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Wayfair Reviews

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Wayfair is one of the most well-known online furniture and home decor retailers. Over the years, they have expanded their inventory to over 14 million different items sold through their online store fronts. With a focus on offering a wide variety of products from different brands and manufacturers at lower prices, Wayfair has some of the best selection while still remaining competitively priced. Overall, customers like Wayfair's fast shipping and generous return policy, wide selection, and simple-to-find quality and reviews.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.6/10

Price: $1-$15899+

Return Policy: 30 Days For Most Items

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Wayfair Specifics

Wayfair is one of the most well-known online furniture and home decor storefronts. With thousands of manufacturers and price points to choose from for any given item, Wayfair has become a one-stop shop with a range of options for every furniture item. Additionally, with a helpful focus on user experience, their tools make it easy to find quality and well-reviewed items that fit your room style without getting bogged down in all the options.

In terms of customer experiences, most Wayfair interactions are positive, with cutomers describing quick and simple delivery. Also, with assembly options by Handy, a network of assembly service providers, customers who want a white-glove experience can get their new item set up in the room of their choice without lifting a finger.

Material Quality

Wayfair has a wide variety of products with a wide array of quality types. They offer such a wide array of furniture manufacturer options, and some of these options offer sturdy materials, such as pine, spruce, and other wood, and also well-built craftsmanship. To take advantage of these materials, Wayfair has easy filtering tools and is remarkably transparent about materials on each product detail page.

Wayfair's Top Picks

Although Wayfair has way more than just furniture, including rugs, home decor, appliances, and lighting, we'll go through customers' top furniture requests and discuss the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Couches & Sectionals

With over 15000 sofas and sectionals to choose from, Wayfair shoppers can select their next living room centerpiece in a variety of sizes and material types, such as chenille, linen, denim, corduroy, microfiber, leather, and more. With products that range from $125-$4599+, Wayfair's offerings will fit most any budget. That said, make sure to read the reviews of your item before buying because even though many options are high quality for the price, there may be some that are less so.

The pros: Massive selection with many high quality finds for the savvy shopper.

The cons: With the large selection, there are some products that may not be as good as others.

#2 TV Stands & Coffee Tables

In many contemporary living rooms, the TV is the centerpiece, featured prominently on or above a TV stand or console unit. As such, Wayfair features an extremely large selection of coffee tables and TV stands for this nerve center of the home, with over 70000 products to choose from. With simple filtering tools to focus on style (like farmhouse and rustic to modern and industrial), shoppers resonate well with Wayfair's blend of offerings. With prices ranging from $128-$10000+, Wayfair's most well-rated options tend to be price competitive manufactured wood options that customers rate highly for the value for price.

The pros: Wide range of products with budget-friendly options being the best rated.

The cons: Read the reviews as some items are not as highly favored.

#3 Beds & Bedroom Sets

Wayfair also offers a multitude of beds and bedroom sets. These come in upholstered or wooden options with both rustic and more contemporary options. What sets Wayfair's beds and bedroom sets apart from the competition is their wide array of options -- over 1M in total -- and their high value for the price offerings. Some of their most popular brands include, House of Hampton and Loon Peak.

The pros: Huge selection of designs and styles to choose from.

The cons: Not all designs are flawless -- follow the reviews for the best rated options.

#4 Mattresses

Along with a multitude of online brands over the past five years, Wayfair has jumped into the mattress industry. Their offerings range from well-known name-brands like Tempur-Pedic and Sealy to their own budget-friendly brands like Wayfair and Nora. Although Wayfair has become known as a great option for all things furniture, mattresses are one area that it may pay to do more research. Though there are some offerings that have good scores for initial comfort and come at a good bargain for the price, there are some durability complaints for some models.

The pros: Range of both well-known brands and budget-focused brands. Good initial comfort scores overall.

The cons: Some durability issues reported by some sleepers. Some of the best rated options not included.

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#5 Outlet Pricing & Clearance

Wayfair's offering is all about being budget conscious, and they also have quite a few daily deals and sales to choose from, but for the bargain hunters in all of us, Wayfair's closeout deals are some of the best and most sought after. These offerings are steeply discounted and usually only have a few pieces left in each (with Wayfair being super-transparent about how many are left). With over 15000 items to choose from across all their categories, there could be a good find waiting!

The pros: Large selecton of closeout deals and outlet prices.

The cons: Some of these options may be from previous styles or outdated designs.

More From Wayfair's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Wayfair offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Rugs

- Lighting

- Chairs & Bar Stools

- Patio Furniture

- Curtains

- Desks

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Top notch customer service

I recently had an order from Wayfair not show up. We all know how frustrating this can be. I called FedEx, who had shipped the order, and they pretty much said there was nothing they could do, to open a claim and they would reimburse. So I called Wayfair & spoke to Homer. He was amazing! He was very understanding, shipped the missing order out that day, & gave me a 10% discount for my troubles. Homer is AWESOME at his job. I have been a Wayfair customer for over 6 years & will continue to do so because of Homer's amazing customer service.

Wayfair is great for the money

Wayfair is great for the money. They have great customer service and salespeople. Larry

Excellent customer service experience

Excellent customer service experience -- ordered a rug, FedEx said it was delivered but it didn't show for 5+ days. Called Wayfair, immediately got a live person on the phone who quickly processed my refund. She was very professional and courteous. Rug later was delivered, but by this time I had changed my mind -- called again and had another great service experience. They arranged for pickup, FedEx came the next day, rug is gone! Will definitely use them again.

I never review

I never review, I purchased a piece of furniture and was not happy with the quality, " it happens " . After explaining the issues they gave me a complete refund within 10 minutes, A bad situation made good.

Best company I know

Time and time again Wayfair continues To provide excellent customer service. I have had orders replaced and refunded without question. There is always someone available to talk to who seem genuinely concerned and wants the customer to be satisfied with product orders. I would give Wayfair 5 plus plus stars... amazing company!

I have had a very good experience with…

I have had a very good experience with wayfair, when furniture was delivered I only got half the delivery. I called them and they took the time to find out where it was and assured me it was coming the next day and it did.

Amazing customer service

Amazing customer service! if you have issues just call them or even email them they are happy to make things right!

A+ customer service

Ordered from wayfair for the first time last week and the product came damaged and was not what I was expecting. Things that had nothing to do with wayfair but with the product manufacturer. I contacted customer service and they surpassed anything I could have imagined. I have had more than my fair share of crappy customer service interactions but wayfair customer service was as far from crap as I've ever had. They immediately ordered replacement parts for my product and gave me a 40% partial refund as well as a coupon for 10% off my next order which I will definitely be using. It's nice to see that some companies still actually take care of their customers!

