great way to add character to any room, so it's no wonder that World Market shoppers are oftentimes browsing through their unique selection of rugs. World Market carries over 300+ different styles of rugs including patterned rugs, natural fiber rugs, Persian-style rugs, doormats, modern rugs, Moroccan-style rugs, solid rugs, indoor / outdoor rugs, round rugs, runners, accent rugs, faux hide & sheepskin rugs, eco-friendly rugs, one of a kind rugs, and more! Some of their most popular rugs include woven jute or woven chindi rugs made of reclaimed fabrics. Shoppers tend to love the look of World Market rugs and the unique character they can add to their rooms. Some shoppers have had issues with particular rug models that did not last when they vacuumed according to the instructions provided or that shed and frayed more than expected.

The pros: Great selection of unique rugs with some moderately priced options.

The cons: Some issues with longevity for certain rugs as well as issues when vacuuming certain styles.

#2 Outdoor Furniture

Next up in the lineup of popular picks is World Market's outdoor furniture collection, which includes seating and lounge furniture such as sectionals and chaise lounges, outdoor dining furniture, balcony furniture, coffee and accent tables, adirondack chairs, bar stools, umbrellas and stands, hammocks and stands, fire pits, and more. World Market's outdoor furniture features materials such as wicker, wood, rope, and metal, and they even have pieces that fall into a mid-century modern aesthetic. Shoppers appreciate the nice designs and enjoy the look of the World Market's outdoor furniture items. However, there have been some complaints from shoppers about the durability of certain pieces.

The pros: Nice looking outdoor furniture pieces including clean lines and mid-century inspired pieces.

The cons: Some issues with the durability of certain outdoor furniture pieces.

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#3 Chairs

Shoppers looking for unique seating options to elevate the design of their spaces oftentimes look to World Market's chairs. With just over 70+ different styles of arm chairs and accent chairs, World Market's unique selection includes interesting floral and geometric prints, upholstered and tufted chairs, chesterfield chairs, swivel chairs, rocking chairs, faux fur and faux sheepskin chairs, carved wooden chairs, rattan chairs, and metal batik chairs. World Market's chairs start around $100 and go up to $800+. World Market also carries dining chairs and benches as well as home office chairs. While shoppers can't seem to get enough of the interesting selection of accent chairs, dining chairs and benches, and office chairs found at World Market, some have brought up issues with construction and durability on particular chair models. Other shoppers also note that while the chair they purchased might look nice, it was not as comfortable as they had expected.

The pros: Interesting selection of statement chairs that will add character to your living room, dining area, or home office space.

The cons: Some shoppers mentioned issues with durability, perceived quality, and comfort with the chairs they purchased.

#4 Tables

Another popular find at World Market are their tables. True to World Market fashion, they carry an interesting and unique selection of coffee tables, accent tables, dining tables, and desks. With regards to their dining table selection, World Market carries just over 50+ different models that fit into the mid-century, modern, and farmhouse design categories -- they even carry a few taller pub tables which can be helpful to use in smaller spaces. World Market also has 30+ different mid-century modern styled desks that tend to be made of wood or metal and occasionally feature book shelf attachments. Lastly, World Market carries just over 130+ different models of coffee tables and accent tables that feature styles such as carved wooden tables, console tables with storage, glass tables with gold metal, quartz drink tables, hexagon shaped tables, hammered metal tables, floral tray tables, marble tables, multi level tables and more! Overall, customers are very happy with the unique selection and the look of the different tables available at World Market. Some shoppers had issues with the perceived quality of certain models.

The pros: Unique tables that can elevate the design of most spaces.

The cons: Some issues with perceived quality of certain tables.

#5 Curtains

Curtains can be a great and easy way to bring distinct character and design to any space, and World Market has proven time and time again to carry refreshing and uncommon home furnishings and decor. When it comes to curtains and drapes, World Market carries around 15 different styles including curtains in floral and ikat prints, in different solid colors, and sheer curtains too. They also carry shower curtains in nice prints and designs if you're looking to dress up your bathroom. For shoppers who need help with deciding which size curtains to buy, World Market has a helpful guide to measuring for curtains. Shoppers appreciate the designs of the curtains that World Market carries, although some might find their selection to be a bit limited. Also, some shoppers brought up issues with the longevity of the curtains they purchased.

