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Rooms To Go Reviews

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Spring 2024 Updates: Many in-stock pieces offer quick shipping estimates with some reports of shipping delays. Recent reviewers have mixed feedback with some issues relating to delivery experiences and product durability.

Rooms To Go is an affordable chain of furniture stores found across the southern states. Their primary innovation has been their affordable designer-styled room selections with matching pieces, such as those from Cindy Crawford and Sofia Vergara, making interior designing and inspiration seamless. In terms of shopper satisfaction, most customers have good things to say about Rooms To Go's selection, but there is some mixed sentiment around delivery and durability.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.8/10

Price Value: 7.3/10

Price: $169-$3899

Return Policy: 48 Hours If Damaged

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Rooms To Go Specifics

Rooms To Go's furniture line-up features the interesting differentiator of full-room displays making matching products easy. With this innovation and low entry price points, Rooms To Go has expanded to be a serious furniture retail chain in the eastern US.

Customers report being intrigued with the styles of Rooms To Go offerings and designs. Customers appreciate the modern and contemporary styles to be found in their convenient store fronts. However, when it comes to purchase, there are some that have reported issues with delivery and durability of the items.

Material Quality

Rooms To Go is known for its budget-conscious line-up. With this emphasis, deal hunters have responded well to Rooms To Go's product line-up. However, there have been some reports of durability issues for some customers -- with some reporting issues with longevity of materials.

Room To Go's Top Picks

When it comes to what Room To Go's shoppers are excited about, there are some items that come up again and again. We'll go through their most popular searches below and discuss customer takeaways.

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

Rooms To Go offers a variety of sectionals and sofas that match their living room offerings. These can fit a variety of styles -- such as mid-century, traditional, ultra-modern, and more. When it comes to price, customers are enticed by the low entry-point. However, there were some complaints for some shoppers, including some reported issues with degrading support.

The pros: A good selection of options for most living spaces. Low entry price points.

The cons: Some issues with longevity and degrading support is a complaint for some. Others reported issues with delivery.

#2 Mattresses

Mattress shopping over the last five years has changed drastically. With many online brands coming to market offering competitive trial periods and lower prices, many shoppers are opting to buy online, disrupting name-brand retailers. Rooms To Go's mattress selection predominantly includes common name-brands, such as Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest, and Sealy. While these mattresses get good initial scores from customers, there are many complaints about durability over time. Due to this and the lack of an in-home sleep trial, customers may feel that buying from a reputable online brand is a better option.

The pros: Variety of name-brand mattresses to choose from that fit most budgets.

The cons: Lack of an in-home sleep trial and some issues with durability reported.

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#3 Outdoor & Patio

Rooms To Go's outdoor furniture selections is another top request from customers. They offer various contemporary styles in seating, outdoor dining, and lounge. With their proprietary collections that make it easy to match a set of items to your specific space, customers can quickly design the right outdoor space for them. Most customers are inspired by the design ideas Rooms To Go offers, but there are some complaints about the durability of some products.

The pros: Collections that fit most outdoor spaces. Competitively priced items.

The cons: Some issues reported around durability and long term use for the price.

#4 Rooms To Go Kids

Rooms To Go offers a wide selection of nursery and kids bedoom and playroom furnishings and styles. With a wide range of bunk and loft beds, cribs, study, and themed play products, parents can find inspiration with Rooms To Go's selection. Additionally, Rooms To Go has licensing agreements with popular brands such as Disney®, Star Wars® and the NFL® to offer branded beds and room decor. Overall, customers describe enjoying the selection and the designs on first purchase, but there were some that reported issues with delivery and durability for some items.

The pros: Fun and inspiring selection of kids and baby room furniture. Branded selection for youth fans of sports and movie franchises.

The cons: Some issues with durability and delivery reported by some customers.

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#5 Rooms To Go Outlet

Rooms To Go offers outlet prices both online and in-store at over 20 locations. For those that are looking for a bargain on over-manufactured and clearance items, Rooms To Go outlet offers steep discounts versus their standard retail experiences. While budget conscious customers find these to be good options, there are some that described issues with delivery and damaged items.

The pros: Very affordable items available in-store and online.

The cons: Limited selection. Some issues reported with delivery and damaged items.

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More From Rooms To Go's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Rooms To Go offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Beds & Bedroom Sets

- Recliners

- Dining Furniture

- Rugs & Home Decor

Rooms To Go Store Locator

Rooms To Go can be found predominantly across the eastern United States. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

Rooms To Go Alternatives

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I was unhappy with my purchase after 3 months

I was unhappy with my purchase after 3 months and the manager and salesman at the Murfreesboro store were very supportive and helpful in making it right. They did not over promise but were reasonable and accommodating. They salvaged a potentially bad situation.

If I could enter 0 stars

If I could enter 0 stars i would. So far RTG delivered a recliner of a wrong color. The replacement delivered was damaged. Then they delivered a full set of a bedroom furniture, of which the only piece not damaged was the nightstand. They have rescheduled the delivery of the exchange on the morning of delivery and they have not delivered.

The staff in the store are great.

The staff in the store are great. The furniture quality is very good. However delivery and customer service are terrible. They set up my bed halfway and left a pile of wood in our bedroom. The only response I've gotten is that they will send me the pdf of the assembly instructions so I can do their job for them. After 2 phone calls, 4 online chats, and 2 unanswered emails I have still not gotten those instructions or any sort of resolution. I would try to put it together, but I'm pretty sure a piece is missing, which they haven't offered to replace. Save your money and go to a better store.

I see reviews all over the spectrum here

I see reviews all over the spectrum here. So here is mine and you can take it or leave it. We just moved to TN from CO and had a limited budget for furniture since we were replacing our whole house worth. We went to every furniture store within a 60 mile radius of our house and saw every quality or lack there of and ended up at Rooms to Go in Murfreesboro. We ended up with a great sales guy, Noah, which we stuck with through all of or furniture purchases. First we ordered a whole living room set and then a master bedroom set. Then we changed out mind completely on the living room set after it was already loaded on a truck for that weeks delivery but the sales guy and the manager bent over backwards to get our whole change in living room sets switched out, given we now had to wait an extra two weeks but it was worth not making the mistake we almost made. While we were waiting for the living room furniture our master bedroom furniture came in and that delivery crew was wonderful and took such care. Later we noticed the base board was lacking some paint so had called it into customer service and they were going to have a new one sent out with our living room furniture. Then while we were still waiting on the living room furniture we made another trip to the store and got with our sales person for a dining room set and kitchen table and he was able to get that all added to our living room furniture delivery. Ok so here is where the story goes bad, the delivery people were now delivering over 25 pieces and only my husband was home and he said it was the most horrific experience of his life. Not to go into all the details, we called customer care and out of the 25 or so pieces 11 of the pieces now had to go back from damage the movers did. It does not end there, when they come back out with the replacement pieces the movers yet again damage three more of the pieces and scratch the hardwood and a wall. I called their customer service department again about all of the issues and the only thing they said is I had to jump through hoops with paperwork for a claim, pictures, and all had to be returned in one day. At this point we told them we don't want to put in a claim we never want your people in our house again. I am posting this a few months after our purchase and have to add a comment that the quality now is not very impressive either.

Ms Debbie G is what we call a jewel

Ms Debbie G is what we call a jewel. She is extremely kind warm and inviting yet not pushy. I walked in with the hopes of finding a glass dining room set. Ms Debbie walked me around while I looked but I didn't find anything. Last but not least she walked me to this beautiful chocolate & vanilla counter height triangle table. It was love at first sight guys lol. I had to leave and get my bf on board though which made me miss her. I waited until she was back at work to make my purchase since she took time out and treated me like a person and not just a commission check! If you guys make it down to RTG look for the "mature" little lady with the positive aura around her.

The first two times I went to look at furniture, not a single sales person spoke to me

The first two times I went to look at furniture, not a single sales person spoke to me- the only reason I did not give 5 stars. We picked out a bed for my daughter and before purchasing it I asked about return policy etc because of the terrible reviews. Bed arrived today. They delivered on time. Very friendly delivery guys. No damage to bed that we've seen. I'm glad I did not let all the one star reviews keep me from buying a bed here. And like I told the salesperson, I'd write a good review if it was a good experience.

This the worst place to do business with

This the worst place to do business with. The salesman don't know the products that they are selling. And to make matters worse the General Manager does know his products either. What ever you do DON'T put cash down on any purchases as when they pick up your product it will take them up to 30 days before you get your cash back. WORSE COMPANY TO BUY ANY THING FROM. If I could leave a minus number it would be -10.

How can a company that doesn't stand behind their product stay in business

How can a company that doesn't stand behind their product stay in business? Both our bed and our sofa broke this weekend after just 2 years. We went to the Medical Center store and were told that if the replacement furniture arrives to their store broken, we bought it and must receive it. What!?!? In what other retail environment does this happen? Burnt pizza = send it back. Broken TV out of the box = full refund. Furniture arrives broken = Try again!! Clearly the Rooms To Go product has gone downhill along with the customer service. It's a shame that this beautiful building houses some shoddy furniture and backwards customer service policies.


BUYER BEWARE!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! DO NOT purchase from this company. I spent $3800 and I had to return it as they shipped a couch that had been patched. 3 months later I was relocated to Arkansas from TN and the foot rest on the couch started pealing. I contacted customer service who basically tells me touch luck as you are no longer in their service area and they have no technicians in this area and it is in your warranty terms and conditions - clearly this should be mentioned and initialized to confirm you understand this VERY important issue considering they only service 11 out of the 50 states (less than a quarter). Your telling me a company with 2.1 billion in sales - that's right BILLION can not partner with other companies to make sure their customers are taken care of????????


Sucks! I wouldn't buy a light bulb from them. They have very cheaply made furniture. And this is the pictures of the second one after arguing with customer service

I've done business with RTG for years

I've done business with RTG for years out of Knoxville, TN and online without ANY issues. Everything from the sales people to customer service to the online reps to the delivery drivers were beyond amazing! However, I will NEVER do business with RTG on Medical Center in Murfreesboro. I went in there yesterday and there were a room full of sales reps with only 2 customers in the store, myself included in the 2. The sales reps were hanging out, sitting down on the furniture, and all laughing and talking about politics and other things. They were so loud that they could be heard throughout the store. I walked by them a couple of times and not one single person acknowledged me. I made eye contact with a few reps while in there without any of them even saying a word to me. I walked past another sales rep sitting at one of the dining room tables about ready to fall asleep. I turned my head over my shoulder and made eye contact with him as well. He just looked at me with his eyes almost closed assuming napping position. It was very clear that they're not in the sales business but the hang out, sit on their butt business. The only thing missing was a bar with beer and alcohol for their little get together. Anyway, I went in there to look at a specific dining table and chairs, ready to buy. Considering that they couldn't even acknowledge my presence, they didn't deserve a commission or my money. I did speak with Marty, the sales manager. He said he'd walk out to see what they're doing. Seriously, a manager should know what's going on in their store at all times. I was in straight commission sales for more than a decade so I expect a little more professionalism and courtesy from my sales reps. Our new home closes on 3/19 and we were needing to get more furniture to fill the extra space/rooms. Oh well, Haverty's has earned our business and we'll continue to go there. We've bought 2 bedroom suites, our tempur-pedic cloud luxe breeze mattress, adjustable base, leather sectional, and entertainment console from Haverty's and have always had impeccable service. We're even using the same sales rep that helped us years ago when we purchased in Murfreesboro. Our rep at Haverty's in Lexington was also amazing and we'd use her again if we were still living there. There's something to be said about excellent customer service. If customer service and sales reps are good then there will be repeat business. If not, well, someone else will be willing to earn your business, as in this case. Avoid this location at all costs. There's not one single person in that store who deserves anybody's money or business!

We spent several thousand dollars

We spent several thousand dollars on a single order to furnish our new home. They charged high delivery fees for each item in the order, it took over a week to get it all, the largest piece was busted from the start and every subsequent visit resulted in another week of waiting for a resolution. Assuming they stick to the schedule and resolve the issue this next time, we'll have had Rooms To Go personnel to our house SIX TIMES over the course of seven weeks to get a single order correct. Though we've been on the phone with multiple customer service representatives regarding their failures no compensation or discount has ever been extended. My preference at this point would be to send it all back for a full refund, however the worst part is dealing with the company--so we'll cut our losses and NEVER patronize R2G again.

Delivery service is absolutely horrible

Delivery service is absolutely horrible. The first time I scheduled delivery from them, our furniture came damaged. We had to reschedule the delivery. The second time they came to deliver furniture, they did not fulfill the delivery as said and marked the exchange as complete. If I didn't contact customer service, we would have been stuck with the same damaged dresser. He also showed up during a different time frame as stated in the initial delivery notification, so no one was home to let him in. We didn't receive any initial notification that he'd be early; he literally called me when he was parked at our apartment complex asking if I was nearby. I was at work because I didn't expect them to show up until 3 hours later. In turn, we had to rely on our apartment complex to let them in. Instead of going to the front office and getting them to let him in, he left and said that the exchange was complete. We had to reschedule the delivery for a third time. Customer service was not helpful - the only thing they could tell me is that they would just need to keep rescheduling. If your delivery schedule was not reliable the last two times, what makes you think I would trust it for the third time? Shitty service all around at best. I'm really tempted to just tell them to take it all back and give me back my money. Learned my lesson. I won't purchase from them again.

Most of the reviews on here are exaggerated

Most of the reviews on here are exaggerated lol!!!! It's hilarious! Me and my wife bought bought our living room set from rooms to go recently, WITH NO ISSUE WHATS SO EVER! Dustin the sales person was BEYOND helpful with us and patient so were the delivery guys. All around professional! For the ppl on here complaining about their stuff being damaged ... you have to call customer service for them to register the damage and get it fixed for you that's what my parents did when they got a table from rooms to go. Rooms to go even sent my parents a check for the damage on the table. So they got money back and brought them another new table. I recommend rooms to go!

Ok, They need to give everyone a complimentary pair of sunglasses

Ok, They need to give everyone a complimentary pair of sunglasses when they enter the store. The sun coming in through all that glass was blinding. I went to the back of the store to look at furniture just to avoid the glaring Sun. They do have a lot of nice furniture and the prices aren't that bad, it was really hard to spend any time shopping because of the SUN in my eyes. My husband had to act like a shade so I could sit in the chairs and try them out.. GET SOME TINT on all that glass people. I said something to one of the employees and he said it was WAYYY worse at the Hendersonville store. So, apparently this is a problem there as well. Oh well, Laz-Z-Boy got my money, I could see what I was buying.

This location has a wonderful selection

This location has a wonderful selection and outstanding sales people that give you time to shop and ask questions freely. If that were all there was to Rooms to Go, they deserve 5 stars. The problem comes with after the sale. You quickly find out that you have to wait weeks to get your furniture. They have no self pickup or fast delivery option. On top of that, you pay over $100 for this slow delivery. The two Jamacian men who delivered our furniture, were extremely unprofessional in attire, attitude and care of my $2500 purchases. They started by tossing things out of the truck onto the ground. They followed by tracking across a rain soaked yard instead of walking down the driveway, bringing mud into my house. Then inside, asking for bottled water and to use our bathroom. I do not mind allowing them the restroom, but asking me to provide them with Bottled water( refusing tap water) is extreme. The unprofessional attire( pants hanging off their body exposing under garments) along with leaving trash and nuts and bolts in my driveway leads me to encourage everyone to avoid Rooms To Go all together.

I ordered my room furniture online

I ordered my room furniture online. Guess what? It got there. And guess what else.....the guys were cool. So therefore I will utilize the online service again.

I don't want to put any stars at all

I don't want to put any stars at all, rooms to go it's the worst place you can buying anything, because of the worst customer services and quality. I bought a lot of stuff for me and my mom and also my brother, each one of us have a problem with the order and when we reserved the order the delivery guy reported everything was not right in our order, I wait for more than week or so I didn't receive any response from them, I call them asked about my right stuff they said we didn't have anything for you and your order was right and we don't have a report from the driver that you have a problem, I told them no he did wrote that down and I sign it, so because they didn't know what is going on or what they have to do they told me go to the store you bought your stuff from it and they will take care you, go to store I bought from which is far away from my house about 45 to an hour and no one can figure out what is going on and can help, so now and after a month they told me you going to get it on October 13 which is two months after I receive the order. Also the rug I make order for it from August 16 I didn't get it today about a month now and I call to cancel it and get my money they give two options we will know when we get it after two weeks and will call you or if you want your money will be after 3 weeks. I get sick off that.

Absolutely terrible!

