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Serena And Lily Reviews

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Serena & Lily is a furniture retailer, catalog, and online store that features breezy California style. Their furniture and home decor offers muted tones and classic styles that work well for contemporary coastal designs and boho chic styles on one hand, to more traditional and classy interiors on the other. Customers have good things to say about their quality overall, with negative feedback mostly mentioning issues on delivery and perceived price value.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

Price: $29-$7498+

Return Policy: 30-60 Days + Restrictions

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Serena And Lily Specifics

Serena & Lily is a furniture retailer, catalog, and online store that offers a wide array of furniture for every room of the house with styles focused on airy California and coastal styles with a classy and bohemian flair. In addition to their furniture items, they are popular for their bedding, wallpaper, and rugs. Overall, they tailor their products to high end with their prices and designs.

When it comes to customer experiences, most shoppers have good things to say about their furniture and quality overall, but there were some that had complaints on delivery and durability in some cases.

Material Quality

Serena & Lily carries both imported furnishings as well as pieces made in the US. Their furniture features both solid wood and engineered wood construction, performance fabrics, linen, cotton, leather & suede, wool, rattan and more. With the higher prices paid, most customers have been satisfied with the quality of Serena & Lily's furnishings. In some less frequent cases, customers did bring up issues with longevity of certain pieces.

Serena & Lily's Top Picks

When it comes to Serena & Lily's top finds, there are a few requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Serena & Lily's catalog.

#1 Rugs

A great way to transform and elevate the design of any space is with a rug, and Serena & Lily has 100+ different rug styles for shoppers to choose from. Serena & Lily carries indoor and outdoor performance rugs, hand-knotted rugs, wool rugs, round rugs, runners, door mats, jute rugs, rugs for large spaces, and more varying in price from around $48 up to $6900+. True to their breezy and coastal aesthetic, Serena & Lily's rugs tend to be more muted in design print and color. Most shoppers appreciate the look and style of Serena & Lily's rugs, although some have brought up issues with the maintenance and longevity of some styles.

The pros: Pretty selection of rugs that can enhance the design of most spaces.

The cons: Some issues with maintenance and longevity reported by some.

#2 Lighting

Shoppers looking for interesting accent pieces that can also brighten up their spaces have nice options in Serena & Lily's lighting pieces. Serena & Lily's signature coastal aesthetic carries over into their collection of chandeliers, pendants, table lamps, wall sconces, flush mounts, floor lamps, and outdoor lighting. With over 140+ different lighting options to choose from, some of their pieces feature materials such as rattan and woven hemp, beads, shells, coral, seaglass, and more. Serena & Lily shoppers enjoy the characteristically coastal designs of the lighting pieces available, but some have brought up issues with shipping.

The pros: Nice, coastal themed lighting pieces.

The cons: Some shoppers have brought up shipping complaints.

#3 Bar Stools

Another popular find for Serena & Lily shoppers are their bar and counter stools. Serena & Lily carries 50+ different bar and counter stools ranging in price from around $248 up to $1700+. Their bar and counter stools come in backless and full-backed options, with some customization options available for the upholstered stools. Although they have a great selection of beachy and Parisian inspired stools, some customers have brought up complaints about about the durability and longevity of the bar/counter stools they purchased.

The pros:Good selection of beachy and Parisian inspired bar and counter stools.

The cons: Some issues with durability and longevity on some models reported by customers.

#4 Chairs

For those looking to add a coastal and breezy seating option to their living spaces, a Serena & Lily chair might be the perfect accent piece. Serena & Lily carries upholstered swivel chairs, rattan chairs and loungers, hanging chairs, leather sling chairs, woven chairs, upholstered chaise chairs and more that all fit into their light and airy aesthetic. With prices starting around $248 and going up to $3800+, many of the chairs available at Serena & Lily can be customized in your preferred fabric and finishes. Serena & Lily shoppers enjoy the interesting styles and designs of chairs available to them, although a few have brought up issues with durability and comfort of the chairs they purchased. Some customers have also complained about the price value.

