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Room And Board Reviews

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Room and Board is a home furnishing catalog, national retailer, and online storefront that has been around for more than 35 years. Their differentiation is made in America designs such as wooden options inspired by Shaker, Asian, Danish, Arts & Craft, and modern elements. While most customers are refreshed by Room & Board's styles and mission, there are some complaints about design construction, durability for the price, and delivery in some cases.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

Price: $149-$17600+

Return Policy: Like New For Furniture (120 Nights For Mattresses)

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Room And Board Specifics

Room & Board is a national home furnishings retailer and catalog company that offers moderately to high end price points for furniture that aims to be more sustainable and offering American craftsmanship.

Shoppers have responded well overall to Room & Board's customer service, design aesthetic, selection, and customization offerings. However, there were some mixed reviews about durability and perceived quality for the price in some instances.

Material Quality

One of Room & Board's core missions is to provide a sustainable and conscious material sourcing and American craftsmanship. With this mission, Room & Board's wooden offerings offer solid wood, kiln-dried engineered hardwood, and reinforced veneered particle board. Upholstered options feature high resiliency foam, fiber, feather, and down fills with multiple fabric options. While there are many customers that are satisfied with their construction and versatility, there were some complaints about durability and perceived value in some cases.

Room and Board's Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that Room and Board's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top searches and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Sofas & Sectionals

The first item that Room & Board customers are oftentimes looking for is a new sofa or sectional. Their offerings offer a variety of easily customizable upholstery options in fabrics like polypropylene, leather, and more. Their cushioning features high resiliency foam with down or feather accents in some cases, with reinforced kiln dried engineered wood or solid wood frames with suspended coils. While most customers like the configuration and upholstering options offered at Room & Board, there were some complaints about durability and price value in some cases.

The pros: Wide array of sofa and sectional options in contemporary styles. Wide array of color options.

The cons: Some disagreements about price value for some shoppers.

#2 Rugs

Another top request from Room & Board shoppers is a new area rug. Room & Board offers a selection of area rugs that are mostly contemporary and modern in their design. Color palette options focus mostly on beige and grays. In terms of the materials, the primary materials include wool and cotton options, among others. While customers report liking these options overall, some wished for more design choices.

The pros: Solid design offerings with desirable materials used.

The cons: Selection and design choices are smaller than other categories.

#3 Coffee Tables

No couch or sofa is complete without a coffee table to accompany it. Room & Board offers a wide array of useful and elegant coffee tables ranging from glass, wooden, and oversized ottoman designs. These items start at $229 for a basic design. Most of these coffee table options are enjoyed by shoppers, but there were some complaints about durability and perceived quality in some cases.

The pros: Wide array of different coffee table styles.

The cons: Some complaints about durability and perceived quality for some items.

#4 Dining Tables & Sets

Another item that Room & Board shoppers are excited about is a new dining room table. Room & Board has over 45 different dining table designs to choose from. They also have over 50 different chair designs. These collections feature modern, contemporary, and mid-century style choices, and feature solid wood, metal, and even some quartz composite designs. Shoppers have good things to say overall about these dining table options, but some reported issues with durability in some cases.

The pros: Good selection of contemporary and on-trend dining table designs.

The cons: Some disappointment regarding longevity for some shoppers.

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#5 Outdoor Furniture

The last item that Room & Board shoppers are looking for is outdoor furniture. When it comes to their styles, Room & Board offers modern and traditional styles for outdoor seating and dining. Materials include plastics (mostly recycled), wicker, and engineered wood. While most customers have good things to say about their selection, there were some complaints about durability and perceived value.

The pros: Wide array of outdoor furniture and accessories.

The cons: Some disagreements about perceived quality in some cases.

More From Room & Board's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Room & Board offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Beds & Bedroom Sets

- Accent Chairs

- Dining Tables & Sets

- Dressers & Storage

- Media Consoles

Request A Room & Board Catalog

Room & Board offers a popular catalog available to residents of the US. Want to see the newest designs and get inspiration for your home?

Visit and request your catalog today.

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Great Company

I ordered a dresser, two end tables and two swivel chairs. It took a few months to receive the furniture. The dresser came with a big deep scratch on top and R & B swapped it out with no fuss. I understand that things can happen so I don't get wigged out. The new dresser is beautiful and the quality is great. The swivel chairs are really nice and I am totally satisfied with them. When I ordered swatches to decide on color and fabric for the chairs, it was no cost and they arrived within 3 days. The customer service is great. I am totally impressed at how good they are. There is always a tough customer out there but to me, the business model is over the top fantastic. I will definitely be ordering other furniture from R & B. Compared to RH, their prices are really fair. The quality is superior. One review I read comparing R & B to Ikea, c'mon Man.

5 stars overall...

5 stars overall. What I REALLY like about this place: Quality, attention to detail, obviously treats staff/employees well, since you will see and work with the same ones over years of visits. One staff member explained to me their committed core value system, which is incredibly significant in times like these. (In short, things like cutting off ties to Uline, which is meaningful and putting money where mouth is… ) They also have a long list of sustainability/environmental commitments. So it's no surprise that pieces you get here can last a lifetime. Also, when you enter the store, someone is always there to greet you and find out what you're looking for so that if you need assistance you're not wandering around aimlessly (but if you want to wander you're also allowed). I like their accessories game too. What I really don't like: Too much focus on MCM knock-off. Pin legs make me cringe, just like every other trend that won't die. Also, the pricing is all over the map. Some items seem like reasonable deals, like the sofas, while prices for a small storage basket, towel rack, or throw pillow can be downright insane. Overall, a really great chain store worth supporting.

The furniture is lovely...

The furniture is lovely, but I have a feeling I'll never see my new table in person. Their delivery staff has ignored delivery windows, completely blown me off, and refuse to return my calls. Don't waste your time here.

Worked with Larry

Worked with Larry and he was beyond awesome! So patient and was not pushy at all which my husband I loved. He was so informative and we ended up buying a table 3x the price we intended but it was because we fell in love with it! This store has so many amazing items for any part of your home. So happy we shopped here.

Great variety of furniture

Great variety of furniture. The outline of the showroom is very clean and chic. The 2nd floor is bath and more closet/bedrooms and the basement is outdoor furniture. it's a quiet store, and therefore calm and peaceful to browse and look on your own. It was easy to find things on your own. They had available swatches and all the fabrics on the floor. Great place to browse.

IKEA quality.

IKEA quality. I purchased furniture here thinking it would last... a few years later it's falling apart. When I called they pretty much said "oh well" Go to RH they have better customer service!

I will modify this review when I actually receive my sofa...

I will modify this review when I actually receive my sofa. Who takes 3 months to deliver a couch on a Tuesday? Room and Board. But, customer service and communication are important. While their staff are professional and nice, my experience so far has been very negative. I ordered a custom fabric Oxford pull-out couch on Dec. 14 with a Feb. 3rd date to schedule delivery. 6 weeks is a little long imo, but I figured they gave themselves extra time just in case. Their website "order status" feature is useless- it will only tell you "order received" without any tracking features. It then switches to scheduling delivery when the whole thing is complete. No in-between information. I called halfway through, ~3 weeks, to see if everything's on schedule anyway. They said everything's fine. Of course it wasn't. I get a call mid January saying that the order is delayed until Feb. 27th. I tried to figure out what was going on and they apparently took too many orders, and my unit wasn't even in production yet 4-5 WEEKS after placing the order. They don't make the furniture themselves, and their producer was behind (I didn't know this is their arrangement.) Their staff is communicative, but can't do anything to expedite the process. I was told the unit was in production early February with an estimated 3 week production time. They were nice enough to refund the $99 shipping fee (on a 3k couch ha thanks) after I asked. Today, the 11th, surprisingly they called saying it's ready to ship. (Do they know what's going on at their production facility at all?) Which is great....except while their website says "deliveries are made seven days a week", what that REALLY means is that they have a "two week route to all of the Northeast" (from an email they sent me) that makes stops seven days a week. They can only deliver TO YOU probably once a week. My once a week is a Tuesday (except one thurs in feb). So now I have to take a day off work to sit in the house to wait for my delayed couch that will come, AT THE EARLIEST, 10.5-11 weeks AFTER ORDERING (everything earlier is booked). Who takes 3 months to deliver a couch on a Tuesday? Room and Board.

So we live in an Eichler

So we live in an Eichler. For those not from the Bay Area, Eichler was a home developer who had a mission. He wanted to create inexpensive tract homes for the lower middle class that had a sense of style and community. They were and are the epitome of Mid Century Modern. Think Frank Lloyd Wright meets the Connor family. If your curious there is a killer documentary titled People in Glass Houses: The Legacy of Joseph Eichler. Eichlers are small homes and as such furniture choices have a huge impact. Plus not everything looks good and its easy to destroy the gestalt of the house with a wrong choice. Enter Room and Board. Lets be honest here, the stuff is not cheap. But for owners looking for a clean esthetic, comfortable and functional design, this is your place. Many of these are lifetime purchases given the quality of construction and use of hardwoods. The store contains three levels. Scattered thought are various displays of the furniture and the like. The furniture is by and large made here in the US. The tags on each piece gives you its origin and composition, type of wood etc. Another aspect is that all of the paint on the walls in the showroom is available and they are happy to provide you with color swatches. Alot of the pieces allow you to customize, change colors, or even go with different wood. Even some of the storage options allow for custom sizes. The customer service is top notch and as a plus they are not on commission so you are not hounded at all while you shop. Delivery is also quite good with each piece polished after it is unwrapped and installed in your home exactly where you want it. So what the downside? The parking can be sucky on weekends as they only have a small lot. Also a few years ago the Herman Miller line was dropped (not by them mind you) so if you looking for say and Eames Lounge Chair you are out of luck here. But they have compensated diversifying their product line.

This place has beautiful pieces

This place has beautiful pieces of furniture and a nice selection. The staff is very helpful once you can get someone to assist you. I took star away because it was hard to find someone to assist me. I purposely went in at 11 am as soon as they opened and had to wait 30 minutes before someone took interest in helping. But once I found the associate I was pleased with their help.

R&B promulgates...

R&B promulgates the quintessential business model of providing modern, sleek-looking, but poorly manufactured disposable furniture. However, my unhappiness with R&B is their inability to deliver a brand-new piece of furniture without damaging it. For the second time (and within 6 months), they damaged a new piece of furniture during delivery. In fact, this one piece (a dresser) was delivered 3 different times because it was damaged by the delivery guys on the first and second delivery of the same item. It's nice that they'll replace the item, but you have to wait, again, for their inventory to catch up. And don't get me started on the delivery scheduling procedure - nightmarish. You also have to deal with management and that's like talking to a wall. They were not helpful; provided misinformation; not good with follow-up; and not solution-oriented until you kick it upstairs. (A special shout out to Brenan and Denis at the SF distribution center for their unhelpfulness, and a 'thank you' to Mark for bringing it to resolution.) What's sad is that R&B uses their own, in-house delivery team - they do not use a 3rd party vendor. Which is why their carelessness was surprising and alarming, but in retrospect, not so much. During the initial delivery (and damage) of the dresser, I was told that someone from R&B could come out and "touch up" the damaged edge. A silly suggestion. Why I would pay thousands of dollars for a new piece of furniture to have it repaired? Does that make any sense? Who, in their right mind, would agree to that? Their casual and indifferent attitude after they damaged the item is what set my blood boiling. It indicated to me that they often damage furniture during delivery; it's likely a routine and accepted/expected practice within the company. It seems no one is accountable whatsoever for their poor performance. In my experience, the delivery guys seem to struggle with handling various pieces of furniture (this one, the one 6 months prior, and another one several years ago). Either they've been poorly trained (or not at all) or they don't have the background or baseline skills to be doing this type of work; and clearly, there is no oversight. Doing business with R&B is a perfect lesson in poor "customer service" (a favorite oxymoron). If you want to be miserable, frustrated, and get the run-around, R&B is in your future. I would avoid them, however. There are other vendors with better furniture and much, much better service. The actual dresser delivered for third and final time was OK. (Two of the drawers were sticking, but my handyman did some magic. I had no desire to reach out to R&B - wasn't going to happen.) During delivery, R&B damaged the stairwell wall (again), but I learned a long time ago, unless you quadruple pad the walls with substantial padding, delivery personnel will likely damage a wall. I expect it and it's usually easily repairable. I always have my handyman on alert after any furniture or appliance is delivered. I have yet to have anyone deliver any large/heavy piece and not damage the stairwell, expect once: the guys who delivered the piano were perfect.