My favorite online store1234567890

I read some reviews and can’t believe them. I have been buying from Wayfair for a couple of years and have had a great experience. Occasionally something might be damaged in shipping and customer service reshipped immediately. The only things that took longer to receive were a couple of items being shipped from out of country. Even then they notified me ahead of time.

I have a bunch of their items and are…

I have a bunch of their items and are happy with what I bought. It is usually exactly what was advertised at a very low cost. I have had a few items arrive damaged and replacing them is a breeze. Of course you need to know that you get what you are paying for. If you expect high end furnishings....nahh. If you need decent stuff at IKEA prices - this is a great site.

Misty is great

Misty is great! I bought a couch and unfortunately it broke in less than a year. Since the part that broke wasn’t replaceable as it was part of the wooden frame, wayfair sent me a replacement couch! Misty was very patient and professional!

Wayfair Customer Service is the best I…

Wayfair Customer Service is the best I have ever come across. I had a problem with a table and they sent me another one immediately, no questions asked. Every time I call, which isn't too often, the customer service are absolutely fabulous. Polite, efficient and understanding.

Great company to order from. Highly recommend

I just have to again give this website a 5 star review for ease of shopping and returns. I just bought boots from another company and what a hassle I had returning them due to poor fit (ran large) I ended up paying 25 dollars to return and that was almost two weeks ago and still no refund yet. Wayfair refunded me two days after I sent my package back and they paid for shipping. Thanks again Wayfair for making my life a little easier!

This may have changed over the years…

This may have changed over the years but as of present (12/16/19), wayfair customer service has been absolutely phenomenal to work with. They've issued me credits even when I did not ask for one. They're available to chat most of the time as well.

I just got off the phone with Abby

I just got off the phone with Abby. She was so helpful and was a pleasure to talk to while looking up my order. Thanks again Abby


Wayfair is the most amazing company!! I have been a customer for the last 4 years and havent anything to complain about. I have had a problem with a couple of items but only due to the company that made it nothing to do with Wayfair in any way. Customer Service is the greatest ever, kind, understanding and very proffessional. My problems with the items were taken care of before even getting of the phone with Wayfair, even had a Supervisor who went above and beyond even on her own time to get a problem straightened out for me, she was very kind, understanding and kept me udated at all times by calling ME!! If I could give them 20 stars I would. I love Wayfair and will continue to shop with them for many more years to come!!!

I have placed my first three orders…

I have placed my first three orders with Wayfair. These people are by far the best customer service reps I have dealt with. I can't imagine anyone leaving poor ratings for these people. I dealt with two managers and three customer service representatives and all were very polite and accommodating. They are the best of the best. I bought the lingerie chest and matching nightstands and they were beautiful, just as photographed. They were in the Babcock selection by Lark Manor. You will be very pleased if you order from this selection.

We recently purchased a floor lamp thru…

We recently purchased a floor lamp thru Wayfair. The choices were many and the quickness of delivery (free at that!) was swift. We were highly satisfied with our purchase.

Great, Consistent Experiences!

We've purchased a good number of products from Wayfair...and they are consistently of good quality! Recently, we had a fire pit which had issues after six months of use and Wayfair, without question or issue, replaced the unit within days! It's so great to find reputable, dependable retailers in today's world! AND...the customer service line was picked up in just a timely way as a new sale would be...and by a live person without myriad digital voice prompts to navigate. Love!! Our family highly recommends!

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good: Wayfair App is user friendly and easy to navigate. You can initiate a return using the app. For issues with large purchases that require local delivery they assign a dedicated case manager. This is helpful so that you aren’t restating the issue when you call or email. The Bad They restrict who can leave a review on an item. I feel anyone who orders an item should be able to submit a review. They only allow you to review items you receive and keep. I have an issue with this because I have had multiple issues with delivery and receiving damaged goods. I should be able to share this in a review. For example I ordered a sideboard in 4/19. Delivery was delayed and it arrived damaged in June. I received a replacement in September that had more damage than the initial item. I never received the third sideboard because the deliver company was unorganized and failed to communicate an accurate delivery date. Bottomline this is something I should be able to share so that others who are considering by this piece are aware of the potential issues. The Ugly The third party delivery vendors they use in a Michigan do not inspect the item before delivery. Even if the box looks damaged they will still bring it to you, leave it, and tell you to call Wayfair. When I requested a refund for the sideboard, I initially received less than 1/10th of the value and the info in the app stated the other $1900+ was the return shipping cost. I called and told them this was unacceptable and 2 days later I received my return. The vendor who picks up furniture returns in a Michigan will call with less than 24 hours notice and tell you they are coming during a 4 hour window to retrieve the item. They also state you can leave the piece outside for them to get their convenience. Not possible in my case since it was such a large piece. So returning the piece was almost as frustrating and time consuming as the previous attempts to get the piece delivered without damage.


WOW!! Finally real customer support, and not an another Indian call center.

I have shopped from Wayfair for many…

I have shopped from Wayfair for many years and never had issues

Great for college students

Great for college students! My daughter has basically completely furnished her college dorm room through Wayfair. She got the bed, desk, chair, nightstand, rug and all sorts of accessories through Wayfair. Plus they shipped for free, which was very helpful on keeping costs down. Thank you Wayfair for making it so easy!

Just purchased the perfect carpet

Just purchased the perfect carpet! We had a cold spot in our living room and decided to purchase a carpet for the area. But we could not find one locally in the color we needed. My friend suggested Wayfair and we found exactly what we needed! It arrived quickly and we had it rolled out and in the correct spot in no time flat.

Positive experience purchasing XL twin…

Positive experience purchasing XL twin frame, Sealy mattress, sheets, blankets and light blocking curtains! Prompt delivery and products quality! Saves not only time but the hassle of shopping in big box stores! Great shopping option for people with health and mobility issues.

Ordered my bed through wayfair

Ordered my bed through wayfair. Love it!

Had a twin bed with a trundle delivered…

Had a twin bed with a trundle delivered and when putting together found a crack in the footboard. Called Wayfair and was told they were going to ship a replacement. I told her I could supply her the part number of the piece damaged. She informed me that they would be sending a completely new bed. I ask what should I do with the other one. The trundle was fine and the crack really didn’t effect the ability to use the bed. She told me to throw it out or donate. I was shocked. I thank her and a new bed and trundle was delivered in two days

My experience was so much different…

My experience was so much different than what I read below. I ordered a recliner online and selected a delivery date with set-up in a week. When the order was confirmed by email, the delivery date was in 7 weeks. I hung in there and the next morning I get an email stating the delivery date was the next day. Wow! However, it was only going to be delivered to the front door, so I called Wayfair. When Toni, the representative, called me back, she refunded my set-up charge and $200 off the price of the chair. Plus, she had called local movers and provided the name and phone for the company that would come to the house and set up the chair! Again, wow!

