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Pottery Barn Reviews

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Summer 2024 Updates: Most Pottery Barn's in-stock furniture are delivered within 4 weeks in most cases. Some recent reviewers mention mixed experiences and some challenges with customer service and product durability.

Pottery Barn is a well-known, home furnishings and decor retailer found throughout the US. With options to buy online, over-the-phone, or in-store, Pottery Barn has a socially-conscious vision with its devotion to support craftspeople and reduce environmental impact. While most shoppers have good things to say about Pottery Barn's shopping experience, there are some complaints about delivery, durability and price value in some cases.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.6/10

Price Value: 7.6/10

Price: $15-$8694+

Return Policy: 30 Days + Restrictions

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Pottery Barn Specifics

Pottery Barn is a popular American home furnishings retailer with over 200+ locations in the US, Canada, and worldwide. Known for their upscale designs with prices that tend towards the high-end, Pottery Barn is a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma Inc., which also includes their sub-brands Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, and PB/Apartment.

When it comes to customer experience and sentiment, the feedback from Pottery Barn shoppers is varied. Most shoppers appreciate the way Pottery Barn pieces look and how they are styled. However, some shoppers have brought up issues with perceived quality of certain pieces as well as issues with delayed deliveries.

Material Quality

Pottery Barn's furniture pieces are both imported and made in the US. Pottery Barn's pieces include materials such as engineered woods, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), kiln-dried woods, reclaimed woods, synthetic fabrics, organic cottons, natural linens and more. While some shoppers are satisfied with their Pottery Barn pieces, there have been some occasions where shoppers have brought up issues with the durability and longevity of the furniture pieces they purchased.

Pottery Barn's Top Picks

When it comes to the furniture items that Pottery Barn's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Pottery Barn's offerings.

#1 Rugs

One of the most popular items that Pottery Barn shoppers are on the hunt for are their rugs. With just over 1,000 different styles to choose from, Pottery Barn rugs range in price from around $25 for a doormat all the way up to $12,000+ for larger, hand-knotted area rugs. When it comes to styles, Pottery Barn carries solid and patterned rugs, rugs with a neutral color and print, traditional rugs, shag rugs, hand-knotted rugs, distressed rugs, and even have a small selection eco-friendly rugs made of sustainably sourced materials. Most customers love the look of Pottery Barn's rugs, although a few shoppers have mentioned the price points for their rugs seemed a bit high.

The pros: Nicely styled rugs that include a few eco-friendly options.

The cons: Prices can be a high.

#2 Bedding

Another favorite find of Pottery Barn shoppers are their bedding options including sheets, duvet covers, pillows, quilts, blankets & throws, and more. When it comes to pricing, a queen sheet set at Pottery Barn ranges in price from $40 to $299. True to their goal of providing shoppers with sustainable options, Pottery Barn also carries some bedding that is organic, certified nontoxic, and sustainably sourced. Pottery Barn shoppers tend to love the look of their bedding options including their throw pillows and blankets, however, shoppers also do mention that the prices for Pottery Barn's bedding can be quite high. A few shoppers also mentioned that the quality of certain bedding options, such as their faux fur throw blankets, did not seem to hold up as expected.

The pros: Beautiful, traditional bedding options with some sustainable pieces too.

The cons: Prices can be a bit high. Some complaints about longevity of certain bedding options once washed.

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#3 Beds & Bedroom Furniture

Pottery Barn carries just over 150+ different models of beds and headboards, starting at $250 for a headboard and going up to $4,700+ for an upholstered bed with storage options and customizable fabrics and finishes. To complete your bedroom look, Pottery Barn also carries matching nightstands, dressers & armoires, closet storage, and ottomans & benches. Most shoppers enjoy the overall look of Pottery Barn's beds and bedroom furniture, although some shoppers did bring up complaints about delivery delays and missing hardware when they finally received their beds. Some shoppers have also brought up longevity issues with certain bedroom furniture pieces.

The pros: Classic beds and bedroom furniture pieces with some customization options.

The cons: Some delivery issues such as delays and longevity concerns for certain beds and bedroom furniture pieces.

#4 Lighting

With their modern and beautiful designs, its no wonder that shoppers oftentimes come to Pottery Barn in search of a new lighting piece to brighten up their space. Pottery Barn carries chandeliers, pendant lighting, flush mounts, ceiling fans, table & desk lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, outdoor string lights, and more. Shoppers even have the ability to customize the size, hardware, and finishes for some of their lighting options. A Pottery Barn chandelier can set back shoppers anywhere from $299 to $9,600+. Most shoppers love the beautiful looking lighting options that Pottery Barn carries, although a few shoppers again mention that the prices can be high for their lighting pieces. Some shoppers also mentioned issues with the durability of the lighting piece they ordered from Pottery Barn and some difficulties they ran into when trying to get light pieces replaced.

The pros: Nicely styled, modern lighting options.

The cons: Some issues with durability and getting replacements. High prices.

#5 Mirrors & Wall Art

A great way to enhance the design of any room and even bring about the illusion of a larger, open space, Pottery Barn mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pottery Barn carries just over 200 different styles of mirrors ranging in price from around $29 up to $1,699. For shoppers looking for additional ways to decorate their spaces, Pottery Barn also carries wall art including paintings, photography, drawings, typography, and dimensional art such as woven baskets and wall hangings. Pottery Barn shoppers appreciate the look and style of their mirrors and other wall art, but some complaints about delivery were mentioned.

The pros: Nice selection of mirrors and wall art.

The cons: Some delivery issues.

Top Alternative: Perigold Mirrors & Wall Art
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More From Pottery Barn's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Pottery Barn offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Curtains

- Sofas

- Desks

- Coffee Tables

- Outdoor Furniture

- Dining & Kitchen Furniture

- Storage & Organization

- Bath

- Decor

Pottery Barn Store Locator

Pottery Barn can be found across the US, Canada, and in multiple worldwide destinations. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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Browse Pottery Barn Customer Reviews

Love Pottery Barn!

Love Pottery Barn! The employees are very helpful and Lee Ann especially is attentive and helpful. I bought a new couch that should anything happen to any of the cushions they can be replaced individually. That is a real plus! And my sofa will come slipcovered so all I need to do is pop the cover in the washer! Great value!

