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Royal Reviews

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Royal Furniture is a major furniture retailer in the "Mid-South" with locations in Tennessee and Alabama. Still a family run organization, their claim to fame is their selection of high-value furniture pieces, ranging from budget brands to higher end designer furniture. With Royal Credit in-house financing making take-home prices even more reasonable, customers mostly enjoy the value. However, there were some complaints describing issues with delivery, item durability, and post-sale customer service.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.2/10

Price: $14-$4499+

Return Policy: 3 Days + Restrictions

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Royal Specifics

Royal Furniture has 14 stores offering a wide furniture selection, attractive discount options, and competitive financing terms. Customers have good things to say about their store experiences and the value of the furniture.

When it comes to complaints, there are some that had issues with delivery and post-sale customer service when things went wrong. A common thread to these complaints mostly mentioned issues getting timely responses when things went wrong.

Material Quality

Royal offers a wide brand range, including budget offerings that exclusively source their items from overseas. Also, they offer brands that offer made in the USA offerings as well. More affordable items often feature veneered particle board and cost-effective materials. Most customers are satisfied with initial product look, but there are some items that customers complained about, and there were some claims about lower quality for lower priced items.

Royal Furniture's Top Picks

There are popular product categories that Royal shoppers are most excited about. We'll discuss the ins and outs of their top picks.

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

A new sectional or sofa is the most popular item on the list. Royal's offerings can be quite affordable with options starting under $300, but also range all the way up above $4,000. Most of their offerings offer traditional or modern looks in common colors such as brown, beige, and gray. Most customers have good things to say about the price and initial feel for their choices, but there are some concerns about availability delays and durability for some customers.

The pros: There is a wide selection of sofas. Prices can be competitive.

The cons: There are some complaints about durability, availability, and perceived quality for some items.

#2 Recliners

Royal Furniture's recliners start at just $299 with both power reclining and manual options. Synthetic and faux leather options are included, and most models feature plush comfort designs. Higher priced offerings offer more power features and higher end leather upholstery. Those with complaints mostly didn't like the longevity of some models.

The pros: Recliners with both power recline and manual options that are price competitive.

The cons: There were disagreements about durability in some cases.

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#3 Mattresses

Those looking for better sleep can get a variety of mattresses from Royal Furniture, from popular brands like Beautyrest and Serta to lesser known options. While these start at competitive price points and feature both pillow top and firmness varieties, there are some complaints about comfort for these brands. Also, better trial periods and perks can be found buying direct from online brands instead.

The pros: The mattress options include name-brand varieties. There are multiple material types.

The cons: Durability and comfort complaints. Better trial periods found elsewhere.

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#4 Beds & Bedroom Sets

Royal customers are excited to shop for a new bed or bedroom set. Standard modern and classic styles are included in Royal Furniture's selection with the addition of unique designs like rustic, canopy, and more. Children's options such as bunk beds and twin sizes are included in these. Prices start at under $150, which is quite attractive. Some customers complain about delivery and sturdiness, but most like these options overall.

The pros: Affordable beds and bedroom sets. Wide selection of styles.

The cons: There are complaints about the delivery and durability of some items.

#5 Outlet

Outlet and clearance deals are available at Royal Furniture's Memphis Outlet. With prices often $100s less, customers like being able to shop deals, but there are some complaints about perceived quality and durability for lesser priced items. Additionally, with some complaints mentioning degrading construction, final sale restrictions may be less alluring.

The pros: For those looking for a deal, items at the outlet store can be a lot less.

The cons: Some problems with durability and restrictions have been reported.

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More From Royal Furniture's 2024 Catalog

Royal Furniture has a wide range of other furniture products as well. Here are some of the other top categories:

- Outdoor Furniture

- Dining Room Furniture

- Home Accessories & Decor

- Home Office Furniture

- Lighting

Royal Furniture Store Locator

Royal Furniture can be found primarily in the Memphis metro area of Tennessee, but also has locations in Alabama and elsewhere in Tennessee. Do you want to know which is nearest to your home? Take a look at their store locator for more information.

Royal Furniture Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality furniture items that can fit your home's design.

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Royal has a nice...

Royal has a nice selection to choose from. If you choose to go anywhere else, you're cheating yourself. I was totally satisfied with our purchase, its price, and Royals customer service. I was especially pleased with their furniture protection program and the fact that Darrin (our salesman) was kid friendly and gave our children stuffed animals. For my next furniture purchase, I choose Royalty. One up for Royal.

Royal Furniture is not...

Royal Furniture is not a good store to rent lease or Finance furniture with. On a scale of 1 to 10 1 being the worse, I would give them a 1 I say this because they do not go after the original balance that's owed they are greedy they will go after the original balance of purchase so say I purchase $3,500 worth of furniture and I only pay mm they wouldn't go out to the remaining balance they will go for the whole $3,000 I only owed 1800 they went and garnish my checks for 3,500 I would love them to take out of my check then they turned around and said I owe 300 only for them to garnish my check again in this time for 1,500 Beware of the sheisty company

I have bought furniture...

