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Restoration Hardware Reviews

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Restoration Hardware is a name-brand national catalog and furniture retailer found across the US and Canada. They are known for their luxury and high priced furniture and home decor. Additionally, they offer some high end differentiators including interior design consultations and shop by room offerings. Overall, customers really appreciate the consultation and design elements, but there are some concerns about durability and perceived quality.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 6.9/10

Price: $49-$14195+

Return Policy: 30 Days + Restrictions

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Restoration Hardware Specifics

Restoration Hardware, or RH, is an upscale home furnishings retailer providing shoppers with furniture, lighting, textiles, rugs, bathware, decor, outdoor, as well as baby, child, and teen furniture. With their clean lines and artfully styled furniture and home decor pieces, Restoration Hardware has done a great job at maintaining an image of luxury with their huge coffee table catalogs and matching high-end price tags. For shoppers with a specific design aesthetic in mind, Restoration Hardware has 3 subcategorized sections of their website: RH Modern for elegant contemporary designs, RH Ski House for a cozy-chic home pieces, and RH Beach House for airy and fluid designs complemented with wood pieces. RH even has trendy restaurants featuring their upscale designs at 8 of their locations including rooftop restaurants at their New York, West Palm, Columbus, and Minneapolis locations. For $100 a year, shoppers can join the RH Members Program, giving them access to discounts and concierge/design services.

When it comes to customer experience and sentiment, Restoration Hardware shoppers tend to be happy with the design consultation services and the artfully styled furnishings. Even so, there has been some mixed shopper feedback with regards to the sales experience and perceived quality and durability of certain pieces, particularly in light of the higher price points.

Material Quality

Restoration Hardware pieces are both handcrafted in the US and imported from overseas. They feature materials such as: reclaimed wood and kiln-dried wood, leather, shagreen, down filling and foam, fabrics, and metals such as iron and aluminum. Many of RH furniture pieces can also be customized in the finishing option of your choice. While shoppers enjoy the designs of Restoration Hardware pieces, a few customers have brought up issues with diminishing perceived quality and durability for certain items.

Restoration Hardware's Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that RH shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Restoration Hardware's catalog.

#1 Outdoor Furniture

One of the most popular furniture categories that RH shoppers are in search of is outdoor furniture and decor. Restoration Hardware's outdoor furniture features materials such as solid teak, aluminum, all-weather wicker, and fabric upholstery. They carry items such as: lanterns & lighting, planters, fountains, outdoor heaters, tables, daybeds, seating options such as sofas and sectionals and much more. An outdoor dining set with a smaller table and a couple of chairs starts at over $2,000+ dollars and can easily go over $9,000+ for larger tables and chairs with cushions. Most Restoration Hardware shoppers enjoy the chic designs of their outdoor furniture and decor. Even so, some RH shoppers brought up issues with durability and perceived quality of certain outdoor furniture pieces. Others mentioned issues with delivery and mixed interactions with the sales staff.

The pros: Artfully designed and styled outdoor furniture pieces.

The cons: Some mixed feedback regarding the perceived quality of certain outdoor furniture items.

#2 Lighting

A great way to elevate any room while also bringing brightness to a space, Restoration Hardware shoppers are keen to browse their selection of lighting options. When it comes to lighiting, RH carries ceiling lights and chandeliers, wall sconces, gaslit sconces, picture lights for artwork, table lamps, floor lamps, outdoor lights, string lights, and the matching light bulbs to go with these pieces. They even carry ceiling lighting by Jonathan Browning, interior designer and former EVP of Design for Starwood Hotels and Resorts. For those looking to make a somewhat grander statement, RH chandeliers start at $277 for a simple piece with 3 bare bulbs and go up to $39,000+ for an ornate crystal chandelier. RH shoppers tend to be happy with the selection of elegantly designed lighting options, but there has been some mixed feedback when it came to the in-store shopping experience. Some customers also had mixed feedback about delivery and perceived quality of their lighting piece.

The pros: Elegant and modern lighting options.

The cons: High prices. Some mixed feedback about the in-store shopping experience.

#3 Bedding

Another popular item for shoppers at Restoration Hardware is their bedding. RH bedding, which includes duvets, sheet sets, shams, coverlets, quilts, pillows, and comforters, tends to feature more muted colors and solid or minimal patterns. A sheet set with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillow cases starts at over $200+ and goes up to $1,400+. Restoration Hardware's bedding comes in cotton and linen, and shoppers have over 50 different bedding collections to choose from.

The pros: Clean and modern styled bedding options.

The cons: Prices can be higher than other retailers.

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#4 Sofas & Sectionals

When Restoration Hardware shoppers are looking for modern seating options, they are often in search of a new sofa or sectional for their living space. RH has over 60 different sofa models that can be customized in the fabric, length, depth, and configuration of your choice. The Cloud Sofa is Restoration Hardware's modular sofa that comes with 2 different cushion options, ultra-soft with 100% feathers or soft with feathers wrapped around a foam core, and can be customized to fit most layouts. Their sofas start at $2,300 and can go up to $15,000+. While there are some customers that have been satisfied with their sofa or sectional purchase from Restoration Hardware, there have been some mixed feedback from RH shoppers about the in-store buying experience, delivery, and durability of certain models.

The pros: Modern and customizable sofas and sectionals options.

The cons: High prices as well as some complaints around durability and perceived quality of certain models and fabrics.

#5 Dining Furniture

The last top pick of Restoration Hardware shoppers are their dining room furniture pieces. RH carries dining room furniture such as dining tables and dining chairs, bar/counter stools and tables, shelving, cabinets, and sideboards. Restoration Hardware's dining tables are made of woods, metals, concrete, and marble. Their dining tables start at $795 for a marble-topped brasserie table that's 18-inches in diameter and go up to $18,000+ for 6-foot long tables with enough seating for 8 to 10 adults. When it comes to dining chairs, RH has dining table chairs and stools in fabric, leather, wood, and metals. RH dining chairs start at $124 and go up to $2,555 a chair. Restoration Hardware shoppers appreciate the tasteful dining room furniture available for them to browse through. Some shoppers mentioned issues with delivery while others brought up issues with perceived quality and that they had to refinish their furniture.

The pros: Chic and refined dining furniture.

The cons: High prices. Some complaints about perceived quality for certain items.

More From Restoration Hardware's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Restoration Hardware offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Baby & Child Furniture

- Teen Furniture

- Living Room Furniture

- Office Furniture

- Bathroom Furnishings

- Rugs

- Drapes & Curtains

- Art

Restoration Hardware Store Locator

Restoration Hardware has 100+ galleries and outlets that can be found across the US and Canada. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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I worked with Beza Hailemariam...

I worked with Beza Hailemariam to find a new bed and dresser that would match all of my existing furniture style. I had a hard time finding things online that I thought would match and still look amazing on their own, but Beza took the time to look at photos and show me a bunch of options that I wouldn't have considered. I highly recommend going into the store and viewing the material swatches in person because I found a few items that didn't catch my eye on the website but were striking in person. The bed and dresser I picked both fell into that category! Delivery was also amazing and efficient. I placed my order on a Saturday and both items were delivered on Thursday. The crew was polite and professional. I really appreciated that they brought shoe covers to wear inside so that their shoes didn't leave any marks on the floors. Overall my experience was stellar. I was skeptical of the prices at first but after the amazing in-store experience, fast/professional white-glove delivery service, and impeccable material quality, I believe my purchase was well worth it.

About 10 sales walking...

About 10 sales walking around judging you, gossiping you, side-eyeing you, listening to your conversation pretending they were working, making you and the sales rep who actually helped feeling super uncomfortable. Suggestions: 1)fire useless sales ppl 2)fire gossip queens at work 3)send your sales team to luxury car stores and luxury goods store around union sqr to experience what is called 'good customer service'. Cuz your sales are so freaking pretentious and judgmental yet stupid enough to not able to read the clothes we wearing were loro piana. Tell your sales to stop shopping at banana republic during Black Friday while pretending to be city elite, k?

I had a horrible and insulting experience at RH

I had a horrible and insulting experience at RH. Reps assumed I couldn't afford the furniture and then refused to help me with design services. I kept escalating the issues and the response time was awful. I regret having spent any money there and should definitely have used other luxury brands instead, which I'm definitely doing for the rest of my house and it is a much better experience.

If you have kids or entertain a lot stay away

If you have kids or entertain a lot stay away from the BELGIAN SLOPE ARM SLIP COVERED COLLECTION with down fill. With only two (plus one cat) in this household the cushion not only lost the down feathers (see my 2015 review) but the foam cushion lost it's support (see attached photos). A replacement costs $725. Ridiculous after only 5 years.

RH sent me 3 huge...

RH sent me 3 huge, unasked-for product catalogs. These things are as thick as my college textbooks, and for what? It's going straight in the trash. I find it completely useless and environmentally irresponsible. If they use advertising to send thousands of tons directly to recycling, imagine the rest of their product line and the amount of waste and pollution they create. I'll never buy from them!

Very disappointing multi-year experience...

Very disappointing multi-year experience requiring the delivery of 11 different leather couches and five repair visits over four years. Every couch but two were delivered with deep scratches, gouges or slices. Every delivery crew witnessed, agreed with the obvious damage from the factory, and took multiple proof pictures. After multiple structural failures of the original couch, since it was assembled with short, fat, smooth nails that would just pull out of the frame, I was offered a new couch. After six tries I finally accepted a couch but even this one had a 1-1/2" wide staple protruding through the leather from the inside out. I accepted on the condition they would send their "medic" to repair the staple issue. He literally came and pushed it with his thumb until it didn't show. Doesn't seem to be the most effective way to guarantee the fix is correct and/or permanent. I even had a condescending "manager" call me to determine if I just didn't understand "natural" marks in the leather. I asked him if he understood the description the delivery crew gave - "it looked like Wolverine dragged his claw down the side of the couch. " Beautiful couch. Excellent quality leather. Down filling is fantastic. Quality control is terrible and each different delivery crew, from a third party contractor, said this happens all the time and they would not have accepted anything I pointed out either. Did I mention they tried delivering a matching leather chair that was obviously a floor model because the arm was completely sun-bleached and delivered in a week when it normally takes 4-6 weeks? Buyer beware.

We have bought many items from RH...

We have bought many items from RH for many years. Today we walked in to get help with looking for a chandelier to go over our kitchen island...something that would give off decent light. The guy who greeted us at the door said none of the chandeliers give off good light. Not true. He dismissed us to walk around and look. He should've told us to speak with one of the designers (as we have in the past) when they are free. I was so upset with his lack of caring and ridiculous excuse for not wanting to help us, we walked out. If it were my business, he would be fired. There were two sales girls standing there who said absolutely nothing. Appalling. Avoid this store. It needs a cleansing of sales people!

