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Relax The Back Reviews

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Relax The Back is an ergonomic chair and recliner brand that offers office seating, massage, specialty lumbar pillows and seating supports, recliners, and more. With an original focus on zero gravity chairs, their differentation is a focus on superior back support and pain relief. Customers have good things to say about Relax The Back overall with most describing considerate staff and good delivery.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

Price: $13-$9999+

Return Policy: 30 Days With Restrictions

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Relax The Back Specifics

Relax The Back is a seating, recliner, and comfort furniture retailer with a focus on back pain relief and ergonomic support. Their seating offerings include recliners, massage chairs, zero gravity chairs, and more. They also offer supportive pillows, mattresses and mattress toppers, office furniture, and massagers, all with a focus on body pain relief.

With over 80 franchises across the country and a legacy going back to the 1980s, Relax The Back has served an important niche in the furniture world. Customers have good things to say overall about their products, customer service, and delivery experiences. Rare complaints mostly mention durability with electronics and needing additional comfort in some cases.

Material Quality

Relax The Back sells a variety of products in multiple categories, including less expensive options such as DIY massage instruments, pillows, and accessories. These range from low-cost quick fixes to more expensive options for the long term. Their furniture on the other hand offers mid-grade to high end options with a focus on solid construction. Shoppers describe these options performing well in terms of solid comfort with rare complaints mentioning electronic durability.

Relax The Back's Top Picks

Relax The Back offers a wide variety of furniture offerings and we'll go through customers' top searches and discuss the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Recliners

Shoppers are often on the hunt for a new recliner from Relax The Back. While their recliner offerings include their Zero Gravity options, we'll go through those in the next section below. Their other recliner options offer posture reinforcing options and lift assist for those that have a hard time getting up. These offerings come with leather upholstering with multiple color choices. With a focus on motorized versions and memory foam cushioning, shoppers have good things to say about the Relax The Back offerings with the rare negative comment mentioning durability issues with electronics in some instances.

The pros: Recliner options that focus on posture support and ease of getting up. Solid feedback on comfort.

The cons: Complaints abour electronics in very rare cases.

#2 Zero Gravity Chairs

Relax The Back is famous for their zero gravity chairs, which enable the body to relax and be cradled by the recliner below. Their zero gravity chairs range from affordable manual versions to more expensive motorized recline options. They offer a variety of color options with leather and more breathable fabrics, like Brisa®. Customers have good to say about their zero gravity chairs with shoppers describing back pain relief.

The pros: Good selection of zero gravity chairs to cradle and relax the body.

The cons: Rare complaints about mechanical issues over time.

#3 Office Chairs

Relax The Back offers a wide array of ergonomic office chairs designed to reinforce good posture and help with common back issues that may arise due to poor sitting positions. They have options that start at $199 and feature innovative designs, from backed and backless. The most popular option is the Lifeform Mid Back Executive Office Chair, with 20+ different material / color options, multiple add-on options for more comfort, and Schukra® configurable lumbar support. Customers have good things to say about Relax The Back's office chair options with happy shoppers reporting lower back pain relief. Rare negative reviews mention issues with configuring comfort.

The pros: Well reviewed office chairs with configuration options and competitive price points.

The cons: Some rare reviews from folks that couldn't find relief after configuring chairs.

#4 Massage Chairs

Relax The Back also offers a full line of massage chairs -- from recliners with massage options to higher end models with foot / leg / arm massage, heat, and many massage settings. Massage chairs start at $1999. The most popular versions include the Qi SE Massage Chair, which features five color options, 4D human-like Vario Motion™ mechanism, heated rollers, 64 air bags with pressure sensor, bluetooth speaker, and zero gravity recline. Shoppers find most of these options high quality with happy customers describing relief and every day use. Rare negative reviews mention hoping for easier set up in some cases.

The pros: Positive reviews with customers describing relief and every day use of most popular options.

The cons: Rarely, some shoppers mention wishing for easier / faster set up.

#5 Inversion Tables

The last most popular furniture item that Relax The Back shoppers are looking for is a new inversion table. Relax The Back's inversion tables and stretchers can help stretch the back and align the spine relieving tension and discomfort. Their options range from very affordable options to higher end options with sliding back rests, massage, and streamlined design. Shoppers like Relax The Back's options with the higher end options getting the best feedback. Rare negative reviews mention wanting more cushioning in some items.

The pros: Good selection of inversion tables with a range of price points and designs.

The cons: Some disagreements about cushioning for some designs. Some wanted more value for the price for some higher priced items.

More From Relax The Back's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Relax The Back offers a wide array of other comfort furniture and back supporting items, such as:

- Standing Desks

- Mattresses

- Pillows & Back Supports

- Massage Products

- Physical Therapy Products

Relax The Back Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

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Best zero gravity recliner

The service and support I received while making my purchase were outstanding and helped me to select the proper size and features best suited for me. I highly recommend this company for all of your purchases. They know their products and are able to match them to the clients needs which really helps. They only carry superior quality products and the owners are friendly and sales people are knowledgeable. The delivery is quick and service people know the products so installation is done properly. Thank you I love my chair!


It's really good for your back but can't seem to get much help with my neck area.

Love our chair, absolutely phenomenal.

Love our chair, absolutely phenomenal.


This is truly the most comfortable chair I have ever owned. I have a bad back and I am able to sit comfortably in this chair for some long periods of time. I just love the heat and massage features. It just could not be any better.

Best pillow ever for side sleepers

I'm replacing my 5" side sleeper contour pillow by relax the back from 12 (ish) years ago. There is none it's equal, there is none better. My only regret is I cannot salvage what has already been used. Out with the old and in with the new...

Not good contiuring

My first relax the back pullow was perfect and I used it for many years. Unfortunately my recent purchase was cery uncomfortable. The edge of the pillow is upturned. The pillow doesnt have the support my first pillow had.

I have slept with a

I have slept with a Snoozer since 2001 and love it!

Having the option to inflate

Having the option to inflate at various levels is a great feature

Ice pack

I love this ice pack it covers my entire back. And you do not need to wrap a towel around it which makes it so much more convenient. It does not budge up to one side. I would definitely recommend it.

