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Value City Reviews

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Value City is a furniture retail chain that is found throughout the midwest, southern, and eastern states. Their claim to fame is their direct from the manufacturer value with many collections offered from factories that they own in the US. Overall, customers have good things to say about their experiences with Value City, but there are some complaints reported about delivery, perceived quality, and durability in some cases.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.4/10

Price: $14-$4499+

Return Policy: 7 Days + Restrictions

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Value City Specifics

Value City Furniture is a large discount furniture chain with over 100 stores. What sets them apart from other furniture store chains and online store fronts? They offer made in the USA discount options, shop the look styles, and convenient payment options that include no money down financing options.

Overall, customers have good things to say about VCF and their in-store experiences. When it comes to complaints, there are some that had issues with delivery, durability, and customer service when things went wrong.

Material Quality

One of VCF's core company missions is to bring quality that you can afford. With this mission, they have their own Kroehler line of products that are made in the USA. While some of their more expensive items, feature luxury wood veneers and solid construction, lower priced items feature more cost-effective materials, like veneered particle board. Most customers are satisfied, but there were some complaints abour durability for some items.

Value City Furniture's Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that VCF's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

The first most popular item on shoppers' lists is a new sectional or sofa. With options starting at under $300, VCF's offerings are quite affordable versus many furniture competitors. In terms of style choices, most of their offerings offer classic or modern looks in common colors like browns, beiges, and grays. While most customers have good things to say about the price and initial feel, there are some concerns about durability for some customers.

The pros: Wide selection of affordable sofas and sectionals.

The cons: Some complaints about durability.

#2 Recliners

Another top request from shoppers is a new recliner from Value City. Similar to their sectionals and sofas, their recliners offer affordable comfort. With over 30 options to choose from, recliners start at just $399 with both power reclining and manual options. Materials include faux leather and synthetic upholstering options. While most customers like these options overall, some disagreed with the longevity of some models.

The pros: Affordable recliners with both power recline and manual options.

The cons: Some disagreements about durability in some cases.

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#3 Mattresses

Value City also offers a variety of mattresses for those that are looking for better sleep. Similar to their other options, their mattress selection is affordable and features both their own Dream-in-a-box brand along with other brands like Beautyrest. While options start at low prices and feature both spring and foam varieties, there are some complaints about the comfort and durability in some cases.

The pros: Affordable mattress options including name-brand varieties. Multiple material types.

The cons: Durability and comfort complaints for some.

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#4 Beds & Bedroom Sets

In addition to mattresses, customers are keen to furnish their bedroom with a new bed or bedroom set. Similar to other wooden options, Value City's selection includes affordable styles in contemporary and classic styles. These often feature veneered wood options and include children's options such as bunk beds and twin sizes. Most customers like these options with some complaints about durability and delivery.

The pros: Affordable beds and bedroom sets in traditional and contemporary styles.

The cons: Some complaints about durability and delivery in some instances.

#5 Outlet & Clearance

The last thing that customers are on the hunt for are outlet and clearance deals. While Value City doesn't have explicit outlet stores, they do have clearance deals to choose from both online and in their various stores. These items may be previous styles overstocked and may have final sale restrictions. Overall, customers like being able to find deals, but there are some complaints around perceived quality and durability for some lesser priced items.

The pros: Items on clearance can be significantly less for those looking for a deal.

The cons: Some problems with durability reported.

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More From Value City Furniture's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Value City Furniture offers a wide array of other furniture products, such as:

- Cabinets & Storage

- Dining Room Furniture

- Home Accessories & Decor

- Home Office Furniture

- TV Stands & Media Centers

Value City Furniture Store Locator

Value City Furniture can be found in many US states, mostly in the midwest and eastern regions. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

Value City Furniture Alternatives

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Browse Value City Customer Reviews

If your looking for something a little nicer than IKEA...

If your looking for something a little nicer than IKEA but on the same scale as Macy's this is the place to go! We really had a great time and the options are plentiful. Lawrence was very kind and took great care of us!! We will definitely be coming back soon

People love to hate

People love to hate on Value City and I totally get it. But I think the problem is, you have to have extremely low expectations for a furniture store with, relatively speaking, dirt cheap furniture. I mean, this isn't restoration hardware people! It's has freaking "value" in it's name. Okay, so I actually did my couch hunting in weird and ballzy order. I found my couch online, ordered it to the store, then went to measure it in store and see if it'd fit through my narrow door...and sit on it of course. I saw it, loved it, and calculated that it would barely fit. After that we went and picked it up from the customer pick-up dock out back. There was one guy there to help my dad and I load it into a truck. They should probably have another dock-guy because had I been alone things could have gotten messy. The couch legs had to be put on once I got home as expected. It seems to be a pretty nice couch for the price. I'd go back again.

I bought furniture...

I bought furniture from this location, along with it I bought the extended warranty for damages. The warranty is NOT the issue here. One of the items I bought was damaged through my regular use, the warranty company opted for a full replacement for the item. This is where the problems started. On 11/13, I receive a call from VCF regarding they have one of my item in stock, at a different location in St Louis. I was told it would be a couple of days to get it into my store and they would call me in order to schedule pickup. On 11/21, I call was told "yes it's here, according to my computer" and the person said they would call me back in a few minutes to confirm. 25 minutes go by, I call back and call back some more and no one was answering the phones. Finally someone answers, says they know what I'm talking about and the other guy who was helping me is with another costumer and will call me back as soon as possible. 45 minutes go by.... I call back, multiple times again until someone answers. I get ANOTHER person who says it's there and he's gonna locate it and call me back. 30 minutes go by, no call back. I call again, get someone else who tells me they are "tearing the warehouse apart attempting to find my item and will call me on Friday (11/22) morning to schedule pickup. At 7pm on 11/22, I call to find out my item is NOT at my local store but still at its original location. I'm assured it will be at my local store on Monday 11/25, and I will get a call to schedule pickup. Monday, no call at all. Tuesday morning (11/26) I go to VCF to ask in person since I get the run-around on the phone. My item IS there, I take delivery of my item. Conclusion: the furniture is of decent quality for my needs. The warranty program is pretty straight forward. The customer service and communication practices of this specific store is extremely lacking. I will probably NOT shop at VCF in the future for this reason alone.

Worst service in the history of man kind...

Worst service in the history of man kind. Do not shop here. I'd rather go to ikea and put together my furniture by hand without any manuals than deal with any of the team members under this branch. They suck, and they do not resolve any issues that THEY create. Trust me you are wasting your time and money by shopping here.

I received a gift from a family member...

I received a gift from a family member and delivery was so inconvenient..the manager was rude unapologetic and acted like I was taking up his time by wondering why I was told my delivery was ten minutes away over an hour ago..I personally will never do business with this company...completely unprofessional..

Don't waste your time...

Don't waste your time.... A month ago (11/3/17) my cousin and I were furniture shopping. We randomly decided to go into Value City after exploring multiple stores. To our surprise, Value City had a grand selection of really inexpensive sofa. We found a fun blue one and purchased it as well as a few kitchen chairs. Anne was our sales person. She was very sweet and stayed with us until we had a delivery date. The delivery was scheduled on 11/17. The company called and said one item was on back order so the delivery date was pushed back until 12/2. On 12/2, the delivery company came early. It was a great surprise! The minute the delivery man approached the door he said "come look at your sofa, it looks like a chair." I walked outside and yes, the sofa was defiantly a chair! The delivery men were great. They called the office and informed me Value City would call back soon. The next day Value City called and said the sofa is on back order and won't be in stock until January. I informed the lady, I was no longer interested in the sofa and would like to cancel the order. She said that's fine, but I had to go to the store to cancel. It was small inconvenience, but I obliged. I arrived at the store and immediately asked to cancel my order. I also asked to speak to the store manager, but I wanted to info he/she of my dissatisfaction of the back order. The manager didn't come out right away. Instead he sent messages through the women working at the front. Finally after asking to speak to the manager, Robert Smith walked out and admitted he wasn't actually the store manager. He also told me the delivery fee would have to be applied since I was canceling the sofa. I guess without the sofa, my purchase was too low for free delivery. I asked Mr. Smith for his bosses' business card so I could contact him. Mr. Smith laughed at me and said his boss doesn't have business cards. He told me to call the store and ask to speak to Greg Meyer on Monday. Mr. Smith didn't give me his bosses information nicely. Maybe Mr. Smith woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I am not sure, but he wasn't pleasant. On Monday, I called and spoke to Greg. Much to my surprise, Greg was very friendly and apologetic! Greg gave me a credit and removed the delivery fee. Honestly, I am happy I spoke to Greg because he gave this place an extra star. Greg seemed like a good guy. I'm not sure why he is allowing Mr. Smith to work for him. Greg seemed too kind and too smart to have such terrible employees. Maybe it is one of those situations where they can't fire because they are worried about being sued for age discrimination...Anyways, if after all of these terrible reviews, you decide to come to Value City- speak to Greg Meyer if you have any problems. He is a classy professional. Thank Greg, but i won't be returning, ever.