I have been to the store several times

I have been to the store several times in search for a new sofa, and each time had very friendly, knowledgable and attentive service. The furniture is pricy, but stylish and of high quality. The selection of different sofas styles is remarkable. The swivel chairs are so amazingly comfortable that I wish I could hang out there with a book and a latte... A big plus over other furniture retailers is that R&B has numerous items in stock colors that can be delivered within a week, from the midwest where they are made. No made in China, here. You get what you pay for. The only gripe I have its that all throw pillows come with inserts. I recently treated myself to a small throw pillow for a whooping $136 but the down insert is the best I have ever had. I like to switch my throw pillow covers regularly to freshen up my sofa with different color combinations. Having to pay extra for an insert I neither have use, no space for, keeps me from buying new R&B throw pillows. Where are people supposed to store all those pillows not in use? This is San Francisco where apartments are small and lack closet space!

Perfect furniture

Perfect furniture for the perfect tiny home. We came in knowing roughly what we wanted, but needed someone with good taste and ideas to decide what would look good in our small home. Luckily, we met Trevor who guided us to make the best choices. We showed Trevor measurements and pictures of our space and he did an amazing job with everything. The hardest part for us was deciding what rug would look best with all of our appliances and furniture. We left that decision for Trevor to pick out. He chose a rug that costs $900, which was way more than we ever planned to spend on a rug, but ended up buying it anyway. However, we did have second thoughts on the rug. Not because we were worried it wouldn't look good, but because of the cost. We went to a few different targets and ikea to find an alternative, but in the end we still went back to the original rug Trevor chose. No issues with delivery, deliverymen called 30 minutes early like they were supposed to and even arrived early. They were super nice and assembled all the furniture quickly.

After looking at storage beds at many stores...

After looking at storage beds at many stores I finally decided to buy the Avery model at Room and Board. The sales people were always very helpful and since they don't work on commission you don't get pressured to buy. They are so nice that the salesperson talked me out of paying an extra $500 for the storage bed model. The bed was delivered and professionally assembled at my home. I was very happy with it but a bit regretful that I didn't get the storage model...where was I going to store my linens and blankets? While at the store again shopping for more furniture I mentioned to a lovely new salesperson about my regret. She said if I wanted to I could exchange it for the storage model and have it swapped at no cost! So I did that. Now I have the Avery storage bed and am so happy with it. Totally worth the extra $500. If I could give 4.5 stars I would since the original salesperson steered me wrong, but RR's great customer service warrants 5 stars!

I had a great experience looking for a bed frame...

I had a great experience looking for a bed frame, nightstand, and desk here at this Room & Board location. The floor representatives don't really introduce themselves personally but they do offer help as soon as they see you. The showroom is organized and furniture is nicely displayed. The furniture I bought was so solid and high quality. It really set the bar for the quality of furniture I will buy in the future. I went back to an Ikea and other furniture stores and was surprised at how cheap and inferior they felt, and I used to swear by Ikea too. Even the prices are a little higher than others, it's worth it because the of the higher quality. But knowing you'll be spending more, you do expect to be helped with excellent care and service and this Room & Board in SF sure delivered that expectation.

Don't be fooled by the glitzy showrooms

Don't be fooled by the glitzy showrooms and "made in America" promises of quality, this chain sells essentially disposable furniture. When we were expecting our first child 7 years ago, we moved from an apartment to a single-family home. We wanted to also upgrade from IKEA and equivalent to proper furniture. I bought some heirloom pieces from Thos. Moser (a dining table, two end-chairs, a coffee table, a rocking chair and two foot stools) but they are quite expensive, and we got many other pieces from Room and Board: a queen bed, nightstands, two dressers, six Thatcher dining chairs, Pisa leaning bookshelves, side tables and a coffee table with rounded angles). Unfortunately after 7 years the furniture turned out to be much less durable than I expected. The finish on the coffee table is worn and ugly, the bed required extensive work even though we only use a mattress, no boxsprings, and the spokes on the Thatcher chairs are coming unglued. A proper Windsor chair like the Thatcher should have "through-holed and wedged" construction that ensures the spokes don't move. The Moser chairs have that, of course, and in retrospect I deeply regret cheaping out. I could have bought 2 buy-it-for-life Moser chairs for the price of the 6 Thatcher chairs that are now essentially kindling. To add insult to injury, Room and Board refuses to stand by their product and are refusing to repair them. In the Bay Area, we've had good luck with Hoot Judkins furniture, which are better quality for the price (not all though, they have a wide range that goes from meh to Amish-grade).

Expensive furniture.

Expensive furniture. Design isn't that great either. Bad customer service. Delivery service is miserable. You are basically at their mercy for delivery of the furniture. Never buying from them again. They are super sweet when they sell their furniture but it's all a down slide after purchase.

We bought all of our furniture...

We bought all of our furniture from Room & Board in SF. Our experience with them was absolutely amazing. Their staff were knowledgeable and took the time to hear us and gave us plenty of options. Delivery was by David - from their team. He was friendly and super nice. If you want quality furniture with great customer service give these guys a visit. You won't be sorry.

You'd have to be a sadist...

You'd have to be a sadist to want to work with these people. They have a knack for turning something fun like new furniture shopping into one of the most astoundingly frustrating experiences you could imagine. After placing my order for a totally new bedroom set, I've been saddled with quite possibly the most disorganized attempt to actually have the furniture delivered I've ever encountered. There seems to be a major disconnect between their manufacturing center, delivery dispatches, and showrooms which culminates in massive headaches every step of the way. And the go-to response from everyone at Room and Board I've spoken with is to just cancel the order. So not only is there ineptitude, but apathy ingratiated into the customer service experience. I would recommend avoiding this place at all costs.

We purchased two Dalton recliners

We purchased two Dalton recliners. Both required servicing within two months as the mechanism springs malfunctioned. Room and Board fixed both recliners, but the issue kept recurring. We simply gave up re: repair. Now, after three years the cushion bottom and back have broken down. We contacted Room and Board, they determined, given the warranty has expired, there is nothing they can do. aware, if you purchase these expensive, leather recliners, be prepared, knowing they will only last three years! Room and Board carries expensive designer furniture that does not last the test of time. Look elsewhere for quality!

Bought two sofas here

Bought two sofas here -- great quality and am very happy with them. Customer service was also unbeatable.

Spacious 3 floor showroom

Spacious 3 floor showroom, plentiful helpful staff. Free parking is a big plus here. If you go during the weekend, the neighborhood is pretty quiet- i.e. No traffic. The products are well made and clean design. I recommend you go here to really see and try the furniture in person and see the material options for a real view of the colors and textures. I'm a fan!

This is a review for Dan Fernandez

This is a review for Dan Fernandez. He was so AMAZING, I legit cannot believe how helpful he has been so far. Dan sat down with us to help us in designing the room, down to picking the actual pieces. He is so detail oriented and particular, which is what I love (and need) when it comes to design. He saved us from making soooo many design mistakes, and offered up all the tips and design tricks to make the room look bigger, flow better etc etc. He spent so much time with us so far and we haven't had to pay one dime out of pocket yet. He was very no pressure mentality and wanted to make sure we werent overwhelmed. Amazing service, we are both so excited about the entire process. Cant wait to see our new pieces.

So disappointed to find out after our purchase arrived...

So disappointed to find out after our purchase arrived that the sales person did not sell us the couch on the floor as requested . instead they sold us the upgraded version with a different filling Which was more money . worst of all the filling was all feathers and completely came out after the first year . It went all over the floor & cushion was depleted. It was a battle with customer services as they tried berate us into backing off and lied repeatedly to back up their case . Shame on them, especially at their prices!

5 stars for the selections and quality

5 stars for the selections and quality. It always takes me 15 minutes to get anybody's attention. For My last two purchases I was dealing with very unqualified sales persons...had no idea of the merchandise , and took me for ever to check out on a $60 purchase.

I ordered a small couch/daybed from Room and Board

I ordered a small couch/daybed from Room and Board and had it delivered. The delivery was on time, polite, and super speedy. I am very pleased with both the couch and excellent customer service provided by Room & Board!

Quality furniture

Quality furniture and very friendly salespeople. Our salesperson, Kevin, was amazingly patient with us. We walked up and down for about 2 hours. We bought a really nice piece of furniture today.

This place is great

This place is great. Really broad range of selections and very high quality stuff with good design, solid construction and tons of options! Best of all, the salespeople aren't on commission, so there are no real high pressure tactics and they are super helpful in giving perspective, lots of samples and a very accommodating return policy. If you're furnishing your entire apartment or just looking for a piece to round out your place, this is the first place I would stop.

I ordered more WOODWIND bookcases

I ordered more WOODWIND bookcases to match the (5) 60" and previous (2) 48" cases in hand. The lead time for the custom width sizes is frustrating but worth the wait. All prior R&B orders had been seamless which helped me justify the expense and set a level of expectation for service. This order didn't have the same updates. I called to schedule delivery a day after the date my order receipt said I would be contacted and I was told the order was delayed. Nobody called, nobody emailed. Frustrated, I asked "why" and was told that they don't typically notify the customer "in these circumstances"...i.e. when there is a delay. Given that custom orders have a 30% restocking penalty and I was charged the day in January that I ordered it I explained that wasn't very customer-centric. My option was to wait, with no recourse. Days later Monique called looking to schedule a delivery after the 6-10 day delivery window from the initial date. With guests scheduled to come into town, I needed the furniture in and set up on schedule. I pressed, and she hustled and managed to make up the lost time for the production delay. Many factors and individuals aligned but ultimately, thanks to Monique, Room and Board came through. BONUS- there is a much-needed design update and these bookcases now have levelers.

i ordered R & B furniture Dec 13

i ordered R & B furniture Dec 13. A month later it still hasn't arrived. I did order it to be delivered in FL. But this out of state delivery sucks. They should charge more for delivery (or offer that option), and deliver it! They tell me I canT gEt it until February!

I purchased a sofa ,coffee table, 2 leather chairs

I purchased a sofa ,coffee table, 2 leather chairs, bedroom furniture and dinning room chairs from Room and Board. Recently I noticed my dinning room chairs felt different. Mind you, my dinning room is used only on occasion so these chairs have not seen a lot of use. So I turned the chairs over a 3 of them the cushion support has broken in multiple places. Not strange due to the fact that the support is constructed of particle board; something that is not visible since it was covered with a dark black fabric. I then called the main number and spoke with a representative that said they cannot help me. Their only support was to give me the name of a local repair shop located 15 miles away.‍ These chairs were made in Italy but it appears that R & B put on cushions made in the US by Shenandoah Furniture. Very dissatisfied with the quality!!!

