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Valyou Reviews

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Valyou Furniture is primarily an online furniture store with a few showrooms, primarily in Hawaii and the Western US. They offer budget-friendly prices for mostly on-trend, modern styles. When it comes to customer feedback, Valyou has mostly positive reviews concerning delivered items. However, there have been some recent complaints mentioning issues with long delivery delays and not processing refunds on order cancellations.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 6.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.7/10

Price Value: 7.1/10

Price: $24-$3999

Return Policy: 14 Days (Keep Packaging)

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Valyou Specifics

Valyou furniture is a relative newcomer for the US furniture market. Originally serving the Hawaiian islands with affordable furniture in a market that is known for expensive shipping, Valyou has a unique story. They have been rapidly expanding to serve the continental US, and offer attractive prices with high value designs.

In terms of customer experiences, those that have received their furniture have reported mostly pleased sentiment. However, there have been some growing pains reported, including long delivery times and recently some issues around refund processing when customers cancel their orders before delivery.

Material Quality

Valyou offers high value furniture at lower than average prices. When it comes to overall quality for the price, most customers describe their products as being better than expected. However, Valyou has been growing at a very fast pace, and there are some customers that have complained about quality and product descriptions for some pieces. That said, they are very transparent with customer feedback and it is easy to find their best products quickly.

Valyou's Top Picks

Valyou has been expanding fast and have increased their inventory with hundreds of new pieces in just a few months, we'll go through Valyou's popular furniture categories and discuss the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Sofas & Sectionals

Valyou sectionals and sofas are some of their most popular products and come at low prices starting from $489. Their most popular sectionals offers stain resistant, microfiber blend upholstery and removable, machine washable cushion covers. They do offer real leather options as well, but focus primarily on more affordable synthetic upholstery over pine wood frames. When it comes to customer feedback, most report happy experiences. Those with complaints mostly mention problems with materials, delivery, and returns.

The pros: Wide selection of well-rated sectionals and sofas.

The cons: Some disagreements about product construction, delivery, and returns.

#2 Beds & Bed Frames

Valyou's beds offer both wooden and upholstered options. The most popular option is a sleek ash or walnut wood frame with an upholstered headboard featuring leather or linen upholstering. With prices that start below $500, customers mostly describe great quality beds for the price. Those that had issues mostly mentioned delivery delays and rare issues with assembly.

The pros: Affordable bed frames with good quality materials for the price.

The cons: Some delivery issues reported. Rare issues with assembly.

#3 Accent Chairs

Valyou offers affordable and on-trend accent chairs with a modern flair. Their most popular options are plush chairs with lots of cushioning with microfiber blend fabric. They also offer leather upholstered seats with iconic designs, like those similar to the egg chair of the modern furniture era. With prices that start well under $500, most customers love Valyou's seating options and report high quality for the price. Customers that had issues mostly mentioned delivery delays and customer service when things go wrong.

The pros: High quality accent chairs with iconic, modern designs. Good value for the price.

The cons: Some issues with delivery and customer service.

#4 Dining Tables

Valyou's dining tables tend to be more modest in their size with plenty of options that will fit your dining nook or kitchen space. Some of the most popular options tend to comfortably fit four seats with a tight squeeze for 6 seat options. When it comes to materials, most feature wooden accents with glass or artisinal stone (like marble) surfaces. Customers describe well-made tables and happy experiences overall. Those with issues mostly mentioned delivery and packaging issues.

The pros: Modern and sleek dining table designs with affordable prices.

The cons: Some delivery delays and damage reported in some circumstances.

#5 Coffee Tables

Valyou's coffee tables are often low to the ground and sleek with fine lines and a modern aesthetic. The most popular options feature either painted wood and blended materials, such as metal and wood, or varied veneers. Most designs would be described as modern and contemporary, with some vividly unique styles found down their list (such as those with more glam and boho styles). Prices start under $200 for smaller coffee tables, and customers report mostly high value for the price with some exceptions mentioning delivery and overall quality.

The pros: Well priced coffee tables with on-trend designs.

The cons: Some issues with delays and on-delivery damage reported.

More From Valyou's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Valyou offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Recliners

- TV Stands

- Shelves

- Office Chairs

- Desks

- Bar Stools

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Great customer service so far

We just ordered the Feathers Sectional couch and have already had several customer service reps reach out via instagram, email and text message and offer assistance very quickly. So far so good.

Great product, poor shipping, Great

Great product, poor shipping, Great delivery service

Valyou would be more accurately named Screwyou

Ordered the Feathers sectional early in October 22. Promised shipping never materialized. The lies continued and was never given a clear explanation. Lies, lies. and more lies from lying liars. Finally, after having heard nothing but delay delay delay with no explanation I moved to cancel and get my money back. They refused to do that and actually told me that I must dispute it with a credit card. The ironic thing is that during all this time I'm periodically seeing ads for that same couch promising 2 to 5 days shipping. Buyer beware. Stay clear of this company.


DO NOT BUY A SINGLE THING FROM THEM. I know the price points seems to good to be true...cause they are! If I could give them less than one star, I would. TERRIBLE experience with them. Bought a couch in September it is not March and they cannot tell me when I will get the couch. Meanwhile they are offering deals on the same couch and taking more orders. Ending up having to cancel my order and they are now causing all kinds of issues getting my money back. Feels like one big scam, they cant fill orders and the customer service is a bunch of people who have no idea how to help you besides offering to cancel your order. Save you money and the headache and look elsewhere.

Terrible packing, shipping, customer service, communication, everything

I bought a table and two bedside drawers from this company 3 months ago. The table arrived poorly packaged and broken in half and only one of two night stands arrived. I went back and forth with Valyou for weeks and every time they promised a reply in a day and eventually they promised a refund for the table, 5-7 and its been 14 now and no refund, and they keep saying they will look into the night stands but never do. I am charging back on my card this now. No one should buy from these scammers.

You’ll be sorry

Ordered a feathers sectional 6 months ago… yes you read that right. No communication , you can’t get someone on the phone. Sent several emails and each time they would have an update at the end of them month. Requested a refund and they said they can’t refund my $2000 dollars because they have a new credit card processing company. Do not trust any reviews. They’re all made up !! Go read Reddit and get real answers.

0 Stars if I could ! All 5 reviews are FAKE

Shipping was awful, almost impossible to connect to an actual person. Had the couch for 3 months and one of the seat was literally deformed and the inner covers are covered in brown tinted liquid I have never seen one person get through with the warranty claim, A COMPLETE SCAM

Worst customer service that ever existed

If I was able to give -5 starts I would do it. First of all the customer support is almost non-existent. We ordered a couch and 2 ottoman on Black Friday in November. It is March now and we received our ordered only few days ago! The couch arrived with the deferent fabric that was on the picture and to make the issue even worse the ottoman has a different fabric from the couch. All the offered was to return the ottoman.. This is the worst company I had to deal with my whole life. Hope they go bankrupt because company with such customer support should not exist on the market!

Don't buy never received my couch after 5 months. They still won't give me a delivery date! Simply disappointed ,the customer service seemed nice but they gave me the run around. No refund yet!

Don't buy never received my couch after 5 months. They still won't give me a delivery date! Simply disappointed ,the customer service seemed nice but they gave me the run around. No refund yet!

The shipping process was quick

The shipping process was quick and easy. The customer service time were fast and responsive in answering any questions I had. Eli in particular did an amazing job helping with most of my questions during the shopping process. Overall very satisfied with my purchase and Valyōu as a whole. Great company and great products.