Absolutely terrible! Below is a letter I wrote to the CEO. Dear Jeffrey Seaman: I am writing to tell you about the horrible experience we had with your company. My goal is to not simply complain in the hopes that something may come out of it for us, because quite frankly, you company has lost our trust. It is my hope that by writing this letter, you will make the necessary changes within your company to prevent someone else from having the same experience we did. We initially had a good experience with Rooms To Go when we bought a kitchen table, chairs, end tables and a coffee table from your location at 2846 Medical Center Parkway in Murfreesboro Tennessee. My wife and I recently moved in from out of state and bought our first new home. We were pleased with the service we received so we decided to take our business to your company again when we decided to buy a curio cabinet. We purchased the cabinet on July 28th, 2017 with an expected delivery date of August 9th, 2017. When our new cabinet arrived it looked terrible. The wood was dirty, the glass was filthy and had dried water droplets inside. The base of the cabinet had a piece missing exposing raw wood, two of the legs looked as though they had been sanded down, the area above the doors had several dents and the doors did not line up when shut. We pointed these issues out to the delivery driver who told us to call the 800 number and request a technician because there was nothing he could do about it. We called the 800 number as instructed and were told that it could not be fixed because of the exposed wood and that a replacement would have to be sent out. We arranged to have the replacement cabinet delivered on August 18th, 2017 between 10am -2pm. I received a text message from Rooms To Go on August 16th, 2017 stating that our cabinet would be delivered between the hours of 4pm - 8pm. We then had to rearrange our plans in order to accommodate the new time all the while trying to be understanding and as patient as possible. On August 18th, 2017, the day our cabinet was supposed to be delivered, I received a phone call from your dispatch center around 5pm who told me that the delivery driver had hit some traffic and that they had to adjust our delivery time to between 6pm - 10pm. We then had to cancel the plans that we had delayed earlier in the day. As 8:30 pm rolled around, I grew concerned that our delivery may not arrive. I called the store and spoke to the sales associate, Matthew Irons, who sold us the cabinet and he told me that he did not have access to the delivery system. Matthew also told me that he had spoken to the manager, John Evans and asked that I call back the following day after 9am if there were any problems with the delivery. So, we waited another hour and a half, after waiting all day and canceling our plans and NO ONE SHOWED. The next morning, I called the Rooms To Go location where we purchased the cabinet to speak to Mr. Evans and was told that he did not come into work until 12pm. Shortly after 12pm on August 19th, 2017, I drove to the Rooms To Go location where we bought the cabinet and asked for Mr. Evans. After waiting several minutes, we spoke briefly and he told me that Matthew had brought him up to speed and about the difficulties we had up to that point. Mr. Evans asked me to wait while he got to the bottom of what had happened. I sat in the showroom for an hour and a half (I actually timed it) before Mr. Evans returned and apologized for the wait. He explained to me that he had been in contact with the head of the delivery department and that our replacement cabinet would arrive on August 22nd, 2017 between 10 am - 2pm. Mr. Evans also said that he wanted to hear from me when the cabinet was delivered an offered to refund our delivery charge (he was the first to do this). Mr. Evans also said that I had his word that our replacement cabinet would be delivered this time. On August 22nd, 2017, we again waited for the replacement cabinet to be delivered and once again our time was wasted. No phone call, no text message, no delivery. I then called the Rooms To Go location and asked to speak to Mr. Evans but was told that he was not working that day, which was to say the least surprising as he wanted me to call him when our replacement cabinet was delivered. This in fact, was the second time I was told to call Mr. Evans during a particular time just to find out that he was not at work. After speaking to an employee at the store about the difficulties we were having, I was transferred to another manager John Ware. I expressed my extreme dissatisfaction with the broken cabinet we had received as well as terrible customer service experience we had received. I also explained to Mr. Ware that Mr. Evans had assured me that our replacement cabinet would be delivered. Mr. Ware apologized for the terrible experience we had had and recognized that Rooms To Go had violated the trust. Mr. Ware offered to cr

We had a great experience

We had a great experience with Scott as our salesman. Despite my dragging him from one end of the store and back again in an effort to find the right living room set for our new home, he never got frustrated with me. He was very patient, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him and RTG and will go back when we are ready to purchase a bedroom and dining room set.

I dropped 6K...

Hey Rooms To Go, what's missing from this picture? Maybe the furniture you set to be delivered from 2p-6p. But wait-calling me at 8:39am to change it, me telling you it would take two hours to get there, telling me you would call me back, then saying I was not home (which I made it in two hours) ain't right. Not right at all. Your driver is full of shit, and my Ring proves it. Why does your own app still show my appointment? Why did your driver lie and say I wasn't home when I was? Why did the original agent say they would call me back and never do? Not to mention as I'm speaking to her, Rooms To Go Call's me on the other line for the same thing? Then my wife calls, she's told by the supervisor he would look into it and call her back, never do? Is this the culture and customer service your striving for? I dropped 6K on two new living sets, trusting you. First one delivered just fine, this one has been a nightmare. It's exposing flaws and weaknesses in your company that will chase customers away. I would love for you to change my mind.


STAY AWAY!! We decide to splurge and get an adjustable bed. The entire shopping experience, except for the bed, is a nightmare. I'm using "is" because we have an ongoing problem with the delivery installation. Our salesperson never mentioned that we need a special frame for the bed. The old mattress and headboard were taken away but the original bed frame remains with the new installation placed over our old metal frame. It cannot be removed because of the center legs on the new adjustable bed. This has resulted in a safety hazard because the old sharp metal is exposed in the front of the new bed. After hours on hold for the salesperson to remediate this situation which would require two humans to lift the new bed and middle legs and remove the old frame. I mistakenly thought this would be easy. Our salesperson took no responsibility for this ineptitude. Senior management was worse. I sent pictures to the main office etc..... two weeks and 4 contacts by email and no results.

I'd purchased 2 sets of Mattress To Go low-profile mattresses

I'd purchased 2 sets of Mattress To Go low-profile mattresses and boxsprings. I worked with salesperson Grace in the Boca Raton store. Grace was highly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The delivery came on time, in fact earlier than expected which was a nice surprise. Once delivered, I'd noticed that the stitching on one of the boxsprings was coming apart all over (they are cheaply constructed) and the fabric that was stapled to the underside was not properly secured. I called RoomsToGo Customer Service and Susan handled the complaint. Within a day the boxspring was exchanged. I have nothing but praise for this Company.

Very knowledgeable

Ask for Mat! He was great help and also very knowledgeable at what he does. Definitely a great experience. When I come back for sure mat is the one I'm asking for

People, please save your money

People, please save your money if you are looking at the "Sunbrella" material for your outdoor furniture. My beige chaise lounges are now a dirty rust color. The chairs are now moldy. This outdoor furniture was NOT cheap. I regret every penny I spent. Do not let them sell you on the "fabulous", "care-free" Sunbrella material. Buyer be ware.

We came here to look for two dinning room

We came here to look for two dinning room chairs for our table, but the trip only last a few minutes. This location is brand new, which they build it from ground up. We walked in and immediately felt overwhelmed by this place. It's got the completely open floor plan with furniture displaced in the way that was so disorganized, it was hard for us to take it all in. We probably circled the store around two times and just couldn't find what we were looking for. And usually when we go to these furniture stores, we'd be chased and hassled by sales persons. But during our visit, we kept seeing store employees sitting on the sofas and chit-chatting with each other, which is weird. Even we didn't find what we were looking for, some of the pieces we saw looked decent, but not feeling great for the prices they are charging.

Came in looking for a dining room

Came in looking for a dining room set but right at the door was told by two employees, the one who was up, and a lady worth blonde streaks on her hair, they don't have any dining room sets. One of them suggested I try the outlet (?). I guess clients in casual wear and flip flops are profiled as "not full price customers". Walked the whole store all by myself and guess what? I found what I was looking for! However out of spite, I will spend my money somewhere else.

So disappointed

So disappointed!!! Purchased sofa 7 months ago. Fabric wore out immediately so we called customer service where they were to come inspect. They cancelled first visit after we waited at home all day, finally came out a week later. It was decided they would replace couch. Delivery two weeks later, they show up but would not give us the couch because they were mistakenly thinking they were picking up several other pieces as well. After several hours of customer service calls, they scheduled delivery for another week away. Well the truck got here at the very end of the day but the couch was completely broken and could not get it off the truck. Customer service not helpful and said now we just have to wait for someone to call. Never buying from them ever again!!!!

RTG sells products that last less than two years

RTG sells products that last less than two years, then find loopholes to not have to stand by them. Please do not buy from this company. I purchased a room set 2 years ago. Over the last few months, the love seat and chaise are literally coming apart at the seams, with the stitching and thread coming apart in 3 places badly and several other places showing loosening and fraying. I emailed rooms to go. They responded quickly, saying "we have been made aware of a defect in the stitching of this model. Can you please submit photos showing the damaged areas?" Note: This is rooms to go openly in writing acknowledging that they have knowingly sold me a product which is defective. I submitted the photos, and was told they would schedule an appointment for a technician to come out and evaluate. Upon confirming my address, they send a second note saying that because I moved, they will not evaluate or even consider repairing my couch. The company has sold me a defective product, knew it was defective, hoped consumers don't notice. When noticed, they first said they would repair, then rescinded the offer because I moved.

I went online and bought a counter height dining table w/ 4 chairs

I went online and bought a counter height dining table w/ 4 chairs, and at check out it asked if I wanted to add 2 additional chairs. I added 2 additional chairs, and waited for delivery. Delivery guys came out - and set up my table and chairs - and the 2 chairs were TINY, regular chairs . I told the delivery guys to take them. They said NO - that someone would come and swap them out. They were going to put in a service request. NO ONE CALLED ME. Its been about a month, I called them today and they told me I HAD THE CHAIRS IN MY HOME FOR TOO LONG, AND THEY WILL NOT COME PICK THEM UP!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK Am I going to do with these regular chairs on my counter height dining table??? BAD BAD BAD !! Over $200 they will lose a good customer. I hold two Rooms To Go credit card accounts and have spent thousands at Rooms To Go! BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE .... NEVER WILL SHOP THERE AGAIN!

received my delivery today

received my delivery today for a complete bedroom set and the dresser came damaged, the driver says someone will contact you in a couple of days ??? WOW! So I called customer care and they said they could re-deliver a replacement next Tuesday!!! never again!!

Be careful with the fake insurance they provide you with

Be careful with the fake insurance they provide you with. Don't believe the assertiveness of them covering any tears, rips, liquid damage, or for the most part any damages to the furniture. They tell you all of this is covered at time of purchase but when something does go wrong they add a lot of buts to their statements. So you are actually paying for something you will never get services for.. they get no stars from me to be honest.. false advertisement at its fullest !!!

Very disappointing

Very disappointing. We ordered several items plus delivery and assembly. On the delivery day they only brought half of the items: they forgot an entire bedroom set. Also, they arrived 3 hours late, but that was the least important. We arranged the second delivery for the next day. When they came they couldn't assemble the bed and spent like an hour trying to figure out. There were parts missing. The delivery people said it was not their fault and wanted to leave and demanded payment for the delivery and assembly and they were very critic of their colleagues at the store, who they blamed for the entire problem. They called the store and they were not very responsive. Eventually they put me on the phone with the store manager, Mike, who didn't seem to care very much. He said the missing parts would take 2 weeks to arrive and we should wait. I explained that the bed needed to be used that night so we needed a temporary solution. He agreed to send someone else to fix it. When a young man came, Akim, he didn't have a clue. He wasn't even informed what he was supposed to do. He didn't bring the missing parts whatsoever. He was not very courteous and he said that wasn't his job in the company. At that point I texted the salesman cell phone, David L., who was just okay. He called the manager Mike who continued to be unresponsive. Eventually the handyman left and came back with parts to make a temporary fix. This took like 4 hours of stress and negotiations. The sales person David was not so courteous by text. Now we expect them to deliver the missing parts and fix the bed.

Spent a $1,000 on dinner table

Spent a $1,000 on dinner table mind you had to wait three weeks for delivery just got the table today! Damaged, seats have cuts and table makes loud sound like it's about to wobble off!The installers said if you hear sound it's easy to adjust umm a table should never need adjustment they just half A** the job. Left a huge mess on the floor, loud and pounded on the door loud all on camera! Like FBI ayes aware your at my door mind you the three calls! I am being pist regarding the service I got mind you waiting three weeks for a table back ordered and this is what I get! I called to complain the lady who answered the phone must have been eating her dinner while working chewing on my ear and absolutely no help! I knew I should have stuck with my gut feeling and ordered my stuff from city furniture but gave rooms to go a Chance! This is not over I want the table picked up and chairs replaced no wonder they covered the chairs to hid the spots damaged! The only reason I didn't fully check I had to rush to hospital as I just found out my dad has cancer!

The new location is massive and quite beautiful

The store previously located on Oakland Park Blvd, close to 95 recently moved to Federal Hwy near Sunrise Blvd. The new location is massive and quite beautiful. The furniture options they had were really nice. Everything is bright, white, new, and modern! I found the mattress selection to be rather minimal, but I was awestruck with the overall store. We walked around and tried out the things we wanted without being hassled which was refreshing! There is a water fountain near the restrooms, and a nice kids section to the very south side. Financing options are available upon approval. The art and wall decor was on point. Super impressed!

Worst customer service in the office

Worst customer service in the office. They need to hire people friendly office staff or have a company training for them. Extremely rude and talk down to you. Mind you it's AFTER you make a purchase. They are sweet as pie up until then. When they make a mistake they don't want to own up to it even though you have documentation. The selection is great but boy they sure need better training. Thanks Rooms to Go for the sour experience!

Love the selection

Love the selection. I came in there a month ago and Ronna helped me. She didn't overwhelm me, took her time, and helped me find the couch I needed. She explained the delivery and protection plans with me in detail and I appreciated that. I'm very happy with my couch. Love love love this thing!

The delivery guys was very punctual

The delivery guys was very punctual.They assembly the furniture in a timely manner and was out promptly.Great job guys!I was very impressed.

Worst, worst, worst company

Worst, worst, worst company I have ever dealt with. I foolishly bought a bedroom set from here. I also bought a warranty so that if anything went wrong it would be covered. The set is in a guest room, after just one week of use it was covered in scratches and dings from just placing some jewelry on it. I called the company to have it repaired, a man came out twice and denied the claim. Talk about a scam, I was told by the salesman that I could drop a hammer on it, burn it with a cigarette, spill wine, etc. and they would replace it or repair it. NOT TRUE! I have never seen such fraudulent practices in my life. I will never buy anything from this company again and I would never recommend it. The furniture is reasonably priced but it really is junk. I guess the saying is true, "you get what you pay for". BUYER BEWARE, You will not be happy and they do not stand behind their products or warranties

Finally my Credit card company

Finally my Credit card company refund the money back to me for restock fee! Don't even think these store managers will help you out! They are useless! You have to be careful this company! They don't have any stock at all and will deliver to your stuff at three months or up. Which mean they hold your money and order from somewhere else. They only have displays.

This's my first review

This's my first review company I try my best to type! I hope you can understand what I said and don't let this happen to you! I had order the dinner table in " rooms to go"which it's included one table and eight chairs at 12/2/17, and the sales told me will be deliverer to me at 01/06/18. Which about a month. I know most furniture company deliver time about one to two week. But my wife really like the table so I decided I can wait the long! But at 01/06/018 at the day the delivery guy came to my house, he it's not even load the furniture to my house and told me something miss in my furniture. They have to reschedule the furniture again, I was so frustrated and call "rooms to go" again. and they told me they don't even have stock, they have to deliver to me February 26 which it's crazy! So I have cancel my entire order! Now "rooms to go" told me they need to charger 20% restocking fees! This is crazy thing I never heard in my whole life! The "rooms to go" doesn't have stock and charge people restocking fees. So I called my credit card take care with it. I don't want deal with "rooms to go" If you want buy furniture go somewhere else! Don't like me been charge restocking fees and doesn't have anything to stock!

After four days of furniture shopping

After four days of furniture shopping, we furnished our new home at Rooms To Go. David was helpful and knowledgeable during our visit. He assisted us with package options and accessories. We will definitely shop again at Rooms To Go with David!

Looking for furniture

Looking for furniture, this store was our fourth stop. We were helped by Johnny Campagnone, what a great shopping experience was, having him helping us. Johnny was helpful, spent as much time as we needed, gave us great suggestions but wasn't pushy at all. Afterwards we went to another furniture store and there was a set that we liked but the customer service we have gotten from Johnny was top notch so because of him, we went back and bought our furniture from Romms to Go. Truly, great customer service!

Where do I start?

Where do I start? This Rooms to Go has given us nothing but problems! We decided to look for a bedroom set with them back in November 2017, we chose a really nice one that was a 7 piece set. We were told that it was a special delivery and that the headboard was going to be delivered in February, while the rest was going to be delivered at the end of December. Fast forward to March and we just got the set...but not the whole 7 piece set!! They called us and said that the 2 night stands and 2 dressers were discontinued and that we can look for that and try to match the cream color set, which would be very hard.. So after months of waiting for them to deliver to us, they get to our house. The guy comes in and show me the headboard cracked!!! Then when they are attempting to bring the (one) dresser up stairs they put a hole in my wall!! This has just been a terrible experience!!!!! Now I have to have they come replace the headboard and now fix my wall. The delivery guy even called and tried saying they didn't damage the wall. It's just been a complete mess!!!! Don't go here!!!