Had a very good shopping experience here this morning

Had a very good shopping experience here this morning. First of all the showroom is massive, two floors and the length of a city block, with a nice layout of different room types to display their furniture. There were also more than enough sales reps available and each one seemed eager to help, without being overbearing at all. I was lucky enough to have Jaime show me around and help me find the pieces I was most interested in. She sat patiently and showed me the options available and priced things out with me. She was kind, friendly, personable and made the shopping experience very enjoyable. I like the furniture designs and really like the fact that the couches are made in the US and the materials are sources well. I also appreciated the lemon water offered upon entry and the very clean and spacious customer bathrooms. Overall, this was a very good shopping experience, which makes me much more likely to want to buy one of their pieces.

I bought a full size bed frame and mattress

I bought a full size bed frame and mattress. The pair was quite expensive. The bed frame is beautiful and the mattress incredibly comfortable. The delivery and setup went smoothly. However, something was odd about the mattress. It seemed short when placed on the frame. There were several inches between the head/footboard and the mattress. When I reported this to several salespeople they blew me off. They said it was supposed to be that way to allow room for a comforter. I was very naive and believed them. But then I went out and bought sheets at Bed Bath and Beyond. The sheets were 100% cotton. I washed them first, thinking they would shrink, but then when I put the sheet on the mattress it was incredibly loose and baggy. I needed to add clips at all four corners to tie up the slack. This is not an easy task then the bed is in a corner and the mattress is heavy as hell to lift. I bought another full sized sheet. Same problem. Asked the BB&B bedding folks about it and they said they had never heard of such a thing. Posted a criticism on the Room & Board review page. Tried to post photos showing what it looked like, but the photos just would not post. Not sure if I am crazy or if mattresses are meant to be short. But in either case, it has never ceased to bug me and I would never buy another mattress here.

We bought kitchen chairs at Room and Board

We bought kitchen chairs at Room and Board about 10 years ago and they are now all broken. We love the style but definitely believe that chairs should last longer than 10 years. Very poor quality.

I ordered about 7 pieces of furniture

I ordered about 7 pieces of furniture from R&B and ever delivery was delivered on time by people who cared, people like Manny and Victor. Thanks to all the guys that climbed four flights of stairs with an armoire, an eight foot bookcase and chest of drawers to mention the heaviest loads. And the person in store, JR, was so kind and thoughtful guiding us all the way, making extras call and following up. Would highly recommend and continue to shop there for quality wood furniture.

This furniture store is so relaxing to walk through...

ATMOSPHERE This furniture store is so relaxing to walk through. The staff is friendly. The displays are modern and inspiring. They offer beverages, and their bathroom is super clean. MERCHANDISE Do you need to buy a $1500 chair? What about a modern console table? Then this store is for you. They carry a variety of pieces that are made in the US. But be aware thay sophisticated comes at a price. Fortunately, they don't nickle and dime you. They offer free design services and flat rate shipping.

This place is a supremely tasteful wonderland!

This place is a supremely tasteful wonderland! I've purchased furniture from Room & Board three times in the past six years, and every time has been a delight. I can happily play Goldilocks here for hours. I've always felt beautifully taken care of by the expert staff. The salesperson who worked with me on my last visit (I think her name was Deborah?) worked stayed with me a full 15 minutes after closing to complete my order. She must have gone through thirty upholstery samples with me to find a shade I liked within my budget for my custom dream chair. I had had my heart set on a deep, rich purple, but the purple that I liked was outside my budget. Apparently, much of the furniture-buying public has cowardly taste. I love jewel tones and patterns, but found literally fifty shades of grey and and forty shades of beige. I don't get it. Why get beige when you could have paisley? But Deborah? helped me to accept reality AND feel good about it. We picked out a pretty blue twill that I'll be accessorizing with bright pillows and throws.

I just want to comment on the outstanding customer service

I just want to comment on the outstanding customer service provided by Room and Board. I ordered a couch and wasn't 100% happy with it. Room and Board immediately offered to exchange or allow me to return the sofa. While I was deciding how to proceed I spoke with several people and each one was was extremely helpful, patient and pleasant. In the end I decided to exchange the sofa and they even gave me a discount on the new one (which was a little more expensive). Room and Board is a pleasure to deal with and I will definitely purchase from them again. Happy Holidays!

We bought a couch here today...

We bought a couch here today and had an excellent experience! We've been looking endlessly for awhile and just couldn't find something perfect. On a whim, we visited the store today and loved several pieces. The quality is MUCH better than you find at West Elm or CB2 and the couch we found here was significantly less money than the one we almost bought at CB2. The customer service is also top notch -- and not pushy!! Alex Rodriguez helped us (although everyone working there was very nice and friendly) and was so patient and relaxed. He was no pressure and even sat with us helping us decide on fabric that would match our current decor. This is our new go-to for furniture for sure. Delivery is only a week for the couch and they come out prior for free to measure your doorway and ensure they can get it in the building and apartment with no problem. I'm so glad we're done with weekend couch shopping and ended up getting something better than we expected for our budget!

Customer service reached out...

Customer service reached out and then completely ignored me. Worst experience ever. Will never purchase from this store again.

Good quality furniture and good service

Good quality furniture and good service. When my daughter was expecting, she did a considerable amount of research into cribs before selecting one from Room & Board to add to her registry. In addition to meeting all safety standards, it is also made of solid wood and has a non-toxic paint finish. My wife and I ordered the crib as a gift for my daughter and also paid extra for delivery and assembly. The delivery people were prompt and efficient. They had the crib assembled in minutes. The assembled crib looks great and seems to be very sturdy. We are pleased with our purchase.

It was time to get a couch...

It was time to get a couch that fit our apartment and would accommodate the 2 adults and 2 cats that live in it. When it was time to go couch shopping, we found that our taste fell outside our price range. Fancy dutch furniture and high concept aesthetics are all well and good if you have a small fortune, but the price tags were astronomical for two people already paying a lot of money to live in Brooklyn and who wanted both style and comfort. Room & Board was the only furniture store we visited that was both within our budget and within our taste preference. We could see practically everything in the showroom ending up in our apartment. We were able to wander the whole showroom without being hassled by someone looking to make a commission, but when we had settled on the York 98" sofa with reversible chaise, we were able to get personalized attention. The service was amazing, from Melissa who walked us through the sale, to the men who delivered a big ass couch through several narrow hallways in a Brooklyn high rise without flinching. All humans and cats in the apartment can now comfortably stretch out on a comfy couch that fits all of our needs. Our next big project will be wall shelving, and we've already decided that we'll be using Room & Board.

They have a wide variety of furniture

They have a wide variety of furniture and you can customized anything in the store. Be sure to check out all 4 floors before making a decision though. They have lots to offer. Interior designers working there are also extremely nice and professional. My husband and I were there for about 3 hours and Idla (i May have her name wrong) did not get frustrated at all. She was extremely polite and answered all of our questions, we had A LOT of questions. We will definitely be getting our sectional sofa from them next well. Also, we were told it takes about 8 weeks for them to deliver the custom made furniture. Something to keep in mind if you decide to order from them.

The service at Room & Board is exceptional

The service at Room & Board is exceptional. Valerie and Nora, especially, were super knowledgeable and enthusiastic about interior design. I was new to sofa-buying, and they gave great advice on the key factors to consider: arm height, stain resistance, color matching with the rest of my apartment, and how customizing materials would add to the cost. At the fabric rack on the 2nd floor, Nora showed me a bunch of options based on my taste and gave me five fabric samples to take home. Before I left the store, she asked me to email pics of my room to get a sense of what would work given the space constraints. This turned into an email chain on the merits of a sofa vs. chaise lounge and different fabric options. It's worth visiting Room & Board for design inspiration and advice, even if you're just browsing. They do have a rep for higher prices, but I thought the price for my new chaise lounge was reasonable compared to other storefront furniture places in the DC area. You can get sofas much cheaper online, for sure. But that comes without design advice, tons of customizable options, and the ability to test-drive sofas at the store.

The delivery service is terrible

The delivery service is terrible. After trying for two months to get my order delivered I ended up just canceling the order all together. Would not recommend.

Furniture quality...

Furniture quality is great but does not provide a premium service. The associates delivering the furniture items were excellent. They gave a call prior delivery, arrived on time, made precautions during a rainy day, and was very efficient. However, I believe we were made to expect Room and Board invested more their delivery than others. At the store, I was corrected by the store associates that it wasn't just delivery.. it was "white glove service". When we chose a delivery date, we were told we would be contacted to discuss times and room placement. We were just emailed a set time instead. The internet videos showed that you should expect a room and board truck and associates in room and board polos. Our delivery had a enterprise rental truck. Our delivery associates was excellent but all other components was subpar for the premium appearance compared to other stores.

I came here looking for a dining room set...

I came here looking for a dining room set but was told they don't sell sets and you need to pretty much design items on your own. The prices here are outlandish and you can't buy anything and take it with you. Everything gets made from scratch and is delivered to you. The sales rep said she hadn't heard of any stores where you can buy items and take them home after your purchase. I ended up buying a dining room set at Ashley Furniture and had it that day so those kinds of stores do exist.

Love the furniture here

Love the furniture here; the service, not so much. When I most recently visited the store, I had a really hard time finding someone who would and could assist me. A couple of people told me they couldn't leave there designated area (had to watch an entire floor on their own) and others simply didn't know anything about what I wanted to purchase (patio furniture). I waited about 25 minutes for a salesperson to return from lunch and she did a good job. I purchased a lot (to me) -- outdoor table and 5 chairs, umbrella, outdoor loveseat and 2 armchairs, side table and coffee table. ONLY bought here because of promised delivery date, which would arrive in time for planned party. Delivered broken side table and told me that one armchair was wrong color and would order correct one, but was assured that would receive all before party date. I added a 6th dining chair to the order. When I received call to schedule 2nd delivery, all dates offered were for a week AFTER the party date. After multiple calls, I got the date moved up to today, 1 day before party. They delivered the WRONG chair color again!!!! And because it is wrong in the exact same way as the first wrong one, I think it's the exact same chair. They didn't order me a new one at all. I saw their paperwork, and it has the correct info on it, but chair is not what paperwork says. Also, the 6th dining chair I ordered is in wrong color as well. What was supposed to be a 2-week delivery window is now turning into 6 weeks at a minimum. I have no confidence that the next order will be correct. This has become a huge waste of my time as well!!

Room & Board is so big

Room & Board is so big that I got over half of my daily Fitbit steps in during one visit. With sunlight pouring into their floor to ceiling windows on every floor and the clean, modern aesthetic it is hard not to fall a sense of calmness in your body when entering this store. My Fitbit even noticed a decrease in heart rate while browsing around. Salespeople checked in on me at every point in the store -- but not in an annoying way. Just a friendly hello to see if I needed anything. I pretty much marveled over all of their layouts and design which was a mix of metal, wood, and other natural elements. Everything was sleek and went together in a beautifully modern way. I swear the dining sets were inviting me to sit down and have a bowl of cereal on them. The beds screamed, lay on me! Even the children's crib sets had a pull on my ovaries. Cus seriously, my baby would make all the other babies look like lame-os in their dual colored, American made crib. Which is another thing -- all of the items here are American made which is great because you are supporting the local economy. I didn't purchase anything but I definitely got a lookbook on the way out so I can dream about re-doing my living room in my free time!

General Comments...