Awful experience.

Awful experience. I sent my couch back because it’s unbearably uncomfortable, and seems cheaply made. It’s been almost a month since I was supposed to receive my refund. There’s really no excuse. Do not spend your money with this company

I order Apollo chair.

I order Apollo chair. First they sent the wrong color even though I confirmed over phone and email the right color. Fortunately they delivered the right color next day. BUT the holes to fix legs are not aligned and so I can not fix 1 leg. The quality control is very poor. Have created warranty claim but no response. The comment that they take extra care for Covid is false.

We love the furnitures we ordered!

We love the furnitures we ordered! Customer service from the store was very accommodating. Delivery service was responsive and quick!

I wouldn’t recommend buying from this company

I wouldn’t recommend buying from this company. Since November I’ve been getting an email stating that my furniture has been delayed yet another month. It’s now February and still no couch. Very very inconvenience to say the least. Please be aware. And I’ve asked for refund from shipping and yet no response. What a waste of money!!! I WISH I would looked into this company further but I was going based off YouTube videos SMH. I will be making a YouTube video soon and also having my YouTube friends make videos as well. This company has to be stopped

Answered all my questions.

Answered all my questions.

This place is THE absolute worst.

This place is THE absolute worst. I ordered my couch in the beginning of January- it was supposed to arrive over a month ago, and ever since I get an email every few weeks blaming "supply chain" issues, and my order gets pushed out another month. They also ask me if I want another item that is "in stock"...why would I want another item? I purchased THIS item because I want THIS specific item. Will never buy from here again.

i love valyou. everyone i

i love valyou. everyone i spoke with was always SO kind and patient, and i have never experienced such great service before. i will recommend this company to everyone i know.

Everything was perfect.

Everything was perfect.

Beautiful, quiet, and very easy

Beautiful, quiet, and very easy to set up bed frame and the customer service was amazing in the store and at the warehouse.

Delivery person was very helpful

Delivery person was very helpful and gave great tips for getting the couch in the house

Loved working with you guys!

Loved working with you guys! Thanks!

Shipping was very quick!

Shipping was very quick!

you guys went above and

you guys went above and beyond! I am truly happy with my product and the service in the showroom! The delivery service was spectacular and I am truly amazed and how high tech. It was really cool to be able to track how many stops and how close they were! Definitely a 5 Star!

This company is not trustworthy.

This company is not trustworthy and unreliable. Do not buy from Valyou Furniture unless you want products broken, different than what they described, some never get delivered after 10 months (passing 4-5 of their promised delivery dates) and takes 6/7 months to process the refund, and then tries to keep the money by refunding incorrect amount. We moved to a new house and I had a misfortune of trusting Valyou furniture and ordered several items in Nov-Dec 2021, worth more than $8500. The following is what happened to the items. 1) Two out of 3 accent chairs ordered, came with broken legs. Contacted customer service, they asked to keep the chairs with some discounts in Jan 2022. But the discounted amount never got refunded back until June 2022. I had to contact customer service to push to get my money back. 2) Feather U-sectional, L-sectional and an ottoman in the order: 2a. The ottoman got delivered first 4 months after the order with the fabric as in picture on their website. 2b. U-sectional got delivered 7 months after with completely different fabric. Stiffer, whiter and texture completely different, nothing like the ottoman that was previously delivered, and not like in the picture on their website. Rather than informing the customer that the fabric would be different than what was described at the time of purchase, when I contacted the customer service, the company tried to gaslight by saying the couch fabric is exactly how it should be. Even though I bought the ottoman, U-sectional and L sectional for the same set, now I have an ottoman and U-sectional with completely different fabric and different color. I saw other customers mentioned about the fabric difference for the feather couches, and only now they are updating their website with new pictures with the new fabric to cover their back. 2c. L-sectional is still not delivered, it’s already 10 months after the order was placed, they gave me 4-5 delivery dates in the past, each come and go but nothing was delivered, and now they are telling me that it could be delivered in the 3rd week of September. 3) For Valmolar Sectional that ended up canceling from the order since I found an alternative somewhere else and could no longer wait, they let me cancelled it without telling me anything. Then I never got the refund after 6 months. I had to contact the customer service again. When they refunded, they only refunded a partial amount. When I contacted again, they admitted that they still owed me $606.39, but they said because it was from many months ago, they could only do store credit. Only after my insistence that the delay was due to them, they now tell me they will mail a check and it will take about a month. I still have not received it. No wonder why the company had lots of complaints at the Better Business Bureau. They sell things they cannot deliver, stringing customer on with several delivery dates that come and go with no delivery, and when the products come majority of them are either broken or different than what they looked like at the time of purchase.

Do not buy from them!!

Bought the U shape couch for $4,000. They kept pushing back my delivery date and kept giving me the run around. I finally asked to cancel my order. This was May of 2022. Customer service kept saying they where "trying to refund me" it is now September and I had to file a dispute with my bank. I’m still waiting on my refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! All of their "good" reviews are fake accounts. I wish I dug a bit more before making such a large purchase.

Poor Communication / Customer Service

Failure to notify customers when delivery window is postponed by months - customer service won't give straight answers

Very helpful amazing service

Very helpful amazing service

My new home looks beautiful

My new home looks beautiful with a new couch from Valyou Furniture it was delivered very fast. Thank you guys for the 5 star experience

Shipping & service was great.

Shipping & service was great. Product quality not so much.

Quick Shipping, comfortable sofa. Thanks!

Quick Shipping, comfortable sofa. Thanks!

Great customer service and friendly

Great customer service and friendly delivery service!

Shipping was delayed for 4

Shipping was delayed for 4 months but worth the wait

I loved how quickly the

I loved how quickly the couch came and the customer service was great. My only feedback would be to not send the white couches in black boxes. When I was unpacking the couches, some of the black from the black cardboard boxes rubbed off on the couch and created a couple stains.

Overall quality of items were

Overall quality of items were a lot better than I expected but the customer service was iffy. When I called right after delivery to let them know we received the wrong color legs it’s was a hassle trying to get it replaced. One worker no matter how many times I told her the color and style, she just didn’t believe it was wrong or wasn’t listening period. I think there’s definitely a bit of communication issues within the warehouse & delivery team. But I’d definitely use Valyou again, next time I’ll be sure to check the colors before the delivery team leaves ;) thanks Valyou!

The delivery was quick and

The delivery was quick and the staff were friendly and professional.

Show room was unhelpful but

Show room was unhelpful but going online was easy. Shipping was fast and easy. Would buy from them again.

Great furniture delivered timely.

The closed 5th sectional I ordered arrived when it said it would. It was delivered in two large boxes. No assembly at all and we love it.

Though lots of items a

Though lots of items a backordered, customer service has been great and very friendly.

Shipping was easy.

Shipping was easy.

Customer service was great. I

Customer service was great. I needed to reschedule the delivery date and was able to without a problem. The delivery men were friendly and considerate, which was appreciated.

Lovely - thank you! Glad

Lovely - thank you! Glad to have found you and would definitely order again.

Very good customer with updates

Very good customer with updates on shipping.

Showroom staff as well as

Showroom staff as well as warehouse staff very helpful and friendly!

Valyou did well considering the

Valyou did well considering the delays faced in logistics in general. The only thing that I didn't appreciate was the fact that I had to call several times (4 times) for an update on my purchase, twice I was promised call backs and neither happened until the day before delivery. Updates were not proactively provided and considering I ordered based on the fact that the product was "in stock", I would not have expected a 6 week delay between ordering and delivery. If updates on the product sourcing, shipping and perhaps the warehouse on dock date were proactively provided It would have been perfect service. The lead-time would have been less of a problem for me if this had been the case.