Do not, under any circumstances...

Do not, under any circumstances, buy a cloud sofa in leather, which we did, believing our sales person that it was easily cleanable (we told her it was in the family room)--every single thing (a drop of water, a crumb from a cracker) leaves an unremovable stain. There is no protector according to RH. No way of cleaning according to RH. In addition, none of the small pillows stay put. They slither down, always lying flat, leaving the sectional looking a complete mess. But that's not all... We ordered a sectional with a seven-foot sofa, five-foot armless sofa, and a five-foot sofa. Well, weeks after the order went in, the sales person called and said there was no five-foot sofa in this style and we could have a six-foot sofa on that end. We agreed. Three months later all three were delivered and we realized something was wrong--the six-foot sofa did not match the other two (there was a seam the others didn't have and it didn't have the latch to attach it to the five-foot armless). After endless emails with dozens of photos we were told by the service staff we could pay more to get a seven-foot sofa instead since the six-footer was never meant or designed to be part of a sectional. Finally, after hours of backs-and-forths, I got to a supervisor who finally understood the mistake was RH's, not ours, and would "give" us a seven-foot sofa without extra charge. So we agreed, even though this would be two-feet longer that what we originally wanted and really too big for the space. Three months later the new sever-footer arrived and was way off color-wise! Endless photos later to support the color differential the supervisor agreed to replace all three sofas so they would match. Another three months. All this aggravation for $17,000. And within a couple of months the sofa was spotted (even a drip of water leaves a stain), nobody can eat or drink anywhere near it...and the pillows are a mess.

The staff here are all super friendly and helpful...

The staff here are all super friendly and helpful. I got more than I came in for because I love the whole selection. The delivery was easy and one low fee, so I shopped a lot. I am happy with everything. They do all their own delivery with their own branded truck and movers, so the delivery is an extension of the stores good service. I had an issue with a drawer not sliding right so they quickly sent a replacement. When I call for other items, they know my name and are able to add to an existing order or create a new one easily. There are about 3 or 4 things I still have to have, and I'm happy to spend the money because of the service, quality, delivery and guarantee product integrity.

Great products but awful customer service...

Great products but awful customer service. I asked for guidance on a category of goods i was interested in buying. Initial response from customer support said could not help because it was very subjective. When i challenged i got a proper reply with the information i had hoped for in initial reply. Bad customer service destroyed my loyalty to this brand

I have visited this showroom 3 times...

I have visited this showroom 3 times in search of outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, every time I have visited I have been totally unimpressed with the sales staff. They have behaved indifferently almost to the point of acting rude. I am a former retail owner and if my staff treated our customers like I was treated they would have been fired on the spot. Sorry RH , you lost my business .

Why the people who WORK...

Why the people who WORK there have such a attitude? Yesterday afternoon... when there to buy a big rug... and a crazy lady who work there...RUDE... VERY RUDE and PUSHY ! i never go back there ... prefer to go to corte madera don't go to the one in SF.... most of the people who work there think they are the client.... no way

This isn't a store...

This isn't a store. It's a showroom. They don't carry inventory here anymore. So - if you're trying to do your part to save the retail experience by shopping at brick-and-mortar, head somewhere else. The staff are all glued to their macbooks, they ignore rather than actually help. I FINALLY found an employee (not help- that would be an inappropriate use of the word) who wasn't staring into a computer screen, and I greeted her. She greeted me back. Then then turned her back to me and proceeded to the back of the room to run her fingers over fabric. I then said "EXCUSE ME - I need some help".. and she sauntered over to "help" me. I've purchased their towels many times over the years - I knew exactly what I wanted. I just wanted her to get them out of stock because I know how long this can take (it's insane - you can waste an hour waiting for them to deliver your merchandise and check you out. But whatever). The quality is good and I figured I could speed things along a bit by telling her up front I'm in a rush. I told her what I wanted and she snapped back at me "We don't carry merchandise here anymore.. We haven't for 2 years." Well excuse me for not coming into your store for 2 years. Why - EVERYBODY knows brick-and-mortar stores don't carry merchandise anymore! Her petulant, arrogant and flat out ugly personality repulsed me. I walked out - sat down at my PC to buy the product I wanted on the website, and had an equally ridiculous experience on their website. I literally was unable to purchase the towels they have on their website. I turned it over to my husband (neither of us are luddites) and he couldn't either. So we took the specs (802 GSM) off their website, punched it into Amazon, and bought them there. For $20 each. RH wants $71. NEVER STEPPING FOOT IN THIS RIDICULOUS PLACE AGAIN.


WOW. I've had terrible delivery experiences on 4 pieces of furniture this year (out of 5). Only one went smoothly. This week it's a coffee table, which I bought as an "in stock" item, purportedly in So Cal when purchased and ready for delivery. It was originally scheduled for Monday January 15th. RH unilaterally changed that to Tuesday the 16th. (Ok, no biggie, I let that slide ...). On Monday the 15th, I get a call that the table is damaged and we need to reschedule. Ugh. We reschedule for Friday the 19th, the earliest possible date. Okay ... Thursday the 18th I get a call, and surprise surprise, the replacement table (which already should have been identified as in perfect condition since it was to replace a broken table, right), was itself also broken. That's two broken tables. I know what you're thinking, "Gosh, that's f'd up." But there's more. I unfortunately had to scream on the phone with their robots to get any service and I was called back on Thursday night. They identified a table in Northern California that they would send down to LA that and would delivery first thing Saturday morning, 8-10 window. Okay, what else am I going to do? I am guaranteed that this third table is in perfect condition. Now we are at the 4th delivery window - the 15th, then the 16th, then the 19th, and now the 20th. It's 8:30 Saturday morning, and the phone rings. The THIRD table has a bent leg. So both the first "first quality" replacement that was to come on Friday was damaged, and then the replacement to replace that one was damaged. You cannot make this stuff up. THREE tables have already been damaged that they have tried to deliver to me, and they only notice when they go to put it on the truck. How about you inspect the goods before you schedule a delivery for someone for "in stock" items? Why advertise "in stock" items that are, in fact, broken? Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible., Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible.

My daughter wanted to go here to pick out some things...

My daughter wanted to go here to pick out some things for her apartment. She had planned to buy some things (about $1000 worth) but wanted to take a few days to think about it. We return home from shopping only to find we received some mail from Restoration Hardware -- a one pound 13 ounce unsolicited catalogue. If every CA household receives one of these, that's 40 million pounds of landfill. Guess what? Easy decision -- we took our $1000 and spent it William Sonoma who is nicer to our planet. Check out their commitment --…

I received a dirty leather sofa...

My order was almost $100,000.00 . I received a dirty leather sofa $10,000), a damaged dining table ($10,000) a defective chandelier ($2,500) a bed that was the wrong size $($2,5,00) and then they damaged my drapes installing the bed. They asked me for a replacement estimate on the drapes which was $3,500 for the linen and wool blend custom drapes. They offered me $400.00. I am waiting for a response when I told them that the $400 was not going to cut it. They said they would file a claim. I haven't heard from anyone. Today they had scheduled the delivery of the replacement dining table. They told me I would get a phone call for a delivery time window. Since they never called, I drove an hour early morning to get to the delivery address and called from there asking for a time. Without going into the 89 minutes I sat on hold or the 14 phone calls from various customer service reps that did t know what was going on, it turns out my table didn't end up on the truck. They said they would come between 5 and 6 pm. Then they called to say they couldn't come at all. I'm still waiting for service regarding my defective chandelier. Long story short- it's not worth it!

Avoid like the plague...

Avoid like the plague. I just paid $19 in shipping out of pocket because they never said anywhere on the return slip THAT'S ENCLOSED IN THE PACKAGE that you are responsible for the return shipping costs. To the contrary, the return slip actually states that all you have to do is bring it to any carrier. Anybody would interpret that as this as a paid return slip! I have no idea why you would think otherwise if they are including it in your package! After I got screwed I looked on their website and they had nothing about paying for the return shipping costs either. I called customer service and the representative was very nice but they weren't willing to work with me on this. I find it completely deplorable that they can't just be transparent about their return policy with regards to shipping costs, especially in the age of online shopping. All they'd have to do is put a single sentence on the enclosed return slip AND a sentence on the website clearly stating the policy. Had I known this, I NEVER would have gone to the post office and shipped it back. I would have just driven to the Restoration Hardware across town. I will never shop here again, and I will be warning others all across the Internet about them.

I went to the SF store...

I went to the SF store and found it extremely unfriendly and unhelpful. In fact they told me to go look up what I wanted online. I received a catalog in the mail and was tempted so I ordered a bunch of stuff from their website. Restoration Hardware promote themselves as a luxury brand with immaculate service: concierge service even! Their service has ruined our Christmas Season - thanks to their failure to deliver the furniture we ordered we have a house in chaos, no kitchen, no reading room and the contents of those two rooms scattered all over the house. They promised delivery on Dec 19th, when we phoned to ask where was it we discovered our entire order had been erroneously put on Hold by someone but the concierge dealing with us failed to fix this or inform us. Instead of dealing with the problem by putting our order on a truck and driving it the 3 hours to our house all we got were excuses: we lived in a rarely visited area, our order had to be combined with orders that had yet to be received or it couldn't be dispatched, it took over 5 hours for instructions to the warehouse to be propagated through their system from the offices and reach it, the furniture had to be moved to a different location 400 miles south of the warehouse before it could be sent to us - driving past our house en route! It was ludicrous nonsense. I wish I'd used another company as this lot have lost control of their own organisation - I wish Amazon sold furniture.

My husband and I came into the store...

My husband and I came into the store to purchase a sofa bed. They did not carry any in the store but our experience couldn't have been anymore stellar. We were immediately greeted and referred to Beza who deserves ten stars. Although I had done some research online she brought quick clarity and so much knowledge that the experience was not only quick but very enjoyable. Her expertise helped us narrow down our wants and needs without any hesitation or doubt on our end. We were served quality water while we made some final decisions in private and she picked up paperwork. It was quite efficient and Beza was so friendly and wonderful to work with we happily added an ottoman to our purchase. I don't know if employees work on commission but Beza definitely deserves it. Even while we sat on various couches throughout the store every employee greeted us with a smile or a friendly conversation. It wasn't overbearing and we will definitely purchase more from this store as needed. Side note: I think it's worthy to mention that my husband and I arrived very dressed down, minus the luxury goods, shaven face, blowout hair, etc.... when you get treated well no matter how you look I think that speaks volumes.

The BEST and Friendliest staff...