Great for lower back support

Great for lower back support

For medical assistant

These chairs were purchased for medical assistants in a busy Ob-gyn practice. The employees are up and down all day long making chart entries on both laptops and PCs. The chairs are functional, low profile, and comfortable. They can be pushed up to/under the counter and worked over/around without having to move them when in a hurry. The biggest complaint from the employees is that they cannot hang their scrub jackets across the back of their chair. We resolved this by hanging individual hooks on a wall for their jackets, umbrellas, etc. All in all we have been very happy with these chairs.

I love my traction board!

I love my traction board! I can easily operate by myself, it's very comfortable and is very sturdy.

The best!

I love this chair so much however I really liked the chair that was not on the wheels. One of the slots that the wheel inserts into is broken so I have to get a whole new chair but I think I'll deal with it.

life saver

I read medical imaging studies up to 12 hours each day in my chair and foot rocker and height-controllable desk. I have chronic low back issues. This chair is a life-saver. I could not put in these hours of work and remain focussed without it. In case I read your MRI, thank this chair for the most accurate read which isn't altered by low back pain hampering my mental capacities.

Well designed and easy to

Well designed and easy to use. It there was a Velcro strap attached from the led support to main section, that would work to secure the body position and prevent sliding

Absolutely Perfect!

My wife and I bought 2 of these chairs for a theater Room, we absolutely love them. You can watch an entire movie without having to readjust and try to get comfortable. Relax the back in Bellevue, WA was great... they cared about us as a customer not just out to get the sale. Thank you!

Relieved back pain.

Relieved back pain.

My chair is my masseur

I love my daily massage. It's lessening my back pain.

Had a broken rib could

Had a broken rib could not lay down at night . tried this and was able to sleep in my bed now . My rib is better now , I have kept them on my bed because my back does not hurt anymore . I have tried three different mattresses and the one I ended up with was the one that did not hurt as much with. the wedges made it perfect . Thank you !

self inflating back rest

I have used one of these rests since 2003 and I just ordered two more; they're great when you need the extra support in lower back that most chairs don't give you.

Really relax your back!

I already had two of these chairs outside, but wanted one for my family room...alot less costly than the other chairs..and perfect. Even fell asleep in it!

Love this Log!

I've put this foot log under my desk at home and use it at least once a day. It really works at relieving pressure not only in my feet but it makes me feel good all over!

Great Table - Desk

Great Table - Desk

Great support!

Love this product!

healed my muscles and back!

love this exercise tool! even bought one for my sister.

Amazing purchase

We bought this in January and couldn’t be happier. Yes it is pricy but after using it for a couple of weeks my back pain that kept me up in the night is noticeably better! We use it everyday so the price is well justified. I love the zero gravity option and it’s truly a pleasure to use this chair every night. The experience in relax the back is also top notch. Even my kids after the 2 trips to the store, kept asking when we will go again ... Thank you Brittany and Chelsea !

Love It!!!

Nothing but good things to say! This system is comfortable and versatile. If I had to list a downside, it would be the price going down AFTER I bought it!

Otherwise fine

Not quite so wide as I am; otherwise, fine.


Love Excellent

Gift for my Mother-In-Law

She loves it!

Works as advertised

Works as advertised

Contour Sleep Knee Spacer

I do like this spacer, but would like a soft washable pillow case for it

Great cushion!

I bought a new one after my old cushion wore out! Great support and well made product.



Its an amazing pillow!

Its an amazing pillow!

Good but a bit short

I am a 5'7" woman, long torso. I have the chair back extended to its tallest position and the lumbar support is still hitting a bit low. The mesh is comfortable. I ordered the headrest and I'm glad I did.

Love the Hale zg chair

Love the chair. Solid. Superior craftsmanship. I’ve have a lower back that’s been getting worse for years. The chair has really eased the pain. But I had problem after a couple of months. Called Brett Odjers for help. He immediately had hq in CA call me. That fellow had me try some things and said that he would ship the part. Brett had the part shipped overnight but due to the virus, no tech could come out for at least two weeks. Brett understood that the situation was unacceptable and he came out the next morning and replaced the chair! Great customer service. Thank you Brett.

What a difference this has made

After using this cushion only a few days I feel my posture improving so much. It’s helped my lumbar region and even one of my hips. Who knew something so simple as this cushion can help so many areas. I love the memory foam and the full size all over my back. I will be getting a couple more for home office and my recliner. Thank you Relax The Back for your focus on this part of the human body. It improved not only my back but my outlook on growing older knowing there are resources like you to help along the way. Truly thankful I found this product and this store.

Help me sleep more soundly.

Help me sleep more soundly. It does tsle the pressure off of my hip.

Wonderful product!

I tried several other cushions from other companies that were supposedly memory foam. They were terrible! This cushion is very comfortable and versatile. I use it at home and in the car and, when possible, will use it when flying.

Great chair for fidgeters and

Great chair for fidgeters and long-term sitters. During SIP, we're all fighting for a chance to work in this chair.

Comfortable and supportive and a must have

Absolutely love the body pillow, my neck and back problems have ceased to exist with this pillow and with the addition of the side head pillow. I’ve had the head pillow for 2 years and it goes everywhere I know I’ll be sleeping.. these pillows are the difference between physical therapy and complete comfort with absolutely no intervention on a daily basis.. I cannot express enough how much these pillows have improved my everyday living and my sleeping habits..



It is a great product

It is a great product supportive but not hard, it just is not the right dimensions to get me in a position where I can sleep comfortably

Effective product

I have been using it for two years and it’s been great! That unique design The elevated side lofts encourage you to stay on your back so you can alleviate shoulder pressure when rolling to a side. It totally works and greatly increases the time of sleeping on my back , I have to force myself to sleep on my back to prevent wrinkles and lines from happening

Neck and Shoulder Massager

This is truely an awesome product! My husband and I have has back problems for a while it helps so much! I'm 5 months pregnant and this helps relieve the tightness in my back!

Best sleep mask I’ve found

I have tried 5 other masks before this, and this one is the most comfortable yet. It stays in place fairly well and is extremely soft. Feels like a warm hug on my head. I have a pronounced, bony bridge of my nose and all eye masks push on it in an uncomfortable way. This one is the best one I’ve tried.