$4,000 plus spent...

$4,000 plus spent and I wish I had read the reviews. My furniture is falling apart and guess what NO ONE WANTED TO HELP. No one will help me and no one cares. It would have been cheeper if I made some furniture and it might have lasted longer. For the money spent I wasn't even able to get 4 years out of my furniture. NO KIDS, just two people, no parties, nothing so there is no reason for any furinature to fall apart. The leather is peeling and the wood legs are bubbling. GO to IKEA, or Amazon, its just sad a huge corporate company can't even hear someone out. Just sad.

The worst customer service ever!

The worst customer service ever! They will just piss you off badly!!! I strongly recommend you not to go to this store. We were supposed to pick up our order on our moving day because that was only day we had a truck. They called us the day before and said our order would not be at the store because of delay for some reason and we would have to come pick it up on a different day. So we asked if they could deliver it to our new address for free since it was not our fault that we couldn't pick up. They said "no" and we had to pay for the delivery which is over $100. After we decided to cancel our order, I called the store to speak with a "customer service representative. She was so impatient and sounded mad at me or something. I asked her to be a little nicer to me and her response was to transfer me to someone else worse. The next person couldn't even wait for me looking up the order information and started yelling at me. And she ended up hanging up on me.... This is not a joke! This is what just happened to me. We are just so disappointed in the fact that there is this level of worst, disrespect, and impatient customer services that exist.... Shame on them.

Buyer beware

Buyer beware. Sniff the furniture you pick out before you buy.

Just your average run of the mill furniture store

Just your average run of the mill furniture store. The selection is nothing to write home about, but the service makes up for it. This would be an okay place if you are looking for furniture on a tight budget.

My furniture is being delivered tomorrow...

"My furniture is being delivered tomorrow. I can't wait to see it in my home!!" That was my 5 star review upon leaving the store. I now wish that I could give 0 stars. Not only did Value City not call me to deliver my furniture but they treated me with such disrespect when I tried to inquire what was going on. Devon was so rude that I don't even know how she is employed anywhere much less in customer service. Robert the "Manager" was useless and unwilling to try and help. The sales lady was wonderful but once you sign the papers they could care less. Don't shop here unless you want to be treated like crap and prefer unreliable service putting your furniture delivery far from the original date.

We enjoyed our experience with Value City

We enjoyed our experience with Value City. Working with Anne was a breeze. Our couch has held up well, but hasn't been the same since mishandled by sloppy movers. Would recommend.

I don't know if my house was built...

I don't know if my house was built on an ancient burial ground or if there's like, a monkey's paw in the attic or something, but when it comes to furniture delivery I'm convinced I'm cursed. Like I crossed a witch without knowing it and she's like "Angela - you will be pushing 30, single, you will spoon your 70 lb dog at night like it's not weird, and no piece of furniture will EVER be delivered to your house without incident. Ever." Monkey's paw notwithstanding, this place is the worst of the worst. Never shop here. I ordered a new bed, mattress and box spring in June. For $119, Value City will deliver and assemble your furniture. Fine. The bed arrives, the delivery men are pleasant, they put everything together, I tip them, they leave. On night #1 the bed broke. I've already painted the picture of my wild life for you in the first paragraph, so I'll have you know the box spring cracked from me merely getting into my bed to go to sleep. Being raised Catholic, I naturally jumped to the conclusion that the bed breaking was totally my fault, prayed a rosary, and fell asleep. After a few weeks on a sunken bed with a broken box spring, I couldn't take it anymore. I put in a service call to see if anything could be done to fix it. I was promised a return call, which never came. Three weeks later, a very polite technician looked at the crime scene and concluded that it wasn't actually my fault. The delivery guys left out the middle slat to support the box spring and that's why it broke. He told me someone would be in touch by Monday, which also didn't happen. I had to follow up numerous times to get a time to have my box spring replaced an get the missing slat. They came out yesterday with a nice, new box spring. They did not bring the wooden piece to keep the bed from breaking again. I'm a patient person, but dealing with Value City Furniture is like dealing with an evil genie. "Oh you wanted the slat, too?? Well we gave you the box spring!" Yes, I want the slat. So my bed doesn't gd break again. I called Customer Service at this store, and that's the whole reason for this 1 star review. Customer service is a joke here. They wouldn't send a driver back out to my house with the piece I needed, and after repeatedly pushing the importance of this to them, they finally agreed to cut me a piece of wood that I could come down and get myself and install myself. I'm fine to come down there and pick up the piece that YOUR delivery team forgot, that YOUR delivery team didn't install correctly in the first place, but I want my $119 delivery charge back. The manager preferred to be condescending. He was not empathetic or even polite to me. He was dismissive and when I asked to speak to someone higher up, he said, and I quote "Sure. But you're not getting your delivery charge back, I can tell you that right now." The General Manager refunded me $60 of the $119. This is totally unacceptable and horrible customer service, but I was on the verge of tears so I took the joke of a refund and walked out with my wooden slat. Listen up, Value City Furniture: you are terrible. Your delivery service is terrible. Your follow-up is terrible. Your customer service is terrible. When it is noted by your technician that you all were the ones who messed up, just refund the stupid delivery charge. $119 may not seem like a lot, but to those of us who work two jobs and saved up to buy a new bed for upwards of $1,000 that I haven't had ONE GOOD NIGHT OF SLEEP ON -- it stinks. It totally stinks. And witch-lady, if you see this, whatever I did I'm sorry. Please lift the curse of shitty furniture stores. I really need a new desk and it won't fit in my Honda.

At first glance...

At first glance, it appears as if Value City Furniture is offering great deals. But for the quality of furniture you get, it's just OK. I purchased a very cute sectional from there about a year and a half ago for about $1,200. It was my first new couch! After using it for 6 months, it looked like a 500-lb trucker lived on it. Really lumpy, sad looking couch! Definitely not worth $1,200. Lucky for me, I had a warranty and was able to get in touch with the store manager and explain my situation. He was extremely understanding and offered a full store credit. The manufacturer of my sad sectional is now out of business and they had a bunch of complaints about that particular model. So I recently went back up there and picked out a brand new couch and love seat. This time, I was careful to look at the frame and cushion to see if it could withstand my 120 lb frame :) And kudos to the customer service team there, they are extremely nice and gave me absolutely no hassle with the return. The furniture at Value City is just OK. They carry a few lines that look like something you could buy at Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn, but the quality leaves something to be desired. Many of the pieces look flimsy or poorly made. So yes, you might be paying less for what appears to be a nice piece of furniture, but it will not withstand the test of time. If you really want to buy your furniture there, definitely purchase the warranty.

My boyfriend and I just moved into a new apartment...

My boyfriend and I just moved into a new apartment and were looking to splurge a little bit on a nice coffee table. We found a really great one with expandable panels for $350 which we thought would work great in our small place. A bit pricey, but for the function and style, we thought it was worth it. First off, when we came in, no one greeted us and we had to seek out a sales associate. We ordered the table and all of that was fine, but we opted to pick it up ourselves to save the money. My father made a special trip from an hour away with his truck to help us. When we opened it, the table was in really bad condition. All of the corners were chewed up like they had been scraped across the floor, a panel was completely off with nails poking out, and a giant strip of varnish was missing like a piece of tape had been ripped off. We were going to simply ask for an exchange without a fuss, but the general manager refused to deliver a new item for free. I understand that we originally opted to pick it up, but upon receiving a broken item from a company, I would think they would want to remedy the situation in a tasteful manner. We basically were given the option of going back to pick up the new table or paying a delivery fee. After discussion he offered the fee 50% off. So, we were supposed to pay more for a broken item to be exchanged after our inconvenience? With the amount we were willing to pay, I was very disappointed in the lack of customer service and opted to return it instead.

When I first moved here...

When I first moved here, Aba N and I went furniture shopping. She got two awesome couches and I got a futon that I LOVE! One of our friends even said the futon was more comfy than his BED! On top of that, things weren't horribly overpriced! That same year, I bought some ottomans from there. I love them still and they've kept up really well despite how much I've abused them. My futon is still comfy and it's been a few years. I have to say I'll shop here again in a heartbeat!

I purchased $1000 worth of furniture...