I ordered a couch in December.

I ordered a couch in December. I was told it would ship by the end of January. I have gotten 4 notices of delays and the next one is the end of March. I asked for a refund and was ignored. They carved my card in December. Don’t buy furniture from this company. They take your money and don’t deliver.

Staff was in touch constantly

Staff was in touch constantly about shipping updates. Very very friendly and very helpful.

Shipping was fast and delivery

Shipping was fast and delivery drivers were so helpful. When purchased forgot to use my first time customer $50 discount and called customer service, they credited me the discount right away and actually had a human being answer the phone quickly. Great service and product!

Very good especially with the

Very good especially with the shipping delays due to covid

Customer service that was actually

Customer service that was actually honest!

Couch is beautiful, soft and

Couch is beautiful, soft and great for my back. Movers were pleasant and assembled the couch. My only caveat is they gave my less than 24 hour notice on delivery date when I asked for a specific date. You may need to be flexible

Shipping was fast and product

Shipping was fast and product quality was great.

Great product and great purchase

Great product and great purchase experience overall

No assembly required and although

No assembly required and although I was expecting to wait months for the arrival, it was delivered much more quickly than I anticipated!

Excellent piece, but shipping was

Excellent piece, but shipping was delayed almost 2 months and one of the delivery guys appeared high (thankfully no damage or injuries suffered!).

Good experience. No problem with

Good experience. No problem with delivery.

Shipping took a very long

Shipping took a very long time, but it’s from Hawaii and totally worth it

Ordered a chair over a month ago...

Ordered a chair over a month ago with a shipping date of March 18th - 24th, and without any type of notification, they changed the shipping date to 4 months later and the support team said they were out of stock. When I order the products they were not out of stock..

Incredible! Would absolutely recommend to

Incredible! Would absolutely recommend to anyone.

It took a long time

It took a long time to get the product but I love the bed so far!

My second purchase from Valyou,

My second purchase from Valyou, love everything I bought from this company, good quality, reasonable price!

I ordered a couch from Valyou furniture

I ordered a couch from Valyou furniture and it was delivered to me with faulty manufacturing and one of the legs broke off. The warranty department will not respond to my emails or calls. I'm just being completely ignored after they took $1500. Valyou, reach out and make this right, please.

I believe Valyōu is doing

I believe Valyōu is doing their best on customer service and I can always get someone answering the phone. Thanks for the services and love to buy things from you again.

Customer service was amazing. Unfortunately

Customer service was amazing. Unfortunately once it was stateside Fed Ex did not do a good job, it sat for two weeks in their wherehouse without any movement, very frustrating…but customer service from Valyou stayed on top of it.

The shipping was faster than

The shipping was faster than the lead time and the customer service was amazing better than any other brand I’ve experienced. Very hands on I will definitely be shopping here again!

Purchasing experience was rough but

Purchasing experience was rough but customer support was helpful.

My overall experience was great

My overall experience was great and I will definitely be returning. I was a bit sad that I ordered my chairs just a day before the Black Friday buy 2 get 1 free deal especially because I did buy two chairs. This is to say I’m very happy with my purchase

Shipping communications were good with

Shipping communications were good with all the issues nation wide. I'm very happy with my sofa

Shipping/delivery for this was quick

Shipping/delivery for this was quick and painless!

Ordered couch in October...

Ordered couch in October, never received (February). Shaming emails from customer service expecting us to 'understand'. Going to file a complaint with Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission. Oh, and I forgot, you can also file a complaint with your state’s attorney general. I recommend you all do the same. This is shameful embarrassing service.


I am so happy i found this website. Cant wait to order. thank you

Great service, very accommodating with

Great service, very accommodating with me changing the shipping address and date

We ordered a sofa almost 4 months ago...

We ordered a sofa almost 4 months ago and still don't have it! Yet the same item on your website says it ships in 1-3 weeks. LIES! They even charged my credit card for it at time of order, so at this point they've stolen $1500 from me and we have absolutely nothing to show for it.

A true value

Great pricing and love our products so far!

Shipping and assembly was a

Shipping and assembly was a breeze, thank you.

We ordered the solid wood sectional...

We ordered the solid wood sectional. It arrived in timely manner. Delivery was very smooth despite of our house facing in one way street without drive way. Solid wood sectional is a great addition to our 120 years old house!

Super soft and comfy

Hard to stay awake on it! the kids love it too!

Best couch ever!

I did break my foot trying to get it in my apartment. But, I'm telling you right now.. this is the best comfortable couch... just sink into it perfectly!! Not kidding... I'm on a cloud...I bought a couch on line...wayfair... horrible!!! Couldn't wait to get a new one... I'm in heaven!!!! Best... would recommend "Chubby " 💯 %

Nice service . Friendly

Nice service . Friendly

I don’t recommend Valyōu

I don’t recommend Valyōu. I’ve been waiting for my armchair for almost half a year. I ordered it when it was saying it’s in stock on the website but then I got a message from Valyōu that it’s not anymore and I have to wait. They've been sending me lots of emails weekly informing me that the shipment date had been moved further. So I waited patiently 2+ months and then when the armchair was finally in stock they shipped it. And guess what? I received an ottoman instead. What a joke! Now they saying my chair will be in stock only in May (meaning they shipped mine to someone else). The whole experience is just ridiculous. I regret I even ordered from this company. Worse experience ever.

Always a pleasure dealing with

Always a pleasure dealing with this sweet company

Although I waited for months

Although I waited for months for my products to arrive, I am very happy with it and I am glad that Valyou always gave me a status update.

Couch of my dreamssss

I purchased one of the feathers sectional with the matching ottoman and I am simply *obsessed* with it all. It looks great, is super comfy and great experience with customer service & delivery. Highly recommend! I appreciated the e-mail updates about my order. Super happy with my purchase!

Customer service, shipping, delivery, assembly,

Customer service, shipping, delivery, assembly, and all of the products were 5 star.

Shipping was good, no problem

Shipping was good, no problem with orders.

Customer support is proactive and

Customer support is proactive and helpful.

Couch is already after 1 month sagging

Couch is already after 1 month sagging and completely wore down. Support told me I needed to take the cushions off and fluff them everyday. Which, if you have this couch you know what a pain it is to do that. Wouldn’t recommend.

The customer service was absolutely

The customer service was absolutely incredible, and the product is exactly what i wanted!

I bought my Bruce coffee

I bought my Bruce coffee table and it was very nice and elegant look.i was very proud to find valyou store in hawaii.

Very comfortable sofa

This is the best sofa I had so far. I am very glad that I chose Valyou furniture. Very comfortable and stylish. We love it

I am very pleased with

I am very pleased with the service I received from Valyou Furniture and shipping went smoothly also!

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service and experience.

received broken item after 1

received broken item after 1 month of waiting

great customer service

great customer service

I suggest you follow up

I suggest you follow up with your online orders. With no follow up, we are forced to contact you.

I love my sectional

I love my sectional

Don’t order you’ll literally never get your couch

Don’t order you’ll literally never get your couch even if they tell you a date, they’ll keep pushing it every month

No complaints, thank you.

No complaints, thank you.

Very pleased with table and

Very pleased with table and chairs. Excellent. Looking to purchase additional items.