The pros: Nice curtain options at reasonable prices.

The cons: Limited selection. Some longevity issues were mentioned by some shoppers.

More From World Market's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, World Market offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Pillows

- Daybeds

- Stools

- Lighting

- Sofas, Loveseats & Sectionals

- Media Consoles, Cabinets, & Shelves

- Bookcases

- Storage Carts

- Beds

- Bedding Sets

- Baskets

- Kitchen & Dinnerware

- Food & Drink

- Jewelry & Clothing

- Holiday & Gifts

World Market Store Locator

World Market can be found across the US. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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I bought a bunch of furniture here

I bought a bunch of furniture here that I was really excited about! When it came to load it in my car, the gentlemen in the back was half ass helpful and ended up leaving my dad to do it all on his own... I will say though, one of the store managers Tory was very kind and made sure we got everything into our car. She also helped with all of the shopping I did before hand. Very grateful she saved the day.

Love Cost Plus World Market!

Love Cost Plus World Market! It's one of my favorite places to shop. It provides a little of everything; it has wall art, mirrors, various abstract greeting cards, unique bath towels, candles, furniture, lamps, dishes, table settings, wine, and much more. I love different and unique things, so if you're looking for a variety of uncommon trinkets, this is the place. It's comparable to Pier 1 Imports with a little Tuesday Morning and Homegoods flow, all-in-one. Customer service is great and the cashier, Lou, is my favorite. Another thing, if you find something that you like, and it's out of stock, they'll always order it for the advertised price (even if on sale), and it can be delivered to you or picked up in store. They can sometimes be pricey, but they have great sale days. Check them out and look for Lou! She's helpful and genuine.

There was a point in time where I was a loyal Cost Plus fan...

There was a point in time where I was a loyal Cost Plus fan, it goes all the way back to my childhood. Something has changed and I'm going to share that right here. Last week my daughter and I went in to purchase a entertainment shelving unit and I wanted to pay cash and set up the delivery service. Well.... as I was told by the salesperson, this is not an option and that I would have to go online and arrange the sale and the's super easy ! Well that's just not the TRUTH, it's not transparent, it's not user friendly and where does the support and liability sit with this process. My daughter waited patiently for the tracking number to come through so she could set up a time delivery time. Well... this is where it gets very messy and a complete TIME SUCK for the consumer. It turned out the product gets picked at the warehouse from FEDX and at that point it's out of COST PLUS area of responsibility and my daughter was told it would arrive on a particular day, so she took a day off work... it never showed up ! Then she was told it would arrive the next day at 6:30 pm, so she goes to work and midday a text comes through stating the furniture was delivered... well it was, FEDX left it curbside on the street, unsecured on a busy street... what a debacle, are you kidding me... is it because Cost Plus believes everyone only shops online and doesn't care about customer service ? Is this the demise of their Brick and Mortar, I say perhaps

Cost Plus is a great store

Cost Plus is a great store with something for every room of your house. Whether its kitchen and dining ware/utensils, furniture, curtains, rugs, décor, gift items, and holiday stuff, they've got something for you. They also have a nice selection of foods, wines and beers. There is a reason why they called themselves World Market. Their selections in the different categories come from all parts of the world. Especially in the food categories, you'll see brands from around the world. The store is clean, orderly and always well stocked. Workers on the floor and check-out are always friendly. This location has a nice parking lot, which is nice. P.S. Sign-up to be World Market Rewards member and get discounts and sometimes free products.

I bought two SUV's full of furniture.

I bought two SUV's full of furniture. The employees here were super helpful, from the floor clerks , to the cashiers and the stock people. I'm super happy with my furniture , and bonus.... I got it for a good price.

This store has everything. EVERYthing.

This store has everything. EVERYthing. Food, yes. Clothes, sure. Toys, OK. Furniture, why not? this store is a bonanza and we're lucky to have it in JLSquare. Major kudos for great for affordable furniture with personality.

Love this place!

Love this place! Very much international: food, wine, snacks...etc. Also has sone unique furniture.