Terrible customer service!

Terrible customer service! I have had the same complaints has the ones below and so have my friends. I had a terrible experience 2 years ago and said I would never go back. Well I did and I'm not happy.

I find Pottery Barn goods to be the epitome

I find Pottery Barn goods to be the epitome of middle class Americana in home furnishings. I still have a jelly jar glass with a plastic lid that I got at the original Pottery Barn in Manhattan, New York. Okay, so jelly jar glasses were originally French, Pottery Barn has a knack for interpreting whatever home design craze is in style in their friendly, comfortable down home way. I love to pre-shop online, then go to the store and touch things. Yes, I am a Luddite, and need the comfort of finding out what the material is like before I buy. I love technology, but for me it is the advance scout, I still like IRL best. I don't have experience with ordering, but anything I find online on sale is usually gone by the time I get around to ordering it. The employees at this store have always been super firendly and helpful. Our silverware came from this store, as well as an entire set of dishes, drinking glasses, and decorative items for the table. They have the best decorative pillow covers, reasonably priced if you check the sale rack, then fill the covers with your own pillows. This time of year, it is all about the Christmas tree, so I am stalking their ornaments, and got a nice 25% off a sweet mermaid for the seaside tree. I also liked the new brighter organization of the store with more furniture groupings!

In 2011 we spent almost $5,000...

In 2011 we spent almost $5,000 on a PB Comfort sectional sofa. We love it, and it's amazingly comfortable. One of the reasons we purchased this particular model was the fact that Pottery Barn stressed that we could always get new slipcovers for it. After 8 years, the slipcovers have worn through in a few places and must be replaced. When we went to Pottery Barn to order them, we were told that they have changed manufacturers and that the newer sofas are different dimensions. Consequently, the slipcovers they make now will not fit our sectional. The employees at Pottery Barn told us to contact the new manufacturer to see if they have the pattern for the old model, which we did. The manufacturer said they did not. We've tried everything with no success. We are are so disappointed with Pottery Barn's customer service and their attitude , which has been "So what if we sold the couch on the premise that you'd never have to replace it..just buy new slipcovers."

The following affirms my previous lifestyle choice

The following affirms my previous lifestyle choice not to shop at Pottery Barn: While the cookie-cut product I received as a gift looked very nice, I decided to return it as I have something similar already. Finding a register in the store to return the item was confusing, and associates were not helpful in directing customers. The customer service I received in returning the item was especially disappointing. The return goes smoothly enough, but the associate automatically returned credit to purchaser (person that bought the gift). Obviously this is awkward when you didn't want that person to know you returned the gift. At this point, the clerk has the audacity to blame me for not letting her know. Of course, she used a gift receipt (no purchase price) to process this, so naturally it's my fault. It's posh places like this with stuck up customer service representatives that remind me why I shop online or at big box retailers that carry the same stuff from China. I don't appreciate being judged, and good riddance brick and mortar (especially Pottery Barn SLO).

Nothing but problems-expensive problems.

Nothing but problems-expensive problems. The latest, I made a purchase online. What I received was nothing like what was advertised. When I returned it to the store, they neglected to tell me that they were not going to give me my money back or credit my account. Instead they sent me a gift card good for merchandise only. Needless to say, the last thing I want is more merchandise from Pottery Barn!

Manager Kimberly at this San Luis Obispo location

Manager Kimberly at this San Luis Obispo location was super helpful and friendly assisting us find great sale items as well as some items that I'd seen online but wanted to see and feel in person (bedding). The store is always immaculate and there are great vignettes around the store to get new ideas. Right now they have many items for Spring and Easter --it just makes you want to set up a brunch and invite your friends over. The prices are not inexpensive but there are Always good sales and the furniture and bedding quality is there. I know it's a chain but they really do a terrific job of offering beautiful things for your home and what they offer can easily add that pop to your eclectic and unique housewares.

Not nearly as bad as others make it out to be.

Not nearly as bad as others make it out to be. It's a standard Pottery Barn, and although it's not as big as some locations in major metros, they do offer most of the standard items you'd expect to find. The employees are always helpful and tend to be very nice, letting me poke around and answering questions should I have any (this is San Luis Obispo after all - people are nice here.)

My favorite Pottery Barn

My favorite Pottery Barn store! (And I have been to many others in the last 25 years and in many other states). The customer service is excellent here, very friendly and helpful One of the talented designers gave me ideas in decorating my new home, and it looks fantastic. All of the furniture and rugs that I ordered came on time with no shipping damage whatsoever. I highly recommend this store to anyone who loves Pottery Barn.

My favorite place to go

My favorite place to go when I'm in SLO. I love to look at things and see what I can put in my home. I just wish the employees wouldn't look at my like I can't afford to shop there. I can afford to shop otherwise I wouldn't walk in. Need to work on customer service.

The store manager, Valerie, gets 1 star from me

The store manager, Valerie, gets 1 star from me. I own a B&B and have spent thousands of dollars on furniture at this PB, including patio umbrellas, which keep breaking. And they are not cheap. I went to the store and spoke to the store manager, Valerie. She was annoyed when I asked what could be done. She said to leave my phone # and she would look into it and call me later. This was almost three weeks ago. I called the store and left her a message. Still haven't heard. My complaint is about the horrible customer service when things go wrong, especially by a store manager.

It's a Pottery Barn.

It's a Pottery Barn. Their stuff isn't my cup of tea but they do have a great variety of nice throw blankets. I guess I'm too practical; I look at their merchandise and think "it's nice but I don't really NEED any of this stuff." For those who like Pottery Barn and all their accessories and furniture, it's an average-sized location: neat, clean, very helpful staff and everything seems to be of good quality.

The SLO store use to be great.

The SLO store use to be great. Several years ago I bought several pieces of furniture and had wonderful customer service. Now the sales staff is awful. They attack you as soon as you walk in the door. They also seem to fight with each other over sales in front of customers. If they don't have it in the store, even small items, you have to buy it and pay for shipping. It appears to become a crappy company and the SLO store has found the worst sales associates, so bad on all sides. I would stay away.

