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West Elm Reviews

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West Elm is a popular furniture and home decor retailer, owned by the same parent company as Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma. With a modern and contemporary style, West Elm's offerings range from moderately to aspirationally priced. While most are satisfied with their experiences, there are some complaints about durability, perceived quality for the price, and delivery in some cases.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 7.3/10

Price: $9-$7197+

Return Policy: 30 Days + Restrictions

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West Elm Specifics

Founded in 2002 by the retail powerhouse, Williams Sonoma Inc., West Elm has become an increasingly popular brand for modern home furnishings over the years. With over 100+ stores in North America and worldwide, West Elm's socially-conscious values includes being 'Good for people. Good for the planet. Good for you.' West Elm's prices range from moderate to higher end, but with their rewards program, The Key, shoppers can earn 3% cash back on their purchases (30 days after the purchase was made/the order was shipped), to be used on future purchases across their family of brands which includes Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and Mark & Graham. With their fresh and modern designs, shoppers can oftentimes find design inspiration and ideas for their spaces at West Elm.

When it comes to customer experience, West Elm shoppers usually enjoy the modern and thoughtfully designed pieces that are available to them. Even so, there has been some mixed feedback from shoppers regarding issues with delivery and the perceived quality of their items in some instances.

Material Quality

West Elm carries home goods that are both imported from overseas and assembled in the US. Some materials used in their furniture includes both solid wood and engineered woods, glass, marble, recycled fabrics, natural and man-made fabrics, concrete and more. Select upholstered furniture items including some sofas and chairs are made-to-order, so shoppers can choose from the available fabrics and finishes of their choice. West Elm even carries some items for the eco-conscious shopper as part of their commitment to 'shop for good'. These items include pieces that are sustainably sourced, Fair Trade Certified™, organic, handcrafted, GREENGUARD Gold Certified, and even pieces from local makers. Shoppers tend to have positive feedback about the look of the furniture options available to them at West Elm. Some shoppers have brought up issues with the longevity of their West Elm pieces.

West Elm's Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that West Elm's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of West Elm's offerings.

#1 Rugs

One of the most popular items that West Elm shoppers are in search of are their rugs. Rugs can be a great way to tie a room together or enhance the decor of a space, and West Elm shoppers have their choice of area rugs, entryway rugs, indoor/outdoor rugs, baby and kids rugs, kitchen mats, door mats, and bath mats. West Elm rugs cost around $30 for smaller door/bath mats and can go up to $3600+ for larger area rugs. In terms of design, West Elm carries updated and modern styles with the majority of their rugs featuring colors that appear a bit more washed out or muted to help bring some lightness to the space. West Elm shoppers appreciate the styles and selection of rugs available, but there has been some mixed feedback when it comes to delivery issues. Some shoppers also mentioned longevity concerns with their specific rugs that frayed and lost fibers within a few months.

The pros: Nice selection of pretty, modern rugs.

The cons: Some delivery issues as well as longevity concerns with some rugs were mentioned.

#2 Coffee Tables

Another popular find for West Elm shoppers are their unique coffee tables. West Elm carries around 100 different modern coffee table options that can help elevate the design of your living space. From pop-up storage tables to marble and glass tables with interesting geometric designs, purchasing a West Elm coffee table can set shoppers back anywhere from around $300 to $1300+. West Elm shoppers enjoy the modern and attractive designs of their coffee tables. Some have brought up concerns with delivery including delays as well as feedback about perceived quality issues.

The pros: A nice selection of coffee tables with interesting designs.

The cons: Some concerns about perceived quality of some coffee tables. Delivery issues.

#3 Dining Furniture

Shoppers looking for modern dining furniture with clean lines will find no shortage of inspiration at West Elm. West Elm carries dining tables, chairs, sets, bar stools, benches, buffet tables and sideboards, bar carts, and storage solutions among other things to help furnish your kitchen and dining areas. For dining tables, West Elm carries just under 100 different styles that include expandable wooden tables, dining tables made of marble and concrete, pedestal tables, and more. Their dining tables typically range in price from around $300 for a smaller, 2 person table to $3500+ for larger tables that can comfortably sit 10 people. For seating around their dining tables, West Elm has a nice selection of modern dining chairs, benches, and banquettes to choose from. Some of their upholstered dining chairs and banquettes are made-to-order, so shoppers can choose the color/fabric that best matches their style. There has been some feedback about delivery issues from some shoppers. A few have also brought up concerns with the longevity of their dining furniture.

The pros: A pretty selection of interesting, modern dining furniture.

The cons: Delivery issues including delays. Some concerns from shoppers about the longevity of their dining furniture.

#4 Lighting

West Elm shoppers are oftentimes in search of a unique lighting piece to brighten up their spaces. With a few hundred different lighting options and accessories, West Elm shoppers can browse from their selection of modern chandeliers, ceiling lights, pendants, flush mounts, sculptural lighting, table and floor lamps, wall lighting, and outdoor lighting. West Elm's lighting pieces typically range in price from around $40 up to $1200+, and feature sculptural pieces, mid-century modern styled lamps, woven paper and rattan pendants, and even shades with an ombre effect. There's even an option for shoppers to build their own sculptural glass lighting pieces by customizing the size, colors, and finishes. West Elm does not disappoint when it comes to providing shoppers with beautiful and modern lighting pieces, however, there has been some mixed feedback when it comes to shipping and durability. Some shoppers mentioned issues with delivery such as missing pieces while others brought up concerns with the perceived quality of the lighting piece they purchased from West Elm.

The pros: Unique and beautiful modern lighting options with some customization options available.

The cons: Some shipping issues and durability concerns.

#5 Bedding

The last popular pick of West Elm shoppers are their bedding options. West Elm carries the full suite of bedding necessities from sheet sets, duvet covers, pillowcases, quilts and coverlets, blankets, and decorative pillows. Many of their bedding options are Fair Trade Certified™ and include materials such as organic cotton, sustainably sourced TENCEL™, Belgian flax linen, and hemp. West Elm's bedding pieces tend to be solid in color or feature a more subdued print. For sheets sets, prices usually start around $90 and can up to $350. West Elm shoppers love the look of their bedding pieces and many enjoy the organic and eco-friendly material options. However, there has been some mixed feedback from shoppers about the perceived quality of their bedding pieces when compared to the price points.

The pros: Fresh looking bedding options with some eco-friendly pieces.

The cons: Some complaints about perceived quality given the price points.

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In addition to the top categories above, West Elm offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Sofas & Sectionals

- Desks

- Curtains

- Outdoor Furniture

- Planters

- Mirrors

- Bedroom Furniture

- Kitchen & Dining

- Garden

- Storage

- Baby & Kids

- Home Office Furniture

- Bath

West Elm Store Locator

West Elm stores can be found across North America and in multiple worldwide destinations. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

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Needed new throw pillows

Needed new throw pillows. Upon arrival, found they were 25% off..! A sales associate noticed and started to help. Then, right away another sales associate / manager introduced me to their designer, Lawrence. He was wonderful..!! Extremely helpful and honest and patient. Very friendly as well. I like how he was nice about rejecting some of my not so great suggestions. Overall, Lawrence is amazing. Sales staff were all very helpful. I did notice there were people waiting to be helped though. Could be just a busy time of the day by the time I left?

I love shopping for home goods

I love shopping for home goods, West Elm Palo Alto makes it such an unbearable experience somehow. Customer Service - NONEXISTENT! Even if you are the only person in the store, staff actively avoid making eye contact and will not greet you. Its surprising that any retailer would allow their employees to make any customer feel unwelcome, but that stems from management on the store level as well. Quality of Product - The furniture and accessories are overpriced, however some pieces are worth the splurge. For example, the reclaimed wood dining and bedroom pieces. Ambiance - The store is merchandised beautifully, but being ignored kills the entire experience. Overall, I avoid this location at all costs and shop exclusively online. Their unwillingness to provide a base level of customer service is not only disappointing, but pitiful.

Awful customer service

Awful customer service. Dealt with two very rude sales clerk when all we wanted was to check stock on an item. When we were calmly trying to explain our frustrations with being overlooked while waiting to be helped, there were no apologies and instead we were treated like we were the rude ones. They really need some common decency training here. Being busy is not an excuse for being a terrible human being to your customers. Avoid this store if you can.

This was the nearest West Elm...

This was the nearest West Elm, my husband and I could pick up our coffee table for our new place. Expected: the bad parking. Not expected: the horrible customer service. My husband and I were standing there by their service kiosk for 15 minutes waiting for the lady to acknowledge us and then someone else comes up and she helps them out first. I could tell she noticed my frustration because she finally asks us if we need help and then spends another 15 mins looking for my order and then tells us we need to drive over to the order pick up area. If i ever have to choose a west elm for order pick up, I will probably not choose this location. Horrible

I was wondering why the ratings were so low

I was wondering why the ratings were so low but now I understand, there was not enough ppl who can help their customers. Also there were not enough display tv stands when we went to visit unfortunately. We also just sat and waited for someone to help for 15 mins but no one did :(

Absolutely ridiculous delivery charges

Absolutely ridiculous delivery charges. We were trying to get 2 swivel chairs which cost a total of~1000$. The delivery charge on the order was $250. Decided to not make the purchase instead. Store staff is not of much help either.

We got a lot of things from West Elm

We got a lot of things from West Elm for our new home but mostly online. There were things that we want to feel in person before getting so we came to the store. The first time was because PB didn't have the linen sheet set that we wanted, knowing PB and WE belong to same company, we call the WE store, the service person was pretty nice and helped us check the store has the sheet set. we ended up come and get the set. The second time we were here to checkout curtain and curtain hardware. The store was super busy since it's weekend and there was a sale. We looked around and didn't see any curtain or curtain hardware so we asked a store person. She showed us the shelf with curtains and said that's all they have in store. She went in back to help check if there's curtain rod and ended up finding the one we were looking. My experience with service here were quite positive, but the store is quite small and doesn't carry a lot of things.

we hv ordered 2 twin headboards

we hv ordered 2 twin headboards back in August 2019 & now its Jan 2020 & we still hv not received it. I just want to ask why? I hv contacted the customer service & they said that one of the headboards had been lost & it's been replaced but after 5 long months, I still hv not received it & they hv been postponing the delivery date again & again.... Why? please reconsider if u want to purchase any large items from the store. Thxs & Happy New Year!

Ridiculously awful customer service

Ridiculously awful customer service. All I wanted to do was buy a piece of furniture, ready to pay. After half an hour I gave up and left. (I was being "helped" entire time.) we'd walk away from register to check something then someone else would steal our register and we'd have to go to another. This happened three times. They couldn't figure out the item or the correct price. Then they tried telling me the price on price tag was for the display model (because it was $100 lower than their website), but that was a lie, as the price tag on the display was a regular price tag. When the manager finally said they'd honor the price they had on the tag, someone had stolen the register again and they told me I'd have to wait for another register still. So I ended up giving up and leaving... without making a purchase. I seriously thought it would take 5 mins... credit card and address for delivery. Ridiculous.

If a customer comes in not knowing...

If a customer comes in not knowing that they misunderstood West Elm's return policies (plural, not one) and which of the THREE return policies applied to returning items in-store then I (as an employee) would not stand there and BERATE this customer in the store about it. I would simply say "I'm sorry but as per our policy...." Instead, the employee named Sabrina decided it was a good idea to LECTURE me LOUDLY about their return policies in front of everyone. Thank you, Sabrina, job well done. I'm thankful they decided to make an "exception" for me but you didn't need to spend all that time hounding on about what "I did." I felt as if she had made the assumption that I was going to DEMAND or had already DEMANDED a return. When asked what I needed, all I simply said was, "I'd like to do a return, please." And this got her all huffy about where and why I was in the wrong, etc etc. Couldn't you just say, "No, I'm sorry we can't accommodate you?" Like, why was there a need to ASSUME I'd be like one of your other extremely demanding customers??? Did you even listen to how I had answered the question you first asked me in the first place?? Yikes! Trust me, I won't ever be coming back and I will most definitely refer my friends and family elsewhere.