Depending on what happens next week

Depending on what happens next week I could bump this to a zero star review. We went into the store and ordered Furniture through the sales person Ginny which was an easy process. Our building has strict delivery instructions and Ginny told us it would not be a problem. We called back the next day and gave the delivery department the 4-Hour window for our building. Two days before our scheduled delivery we were informed that our time frame was not honored. After much frustration with the customer service rep she said she would put a note on it and hopefully the driver would be able to honor our request. Fast forward to yesterday and the driver came at the wrong delivery time and our building would not allow him in so we now had to reschedule and we have to wait another week without furniture. Not having a bed is the most frustrating thing. We have rescheduled and hopefully this time they will follow the hours that we have requested. We have tried to no avail to reach Ginny to discuss this matter however she has not returned or answered our calls, which is very upsetting. We are hoping that next Thursday our delivery will go smoothly. Otherwise I feel I will have to cancel this entire delivery and go elsewhere for my furniture needs. As of right now I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND Rooms To Go furniture.

I'll never step foot in this place again

I'll never step foot in this place again . Bought 10k worth of stuff , half were broken when they got to my place . Second delivery a week later , 2 pieces still damaged and need to be exchanged so I'll have to miss work for the 3rd time so they can deliver. On top of all that , I had ordered a tv stand a week ago with a salesperson In their store and I was told it would be delivered within 2-3 days it never came and I never got a call saying when it would come so I called customer service and I was told it'll take 7-10 business days . And they make such a mess when they deliver and they don't clean after themselves . Never again !!

Room To Go Elsewhere

Room To Go Elsewhere Purchased a living room set the beginning of January. One piece, a chair, was out of stock. Salesman told me not to worry it would be in in a few weeks. Had a feeling I was SOL when I called back a week later and was told the Salesman was no longer at the store. Two months later still no chair, no follow up calls. They certainly don't have a problem billing me for the incomplete set though.

I visited the show room in Fort Lauderdale

I visited the show room in Fort Lauderdale on Friday December 28th and purchased 2 rugs and a mirror. I told the sales person David Long that I was not sure I wanted to purchase the mirror because I did not have the measurements of the wall. He said no worries you can make the purchase, go home and measure the wall and if it does not work call me directly and I will cancel the order for the mirror. So I made the purchase. When I arrived home I measured the wall and the mirror was to big, so I called David as instructed to cancel the mirror, he said he would do it right away. Well by the following WEDNESDAY I had not seen a refund in my bank account so I called him. At first he asked if I could call the store number and speak to accounting department about it. I told him I was working and he said that he would take care of this when I made the purchase and if there was ANY problem call him directly. He acted as if he was annoyed with me stating he was working too. But he agreed to take care of it. The next day I received my delivery and they brought me the mirror I had canceled. I called back to speak with the store manager Jerome. The person who answered the phone (Vasin) said he was busy and would call me back. After an hour of waiting for a call back I decided to write this review. If you are not sure about your purchase DO NOT DO IT. I have now had to make 4 phone calls to try to get this resolved and it is still not resolved and they have had my money tied up now for one week.

My sofa and salesperson

My sofa and salesperson, Leigh were great!! HOWEVER, someone needs to read this at a corporate level and respond........2 super nice delivery men showed up late (but called). I have brand new beige Berber carpet. They came in with the sofa (all wrapped in plastic.) they placed it down in the middle of the room. When they lifted it to place it, there was dirt straight across the floor. This means the truck was filthy or the legs were not covered. They felt terrible and begged me NOT to say anything negative about them (I didn't) because RTG would take 100 each from them! Really RTG???? They were polite and this is a reflection of how the sofa was handled when placed on the truck in Tampa !!! If you treat your employees this way, how can anyone respect your culture or imagine how you speak about customers!! I called to discuss the dirt and was given a name of a form ;do I care ) and that someone would call me but they had no idea when?? Then.....someone called brew hours later. I thought that was the call about the dirt, however, it was just a courtesy call. That's nice, except when I discussed the problem I was told they don't handle that. There is clearly something wrong here and not a reflection of how RTG sells themselves.

Horrible business

Horrible business! I ordered two bedroom sets and a living room set. The price i paid included the set up/assembly at home. When the delivery guys arrived they were in a hurry to run to their next appointment and refused to assemble at my home. They asked me to contact customer service to have them come back for assembly. When customer service was contacted they refused to send them back or do anything about the delivery. As i sought intervention from the supervisor Justin, i was horrified. Not only did he refuse to do anything at all or fulfill the unfulfilled part of the order (assembly) which was included in the price, He was extremely rude and obnoxious. I have never dealt with such a terrible customer service supervisor who lacks the basic skills and etiquette even besides not making the slightest attempt to address a customer's concerns. Never again will i order from this business.

Walked into RTG to see at least 6

Walked into RTG to see at least 6 of their employees sitting and chatting with each other. Eventauly one lady got up to assist me with the purchase of a king size bed. I told the manager (forgot his name Osam Oran or Usam) that I am purchasing a bed today no matter what store sold it to me- what would he be able to do for me on the price (about $900 inc del, taxes and insurance) He said rather abruptly "M'am the price is what it is" and other stores don't have this bed. He was so obviuosly unwilling to even want to pretend to negotiate. I left, went to City furniture and purchased my King size bed within 30 mins. I always try RTG and I am yet to purchase anything from them...needless to say this will continue to be the status quo. I found the manager to be extremely unhelpful and he needs to inform his staff that a group of them sitting around and laughing with each other does not create a professional atmosphere when clients walk into the store. Good luck in this new location. You are going to need it.

I was in the market for a convertible crib

I was in the market for a convertible crib and had already checked a few other places to compare pricing, so I decided to call ahead to this R2G and see if they had what I was looking for. The lady who answered the phone didn't seem to understand what I meant by "convertible" crib (a baby bed that can be transformed into a toddler bed by removing the railings), so they transferred me to someone who knew. That gentleman was able to confirm they had them, but when I asked what varieties they had, he said he would transfer me to the kids department. And so there I was on hold for the duration of 3 or 4 grating pop songs (around 10 minutes?) until my toddler started crying for my attention and I had to hang up. Since I was already out on the road, I decided to swing by there, thinking they were just understaffed or busy with a sale and couldn't pick up the phone. When I entered, I immediately looked around to see if there was anybody there and I saw maybe 4 employees sitting down on couches, browsing their smart phones and not even looking up to greet me. I wasn't about to say anything because I'm not the kind of person who is going to demand a greeting from somebody and with the show room being so open, I was easily able to identify the kids section and go straight over there. their selection is very broad and I really liked the styles, but I had already done price comparisons at other stores and this was the most costly one so far. I usually don't write reviews for places where I didn't do any purchases, but I do have to point out that I was pretty disappointed with the service here. Yes, I didn't actually need help and I knew exactly where to go and how to check what I wanted, but straight up NOBODY talked to me. I saw employees marching hastily from one department to the other as if they were busy, but I was one of the only customers there (One lady acknowledged my existence there. I wish I had looked at her name tag, because she was very friendly and actually asked how we were doing and if we needed help... just before I left, though). I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe they were doing some behind-the-scenes work I'm not aware of, but they really didn't look like they were busy enough to not stop and pick up a phone. So why was I on hold for nearly 10 minutes being transferred to the "kids department" when that section was only like 20 steps away from the workers on the couch playing Candy Crush? Unless I am specifically requested to come here or have to make a small purchase, I won't return. Two stars for a lovely show room and one nice lady.

We went to Rooms To Go in Waterford location

We went to Rooms To Go in Waterford location store #110 on 11/29/2019 to purchase a New All Leather livingroom furniture. We were greeted by salesman Shawn Bouler we were told this sectional is all leather made from Eric Church selection highway to home. We paid over $4,900.00 and received $200.00 certificate to be applied to the purchase. We were promised delivery for (( Christmas of 2019 )) by the salesman. We went ahead and donated our old livingroom set. We were told to come back on the 16th of December to apply our $200.00 certificate to our balance. When we returned to (rooms to go) again we met with Brad the floor manager as he said shawn was off but there is a problem with our delivery date now!!! We should get these sometimes in January 2020!!! We are very disappointed by Rooms to Go for their unprofessional handling our purchase as we requested to be compensated for our troubles and time we were laughed at... so we cancelled our purchase. We DO NOT recommend the Rooms To Go location in Alafya/434 Waterford location to anyone. We also investigated further into actual quality of the furniture is made with leather on top and polyester leather (fake leather) every other parts. Shame on you for lying to us and other customers ( by reading other reviews you will see their complaints ). Please STOP this deceptive sales practice!!! Here's hoping for the best and doing my part in discouraging anyone who I know or don't know that will LISTEN when I say "DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ROOMS TO GO." They will not honor their mistake. They will not reprimand their employees who caused the issue. They would opt to lose a customer and potential future customers rather than owning up to an internal issue with the bait and switch salesman.

My wife and I were shopping for furniture

My wife and I were shopping for furniture for a few rooms in our house including the nursery for our baby who will be due in a few months. Rooms To Go is one of the few furniture stores that offers cribs and nursery furniture so we went there. The prices were higher that what we could find online, but we did not want to assemble the crib and figured RTG would assemble it for us with the $129 delivery fee. We asked the sales associate and he ensured us that the deliver drivers would assemble the crib. When we signed the invoice, the crib said partial customer assembly required so we asked about that. He then spoke to the manager and ensured us that the crib would be assembled and that line on the invoice only applied to the conversion to a child bed and if there were any issues, to give them a call. This satisfied us and we took the order. The deliver driver showed up a few weeks later a little after 9am. My wife showed him where she wanted the crib and he told us that they do not build it and tried to just put the boxed crib down. We told him several times that the store told us it would be assembled. We tired to call the store to get it sorted out, but they do not open until 10. then we told the driver that unless the crib was assembled, we would refuse the delivery but we wanted to get a hold of the store to get it sorted out. While we were trying to call the delivery driver became rude and took the furniture back to the truck and left. Then we finally got a hold of someone at the store in customer service and told them what happened. She was very rude and spoke to us like we should have known how to handle that situation better. My wife later went to the store to speak to someone. The girl who she spoke to on the phone in the morning confronted her and asked why she came to the store. 1 Star just because we got the furniture refunded back to our credit card in a few days.

Customer service

Customer service is the backbone of any company. Today's visit to this location showed me that the employees here need a refresher course. I went in looking for a bedroom set for my sons room and furniture for my sitting area. I entered the store and noticed several sales people standing around talking. I was never acknowledged but I let it go since I wasn't sure if they were already working with someone. I continued to browse for quite some time and realized that no one had approached me. By this time I actually had found a couple of pieces that I was interested in. I walked towards the middle of the store to find someone and the same group of sales people that I saw upon entering the store were still talking amongst themselves. I didn't even bother getting their attention. At this point I was ready to leave. I honestly could have walked out of the store with merchandise and they would have never known I was there. I am going to try to visit another store but this location will not be getting my business.

Rooms to Go have awful customer service

Rooms to Go have awful customer service. I was asked by my son to go to his home for Rooms To Go since he had a warranty issue. I went waited the technician went past the address I went after him in the golf cart and directed him to the driveway. He came in looked at the one problem still had more warranty problems. The tech said he couldn't get internet to connect went to his van and then flew down the driveway almost hitting the golf cart. I thought he was trying to get a better connection. I waited about 45 minutes went to the end of the driveway and he was gone! He never gave his name never said he was leaving. He was in Rooms To Go shirt and Rooms to Go van. I called the corporate number since he said he was From corporate and requested to speak to a manager the customer service rep said I could not get a manager until I filed a report with her. Of course I did! Now I need to wait 3-5 days before anyone returns my call. Go to another furniture store stay far away from Rooms to Go they clearly do not care after the sale is completed.

I will start off by saying that in my in-store

I will start off by saying that in my in-store experience was positive and that the interactions I had with the store Managers Scott & Jill were very helpful as they tried to resolve a headache of an issue I encountered during my delivery and communication with the Customer Service Centre. I had a delivery scheduled between the hours of 2pm-6pm on a Sat. Approx. 2:30pm I missed a call from the Customer care dept. who proceeded to leave a message which advised the driver was at our gate but needed the gate code (which was provided when the order was originally placed) and that the driver would wait for 15mins. Within 60 seconds of that call I called back and only to be put on hold. I decided to go to the gate to greet the driver arriving with-in 7 mins of the first missed call. The driver was gone, what's even more frustrating and could have avoided all of this was if the driver just simply used the keypad and dialed by name. After 25+mins of being on hold I finally spoke with someone who again placed me on hold for 15+ mins as they tried to work with the transit dept. They finally came back and advised that the driver would be back before 6pm which I was satisfied with. 5:30pm came and I was skeptical that my delivery was coming so I called back and after 20+ mins of again being on hold I spoke with someone who is now telling me they have no record of me calling in and the delivery was missed and the driver was released to go home WHAT!!!!! As this point I was just done with the whole process. I called the store on Sunday morning and spoke with Scott who was sympathetic to the issue and attempted to assist but had no luck, he actually had to share the news that it would now be 2+ weeks until I could receive my delivery again I was dumb founded as my order was on the truck less then 24hrs ago, Scott escalated it to Jill (Another Mgr.) who also tried to assist but did not have any better luck. I have never used Room To Go before and because of this experience, I will most likely look elsewhere for furniture, the unfortunate part is that I actually like their pieces but the delivery process has truly soured me . * Fix Your customer care wait times * Educate your drivers to use common sense (Like utilize the keypad) * Don't release a customers order when you have made contact with them * Customer Service should have set-up a "re-delivery date" * Keep better track of records of conversation (So not to insulate that the customer is lying about having a conversation) I would be more then happier to discuss with whomever.

Rooms-to-go has some decent selections

Rooms-to-go has some decent selections however, some pieces are just very overpriced. Some of the sales they have aren't actually sales when actual price was $699 and now it's $698. I have purchased an few things but the experience was never memorable. The build guality is better than Ikea however, I usually have a much better experience in Ikea than here.

Purchased the Carole Court gray sectional

Purchased the Carole Court gray sectional spfa. It is the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I have ever owned. #majorregrets

Good place to shop for furniture

Good place to shop for furniture. They have a good selection with an army of sale specialists. An excellent lay away plan, that we took advantage of. I took one star say for the sometime a little aggressive sale associate and for the inability to make payment online or over the phone for layaway plan.

Today, my husband and I went to this store to look around

Today, my husband and I went to this store to look around. We didn't even make it thru the door and we were approached by a salesman who I thought was going to literally jump on us. My husband told him right away we wanted to look around first and then we would get back to him if we needed help. He rolled his eyes and walked off. OK. So we start walking and he is following us. I felt very uncomfortable. I felt like when I stopped for a minute to sit on a couch he was going to pounce on us. So we just left the store. Went to Kane's instead, had the opposite treatment, greeted and left alone until we needed help and spent our money there. On a side note, I need a bedroom set in the next month or two, I really would like to shop at this store but if I get the same treatment, I am not spending my money.

Almost 4 weeks ago

Almost 4 weeks ago, my husband and myself moved back to Orlando and we needed furniture, bed room set and couch and more. So we went to Rooms to Go, we had a bed room set from them for 24 years. So we went, had to take our 2 dogs with us, inside the store and no problem at all. A female sales person , her name is Annette, greeted us and asked if she could help us. Yes she could and did. We got so much help from her. So we bought the bed room set with mattress at this point. A few days after that, I went back, for a sofa table, which I saw before. A male employee greeted me, asked if he could help me. I said yes, told him, what I was looking for. He made me feel like s**t. He told me, what I wanted, was not possible..... hmmm why can I not put a TV on an end table??? I have it now .... , so, I made my visit short und left. We got the bedroom set delivered, the 3 delivery persons were so nice and freundlich. We had a problem, got fixed with no problems. After that, we went back to Rooms to Go for the couch and tables. As we arrived, we asked for Annette again, lucky us, she was working and she helped us again. She even asked for the dogs, this time they could stay in our house. Same people delivered again, quick and friendly. If I buy from that Rooms to Go again, Waterford Lakes, I only would deal with Annette.


heres some back story; my family and i moved to orlando about two months ago from california. a few days after being here, we decided to go to rooms to go because it was recommended to us by a family member. so we went, we spent a lot of money on furniture for our new house including two couch sets, a small dining kitchen set, and a full king sized bed set, and this came out to a lot of money. i dont know how the store works but we came back to this store multiple times and buying something pretty much every time, and we didnt get any kind of deal. and i don't want to say how much we spent, but it was A LOT. everything came when it was supposed to, but there was one problem. one of the workers brining in the furniture broke the glass meant for one of the couch set's tables. this was about two months ago. we called, we visited the store, and they have not done ANYTHING to fix this. my parents are infuriated and i honestly dont know if we are ever coming back. but i do recommend the store for the most part. they have good stuff, our experience was just extremely disappointing.

I was not expecting this showroom

I was not expecting this showroom to be so modern with updated furniture choices! Last time I was in a Rooms to Go was a while ago and I found all their items very 80s or dated. However, they have a ton of nice things - some very clean line couches especially, with even a MCM vibe. Plus our sales associate Shannon was fantastic - so nice, knowledgable, and did not tail us around the store or do anything high pressure. He was there for questions when we needed him and that in of itself would make me come back - I just hate when people follow you around the store. Will be back!