I purchased $1000 worth of furniture at this store. I am a STL Business Owner with 35 years in retail. My salesperson at Value City Lawrence, was kind, affable and a pleasure to do business with. However, when we discovered one of the clearance items I had purchased had severe damage that was not visible where it was siting. The manager Robert refused to sell me a similar item, when pressed for an explanation his reasoning was if he sold me another piece he might lose future business. The fact I appeared to be the only buying customer in the store should have been reason enough to sell me another piece. Which clearly brings to mind the old bromine "a bird in hand". After assuring Robert I would return within 30 days to purchase another $4000 in additional furniture, he still refused to sell me another nightstand. Had I experienced this same exchange at my own company, Robert would have been terminated immediately. This mans absurd reasoning defies logic. I advise anyone looking for quality customer service to choose another option. To call this man bumbling is a gross disservice to a poor soul who actually is bumbling.

Dropped my new couch

Dropped my new couch and bent it. When I asked about when it would be replaced, I got the run around on the phone. Once I came to the store for face to face conversation, the run around continued. I would give zero stars for customer service.

Came here a couple times to shop...

Came here a couple times to shop for a new sofa/sectional before labor day. They have a variety of furniture which is great, and you can get many styles in different colors and such. They have a little clearance/outlet section in the back as well where you might find some good pieces for a decent price as well. The sales people are alright, your average sales people really. Delivery charge is about $120 - even if you buy a cheaper piece of furniture (i.e. $200) the delivery is still about $120 and it seems to be non-negotiable (i'm guessing because they contract the delivery out). I only live about 6 miles away, no way i'm paying $120+ for delivery. They need to lower their delivery rates, maybe stop contracting the deliveries out if that is what they are really doing. So if you plan on shopping here and aren't going to be spending too much, you may want to make sure you have a way of picking up the furniture before hand.

After two great purchases

After two great purchases, we made a third. This third purchase, a blue sectional, was the first time we had a problem with a piece of furniture that we needed to resolve. This gave us the painful experience of navigating a true warranty SCHEME and absolutely pathetic management. We purchased the couch and the warranty after being told by a salesman that is anything was wrong with the couch, VCF would fix it OR credit us the $$ toward a new/different purchase. So, we went for it. Now, only five months later, there are two (almost three now) spots on the couch where you sit and can feel the frame on your bottom. There is no resiliency whatsoever and you can see, even when not seated, the spots where the couch is caving in. I called customer service. They sent Al out on a Friday to evaluate. He sat on the couch and agreed that was a huge problem. Next thing I know, customer service AND a manager have the nerve to diagnose the problem as NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR. After an hour arguing with a manager about the definition of a "manufacturer defect", it was clear to me that VCF cares more about grabbing my money for a poorly made couch and a sneakily-worded warranty policy than actually providing a positive customer experience. Six months of sitting on a couch and the foam is shot?? We sink so low we can barely stand up?? Sorry...that's not NORMAL wear and tear, no matter how you define "manufacturer defect". The manager even had the nerve to tell me "your comfort isn't a guarantee". Really!?? YOU ARE A FURNITURE STORE. Be warned, shoppers! This was our first big purchase as a married couple. We saved very hard earned money for a big purchase and now I'm being told that it's our fault for sitting on the couch. Guess we should have just been looking at it instead?? We will never return to VCF. It's too bad, because all we wanted to do was reselect a piece from them. We didn't even want our money back. Now, you've lost us as customers and hopefully anyone who reads this review will seriously think again before making a purchase here. I refuse to let the Gurnee management be my last stop in resolving this issue. I plan to contact corporate and continue leaving reviews until we get our money back for this couch.

So of course I'm always a little skeptical

So of course I'm always a little skeptical on having people come to the house and fix things when my husband isn't home. But Al made it very comfortable for me, he was talking and held conversations with me the whole 20 min of his service call. He was quick, clean to pick up after himself and very nice! I give him 5 stars for this service call. Thanks Al!

We are terrible at shopping for furniture...

Go see Zaim! He's awesome. We are terrible at shopping for furniture and it takes us years to decide on anything. We were in and out of the store on less than an hour, without fighting, and 2 new awesome sofas. We even blew out our budget and didn't care because he was so knowledgeable and non-pressuring. We will definetly come Back and see him!!!


THE WORST. This is the absolute worst furniture store out there. Absolutely no customer service & the most unprofessional employees I've ever delt with. Save yourself the headache and shop at real furniture stores like Crate & Barrel or even Target. THIS IS THE WORST PLACE. I can't believe anyone would go here. IKEA is better.

I ordered a bed for my 11 year old...

I ordered a bed for my 11 year old about two weeks ago and when I came in the other day to pick it up they "forgot to order it" you fools. You absolute buffoons. You think you can challenge me in my own realm? You think you can rebel against my authority? You think you can come into my house and upturn my dining chairs and spill coffee grounds in my keurig? You thought you were safe in your furniture store establishment. I will take the laminate wood floor boards and destroy you. I didn't want war. But I didn't start it.

At Gurnee Mills we were walking around...

At Gurnee Mills we were walking around. Saw a nice kitchen set. Stopped in to take a look. Was nice not being bothered by pushy sales people. Ah, at last we found a few to ask about the table. However they were engrossed in a television program. Not one of the 3 acknowledged we were there! So we looked around. One lady was at a desk doing paperwork and never looked up. Another guy was on a computer with headphones on. Needless to say we left. Obviously they didn't want to make a sale. I would recommend not bothering stopping in to browse. There are other furniture stores.

Prices are very good...

Prices are very good. The furniture doesn't feel cheap. I can't vouch for it all. Just the bed and couch we bought. The staff is obviously paid by commission because they rush to you the second you walk in. It's crazy how much they want to "help" you find furniture. I shouldn't be feeling like I'm at a car dealership when buying a couch. At least they aren't rude. Just hungry to make a sale. They have a great selection in stock and the few things they don't have in the west house they are relatively quick to get to you. I suggest picking if up yourself if you can. Delivery can be pricy. However if you want to do delivery I've heard good things. They are polite and quick. Anyway it's only 4 stars because it feels like a car show room.

Still a 4 star experience...

Still a 4 star experience on my second smaller purchase. Saw a good deal while walking through to do some shopping in the mall. This is a 3 to 4 star store but I guess people sometimes have issues when it comes to delivery and pick up. From what I can tell most of their furniture is good quality and fairly priced.

The man that helped us...

The man that helped us was very nice and took the time with my husband and I. I didn't realize how big of a selection they have but it was nice to see such a large variety of furniture, check them out not bad !

Where do I start??

Where do I start?? The joyful experience of buying furniture was brought to the lowest point by the Value City Furniture of Gurnee. Day 1: Was Shopping around for Bedroom furnitures. A Nice Associate (I mean it - Joyce Ruiz - the lone star u see for the review is for her) was kind enough to help us show around the different beds and their packages on the floor. We zero-ed in on a bed, dresser, mirror, side table + Added a Mattress. She tried to push for the extended plan coverage - we said no. Made deposit of $$$ amount. We did not want to complete the sale as we were still shopping around. She promised that $$$ amount will be refunded if we did not proceed with the sale. She confirmed that we can also make changes to the order Day 7: Decided that we will just opt for the bed, mirror and dresser. We went to the customer service desk to make the changes to the order. I believe the Customer Rep was new (Erica). She was helped by another man (Eric). I told him to remove the side table and the mattress. Eric was apparently giving training sessions to Erica. He was not able to remove the items we did not want and rather he chose to CREATE a NEW ORDER. He messed it up and we did not know until it was delivered and assembled (instead of xxxx 54 model he did a xxxx 52 model). We went thru their financing and delivery. Signed the papers and agreed on delivery date. Day 11: Order was delivered and assembled. Only after couple of hours we found the screw up. We called VCF - Tom (he is the crappiest associate i ever talked to - he cares a little about being courteous). He said manager will talk about it in some time. He calls back in 10 mins saying that Manager is busy and said that he will work with me to reorder the bed. He said there is a difference in cost for the 54k model. I was ok to pay it. He also said that i need to pay additional charge for delivery(129$). I refused and said it was not my mistake and that it was Eric's mistake to have placed the wrong model - VCF should deliver it to me at no delivery charge. He did not accept that. He started name calling - petty stuff! I was explaining to him as to why it was mistake on VCF's side - he cut me off by shouting at me not to yell (i was not yelling but was explaining) and that he would hang the call. VCF scored an "F" grade for customer service right away! I told Tom it is not professional to do name calling and it is better to address customer issues instead of skittle the issues. He refused to help me and was taking the customer satisfaction to the lowest level. I was done with it - i wanted to talk to the floor manager. He refused. I told him that i would return the furnitures and that I would meet him tomorrow with the manager to share my experiences. He said these words "Oh don't worry sir. You won't meet me tomorrow. I just quit" and slammed the phone. I went to VCF Arlington Heights to enquire about returns and refunds with my wife. The associates flocked around my wife and giving her the stares and weird looks - making her uncomfortable. VCF has some serious issues with their associates. I retuned the furniture to Gurnee and got the refund. I cared a little to talk to associates/manager about my experience. I will let the future customers decide if they want to do business with VCF after reading my review. I know I will NEVER do business with them again Be WARNED!