The pros: Unique chairs with some customization options.

The cons: Some shoppers complained about durability and comfort of the specific chairs they purchased. Prices can be high.

#5 Beds & Bedroom Sets

The last popular pick for Serena & Lily shoppers is their collection of bedroom furniture. For beds, Serena & Lily carries solid wooden framed beds with rattan panels, upholstered and tufted beds, four poster canopy beds, sleigh beds, day beds and more. Their beds start at around $1300 and can go up to around $6500+. For shoppers who can't get enough of Serena & Lily's breezy coastal and French inspired aesthetic, you can shop bedroom sets with matching nightstands, dressers, chairs and chaise, and more. Serena & Lily shoppers enjoy the look of their nicely styled beds and bedroom sets, however, some mentioned issues with delivery and assembly.

The pros: Pretty beds and bedroom sets that can help bring that breezy coastal feel to your bedroom.

The cons: Some complaints with delivery and assembly reported.

More From Serena & Lily's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Serena & Lily offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Bedding

- Bath

- Pajamas & Robes

- Nursery & Kids

- Sofas & Sectionals

- Coffee Tables

- Bookshelves

- Pillows & Throws

- Decor

- Bar Carts

- Dining Furniture

- Tabletop

- Outdoor Furniture

- Mirrors

- Art

Serena & Lily Store Locator

Serena & Lily can be found in across California and in major cities across the US. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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I ordered wallpaper...

I ordered wallpaper and it was backordered but I didn't get an alert through the website. I contacted the company and they apologized and fixed the issue the next day. My product is on its way! Thanks Serena &Lilly.

I love this store!

I love this store! The furniture, decor, bedding and accessories are all amazing. Not only is it lovely and well made, it all coordinates beautifully which makes decorating easy and way more fun !! The staff is friendly and very helpful. I decorated an entire lake home with the help of Star McHodgkins (who is a shining star). She worked nonstop to give me the best service each time I came in for assistance. She is creative, knowledgeable, patient and really nice to work with. Shout out to the Dallas store's management team Carrell Stahala & Jenny Vanwagoner who run a great store. I was just in again today getting stuff for my house in Texas. Another great experience.

I ordered for the first and last time online...

I ordered for the first and last time online. I ordered the Hammond duvet cover and two shams (euro and standard sizes). The quality is awful. The button holes for the duvet were not even cut correctly. Because the items were on sale ending in .99 I cannot return. The sets were not even iron and the edges are wrinkled and horrible. The fabric is VERY thin. This makes me sad because the designs look lovely.

I bought a linen duvet cover...

I bought a linen duvet cover and the euro shams in sagebrush. Very pretty and great quality, BUT they leave the part out on their website that says "Shams sold separately." Like what kind of website sells shams/pillows NOT IN A SET OF 2?! Nowhere did it say on the website, so I thought I was buying a set of Shams for $80!!! The duvet was $200. So, I'm a little confused. Very upset they don't put that on their website. I probably wouldn't have bought anything from them knowing this. False advertisement & outrageously expensive shams lol They're shams.

I have to say some of the negative reviews...

I have to say some of the negative reviews did scare me. I ordered a robe that was a size to large. Returned it and ordered another in the correct size that was shipped to me without any issues. As easy as an Amazon return. I don't doubt that service may have been really bad in the past, but for me at least it was good so maybe they're turning a corner here.

Terrible service

Terrible service. Terrible quality. I bought the Riviera Sunwashed counterstools in the blue color. The quality is awful. The rattan has broken on all 4 stools in many places. I bought these a few years ago and after 6 months they started falling apart. I called and had two chairs replaced. Those chairs and the other 2 I bought look so tattered and ugly. I am so disappointed. A few months ago I tried to call and email. No response on ANY of my 5 emails. I called and waited on hold for 30 min and then was disconnected. Called again and was disconnected after 15 min. Fast forward to now and I gave up on trying to have them fixed. I am so bummed because they were around $400 a piece and now I have to replace them. I will never buy from this store again. We bought a new house the year I bought these and furnished a whole house with Pottery Barn, RS, CB2, etc and nothing has fallen apart like these chairs. I'm so mad! Don't buy any of their awful chairs.