I have bought furniture from Royal Furniture for years now ! But I have been trying since last January of 2020 to tell them there lift chair was uncomfortable to sit in and the electrical unit was going out!!! Now it is 10 months later and I just got told they couldn't do anything because I waited to long!!!! Are you kidding me!!!! No Royal Furniture has taken way to long and Iam still waiting for them to fix my chair!!! Talked to a manager pretty much got told sorry but nothing she could do! Not how to do business !

Purchased furniture which was...

Purchased furniture which was excellent. Purchased mattress that after 2 months began to sag in the middle. Took 9 months to finally get them to replace it. 2 months into replacement, the same issue began and although I was told the mattress had a 12 year warranty, they stated once the mattress was replaced the obligation was complete. Never buy from them again!

I went to Royal...

I went to Royal Furniture and bought some furniture The sales person was knowledgeable and courteous I was approved for what I came for, will definitely shop there again

I've had a good...

I've had a good experience with Royal Furniture- Cool Springs. The only thing that keeps it from being great is the young lady that was at the desk that had to set up my account was rather rude. I was the last customer in the store and it was obvious that she was bothered. But that didnt ruin my overall experience, everyone else was very nice. I love, love, love all the pieces I've purchased. I'm a repeat customer!!!

My experience with Royal...

My experience with Royal Furniture was great. I picked out what I wanted and then went and picked it up the next day. Just have to call ahead so they can have it ready! Super Easy.

I was really surprised...

I was really surprised and disappointed with the physical appearance of the Winchester store. On previous visits, the store was neat and clean. Today, there was trash and dust everywhere, and we noticed it as soon as we walked in the front door. Even farther into the store, there was trash under the furniture, the rugs were filthy and curling up on the ends. The young man who greeted us told us the store was cleaned up every Monday and the employee who did that hadn't come in yet. There was so much dust on the table tops and on other furniture. Hard to believe. Really love my salesperson, but I may stay away until it's cleaner.

Royal Furniture is the...

Royal Furniture is the worst company to get furniture from. If I could give them zero stars I would. they bought my sectional out in June they ripped it. The man claim they were going to replace it the finally week. It's October and they still haven't exchange my couch I've been calling everyday. I get the run around everyday. I will never buy anything from royal furniture again. Worst mistake every but if I miss a payment they call and send a bunch of emails.

My husband and I...

My husband and I went here one day. The store was empty. One nice salesman asked us if we needed any help looking. We said not now but when we've decided on what to get we will. He respectfully let us browse, and we actually had already decided on what we wanted before entering the store. Sure enough, we found in the store what we were looking for, beckoned the salesman over, and asked to purchase it, paying with cash in full. He was accommodating and began writing everything up. Suddenly, he received a phone call and had to leave. His manager, Lee Smith, then came over and told us he was taking over. Since the previous man had already begun writing up our bill and delivery form, we thought that is where Lee would pick up. Oh how wrong we were. Lee began to tell us that he did not like our choice of furniture. He dragged us over to a $4000+ furniture set that looked nothing like what we had chosen. We basically just kept saying 'no' and to please let us finish our purchase so we can leave. After telling us he wanted to finish showing us the expensive furniture 'so I can sleep well tonight' he finally brought us over to his desk to finish the delivery info and payment. While sitting with him, the employee next to him (while on his phone) let the phone ring without answering it. When he finally did, it turns out it was a call regarding financing. So if you are a customer doing financing, do not expect good customer service. Mind you, my husband and I were the manly people in the store the entire time. The most horrendous part of the whole experience was when Lee Smith asked if I wanted a mattress cover for the mattress we were purchasing. I stated no (we already had one). He stated, and I quote, 'it is to protect the mattress from things like pet stains, drink stains, and women fluids.' I thought I was going to scream. If my husband and I did not absolutely need this furniture when we did, we would have walked out the door right there. Instead we politely reinforced the fact that we did not want a mattress cover. I could go on and on about other comments Lee made but I will not. I am not here to simply give my opinion, I am stating concrete things that happened at this store.

This place is a...

This place is a joke and has cheaply made furniture. Also don't count on their 'spectacular' warranty company. Absolute joke. Save yourself the frustration and go somewhere else. Have had multiple family members experiencing the same pathetic customer service. If you're desperate and settle for this place... do yourself a favor and save your money on the 'warranty' option. You'll lose money. Pathetic rip-off. They will come up with every excuse not to help you.

Good quality furniture but...

Good quality furniture but their financing department sucks. They make you stick to the full number of months on the contracts. No ability to pay it off early. The finance department people are rude and condescending because they do not understand the concept of wanting to pay your debt off early.

Save yourself a lot...

Save yourself a lot of hassle and do not do business with these criminals. They are a one time seller company, & do not stand behind their mid level at best products. They are not to my knowledge accredited by the BBB. However, you will see two complaints at the BBB regarding their business practices, so expect just that if you are as foolish as we were to spend our hard earned $ with these crooks. We bought a leather couch and, in only 3 weeks, found a nice tear right along the armrest alongside the very end of the framing. It is so obvious that it's a compression type tear from either being crammed thru our front door or possibly some time during shipping. The wife called and sent a photo. They did call back but said since we'd had it a whopping 3 weeks there was absolutely nothing they could do about it. No suggestions.....nothing! Credible companies do NOT do business like this because they have ethics, standards, & want your business again. These guys could care less. I tried keeping our $ within the county & got burned. Stay away! Stay far away!

