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Seventh Avenue Reviews

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Seventh Avenue is a catalog and online storefront with ultra-affordable home furniture, decor, housewares, and even common electronics. In terms of their furniture selection, their widest array of items are in the outdoor furniture category, but they also offer mattresses and a smaller selection of indoor furniture as well. When it comes to customer satisfaction, most customers like their low prices, but there were some complaints about returns, perceived quality, and financing.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.9/10

Price Value: 7.4/10

Price: $3-$849+

Return Policy: 60 Days + Restrictions

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Seventh Avenue Specifics

Seventh Avenue is a discount home catalog that offers ultra low prices and a mixed selection of home decor, furniture, electronics, and more. One of their claims to fame is their proprietary credit buy now and pay later program, which enables folks without other forms of credit to buy home products.

While most customers like their unique selection of products, there are some complaints around delivery and durability. Also, some customers reported issues when they had financial difficulty paying off their purchases.

Material Quality

Seventh Avenue offers a variety of low-cost goods. When it comes to indoor and outdoor furniture, their wooden selection is oftentimes built over veneered particle board or powdered metal with cost effective upholstering options. Other equipment and tools offer off-brand bargains with cost effective craftsmanship. While most customers find the bargain prices desirable, there were some disagreements about durability and perceived quality in some cases.

Seventh Avenue's Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that Seventh Avenue's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top searches and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Outdoor

Seventh Avenue offers a wide array of outdoor furniture and decor items for low starting prices. Their selection ranges from outdoor rocking chairs and swings to conversation sets and arbors. For prices that are extremely competitive, shoppers have good things to say about their purchases overall. However, there are some complaints about durability and delivery in some cases.

The pros: Variety of outdoor furniture and decor options with a focus on seating.

The cons: Some issues reported with perceived quality and durability in some cases.

#2 Indoor Furniture

The second most popular request from customers is for new indoor furniture. Similar to their outdoor furniture offerings, Seventh Avenue offers an array of very affordable indoor furniture offerings. Mostly, they focus on smaller items like side tables and home decor, but they also offer mattresses and some larger items as well in select styles. Most of their options feature veneered wood and affordable designs. Customers have good things to say about their experiences overall, but there were some disagreements with durability and delivery in some cases.

The pros: Affordable furniture offerings with a focus on smaller items.

The cons: Some complaints about durability in some instances.

Top Quality Alternative: Wayfair Furniture
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#3 Bed & Bath Items

In addition to the larger furniture items that Seventh Avenue is known for, their bed and bath section is especially enticing to budget shoppers looking for a bargain. They offer bath towels and decor, and also bedding. Similar to their other products, their bed and bath selection are price competitive. Most of their styles are traditional and homey chic. Customers have good things to say overall, but there were some complaints about perceived quality in some instances.

The pros: Versatile designs and styles of bed and bath accessories

The cons: Some complaints about perceived quality with some items.

Top Budget Alternative: Browse Cloverlane
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#4 Rugs

Seventh Avenue customers are also keen to find a new rug. Seventh Avenue offers both area rugs, door mats, and runners with over 200 options to choose from. Their styles are mostly traditional with some floral options and homey accents. While most shoppers like the price point and the design options of Seventh Avenue's rug selection, some customers reported issues with perceived quality.

The pros: Good selection of homey rug styles. Low prices.

The cons: Some disappointment around design and perceived quality in some cases.

#5 Curtains

The last category that Seventh Avenue shoppers are most excited about are new window treatments and curtains. Seventh Avenue offers nearly 200 different styles of curtains, many with solid, traditional or modern prints. Prices start just under $20 to begin, which is quite competitive versus other online stores and catalog businesses. Most customers have good things to say about these offerings, but there were some concerns about perceived quality in some cases.

The pros: Very affordable curtain options with good looking styles.

The cons: Some issues with perceived quality reported.

More From Seventh Avenue's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Seventh Avenue offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Kitchen & Dining Ware

- Wall Decor

- Desks

- Mirrors

- Beds & Bedroom Sets

Get A Free Seventh Avenue Catalog

Seventh Avenue provides free catalogs to shoppers in the US.

Want to shop their newest products? Request your free catalog.