General Comments: First, our sales guy was exceptionally affable and helpful...willing to go way beyond the usual to show us various styles, fabrics and options, and generous with good advice. Second, this particular sleep-sofa is the most comfortable by far we've ever seen. It's great as a sofa; it's sensational as a bed. It looks fine, repels dirt and stains and is generally perfect. The process for opening and closing is a snap. There are none of the metal parts and springs in traditional convertible sofas. The mattress is of memory foam: super comfortable. The ONLY flaw (and it's both minimal and unavoidable given aspects of the super-creative design that are important to other unique strengths that make this sofa quantum leaps better than the rest) is that it can be tough to tuck sheets in, especially at the "foot" end of the mattress. Service/Delivery Comments: This is where Room & Board REALLY shone. To get the sofa into the room where we wanted it, the delivery team had to twist the whole thing on its end around two very tight corners. Three initial attempts to manage it proved unavailing, so the team unwrapped all the plastic and buffering around the sofa, then step-by-step as successive attempts didn't work, dismantled pieces of the sofa until they could get it through (clearance by less than 1/16") while holding the entire thing in midair. If delivery were an Olympic sport, these guys would have come home with the gold. I offered them a celebratory drink, but they said they never indulged on the job. :)

I love the furniture here

I love the furniture here. The style of the furniture is quite timeless and they have something for everyone. The leather here is top notch. There are so many different types of leather to choose from depending on your level of effort to care for the furniture. We are building a new house and will be furnishing a large portion of the house with room and board furniture. I also really like the selection of outdoor furniture. The customer service here is also very good.

We furnished our condo

We furnished our condo with R&B furniture last year and couldn't have hoped for a better experience. We were assisted by a very knowledgeable and friendly sales associate named Ann, who didn't hesitate to offer her opinion. She told us the table we had selected, for instance, would clash with our mid century modern theme. She helped us customize a table that we didn't even know about, and we're very pleased with it to this day. Because their sales associates do not work on commission, there was no pressure to buy anything, and Ann never tried to up-sell us. As for their furniture, it's overwhelmingly US made. The website will tell you exactly where each piece comes from. Some of their inventory is of the styles you can find at a chain like Crate, but others, especially their mid century modern, are more unique. Several months after the purchase, we noticed that one of the chaise legs was damaged. R&B promptly sent a contractor to repair it. No hassle involved. I encourage you to visit this location even if you are not looking to purchase. Their beautiful furniture is candy for the eyes.

Amazing experience

Amazing experience. First of all the store is so beautiful I wanted to buy everything. The quality is exceptional, and all the employees are very knowledgeable. But I came with a mission- for a new bed. Found the Marlow, and had it custom made in a fabric I wanted. It's definitely my biggest splurge item to date, but it makes our room and it's so nice to know we'll have this piece for decades. Makes our room look like it's out of a design magazine or pinterest. The customer service though was on a different level. If you need to call Room and Board the first point of contact is an actual person, delivery is a breeze and they set it up for you and make sure there are not issues. The only danger is I may be addicted, I now think I need a new dresser...

This was my first time at a Room & Board

This was my first time at a Room & Board. Upon entering, there was bottled water & coffee carafes so that you can be well energized and hydrated as you browse through the four-level store. We came in looking for beds, but the beds were scattered throughout the four levels so you get an idea of different feels/layouts of interior decorating. The staff there are ready to help, and many offered to help each level we ascended. They have custom-made dining tables which were really nice (you pick the glass top and the wooden legs) and custom frames with different fabrics. Like others said, the stuff is not cheap, but there wasn't a piece I didn't love. Everything is so modern and sophisticated. The items are crafted by "American artisans" so a chair is $300 up, dining tables at $3,000 up, and beds $2,000 up. I would suggest taking a look at their website to see if they have anything you like in particular before stopping by.

I feel if you are going to spend $10k+...

I feel if you are going to spend $10k+ on furniture you should be happy with your experience. The furniture here is beautifully made and elegant. My first experience three years ago buying a condo full of furniture was amazing. When I bought a new house and wanted to supplement with new pieces I felt the level of customer service went down compared to my prior experience. Delivery estimates were way off and unlike my first experience there wasn't any transparency in the process and the timelines provided were misleading. If you don't have any time constraints and if you like the furniture, I would work with a sales associate in person to make the experience better. I was planning to furnish two additional rooms with their furniture, but will pass now because of my experience.

It started with me ordering a bed frame online

It started with me ordering a bed frame online. I knew it was what I wanted (I'm rather partial to anything steel, because it will last). It ended with me swooning. Their delivery staff carried the heavy frame up to my second-floor condo, put it together, and then asked me about my mattress. "I'm glad you asked!" It's a Sleep Number, so we had to maneuver the pump, tubes, and wires in (on the plus side, the mattress is only 30 pounds for a King, so they did have the benefit of that!). NO PROBLEM, for them, they worked with me to get all that in place, and then place the platform and then mattress on the frame. Above and beyond, for sure. I'm awaiting a custom couch for my new home, and I expect it to be just as awesome. Will update if otherwise!

I've bought a few things from Room & Board

I've bought a few things from Room & Board over the years, and for being in the middle of the city, this store is absolutely huge. With four expansive stories, Room & Board certainly manages to pack a lot of product into this location. To a certain extent, you really would need to go to the suburbs to see a store this large. That's a major convenience if you just want to window shop or look around without having to go into Virginia. Items here are rather pricey. I have a few pieces from Room & Board, but nothing major, and I am impressed with the quality. That being said, the sales here are basically nonexistent, so you'll have to pay at/near full price to get anything. This isn't like Rooms 2 Go with the 20,000 sales advertised on TV! Worth a visit. Definitely shows how far 14th Street has come that this store can be sustained.


American-made, sustainably sourced, solid wood furniture. Not just that - it's beautiful. The store is laid out really nicely, and the way the stuff is floor modeled gives great food for thought. I've thought more than once, "Yeah, if I could afford it I'd just get that whole living room." But of course I can't afford it, because not even a pillow will get you out for less than $100, while a dining room table could run you from about $1,500-$3,000 (with another $350-$500 per chair). So why still 5 stars? The customer service is beyond fantastic, the furniture is worth breaking the bank for if you can, and looking is free - I've gotten a lot of home decor inspiration just from wandering around the store.

Failed to meet the agreed delivery date...

Failed to meet the agreed delivery date despite two months of lead time, then failed to meet the rescheduled delivery date, then failed to meet the one after that, with no explanation given. Finally cancelled the order after the third delay, still have no idea what happened to the couch.

If you are looking for modern looking furniture...

If you are looking for modern looking furniture with style and nice designs this place is really nice. The staff is helpful and can guide you with what fits well with your house design. The prices are quiet high but the furniture deserves that prices, don't get shocked when you see high prices!

This is a great place to purchase furniture

This is a great place to purchase furniture. The staff is friendly, and the place is very big. They will have what you are looking for.

Love this place

Love this place. The designers are always helpful, and deliveries are a breeze.

We are so happy with our dining room chairs...

We are so happy with our dining room chairs, couch, and bed frame from Room & Board. The staff we worked with in store were helpful and the delivery process was easy - some of the nicest and most helpful delivery guys I've ever met! Highly recommend!

How I miss their old and much bigger location

How I miss their old and much bigger location!! Regardless, Room & Board will always be one of our fave furniture stores! We've been picking up select pieces that we love from Room & Board for over 10 years now and the quality and craftsmanship of their work has NEVER disappointed. Yes, they are a bit pricier than the bigger furniture chains...but I'm all about paying for quality & solid craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. Every time we have visited, staff has always been friendly and helpful. While the new SOCO location does not have as much on display as the previous location, staff is always willing to help and check for us if the pieces we are inquiring about are on display at the LA location. Take note, that on the big furniture pieces they do charge a $99 delivery and setup fee per order. So, if you're buying multiple items it's a score! There is a max distance they deliver to, so you'll need to inquire about that in store. If you're buying smaller items (think pillows, bedding, lamps, etc..) then shipping is free via UPS. We've done multiple deliveries with both options and have been satisfied each time. The only time we encountered an issue was when we ordered a swivel chair that we wanted on the 2nd floor. The crew wasn't able to fit it through our doors and had to just leave it in the garage. We called Room & Board about the issue and they refunded us the $99 delivery cost. So while we didn't get our piece to where we wanted right away (we had to use a 3rd party moving company), Room & Board understood and we were happy with the outcome. A nice little perk that I LOVE each time we visit is the complimentary tea & coffee they offer. They used to offer cookies too..I miss that!! Hahah. But yeah, I take pleasure in the little joys of furniture shopping while sipping my tea, pinkies up! Oh and a tip - they have a yearly clearance event online and in store. In store they put showroom items on clearance to make space for the newer collections. It used to be the day after Christmas but I believe now they've changed it to the first Saturday in January. Soooooo if there's a piece you've been eyeing - that's the time you want to buy folks! Always a fun time for me=). Y'know the mantra: Great service + awesome products = thumbs up Room & Board!

I came for the Clearance sale...

I came for the Clearance sale, but got here towards the end of the day. I've purchased our Metro sofa and other items in the past and I've been eyeing a few chairs. The one chair I've been looking at was on sale, but unfortunately was sold out, however I saw the other chair I was also thinking about and luckily it was on sale. I was helped by Kasha and she was very helpful in assisting me with choosing alternative colors. I've been very happy with R&B every time I've visited and purchased items! All the sales staff is very helpful! I recommend this store to anyone interested in good quality furniture.

Although we didn't buy anything today...

Although we didn't buy anything today, we were greeted by Dave who spent a few minutes reviewing the bedroom collections with us. Plenty of parking and in a place with several other high end home stores.

Upon walking into the store...

Upon walking into the store and around for what was a few minutes we were finally asked if we needed help with anything as I feel this took way to long to be acknowledged in a retail environment! The store itself has an abundance of things for the home most of which are very plain and just definitely something I would not design my home with as they don't really have any expression to them. The prices for everything here are seriously ridiculously overpriced for what your getting it's no wonder they moved to a smaller store because I wouldn't pay that much for anything here when I can go to another design store that has products with character for better prices. The only real plus side here is that I found most of the products are made in USA so that's definitely what I feel was good about the Room And Board! Keep in mind they don't have any back stock so whatever your looking to buy will have to be shipped to your house the good side of it is that it was free shipping at least in my case! Overall I wouldn't come here for your design needs it's not worth it and I wouldn't have purchased anything here if it wasn't for the fact that I had a gift card!

Awesome furniture!

Awesome furniture! Shipping is always on time! Abel and his helper were awesome and respectful!

Whenever I've shopped at Room & Board

Whenever I've shopped at Room & Board, whether it's in person or by phone, my experience has always been productive and pleasant. While this store doesn't have regular sales, I think their every day prices are quite reasonable when you consider the quality of their merchandise. This is especially the case when you compare this store to either Crate and Barrel or Design Within Reach. If what you've got in mind is updating or furnishing a room in your house, it will make total sense to come and look at what R&B has to offer. Tip: They'll give you leather and/or fabric samples to take home, and you can ask for them either at the store or online.

Honestly, I wanted to love this store...

Honestly, I wanted to love this store, as I am approaching that age of hunting for one of a kind furniture pieces, but much of what's offered look unoriginal and over priced to me. At these prices, you'd be much better off at Restoration Hardware.

Just purchased a room full of furniture

Just purchased a room full of furniture. Their styles are what I love and their quality is top notch. Their delivery service is very professional and took amazing care during the delivery process. On time btw was a bonus. I can't ask for anything more. The prices are a little higher but I would consider this place the "Nordstrom" of furniture. They get my highest endorsement.

Purchased King size American made mattress

Purchased King size American made mattress and it was delivered in 8 days. The entire experience was easy going and the salesman, David was very helpful and professional. The mattress is very comfortable and fits perfectly on my platform.

I bought several pieces from here

I bought several pieces from here. WOW... the quality is amazing. Most if not all is made in the United States and have some type of interesting construction to make it more of a heirloom piece. I've had my pieces for years and if you want stuff that is much better than mass market ikea and their clones, I'd give room and board a try. Famous more: quality furniture.