I have been to the value city...

I have been to the value city in Gurnee plenty of times. The salespeople, even though on commission are never very pushy, and they never follow me around. I have bought a great couch about 3 years ago, mattresses and kitchen furniture, and recently some gorgeous kitchen chairs. Always very happy and always go back.

Shopping around a lot for a sofa

Shopping around a lot for a sofa and loveseat. Best sales people around. I found a great sofa and loveseat , so very happy thank you Value City for making my shopping experience delightful.

Love the table my fiance and I purchased...

Love the table my fiance and I purchased from here but it was such a pain to get. 1. They said the table would be in and it was not in for another week after the date they told us. 2. When if finally was in, we called to see if we could pick it up. They said yes. When we got there the guy standing right there said they weren't working that day. 3. He guy then went to get the table and gave us the boxes. 4. When we got home we found out he did no give us the legs to the table. Overall, not worth the trouble.

I wish I could give a zero rating

I wish I could give a zero rating to this place. Absolutely horrible customer service! Their furniture is really not that worth the "Value" as they claim to be. I went there for Memorial Day Deals to buy a center table/ottoman. They had a piece in my budget and when I asked them they said, it's display piece and I have come back after Memorial Day if I really want it. Then I came back home and ordered a piece online for pick-up at the store. They kept calling me every day to say the pick up is pushed to the next day until yesterday that I finally got frustrated and cancelled the order. They called me again today for pick-up which means it's really not cancelled and then they say, I have to call online customer service to cancel it. Pay that extra $100 and go to Ashley instead. It'll be worth your time and money.

If I could give them a zero I would

If I could give them a zero I would. Do not go to them if you're looking for hassel free customer service. We've had issues with them from the time we placed our order. We were supposed to get 36 months financing and 3 months later our account is still saying 12 months. I've called 4 times to have this issue resolved and even spoke to a manager who told me it would be fixed and 3 months later it's still not fixed. They have extremely poor customer service, and they definitely do not know how to follow up and follow through. Save yourself the trouble, headache and stress. GO TO Bob's furniture. Value city Gurnee is terrible!

Never again

Never again. Never. This is the second time in a week that they have been here and I still don't have the furniture I bought. The brought the wrong product the first time. Left the correct things and had to reschedule to replace the wrong pieces. Well, they brought the missing piece today and the rest of the pieces to put the bed together were incorrect. So I still have no bed after attempt two. I am LIVID. They are a furniture store. There job is sell furniture and part of that job includes delivering the correct pieces so I can use the furniture that I bought from them. Still no resolution as I am waiting to hear back on when and how they are going to fix this problem. If i don't have resolution today, the entire set is going back. I will never, ever buy a piece of furniture from Value City. UPDATE******The latest in the saga. They sold it to me as a platform bed. it is NOT a platform bed. You have to buy a separate smaller box spring, which they neglected to tell me. So now if I don't want my bed to 4 1/2' high with the need for stairs to get into it, I have to buy this separate piece and pay for separate delivery. Also, I posted my issue on their Facebook page asking for help and resolution and they DELTED the post from their page, multiple times! Seriously, if you buy from VCF you are taking a huge risk. i will never, ever set foot in a store of theirs again. What should have been a fun, exciting experience has been nothing but a nightmare. UPDATE #2 = The store has worked with me to rectify all of my problems in a professional and customer friendly manner. Wish things had gone better, but they did step up to the plate finally. Wanted to be fair to them and update one last time

My boyfriend and I came in Value City Furniture...

My boyfriend and I came in Value City Furniture in Gurnee Mills a few months ago. Customer Service is horrendous. I let the salesman know we were just looking and if I needed him, I would look for him. I finally had a question and he responded with an attitude maybe because I didn't allow him to stalk us.

Okay I bought the 2pc. Moda sectional...

Okay I bought the 2pc. Moda sectional from value city and I purchased it May 2017. Value city had to come replace the left sectional couch several times. One month after I got the furniture, September 2017 and March of 2018. Remind you my warranty ended May of 2018. I called the company June of 2018 to explain to them that im having the same problem with the the left side sectional couch once again. The room were the furniture is located has probably been set in ten times with in a year. I spoke with the manager Joe and explained to him what was going on with the furniture and that the furniture has been switched out three times. Joe explained to me that he knew the exact problem that i was having because he noticed that the left side of the sectional couch that located in the store is having the same problem that the cushion looks like it has speed bumps. I was asked by Joe to send him pics. Which I did Joe called me and explained that there was nothing they could do it wear and tear and maybe the company that manufactured the furniture made it in correctly how is that my responsibility. Wow. So than I called the corporate office and was asked to also send pic. Which I did i was told the same thing once again if this furniture has been switched out three to four times in one year and you have the manager telling you he's knows exactly what I'm talking about because the one on there floor has the same problem and that the store has switched there out twice obviously there has to be something wrong with the furniture. I have sent two people to value city to buy furniture and I will not send anybody else there. Go to Bob furniture the clearance.

Great store

Great store. Bought our sectional from here. The salesman was very helpful and the delivery crew was very friendly. I've had some bad experiences with furniture deliveries in the Grand Rapids area.

Upon entering the store we were stopped instantly...

Upon entering the store we were stopped instantly by an old balding man who asked if he could help us. We let him know we were looking. He asked us when needed our furniture by. My fiance said "we can pick up as soon as today" and interrupted by an "do you know what you can pick up day of? TVs at best by. You need a large warehouse to have furniture the day off and we don't have one" I greatly didn't appreciate the condicending tone in his voice. He didn't even give me a chance to let him know we had more time than just today. What he didn't know is I had said to my fiance before walking in that I didn't mind upping our budget if I found something I liked. I'm irate that we were treated like we were lower than that man. It was unnecessary and rude. I would recommend anyone go elsewhere.

I was there on Sunday 11/19 for over an hour...

I was there on Sunday 11/19 for over an hour and not ONE salesman asked if they could help me. All of the salesman were black helping black customers and obviously I'm not not black......But thanks for not helping me because I got a smoking hot deal on Ashley brand furniture at JCPenneys which is 100% better than anything that they carry and get this, Big Lots carries the VERY SAME FURNITURE!!! Big Lots was just a little cheaper.....Again, Thanks again for doing me the favor by not helping me!!

Very strange place...

Very strange place. It's always deserted and after my last visit I know why. My order got there ok and I was picking it up. I only ordered one chair. I thought I could go in the front and just carry it out. 2 guys in the store told me to go around back but treated me like I was a moron for going in front. Strike one. Go around back and ran into 2 customers who were having issues retrieving their orders. I heard one guy say that the store had it, but no one could find it. Another woman was there to get another table as the first one she got was broken upon delivery...strike 2...when it was my turn a very creepy looking individual was there with scabs on his face and asking for my license. Ok this guy looked like a user and he wants my personal information. Lovely. He mumbled things I could not make out and never once smiled or acted at all happy to help. It's really a shame because the furniture is nice but no way am I going there again as the overall feel was creepy druggies and snide remarks from the floor staff..strike 3. Also the guy never checked my order to see that only ordered 1 chair. I opened the box and there were 2. Okkkk.

After reading some...

After reading some of the horror stories of their delivery, I was expecting the worst. But everything went perfectly! They arrived right at the beginning of the 2 hour window and got our sectional all set up in about 15 minutes. No damage was done to the furniture or the shelves of decor they had to manuver around to get the couch up the stairs! Loving our new couch and I would definitely buy from here again!

So a bit about me...

So a bit about me: I am a very patient, non hot-headed person. I know every business has it's shining moments, and it's not so good ones. With that said, BUYER BEWARE! Ordered a 2-sectional couch, and 2 ottomans. When delivered, one sectional was damaged, as was one ottoman. (Scratches, chips of wood out of the legs) We kept them until new ones were delivered. Waited...waited.. wondered when the new furniture might come. Finally called. They had no idea that there was a problem with our original furniture. The new furniture would now be delivered in a week. New furniture arrives. Sectional is the wrong piece. New ottoman has a chunk out of the wood in the leg. Screw falls out of the bottom. Sent back. New furniture would arrive in two weeks. New furniture arrives. Scratches and cracks in the wood of the new ottoman and sectional. THIRD TIME! Called the manager immediately. Johnathan, the manager, assures me that he will get to the bottom of this, and take care of the problem, even if he has to make the delivery himself. "I will make some calls and call you in the morning," says Johnathan. I got NO call this morning. Drove to Value City this afternoon to talk with Johnathan. "Oh, Johnathan started his vacation today. He's on vacation for 9 days." This was told to me by a woman in the back office. Can you believe this? I can't believe they are still in business. Every delivery driver told us this happens a lot... damaged furniture, etc. Hopefully, Kim, back in the office will take care of this as she said she would. This is still ongoing, and I've learned not to trust this company, unfortunately. I want the rest of our order, undamaged. Avoid the constant disappointment, and stay away. There are way too many furniture stores in West Michigan to put up with this terrible customer"service".