Seventh Avenue Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

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Browse Seventh Avenue Customer Reviews

I love my stuff all three came on time…

I love my stuff all three came on time good quality I will be ordering again.

Bad Reviews?

I am a bit surprised by the bad ratings, I have ordered from this place before and my items were delivered promptly and the quality of items was great. I have now ordered a sofa/bed and am hoping I have the same experience as I have in the past.

This company is Very Unethical

This company is Very Unethical. When I originally order my product during shipping I had to call FedEx because Seventh Ave. customer service said "they have no way to track a package." Then when I received the product the product was of poor quality and damaged. I called customer service to return and get a refund and could not believe what I was hearing. I requested a refund and told the customer service rep the product was damaged and of poor quality. The customer service rep then said I would be responsible for paying the shipping. After an argument of 10 minutes and the rep acknowledging I should not have to pay for shipping on a damaged product we moved on to the taxes on the product. The customer service rep then proceeded to tell me I would have to pay the taxes on the product. I told the rep why would I pay taxes on a returned item. After a long argument and a conference with a manager they agreed a customer should not pay taxes on a returned item. Unbelievable. Now to return the item the customer service rep said they had to mail out the return labels and could not email the labels. Stay Away from this company!

Very risky to your credit score..

I've been a seventh Avenue customer since 2012 and have always paid my account off completely or I've at least made the payments on time...after i ran into financial difficulties over the last few months,seventh avenue has reported my account as late to transunion....What I'm not happy about is the fact that they haven't reported any of my years of outstanding payment history,but they report my recent negative payment history.....To sum it up,I'll suggest a person pass up on this buy now pay later outlet known as seventh avenue..they are all risk and no reward because they dont even report your positive payment history,but quickly report your missed payments..

I have been a loyal customer for years…

I have been a loyal customer for years and these people are despicable. After I closed my shop I m trying to pay off 15,000 in debt left from that. So far iv paid 5,000 off o had to unroll credit counseling. These people seventh Avenue report to the credit bureau that I am 120 days late dropped my score 10 points after they excepted an agreement from american financial. There are people out there that dont pay at all but they want to stab me in the back report a lie that I'm 120 days past due. When I called them to ask them to correct it they tell me there reporting I'm in credit counseling but dont lie say I'm not paid in 120 days. BAD BUSINESS,!!!!! Beware of seventh Avenue

They will go out of their way to screw you over.

I'd give them less than one star if they'd let me. Their items are WAY overpriced and not very good quality at all. Most of the clothes I bought 8 months ago have come apart by now. I missed one payment of $25 and they ruined my credit. They never called to remind me or take into account that with the Coronavirus, things fall through the cracks. As soon as I realized my error, not only did I pay the $25, but I paid the whole balance off. I asked them nicely to forgive my error and take it off my credit report. They rudely refused. I hope and pray that everyone in their credit department gets sick and forgets to pay the tiniest of bills and it ruins their credit. I was trying to buy a home and I hadn't missed a payment with anyone in 22 months and they completely screwed me over. That is not good business. If you are human and occasionally make errors, don't screw yourself by doing business with these jerks.

Crappy customer service

They charged my card UNAUTHORIZED

They charged my card UNAUTHORIZED. And they are making me wait 5 to 7 business days instead of putting the money back on my card right away. Not to mention they have cheap crap. Do NOT bother with this place. Nor Ginnys nor Country Door. They are all the same.

Worst company

Worst company! Ruined my credit due to an address change. Their system did not recognize me as the same person so they separated me into 2 accounts. Refused to help to correct the situation no matter how many times I called. Charged me late fees even though I paid extra on the one account I knew about. Incidentally they closed the account I knew about and was paying extra to! Stay away from them!! Bad service! Save yourself the headache

I just had the worst experience with a…

I just had the worst experience with a supervisor named Ryan. I received a telephone call tonight telling me a payment had not been received since November of 2019. I called to let them know that was impossible because I had auto-pay. After a long discussion and my insistence that I did not stop auto-pay. I was told that if you have a 0 Balance and you have not purchased anything in 3 months, their system removes auto-pay. So all that time I was falsely believing everything was fine. When in fact, it wasn’t. So, I paid what they were requesting including late payments even after the supervisor admitted it was Seventh Ave cancelling the auto pay which I knew NOTHING about. Not only that but the missed payments will be reported to the credit bureau. Thank you Seventh Avenue for your transparency in keeping your customers in the loop. I have been a good customer for years and this is how I’m treated! I will pay my balances off and then I’m done! Save yourself a headache and run away!