The BEST and Friendliest staff at any retail store in the Bay Area! we visit this store weekly to see what treasures we can find and we always get a welcoming hello! They have alot of brand new items that that are straight out of the boxes and the prices are very affordable for the quality of furniture, so thank you RH corporate! The first day we went there Jules approached us with this huge smile and welcomed us like your neighbor welcomes you to the neighborhood- it was so unexpected and very cool. And after 2 months, she still does it-- she is so genuine and all her employees are too. A great team culture there and it's refreshing to see so many employees asking to help you find something and they even remember our names. This is our favorite place to shop for sure! CW

We made a special trip to this outlet...

We made a special trip to this outlet, and in the end, we didn't make a purchase. We were looking to see if they had any lighting or counter stool options. They had a few, but nothing that we were interested in. The selection is okay. If you're looking for Cloud couches, they definitely had several in stock. Many of the chandeliers were damaged or had missing pieces. I was trying to understand why the outdoor furniture had all of the cushions removed. You had to buy them separately. I mean, is that how you purchase them in the regular store? I'm not quite sure. If so, fine. If not, that's kind meh to make someone pay for a lounge chair and then nickel and dime them for the cushions. As far as the discount is depends on you and your budget. Don't come here looking for Home Goods or Living Spaces prices. Trust. The items will still be pretty expensive for the average consumer. Also, I never like when people say, "I SAVED _____ DOLLARS!" Nah. You didn't SAVE anything. You just spent LESS than what you would have normally paid. Happy Hunting!

FINALLY, a restoration hardware outlet...

FINALLY, a restoration hardware outlet in the East Bay... This store is great! I was one of the first few to come on opening day right when they opened. I scored some really great pieces at amazing prices. 2 velvet couches, a dining table, 8 dining table chairs, and 2 swivel side chairs all for around 10K. While that may seem like a hefty sum for an outlet, I ended up saving about 12K. Everything I purchased did end up being in great to excellent condition but they do have pieces that have flaws. Also note that they were doing 40% off the entire store.. I think their promotional sales change from time to time. Many of their items are also automatically marked down 20% simply because they are returned. Minus the one star for some of the rude staff that don't even say hello when you walk in.. there are some great associates though. David, Shahpar, and Kelly- thank you for being so so kind and helpful!!! Side note: keep in mind that they do not deliver anything you purchase so you just find your own way of transporting the merchandise yourself! If you are a member and have paid for the $199 shipping, that does not apply.

Great experience...

Great experience at this location! Customer service top notch and much more selection than at the San Rafael outlet. Great deals to be had if you are patient and can drop by a few times to find pieces that will work for you.

A lot of the couches...

A lot of the couches look used with sunken in seating cushions, dirty, or scratched up. The selection is meh. And you want how much for it?? Not even the 40% off will make it worth it. Just for the name brand? No thanks. Wait, and there's no delivery???

The best RH outlet!

The best RH outlet! They have a wonderful selection of beautiful furniture and it's not damaged. Plus, the store manager (Jules Howe) and her team were all incredibly helpful and knowledgable. They went above and beyond to help me. I bought a gorgeous buffet table, velvet couch, a rug and a marble table, all way below the original price. Hands down the best RH store. We'll be back in for our chairs :)

Finally a restoration hardware

Finally a restoration hardware outlet in our backyard..the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable.....the items available are all beautiful and not banged up like other RH outlets...

This is an awesome place...

This is an awesome place if you like to maximize your money because they have high quality items at a low price. I was there earlier this week and Jules and Angela where very helpful. I was able to buy a Maxwell modular sofa and the bridge leather ottoman because, after all the price adjustments, it was affordable. These pieces had a 30% off to start with. Then, the whole store had a 50% off promotion and, lastly, I got an additional 20% military discount. Transportation was a problem, but I rented a Budget Cargo Van, conveniently located half a mile a way, for $15 per day plus 65 cents a mile. I highly recommended the Pleasenton RH outlet!

I had an opportunity to buy...

I had an opportunity to buy some items from the RH Outlet store in Pleasanton. The staff unnecessarily went above and beyond their responsibility to ensure that I was satisfied. I don't write many reviews, but personally couldn't be more pleased with both the store and their staff. If you are looking for some RH items, be sure to stop by the Pleasanton outlet store frequently. There are some great deals and an outstanding staff. A+!

Amazing furniture, wonderful staff!

Amazing furniture, wonderful staff! I've been a fan of RH furniture for years, love the design and quality. I had a rare incident happen with a Vintage French round side chair that I purchased from the Pleasanton Outlet store. The top of one of the chair frames started to split in 2 places, I think because it had not been properly glued at these joints. I was very surprised, as I've always found RH to be top quality. Since this was a highly unusual occurrence, I called the manager, Jules. She said to bring the chair in. Sonia and Thomas were there the next week when I came in. They immediately replaced the chair from their floor stock without further discussion. Because of the great deals at RH Outlets, they usually have an as-is, no returns policy. But once their staff saw this chair, they immediately made things right. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the quality customer service at the Pleasanton RH Outlet. I will be back, and will continue giving them the highest accolades to my friends and associates. Thank you Sonia & Thomas!

This store might be worth

This store might be worth checking out if you're in the area. I drove quite a while to get here, was pretty disappointed. I and am familiar with the Pottery Barn warehouse in Alameda. Unlike PB, this store is primarily stocked with returned/damaged items -- vanities with chips in the marble, furniture that is warped/dented, chandeliers missing all glass, etc. There are just a few workers on the floor, who all appear to be busy, so it's difficult to get anyone to help you (I ended up asking the guys who load/unload the items, who didn't know anything about the items I needed help with). Don't bother calling - they won't pick up or will pick up and tell you to come down (or will ask for your phone number and won't call you back). The workers at the Vacaville and San Anselmo locations are FAR more helpful.

I purchased the ivory and reclaimed wood

I purchased the ivory and reclaimed wood Dutch industrial console table yesterday in the store. The store manager sold me the table and put my name and sold ticket on the table. When I went today with my husband to pick it up it was no where to be found. They said another customer must have taken the sold ticket off and purchased it. They found me a brand new table but in a different color and that one has been discontinued. I now have to paint the metal hardware to match my decor. I'm very disappointed that the store didn't shrink wrap the item like they said they would do. There are better ways to handle sold items then the system they have. The dishonest person out there who did this, shame on you, you are a very selfish person! I can only imagine what other dishonest things you do... Its a nice store, but if you go there make sure they get the thing shrink wrapped asap before some other dishonest person comes along! RH change your system there's better ways of handling sold items.

This is by far the best

This is by far the best restoration hardware outlet!! The second I walked in or called someone went above and beyond to help me find what I was looking for. They even took down my number and contacted me daily so that I could find my item. Ask for Jules, she is simply the best!! She will take great care of you. She is my go to girl now for any RH needs!!!

Jules is a fantastic manager!

Jules is a fantastic manager! So helpful and she has a delightful personality. Love restoration hardware outlet!

Love that they opened one in Pleasanton

Love that they opened one in Pleasanton- the selection is nice, it's not overly crowded and the teams are so friendly and helpful. I can't wait to continue to find pieces for our house. Highly recommend!

I need a dining room table

I need a dining room table and chairs and decided to visit this showroom. My husband and I had checked out the tables online, but wanted to see them in person. They had a few tables. We were interested in the St James table and fortunately they had one. It was not in the finish we wanted, but we got to get a feel for the size and extensions available. Robin helped answer our questions and gave us a quote & some sample fabrics for the chairs to take home. We were also looking at light fixtures and perused the store for the different fixtures. It was helpful to see the table and chairs and light fixtures in person.

Do not, do not, do not

Do not, do not, do not. I warn you, do not. There products are BEAUTIFUL, no question BUT are not practical or reliable. I purchased nearly 30k worth of product from them, faucets, showers etc. for the remodel of my home. I have had nothing but problems. Getting into a wall when a valve or a seal fails is no fun! 6 months into using, two have failed so far and I'm dreading the day the other 6 do. 2/8 have failed. Please please spare yourself the nightmare and give your business to another more reputable company.

Restoration Hardware's policies and product quality

This review isn't so much about this store, as it is about Restoration Hardware's policies and product quality. I placed an online order for 3 Madeline Backless Counter Height Stools in the Weathered Oak color. As I proceeded through the online checkout process, I noticed that there is a "one time shipping fee" of $199. I called the Walnut Creek Store to ask for clarification. The young woman on the phone politely confirmed that it would cost $199 to ship the three stools. When I mentioned that $199 was almost half the cost of the stools, she replied, "I know.But just think......You can furnish your your whole house, and still only pay $199 shipping!" Ya gotta be kidding! I had to order these stools, because our island counter is an usual height and these stools fit our counter. (And decor.) So I bit the bullet and placed the order. The very next day, I received l call from RH. The rep wanted to confirm my order and set up a delivery time. The stools were scheduled for delivery in three days. The night before delivery, I received a phone call giving me 2hr. window for delivery. The next day, within the two hr. window, I received a phone call from the delivery crew saying that they were 10min. away. Within 10 min., the crew delivered my 3 stools. I'm giving 1 star for the excellent delivery process. Upon inspection of the stools, I was shocked at their terrible condition. After removing the "Made in China" sticker, it became apparent that the stools had no finish on them.......They're made of very dry, bare wood. Fortunately, I restore and paint furniture as a hobby. So I thought, "I'll just wax these stools, and they'll be fine." Well.......Upon waxing the stools (Which took 3 hrs. for each one." The rough, jagged planing scars became quite obvious. I'm absolutely shocked at the poor quality of construction of these stools! I'm sure RH would say that this is the "style" of the stools. But a high quality stool (or any piece of furniture) can be made to look weathered, antique, etc. without sacrificing quality of workmanship. Style has no bearing on the structure or materials. I really dislike making negative comments, but.......Unless you're a person who is experienced in furniture repair, I would completely avoid purchasing these stools. They are waste of money. :(

Horrible place

Horrible place. I wonder why it's not already closed. Bad customer service, some what interesting yet over priced items.

I have shopped at RH for years

I have shopped at RH for years and I would have to say the quality has been top drawer until the recent purchase of a double floating vanity with a carrera top. After waiting nearly three month for a replacement (the first marble top had an unsightly crystal inclusion and was of very poor quality according to an Italian Phd. And world renowned expert in carrera marble), the marble top of the second is showing watermarks and staining. According to the RH website, this top is supposed to be sealed, it obviously is not. There are additional "manufacturing" imperfections. I WOULD NEVER BY ANY NATURAL STONE PRODUCTS FROM RH. There is no quality control.

What is not to love about this place?!