Very nice selection

Very nice selection of snacks and drinks. I love their furniture and decor sections!

I'm actually really starting to like this place

I'm actually really starting to like this place a lot! For one they have this pineapple wine that is great for dessert. Another is amazing assortment of chocolates, and even a good variety among flavors of chocolates. I can get three versions of spicy/chilli chocolate bars here. Drapes are quite nice and good for the price, the only downside is that they are not long enough for floor to ceiling use in you live in an older home (like pretty much all the houses here). I wish wish wish they had longer drapes, I hate relying on Ikea's rotation of a handful every six months or so just because of the length. Furniture is really good stuff too, solid, safe but on trend. And really good prices for furniture. Though this is not a furniture store, you should check here just as much as the bigger furniture sellers. You might be surprised.

they have a lot of cool stuff.

they have a lot of cool stuff. furniture and food stuff. i especially like the wine department. though the selection is not large, they carry a good selection. i wait for the sales to pick up the selections i like.

lots of cool stuffs in terms of decorating your house.

lots of cool stuffs in terms of decorating your house. they got tons of Island products for some reason, they got everything from outdoor to indoor furniture, food, drinks, even books. would love to see more of what they have to offer

Fantastic array of furniture, rugs, teas, and more.

Fantastic array of furniture, rugs, teas, and more. Regular sales attract me to purchase the lovely eccentric furniture. Warm staff and quite an inviting place.

Pretty nice store.

Pretty nice store. It's an interesting store too. This Cost Plus World Market is located of Route 7 in Falls Church Virginia across from Skyline. The first Cost Plus World Market opened in 1958 at the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. There are now more than 230 stores in 35 states. It sells a lot of international products, furniture and stuff like that. They sell many things, my favorite is the wines and the craft beers. They sell all kinds of imported rugs, curtains, furniture, home goods and international food products. Most of the stores have dropped the "cost plus" and are simply called World Market. World Market is a subsidiary of Bed, Bath and Beyond and the first place I saw or heard of World Market was in the Bed, Bath and Beyond in Tyson's Virginia, that store has a huge World Market section. I didn't even know this particular store existed. I just came upon it in the shopping center. So, I had to investigate. It's a decent sized store. I like the stuff in the store but most of it would not fit my house. What I do like is the wines, beers and foods. There are a lot of other nice home good items. It almost Christmas time 2018 and they really have a lot of nice Christmas stuff. I don't know that I will do a lot of shopping here and I certainly won't go out of my way to come here. While it's a decent store, for the most part it just doesn't "fit" me. I will more likely pic up items from the World Market section in Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Prior to this review I had only shopped...

Prior to this review I had only shopped at World Market for funky jewelry, scarves, sriracha sauce, chocolate, and awesome vino. Now that I'm almost a grown up I'm considering patio furniture and dressers: this place has an AWESOME selection with very reasonable prices. Granted most of the furniture you'll have to assemble yourself, get yourself a screwdriver and a strong man...this place is well worth a trip. BONUS: free wine tastings and snack samples on some saturdays. Can't beat that.

World Market is affordable compared to...

World Market is affordable compared to Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, or Pier 1. It's the same stuff though. Knickknacks, ready to assemble furniture, and a lot of stuff most guys would never think of buying, but as part of a couple, you're significant other will love to purchase things here. Join the email list, and only let them purchase things during sales, which they have frequently. We've purchased a few things for the house here and I'm pretty satisfied. There's also some good finds in the clearance sections of the store.

I love World Market for its price/quality.

I love World Market for its price/quality. BUT BEWARE - if you buy furniture, you'll need to assemble it. And when you do, it will take HOURS. And as it takes up your day, you will realize the assembly instructions are TERRIBLE. As in, critical typos (screws labeled C in one illustration are labeled D in another illustration), or an illustration showing four parts (screw plus three washers) is paired with text referring to only three parts. And the illustrations are so poor they make things worse, not easier. I'm no slouch at assembly - I've single-handedly built a giant Ikea kitchen - but I had to call a handyman to finish my Chase 6-drawer dresser from World Market. The kicker is, when I bought the dresser, it wasn't labeled as assembly required, and the sales person didn't mention it either. When I picked it up and was super surprised, to get rid of me, the loading dock guys said, "Oh, it's SUPER easy to assemble, it just takes a few minutes." Yeah. Ok. Next time I'll pay them for assembly. Nice dresser, tho.