I ALWAYS HATE stepping into this place

I ALWAYS HATE stepping into this place. This encounter proved to me that this was the last straw. Their salesman and saleswoman working on the date of Sept. 22, 2017 around the time of 3:30 PM think they're too good to stand up from their desk to help... how pitiful. The gentleman behind the register was polite and helpful, so I'm not including you in this roast. Please don't pretend that you are better than anybody else that steps into this store. I should've wrote down their names and posted it to this review. I will instead describe them: an older cauc. gentleman dressed up in a G-star long sleeve polo and I think was a woman (with roots for days) should stop pretending to see this as a career and leave the sales to college kids/young adults in their 20's to do the selling... How shameful you must feel to tell your family and friends that you are still a salesperson. Both were pretending to appear important, peering at.. of course, nothing important on their computer screen. Let's be reminded once again.. it's a mid-range furniture shop. UMMMMM, wah-waaaaah.. :'( I guess all is good if you can be content being used by others to take advantage of possibly a shop discount. Can I say, living pay check to pay check ?? much kudos to your career choice. ((rolls eyes))

I'd give this location zero stars of I could

I'd give this location zero stars of I could. Came in with my husband and parents. NO one greeted us. NO one asked if we had any questions or even acknowledged our existence. What they did was just chatted amongst themselves. No else was in the store so it wasn't like they could've missed us. ZERO, I mean complete void of customer service. I work in retail and know how to make people feel welcomed without being intrusive and this is just insulting. It felt very racist. They are ATROCIOUS representatives of the company. We were ready to purchase a sofa and walked out instead. They lost a sale and didn't even care. On the other hand, the Culver City location has MUCH better customer service. Disgusted.

My wife and I have been looking a platform style bed...

My wife and I have been looking a platform style bed for several years, my wife always said she wanted reclaimed wood on the headboard but we saw the leather Wyatt bed and we both absolutely loved it. Unfortunately the first one they shipped had a large dent in the leather headboard as if something was leaning on it during shipping but they didn't hesitate to replace it. Was the experience perfect ? no, but the important thing is that they stepped up and made it right. On a side note: I've been to this location and the old location at South Coast Metro several times but this was my first time purchasing anything. Some of these whiney reviews where people get butt hurt because the sales staff didn't kiss their feet the moment they walked through the door are really pretty and pathetic. As I said, I've been there several times browsing and I feel like they're just giving you your space rather than ignoring you - then when you have a question they're more than happy to answer all of your questions and print out specs if needed. The bottom line is, if you're whiney person you'll probably find something to complain about where ever you go...

5 star experience!

5 star experience! In store - Purchased a grand sofa and love seat from David H. David was amazing. He took the time to show us all our options and worked with us to find the perfect pieces. The prices are higher than the average furniture store, however this is not average furniture. Delivery - The delivery associates were on time, efficient, clean and professional. They brought up 2 sofas to the 2nd floor leaving no trace of scuffs or scratches along the way. This is by far the best experience I have had with a furniture delivery.

I had previously left a bad review...

I had previously left a bad review for this location (which is now deleted) after not even receiving a "hello" the first time I visited. My husband and I reluctantly ended up going back because we did want a couch, and figured that if no one helped us again we would just go online and do it ourselves after scoping out the fabrics in person. This time Cody greeted us immediately upon entering and helped us figure out which sofa would suit out needs. He was not pushy in trying to up-sell us fabric options and was very transparent in the ordering process. We've had our couch for two weeks and are not completely satisfied with the comfort so we are going through an exchange process that required us to go back to the store again. Not really a fun process for anyone, but on our third visit to the store today two staff members were very friendly and helpful. I am willing to admit maybe the first time was a "one-off". We love the quality of their products and the customer service at this location.

Yes, this place is expensive

Yes, this place is expensive but you're not always going to be buying furniture so just get some nicer pieces and work them into your existing pieces or pieces from other retailers. Service here is excellent. I found Joseph super helpful, knowledgable and patient. He wasn't ever pushy and I never felt pressured into buying something.

Love the quality

Love the quality, simple design & (above all) the customer service! Could you please open a store in North County San Diego??? Maybe you could move into the UTC mall that is getting renovated? :)

Furniture I ordered just arrived

Furniture I ordered just arrived. Delivery guys were awesome, as was Cody when I was in the store.

Added more furniture

Added more furniture and could not be happier!!! Tracey helped us this time and she is amazing.

This review is for the amazing delivery service

This review is for the amazing delivery service. Room and Board was professional and prompt and reliable. I live for a very narrow private drive which has been an issue for furniture delivery in the past. Even the so called "white glove" delivery service from companies like ABC Home or Design Within Reach which you pay extra for left much to be desired but Room and Board exceeded my expectations and even without additional costs. I didn't have to worry about a thing. The delivery crew unpacked all the pieces and brought them into the house. All the bulky boxes and packing was taken care of as a matter of fact. I love the furniture we ordered and I would order from Room and Board again just based on my experience with the delivery. Thanks again!

The service here is really bad

The service here is really bad. While service is not something you really need to shop for furniture it sure would have been nice to see some better attempts at helping my wife and I out. We came in specifically to see a few chairs and wanted to talk to a sales person about seeing more colors, textures, etc. I found an employee sitting at a computer, I stood there waiting for her to acknowledge my existence, instead she sat there checking her email. When I got her attention and asked if she could help, she said no. What?! She told me I needed to talk to someone else. I found another employee and they seemed about 10% more willing to help. She went through the motions of selecting the items we wanted on the computer. No, hello, how can I help you? No, let me see if I can find something similar for you to reference the color. No, this is how you can expect your furniture to be delivered. The furniture at Room and Board is great. The employees have no customer service skills. I would recommend you go to the store to look at the furniture but order at home so the employees don't earn their commission or whatever credit they get for 'helping' you.

So Room and Board got around...

So Room and Board got around to replacing the top on my table after charging me more money for the new top. Their delivery guys did the installation and screwed it in slightly crooked/skewed after banging the piece into a light fixture. I'll never understand why their moving people don't wrap the furniture in an sort of packaging or blankets when moving furniture through people's houses. The quality of their product seems pretty good, but their service is just awful all around.

HUGE furniture store with a minimalist feel

HUGE furniture store with a minimalist feel. I really like the lush garden entrance with smells of jasmine wafting in the air. In addition to furniture, they offer flooring and designer help.

Five years ago, we bought our entire living room

Five years ago, we bought our entire living room and most of our bedroom furniture from Room and Board. We loved the look, feel, and variety- and they were super helpful by answering all kinds of questions and making it tailored to our needs. When we realized we bought one couch that was too short, they immediately took it back and replaced it with a longer one. Five years later, the furniture still looks brand new. Even with a cat that likes to put his claws into them. Their excellent client service continues - they replaced a deflating sofa mattress at no fee, delivering it within a week. This is a store that gets it right!

The quality of the furniture is overstated

The quality of the furniture is overstated. The top laminate of the dresser split and the cost of the dresser was over $1800. The dresser was purchased online and their were unwilling to work with us.

After having the furniture delivered...

After having the furniture delivered, I discovered that the Charles swivel chair leaned a little too far back to work comfortably in. I went back to the Room & Board to try and find a neck pillow to remedy the situation. I totally forgot to take a picture of the chair but Korey was able to look up my portfolio with them and find my previous orders. He also gave several really good selections on neck pillows where I was able to find one that I liked. Thank you so much Korey and Elaine for helping me furnish my home! On a side note: Their delivery team is amazing as well, they come prepared and are very efficient. The delivery team was very accommodating and even brought shoe covers to protect the floor. If you need pads on the bases if your furniture, be sure to let the sales person know so they can make a note in the system before delivery.***

We've shopped at Room & Board for years...

We've shopped at Room & Board for years, having bought our first piece--a dining table--over ten years ago in Denver, but I am only now posting a review. The furniture is very high quality and wears well over time. Our dining table has taken a real beating with two kids under the age of four and a large dog that has jumped up on the table to eat the scraps after the kids were in the bath. R&B has their recommended furniture repair guy, and we have called him a few times. He came and filled in the scratches to make it look almost like new and recommended re-staining after the kids get older. In addition to the dining table, we have three sofas and other miscellaneous pieces such as a recliner, coffee table, side table, etc. We are happy with each piece of furniture. When a piece wasn't perfect, R&B made it right. For instance, the sofa bed's air mattress leaked recently after three years of very light use, and R&B replaced it immediately. Naively, I've been under the impression that every higher end furniture store would have the same great customer service, but it wasn't until recently when I was trying to purchase bedroom furniture from Restoration Hardware that I realized how great my experience has been for years at R&B. We have worked with a few different design associates over the years, mainly Elaine in the University Village store. Elaine is amazing, knowledgeable and experienced and will share her opinions when I'm having second thoughts about a design choice. I have, upon occasion, had to email Elaine regarding a problem, and she has been quick to respond and will navigate the right channels necessary so I don't have to call customer service and listen to the options on the phone. However, perhaps what I should compliment most of all is the R&B business model because the designers neither work on commission nor feel the need to take ownership for a sale despite extensive time spent with a client. For instance, I spent a long time discussing sofa and fabric options with Elaine, but ultimately I needed to go back home to confirm the measurements. She encouraged me to order online if I felt comfortable doing so, thus saving me a trip back to the store and babysitting fees. When I returned to look for throw pillows, she wasn't available, so other design associates were quick and enthusiastic to step in and discuss options with me. It seems that all the designers work together to meet the needs of anyone's client, which is the exact opposite of RH. In contrast, I've been pressured to order something over the phone rather than online in order to "keep the local RH store open," and I've been asked to use the quote number sent via email through the first design associate I initially spoke with even though her sense of style is very different from mine and I was hoping to speak with someone else next time. Since My first visit to the RH store, I've gotten both a phone call AND an email following up--pressuring me to make the purchases. Overall it's been an annoying experience at RH. The experience has made me realize that I really need to give a shout out to R&B and all the wonderful designers there, especially Elaine. If R&B furniture is your style, you just can't go wrong buying from them. They stand behind the quality of their pieces and offer superior customer service. I've always found the shopping experience pleasant and pressure-free.

My husband & I came here after we had visited countless furniture stores

My husband & I came here after we had visited countless furniture stores in the Seattle area Memorial Day Weekend. We were about to throw in the towel for the day before we walked in. We are SO glad we came into the store. We had the kindest salesperson help us (I think her name was Shelly). We loved how patient, knowledgeable, and zero pressure she was. We purchased a couch and desk of our dreams, and definitely will be back for more. Something that really set Room & Board apart from all of the other stores we shopped at was the customer experience, the layout of their showroom (very thoughtful and not overly cluttered), and their quick delivery options. No high quality furniture stores in the Seattle area ship as quickly as R&B could. Very pleased with our experience!

much more affordable place

much more affordable place and plenty o things to look at. it's all modern type stuff and some of it, you think you can duplicate at home yourself. this isn't a place that you can spend a ton of time walking through and admiring. there is less expensive and a place where you can shop and run a bit.

High quality furniture.

High quality furniture. Some is reasonable, some is not. Most is made in the USA so he will be supporting American jobs. Staff was very helpful when I went.

This kind of money is best spent else where

This kind of money is best spent else where So I will likely not be buying from Room and Board anymore. The first order of a computer armoire order number 2628553 was poorly constructed. The warehouse came back to install a new door that was believed to be out of square, only to find out that the entire cabinet was built out of square. I returned. The second order number 2819910 for 2 wallace rugs were delayed 3 times. I was originally told that they will be at the warehouse for pick up the weekend I bought them. 6 weeks and three delays later and no rugs. The only thing that was given to me was a superficial apology. I question why I spend this kind of money for this quality of build/service. Although Zach at the Seattle warehouse has been good to deal with.