I tried buying a printers office suite online

I tried buying a printers office suite online it's now 3499.00 last year it was 2799.00 700. differance. they offer a 20% discount if you sign up I did. when I got to checkout it asked for the discount promo code I entered it and got turned down it said I wasn't eligible for it oh really? WTF I'm about to pay 3900.00 with tax as shipping and I'm not eligible for the discount? what a freaking joke. they can kiss my ass I cancelled my order screw pottery barn just another scam. shame on you pottery barn.

Very rude!!

Very rude!! They were following me around the store the entire time and somewhat aggressive... Super awkward.

I would love to be able to give Pottery Barn 5 stars

I would love to be able to give Pottery Barn 5 stars because I Iove the style and think the store is decorated beautifully with a nice vibe to walk through. That said, they don't do a great job in sales. I think it'd because they must be commission based. I've purchased at least 20+ items in the past year yet they have no customer records or offer very little to help and guide me. I feel that they are looking for a quick sale versus consultative in finding me the right items. Whenever I've called to place an order, it's somewhat chaotic - there are times where I'm calling back to follow up. Begging to take my money. I think there are opportunities to make this location great.. Hopefully they can improve.

Pottery Barn offers trash products for what you pay

Pottery Barn offers trash products for what you pay, I have been waiting 2 months for a replacement chandelier after they sent me a broken product. I sent multiple emails trying to figure it out to the point where they just stopped emailing me. I than called customer service and "everything was figured out" and I will get a replacement light sent to me, so I waited 3 weeks. Still nothing, so I called back and I was told oh the other person didn't set that up right. I than waited 2 weeks.... still nothing again for a replacement, this time I was given a different excuse as to why I didn't get it, ohh you had to send back the old one first.... sorry what? I was never told this and now I'm just supposed to not have a light fixture in my home cause you are incompetent? Ridiculous. I asked to talk to a manager and waited on hold for 20 mins and than was accidentally hung up on, I called back and waited on hold for a manager again for 30 mins, the rep came back to the phone and told me the managers are really busy and the rep hasn't heard back from them..... no surprise! You must get a lot of calls about you awful products and service, I was then promised I would get a call back within 3 days.... still nothing. This company is completely useless, doesn't stand behind their products and I will absolutely never do business with them again.

My husband and I have entered Pottery Barn many times

My husband and I have entered Pottery Barn many times because we love many of the items in there, but not once has someone greeted us and today was no exception. This drives me absolutely insane - I think it's partly because we're young and probably look like we can't afford to purchase anything there when in fact we've gone to furniture places and paid MORE for the exact same product but received better service. Staff, it would go a long way to at least say hi and let people know you are there to help. Until then, we will keep buying elsewhere. At least we get good ideas there.

Something nice to stroll through

Something nice to stroll through, very home comffy material but not the prices...even with their current sales of 20-40% off. Funny they have a sign that says they can ship anywhere in Canada, well, you're paying for it lol. Located ground level facing Macleod, close to the main entrance.

HAHAHA! Sorry about that.

HAHAHA! Sorry about that. Whenever I think of going into Pottery Barn, I always laugh to myself because of how completely awkward and uncomfortable I feel every single time I go into this place. Seriously. This place has such beautiful, unique, interesting home decor ideas it almost intimidates me going inside. I would love to purchase the entire store though. I love the furniture they have, and the lights, and the weird little bowls of odd shapes and sizes. I love the smell inside the place; an oakish, antiqued aroma. I love that everything seems like something I need immediately but have never brought myself to purchase anything. Why, you may ask? Well, to be quite frank, it's too damn expensive! Remember those cute bowls I talked about earlier? Yeah, too much money. I can't really bring myself to spend such ridiculous amounts on things that I could be able to get at Wal-Mart for less. If I had the money to spend in a place like this, I would go nuts! Once I win the lottery I'll have a Pottery Barn-themed house! Until then, I'll keep dreaming about it.

Lots of ordering problems, late shipment, rude...

Lots of ordering problems, late shipment, rude (subcontracted) delivery people, merchandise not as described. I know Pottery Barn is a great company having dealt with them in other cities but be careful when dealing with the Calgary location. Sales people will promise you anything to make a sale but read the fine print and ask lots of questions especially about setup and delivery then get it in writing. It's not always as promised. They are a newer location and clearly have some growing pains. I got a quick refund so I bumped the rating up a star but really 2 stars might have been more appropriate.

I love all of the things in this store

I love all of the things in this store, but the service is just awful. I think the ladies who work there are just stunned when someone wants to actually buy something - they turn into bumbling idiots.

I absolutely love Pottery Barn

I absolutely love Pottery Barn and their furnishings... I have several of their pieces and rugs. They are really popular in the SF Bay Area. They are expensive, though... so what I miss is finding the replica Pottery Barn like furnishings here in Calgary like in the bay area. I usually luck out and get their floor samples in great condition for 1/2 the price. They also resell well when I get tired of it, but that rarely happens. Now being in Calgary, I am bummed that most of the PB stuff is at least $500.00 more and I can't get some things shipped here!

I'll be honest, I've walked into Pottery Barn

I'll be honest, I've walked into Pottery Barn a number of times. Keeping to the honesty theme, I've never actually purchased anything from here. Why you ask? Because EVERYTHING is SO ridiculously expensive. The prices at Pottery Barn are right up there in ridiculousness with Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma. Yes, the stuff at Pottery Barn is BEAAAUUUUTIFUL, but I would expect it to be considering the price tags that come attached to each item. Side pillows are a miniature fortune, not to mention the actual sofas themselves! The home decor pieces, the furniture and every single item on display is striking, but you couldn't pay ME to pay the asking price. When I think of Pottery Barn, I think of window shopping, because just looking is as far as I'll ever go in this store.

Frustrating using their online as well as store

Frustrating using their online as well as store order system. I wanted to order a bench online, couldn't, then tried at the store, couldn't. Their solution, maybe I could ship it to a U.S. address and drive down to pick it up. We also wanted to order the wall organizing system. They didn't have it in stock. Tried online not in stock. Ordered curtains, delivery time 2 to 3 weeks. It's four weeks now. When I call to see if it's in I always get the run around, I've waited on hold for 6 minutes, been forgotten, or been passed to a sales person who is busy with someone else. When I did call back they can't look it up but have to go find paper copies to see if it's come in. Really? The products are expensive and I expect better service. The store personnel are not knowledgeable about the process involved in running the store. Their computer system seems inadequate it's always going down, or slow at least when I'm there.