Totally Agree!

Totally Agree! Andres G. has been stellar and true "artist" designing Rockstar for WE! The Palo Alto store is wonderful! Diane is also amazing and the entire staff, especially the stock room people. Our family has brought all WE products for our new home and office. Andres has been vital to our decision making. The combinations he comes up with TRUST THEM.-) NOTE: I will say I have personally witnessed customers act "entitled" with staff. This is unfortunate bc, the store is always busy-- treating people in retail because you feel like you are "elite"or drive a Tesla, lacks compassion and it's counterproductive. Mixups can happen in any business BUT this store goes OUT of its way to make customers feel like family! Kudos, Andres, Diane and all at WE in Palo Alto!

We ordered some benches to be delivered

We ordered some benches to be delivered to their store and when we were notified that the items were ready for pick up we went to the store to pick them up. Sadly our order was stuck in the elevator and said they couldn't get it. I told them that's unfortunate because I moved 100 mil away and I'll just cancel the other 10 grand worth of purchases I had for my house due to their poor level of communication. I have to say the good reviews must be fake. Show a little dissatisfication and the staff either shut down or become demons. Advice: stay away or go to the Emeryville location

I purchased a blanket

I purchased a blanket that is pinkish for my bed. I threw it in the wash and when I pulled it out I noticed pieces of it were coming off. GARBAGE!! and the price was high. I don't know what to do because I need this color but the blanket literally clogged my wash and dryer. Don't they even test items before selling

If I had know how bad WE is...

If I had know how bad WE is, I would have never bought a single thing here. I'm so DONE with West Elm. I had a reward credit for $300 with the WE credit card and I decided to purchase something in the store in July that only needed $200. The store associate told me that I could use th the $300 reward and the remainder would be sent to me as a different reward certificate. 2.5 months later, I still did not receive it. I called in the bank behind their credit card and the WE customer service multiple times. They ended up telling me it's one time use, which by the way was not clearly said anywhere when we opened the card in the store. They both just kept saying it's not their issue and kept transferring me back and forth for the whole time. The furnitures came in damaged, too. My custom order leather sofa came in with multiple oil stains after waiting for 3 months. There are traces that they tried to rub and fix the oil dot but did no bother to use a different piece of leather. I can't believe I spent so much with them and got treated like this. I'd never walk into WE again.

This store lies about their coupons

This store lies about their coupons. I called ahead of time to ask of I could use a coupon on this bench and customer service said yes. I went to the store in hoping that I was getting a new bench but when I went to pay they told me that my coupon could not be applied. What kind of bullsheet is that?!? They're LIARS! They have lost a customer forever!!

Andres Garcia is amazing

Andres Garcia is amazing! I need something very specific, he took the time to fully understand what I needed, went in the back and voila! I am so so happy. So many people just don't care and when you find someone like him, it makes such a difference. Ended up spending more than I expected but oh well, no buyer's remorse. What a beautiful store and great customer service.

This is a review of my online experience

This is a review of my online experience, but until they tell me where to move it, I'll pick the Palo Alto location. I'll save you the details by saying that for what they charge, they have a very lousy process for exception handling. It took 4 phone calls over 2 hours an overcharge. The furniture is expensive, but really just heavier and a larger version of what you'd get at Pier 1 or Cost Plus. They also way overcharge for shipping. They need to steal some people from Target or Amazon, or they are going to go belly up.

I've always love West Elm for their modern

I've always love West Elm for their modern and trending collection of furniture and curated home decors. They even sell succulents and cacti now! Love love love! And their staff is attentive and quite helpful if you ever have any question about any of their items. One of my favorite things about West Elm is how they empower and support local, small businesses. On the weekends, they host various popup shops and workshops which brings the community together.

If your in the market for a sleeper sofa

If your in the market for a sleeper sofa or some fair trade holiday nicknacks - this is a great place to go. With the holidays around you probably have guests and are thinking about extra space. They do have two different model couches here that are comfortable. They do require a lot of time to be built/shipped. Small ornaments - little animals made out of real wool - or throwback 'Shiny Bright' glass ones from yesteryear. Store has friendly people and great products.

San Ramon West Elm must be prettyyyy desperate

San Ramon West Elm must be prettyyyy desperate when it comes to hiring people their employees. Horrible customer service. Walked basically throughout the whole store before being helped or even greeted. Wanted to buy two things that they had in back, but waited over 20 minutes to finally have it brought out. The idiot in the back took the piece out of the box and couldn't fit it back so he had to take out the foam to keep the item secure from breaking since it's fragile. Actually handed it to us all haphazardly like that and expected us not to notice. Moron. The only nice employee in the whole store was the Asian woman working last night who made small talk while we waited for our item after she finished ringing her own customer up. The one who helped us with our item (if you can even call it help) left us feeling like we were bothering her just because we wanted to buy something and was such a buzzkill to do business with. My god, it's not like we are the customers...some friendliness and not hating your job so much would go far! The WORST of the bunch is the blonde old hag working at the register. Did you miss your customer service training day or are you just that miserable all the time? I also wonder if she treats white customers like a this as well or if she's just another racist of San Ramon. Literally impossible to ask a simple question on an item without being left feeling like we are the one being ridiculous! I'm sorry, but aren't YOU the one that should be knowledgeable on your items? I don't care how many times a day you are asked how much an item costs. So any damn question I ask should be fair. It's sad how many people come through this store and have to deal with such awful, soul-sucking employees of West Elm. Ruined what could have been such a nice transaction and experience. Personally love West Elm furniture and stores but your employees and their customer service need help. Badly. Their bad attitudes and disgusting demeanors have no place in this business. Avoid them at all costs.

Whatever you do don't buy from West Elm

Whatever you do don't buy from West Elm if you want your furniture in a timely manner. I ordered my sofa 14 weeks ago & still nothing. They say they told me on 12/31 on back order LIE! I called on 2/4 & was told 72 hours someone would call me back. LIE! I have been on phone today for 2 hrs been transferred 3x for no additional information. I am being told nothing they can do & no clue when my furniture will arrive! I am hosting a going away party on 2/28 & will have no furniture for my guests!

Was meeting a friend

Was meeting a friend in San Ramon and we decided to meet at the City Center. I wanted to check out the West Elm and I was so glad I did. The store looked beautiful and bright and everyone was super friendly! One of the designers started chatting with me and got some great ideas for my living room. Will definitely be returning again to purchase. I will say, the parking is way easier at this location than some of the other Bay Area locations. Great store!

This review is intended...

This review is intended for the crap operations in dealing with the logistics of the company; i.e. paying to have your purchased items shipped to your local West Elm store, $150 to ship to your home, or giving you an unfulfilled pick up date (which continued to get postponed for a week and still has not come in!). When asked what the purpose of the pick up date was for, we were told it's a date range. July 14 is not a range. So we're idly standing by in hopes of renting a potentially unavailable truck, last minute, to pick up items to come within that "date range". After all, they'll only hold onto items for 5 days, god forbid you inconvenience them. Staff is just above standard. Items are as expected for the price.

I'm a fan of the style at West elm

I'm a fan of the style at West elm. I never liked the mid-century style furniture in the past, but now my taste has changed. It has personality, but it's also clean and hip. I have never purchased anything here yet... but when we have a new home, you better believe I'll be here frequently. Fun location as well.

Beautiful new store

Beautiful new store! But.... I wanted to buy a small drink table, they only had the one on the floor- which I was willing to take. They would NOT sell me the one they had AND told me it would cost ME an additional $24.95 to get one shipped to the store!!! Which was25% of the price of the table!?!&! How ridiculous !! I left - that's NO WAY to do business ... to bad, it's a lovely store !

I want to express my dissatisfaction

I want to express my dissatisfaction with the service staff ... I need to run after the managers and ask for help ... and when I finally caught sight, I feel that they do not want to sell the thing !!! ! this applies not only to San Ramon ... but to all stores of this network the same thing happens !!!

This 5 star review is for Aadi

This 5 star review is for Aadi, the wonderful West Elm employee and design extraordinaire! We came to West Elm, overwhelmed with all the furniture options and how to incorporate furniture/design with a limited amount of space. Aadi came to the rescue with incredibly thoughtful design recommendations, initiative to measure out our hypothetical space with a ruler, patience to answer our million questions, problem solving to look up different furniture options/colors and reformatting furniture pieces together, honesty (with great tactfulness) to disagree with less preferred designs, and creativity to draw out our floor plan and recreate a similar version at the store. There are so many other helpful things he did that I'm not mentioning, but I'm just so glad he came up to us at the store to offer his assistance because me and my bf were able to walk out of the store feeling much more assured, excited, and confident about our West Elm pieces. He stated he wasn't a designer, but for someone with such great perspective and customer service (oh aaaand he's studying design in school) he is by far the best designer we've encountered. And we've been speaking to many designers from many stores this past month so that says a lot. Thanks again Aadi!!

Nice display and friendly staff

Nice display and friendly staff, some more experienced than others. I bought a lot of furniture and accessories from them. The customer service in the store is much faster and easier than on the phone.

it was horrible expirience

it was horrible expirience. i come back in that shop few times. 1 visit was in Palo Alto.. i found sofa and wanna buy it. Seller told me waiting 1 week or 2 and add me to waiting list. and after i just waiting) and thats all. nobody dont let me know what sales already gone... 3 times i was in San Ramon store. left my phone number and nothing)) and today they just let me know what yesterday was 30% and now promotion is finished ...Worst customer service in my life. 1 star for all who work in that place

Worst customer service experience

Worst customer service experience I have ever had with a company. I purchased an area rug and the salesperson misquoted me free shipping when in fact it was not. She could not back it up nor was the management willing to do so. The added insult to injury, the rug was lost and never showed up. If you ever have to deal with corporate customer service they experience get's worst. Refused to refund me for my shipping and customer service lady can only communicate with the leadership team on the computer. You will never get management on the telephone. This store and company as a whole should close down as they have terrible employee training and poor customer service. The customer does not matter to them.

Very bad customer service

Very bad customer service.Orders don't arrive during shipping window and they never update you in the status even when shipping window has passed. Will never order furniture from them.

Update after 2 months...

Update after 2 months. We are still not received full refund from West Elm after two months. 1. West Elm customer service: We called them many times. Every time, they said, they sent us gift card for refund (they can't refund to the card. I don't why). After two months, we are not received anything yet. They promised to send us the tracking number, never got it. West Elm is a company never do what they promise. Another funny thing, their customer service will disconnect your call if they can't solve your problem. They said, they can't talk to customer more than half hours. 2. Don't apply the West Elm credit card. This credit card bank will not help customer at all. They will close your case right the way. The 10% cash back is useless (they store sales will told you a lot of good things if you apply it).

I can't give 0 star

I can't give 0 star...otherwise, will give 0 star. I have very bad experience with them. We order more than $5000 dinning table and chair from them. They will promise you everything before place the order. But, they will not inform you even you didn't do it. If you ask them cancel the order. They will just call the customer service, but, they didn't cancel the order (even the receipt said they cancelled.) The amount will hold on your credit card. We went their store at latest 5 times, they will just told your they cancelled...Even, you asked to talk to store manager. That is no help at all. If you want to buy from West Elm, make sure you place order cheerfully. Asking everything in paper. Order from the store is not different compare with order online.

Very attentive and helpful staff

Very attentive and helpful staff. Was greeted and helped right when walking through the door which we hadn't been getting a lot of during our furniture shopping journey. Ordered two great chairs and some bar stools. We were going to get a couch as well, but wasn't thrilled with the limited fabric choices and over two month lead time. Just expected a little more options when ordering such an expensive "custom" item.