Awesome furniture!!!

Awesome furniture!!! I want everything in the store. I love that they have a lot of natural wood furniture especially the dinning room table, it looks like it just got cut from a tree and with lots of care and integrity in that there were no alterations done, leaving it to be a beautiful piece of art in addition to functionality.


WOW! What an impressive new store. This place is visually pleasant, starting the point where you get on the escalator going up. Once I was actually in the store, I was shocked by how clean and modern this place is. It is so sleek and well organized. I was doing some shopping and went from Crate & Barrel directly to Room & Board. I was so stunned by how fancy this place is when I walked in! Staff are all super friendly as the store is still very new. Still sad that B&N is no longer here.

This post is for the incredible customer service

This post is for the incredible customer service provided by Malia. After a delivery issue I reached out to Malia, who was extremely patient, kind and thoughtful in ensuring I was happy and satisfied with my sleeper couch purchase, which I love. She was extremely attentive in responding to my emails and went above the call of duty.

The best thing about this store is their customer service

The best thing about this store is their customer service and follow through. We have several of their products, and are very pleased. However, we had an issue with some dining chairs, purchased a few years ago. Our problem was taken seriously by a sales rep, and a very happy solution found. As far as not being greeted at the door or followed around by a sales person, which is mentioned in other reviews, I appreciate that. It's easy to find people to help. I don't really want someone I don't know telling me how beautiful a piece will be in my home and how happy I will be with it. If I need help with questions or suggestions, I know how to find someone and ask.

I love this place.

I love this place. They have a contemporary vibe similar to Crate & Barrel, but offer something more postmodern and exciting. The store is huge and very well lit with a wide selection of furniture and fixtures including upholstery, window treatments, carpets and pillows. They clearly have the living room and bedroom covered. And while they do offer outdoor and home office options, these areas don't have a deep selection. They stock a few fixtures and accessories, but many if the furniture items require delivery or pick from their Southcenter warehouse. And any custom orders take about 12 weeks. I've also learned that many of their rugs can be custom ordered in a wide variety of sizes not shown on their show floor. This makes their website the go-to resource for most information. Room and Board has some serious game. The service is friendly and very helpful. The have wonderful style, a nice selection, and will make a welcome addition to your home decor.

Great store and great furniture

Great store and great furniture (excellent design, American made) and excellent design associates,very knowledgeable and customer focused. Yes, a bit on the pricey side but for the quality, craftsmanship and customer service well worth the investment. Their customer service is second to none, we had a little issue with an item we bought there a while ago and they fixed it in not time without any consideration or questions why and how the issue happened. I will be back and highly recommend this store.

My boyfriend just bought his first house...

My boyfriend just bought his first house, so we'll need to upgrade our furniture soon. I was at University Village last night and I poked around in Room & Board for a few minutes. I was greeted halfheartedly when I entered the store, and nobody made any further moves to help me after that. The store was almost completely empty and eerily quiet, so it wasn't that they were busy. I guess I didn't look like someone with thousands to spare for furniture. That might be true, but I know someone who DOES have the budget for gorgeous sofas and armchairs, and I'm basically his decorator.. so it might behoove Room & Board's employees to stop chatting with each other and at least pretend to have some interest in their guests. Grouching aside, I was wowed by the merchandise at Room & Board. They have many beautifully curated "rooms" displaying their furniture, and I wanted a lot of it. Sleek and classic styles, yet very modern, almost Scandinavian. Very much my style. I'll be back, boyfriend-as-homeowner in tow, and perhaps when they see him they'll see fit to provide some service. ;)

Room & Board has furnished more

Room & Board has furnished more than half of my house! So yeah, I give them five stars. I love the fact that they're an American-based furniture company, so keeping it in the good ol' USA. Their offices are based in Minneapolis and a lot of their products ship from there. I also love the fact that they aren't ungodly expensive. It definitely costs more than IKEA but it's going to last a lot longer. And it looks like high quality furniture. Sales staff is very cool. I am not sure if they work on commission because I don't get that pushy vibe. Just nice people that know what they're talking about and process orders on a desktop or tablet in the store. The Cherry Creek location has a beautiful rooftop patio. Going up there on a sunny day is worth the trip alone.

Where can you find the widest array of Modern furniture

Where can you find the widest array of Modern furniture and accessories for home and commercial settings made by American artisans to help you create a modern space you'll LOVE, ROOM and BOARD! We are looking for a new couch for our living room and Ericka helped me understand what was available for what we are trying to accomplish. Ericka shared her wealth of knowledge in a way that allowed us to understand the best way to accomplish our goal. Her friendly and professional manner got us to the answer very quickly. She is a JOY to work with. It's like having an insider in your corner. So if you are in the market for some new furniture or accessories I HIGHLY recommend that you head to ROOM & BOARD and ask for Ericka Robinson, you will be glad you did!

f Pottery Barn and West Elm had a love child, this would be it

If Pottery Barn and West Elm had a love child, this would be it. The sales people describe the store as "Rustic Modern" or "Vintage Chic", but I call it my dream home swag. Every piece of furniture is made of solid, sustainably sourced, wood and materials. The quality is evident in every single item; these are pieces that are destined to become family heirlooms. You are sure to find something amazing for every room in your house plus some pretty amazing pieces for a perfect patio. Stop in and spend some time browsing. They have a parking garage, so spend all the time you want! Make sure to check out the rooftop patio for some great outdoor ideas, and don't forget to visit the bottom floor for the accessories and a great clearance section!

After looking long and hard for a replacement loveseat

After looking long and hard for a replacement loveseat, I found the perfect fit at Room & Board. I ordered it online, and it arrived about 1 week ahead of schedule. Imagine my joy as the perfect pieces were delivered and set up in my family room. I purchased 2 pieces of a sectional, with the intention of setting them up as a loveseat. As soon as the delivery men drove away, I noticed a HUGE problem! (I know...I should have looked at everything before they left. That's on me!) The sectional pieces were not touching at the back cushions. The bottoms fit together perfectly, but the back cushions had a 2 inch gap!! This is completely unacceptable, so I immediately called customer service. The woman I spoke to asked that I send photos, so she could escalate the claim to the correct department. I sent photos immediately. Some time went by, and I had not heard from customer service, so I sent a follow up email, asking her to confirm the receipt of my photos, and called her, only to discover she had already left for the week! So, now I'm stuck with pieces that don't fit together properly, and I won't hear back from anyone for at least 3 days. Fast forward 1.5 months, and I'm STILL waiting for someone from Room & Board to acknowledge my issue. In the mean time I have come up with a "fix" for my pieces, but Room & Board doesn't know that!! Why haven't they responded to my numerous phone calls and emails? I finally got a response this afternoon! Joy of joys, maybe now I can get this rightfully resolved! But alas, it was not to be. I was told "our service team said this is not a serviceable issue. Each piece is handmade and do not always fit seamlessly together." They offered to begin an exchange, but could not guarantee that the replacement would be any better! Why?! These are sectional pieces, and are DESIGNED to be purchased as pieces so you can pick/choose the best fit for your space. They SHOULD fit together seamlessly!! So...NOPE! I'll stick with my "fix", and let the whole world know about your horrible customer service and product. I'm happy with the look and comfort of my pieces, now that I have fixed them. However, I will not give them another chance to take my money and deliver subpar product!!

Grant you Room and Board is expensive

Grant you Room and Board is expensive. Yet i've been shopping there for a long time. In fact I got my sleeper sofa almost 7 years ago!. My most recent experience put room and board up to the top of my list. . .and it wasn't even a new purchase. . . I had just remodeled the basement and wanted to put this nice sleeper sofa downstairs. I proceeded to partially disassemble and get it stuck on the staircase (true story) I should have called Room and Board from the beginning. They came out (for a trip charge) and took apart the couch, moved it downstairs, and reassembled it. It is like one of those fancy furniture disassemble businesses you hear about in new york! Room and board is pricey, but with service like this - it is worth it.

Definitely got the impression

Definitely got the impression they didn't need my business. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I expect people who would like me to buy something from them to show me that they're happy I'm there. Also, I was looking for pendant lighting for a client. Unfortunately I couldn't see the sample pendants very well through the layer of dust on them. In this world of quick, easy, internet shopping, a brick and mortar must be at the top of its game.

What a great experience!

What a great experience! The furniture is high quality and everyone from sales/design (Kristi) to the delivery staff (all of them) are awesome! Online ordering is easy and convenient if you've been to the store multiple times. So nice to try things out before you buy them! Thanks!

We just relocated from the West Coast

We just relocated from the West Coast and stopped in several furniture stores downtown. Several nearby shops wouldn't even lookup to greet us when we entered (which we will never return to; we needed an entire living room worth of furniture and HW Home & Arhaus wouldn't look up or quit talking with fellow employees enough to even say hello) Room & Board was different. Idk if the other stores were making judgement on me b/c I was only dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, but my partner had on a cute dress. They greeted us as we entered, gave us some fresh water on a hot day & invited us topside to see their awesome outdoor furnishings and reflection pool! Plus, they reuse odd shaped wood leftovers to create new American-made furnishings. We'll be back HERE for sure!!!

NO Warantee....Period!

NO Warantee....Period! As on the eve of the Great Recession retailers are getting arrogant and lazy. In fact that was the last time we shopped for furniture. The clerk, or whatever they like to be addressed as these days, told us they do not have any warranteee whatsoever on their furniture. We are in the market for chairs for our kitchen table. Considering some white leather chairs that are $800 each. But we're assured verbally not to worry because Room & Board is a good company and they back their products, they just won't put it in writing. Ha...ha...ha! Yea, right! He told us, not to worry, if we have a problem just call and they will take care of us. But not the legs of the chairs of course. That's normal wear. What about the seats. That's normal wear. Brilliant! Instead of hiring attorneys to create a tricky warantee with outs, they just decided~screw it. No warantee and we'll have the staff be vague and nebulas as possible about the way we cover our crazy expensive products. BINGO!

Room and Board charges quality goods prices

Room and Board charges quality goods prices without the quality. I purchased a sofa in August of 2015. Delivered on time and looked good. Within a day my wife and I noticed that we were getting poked by and pulling out quills constantly. We thought that, even though the description stated that it was constructed with down proof ticking, it was a new couch and would work itself in . Fast forward 12 months and we still pluck about 2 birds worth of down out a month. It is now a standard disclaimer to our guests to expect to be poked by quills while sitting on our high dollar couch from Room and Board. We even place a cup nearby so they can dispose of the down they have to pick out to sit comfortably. We contacted customer service to ask for some credit so we could buy a NON-DOWN sofa but were told that the daily quill picking, for over a year, was not a defect and if we didn't like picking out the down, that was poking us, to remove the covers to exposed the "down proof" ticking covered in down and vacuum it daily to prevent getting poked. So even though a store may charge quality product prices it does not mean they sell quality products. Because if they do, they usually stand behind the products. Buyer beware.

We are on the hunt for a new be

We are on the hunt for a new bed (mattress + frame) and a dresser. This store has such good looking furniture its insane. The price points are high but everything is made in the USA. The king mattress in my opinion is extremely reasonable, literally 1/3 the cost of what we were looking at from Macy's. I also love the 120 day return policy. Very appealing. The dressers are super good looking - but I am weary of the quality at the price point on some. Not in terms of structure, solid wood I know it's all good, but the stain. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ash/bark stain (it's like a grey/light brown color) but I'm not certain on pulling the trigger just yet because of some reviews I've read about scratching, fading etc. I will say we had nice service from a woman yesterday who helped us with pictures and opinion on two dressers. There is also a nice coffee bar in here - complimentary - which you can enjoy while you shop. Have yet to make a decision - maybe will just end up with a mattress purchase but we will see. I am still very happy 10 months later with my Alden Media Stand. It's probably my favorite piece of furniture in our home.