The GOOD: I love the selections here at World Market.

The GOOD: I love the selections here at World Market. They carry stuff that other stores do not. I love browsing through their unique cards and gift items, baking supplies, furniture and around the world food selection. It's a truly unique place. Pricing - generally pretty reasonable and sometimes things go on sale which is even better. The BAD: Like someone else mentioned in a previous review, I've also encountered many pricing errors. It's clearly marked on the item but for some reason, when it is scanned, the price is never right. The cashier has to either call the manager or when I'm lucky and have the manager, they have to punch in a bunch of codes to fix it. It really holds up the line. But recently, I started questioning the validity of the prices and sales. I found an item marked up during a sale and that was a little disheartening. Overall, I recommend this store for their unique selection and you can always find something to be inspired by. I'll overlook the pricing issues for now.

I've discovered over they years...

I've discovered over they years that each of the 3 World Markets near my home have their own charm and reasons I visit a particular one. For this location, I love their selection of kitchen & dining items, food & pantry items (particularly imported items) and the enormous selection of beverages including wine, sake, beer, boutique/old fashioned sodas and Italian flavored syrups (lots of SF varieties of these too). I am in here at least once a month for something or other and come Christmas I always walk out with a bag of goodies to fill stockings. They have a good selection of home decor and furniture. I like that they carry many items for a long time - including some seasonal items that I happily see return year after year. I fell in love with a coffee table 3-4 years ago and when I decided recently to upgrade a number of items in my home, I was glad WM was still carrying the exact item that had caught my eye. I also prefer the layout and organization of this location over the other 2 as the staff clearly understands that a shoppers ability to just simply walk from the front of the store to the rear and back shouldn't resemble an obstacle course.

Great moderately priced furniture.

Great moderately priced furniture. Wide variety of interesting foods. Very helpful staff.

A great alternative to the typical furniture store

A great alternative to the typical furniture store, World Market has a good selection of tables and chairs. I particularly love their glassware. Recent in there for Easter goods, I found a unique selection of candies and toys that I know my friends will like. I recommend it also for the selection of Toranis syrups, which is the main reason I go to the store. It has many sugar free options that can't be found at the local groceries.

Love going to this store.

Love going to this store. The only time I really feel like it a "world" market is when I get to the food section, though. The other items do not really present themselves as being representative from another place. It is nice, though, to browse the shelves and to look at the unique items that have for sale. They have tons of gorgeous scarves and jewelry that are distinctive and unique. I love the different textures and patterns of their products. They have interesting games, stationary, clothing, furniture, food, curtains and all sorts of kitchen products. This time of year is especially fun because they have beautiful Christmas ornaments and decorations. Definitely something they do not have at the Big Box stores around town. So much stuff! Despite the fact they have so many different items the store is displayed nicely in a very attractive setting. Everything is neatly laid out and sorted. It is easy to find what you are looking for in this fab store. It is one of those stores where you dream about what your life can be and I like that feeling. The food and beverage section is amazing. There are all sorts of products from all over the world. Cookies, chips, olives, teas, coffee, soda water, colas... you name it and they probably have it here. I like to browse this section and indulge on occasion. Every time I have been in to World Market, I have had a pleasant experience. The staff is helpful and friendly. They do not act like you are an idiot if you ask a question, either. I appreciate them explaining things to me and helping me with product selections. World Market is kinda pricey and this is the one negative about the magnificent store. Even with sale prices, they are on the expensive side. I love the furniture and floofy pillows but they are way out of my price range. I enjoy going here and hunting for affordable treasures.

I love World Market.