Good experience

Good experience, but sometimes the items aren't spot on to the description?

Home styling made easy and affordable

I love investing in my house and making it our “home”. Furnishing your home takes time and can be really expensive. That’s why I love shopping on wayfair because I know that I can get such beautiful things for any room, that’s great quality at a great price. It’s delivered right to my door. Their customer service is so helpful. The app is so easy to use and I love that they keep all your past orders if you need more of something and don’t remember what the exact product was. The selection is great!!!

Just say no to retail credit offers!!!

After reading the first few reviews, I had to add my 2 cents. To the credit card customer, Commenity Bank is a HUGE retail credit card bank. I have had several cards with them ( and never used them again after the 1st offer. Yes they will eat you up with late fees, but in my experience if you call them and explain your position they may help you with it. Second, if they do not help, call again the next day for a different rep. Third, just say no to those “ you can save x amount of dollars “ offer. Fourth and final point, Wayfair has NO control over the bank and NO they won’t change to another one.

CS was a 10

Customer service was EXCELLENT! I accidentally ordered everything in my cart instead of the one item I wanted. Wayfair CS Kristen was SO sweet & went above & beyond to help me out!

Great company

At times, they have higher prices than elsewhere, but their customer service is beyond amazing. I've been buying from them since 2014 and recently did a bathroom remodel with most items purchased from Wayfair. I had a few problems with some of the items - missing hardware and one box of tile came in chipped. They replaced everything promptly and even gave me a discount for the trouble. The communication with them has been easy and pleasant each time. I've had the opposite experience from the bad reviews (I was surprised to read those) and hope it continues this way! They are night and day from the experience I've had ordering from the Home Depot online store.

Wayfair is beyond amazing for shopping.....

I'm totally shocked to see that Wayfair doesn't have the greatest reviews. My experience with them was excellent, I would absolutely highly recommend shopping with this company! I ordered a sheet set from them that originally got lost in the mail and Wayfair immediately sent me out another set to replace the lost ones. Their customer service was great and the operator was incredibly helpful and kind. My sheets are the very best set that I have ever owned. The quality is amazing and the price for them was perfectly on par for what I got. The color is vibrant and the material is beyond soft and comfortable. I will without a doubt be buying more sheet sets from Wayfair! They have anything and everything you could possibly think of, want or need for your home. Literally one stop shopping to make your house a home. Incredibly easy and convenient! Definitely the go to place.

Awesome company

I have purchased a number of items from Wayfair from bathroom sinks and faucets to furniture. I have had trouble with the items I purchased on 2 occasions. Both times the customer service department bent over backwards to insure we were satisfied. I would recommend purchasing anything from this company, while they don't produce the items they stand behind them 100%

Delivery service for Wayfair…

Delivery service for Wayfair refrigerator was the date I requested. Item was set in place and installed door even though I offered to do it.Couldnt have been better. Glendale Az customer

Best of customers service

Miehaela is the best of customers respentive who I have ever deal with. I accidentally placed two orders instead of one, she helped me with return and refund very effectly. Strongly recommend shop here!

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service. Zero hassle returns

Great Customer Service!!!

We ordered a couch and some parts were missing. The guy on the phone was super helpful and ordered the replacement parts. We got all the parts. It’s a beautiful couch and we love it! The customer support team was so nice and apologetic. Definitely will buy from wayfair again.

So many terrible reviews scared me

So many terrible reviews scared me. We paid top dollar for a bathroom vanity and got that and more. Wayfair pleased me!!! That saw end of September 2019. Good deal!

Discounts aren't true

Order a matress from them in all a fine matress but they advertised I was getting a huge discount $999 for $350 but in reality the website had it for $419 and amazon had it $339 I was thinking I was getting this amazing matress because what $1000 matress wouldn't be great when in reality I got average

Very Responsive. Good quality

Have had great experiences with Wayfair. Had a problem with a couch and they were immediately responsive and scheduled replacement delivery.

I ordered the Belize carpet and was…

I ordered the Belize carpet and was surprised at how big and beautiful it is. Its a great product at a great price.

Have ordered from them art prints…

Have ordered from them art prints various times Found their overall service Excellent The ladies in Customer Service are absolutely Sweet and helpful !!!!! As far as their art dpt is concerned no scam !!! Great prices , very nice prints !!!!

Top notch

I ordered a large canvas picture and a large cabinet. Both are amazing. Customer service was great. Delivery driver very gentle with the items and very nice. Zero complaints!

Great customer service.

I'm very pleased with the products and service I've received from Wayfair. While I agree that they need to iron out their shipping logistics a bit, they've always taken care of me when things go south. I recently ordered a king sized upholstered bed that arrived with a large stain, and they went well out of their way to take care of me. Customer for life.

Too big to care - You are just an Order Number!

DO NOT BUY - You are just an Order Number We've had nothing but issues with Wayfair. After TWO MONTHS of our product (kitchen table) missing parts, Wayfair has STILL not tried to expedite a remedy towards their mistake, providing "standard shipment" on an order they have botched several times. Wayfair's customer service = offering "free shipping" on a product that should have been delivered months ago. At this point, I will never order from Wayfair again and will spread the word of this poor experience. After several mistakes, Wayfair offers no phone call, NO APOLOGY, not even a code for a discount on a next purchase. Wayfair is TOO BIG TO CARE - which is the message I will be spreading. Wayfairs company culture is to treat customers as orders numbers. STAY AWAY! Companies are only as good as the solutions offer during a mistake, and Wayfair is TERRIBLE!

Wayfair is the best shopping network !

I’m with Wayfar since 2009. And the reason I continue to shop with them is for their amazing customer service. Any issues with the merchandise is always resolved with consumer full satisfaction in mind . The reps always pleasant and professional. The shipments fast . Wayfair is the best shopping network of America. Amazon has on them ! Highly recommended ‘

i have shopped for some major items at…

i have shopped for some major items at wayfair and have found their prices to be very competitive and their service is excellent

Everything that i have ordered from…

Everything that i have ordered from this company has been very nice and works great

Delivery is so slow and all the items…

Delivery is so slow and all the items you order do not all come together at once. Got a missing part and some boxes were open. The prices of the products are slightly more expensive.

Excellent mattress and quick delivery

Ordered a Wayfair Sleep mattress at regular retail price on the Sunday before labor day. Wayfair claimed it would be delivered on a Wednesday even with the holiday but I had my doubts. Well, they kept to their delivery estimate, and my $100 queen mattress is amazing! Great experience with Wayfair.