What someone did to my credit line. By not doing there job right

I call and changed my address on one page it was change on another it was not .so they open me another account .i had 1700 dollars in credit. Now they say I only have 400.dollars credit line .i ask if I only have 400 how did I charge 1100 I ask and she hung up on me. Well I guess they don't want my money anymore after 4 or 5 years this is how your treated .your lose not mine

Wow the experience with this company…

Wow the experience with this company started off great until it was time to send in my payment. Omg I mailed 2 different checks to these people they say they never got them while all along am paying late fees which was over $100 I finally made an online acct and paid these ****off but lord knows if I had of read some of there already bad reviews this company is not what it seems. Stilling wondering where my checks went but it doesn't matter stop payment immediately!

Delivery is way to expensive

Delivery is way to expensive. They added another $50 to the delivery charge because they said, my purchase was too heavy to carry. They should hire stronger people.


This is the most unprofessional company I've dealt with. I placed an order and 3 days later checked online to see if it had been shipped, which it wasn't. I called and the credit department said I needed to verify some information, which I did and was told my order would ship by the close of business. I checked the next day and the order still had not shipped, I was then told I needed to pay for the entire order after waiting a week and not hearing anything. I asked why wasn't I told at the time I placed the order and even spoke with the credit department 3 days later, the representative was very arrogant and asked me what was going on with the order as if I worked for Seventh Avenue. I will never do business with them in the future.

Honestly I love Seventh Avenue but I…

Honestly I love Seventh Avenue but I recently bought a seascape set of bath towels from them! I have washed & dried them 3 times already & they are still covered in lint balls! My dryer vent gets full & still have to use a sweater shaver because of lint! This is one item I would not recommend

Wish I would have read these reviews…

Wish I would have read these reviews before ordering. Shipping is expensive, then they do not deliver on time and it took two weeks to get an order to Oregon. When I contacted customer service they told me it would arrive within 7 days of their processing date, which date was before their response. Yet, they had no problem promptly charging the purchase to my credit card while I wait two weeks for my order to arrive by Pony Express. Still waiting for my order.

I had credit there a few years back

I had credit there a few years back. I was late a couple of times, but I paid them off. I ordered something a week ago. They turned me down. When I paid my lamp off a few years ago. I asked them was I still good with them, they said yes. Now they say my credit is bad. I’m trying to billed my credit up.My friend ordered something last year was very disappointed. Which I liked Seventh Ave. It’s just they lied an said I was still good with them. I would pay my payments because I’m building my credit up. But oh well Keep putting your comments in. I have Fingerhut an my husband has Country Door. With the comments I’ve read, maybe it’s not a good thing to order.

My Name is Stupid.

What is going on I lost my information about my order. so I go to check it out and Its like I did't exist put they charged my debt card for the down payment . I really hope I did't get taken. I just have to see.

I’m so happy I read all the reviews

I’m so happy I read all the reviews, was going to buy from this company, but now I’m not.. thank you everyone for your honesty.

I have never had a problem with getting…satisfied

I have never had a problem with getting my orders and on time

Inconsiderate Customer Service/Collection Agent

I am a card holder with Seventh Avenue since 1996 and in June, I had a family emergency and was away for awhile. During that time, I missed my monthly payment of $35 for that particular month. Upon my return I accessed several phone messages from a Ms. Lewis who is Seventh Ave.Customer Rep. On July 13th, I made an online payment of the past due amount, the current month and $15 extra. Got my confirmation number like I always do. About a week after I received a noticed with a return envelop stating that I should submit my credit card number because my online payment did not go thru. I then contacted customer service to find out why I should submit same cause my credit card info is saved on their wedsite, and this is how I make my payment each month. Customer service response was "go ahead and repay it cause we were having problems processing that particular card that day." My question was, if there was a problem processing the payment then why did I get a confirmation number? No reasonable response was given. I then went online and made my payment again WITHOUT reentering my card info or changing anything. Got a confirmation number... checked account a few days after and everything seem normal. To my astonishment, on July 26th a treatening letter was sent out to me demanding full payment of account balance; the notice also made treats about my credit. All this happens because I missed one payment of "$35" which was made 28 days past the due date. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