Awful customer service

Awful customer service. First the sales person, Avery Hester, stated to us that cribs are not made with texture because it causes infants to chew on them and hurt themselves so the stain takes differently on the crib in comparison to the dresser. The crib and dresser were being bundled by rooms to go and were not identical by manufacture. I am disappointed that we were lied to in order to get a sale. When we went to check out my mother in law had a 20% odd coupon that she was told she could use on a future crib purchase but when we checked out they didn't apply it and stated it was only for a toddler bed. It doesn't state this on the voucher. When I decided I was going to ask to void my order from yesterday a manager named David stated that he wasn't sure if he could refund/void the order because the furniture was already on the truck to be delivered to round rock as we paid for express shipping. It states on the receipt that we can cancel within 48 hours? This was handled as if I was inconveniencing the store. I called back 4 hours later to verify my purchase had been cancelled and refund and a lady stated that it was cancelled and my visa was refunded. I asked David to call back and he did not, after he stated he would. I called back a few hours later to get my refund receipt and they said they cannot provide one??? I'm very skeptical about if my refund has really been processed. Due to the dishonesty of the sales personal and poor customer service I do not recommend this business.

Fake wood, press board

With a name like this I almost expect to be able to phone in my order, walk in, pick up my room to go and go home to enjoy... maybe there is a drive through window? There will be people out helping the line move along with their iPads taking orders and telling you which vehicle to follow, "sir follow the red Buick and they will have your sofa, tables, and lazy boy at the window..." Nope... not like that at all. Much more like your typical large space furniture store. Vignettes filled with stuff so you can picture it in your home, but watch the signs... most everything we looked at was very deceiving!! The pricing they showed was almost always for the dumbed down version and not for what was right in front of us! A bunk bed set was signed at $700 but that was not for the full over full with dresser and desk. It was for a twin over twin no dresser no desk. (The wood ladder was even separate and was $75!!!) What was shown was almost $1500. Again and again we found this to be the case... the cheapest set prices hung on the highest end looks... you have to look at the options part to get the real pricing for what you are looking at! Then there is the case of quality... a lot of this so called fashion furniture was high end priced but was cheap end made. Fake wood, press board, light weight junk, made to look nice but when inspected you know it is just not going to stand up to your 10 year and 5 year old for more then a year. One nice thing is there wAs no pressure from any sales person. They were there and ready to help but they were not hovering... they were not latched at our hip, they were not pressuring us to buy! So glad some place gets that part!! Pressure me and all you'll do is pressure me into leaving quickly! At the end of our browsing all I walked away with was a feeling of just having been through a long day of deceit and over priced garage sale furniture shopping. There were a few nuggets... but nothing I'd pay these prices for... for sure!

great experience

On June 1st, 2019, I came to this location to purchase new furniture for my 7 year old daughter's bed room. When I came into the store, I was greeted promptly and asked if I knew what I was looking for. This was the case as I had already priced and selected the furniture on-line prior to me coming into this establishment. When directed to the furniture section I was meant to be in, I was greeted by Ms. Avery Hester. I advised Ms. Hester of what I was looking for and of the particular color palate I sought. I was able to secure the furniture and financing and leave the store in under an hour. Ms. Hester's customer service was 'top-notch'. My furniture was delivered the following weekend June 8th, 2019 by two gentlemen who set up the furniture for me. From purchase to delivery and set-up, it was great experience all the way around. * I purchased the Alena Champagne 3 Pc Full Daybed with Trundle and matching chair.

Your furniture will not last!

If you are looking for cheap furniture with long term payment plan, this is the way to go ! 1 month after I received my long awaited bedroom furniture, there was a hairline fracture in the headboard. I wanted them to repair it and they said it had to be returned. I loved the set and didn't want to return it. They wouldn't repair it so I can keep it. I also had warranty! I called a independent repairman, he said he could do it for $500. If I returned it, it would have to be a store credit. I kept it and will repair it when it comes time and falls apart. For those of you that just bought furniture, wait awhile before you post. Your furniture will not last ! Experience with customer service was not so good as well while buying it and afterwards !

Went here for the first time

Went here for the first time and I have no plans to return to this store or any of their locations again. One employee stared us down when we came into the store and when we were leaving. I mean he literally stared without speaking or smiling. Extremely rude. Also the store wasn't busy so there were multiple employees sitting on the furniture, saw at least a couple napping. My husband said the people looked like they hated their job. We were going to buy some furniture but decided against using their financing (which we were approved for) after they asked us to pay for tax and delivery separately. No thanks. The total experience left me feeling angry and the ignorant employee who (again!) stared us down rudely as we left the store was the icing on the cake. Won't be back and I can see why the store was empty.

The worst shopping experience of my life

The worst shopping experience of my life!!! Bought a living room set, the delivery was horrible and the store managed to charge me TWICE for my purchase. I was told by the bank to call the store and cancel the second charge and the sales reps kept transferring me to the bank. A complete nightmare!!! I kept explaining to both I only received one set but nobody has been able to help sort it out. Hopefully, they notice this post and really try to help me because I'm not paying TWICE for items received.

Don't get me started about customer service

ISSUES WITH DELIVERY AGAin Again saying no one was at home when in fact we were outside playing during time the delivery driver said he came. We saw NO ROOMS TO GO truck... My granddaughter has been waiting on bedset for over TWO MONTHS! This is the 2nd time they have said they have came and we were actually there...Don't get me started about customer service.

My husband and I decided to make the big investment

My husband and I decided to make the big investment in ordering a Tempurpedic bed with the value of approximately $5,000 from the Rooms To Go on Greenlawn in Round Rock, Texas on 8/25/2019. The sales person, Anthony, was fantastic, extremely knowledgeable, and assured us that the bed was an expensive, but wise investment. Anthony was extremely nice and obviously does his job very well. However, the series of events that followed were an extreme disappointment to us for such a large investment from such a large company. In summary, the following occurred: 1. We set a delivery date for 8/30/19 by 3pm. I took the entire day off from work and the bed did not show up by 3pm. We called and they said the driver is making "eratic drop-offs" and someone would get back with us. They got back with us twice, each time promising we would be the "next stop". They called us at 6pm to ask how our delivery went...but we had not yet received our bed. At 8pm we called and it was after hours and got a recording. We texted our sales rep, who was kind enough to get in touch with the store manager, Moses, who said the bed would not be delivered for days because the driver mistakingly took our bed back to the distribution center. 2. 8/31/19, 4 to 5 phone calls later and Moses offers a minor discount (after much-much deliberation) for our trouble and a guarantee of delivery with our choice of date and time. 3.9/6/19, I took a second day off from work. Received a call that our mattress delivery would not occur between our specified and guaranteed time frame and that there were no notes indicating we even had a specified time frame. We had to settle for a different 4 hour block of time. I called the store manager, Moses, again to inquire why we were once again not receiving their 'guaranteed' service. At this point, Moses informs me that 1/2 our bed did not make it on the delivery truck. 4. 9/6/19, The drivers arrive in a Rooms To Go truck with 1/2 of our bed which can not be set up. due to incomplete parts. Last week and this week, Moses told us that this was a problem "out of their hands" and it was a warehouse mistake both times. The warehouse manager, however, claims it's the loader who is the problem. 5. The hardest part to swallow is that now I am 'GUARANTEED' (for the THIRD time) that the REMAINDER of my bed will be delivered during a specific time frame tomorrow. It's laughable at this point and I'm the fool for not cancelling my order a week ago - which I actually did do, but then received a last call promising the moon and stars. I should have stuck to my cancellation. I fully regret giving this company my time, energy and lost wages...not to mention the huge investment. I have zero confidence that I will have a bed to sleep on tomorrow. The bottom line: The Rooms To Go on Greenlawn sold the $5,000 bed to us but blames the delivery serivice for messing up the delivery - both times. The delivery service failed to bring the items to us and, at first, blames the driver, and then a week later blames the loader for the mistake. Meanwhile, for such a large investment, my husband and I are sleeping on a matress on the floor (because we sold a portion of our old bed) for our 9th straight day. Question: If this is not Rooms To Go's fault, according to Moses (store manager), Omar (warehouse manager), and Chris Serano (District Manager) then WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?? Anyone? This exprenience has been extremely dissapointing and we will never do business at Rooms To Go again. I would strongly discourage others from doing the same.

And was saying I was threatening him

Sketch ass place filled with sketch ass employees; yah I'm talking about you Rodrigo! Don't recommend this store to anyone shopping for furniture at all unless you wanna purchase it at full price at the store. Most of the items as advertise in magazine is not what they mean. Can't even enjoy looking at furniture without an employee 5 fucking feet up my ass asking about you need help sir about finding anything? After finally allowing an employee to help me he talked me into running my credit to see if I'm eligible. Which was fine at the time, But not knowing I was gonna get a credit card on my line of credit that I didn't want in the mail 2 weeks later.. sooo Now I gotta get that canceled. Such a nightmare!after confronting the employee he CLAIMS I knew 100% what was going on. And was saying I was threatening him. Baw! Okay man! Bye! Furthermore, don't recommend this store to anyone looking to buy furniture on their fabulous credit line with their fantastic employees !

Lesson learned

My wife and I bought the Cindy Crawford Home Calvin Heights Gray 2 Pc Sectional at Rooms to Go in Round Rock, Texas. In less than a year, we began to notice the stitching coming apart from the chase cushion. We called Rooms to Go and filed a complaint. They sent out the wrong piece (a top cushion) and took another two months to actually replace the defective chase. Six months later, the same thing began to happen again with the chase part of the sectional! This time we called and got the runaround. We are extremely disappointed in Rooms to Go for selling us poor quality furniture. Looking at these reviews, I see that many others are struggling with the same issue. Shame on Rooms to Go for selling people poor quality products! I should have done better research before committing to buy there. Lesson learned.

Shopping with my 5 year old

Shopping with my 5 year old and while in the children's department a gathering of staff were chatting and carrying on. I don't have a problem with this. What I do have an issue with is someone yelling 'DAAaaaaaa-MN' or "DAYUM" at full volume while I am shopping with my kid. Situational awareness, folks. When I let a couple members of the staff near the front door know they said they make sure. It 'goes up the ladder'. Riiiiight. Sincerity was scarce to nonexistent. Shortly afterwards we were treated to a disconnected call on the loud speaker followed by a full minute of the busy signal before someone decided to handle the issue and just hang the dang phone up. Save yourself a trip and avoid this place like the plague. You can do way better, I promise.

This place is awful!

This place is awful!!!! They tried to drop our furniture off early and of course we weren't here yet so they left and wouldn't bring our furniture and also won't give us a refund!!! WTF KIND OF BS!

Pretty good furniture

Pretty good furniture with lots to offer. They also carry some very modern style furniture for folks who are not into traditional style furniture. The sales person who greeted us and welcomed us as first timers was very nice. We found a few things we liked but did not make a purchase. Living Spaces took the fun out of our furniture shopping day.

no crime was committed?

The Acceptance now! Rep at rooms to go was by herself explaining the documents I was signing one being the benefits plus! which she did not tell me it was optional but automatically added to my contract. She also added the optional liability waiver, key word optional. When I asked about the taxes you pay at the before the 90 days she stated its a certain amount of taxes and when asked how much that amount was she stated she did not know and came back with the office manager, another rep and herself. As we asked the manager about the taxes and benefits plus! he got agitated and rude about me asking about the taxes and wanting to remove the benefits plus! and become rude with my mother, stating we have the option to pay with cash or shop somewhere else. So the manager Ricky removed the benefits plus! and I asked what other optional things are on the contract my mother mentioned the liability waiver and he procced to say that it was required. I thought it was kind of weird since I have renters insurnace so in the parking lot I read the document it says optional liability waiver and it is not required. I went to speak to the manager about this, but he had gone to lunch and the rep that was in also said it was required and then she read the document and stopped mid sentence, when she realized it wasn't. The manager arrived and I told him the issue and I also started recording our conversation with my iPhone which is within my right to do so since he had already lied to me once and of course its legal. He kept stating it was required, I mentioned the document and he stated it isn't required for the state of Texas, but it is required for us. I asked him who is "us" since clealry Acceptance now! is the one who requires the document to be signed acknowledging that we know it's optional. I asked him if it is required by acceptance now! to show me the documentation, but he then went to back to say I can just cancel your contract if you want to make this easier. I just wanted to know where it states it's required, I don't want to pay for something if I don't have to. He got mad that I was asking about the documentation and he read proceeded to read the optional liability waiver and he stopped mid sentence as if it's his first time reading this document and as if he realized I was right. He then changed his answer to it is required unless you have homeowners insurance, so now there were conditions, I have liability insurance which protects your belongings, but beyond the point, the document was optional as stated in the title and document itself. The manager Ricky just kept mentioning about canceling the contract though and when asked why, he said if I'm this much of a problem now, I can't imagine when you can't make your payment. First off why does he assume I can't make my payment and two I am a problem for asking about what I'm paying for and asking for documentation? The other rep then stated to comment about the recording about 10 mins into the recording she asks if I'm recording and I told yes I am because I don't trust what the manager says since he's lied once and she said she didn't want to be recorded and wanted me delete it now and I told it's my right she then proceeded to call the police and stated the police will make me delete, since it's illegal. The manager just said he wanted to give me a refund, and after all that I was willing to accept it. When he tried to give me a refund, he made it for $213 and some change when it was $230 he charged me, he explained that since I charged you in two different payments it's going to go back in two payments. I checked my bank account it was in one payment and I told them I wouldn't accept the refund unless it was in one payment as it was charged The store manager of rooms to go finally come and I'm not sure if at night he's a doorman for a bar, but this is a furniture store not a bar. He came and didn't even ask what's going on, he came shouting almost why are you causing trouble in my store, my mother and I tried to explain what's going on and he stated I don't want to hear. He then tried to tell us this a furniture store and we have to be professional as he was shouting, pointing and now trying to see what happen in the first place. The rooms to go manager then tells us to get our refund and leave, I just wanted my full refund not partial. I don't understand why I'm being banned from the store for something I did not cause and just for questioning something I'm paying for. The police finally arrive speak with the manager of Acceptance Now! with the rep of Acceptance Now! So as the manager of acceptance now! made the first refund it had changed before the police arrived it was $213 and some change and after the police arrived the first refund changed to $218, interesting, plus the $12 refund to make it $230 the police officer then says your free to go, I ask for the police report number and he stated there isn't one, no crime was committed.

We read the reviews...

We read the reviews & weren't sure about stepping foot in a Rooms To Go. But we took a chance and had a 5 star experience. I was wanting a comfy power recliner that would be easy to recline due to occasional backaches. So hubby & I walked in on a Tuesday to look around. We were greeted by Michael Moran who was very knowledgeable about the furniture inventory. I told him what I was looking for in a chair and he knew what chairs would best fit my needs. After careful consideration, I chose a Jensen Power Recliner for $299.00. The price was great and came in 3-4 different colors. Michael told us we would have delivery in 2 days. He was correct. The chair was delivered on time in perfect working order & the color was Gray/Cosmo as I had ordered. And the chair is very comfortable and it's great for this lady's occasional backaches.

150% do not recommend this company to anyone

150% do not recommend this company to anyone. And that's not spiteful or an unfair statement. I hope that people read this and turn away from rooms to go so I can save someone else from the trouble they've caused me. They are dishonest and will ruin your credit. First I went to rooms to go with my boyfriend. We have been shopping around for new living room furniture. We saw one we may be interested in and a man named Rodrigo helped us. Well Rodrigo is an un honest and very un professional man. If you do decide to go there at least don't use him as your rep. So I we showed Rodrigo the couch we liked and then he said okay and brought us over to the computer so we can check to see what we were eligible for...** check to see what we're eligible for **** we knew at this point that you have to run your credit to do so. We also knew at this point that running your credit dings your credit. Which we were 100% okay with. Well about a week letter my boyfriend gets a credit card in the mail from Rooms to Go.... Rodrigo wasn't just checking our eligibility... he actually opened a credit line for both of us that we did not agree to. So thinking this had to been some kind of mistake I text Rodrigo letting him know we got a card and stating I was aware we were checking if we were eligible and what we were eligible for but never once agreed to officially opening a line of credit. Well Rodrigo was very rude in his response saying that he's worked there for 5 years and never had anyone surprised by this so I stated that if this is isn't taken care of I will contact head quarters. I wasn't being ugly. I was simply telling him my plan of action. He then responded by saying I didn't gave you my number to sell furniture not for you to threaten me and if you have an issue call my managers that are with me right now. I was honestly appalled by his extreme lack of professionalism and defensiveness. So I the emailed head quarters stating my issue and asking them if they can somehow cancel it so it doesn't affect my credit. All they did was say sorry.... Then the manager of the store called me (she was very sweet) apologizing on behalf of Rodrigo and saying that she's sorry that the verbiage he used was wrong. That he should of said running your credit instead of checking eligibility. I said no no no, that's not the issue at all. Once again, we knew he was running our credit under the impression it was to check eligibility. The problem is that he opened a credit line with out our permission. I then informed her that only my boyfriend received a card and I didn't so did that mean I didn't have an open line of credit?? She then said oh he didn't give you a pamphlet... well he very obviously didn't. And had my boyfriend not got a card I wouldn't have even known anything I also have an unwanted line of credit!!!!! Literally couldn't believe it. For example- if you go to buy a house or car and check to see what kind of loans your eligible for they aren't just going to send you that loan just because you checked.... because that is ILLEGAL. So after correcting what the issue was she apologized again and said there's nothing they can do about it. I then emailed head quarters again to confirm that they have my complaint correct. And explained it wasn't a verbiage issue it's actually a legal issue. Once again. Just said sorry and brushed it off. Other than Rodrigo, everyone I spoke to was very nice and I don't put any blame on the other people I talked to. 100% of the blame is on the company and its protocol for how they handled this situation and took it so lightly when they can very well get in huge legal trouble (that I am currently looking into) about what they did. I'm not sure if this even got to the top people to be handled correctly or not. Messing with people's credit should not be taken lightly and I was not impressed by how this was handled. It can honestly mess with someone's life. At the end of the day this company isn't worth a dime or second of your time. Don't go there to look for furniture because if your shopping around and you want to check what your eligible for they're gonna go ahead and just open a whole lone of credit on your name and make a joke of it when you say something. This company is not honest and is very poorly ran if this was true protocol. Sounds to me like Rodrigo needed to hit his bonus so he fucks with other people's credit to do so.