What is not to love about this place?! Beautiful furniture beautiful fixtures beautiful everything!!! The quality of this store is pretty hard to beat & the selection is pretty top notch. I recently have added a few light fixtures from here to my house & am one happy customer as a result! If you're looking to give your house that extra modern touch this is your store! Everything here is absolutely stunning & wont let you down!

Nice furniture and choices

Nice furniture and choices, but way overpriced. Be expected to pay big, even though a lot of the items are damaged. Hence the discount, slight as it .

My favorite furniture store

My favorite furniture store. Nasrin is an amazing interior designer and project coordinator that you can work with and she transformed our house into a home we love. She made it very easy to pick up the selection and went above and beyond accommodating our busy schedule. Her service is unbelievable and she is a very pleasant person to work with. Happy with the delivery. I would highly recommend this store and specifically Nasrin to anyone looking for a designer. She really listens and puts a lot of energy, taste and effort.

I've enjoyed RH designs

I've enjoyed RH designs and have made several purchases. I am remodeling my home and wanted to purchase several items on their credit card and have them all delivered together because of the $199 shipping charge. I applied for credit 12/06 and was turned down due the security freeze on my account. I turned off the freeze and reapplied before the 30 day wait they requested. My bad. So I called RH and asked if there was anything else I could do to get the credit going. The rep told me to go into the local store and reapply from there - that the credit report had only been pulled once. I followed her suggestion and received another letter from Comenity Bank saying that I would now need to wait until February 10 before reapplying. I called RH customer service new accounts again: the woman who answered couldn't have been more disinterested. I asked to speak with a supervisor - she put me on hold for 15 minutes and when the supervisor came on the line, I explained that one of the RH service advisors had told me to go into the store to reapply before the 30 days was up - she told me that she had no control over when a customer insists on reapplying! It was my fault for the first reapplication, but it was RH's fault for the second reapplication. Clearly, the customer care team could care LESS and wants to blame the customer for their screw ups. I'm done with this business.

Just want to give a shout out to Debbie

Just want to give a shout out to Debbie. When I first sat down on a deep sofa, Debbie proactively explained the different depths of the sofa although she appeared to be busy at that moment. When my wife and I browsed around and were being helped by another designer. Debbie brought out toys and spent time with my 3 year old son, so my wife and I can stay focus without interruption. Debbie is awesome. We look forward to purchasing products at RH Walnut Creek thanks to the great experience.

Why I keep returning to Restoration Hardware...

Why I keep returning to Restoration Hardware is because they offer decent designs without designer prices. With that in mind, expect the quality to be inconsistent. Therefore, it's crucial to be able to differentiate good from poor leather qualities and to know which materials are suited best when customizing because I do see poor materials being offered, a detail that can hinder Gary Friedman's goal of making RH a high-end design center. I don't consider RH store employees "design professionals" or even knowledgeable sales rep, especially at this location. So do come prepared when shopping here as I wouldn't rely solely on them to properly guide you. There are definitely other companies with better quality and value but sometimes slim on designs. However, quality always wins because, if you have a great eye, you can make any well-made, ugly sofa look good.

I have had such a great experience...

I have had such a great experience working with Kim A. at Restoration Hardware in Walnut Creek. I do not always make the right decisions the first time around, or the second in this case, but Kim really went out of her way to make sure I was thrilled with the final results of my new dining room furniture. Twice I wasn't happy with the dining table I had picked out (same table different sizes) and Kim allowed me to return them each time until we choose a completely different table that I absolutely love! Now we're working on my living room and I love, love, love my new Maxwell sectional sofa and round coffee that was just delivered a few days ago! I need a few more pieces to complete my look so I'll be making an appt with Kim, who I might add, feels like visiting with a fun friend!

Unbelievably snobby sales people...

Unbelievably snobby sales people. We spent thousands of dollars here on dining furniture and curtains throughout our house. Every time I set foot in the store, I'd have to beg a sales person for help. Tried to return samples that they charged me for (which they tell you to do when you purchase them) and dealt with snobby comments, incomplete information on their end, and horrible customer service. Our house is still in progress, but I won't purchase another thing from this store. Mostly because I don't want to deal with their rude sales people. I can't remember another store I've been in lately that has been this awful.

While there are many nice...

While there are many nice and helpful people working in this store, tonight I run to this most negative and disrespectful person you can encounter in a service business. I have always had good experience visiting this store but not tonight. Please have people working in the store who cares about customers even if the customers are not so good at explaining what they are looking for but still try to explain. You juts need to be more patient and caring. That's all it matters.

I didn't want to have a negative experience...

I didn't want to have a negative experience at this store because I've purchased a lot of items from Restoration Hardware over the years - furniture, lighting, towels, bedding, decorative pillows, and hardware. I am and have been an RH Member since the program was introduced. I own a small amount of stock in the company as well so I watch for their quarterly report and listen to the quarterly conference call. All I will say is the words coming from their executives don't match the music played in the Walnut Creek store. It's too bad, really, because the story that is told quarterly is a good one. My recent experience is with the store's "design services". I agree with other reviewers that this cannot be mistaken for interior design, but I thought I would take advantage of the available help to purchase new coffee and end tables, lighting, and artwork for my great room and to work with my nearly new Restoration Hardware sofa and loveseat. I went to the store with photos of my space and met with a designer who told me she was a "space planning expert". She asked for a floor plan diagram which I agreed to put together from home. I thought it a little odd that we didn't discuss style much so I offered that I am more drawn to the "modern" collection and that I want to avoid anything too industrial looking in the room. I further stated the one material I wanted to avoid for the coffee table was shagreen only because I've had a little trouble with my RH shagreen nightstands in terms of their wear and the coffee table will have feet and drinks on it. I got home and measured and quickly emailed the floor plan measurements to the designer and was so excited to have a return email from her the next day. Strangely the coffee table specified was shagreen and the end tables and lamps were heavy metal and very industrial looking. I didn't hate any of it, it just was exactly what I had asked to avoid. I could have worked with it a bit in terms of the sizes of things if the pieces specified were scaled properly. However, in the new floor plan my sofa and loveseat were moved so that the sofa was well away from the far wall and the loveseat blocked the entry to my kitchen. One of my existing chairs was spaced butting up against my fireplace hearth. This created two 6 foot or so "blank" spaces on the room's opposing walls that were left "empty". Thinking this had to be in error I sent a note to the designer and so she could see what I was seeing I actually moved the existing furniture to what was specified in her floor plan and included a photograph with my email. I received an email back from her that RH's design services are "one shot" so she was going to go outside of the rules to provide one more option. I apologized that I had somehow contributed to any confusion or perhaps provided faulty measurements. I very quickly received the promised second floor plan that still had one chair "in" my fireplace and didn't move the sofa or loveseat so I still had a blocked entry to the kitchen and a 6 foot empty space between the sofa and the far wall. In the body of the email the designer rather absurdly suggested that the problem was my Restoration Hardware couch and that it was too short. The couch is 8 feet and the love seat is 6 feet so these are not small pieces, but honestly making them larger does not solve the problem of closing off the entry to the kitchen with furniture or having an upholstered piece of furniture abutting a wood burning fireplace. For a company that is trying to differentiate itself in the retail furniture space with executives visualizing and creating beautiful spacious galleries with complete room examples and employees who are "designers" and can translate customer spaces using RH furniture, it would seem to me that at least the Walnut Creek store has a ways to go.

I admire a lot of their merchandise...

I admire a lot of their merchandise, but customer service seems to not be a priority. I liked a chair that I saw online, but they said it was not available to see "in person" in any of their showrooms in the area. I asked if I could order it and have it delivered to the WC store so I could try it out first. Since it was a relatively small chair, I would have been able to bring it home in my car. I was told "No," and that it could only be delivered to my house for $199. Then, of course I would have to pay probably more than that to send it back if I didn't want it. The chair itself was $350. Do the math and go figure. They are getting crossed off my list of places to shop.

We had planned to purchase some living room furniture...

We had planned to purchase some living room furniture from this location and went in to test them out. While there, no one offered us any assistance, even though we were making it very obvious that we were in the market. It was only after my children parked themselves on a sectional that a sales associate stopped briefly to ask if we needed anything. I told her yes, and she said someone would be by to help us as soon as possible. Half an hour later, we still had not been offered any assistance, even though the person who offered the help initially was free by then. Instead, she went up to another family that had just walked in. I guess we didn't look worthy of a sale--so she just lost herself a hefty one. Based on that experience, I won't be spending any of my money at this RH.

Don't even get me started on this place...

Don't even get me started on this place. I mean, everything from the customer service to the quality of the items they sell is piss poor. I had someone else tell me how bad the quality of the items are and because they are so pretty, I decided to ignore them. Bad idea. My vanity is already chipping (it's maybe 3 months old). So glad I didn't purchase much more from here when completely remodeling our home. I also had to wait like 45 minutes for my appointment. That's right, I made an appointment and STILL had to wait forever. Wtf? No thanks.

They no longer sell switch plates in stores...

They no longer sell switch plates in stores. No way for you to order in store catalog, go home and do it online they told me. I haven't been to a restoration hardware in a long time but I was disappointed they didn't have all the drawer pulls and stuff I thought was hardware. They seems to sell mostly furniture and chandeliers.

At this point my house is starting to look like an RH catalog

At this point my house is starting to look like an RH catalog. Everyone who walks in compliments how lovely it's coming together. Brandon N. is the best designer and has an amazing sense of style. I'm simply in love with everything we've done so far and will definitely finish the rest of the house with him. Couldn't recommend working with him more!

I bought my first house here...

I bought my first house here in SLC last year. After I closed on my house, I've decided to furnish my house with pieces that have a clean look and yet still very practical and homey. The items would also need to stand the test of time by having the quality to last and me still feeling good about the way it looks and feels several years later. Restoration Hardware's style of furniture is bold and sophisticated -but I'm sure if you're reading this, you know that already. So I'm going to write about something you may not know... its staff and customer service. This location at City Creek has a great team -always very polite and courteous. There were issues with my order due to vendor production and delays. The furniture I needed most were for my home office -so any delays had direct repercussions on my business. Long story short, The Customer Service team (lead by Kristie) understood my concerns and went above and beyond my expectations. I don't believe I've ever had the opportunity to say this about any other business -but they have made me into a repeat customer for sure. Thank you for the excellent customer service!