Adjustable Rolling Work Table - great purchase

I'm VERY happy with the Adjustable Rolling Work Table from Relax The Back. It was easy to put together, extremely stable, and easy to adjust up and down. Worth the price. When assembling the table, note that the upright tube (part #4 in the instructions) should be assembled with the notch toward the back of the table. When I first put it together, I didn't notice that in the instructions and the table was wobbly, but after re-assembling it correctly, it doesn't wobble at all. I would highly recommend this.

Perfect Firmness

I’ve always had issues with my leg pillows flattening out when I lay my legs on it. This pillow keeps it shape. It’s also works excellent for when I sleep on my side; it keeps my hips aligned and pain free.

Have bought many of these

Have bought many of these over the past many years and it’s made a big difference for me . The removable piece in the back takes pressure off the base of my spine and the rest of the cushion is very comfortable.

Works very well!

Works very well!

Technogel still going strong

I brought mine in 2012 and I use it to support my lower back every night when I sleep as well as when I drive long trips. It is as supportive as the day I bought it. It hasn't broken down at all. I have a second one my Mom started using when her lower back went out and it keeps her completely out of pain when she uses it as support when she sits in her rocker or office chair. I rely on this pillow to keep me from my lower back going out. The past year I started using it on long flights & it takes all lower back discomfort from me. I don't travel without it now.

Most Comfortable Pillow Ever!

I have degenerative disc issues in my neck that have worsened as I age. I have spent a lot of money over the years in my attempt to find a comfortable pillow that gives the right support. This is the best pillow to support my neck.

Beat pillow

Worth the $$$$

My husband finds it very

My husband finds it very comfortable and it really helps him get up and sit down.


I love the tempur neck pillow. It has made a big difference. I don't wake up with a sore neck and shoulders. I only gave it a 4 because I wish it was wider.

Relax after long day

Working great so far! Relief after long day sitting/working.

Happy with my chair

I was looking for a chair that complements my adjustable height desk. I got the large cylinder so it can sit like a bar stool at its tallest. At this height, the footring is a must. The leather and padding are quality.

This adjustable rolling work table

This adjustable rolling work table it fabulous! The only thing I would change is that it would go a bit lower.

I am very thankful for my seat support!

I purchased this seat support because of my extreme discomfort while driving. We recently became grandparents for the first time and I plan to be driving an 1&1/2 hours to our daughter’s home to watch my granddaughter for a couple of days each week. This seat cushion gives me much needed relief so that I can do this!

Works well.

Works well.

Does all I wanted it to

I needed a mattress that (1) supported my lower back properly and (2) worked well with side sleeping due to my C-Pap. I already knew that Tempura-Pedic worked well, for we had had one for years, but due to schedules, we are sleeping in separate rooms and she has it. This one functions just as I hoped: good back support, good side support, just generally good comfort when I sleep.



Works well

Works well

I just bought this pad

I just bought this pad and hopefully it works as well as the last one I bought from you

Coolest recliner

Many ways to adjust position. I get the most comfortable naps/sleep !

I pop it in the

I pop it in the microwave and use it every morning!



One of the best pillows

One of the best pillows I have ever used!! I used to get neck pain all the time but after using contour side pillow I don’t have any more pain and sleep very well!! Thank you guys for making such a wonderful product!

The blanket was a gift,

The blanket was a gift, but know my granddaughter loves it.

great sleep

Although this pillow is a little pricey, I haven't had a single problem with neck pain in the months since I've had it. That is pretty amazing and worth every penny.

very comfortable

very comfortable

I have used these moist

I have used these moist packs for years. They really work at relieving back pain. A very good product.

Outstanding Office Chair

First off, a big shout out to Nancy at the Burlington, MA store! She met with me for a 1:1 appointment for me to investigate a better office seating solution. I decided I finally deserved a new office chair, but was not having much luck. I was returning my 2nd Staples office chair and was frustrated. The inexpensive chairs all seemed fine when I would sit in them in the store, but once I was at my desk at home they would start to fail. Pressure points would develop, my lower back was sore, and I kept struggling to find a position that I could work in. Making matters even more complicated, I wanted a chair I could relax in. Close the office door, recline and watch Netflix for example. So, with all that for background I met Nancy. I was really pleased to discover that there are tons of customization options available in the store that aren't available online. We started with the least to most expensive and the moment I sat in the Lifeform chair I think I was sold. You can adjust everything. The memory foam has just the right amount of give. So, I bit the bullet and ordered the chair in the Birsa black material and waited. 2 weeks later it arrives. Super easy to assemble and setup. I'm still fiddling with all of the customizations, but the IMMEDIATE results are that my lower back doesn't feel any soreness at the end of the day. This chair is so supportive and the ability to tune the seat height, forward angle, lumbar support, tension, and so forth just makes for a perfect position. It looks fantastic and while a little part of me wonders what the high quality leather woudl feel like, the Brisa is really soft and feels luxurious. I don't treat myself very often, but this was most definitely worth it.

Perfect solution for sleeping on

Perfect solution for sleeping on your side comfortably and remaining in alignment. In addition the service from Relax the Back was outstanding - quality people selling quality items. Thank you

I worked with Lynn at

I worked with Lynn at the Village on the Parkway Dallas location. She could have not been anymore helpful. She took the time to ask questions and make suggestions of a few different beds that she thought I would be interested in. She was very informative and ultimately I purchased a Tempurpedic firm mattress. After about 75 days I decided that the mattress was too firm for me. I went back to the store and explained to Lynn that I didn't think the firm mattress that I chose was right for me. Because I was within the 90 sleep guarantee period I was able to exchange the mattress for a different one and she was happy to help me. I upgraded to the breeze medium hybrid and I absolutely love it. I am sleeping better than I have in years and I also love the adjustable mattress base. I would definitely recommend visiting Relax the back if you are in the market for a new mattress.

I had purchased a back

I had purchased a back support years ago for my office chair. Since I had retired I felt the need to purchase one for my car. I wouldn’t be without it! Driving is more relaxing and comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you so much :). Beverly Firgione

Snoozer Body Pillow

I love it. It seems to straighten my spine and let me get more sleep.