Every week we get a new response from someone

Every week we get a new response from someone that our couch has been “delayed another 2 weeks” for about a month and a half now. We asked for a refund on shipping for the disruptive delays and they claim they can’t find out emails. Please read reviews and take them seriously because I didn’t and now am being screwed over.

Shipping took sometime but that’s

Shipping took sometime but that’s expected nowadays. Overall service was excellent

Gary and cliff

Omg such awesome gentleman! Just straight smiles as soon as they got here!

Shipping took a little longer

Shipping took a little longer than expected but when I reached out to customer service they responded promptly and kept me updated on the status of the couch, assembly was the easiest I’ve ever experienced. All in all a great experience with Valyou and I would buy from here again!

By far, the worst experiences...

By far, the worst experiences we have ever had with furniture delivery and return. The product itself is uncomfortable enough for a return, but the manner of delivery (literally dropped off truck) blew our minds! When we realized it was actually broken and we needed to return, the true nightmare began. The company does not communicate within itself and it’s obvious they have no intention on refunding us for a broken product. They have been playing games with the pickup dates so that we will be stuck with this product. When you try to call and get help, all you hear is “someone will reach back out shortly” I doubt they ever intend on picking up and likely hope we will be the ones to give up on them.

My bf ordered a couch from Valyou in October...

My bf ordered a couch from Valyou in October, was supposed to arrive in December, got pushed back to January(no problem, we expected delays). Got a shipping notification and watched the couch travel from Hawaii to Ohio, sold our couch because shipping said it was supposed to be delivered next day. The couch never came. My bf called the shipping company, who said they never received the couch, called Valyou, said they shipped the couch. After this my bf had to call Valyou multiple(10+) times to try and get answers. They never got back to him when they said they would, we didn’t get any answers for OVER A MONTH. We sold our couch and have been sitting on the floor lol. Finally he got a hold of a manager who told him they were out of stock on that couch and he should just order a different one. He canceled the order because that’s absolutely ridiculous. Still haven’t received a refund which we’re waiting for so we can purchase a new couch. Will neverrrrrrrr order from here again and do not recommend anyone else does. How does a imaginary couch travel from Hawaii to Ohio?????

The service of Valyõu is

The service of Valyõu is one of the best I’ve experienced.

Great customer service. Perfect sofa.

Great customer service. Perfect sofa. Great quality, stylish and good price.

Shipping is great the service

Shipping is great the service is awesome but the product quality is pretty bad.

The most excellent customer service

The most excellent customer service ever!

It took over 10days just

It took over 10days just to get trucking number but the customer service team was helpful with getting it delivered in time we planned to have it.

Fast shipping, easy website to

Fast shipping, easy website to maneuver, excellent customer service

The team worked hard to

The team worked hard to get my sectional to me as soon as possible and followed up with me often to keep me satisfied. I am grateful. The sectional is gorgeous too, so nice cherry on top :)

Customer service was great and

Customer service was great and helpful.

I waited for four months

I waited for four months for my bed. The customer service was pretty good and helpful, explaining the problems and urging me to wait. Valyou graciously refunded my shipping fee. All in all, given the pandemic and the supply jam, I would say the store handles the situation decently.

Great customer service & fast shipping!

I ordered a TV stand and it shipped within a couple days and showed up a lot sooner than expected! The quality is great and the assembly wasn't very difficult at all. Everything was in great shape and I have zero complaints about my order/purchase. I will definitely be buying form Valyou again. I'm in love with the TV stand and couldn't be happier. They have great customer service and you get your furniture a lot faster than other companies!

Great work and quality &

Great work and quality & customer service but super uncomfortable

Beautiful Bed and Excellent Customer Service

The Charm bed is well made and easy to assembly and customer service was very helpful in setting up a delivery time that worked for us.

Absolutely the worst time...

Absolutely the worst time I have ever had spending money, and I really enjoy spending money. Ordered a couch mid-Feb that was promised the first week of March, that didn't happen which required me to follow up (no one at Valyou bothered to let me know). After repeated promises from their customer service line that someone would follow up, I had to follow up and they finally admitted it wasn't going to show up any time soon. In an attempt to stop me from canceling my order (which in hindsight I should have done right away), they talked me into ordering something that was ready to ship (and an extra $1000). Multiple follow-up calls later, ALL INITIATED BY ME, the couch was scheduled to arrive today! Kim, at the warehouse, and Joy, in customer service, promised me up down and sideways that they would schedule the delivery for after 2pm so I could be home (and because I paid $200 extra for in-home delivery and setup). Imagine my surprise when I got a text at 10:30am saying my furniture was on the way!

Very responsive customer service, once

Very responsive customer service, once you as the buyer initiates conversation.

I had a great experience

I had a great experience with Valyou. The order came quickly and the delivery guys were quick, polite and professional.

Obvious why it’s cheaper

As soon as I opened the box (which was damage free and well packaged at least) it was apparent why this was cheaper than the Thuma bed. The tooling marks are massive and uneven in the leg joints with uneven staining and blotches. The supports holding the slats are not the same wood throughout and the headboard material is cheaper and not removeable to clean. It was still $400 less so I’ll ultimately keep it but it is definitely not a “too good to be true” comparison.

Cel, the service rep I

Cel, the service rep I worked with, was AMAZING! Not once did I have to contact them for updates. They took the initiative and frequently emailed me about the status of my order. I was really surprised because other reviewers seem to have the opposite experience. Not sure what the "norm" is, but mine was great!

Do not shop Valyou.

Do not shop Valyou. Do not get confused over the nice website. I never had such a horrible experience for months trying to get clarity and Valyou giving false information about delivery. And when they finally delivered, they went for the cheapest options and Fedex put it on street in a rainy day and I had to carry boxes in. WHO SHIP A COUCH CURBSIDE? Not to mention the $500 surprise assembly fee. The amount of times we spoke with incompetent employees with zero willingness to help. Lies, not following through on their promises. And the quality of the product seems just “ok”.

Shipping and service is always

Shipping and service is always on point. Help when needed is also very helpful and always responds via email and chat support.

Obviously shipping delays with COVID

Obviously shipping delays with COVID but very responsive customer team. Furnitures are good quality and style. Absolutely recommend it

20/20 hindsight, you did awesome

20/20 hindsight, you did awesome in managing through a difficult situation. Thank you for your dedication in providing amazing customer service!

Do NOT order from this company!!

Do NOT order from this company!! We reached out before ordering a headboard to see if it came with the wooden bed frame featured in all of the photos and videos. The representative checked and confirmed that it did, so we placed an order, only to receive a headboard with no frame -- Customer service refused to meet their obligations and make this right, instead telling me I could order a new headboard that had to be more expensive for a lousy 10% discount. Take your business to a company who will make things right and follow through on what they promise -- Valyou will not!

Customer Service

I cannot give a review on the sofa, as I haven’t received it. I will say the customer service has lacked. I have had little to no communication regarding delays. I just sent email #2 this week as my product is listed ready to ship on the website. The one reply I had prior to Thanksgiving regarding my order was that I could check on their website if it was ready to ship. This should be useful to new buyers not someone who ordered two months ago. When you have delays you should be at least in regular contact with your customers, or maybe at least email them back.

From purchasing the product to

From purchasing the product to pick up, the staff at Valyou was helpful and efficient.

Good quqlty products with great

Good quqlty products with great customer service

I absolutely love the design of my chair

I absolutely love the design of my chair. I was able to easily assemble, it looks perfect. Unfortunately the second chairs screws holes are off and I’m unable to assemble. I stand by recommending other to the store. I think there is great value. I will have to wait to see how my second chair issue is resolved to give a full-throated endorsement.