I ordered...

I ordered Fall 18 Downing Dining Table-Round/48"/White Paid for white glove delivery. It came with wobbly legs. I called customer service wont replace them. I will never buy anything from this company.. overpriced products with bad quality. I get better quality products from wayfair

I ordered the Lafayette rug in Feb 2019

I ordered the Lafayette rug in Feb 2019. It is a New Zealand wool rug with a thick pile. The description of the rug included the following: "All wool rugs shed, but with proper care and treatment, most rugs stop shedding after 3-6 months". This rug shed ALOT - to the point that my husband couldn't wear his socks on the rug in the morning unless he wanted to go to work covered in white fiber - not a good look for an executive. I vaccuumed the rug weekly, on a low setting with without the rotating brush, as suggested, and I'm always amazed at how fast I fill the vaccum cleaner bag with white fiber. In May 2019, I contacted Serena and Lily via email and noted that the rug was still shedding alot and did they have suggestions. I never got a response to that email. In Nov 2019, I contacted the designer that suggested the rug and told her about the issue (it was still shedding like crazy) and noted that I never received a response from my first email. I also decided to send another email about the problem. I did get a response this time. It basically said that shedding "is the nature of that rug and it does shed a lot in the first year" and included a review of the care instructions from the website. I did not find this response satisfying for a few reasons, one of which was that the response of the rug shedding for 1 year (12 months) is not what is stated on their website (3-6 months). I actually responded to that email with the issue of 3-6 months not being 12 months but I didn't receive any response from that email. Frankly, If I had been told that the rug would shed a lot for 12 months, I would have never ordered the rug and saved my husband a bit of a hassle in the morning. Frankly, I've had far better responses on $3 items purchased on Amazon. I expected better of Serena and Lily and at this point I will not be buying from them again - at their price point, they should have better customer service.

I ordered two expensive items

I ordered two expensive items -- a bed and bed table - in September. Having heard nothing, I began tracking the items down myself in November since S&L lost interest in my purchase as soon as they ran my credit card. Many phone calls and emails (from me) later, I finally received the bed just before Thanksgiving. I am still in the process of tracking down my bed table. Very shady company!

I rarely write reviews

I rarely write reviews, even when I a dissatisfied with service. Unfortunately the fraudulent character of this company warrants one in this case. I'm a first-time customer. I went into the Dallas store to check out some living room chairs and placed an order. The customer service was less than friendly, borderline rude, unhelpful and not informative but that is not what drove my one star review. I ordered two Venice rattan chairs. Once you start your order you realize no cushions come with the $498/each chairs. Okay fine, I need the cushions so throw those in. Well the price of ONE foam-filled polyester seat cushion (excluding back cushion which I found out later) is $198 pretax. So nearly $400 extra bucks for the cushions. So truly the price of the Venice chair is nearly $700/each pretax. Kind of absurd for rattan chairs but they are pretty and unique. Chairs came in fine and quickly but of course you pay a ridiculous delivery fee for them to Fedex your furniture with no signature required and crappy protection. Cheap move. Cushions came a few days later and I find out that it only comes with the seat cushion (they are displayed with a back cushion and in-store associate we ordered from led us to believe they come with both. I KID YOU NOT, they are the CHEAPEST, saddest measly seat cushions with a big ol' sticker on the box indicating they have been imported from a cheap Chinese factory textile factory. I think its pretty unaccepetable for a company to market and price themselves as a high-end furniture company charging $200 bucks for a 20" seat cushion made from cheap material and cheap labor in China. Sadly, Serena & Lily products look stylish and unique but are cheaply made and extremely marked up, not to mentioned made in cheap labor factories outside of the US. It is actually hilarious that they placed their store filled with terrible quality furniture in the wealthiest neighborhood of Dallas. Not worth your money AT ALL. I don't expect my products to last long by the looks of it.