We purchased a small table and custom chair

We purchased a small table and custom chair. We took the table home with us and paid for delivery of the chair. The chair arrived as promised. Very pleased with the furniture and the customer service.

Other West Elm locations...

Other West Elm locations, the staff are usually rude and no where to be found but this location is the opposite. The staff here are ridiculously friendly and helpful. If you're going to go to a West Elm store, go to this one, it'll be worth it. Especially if you are having issues with your order (which, tbh, usually happens with corporate West Elm), if you come in, the staff here go above and beyond to try and help you. I rarely give a retail store a review, but this place deserves it. I felt bad for them though cause they were trying to help me on a cancelled order I didn't get refunded for and the internal service agent kept on purposely hanging up on them multiple times when asking billing questions! How rude. I couldn't believe their own company would do that to their own employees. Luckily, they called the 'public' customer service line and they were helpful. I think the internal assistance line should be more respectful to its fellow employees as they are also dealing with customers. Either way, thanks to the in-store staff for being patient, friendly and helpful.

Great location!! Friendly staff...

Great location!! Friendly staff and love all their stuff. They also have free design services which is nice to utilize.

The store is always gorgeous

The store is always gorgeous and features room settings you could immediately move into your home. The quality is beyond's fantastic. Additionally, there is a singular stand-out employee in Garren. He's always warm, insightful and listens to your needs while offering solutions that are an E-X-A-C-T solution. Such a valuable resource. Congrats to West Elm for finding this valuable resource.

Stopped in to take a look at there merchandise

Stopped in to take a look at there merchandise. They've very nice furniture at a very Hugh price. Service is excellent. They constantly check on you to see if you need any help or questions. Place is laid out nicely and is bright and inviting Only time we've seen great prices is on clearance items.

I really do hate to be that person

I really do hate to be that person who only leaves a review once their dissatisfied, but it's happening. Just to preface, this review is more specific to West Elm's processes I experienced after spending over 6K in the Palm Springs store. While in the store the sale associate was eager to help us, perhaps too much so, as she often didn't give us much space, but I suppose that's part of her job and the store is set up beautifully. Of course, right? Anyway, I've always appreciate the style for sale at West Elm, so upon moving to the Palm Springs area and needing furniture it was our first choice. We really should have kept looking... We ordered a couch(sofa bed), a dining table, outdoor couch, two outdoor chairs, and an outdoor coffee table. When we were placing our order the sales associate showed us the break down of expected delivery dates, roughly 4 weeks for everything-Order date was August 2nd, expected delivery was Sept. 4th-18th- except the coffee table expected mid October. Lo and behold 4 weeks later, no furniture, with further stretched out delivery window, 8 weeks post purchase! What? I'd like to add that there were no customizations to our order other than having the chaise lounge on the couch moved to the right side instead of the standard left side. We got the "in stock" material, and while in the store the sales associate reassured us everything else was in stock so it was just a matter of the couch being completed. After huffing and puffing for a moment I decided to contact the sales associate from the store. She initially suggested the date got pushed back because I had missed the delivery call. Even though I never received a call. She was somehow able to get the couch delivered on September 19th and the outdoor seating that following week. So, where's my dining table? Now here is the frustrating part, the dining table base was eventually delivered on September 26th. After playing phone tag with the delivery center I was informed that the top to the dining table top had been "damaged" at the delivery center, thus deemed unavailable for delivery. Apparently another was being sent in its place, yet I had no information on when. The person I spoke with said it's in stock but now it's a matter of getting it onto the truck. She managed to figure out a way for it to get on the Saturday(Sept. 28th) delivery. I got the confirmation email and was awake at the beginning of the delivery window, 7am. I received a phone call around 7:45am from the delivery person telling me they don't actually have the table top because it was indeed damaged, and yep, another one was being delivered in it's place. I could expect it on December 16th. 5.5 MONTHS POST DELIVERY. Epic fail, West Elm. Apparently there was nothing that could be done if I still wanted the table so I requested a return and pickup of the base. With that save yourself the hassle of not getting your furniture in a timely, hell, a REASONABLE, fashion. Yes the items I did receive are quite nice, and I'm satisfied with the design and purpose they serve, but I wouldn't recommend them to a friend because of the poor management of deliveries. It's how do you say, more trouble than it's worth. Literally and metaphorically. It's not the people who answer the phones or deliver the items, it's what I assume to be an internal issue with the mass production of "high end" furniture. In conclusion: Pushy yet helpful sales associates, beautiful furniture, nice to talk to customer service, and absolutely abhorrent overall service due to a hot mess of a delivery process. Save yourself, only purchase what's in store. They have great planters.

We had a quite a challenge

We had a quite a challenge. We had to sell a beloved MCM home in PS that was too small for our growing family and we upgraded to a much larger one, also MCM. How on earth would we seamlessly combine all the old furniture and tchotchkes with a heck of a lot of new stuff we were going to have to buy - and without the luxury of time? West Elm Palm Springs to the rescue! Joey and Sam and the whole team at this store win dual awards for Best Customer Service on the Planet and Highest Above and Beyond Service in the History of Ever. Joey put together a design plan and he and Sam made recommendations on where to use our old items and which items at West Elm would work tastefully with them. West Elm has a lot of inventory with new items coming out all the time and thankfully, they steered us away from quite a few things we were drawn to that would have been mistakes we really would have regretted. To the contrary, they were candid while being very, very nice and professional in explaining which items they thought would work and why. They came to the house on several occasions to see the progress as items began arriving. We even left a key with them as we were caught up in work and other commitments. They took time to be present to receive deliveries so that we wouldn't have to make special trips out or keep postponing the dates. We ended up purchasing a mix of modern and MCM reproduction/inspired furniture, lamps and accessories from West Elm. Joey and Sam did not make a single recommendation we did not like. When it same to colors, textures, space and the overall look and feel we wanted, their advice was spot-on. As an aside, later, Travis at H3K (that will be a separate review) filled in all the blanks while adding original art and lots of fun and whimsical items (in his words, "Ok, you have a tasteful home, now let me get in there and make it FUN!"). But back to West Elm. You cannot beat the design and quality at this price point and I *rarely* (if ever) see the level of service I received at this store when shopping at a higher price point. Thank you again, Joey and Sam and everyone at West Elm Palm Springs for going out of your way and working so hard to help us get our house furnished in record time!

worst customer service

worst customer service I have ever seen in a retailer. Had to wait for a couple of months for a replacement item. Also ordered a chair that came with pillow missing. Still waiting for replacement, its been a month. Also web sight does not work most of the time. How do they stay in business?

Needs better customer service

Needs better customer service. Lacking in supplies of merchandise and sales are misleading.

I can't get anyone at West Elm to help me

I can't get anyone at West Elm to help me get my items delivered. It's four weeks late and no one can seem to tell me where it is and when it will be delivered. Tighten things up, Alex Bellos!

We were shopping for furniture

We were shopping for furniture for our new place. We have a specific look and style in mind. Went to several places and finally found West Elm. Why? A few reasons: first we like the style, second the quality of the furniture was very good, third lots of selection and colour, fourth the service was very good with Scotty. But most important the store manager "Wendell"! What a gentleman! He was helpful, he listened, calm, and funny! He made our experience seamless and enjoyable. So if you're looking for snazzy mid century decor go see "Wendell"!

Very rude and elitist staff

Very rude and elitist staff. They act like they're working in a store in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. I will never go back there. I recommend if you want mid century items/furniture to look at some of the many other stores in Palm Springs - who have staff that want to make sales.

It pains me to give West Elm a 1-star review

It pains me to give West Elm a 1-star review. I was so excited when Palm Springs was getting a new West Elm store in the heart of a revitalized downtown. This rating is based on both the West Elm downtown Palm Springs store as well as the phone customer service in their corporate headquarters, which is horrendous. I feel bad for anyone who has to speak on the phone with the customer service reps for West Elm regarding an order you've placed. It's a nightmare, and you are guaranteed to get the run-around if you try to change an order, coordinate a delivery date, or alter anything related to your order ... even if you've literally just purchased something minutes earlier. West Elm's big in-store problem (and what will ultimately ruin their business) is the same thing that happened at Macys, and is probably part of the reason Macys is closing so many stores nationwide at the moment. The store has too many different sales promotions, and they are all created as a bait-and-switch. Every day it's something new... and by jumbling all of their promotions and sales, it's very confusing for customers. Every promotion comes with an asterisk* .... like Buy More, Save More*, where you get a 30% discount if you spend $3,000. When you look closer at the asterisk and the tiny print, it says it does not include "Design Deals." How is a customer supposed to know what that term even means?! And it's arbitrary at best. I was recently in this store and the sales associate had me convinced that spending over $3,000 was the way to go. She said, "It's really in your best interest to go over $3,000 because saving the 30% on our Buy More Save More deal is the best sale we offer. We do it only twice a year because it's so popular." Quite a sales pitch, eh? So since I did like the furniture I was choosing, and the total was around $2,500 or so, I decided to add a 6' x 9' rug (at $699) to the purchase, putting the total over $3,000. What a deal, I thought. Now I will save 30%! Or so I thought. (By the way, the sales associate sent me home with the wrong rug swatch because she got confused by the color blue. I kept wondering why it looked so different in my house than in the store... it was the wrong one!). Fast forward to the check-out line when I was paying for my items. The total of the furniture (dining table, 6 dining chairs and rug) was about $3,200, so with the 30% off, I'd be saving over $900 and the total would be around $2,300, right? Nope. She finally ... just then, after all of this has been ordered ... tells me, "So your savings is $320. The 30% discount can only be applied to the table, so the total cost of your order is approximately $3,600." What?! Yeah, she "forgot" to tell me all six chairs I was ordering were considered "design deals," which are excluded from their sale. She couldn't have explained that earlier, at any time, during the buying process? Unbelievable. She completely led me on the entire time by continually talking about the 30% discount as we were looking at the chairs she KNEW were not part of the sale. She should have told me then, not waited. West Elm's tiered pricing deals are full of false advertising.

I have tried repeatedly...

I have tried repeatedly to secure the promised designed dollars from a large purchase I made in June, and West Elm has lied to me repeatedly: (1) I have a statement dated June that stated that my rewards would come by the end of the month. It is now September. (2) I called customer service in July and a supervisor gave me award numbers. They were not valid. You lied to me about the numbers. (3) I called customer service at the beginning of September. I was told that the award certificates would be available through the secure message center at the bank that services your credit card. That too was a lie. I should have received over $500. Instead, I have been lied to -- over and over again.

I made 2 trips to the store

I made 2 trips to the store, earlier in the day I was interested in a stool/table, it was the last one and was told they would sell it. Later I returned to buy it and was told we "don't sell floor items" which was confusing because the "SALE" was 20% off floor items! The sales person's would not sale the item due to it had "flaws" and was a floor sample (?) I was willing to purchase item with all its "flaws" at full price! But the salespersons refused to sell me the item....With a snob like attitude as if I was at a high ticketed imported Italian retail store *rolls eyes.... Give me a break, West Elm..... ick!

I have dealt with this store

I have dealt with this store and its sales folks on two separate recent occasions - one in person and the other over the phone. Both times, I was assisted by Drew, who knocks customer service out of the park. Not only is he incredibly friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable of the product, but truly goes out of his way to ensure complete customer satisfaction. I for one, am not only satisfied, but blown away by the service I've received to-date. Thank you Drew; I'll be sure to come see you the next time I am in need of more West Elm in my life.

My beef is not with the store itself but with the fulfillment

My beef is not with the store itself but with the fulfillment of their delivery commitments. I ordered a sofa that was a standard fabric with an expected 2-4 week delivery. It has been pushed out 2x. We are now being told it may be six weeks. Or longer. Very poor inventory control and follow up. Disappointed. I now have guest visiting soon and no couch. No firm ETA on delivery date That being said. Staff at the Palm Springs store are extremely helpful and very professional. Now if their supply chain people could get their act together I would reconsider. But not yet.