This company is absolutely atrocious

This company is absolutely atrocious! Save your money and shop somewhere else. I have been dealing with an issue since the beginning of December and it is still not been resolved. I received an item that was manufactured so poorly it could not be assembled. The company has told me that I don’t know how to put it together, or they’ll send someone out to take care of it or they ordered me a replacement and nothing.

Shipping took forever, but customer

Shipping took forever, but customer service was attentive.

Would absolutely use them again!

Would absolutely use them again!

Only because they sent the

Only because they sent the wrong color

Shady, dodgy, unresponsive, no delivery of items

Shady, dodgy, unresponsive, no delivery of items after purchase and no way to talk to a real person or cancel an order. Idk how people were able to have a good experience but it’s no longer happening

Everything looks great for the

Everything looks great for the minimum space.

Waiting for answer from customer

Waiting for answer from customer service

I'm very disappointed

I'm very disappointed. I've been waiting for the couch for another month and the couch has still not been delivered. I paid for the couch and on Valentine's Day I'm sitting with my husband on the floor.


Check yelp for reviews. My experience is typical. I ordered a sofa in December for May delivery. They didn't;t make the deadline. I cancelled, or tried to cancel, but then the excuses started--they had new software, which slowed down refunds; customer service people were ill; bank didn't accept refund. Finally, after 180 days, they told me they couldn't refund, that I had to accept star credit. This company is crooked. They stole my money, and I still haven't been able to talk to anyone other than a series of nice young nice women following a script. I'll probably have to sue.

Total scam

If I can help anyone avoid this company, I will. I ordered a couch and they never sent a real confirmation. I tried to call the company and they only respond thru text and email, definitely a red flag. After I texted that I had reported fraud someone called me but the conversation screamed scam. Thank God for a great credit card company that caught the scam.

Worst Communication I've had with a company.

Ordered our sectional in January of 2022 then another one for upstairs in Feb 2022. Just was told our covers will never be in stock in June 2022 (after months of delays) Asked for a refund on June 20th, 2022 - As of today July 27th still no refund.. not sure we are ever going to get one. Spent over $8k on nothing. Super disappointing communication and customer service so far.


DO NOT ORDER FROM VALYOU!! THEY ARE A SCAM. I wish I could give Zero stars. I ordered a couch for thousands of dollars from Valyou 6 months ago. After 4 months of waiting and the shipping date continuing to be pushed back over and over again, I started asking the costumer service team when I could actually expect my couch to ship. When they couldnt give me any estimate or answer on why my product was delayed, I started to worry... After 3 phone calls, weeks apart with very unhelpful costumer service members, I decided to cancel, as it seemed like I would never get the couch. They continued to lie to me every time I wrote to them or called, saying my refund was "on the way" and it could take up to 14 days, etc. They finally admitted that they would not be giving me a refund, but would offer me credits to their website. I obviously freaked out and swore to warn everyone never to order from this company. I believe that their company has gone under, and is no longer actually selling furniture because of all of the refunds and cancellations they have had in the recent months. They are also deleting negative comments off of many platforms. So until they take this one down too- DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. They will 10000 percent scam you. My instagram is @morganmalone8 if you want to see pictures of my horrible/ lying customer service emails or hear more about my experience. Please help spread the word about this company!!


I never write review because I don't care enough but this is THE worst company we have every purchased from. They are complete scammers and have false advertising. I'm so surprised by their reviews and now believe they have had to pay for these reviews because our experience has been horrible. Be very CAUTIOUS when purchasing from them and do your research and read review before buying. I wish I could give them no stars if I could.

Horrible business model they lie about items being in stock

If I could leave negative stars I would. This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. I placed an order 6 weeks ago and they can't even tell me where it is. As far as I know, it doesn't exist. After more research, I've concluded it is their standard company practice to list items as in stock when they are not. They take your money and then you get to wait for them to stock the item. My guess is they don't want to pay for warehouses and they have items directly shipped from the source company to the shipping company warehouse. They act as a middle man. What a shitty business model. If you're going to do that at least ensure your source companies can ship out quickly. Customer service will give you vague responses talking in circles. They probably train their team in how to "answer" people without actually answering them. But they are happy to take your money. I received an email update saying "Your order is on the way" but contact the shipping company and they don't have it. I honestly can't believe that this company is still in business. This is deplorable. Shame on them for thinking this is any way to do business. If you work for this company you are playing a part and generating lots of bad karma for yourself. Don't bother responding to this with some fake sign of caring -- your company doesn't care about its customers at all.


DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I ordered a bed which never arrived. When I called to complain, they said it is now out of stock and they don't know when they will get it back in. They asked me to take a queen sized bed instead, but didn't have the fabric I wanted. I canceled the order AS PER THEIR POLICY, and they will only give me store credit. THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EVEN IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY AND RETURN THE PRODUCT.

!!!!!Stay Away From This Company!!!!!

They do not pay their bills! Such mean no reputable company would soon service them and/or their customers and/or products and/or warranty issues. They use and abuse, no reply, provide unprofessional excuses for month after a month, run around, instead of being on top of the issues and or payments. From over 800 reputable companies we service and represent and over million services we done – We Can Absolutely say – DO NOT SERVICE OR DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!

Horrible Customer Service

Had an in stock couch planned for a specific delivery date, customer service never reserved my couch and it went out of stock and the delivery date was pushed back by 3 months without me being notified. When I reached out they were not understanding about my frustrations. I requested to cancel (they tried everything to push me into store credit) and they assured me my order was cancelled. It wasn't until 2 weeks later when I noticed my refund never came through, I reached back out to find out my order was never even cancelled. This whole process was extremely frustrating and I would advise anyone to never order from here unless they want a headache.


After 8 months of being told my couch was arriving, I contacted them for an updated delivery date. I was told I had to cancel my order and I needed to dispute the charge with my bank and they would refund me. The couch was not even an hour away at a warehouse, yet I was told where I reside (in a city of 1.4 million people) that it was "undeliverable." The customer service on the chat stopped responding, so I had to call to speak with someone else. Again, was told I have to cancel my order and argue the charge as they could not refund full payment unless I wanted it in store credit! All a load of crap service and using my money for 8 months while pretending to be a real establishment. Don't be fooled!

Poor Service, Damaged Product

You want my thoughts, you got it. Every part of this purchase from beginning to end has been a nightmare that I am still dealing with. I was very excited to get my loveseat having just moved into a new apartment - I had help from the sales assistant in the showroom to pick out the piece I wanted. I paid for it and asked it to be held until I was ready to have it delivered. A week or more later I called to set-up the delivery. I was told that I would receive an email and phone call letting me know the window of the time of delivery. I set it up for a Friday as that is the only day I have available. That week I received no email or notifications of the delivery. Friday came and still, no one had contacted me. The number for the store is an 800 # that has prompts to get to the stores in each respective area. I had no direct line to the store. I called repeatedly to try to get through to someone and when I finally did, I was told that they had no record of the delivery. It took many phone calls and emails to try to get to the bottom of this. Finally, 2 weeks later they were able to schedule delivery again. I purchased this loveseat with the understanding it would be installed. When it came in a box and they set it in my living area I told them this is not what I paid for and I wanted it returned - I was not accepting the delivery. I refused to sign for the loveseat and it was in the box and ready to go back on the truck..The delivery boy REFUSED to take it and left WITHOUT my signature. I finally had to hire someone to remove it from the box as I am currently disabled and cannot do it myself. Had I known the loveseat was not going to be installed I would not have purchased it in the first place. When I opened the box to set-up the loveseat I discovered it damaged. Two of the legs were deeply gouged despite being packaged and placed in the middle of cushions for protection. (Obviously damaged in manufacturing and yet still packaged with the loveseat) It also has a small tear in the fabric that I noticed immediately after removing it from the box. When I discovered the damage I asked for it to be refunded and removed. It has now been sitting in my space for over 2 weeks. I am still waiting for it to be removed. They have said they will remove the loveseat and will refund my money 7-14 days AFTER it is returned back to the warehouse. They are requiring me to put it back in the original box (which I still have, and am unable to do as it was cut away from the loveseat to remove it). The correspondence around this sale has been delivery. It has been mismanaged from day one. No follow-through, poor-to-no communication, rude staff and delivery personnel. I will NEVER purchase from Valyou again and will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau. I have yet to receive a resolution of this issue. This has caused me much undue stress and frustration. I wish I would have never purchased from Valyou Furniture.