I bought a $1500 table in August...

I bought a $1500 table in August ... my niece was recently over and spilled water.... I did not notice it right away and it proceeded to bubble the top.. even though it has a 1 year warranty, they said it does not cover water damage... I'm sorry but, the 30 year old table I had prior to the one I bought at Value City Furniture, doesn't have any damage no matter how much water has been spilled... value City Furniture sells crap... save your self the heartache and go to a store that sells a better Quality!.... they are crooks

Well first off...

Well first off, my wife and I are satisfied with our selection. The sale man was a bit aggressive but that is to be expected. He really wanted a ssle, especially after I told him that we were not leaving until we make a purchase. He still bugged us and didn't let us be. Anyway we took our time and made a great selection. The delivery was were we ran into issues. First off they didn't have tools and needed to use mine, strike one. The driver and helper didn't even know what we had, I thought reading an invoice was apart of their job and they were going to put the wrong legs on the couches if my wife didn't stop them. Did I mentioned that I was at work, strike two. They forgot our tables and didn't want to come back stating that they were not in the warehouse. I called from work and talked to the manager and he said they forgo g them and delivered later that day, with marks mind you. That is strike three. VCF warehouse staff are unprofessional people that need to be retrained on customer service. Instead of checking out my wife, maybe focus on getting the job done and upholding the VCF logo that they represent on yheir shirt. I am giving them a two star because of that alone.

Literally wanted to buy a piece of furniture...

Literally wanted to buy a piece of furniture from here, but couldn't because nobody asked if I needed help. 3 employees were sitting at the entrance on the furniture on their phones. Not one addressed me. I didn't want to give either of them the sale so I left and am contemplating even buying online. This store needs a lesson in customer service, huge disappointment.


DON'T. BUY. FROM. THIS. SH*#HOLE!! Horrible quality merchandise ( you'd be much better off going to Big Lots or Walmart) , apathetic, rude, lazy employees and the worst customer service I have ever seen in over 50 years. An item was ordered and scheduled for delivery. The day before promised delivery, the store called and said. "we won't be delivering because our truck is full." WTF. Get another a few extra hours...figure it out! It's not my problem your shipping and delivery people are idiots. I said we had to have the item on promised day, and the rude woman said, " I'm not making any promises." Never got a return call and after making 3 calls myself, a manager told me he couldn't do anything to help other than TRY to get me the display model. Sure.. I want the filthy display model that everyone has been sitting on, spilling on and kids have been jumping on, in my home. Moron. I said that wasn't acceptable and would have to cancel, and he did nothing to try to make it work, I even agreed to have the item delivered a day late, but Mr. Moron said he wouldn't move any of that days deliveries to accommodate mine....even though I was promised delivery before that truck full. PLEASE go out of business. You are a garbage company filling up landfills all over the US. GO AWAY.

I came in to shop for a mattress...

I came in to shop for a mattress. I had been shopping all over town for a couple weeks trying to become educated on what I was looking for so I could make a wise decision. I came to Value City to see what they had and ended up with such a pushy and aggressive salesman that I never even got to try out mattresses or look. He kept giving me lecture after lecture on only one brand and never let me try anything out or even consider purchasing one. I finally just walked out and went somewhere else to buy it.

I stopped in to check on the options...

I stopped in to check on the options and prices for living room chairs now that I have more space at home after a recent move and can expand my furniture. We were immediately greeted by one of the sales associates who showed us several options. All were too expensive for me. I don't want to spend $300+ on a chair, not even accounting for delivery or tax. Also didn't feel like the quality was high, and many of the options just looked plain flimsy. Maybe VCF is a good option for other types of furniture, but I wasn't wowed by the store and left empty-handed.

We had a nice shopping experience...

We had a nice shopping experience when we bought our new dining set with Justin, but the delivery & customer service side of VCF is terrible. We had coordinated picking up our dining set while we had our moving truck going to our new house. We then got a call saying the furniture would not be ready for 4 more days. We ended up having to rent another tuck to get it home, so an extra rental charge. When my husband went to unbox the items, the table was the wrong color & one set of chairs the wrong color. The other two sets were correct. He called customer service & it took them a while to figure out what was sent & not sent. The lady on the phone basically said, pack up the wrong stuff & bring it here & get the right stuff. She offered to reimburse us for the rental to bring the furniture back, but not the other damn times we paid to rent because we were initially told to pick it up. It took 3 rentals & 2 trips to the store to get the right furniture! She also basically said it was our fault for signing off in it when we picked it up! We also bought a sofa a while back from Rooms to Go & had a wonderful experience & customer service....just saying.

When I moved back to Richmond...

When I moved back to Richmond after living overseas, I had no furniture and a very short time frame to find and move in to an apartment. I chose Value City Furniture because they had styles I liked and were able to deliver quickly. The sales associates in the store allowed me to browse on my own without pestering me, and did not try to pressure me into making additional purchases when I was ready to check out. I received an email with tracking information for my shipment two days after purchase, and my furniture was delivered and assembled within two weeks. The pieces are sturdy, attractive, and well made, and have survived another move since then in perfect condition.

I was not previously a fan of VCF...

I was not previously a fan of VCF, but the last few times I've gone, I have to admit they're winning me over in terms of furniture quality/price/selection and short delivery time. What they get wrong is how badly the sales people hound the customers. I've gotten several pieces here in my last two visits. I'm sure I'll shop here again.

I've always had great experience here

I've always had great experience here. My husband and I came here because the furniture is more in our price range vs going to Ashley furniture. We found 2 leaning bookshelves and a faux leather sectional with ottoman for our living room. And it was the perfect fit! Our living space is strangely set up so finding a smaller sectional to fit wasn't easy. After almost giving up we walked just further and found our sectional. There were sales going on for Veterans Day so we saved hundreds of dollars. All items were in stock and after 4 days our furniture was delivered! The delivery men attached the legs to the sectional and ottoman and then I put together the leaning bookshelves. The salesmen are helpful and work to get you the best deal.

Whatever you do...

Whatever you do, DO NOT purchase your furniture through acceptance now. It's a clean form of scamming. They will tell you one thing and the contract says another. Please be sure to read all fine print. I was told i could pay my furniture off in 4 months. Called on month four and they added $400 to my balance. It also doesn't help your credit because they report false numbers. Warning you now. My couch was $999 and the quality is trash. Sectional doesn't even stay together. Will not be using value city ever again

I fell victim to shopping at this place...

I fell victim to shopping at this place prior to reading the reviews online and figuring out that more people than not have a similar experience. I purchased a couch on November 21st, just prior to Thanksgiving and was told it would be ready for pickup on November 27th. After borrowing a family friends truck and getting my brother-in-law to assist, and after waiting 45 minutes at the store, I was informed my couch was not in and would not be available until December 21st. I spoke with customer service who agreed to free shipping for my "inconvenience". Fast forward a few weeks, I call one week before the couch is due to be delivered and they tell me everything is on schedule. On December 19th, I stop by the store and ask in person about the delivery and the woman looks up my order and informs me that everything is on schedule and my deliver will be between 1:30-3:30 on Friday. Next day, December 20th, the day before my scheduled delivery, they call and inform me that only half of my couch is in and ask whether I want them to deliver that as planned on the 21st or wait for my whole couch to be available. I told them I wanted the couch delivered but I wanted to speak with the manager, as I was hosting Christmas at my house (something I had discussed with the original saleswoman) and now had half a sofa. Was told the manager would call me back... 2 hours later, nothing, so I call back and they put me on hold for approximately 10 minutes but I eventually get ahold of the manager. He proceeds to look up my order and then tells me he needs to talk to the guys in the back and he'll call me back 10-15 minutes later. Two hours later, I still have not heard back from the manager. I call back and the customer service woman proceeds to tell me the manager left her a note to refund me 100 dollars for my inconvenience (I at this point had not mentioned anything about wanting a discount). I called VCF's corporate office to discuss this HORRIBLE customer service and the woman there told me she would e-mail everything to the regional manager. When I asked if he would contact me, she told me she didn't know what they did with customer-escalated complaints. Never heard from anyone and the local manager never contacted me. When they refunded the 100 dollars, they withheld the sales tax and only refunded me 94.77, which I chose not to talk to them about as the customer service had already proven to be non-existent. Fast forward yet again to January 7th, the day before my second half comes, and I received a call from their delivery scheduler for a 12-2PM delivery, and I told them I would keep my work schedule open but that I would be at work and would need 20 minutes notice to be home. She tells me she'll make notes and that it wouldn't be a problem. Next day, delivery guy calls and is at my house, with me 15 minutes away at the office still. When I tell him I'll leave right then, he proceeds to ask me how much I am going to pay him for him to wait at my place, repeatedly. Long story short, don't expect any customer service, don't expect your furniture on time, don't expect anything from them. If you have months to wait for your purchases with no communication or anything from the local or corporate office, Value City Furniture is the place for you.