Wayfair the BEST

I have been buying from Wayfair for a few years and Never disappointed. They need to give classes to other retailers on Great Customer Service. Their response to issues is immediate and with resolve. I have recently been buying decor for my home from pool table to beds and bedding and furniture. My customer service agent , Gail Smith, is the reason, I have been able to set up entire home. She has helped me from ordering to delivery . She has made me feel that anything I need is possible. The quality of all items is far beyond what I could have imagined, buying online. I have had to buy certain items from big chains, because Wayfair didn’t carry it .... and I was sorry each time. NOBODY can beat Wayfairs customer service and products. Thank You Wayfair and Gail Smith! I will continue my shopping, only with you!

I’ve had nothing but positive…

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Wayfair. I’ve ordered many items from furniture to rugs to outdoor swings. Delivery was prompt, and the items were beautiful. I will continue to shop with this company as they have unique and fun items.

Love Wayfair

Love Wayfair. Items are shipped in a timely manner

wayfair is great

i like Wayfair for home stuff at great prices

Everytime I order the merchandise is…

Everytime I order the merchandise is different than the descriptions. I give up I don't want to pay to ship back. I ordered a bar stool that is not tall enough for My bar. It barely is tall for my kitchen counter. The rep don't help at all I had to assemble because they didn't explain about it being complicated. I had to use common sense because the instructions wasn't clear. I am not pleased with the chair not a stool !

This company has to be the best that I…

This company has to be the best that I have found as far as quality, (on some products). They have great incentive programs and offer a large variety of products that are usually had to find anywhere else. I would recommend Wayfair to anyone that has previously purchased from Walmart, as this is where Walmart sent me when I wanted to order from them. Go figure huh? I will continue to purchase from Wayfair as their free shipping and warranty offers are right on!!!

I ordered a GE arrived…

I ordered a GE arrived on the date specified and it works great since i installed it....the only part i was a bit confused at time of delivery was that it was delivered by Home Depot..

Horrible customer service/ Do not use this company

I bought a sofa and then cancelled before it was shipped, they still charge me the cancellation fee / returned fee and told me that they don't do courtesies for any customer and that I will have to pay. They shipped the sofa 5 or 6 days later and I had to return it because I did not wanted. I will never buy from them again or would recommend to anyone.

I’ve had only WONDERFUL experiences and super easy returns!

I’ve had only WONDERFUL experiences with Wayfair. The shipping (for most items) is quick and email communication is clear. I purchased a chair that showed up a slightly different color than I had expected and Wayfair was made returning the product literally INSANELY simple. I called and talked to an associate, she emailed me a return label and the company picked it up on my front porch two days later.

I love wayfair

I love wayfair , I love shopping on line more than anyone else . There friendly , an go out of there way to help you . Thank you Wayfair . An I’m very proud of you those kids need a place to sleep .

A Pleasure Shopping with Wayfair!

I've only had one hiccup when shopping Wayfair, but that's expected as things can't run smoothly all the time. But because of their recent stand against employees pushing a political agenda, I've decided to make ALL my online purchases with Wayfair. I not only applaud them for winning the sale that will benefit many immigrants at the detention centers down here, I also commend them for cleaning house on the fanatic employees that are bad for business. Let the job openings begin!

I could not find a better company to…

I could not find a better company to order from. There customer service is the best in the industry!

The best customer service I've ever received.

I recently moved to a new apartment and needed to get cheap furniture. IKEA doesn't deliver and Amazon was too crowded so I as part of my move in package USPS of all things mailed me a flyer with a 10% off code. I took a look on the website and there was A HUGE selection of furniture that ranged in price, I went the cheaper route and purchased probably 10+ furniture ranging from $50 - $700. The shipping was fast, and the furniture of decent quality of the most part. However, what really made Wayfair stand out was the excellent customer service I received. I had several items in my order arrive damaged, missing parts, or just didn't work as advertised (to be expected as they were cheap) and whenever I contact Wayfair support they were always friendly and resolved things quickly, such as replacements or refunds/returns for damaged items. I am really impressed with Wayfair's top tier customer service and will definitely be a repeat customer.

Awesome service

Had one tack missing from my barrel chair. Asked for a couple tacks to replace. They sent a whole new chair and i keep the original! I will be shopping with them from now on

I order something from Wayfair that…great customer service

I order something from Wayfair that stopped working in 2 weeks. They sent out Replacement quick. Will shop with them again!!!

I Adore Wayfair!!

I don't understand all the negative Wayfair reviews on here!! I have bought literally over a dozen things from Wayfair. I have loved nearly all of them and the ones I have not loved (or that were damaged) were promptly, promptly corrected by Wayfair!!


I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. Due to my own stupidity I damaged to a desk I had just bought.. A very very nice one... When I called and explained, they offered to replace the damaged parts at no charge.... And when they realize how many parts for damaged they offered to send an entire unit. All they asked is that I donate (or dispose of) the other desk. GREAT COMPANY. They've earned my trust and loyalty.

Everything I ordered was always great

Everything I ordered was always great. You never let me down. I always felt safe and my order always arrived in time! Keep up the good work and thank you so much!!

I have purchased many items from…

I have purchased many items from wayfair.. but here's the thing... if you want large items I WOULD NOT ORDER FROM WAYFAIR ... if you dont like it.. or its damaged they require you to return the item in original packages.. that's Impossible.. when you open it.. and the boxes are tore up from FedEx.. My only complaint... So.. I would never buy a large item

Wayfair has been nothing but Great!

I don't understand why Wayfair gets a good share of negative reviews. I have bought many items of furniture from them and everything was always shipped early or within a reasonable time. Everything was also easy to put together and nothing has been broken and customer service even left a message to check that everything was ok with my order. The price of the furniture I have received has been well worth it (obviously not the highest quality BUT look at the price compared to real furniture stores). Also when you receive things smashed or broken you should look into your delivery people because they are nearly always the real cause of broken items and poor service in my opinion. I always recommend Wayfair to a lot of my friends and family!