I am just at...

I am just at the point of paying off my account so I just go to the store to pay my bill. But when I go to purchase some more things for my house very one is do helpful.

Easy approval , April...

Easy approval , April on Summer Ave is the best, and nice selection. Don't buy the cheap stuff it don't last but the high end stuff is very nice.

Horrible experience! I spent...

Horrible experience! I spent over $3500 dollars on the first new living room suite I have ever purchased. I was very excited. My recliners started literally falling apart after two months. They replaced one that I did not even open when the other one started doing the same thing. I have called and emailed more times than I can count and they are actively avoiding me at this point. You would be better off saving you money and going to a thrift store. Soooo disgusted that they would treat people this way.

I have been dealing...

I have been dealing with Royal for years bought some furniture and it didn't work out for me tried to take it back and they didn't want to take it back but a White lady bought a couch a couple of days ago and they let her return it I will never in my life buy furniture from them again when you buy something and it don't look good in your house or work out for you you should be able to return it or exchange it they didn't give me the option to exchange it and I did it in a timely manner so I advise anyone to be careful deal with Royal they all about the money this was a three piece leather couch set that cost 6,800 that's why they didn't want to except it back I just bought it in November but had time to return it

Worse service I've ever...

Worse service I've ever received in my life. The salesperson ventured off helping other guests while we were trying to finish our purchase..Was told a certain delivery day only to come to find out that it wasnt delivered on the day that was told by 7 days later than previously told..I will never shop here again.Hope this is helpful for someone.

Great experience no pressure...

Great experience no pressure wide range of selection. Chris was our account rep in Trussville would definitely recommend him in the future.

I picked out my...

I picked out my furniture for my new apartment on March 3rd my delivery was set March 17th. The first delivery I got my bedroom set with no mattress or box spring the Chester drawer came damaged, my daughters bed had been put on back order/discontinued(they ended up taking the display off the floor and giving me that) and my living room was right I received my couch and ottoman. After talking to my salesman he said they could deliver the rest of my items that night or Sunday. I would need to drive back up there and sign my paperwork again. After going back up there 45 mins and waiting 30 mins the store manager had to call the sales man he left the store so no one knew what was going on he left the mattress and box spring off the recipe she talked to her district manger they decided to take the lost on that and gave it to me for free but I would have to wait until March 21 to get the rest of my stuff. So, I had to get a blow up bed and sleep on until then. Yesterday they came with everything expect my chester drawer they brought another dresser. It this point I'm hoping third time is a charm it won't be here until Tuesday March 27. But, I bet they want their money on time. This has been to worst experience I've had with buying furniture the store manager tried to make the situation better but who wants to wait days to get something you should have gotten the first time. So, I've been inconvenienced three times dealing with this company. The delivery guys were great and professional set the stuff up in a timely matter.

Your review helps others...

Your review helps others learn about great local businesses. Every piece of furniture we've gotten tears up early and easily. I do not play when it comes to maintaining my furniture. The couches peal and bedroom set begins to wobble. Not only for me but for most people I know that buy Royal Furniture. Good luck on yours!!!

Great people love the...

Great people love the furniture just paid it off no problem do you again soon. No problems whatsoever it was very easy to deal with all promises were made all promises were filled

Purchased a sectional about...

Purchased a sectional about six months ago, and I am still in love with my furniture and the service I received. Will definitely return to the Nashville location for all future furniture purchases!

I'm not entirely sure...

I'm not entirely sure how this company has more than one star. Worked with Jason, and experienced some delays in shipment (I still don't have a couch). So far I've have been lied to, yelled at, cut off on the phone, and ignored. They claim to work with customers, but every time I was supposed to be getting something solved, a call the next day proved that Jason really couldn't make anything happen. He grew more agitated with the situation, yet I'm the one without a couch, and ended up cutting me off and saying he was too frustrated to even let me ask questions. I asked for his 'promises' to be in writing, and he grew angry with me because he said it wasn't possible. Even the receptionist told me that she knew who I was before I called, and gave me an attitude to go along with it! Also, if you ask to speak to a manager, he avoids calls! Everything is shady, and they have very low reviews on other websites. Please don't shop here, it's not worth the headache.

placed several calls to...