Try to stay away from this place

Try to stay away from this place. Ordered a sectional, they discontinued it and I was never notified. No single call. So here I am waiting 2 months for a couch that never got here. Had to personally go to the store to get my money refunded. Did I mention they sold the floor models for half off.

big babies...

People are such big babies. Returning any item (especially large ones like furniture) always takes a couple of weeks or even possibly over a month depending on the manufacturer. Rooms to go doesn't make the furniture you geese. You can tell most of the complainers are middle aged white women with crappy highlighted pixie hair who only come on yelp to complain. Robin Taylor was my sales associate. I can't say enough good things about her! Smiled from the time I walked in until the time I walked out. I felt like I knew her my entire life. It was refreshing since I'm usually treated like strange because of my tattoos. She didn't judge me at all. It's been hard trying to find the type of couches I want. I like clean simple white leather and every other store only had big poofy grandma recliners for $3,000. No way! She immediately took me to 3 styles I loved. Within minutes I purchased my first brand new couch. Very happy! The delivery guys were absolutely hilarious and friendly! We talked about south by south west and music while they assembled my furniture. All in all, definitely a 5 Star service!

I must say that I wasn't looking forward

I must say that I wasn't looking forward to buying new furniture but the ole three way sectional starting Anyways I went into Rooms To Go and met Mark or Mike and he made feel comfortable so I came back the next day anf brought some new living room gear...Delivery was on time and without any issues..

Worst shopping experience ever

Worst shopping experience ever!!! Buyer beware, run away from this place unless you enjoy being pressured and humiliated!!!

It is nice to see furniture

It is nice to see furniture in person versus just online. Additionally, you can schedule exact delivery dates and assembly was included. Kencade in the kids section was a stellar representative, he put me at ease, answered all my questions, never pressured me and really wanted me to pick what was best for my family. A return with him and Rocky was guilt free and even pleasant. I'll be back to shop and I hope Kencade is there to help again.

Went in looking to buy a new living room set

Went in looking to buy a new living room set. Talked to one gentleman as I walked through the door. He was very polite and courteous. I told him about an online order gone bad so he sent me to a manager in the back. Went to where directed and waited for a minute while the manager talked with a young lady. That lady came out and asked if she could help. Told her my online order gone bad story and said let me speak to the manager. He mumbled something to her and so she came back. Told me to look around and if I find something they can put me through to contact someone with the online orders and walked away. We walked the store for 30 mins with no one else asking if we had questions or needed any help. The manager even saw us walking around as he stood in the back by the office door and didn't even speak with us. Customer service was crappy except for the original man I spoke to. Took my business to Ashley Furniture!

We came here the other day

We came here the other day and the store is very nice with a big selection. The staff here was welcoming and friendly. They let you shop while checking on your periodically. Although we didn't make our purchase here I was still pleased with the customer service we received. The location of the store is pretty good and easy access from I-35. The parking is big enough to park everyone who shops here.

We were initially deterred

We were initially deterred from purchasing anything due to an overly aggressive salesman. He was pushy, gave inaccurate information, and failed to address our concerns. We were heading out the door until we tried another sales woman, Sandra. Sandra saved this experience for us! She was attentive but never pushy. She answered all of our questions, was friendly, and exactly what we're looking for when considering such a big purchase. She listened to what we were looking for and gave us multiple options to meet our needs. We ended up purchasing a 5-piece bedroom set and a new mattress. From the reviews we were nervous about the delivery. Sandra completed our sale and told us our furniture would be delivered in less than a week! Our delivery window was 11 am to 3 pm. The delivery company arrived at 11:21 am and was out and done within 30 minutes. Everything was in perfect shape, nothing was damaged in our home during the process, and we are more than satisfied! The only reason this is four stars and not five is because of the annoying salesman we encountered at the store. If there's a need for new furniture in the future we would definitely return as long as Sandra is still there!

My roommate & I went here looking at couches

My roommate & I went here looking at couches about 3 weeks ago. We took our time, viewing several different locations before settling on a set from this RTG. The day we were going to purchase, my roommate, his mom & I all went in and were helped by Rodrigo. If given a choice in the future, I'd avoid him. We liked him at first. My roommate chatted with him & they got along great. But as it turned out, several things about the order got screwed up. To be fair, I decided to purchase a small table part way through the visit, in addition to what my roommate was buying. It should have been a separate order. I would have paid cash for the table but I wanted to help boost my credit score & they had a no interest for 15 months thing going on. Well. Rodrigo ended up putting my order under my roommates order, so I never got the receipt, or any info about it (it all got sent to his email, which I didn't know til much later). Meanwhile I got charged $70 for delivery of this tiny table, which Rodrigo failed to mention, or even ask if I wanted to pick it up or get it delivered. So I tried to call to change it to a pick up....thinking it would be free if I'm going to get it myself, right? Wrong. Still $40. If I had known that I probably would have just left it as delivery. But when I went to call, I couldn't do anything at first anyway bc I had no order # or I go on my had all gone elsewhere, which I still didn't know yet. That night I found out from him that he'd gotten my info, so I called back again, spoke with a manager & confirmed I wanted to pick the order up. Again, nothing is mentioned about paying a pick up fee of $40. Meanwhile, the couches. We were told they'd be delivered the following Wednesday. That would have been the 6th. So I waited all day, not receiving a call the night before like they'd said we would, but we figured at this point that was just them screwing something else up. I finally called about 3pm, bc I needed to go do stuff. That's when I found out the delivery wasn't til the 13th, the following week. This info was nowhere on any paperwork. So then I go to pick up the table on the 8th. As I mentioned, everything is under my roommates name. Even though I paid for it & we are not married. I almost couldn't pick it up, because when I showed my wasn't the right name, the name the order was under. The guy luckily was able to call Rodrigo back to the pick up area, and he confirmed they could release it to me. Overall, just not the best experience. But, the couches & the table were both very nice, and once delivery was finally made the guys who brought the couches in were awesome, fast & courteous.

Went in to take a look around

Went in to take a look around and was greeted by a nice man named Keith. He was super knowledgeable and friendly. (I hate pushy sales people and everyone here was super chill and while helpful, still really laid back.) They also have a ton of stuff that I couldn't find online so don't hesitate to drop in and check out their show room-you could be surprised at what you might find! I ended up buying a living room and bedroom set along with some odds and ends and mattresses/pillows. I'm very happy with the overall experience and even though this whole process could have been done in one afternoon (I have to price check and think on large purchases before committing), Keith was super patient and didn't say a thing about me coming in 3 different times. Highly recommend the store and Keith as a sales associate.

GREAT Customer Service UNTIL...

GREAT Customer Service UNTIL they get your money. Failed to deliver the full order and refuse to pick up the pieces left. WORST EVER!! CANCELLING $11K order due to Poor Customer Service. You can thank your manager Chris for that!!

I very much enjoyed my visit

I very much enjoyed my visit at Rooms To Go today! Everyone was very friendly and the gentleman that helped us was very happy and he helped a lot. I'm extremely happy with today's visit and really am wanting too come back.

We moved to Texas...

We moved to Texas and bought a house we need to furnish quickly! We went to rooms to go...... 9 out of the 10 pieces of furniture we picked out was out of stock? Soooo it could be months before we would get it, so we left empty handed. We went somewhere else and got what we needed from living spaces delivered within days. That was in July. We decided to give rooms to go another shot because we have unexpected guest showing up in a week and we needed our guest bedroom furnished, we also needed those extra things like rugs and wall decor. Soooo today I expected ( left early from work) those items to be delivered as promised. Just in time for my guest who are going to be here tomorrow! Nope! No bedroom set? They did drop off the night stands..... no bed!!!!!!! Now... the young lady from the delivery center was very kind and understanding, transferred my husband to the store in Round Rock.... then things got all ugly and rude!?! We wanted to cancel the order because I was choosing from what they could send... and if I needed to wait months to actually get my furniture I want to get what I originally wanted...... nope! Nothing too bad too sad..... they refused! I have an empty room and rooms to go has their money!!! So dissatisfying soooo disappointing!

I bought sectional a while ago

I bought sectional a while ago , we exchanged a few times love seat and a couch because it was defective plus horrible customer service, actually no customer service at all

The customer service

The customer service at this store and company is absolute garbage. I was sent products with mismatching colors and this store did not want to help rectify the issue in the least. After arguing with corporate and sending pictures, they sent someone to review who ultimately signed off on a swap. The manager here just has no sense of customer service and doesn't care once the sale is done. Ordered a bedroom set that came in over 3 months time in 3 shipments.

Went this evening to look for a new dining table

Went this evening to look for a new dining table and Sandra was great with helping us find exactly what we wanted and made the whole thing a breeze! Although they didint have a piece of the furniture in stock I did not like that we have to wait 2 months for us to have it, hopefully this is something RTG can address. Easily could go somewhere and they will have the entire set on hand ! Other then that my visit was awesome ! Thanks again to Sandra !

I ordered furniture from here

I ordered furniture from here almost a month ago. The delivery experience has been the absolute worst. The first delivery date I literally waited the whole day and they never showed up until the last 10 minutes of the delivery time frame. So I had no choice but to reschedule because I had to work. on my rescheduled day I took off AGAIN...just to find out they rescheduled it without telling me. They had absolutely no reason to cancel and all the staff were "unsure why and when that happened". I told them to just forget it and I will cancel the couch that would not show up for another three weeks. To anyone who takes certain financing options, YOU ONLY GET 48 hours to cancel or you can't! So I literally cannot cancel a couch that I don't have. So after complaining for about an hour on the phone, they suddenly can bump the delivery time up to 5 days from now. I have never waited a month for any type of furniture and their system is a complete joke. id rather sit on the floor than to order from this store again. Not all Rooms to go are like this, just the one in round rock off 35 lol.

Definitely had a great experience

Definitely had a great experience, my bf and I were looking for a new mattress and bedframe. We knew what we were looking for but still needed a little guidance. Our rep was amazing and super friendly. He wasn't pushy and he definitely listened to us and was trying to stay within our price range. We left out with a new mattress and head board and had a wonderful experience. Can't wait to go back and get more things. They had the best sale ever, no interest until 2020!

Great selection

Great selection. One thing I learned after my experience of spending a total of 15 to 20 thousand on furniture at several different stores to put into a brand new home.... Find out ahead of time about delivery and set-up costs, especially if you plan to spend many 1000's. The extra fees can add up. I appreciate the way Rooms to Go handled my extra costs.

Ordered a bedroom set

Ordered a bedroom set and new mattress that was delivered this morning. I payed for them to take my old mattress away. That's what they did right before bringing me a deformed, unsleepable version of the mattress we ordered. The delivery guys told me that the massive lumps would settle in a few hours, and if not to call customer service. After no signs of hope for my mangled monstrosity of a mattress, I sat on hold with customer service for about 4 hours. They asked me to send a picture and they would call me back. After another hour I get a call back telling me what I already know "yep that mattress isn't right", I am told that the next available replacement delivery would be 2 weeks. I decided that I needed to go to the location itself and talk to customer service in person. I was able to get my replacement pushed up to 5 days instead of 2 weeks, but they didn't seem to grasp how much of an inconvenience this was and didn't offer any compensation for my order. I'll be spending the next 5 days sleeping on my couch because I can't even put sheets on this bed that has watermelon shaped lumps protruding where my lower back should be. Take a hint that the only time I've ever felt compelled to write a yelp review is because of this compete lack of "customer service".

I was there today

I was there today. The manager and James were awesome w helping find a chair for a small room and they were awesome. Best customer service and thanks to James

I have had the most horrible experience

I have had the most horrible experience with their delivery service the dates are so far out from your time of purchase I hope you don't need furniture immediately then if something changes and you try to reschedule the way to make you wait two or three more weeks for your furniture if you call and ask a question about delivery time there's customer service rep took it upon herself to change and cancel my delivery date without being asked I asked for a refund and they said I would only get 80% but then once the incident happened where she canceled it by herself which her manager said she didn't but they wouldn't allow me to hear the recorded tape then all the sudden rooms to go offer to for a refund for my furniture which I took do not buy from here they are not customer oriented as they care about is getting your money and then making you wait this is absolutely ridiculous I bought my furniture at the end of June and it is now August and I still don't have it I will be making sure I get my full refund do not buy from here

Anyone trying to make a decision

Anyone trying to make a decision whether or not to use Rooms to Go... if it requires install, make sure they ACTUALLY install the furniture. The delivery people said they wouldn't install the sectional clips because they didn't want to tear the lining. Isn't THAT part of the delivery & install fee? Rescheduling has been a nightmare & now WE have to accomodate their schedule taking more tome off work, after already taking off 1/2 day of work. I'm giving this review 2 stars because the sales people aren't pushy. However, the guy we worked with still hasn't called us back to help us resolve the problem. I may just be generous tonight.

I love going here

I love going here and getting furniture the furniture is good quality and doesn't fall apart within two weeks and the displays are nice and the place is clean and they have quick delivery plus a huge selection of furniture from tables to beds couches and shelves painting and fans and lights and more I would recommend this place if your looking for some good furniture

Almost 3 months and counting

Almost 3 months and counting and we still don't have furniture as we should. Smashed hand nails. Broken lamps. Loose threads all over the pillows. Wrong armchair delivered twice. Now we have the correct armchair and it looks like something had been chewing at the legs. NEVER AGAIN ROOMS TO GO, SHAME ON YOU GUYS.


** BEWARE***They deserve ZERO stars!!!! Worst customer service of any company I have EVER dealt with! Sara, the "store manager" at the League City, Texas location is a complete JOKE! Where to begin.... our order that was promised for a certain date was pushed back 10 days! Not to mention the order would be split up into 2 different shipments. When our delivery driver NEVER showed or called between the scheduled 12-4 drop off we called the store and we were told it was our fault! They refused to even deliver the next day because the whole order had to be sent back to the wharehouse and RE scheduled! This company is beyond horrible and i do take some blame for not looking at their BBB 1/5 star rating! *** BEWARE***


BAD EXPERIENCE!!! No communication at all with their departments. First: They tried to deliver damaged furniture. The delivery men were unprofessional and had no idea what the protocol was in regards to returning the damaged furniture. (Frustrating because none of my questions were able to be answered, had to contacts their store and placed on a long hold) Second: Made me wait ANOTHER 2 weeks for furniture I was expecting to have. Third: On the day of the SECOND delivery (today) there was a mixup with the initial furniture paperwork (the delivery men never filed paperwork returning the damaged furniture)and unfortunately they weren't able to drop off the 5 piece bedroom set. WHY WASNT THIS KNOWN PRIOR TO THE DELIVERY DATE?! YET I RECEIVED MULTIPLE CONFIRMATIONS ON THE DELIVERY DATE/TIME. Fourth: There is absolute NO COMMUNICATION with the delivery people and the store/warehouse where the furniture is stored. Horrible horrible! Then I get a call from a lady asking if I received everything, "No I didn't receive anything because the delivery men just showed up to tell me "sorry but we can't deliver your furniture." You have a better chance going to Ashley Furniture, I'm sure the price may be a little pricey but totally worth it!

Recently moved and decided to buy a new dining table and couch...

Recently moved and decided to buy a new dining table and couch. I came in to this locations with high hopes of walking out with new furniture. My sister, who also moved, was in the market for a new couch. As I waited for my sister to arrive, I walked the store for about 30 min, and not one employee acknowledged me, or even greeted me. When I asked an employee where the dining tables where she said "oh we have a few around the floor" and walked away. After about 45 min a kind man, by the name of David, approached me. David was very helpful, however It seemed a lot of the furniture that was out on display was not available for weeks, and some for even a month. This made it even more difficult to find a couch to take home. It seemed every time we decided on a couch it was unavailable in the store, or was not available for a long period of time. Although we faced this challenge, David was very patient and determined to find us a couch to take home. After about 6 hours of searching we were finally able to find a couch! Special thank you to David! My sister and I have two little children and not once did he seem annoyed or impatient with them. He definitely made our experience a lot better. Really hope this location resolves the availability issue they have with the furniture they have on display. The selections are great.