I would give 0 stars...

I would give 0 stars if I could. Walked in looking for a living room set. Walked by several employees and no one offered any assistance. Guess we didn't fit the mold for who the assist!


BEWARE!! Do not shop here! I have had the worst time getting the furniture that I paid for from than! To start the sales person lied to me stating the item was in stock and guaranteed my initial delivery date. I only received half a couch on that date and was never given a call with an explanation! After spending over an hour on the phone I was given another "guaranteed" delivery date. That day came and no delivery, no call, nothing. I called them to be told it would be at least another week, and that I should call them back in a week to see where things are! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I never would have purchased this item if I had been told the truth up front, which the sales person knew because I told him I would only purchase if I could receive by a certain date. I will not be shopping here in the future and you shouldn't either!


Beware !!!! Do not shop at this location. Very deceptive business practices. I came to the store yesterday evening to discuss a pending matter and get a itemized bill of my current furniture balance for 90 day purchase option, plus taxes and reimbursement amount for Benefit Plus club Membership, which she said, " I didn't qualify for because I am self Employed." Ms. Smith refuse to provide it for me. So, I asked to speak to her boss and she said he is gone for the day and is off Sunday as well. I ask her to cc me the email that she was sending him and she refused and said she can't send personal emails. Ms Smith the Store Manager at this location is bad for business for Value City Furniture. She is rude and was very condescending towards me. She had the nerve to say I am a confused individual and I let her know I was in a car accident and sustain severe injuries this why I asked for temporary accident payment waiver and she showed no empathy toward me and no compassion at all. I am third generation customer for VCF and the experience here at West Broad Street store has tarnished my business relationship with this company forever. I am very disappointed and for them not to disclosed all terms and affiliations is deceptive business practices and consumer fraud by misleading statements and insulting me with her disrespectful remarks about my choice income and credit application. Which now, she also stated they don't have credit application. So why run a credit check but she said I'm confused. Really. VCF needs to retrain there sales staff, managers and affiliation staff at this store. They are misleading customers. Now I see why this store has no customers every time I go to this location.

I have been here multiple times...

I have been here multiple times. Looking for furniture in the clearance section as well as purchasing a new couch and then replacement cushions for that couch. The couch cushions are a decent price to get replaced and it does take awhile but that is expected. The customer service is meh, and the pick up area is kind of a mess. They aren't very organized and it took me about forty minutes to get two cushions and a slow day. I will shop here again in the future but have no expectations for my next visit.

VCF is amazing!!!

VCF is amazing!!! Steve was extremely helpful in helping me pick out my sectional! He has an amazing personality. Marcos and Carlos delivered it today and they were prompt and amazing! Will definitely be purchasing again!

Great furniture....

Great furniture. Great deal. BUT horrible at getting things delivered. Not quick. But everything did come and is fine now.

If I could give them 0 stars I would!

If I could give them 0 stars I would!. I don't know what kind of stupidity I was inhale when I made the decision to go into this store and NOT check the reviews. I'm the BIGGEST customer service person. I've had a customer service job ALL OF MY LIFE! (Not really but you get the drift). So when I am given poor quality of customer service I literally start to boil I walked into the store with one of my moms and my daughter(infant in stroller). No I was not one of those obnoxious shoppers with a daughter rarely cries and when we walked in she was as quiet as a mouse. Anywho, we walk in and not one person greeted us. I was amazed how 4 grown men who WORKED THERE looked us directly in the face and didn't smile or anything just stared. After we decided to just show ourselves around one of the associates that just gawked at us said hi and told us "feel free to look around". Here is issue number one: the store is unorganized and all over the place. Looking around is like shopping in forever 21 in regency you get exhausted just thinking about it. Issue number two: while we were told to "look around; every other customer had a sales rep assist them" Issue number three: we walked around aimlessly for about thirty minutes clearly needing help because all of the price tags are confusing to read. Issue number four: the furniture was over priced and cheap looking. I'm talking holes in display couches. Some of the couches even had different color legs on them. Now don't get me wrong there was one couch that I maaaaaaaybe would've bought as to it was $300 cheaper than the couch that I wanted at another apartment store and it looked decent. But the customer service deterred me from making that purchase. We watched as everyone else in the store was Service and no one paid us any mind. I'm sure they thought we were broke and didn't have money to spend which is sad because I walked right out of that store and into another furniture store and spent about 1000 on a couch. Never will I recommend them and never again will I go there. The furniture looks cheap and the prices are too high. Do not, and I mean DO NOT, waste your time or money here

The process was simple...

Pam Morton is so incredibly helpful! The process was simple, and the delivery was quick. I'm so excited!

Good prices...

Good prices. Choice range could be better, but was good enough for this most recent purchase. Associate and store manager gave excellent customer service. Picking up the furniture was delayed because product not in when they said it would be, but they made up for it by delivering free. Delivery team Gustavo and Disidoro were fast and good.

Absolutely horrible service!

Absolutely horrible service! We bought a dining table and chairs, on the day of the scheduled delivery, they called and said they were "out of stock", the last set was sold to someone else. We also bought a sofa, waited around for it on a Friday afternoon...and guess what? NOTHING. We called and they said the sofa "fell off the truck" and they may be able to deliver another one sometime the next week. Terrible! Do not trust these people for delivery - pick up your furniture or arrange delivery yourself. I suspect they do not stock any furniture, they order the furniture as they sell it - many low-end furniture stores work this way.


BEWARE: This company has a rating of F from the Better Business Bureau and over 1,000 customer complaints. Wish I knew before I stepped inside this store:… Based on my experiences, this company can't deliver things when they say they'll deliver it by and could leave you without furniture for weeks. Over one month ago, I bought a couch that I was told could not be delivered until the middle of this month. I was assured that the couch would be delivered on a particular date. When I called two weeks prior to my delivery date to see if the couch would be delivered sooner, I was told that the couch was out of stock and they couldn't guarantee a delivery date at any point this month. This was AFTER I paid $500 for the couch and a delivery fee. While some of their stuff may look nice, bear in mind that it might be months before you get your furniture and they will give you zero notice about any delays on their end, leaving you without any furniture or a backup plan.

Matched internet pricing...

Matched internet pricing Friendly service Delivered when requested Be careful as they automatically add in a maintenance package to the price so don't be strong armed into getting a package which per Consumers Report doesn't work and is pricy.

Rude sales people...

Rude sales people... need to check their attitude. Slow service. Want to take your money then don't care about you. Will not be buying from them again

Will never get furniture...

Will never get furniture from here again. When we ordered a bed set and sectional they told us it was all in stock and we would get it in four days. Get a call a couple days later and they said everything except for the mattress was out of stock. Two weeks later and them changing the delivery times five or six times we finally got our stuff. The mangers there aren't good either. In particular Karen said there was nothing she could do for us even though our entire order was messed up. We recently purchased more furniture from another place and it was an easier process STAY AWAY!!

Completely flabbergasted...

Completely flabbergasted at the lack of professionalism paired with lackluster customer service. I came in ready to buy a $3000 Ventura couch sectional in cash and was told that because they were running a special I was ineligible to have delivery waived. While speaking with the female manager, she curtly and without any desire to have a dialogue she said it wouldn't be happening. I politely said okay and left the store. 30 minutes later I went online and purchased the sofa, with the delivery fee waived. A message to the manager-- your location is losing business because of you. You lost a sale over $139. Best of luck!

I think this place is a hidden gem...

I think this place is a hidden gem for furniture. I kind of used to turn my nose up thinking it was cheap quality at cheap(er) prices. When I was looking for a new couch for my apartment I knew I didn't want to spend a HUGE amount. Just wanted something that looked nice. I went to VCF one day with my Mom who is a furniture lover and she was blown away by the prices and the quality. She had recently purchased a new couch down the road for almost double for what I have. They have great customer service, no one followed me around and when I DID want some help, they were very courteous as to not lay on the salesmen ways too thick. I will definitely return here FIRST when I need new items. This place is great. Delivery was efficient, early, and overall I'm blown away.