I love World Market. It's like a bigger, better and more affordable Pier One Imports. More affordable because although they have the imported items like Asian furniture, wardrobes, etc., they put them on major sale periodically. Now, let's talk about the candles. At any given time, they have a bunch of really high quality pillars (giant ones! I love those!), votives and jar candles in a variety of scents marked down 50-75 percent. I'm a candle addict and have been known to easily drop a lot of cash on a good smelling candle (I prefer spicy to floral scents), so I know what I'm talking about. At Christmastime World Market had the best ornament selection from many different parts of the world, including vintagey Santas from Germany and my favorite, glittery clip on birds. All were 50% off by early December, so you could outfit your tree with style at a fraction of the cost. The other thing I love is the ethnic grocery section. Finally, I can find my Asian hot sauces, Indian and Thai curry mixes, Cafe du Monde coffee, British chocolates and French cheeses.

Seriously, we were on vacation

Seriously, we were on vacation and basically just window shopped since we didn't want to have to carry stuff back to us on the airline. This store has so many beautiful home decorations and furniture and I wish we had one close to us in Miami. Also, the food section had many unique and hard to find items and candies for those with curious taste buds like myself. They also have a decent selection of wine and beer which I did took advantage of. Overall, I was happily impressed with this store and what it have to offer.

Recently bought a table from this store.

Recently bought a table from this store. I think the style fit the taste of my wife and I. The store also has some great imported foods and wine. Great place to buy a random house warming/party gift for someone. We will probably be back to buy more furniture ...

So dissappointing

Loved the look and vibe of these chairs. The wood did not last even one full summer season. Not worth the price. They should be putting a better finish on the wood if they are calling them outdoor furniture.

I love the look but it's damaged in a number of places

I love the look of it and how easy it was to put together, but the wood is cracked in many place ! Not sure how long it will last me because of this

This store is like a super Pier One

This store is like a super Pier One. I love the overpriced furniture...Its really gorgeous and fun to look at and maybe gain a few deco ideas. The main reason I go is to purchase international candies and foods of the like. I really wish they would add more German goodies in the food section but I can't complain about what they do have.

Pretty; Awful Quality

Great color, size and look. Poor quality. It took at least 3 hours of sanding to get rid of serious splinters, rough spots and splits in the wood. Be sure to sand the back and the section that lifts and lowers the back to prevent getting splinters. The only reason I didn't return was because of the cost. Disappointed with World Market's quality standards.

I love this place too.

I love this place too. How could anyone hate it? Staff is friendly. And It's like a better Pier 1 with wine and candy! And Seasonal treats! We picked up a nice large rug here with coupons from their rewards program recently. Hey, it's not as nice as the $5000 Persian rugs Costco had a few weeks back, but I can't afford that! I'd be scared as crap to have anyone walk on the thing! The furniture selection is interesting. I always think about buying a small chair but never do. The wife loves the selection of little China good luck money trees or money wind chimes etc . . . good feng shui to have around the house she says. Brings money in. I'll let you know when it works. In the meantime, I'll be strolling around World Market swaying to that smooth sophisticated Bossa Nova beat they run through their speakers continuously and trying not to blow the budget.

Be prepared to double these up (too narrow)

As mentioned, both these curtains are too narrow. I had to hang two on each side. For the Boho cotton ones, I had to hang THREE on each side - tripling my cost. Thumbs down on the rip off but otherwise, nice curtains.

After a year - not so nice.

When the curtains first arrived they looked amazing. Now after about a year they look faded and not nearly as nice new. Reflecting back they are over priced and not high quality, as they should always look nice. I am slowing replacing them with something else (they are on a large number of windows downstairs).

I know i know, this is a chain.

I know i know, this is a chain. I should be supporting a local business....but we fell in love with a particular dining table set. It was casual, it has a bench, it extends. We waited for a sale and finally it came. So we bought it. The supervisor there happened to be walking by and he became victim of my firing round of questions. He answered all of them with a smile, without breaking a sweat, and if he didn't know he went to check. Easy peasy. I went to the cash register to pay with my hold slip in hand, and he happened to be the furniture expert. Again I rattled off info and questions in spitfire mode and again, questions answered with a smile. Nothing was a problem. Went to pick up the dining table set by the loading dock and he helped me with my horrendous reversing the car (Asian, woman driver what can I say?) without judgment. He measured the inside of the car and got most of it fit in there except the table top. The supervisor from before peaked in to check on things and both suggested Home Depot for a flat bed truck rental by the hour. They kept the table top (it's huge) until I could figure things out. Called HD and it's $19 for the first 75 min. Hell yeah. Cheaper than getting World Market's 3rd party delivery service and I don't have to beg friends to help me out :) Called WM again, furniture expert answered, remembered me, and was by the loading dock with the table top when we arrived. We didn't have to wait at all. Maybe all you Texans are just super friendly and even chain stores benefit from that. All I have to say is thanks so much for being super helpful and making this experience non-stressful.