Like the old finger hut trap

Like the old finger hut trap! Good money for over priced cheap quality,made in China products! Read the reviews of how many people they trapped! Pay attention people. This stuff is junk. Certain you can find better quality at less price . Save your money and don't fall victim to this type of company. they are out to take your money for bad merchandise.Be smart. Shop smart. Don't be a foolish sucker! Throw that catalog in the trash or use to light your firewood.

I made a substantial payment ($1000) to…

I made a substantial payment ($1000) to bring my monthly minimum payment down to a more reasonable amount and guess what? You are always going to pay the HIGHEST amount your minimum payment was until your account is paid in full! So, easy terms, usurious interest and screwed for paying off earlier. What a delightful company!

Its kinda funny i remember my last bill…

Its kinda funny i remember my last bill being 1,386 and i just paid them 140.00 for a payment so i get the bill and instead of it going lower it goes higher when i got the bill this month it says new total 1,429.99????wow!even with the interest fee every month of 28.56 and 15.00 late fee the bill should be1,288.56 not 1,429.99!!!in the future i will never be lured in with credit they get you that way and then your ruined!!!mary keller buffalo ny.


DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!! My grandmother got me a pot set as a gift. The first item was damaged, they sent a second set AND CHARGED FOR BOTH!! I spoke with 2 managers that said this is their policy. This company is trash

I'm glad I am paying attention to…

I'm glad I am paying attention to reviews a lot more, I was going to order something from this site, I am looking for a dress to wear to church, I CAN'T BELIEVE A DRESS, OR SHOULD I SAY ALL DRESSES WERE 99.00 AND MORE, layaway for what? Dresses are polyester, outdated in style, and terribly displayed, this seems like a site from China, using brown people to rob. This is a disgrace, and the site is not inviting, it seems fake, they should do away with their catalog if it is still out here. its a foreign company baiting absolutely people who they think are desperate, keep sharpening your internet skills and keep going, you can pay less, for more better luggage and dresses and shoes... everything, what a ripoff. WHAT TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO POST A REVIEW!!!

Beware they send you an offer

Beware they send you an offer. Then you have to send half. They keep your money and product for 30 days. I’ve sent a total of 3 hours on the phone. I’ve faxed a copy of my cleared check twice and I’m still getting the run around. Not worth the headache

Steer clear of this company!

Their products have gotten cheaper as the time goes by. I'm still paying huge interest rates for items that have long since broken, fallen apart or are just plain trash! I'm returning an item today because it didn't fit the recliner and I cut my hand trying to make it fit, I almost had to have stitches! If it wouldn't hurt my credit, I would tell them just to blow off the balance but I have to pay them. They are a company to stay away from, you will be sorry. I know I am.

Received a letter indicating my order…

Received a letter indicating my order did not ship and they needed advance payment. I did not place an order nor did anyone in my family, nor did we ever do business with them. This method of customer-engagement is unethical if not potentially illegal. Avoid this company.

These 1 star reviews can't all be truth

Ok I don't know where all these 1 star questionable reviews are coming from but they are wrong. Seventh Avenue is not a fake phishing company. They are a catalog company that is part of Swiss Colony, Montgomery Ward, Ginnys, Tender Filet, and several others. I have been a customer of theirs since the early 00s and there is nothing fraudulent about them. To the person who said they were sent a TV they never ordered and were given the runaround for a return label when they called? That's wrong. Return labels are automatically sent with every order in case you aren't happy and want to return something. As for people having their IDs stolen and Seventh Avenue opening up accs and sending them unwanted stuff? Thats more your problem, not theirs. A legitimate company opens fake accs and sends stuff to people wasting money and items why?? Its called people have stolen your identity and opened up accs with them. I know in every customer service department you get bad reps but I find it hard to believe as awesome as their CS has always been when I've ever needed them, that there are this many consistent bad CS reps. I'm calling BS on the majority of these fake 1 star reviews. Seventh Avenue and all its affiliates are good companies with better quality products then what you usually get from mail order catalogs.