Restoration Hardware is an upscale furniture store

Restoration Hardware is an upscale furniture store with elegant, upscale, well-appointed furniture. If you host dinner parties, weekend in the Hamptons, vacation in the south of France, or just want to show that you use C-notes for Kleenex, this is the place for you. The first issue: Prices. To me, 10 grand is not a clearance price for an area rug. 7 grand is not a good price for a sectional. And the towels, OMG, you'll want them to have their own Hyperbaric chamber after you see these prices. Second issue: Very little color. If you like beige, off-white, gunmetal gray, vanilla, eggshell, ivory, etc., you'll feel at home. The founder Stephen Gordon must have been neglected Crayolas in his youth, as the options are minimal. However, I definitely recommend taking a roll through their excellent showroom. Steal some great ideas, and buy at IKEA.

Restoration Hardware furnished my second home

Restoration Hardware furnished my second home in park city. They cannot figure out how to ship product once it is purchased. That's all they do, sell furniture and deliver it. They can even look at inventory availability and have dates when it will be sent out and still can't get it done. My last order was over nighted twice and they still screwed it up. Nine days later, the order is open, I still don't have the product that was to be overnited. How can product be overnighted twice and still not get delivered in 9 days? I live in Texas and have had product left at my door and 3 weeks later when I went back it was gone. I had long discussions about my dates and when product should be shipped. They screwed it ip every time. These guys are terrible at delivery of product. They have a beautiful showroom and nice products. They have no quality control measures. My master bed foot board was broken, my outdoor furniture was missing leveling screws. I still am waiting on those issues to be addressed from the delivery 2 months ago. Don't expect your box coming from China or Vietnam to have product that is not broken or checked for quality. They will deliver broken products and ask what you want to do about it. These guys will be out of business if they can't get the delivery chain under control and have the ability to actually get product that is not damaged to the customer. They have high turn over. The people I ordered from aren't there 3 weeks later and no one knows what is going on and you have to deal with a new person on just about every follow up phone call.

I walked in wanting to purchase some side table

I walked in wanting to purchase some side table lamps but had no one ever came up to offer their assistance. It is a gallery showroom and not a retail store and we were aware of that. Will not return since my first impression was unfriendly.

I'd be OK just moving into Restoration Hardware...

I'd be OK just moving into Restoration Hardware. Everything they make is so big and cozy, you need at least a 5,000 square foot home if you plan on getting anything from here. It's not for the small walleted either. This place gets pricey. But everything is of a great quality, so if it's something that you can afford, you should do it...and know that you'll make me jealous. Apparently now they're changing their entire business model and are doing more of a modern design theme where you pay an interior designed to decorate your space, and they pass along a 20 percent discount on any furniture purchased directly through Restoration Hardware. This is where I come when I feel a lack of motivation at work, and need to become inspired as to why I work 60 hours a week...the reason? Because I want a freaking $10,000 couch from Restoration Hardware.

Sometimes I go there just to relax

Sometimes I go there just to relax. It's beautiful. The people are nice but won't jump on you to sell you something.

Gigi and her team at the Palo Alto Restoration Hardware

Gigi and her team at the Palo Alto Restoration Hardware is amazing!! She knows her customers needs and always go above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. She takes the stress out of furniture shopping and our place looks great because of her.

$2000 for a queen size bed

$2000 for a queen size bed, as a "member". The slats that hold the mattress have busted. My daughter is only 100 pounds and does not jump on this bed. Looking at the slats, they aren't even made of wood. Looks like compressed cardboard / particle board. Such a rip off. I should have purchased from Ethan Allen, at least when I buy from them the furniture is made in America.

We purchased a leather beanbag chair

We purchased a leather beanbag chair. It arrived lacking enough fill to comfortably sit in. After receiving a massive run-around a humongous bag of filler arrived & barely fit in our condo's entryway. The filler got everywhere. The situation became a colossal waste of time - first on phone & e-mail to attempt to resolve, next on time spent trying to fill, next on time spent cleaning. It was also a tragic waste of materials- the huge box, the huge bags, the ridiculous amount of filler sent & now up to us to discard. This item & the customer service experience has been a very large disappointment. Buyer Beware when buying here.

I bought bathroom fixtures from Restoration Hardware

I bought bathroom fixtures from Restoration Hardware. Nickel plated. The soap dish, within 1 month, already started to deteriorate. I contacted them and they said I must have put something caustic in it. What I put in it was a bar of soap! After all it's a soap dish. They refused to do anything about it and it's only gotten worse. No finish even left on part of the soap dish. DO NOT buy fixtures from them. Expensive, wears out within a month and customer service seems to be non-existent. Never helped me, not even offerred to replace it. A real rip-off.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware (RH) does not allow reviews on its website and I now understand why. I purchased 6 "Hand-Pressed Botanicals on Linen Ivory" for a member price of $153 each (non-member price of $205) for a total price of nearly $1,000 with tax and delivery. Each botanical is one of a kind but RH makes the selection, not me. Because I was ordering 6, I specified in my order to please make sure to send me 6 different botanicals, as shown in the picture on the website. I received 4 yellow roses, a fern, and a greenery. So, I called and they sent me new ones (again a few yellow roses). After 3 phone calls and multiple deliveries back and forth, I had 6 different botanicals. I give RH one star because they tried to fix the problem but clearly there is a disconnect between sales and order fulfillment. No other stars because the frames are cheap (I've seen better quality in Target).

The absolute worst consumer fraud store ever

The absolute worst consumer fraud store ever. Beware do not ever shop at RH. They lie, provide no customer service, fraudulently will Charge your credit card and I'm surprised are even still in business at the ridiculous prices they perpetrate on consumers.

The furniture looks good

The furniture looks good but it's not functional. Made more cheaply than IKEA and the customer service is awful.

I had never been in a Restoration Hardware before

I had never been in a Restoration Hardware before. You know those dystopian movies where society kills you for having emotions? I think that's the vibe they're going for. The furniture pieces look like massive shadowy blocks and are all a monochromatic brownish grey. It's the kind of place that feels cold even if it isn't. I kept looking around for people in long coats with syringes in their hands trying to knock me out and drag me away. Not sure this is the consumer experience they're going for, but it was vivid.

This is for their online portion

This is for their online portion: They are terrible! I have had a hamper on back order since May!!!! We called it won't be in until August! They said they have 28 in BACKORDER! Really???? This is the last time I order from this company. They sent the liner, which you have to order separately, within a month.

Terrible corporation

Terrible corporation with zero social responsibility (10 pounds catalogues sent arount) and semi-criminal membership techniques (no notice of renewal, charging credit cards). Quality of goods also went down in the last 4-5 years.

I ordered the Maxwell sofa & chaise lounge

I ordered the Maxwell sofa & chaise lounge February 2019 and received it in May 2019. The sofa had a flaw in the fabric so RH said they would replace it after I sent photos to them . In July 2019 I received the replacement sofa/chaise and the chaise had a seam running across the center of the seat cushion (which was not there on the original chaise). Once again they agreed to replace after sending them photos of the first & second chaise I received (one with the seam and one without). Upon receiving the third sofa/chaise several weeks again (November 2019), the chaise still had the seam and I refused delivery. I have spoken to numerous customer service reps who now tell me the chaise now comes with a seam; however, I was referred back to the RH showroom sales person and am still awaiting a response to see how this matter will be resolved.

Even if a purchase is made

Even if a purchase is made for a Christmas present, which typically is purchased a couple of weeks beforehand, the policy is only store credit. Almost all purchases will be past the lame 30 day policy. Horrible customer service inside the store. The manager was unhelpful, rude and condescending.

I went into Palo Alto RH

I went into Palo Alto RH to purchase a coffee table and a console table. There were at least two young women employees on their laptops, not with customers, and they never acknowledged me or offered to help. It's unbelievable that the store has such poor customer service. I'll buy my tables elsewhere.

In February, we shopped online

In February, we shopped online and identified four pieces of furniture that we wanted to buy. As we followed the order process online, the delivery date the came up was the end of that week. We decided we would go to the Palo Alto store to see the wood colors in person and place the order at the store with a live person who could answer questions. When the sales representative began the order process, it showed the end of the week as the delivery date. But, when you actually placed the order, the delivery date was a mystery. Since we live in the area part time, the delivery date was important because we obviously would have to be in town to receive the furniture. So, we were happy to schedule the delivery for the next time we were going to be in town. However, we got a call at the end of that week, while we were 50 miles away to say that the delivery of two of the pieces was on its way. No notification the day before or even hours before. We couldn't be there in time, so we told them to return the pieces. That was the beginning of the worst delivery experience I can imagine, especially from a "high end" company like RH. Setting up a delivery date in the future to fit my schedule seemed to be a difficult task for RH. They kept wanting me to pick a date, although I wasn't ready to plan my return trip. We were told we had three months to take delivery. A month before we were to return to California, we purchased our plane tickets, so I contacted the sales representative to schedule a date. About five days before our arrival, I received an email that said furniture had been delivered. How could furniture be delivered when no one was home? I contacted the Palo Alto sales representative. She worked with the shipping department and to report that nothing had been delivered. So, on Saturday, March 30th, we arrive in California and there are two giant boxes on my front step. $900 worth of furniture sitting on the front step of a condo for five days. How lucky it didn't rain, and how lucky, no one stole it. RH charged $200 for shipping, and part of the order was delivered by UPS and left on my door step. I called RH in Palo Alto on Monday to talk to someone about this order. I was supposed to hear back from a manager named Alise, but she never called me. I was holding off on this review because I thought she would call me back and return some of the shipping costs. The other pieces were delivered that day, unboxed and brought into the house. We became members because we are ready to update our furniture in our 2,500 square foot home in another location and thought we would shop at RH. I'm afraid to shop there again. We have had no delivery problems with companies like Wayfair and Crate and Barrel. I'm sorry to write such a long review about the poor delivery experience. The furniture is nice, but the shopping experience was horrible.

I didn't believe the negative ratings

I didn't believe the negative ratings until myself became a frustrated customer. Ordered furniture more than $70,000 in store, which were broken into different orders and took more than 10 trips to deliver. I have to wait for all the back orders and the defected item to be fixed. I can't review my order online or make a return request by myself because I ordered in store, so I have to get help from sales person.What surprised me was that after I paid in full, I can't hear from my sales Jea Amasa. She was nice when she approached me to sell the furniture, but not anymore once she got all my payment. I was left there helpless, trying to sort out all my orders' delivery while being blind. After numerous emails, I was finally directed to Jennifer Moss, who apparently didn't care about customer at all, and never really wanted to help. Several items were defaulted and had to be sent back, but half a year has passed, I haven't got my refund. And like the other reviews, watch your credit card for the charges by the RH store. You'll be surprised at what you find. This is absolutely nonsense, I won't give even one star.

review for absolutely amazing

review for absolutely amazing knowledgeable Michael G. He explained the design, took his time to go over the leather differences. Super professional! Thank you!