I had bought one of

I had bought one of these pillows years ago and my daughter was complaining about her arms and neck hurting, she couldn't raise her arms because it hurt so bad and, she's a cosmotologist and has to be able to raise her arms,and she thought it was her pillow causing her problem because of the way she sleeps, so I gifted her a pillow from relax the back , she has no more pain and has been sleeping well. She LOVES her pillow.

Excellent service for an excellent office chair

Was able to pick out the Humanscale Freedom from about 4 chairs at the showroom in Encinitas. Experience was great and loving the chair.

Makes a huge difference with

Makes a huge difference with my office chair.

Wonderful product

I have been using this product for. It works so very well with moist heat.

Overall, this is a decent

Overall, this is a decent support pillow. It was comfortable during my recent 6 hour flight. I'm giving it 4 stars for two reasons: one, it took awhile to inflate to the proper position for desired comfort. Secondly, it is not easy to deflate, in fact I wasn't able to release all of the air, making it difficult and bulky to pack away.

Luma Lift Chair

I've had the Luma Lift chair for a month now, what a great chair. I had an ankle replacement and needed to keep it elevated above my heart, also have back problems which the zero gravity feature has helped with that. In addition after Scott realized the chair would not be delivered on time he made the 100 mile trip to personally deliver and assemble it. Thank you very much for the outstanding service.

Relax the Back

I received the best customer service at the Mt. Pleasant store. The pillow I bought after my neck surgery has given me wonderful night sleeps. I recommend it to all side sleepers

Qi SE Massage Chair

Money well spent!

Attention to details...

Blake is great at his job. He explained each chair in the store in relationship to my actual physical needs. He also followed up to alert me to savings and inventory. I purchased a wonderful chair that met my physical/back needs. Thanks.

Love my roller

The roller has helped ease tension nin my upper back so much!!

perfect item

this is a wonderful back pillow and i own 3 of them for the car and house. highly recommend for those with chronic low back pain

The perfect chair when nothing else works

I am grateful for this chair. The gentleman was very courteous delivering this chair right before Christmas right after I had back surgery. The visit was awkward and I didn't have a good feeling after the visit but I have to say this has saved my quality of life. I am pretty much living in my chair now and can't really walk much and would love to buy one for the other room so I could live in more than one room. Thank you for quality of life.

Excellent chair. Patient's love them!

Excellent chair. Patient's love them!

Very well made

While I thought the product was very nice, it was not a good fit for my post shoulder surgery. I needed something where I couldn't slide down or move left or right so in the end I had to retreat to the recliner. The head pillow was a little too large for my small head too. Otherwise, a good product that I will use in the future for other purposes.

Gerry Austin, he at the

Gerry Austin, he at the Bryn Mawr store in Pennsylvania, did a really, really good job in helping me. He's a credit to your company.


We love our Tempurpedic mattress (purchased elsewhere), and decided to share the experience with our guests. So far, it has been a hit with each guest to sleep in our new guest room! The entire experience from purchase to delivery was fantastic. Highly recommend Relax The Back for your mattress needs!

My Back Saver!

I purchased this bed because I had a recent back surgery. It has been one of the best decisions I could have made. This bed is one of the most comfortable beds and my being able to adjust it makes all the difference. I should have purchased one of these years ago.

Human Touch Perfect Chair

We do like and enjoy the chair. Thank you for your assistance with this purchase.

Very good chair

The chair works very well for me. I cannot sleep in a bed so I sleep in it every night. My complaint is that the arms are too narrow. In the future, I would look for chair with wider arms.

So far so good! Still

So far so good! Still getting use to the height of the bed. Great delivery with no issues. Prompt service from relax the back!

Very comfortable chair with good

Very comfortable chair with good support in all the right places. Nap position is just right for afternoon nap. The heat does wonders for my back. And when I stand after sitting in my chair, I am able to stand and walk straight.

We enjoy the king size

We enjoy the king size and Dean is sleeping much better than before we had it. This bed is so different than our first tempur-pedic. However, we have not been able to register it to start the warranty process. Will need your help with that. This bed will last our life time. Dean and Marge Hirst

Mary Seymore

Very pleased with our in-store experience. Appreciated the time given to us and the explanations provided. Very pleased with the delivery team's efficiency and their sharing of the information we needed for operation and care of the bed. All questions were answered completely.

Amazing Comfort

I absolutely LOVE my recliner. When I had an injury on my leg, I actually slept overnight in it with my feet above my heart for several weeks. I really look forward to getting into my chair after dinner to watch TV.

Great chair

This has really helped with Tom's back discomfort.

Sleep mask

It is comfortable and keeps the light out.

My husband find the chair

My husband find the chair very comfortable and the assist most helpful.

Novus zero gravity chair

The chair is quite comfortable and I especially like the ability to adjust the leg portion separately from the back. I’m very satisfied

my mom & i both love it! :)

my mom & I both love the chair -- has excellent features - including zero-balance and heat - and very well-built :) -- my dad, for whom we bought the chair, is 92, and has been on a PEG-Tube for almost two years -- he seems to feel that, when sitting in the "upright" position (he's not a big fan of reclining), the seat cushion is too "firm" for his taste -- however, after a recent hospital stay, his legs have become weaker from lack of use -- so even he now agrees that the "lift-assist" feature is very handy in standing up to use his walker -- all in all, an excellent product :)

Most comfortable chair ever made!!

I love my chair! Look forward to getting dressed so I can relax in my chair! The heat is wonderful, the ZG is so relaxing and stretches out my back! It is just awesome!

Wonderful recliner for my 88

Wonderful recliner for my 88 year old loving wife. Affords her comfort and flexibility She looks ito relaxing in the chair each morning when she wakes...Only problem ...I can't wash ink from chair. Concerned if she spills anything.

Great chair! Very comfy! Allows

Great chair! Very comfy! Allows for lovely day-long couch-potatoing!

Lift chair

This chair is the best item I have ever bought myself... take.naps every day. Relax me before bed time every night. BUY. IT!! MIKE

Lift Chair by Relax the Back

I enjoy my lift chair very much. I like the soft leather and it’s easy to get in and out of it. It’s a great purchase and I highly recommend it to those in need of assistance getting up or just relaxing watching tv. Thanks again to my awesome sales person Laura who was so patient and helpful during this process. Alma

Life saving chair

Due to back problems caused by Radiation Damage I have real problems. The chair has been a life saver in how it adjust to so many positions. I live pretty much on this chair as well as sleep in the chair every night.