They are unable to fulfill orders at this time

They are unable to fulfill orders at this time. I have ordered items from West Elm in the past, but this is the first time I have flat out been told that they have no idea when I will get my furniture. We are resorting to emailing the warehouse directly because customer service has run out of answers for us. They said that talking to the distributors directly is the only thing we can do at this point. We ordered a table and a couch. 2-4 weeks delivery. Latest date for delivery was supposed to be June 27th and I am writing this review on July 9th. Items were ordered May 13th. No explanation. They cannot tell through the order number or the delivery number if our items are even finished being made. Also, all the reviews about this staff being snotty and ignoring customers (you're a chain West Elm, get past yourselves) are true. Never experienced that in the West Hollywood location - only in Palm Springs. Don't know if the PS location is directly responsible for unfulfilled orders or if it's the warehouse.

It's so beautiful in here!

It's so beautiful in here! I hadn't been into a West Elm since moving to the desert from Los Angeles and for some reason I remembered it as being way more expensive. Not that it's cheap or anything, but they had gorgeous pillows including the insert for $40-$50 - to me that's reasonable for a good quality fabric and design. Throws were $29-$129, bedding $99 and up, cups and plates were $5-$10-$20 each - you could easily get a great wedding, engagement, birthday or holiday gift here. They also carry some locally appropriate stuff which is appreciated, California and SoCal items, Palm Springs prints etc. Cute for those decorating a second home in the area (or a first home for that matter!) The staff was very friendly but didn't hassle me as I browsed. They gave me gift ideas then let me wander til I was ready to pay which I like. Sometimes places are "overly helpful" AKA pushy. Not here!

I love that they have such great stuff

I love that they have such great stuff at great prices. Very cute but not always Palm Springs classic stuff. My only negative is they don't stock a lot of stuff so you have to order and wait even for smaller items.

This store is one of the reasons...

This store is one of the reasons I go to Palm Springs. I used to shop on line but now I get to experience, touch and feel all products. I want to remodel my house every time I go in there! I've bought all my showroom furniture and now my husbands new office furniture from their store. It's good quality at a price I can afford.

I just had the most amazing customer service here

I just had the most amazing customer service here. About a year and a half ago my husband and I purchased the Monroe sofa in a beautiful peacock velvet. But then one of the back cushion's filling became dented; I have no idea how it happened. After speaking with five different people through the on-line site I was basically at a dead end. I called the store at one point and was given another number to call and that person couldn't do anything. No one could help me. So today we went to the store and spoke with the general manager -- Wyndal. We asked if we could just get a replacement cushion or just the filling. After only speaking with him for about 5 minutes he decided to give us a BRAND NEW SOFA! Wow! Unreal! Go to this store and experience what good customer service is.

They have their own parking lot

They have their own parking lot!!! Rare on cedros. This store was much larger than I anticipated and it was quite busy on a Sunday morning. Very kid friendly I saw a bunch of children just hanging out on the couches on their iPads while parents shopped. I'm currently redoing my master bedroom and dining room and have found pieces that I love here! Everything is modern, clean and aesthetically pleasing.

We had a really awful experience

We had a really awful experience in here tonight. We called ahead of time to get the price on a specific rug and to confirm that they would apply 15% off for their current holiday weekend sale. We were first put on hold, then hung up on. When we called back, we were out on hold for 30 minutes before we eventually just hung up. Called back again, and they finally answered our questions without being put on hold or hung up on. The employee confirmed that the rug would be the price that was online with an additional 15% off in store. We loaded the family into the car and drove to the store to purchase the rug. The employee that helped us spent over 10 minutes taking all of our personal information down & then trying to figure out what shipping would cost. I was surprised about shipping... For some reason, West Elm required that we pay $40 shipping, even if we had it shipped to the store. That's a topic for another time, but I've never, ever paid shipping at West Elm, especially for a $450+ order. After all of that, the employee said she would not be able to apply the 15% off in store promo. I explained that we had called in advance to confirm and she literally had no words for us. Not even an apology about the confusion. She didn't acknowledge what I was saying. It was odd and uncomfortable. Really awful customer service. It was a bummer, since we had made the drive over and wasted a large amount of time. None of that would have bothered me if the employee was even somewhat receptive to the mistake. She was emotionless. She was passive aggressive. I have no desire to purchase from this company.

Future Buyers Beware!

Future Buyers Beware! Furniture is beautiful. But, after you order--they can't seem to get their delivery correct. We ordered an in-stock couch only to have it delivered broken. It was taken back and was supposed to be re-delivered today, but something else was found broken. Now, waiting another 2 weeks for a shipment. When I asked for compensation, I was told I was told that I would be given a 15% credit to the store, but just for the first delivery error. They can't compensate for this new round of a mistake.

Located in the walking area of Cedros

Located in the walking area of Cedros, this furniture & decor store has on trend style for the home. It is not discount or deal priced but they always have some unique statement pieces as well as classic foundation pieces. Couches, chairs, curtains, bedding, light fixtures, dishes, holiday decor- it's always worth a visit if you are wanting to update your space.

Placed an order day after thanksgiving

Placed an order day after thanksgiving for a dresser, two night stands and a tall 5 drawer stand. today is February 18th and I still do not have my stuff. The expected date was originally in late December which changed to January which changed to February. Last week they delivered the tall 5 drawer one night stand and dresser. The dresser has a crack in the wood and the knight stand base is messed up. So nearly 90 days later and I have one item that is good. My wife has continually called and the customer service says things are missing or they cannot contact drivers. This morning items were supposed to be replaced and my last night stand to be delivered; we had a time frame and everything confirmed but online it was cancelled and the rep Michelle from customer service is of no help. This company is horrible and not worth it. They've had my money for almost 90 days and haven't delivered on their end. I have had other furniture custom made from Ethan Allen I ordered on December 18th and all of that furniture was delivered within 4 weeks, custom made and perfect.

This is a review solely for the delivery service

This is a review solely for the delivery service, not the store itself. We purchased a 94 inch dining table about 8 weeks ago. When it was delivered, they sent us the wrong sized table (82 inches). We were not happy to say the least. What compounded the issue is that 8 weeks later, we are STILL waiting for them to remove the old table and replace it with the correct one we had purchased all along. You would think that when it's the company's fault for delivering the wrong item, they would make up for it immediately. Yet here we are 8 weeks later still waiting for them to rectify their mistake. Pretty much done with this company. CB2 sounds like the way to go going forward...

Please note that is 3 stars for this overall...

Please note that is 3 stars for this overall experience at West Elm but 5 for Michelle. My shopping experience with Michelle was excellent. Michelle promptly turned a bad experience with much time wasted and me almost walking out of store and not returning to West Elm. After a negative experience It was refreshing to have an extremely helpful, patient and resourceful person at finding correct answers instead of simply saying "no" we "don't have it, no we can't do that" like the other sales person did. My only regret was not approaching Michelle initially. People like Michelle remind you that walking into a larger store instead of a small home boutique or on-line shopping can still be enjoyable. I wonder if West Elm plans to close all stores and go on-line only. The other person pushed that heavily "just go on-line". Alas, but I am already here next to my favorite coffee shop.

Made two appointments for a designer to come

Made two appointments for a designer to come to my new home. The first was cancelled because the team member quit, and the second appointment was actually never input into the system. I had to call the day before and ask if it was confirmed with them since it seemed strange I hadn't heard anything - it took them 10 minutes to tell me they had messed up and there was no one scheduled for my appointment. Now, don't get me started on when I walked into the store. I asked for a specific table and the employee looked at me as if I was from Mars - what table? What color? That happened three times! Terrible store and treacherous customer service. You'd expect a lot more from the Cedros district in Solana Beach.

Love West Elm, but super disappointed...

Love West Elm, but super disappointed in this location. We've been in twice to purchase furniture and have been completely ignored by the staff. We were in the store 30+ minutes, pulling out sleeper sofas, clearly looking for furniture and no one spoke to us. It's a shame. I'll purchase from another West Elm (Mockingbird Station in Dallas has great service) or online.

I would give a zero if possible

I would give a zero if possible. Ordered a chair 5 months ago. Delivery was to be between June 6th-11th and it just now is supposed to be silvered tomorrow (August 12th) six weeks late. After many phone calls (put on hold for 30 minutes each time) and emails it was discovered to be sent to the delivery location May 6th. I guess it has been sitting there for 3 months! No one wants to take responsibility or correct the situation. N #neveragain

Great experience shopping for new furniture

Great experience shopping for new furniture. Georgia and Lahnna were informative and price conscious. I am enjoying the furniture and appreciate their support and coming to the home to provide a consultation.

Been standing here for 10 minutes

Been standing here for 10 minutes. Cashiers ignoring me. No acknowledgement. Finally had to ask if there was anyone that can help me. No response. One cashier walks up to the register. Rings me I pay she says thank you and I'm on my way. Less than a minute. I wonder if I would have been helped if i didn't ask.

Really bad customer service

Really bad customer service directly from the manager Anthony.

Always the rudest employees here

Always the rudest employees here. Don't understand why they hire such horrible people?

The single best customer service experience

The single best customer service experience -- courtesy of Elisa who has personal shopped, picked, designed and advised us for months ... Shes dynamite, her professionalism and friendliness is unmatched. We are huge WestElm fans because of Elisa and her astounding service and attention to her clients.

Unfortunately we are very disappointed

Unfortunately we are very disappointed with West Elm. We just bought a house and planned to spend lots more money there than we already did, but the experience was just such a letdown. We spend a substantial amount during our first purchase where the girl who worked there (Erica) didn't inform us about the Key Rewards. Key Rewards gives your 3% of your money back to use on your next purchase. That would have been $200 to one of our next items. She knew that we were going to buy lots of furniture over the next few months, so she should have been telling us. As soon as I found out about the points option I called the store and spoke with Lana. I told her that we would like to cancel our order if we wouldn't get the points. She assured me that she could take care of it and make sure the points were assigned. A few weeks and many phone calls later we still didn't receive the points, but we did receive the furniture already. I think they were just lying to us so we wouldn't cancel the order and never had the intentions to give us the points. During the wait Lana promised me several times to call me and I even asked her for an email with and update and she never called and I never received the email. I'm just very disappointed and I can't recommend this particular store at all since the people there just aren't honest and helpful

You guys! Don't shop here!!!

You guys! Don't shop here!!! The service is crazy, crazy terrible. I bought some stuff for a client and before purchasing it ASKED if I was able to return the items, they told me yes. I came in today to return 3 (out of 25 items) that I purchased and the manager (long curlyish hair tall women) came up and was so Rude that I just couldn't believe my ears. Her attitude needs a check and she cannot just come up here in our friendly Solana neighborhood and be a sassy mean girl. There are so many beautiful friendly local shops on Cedros that will gladly take my money, with a smile, and returns if the items don't work out. She tried to argue with me that I didn't buy the items at that store, which my receipt SAID CEDROS WEST ELM. She then got even more rude and tried to make me look so stupid and embarrass me in front of other people. I have never, ever experienced that kind of service anywhere. She didn't even say anything else but turned around and walked away with a smile. I'm not one to cause a scene, but I hope someone does one day and teaches her a lesson. She thinks she knows it all... read a book about customer service and how to be kind lady. It'll help the store out, a lot. Will NEVER send any of my clients or bring them here to shop ever again.

Wanted to love it...

Wanted to love it... Here's why they won't succeed in this location: lack of inventory on the floor and horrible (if even existent) service. It's a Friday afternoon with not a lot of shoppers. I waited at the counter with another person who wanted to pay for an item. A gentleman who worked there came up to the counter, saw us both and said someone will be with you shortly. 5 minutes later...still waiting. You DON'T leave paying customers waiting. I walked out and they lost the sale. Won't be returning to this location. And good luck on finding much from the catalog. Lots of weird empty space in the store. Not impressed.