I went to Rooms To Go to purchase a new bedroom furniture set...

I went to Rooms To Go to purchase a new bedroom furniture set. Eduardo Irlanda was the Sales Associate that assisted me. I gave Eduardo a basic idea of what I was looking for and he was very helpful in walking me through the store and showing me all the queen bedroom sets available. I found the perfect queen bedroom set and it is gorgeous. Eduardo finalized the paperwork and I agreed to the three year warranty as you never know what might happen down the road. I would rather be protected with a warranty than not be protected. Eduardo Irlanda is professional and is very customer service oriented. The furniture arrived within a week and it is more gorgeous in my bedroom than I could have possibly amagine. It is also very well made. I am very pleased with Rooms To Go and highly recommend Eduardo Irlanda as the Sales Associate. Deserves 5 Stars

Husband & I made our first major purchase with RTG...

Husband & I made our first major purchase with RTG of a high end (Eric Church) leather sofa & loveseat, sofa table & area rug in March - spent about $3500.00. The weekend before Thanksgiving, we purchased a $3500.00 top of the line (Cindy Crawford) sectional sofa, with an unmatchable ottoman due to the fact that we were told it did not have a matchable ottoman (an unmatchable ottoman was on the floor display.) The next day, I came across the matchable ottoman on RTG website. I called our salesman, Anthony, that night, left a message explaining that I would prefer the matchable ottoman rather than the unmatchable one purchased. He returned my call the next day explaining that he had spoken to the store manager, & asked that I return to the store in order to redo paperwork for the swap. I was told there would be a $30.00 fee, I believe either for a delivery fee or restocking fee. After a discussion, since I felt I should not be charged this additional fee, I was told the fee would be waived. He went on to inform me that the ottoman swap would take place at my home on Tues, Dec 3 (8 days later), with no certain time of day given at this time. On Dec 3, the RTG delivery came out, with no expected advanced notice of a window time, or even a phone call informing us that they were at our home. Needless to say, we missed the delivery. Afterwards, a rep from RTG delivery (Brookshire, TX) called my husband's phone #, when I had left my phone # as the contact #. My husband then called the RTG # back & was told that the delivery driver was still in our area & would be returning that day to make the swap. My husband then waited all afternoon to no avail. I then called RTG delivery that evening & was informed by a rep that the driver would not be returning to make the swap that day after all. Again, no phone call, no notice from RTG. I was also told that the account was locked until after 4 pm the following day, therefore, I would have to call back then to reschedule the delivery. I called the next day, Wed, & was told by another rep that the next available delivery would be in a week. I explained that I did not feel I should have to wait ANOTHER week for the ottoman. I was told they would see what could be done & call me back the next day. At this point, my frustrations are growing. The next day, Thurs, once again, no call back from RTG; however, when I called them back that day, I was told that the notes on my account showed that someone had contacted me...I did not show receiving a call on my end from RTG. The rep then tried to reschedule the delivery for next week. I explained that the rep I spoke to on Wed was supposed to be checking on having it delivered sooner, as I went into the whole explanation once again. She said she would speak to the delivery manager about my issue. I asked to speak to him myself & was told he was on a phone call. She said she would have him call me back after he completed his call. Once again, no call back. Needless to say, now I'm furious. Today, I called RTG...asked to speak to a supervisor; my request was not acknowledged, as the rep told me he would put me through to the person I spoke to yesterday. I became insistent because I no longer wanted to speak to a rep, so he finally put me through to a supervisor named Rebecca. I explained my issue once again...told her I had been dealing with this same issue for 4 days now, how frustrated I was, & all I wanted was my matchable ottoman asap. She informed me that now the ottoman was out of stock!!! Therefore, it could not be delivered until next week, once it was back in stock. I was beyond irate! I told her that MY ottoman had already been on a delivery truck & was supposed to be delivered this past Tuesday. This lady commenced to ARGUE with me, saying that since the ottoman had not been delivered to me, it went to the next customer in line, & that it was not considered mine since it had not been delivered to me yet, therefore it was still considered property of RTG! UNBELIEVABLE!!! I explained to her that it technically was mine because it was already PAID for! Some people should not be supervisors! Even though I love the furniture & our sales people have been awesome, we will think twice before returning & spending our hard earned money with RTG! This is such bad business...customers deserve more respect than this!

Furniture is trash

Furniture is trash and very fragile. They will put you through a lot of suffering just to have something nice in your home.


Horrible! We bought multiple pieces of furniture with Linda T as our sales person, and then a couple more items a few days later from another sales person -Perla or something (can't remember her name as well). Not sure if it's taught to the sales people, or if I just got the only two, but they have very misleading and tacky sales practices. THERE IS NO ACTUAL REFUND POLICY. Sure, they have what seems to be one... but pay attention to the time period and the 20% restocking and delivery charges... Which after you have paid, you will get a receipt a few pages long, and on very faded, tiny lettering it says 'return policy'. I'm an interior designer, I buy a lot of furniture... this is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Be careful using them. Ask to read the return policy prior to picking out any furniture. They are all in it to make commissions-not really caring if your happy-and they've set up a trap to keep those commissions. We asked specific questions about the pieces we were buying and were told lies about them. Bold face lies to make a sale. Pathetic! Also, their delivery company hires guys who barely speak English and do not know how to put together the sectionals. I can't imagine them putting together a bed or anything with more pieces! So if you buy-have fun with that also. 3 deliveries were a nightmare!!!!

I picked out and purchased my furniture...

I picked out and purchased my furniture on Labor Day and set my pickup date for October 15. They sold my bedroom furniture and mattress to someone else and called it a computer error. I was not notified that my furniture was not in stock until I rented a $200 U-Haul and drove from League City to Katy, where I then wasted my entire day getting the runaround. My furniture will be here in 3 weeks so My girlfriend and I are sleeping on the couch and have our clothes laid across the floor, until then. BONUS!! The mattress they sold out from under me is discontinued and I was forced to pick a different one and expected to pay the difference. VERY POOR customer service.

Don't get lured in by their promotions...

Don't get lured in by their promotions. There is no type of sale that will ever make me shop at this company for as long as I live! I purchased a bedroom set that they were to deliver in two separate delivery dates. The first delivery I rearranged my schedule to accommodate their delivery time only for them to change the time at the last minute. I waited until one minute after their delivery window. The second delivery they never showed up and they didn't call. It was hell trying to reach anyone. We left home and they showed up 1 1/2 hours later. When the driver called dispatch to let them know we weren't home so they called me. I told them they did not honor their delivery time and wasn't going to wait around another day for them to show up whenever they wanted. I have yet to get anyone to return my call so that I can pick up my furniture myself. I just read some of the reviews and their customer service response to one customer is full of it!!!! Save your self a heart attack dealing with this worthless company!!!!

We enjoyed buying a variety of furniture...

We enjoyed buying a variety of furniture from this company, leather sectional, son's bedroom furniture and recently our daughter's bedroom set. The quality was good and well priced. The furniture was delivered on time with no problems.

This is my 2nd time buying furniture from Rooms To Go

This is my 2nd time buying furniture from Rooms To Go, (living room set) we came in a Saturday and looked around. Sales representative Leonard helped us out, and we had some questions regarding the length of the furniture, Leonard called his manager Samuel "Sammy" which he was really nice and understandable. We couldn't make up our mind so we ended up leaving but came back the next day to finalized the sale. I had a question regarding a credit/gift card they had advertised in a newspaper, I asked Leonard about it and he called the manager to double check on it. Has we were waiting on the manager we saw a lady passed by which Leonard stopped to ask the question and she reply by saying "I will be back there is somebody else in front of you for questions" I then asked Leonard if that was the manager which he said yes. At this point I was little aggravated since she us there she couldn't even say "you know guys give me a minute I will right back etc" Few minutes back she was back to answer Leonards question, I started to asked about the coupon/offer, she literally did not even let me finished my sentence and told me the details on the coupon. I then reply back saying "Yes i read the details I was double checking" She turned around and told Leonard "You already know how this works so why are you asking questions" This is the most disrespectful way to speak to an employee, specially in front of a customer! I was really disappointed at this point of how she had talk to Leonard, regardless if he is knew (which i do not know) or he has been there for a while, all he had was a question. The store it self is great but this really open my eyes on seeing how a manager treats her employees. Manager name is "ASHA"

We came in to buy furniture after hurricane Harvey

We came in to buy furniture after hurricane Harvey, we ended up with the Laney Park light grey living room set, it seemed really neat in the store with the adjustable backrest, and we purchased the extended fabric warranty for an extra 3 years,… See above web link, The delivery was all messed up with some of the pieces being mislabeled, ordered a rug and a curtain rod showed up, on the sticker it said rug, but you could tell it was a curtain rood, after another 2 weeks the right rug showed up, Immediately on the chase lounger the stitching started coming apart on the cushions which are attached to back rest, it was during the holidays so I waited until after the holidays, called for them to come out an take a look, the technician made a crude attempt to hand stitch it up but it unraveled within an hour after he left, placed a call to the store and was told the fabric warranty that I purchased was just for stains and not unraveling so it was not covered, they made an offer of $45.00 to replace the cover for that chase lounger back rest, next I am going to attempt to call in the warranty for the stains that will not come out, so we will see how that goes, will update later,

Beware beware

Beware beware. Everyone who said the delivery is crap is 100% right. Buying the furniture is easy, but delivery is worthless. We got a delivery with missing pieces, and when trying to replace it we never got a call back after being promised two times, and then when they set up delivery for what was wrong they said after 5, showed up at 1 and then left because we weren't home. And then had the nerve to say it was our fault because we weren't home. Once calling back they said just to take the slats to Lowe's and have them cut instead. Mind you, the slats look like someone just got pieces of wood off the side of the road and threw them on the truck. Buy furniture from anywhere but here.

The Type of delivery option was not fully explained

The Type of delivery option was not fully explained as "Express Deliver" at time of sale. Delivery window was incorrectly stated. Purchased a Mattress with delivery. Salesman stated that the mattress could be delivered "express" in 2 days. Salesman failed to explain fully what the "express" delivery option meant to include an all day (0700-2200) delivery time frame and no refunds or cancellations. He gave me his card and stated that I should call him the night before and he could estimate my delivery timeframe. The evening before I received an automated phone call from 800-766-6786 reminding me that my delivery was scheduled for the next day between 1400-1800. The next day I received a call at 1533 reminding me that my delivery is scheduled between 1400-1800 and I was #5 on the truck and the driver was at stop #2. I then received another call at 1758 stating that the driver was 2 stops away and would probably be towards the end of my window. When I explained that it was the end of my window the dispatcher stated that they would probably arrive by 2000. I asked to speak to a customer service representative at that time. When speaking to them I stated I wanted a full refund and did not want delivery. She stated she would cancel the delivery, (not allowed by express delivery) at that time and I needed to go to the store to settle any dispute. I then went to the store and explained this situation to the store manager where he explained what Express delivery meant and that I really had no choice in this matter. He called dispatch and said that the truck would indeed arrive by 2000 and that the driver would call me after finishing the stop prior to mine. Delivery came at 1940 with no notice, driver did not call me prior to delivery as stated by store manager. Company Response: Dear BBB, We are in receipt of this claim. On behalf of Rooms To Go, please express our apologies to our customer for any inconvenience they may have experienced. Due to heavy volume, all deliveries and in home services are routed by zip codes in order to reach all scheduled customers including express deliveries. Because this is done automatically via electronic routing, we have no control over the timeframe and therefore inform all customers that delivery or service is an all-day appointment from 7am-10pm as printed on the purchase invoice provided at the point of sale. If applicable an estimated four-hour window may be provided. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances out of their control, there may be times the driver may run early or later. With respect to our customer's situation, our records reflect the delivery was made on their scheduled date. In view of this, we would be unable to comply with their request. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Nannette O. Presidential Assistant ________________________________________ My Response: While I never expected the refund of the delivery fee as requested, I did however expect acknowledgement that company policies were not followed and a review would be done regarding the "express" delivery option. If properly explained at point of sale (I'll overlook that) or If I hadn't received multiple calls reminding me if my 4 hour window ( in direct contradiction) of what's printed on my sales receipt I would gratefully accept the shortcomings of the logistics, dispatch phone calls as well as the cancellation notice the customer service representative stated she could do. With the disregard of my complaint, I will be posting this as public information on multiple public review sites as well as taking my future business of home furnishings to other stores.

Buyer beware

Buyer beware!!! The furniture does not last 3 months. Customer service knows they have you in a bind and will not work with the customer. Justin Mead who is a customer service representative "supervisor" is arrogant and rude to customers who wait on the phone for 30 minutes just to talk to him!!! Ridiculous!!! Just another unsatisfied customer for them... furniture is poor quality and service is just as bad.

Products and people are terrible

Products and people are terrible. Even if you purchase a warranty, the issues don't get resolved even if the issue is under warranty. If you ever speak with a Rachel Baker the supervisor for the corporate office, she will tell you it's your fault and the only thing available for her to do is waste your time and waive the delivery charge for their screwup. Stay FAR away from this company. They will waste your time and energy with no resolution!

This is more about Rooms to Go financing

This is more about Rooms to Go financing through Synchrony Bank DONT use them...!!! I applied & was approved for $2k I'm late February around my birthday, ordered the furniture. A week before the delivery date which was a month later, they withdrew the amount. Like they rescinded it & gave there reasons, so moving early April furniture for delivery next day. Why approve something then take us back an entire month later. NEVER use this back, they are the worst I have ever tried to use. It was going to be my 1st ever new furniture. I'm hurt emotionally over these banking practices. Furthermore they even sent my the card in the mail... PS-- So today applies at another furniture store & approved me for $500 more. Now I have my 1st new furniture, there lost.

If I could leave no stars I would.

If I could leave no stars I would. This store and ALL of it's staff are incompetent. They cannot even enter addresses and birth dates correctly. They deliver incomplete products and then have little motivation to correct it. My son has been sleeping on the floor for more than 2 weeks after delivering a bed with out the center support. They delivered the part to correct it and didnt even bring the right piece so now another 5 days waiting. Once you make your purchase the store staff has no interest in your satisfaction. SO if you actually want your furniture delivered in a timely manner with all the pieces or want a store that stands behind their products, I suggest you look else where. The credit company that services their accounts is just as incompetent as well!

new living room set

My husband and I were in the search for a new living room set. We had went to several other places before trying Rooms To Go. When we arrived we were greeted by Tom the sales associate. He was super friendly and seemed to be very knowledgeable. He didn't hassle us nor follow us around the store which we liked. He told us to take a look around the sales floor and if we had any questions to let him know. We looked around for awhile and if we passed he made sure we were still doing okay. We finally agreed on a set and Tom was great in assisting us and letting us know we could mix and match accessories (lamps, tables, rugs), letting us know the different pricing in the sets and how much for shipping, and the cost difference between items. We went over different pricing options and Tom was super helpful in letting us know all our options that fit our budget. I would recommend this location again to anybody looking into getting new furniture. The staff was helpful and super friendly. Shout out to Tom for helping us get a great deal on our new living room set!

I was promptly greeted by a sales representative

I was promptly greeted by a sales representative when I entered Rooms To Go. The representative was friendly and eager to assist me. I was asked what I was looking for and our search began. We found an item that would have worked, but I had yet to check another source. Even after I told my sales representative what I was doing, she continued to assist me by providing information and specifications. The store is very well appointed and arranged for viewing staged rooms of home furnishings. This is a very large display store! It's very likely that they have almost anything you need at a very competitive price!! UPDATE:: 05/30/2019 Still waiting for a response from RTG about replacing defective chair for second time. I was informed that their vendor is responsible for the chair, not RTG even though RTG sold it to me! I asked what happens if the vendor doesn't ever respond and was told that only the vendor can take care of the problem and that I have to wait on the vendor to do such! The representatives are friendly and eager to assist, and the showroom looks very good. Unfortunately the store, delivery, and customer service are all vastly different! I received my order of three rooms of furniture and more than half of the pieces were damaged, destroyed, or otherwise defective beyond useable. Customer service puts customers through an almost endless loop of polite apologies for not returning calls or following up, or simply inexplicably removing service/repair/replacemen­t requests from their system, causing the entire process to start from square one! The service reps are very quick to remind customers that you can't get a refund for destroyed furniture or for products that are replaced with yet another defective item! Most everything takes at least a week or more to schedule and in the case of the wobbly chair that I reported needed replacing, it was ultimately about 25 days before someone followed up on my request for service and ultimately about 50 days, FIFTY DAYS for my defective replacement to arrive! The bottom line is that I will never shop at Rooms To Go again and I will advise anyone I know to look elsewhere. The sales reps are friendly and the furniture looks good, but some of it is cheaply constructed. Combine cheaply constructed furniture and delivery that's more like an item pushed from a moving train and you understand why it's sometimes called "Rooms To Break!" Buyer Beware!!