Great Chair for big boys with bad hips.

It helps you up and down with all positions between sitting and laying down pretty well covered. It's sturdy, very comfortable, plus with the heat and vibration it really does help to relax the hips...and back;)

Very is my sleeping

Very is my sleeping bed as it does not put pressure on my back

Great chair!

Great chair!

We love the chairs?

We love the chairs?

Very Good Recliner

I love this recliner. It offers comfort and the options to lift your legs above your heart & relax. Gives you the option if needed to lift you up to standing position. Vonnie Hatfield

It's a great chair!

It's a great chair!

The best chair I have

The best chair I have ever owned !

Great service and very accommodating

Great service and very accommodating OK changes to orders

Freedom Office Task Chair with Headrest

Great chair for my office. It is very comfortable and the lumbar support is great.

I am enjoying the chair

I am enjoying the chair a lot great chair


No regrets. Worth them money!

Why did I wait so long?

This chair is terrific. Comfortable all day long. Sleek and elegant. The whole office wants one now.

Outstanding service

Outstanding service

Functional and luxurious

We all love to occupy the chair - myself, and every vertebra of mine. The lumbar support feature is just right. Memory foam is not mushy, yet gives in and envelops my thighs. The headrest is always close by if I decide to tilt my neck. And the premium leather is sumptuous. That bovine clearly knew how to take care of the hide.

All going well!

We have enjoyed the mattress greatly and the strength of this support is awesome.

Love This Recliner!

This recliner actually fits me - and I'm only 5'0" tall. I often nap or even sleep in this chair, and it is remarkably comfortable even over many hours. Very worthwhile purchase.

Magnificent mattress

This is the best mattress I’ve ever owned and I’m 72 years old and have had a lot of mattresses. It’s firm not hard and the support is perfect. I usually sleep on my back after falling asleep on my side. The mattress doesn’t move when my husband does. It is wonderful. One problem is the weight. It weighs a ton and is difficult to change the sheets and impossible for me to move the bed.

Good chair

Looks good and comfortable to.

Executive Office Chair

Luv it!!!!!!!

I love my chair

Most comfortable chair. This is the second one I buy. I’ve had one at my office for 12 year and still a great and comfortable chair.

Great store & great people

We just bought our second mattress set from Relax the Back. Over the years we have bought numerous other products as well. Quality merchandize and knowledgeable people.

Great. Love this chair!

Great. Love this chair!

Breathe and Sleep Better

It is the comfortable luxury I imagined, and the ability to sleep with head elevated and zero gravity had more health benefits than I even anticipated. I no longer have breathing problems at night, no acid reflux, lungs have cleared, and back ache and numbness in legs subsided. This purchase is a no brainer you will not regret.

Wonderful customer service!

Wonderful customer service!

Amazing Mattress

I use the Denver store for all my purchases. The one on South Colorado Blvd. They know their stuff.

Pro-Adapt Mattress

Definitely a firm choice that tends to slightly soften after few weeks.

Favorite Pillow for years eliminated vertigo

I have used this pillow for many years. It relieved severe vertigo and neck weakness, and notice a difference when I do not have it traveling. It is important to get the right size so it subtly supports the neck rather than lifting the neck. They let you try different sizes to identify the right one and then you will never want anything else.

Almost, but not quite as comfortable as expected

The proportions of the chair are a little off. The seat is too short. The measurement of the seat front to back should be about 1-1/2" to 2" longer. Also, the seat should be more "plushy." The back is very comfortable, but the seat is a little too hard. I like the chair, but it's not quite as comfortable as I'd hoped. This is something that could be easily remedied in the construction.


My wife and I choose the firm tempur pro-adapt bed. I have had lower back surgery and it gave me the support I needed. Very comfortable after about a week of getting use to. The only reason I didn’t put 5 stars is I have allergies to memory foam, therefore we had to return and go with a different bed.

I have severe arthritis and

I have severe arthritis and sciatica. Sit in it often, been spending the night in it because it is easier to get up from it than the bed. Use the heater to relieve pain. Wish it had more adjustable head rest

Not as comfortable

I have another relax the back chair I bought in 2008 and I love it. This one doesn’t put me in the same position in ZG. I’m still fiddling with making my own positions but I can fall asleep and sleep well in it.

Excellent chair

This chair does all that I expected and a pleasure to sit in at my home office and work computer.

Perfect Desk Chair for Back Issues

I have had a tech fusion and a lower back fusion. This is the only desk chair I have found that I can be at my desk for 4 to 5 hours a day with no back or neck issues at all! If you need good back support, this is the only chair you should buy.

Spectacular Bed

Extremely comfortable, provides deep sleep, and for me, substantially resolved chronic lower back soreness and stiffness. Really can't say enough here.

Extremely comfortable

I love the Relax the Back chair. Very comfortable and customizable.

Feel like a million bucks!!!

With aging consistent stiffness in joints, and back can be life altering. So glad Dash and the rest of the girls are at Relax the Back to point you in the right direction. From pillows to Novo Xt2 massage chairs. I have absolutely loved my experiences here at Relax the Back.

Best investment in my posture ever

This chair has been worth every penny. It keeps me in a neutral position throughout the day, I do not get fatigued while sitting, it puts less pressure on the underside of my thighs to increase circulation, and my back feels great! This product in a no-brainer investment in yourself.

Amazing service and mattress

I went to Rooms to Go first because that’s where my family historically bought mattresses but after the terrible service I decided to explore this store. The service was detailed and patient. I am so happy with my purchase.

I love my chair!

It is sooooo comfortable . . . !


Both wife and me sleep much better with our heads raised about 5 inches. Now sleep on our backs which is good. Should have bought bed years ago. Many thanks!!

Excellent Chair

Nancy made the buying process so easy. The Brisa fabric is the softest and smoothest. We were even able to have a color special ordered.


I love my chair. Highly recommend these chairs for long term work at computer or whatever.

Love this chair!

Two or three years I waited to get this chair because it is pricey but now I wish I’d gotten it sooner. I spent a lot of hours writing at my computer and when I finish the day I feel refreshed because it adjust to your individual body

Great chair. Great service.