placed several calls to the warehouse location (9013461446), to request a time for the repairmen to come out to repair my furniture after the repairmen failed to show up or call for my Wednesday, April 10 from 3:00 - 7:30 appointment. After 4 fell attempts to speak to someone this morning, call number 5 seem to be a winner. When speaking with the lady that answer the phone, I informed that that I have made 4 attempts today, and at least 7 attempts on Wednesday to speak with someone at this location and request that she not transfer me and asked if she will simply call the appropriate person to confirm my time for today. She place me on holding without asking me to hold on and came back to inform me my appointment was set for today after 3, that they could not give a time, but someone will call will call when they are 30 minutes out. I asked ,can I reschedule my appointment for Tuesday, April 16, instead... which she reschedules my appointment for Tuesday. I also asked to speak with a manger at this location. She transferred me a guy (I assumed is the manager), I spoke and informed the guy I need will like like to make a complaint. I proceeds to tell me, 'I don't know what you're talking about'. Therefore I spoke to him in slower tune to ensure he that he understood the nature of my call. He then informed me 'he's not interested in my talking to me or providing me with his name'. WOW! I asked for his managers name and number and was given Ted Bailey. I once again asked the guy for his name and he said 'I'm not interested in helping you' then rudely hung up the phone' a customers face. I am LIVID! Memphis, is one the poorest states cities in America, surely Royal Furniture can find a better 'manager' for the warehouse location, unless he's a relative or a friend of the family. Even if he is, he should not hold the 'manager' position. After all customer service is the key component to success of a business, and this guy lis not is hurting this establishment. I'm 100%, I am not the only the person who has experience this guy lack moral empathy and concern...but I am the right person tp call him out! I am requesting an apology for the rude behavior from your upper staff.


WHY. DIDN'T. I. READ. THESE. REVIEWS. FIRST?!?!? They had a very attractive package (queen bed, mattress, box spring, night stand, TV) and I also bought a couch on top of that. I paid for delivery and assembly as well. When the deliverymen got there, they refused to take the furniture up the stairs because the lift wasn't working. They said 'we're going to be too tired.' I had to get 4 men from my own apartment building to take the stuff up there FOR FREE (so, basically, I could have saved over $100!!!!) while the delivery men stood there watching. I spoke with the warehouse manager and he said that they don't go up stairs (SO WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS WHO DON'T HAVE AN ELEVATOR?!). They never told me that they require an elevator on site, so I know that had it not been for the other men, I would have been outta luck. I can't get in touch with corporate to get a refund, so basically they took that extra money and ran. GREAT.

After buying a house,...

After buying a house, I called almost every furniture store in a 300 mile radius looking for the Traemore living room set. No one had it and it would take 3+ months to receive it. Royal Furniture not only had the set but had it transferred and held it for me for just under two weeks without even as much as a deposit. I traveled 290 miles from New Orleans to pick up this set. Jeff communicated so well and had the set ready to pick up when I got there. This group is true southern hospitality with wonderful workers and great service. Even though the set was still in the packaging, they unpackaged it to inspect it before packaging it up again and loading all of it for me. I highly recommend and know that I will be traveling back up again to see them! It was worth every mile.

I have had a...

I have had a less than stellar experience with 'Royal' furniture. The furniture is not bad. Although the switch on my couch keeps breaking off- I have a lifetime warranty. My issues are with the lack of customer service. Susan W., account/billing manager, is VERY unhelpful and vengenful. I called to pay my account off and she hung up on me and wouldn't take my call. I told her I wasn't paying legal fees for my account being behind as I made it current. You're put on hold for hours. Literally hours- if you need to get in touch with anyone. The whole company touts a family atmosphere. However, this is the worst company I've ever had to deal with. I'm so Glad to be done with them. Susan if you're reading this- Have a good day and know that you're doing a terrible job. Beverly never followed through on anything and never followed up on anything either. Why should she? The whole company is garbage and it runs from the top down. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Buyer beware.

Very helpful sales staff....

Very helpful sales staff. Told me we would get it in two weeks so we bought the couch. They scheduled it for delivery in two weeks. We waited all day and it never showed. We called that evening and was told it is on back order and will be two more weeks. They schedule us for two more weeks. The day before I called to confirm and was told they would deliver it between 12 and 3 o'clock and that it was on the truck for delivery. No one shows up and I call again after the delivery time and then told that it is back ordered and they have no idea when we will get our couch. It's been over a month and we have no clue when we are getting our couch.

The boyfriend and I...

The boyfriend and I where in the market for a sectional and after looking at several different furniture stores, I managed to find Royal Furniture. They have a very large selection of furniture for wholesale prices which is great. I actually found the quality of the items here far higher quality than at other places for half of the price. Service was friendly albeit a little clingy. They also run really good sales here as well. We thankfully managed to find a sectional we both really liked here. The check out process was fast and delivery was prompt. Overall this place is a solid furniture store in regard to quality and price point. I highly recommend if you're on the look.

Update to e original...

Update to e original review is the company has addressed my concerns. I will update my rating once all actions are completed. Dont shop with this company. I should've noted previous reviews but now Im stuck with a bad purchase. Salesman will tell you 3-4 weeks when in reality its like 9-10 weeks! You cant get a straight answer from the store and their corporate office in Memphis cares even less. I should've paid the extra few bucks at the name brand store and saved myself the time and headache.

Do yourself a favor,...