CAN'T GET IT! We recently visited Rooms to Go to look for furniture. I've never been a fan but wanted to see if they have elevated their selection and added new items. We were initially interested in a leather chair but their selection was very limited. My husband did find a sofa that interested him, (dude was just tired of shopping and getting desperate), so we waved over the sales person, Tim. Tim is very direct and I like that, no fudging no BS. When I asked him about basic information regarding construction and weight limitations, he said "can't get it". What about specs and measurements, "can't get it". He could not tell me anything about the collection because their furniture is manufactured in China under a very generic umbrella and apparently they can't be bothered with providing helpful information. When I finally asked him "How cheap is this piece? (because by now, I know that real quality is out the window), he had no idea! He simply tipped it over to show me the cheap Made in China tag. The fact that he was able to just tip it over spoke volumes because you could never do that with quality pieces of substantial weight. I continued to ask questions and here is the gist of it: all of their furniture is on the same level. There is no distinguishable "top of the line" manufacturer and it is all basic quality as far as they are concerned. Clearly, there are probably items that are better constructed than others but how would you know? Yes, it has been a very long time since I purchased furniture because I purchase quality pieces and the only reason I am looking now is because I recently passed on some "family" pieces to my son. However, when it comes to purchasing, the process has always been the same, I like to know about the company, the collection and how the furniture is constructed. When I last purchased furniture, reviews were not a thing, so you had to do the research. I have never just allowed a salesperson to tell me about a product, I like the written word, straight from the manufacturer. This is not an option with Rooms to Go! So when it comes to RTG getting my business, Oh no, can't get it!!

If I could have given 0 Stars

If I could have given 0 Stars I would Have! Some of these male employees are very impatient and Very rude! The old Middle-aged man wearing white who I assumed was the store manager was very rude after we asked what time the store closed he yelled " IN SIX MINUTES" and walked off. Not even one minute later he passes by and say " FIVE MINUTES LEFT GUYS" VERY RUDE no wonder no one wants to shop at this nasty store. And God Bless that store if that is the manager and how he acts! On a side note Not all employees were mean and I want say thar employee "david" was very helpful and nice!!

This location is by north point mall and parking is ample

This location is by north point mall and parking is ample. I know that some stores have a clearance section but this One had more mark down approaches. The store was clean and I enjoyed my visit. My rep came over and greeted and asked how he could help however he didn't seemed to thrilled to want to assist. He had more of a "just doing my job" not relating to the customer. Because I knew what I wanted I made a point to hurry and leave but I would have felt better if someone else received the commission. I purchased a bed frame from here since I am redoing my room look. Will just order online if the staff aren't gonna be more personal

I actually visited this location twice

I actually visited this location twice, once last year and once this year. I was attended by Ralph on both occasions. The first time I walked into the store, he was the only sales person that greeted me and was eager to help. Ralph was extremely patient and knowledgeable with the products in the store. His customer service is absolutely incredible. He also took the time to educate to me the importance of buying insurance on the furniture, without feeling pressured to buy it. I'm glad I did, since my sofa was mysteriously damaged. Getting a replacement was a seamless process. Overall, I'm super happy with the services at this location. If anyone is looking to buy furniture, and want to be attended by a kind, customer service oriented, and well-versed associate, Ralph at the Rooms to Go Alpharetta location is your guy!

Come here for all your furniture

Come here for all your furniture and mattress needs! Ask for Zen!!!!!! He is so helpful and patient! I tend to be very indecisive and he was more than willing to walk laps around the store several times to find exactly what I wanted! Best customer service I've received in a very long time! Defiantly will be shopping here for furniture in the near future!

Decided to go with rooms to go for my bed

Decided to go with rooms to go for my bed. I got a pretty decent deal on a bed set. Everything was good until they changed the delivery date on me because they overbooked the day I need which was the day I was moving into my new place. I understand things happen because as long as humans are involved there is human error but it all about how you resolve the situation. First thing you don't do is let your customer know that there was a change in delvery in a automated text with no explanation. Second thing you don't do is wait until 4 days before the promised delivery date to let your customer know that they overbooked the date originally planned and it will come the next available business day (not a weekend bc ofcourse that would cost them money). Third thing you don't do, is offer only half the delivery fee back to the customer. The sup told me they were still delivering it. I get it, yeah you are still delivering it but on a day that is convenient to them. I had already worked it out with my team at work to be off on the promised day, now I have to be off another day. Luckily I have the flexibility but imagine if I didn't and that day I choose was my only option. Not everybody is fortunate enough to just take off whenever because Rooms to go can't schedule deliveries correctly. And nobody want to wait forever to receive their bed. I had told me in advanced, I would be upset but I wouldn't be mad enough to write a post about it. I would have most likely cancel and went somewhere else but I would have been still open to do business you guys another time. Now when I'm looking for additional furniture for my dining room and living I will not be using Rooms to go. Half off on delivery.. come on that's rediculous.

Rooms to go is cheap

Rooms to go is cheap because their parts and repair department is horrible.... just horrible. Customer service for help is unapologetic and rude. If you need parts you have to the following 1 call 800 number and explain your problem to people who have no customer service skills 2. Wait for an email so you can fill out information they all ready have but refuse to provide 3 you must mail... yes mail not electronically regular postal mail the form with a check or money order of min amount of 33$.... wtf are you kidding... it could be 4 screws or 2 bolts... 33$ 4 now you wait over 10 days for a mailed response which may or may not have your needed parts or solition. We will never ever buy at rooms to go..... you should not either... sales are good but repair, delivery and customer service...HORRIBLE

I wish I could give them a zero

I wish I could give them a zero! Was instructed to contact the customer service to let them know that the furniture was not comfortable and we would be able to select something else. When I did that, I'm told to call back in 30 days!!!! Nope I will not but what I will do is not shop there again or recommend anyone else! Should have listened to others when I was told that they never found anything of value in this store!!! You got me once but not again!!!! They are the worst furniture company. Do yourself a favor and go the store down the street.

Delivery was awful

Delivery was awful. Delivery people broke the night stand twice while delivering. Also delivery people damaged my mailbox and storm doors. Still no resolution. I have called customer service repeatedly and seem like they don't care.

Can't keep to a delivery schedule

Can't keep to a delivery schedule. Told truck is on its way to our home, 45 minutes after four hour window. They show up 1 1/2 hours later, 2 hours and 15 minutes past the four hour delivery window they gave. Problem is they are delivering children's furniture after 8:15 pm. My kids are in bed, no you can't come in! In was told CS would call me the following morning, no call! No surprise. After waiting 12 days for original delivery first available delivery is 11 days out. Cancelled order. Will never shop there again.

After reading all of the bad reviews

After reading all of the bad reviews, I was kinda of apprehensive about going to RTG. However, when we came to this location, our visit was great. Sharona assisted us and she was patient and helpful. She answered all our questions and concerns. Our delivery was on time, and the guys were quick.

Very helpful and friendly staff

Very helpful and friendly staff. No pressure sales. Great customer service. With the purchase of a sofa, I get a life time supply of upholstery cleaner for FREE. Also, called to change my delivery date and it was no hassle to get it changed.

I am not a person that likes to go into a store

I am not a person that likes to go into a store and speak to a person in order to understand what I am buying, I am really good with researching online and feeling comfortable with completing my purchases that way. When it came time for my wife and I to purchase furniture for our new home, we decided that we needed to see and feel our future investment in person. When we came in the first go around, we were greeted by a gentleman with a witty sense of humor named Todd. The moment we met Todd, we automatically felt at ease with our in person purchasing decision and trekked forward. Todd was very patient and knowledgeable about all the inventory available. He worked his magic to get us what we needed when items were hard to locate. When we needed to switch items out, it was an easy process due to Todd's ability to identify with our needs, I would recommend this location to everyone with a strong suggestion to work with this nice and high energy young man..

Awesome customer service

Awesome customer service from the salesman Zen! He greeted us upon entry, very helpful and friendly!!

Immigration Recruiting Specialist

I purchased online two lamps, a bookshelf and a desk. The lamps came with dented lamp shades. The bookshelf came with a damaged corner. The desk came with no hardware to assemble it. Customer service was terrible with Rooms to Go trying to get hardware so I could assemble my desk. I was told I would get an email from special orders. Three days later never heard from anyone. I called the vendor directly to get the hardware ordered. I paid for a desk I can't even use or put together. I was told it could take up to 10 business days to receive an email from special orders. Ridiculous.... Better service from the vendor !

NO TROUBLE, Satisfied customer!

I've seen the very bad reviews and feel it necessary to give my experience. We were in need of a couch, we have a large lab who sleeps on our couches so leather was an option we wanted to take for longevity. I searched for the longest time online and R2G was the ONLY place I was able to find Grey leather couches and I loved the look of them. I did all the ordering online, and although it was about a month and a half wait for them, we were still very excited to get them. They came, the delivery men were very nice, put everything together quickly, cleaned up their mess, and everything was great. The couches we got are wonderful, they're the Eric Church gray recliners, all GREAT quality, my dog has jumped on them numerous times, no scratches, no marks, I have a feeling they will be a part of our family for a long time. The only thing I do not like is the length of foot recliner, its a bit short and my foot hangs off, but nothing to really make a big deal about. That was the risk we took purchasing online with out seeing in store. My husband also decided to purchase a dining table from R2G as well, that arrived a week before the couches and the install crew that day was wonderful as well. They were quick, everything in good condition and we love it. The overall experience we had was wonderful and we plan to purchase more again.


There were 2 delivery men who didn't bother to wear masks or gloves. They didn't care about their safety let alone mine.

Warranty Protection Plan Representatives Very Unresponsive

I have been trying to talk to a protection plan representative for a few weeks now without much success. About a week ago a representative contacted me a recommended me to use to file a claim but that is not working either. I paid for a service that Rooms to Go is failing to honor which is very unprofessional.

AVOID! Worst customer service EVER!

My son’s furniture delivery was scheduled for Oct. 2nd, 2020 with clear instructions to call once the delivery truck arrived at Shaw Air Force Base so he could escort them onto base. Needless to say, he was never called and the truck was not given permission to enter the base. When he tried to get the bedroom furniture rescheduled, he was on hold with customer service for over an hour…without ever being able to speak to someone! He was finally able to re-schedule the delivery for November 27th and now his pregnant wife and him have to sleep on the floor for another 55 days! Customer service at Rooms to Go is a disgrace and they should be ashamed how they treat members of our military! Do NOT recommend!

Avoid! They deliver damaged items and shoddy workmanship.

This company is absolute trash. Every single item they have delivered has been damaged or consists of shoddy workmanship. When you spend ~ $4000, you expect that what is delivered is at least better than what you would get at Goodwill. They also seem to hire the bottom of the barrel staff to handle returns and complains. Speaking with Dekisha Scott from corporate was like dealing with an uneducated idiot. Do yourself a favor and spend your money elsewhere.

no confidence on their delivery service

I purchased a 2-door cabinet on 8/10/2020. The delivery was scheduled for 8/26/2020. The next day (8/11/2020), I went to the store asking for changing the color of the cabinet. It took me 2 hours waiting at the store customer service for making the change. However, the new delivery was scheduled on 10/10/2020! The day before 10/10/2020 (delivery date) I received several calls to remind me. However, on the delivery date 10/10/2020, customer service left a message that they found they made a mistake with the order, they couldn't deliver. The new delivery will be changed to 12/23/2020. Not only it is during the Christmas season, we will not be home to wait for the delivery, but also I really have no confidence this delivery could happen! I just couldn't believe from the date I made/paid the order, 8/11/2020, to the date I may receive 12/23/2020, almost 5 months!!! It totally wasters my time!! I am very unhappy about this!

Sent USED item!! And refused to pick it up

On August 8, 2020 I purchased a set of living room tables which totaled 500.00 from Rooms to go university location in Charlotte NC. Two of the tables arrived a few weeks later, and the last table finally arrived today (2 months later). I opened the box and immediately noted that the first piece of tempered glass that it supposed to be white was a yellowish color and the edges were a burnt orange color. The 2nd piece was white. I removed the tissue paper from the box, but the tissue paper that was lying on top of the discolored glass was stuck to it as if the glass had been wiped down with something wet, and the tissue paper adhered to the glass. I also noticed that the glass had a few spots of sticky residue in the shape of small squares, and the sticky residue had dirt stuck to it. The sticker on the glass was also dirty. I call customer service and ended up speaking to a representative & then her manager that was disgustingly rude, & nastly aggressive. She was no help at all. Told me that I had to wait an additional 2 months, and also store this big heavy table at my home until January. Saying that if something happens to it I would be responsible. I informed her that I have nowhere to store the table. I was expecting a new table that I could assemble and set in the middle of my living room, and that's the only extra space I have. Also, I have dogs and I can't be held responsible. I would like for the product to be picked up from my home. She you'd me that I can use the table until January, but I have 2 bulging disc's, as well as a bone spur in my neck. Even opening this and lifting the 2 pieces of glass was a challenge. I am not going to assemble this table, then in two months assemble it a second time. I've already wasted valuable time lifting opening it, and talking to representatives. She insisted that the product stay. She said she could not help in anyway. So I have called the local rooms to go that I purchased from, and so far I have not gotten any help. He told me that I would have to assemble the table, then in January he would not be able to get the delivers to assemble the next one because thats not what I paid for. I told him that this is inconvenient because I risked my life allowing the deliverer into my home, and I had to spray everything after they left, and that I didn't want to catch coronavirus. Somehow that seemed to be funny, but we just had a big outbreak of over 100 people at a church, and another mid size outbreak at a funeral. No one offered any compensation nor a way to rectify the situation. Just want me to wait an entire 4 months for a product. Want me to bite the bullet for a problem they are responsible for. Why did they send a discolored USED table in the first place??? If they did not have the entire set they never should've sold it. I didn't pay for a used set of tables. I paid for new ones. I will be posting reviews on every platform also calling the corporate office again because they did not answer. I will not be purchasing anything else from rooms to go. I advise anyone not to purchase. I have wasted over 2 hours today for no reason, and still nothing. My time is valuable just like there's is, but they're getting paid for this. I'm not.

Leather sectional with recliners

Purchased supposedly a leather sectional reclining sofa for over $4,000 and the head rest is pealing after 8 months of use. They will not replace. We purchased a leather sectional reclining sofa and spent $4,000. Upon delivery, head rest had seam coming out so they replaced it. The same head rest after 8 months of use is pealing/discolored. The repairman said it should not happen and said we'd receive a new one. After no communication, we reached out to find that they denied the manufacturer warranty and said it was normal wear and tear. How can an 8 month old "leather" sofa have pealing/discoloration? The extended warranty does not cover this due to it being less than a year old. My husband spoke to the manager of the store and the manager stated that it could be hair products that caused this. Really? First of all, this is my husband's chair and he does not use products in his hair. We are finding that no one wants to assist. A leather sofa should not have these issues after 8 months of use. Customer service is not satisfactory.

Total scam company

Horrible, horrible company. Basically, they constantly lie to you. After sitting on my money for 4 months, they finally schedule delivery of my daughter's bedroom furniture for Dec. 29th. I take the day off work to receive it. They keep pushing the delivery window on their text message app to later and later in the day. They finally called at 8:00 P.M. to say that their truck has broken down and cannot make the delivery and I have to call customer service to reschedule the delivery. It was a total lie because I was following their stops on their app and it was obvious that they have just scheduled too many deliveries for that crew and couldn't make it. I call this morning to see when they will be making the delivery and they say my account is locked until 2:00 P.M. because they couldn't make delivery yesterday! and I have to call after 2!!!!. No one takes responsibility for my wasted workday and wasted time on countless calls. Meanwhile, they charged my credit card 4 months ago and have been sitting on the money. Total SCAM of a company.

Will not do business with them again.

On November 5th I went to Rooms to Go with my father to purchase items for his apartment. To begin with because one of the items was in the "kids" section, I had to pay separately from the other items I was purchasing and work with a different salesperson. Ok. Then, paying in cash was a hassle and we waited both times for 20 minutes to receive less than $100 in cashback. So, we were told we would not receive our delivery until November 20th, the DAY before my delivery we were informed that two of the items were not in stock and would not be available until January. Well they are delivering in January, but, I now have a FOUR HOUR window to wait for said delivery. Oh, and when I sent them an email about my frustrations on the original order, it took them TWO WEEKS to get back to me.

Do Not Order Furniture from RTG!

WARNING! DO NOT PURCHASE FURNITURE FROM ROOMSTOGO.COM. I ordered two couches for a residence that I manage. The online form asked for my address & a billing address; never for a delivery address. I therefore entered a note, CLEARLY stating that the couches were to be delivered to another address. After I placed the order, I called RTG & ascertained the correct delivery address. I was assured that they would deliver the couches to the correct address. We waited over a week for delivery & finally, RTG shows up at our home with the couches! They refused to deliver then to the correct address! I called RTG & was on hold for over 4 hours! I finally spoke to someone & they stated that they could not cancel the order until the following morning but that they would cancel the order & send me an email early the next day. It's almost noon now & I've been on hold for another 3 hours. I've tried texting them & chatting with them. Neither work. I see no end in sight & I am SUPER frustrated. My family & company will never purchase from RTG again & I will make sure to share this experience with EVERYONE that I can.

Warranty/getting service

First trying to get through to custom care is almost impossible, wait time is terrible. Call for service on lift chair on December 1st, service couldn't come until December 22nd. Look at chair had to order parts, called to get service guy back until January 26th, wrong part and now wait for part again and,reschedule service. I've been without lift chair over two months. Now waiting on phone to get customer care to have take back chair. This has been a horrible experience!!!