Great chair. Great service.

Best chair ever

I love this chair! It's the best money can buy! My husband (6'5") struggled to find a chair that didn't cause pain. After several different chair purchases (including the Herman Miller aeron chair) he finally decided to spend the money on this Lifeform chair. He loves it! I sat in his chair for a week while working from home and decided I couldn't go back to my old office chair, so I got one too! It is a lot of money to spend on a chair but if you have pain or work from home and sit in a chair for 8+ hours a day it's worth it. No regrets.


Love love our new Relax the Back chair from the beautiful, cool leather to the way it makes me feel - it’s perfect!

I'am totally satisfied with my

I'am totally satisfied with my tempur-luxeadapt.

Saved my job

This amazing chair has allowed me to continue to work instead of seriously consider retirement!

So far so good.

I took about 3-4 months to break in so I am hoping that means this will last a good long time. Nothing compares if you want good sleep.

All wonderful. Absolutely no negative

All wonderful. Absolutely no negative thoughts, but thanks for asking. Our chairs are the best thing that has happened to us, in terms of health.

We love the chair and

We love the chair and the beds. The most comfortable sleep in the world. The chair for Ed is an absolute must as it allows him to stand up by himself. Thanks for being so accommodating for us. judi

love it. love the service

I can't have had a better experience with my chair. I've had it for about 3 months now and besides being beautiful, it's really great for my body and back. Thank you all at Relax the Back! You really nailed my special needs and I love that you delivered It to me personally and taught me how to make it even more functional and comfortable. First rate service and product!

Excellent Executive Office Chair

I like the lifeform mid back executive office chair a lot - it looks good and it feels good.

Great chair!

I love this chair. I use it in my art studio and it is a perfect chair for my back. I had surgery in 2012 and need to take good care of my back. This chair does the trick!

Excellent Chair

Really comfortable chair. Will probably get another one. Very well made.

Best office chair ever!

Best office chair ever!

The best massage chair I

The best massage chair I have ever experienced.

Very pleased with the design

Very pleased with the design and support

Very Comfortable

This chair has been amazing, and the flexible headrest I got with it is very comfortable. I like how the seat grips onto me, and I use the armrests in a variety of positions.

Worth every penny

No more butt and neck pain. Best investment I made in myself.

We are enjoying the comfort

We are enjoying the comfort of the split king tempur pedic. Still considering lowering the frame a little. Also, purchased two sets of split king sheets. Not quite as happy with the workmanship of them.

This is our second after

This is our second after 15 years on our first. The knowledge and experience sets Relax the Back apart from other distributors.

Waited too long

Love this bed! Stopped or reduced snoring…..morning back ache gone!!! Great suport team

Better than expected!

This is the most comfortable chair I've ever had for a desk chair. super support and adjustment. Well built. It's expensive, but I don't regret a penny. It's even better than I expected.

Best chair money can buy

This chair knows when to be soft and when to be hard. There are countless adjustments that can be made to fit your body type and optimal posture. 4 months in the chair and I love it!

I love, love, love the

I love, love, love the bed. I hadn't been able to sleep this well or comfortably in years. It noticeably reduced a lot of the aches and pains I had been living with for some time.

Great care and great service

Great care and great service

Great care and great service

Great care and great service

Excellent chair

Excellent chair

Love these chairs

Super comfortable, great looking

I submitted a VERY flattering

I submitted a VERY flattering review earlier today of the store, the staff and the product. ALL OUTSTANDING.

Game changer

Wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to buy this chair. I dreaded sitting at my desk to work...neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain you name it, I was miserable. I can sit comfortably for hours now. Hard to believe a chair can make such a difference, but it did. I also purchased the foot rocker to elevate my feet and knee position. Very happy with them both. However, they definitely are not inexpensive.

Great Chair and look.

Great Chair and look.

Great chair

It works for me

Expensive but worth it!

I was using a cheap chair for several years but it was hurting my back. I sit for 10-12 hrs a day working. This chair has nevr hurt my back. Worth every penny

Pretty Great, but not perfect.

It takes a while to figure out how to find the most optimal settings. Overall I am very satisfied. The mechanical adjustments are a bit clunky, and I frequently change them. I wish they were easier to reach, and smoother. I would also like the seat to move a bit more forward, but given all this, I would buy it again. The chair is pretty great.

Medium Hybrid

Staff was great. Mattress is great also. I just think I need a different mattress for my lower back. Thinking about replacing with regular medium mattress, not Hybrid. I know this is not supposed to "fix" my back, but i thought it would improve my daily aches and pains after sleeping on it for 6-8 hours.


Cory and his team helped me get a great chair! They did an awesome job of communicating delivery dates and setting it up.

Excellent chair overall Only drawback

Excellent chair overall Only drawback is it does not get the neck muscles

I sit in it every

I sit in it every evening. Perfect.

Works well

Works well


Great customers service and the best massage chair i ever owed. Cant go wrong with this chair

Love relaxing in my zero gravity chair!

Took me a little while to get used to my chair, but now I really love it.

Relaxation Heaven

The salesman at the St. Louis location was excellent, super knowledgeable, give him a raise!

Use it everyday

If you do use it then worth the cost. The hand touch always the best but with this one no need to make appointment, no drive and 24/7 available. Glad I bought it.

Human Touch Gravis Zero Gravity Recliner

The chair is noisy when using the massage and is not a very satisfying massage. I like the heat feature for tired muscles or a chilly day.

Very comfortable - but a few things need to be improved

Great chair! No question this helps my aching back. Here are a few things I found. 1. The lumbar air bladder stopped working 1 month after buying the chair. Relax The Back refused to repair it. 2. Head pillow soaks up sweat/grease from my head. I'm a clean guy! Looks just like the couch scene from "Coming to America" (Look it up) Ultimately my wife and kids are embarrassed of it and want to throw away the chair because of it. 3. After 5 years the two metal brackets that connect the seat to the back piece have completely broken rendering the chair useless. I am 6'3" 210 lbs. not small but not huge either. I'll try to get Relax the Back to replace them. I'm not hopeful.

We love our reclining chair.

We love our reclining chair. It is beautiful and so comfortable. I've gotten used to the low arm rests, but initially I wished that they would have been a little higher up. The chair is extremely solid and so incredibly comfortable.