Imagine the stupidest men and women on earth

Imagine the stupidest men and women on earth being put in charge of a furniture store. Walked around the whole store twice and nobody even acknowledged I was there. It was as if I was invisible. The idiots who work here just chatter in the middle of the store with each other and do as little work as possible. I finally asked a few questions about sizing and materials for a Maxwell couch and they were unable to answer my questions. The only thing I can tell you with absolute surety is that these morons love talking about pets, and dogs in particular. One person is filling the doggy water bowl while another girl is talking non-stop about her love of dogs and how she wants to own 5 dogs some day. I mean WTF is this place? If Restoration Hardware gave a s@#$ they would notice something is wrong with this place and fire the entire staff and start over with employees who actually cared about their brand and products. Shop elsewhere, unless you enjoy wasting your time and getting pissed off.

Spent HOURS trying to deal with the delivery people

Spent HOURS trying to deal with the delivery people rude .. left me on hold several times for over 20 minutes. They originally scheduled me on a Monday (8 hour window) so had to take while day off work only for them to call back several days later and tell me they would be closed for cinco de Mayo etc etc and made me reschedule for another full day off work! These people a rude and don't care a bit. They leave you on hold , have zero respect for your time and do not stand by their commitments even if made by them. Just awful.

I don't understand how this place has such a low rating

I don't understand how this place has such a low rating. The staffs here aware always helpful and friendly. In fact, they went above and beyond to make sure that we are taken care. We bought a queen size bed from there but unfortunately the railings were wrong. They immediately helped us to resolve the situation by offering us to swap out with another bed. However, my daughter wasn't able to find another one that she liked. What did the RH team do? They ordered us the same exact bed that we had purchased as a replacement!! We couldn't believe it! That's what I call top notch customer service. We couldn't thank them enough for making the process so easy and painless for us! As far as prices go, I think people need to have realistic expectation. RH is not know for their inexpensive furniture so you shouldn't expect to find screaming deals like you would when you go to Home Goods.

I was so excited...

I was so excited to come here because I LOVE Restoration Hardware. But when I got there it was a lot of over priced damaged furniture. I'm sure if you check it out frequently you can find some nice stuff. But it was still WAY over priced.

Super friendly staff...

Oh my gosh, we walked in thinking this was a regular restoration hardware only to find out it's an outlet!! Super friendly staff, checked on us every couple of minutes! We ended up buying two mirrored bedside tables and we love them! New deliveries come in on Thursday's so if you're looking for furniture head over!!

I like deals, I love decor, and I love cool stuff

I like deals, I love decor, and I love cool stuff. I don't get this place. It like a bed bath and beyond shut down, moved out and forgot to do the post clean out move. Then RH moved in the crap that fell off the truck or was in a rollover accident somewhere in the Mojave desert. I have a load of male children. Male children use furniture like playground equipment. Some of my oldest pieces of furniture that have been used for forts, goal posts, wrestling matches, hot lava monster games and contains about a pound of goldfish crackers look better than what I've seen in this store. Maybe it's the name... but a couch that looks like its been hit by a train and is on clearance for $2k is just beyond rational for me.

A unique "outlet" furniture shopping experience

A unique "outlet" furniture shopping experience. You must understand before you go that Restoration Hardware furniture is luxury furniture - these are all pieces that were floor models, returns, or experienced freight damage in transit. This kind of quality is unbeatable though. Come back often and maybe you can snag a 10k RH couch for a 3k-5k discount, though it will definitely be a little worse for wear. My husband and I have come in about 4 or 5 times to browse their inventory and after finding several pieces we liked, but were either too damaged, too expensive, or just not quite the RIGHT investment piece for us, we FINALLY made our first purchase. We are so happy with the Leather Maxwell couch we bought. Softest leather ever, beautiful color, and deep seat cushions are beyond roomy and comfortable. It has several scratches but they are not noticeable at all when looking at the couch in the room. And All leather couches eventually look worn - RH couches wear well. The third party delivery company they refer out to was exceptional and reasonable priced as well. Ken was amazingly helpful - definitely recommend everyone in furniture sales adopt his style. Very laidback, but with a keen eye for what's possible with unique pieces. He furnished his own home with pieces from the RH outlet, and you can tell he's genuine and speaks from experience.

Great to have this in Gilbert

Great to have this in Gilbert. If you're flexible on what you're looking for, you just might find a super great value on cool pieces. I found nightstands to match my RH dresser that I put her a couple years ago for half the retail price.

Sign up for their outlet emails

Sign up for their outlet emails. There are promotions such as 40% or 50% off the entire store. The staff is very helpful. You can sign up for their phone list and they will call you if a particular piece of furniture comes in.

This place is a joke

This place is a joke. Ugly furniture for 10-20 grand. Who the hell are they selling this furniture to? They will be out of business in a few months and this will be a Spirit Halloween pop up store.

Every time I visit this store

Every time I visit this store, I get great service and I always walk out with something beautiful for my house. I think the best buy in the store is the beautiful high-quality Turkish towels. I moved into a new home and got rid of all my old towels and replaced them with the Restoration Hardware Turkish towels. My winter visitors have raved about the towels! I also recently purchased six arm chairs for my kitchen table in the perennial fabric and they are all in perfect condition. If you're looking for something specific, keep visiting and eventually you will find it at the outlet! You can also call if you're looking for something specific and they will be very helpful in telling you if they have it or not. Overall this is a great place to shop!

The RH Outlet opened after w head already purchased

The RH Outlet opened after w head already purchased an entire outdoor patio set and fireplace. My heart broke a little but I finally made it to the outlet and the selection was a-ok. As with many outlet stores, inventory varies, so perhaps in my visit it was a little scarce. Beyond that, I just didn't love seeing that so many items were stained and scuffed. More than the average scratch. White couches seriously looked like they were previously owned. Given that sales are final it's still a pretty big decision to make. I went home empty handed. But I'm no longer curious and wondering if I'm missing out. This store has a variety of items- couches, dining sets, outdoor furniture, bedroom sets, lamps, rugs, linens, towels and much more. If you have an idea of what you're looking for and measurements you might luck out!

Ken took amazing care of our needs

Ken took amazing care of our needs. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable about their products and he also followed up with us to make sure we were able to purchase the pieces we were looking for. We will definitely be back and will ask to work with him. Christina was also a huge help! Thanks RH!

Went there the other day for the first time despite the reviews

Went there the other day for the first time despite the reviews. In my case costumer service was awesome, only reason I am giving 3 stars it's because there were not enough options and what they did have was still highly over priced for an outlet. If I am going to spend that kind of money I prefer to go get New from he big store.


YUCK, don't go unless you want dirty, spotted broken furniture. The fugs looked like they had been sitting on showroom floors. Leather couches looked like they've been in the family for years. Restoration Hardware should have better standards even for an Outlet store.

I'd give em less than one star

I'd give em less than one star, but damn, I can't. The whole concept of this store is just wrong. Damaged furniture, being sold out of this "outlet" at 30% off. It should be way more than 30%. Damaged furniture, I can find that on offerup or let go, for way less. It's an absolute joke. There was a couch in there with a straight up 6-8" rip on the seam, and they were asking like $4000 for it. Seriously!!!! Never coming back here, stay away PLEASE!!!!

If you're going to sell damaged kitchen tables

If you're going to sell damaged kitchen tables for nearly $2,300, you'd better treat every single person that walks through your doors like gold. I went in for the first time on a Friday around lunchtime. There were maybe 2 other customers in the store and at least 4 employees from what I could tell. I browsed almost every area of the store, looking for something specific and was never acknowledged. None of the employees so much as said hello during the 15+ minutes that I was in the store. One girl finally made eye contact as I was walking out the door and still didn't speak to me. I need to purchase several items for my home and will be giving my business to a different company.

Not only is the majority of this stuff garbage

Not only is the majority of this stuff garbage of lesser quality than RH standards of past, it looks like mostly returns that were dropped off the back of a delivery truck and in many cases simply broken and damaged items. Ohh and get this.. Final sale!! Final sale!! Final sale!! Seriously what the heck is wrong with this concept?! What is wrong with us for buying it without being certain. Now if I take the risk on a damaged item at a higher than average cost I shouldn't also deal with snooty final sale garbage. In our case we made a purchase on a weekday for a pickup on the weekend. When we came back we decided it wasn't worth the cost due to condition. That's correct it hadn't even left the store. But we were told Final sale! What a garbage policy for a bunch of damaged junk. BUYER BEWARE!

My Husband and I have been shopping here

My Husband and I have been shopping here for about a year and have had great experiences. There are a lot of good finds! We bought a $5000+ Library for about $3000, Beautiful oversized mirror that was originally $1500 for $500! Throws & towels are all top quality! They get deliveries twice a week. If you like quality furniture it's worth your time.

Be sure to ask for Ken

Be sure to ask for Ken as he is most helpful and has a great eye. You have to be patient in finding gems as RH outlet has a lot of expensive items despite being an outlet.

Yesterday was our first time

Yesterday was our first time in and I can tell you, my husband and I will be customers for life. The staff, especially Jill, are all SO nice and helpful! I'd absolutely recommend stopping in...amazing pieces and amazing staff!

We love restoration hardware furniture

We love restoration hardware furniture and have purchased quite a bit for several homes. Disappointed in the downtown Santa Barbara RH-the designer wasn't too helpful in coming to the home; only wanted to sell and less concerned about the space and other RH furniture already purchased. Annalisa said she couldn't comment on where to place chairs already purchased from RH and could only comment on new purchases made through her. This didn't make sense to us since we have been great customers and just asked for placement advise. Also when you return items, be careful to document everything. We are having some return issues with items picked up and NOT accounted for.

I love this store; not just for the outstandingly beautiful

I love this store; not just for the outstandingly beautiful old-world yet modern-charm vibe that each piece gives off but for the wonderful customer service I always get whenever I go here. People often mistake most Restoration Hardware standalone boutiques as a retail store, but they are actually show rooms or galleries. Mostly everything is ordered through their catalog, and there are very authentic and helpful complimentary design services from people that really know the products to guide you to a design you really like. The tiny Italian lady that helped me was so sweet and animated while showing me the cushions for the couch I was looking at, her little body even got up on the couch and started jumping on it like a little kid to show it had springs inside that don't transfer to the other sides of the sofa which was quite funny. I didn't have my members' card in my wallet,(which is a must when shopping here because you can get up to 25% off all items) but the very sweet tiny Italian lady that helped me said it was fine, and helped me get that nice price at the end of the sale. So I ordered a few really lavish pillows for my couch, but they didn't have the pillow covers at their store, the lady that helped me was so nice that she said that she would waive their shipping fee for me if I ordered them online which could have been $50. I would definitely recommend coming here! I get most of my furniture from Restoration Hardware.