I have always been so impressed with the customer service

I have always been so impressed with the customer service from Room and Board, and have bought a lot of furniture from them. The delivery folks have always been superb, and they have always taken care of any issues right away (like a small scratch the installers noticed during a delivery). But now they have outsourced their service, and I have been trying to get someone to fix a problem with my latest delivery for over a month, and 3 calls. Each time they tell me the 3rd party service company will contact me, and they don't. I would love to give a 5 Star rating to R&B, but I just can't with this new thing they are doing to reduce customer service. And I will say that until this incident, I would have easily given 5 stars. Maybe they will fix this, and I will be happy to change my rating.

I will never shop at any other furniture store again!

I will never shop at any other furniture store again!!!! Room and Board is the Nordstrom of furniture. Room and Board has impressed me like no other with their exceptional customer service and beautiful furniture selections. My husband and I just moved into our very first home together. We bought furniture pieces from various places (RH, West Elm, Johnathan Adler, Crate & Barel, WayFair, etc.) and the furniture we got from Room and Board is by far our favorite. None of the other furniture pieces we purchased hold a candle to our Room and Board pieces which are so beautiful and timeless. We have received so many compliments from friends and neighbors. But what might be even better than Room and Board's furniture is their customer service! My husband and I had order some chairs from R&B and had them delivered but I just wasn't loving how they were looking in our new place. I went back to R&B and they were SO helpful. I worked with Jeanaye and showed her photos and she immediately got what I was talking about. She suggested that we exchange the leather chairs we had purchased for the same chair style but in fabric (an exchange which actually saved us money!!). She was amazing to work with. She had so many great suggestions and I could tell she really cared about helping me put together a beautiful space and not trying to up-sell me on expensive furniture. She made everything so easy and made me feel so comfortable. Thank you so, so much for your help, Jeanaye!! I will be returning to Room and Board (and Jeanaye!!) for all my furniture purchases in the future! Cannot recommend this store and its staff enough!

Tale of the Warped Wood...

Chapter 1: Tale of the Warped Wood Bought a coffee table in September 2016. Light Ash with Portico base - Paid $1000.00 Delivery in October was fine. No hitch. 4 months later in January, discovered a large crack in table top where bolts are screwed in. A couple weeks later, 3 more cracks appeared on the other sides. We also notice that table top warped. Jill from distribution center kindly handles the exchange. Says she has confidence the same type wood top won't warp again. I however, have no confidence that there can be any guarantee the same wood won't just warp again. I cannot take the chance. So, I opt for the heavy duty quartz top instead. I am charged the additional upgrade amount of $161.00. Fine. Chapter 2: Cutting Corners and Broken Bits Guys come to deliver my new quartz table. They try to disassemble my original table by removing the wood top from the base. They are completely unable to remove the top and they strip several drill bits trying. Apparently, the previous furniture person did not pre-drill holes for the bolts. This act of incompetence likely led to the warping/splitting issue. The guys leave. I email Jill back and ask - Ok - so, when are they coming yet again to deliver my new table? Sets the date for following week. Chapter 3: Are you Kidding Me? Following week comes, I see the furniture delivery guys coming into my home with the coffee table base. I tell them to stop immediately. I can clearly see they brought the wrong base. We go and review the invoice they have. They have my order correct, but they brought up the wrong table. I review the top. Yep. the top is wrong too. I ordered white quartz. This quartz top that they were about to bring in was black. Not even close to the right top. Guys check truck. Find out they came all the way out to deliver my table with my table still in the warehouse.They go back once again. Get the right table. Finally set up in my apartment late afternoon. During this last scenario, while waiting for the guys to come back, I call Jill and finally just tell her straight up that I deserve some kind of credit for all this absurdity. She agrees. She credits the $161.00 up charge for the quartz table. That is the right answer. Chapter 4: The End Result This experience with Room and Board was absolutely exhausting. I love the quartz table and so far, the quality is great. I hope I don't have to update this with yet another chapter of the Thousand Dollar Coffee Table Saga. Finally got beautiful table in the end, but I will definitely have to think twice, or three times, about buying from Room and Board again.

I looked for a new daybed

I looked for a new daybed and dining room table for over a year. I decided to work with Jordan at the Cherry Creek location and I could not be happier! He took the time to review all of my fabric and finish options. He was extremely transparent about a back order issue and all of the pieces were delivered when promised. I also like that an actual person calls to schedule delivery. Nice customer service touch! There was a delivery mistake on their end, but Jordan took care of it immediately. He was always available either via email or phone. He refunded my delivery charge before I even had to ask and the funds were back in my account within two business days. I will definitely shop at Room and Board again!

I was visiting my daughter and we went to the Cherry Creek store

I was visiting my daughter and we went to the Cherry Creek store. She and I were looking for a chair, and had a hard time finding anyone to help us. When we did, the sales person was dismissive and disinterested. This is not the only game in town so we will take our business elsewhere. What a shame.

second time in store...

second time in store and the person that helped me just so unimpressive. i guess my expectation of "you get what you pay for" is off with this store. in a day and age when brick and mortar stores are at risk of being closed and the customer service/experience is so important - big miss. it may seem like such a little thing but i'm not paying $4k+ for a couch and i can't even get (or rent.. or buy) a swatch bigger than 4in x 4in? really? and make me feel crazy that it is an unusual ask - keep your couch.

We have purchased many things...

We have purchased many things at R&B and have been happy overall with the furniture and service, however our experience this summer takes the cake. We ordered a leather sectional which we were told will take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. It was ordered on 5/29/18. We received no confirmation or updates. We called a few weeks ago and were told that it would likely arrive earlier than expected and they would call us to let us know it was in. We went to the store last weekend and were told that 2/3 of the pieces were in and the third was on its way. I asked to schedule delivery which is to Breckenridge up in the mountains. They said they go up there twice a week and there was space on the truck on 8/8 and 8/11. We asked to schedule delivery for 8/11. They answered that they can't schedule delivery until all of the pieces are at the local warehouse. Well, we called yesterday and the pieces were all there however no one had called us to schedule delivery. Then they said that they can't deliver until 8/20! 8/20! An additional 4 weeks! This is unacceptable. Why they wouldn't schedule us when they knew that the last piece was on the way. AND they didn't call us. I am very disappointed in the service this time. We are now going to rent a truck to pick it up ourselves and deliver it. They refunded the delivery fee but if you ask me they should cover our expenses for the truck. Unbelievable! Addendum: The next day after writing this review I received a call from R&B and was offered a delivery on 8/8 and an apology. Couch delivered yesterday and we are very pleased. Beautiful and comfortable. Thank you for taking care of us, Room and Board.

Really shity service!

Really shity service! Bad finishing product does not match the price!We bought the 72L and 36D office desk and a cabinet in room and board. Their sell men and website both told us the products were in the stock so we bought them and scheduled the delivery time. But only the cabinet came in on the delivery day, and the furniture were not covered properly and safely. inside were not finished well. We called the customer service, they explained widely and did not give any solution. Let us to wait for other 2weeks. They say and do differently after you purchase stuff.

Easy to work with

Easy to work with...prompt and very helpful! Well worth the money. Our chairs are fabulous and so comfortable!!

After buying a house...

After buying a house, my husband and I can now graduate from buying ephemeral furniture (aka ikea) and upgrade to higher quality furniture that will hopefully last for years. I'm in awe my parents still use the furniture they purchased 30+ years ago and they're still in fantastic condition. Meanwhile, my ikea stuff is falling apart after two years. We decided to shop at Helms Bakery and stumbled upon Room and Board and decided to walk in randomly. I really fell in love with the style. It's modern, but cozy. Maybe more conservative? I thought i loved CB2 and West Elm, but Room and Board is more like a classic modern look and higher quality. When it comes to decorating and spending money, I dwell on my decisions and have to re-validate my purchases. It's great that they have free design services to help pick out the furniture and make sure they match. Stacy helped us and there are no words to describe how amazing he is!! He was suuuper patient (indecisive me!) and thoughtful and gave great suggestions. He wasn't judgemental at all when I asked a lot of dumb design questions, and made sure we loved what we picked and that it matched the aesthetics we were looking for. Tip: when getting design consulting services, be sure to take photos of your space as well as measurements! In the end, we purchased patio furniture, a rug, and two nightstands. Can't wait for the delivery :) we plan on getting a dining table too and a dresser but ouch, my wallet. Hopefully they will be a good investment!! They do a flat rate delivery too, which is eco-friendly. If putting it all on one credit card is too expensive you can call customer support and they'll split it on two credit cards. Oh yeah, Room and Board apparently do not have coupons. That kind of gives you a piece of mind when shopping. It's like shopping at Trader Joe's, no need to worry which apple to get and when to buy them. Haha After all the furniture shopping, be sure to reward yourself with a stop at Fathers Office or Pasta Sisters! Shopping is cardio, after all ;)

Mid-Priced Muted Home Furnishings

Mid-Priced Muted Home Furnishings A complimentary Sip & Paint event at Room & Board lured me into this contemporary furniture store. Beautiful leather couches, expensive sleeper sofas, and comfortable chairs beckon in subtle colors in this expansive venue. Modern headboards run about $1,500 - $2,000. Sign up for their newsletter to hear about other upcoming events and to peruse the latest designs. A variety of roomy displays may inspire you to get on board with updating your dwelling.

Finally chose a bedroom set...

Finally chose a bedroom set that got delivered today. Delivery was professional and we were given advance notice a couple of days before. The furniture looks even better at home than it did in the store!

The furniture and staff were modern and on point

The furniture and staff were modern and on point. I liked the choices and the prices. Good place to go to get good furniture and good service. The place is in a good location and it is kept nice and clean.


IF YOU WANT TO OVERPAY FOR FURNITURE THAT DOESN'T LAST, ROOM AND BOARD IS FOR YOU. I made the mistake of buying a few pieces from here. I bought 2 identical sofas and one of them did not live up to expectations. We are 2 adults with no kids and the sofas are in our bonus room. These sofas have been used to a minimum and one of them starting showing signs of wear and tear almost immediately. We contacted Room & Board, had a technician come out and inspect it and immediately starting looking for excuses to say that the dip in the middle of the sofa was caused by normal wear and tear. I was told that sun exposure, sitting in the middle of the sofa, use of the sofa would cause this! WTF! I guess R&B expects you to buy furniture and not use it. Never again Room & Board! Not a chance! If I want crappy, cheap, furniture that looks good, I'll go somewhere else and pay half your prices.

I paid $2K for an Adrian cabinet, waited 8 weeks

I paid $2K for an Adrian cabinet, waited 8 weeks, and it arrived with numerous flaws; very visible/obvious missing or uneven stain finish in several places, dents in the wood doors and a misaligned door. They offered to send a technician to "touch up" the flaws, but I felt a piece this expensive (for me) should never have left their warehouse. To their credit, they gave me a refund minus $100, which was worth it not to argue about the return. I wrote the CEO, whose value statement for the company is about quality, bla bla, craftsmanship, bla bla, US craftsmiths bla bla. It's a load of crap, he never responded back. The stuff photographs well, but please look closely in the showroom; edges are sharp, wood is soft and easily dented, and it's anyone's guess what you will receive in your home. Footnote 1) none of the cheap furniture I have bought from Ikea ever shipped with any flaws, at 1/10th the price...Footnote 2) I posted a review on the R&B website, which has since been removed.