Love west elm brand and their products...

Love west elm brand and their products but the staff at this location can be incredibly rude. They're always inconvenienced when you ask a question, need help or even go to check out. I prefer to order online or drive down to fashion valley instead of going to this location in our back yard.

Super open, bright, and modern

Super open, bright, and modern. Staff is nice and doesnt stalk or hound you while you browse. The place is clean and all information on items is easily found. Still couch shopping so I can't speak to the buying experience. Prices are higher in some cases but the quality seems to be there.

Colin is super awesome

Colin is super awesome. He did an in-Home visit(they're free btw) and look the ideas we had along with swatches. I'm not an expert by any means, so this was extremely helpful. Each item's availability was narrowed down to what was in-store and what needed to be shipped. Buying in-store is all returnable and saves on shipping costs. They make really quality stuff, so the tough part is putting tasteful stuff together. Colin totally knocked it out of the park. Beautiful looking store too

All of the people in uniform...

All of the people in uniform just looked at us and kept walking. Sofas and seats seem cheap and overpriced but the small decor is nice. Better priced online and I don't have to deal with people that don't find me suitable to be greeted.

I placed an order back in December

I placed an order back in December the table in this order finally came in. I received a call from the West elm Richmond VA store to pick it up on March 6. I picked the order up, one box was given to me, I asked about a box next to it thinking it went with my order. I was told it did not. I unboxed my order at home and only received the top of the table. I called the store to see where the base was and they told me it had not been shipped yet. I was also questioned several times as to wether or not I had ordered the base, who would order a table without legs? I then called headquarters to inquire about the shipment and they proceeded to inform me the entire order (table top and table base) was indeed shipped to the store. I now have to wait another week for the base because the store messed up my order. I am not only furious about not being given my entire order but the fact I was lied to by the store manage. I purposely put this order in at the store to help the store with their point of sale numbers because I know it's important for the store in order for them to stay open. It would be one thing if this was the first problem I've had but I've had several problems with past orders through the store as well. I do not plan to place anymore orders with West Elm in the future due the lying and great difficulty I've experienced.

Poor delivery process

Poor delivery process. Does not allow UPS to send packages to UPS access points nor to call the customer to let them know the package has arrived. Unless you use flat rate delivery or have a door the delivery person can knock on, you'll basically have to wait outside for hours to physically greet the delivery person. West Elm should revise this agreement with UPS to allow the full range of customer preferences available at My UPS to be available for customers. I've decided to no longer do business with West Elm. I won't buy a candle from West Elm. Also, I did all this in order for the furniture to arrive before my fiancé arrives. This is supposed to be a great time in our lives, and West Elm has soured that.

West Elm - 2...

West Elm - 2 (Al Capone Style), Customer - 0 Nothing short of criminal on part two of West Elm Review. (The first was regarding their inadequacy on scheduling, delivery, and customer service. You can find it on other review sites, along with the other people's disgraceful reports.) Up-to-date, we will be looking at reporting West Elm to the Better Business Bureau after our recent visit to the Phoenix store, realizing we've virtually been swindled out of $$$ by West Elm. Here's the skinny: * We made a large 16-piece furniture order on June 17th - we were able to put 1/3 of the purchase on our West Elm Credit Card (we signed up for the points), and since we met our maximum on the card, we paid for almost 2/3 on my personal debit card (signing up for Key Rewards also). This is called a "split order," because we did one large order, under one bulk $250 shipping fee, and split the order between two different cards. * Come to find out, the part we paid out with my debit card went towards a "gift card" without my knowledge. Let's clarify this again--I paid by phone, and was buying furniture, not a gift card. The sales associate did NOT notify me that my purchase was transferred to a gift card during this time. His reasoning was to keep the order as one and save a second ($250) shipping fee. * When we recently went to the store to return some of the chairs we had received on the order, we found out that 2/3 of our order had been purchased through this "gift card," meaning we cannot get any real refunds. If you're following this--it means that West Elm locked us into $$$ to THEIR store without our knowledge or consent. Our money is essentially bound to the "gift card" we had no knowledge of purchasing. This is fraudulent. * Not only did we find out our money was locked into a "gift card", we also could not do a straight forward exchange on the chairs, our only option to get new chairs was to pay out of pocket again, despite all of the "rewards," "points," and event money we should have for an exchange. Here's the breakdown: EXCHANGE: West Elm doesn't do exchanges, they credit the money back on whatever card you use, which takes a few days. In our case, they could not track where the money would actually go--to our West Elm credit card, or this mysterious "gift card" they implemented without consent. Nevertheless, the money we spent is unable to go back into my bank account thus far. CREDT CARD "POINTS": We were not completely informed that the "earn $25 for every $250 spent" comes in the form of coupons you receive in the mail. This means that you cannot go to West Elm and use the credit card to track and redeem your points. You have to go through ANOTHER hoop and receive these "reward dollars" in the mail. With our experience, they won't ever come--trust me. KEY REWARDS: We signed up for the Key Rewards the last week of June, and three weeks later, still no reward points/dollars. The sales associate said, "It can take up to 30-days, and knowing this company, it will take the full 30-days." So let's review: We are unable to get a legitimate debit card/bank refund on the thousands of dollars we spent at West Elm, it is put on a gift card that can only be spent at West Elm. We cannot exchange any items, but have to wait for the funds to go back to either our W.E. credit card or "gift card" (which they are unsure where it will go). We cannot use our Credit Card Reward dollars because we have to look for those in the mail. We cannot use our Key Rewards dollars, because supposedly three-weeks is too soon for them to "kick-in." Overall, this is the WORSE experience I have ever had in purchasing anything, and the issues don't' seem to stop. We hope that no other customer has to go through this kind of experience at this corporate store again. I did have West Elm's social media representative reach out and offer to be a point person, I have sent her an updated email, and will see if there is any resolve to this fraudulent issue. At this point, we will be sending back our order and starting again with a reputable local furniture company. Their furniture is awfully pretty, but it's not worth the time and energy I have spent trying not to get screwed at every turn. My solid advice: turn away from this store

Outrageous customer service

Outrageous customer service. At first they ship damaged furniture, then they delay delivery without notification, then they schedule an appointment with complete disregard to what I asked. Ecery single call to customer service takes forever and requires reading the order number 5 times. Do yourself a favor and avoid.

Worst Customer Service

Worst Customer Service. I bought furniture worth more than $5k a month back and still haven't received anything yet. No one at the store told me that anything is back-ordered, as per the store representative everything was in-stock but still no delivery. When I call customer service they cannot give me any delivery date; the only update they have is that the order is in-process so I am living in my 1 bedroom apartment without a furniture for a month now. Please go to Crate and Barrel/cb2 and buy your furniture as they have an Excellent service. Do NOT shop at West Elm unless you are fine waiting for 2-3 months for your furniture.

I'm not sure what my wife sees in this place

I'm not sure what my wife sees in this place. Every time I shop here, I regret it. Always a waste of my time. Between employees that don't acknowledge you and make you feel as though you are bothering them by asking for assistance to inventory that show abundantly available online for store pick-up, then no one can locate it in the store. It's a bunch of overpriced Crate & Barrel stuff. I feel like a fool walking into one of these stores.

I walked in here the other day looking for a comfortable couch

I walked in here the other day looking for a comfortable couch. When buying a couch I usually try to picture myself looking good on the couch in a satin bathrobe while sipping a cocktail - but nothing in this store could I see myself looking good on or near in such a situation. So underwhelming the whole store - especially after having come from EQ3 which is nothing less than breathtaking. This place looks like a cluttered craft store with some couches hiding underneath piles of pillows and junk. Customer service doesn't exist. This place is the exact opposite of the hawks at Lazyboy who try to hunt you down and cram a clunky recliner down your throat. The people here are totally indifferent to a customers presence. Avoid this place. If you like made in America furniture go to EQ3 just across the street. Incredible showroom and furniture and customer service. The best views of the Golden Gate bridge too. If you want more value go to Living Spaces. Not made in USA but better build quality than Restoration Hardware and a lower price (see their display in San Leandro).

Very bad quality furniture

Very bad quality furniture. Bought a wood top table "Cast Trestle Dining Table" and after very little the wood started to crack. It was replace but after 3 weeks I again it is cracking. Wood was not treated well when it was manufactured. Store would give me credit but not money back.! Would never buy there again

I purchased a blanket online

I purchased a blanket online. Unfortunately, it was not the color we expected, so we returned in-store looking for another blanket with the color more suitable for our bedroom. When I returned the item, the woman at the cashier was very dry, and unwelcoming. Didn't even say a word. She just handed me a receipt, and that was it. No one was in line, so there was no hurry on a Sunday morning. They had just opened so there was literally no store traffic. Two weeks later, I'm going over my expenses for the month and realize that my card has not been refunded for the blanket. I call the number on the receipt (thankfully I had it at this point) and have now been on the phone for an hour as customer service states they cannot find the return and that the store I returned it to has not done anything on their end to state the return was issued. I request to speak with a manager (I guess this is corporate: 'Leadership team' - aka a joke of a team who want to feel important.) The boy(he was rather young and inexperienced) on the phone then tells me that he would 'issue the credit' as the store was able to confirm the blanket was returned. I still request to speak with a manager. If I had not kept the receipt this long I would have been out what I paid for the blanket. The boy comes back to me and states that the 'leadership team' is not ready to speak w/ me and won't accept the call. He then asks what store I returned the blanket to. Mind you, I have been on hold for 45 minutes already as he told me he was trying to verify that the blanket was returned to the store. So I ask why he's asking me what store it was returned to if he already claimed in calling the store. He then said the leadership teams want him to verify. I thought this was done already. I don't know what he's been doing the last half hour, but obviously he wasn't tracking down the blanket even though I had provided him the "Return ID" that was provided on the receipt which was provided by the Emeryville store. So I've been in circles for 1.5hrs now to verify that Emeryville received this blanket, 'Leadership' has technically to speak w/ me as they won't let this poor kid off the phone. If Emeryville had just followed through on a simple return (btw I purchased another blanket in exchange for the one I returned.) I will NEVER buy anything from this joke of a company again.

These guys literally stole $1000 dollars from us

These guys literally stole $1000 dollars from us. We attempted to buy a trundle bed from them in May, 2018. They said that it would take about a month to deliver to our hour. This was fine with my wife and I. Fast forward one month later, we got a email stating that there was a hold on our order and we should call them for details. The customer service representative was rude and accused us of putting a hold on the order. After some additional investigation we discovered that there a quality control hold on our order and the couch would have to be sent back to the factory. A few more weeks pass and we contacted to set up a time for delivery. Delivery Attempt 1: They deliver the could without arms. It's a two part shipment, the arms weren't in their local warehouse. So we called them up to complain and they took back our couch. Delivery Attempt 2: Three weeks later They deliver the arms of the couch. Yeah just the arms. At this point the story is still kind of funny. Like haha West Elm can't get their business together. We refused delivery. Delivery Attempt 3: Three weeks later they deliver the couch with out the arms again. We refuse delivery on the spot. Furthermore we call them up to ask for a refund, because at this point it's been close to three months and no couch. Refund: We asked to have our account credited, which they couldn't do for whatever reason. So they said they would issue a check. Okay that's fine. Since then it's been several more months and several more phone calls and always the same run around. "We are so sorry for your inconvenience. It'll be could of weeks, we usually take a week to issue the check and another to deliver it". So now we are 6-7 months later, no check no couch. West Elm, please do the right thing and give us our money back. A thousand dollars is nothing to you but it is significant to us.