Worst ever!!!!

“ This is worst company and worst customer service I ever experienced!!! Pure quality!!! First of all feather are sticking out all over the couch, makes it look dirty and uncomfortable! After only washing cover once it’s becoming look like it is 10 year old. And company is not responsible for that even its says that you can wash this covers! I contacted support team and customer service team at least 5 times and was only able to do that trough chat, cause no one ever picked up the phone. On a chat they are starting to reply and in the middle of conversation disappearing forever!!! So you have to start all over and it will take you a couple hours! For me it took 2 days, first time around 1,5 and second good 3 hours, since I had to start conversations over and over again! All representatives saying different things, was never able to get manager or supervisor. Somehow ordered new covers, for which agreed to pay by myself $600 (which is I think no fair, because quality is garbage) and guess what? After 3 weeks order is CANCELLED!!!! And they are offering me to order something else instead! This us insane!”

Avoid this company at all costs...

We waited over 8+ months for our couch and chair after constantly being told our couch was expected to deliver next month. Finally had to cancel our chair after 8+ months and ask for a refund - which - we still have not received. Keep in mind this is after spending over $2k on items that we didnt get for nearly a year? Not to mention, the couch already has a major pit/hole where we sit after 3 months (I weigh 155 lbs). Avoid this company at all costs.


My experience with this company has been absolutely awful. I first ordered the Feathers sofa September 5th. I received cheaply made furniture that looked very different than what was on the website.Customer has been extremely slow, incompetent, and will ignore requests to speak with upper management. If you are dissatisfied with your items, they will try to force a store credit rather than a refund of your money paid, and will even force you to pay shipping

Deceptive Business Practices - UNACCEPTABLE

I purchased a sofa and ottoman 5 months ago. They told me I'd receive the sofa in about 3 weeks. When I didn't get a call to schedule the arrival I contacted them. This is when they decided to tell me there was a longer delay and would I like to buy something different, or they could put the purchase price as a store credit and I could pick something else. I said no, if I had wanted something else I would have bought something else. Eventually they tell me the order has shipped and it's with the carrier who has experienced delays. After some months of this I ask them to put me in touch with the carrier, and they responded "Sorry we aren't completing this order, it's being cancelled, enter a dispute with your bank for your money back" I really can't understand the way this company operates, it's hard to believe they are still in business.

Buyer Beware

Buyer beware of this business! I ordered a couch at the beginning of October and I was originally told I would be receiving the couch on 10/31/2022, which was 4 weeks away. October 31st rolled around and I still had not received any information regarding my couch being shipped out. I reached out to Valyou Furniture and they said it wouldn't be until mid to late November until I received my couch. That felt doable at this point. Mid November came and went and I messaged Valyou Furniture and they stated I would not be receiving my couch until the end of January. At that point, I realize this is going to be a continual game with them. I demanded a refund November 9th, 2022 and they stated I would have my refund within 10-14 business days. 16 business days later, I still have yet to receive a refund. I messaged them via online chat and text and after I gave them my order number, they completely ghosted me with no response. Completely unprofessional business. I can barely get a refund. I went ahead and disputed the charge through my bank and it has already been approved. Horrible experience.

Where are they and why not contacting me ???

We ordered a couch and it was supposed to be delivered in 4-5 days . It's month and we are still waiting for the $3,200 couch that I purchased for my son . I sent them several text messages ,phone calls and an email and crickets . silence. I have not idea how to get the couch and when it will be delivered . Should cancel it?

If I could give ZERO stars I would

I ordered a sofa in August (The feathers sectional). They promptly took the payment, however no follow up since them. I reached out multiple times and you get a message they are busy, and then an automated email saying your delivery will be delayed. It's now 6 months later with no end in sight, so I cancelled the order and was told "we cannot refund you you have to dispute the charge with your credit card company". How is this even allowed? So they can take a payment from VISA but can't issue a refund? STAY AWAY from them!!!

This company is a flat out scam

Whatever you do, do not buy ANYTHING from this company. They gave us 5 months of excuses about why our order was not delivered before telling us it was no longer possible. Instead of an apology and a refund we were told we needed to dispute the charge with our bank and then wait for it to clear the Valyou dispute process. This is without a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with and honestly is shocking that they are in business at all. I simple search online will show you countless reviews of people with the same nightmarish experience that we had. Save your money and buy from a company that deserves it.

my worst experience

I ordered on Nov 2021 and They delivered wrong sofa on May 2022, It was really headache to follow-up and asking them to pick it up and I received correct on on July 9 month later from order and they couldn't deliver all my order and they have not refunded my money yet (around 1000$) and lied a lot till I lost my window to dispute from my bank , and I am not only one you can check their Yelp and see some people are waiting for refund as well, so if they wouldn't be able deliver or you have any problem so it will be long process to get your money back if you even can as I am still waiting … so don't risk your time and money if you can purchase from another company.

DO NOT BUY! Worse Customer Service EVER!

Valyou has the worse customer service I've ever dealt with. I ordered the feather sectional couch in Sept 2022 and was basically ghosted by the company without any updates for months. After waiting for so long for the couch to arrive, I had to reach over several times through their poor text messaging system and was told each time it was delayed for 2 more weeks. We tried to be patient but once it reached the end of October and into November, we decided it was not worth the wait anymore. Their process for a refund was a nightmare and contributed to the poor customer service experience. When I reached out to cancel the order, they tried to get me to stay but tempting me with discounts and coupons. They even finally apologized for not keeping me updated about my order but it was too late. What was more frustrating was them trying to prevent me from getting the full refund. It was already annoying just to get the refund initiated but once I found out the refund was given back in store credit? I knew this company was shady and a joke. Why would I want to receive store credit for an order that was never received? And why would my ass want to make another purchase on your company the poor experience? Yeah, yall crazy lol. Mind you, this was over 2k for a couch! I had to reach out to them again and again to get this cleared up and they made it so difficult. They first denied the request to get the cash refund and vaguely said it was due to their "policy". Once I asked to speak to the manager, that's when the customer rep changed his tone and said they would be able to refund it into my account in 2 weeks. Guess what happened after 2 weeks? NOTHING. I did not see any refund in my credit card and finally decided to open a dispute with my credit card company. I had enough with the shady people at Valyou. My credit card company did their thang and I got my money back in 48 hours! Guys, their couch is NOT worth the trouble. Their customer service is horrible and I would never recommend this company to any of my family or friends. If you decide to take on that risk, please use a credit card! If anything happens, your CC company will get that sorted out for you asap cause they dont play around with their money. If you use a debit card, your bank will not do the same and you will risk losing your money. Stay classy, Valyou. Mahalo!