Everything I order come earlier than we…

Everything I order come earlier than we accepted

Delighted and Surprised

Okay so I was sooooo wary to purchase from Wayfair because of the terrible reviews online everywhere, but I decided to chance it because they had a coffee table I was in love with at a really good price. I winded up spending about $300 on a lifttop coffee table, a Keriug coffee pod holder, and a set of sheets. Boy, was I surprised. Everything shipped with 3 days, and delivered within a week. It was delivered right to my front door, all packaged nice and tight. First, the coffee pod holder, not hard to mess that up, so it was perfect and exactly as described. Second, the sheets. They fit perfectly and truly feel amazing, even my boyfriend (who doesn’t know a thing about thread counts) said he could feel a difference from our other lower-quality sheets. My only issue with the sheets (and my only issue with my Wayfair purchase at all) was that the sheets did have a weird smell to them when I first opened the package. However, this was fixed with one wash (and everyone should be washing new sheets before they put them on their bed for the first time anyways). Smell is gone and I’m still happy. Lastly, for my main purchase: the coffee table. I am in love!!!! It is perfect. Exactly as described. I am extremely pleased with the wood quality, especially at the price. It did take some time and dedication to put together, because there are a lot of steps and pieces, but the instructions were super easy to follow. I’ll wrap up this review to say, please give Wayfair a chance. I never write reviews, but I knew I had to give Wayfair the credit they deserved. I saw their 1-2 star rating everywhere and almost didn’t order anything, but I’m so glad I gave them a shot. I will definitely be buying from them again! Happy shopping everyone!

My entire house is filled with wayfair furniture but be careful with shipping

The only issue I’ve had with wayfair is the shipping and one or two items already coming just very slightly damaged. I’ve purchased a couch, a bar table and stool set, a bed for my memory foam mattress, a coffee table set and probably a few more things I’ve forgotten. I LOVE WAYFAIR but sometimes the boxes come bent up and my bar stool had a bend on the edge. The other strange thing with shipping. The bed and table set I purchased most recently was shipped THE VERY NEXT DAY when i chose 5 day shipping before I could even move into my new apartment causing issues and fedex was a huge headache. Thank God my new neighbors are honest people. Besides that I’d choose wayfair over many of these other sites for furniture and decor


Excellent. So far, and I have ordered many home decorative items, beach chairs, rugs, small kitchen appliances, wallpaper, etc. I have loved everything. I'm not that happy with some of the limits they put on returns, though. If you are renovating or building, you might order items early and not get to them until after the past due date for returns, so do keep this in mind.

No complaints, great items

I've purchased half a dozen items from Wayfair over the last few years, and have had no problems with any of those items. They arrive in a reasonable amount of time, in good condition (and packed appropriately), and match the description of the items online. I tend to read all the reviews of an item before I purchase it, so I understand the common pitfalls before I click "purchase," and if there are enough common negatives stated about that item, I generally avoid ordering it - so that may be why I'm satisfied with all the purchases I've made from Wayfair. Overall, I like browsing their website and seeing the great sale prices for unique items. Definitely recommend.

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service. I had to do a return due to my mistake in ordering it wrong, it only took days for them to pick up the return from me. Within hours from day one, they were on it and guided me through the process. A special shout out to Kenneth W. the case manager who was assigned to help me.

We've made several orders with Wayfair…

We've made several orders with Wayfair and have been very pleased with the products and the customer service. One order was damaged in shipping and they replaced the part without hesitation.

Shopping from Wayfair

The company Wayfair is a very professional one. I ordered before from them. They have sent me my merchandise promptly. I am very pleased with the customer service they provide to all its customers.

Wayfair is very fair with customer…

Wayfair is very fair with customer service help. ALWAYS HAS A SOLUTION AND HAPPY TO TAKE RETURNS BACK WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE. WONDERFUL PLACE AND I WOULD RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE. QUALITY OF ITEMS HAS BEEN VERY GOOD. Would be nice to have free shipping when buying any price of item. Think you could sell even more. Look forward to buying from them again Dar Bourdo

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service and extremely helpful especially if you are doing a big project. Cost is fair for the most part but it's worth cost comparing.

Awsome purchase

Very happy with my first ever purchase. Affordable great quality the pieces that I chose came fast and really added to my collection. Very satisfied customer plan on another purchase soon.

Caveat Emptor

Last week, we bought from Wayfair's website a "JANNI 65.7 IN. CONVERTIBLE SOFA by Latitude Run. Before buyhing, I did internet search for this item for pricing comparisons and found no sellers of the Janni by Latitude Run other than Wayfair. Today, we received not/not a Janni Convertible Sofa by Latitude Run, but a similar - perhaps identical - sofa BY YAHEE Tech. I did a price check and.....yep, you guessed it, at least three other websites (Amazon, Walmart, Sears, et al ) carry the "YAHEE Tech" convertible sofa for - you guessed it again - $100 less. I don't know if Wayfair advertises Janni by Latitude knowing that YAHEE Tech is the manufacturer/supplier to preclude website price comparisons, or not. In any event, I consider myself a smart/prudent shopper and consider that I just got screwed by Wayfair, intentionally or unintentionally . Wayfair should note that the convert sofa "Janni by Latitude Run" is made by YAHEE Tech so that shoppers are ABLE to do pricing comparisons on the internet. Called Wayfair customer service who reminded me that Wayfair does not price match, even if they sold me a YAHEE Tech furniture item that has nothing to do with the Janni by Latitude Run that I ordered - but did not get. I could return the convert. sofa at my expense (nearly $30) for a refund. (it took 45 mins to put the sofa together and it came in an unwieldly carton and has a hernia-inducting weight. Wayfair offered a 10% coupon on my next purpose. That will never happen because, althoug we are longtime customers, we're going to take our business elsewhere where we can be reasonably sure NOTHING IS HIDDEN by the seller, including the real/true manufacturer of a product we purchase. I really expected more from Wayfair given our excellent experiences over the years of patronizing them with various furniture purchases.

Great Purchase

My wife and I recently purchased deck tiles for our patio from Wayfair. It included 37 separate boxes to cover the entire area. I am happy to say that everything went extremely well. Wayfair's built-in sq. ft. calculator streamlined knowing how many boxes to buy. Delivery was a breeze via UPS and was shipped in less than a week -- all boxes delivered on the same day, which was really convenient. Quality was great -- they recommended buying a few more boxes so you can replace broken or weather worn tiles over time. I was happy that the tiles were all in good shape and look excellent on our patio. 5 out of 5!

Awesome shag rug

First time purchase on Wayfair was a shag rug. We were a little hesitant to buy based on some reviews of the item on Wayfair's site, but it seemed to be the best option so we went for it. Luckily for us, it worked out great and was way more affordable than buying from West Elm or one of the other stores. Delivery was easy. Quality is good and it feels great between the toes.

Terrible service!

Placed an order on their website for a breastfeeding chair for my wife. I tried to cancel the order within 12 hours of placing it since we found one that will arrive earlier/cheaper then wayfair and they confirmed that the cancellation is being processed and that i would get an email in 24 hrs with a cancellation. I did not receive this email so i attempted that again for the second time. I ended up receiving the item after about a week since placing the order and now they want to charge my $50 for the return shipping costs. Do no use their service! it is a scam!