Horrible service

Horrible service. My $2k+ bed arrived without any hardware to put it together. S&L called me one time to say they would find a solution. They emailed me the assembly instructions which show over 70 pieces of hardware needed... but the instructions don't even list the size of each piece... so I couldn't by the pieces myself if I wanted to. Now I have an unassembled bed and its been weeks. No luck getting any responses from the company. I have tried all their contact channels to no avail. They will probably message here asking me to message them directly. What a disaster. Do Not Buy

Never received my order...

Never received my order even though I was billed. Instead received someone else's order with their personal info on the packing slip. Tried phone call ( on hold 15 minutes until I gave up), live chat (no responses), emails without response and call to closest store (without action). DO MOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY


WARNING! DO NOT BUY FROM SERENA & LILY! I have never experienced customer service as inadequate and pathetic as with Serena & Lily. I have been trying for four days to initiate the return of an item and they will not follow through. My first three times calling them I was on hold for over 30 minutes each time and never reached an associate. The one time I finally got through yesterday, their employee told me she would email me a return packaging slip and have their delivery team reach out to me to schedule the pick up and neither ever happened. She also told me there would be a restocking fee (never was told about this, don't see it on their written return policy anywhere.) I've sent three emails at this point and also heard nothing back. My next step is to reach out to my credit card company and dispute the charge because I have no other option. This company is a complete and utter disgrace and they should be ashamed of themselves. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!

I wish I could give a good review...

I wish I could give a good review because I love Serena & Lily decor, but I honestly had the worst customer service experience with them. I could copy and paste the other experiences on this feed - Ordered an in-stock item, got a purchase confirmation but never got a shipping confirmation, weeks later. Reached out twice via e-mail, no response. Waited on hold for 45 minutes to talk to a customer service rep. The customer service rep was friendly, but gave no explanation of what was going on with the order or when I was going to receive it. Finally received a shipping confirmation after I spoke with the rep, but they didn't expedite shipping or do anything to compensate my month long wait for this one in-stock item. Like I said, I love their stuff, but can't recommend them given the lack of customer service.

Received hand towels and after one wash

Received hand towels and after one wash, they started to fray and fall apart. Customer service asked me to send photos verifying the problem which I did. Four weeks later, still waiting on replacement towels. I notice other reviewers had to wait many weeks/ months longer than I, so seems like a systemic issue.

Before ordering a headboard...

Before ordering a headboard i called customer service to verify it was in stock. It was! yay! I was told it would ground ship immediately and take about 15 days. I placed my order May 22 Fast forward and still no headboard. It did ship June 28th, 5+ weeks after ordering. Expected arrival July 30. :( BTW I did call customer service and waited on hold too many times to count. The agents i spoke to were nice but sounded like flaky high school girls. Basically told me what they needed to get to their next call. Had 2 girls tell me they would look into it and "personally" call me back! HA! Never happened! Fingers crossed there are no issues if and when it is delivered.

My order shipped 6/6/19...

My order shipped 6/6/19 and was delayed in arriving until yesterday. When it did arrive, they delivered only one of my two nightstands. I spent more than 1 hour waiting for someone to answer customer care line -- twice. No response to my email. No response from the delivery carrier. Michelle, I see you responding to other folks and I need help resolving this.

S&L's customer service...

S&L's customer service is the worst I have EVER experienced. So bummed to read that so many others I have had the same experience since I had a tad of hope that this was just a random bad luck situation. I have been trying to get through to them for two (!) weeks because of wallpaper that was never delivered. Staying up late while in Europe on hold for a customer service center that never picks up. Once on hold for 45 mins while asked to wait for next agent only to get sent to voice mail. Finally one response from Sara via email but when I immediately responded to that requesting a replacement - radio silence again. I will never, ever shop with these guys again unless they miraculously show different colors. Wallpaper was not cheap and I may have to cancel my entire project now. Extremely unhappy customer.