Extremely extremely disappointed

I bought a 170 feather sectional in Aug.2022, it is now December2022 and I still have not received my furniture? It was shipped to Metropolitan warehouse in High Point NC it arrived there 10/13/2022(1HR away from my house) Metro reports Valyou has to release the furniture.Valyou reports they are working on it?4 months of working on it? This is pathetic and ridiculous.I have called and emailed numerous times and cannot reach a manager on any level. I will never,ever buy or recommend this place, period.At this point, my only resolve is it to contact the Better business Bureau and office of Consumer Affairs to get a full refund. Is this place a scam or a rip off? very poor shipping procedure. I repeat. I wouldn't purchase ANYTHING from this place.If possible I would give it a negative star.

Avoid...worst customer service

I am trying to get a hold of someone in customer service for a long time...My bed that i order in August is missing the brackets and i have not got them yet, made a warranty claim and no one get back at me. Drove endlessly to the show room and still nothing got resolved. Another piece of furniture did not arrive yet since August and I have not got the refund yet. Customer service never answers and when i texted them say that someone will reach out to me soon, and no one does. Do yourself a favor and look for some other furniture, this is a nightmare. probably will make a claim with better business as well.


Scam, scam, scam... push back date over and over again and never send a receipt for purchase just confirmation email with no order number. When you ask they constantly push the date but the fake reviews on their site make it seem like people are getting the furniture. When you ask for a refund they say they aren't working with the payment processing company and you have to dispute your charge. Super shady payment company is who charges your card.


Shipping is not their only problem. If I could give ZERO stars, I would. They "lost" our couch, then said it was sitting in a rail car for weeks! It was months before we received it. I wish that was the end of the nightmare, but it was only the beginning. Gorgeous for the first year, but then the cushions in the couch were totally flat and slouched within 18mo. They hide behind the warranty because their products do not last more than 1year. They only offer videos on YouTube on how to restore cushions...ON AN 18MO OLD COUCH. This item has two skinny people on it, no kids, no pets. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! They even have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. They are only interested in your money, after that have no interest in their reputation. We have stuffed extra pillows in the bottom cushions, and the back ones just flop over and look like they are 15yrs old. This couch was $1800, we were scammed and cannot afford to replace it. They will not offer cushion replacement, partial refund so I can afford to replace the cushions...nothing but a $50 store credit. BAHAHAHA I would not spend ONE PENNY in the store ever again.


This company is an absolute scam!! I placed an order on 11/1 for a sofa over $3k. I kept following up and asking for an ETA and they kept avoiding my questions, giving my very vague answers basically saying they don't know when the sofa will arrive. I wish I had done research before placing the order but after 4 months I found all these horrible reviews and I realized I got scammed. I immediately told them I wanted to cancel my order and get a refund and their response was they couldn't issue my refund because they stopped working with the payment processor. I paid with Mastercard?? Do not believe the positive reviews on here, I'm sure they're fake! If you check their Linkedin site a bunch of people also commented on their posts saying they got scammed.

Lied about furniture coming for months, couldn't ship, would not provide refund

I purchased a sofa and a media stand which were 'in stock' on August 10th after speaking with a customer service represented who promised it would arrive by August 28th. For the next several months they led me on saying they were waiting for stock then waiting for shippers and so on until late November to tell me they were unable to deliver the order. The worst part is they said they were 'unable' to provide a refund and I should file a dispute with the bank. The dispute, of course, was out of the 60 day window. So essentially Valyou kept my money and the furniture. Please do not buy from this company.

Do not order unless you want to wait forever and have no info

Ordered the feathers sectional on Black Friday 2022. It is now April 2023 and I have just gotten a letter from my bank approving the refund for the sofa because Valyou wouldn’t issue a refund so we had to dispute it with the bank. I do not recommend this company. I waited months for the sofa to ship and every time I would email them and ask for an update they would say “check back in a week or two” and so then I’d check back later and I’d get the same answer. I finally got fed up waiting and asked to cancel the sofa. They said they don’t work with my bank and can’t issue a refund and we’d have to dispute it. It took several more months to actually get my money back. I do think the actual company is legit and that if you wait long enough you probably will get the product you ordered but I don’t think as a company they have the capacity to keep up with demand and they are just taking peoples money as “preorders” instead of just marking the product as sold out and waiting to reopen sales when they’ve caught up on current orders. They need to be upfront if a couch is going to take 6 or more months to be shipped and delivered.

I would give 0 starts if i could

Last year 2022, I bought 2 side tables and 4 dining tables from them. Everything was in stock at the time of my purchase. They said they would contact me in 4-6 days to schedule delivery. This never happened. After one month they finally answer me saying they where sending part of my order. They shipped the two side tables; one arrived damaged, I put a claim and they return my money. So far, service it was just ok. After this, they started delaying the shipping of my chairs. Every month would be the next one and we got in September (since Memorial day. So I reached costumer service (very difficult task) to cancel my order. They said I could cancel and couldn't reimburse my money. They offered a store credit with what I didn't agreed. After that they said they would send a check, and with this again the same problem. My check would be send the month after, and them after, until January 2023, when they said to me to submit a dispute with my credit card, what I was not able to do it. Today, I'm still waiting for my money, I know I won't get it back but I hope this makes people aware that this company is a big no-no.

Do not buy couch from Valyou - only lasted 5 months

Paid nearly 3k for a small sectional and after 5 months of use the seam in the front started tearing. Valyou claims this is a cosmetic defect and not covered by the warranty. Would not recommend buying based on quality and service.

Order still hasn’t arrived

I ordered the feather sofa and ottoman in November 2022. Originally they said the estimated delivery date was in January but I never heard from them until I reached out. They said they hope to have an update soon and to check back in a few weeks or I’ll receive an email with an update. I have either emailed/called/texted customer service for an update and they keep telling me the same thing. I can cancel or just keep waiting for an update. I’m so frustrated! It’s now May, 6 months from my order date and that’s the only thing they’re able to tell me. I don’t want to cancel because I love how the sofa and ottoman look. I just want my order delivered! At least some kind of real update as to why it’s taking so long. They told me once it’s logistics and the supply chain. I’m not sure I believe this anymore though. I think 6 months for really no update as to where my order is in the process is ridiculous! Once I asked to speak with a manager and they told me I’m already speaking with the “highest point of authority.” If or when my order is delivered I will never order from Valyou Furniture again.

Uncomfortable and can't return!

I just threw away $2,000!! I was so excited about this couch but was nervous to order online. The website says "free returns" in their faqs and "easy returns" when you are checking out, so I felt reassured. I received the couch on Monday (delivery drivers set it up, nice guys) and immediately we could see it was not as expected. The couch is so low it feels like you are sitting on the floor. The cushions, which are stated to be "maximum comfort", completely compress when sitting so it feels like sitting on a piece of plywood with a few feathers in between. (I am 135 lbs.) Customer service said to "fluff" them which made no improvement. I reached out to initiate a return within hours of receiving the couch. I am being told that since I do not have the boxes (which the delivery guys took) that I can not return the couch! How can some cardboard prevent them from fulfilling their "Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed" and every other statement that they have falsely made?! BUYER BEWARE!!

DANGER - RUN FROM VALYOU! You will NOT get what you paid for and might be scammed!