Do yourself a favor, and DO NOT order anything online from them. After spending $2,000 ($1997.44 to be exact) on an 'in stock' couch, we were told 2 days later by email, it would not be delivered until 7-21-2020. I called an the person I was told to speak to, does not have a voicemail setup, and to this day, jas not replied to my email as it why it was going to take so long. Flash forward to 7-20-2020 i revive a text with a link 'track deliver', and it shows to be delivered between 3:36 and 6:36 on 7-21-2020. Seeing no reason, to doubt this, we got rid of our old couch on 7-20-2020 (and yes we are still sitting onthe floor) 6:30 7-21-2020 rolls around. Ive been home all day with my font door open waiting. Worried I check the delivery link and it now states my order # cannot be found! So I began to call the store, and they are closed,I get this recording to leave a message and they'll call back within 24 hours (no one called) I also sent an email. We stayed up til midnight, hoping someone would show up, they never did. Today I have sent 2 emails and left multiple voicemails (no one ever picks up the phone when I call) and tonight, my husband pointed out on the screen shot for the estimated delivery time Royal spelled our street name wrong. Frantic I went back through my emails to make sure I had entered everything correctly. The confirmation receipt for my purchase (all the info I had to enter) everything was correct! Someone at Royal changed the spelling of my street name and no one will communicate with me.

Ordered the house full...

Ordered the house full of furniture package. 05/29/2020. Every thing but 2 pc sectional came. I designed my living room for that sectional. The movers stated it was on back order and I was fine end of june came when it was expected to arrive called the sales associate she asked me not to be mad and its still on back order expect it around July 18th. Still no calls. I called 2 days ago she says it will be August before it comes in. Spoke to the manager today 07/22/2020. To ask for a gift card or a lamp or something for waiting. She stated she will push back my payments i bought it in cash and then she told me i bought it on sale I couldnt get any service recovery. I will contact their corporate offices. Ive been waiting on my living room since May and this is very unnaceptable.

Awesome people to deal...

Awesome people to deal with great furniture great prices I will see you again thank you

If you read all...

If you read all these reviews, you likely won't be shopping at Royal. If you luck out and get the right furniture that's undamaged, then you may have a pleasant shopping experience. However, if you have to deal with corporate...good luck! This company does not care about their customers and does not follow up. We initially received the wrong piece of furniture. About a month later, the correct loveseat was delivered, but it was damaged and had a cut in the back. We were told we would get a replacement once one was in stock. That was 20 months ago. We are still waiting and still struggling with corporate. After my husband finally drove to the office, we did finally get an email response (to an email I sent over a month earlier) and they informed me that they were ordering a repair piece and would not be refunding or replacing our loveseat WHICH THEY TOLD US THEY WOULD REPLACE. We've been waiting 20 months for a replacement loveseat not a repair. I can not count the number of phone calls that have been made the past couple of years with no response. Reading these reviews, I realize we are not alone. If you are another frustrated Royal customer, I empathize with you!

Went with a friend...

Went with a friend to check out a bed for a 2nd bedroom. We showed up the hour before close and were completely ignored by all employees as we walked throughout the store. They employees had popped popcorn and were all clustered in the 'office' area but we couldn't get any service. Not acceptible and we won't be back!

These guys were so...

These guys were so accommodating and friendly! Went in looking for a specific item at a specific price point. The sales associate took me around the large store showing me different items that might possible work. I was also led through the clearance room to check if they had anything out there that might work. We narrowed it down to a couple that I liked best and asked the manager what could be done. To my surprise they offered prices that were in the range I was looking to be in. Great selection of furniture, for all rooms in the house, to accommodate a large variety of price points. Best part of the experience, they did not try to up sell and try to get me to finance so they could make a larger sale. When I need furniture in the future this will be my first stop! Highly the no pressure sales approach they have here!

The sales staff was...

The sales staff was great but the delivery service was terrible. If you decide to make a purchase, please opt for pick-up service instead of delivery.

I ordered a QUEEN...

I ordered a QUEEN sized mattress and box spring. On follow up of the purchase, workers failed to answer any calls. On arrival first day, they refused to give my dad the bedding. My mom had to go the next day to get it. When we got home, we were putting the bed together and realized they gave us the wrong sized box spring. This is very unprofessional and could've easily been avoided. I would not recommend ordering anything from here. This is an act of pure laziness and unprofessionalism.

none of the workers...

none of the workers were wearing masks. we got our furniture and it was messed up so we had to get another one. they wouldn't even deliver it to us. when we went back the second time they dropped the furniture. i wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

I'm giving this a...

I'm giving this a 1 because I have to in order to post my survey.. Past the sell they could careless. Neal is a complete jerk. I purchased furniture paid cash for it on December 24th I did put it on layaway in March per the salesman suggestion I told him when I was ready I'd just come buy it never paid on it just paid it in full on 12/24/18. Now on 12/20 I called the store gave the person my sku number asked was it in stock she said yes they had 6 I asked could I pick the couch up on 12/23 Sunday the lady said they didn't have pick up that day but 12/24 they had short hours but the couch could be picked up between 10-2. Ok fine 12/24 I call the store at 10 to let them know he was on the way the person that answers says no one is in the back so he can't pick it up that day then proceeds to tell me that my couch needs to be ordered they don't keep furniture there it's in the warehouse in Memphis okay this crosses out everything the lady stated on 12/20. So I'm pissed now but okay whatever my friend pays for the couch $819 that day because it has to be ordered allegedly. Wednesday 12/26 I call the manager answers and tells me that they tried to call me on 12/23 to tell me the couch was there but my voicemail was full NOW even though this is a lie she is telling me I say well why on 12/24 when the couch was paid off my friend was told it needed to be ordered. Her response I don't know why he was told that but I will ask the person when he comes in. Yeah sure you will.. clearly whomever answers the phone just makes it up as they go at this store. 12/29 I call the store because we are going to try and pick the furniture up for the final time. This time the girl says let me check are you getting a recliner and this is where things turned horrible I've had it with them. I tell her no it's a couch she checks and they have the wrong piece there. So at this point I get online find the couch at another store and tell them I want to cancel Neal says im pushing blame on them now. Well of course seeing as you all did order the wrong piece give me wrong information and lie in less than a week I'd say this is royals fault needless to say I am getting a refund via check and I paid cash but I don't care how my money is returned I wouldn't want them to get a dime of my money. BF Meyers had the couch I went right to the store paid 873 and got the couch in les than 20 mins. I wouldn't take free furniture from Royal customer service is NON-Existent there and Neal let me know they have been in business 80 years I'm assuming he said that to say we sell furniture but once we got the money we don't give a flip about the customer my experience has been one I'll never forget and I'm so glad they only got 800 dollars instead of me furnishing my whole home. I wouldn't shop here look else where if you know what's good for you!