These chairs sadly are a disappointment. They look great, but the ease of use is not. The chairs don't slide well so getting in and out of a table is difficult. Plus the legs become very wobbly and constantly need re tightening. They'd be great for a space that doesn't get a lot of use, but for every day use I wouldn't recommend.

I have always loved World Market.

I have always loved World Market. They're my go-to when I need awesome tableware or a specialty pan or just want to dig through some really awesome imported candies and sodas. Their holiday selections have always been top notch. Their furniture is actually quite delightful too. I bought a table and 4 chairs there many years ago and I still just love the heck out of it. However, right this minute, November 5th, they get my huge kudos for their absolutely amazing, fabulous and HUGE Thanksgiving display. Right as you walk into the store there's a whole dining table decked to the elevens (two better than 9) with a warm welcoming table. Behind it are 4 shelves of Thanksgiving awesome. Everything you could ever need to set your table and prepare a feast in the kitchen. And in this horrible day and age where everyone else seems to be just jumping straight to Christmas (usually starting in September), this just warms my heart. (Granted they're not completely stupid, they're getting the Christmas stuff out too, but it's more in the middle-back of the store as of yet. Which is fine. I just want Thanksgiving put first where it belongs!). Friendly staff, awesome selection of anything you could need for your home!

Buyer beware.

Buyer beware. Shopped for a desk and chair. Sales associate helped me pick out a chair that matched the height. Sales associate goes and grabs desk a box and brings it to counter for checkout. He asks another sales person to bring it to my car. A few days later I really look at the box and realize that this is in fact a bookshelf, and not a desk, in the box. Called manager. ......wait for it...... I was treated like a total ass. She was so rude! I couldn't find my receipt, of course. Manager tells me that they 1. Won't allow me to return for money back without a receipt, 2. Will only give me a store credit, and 3. THEY DO NOT HAVE ANYMORE DESKS. I waited a year to find the perfect desk and now I'm faced with a not perfect bookcase that I never wanted or needed. I know, I know - it's fault for letting my guard down and not verifying that this dude was selling me what I was actually there to purchase. After some days of dealing with the incredibly unpleasant manager she sent two employees to my house to make the switch. Dude says "how did you end up with the wrong piece of furniture?!??!" I say "YOU sold it to me". You get one star for the way you handled the situation.

I don't recommend this chair [Mid-Century Huxley Chair]

The leather used in the making of bicast is usually a portion of the fibrous, lower grade of leather that remains when the higher-grade grain layer is split off. It is coated with a thin polyurethane or vinyl layer, giving it a uniform shine and a long-lasting "like new" appearance. New bicast leather can have a chemical odor, but this typically dissipates about a week after the piece is exposed to air. Because it is only used for the backing, the leather portion of this material is generally not visible in finished goods.

I highly recommend [Mid-Century Huxley Chair]

I love this chair!! It goes well with my decor and aesthetic! It is a bit lower to the ground than I expected but it still fits in well.

I would buy this product again [Mid-Century Huxley Chair]

Perfect for the condo recently purchased. Low profile with luxury look!

LOVE [Mid-Century Huxley Chair]

Love this chair! Well made and very easy to put together

Everything I hoped for..... (in an accent chair) [Mid-Century Huxley Chair]

This oversized, gorgeous chair looks amazing in my rustic, BoHo styled living room. The color is beautiful with my blk & wht rug and warm oak floors. I am super pleased with it and am even considering buying another one for a different room!

Horrible Trudeau Sectional Sofa

Completely broken within 8 months. Fabric pills, wood broke on the arms, and finally the right side of the couch completely broke within 8 months of having it. Just horrible!!