I would not buy furniture at West Elm again

I would not buy furniture at West Elm again. The quality of a sofa I purchased is very disappointing. I've purchased several sofas in my life and I've never had one fray and the material pile. It is an L shaped sofa that has a hinge to remove the elongated piece to separate which looks nice and allows one to switch up the look. The hinge has worn out and no longer will keep the two pieces (sofa and lounge piece together). I have to say it looked nice initially but that's it. Not functional. I live alone, no kids, no husband, no big dog and this piece looks like it's been used hard in just a short time. Not worth the money spent -$2400.00. Go somewhere else to buy a sofa unless you have money to burn

I'd had my eye on a foyer light fixture

I'd had my eye on a foyer light fixture and kept waiting for it to go on sale. It finally did at the same time they offered free shipping so I ordered it. It arrived within days in perfect condition. It's gorgeous! The only thing keeping me from giving them 5 stars is maybe really my own issue: the pictures never showed how the light attaches to the ceiling. It arrived with a wiring kit so the fixture could be used as a lampshade with a floor lamp OR as an installed fixture. And I'm sure the kit would have worked fine BUT it didn't include a cap, so when we removed the old fixture and tried to put this one in, that meant there was a big hole in the ceiling where the old ugly cap was! So we went to Lowe's and got a cap, installed it along with their wiring kit, and I couldn't be happier with it.

I had a perfect experience at this store

I had a perfect experience at this store. Everyone was nice, beautifully laid out, reasonably priced. Needed some parts to put a bed back together and Tony went out of his way to get me the right thing and show me how the bed was supposed to be put together. Unsure how anyone would love this store!

we bought a table & bench

we bought a table & bench from west elm hoboken. they gave us 2 hrs time frame for delivery; 1-3pm for august 30th. delivery guy jackson called us at 11am and said that he wanted to deliver this table at that time. we had to refused him as i was going to take half day off at work as well as elevators were supposed to be reserved by the management. it is very strict building. he called my fiancee at 1.03pm to say he is leaving because nobody is there! when management called me i said i am on the way 10 minutes away, hold on. he said ok, then he left!!!!!! if he would of told me he is leaving i could ask receptionist to take him to service parking so he could start unloading. by the time he would start, i would be there. but what he did is, he tricked me. he said ok. and he left!!!!! i called driver jackson , he never answered. i called hoboken shop they called me back 1.5 hrs later to say he cannot come back. who ever i called in this company, they were not helpful at all. everyone says, it is not them, it is their delivery company and i have to speak with them! are you serious ??? i spent more than a thousand dollars to have this kind of service ??? at the same day, i had another furniture delivered by macy's. so professional, they called me 30 min before to let me know they are coming. they came carried 1 big couch and 2 accent chairs, assembled them and left. so clean , perfect! west elm is a huge disappointment for me. i am still waiting for their answer! useless!!!

Needed a replacement globe...

Needed a replacement globe for their Eclipse Chandelier which they still show in their catalog. Went to the store to try to order glass replaced globe that broke while GENTLY cleaning. Store said they would look into it and call me but they were not sure they could due to past experiences with previous customers. They never called so I contacted the corporate office. After a few back and forth I was told they do not sell replacement parts, they buy them from a 3rd party vendor. I asked how to contact them, their cold response was to get on my server and try to find one. This is ridiculous! Needless to say I will forewarn anyone buying chandeliers ask about replacement parts and breakage.

Empty, with few younger clerks

Empty, with few younger clerks with no seemingly manager level on floor, not willing or offer help, rather pass you by, no greeting, no eye contact customer services that took me much more time than I should be taking just to pick up my online order.

I bought a weaved basket

I bought a weaved basket and while it is pretty - it is not made very sturdy at all. I also bought three from Wayfair snd they were 5 stars . I do not work or know anyone from Wayfair, however I have ordered estimated 40 times from them and they are by far one of the best.

I ordered a concrete coffee table

I ordered a concrete coffee table in 2017 and was told 2-3 weeks delivery. It took several months. It developed spider cracks over the entire top and I contacted the company...multiple times. I was told to send photos (after a lengthy time) and I did. Then nothing! I contacted them many times until finally they offered me an exchange. Not wanting to deal with the same issue I declined. It took multiple phone calls and emails to have it picked up. That was three months ago. Everyone is always sooo nice on the phone, apologizing for delays etc. What they don't do is fix the problem. I don't want a store credit, I want a refund. I spoke with at least 10 people (after lengthy holds and transfers) and was told by all, including one supervisor, that I would get a refund. No refund. The latest supervisor now says "no refund, store credit only." What BS! This is 4 months after my first phone call. And to talk to her supervisor, well you put in a request and wait 24-72 hours for a return call. Given that the last first supervisor never called back when she said she would, I don't have much hope that I'll get a call. The product was of very poor quality, was overpriced, and they don't stand by their sales. Give it a pass.

The worst designer store I have ever shopped at

The worst designer store I have ever shopped at. I had a gift card for $42.75 since Christmas 2018. I have tried to shop at their website so many different times coming away disappointed. I wanted to use-up the gift card by 2019 Christmas but could never find anything worthwhile. Their stuff is so overpriced, however, it would be okay if the stuff were attractive enough. I hope no one ever gives me a gift card from this store. Horrible, unattractive, overpriced garbage they sell, in my opinion. Just because it is designer doesn't mean we need to appreciate the garbage they sell. I am wondering who buys their stuff. Just now, I ended up ordering a flameless candle trying to use up my gift card, total with shipping is $36.00. I didn't even receive an email confirmation. Thank God I have finally used a one year old card, although $6 is remaining on the card which will go to waste because I would never add my own money to buy anything they have. I wouldn't even want their stuff for free, frankly. Highly disappointed West Elm shopper.

Great store and customer service

Great store and customer service. Worked with Hailey who was very patient and gave helpful design advice. I've bought many things here and have always had consistently good service.

Amazing experience + Quality product!

Amazing experience + Quality product! I can give a 10-page essay detailing my experience at West Elm, Emeryville CA and it will still culminate in one simple fact - Bryan Bolosan is simply too pleasant. Bryan knows his job and loves it too - the byproduct of which was making my experience at his store super pleasant. As much as I want to believe that my being a super awesome person was solely responsible for my experience, sadly that wasn't the case as I observed him deal with a couple who came into the store for a consult - He exudes pleasantness. He was very empathetic, informative, reassuring and forthcoming in addressing my interest, "slight hiccup" and eventual purchase of what is now my favorite piece of furniture.

Cheap, poorly made furniture

Cheap, poorly made furniture. I bought 8 pieces of furniture from West Elm. Every single piece is crap. The expensive dinning room chairs are wobbly, have super cheap construction/materials and have a max weight limit of 60kg. The table is also wobbly. The chairs come unassembled and are difficult to assemble. The 2 coffee tables I purchased look cheap. The expensive media stand is a joke. Every piece of furniture looks like it should have been sold at Walmart for 1/4 of the price.

This review is for Marina

This review is for Marina (hope I spelled her name right). They are having an one day sale and I didn't want to pay shipping so I called the store to check on a couple of items, then call back for more. Marina was so patient and helpful. When I called back the second time and got someone else, that person had serious attitude issues. I really don't understand why someone who is obviously not into customer service would be in retail. Thank you Marina for making me feel like a customer.

Appalling customer service

Appalling customer service. Defective products poorly adapted to the UK which cause the products to fail or in my case, for a pendant light to fall... Communication to resolve the issue is just impossible. They just don't care! AWFUL SERVICE AND PRODUCTS. I would strongly insist my customers to not buy anything and will certainly not be specifying anything from them in our projects!

Super store!

Super store! Well displayed furnishings-helpful staff. Lots of "in style" furniture to choose from. Only downside is the delivery time span. Prices are competitive with like stores. Easy parking.

The store looks good and gives you a lot of ideas

The store looks good and gives you a lot of ideas, but the staff is terrible. I basically wasted 1h30 trying to find a sofa and table that could be delivered within a week, at the end of transaction she tells me it will take 6 weeks to be delivered , they were charging me a delivery fee for each item and the manager who really is rude and has an attitude didn't even try to accomodate me by dropping at least one of the deliveries fee of $75 on a $3500 purchase! It's a principle and a nice gesture to make the customer feel good by doing such a small favor. Who do they think they are?

My wife and I bought a full set...

My wife and I bought a full set of 6 total leather dining chairs from here after sitting on some at a vacation rental in whistler. My wife became excited and started looking online right away. The ones she loved with a hard base were no longer available so we spent a chunk of money on some new leather dining chairs. They came in good time, I assembled them, and within mere days, one was starting to squeak. So I thought I could tighten a leg maybe to help..nope. Fast forward a few months, at every family dinner you could barely carry on a conversation with the squeaking coming from every single chair. I threatened to cut the fabric bottom out and put some olive oil on the springs, but by then my wife was furious...$2000 for 6 chairs and nobody wanted to sit on them! Infuriated. Now 1.5 years after getting them we sold all six of their piles of cheap junk online for $400 and we're happy to see them go. What a waste of money. Cheap garbage at inflated prices..avoid.

DO NOT waste your money

DO NOT waste your money in this store. As one of the other reviewers noted, the items are attractive and beautifully styled. So, get your ideas from West Elm and SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE. We purchased several pieces of furniture when we moved into a new home (November 2018). My husband noted the sofa , the Drake model, was very uncomfortable, but I was willing to give the sofa more time - it was West Elm, right? Within two months the sofa looked awful - dirty, pulled threads on the entire sofa. I've paid $300 for sofas that lasted 15 years and this is with a regular schedule of teenage boys crashing on it. In May 2019, I wrote to West Elm customer service. The final communication was in August 2019. After more than three months, they shipped me a "Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover." I received no further response to my emails. Less than two years after spending $1500 on the sofa, we needed to replace it. Shortly after my final email to West Elm, the frame in the middle of the sofa broke (we are regular sized people). Clearly, we are not alone in being unsatisfied customers:… Crappy, cheap products and a company that does not value its customers. Shame on you West Elm.

We bought a very expensive couch

We bought a very expensive couch from this location ($3k+) a little over a year ago and it has already started coming apart at the seams. When I had it repaired by a professional, they showed me that the stitching was never finished in a way that would hold up. This turned out to be true inside all of the cushions and pillows. They ran a SINGLE stitch around all of the seams and did not trim of any excess thread. I contacted West Elm and they told me that this is their standard quality. I love the couch, but West Elm won't do anything to help us get it finished by a professional because we've had the couch for so long and because this meets their standards. I'm disappointed and I wouldn't recommend buying a couch from them unless you're willing to put up the money to have all of your seams completed afterwards.

The furniture and decor all look modern

The furniture and decor all look modern, but it's all built by low-skill workers in 3rd world countries and the quality shows. Your couch is likely to not last even a year before seams split and come apart. My roller chair is losing ball bearings all over the place (luckily my cat hasn't eaten any before I find them). Really disappointed in the quality. If you want something that is long lasting don't shop here. Also the downtown store's customer service is pretty terrible. The staff are not very attentive and have a sense of faux entitled sophistication rather then genuine friendliness and wanting to be helpful. At this price point I expect more both in quality and in service.

I'm a fan of West Elm

I'm a fan of West Elm. However, every single time that my husband and I go to this location in Austin it's just such a headache. The customer service is not just bad, is terrible! We spent so long just trying to find someone who could helped us with finding the colors we wanted for a couch. But then they asked us to look at the computer? ahhh yes I can do that on the comfort of my couch without dealing with a really rude person. What's the reason to go there and see the samples of their fabrics then? If they were only in a place where we the customers could go see them, and touch them! I'm not sure (And I hope not) this happens in every single West Elm location, but I really avoid going to this place as much as I can.