I had an awesome...

I had an awesome experience. I found the exact bedroom set I saw online with Overstock for $500 less plus I got a nice mattress. Dedrick was knowledgeable and professional. I didn't feel pressure when I entered I was able to look without a sales representative following me. I highly recommend coming here before you make your final decision. Ask for Dedrick and I'm certain you'll have the same stellar furniture shopping experience.

Our furniture was supposed...

Our furniture was supposed to be delivered on Saturday Jan 5. The store did not contact me about a delivery time. I did call the Memphis store to confirm that my furniture would be delivered. The very rude receptionist flat out said 'I can't help you, you have to go online.' So I went online, the stated delivery time was between noon and 3pm. We waited and waited and waited. After 3pm the status changed to 'on its way.' Still no phone call or contact from the company. At 8pm, the delivery tracked still stated that it was 'on the way.' They never showed, I never got a phone call or any other form of communication from Royal furniture. The people in the store refuse to answer the phone, AND their voicemail is constantly full. ROYAL Furniture has my money and has not yet delivered my furniture. If you value your time, buy furniture elsewhere. Do not waste your time here. Update: I spoke with the office. After being on hold for over 20 Minutes, they couldn't find my paperwork. Thankfully, I had my copy. I gave them the information needed. Then they changed their excuse to 'we attempted to call you but you didn't respond to confirm the appointment.' I have the call records for both mine and my husbands phones. They are both in excellent working order and we DO have our incoming/outgoing call logs. We were not contacted. The delivery staff is fibbing the notes on their work orders. So now you are closed until Tuesday and I can't get my order delivered until next week. I will continue to post updates until Royal Furniture makes good on the delivery for which we have paid in full.

i had made a...

i had made a cash purchase (700+tax) around june of this year with no problem. i am a ad shopper and i find the item at a lower price and pay cash for it. this purchase was made with bill with no problem. i went today to make a purchase. same fashion. when tj turned in bill sandy maxwell, at the trussville store refused to honor it. i will not purchase anything from this store again. none of them. i stopped at another furniture store on my way home and this store not only honored sale price. i could charge it. was the difference between sales people or person handling purchase. no worries. no more of my money! period

Had an amazing experience...

Had an amazing experience when purchasing furniture for our home. Linda, our salesperson was great. The nightmare started after we purchased the Furniture protection plan and attempted to utilize it. Three stars only because good service should extend beyond the sales experience. If you cannot offer that same energy with everything that you sell, then you shouldn't be selling it. I was asking the store manager about the problems that we have had when attempting to have our furniture cleaned and/or repaired. I, asked, was I the only person that was having problems getting my furniture protection plan to work for me? The store manager replied, yes. I don't believe that we have had anyone else that have had the type of problems that you've had. Well, I'll be damned! He was not kidding & neither was I. I can and will take any future business elsewhere along with recommendations. A smart manager would've kept that comment to himself along with that sorry Furniture non-protection plan!

Bought a new sectional...

Bought a new sectional from the Winchester location and was told it would be delivered today. I received a call the yesterday confirming my address and to call back and would be told what time to expect delivery. Called this morning and was told the sectional I bought would have to be ordered and wouldn't be in for another week. It was in stock when I bought it and they sold it after my purchase! When I spoke to the manager I was told to either wait another week or come in for a refund!!! Poor business is an understatement! Got my refund and went elsewhere. Only reason they get 1 star is the politeness of the cashier unlike the rude manager!

Was not a good...

Was not a good transaction. First delivery, merchandise was cracked. Second delivery got rescheduled but nobody was going to let me know or was tracking it.

I am pleased with...

I am pleased with the furniture I paid for, was pleased with the salesman while shopping for all new furniture for my new home, but I was very disappointed in how many pieces of furniture was damaged while being shipped. All my furniture was bought and paid for in full, and 2 weeks later I am still awaiting for the last piece of furniture to be delivered. There is a great flaw in the shipping of their furniture which is sad because it's such nice, expensive furniture.

Horrible experience, awful customer...