I wish I had read these reviews...

I wish I had read these reviews before going to what WAS a favorite store at 3PM on a slow Sunday afternoon with my daughters, for what I anticipated as a fun shopping trip. Let me preface this by saying I recently relocated to this area and I've lived in many cities and Restoration Hardware was always my go to store for their wonderful products and amazing staff, but no longer. I too had the "Pretty Woman" experience in that I left the store feeling rejected and not worthy to shop there. I felt the staff scanned and equated my casual style of t-shirt and jeans (with a Gucci purse, that they apparently missed) or maybe it was my older age, with someone that can't afford to make a purchase. And, that WAS their big mistake as I walked out and promptly drove the next day to the highly reliable store, Ethan Allen, and made my purchases with Interior Designer, Alicia, who is highly knowledgeable, very helpful, gracious and was happy that I was there. (btw, I was still smarting from the experience at RH) At RH, the clerks passed me off like a bad penny and my daughters and I were continually in search of someone to help me and answer my questions regarding fabrics and sizes. Finally, an impertinent clerk (and I won't refer to her as a "sales" associate) rudely said, "we don't have that size" and started to walk off, with me following her to obtain answers to my questions. When I asked to see the velvet fabrics, she impatiently pointed and said, "here, here, and here", and once again tried to walk off again, with me inquiring to see an example. She then pointed across the room and said, "by the lady in red", leaving me wondering what lady and what various pieces she was referencing...And, then she was gone! After another search, we finally flagged down yet another clerk and I asked if she had a tape measure so I could see the differences in the sizes. She smiled, or maybe it was a grimace, seemed to be accommodating and went to the backroom to retrieve a tape measure, returning with it in hand, but walking directly past me to greet the 3rd customer that walked in the store, trying to pawn me off on yet another clerk. With this, and feeling despondent, I gathered my daughters and walked out. I won't be back...

So disappointing...

So disappointing...not a single customer in the store and the 2 employees I saw were too busy sitting at a table on laptops and never offered us help. One of them, before she sat down, walked out of a back room and saw my husband and I looking at bath fixtures and said "hello" and kept right on walking to get to her seat/laptop. There is so much to chose from on line, why would anyone bother going into the store where no help or customer service is offered anyway? Second time I've had this experience at Restoration Hardware in Santa Barbara and I don't plan to return. Just purchased a home in SB and we need many home furnishing items. To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman....BIG MISTAKE!

Wow, rude. Just rude

Wow, rude. Just rude. Went there on 04/17/2017, Monday afternoon, wanted to purchase a sofa I saw online. Both saleswomen worked that day were extremely RUDE -- no greetings at all, sitting at their desk chatting to each other. Oh and when I looked their way trying to make eye contact with them, they did stop chatting and look at me, for like about 2 seconds, and then, went back doing whatever they were doing without saying a word. Wow, so impressed! I would give negative stars if I could.

I'm not sure what everyone else is complaining about...

I'm not sure what everyone else is complaining about. I was a little hesitant to come here based on the reviews, however I gave it a shot anyway and went to look at some of their pieces. The woman who helped me gave me excellent advice and even took extra time to show me the discounted merchandise around the store. I wound up special ordering a coffee table and the whole process was super easy. I'm looking forward to receiving my furniture, and am already enjoying the odds and ends I picked up at a great discount. I guess the only knock would be that delivery is an additional charge. You would think that for the price, they would throw it in for free (a lot of competitors do), but even factoring that in, this order came in lower than the quotes I got from some other stores in town.

Extremely rude and arrogant sales staff

Extremely rude and arrogant sales staff. From other reviews I see that I am not the only one with this complaint. At the rate brick and mortar retail is disappearing especially on State Street you would think that when a local comes to the store and wants assistance they would be jumping at the opportunity. I will go elsewhere for my purchase.

A subpar furniture store that ironically...

A subpar furniture store that ironically places its importance over its projected image. The peasant service standard contrasts the concept the store owner desperately tries to achieve. Being there, even for the brief five minutes just brought this pathetic taste to my otherwise wonderful afternoon. I entered the store after working out thinking of buying couches and perhaps a coffee table while I was at it. Since I have a restored classic Art Deco loft, I thought some of these things could work at my place. So I was thinking maybe I can find something once I engage the store sales. Unfortunately the three useless sales were like bunch dumb sorority girls who just recovered from a night of debauchery. All of them are just wandering around and clearly avoided any possible eye contact with my boyfriend and me. And honestly if you don't want to even engage in the most basic human contact at least grow a pair and stop looking at the ground. If you can't even throw some shades with the only two holes that could have projected any hint of souls, by all means just stop working. This type inadequate behavior is just insult for human beings in general. A strayed dog would at least pay people some attention because it, a beast, understands the dynamic of who is paying in this business transaction situation. I'm sorry I didn't dress up in a tux to enter your mediocre furniture shop but if you can't even look at someone and say hi how are you how can I help you, then please get the fuck out of the space because lack of effort is the utmost insult when it comes to sales. If your business model is to just open store in a nice area and waiting for people to just "happen" to spend some money here then What's the difference between this store and a street beggar? Homeless definitely hustle harder than this. And for the mediocre items listed in the store you really should give everything you got. If you think you are the Tom Ford of furniture then you are horribly mistaken.

I have no idea why they don't have a higher rating

I have no idea why they don't have a higher rating. My review is for Cynthia who made my Saturday. I've had my eye on their upholstered ottoman as a desk chair. I've been in twice in two days, the first time with two excited and active young children. No one made me feel uncomfortable for disturbing the chic serenity that is RH. (Points!) Today was the day I actually inquired about the piece. Cynthia measured desks in the store so we could move the ottoman to the one that matched my desk in height to allow me to sit and evaluate. Such a big part of the process for me. Imagine my surprise that it was on sale. But the website said it would not be available until December. What ?! Cynthia got on the phone, tracked one down for me, and got it for "furniture delivery" at the UPS price ! (Of $30!!) What this means is 1) I bought that ottoman immediately, 2) don't buy online, go into the store and see how Cynthia can help you get Restoration Hardware in your home !! She's so thorough and friendly, and now has a loyal customer in me!

If there's one thing...

If there's one thing I've learned whilst perusing Restoration Hardware is that clearly rich people prefer dull, muted, depressing colors. I mean, I do like your style, but a little splash of something bright and cheerful wouldn't kill you.

Do you like refinishing furniture by yourself...

Do you like refinishing furniture by yourself in your own home? If this is what you like to do in your spare time then furniture from this place is for you. Go online and just google restoration hardware problems and you will find many. I'm now refinishing the SECOND piece of furniture I got there in 2013. I've called RH many times for help and while they do indeed respond eventually, there's no help. You then have go on the many complaint blogs online or youtube to see how to get the furniture back to looking the way you bought it. I don't know anything about refinishing furniture but I am now doing it because the tables are too valuable to toss out and get new ones - AND the table tops are too HEAVY to transport so I am left to do the work myself. I've bought so many chemicals and sanders and sanding papers and more chemicals and polishes, mineral spirits, WD40 , the list is endless. Again, if this is your hobby then buy this furniture. I would rather be riding my bike up OSM.

We ordered their Piedmont Pedestal Soaking tub...

We ordered their Piedmont Pedestal Soaking tub and tub fill with handheld shower (…) last January of 2014 to take advantage of their annual bath sale promotions at their design store in Santa Barbara, CA. We were told that the tub is custom made so it will take a while to make the tub. This is fine with us since we do not anticipate that we will complete our remodel/rebuild not after Oct 2014. Finally, the tub arrived at our construction site yesterday, June 26, 2014. The tub looks cheaply made. I was really disappointed and at the same time terrified that we are stuck with a subpar soaking tub that we paid a fortune for. Luckily for us, the delivery company that they used to deliver this tub scuffed both ends of the tub. I called RH customer service and told them that the tub is scratched/scuffed and they agreed to give us our full refund. I love RH, in fact about 30% of what is going into our new home are from RH. I agree with one of the reviewers when they stated that ordering furniture and other items that RH carries is a hit and miss. This incident made me really think twice about ordering anymore RH items. I love going to the RH Santa Barbara store on State ST. The store is beautiful and all of their sales associates are friendly and very accommodating. This review is for the quality of the tub and not their customer service. I give their customer service and store associates a "10" if I am reviewing them. However, I give this tub "0000" or no stars if I can.

They do not have any stock of most items

They do not have any stock of most items. You have to order them. It took three weeks to receive my item. First they lied to me as to the shipping date, 12/27/2013. Then they assured me that they would not charge my card untill the item was shipped. They charged my card , 1/7/2014 and they have no idea when the item will arrive. Unless this company changes their game, I would avoid doing business with them.

What the ? None of the furniture on the floor

What the ? None of the furniture on the floor is available for sale? EVERYTHING must be ordered from the catalogue and sent to your home....excellent business model. This explains why the company is where it is I guess. No mystery here.

My overall experience with this store was decent

My overall experience with this store was decent. We had to jump through several hurdles and had a lot of difficulty placing our order. I've never had such difficulty getting a store to just take my money! Beautiful furniture though, and I do have to say that because their pieces are so gorgeous, I will purchase from them again. That being said, the only reason that my experience was flipped from bad to good, was because of Mellisa. She was absolutely amazing! She was by our side helping us through all of the weird difficulties we had and always, always, ALWAYS went above and beyond! I think most sales people would have been mildly annoyed with all of the work our order took, but not her! Seriously, if you go here, ASK FOR MELLISA! I just can't say enough good things about her. Thank you, Mellisa! You're amazing!

My husband and I went here to buy our first brand new couch

My husband and I went here to buy our first brand new couch! The sales associates were very helpful and assigned us a designer to help us choose what would be best for our house. Martha Hacking was awesome! We felt very cared for. She took her time and got us all set with the best couch ever! Thanks Martha!

I love this place!

I love this place! Yes it's pricy, it's not world market or pottery barn, but you pay for what you get and this place strives on quality! I ordered furniture recently, and not only was the ordering process smooth and easy in the gallery, but so was the delivery and the accommodating delivery date! Everyone is helpful and friendly. I am so happy with the pieces I ordered and I will be back for more!