Placed my first order with this company...

Placed my first order with this company. No confirmation the order was placed so I called to make sure the order is being processed. Waited over 20 minutes and nobody answered. The order showed in stock but when I go on line it says it still hasn't shipped. I have no idea when I'll get my light. Probably my last order through them. Looks like it shipped but still no email notification that the order was received or shipped. ORDER NUMBER: W02336318

Beyond unacceptable

Beyond unacceptable. I purchased items on 5/16/19 and did not receive them. I called the nonexistent customer service line 3x, left my number for a call back and nothing. I returned other items from the same order 6/4/19 with a letter regarding my order and did not hear back. I even have proof of delivery of my return from FedEx - it arrived there 6/12, signed for and everything! I emailed again 6/17, 6/20, and 6/21 and called twice 6/21...all to no avail. This is pretty ridiculous and I'm truly disappointed! I feel so much anger over something that should be so simple. If a company cannot keep up with its growth, as they have multiple retail locations, an online and catalogue presence, they should shore up their support staff.

I just cut and pasted a review

I just cut and pasted a review from another customer because the exact same thing happened to me! 41 minutes on hold only to be rolled to voice mail. I paid expedited shipping for an order on June 5th. It still has not shipped! I was never notified that it was not shipping. I have sent multiple messages via their online support links to no avail. See post below from another customer. I agree. The service kills the quality of their brand. Do not put yourself through the frustration! "Customer Service does not exist at this firm. Order was delayed then supposedly to be shipped two weeks ago. I tried to call customer service was on hold for over 40 minutes and then was automatically switched over to voice mail to leave a message !!!! They may have a great product however it is not worth the frustration dealing with customer service. look elsewhere for your needs."

Serena & Lily has a beautiful catalog

Serena & Lily has a beautiful catalog and I have always enjoyed its design aesthetic. So I was very excited to learn they opened a store in Dallas on McKinney Avenue. When furnishing my new home, I stopped in and was greeted by a lovely young woman, Courtney, who helped me furnish and decorate my bedroom, living room and outdoor space. She has a great eye for mixing the different textures and colors to make a very pleasing space. This morning I was smiling as I made my bed and was thankful Courtney helped me select the peaceful blue accented items to make a retreat in the bedroom. She's great on the computer and can print out a picture showing how the pieces will look in the space. We worked so well together and I look forward to working with her and the team at Serena & Lily on future projects.

Love Serena & Lily!

Love Serena & Lily! It has a relaxed vibe, original art on the walls (some local) and furnishings/accessories unlike anywhere else in Dallas. Courtney gave me a tour of the store and we talked a little about art and the artists who were featured. Based on my initial visit, I asked her to help me style my newly remodeled bedroom. No pressure -she was just super helpful and talented. Love the look!

I have never written a review

I have never written a review for a store before, but I feel the need to after the great service and help I received from Courtney, a salesperson who works at the Dallas Serena and Lily store. Courtney went over and above in every aspect of helping me work on my new beach house! I was struggling to manage all of my ideas for the house. Courtney listened to my thoughts and quickly pulled it all together beautifully! She would photoshop the pieces that we were buying into a picture of the room to give me a great visual to help me make decisions. She would even print them out for me so i could take them home and decide what i liked or wanted to change! She is truly the best associate I have ever worked with and I can't stop telling people about her and how talented she is! It is like having your own personal decorator that truly cares about your project and is as excited as you are to see it come together! I can't say enough about her and how much she helped me achieve the look i wanted. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is looking to update a room or a whole house! She is so knowledgable and fun to work with! I will actually miss working with her when my project i complete! Thank you so much Courtney for all of your help and the personal interest you took in my project!

I just had the most lovely experience

I just had the most lovely experience with Kenata! She was super patient as she showed many different rug options. She was sweet, professional, efficient and knowledgeable. I just ordered two rugs and will be back for more!!! Thank you!