Popped in to grab some items with a friend

Popped in to grab some items with a friend in the post christmas sales. I started fooling around with things until I realize how freaking expensive everything is. Everything is beautiful but mostly useless and costs an arm and a leg. Seriously? a hundred and fifty for a basic picture frame? Guh. The things are beautiful but not really unique, and if I'm paying through the nose I'd prefer to go to the design district on 11th and pick up some dutch designer oddities. Maybe I'm not made for pottery barn. Maybe it's not made for me. It's pretty but so far from being a decent investment. Maybe when I get married....

I parked in front of the Pottery Barn

I parked in front of the Pottery Barn and in order to get to the Chinook mall I used the PB entrance. I haven't been in this store for years and I remember people raving over it in the early 90s. I took my time to look around at their wares and I automatically noticed a draping area as you walk in from the outside door. Here you can choose the colour and texture of your fabric, to match your bedcovers and carpets and wall paint color. There were many customers in their 50s and older in here and they were taking their time to really get their shop on. The color palette is fairly standard and in my opinion again more for a shall I say a more conservative crowd. I quickly realised the textures, the style of furniture, it just isn't my decor taste. The sales staff was friendly enough however but when I took a closer look at the prices, I knew it was time to bounce. Imagine 100 dollars or more for a small picture frame, I mean I can buy a TV stand for that amount of money at IKEA. This store definitely is for some people, it just ain't for me, if I wanted to spend a lot of money I would rather buy a unique item made by an artist, or something vintage yet classy. PB still had huge selections in classic luxurious styles but it is stuff I have already seen here before.

Pottery Barn withholds manufacturer and part information

Pottery Barn withholds manufacturer and part information. The Drawer slide hardware is broken for the Stratton Storage Platform Bed we ordered in 2018. Two weeks into this, all I get is ''We're waiting on the manufacturer''. I've called, e-mailed. There is no part number stamped on the hardware (really great idea), nor is the manufacturer name found anywhere in the furniture (another really great idea). I do not want a free part. I want to pay for the part, and order more, because this slide rail willl break again. Google searches yield plenty of unhappy PB customers who say the same thing, that PB will not reveal part numbers nor manufacturer names. Can't find any info about the Stratton Platform bed, anywhere.

Ordered this nightstand recently in Ash Grey

Ordered this nightstand recently in Ash Grey. It looks very nice and is a good size, not too big or too small. Unfortunately the wood finish is not that great. I got a splinter when moving my phone across it and have noticed small pieces coming up. Overall satisfied with it.

This is the second time we have a bad experience...

This is the second time we have a bad experience with Pottery Barn. I ordered a loft bed for my granddaughter that was suppose to be her Christmas present and flew to Colorado where the bed was being delivered. The day the bed arrived it was broken, they wanted us to stay with the unbroken parts but we sent it back and they said they would send us a new bed. Two months later they went to deliver the new bed again today and when they opened the box the bed was crushed completely. Which means no one is checking the boxes before they go out to make sure nothing is damaged. They gave us a time window and the guy called. He was coming before and we were out of town so had to rush home to get home to another damaged bed.Sadly the store employees are great helping you but their warehouse does not have their act together and the company not following through will end up losing tons of business to their competitors that do have great customer service. It's a shame because their furniture is beautiful but if they can't get it right you have wasted all of your time, money and effort.

We purchased a $1600 bed and headboard

We purchased a $1600 bed and headboard from Pottery Barn. Within one year the supports that hold the slats under the box springs failed...broke in two. As I examined the damage I found that the wood used was essentially scrap that was finger-jointed in more than one place (ie: not a solid piece of wood). One of the joints was the first point of failure. The main cause however was that the pieces installed at the factory only had two of five screws on one side and three of five on the other. I checked the frame and the holes and clearly no screw had ever been installed in any of the missing spots. I am stunned at what garbage this stuff is. I spent an entire evening building a new frame for the bed and replacing the cheap hardware, but the structure within the upholstered parts of the bed seems to be even worse material. I anticipate one to two more years out of the POS even with a new 1''x3'' frame installed. Save your money and go elsewhere. PS. They suggested I was at fault for the failure as I clearly installed everything wrong. Even after doing a recon trip to the store to ask how many pieces and what I needed to do to assemble the bed, the missing screws were indeed on a factory installed piece. Yet they still told me I messed up and that sometimes the assembly is harder than people think...I am a woodworker by trade.

Pottery Barn is definitely geared toward...

Pottery Barn is definitely geared toward the more conservative crowd - however they do construct very sound and classic furniture. When we moved into our new house a year ago we bought our bed from there . . . it's heavy and gorgeous rustic wood with clean lines. From there we continued to stop by once or twice a month. Since then we bought a media centre, end table, two love-seats, coffee table and rug plus some home decor stuff. I still have my eye on a few more pieces. We have never paid full price for anything in the store! We even got our coffee table and media centre as brand new but for clearance floor model prices!!! We get lots of compliments on our home and furniture. We buy what we love and make it work in our home. As far as service . . . there are a couple of older gentlemen in the store that are fabulous to deal with. I actually find myself seeking out the retirement age people who work there . . . they are patient, get to know what you like and incredibly helpful in finding deals. When you are paying that much for things that you will have in your home, you want to take the time to ensure it's what you really love. The young people aren't super helpful and some of the middle aged women are a bit snotty and don't want to deal with you if you aren't for sure going to buy something expensive - but we have been in there enough now that we know who to ask for :)

What is there not to love aout Pottery Barn?