Shameful business practice.

Just got mailing from seventh avenue. They don't take sales tax out. They say I owe sales tax on all my purchases for the whole year. So wrong. My friend is also getting the mailings. So far its been only been seventh avenue, Montgomery ward, country door, midnight velvet, miles Kimball and jinnys.. They didn't do this last year. Shame shame



Seventh Avenue is a "Phishing" Scam

Seventh Avenue is an old school online "phishing" company. They are "phishing" for all your personal information to steal your ID. Instead of sending you an email (which most people have caught on to), they use several other methods. This is how it works: First, they do a soft inquiry on your credit report (usually using Experian) to ascertain your name, address, and credit worthiness. (A hard inquiry is needed to open a real credit account). Next, they do one of two things: 1) They say that you have been pre-approved for credit, you’re very happy so you call them, give them all your personal information and never hear from them again. They have successfully stolen your ID. 2) They send you an item (usually a television that you find on your porch shipped by FedEx) or they send you a statement for an item you did not order. When you call to find out what’s going on, they say that someone has opened an “account” using your personal information. You are shocked! You tell them that “the account” is fraudulent so please close it. They say that the only way to close “the account” is to fill out their "fraud" report which they send you in the mail. The "fraud" report ask for all your personal information (including, but not limited to, your Social Security Number, birth date, copy of your driver’s license, etc.). You send the “fraud” report back to them. They have successfully stolen your ID. My suggestion: Review all three of your credit reports and put a fraud alert and/or freeze on all of them. Report the scam to the FTC and your local police department. If you received a television, inform FedEx that the television was sent as a fraud scam. They will come to pick it up as a RTS.

I received a TV from 7th Avenue which I…

I received a TV from 7th Avenue which I didn't order. I called them and they said that an account was opened in my name. NEVER opened an acct with this company and I told them it was fraud.They said they would send me shipping labels to return the TV via email. That was 5 days ago. Kept calling, staying on hold 20 minutes and every time, I'm assured they will send the lable and that the fraudulent account would be closed. Yesterday I received a bill. Called and was transferred to auto machine asking if I would like a payment!!!! I called back & a machine told me that they were busy and to call back later! I am so frustrated! If this was a reputable company, they would follow thru. I don't care what good experiences some people have had, if they are really a good company, they would do everything they could to prevent and follow up on fraud. After all, who do you think is paying the cost....their CONSUMERS ARE!

Seventh Avenue is 100% fraudulent!!!!

Seventh Avenue is 100% fraudulent!!!!! They sent me a TV in my name & is said I had a balance for $380. My credit score went down all because of them! I had nothing to do with this! Do not call them & make a claim. They will take your social & information & pretend to help you but really take your identity. I contacted the police department & made a report. I suggest whoever runs into this problem to do so as well. Stay away from Seventh Avenue! Let us make a stop to this filthy crooks!

worst customer service

A fraudulent account was opened under my name and after 3 phone calls and more than an hour on the phone I understand why I have never heard of this company.


Crooks! This seventh avenue appears to operate an in house "fraud department. An example scam: company buys mailing lists, then sets up fake in-house accounts using only limited mail list info like name & address, then process a fake purchase/ invoice, the "customer/victim" that never heard of them gets a bill in the mail... then either the the victim pays accidentally (ie: fake bills are usually a few hundred dollars, or victim calls in and is immediately forced into a "reporting third party identity theft" process. The ID theft forms and process are actually designed to complete their identity theft of your information. They will eventually insist you fill out their forms and disclose your social security number to them or continue to leave the account open with old and new "fake" purchases begin charged to you the victim... by the way, this company says they do not require social security number or bank info or similar in order to set up an in house credit account.. ..