Great friendly service

Great friendly service Nice collections Beautiful new store in The palisades village

I bought 4 side chairs

I bought 4 side chairs for almost $1,000 total in March. It's August 4th. 2 of the 4 chairs have started to unwrap. I called the store and immediately they sent me to customer care. She asked me to send her photos. She did get back to me rather quickly but told me that the product is not defective and to use superglue. Wtf! I didn't go to a discount store. I expect more from a specialty store on Melrose and their customer "care" team. I almost bought a bed from here but my bf told me that he was hesitant because he wasn't familiar with this brand and the quality. He gave me an example of the time he bought a sofa from Restoration Hardware and when he called and let them know that there was a slight squeak, they sent someone out to fix it. They offered to immediately replaced it. So THANK GOODNESS WE DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING ELSE! They would have asked me to superglue the bed had anything happened with that. Completely unacceptable quality and service.

We purchased an expensive bed

We purchased an expensive bed from this store with supposed "white glove delivery." After making the order and payment, we waited until the date specified in the confirmation email. There was no communication so we called only to find out that our purchased product was on back order and that the delivery date had been pushed back by over a month. When we expressed our dissatisfaction, they then gave us an earlier delivery date (still two weeks out). There was no call on the day before this scheduled delivery as promised. When we followed up, they told us it had been postponed another week. I saw that their BBB rating is a C and am beginning to think this whole thing is a scam.

buyer beware if you are purchasing from them

buyer beware if you are purchasing from them. if you need to return they keep the extra $20.00 handling charge and then charge you to return the items. the chairs I bought were very uncomfortable. tough lesson to learn.

The store is small

The store is small, but I found exactly what I wanted. They have fabric samples of catalog items. Service was very good.

I couldn't have been more impressed

I couldn't have been more impressed with this store during my visit today and thus was compelled to write a review. The customer service was absolutely tremendous - Quinn couldn't have been nicer! Aside from a great experience in the shop, she followed up with a detailed email with the exact comprehensive quote my friend requested within an hour of our departure. I was thrilled to be able to see and touch all of the available Serena & Lily fabrics in one location, as well as see a small sampling of finished products such as bedding, rugs, pillows and furniture. The shop offers patrons a true sense of the consistency and quality of the brand. In addition, the layout of the design shop encourages designers and other customers to work onsite to map out a comprehensive design plan with all the Serena & Lily design resources available to them. It's a great space, offering a great product with great staff. I read the other negative reviews and I think people need to keep in mind what this location is meant to's a design shop, not a large, mass market retail store. It's a place to get ideas, see the fabrics in person, coordinate designs, etc. - it's not a full scale retail shop where the entire catalog on display with a warehouse full of inventory available at the ready. More than likely you will not walk out of the store with bags of merchandise, but instead will place an order for your desired product(s). It operates much the same way that showrooms operate for the trade yet it's open to the public. If you set your expectations accordingly you should have an absolutely lovely and productive in-store experience. I certainly did. It's a truly beautiful and functional space.

This store is following the RH model

This store is following the RH model, which I am not a fan of. The store is set up to look like 1 page of the catalogue. You can't actually buy anything there and it is difficult to see most of the things that they have in the store. I have bought from their website before and I like their towels. I went into the store thinking I would buy more. The customer service was really bad. We were the only ones in the store and we had to wait a long time for some help. So, what is the point of a brick and mortar store if the service is bad, you can't buy anything, and the selection is really limited. Oh, and if you do buy anything, you still pay shipping costs. At least in the catalogue you can see lots of pictures of something.

The customer service is poor

The customer service is poor. My "key holder" (sales clerk) promised she'd manage the fedex shipment so that it did not arrive when I would be out of town. That was a fail. I bought a chair with a cane seat, we'll see how it holds up. Also purchased color block Fouta ("turkish") towels. They have a smooth side and a nubby side. After the second wash huge balls of lint had collected in between the two layers making the smooth side look as if it were covered with dark stains. Another fail Overall I think I fell for their cool looking catalogue. The bricks and mortar store has very little inventory and I wouldn't shop here again.