What is there not to love aout Pottery Barn? I still remember that Friends episode where Rachel tried to make Phoebe believe she gor pretty much the entire catalog at a garage sale I think it was, lol. I have come to this location several times. This farm, rustic chic isnt my style, I am more of a modern/contemporary gal, but I had a fried who loves this place and so we've made the trip a lot. I do get great decor and table setting ideas and I have bought some really pretty table setting accessories. This store is always top notch decorated and super neat. Employees are also very nice. I mean, when you can pay up to $20 for a single glass, they better be! As far as furniture. It is too rustic for me, but the friend I mentioned above has wood tables and they are very well built and you can tell they are built to last. This is a great store, but a little pricey.

Do these people greet you AT ALL in here?

Do these people greet you AT ALL in here? Or you have to ask. I walked through the whole store and not one question, but everywhere I went this one guy would follow me or more workers would pop up. Really strange behavior if you ask me

I actually have a recently purchased nice bedroom

I actually have a recently purchased nice bedroom set from Pottery Barn. Today I was looking for a round dining table. To my surprise all their showroom tables had clutter, full ofn items they wanted to display. We nice asked an employee if it was possible to remove the items so we can appreciate the table better. She was nice and ready to accommodate our request, but when another store clerk asked her what was she doing he complained about it and almost stopped her. I later went around the store and walked into them talking about our "wild request" to remove the display. If I am interested on purchasing a $2000 table I would like to see the table by itself. They were extremely rude and talking about their customers. Plus the store is extremely clutter it almost looks like a Pier1 imports or a Tuesday morning store. Luckily the Gulfstream park has many other options for furniture shopping.

We only came by because we had dinner

We only came by because we had dinner in a restaurant in Gulfstream and wanted t walk-off some of the food we ate. Typically I will not go shopping in this area, the same goes with Aventura because the traffic in the area is terrible. But since we were already here, we decided well, what the heck. This store is a lot bigger than most of the other store we been to. They stack the merchandises to the max...they are everywhere. On the shelves, in between the isles, some were even put on top of other merchandises. To us it was so overwhelming we got totally lost on everything in the store. But once we settled down and started looking, they've got some nice home accessories we saw anywhere else. Price point really need to look around for better deals. Some products were marked down on specials but some products were so over priced in our opinion. We will probably walked out of here with more stuff in we only could find someone to answer our questions. For a store this size I'd imagine they would put more staff in the store, but they didnt. Oh well, its their lost. But then again, even if we got more stuff, it's probably going to end up in Salvation Army in a year!

This Pottery Barn is located...

This Pottery Barn is located in Gulfstream. Years ago I was thrilled when they left Aventura as it is far easier to get your purchases from the store to the car. I always left the store with numerous bags. Yesterday I went and I was very disappointed you used to get greeted and acknowledged and neither occurred during my entire visit, as I browsed the store. If someone had assisted me I would have gotten more white bowls as more than half of mine are now gone. Also I would have asked about the outdoor lighting with the galvanized steel hats I know they have them as they are in their current catalogue but I didn' t see any out. You gotta understand for the past 20 years I have filled my home with Pottery Barn. IE bedding,rugs,furniture,drapes,lighting,table runners,candles,potturri , glasses, dishes,and now I can" t find anything new and exciting to buy nor anyone working in the store. With the lack of service and newness my next visit won't be any time soon.

I went to this Pottery Barn because I received a coupon

I went to this Pottery Barn because I received a coupon in the mail for $25 off $50. I noticed they have 20% event going on so I thought great! In the past, I was able to combine them without any issues but this time the answer was no. I was told I can't stack promotions and it's one or the other. I purchased some Christmas ornaments and brought them to the register. The total came out to approx. $57 dollars. I told the cashier Andrew to disregard the 20% discount because I'd like to use my $25 off $50 coupon instead. He inquired at his manager named Kenny to which Kenny answered Fine, fine, fine! Wow, that was unprofessional. But then, while waiting for Andrew to complete my order, I also noticed the way he interacts with his staff (female with black hair in her late 40's possibly Hispanic) which was demeaning. She asked him a question about something to which he responded in a sarcastic way. So I figured perhaps this is acceptable between him and the staff. I then completed my order and left. As I started driving home, I decided to check the receipt and that's when I realized that Andrew had charged me incorrectly on three items. So I returned to the store and approached him. He went through my stuff for almost ten minutes (mind you I only have 8 items total) and finally realized his mistake. He re-did the transaction and finally he said sorry in the end when giving the receipt. I responded "well, are you going to do something about it?" and his response was "No, but you'll love our store so you'll be back" I walked away shaking my head with the customer service quality at this Pottery Barn. I received better customer service at Target than this place.

Terrible! Moms and Dads don't venture...

Terrible! Moms and Dads don't venture to this store with your kids. The store employees are rude and obnoxious and make it clear that children are not welcome. The employees working on Sunday, March 19, 2017 were downright mean. The moment my husband and twin sons walked in they never greeted them and the employees watched our kids like praying hawks making our entire family feel uncomfortable. I think Pottery Barn corporate should do an immediate training intervention. The employees should realize that many families spend time together on the weekends and thus, shop together. On top of the miserable experience, I am reminded that this is just Pottery Barn - a run of the mill average store. I would have expected it to be more welcoming and helpful to patrons with families. Given this horrible experience, I will always and forever take my business elsewhere. Shame on you Pottery Barn.

When the Village at Gulfstream Park opened up

When the Village at Gulfstream Park opened up, it made a move by recruiting a number of longtime Aventura Mall tenants. One of them was Pottery Barn. What I like about this location, versus what used to be at Aventura Mall, is that this location has a lot more merchandise. This is the simple result of having more square feet. When I have been here, I have found the customer service to be very good and the general assortment of merchandise to be good as well.

We have always had good experiences with Pottery Barn

We have always had good experiences with Pottery Barn. Love their merchandise, despite being over-priced. We went in to purchase a rug. Saleslady asked manager, Mike, if they would honor 20% discount that expired yesterday. Mike was too busy tinkering with merchandise, and would not even pause for a moment to address the question. He told us he could not honor discount which expired yesterday. We know that manager has discretion to do so. Anyway, we left store and on the way home, received an email from PB offering 20% discount again! Pre-black Friday sale. What a shame that Mike couldn't be polite enough to take a moment and make a sale to a good, loyal customer. We told him we just ordered a dining room set and he could not care less. Bottom line, PB lost a sale they very easily could have made. Awful customer service. Wonder how Mike ever became manager. Also, phone hold times for customer service are in excess of one hour! No way to treat a customer.