Horrible experience, awful customer service, inept systems. I don't do reviews but this place BUYER BEWARE! Bought a bedroom suite & dining room set. Upon delivery day, 4 chairs broke. They replaced it with a second bench and 2 chairs that didn't match, oh yeah the bench they replaced it with lasted 3 days before it came apart. Granted they finally replaced that bench. That wasn't even the problem, Part of the bedroom was delivered, The correct white headboard and the incorrect walnut footboard. Talking to the store manager Jeff he assured me 'I'm looking on my computer now and the footboard and remaining pieces are on the truck and will be here next week.' When it didn't arrive the excuses started, 'I'm not in control of it', 'it's backordered'. I thought you saw it on your computer on the truck? Anyway, they offered us the floor models. Went in, checked out the floor models, yep we will have them delivered. They delivered today, HA of course not all of it. The delivery guy, 'it says it supposed to be here?' We call Jeff, Jeff says 'I requested, I don't know?' I called corporate office today ( I had already left messages and emailed over the past month no response.) Corporate says I will check and call you back. No call back, still don't have all my furniture, but ol Jeff says next week. No matter what special they are running, DON'T DO IT. Don't buy from here and for the love, don't expect them to fix it when you do it anyway. THEY ARE HORRIBLE!

I have purchased several...

I have purchased several items from Royal Furniture and each time has had great issues. The last time I did finally speak to a young lady who went above and beyond to make things right but shortly after she helped me with my issues I found out she was no longer employed there. Today is it!!!! I will not purchase anything else from Royal Furniture!!!! I purchased an item that I specifically asked them to have brought from the warehouse to the store on Airways and after waiting a full week I call today and they still haven't had it brought over. They are unorganized, unconcerned.....nobody knows what's going on!!! They seem to be getting worse instead of better!! Spend your money somewhere else because I promise you you will have many problems here!!!

Terrible experience!! We purchased...

Terrible experience!! We purchased furniture here in late 2018. When the set arrived IT WAS REFURBISHED!! There were scratches and nicks and even a cut that was very obviously 'repaired' and not even a good repair. It was horrible. So they took it back and we ordered a different set. That set arrived in new condition and at first we were pleased, but this furniture has not worn well AT ALL. We are just a three person family, and not home very much! It is sagging, the cushions have flattened, and we paid for a protection plan that was supposed to cover everything from scratches, tears, and STAINS! Well the furniture suddenly faded/stained in a matter of days, I think from something we had on our clothing, not only did the protection plan deny that, they denied everything. Then when I contacted Royal I was very rudely disconnected by their 'customer service manager' and basically called a liar on the stain. Unprofessional staff, bad protection plan, and cheaply made furniture. Go somewhere else!!!! Had I only researched their BBB complaints before going shopping. 1 star rating there and most everywhere else. I'm not surprised.

I'd give 0 starts...

I'd give 0 starts if I could. This place is a joke, they make their prices high and give you a 'discount' when in reality, you end up paying more still then what the furniture is worth. My mom spent $3000 on furniture, they gave her furniture with stripped screws, missing parts, they hung up on her when she tried to report it, took forever to deliver it and it goes on and on. My brother also purchased furniture there 2 days after her (before the problems started) and they delivered it to his new house and brought a broken couch and would have left it if my brother didn't catch it, they damaged the walls in 5 different areas and took forever to come out to fix it (it's still not fixed) and then their 2nd team came to fix it and said that the delivery team is known to damage property and deliveries and they're always fixing their mistakes. This place is scandalous and is overall a giant rip off. But at your own risk. Lastly, the assistant manager is a con artist, don't let him fool you. He acts friendly and nice to get a sale but acts completely opposite after he processes your money. I will be reporting them to the BBB and taking all necessary actions to have these problems resolved because they won't do shit now that they have their money.


DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!! We bought a sectional from them over a year ago. It was a 'high seller' so we had to wait for it to be delivered. We were told when our first payment was due (2 months away from the date we bought). Time came for us to pay the bill and we hadn't received our furniture. During this time, our payment book was chewed up by our puppy. We went up there TWO separate times and requested a new book and both times, the rude old lady that works in the service department said she ordered it and it would be mailed to us within 1-2 weeks. The second time we went up there for this, there was another couple there that said they had been paying for their furniture for over a year and still haven't received all of it. We eventually got 2 pieces of our furniture delivered to us. When we finally received the rest of our couch, we paid a payment on the furniture. We live 45 minutes away from this location and have to drive to make a payment because we still had not received our payment book and was told this was the only way we could do it. Needless to say, we missed a few payments because of this inconvenience. Not ONE time did we receive a letter, phone call or email about our payments or our payment book. Next thing we know, they've sent our information to collections and now we are having to pay for the couch and the $300 attorney fee. My mother has also dealt with the same problem from the same store and has contacted the corporate office. The manager and old lady that works in the customer service department are rude and the company cares nothing about trying to help you.

Don't shop here if...

Don't shop here if you are not financing. They took my money. Charged me over $100.00 to deliver my furniture. The 1st time it was a sectional going in the wrong direction. They picked it up after a week and brought the right sofa in the wrong color. The delivery driver said I couldn't get it in the color I wanted. I called the sales person and he said he would check it out and call me back. I emailed him also. No response. Don't except or sign anything unless it's a correct order. They will give you anything, they don't care about customer satisfaction. If you must buy something you see there. Go on line it will cost from $300.00 to $500. 00 cheaper. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

I had a great...