I've spent a lot of money at this place

I've spent a lot of money at this place. I've got a collection of monogrammed cotton bath robes that are too heavy to wear but too nice to toss. As furniture stores go, it is unique. And better, it is constantly evolving. Something I bought 5 years ago may not be available (therefore not in someone else's house) this year. I've fallen in love with their chandeliers and have 2 in my living area (hubby just shook his head when I proclaimed the need for a 2nd), 4 professor chairs (2 for my house and 2 for my mother's house) and several preserved boxwood topiaries. The customer service is good--when I've had problems, they have been responsive. I am taking one star off for the Professor chairs' quality: After noticing an odd chalkiness collecting on the backsides of the seat cushions of both chairs, just weeks after my purchase, I contacted RH. They didn't seem surprised and simply recommended their expensive leather conditioner. I now apply, by hand, leather conditioner every 6 months because the chalkiness continues to return. A good thing to do, but a bad reason to have to do it. Oh, this particular location is dark. They painted the walls grey-brown, making it feel less like a store and more like my mother's dark house. Can we turn on some lights so I can see, mom? Oh, wait, where am I?

Unbelievably horrible experience with the company

Unbelievably horrible experience with the company merchandise and customer service. I purchased outdoor furniture for over $22,000 (after a big discount). It included lounge chairs, loveseats, armchairs, dining table and dining chairs. Within 5 years, the cushions have completely fallen apart at the seams. The deterioration started a year after the purchase. Please note that I had 2 different fabrics on the dining chairs and lounge furniture cushions. Dining chairs that are used most often are in perfect condition. Lounge chairs are embarrassing... every single one of them. I'll try to post pictures. The customer service gave me a run around for 3 weeks. No one would get back to me pretending they didn't get my e-mail. I couldn't get any phone calls returned. I finally got their verdict today that they are happy to replace the cushions but I had to pay for it. Why would I want to pay for cushions that have proven to be defective? Why would I ever want to deal with this company? They should feel ashamed of their product. Overpriced crap!

You people work retail

You people work retail. Calm down with the snooty attitude. It's not appealing and again, YOU WORK IN RETAIL. How embarassing.

I bought a few pieces of furniture...

I bought a few pieces of furniture about 5 years ago and the chairs are falling apart. The fabric is fading into an ugly color. I contacted customer service and they're so rude. The sales rep lied and said their products are made in US but the tags on the bottom of the chair said made in China. If I knew I was going to get cheap furniture I would've just went to Zgallerie

They are sooo non accommodating...

They are sooo non accommodating. You pretty much get what they give you. You are NOT able to choose a time window for delivery. It's what THEY give you, take it or leave it, and schedule for a different day!!

We furnished our entire home office...

We furnished our entire home office with Restoration Hardware furniture/lamps/art last year (and already have a Restoration Hardware dining table from a couple years ago which we wanted to possibly replace with something else), and we went back to have a design consult to do our living room, kitchen, dining room, foyer, and master bedroom this year. What I'm surprised about is that they didn't come to our home to physically look inside the house before they did the design. They just relied on pictures we sent (for the master bedroom, they didn't even know we had carpet or know that the master bathroom is visible from the master bedroom and that the look in the master bedroom should tie to the style/look we had in the master bathroom). Ethan Allen and Pottery Barn both did in-home consults before they started the design consult process so they actually knew what the whole home looked/felt like before they suggested furniture.

I have had nothing but bad experiences...

I have had nothing but bad experiences at this location and would rate it negative five stars if I could. I have been three or four times, every time getting snuffed by the staff. Weirdly I don't get this treatment from Fashion Island. I'm guessing it is because I'm young and they think that I can't afford anything in there. Well around 80 percent of my furniture has been purchased from RH online or over the phone. The reason I purchase from them is they have unique industrial furniture and no other companies make anything like it. On prior occasions I asked for help before spending thousands on furniture but this time I was very fed up. I shouldn't be having to hunt for an associate and beg them to take my money. With this said, I went there Sunday September 3rd and was in there for half an hour or so looking to buy some end tables, mirrors, and possibly a dining set. After being blatantly ignored by all 3 or 4 people working there that were doing nothing at all other than talking at the register, area I said forget this and went to pottery barn across the way. At Pottery Barn I was asked by no less than 2 people if they could help me find anything after getting 15 feet into the store. Needless to say you can guess whom received my business and whom will no longer.

extremely helpful...

Jennifer B. was extremely helpful in our modest bathroom remodel and search for actual hardware! They really don't have that much actual hardware on display in-store, but there is a lot hidden away or hidden in plain sight... so online research was key, but then Jennifer B. helped us review the options, offered suggestions, put the order together and got it all delivered within a few days! Thank you!

Not one rug had a price on it

Not one rug had a price on it. I asked a salesperson to help. She had an iPad and was trying to pull up the rug but the internet in the store was "slow", so we waited...and waited...and waaaiiiittttteeeeeddddddd....... Why doesn't anything have a price? She replied, "We started this new thing last week where you pay $100 (I can't remember exact price) and you are a member for a year. You get 20% off of your purchase." Still...that doesn't mean things can't have price tags. Finally, a price came up on her iPad. But not for the color we wanted, because that one was still loading. Bye.

I had been to other locations prior to coming here

I had been to other locations prior to coming here so I think my experience was great because of the designer who helped my fiancée and I. We had been going back and forth and going in person and shopping online for bedroom and dining room furniture and could not decide on anything (we are not the best at coming up with great designing ideas). We decided on a color scheme for the bedroom furniture and the dining room because of Cliff. Cliff is AMAZING. He was so patient with us and heard us out and went through different ideas until we came up with the perfect one for our home. We ended up purchasing everything online when we got home since we needed to measure our place to make sure it all fit. Can't wait to receive our furniture. I'll be posting an update when it's all set up:) Thanks Cliff!

I get the less than perfect reviews...

I get the less than perfect reviews. I've been coming into this location trying to buy a couch for literally 3 months. I walk out discouraged and couchless every time. We just couldn't decide on the leather. We had the couch, the length, depth, cushions, everything picked out, we just couldn't land on a leather. No one seemed interested in helping with this at all, until I met Seraiah. She's amazing! I approached her just to buy yet another leather sample, this time, Vintage Cigar. I sort of half heartedly explained the situation, sort of expecting the same lack of interest in response, but was very pleased to see that she was different, better. A few minutes later, we were over at the couch moving cushions around to try different lighting. That was the issue. There's a weird chandelieer above the couch we were looking at, that made the leather look light and faded. No one thought to tell me that. It sounds like a little thing but because she took that extra 2 minutes out of her day to show a genuine interest, we bought the couch. It actually arrives Friday and I couldn't be happier. Seraiah deserves all the credit for the sale.

Great items in a huge location

Great items in a huge location. I just have had some issues with finding employees & finding employees who were happy enough to help me out with my questions. The store is also kinda dark which is weird. I want to be able to see their furniture etc. in brighter light so I'll be able to see what it looks like in my own home. Prices are also high, so don't be going in here looking for discount furniture. There's none to be found within these walls. Even the stuff on sale.

We enter the store looking for two items...

We enter the store looking for two items, a chair for my husband (who is very picky about 'his' chair) and a sofa. We were assisted by Jennifer a blond haired gal. She was attentive, knowledgeable and very receptive to our needs. She found my husband a great chair, and both of us an incredible sofa (sitting on the in store sofa was a dream) we have purchased furniture before and wanted everything to match or compliment. She looked at our prior order and matched to what we wanted. We cannot say as of yet the final product, due to its customization. We will receive delivery in early July. Before we even arrived home, we had a thoughtful thank you from Jennifer. We will always come here for most of our needs. Love this place.

Had the worst customer service coming here...

Had the worst customer service coming here. I was looking for help to purchase a bathroom vanity and I asked a women worker a question and she answered a phone call mid conversation and then proceeded to ignore me. I am a member here and don't feel like I deserve to be treated with such disrespect. I don't plan on coming in this location ever again.

We have ordered many items...

We have ordered many items over the years from RH and been satisfied so I thought when I ordered exterior lights that it would be just the same. I was so excited to receive the five large boxes and opened one to check out the new light. It was nothing like the picture online! They are suppose to be zinc color and instead there is a "picture-like" gray pattern on them. It's total crap! It's "Made in China" garbage! What happened to RH? I am so disappointed. I emailed Customer Service and 24 hours later no response! I called today instead and UPS is picking them up. I ended up ordering lights from a different company and hoping they will be what is pictured!

I'm a big fan of Restoration Hardware

I'm a big fan of Restoration Hardware, but I only shop online because the store always frustrates me. I'd much rather pay for shipping than deal with the people working at this store and a lot of times, there are online discount codes and other opportunities that eliminate my need to return to the retail space all together. We were at South Coast to pick up some stuff at Crate and Barrel for the new house and figured... why not? Jaime went off to look at linens and I went to look at some of the tabletop items for decoration that are usually overpriced, but pretty to look at. While perusing, I found a pretty cool phone case that looked like a book. Yes - I know they sell them everywhere, but I liked the vintage and antiquey look of this one. As with most things I pick up, there is no price. I bring it up to the cashier to inquire further and see if the have the item in any other color than red. Salesman: Can I help you? Me: Yeah, do you know how much this is and do you have it in any other colors? Salesman: Why, do you want to buy it? Me: Well not this particular one, but I'm interested. How much is it? Salesman: It only comes in two colors. Me: Okay, what colors? Salesman: Why, do you want to buy it? Me: I'm thinking of it, but I want to know how much and what other colors. Salesman: It only comes in two. Me: Which two? Salesman: So you want to buy it? Me: What colors and how much? Salesman: It depends on what color you want. Me: Well what colors do you have? Salesman: Do you want to buy this one? This convo went around in this same circle one more time before I said forget it and walked out out. Again, I left pissed. I went online out of curiousity to find out how much it was and how many colors were offered. It turns out that it was $24.99 and it came in five different options. This is why I ended up buying one off Amazon.

Furniture Finishes Don't Hold Up

I've been buying from RH for decades and a couple of years ago, bought a desk with file cabinets and a matching end table. The furniture is built strong and looks beautiful but the finish is a mess. The office was only used on weekends when I was not traveling for work. I have the antiqued grey oak and in multiple areas, the stain/finish is completely rubbed off to the natural wood. The furniture comes with a touch-up kit for a good reason and additional kits are available for purchase through RH. I am on my second kit. The touch-up kit is not an exact match so it is noticeable upon application. I'm just so disappointed with all of it. Also, the white-glove delivery service that was standard was awful. The furniture was dropped off in my garage and they would not take the time to unpack it as required. They were supposed to unpack it for inspection. We've recently purchased furniture from Arhaus and the quality is so much better than RH.

quality changed

HI, We purchased several sectional pieces from RH last December 2022. We decided to add to our sectional two months later. RH changed venders and suddenly their bottom cushion calapses upon sitting and do not match the frame. Please be careful their product in the gallary is not what they deliver!

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