I really love the catalog

I really love the catalog so much and unfortunately, there is only one person in this store that is nice and helpful. His name is Jose. Otherwise, I think the other people are not well informed to help especially in the "design area", so you just can go in and look but might be better to just order online. The customer service isn't good for returning items. They never answer the phone, so you need to use email and wait a few days for a response. You can't drop stuff off in the store for returns. I have ordered about 10 items - from carpets to pillows and 3 have shown up damaged (two lamp shades and a bench) and I had to return. The bench took forever!

Incredibly rude store

Incredibly rude store. Came in with my young children to look and wanted to inquire about design services but the older sales woman made it clear that we were not welcome in their store. The first and only thing she said to me was a snide "be careful." I was shocked by the rudeness so I immediately told my husband that we weren't welcome there. Not sure if her issue is with children in general or mixed race families. She continued to glare at us as we walked out the door. Dumb move, we're in the middle of a major remodel and it's a lot of money that you just lost.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Serena & Lily

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Serena & Lily, and this is a really beautiful store--far prettier than their big store in Chicago. It's so airy and light, and shows off their furniture and accessories perfectly. I'm madly in love with their wallpaper, and getting ready to order some for a bathroom remodel I'm doing, so it was nice to be able to come in and see it in person. They also have free samples of the wallpaper (vs. paying $5 to order the sample online).

Service is horrible on every level!!!

I ordered the mirabelle rug Nov 28 and it said it would be delivered by December 14th. I received a email stating the the rug was delivered to their warehouse in Dallas ( I assume) last week and today is December 13. I called to see why my rug wouldn’t be delivered when it was stated since it was in the area but it won’t be delivered until January but I needed it for Christmas. I called and asked if I could get it sooner and was told I would receive a phone call the next day and I’m still waiting. I was also told they would refund shipping charge and they would email a confirmation of that the next day and guess what, I received nothing!!! Terrible service so bad I don’t think I want the rug!!!!!

Portside Barstools

While I like the look of these barstools, they are not very durable and overpriced for the quality. The woven part of the stools is not very sturdy at all, and I am going to have to get cushions made to be sure I can get some use out of these before the straw breaks. Really disappointed as these chairs are $798 each, and should be priced closer to $450. I have purchased bar stools from Restoration Hardware before and they were much sturdier and better quality.

The worst company service with cute catalog

I ordered an in stock set of bed sheets in Feb 2022. It is now the end of April and they have changed the date of shipment3 times plus they charged my card when ordered. I would have canceled if they answered their phone. Pathetic company!

Horrible customer service

I ordered the Balboa bed in Sept of 2021. It is now May of 2022 and still no bed. Every time I have checked it says coming soon but keeps getting pushed out. Today when I checked it said coming Oct 2021..last year. Called customer service and they were clueless as to why this was posted.I have been beyond patient and they have offered no appologies. Buyer beware.

Linen Sheets - not the luxury you are expecting

Their linen is scratchy and poor quality. Very disappointed.

Poor quality bar stools and poor customer service

In 2020 I purchased Portside chairs and bar stools (4 of each type). Although the bar stools are rarely used the seats on 3 of the 4 have all frayed and broken. I contacted customer service and they said that they couldn't help me because the warranty had expired but they would give me a very slight discount on new ones. Why would I want to repurchase defective chairs?

Serena & Lily Avalon Daybed

Purchased the daybed in 2021 and the bed's slat cracked and broke in 2023. The construction of the bed is very bad and not safe since the slats could crack anytime. DON'T PURCHASE!

Terrible Customer Service

We ordered a couch with white glove service delivery. They delivered it and wouldn't get it up the stairs and wouldn't try the back hall or the balcony. They left the cushions on the sidewalk in the rain. The worst customer service experience I've ever happened ensued afteward. They charged me a 50% non refundable deposit, a 15% restocking fee on top (of the entire value of the couch), and gave me a store credit for half the cost of the couch. So they actually were planning to make 15% off me. Pretty good returns! I will never buy from this company.

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