I was sad when Pottery Barn moved

I was sad when Pottery Barn moved from the Aventura Mall because I do quite a bit of shopping at that Mall. However I am a big fan now of the move because the store is quite a bit larger which means more stuff for me to shop for!! I love all their out door items, romantic candles, beachy do dads and just everything in general. The help there is just that helpful. My girlfriend was in town this week and spent a bit of time at Gulfstream and not just at the casino. 3 thumbs up for the shopping and especially Pottery Barn.

This is my all time favorite place to shop

This is my all time favorite place to shop for all house hold goods from bath towels to plate settings and of course the gorgeous toss pillows. It can be pricey but they do have good sales events. Customer service is fantastic most of the time I don't mind paying the high cost.

After getting two emails about my order...

After getting two emails about my order being again delayed, I attempted to call customer service. The first girl had no more information than I did & transferred me to furniture delivery. After a 30 minute hold, a disoriented girl answered and then mumbled and put me on hold again. After 5 additional minutes of holding I hung up. I have screenshots of the everything. This may be the worst customer servuce ever. They took my money willingly 8 weeks ago with the promise of delivery before Thanksgiving- which is 12 weeks after my order. Only to be told now it isn't coming until after Thanksgiving. This is absolutely not okay - I would have ordered somewhere else. They were horrible - hoping to get my money back.

My wife and I stoped in to order a slipcover...

My wife and I stoped in to order a slipcover for our PB Comfort sectional and the sales lady was the most unhelpful person we have ever shopped with. She blazed through the computer system faster than we could explain what we wanted and ultimately said "I can't help you. Call customer service". WTF. We called the number while we were in the store and the phone customer service person was excellent. She gave us the correct SKU for the fabric we wanted and even explained the sale. The sales lady just couldn't be bothered before her lunch break. Maybe if we were white she would have helped us. She kept saying "people in Bellevue always order it like this but I can't help you with yours".

I ordered an online product and returned it...

I ordered an online product and returned it at store three days later in original condition. I have the return receipt stating full credit back. One month later, no refund. I called pottery barn customer services, was told the refund will be processed in 7 days. Two weeks later, still no refund. I called again, was told refund will show up within one week. One week later, still no refund. I called pottery barn for the third time, was told to wait again. I just found out Pottery Barn has many bad reviews on the internet. I am afraid that Pottery Barn is going bankrupt and does not have the money to refund my return.

BUYER BEWARE! I will try to make a long story short

BUYER BEWARE! I will try to make a long story short. We bought a leather Pearce sofa in August 2017 and didn't receive until December. That's almost 5 months! ( during that time frame we paid on the pb card to earn points & paid off right off the bat. During this time they charged us interest on something that had been paid off - this is another whole issue to deal with on top of no sofa) After 2 months after receiving the sofa, the cushions started to break down & center cushion had a HUGE noticeable dip. I was expecting a higher quality based on the supposed pb reputation and the price we paid. Not breaking down within months. After contacting PB regarding the issue & sending pictures requested, they replied I'd be helped within 24 - 48 hours to address my concerns... 4 months later, still nothing! I keep trying to get some one to help me further than a mgr at the main store. After the store staff, I think PB customer service falls apart. I will never buy furniture here again! After the amount of money spent, I expect better quality. So disappointed. In the meantime still waiting for someone to contact me to resolve this issue. Maybe other pb products are better quality, but do not buy the Pearce leather sectional! Our Fred Meyer sofa we bought 10 years ago for $200 is better than the Pearce. Consider yourself warned!

They say they have free in-home design...

They say they have free in-home design consultation but the person I was supposed to "work with" tried to get out of it and asked me if she would send me photos of my room. Then, after I did I never got any word back from her. When I called to follow up she said to just come in and talk to anyone in the store and show them photos of my room. I was planning to get furniture, art decor, etc.. after I did an addition on my home. Not sure how they decide who they work with... When I came in and met her she passed me off on someone else. The funny thing was the main contact lives 10 minutes from my house. They should stop offering this service if they don't plan to actually follow through. It is false advertising.

If I could give no stars

If I could give no stars to this company it would be too high. I would truly only give a negative star rating! Order repeatedly delayed and even when scheduled for delivery called to reschedule because the truck was already full. Customer service is nonexistent. Repeatedly get transferred with no one able to help locate your merchandise and was hung up on twice. I will never buy anything from this company again. Still waiting for my order. Completely frustrated.

I came into the store this mornin

I came into the store this morning & asked a staff member if they had any of their glider rocking chairs on display- she told me no & recommenced I go to target & buy buy baby. I thought it was odd... later I asked about sizing for the bath robes they had because I wanted to buy one for my husband & myself. Again, she told me to look on amazon. She said these would not fit him right because it was a "woman's robe" but the signs, tags, & even online description all clearly label unisex with sizing charts for men vs. women. They are the huge baggy heavy spa robes so it just made no sense how hard she was trying to convince me not to get them. I was so confused.. my hair was tied up in a messy bun & I was wearing a sweatshirt & sneakers so was it that I just didn't look like someone who could afford it? I thought maybe she knew something I didn't so I followed her advice as she directed me to open my amazon app & type in "spa robe" - maybe they had this same one for less? But then she pointed me to a cheap, thin $20 robe that was very different than what I'm looking for. Overall it was just a really odd experience of me trying to actually spend hundreds of dollars with pottery barn & having someone just tell me to go somewhere else.

I scheduled an in home design consultation

I scheduled an in home design consultation and Laurie Swanson was sent to help me with a few rooms in our new house. We had existing pieces we wanted to incorporate and Laurie had great ideas as to how we could blend the old with the new. Laurie was diligent in getting us layout options before the end of the same business day! We spent a couple weeks working on the right pieces and waited for the Memorial Day sale. When the day came to order all our furniture Laurie stayed late on a Friday evening to make sure that everything we ordered to our exact specifications. I should also mention that every time we went to the store (to test drive different sofas) everyone was incredibly helpful and always generous with their time. Would highly recommend Pottery Barn Bellevue and Laurie Swanson!