About 8 years ago, we bought an air-sleeper sofa

About 8 years ago, we bought an air-sleeper sofa from Room & Board for what seemed like a crazy amount of money. In the years since, it's been slept, sat, and even bounced on by our preschooler countless times, and yet it looks and feels about the same as it did the day it was delivered. A couple of months ago, we noticed the air mattress topper was losing air. I called Room & Board thinking maybe we could buy a replacement. They found our old order in the system within minutes and gave us a new one FOR FREE. I went to pick it up thinking it would just be the air insert, but no - it was an entirely new mattress! Yes, R&B is more expensive than West Elm or IKEA, but if you can swing it, it's worth it in the long run.

I've been to Room & Board several times over the years

I've been to Room & Board several times over the years. I think I first went with friends who were looking for a couch, and it ended up being a sort of default in my head for handsome grown-up furniture. I wasn't wrong. It's one of the more salient big brands in retail furniture, comparable to Crate & Barrel or Restoration Hardware--definitely a good place to visit if you're looking to decorate. The furniture is of solid quality, with sensible, modern design. The aesthetic is generally about 10% too Mad Men for our 100-year-old house, but I like the individual pieces, as well as the refreshing absence of gaudy nonsense. The risk, I guess, is that you get the same couch as all your yuppie friends, but there are worse crimes in home decor than being tastefully normal. The Culver City showroom is large and attractive, with IKEA-style display rooms flowing into each other in one open floor space. When Matt B. and I started decorating our house, this was one of our first stops--with H.D. Buttercup next door, it helped give us a kind of lay of the land. It's an easy store to navigate, and I've found the salespeople helpful and forthcoming, offering assistance when needed. We've gotten a couple quotes printed, for a dresser and media cabinet we liked but weren't quite ready to pull the trigger on. We sat on the quotes for so long that we couldn't even find them when we decided to order the Moro media cabinet last month (I even called so the sales lady who helped us would get credit for it, but they apparently clear out their quotes after a while; I guess they don't make commission, though). I was able to make this purchase over the phone, and the woman helping me was super pleasant. The cabinet was in stock, so I was able to set up delivery for the following week. It came as scheduled. I looked over it for damage when it arrived, but not super closely, as I didn't want to keep the delivery guys waiting. They said I could call if I found any problems. Matt found one almost as soon as he saw it--nothing major, but a nick on one of the door slats, probably in the stain. It looked like it was liable to peel and become pretty noticeable, and in any case, we figured we were entitled to a damage-free piece, as Room & Board charges real furniture prices. Thankfully, they agreed, and we got a replacement delivered within a couple weeks. Our media cabinet is lovely, and I've been happy with Room & Board's customer service. Furniture shopping is a huge pain in the ass, and the one hiccup aside, this process was about as easy as it could've been. If you're looking to buy some nice furniture, Room & Board is a great place to start. It's worth visiting in person, even just for an introductory browse.

we got a dining table with a quartz top stone

we got a dining table with a quartz top stone. It came with tears. So disappointed. We spend $2K just for the dining table without chairs. :-( Seems they delivered the floor sample to the home. Never expected this quality from room and board.

I've been coming here for several years

I've been coming here for several years and recently placed a an order for a new table and daybed. I find the salespeople here to be hit or miss (just what are they doing looking so intently on their screens I'll never know) but our rep Jose was great in answering all of our questions and helped us pick out an awesome daybed for our guest room. Prices here are a little bit on the high side but the service and quality you get in return is great. We have a tight hallway leading into our guest room and was unsure of whether we could get the daybed into the room. R&B's delivery team came out for free to make sure the item would fit before we placed our order. That's the kind of service you just can't get online. Kudos too to the delivery guys who were very professional and friendly.

My experience with the folks at Room and Board

My experience with the folks at Room and Board, whether by phone or in person, has always been pleasant and useful. Although they don't have regular sales, I feel that their items are fairly priced for the quality. This has been after looking at Design Within Reach and Crate and Barrel. If you're interested in furnishing or updating a room in your home , they're worth a look. They provide fabric and leather samples to take home, as well as by mail if requested online. I noticed that all of the furniture that I was interested in is made in the USA, which is an added plus. This Culver City location is larger than the Costa Mesa store.

We have purchased a dinning table

We have purchased a dinning table with 6 chairs from this store and it turned out to be a horrible experience. The chairs were not available and the delivery date was postponed at least 3 times. But this was nothing. We have decided to change the table top since it didn't go with our furniture. They delivered a wrong top that we had to send back again! Then no one even bothered to follow up on their mistake and when we called, they informed us that they have cancelled our order!!! We had to explain the situation at least to 3 different people because their employees are on part time work schedule and you can't find the right person every day. We finally placed our order for the right table top but guess what? That top is now on backorders! More than 6 weeks has gone by and we still have not received our dinning set

About a year and a half ago we wanted to buy a new sectional couc

About a year and a half ago we wanted to buy a new sectional couch to go with our new house. I fell in love with a picture of a Room & Board couch that I saw on Houzz. We went to the Culver City showroom and everything there looked so fabulous! Then the bad customer service kicked in. Most salespeople were busy, except for the two having a lengthy personal conversation and ignoring us. Finally I went over and interrupted them. The salesman answered a couple of questions and gave me the fabric samples I requested. He didn't ask me any questions or make suggestions for other furniture. I told him that I would like to provide the measurements of the room and a photo, so get options for the sectional, and he provided his email address. Sent him the info immediately. No response. Called the store twice and left him a message. Three weeks had gone by. I finally reached him and he says "oh here is your email in my inbox." Nice! I ask him for his recommendation and he sends me an image that looks like it comes out of their catalog. I never heard from him again. No follow-up, nothing. I am writing this review belatedly, because we never bought a new couch.

Their furniture looks great but they do not hold up

Their furniture looks great but they do not hold up, especially if you have kids. The wood on everything we have bought scratches and gets dented really easily. The couches lose their shape as well. We've had a set of couches for less than 6 months in a room that doesn't get a lot of use and the cushions are already sagging. The salespeople like to state that the furniture is built with families and kids in mind but I have not had that experience. The look is great but the quality is very poor.

Full disclosure - Room & Board's contemporary styles are not my thing

Full disclosure - Room & Board's contemporary styles are not my thing. That being said, their showroom in Helms Bakery District's complex is a stunning space. I enjoyed strolling their various room settings, seeing the juxtaposition between the historic building that houses the modern furniture. Their items are not cheap by any means. Many items might remind one of Ikea, but without needing to assemble them. High end Ikea? Is that a contradiction? My mother loved Danish modern design in the 60's and beyond. She would have loved this place. Thus some nostalgia going in as we meandered around. Some amazing lighting options were on display. Loved the big beach mural in the outdoor furniture section.

I went to Room and Board to look for some cushions

I have a sectional on my living room and I bought a chair in C&B recently. I went to Room and Board to look for some cushions and a new rug to give some contrast to my furniture. I'm not a woman who likes spending time in shopping for decoration so as soon as I arrived to Room and Board I asked for help. I brought a photo of the sectional and chair to show it to the saleswoman so she could have an idea. She immediately brought some cushions and placed them on a sectional similar to the one I have at home. I didn't need to think twice... I absolutely love them! I paid $500 for 3 cushions. This store is not cheap at all but I really love it. They didn't have a big variety of rugs however the saleswoman (it's a pity I don't remember her name) gave some tips where I could find a good rug. I am totally in love with this store.

They delivered my furniture today

They delivered my furniture today. Such a smooth process! The men who delivered it were extremely professional and detail oriented. They treated the furniture with such great care when moving it into my apartment. I am so pleased with the quality and craftsmanship and the fact that my stuff was made in America. Thanks again to the staff at Room and Board. The value I received was absolutely top notch from start to finish. I will be back soon.

Room and Board tells you they have special relationships

Room and Board tells you they have special relationships with manufacturers, but instead of advocating for the customer, they accept and passively pass on delays and lame excuses. Don't order anything you need within months of the date they promise! Before I ordered a sleeper July 2 3 R& B salespeople smilingly reassured me it would not be coming from North Carolina subject to transportation delays or Europe subject to summer shutdowns/custom delays, but directly to their very own delivery warehouse from the very reliable Texas manufacturer. I offered then and every time they missed another promised delivery date to pay extra to get the sleeper. R& B reassured me every new promised date was firm, and when they cancelled would not make any accommodation to speed up delivery---or show any evidence the sleeper existed!!! Supposedly it was finally finished one week ago but they would not arrange to deliver it directly from Texas. R& B claimed it had to go to their Minnesota warehouse before it came to me. Yesterday after months of sleeping on an uncomfortable couch & cancellations/changing excuses from R& B personnel I got a n email from their "Los Angeles Delivery Center" telling me the first possible delivery date would be September 13--and if I didn't call them right away, it would be a later date!I I was ready to go get it myself--but after great reluctance they told me my sleeper was in NORTH CAROLINA!! Not in their "Los Angeles Delivery Center" or even Minnesota If it is even really in North Carolina, why would why should it take ten days to be delivered to LA?

My boyfriend and I just moved to a new apartment

My boyfriend and I just moved to a new apartment and are on the hunt to buy some new furniture. Today we went to Room & Board at the suggestion of a friend who purchased a sofa from here. Parking was really easy. We came on a late Sunday afternoon about an hour before closing and found metered parking on the street which was free since it was Sunday! This showroom is HUGE. We've gone to almost 10 furniture stores by this point and this was by far the largest we've been to (besides Ikea, of course). Apparently showrooms are not very common in Los finding this HUGE one was very satisfying. I loved how they setup everything into mini-rooms so you could picture what the furniture would look like paired with other pieces. We were specifically looking for a couch, and the prices were a bit higher than we were expecting. $1500 was probably the cheapest couch option, ranging up to around $5,000. I liked that you could choose the size, arrangement and color of the couches. Very customizable! I docked a star because it definitely is on the pricier side, and also for some reason absolutely NONE of the sales associates even approached or came near us. We were in the store for almost an hour and not a single person greeted us, asked if we had any questions or needed anything. I was very surprised. Everyone seemed to be just staring at the POS screens or straightening up pillows on the couches. Overall, we enjoyed this furniture store and loved seeing everything, trying out/sitting on the different pieces and looking at the different colors/fabrics they had to offer. We may consider buying our couch from here eventually!

Room and board isn't what it used to be...

Room and board isn't what it used to be. I can handle the higher end prices and waiting 6 months for furniture to be delivered, but ultimately it's not worth it. They really seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the people that actually deliver the items as the last 2 orders have been messed up in ways that waste incredible amounts of my time to resolve. As a homeowner, you do not want to take on more "fix-it" projects if you don't have to. Why does the delivery matter so much? Well, Imagine one driver being so lazy that he practically demands you to drive your own truck to pick up the items so he doesn't have to. Then when you say no, he hangs up in the middle of cussing at you. When they do finally arrive, they have broken one of the items. Worse yet, they don't pay attention when moving furniture and now a doorframe needs to be repaired on your brand new house. All I wanted was some furniture.. not to spend time with a welder, a painter to fix my doorframe, and to pick up furniture that I'm paying to have delivered. Never ordering from them again.

Bowen console table

Love this console table. I had been looking for a table for 2 years when I found this one. The price, quality and look was what I was looking for. I had issues with the tabletop being broken during delivery which added another 2 months to get another one. Then, when the second table was delivered, there was an issue with the paint job not covering completely. The company ordered another base which took another few months but when it was received it was perfect. Overall I would order again because I really like the product and the company did fix each issue that arose. It just took 9 months from start(ordering) to finish(receiving final product).

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