I was in the Glen Burnie store...

I was in the Glen Burnie store on 8/14/14 looking for a sectional sofa. I had been other places but wasn't finding anything in a style I liked that would fit my space. Low and behold I found it at VCF! not only that, but at a great price. Well buyer beware, you do get what you pay for. I had the delivery set for 9/5/14 as I had to make arrangements to get my old furniture removed, and at the time the piece was out of stock. I was going to be off at that time I just added an extra vacation day. Three days before the delivery date I would get a couple of calls a day confirming delivey. Well, the morning of delivery I get a phone call saying that the sofa part of my sectional was in, but not the chaise part. Now, how are you going to confirm delivery less than 24 hours prior and then the day of delivery say part of the delivery is on back order, and for another 5 weeks!! I spoke to everyone from corporate right down to the store and all I got were sorries. They lady I spoke to at the store, Karen (no last name) seemed to only want to get me back in the store to pick something else out, no doubt at a more expensive rate. She said it not just once, but several times, even after I explained to her I had already painted to compliment the color of the furniture. Nor only that, the delivery man called me at 10AM to tell me he would be there in 20 min. It took him 45. Also i was told that furniture orders could only be held for 10 days (no one told me that at the time of sale). So if orders are held for ten days, then why didn't i get my furniture? No one made any effort to offer me a discount, or anything to placate me. While I was there I also saw a bedroom set, and an entertainment center I liked. I was going to come back, but after this experience. I guess they aren't too concerned about the 2000-3000 dollars in sales they lost. Also I will be spreading the word, DON'T SHOP VCF!!! Followup: I just got a call from customer service, Miss India Stevens handled my claim. I have to say she was the first person I spoke to that was concerned about how upset I was. She offered me 50% off on my delivery, and 10% off a future purchase. She also checked and confirmed that I am scheduled for delivey 10/10. She said the manufacture didn't deliver. No one told me that earlier. As long as the 10/10 date is honored I might give VCF another chance, stay tuned.

Furniture delivery is horrible

Furniture delivery is horrible. This is the second time the furniture delivery service was late, rude and totally unacceptable.

The alternative fact store...

The alternative fact store. Yes received 3 different reasons why my order is delayed. Placed my order for a lift chair in September and keep getting reasons for the delay. Was a birthday gift but don't seems like she's gonna receive it probably til Christmas - Not, just want my money back. Then they hung up twice but said the call was disconnected. I would never recommend and people if you need it in the year you place the order, try another store but don't put your trust in VCF

Last month I purchased the Athens...

Last month I purchased the Athens, a super comfy sectional from VCF in Pasadena, but not before shopping and comparing products in several furniture stores. The salesman Mr. Sung Koo was very patient and helpful. My husband and I can be indecisive and time consuming customers, but that is part of our decision making process. Sung helped me with measurements and configuring the piece to fit perfect in my space. I would definitely recommend the salesman and the couch!

Bought a sectional from here...

Bought a sectional from here... there's no connector that holds the two couches of the sectional together so every time someone sits down the couches slide apart. I called to see if it was missing the connector part and the lady said no this set doesn't have a connector. I asked what I should do because the set always slides apart and she said just slide it back together every time. What a piece of junk. I would've just bought a two piece couch set if that's what I wanted.

I write this review with honest words...

I write this review with honest words and a very sad heart.... Why sad? Sad because I was LIED to upon purchase of the furniture..... I recently purchased a nice couch set from Value City Furniture at Glenburnie/Pasadena on Mountain road I was so excited to be purchasing this couch because it was a real big thing for me to save the money and get the couch that I wanted. However the apartment house I live has very narrow stairs and upon purchase I told BRUCE BARR I wouldn't even buy the couch unless they could lift the furniture through the very accessible sliding glass door on my 2nd floor it was flush to the wall so a truck could easily pull up and push the couch through. Past tenets have lived in this apartment house and they have done this. Bruce Barr said everything would be okay and that they will even take off the legs and I wouldn't have a problem..... so delivery day comes and WE HAVE A PROBLEM the contract moving company would not life the couch. I really hope you are happy with LYING to your customers just to get a purchase from me. I spoke to the Manager Rick and again he said that they would attempt and assest the situation.... The delivery company did not do this... DO NOT BUY your furniture from value city... they are liars and will not do anything for compensation or even pay for the lift. ... on a positive note if the woman in account were very nice and extremely help full they just have crooks up in front. I will be forwarding this review to everyone.

This review is for the delivery part only...

This review is for the delivery part only. When I purchased my bunkbed over a month ago they were on back order which was ok cause we weren't moving to our new house for over a month anyway so I set up deliver for 5/29/15 and specified that I needed an afternoon drop off because we had to work in the morning so today (5/28/15) since I had not received a phone call to confirm time and delivery I called and was told that we are first on the list for drop off at 8:45am and they were not willing to change it for me. I was told that I would need to reschedule for another day. I am beyond pissed because I was assured at purchase that an afternoon delivery would not be a problem. I can't take another day off of work to go sit and wait for them. I was supposed to get a phone call but never did, no apologies from the person answering the phone. I don't think I will be going back.

We came in on the Presidents' Day sale...

We came in on the Presidents' Day sale and it was full. We were greeted at the door. They had great sale specials and our sales person Sung Koo was great. He's very patient and answered all of our questions. And finally we decided on some furniture and he helped us through all the process. The place is accessible and compared to other places they had a great prices. Overall we are very happy with the experience. 5 star in my book!!!

Who the hell checks in...

Who the hell checks in and writes a review about a Value City Furniture? This guy. That's who! Let me say that I haven't purchased anything from VCF, but I've been in here a couple of times. I wanted to buy something, its not like I'm poor and don't have the money to buy value furniture. Much like Fox Mulder, I wanted to believe. I wanted to believe this place had some decent furniture. In the end, I found out that it was just some guy in a gray suit probing people. The wife and I stopped here looking for a coffee table and end tables. We are still without a coffee table or end tables, so that should tell you that we didn't find anything. First no-one bothered to even ask us if we needed help with anything. We walked by a couple of lax employees who were more focused on their texting than on their customers. Shame on you minimum wage salesperson. I'm not going to lie, the selection was disappointing. I get it, its just a showroom. Well shouldn't they show some alternatives? You'd walk down an aisle and you were sure that you saw the exact same table, with just a little different stylistic detail in the previous aisle. "Oh, this one has tapered legs." What the hell? And is everything dark brown or black, how about some choice VCF? I don't think we'll be going back. But I will give them some credit, they do have some decent looking dining room tables. So if we were looking for those, maybe the trip wouldn't have been such a waste. Unfortunately, we were searching for end tables and a coffee yea, not so much.


Furniture at a value is this stores goal. To shop at this vendor does not insinuate poor, you're simply in the market for quality furniture and pray that you find it. Unless you've educated yourself on what to look for when shopping for pieces, Ashley, Basset, VCF, and the like can have the same level of quality....but the pricing will range. There is only one brand I found to be the best here, and that's what I purchased, specifically from this location. It has been 2yrs, and thus, far the one time I had an issue, the repairman showed up determined sloping defect, and replacement was made. I'm only giving 3 stars, as I find 90% of their furniture is nice in appearance with below grade workmanship. Despite this assessment, having visited VCF several times, prior to making that single purchase, unless you are willing to pay Ethan Allen bucks, don't assume that another popular store with advertisement will be better. Do your homework and educate before you leave you don't whine up with a glued table and stapled sofa!


Oh EMANUEL, Emanuel Emanuel....there's always something in a name! From the the time I set my foot on The Value City Furniture Store on route 40. It was you that made my experience a lifelong memory. From professionalism, to saavy of personaltiy, to excellent customer service and a strong prophetic sales history of vast experience. You caught the vision and sold me all of my hearts desires. From a beautiful king size exclusive gallant white bedroomset, that I was suppose to purchase somewhere else. But when my eyes hit the prize at Value city I was sold. Moving on to also purchase a dining room elegant glass table with heavy dark wood with a splash of silver metal poles dashing threw the wood base.. I also took a trip to the beautiful glass end tables and server that we brought. Talk about the entire house being furnished and equsite to taste. So with a heartfelt thankyou to The Sales Representative Emmauel. Thankyou for your patience your drive, zeal and enthusiasm. Our lives have been forever changed threw DESIGN. Thankyou Value City Furniture. IF I COULD SAY THE NAME OF YOUR STORE IN FRENCH I WOULD. Because theres more there than meets the eye!! To the clerks at the desk especially veterans of the business Thankyou. To the manager and delivery men thankyou. You all were great!,

I would recomend this VCF...