I'm a fan of West Elm's style and decor

I'm a fan of West Elm's style and decor. Vanessa is a phenomenal stylist... very helpful, friendly, great ideas and engaging. She's very helpful and goes above/beyond to ensure satisfaction with purchases. But today I had the unpleasant task of dealing with Sabrina for a return. Not only did she never smile, she was not friendly and did not process my return correctly. She had ample opportunity to apologize for her error but couldn't be bothered. She's been at West Elm for 9 years and I guess that's 9 years too long. If you avoid her, you'll be fine.

All things must pass

All things must pass. I've shopped West Elm a number of times since my original review - probably more than any other store. I like their designs. My last visit the day before Thanksgiving though has cured me of my WE habit though. The other posts you see here about customer service are in line with my experiences. Last week there seemed to be only two people on the floor - albeit several behind the counter ringing up sales - and they were overwhelmed. Between design consultations and answering the phones I was literally unable to get either one's attention during my half an hour visit. So it goes. I picked something small and made my way to the counter where the same Lee Stauffer mentioned in my earlier review waited on me. Unfortunately he was not in a good mood: he was abrupt, curt and uninterested in even talking about how to use my online gift card insisting it "has to be paper." I'm sorry - that's not what the gift card itself says, and its 2018: I'm pretty sure WE can figure out how to do an online transaction. Net, I didn't buy anything. If you're going to understaff your store before the holidays maybe you should give your counter help a little Christmas cheer. Austin is full of options - why go to a store where you're not welcomed?

Lovely smart fast problem-solving...

Lovely smart fast problem-solving Sophia is amazing and just turned me into a West Elm shopper. Daughter getting married now. Only had received half my order of picture frames from Pottery Barn --with no notification the other half of the order isn't arriving--for months. Made one call to West Elm; Sophia focuses on my needs, pulled the right number of frames, even gave me 25 percent off. Kind calm helpful. Thank you West Elm; only wish you weren't part of non-communicative Pottery Barn. I'll be back to work with Sophia!

Pretty clean store and a great environment

Pretty clean store and a great environment to relax and walk around and window shop in, the staff however isn't friendly in the slightest (except for Loraine who is new). This is my third time here and they are not only neglectful to help but rude when approached and asked about literally anything. My first time here I asked for a good spot for lunch and was told to just go across the street and grab Whole Foods and my second time I politely asked if a former employee was working so I could say hello and they were hesitant to answer and rudely asked "why?", why? I'm wondering the same thing only WHY are y'all so rude and ugly to people? I will never be returning to this location I would rather shop at other stores for a better price or even online for a much better experience. I would recommend this brand but never this location unless the person shopping was deaf and antisocial.

Terrible Customer Service

Terrible Customer Service... BEWARE OF THIS UNTRUSTWORTHY STORE We received an email from this store asking us to try the store for the first time and offering a coupon that stated in the Subject line and in large type on the coupon "15% off EVERYTHING IN THE STORE", and stated below that the coupon could be applied to anything in the store. When we tried to purchase a duvet, the cashier, Randy, copped a very bad attitude with us and acted hostile towards us. (Randy definitely needs customer service training and a different attitude is he is going to be working with customers). We stated that we simply want to use the coupon that the store had sent us. He said the register wouldn't allow it, and it couldn't be used. So, we asked to speak to a Manager. He called a Manager, Angela, and she initially stated that she would come up and override the register to apply the coupon. We waited for more than 10 minutes and Angela never arrived. (very bad customer service, again). After the long wait, we asked Randy to check on the status of the Manager. He called Angela again. now Randy states that there is very fine print on their store policy that states that coupons may not be applied to "certain items". But we showed him again, that our coupon stated in very large BOLD type "15% off EVERYTHING", and EVERYTHING should mean everything, including our simple little duvet. BUT APPARENTLY NOW RANDY AND THE STORE MANAGER, ANGELA, HAVE CHANGED THEIR MINDS, AND INSTEAD OF HONORING THEIR COUPON AND OVERRIDING THE ERROR IN THE SYSTEM, THEY ARE GOING TO NOT HONOR IT JUST TO BE UGLY. (shameful customer service) Now Randy called the Manager and said with us standing directly in front of him, that "obviously these people can't read and some other very insulting comments". We told Randy that we were highly offended by his insulting statements, and that was no way to act towards a customer. He become very hostile and yelled at us. Randy, the cashier, was so hostile and out of control, fortunately another store associate worked up and told him to leave and go to the back room to get himself under control. WOW, not the scene or customer service you would want when you shop at any store for the first time. Eventually after a very long wait, Angela, a store Manager, finally arrived. She clearly had a very negative, defensive attitude from the moment she walked up. She further insulted us, and it was clear that she was not going to be of any help, so we left. Does this kind of hassle, insults and nonsense sound like a place you would want to shop? No. There are many places that we could have purchased a duvet. We tried to support this local business, and you can see what a bad experience we encountered. You can see why AMAZON, and putting these retailers out of business... it's called CUSTOMER SERVICE. West Elm, you should be ashamed of this store's customer service and the unprofessional, immature behavior of this store's manager and cashier.

Let me start off by saying...

Let me start off by saying, I love the quality and the selections that West Elm has to offer. As I'm updating my furniture, I've invested in more long-term pieces. I bought a beautiful box frame dining table, with a raw mango wood top, less than a year ago. Recently we moved, and my table and chairs sustained some damage. Discovering this saddened me, so I called the Austin store on 5th and Lamar, for advice on repairs. Little did I know, it was my lucky day, because Assistant Manager, Rico Hernandez is who answered the phone. Rico, took his time and listened to me, while I described the damages to the table and chairs. He gave me his email address, so I could send pictures for him to assess the damage and offer advice on repairs. Rico called me back in 15 minutes with great news and had the perfect solution for my problem! I can't sing his praises enough. He went beyond my expectations and truly made my day. I went into the store today, to pick up a touch-up kit, and do a little shopping. I was so happy to meet Rico in person, and thank him face to face. He also helped me select and create a display for a tray, as well as find new bench for my entryway. Thank you again Rico; and see you soon!

My mom got me an 8x10 wool rug for over $1000

My mom got me an 8x10 wool rug for over $1000, after only 3 months I have to throw it in the garbage, it has a bald spot. Impossible to cover. Customer service says since my mom doesn’t have a receipt they can’t do anything about it.

I bought the organic cotton Geo duvet

I bought the organic cotton Geo duvet in king sized. I was looking for a simple white duvet, and this one looked gorgeous on the website. While the website does not have reviews, it was recommended in a New York Magazine article so I thought that it would be good. I received the duvet and was instantly disappointed. While the top of the duvet is thick and nice, the underside definitely has a lower thread count, is cheap feeling, and VERY thin. I kept it because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of returning it and the top part definitely looks nice. Now I have the reoccurring problem of weird yellow/tan stains showing up after every time I wash it. I have never had this happen with my bedding before, and have always had white duvets and sheets. I am washing according to instructions. These weird tanish/yellowish stains just show up in random spots of the duvet after every wash. My friend, who is a tailor, informed me that this can happen when the materials are cheap and/or cheaply processed in order to make them white. Do NOT spend your money on this. After this experience, I am very suspicious of buying anything from West Elm again. It is also ridiculous that they do not allow product reviews on their website. I am sure I would have been led away from buying this if they did.

I recently bought a lamp from West Elm

I recently bought a lamp from West Elm. The lamp came with half the pieces needed for a functioning lamp. For example, there was no harp in the box, which means I could not attach the shade to the base. So great - I paid over $100 for a lamp and received half the pieces. I promptly contacted customer service, and it took more than 4 weeks to get this return issue settled with multiple different people telling me different things. Their customer service is some of the worst I've ever experienced. So I go try to leave a review of my experience and this product on West Elm. Surprisingly, they don't allow reviews. So I start digging. Once you start digging, you realize that West Elm has terrible, overpriced products and extremely lacking customer service. No wonder they don't want reviews on their website. I have to admit I've been a fan of West Elm for a few years. As a young adult, I felt I was ordering the hip, trendy furniture I needed in my adult life. SPOILER ALERT: Their quality has gone down. They don't make up for it in customer service. In the future I'll only be buying potentially decorative items from them (if they are on clearance for a reasonable price).

Extremely frustrated with customer service

Extremely frustrated with customer service. Beautiful store and great staff in Austin when you're buying. Invested in a kitchen table and chairs that we were planning on having for a long time. Unfortunately the table developed a small "lump"...I've never seen anything like it. But it was clearly not something a human could be responsible was the material. Anyhow, sent photos to West Elm customer service and was passed from person to person in both the call center and local store we made the purchase at and I had to check in with them every couple of weeks because no one followed through. Last correspondence was a staff member telling me that a manager would be handling our case. They provided the name and the person simply never reached out. And we continue on with our "tumor" table.

West elm sells modern...

West elm sells modern, pretty furniture of dubious quality. I'll shop there for accessories but will never buy furniture again. I have four pieces - a sofa, chair, dresser and coffee table. Some of my Ikea furniture has held up better. The upholstery is the worst. The fabric pills and pillows don't keep shape. Both the chair and sofa look awful after 1 year. The only thing I'm happy with is the dresser and it's almost never used so I think that's why. Anyway, I recommend shopping for furniture elsewhere. West Elm sells throwaway furniture. I think it's better to spend just a little more at a real furniture store so you don't have to buy again in two years.

Ordered a dining room table

Ordered a dining room table in January (4 months ago) was originally told it would be here in February then I got an email in Feb saying it wouldn't be here till April. I called in March to check on it, was told it was in Dallas and should be here any day now. Then today I received a message stating there was issues with payment info and that's why my order hasn't been fulfilled order from FOUR MONTHS ago. When I spoke with the customer representative a month ago none of this was mentioned. I also bought another table at the same time and paid the same way and had no issues with my payment. Extremely frustrated and will cancel my order. Don't order anything from here if you want it within 10 months of ordering.

I've never been treated this way by a company

I've never been treated this way by a company. I bought a couch from West Elm because of the 0% interest promotion. I had the option of choosing reward points or 0% interest. You have to manually click on one promotion or the other. After choosing the 0% interest and purchasing the couch I set my credit card to auto pay $400 a month towards the balance. It was a couple of months before I realized I was being charged interest. I called and they said I didn't have this promotion. They checked and I didn't receive reward points either. This is actually impossible because you have to choose one or the other. I received neither --which has to have been a computer glitch?! I protested and it took a good couple of months for them to investigate and they ended up still denying my promotion and taking no responsibility. In the meantime I kept accruing interest. Couch ended up costing me $400 more- wish I had bought elsewhere.

This place redeemed itself...

This place redeemed itself when Rico helped me over the phone and had some charisma, engagement and interest in my call. He made a return easy for me that could have been a big hassle and did it pleasantly. Thank you, Rico! If only the people your store hired were all as pleasant as you!

I had an amazing experience

I had an amazing experience in the store today! I was lucky enough to be placed with Lisa a design specialist who genuinely cares about helping people. I needed a completely new bedding set and she cared enough to ask me questions about my specific needs, help me design an entire concept and even selected sale items for me to incorporate. Lisa was very helpful, knowledgeable and honest about the items in store and went out of her way to make sure I was a happy and satisfied customer. I will definitely be shopping here with her again.

Ordered quite a few things from West Elm

Ordered quite a few things from West Elm, including a dining table, chairs, etc... Chairs got delivered in 2 weeks, it's been 2 months - no sign of the dining table. First table got lost - followed up and they shipped the second one - after 3 weeks found out that it was never shipped. Beware of these guys - you will spend a lot of time talking to them and Ryder last mile - will do nothing good. This company is all set to lose customers and I hope they cancel my order - refund my money and take those stupid dining chairs that I have been looking at for the past 2 months.


DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES SHIPPING. I've been waiting for a couch for over a month now and have yet to hear anything about it. I've had several reps "following" the order but have yet to hear anything for anyone over the month period. I just called back to confirm it will be delivered on the date listed and they're pushing it back another 10 days for the estimate. They lie to you about shipping, they lie to you about doing anything to help you. I wouldn't of bought the item in the first place if I knew it would of taken this long. Do not support this inept business

Bought a Ruby coffee table that broke

Bought a Ruby coffee table that broke after just 2 weeks. Have spent the last 4 months trying to manage the return and receive my refund. Was insulted by a representative and was asked how come my family can't help me get the table down the stairs (77 lbs on a 5th floor walk up). A different representative hanged the phone to my face. I asked to speak to a manager, sent emails, nothing. UPS picked up the table and yet I never received my refund. Stay away!

I ordered $600+ worth of bedding

I ordered $600+ worth of bedding (linen sheet set, velvet quilt & pillowcases, and down comforter), and it was all extremely subpar. Here’s a big red flag: when a company doesn’t allow/post reviews of their products, it’s not a good sign. I wish I’d had more sense, before ordering. I washed the sheets & destroyed the packing for the velvet comforter, so I can’t send those back. The down comforter was repacked immediately. I will never shop West Elm again.

Want to be talked down to?

Want to be talked down to? Try this west elm out. Least helpful and most condescending staff ever. Was trying to buy a sofa and match the color w my new coat of paint in my living room. The staff immediately started barking at me not to pick up this swatch or that swatch. Making the customer feel comfortable is first best practice - saying "that's not how you do this here" is rude and a lost opportunity to help someone. Consider me a lost customer, I will never come back here again.

Don’t buy furniture here

I bought several knickknacks that arrived timely and in good shape. The quality is okay. I bought a sectional on sale and an outdoor chaise ordered it Nov 26 with deliver Jan 5. I took off work that afternoon. No delivery occurred, no one called and no one emailed. Since I have spoken to 8 different customer service people, both on the phone and email. They will neither refund my money or schedule delivery at a time I am not at work. I’ve heard nightmare stories like this before with other companies but did not expect to have this happen with what I viewed as a reputable store.


Ordered a couch for about $6000. For 5 months never heard a word. After 6 months, still never a word, I began trying to cancel and found out the hard way you really cannot cancel. They do not have facility to contact their vendors and get an update and they cannot cancel if the vendor who is building the couch doesn't respond. You just sit there calling and calling every week or month talking to one terrible rep after another who does not know what they are doing. Truly awful.

Mid-century walnut bar cart

Absolutely beautiful piece of furniture, although difficult to assemble because of the "instructions". Not one word (in any language!) and 6 pathetic drawings that were useless. Anyway, that's nothing compared to the price gouging. I paid $549 (plus all the pluses) and within 2 weeks of placing my order, saw an article in Architectural Digest about the 19 best carts out there and WE's was among them -- for $299. Then, I saw the exact same product at Bed Bath & Beyond for $150 (the box was opened so I could truly compare)!! When I complained to WE that their pricing was 4 times BBB, they offered me $75. Who knows where that number came from but it was a very chintzy response, especially for a large, successful store. I'll be extremely careful if I shop there again.

Terrible Customer Service-I would give a zero star but not an option

it is near IMPOSSIBLE to get through to them. I ordered a crib online and estimated delivery date was 8/5. As of 8/5 the product had not even been prepared to ship, let alone out for delivery. I spoke with a very rude young man with shipping and he was able to tell me nothing other than a third party vendor would be shipping it. When I asked if he could reach out to said vendor he replied no. When I asked who if anyone worked with the vendor he again said no. He felt he had actually helped me when I asked to speak to a manager. After 2.5 hours of being on hold I finally reached a very sweet gal in customer service who put in a request to cancel my order. I will never again order from West Elm. For their prices they need to train their phone help in shipping on how to speak to customers.

My credit card was charged thousands of dollar months ago -- but I'm still waiting for my furniture

Hard to believe a company can operate this way and still stay in business. Are they about to declare bankruptcy? I ordered a dining table and chairs about six months ago. They charged me about four months ago. When the dining room table finally arrived, it was defective. The chairs? Who knows where they are, if they even exist. (Of course they have charged me for them already) Every time I call them it is just sheer frustration. The people on the phone are very nice but know nothing and can't find out. It's a waste of time to call, because you are on hold for half an hour, and finally talk to someone and they still know nothing. They have been telling me for months that someone will call me to schedule a delivery. Shame their furniture is so nice.

DONT BUY FROM WEST ELM! They don't deliver!

DONT BUY FROM WEST ELM! They take your money and don’t deliver your furniture. I have bought 4 chairs from this store in August 9. They said they would deliver in Setember 4. Now they are saying they don’t have the chairs! They sold something that they don’t have!!! Don’t trust on their lies!

Worst Company Ever

We spent more than $15,000. The amount of incompetence is staggering, from getting our address wrong (4 times), sending half a lamp and most recently, damaging a sofa not once but twice with a box cutter, two months apart. We are now told that the sofa we planned to tie our living room together is out of stock. Yesterday, a supervisor in customer service promised to help us find alternatives. When I called back, I was told that the item was out of stock and there was nothing she could do. When I informed the person that just the day before that she'd offered her help and that it felt like customer service at West Elm was a bit of a sham, the person hung up on me. I cannot tell you the number of frustrating hours I've spend on the phone trying to get basic services from West Elm. I will never buy from them again.

Saga of bad service after order

We ordered 11 items in Feb 2022. We want to outline the disappointing experience that we had since the order has been placed. 1. The dining table had multiple very obvious manufacturing flaws. 2. We called in to point out the flaws and were told that we would receive an email requesting pictures. That never happened. 3. We called a 2nd time to flag the flaws and again were told that we would get contacted via email or phone. That never happened. 3. We called a 3rd time to flag the flaws and indicated that the previous attempts were not successful. We never had to provide any photos but were asked right away if we wanted a discount or replacement this time. 4. In May the remaining furniture showed as ready to ship on the website except for one item. However no item was delivered until August since that one last item was delayed. We understand that WestElm wants to reduce the trips, but waiting for 4 months seems excessive if all items in an order are ready to be shipped except for one item. 5. When the delivery finally arrived we had multiple issues with the delivery: - The delivery team unpacked all furniture on the sidewalk. They unwrapped the pieces completely and put the items down on the sidewalk. The cushions were placed on our outside stairs without any protective cover. Particularly in San Francisco the sidewalks are very dirty and unhygienic. We asked the team to please unpack everything in the house to no avail. - The sofa was unwrapped and carried up the stairs and through the door without any protective wrap. Consequently it scrubbed along the outside walls and we have a roughed up and slightly discolored spot on the sofa armrest now. - Lastly, the delivery person accidentally stepped on the cushions with his shoes. 6. Right after the delivery crew was gone we realized that there's supposed to be an additional leg mounted in the center of the sofa. 7. We called customer service in the hope that they could get in touch with the delivery crew, but that wasn't possible. The customer service rep searched for 20 minutes to find the leg and finally told us that we'd get a call from the part department. That never happened. 8. A few weeks later we called again to flag the missing sofa leg. We again were told that we'd get a call by the parts department. That never happened. 9. We called a 3rd time to flag the missing leg. This time we received a confirmation a few days later that the leg should arrive 5 weeks later. This was an utterly disappointing experience and we will not buy from WestElm anymore.

Don't buy from West Elm

Ordered our sofa 6 month ago. Delivery is still not ready and got delayed/pushed back 4 times. Hearing the same thing over and over again. West Elm doesn't care about its customers. Wonder how many CS agents they have, feels like I already communicated with most of them. Hope they go bankrupt!

Totally a waste of time. Please avoid dealing with this company.

The company (West Elm, Pottery Barn) is not able to reach the terms of delivery that they offer on their web page. They don´t have control of the delivery, the items arrive incomplete or break. I tried to have an answer about the delivery and the items were missing, without a clear answer. I gave up after 4 months, I requested my money back A refund is another nightmare, they never contact you back to schedule the return. Totally a waste of time. Please avoid dealing with this company.


Customer Services is awful - Purchased The Nolan "Entry Way" Unit - was told by customer service after 3 times of calling that it came with coat hooks (of course it did not) after picking up and installing this very pricey system I was then promised the hooks would be sent under separate delivery. Well - instead of sending hooks they shipped out two (2) new side cabinet units - I was then contacted by a delivery person saying they would deliver my "parts" and the delivery ended up at West Elm in Huntington NY. Why did I have to get involved with calling and resolving this entire disaster when I only wanted the HOOKS! It was just a series of events with absolutely no customer satisfaction. My hard earned money went in purchasing a unit an "entry way" system and after a nine (9) hour marathon only bringing me agrivation and frustration to be told they CANNOT HELP ME!!! NO HOOKS AVAILABLE - I will never order from WEST ELM AGAIN!!!

In Store Personnel is the only good part of West Elm

With long lead times and terrible delivery I would strongly recommend buying somewhere else. I purchased a harmony modular 4 piece sectional and had a horrible experience.

West Elm Disappoints

West Elm furniture is overpriced, with poor fabric quality, poor quality control and lousy customer service. Never again!!!

Absolutely horrible

May 21st 2023: Placed order for outdoor dining set amongst several other items. Estimated delivery date was May 28th to June 11th. We chose these items specifically because of the fast delivery date, as we wanted to enjoy eating outside during the summer. Month of July: We call customer service because we notice the estimated delivery date continues to be pushed back with no notice to us. We are told they will expedite the items to us as an apology. August 1st: Delivery is finally scheduled for August 1st. We receive a call the day prior saying that the concrete top to the dining table arrived to the warehouse cracked and they would be unable to deliver it. They say they will expedite a new table as soon as possible, and instead deliver the chairs and bench to us. Saturday August 19th: Delivery of the table is scheduled for 7am on a Saturday. I wake up early, and am greeted by the pleasant delivery men who only have the concrete table top, and no base to the table. They said that they saw the table base in the warehouse, but were told not to deliver it because we already had it. However, we never had any part of the table delivered. The delivery man gets a supervisor on his phone, who apologizes profusely and tells me that she will ensure the base is delivered Monday August 21st. I tell her I will need to take the day off, and she promises me that it will be delivered. I even receive an email confirmation for the scheduled delivery. Meanwhile, the delivery men leave the base to the table laying in my backyard. Monday August 21st: I take the day off of work to be home for the delivery, as they gave me no time frame. The entire day goes by, and no one shows. I call support at 5:10, and they say they see the delivery was supposed to happen, but do not know why it wasn’t delivered. They ensure a delivery date of the next day, Tuesday August 22nd. Tuesday August 22nd: I take another day off of work. My husband calls towards the end of the day as again no one has shown up. The person on the phone that day says she sees no proof that they were supposed to deliver anything that day, and that the earliest they can deliver is on Thursday August 24th. I again receive an email confirmation for the delivery scheduled for the 24th. Thursday August 24th: My husband takes the day off work as I can no longer afford to take any more off. Again, no one shows. He calls, they ensure delivery Friday August 25th. We do not receive any email confirmation this time. Friday August 25th: My husband takes the day off work again. He calls around 2:00pm as no one has shown yet, and it told that the delivery is 'on its way', although they are not able to provide a time frame. At 5 pm when still no one has shown, he calls. He explains the situation, and is placed on hold. He waits for 17 minutes, and is then hung up on. When he calls again right away, he receives a message that they are closed.


The quality and care they take deserves negative stars. Every item (not an exaggeration) I ordered over the last year arrived damaged. Bed leg broken, Couch legs scratched and damaged, chairs damaged, glass chandelier smashed to pieces, table lamp glass part smashed to pieces. Every item needed to be replaced which is so wasteful in so many ways. Plus it takes forever to replace. Their customer service is horrible. I guess shame on me for continuing to give them opportunities to disappointment me. I'm done with this company and you should be too.

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