I had a great experience due to Bill. He knew a lot about the furniture. And made promises that he kept. Furniture arrived in one price so that's even a bigger plus on their side. I will be going back very soon to see Bill.

My wife and I...

My wife and I bought over $3000 worth of furniture from Royal in early November of 2014. Today is January 11, 2015, and we still haven't received everything. When we went to the store, we found what we were looking for. We were never approached by a salesperson - I had to go find one. The salesman we ended up working with was friendly enough, and was good at his job. We're not displeased with the furniture or with the salesman's job, once we were finally able to get some help. The bulk of the furniture was delivered 10 days after the purchase. I wanted it sooner, but it's the date we were given. Royal charges in excess of $100 for delivery, and they deliver it when THEY get ready. I wasn't given a time or even a time frame on when the delivery would be made. Not even morning or afternoon. I was just told they would be at my home on a certain date. My wife and I both work full-time, so my wife had to take off work to take delivery of our furniture. Two pieces were backordered. I had to call the store repeatedly over the span of nearly two months before someone finally told me the pieces would arrive at the warehouse the first week of December. I had to call again after Christmas to ask where my furniture was. Finally, I was told they would be delivered on Friday, January 9. Again, my wife and I were working. Again, I was not given a time, time frame, or part of the day to expect delivery. My father said he would be home that day and, since he lives a couple of miles from my house, he said he would meet the delivery people. I received an automated telephone call at 2:33 PM, which said my delivery would arrive in 10 minutes. Ten minutes! How can anyone reasonably expect someone who has to work for a living to wait around all day for a delivery, only to be given ten minutes' notice? I called my dad told him the delivery was on the way. He left and went to my house. I called him about 30 minutes later and asked him if the furniture had made it. He said he was still waiting, so I called the warehouse. The lady I spoke with said she had a call out to the delivery driver and that he would call me. About 20 minutes later, she called back and said that they were at my house, no one was there, and they left. She then asked me what days I was off work and she would reschedule the delivery for one of those days. I, like most working class people, am off on Saturday and Sunday. She told me the earliest she could have my furniture delivered was next Saturday. I found a card in my mailbox which said that the delivery truck was at my house from 2:35 till 2:40. This, after receiving a call at 2:33 stating my delivery would arrive in 10 minutes, is totally, completely, utterly unacceptable. I called the store manager and explained to him everything that had happened since my wife and I bought and paid for the furniture over two months ago. To his credit, the manager was sympathetic and told me that while he had no control over what happened at the warehouse, he had complete control over what happened at his store. He told me he would refund, in full, the delivery charge for my order. He also asked that when my furniture did arrive to call the store and request to speak to him personally so he would know I had received everything. The selection at this store is decent. The treatment you get from the staff is hit-or-miss. The warehouse and delivery system is terrible. I'll save myself the headaches and do business elsewhere next time.

I enjoyed purchasing from...

I enjoyed purchasing from Royal. The sales staff was very busy but still made time to make me feel at home and answer all my questions. The furniture was in stock and on sale. Delivered in less than a week. Will be back.

I went to the...

I went to the Winchester store on 6/16/2020 met the service rep Reggie Rucker and paid cash for a sofa sleeper and a couch. Reggie told me that the couch was on back order but he assured me that they would have it in stock by the delivery date which was July 1, 2020. On that date they delivered the sleeper but no couch so I called the store and Reggie told me it would be delivered on the 12th of July which came and went but still no couch! So I went back to the store and Reggie asked me if I could find the floor model of the couch and I found it but I notice that it had a sold sign on it. Reggie told me that they had 2 couches in the warehouse but if he couldn't get them by Tuesday the 28th of July that he would call me and tell me that he would have the floor model delivered to me even tho it was sold, he told me not to worry about it because I had waited long enough and he would still send the floor model! Tuesday came and went and there was no phone call or couch! Just because I am a senior citizen and a Vietnam vet doesn't mean that I am stupid and can't tell when someone is shucking and jiving me! So I called the store today and Reggie told me that the couch was on back order and would be ready August 12th. The couch was on back order when I first came to the store June 16! So he must have sold the 2 that were in the warehouse and I know that he sold the floor model because I saw the sold ticket on it! So for a little bit of money Reggie lied to me because he already had my money and he didn't mine making me wait for 2 months before I would get mine! I went to the store today and got my money back! What a terrible way to treat senior citizens and I will never shop at Royal Furniture again! Royal furniture doesn't care about senior citizens and vets and Reggie Rucker is a big, big liar!

Everyone wearing masks and...

Everyone wearing masks and very attentive. Didn't have the sofa I wanted and offered to look for other stores. Mentioned Overstock opening in Horn Lake. They had the sofa, love seat and swivel chair there!! Was so thrilled with their help

Avoid this store and do not buy extended warranty if you have animals!

Less than 1 year-old leather/faux leather couch started peeling exactaly underneath the seat where is not real leather. The warranty denied my claim because my dogs use the couch and has hair around; not because I sit in the couch everyday. Lousy excuse! Buy couches from BBB-credited stores.

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