We placed an order with Valyou on Feb 16, 2022. There was an initial delay that was expected, and ultimately, a shipment to us of part of the couch we ordered, with a section of the sectional missing. It’s now been well over 1 year and we still do not have the complete couch, despite having paid over 2,600 (including Mulberry protection/shipping/taxes). We continue to have a partial couch in our home and have been told numerous times over the past year that the missing grey Feathers Armless piece for our Feathers Sectional will be on the next shipment. A year into this process, I have little confidence that will ever happen. So now we have a couch that is incomplete and too small for the room it is in, and their only solution outside of waiting longer is this: "We can only cancel the part of the couch that is not delivered yet and our return policy is only within 24 days from the time of delivery." So I can either keep a tiny couch and get some money back, or wait forever as we go on 15 months since purchase and hope maybe one day they deliver the product as promised. Honestly, I just do not want to have a room with a small partial couch in it anymore and have requested they simply take it back and refund me if they cannot ship the rest of the couch I ordered. They have refused to help or provide a firm delivery date - they just continue to say a few more weeks every now and then. I would never buy from these folks and warn you to avoid them. Their website currently says our couch is fully in stock - so be careful - they are not going to tell you the truth, but they will happily keep your money and string you along. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS! THEY ARE GETTING SUED ALL OVER THE PLACE AND APPEAR TO BE GETTING TAX LIENS FILED AGAINST THEM AS WELL! RUNNNNN!

Nice product, terrible support

Our odyssey with Valyou began a while ago. We liked their bed (The Charm) and thought it was worth saving a few bucks here instead of going with a Thuma. Major mistake! We waited for weeks (six, eight, ???) for shipping. Then the bed arrived and all was well and forgotten. It was decent enough for a time... until one of the joints broke. Valyou has a one year warranty on their furniture, Thuma has lifetime warranties. After an exchange with customer support that went in circles, we were told the best we could do is pay for replacement parts (maybe at a discount?) because it was outside of warranty. The broken piece is 100% a manufacturer's defect so we were hoping that Valyou would stand behind their product. Lesson learned.

Terrible Customer Service

Very disappointed at their customer service. Bought a bunch of furniture from them and they gave us the complete run-around. First they decided to break up our order and push back the original delivery date, which was completely unacceptable as we were furnishing a home is in another state. Second, they delivered the furniture when we were not there, and when we wen to return one of the queen beds (due to poor quality) they said it was outside of their 14 day return window. Keep in mind, they pushed our delivery back so we were not able to be in state to receive it, we arrived 6 days later and let them know with in the 16 days. They wouldn't even work with us, they even said they would get back to us to see what they could do, but just completely dropped it. In the meantime, we still have outstanding items that were in the original order that have yet to be delivered. So we had to purchase a new bed and sold the brand new queen at a loss, just to get it out of our home! DO NOT USE VALYOU they are completely UNRELIABLE on dates and have TERRIBLE customer service. We found that larger stores take pride in their customers and work with us especially when it comes to customer service, returns and just HELP!

Wish you had an option for zero stars.

Paid in full and one year later still do not have a functional bed. This company is unbelievable. Purchased two beds. One was delivered with the wrong head board and slats for which they claimed they would send replacements. Month after month checking in they said it was in NJ, then nothing. After a year they say sorry no credit. Charged in full and I have no bed. Moving to the courts to get a judgement against the company.


Terrible quality furniture. Not as pictured. Furniture looks 10 years old after 2 weeks

Terrible company - terrible furniture - terrible experience

After two BBB reports, 51 emails and filing with the federal trade commission- the company is FINALLY giving me a $200 credit for a poor sectional chase cushion + cover they sent me. 1 wk after delivery I reached out expressing concern. March this year, the same cushion rupture and the inseam/zipper blew off/open. April I began reaching out - no one helped me or responded at first. June, I finally had someone reply to an email only to tell me “no covers in stock” (there wasn’t any in stock in March either so, 3 months still?) and “this isn’t covered under warranty” and “ we don’t know when our manufacturer will have more in stock.” Very concerning words for a $2000 sofa. I took it to a tailor to be fixed, I have an email from my tailor advising the inseam and zipper blew due to distress from being over stuffed. The manufacture does this on purpose, so it breaks, it’s not covered under warranty, and then you are subjected to having to buy a replacement. I filed a BBB report - and after going back and forth, the company sent me a response that they would give me a $200 credit when in reality all I wanted was $25 for the Taylor expense…. They closed the report without allowing me the ability to accept or decline the resolution. And when I reached out to customer service via email, they told me it was a mistake responding to me and they will not be honoring it. as you can imagine, I have a Lotta legal going on with this company and the fact that it’s taken this long, just to make some headway shows you their level of incompetence, and how much they do not value you. Save yourself a headache and don’t relive my situation. Buy local and buy cheaper. Oh by the way, this company has declared bankruptcy and look at their ratings on the Better Business Bureau website. It’s not just me.

This furniture company is a scam

We purchased a u sectional from this company sept 2022. It is now aug of 2023 and we still do not even have an estimated ship date for our order. When we asked for a refund they told us they can’t refund us our money and we need to dispute the purchase with our bank to get a refund. I wish I had done better research before hand. The better Business bureau has several stories much like ours of people not getting their furniture or their money. Spend your money elsewhere.


I did order 3 items from Valyou over the phone with Sales Person (2 chairs and 1 round table). I was promised that they will deliver the furniture within the 2 weeks period. I am already within the 10th week of waiting and still i got nothing. Louise is a dedicated dispatcher for delivery who keep pushing the dates further, over and over again. After i received the massage i did try reaching to Customer Service several times but i was not lucky to get anybody. After 25+ time (Cyntia (Sales Specialist) and Ana (Sales Specialist)) i finally manage to have their manager (Diana V.) calling me back on my cell. I did explain that this is not ethical to pay almost close to $4,000 for such a bad Customer Service. She did try to made up bunch of the excuses which were so obvious that leads to a lie. I did politely request a refund of the order on which she automatically said that other department is in charge of CANCELETIONS. I did try again to explain to her that we never got our furniture delivered so it is a REFUND not a cancelation (if you cancel company have a policy to keep 20% of your full amount). She said somebody will give me a call on Monday 9/25 but of course THAT NEVER HAPPENED. I did call CC company right away and report as a SCAM. I hope I will get my money back. I ADVICE EVERYBODY DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY THIS IS A SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM PLEASEEEEEE

valyou a cheating company

very bad shop,cheating again and again, delivery very bad

Flat Couch, Terrible Customer Service

We have a terrible experience with this company. We ordered a couch with two sectionals, and after about 2 weeks we noticed the couch lost all of its fluff. Its down feathers even fell out of the couch. After trying to tell the company about this issue a rude phone operator told us to “fluff the sofa” and refused to help us return the couch despite the warranty. When we tried to elevate the situation, we noticed the company gave us a phony number to call. We are now stuck with a flat couch whose wooden frame pokes us as we sit. Very disappointing for the amount of money we spent.

Couch never received ripped off $2600

Couch never received-scammed $2600

what I’m SURE about is do NOT buy from them

Almost a month of delay with the shipping. Representative are not trying to help NOT nice at all and very rude. I’m really not sure if they are scammers or a real company…what I’m SURE about is do NOT buy from them. I have wasted HOURS, calling them and the delivery companies. nobody take responsibility there is no ETA at all. DO NOT BUY from them!

terrible customer service amd shipping

save yourself the headache, go buy elsewhere pretty sure this is a scam at this point

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