Love our new Zero Gravity chair!!

Brett was most helpful in choosing our chair. He is so knowledgeable and professional: the best! Thank you! Holly

Heavenly Chair.

Best investment, like having your own personal physical therapist at the tip of your fingers.

Neck & Shoulder Massager

Great product. My husband and I are both using it. I like it very much.

Great chair

Hi I’ve had my x-chair for about a year now. It’s a great chair. I wish there was a little more padding in the back area. I’m a heavier guy and when I recline to the zero gravity position I can feel the supports in the upper back to the lower back part of the chair. I’ve had several of these chairs and this is the first time I’ve experienced this issue. If there is a way to improve this please let me know. Thanks John

Çhair review

Great çhair,controls poorly positioned; get caught in clothing, semi dangerous!

Could Be Better

This is a good chair and I have even gone to sleep in it. The three reasons I gave it only three stars are: the arms are not high enough. Yes, I knew it had low arms before I bought it. At the time I wasn't concerned. What is Air Massage? What I feel are hard rollers, therefore , the seat and back should have more padding. A person cannot just sit on the seat. I know I'am large in my behind but the way the back and seat are, a person cannot comfortably be seated. I won't recline in front of others, it's too much like being in bed. It also cost lots more than it should.

Not comfortable! Noisy.

Not comfortable! Noisy.

I can fall asleep in a chair again!

With my back injury and subsequent surgery, I was unsure I would ever find a chair I could sit in for extended periods of time without discomfort or numbness in my legs. But this chair has allowed me to do what no recliner I had tried did, relax. A few hours in my Gravis is as relaxing and peaceful as my bed. The heating options are great for cool nights. And the massage features are nice to occasionally loosen up a tight spot. My only complaint would be a lack of a single button push on the remote to return the chair to upright. Sort of tedious to have to go through an entire process to get out of the chair.



Love the chair

Have joint and back problems. Can diffinately tell when I've missed a day in the chair.

Best chair ever!!

I LOVE my Relax the Back chair!!! It is amazing!!!

Love my chair

Use the chair almost everyday. The salesperson at Relax the Back made the whole looking and buying process so easy. The chair was delivered on time and the two young men were great at the set up and very friendly. I would definitely recommend Relax the Back.

Still very happy. 5 Start

Still very happy. 5 Start

Love it!

I can’t believe the difference my chair has made in relieving my back pain. I only wish I had bought it sooner. Don’t delay. Why wait when you can get relief now?


My husband especially loves his recliner. The entire staff at Relax The Back Estero were great!

Back Surgery/Injury - Awesome Relief

I am dealing with long-term lower back issues due to a torn lumbar nerve (back and right leg pain daily). Other than a hard kitchen-table chair there was no other option for relaxing/sitting in a pain-free manner. This chair had been wonderful for me. Works for watching TV or napping/resting. I would purchase again.

Excellent - Delivers on the promises

I bought this chair to replace an old, broken chair made by another manufacturer. I had used that chair for about 20 years before it finally "gave up the ghost". This chair works as well as the old one and it is of better quality. I occasionally need to sleep sitting up and this chair is better than a sleeping pill. Love it.

love my chair

I put my chair in my home office. I sit in it a few times a day just to take a break from sitting/standing. The comfort of the body gives me a few minutes to reset the mind as well.

saves my back every day.

love this chair versatile and easy to use. I use it at least once daily, on my tired back.

Awesome chair. Back issues gone.

Awesome chair. Back issues gone. Well worth the money


Wonderful chair for my lower back pain, Unfortunately the upper back is too firm for the curvature in my upper back and shoulder blades. Have to get out in about 1 hour.

It is indeed a perfect

It is indeed a perfect chair, comfortable and beautiful. We love it.

The CHAIR has become an

The CHAIR has become an important part of our back care regimen.

I love the chair. I

I love the chair. I appreciate the great service and the ease and professionalism of the delivery, set up, and instruction.

We use it everyday. Not

We use it everyday. Not as quiet as we thought, however we love this chair. Can't seem to find a setting to really massage the neck for at least 10 minutes. There are some settings that massage the neck only for seconds. The legs seem too intense and squeeze too much. We've already called to get advice and nothing seems to work. It is just the way the chair is designed and programmed.

The Most Comfortable Recliner

The Novus Zero Gravity Recliner is extremely comfortable. It is not only great for relaxation, but It also helps to alleviate my back pain as it allows me to keep my spine in the correct position. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Only chair in which I'm truly comfortable.

Love the chair. However the problem is, I just spend too much time in it!!! I have another one like it and have had it almost 20 years. After surgery or when my back hurts I sleep in it. Thankful for my Relax the Back chair.

Awesome love it

Awesome love it

Best purchase we have made

I always thought I would buy a massage chair when my ship came in. I decided to quit waiting for the ship and go ahead and buy it and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever done. My wife and I both have a bad back and spend several hours a week in the chair getting over the aches and pains. When I wake up in the middle the night and can’t sleep I go to sleep in a chair turn the heater on have 20 minutes of massage and then always sleep like a baby

Customer from Mt Holly , NJ

I love this chair ! So many more positions than a traditional recliner. It can get my legs up for better circulation, and it positions to takes pressure off my low back. I recommend it .



In love with my “Forever Chair”

It’s everything I had hoped it would be. No more headaches or back aches. This chair has eliminated them. I’m glad we went with the upgraded memory foam, extra leather covering the back, electric and folding laptop desk.

Great massage chair, glad we

Great massage chair, glad we bought from you.

Awesome Chair

After experiencing back discomfort from sitting in a poor position on a sofa, I purchased two of these chairs - one for me and one for my husband. We could not be more pleased. It is fabulous!! No more back issues!

Wonderful Relief

I have thoroughly enjoyed using my Human Touch Omni-Motion Perfect Chair for relief from my chronic lower back pain. It's one of the best investments I've ever made for my health! And the staff who sold it to me were so wonderful to work withm the whole process was amazingly stress-free!

Great chair

We are very pleased with our chair. Thank you

Fabulous chairs

We bought two of these chair. They are fantastic. Definitely worth the money. My back is thanking me!