Junk patio furniture

Bought a complete set of patio furniture in March 2020. By April the cushions had all faded and were actually two tone. Called and they sent the same replacement cushions. Those also faded and we were told by Wayfair to purchase new ones????? They are junk. We have cushion we bought at Walmart 4 years ago that still look like new. Stay away. They don't stand behind their (junk) products.

Absolutely perfect

Love this place


I was very pleased with my phone call to customer service today. I needed 4 return labels which will be emailed to me. No problem. Very helpful and courteous

Unreliable website!

I ordered a dinning set from Wayfair and after they processed the fee, they cancel it because of incorrect pricing !!! they canceled my order with an email and informed me that i have wait for my refund 3-5 days! I can not believe it. Their customer service just refers me to a link that they have a policy that let them to cancel any order if they want change items price after people preaches them! It was a horrible experience and i definitely do not recommend the Wayfair to any one.


Make certain you read description of what is NOT included with your tub over $5000. Like the 1 drain model that works with their garbage. Only accept photos to prove you bought their garbage UNDER 877KB. Now the shamed owner of garbage $5881 tub/planter from these jerks!

Best products and services

I ordered Zayne Standard Bed from Wayfair and I must say that Wayfair is actually offering best products in town with great value for money. I was able to grab 10% discount on my order online. Moreover, I also got free 2 day shipping offer from wayfair and my order was delivered within 2 days at my doorstep. The delivery boys themselves set up the bed in my room and didn't even asked form the money. However, I did tipped them with 20 bucks for their job. They were highly professional and cooperative. Loved the bed and Wayfair's services. Receommended

Bought a garden sofa

Bought a garden corner sofa Mid-April, had a could of delays which i was fine about. the latest delay i called up to see what is happening. Said they would investigate and come back to me, sent email delaying the investigation. Just got an email through cancelling my order. the sofa is still on their website available to order however now double the cost... Rip off. no help from customer services, advised to look at other sofas. well will need to wait 3-5 days for my money they have had this whole time. Will NEVER use again.


I recently decided to redo my bedroom top to bottom. I found everything I wanted at Wayfair and ordered right away. Everything came as scheduled. My chest of drawers had a crack in it (maybe during shipping?) and when I called Wayfair they said no problem, a new one is on its way. So nice, so helpful..something I so appreciate! Minus the crack everything was built sturdy and looks exactly like the photos. I will definitely be ordering from them again when I redo the dining room!

Delivery is appalling

I ordered a new bed in June for delivery on the day I moved into a new house as I was not taking my old bed with me. A few days before moving I got an email to say my delivery would be delayed a week. Knowing these things happen, I decided to sleep on the floor until the new bed came. The day before my revised delivery date I contacted Wayfair and was told my bed would be arriving the following day. That morning when noticing the website still said ‘waiting to dispatch’ I called again and they told me there was a printing query in the warehouse and I would get my delivery within a few days. I then called at lunchtime to get an further update and was told it was actually going to be arriving today. By 6pm when clearly it wasn’t arriving I called AGAIN and this time I was told they couldn’t tell me when it was arriving and I had to wait 48 hours to hear from them!!!! This is unacceptable. If you are to use an external delivery company XDP then you should still be accountable for the delivery of your goods. Especially when I have spent over £1.500!! The worst customer service I have ever experienced

wine bar

I got my wine bar today, It came sooner than i thought it would. we opened it up, and its just beautiful, i love it so much. Thank you so much. you are wonderful people. thanks.

Never Order Custom Upholstery On Wayfair Or Sister Companies

After 10 weeks of waiting for three pieces of custom upholstery my credit card was charged. Order was supposed to be delivered 10 to 12 weeks out. At week 11 I got an email saying whole order has been cancelled . Trying to talk to customer service is fruitless. I was told to start a new order since all pieces are still available and wait another 10 to 12 weeks!!! Preposterous way to do business. Save your self endless grief do not order furniture that is not ready ship

Financial department is the worst

Ordered a chaise lounger early spring, got the lounger and paid with credit card. They took the payment and then creditted it back, over and over again. Then in May my card was compromised, and I had to get a new card. I gave Wayfair the new number and got an email saying that they took the payment. Then they put it back again, over and over. It's August now, and when I contacted them to ask why were they still doing this, I was told that I needed to authorize the payment or the collection dept would get involved, basically threatening my credit rating, when I was the one who kept contacting them about this. Insulting.

Blu Dot Lounge Chairs

Love them! A little spendy, but solid and comfortable. A nice, modern addition to my deck.

They lied about delivery date. She didn't want to cancel my order.

Ordered in November, website chat woman told me it will arrive in December I cancelled on Friday. Saturday and Sunday passed, Sunday night they send me an email saying that they won't cancel it. They are so dishonest. Do not buy anything from them. They lied about the delivery date, and don't respect customer cancellation even after 2 days have passed.

damaged in shipping

Wayfair replaced and shipped another quickly like only a GREAT and EXCEPTIONAL company would do!!!!!

Goodbye Wayfair

I am a very "fair" person. I admire companies and businesses that do everything for the customers. In the case of "Wayfair" even the name is wrong. Yes, really bad experiences with this company. Lies, bad customer sevice, bad quality product. The only intention with this review is that companies like "Wayfair" desapair one day. We do not need this.

Give at least 6-8 weeks for delivery

Place an order and it already gives you a longer than you'd like delivery time frame - when I placed my order it was supposed to be delivered between Feb 28th and March 7th. Between 1.5 - 3 weeks. Ok...we can handle that. Get email that it shipped - with estimated delivery of sometime 'after March 7' and to check back after 24 hours for updated shipping information and movement....hhmmm k. I checked the next day, no update. Check the tracking info this morning...72 hours later and now it says some time 'after March 14th'!!!!!!!!!!! already have my $700. I can't see what is going on with the shipment. Delivery date gets pushed out. I call customer service to see if maybe they have more details and that was one of the most unhelpful conversations I have ever had, not to mention that the person was on autopilot and would not take a breath while talking so I had no chance to ask a question or respond to ANY statement. I don't normally get rude with people - they're just doing their jobs and it's not their fault - BUT LET PEOPLE TALK AND ASK QUESTIONS SO IT DOESN'T ESCALATE THE FRUSTRATIONS FURTHER! In short I got told they don't know when it will be delivered. They give estimates based on the shipping warehouse and after it leaves there it is out of their hands. Their website isn't updating. It's the shippers problem. They say "after March 14th" because that is when it is estimated that the NEXT shipping company will receive the product. Then they will take 2 business days to call you to schedule the delivery (even when it's a plain ol' drop off delivery method) and then you will get your product but it could be 6-8 weeks............... you think I would have placed the order if you had listed the "honest" lead time of 6-8 weeks? NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But now you have my money so you no longer care. THANKS!