Pottery Barn has the worst customer service

Pottery Barn has the worst customer service. I have a 20% discount card from a catalog they sent me (they send about 3-4 catalogs per month), but I had put the catalog into recycling. So I called to get the promotion code. "Andrews" had me repeat my request 3-4 times, then put me on hold. I stayed on hold for 10 min., then hung up. I wanted to order about $4,000 worth of bedroom furniture, you'd think they can be more helpful, but now I am looking elsewhere. I have bought PB furniture before, about $10,000 worth, and had the same problems. I am so fed up with this company!

Store didn't have the furniture item so we ordered

Store didn't have the furniture item so we ordered it for delivery. Terrible experience buying furniture. Pottery Barn never notified us the item arrived. Then, we tried three times to schedule delivery - twice we were told someone would call us back - no one ever called back. The third time after being told I would be on hold "less then 1 minute" the phone went dead after 10 minutes. We were first told the the item was in Auburn. Then it was in Seattle. I was finally able to track down the delivery company - which is NOT Pottery Barn - and got it scheduled. Needless to say we will NEVER buy anything from Pottery Barn again and I will not hesitate telling anyone about this extremely poor service. Maybe I'm asking too much but when you spend $1,000 at a store and pay upfront - the least they can do is let you know when your furniture arrived, return a telephone call or at least not place you on hold and then let the line go dead.

Pottery barn has the worst check out system

Pottery barn has the worst check out system, they have no sense to their lines. I literally waited to pay for an item, got passed up by two ladies who helped other people who walked up After me and then had the balls to say, oh, we see you dear. Save it, they are a nightmare. Literally walked away. And I'm a pottery barn credit card holder.

I bought a sofa from Pottery Barn...

I bought a sofa from Pottery Barn that arrived missing clips for the seat cushions. I advised Pottery Barn of the problem. After six months, and numerous contacts with various Customer Service representatives, the problem has yet to be addressed and fixed. I spent several thousand dollars on their sofa, and they don't seem interested in taking care of their mistakes. This is ridiculous!

This place has been a nightmare

This place has been a nightmare to deal with. We ordered a desk and cabinet for the office and it's been a 2 month hassle. First their delivery service is uncommunicative and we've spent upwards of 6 hours talking with either Pottery Barn or the delivery service over the phone as they failed to give us delivery times or dates they promised from previous conversations. Second, we've had to deal with multiple departments that don't, or won't, communicate with one another so we had to do all the footwork with tracking things down. Third, we ordered a desk we saw in the show room that was set up in the middle of the room. We told the designers how we were setting it up so the back of the desk was facing the office door, but when we received the desk you could see all the screws in the back and the desk looked unfinished. When we saw it in the showroom you couldn't see any of the screws and when talking with them they have no explanation other than the store built a panel in house to hide the screws, since then they've taken down the desk so we can't confirm this with the store and find a solution. So now we have to go through the whole process of returning the desk. With having experienced their service compared to some lower end furniture stores like IKEA, I've found dealing with most lower end stores to be easier and less convoluted. Very disappointed. Gave two stars because the cabinet we ordered is beautiful and delivery guys were great and helpful both times.

After waiting over 2 weeks...

After waiting over 2 weeks for a call back from a store consultant (that never came), my husband and I decided on a whim to revisit a furniture grouping we had seen on a previous visit. The store was busy, and we wandered around for a bit before someone asked us if we needed help - that person was Winnie. She was attentive, helpful, thoughtful and professional. We walked out of the store with new furniture for our office lobby and new bedding for us. Best customer service we have experienced for quite some time. Next time you go to visit this store, ask for Winnie. I'm giving this a 4 star due to previous experience, but Winnie definitely deserves a 5 :)

Long lines, terrible customer service...

Long lines, terrible customer service, disorganized staff, slow check-out system, store credit via postal mail.

What's not to like?

What's not to like? This store is huge: wide and deep, and has wonderful bedroom, living room and dining area displays. Their holiday decor (for all holidays, or seasons, for that matter) are all lovely, and even if one isn't into rustic or shabby chic aesthetics, one still has to admire the thoughtfullness that goes into all these lovely vignettes and displays. I often come here just to be inspired. I find the prices very reasonable and I often stumble upon amazing sale items. The sales help have always been helpful and friendly to me and never overbearing. My only complaint is, once in a while, I need assistance and the sales people are busy with others, leaving me waiting a long, long time. I've often felt this large store could use more staffing. Other than that, it's a wonderful place. Oh, note they have nice and roomy bathrooms in the back, if needed!

My husband and I purchased the Pearce sectional

My husband and I purchased the Pearce sectional in August. It looked great aside from a cushion that appeared to be cut from an entirely different piece of cloth. I called customer service and after about 45 minutes on hold, a lady named Diana said that a replacement cushion would be sent - we would receive it in about a month and a half. Wow, that's a long time, but okay... at least they'll replace it. Two months later we still haven't received it. I tried to e-mail Diana who gave me her direct e-mail twice with no response. I called customer service this morning and waited another 45 minutes to talk to a human. They said the order number Diana gave me didn't exist (the number was sent to me via e-mail - I didn't write it down). The customer service rep said that since it was a home delivery, she had to send me to a different customer service rep. I'm currently on hold AGAIN - a total of AN HOUR AND A HALF at this point. This is insane. Know that if you have an issue with furniture, it will be time-intensive and you will have to be vigilant with following through. Update: Customer service rep said our cushion replacement order was mysteriously deleted - we were waiting for two months for nothing. Quality control is now asking for more pictures.

Shout out to Liz who provided amazing...

Shout out to Liz who provided amazing customer service today! Thanks for helping me return some items. It was very much appreciated.