Therapeutic and comforting. Only place

Therapeutic and comforting. Only place for respite from pain of cervical radiculopathy (really, that’s a thing—a very painful thing!). Only drawback is an awkward mount...don’t want to stand on foot bed, so I have to straddle it, then scootch back into seat.

human touch chairs

We have enjoyed our chairs. Had a problem with my wife’s chair because there was not a protective ring around the chair adjust lever. My wife’s leg got caught between the chair and the armrest causing her quite a bit of pain. We notified our local store where we bought the chairs. Unfortunately the chair manufacturer would not let them fix the problem but they had to send someone they contracted with. Not a great experience as two older men came to install the fix. Became evident very quickly they did not know what they were doing. Eventually installed the fix although they put a noticeable scratch/nick in the black paint. Why human touch would not allow the store to repair is a mystery. Store is less than 2 miles away. Why send someone who basically had no idea how to fix a $5000 chair is very strange. I would definitely buy from Relax the Back again but I would question if we would buy another human touch product again??

Elevation of foot rest

I wasn’t aware that the foot rest only came up when sitting in the vertical world position to about 60%. I didn’t check the chair before I bought it and I assumed it would raise to Round 90%. In order to get the foot rest at 90% I have to put the back further back. Not the best position when wanting to sit straight up.

If they didn't squeak and

If they didn't squeak and creak every time we redline, they would be perfect.

Pretty Good

Works good on some areas but seems to have a few quirks I would not have expected for such a high $ chair.

Not as good as previous model

So disappointed that this new version is about an inch less thick than the previous model. Please bring that inch back. It makes a big difference.

Didn’t work for my back.

Didn’t work for my back.


This chair ALMOST makes up for my 5 spinal surgeries.

The chair is wonderful. I

The chair is wonderful. I use it everyday. It is great for my back.

Hard to get my husband out of this chair!

My husband and I, well, my whole family loves this chair. I think it is very expensive, but when you consider how much we use it and how much it helps and soothes aching body parts, it's worth it. We really do enjoy the luxury of getting in this chair and relaxing. It's very helpful for my bad back, and we both use it daily. It's just difficult to get my husband out of it to do anything around the house. Ha ha! Just kidding.

Awesome chair

Works great! I wake up in it most of the time.

This is a fabulous product

This is a fabulous product for ergonomically correct enjoyment while watching TV, reading or having a conversation. Also, David, the owner of Relax the Back Estero Florida and his associate Jared assembled and delivered this recliner very quickly and efficiently.

Love it!

Love it!


This chirrups is wonderful. our entire family uses it. It is like having a massage therapist at home!

Greatest gift EVER!

Can’t say enough good things about this chair. It’s life changing. Every single person who lives in or visits our home enjoys it. We all log at least 2 hours a week each.

Love our two chairs and

Love our two chairs and the customer service

Great Chair

We have been using the chairs in the morning before going to work, after work, after exercise and more everyday. The chair is very well designed and convenience of being next to our living room are priceless. We strongly recommend to buy it.

Excellent and Comfortable Recliner

The recliner fit my decor perfectly and did everything exactly as promised. I chose this recliner so that after shoulder surgery, if needed, I could sleep in it. The nice seat width and optional hand control supported me right after surgery very comfortably. I'm all healed up now and I have used the heat function often this winter to keep toasty warm. I like the ability to choose exactly how far back to recline (zero gravity is great!). The only thing that could have made this better would be to add massage capability. My friends love to sit in it, too! You simply can't go wrong with buying a Novus Zero Gravity recliner.

omni perfect chair

The most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. No back pain when i am in the chair. Amazing

Outstanding.....when sitting,in it, I don’t

Outstanding.....when sitting,in it, I don’t even know I have a back problem!!

Great salesperson and great delivery/install

Great salesperson and great delivery/install people. Highly recommend this establishment!!! Love my chair!!

Low back pain resolution

This is the second, and surely, not the last, back pillow I have purchased from Relax the Back. This pillow definitely does the trick.

Excellent relief for back pain

Excellent relief for back pain Very comfortable and easy to use control button Have recommended it to friends and family

Happy Customer

We love our chairs and the customer service was the best.

Great Chair

Very relaxing. Our best purchase of 2019. Everyone in the house uses it regularly.

Massage chair

I have nothing to say about this chair but good things all the rollers dig into your back and feet and really work on your aching muscles their is also the heating element that puts out good heat

My favorite chair

The zero gravity position, heat and massage are wonderful and has helped provide relief for my lower back and sciatica pain.

The memory foam is too firm and causes me pain to sit in for long periods

First, the memory foam seat and back is extremely rigid and prevents me from sitting comfortably for any more than an hour before my rear goes numb or my lower back starts to ache. I spent the first 2-3 months adjusting the lumbar position and the seat position many times to try figure out what was cause of the issue, and I realized it was not the position but the firmness of the cushions that was forcing me to leave my work desk and find another chair to sit in. Secondly, when I recline in the chair, the seat angles in a position that causes me to lose circulation in my legs. Even when I use the footstool I get the same problem because the stool doesn't lift my legs high enough to prevent the front edge of the seat from putting pressure on the back of my legs. And when using the stool I typically lean back in the chair which causes me more lower back pain from the firm back. I'm 6'4 so this may not be problem for shorter people.

This is a great chair

This is a great chair after hip replacement as I slept in it for 2 weeks. And I still really like it but I wish it flattened more. Wish it wasn't quite so pricey and wish I could have gotten it non-electric but I was in a hurry.

Not for me

Hi nice chair but leans too far back when sitting straight up sadly


not nearly as comfortable as I thought it would be after trying out in store. just my opinion.

Customer Satisfaction FIVE STAR!

I bought my zero gravity recliner from the Kirby Location. Jill was my saleslady. After 30 plus years of nursing and an achy back she was patient and helped me find a very comfy zero gravity recliner. Jill has expert knowledge of the human body and takes time to listen to your concerns to help you find the perfect solution for your aches and pains. It was a pleasure to work with Jill. It is easy to see she enjoys her job helping people find the perfect fit for their aches and pains. I never felt was a relaxing and enjoyable visit with Jill. Do yourself a favor and stop by Relax the Back on Kirby and let Jill help your aches and pains out, you will not regret it. She will help you find the perfect solution!

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