The price DOES NOT match the furniture and service

I went to the store ordered over $4000 in furniture. No available dates to deliver until two months later which was 4 days before Christmas. The date comes to receive my furniture and the very expensive dining table I ordered was damaged. Could not get an exchange until almost February. That table arrived it is also damaged. The delivery people very rude and after all that left their trash in my home and left my door wide open and walked away. I am very disappointed in Roomstogo for the service and merchandise I received!

Don't buy online

I still don't have my problem worked out. I purchased a defective couch which they agreed to replace and I upgraded to a better couch which they attempted to deliver twice. The first time I waited all day only to be told that the couch was not on the truck the second time I was told that the delivery man had a personal family problem and could not come and when I called back for delivery the next weekend I was told that it had not been rescheduled. You can get no help from the local store because the purchase was online. I bought other items with rooms to go but I will never make another purchase again after this. If you are going to purchase from them go into the store do not do it online you will wait hours to get somebody on the phone and they don't help you.


GARBAGE!I purchased a bed Oct 2019, I didn't receive my daughter's bed until January 2020. 12/2020 my daughter's bed broke I callled Rooms to go, after waiting on hold for 2hrs. I was directed to guardian. Guardian said that they would call me back after waiting 2wks for them to call me back I called them. Rooms to go sent out someone to fix the bed the guy DID NOT fix the bed. The guy let his cell# with my husband, my husband called the guy to tell him that the bed was still broke the guy was telling my husband over the phone how to fix it. Ive been going through this with this company since Dec. They said I can get another bed we went to the store and they have nothing that we wanted in stock. I requested my money back they said that I cant get a refund so we are force to buy this cheap poorly made furniture. I spoke to a manager Chris. C and he was VERY rude. THIS COMPANY IS HOIRRIBLE!!! I WOULD NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY

Still waiting...

We ordered a queen bedroom set in November for my thirteen year old daughter's Christmas present. (She had been sleeping in a convertible crib.) We were told the bed, nightstand, and mattresses (buy one get one free) were in stock and would be delivered in a couple of weeks. The dresser and mirror would be delivered in early March. At that point, I was hesitant because of the delay, but my daughter loved the set. We paid around $3k up front on the purchase. We received the bed (with a slightly damaged) headboard, nightstand, and box springs on time. The "in stock" mattresses had become "out of stock" mattresses despite our order. The mattresses arrived a few weeks later than expected and my daughter got to camp out on the floor while we waited. The replacement headboard, our dresser, and mirror, were supposed to be delivered in early March. We received a call from the warehouse last week that we would not be receiving the delivery in March, but on June 4th. June 4th is the day we are supposed to be traveling back from vacation and is EIGHT MONTHs from the time we ordered our fully paid for furniture. We talked to our salesperson, Suzanne, and she said we could order something different and replace what we have or wait for our order. That's great, but now every bedroom set in the paper has warnings about a 2-4 month delay, so we'd probably be waiting just as long. What I would like is our furniture and/or our money back until we actually receive our furniture. I would also like customer service to pick up the phone. It is nearly impossible to reach Rooms to Go's customer service department. I can't even reschedule the delivery they have planned to make on June 4th (to June 5th, fingers crossed and pretty please) because I can't get in touch with the department. Had we known what we know now, we would never have gone to Rooms to Go. We have previously had great experiences with the store in the past, but I am never doing business with this store again. We've basically given the store an interest free loan for eight months, and it has given us nothing but a headache and heartbreak.

Poor Service

I purchased patio furniture in Dec 2020. I was notified at that time that it would be the first of January 2021 before it was delivered. I paid for installation. I received a partial order and no installation. I found parts of my furniture in my driveway. I was notified that the remainder of the order would be delivered Feb 25th. Today I was notified that it would be March 13th. I spent a lot of money for this furniture which they charged immediately. I have complained to customer support in Jan regarding the installation and the missing parts. I currently have patio furniture with packing material still on it. The sectional was never put together, missing parts.

avoid them!!

purchased a sofa and loveseat in December. loveseat won't come in until February. scheduled a delivery date. wife was texted."be the in 3 minutes". called neighbor , came to house no show.. tried to schedule a re deliver... 800 number a joke.. forget it. called store and they said the love seat will take another 6 weeks for delivery!! they sold the loveseat that I had paid for!! if you want to deal with a lot of no support, long times on the 800 phone number trying to resolve issues, no customer support from where you bought it from, definitely shop rooms to go.

Best Sales Experience

We had the best experience at the Cedar Park, TX location purchasing our sectional. Christine Keeler was our sales associate and by the end of all of it she was like our new best friend! We had been to a bunch of other furniture stores that day and were already feeling a bit burned out. We went into RTG and Christine jumped into action as soon as we told her our story. She was amazing to work with and found solutions to our problems and answered all our questions. We made our purchase and went home all excited only to find out I had miscalculated and our furniture would not fit! Christine called us back first thing in the morning and helped us through our next issue and we got everything squared away quickly and easily. I cant say enough good things about her! Thank you for your patience with us and all your help! I would definitely ask for her if you are in the area.

No service

This copay has no customerservive at all ,seems as though all emails and phone calls go to dead auto response lines ,you will never hear back from this company to resolve any issues. Don't use ally write reviews but these companies have to start being responsible for all their goods and or services instead of the customers having to take what they're given. Stand up people write the reviews, protect your fellow man from getting ripped off.

Warranty is cr*p

I purchased a sectional sofa 1yr ago. The springs on a part of the sofa doesn't sit as high anymore. Called the warranty number that was sold by RTG. Someone came out took pictures and I waited to hear back. Well after 3 weeks I called them and they say it's not part of the warranty. So what is covered on your warranty if you don't stand behind the quality of your product.I purchased a leather sofa recliner button on one side stop working. I will never use RTG again. Your furniture is not the best in quality.

Avoid Rooms To Go Furniture Is Trash 5000 1 Year Later Falling Apart

Avoid This Company They Sell Furniture From China That Falls Apart In A Year Then Tell You They Will Order The Parts But It Will Take Atleast 90 Days Then Dont Call You Back After Almost 6 Months I Finally Speak To A Supervizer And She Tells Me Oh Sorry The Sofa Has Been Discontinued Even Though They Still Have The Sofa On There Website The Rosado Is The Name Then They Tell Me Oh Sorry Its No Longer Under Warranty So They Were Doing Me A Favor By Replacing The Back That Is Why I Waited 6 Months But They Just Found Out Its Discontinued The Leather Is Pealing Off The Sofa And My Dining Chair As Well My Daughters Bed Broke Within 8 Months Of Buying And Waiting To Fix That As Well Its Not Real Wood But This Is Rediculous How They Treat Customers Go To Bobs You Will Save Money And Getsame Quality Furniture Dont Fall For That Bullshit Cindy Crawford Line Thats More Garbage They Make And Put Her Name On It

They sold OUR Furniture

We ordered a king size bedroom set. They confirmed our order on Jan 23, 2021. They gave us an original date of May 18 for delivery. They later called, not emailed, and told us by VM that the head board would not be delivered until August 18, 2021. Bad enough already. When May 18 came near they scheduled the 4-hour window for delivery, tried to deliver to the neighbor's home. They weren't home. They left a voice mail on my phone which was at a secure facility and I am unable to retrieve messages. They left without delivery stating we'd have to reschedule delivery. Their next trick was to say there was a backorder so they had to contact the 'vendor'. No return call, no schedule for delivery, no change from their comment about contacting the vendor. OUR furniture was on a truck at the neighbor's house. They returned OUR Furniture, then SOLD IT to another. They sold our furniture. They now tell us they won't deliver until October 18, 2021. IS this criminal or just terrible for us? Would anyone ever pay for a delivery prior to its arrival? How can you? You don't know you'll ever see it. They have our money. They sold our furniture. They make is wait 10 months to get our furniture that is to replace what was delivered to the WRONG ADDRESS.

You get what you pay for.

We bought out “leather” sleeper sofa and reclining loveseat in 2017. Within 2 years the “leather” began rubbing off! We will spend the extra money and get real leather, not something that was “painted” on.

Very Poor Delivery Service, Store was Good

The experience in the store was good, but after the sale is when things go bad. The company that Rooms To Go uses for deliveries is absolutely "Piss POOR". The first part of our order they missed the PROMISED Delivery two days in a row, then we went another 3 days before they delivered a couch and chair. We have waited 2 months for the sofa (powered sofa) and they called 7/14 with a promised deliver of 11am - 3pm, no delivery, then a promised time of 3pm-6pm, no deliver, then a promise of 6pm-9pm, NO DELIVERY, NO Phone Call, NOTHING. Here we are a day later and still no phone call and you can't get anyone on the phone. Are we ever going to get our $1500 couch? If you can't pickup your furniture yourself DO NOT RELY ON Rooms To Go to deliver your order when promised.


The sales people are fine. Their delivery service could not be worse! Initially I bought a dresser, nightstand, and lamp. My delivery date was 3 months later. They arrived 6 hours late. They were supposed to arrive between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Instead, they show up at 8:00 PM. They had my dresser. They had my nightstand. But no lamp! The guy assured me they would have someone bring it the next day. With my dresser and nightstand, the handle were drilled into the inside. They were supposed to remove them, and install the handles on the outside...where normal handles are. This guy didn't do that. He also left my dresser 4 inches from the wall. That was easy enough to push back. But I can't install handles on my own! When I call the call center, they said they'd have someone out there that day. No one showed up. I called. They said they'd have someone with the lamp and to fix the handles the next day. No one came, and I called to confirm ETA. The woman I spoke with said no one spoke with me yesterday, which is false. The best she could do is have someone deliver the lamp in 9 days. 9 days! So, today someone did deliver the lamp. All he did was drop it off. He didn't unpack or install it. I had no chance to check and make sure the lamp actually worked. And guess what! It doesn't! The knob to turn it off is missing. I can only turn it off by unplugging it. And, of course, the service center is closed. I called the sales store. A kind woman said that she will look into getting a new lamp delivered. I have to wait 2 more weeks to actually get someone to fix the handles! When I pointed out that I bought this stuff in March, and it's now July, the call center woman said they had other orders to process. So, if you like waiting about 4 months for your stuff, use them! If you like making multiple calls to a non-helpful service center, use them! If you like having delivery people in your home because you're lonely, use them! If you except your stuff to be delivered at one time, promptly, and in working order: run!

Sofa cushion

Sofa cushion separating at the seam. This is not due to neglect. Rooms to go or the extended warranty will not cover this. Sorry quality I will never purchase again from Roons to go. The soda is the Cindy Crawford collection. Very disappointing.

Bad products

This worse furniture ever bought in My entire life with no help to fix or replace after so many calls to room to go, finally tell me a furniture in within 1yr 2months is out of warranty and insurance from them also denied claim. Am still paying on this bad product. Please avoid room to go as much as possible

run away fast

ordered and paid 2800 for 7pc sofia vergara girls bedroom set in february 2021. scheduled for delivery july 26 the got a call july 25 saying ooops its out of stock until november so you can go pick something else that we have in stock because you dont get a refund. roomstogo is a scam. 90% of what you see in the store they dont really sell they rope a dope and tell you buy what they do have. Did you ever notice they have more furniture in the used and damaged section than in the new section? now you know why

poor service

poor materials lead to a warranty visit which is difficult as the service department is not managed

The in-store experience...

The in-store experience was as expected with a long waiting period to have items sent out, but the delivery experience is terrible. We live in a gated apartment complex, and the drivers called at 12:56pm to let us know they were here and that they have a 20minute max wait time once at the address. My wife went through the security app system to open the gate, which malfunctioned and didn't open. She spoke to the driver on the phone again at 12:57pm as she prepared to run out to help open the gate with her fob. By 12:59pm, the truck was nowhere to be found and we didn't hear again from anyone, and were put on hold constantly after being told by customer service that the driver marked us as 'not at home' and moved on. Lying. Lazy. And the day is ending without any idea of how soon we might be able to have what we paid for 2 months ago. I was stupid enough to open an account for financing but this company will get no more of our money, and I'd suggest everyone stay away.

I put in an order on 3/10/21for a bedroom set

I put in an order on 3/10/21for a bedroom set had to wait 3/ months to get part of this order wish was 6/21 wish was bed, 2night stand and dresser wish dresser was damage. was schedule for 8/31 because out of stock. My dresser was delivered 3 times and 3 times was damage by delivery. My chest and mirror was schedule also for 6/21. chest was delivered 3 times and 3 times was damage now I got to wait till January because out of stock. The 3rd party delivery that this company uses are very poor and unprofessional. I'm so disappointed and know they have loss a good customer. Not only I pay cash for this set I spend over 3k for this set. and my set has not yet completed in good conditions as yet. Its unacceptable that I have to wait 1year to be completed satisfied by this company that make so much money of people. The reason I putting this in today is because not only I had 3 young boys who didn't call before they stop to deliver the deliver my dresser today all damage and its very upsetting after waiting so long they cant get my order straight. I will not recommend this place or shop in rooms to Go again.

We bought a bedroom set from rooms to go...

We bought a bedroom set from rooms to go and it was nothing but a problem from the start. After waiting for months understandably due to Covid, we had delivery problems where I took off from work and the furniture never showed up. I called and was told multiple explanations from multiple people, lost a day of work, never heard from the driver or delivery manager the entire day and finally had to wait to have it rescheduled to the following week, costing me another day of work. They refunded me part of the delivery fee which took several phone calls to confirm it's approval. Upon delivery the furniture had off-gassing. The smell was strong and my wife got sick with headaches and breathing problems due to the formaldehyde gas. We ended up selling the furniture within two days for health reasons. After going back and forth trading phone calls, I was told that there was nothing they could do for me because their technicians weren't allowed to inspect the furniture. Fair enough. The customer care employee raised their voice with me, spoke fast and over me, and for all intents and purposes was gaslighting my feelings and thoughts on the issue. So beware! They don't care. The furniture is fast, looks pretty, but could be killing you with what you're smelling.

Highland Lakes Sectional

This sectional is crap! I have been a loyal R2G customer for over 10 years. I purchased this sectional and after a few weeks (too late to return) the fabric started fraying like a cheap pair of panty hose. Customer service deems this as NOT a part of their manufacturer warranty. I have a sectional now that looks like it's 20 years old. DO NOT BUY THIS ONE, YOU WILL BE SORRY!

Broken furniture and terrible delivery service

Bought a bedroom set and it took a few months for me to get it. When they delivered it every piece except the nightstands were broken. They have tried delivery 4 times since then the other pieces are either broken or the delivery men are complaining about the weight of the furniture and the 1 flight of stairs. I asked them to deliver in the morning. The care center operator lied to me saying they scheduled the delivery for the morning, when the email said 1:00 - 5:00. The sales representative and manager of the McDonough store are a wonderful set of people but I will never buy from Rooms to Go again. It’s December and they schedule another delivery date. It’s been 3 months.

Save your money

Thanks to RTG I'll never buy new furniture again. It's not 2 years old and the material is pilling and worn thin. And, yes, I have a warranty. But"normal" wear and tear is not covered.

Glass Table

I purchased a Glass Table Top and 4 chais on 3/21/2020 and was told by the Saleperson that the Glass would be protected by the Fortegra 3 Year-Guard Protection Coverage. As of today Fortegra denied the claim stating the Glass Table isn't protected for scratches. It hasn't even been 3 years and the Glass is ruined. This is very dissatisfing to learn and in future will probably not buy from Rooms to Go. Products should last longer.

Produce and Warranty not worth the money

We spent $3500 for a leather recliner sofa and chair WITH the warranty. Before we hat the chair 1 year a seam came loose in the footrest. Because it was within one year, Rooms To Go replaced the chair, although it took 6 months to get a replacement. One week after the chair was delivered the stitching came loose in the exact same place on the leather sofa that is now 1 yr and 4 months old. RTG sends us to our warranty, Fortegra. Fortegra informs us that stitching is not covered as it is a manufacturers issue! Well, you try to find the manufacturer and see if you have any luck! So we paid $3500 for a sofa and chair and and additional $250 for a warranty that won't cover the furniture coming apart!!! I called RTG to ask what they could do about it and was basically told "Sorry, not our problem after one year,you will need to find someone to repair it!" Seriously? Now, if I take a steak knife and poke a hole in my leather couch........they will replace it.....figure that out if you will!!! No more shopping at Rooms To Go and no more warranties.

Horrible Heartless Company

Rooms to Go sent me preassembled furniture that was NOT screwed in all the way. My dog sliced her tail in the gap and had to get it AMPUTATED after MONTHS of pain and suffering in trying to save the tail. I sent tons of evidence including her hair that was stuck in the table!! They won't compensate my vet bills or even replace the faulty furniture!! I've spent over $3,600 and lost so many hours at work. They mocked me by offering "as a kind courtesy" to send me screws... HORRIBLE HEARTLESS COMPANY I will forever tell everyone I know this story in hopes no one will ever consider doin business with them.

very pleased

i would like to thank Peggy Simmons at pc beach fl. she was very very helpful in helping me pick out my bedding..thank you so much.. we will do business again!!

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