I would recomend this VCF if you want to buy quality furniture at a decent price. We bought a couch, loveseat and recliner here. The prices are unbeatable and the service is decent. The ottoman that we bought was defective, so they brought us a new one with no questions asked.

2 Stars

The fist guy I worked with Issac seemed like he was in some sort of rush. Not very friendly in my opinion. Something told me to comeback to the store the following day a I got a guy named Mike he was cool as a fan. He was still willing to help and offer me advice even though he wasn't getting the commission for the sale. He saved me $164 on shipping, he told me to just rent a truck for 19.99 for 72 min from home depot. The pick up of the furniture was a NIGHTMARE I got there the guy didn't even look before he told me someone already came to pick up my furniture that I already paid for mind you!! EXCUSE ME?? Then he kept rambling on about how he had no help and they want him to do everything himself. SIR, I DON'T CARE I WANT MY COUCH AND LOVE SEAT THAT I PAID FOR, DO YOUR JOB PLEASE!! I did't say this to him of course. Anyway, they end up finding my stuff but let me tell you WHAT A HASSLE. The deal for the love seat couch combo was so good and Mike was cool so I gave 2 Stars.

My boyfriend and I had just bought our first house...

My boyfriend and I had just bought our first house, so we needed furniture for every room. We looked at a few places and decided value city had the best prices. We went to the store and picked out a new living room set, kitchen table, and bedroom set. When we ordered everything we were told that one piece from our couch would be on back order and we would receive it the end of May. I live on the eastern shore so the only day they deliver over here are on Thursdays. The delivery people came and as they were bringing up the bed set, they hit the wall and put a nice ding in the wall. My boyfriend was here at the time of delivery and noticed that we were missing a dresser and the bed support. He asked the delivery people where our other two pieces of furniture were and they said they were on back order until the end of May. We had no idea that those two pieces were on back order when we ordered it, we were told only one piece would be. We had called the store to complain so they gave us back $100. We had to sleep with the mattress on the floor for the first month we lived here. Value city had called to confirm the delivery of our remaining furniture to be delivered Thursday may 28th, the Sunday before as well the night before. My boyfriend and I were both working at the time so my mom took off work so she could stay and wait for the furniture. She waited for quite a while and our furniture never showed up. We never got a call, nothing, they just decided not to show up. I was furious and called again and complained. Their reason for not coming was that one piece was on back order until the following Thursday so they were just gonna deliver everything at once. Which is fine, but I would have like to of known that and not had my mom waste her time sitting at my house all day waiting. When I called I called corporate to complain and say what terrible service this has been. The girl was not very nice and didn't seem to care that my furniture was still not in my house after living here for over a month. They reimbursed me another $100 but that didn't make the furniture that was promised to be delivered show up. I had the worst experience with value city, and I refuse to ever shop there again. I would give this zero stars if I could.

The customer service over the phone is HORRIBLE

The customer service over the phone is HORRIBLE.. The lady who answers the phone has the worst attitude. I went in the store on the 17th and looked around, I ordered a couch which they told me they had in stock. It was scheduled to be delivered to me on the 27th. I received a phone call 2 days before saying that they did not send my order through and that I would have to wait an additional 2 weeks to receive my couch. They did not reimburse me my delivery fee or try to work around my schedule. so I had to change my plans again to wait on my couch. when I called the store the lady made it seem like this is a problem they have all the time and that there is nothing that I can do about it like it was my fault. I would NEVER recommend anyone doing business with this store they seem nice when they want your business and once you sign and pay for your stuff they show their true colors. RUDE RUDE RUDE. Good help is hard to find.. I hope they don't ever make another penny in that store.

My fiancé and I went into by a bedroom

My fiancé and I went into by a bedroom suite and ended up buying that as well as a couch and a mattress. Jeremy was our sales person and we had such a great experience with him, it was really low pressure, easy, and even fun. When the delivery people arrived today they were polite and courteous and even congratulated us on our new home purchase. I would recommend the store to anyone after the experience we have had.

I bought a bedroom set from here

I bought a bedroom set from here. I had everything in my cart and checked out, then when they went to schedule delivery I was told they no longer carry the bed that comes with the furniture. So I had to opt for the dresser and bedside table w/o the bed frame, headboard and footboard bc I loved the other items. I also purchased my mattress from here. At the point of sale my saleswoman told me I had a 120 day sleep test for my mattress. If I didn't like it then I could return it. Period end of story....well 40 days later this mattress is killing my back every nite. I go into talk to my saleswoman who was off that day so I tested the other mattress' to see if anyone of them was to my liking, well needless to say none of them were so I was gonna call my saleswoman the next day she worked. I called and she was busy with a customer so I spoke to the manager who was extremely condescending and would barely let me get a word in edgewise, but proceeced tell me that i would not get a refund but I had to exchange the mattress, I explained to him that I had come in and tried out the others and none would fit me and said well we have all new mattress and I said since Tuesday, like 4 days ago and he was like umm yea. Ok well we will see. Well I go in and there are the SAME mattresses there that were there last Tuesday when I went back in and looked. Don't buy your furniture at this place, they don't explain the entire small print only what they want you to know and if your too trusting as I guess I was in this situation and didn't read the actual small print bc I trusted my saleswoman then you will get screwed as I am. Oh and then you will also have to live with a broken back everyday like I do. I should send them the bills from my massage therapist.

At our daughter's house...

At our daughter's house and Just had a HUGE sofa sectional delivered by Tyrone and Chris. They worked together so well. Very thorough, fast, professional and personal. They even took a picture and sent it to our daughter, so she could see it. They packed up all the wrapping and were in and out before I knew it.

I have obtained a few pieces...

I have obtained a few pieces from VCF over the years. I haven't had to order anything from them, so I can't comment to that. At this particular location, they don't seem too busy which causes the sales staff to pounce on you when you walk in the door... some leave you alone to browse, but most seem to stalk you. Unfortunately, I rarely find something that I really want to purchase.

Would have been 5/5

Would have been 5/5 if it weren't for my moms couch and mattress ripping. Stuff happens though! They are however under warranty still, so value city is sending someone out to look at the damages and see what can be done; I'll update later on that! Went a couple nights ago to buy a new mattress. This isn't an easy task! I was helped by Jeremy, who was phenomenal! Did not push me to buy most expensive or anything else sales people do like that. Instead, he was very knowledgeable and helped me chose something within my budget (which I didn't have one but I'm 21yrs old and he didn't want to break my bank account) which I thought was very thoughtful and nice! They also had a sale going on that I was interested in. That's also what brought me in at this time. Needless to say, I did end up buying a new bed! It was delivered on time by two strong fellas who unloaded it and even set it up for me right where I wanted it. They were also very kind and polite. My whole experience was great. Love Value city! And their furniture of course!

I had looked several places...

I had looked several places for a new recliner, but was reluctant to visit this location. I had heard that service was sketchy, the selection was just ok, and people had problems getting delivery or pickup scheduled. All true! I did find the chair that I wanted, but the salesman was not particularly interested in helping me, sighed and did so begrudgingly, and at the end of the transaction, told me I could pick up my chair 2 days later at the Alum Creek distribution. (My experience there was great, in spite of having to return the following day. The men who worked loading vehicles were kind and professional.) Surprise! It wasn't there and Andrew didn't schedule the pickup like he and my receipt said it did. I will not be shopping at Value City again.

Alex Leisure

Alex was wonderful helping us find the right couch and chairs. Very patient and kind. He is our new go to guy!


On December 6, I received a wardrobe. The next day, I opened the boxes and found two pieces broken. On December 7, I emailed regarding this situation, and I am still waiting for something to be done since that time. I gave them all the details they asked for and all the pictures. I emailed tons of emails and called a lot of times - no one doesn't care. All the time, they said they needed to reach out to the vendor to check what they could do. After a while, WHEN MY PATIENCE GOT OVER, I told them that I wanted to return the wardrobe, but the customer service said that my return window was closed. That's not my problem that you can't figure out what to do faster, I informed customer service right away. It's almost two months since the wardrobe sitting in the middle of the room in the boxes, and they still can't figure out what to do. They can't refund the money, they can't pick up the wardrobe back, but they can offer 20% off. Seriously, would someone accept 20% off for something that is not usable? They also told me that these two broken parts MAYBE would be available in April, but they couldn't tell me this right away. They told me this after almost two months. Now they just keep ignoring me. I encourage everyone - DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE. I'LL MAKE SURE TO SHARE MY REVIEW ON EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA. ALSO, I'LL HIRE A LAWYER BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO COOPERATE, BUT I WILL NOT PAY FOR A WARDROBE THAT IS NOT USABLE.

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