Wayfair is excellent

I ordered a travel mattress from Wayfair. It came very quickly. It didn’t fit my needs so I returned it. Wayfair was excellet with my return. They refunded my money quickly and were extremely easy to deal with. I will definitely order from Wayfair again!

Couch return

We ordered a couch through Wayfair. When it came, it was like sitting on the floor. It was super uncomfortable. We called to ask for a refund and to return the couch. The lady was super nice and told us that someone would be out Monday and our card would be refunded as soon as the couch was returned. Nobody showed up on Monday. We called and they then told us they would be here Thursday. When we called to confirm, they said, no, they would be here Friday. When they didn't show up Friday, I called the driver and he said he had been in an accident so he could not come. We then rescheduled for Tuesday. I left work early to make sure I was home in time (between 2 and 6). When nobody showed, I called and was told the driver missed the delivery. The lady on the phone was super nice but the company the outsource for deliveries SUCKS!!!!! I have been sitting with 2 couches in my living room now for 2 weeks and STILL no answer as to when they are coming to pick up the couch or refund my money! I bought a couch through Wayfair because I have friends who swear by this company but I will NEVER use them again!

Almost all items defective

I made a large Wayfair purchase on Way Day and 5 of 8 items had issues: - box spring had BLACK MOLD - mattress had a burrowed bug colony - bed frame was an open box although it wasn't priced as such (had damage from being previously assembled and black smudges/nail gouges in the faux leather fabric) - dining chairs couldn't be assembled because the holes in the base don't align with the holes in the bottoms of the chairs - laptop cart was supposed to arrive weeks ago, but is still "preparing for shipment" In the past Wayfair would send a replacement if you had an issue, but now you can either get 10% discount, get a replacement part, or return for a full refund (tough for bulky, heavy items). I took the 10% on most items as resolution because they would be a pain to repack, but now I've got to deal with remediation or reselling the items (plus rebuy replacements) and this effort is not compensated properly with the 10% refund! The Wayfair site draws me in & items are well photographed, but the quality isn't there for the price. Customer Service options used to be better. After this experience, I will be avoiding them in the future.

Refuse to Honor Pricing

I ordered a 9'x12' outdoor rug from this company on 7/23/22 and since then I have received a 2'x4' rug as a replacement 3 times. When I called customer service (for the third time today in 2 weeks) they said the price I paid on 7/23/22 was labeled wrong and that they would not honor the price I paid on my original receipt. Their solution is to give me a 10% discount, which is basically a slap in the face. What company does this? If I had gone to an actual brick and mortar store, with actual sales people, they would honor the price I had paid. Since Wayfair is a big company, it seems that they feel they do not need to respect the customer and honor the pricing. They want to get more money from a situation that was caused by them, not by me. This company does not care about what consumers think about them, only the bottom line for their board members and stockholders. I would recommend shopping elsewhere for items you would need from businesses that respect you and appreciate your business and that is NOT Wayfair. This was the first and last time I will be buying anything from them.


Order #3609827752. Delivery date keeps on moving further and further. Not sure when I am supposed to be home for the delivery. Customer care makes promises but then I never hear back from them. Was supposed to arrive on Jul 22nd and it's August 8th today with no resolution in sight.

Rude and horrible customer service

Horrible customer service, took money but no furniture My son moved for his first job into an empty house. I ordered a bed and a mattress , work desk and cabinet from Wayfair. They have cancelled his delivery twice. He is sleeping on floor for the third night. I am told next delivery scheduled in almost a week time.He injured his back as a child and sleeping on floor means he will be in pain for weeks. His work involve back strain. I called customer service 4 times. They rude, they refused to refund me or deliver as promised. I could not get through to a manager. I emailed , no response. The irony, every single time I called I was asked to accept an email and rate their service 5*. And in sarcastic voice they will ask at the end of the call, is there any thing I can do for you? When I said you did not provide any service none what so ever, he said I have been patient with you, now I will end the call. He just hang off. Do not use them

Wrong address then I gave them

I ordered two recliner chairs from Wayfair very happy with the price gave the girl my address she repeated it to me and it was right then I get an email from them right before there to be sent out and they have the wrong address so I called Wayfair talk to the girl she told me at her place there was nothing that she could do about it I'd have to call FedEx so I called FedEx they told me without a shipping label they couldn't there was nothing they could do for me so I would have to call away for her back so I called with her back and they told me still there was nothing that they could do that I would have to wait and call FedEx again so after 6:00 to 8 calls to both places back and forth I still have not received any help and receiving changing my address the chairs are on their way and they still have the wrong address I've made a chance to call again and still to know avail what type of customer service is that at either place so right now I am very unhappy because I don't know what's going to happen to my chairs that I've already paid for and I'm out at 740 so right now I don't know if I'll ever order from Wayfair again. I will have to wait and see what happens I'm making another call to FedEx tomorrow to see if this probably can be resolved so let's wait and see another phone call out

Bedroom set

I ordered my 3 pieces bedroom Dec 06,2022 I did not get everything till 02/20/2023. When I got it no hardware was inside the box no instructions manual. The bed frame came damaged and Wayfair did not replace it. I tell you please do not order anything from this company.

Still have not received my product

I bought a product from Wayfair a month ago - it has been rescheduled for a third time. I do not understand why they can't just deliver it (I did not have any special handling).

Do not shop at Wayfair

DO NOT SHOP WITH WAYFAIR!!! They believe after receiving a defective product, instead of allowing a return, a 10% off coupon towards your next purchase is worthy of a $2100 defective rug. I have been patient and reasonable with Wayfair, however after months, it is clear they do not back the products they sell or care about their customers I purchased my rug in October and it shed, to the point where I could not sit on it, without looking like I had pet hair all over my pants. I don't have any pets. I vacuumed literally everyday for the first month or so. Every rug sheds for AT LEAST 30 days, which ironically enough is the exact return window at Wayfair. After 2 months the shedding was not stopping. I contacted Wayfair and was told there was essentially nothing they could do. I could get a small refund, but otherwise was stuck. It was the holiday season and end of year with work, so I got busy. About two weeks after holiday traveling, I noticed this rug was SO worn down. It looks awful. A $2100 rug should not be worn down after 3 months. A $500 rug shouldn't even be worn down after 3 months. I reached out to Wayfair and was told there was nothing they could do, and that I should contact the supplier. Why should I contact the supplier when my transaction was with Wayfair? Should Wayfair not back their products and customers? I emailed again today, hoping to be in touch with someone reasonable. I was told, too bad so sad, and here is a 10% off coupon. Each purchase I have made at Wayfair, is on average $700. Yet, a 10% off coupon is supposed to compensate for my $2100 defective rug? The rep today had the audacity to say, I should put the rug in an area that is less trafficked! It already is. I emailed with a different rep and was nothing they could do, since I didn’t purchase the accidental damage protection plan. THIS ISN'T accidental DAMAGE! It is a defective. If you’ve skimmed to the body, the big take away, don’t shop at Wayfair, ever!!!