RUDEST Customer Service EVER

Called to get my mom's name off their mailing list, she is in a nursing home after a stroke. They insisted they had to speak with her which is NOT POSSIBLE. Then they wanted a copy of my power-of-attorney and her social security number!! I will NEVER give my personal information out just to stop receiving some useless junk catalog!! What kind of scam are they running anyway? I'm contacting the Better Business Bureau because this is the worst form of customer service.

I love their products but are a bit…

I love their products but are a bit higher than other companies and never offer free shipping!

ok Site but missing so much

The company is ok and I love how fast they ship items. If you are ordering household items this site is great, electronic items they really need to step it up. Not sure why they don’t get high end electronic items instead of all this cheap brand stuff. Step up the electronic section and this site could give fingerhut a run. Til then it’s just ok at best

Check my credit limit on my accunt summary

I dont have a credit limit set but they want me to make a down payment? Why cant I just lower my credit limit? Youll still be getting money from me either way?

Returning product

I did not realize I was calling that # I'm not pissed off just dialed wrong # sorry for the confusion oooo yes I will order from y'all again probably later this week....thank you....Cathy

Order Early for holidays

I havent recieved my Towel set. It was suppose to come seperate than the rest of order. But have not gotton it. Order# DJ767183. Plum $39.99. I was hoping to have it befoe Christmas but it didnt happen. Donna Thompson 1441 2nd ave se Apt b Cedar Rapids, iowa 52403

Need to talk to someone

Was put on hold and the call got disconnected both times I called

Un sure. on hold for 1 hour. tired of that stupid music

this is my first time ordering from seventh avenue. I made a down payment of 156.00 from my credit card which went through successfully. I have been on hold for over 1 hour now. This is ridiculous. I know this is the Christmas season but they should hire more reps. to accomodate the over flow of customers. If this is indicative of the way they handle customers, I don't want account from Seventh Avenue. Pissed Customer

Customer Service is impossible

Trying to tell someone I did not receive the item DW773251 long sleeve wolf shirt

I’m not sure

I bought a queen size electric blanket n had to send back I got another one n I woke up in the middle of the night with holes that were burning I called because I owe them a payment n I wasnt paying it till they fixed the problem that was 2 weeks ago n no response we could have burnt really bad good thing I sleep lightly

Throw their books away, do not buy anything from them.

I have ordered with seventh ave before and did not have a problem until this time. I placed an order and got a letter saying I needed to pay for everything upfront. I called and asked them way because, I have very good credit with them, I paid all my payments on time or early, never in a collection status or late. I have every single monthly receipt for my order from 1st payment until last payment in my possession. I spoke to customer service about this whole situation. It was all taken care of and I even gave them my total order over the phone. Item per item, item number, color, size, etc. The customer service person said she will put it through, gave me my account number that it will come under and gave me the total price of $347.35. I was also told that all my items will arrive at my home on December 9th. I reordered it all on December 3rd. Now, December 13th, Nothing has shown up so I called Seventh Ave customer service today December 13th and was informed that once again, I had to reorder, my order was not submitted, I had to pay it all up front and I told the person, this was all taken care of was last time I called and all was taken care of and I was told, you need to reorder again. that was it. I told them they need to get their act together and I will never shop with them ever and will make sure everyone knows how they screw good customers over. I recommend everyone toss out their books and never buy anything from you again. I will make sure it is all over social media all outlets. You have no competent employees and lack communication amongst your employees. worst service I ever had, lied that products were on there way especially during holiday period. will never shop seventh ave ever again and will tell anyone I know not to bother and toss out your book, not worth even looking in it.


This company offered me an account, opened my account, then took away my credit line and my orders all in less than 2 weeks. I would have liked to give them MINUS 5 stars

Beware of fraudulent accounts

My identity was stolen due to a Verizon data breach in December 2021. Someone opened an account with my info. I notified SA immediately. I was informed they would close and flag account as fraudulent. Instead a miss Lewis and Diego began harassing me to pay the $73 balance. This is still happening and it is now April 25,2022. I provided them with a signed/notarized affidavit proving the amount is not mine and fraudulent. I have now turned this over to my LifeLock attorneys.

First and Last Order

Good heavens! I've paid some pretty steep shipping charges elsewhere, but I could have bought another outfit for what seventh avenue charged me in shipping. Won't be back.

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