Love it! Trudeau Sectional Sofa

I absolutely love this couch. It seems to be great quality for the low price. It's not necessarily the most comfy couch ever, but I am very pleased with it.

I would buy this product again for the same situation. Trudeau Sectional Sofa

Just the right size. Perfect neutral grey. Fantastic storage space.

Love the look...hate the never ending shedding

Rug looks great, but even with regular vacuum as directed the shedding never stopped. It went everywhere throughout the house. Everywhere. Upstairs, downstairs, clothes, etc. after 8 months I can't take it anymore and had to get it out of the house.

Pretty but disintegrated and damaged floor

Love the look of this rug but warning after 3 years the rubberized backing on this rug has completely disintegrated into a powder and in the process damaged our hardwood floors. If you only want to use the rug a year or too it might work fine but I had higher hopes than that.

Love the look, but flimsy

I love the look of this rug on our hardwood floor but hubby and the cats constantly bunch it up bc it's rather flimsy. Maybe it would stay in place better if it's on carpet or on top of a larger area rug, you know, just for looks.

Shedding and shedding

This rug sheds more than my two long-haired cats. After a month of careful vacuuming, no brush setting (as per instructions), it shed more, not less. I have found clumps of wool from this rug on the different floors of the house, on the other rugs, on furniture, socks and pants. After sitting on this rug, my guests have been covered by wool threads and clumps. It was placed in low traffic area, my daughter's nursery, and I had to return it. A few final notes — the threads from the rug are not knotted but just pulled through the backing, i.e., one slightest tug at them and they are out. This may be the definition of the 'hand knotted' technique, but as it has been implemented, it contributes to the disintegration of this product. The wool in the threads is worked very loosely, so the threads themselves disintegrate at the slightest touch into separate hairs.

I would not recommend this rug

Looks nice. The rug does not hold up to vacuuming it with the vacuum roller turned off. The jute has pieces that stick up after vacuuming. The frings on the end have started to come off since the weave holding them at the end has unraveled. I need to see if I can take it back since it has not held up to being in my mudroom that receives a lot of foot traffic. It started to come apart within a week of having the rug.

I love everything about my new sectional. It is comfy/mod! Trudeau Sectional Sofa

I so wanted a sectional but thought my living room too small. This couch is streamlined, comfy & classy. I now have the room of my dreams to welcome my friends & family!

Great table with a weak finish

This table fits perfectly where I needed it and was easy to assemble. The feet screw out allowing you to remove any wobble rather than having to put something under a leg. The finish on the wood is very weak and scratches/chips easily. I am hesitant to put anything down too hard or to move dishes around on top due to the finish. I ended up with a noticeable chip within a month.

Received in box marble broken and bad paint on metal

I purchased this item online and paid the extra delivery surcharge. The freight driver brought it to the porch and there only appeared to be one minor tear in the box. There was an overwhelming odor of cat urine. We unboxed this on the porch. Both metal sides are poorly painted and one was clearly stored/moved when still wet and the finish damaged. We accepted this and decided that maybe we could sand down and spray paint. We moved on to unboxing the marble top while it still sat in the spot where delivery driver left it in order to get the best grip on the heavy piece. After opening the box, it was clear that there were two cracks in the edges toward the center. When leaning it it back to investigate, it was very disappointing to see that those were cracks that spanned the entire top through two cracks along the center. Contacted customer service. After holding for over 30 minutes, was assured we would be sent a new piece with a follow up email confirmation for the new item and pick up of the broken item. Have not heard from anyone and that was 4 days ago. Wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to have the box that smells like cat urine hanging out waiting for the pickup.

This console is even more beautiful in-person

This is a stunning console. Chinoiserie is my style of decorating and this piece is perfect to accent any room. It is definitely eye-catching, sturdy and looks way more expensive than what I paid for it. What I love about it the most is the brass finish. Truly unique piece to add to my decor!

Not very comfortable

I purchased this chair for an extra living room so it will not get used very much. The chair is beautiful, a stand out piece, however, if you are looking for comfort this is probably not the chair. If you want to dress up a room with a single piece of furniture this is it.

Yes ! Trudeau Sectional Sofa

Comfortable and great in a small living area

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