Unfair return and refund practices

- Fraudulent advertising, and inaccurate website description by Wayfair. - Purchase was easy with Wayfair, but returns are a nightmare. - Not recommended to purchase from Wayfair as their customer support team, and policies can not own up mistakes. They won't make amends and keep aggravating customer distress even when they are at fault. - Wayfair is trying to rip me off with an exorbitant return shipping fees for an item which was incorrectly (fraudulently) advertised on their website. - Horrible customer care practices, should be avoided!

Terrible Furniture From Waifair!

Bought 4 Chairs From Wayfair, 2 Broke Legs, They All Wobbled After Putting Together, Spent Over $40.00 I On Adjustable Tips To Try And Level The Chairs. If I Want Chinese Crap, I Will Order From China! Stay Away From Waifair Garbage! You Have Beed Warned!

Poor shipping practices

I have only purchased from them twice and both times I have had problems with the shipping. Wayfair promises a shipping date, yet it is not kept. The first order was days late and I could not take off another day from work waiting for an order that I did not know when it was going to be received. When it did finally get delivered the item had to sit on my front porch for hours until I could get off work. Not happy. I stupidly decided to place another order with them. It was supposed to be delivered today. Friday I received a text saying it would be delivered yesterday. Yay!! A day early and a day I had off from work. Not delivered yesterday. They are saying maybe tomorrow. I have to work. If it gets delivered it will sit on my front porch hoping no one steals it. Not happy. I will not be ordering from Wayfair again. Too much confusion and they do not provide accurate delivery information.

Terrible service

I needed a delivery at a future date, when my lease was starting. Wayfair confirmed by phone it is possible, and their website states 30 days storage hold. When Fedex suddenly delivered items, Wayfair customer service started saying they cannot do anything and I should now solve with Fedex myself about taking it back and storing until needed date. It turned out Fedex will only hold items for 10 days and then ship back, charging the customer. Wayfair just dropped me and said they are not responsible for the third party delivery. Never buy there!

Beware of Furniture Purchases with Wayfair!

Bought a $1400 Chair that collapsed after only 1year. No warranty from wayfair….no resolution….no support from Wayfair. Suggest you Buy from a reputable dealer and Not wayfair. They started out a great company which offered support and stood by their products. This has changed. Buyer Beware!

Poor quality table

I purchased a Leland James coffee table in November. Less than 6 months later, I happened to slide a hardback book across the table and it scratched the table. Of course, I checked to make sure there was nothing under the book to cause the scratch. I called wayfair, and while on the phone, I did the same thing on the bottom shelf of the table, and the same thing happened—scratches! I uploaded photos as they requested. Since it was after 30 days, I was referred to Allstate protection plan I purchased. They said scratches are not covered! Wayfair has continued to refuse to provide any relief over this table issue. Do not purchase “Laurent Solid + manufactured wood condo/apartment coffee table!

No Way in the World Wayfair getting 9.3/10 - This site advertises their products!

I bought a new home and ordered 7 items because I got a nice discount code from Wayfair from the Title company that closed for us. I have received 2 of the 7. The first was an end table listed as "solid wood." It is like balsa wood. The whole table weighs less than my laptop. The second was a TV stand console listed as black and it came gray at best. Which clashes miserably with our decor. Cost me $85 to return it. Never again.

Unreliable, poor customer resolution, out-of-stock items, poor communication

We have ordered two different bookcases from Wayfair. Both items were listed in stock. Both items were delayed, yet we were only notified of the delays each time the very day the bookcase was to arrive at our doorstep. Very little information was given on their website. Phone calls to customer service also gave similarly vague details. It was only after we escalated an issue to a supervisor that we found out that the first bookcase had supplier issues and wasn't even being made. Why were we not notified of this? After we cancelled this order, we were given a 10% coupon that didn't arrive. I had to call customer service again to make sure they sent it out (apparently it was checked to be sent out, but the supervisor never actually hit the "send" button). When we ordered the second bookcase, again listed in stock, we noticed that our first bookcase we wanted was somehow conveniently listed as out-of-stock on their website--only after we had our issues of multiple delays. The day our second bookcase was to arrive, we get an email that the item was delayed. Again, vague details, and I had to call customer service who confirmed that this was indeed another supply chain issue. The artificial delay of needing to wait for 6 more weeks was actually placed by Wayfair, not the supplier. In fact, if I didn't call, the likelihood that in 6 weeks time I would get another email from Wayfair saying the item was delayed was quite high. The worst part of this is the supplier for the second bookcase is actually the same supplier as the first bookcase we purchased, which begs the question why didn't Wayfair flag all products from this supplier as backordered or out-of-stock when this issue with this supplier was escalated to their investigative departments? From a customer's end, I shouldn't have been able to purchase that second bookcase and then wait 2 weeks for the same poor result. Don't buy from Wayfair. Unreliable and poor customer resolutions.

Not so happy

I want you to know first hand everything that I have gotten from wayfair is top of the line I absolutely love there product but I'm getting very frustrated with my orders my last order I bought an area rugs then sent me three OK that's OK just a mistake then I ordered two dinning chairs and this time I received to different colors can you guys send me atleast send one order correct cause know I have to go threw sending the item back and then wait for them to OK everything and then wait to receive the right order and is really getting old but that's the difference between shopping in a store compared to shopping on line

Wayfair = Wayloss in delivering large parcels

Ordered a sofa-sectional on December 4th for delivery between December 14 - 20. Called Wayfair on December 21 to see when the sectional was going to be delivered since their/Wayfair's tracking system showed the parcel sitting in a local warehouse for more than a week. Customer service person said I would receive an email within 24 to 48 hours telling me when delivery would occur. On December 22nd I received a text telling me the sectional would be delivered on December 22 between 3 and 7pm. I changed my plans for the afternoon and waited...waited and waited some more. Finally, at 7:30 I called the Wayfair delivery service department. They told me the delivery is going to be rescheduled to Wednesday, December 27. I asked if the parcel was on the delivery truck (which was indicated on Wayfair's tracking system) why couldn't it be delivered sooner? Stone-cold reply was, "because it will be delivered on the 27th." AND somewhere between 7am to 7pm! Total incompetence on Wayfair/Wayloss part! I will have Christmas at my home with family sitting on Christmas packages!!! Lesson another seller who cares about their customers and lives up to their commitments. It surely isn't Wayfair/Wayloss!!!

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