I have been looking to buy my first serious sofa

I have been looking to buy my first serious sofa. Something that will be with me for the long-run. A sofa that I will love throughout the transitions life brings. Years ago my mom bought a sectional from PB and she still loves it, which is amazing, because my mother tends to lose interest quickly. But I digress. I went in to PB today to take a look at a few sofas I had been eyeing on the website to take them for a "test drive." I was looking for a small comfortable sofa, with washable coverings in a neutral color, that could stand the test of time, never to go out of style. Robyn, the salesperson, was really amazing. She sat with me and explained the pros and cons of each model, material, and stuffing. She lead me to a sofa I had not considered but that met my needs and sense of style. If I was going to spend 2K plus on a sofa, it better be something that I can live for many years to come, and something that can reinvent itself in a different space. After about an hour and many swatches, I was good to go! What I thought I wanted wasn't what I ended up purchasing. Investing in a sofa is like buying a Chanel handbag or a car, you better love it because you should expect to own it for a long time and you want it to be classic. But the best part is that it is made in the USA! It's a 9 week turn-around from the order, but I'm sure it will be well worth it! Thank you Robyn!

I ordered a gift...

I ordered a gift ( king comforter) for my daughter and her husband for Christmas. Since she was going to pick it up from the store, I ordered the gift wrap. She picked it up today and it was not gift wrapped, just in a clear plastic bag. In addition, the sales associate was rude. I contacted the store regarding the absence of gift wrap, and the only response from customer service was, "sorry about that", didn't cost anything to wrap, so there is no refund. If she brings it back in, we will wrap it." Pottery Barn, you need to take a lesson on customer service from stores like Moosejaw. Their customer service is always outstanding. I gave a 2 star in anticipation that the comforter is a quality product; otherwise a 1 star would be appropriate given the lack of good customer service.

So I ordered a sofa sectional

So I ordered a sofa sectional for my new place in November of 2019 and it's now almost March of 2020 and I still haven't received the completed order. They delivered 2/3 of my custom sofa sectional in December, but somehow forgot to make the corner. No one from the store or pottery barn corporate called me to tell me that. I had to find out from the third party delivery company that brought the partial couch. I simply got an email saying my "replacement order" is now going to be delivered in early February. First of all there was no replacement, they missed building a part and second of all, early February has now passed and I just got the forth delay email saying it is now going to be mid to late March....I'm not holding my breath, I shouldn't have to pay $3000 for a sofa sectional and have to wait 5 months! Silly me for opening a pottery barn credit card. I won't be buying from them again.

Although I really like the products

Although I really like the products that pottery barn has to offer, unfortunately I have to give them a 1 Star. Really, it should be a zero star, since I have no product to rate. I ordered a sofa 4 months ago (August 2019), and have yet to receive it. It was originally supposed to come in in mid October, however when that time came, I got an abrupt email stating that it would be another two months before the sofa would be ready. That was unfortunate to say the least. Well those two months have passed and still no sofa. Now, I've been without a sofa or any lounging furniture in my new residence for over two months, which means hosting any friends or family has been impossible. Well I called Pottery Barn to find out the update of my long awaited sofa, low and behold they have to push it out another month, so now I'll have been waiting for this couch for 5 months, and they continue to refuse to give me any type of refund or cancel the order. All I want is a couch to sit on. On top of that, I've asked for a manager a couple times, and have yet to get a call back from one. The majority of me is disappointed in their customer service, but part of me is finding this quite comical. If this goes on for an additional month and it makes it to half a year to make a small sofa, I'll be pretty impressed at the ineptitude of the company. Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

I agree with the reviews

I agree with the reviews. The sales people are rude and condescending. I just returned some lamps and the man who waited on me was sassy and acted like I was annoying him! I exchanged them for smaller lamps. When I called because I saw the price was cheaper online he told me it was because I also added on the lamp shade... fine... but his tone so nasty! I'll do my shopping exclusively online and will only go in to browse. Why so rude? I'm professional and I don't know why that sassy male salesperson couldn't be?! Oh, his name on my papers was tslattery. Mr. Slattery a bit of kindness goes a long way... I do it everyday at my job: as an ER physician.

Wow! Disappointed in Pottery Barn's return policy

Wow! Disappointed in Pottery Barn's return policy when ordering online. Ordered a small area rug that went on sale a week later. Rather than simply issuing a price adjustment, they are requiring me to return the rug via UPS and re-order the rug online!!! That's pretty ridiculous! And seems a real waste of my time and their money with shipping costs! My last purchase at Pottery Barn!

Hard to review a store that won't follow through

Hard to review a store that won't follow through. We requested a design consultation. Someone did come out about 6 months ago, and so far we haven't heard back. I reached out to the manager, who never wrote back. We dodged a bullet. Working with a real design firm who works with local artists with sustainable products. So glad this overprice mass-produced store ghosted us!

Trust the reviews...

Trust the reviews. The sales people are unqualified and lack the proper training. Even the managers lack basic customer service skills. They are all incredibly rude. They don't know the product or what they are selling. They can never give a straight answer and once they get your money, good luck getting it back. Doesn't matter if you receive the correct items or not apparently. I was literally told that because the chairs were delivered (albeit the wrong chairs) that this isn't pottery barn's fault anymore, they are washing their hands of this and that I would have to work with the manufacturer to get resolve. What? I don't think so. My contract is with pottery barn. The check said pottery barn on it. My dealings are with pottery barn. Customer service is a joke. I've spent 4.5 hours today alone on the phone being passed around to several different people, hung up on twice ( supposedly accidentally). not one person had any authority or ability to correct my issue. One lady put me on hold for 45 minutes. Sadly after reading other reviews it appears my experience isn't an isolated case. I will never use their services again. So what did we learn today? If you don't mind paying extra, waiting double, and a side of attitude, this is the place for you. The ed debevic's of furniture....and if youre really lucky like me you won't get what you ordered. You'll get some other unsuspecting sad saps order. Happy shopping!

My fiancé and I just visited

My fiancé and I just visited this location to create our wedding registry and Tammy was amazingly helpful! Very genuine and full of tips for success. Highly recommend!!!!

I was hesitant to go into Pottery Barn

I was hesitant to go into Pottery Barn because I know they are pricey, but I work all week and I need a good solid comfortable chair, one that will last a while. I tried Lazy Boy but the sales staff is just horrible. When I went into Pottery Barn, Paul Ling helped me choose the perfect chair. He was very personable and patient. Usually I feel guilty about purchasing big ticket items but Paul made feel deserving. He also gave me a 20% discount. He told me that my chair is 'made' and therefore delivery would be 6-8 weeks. It actually arrived around 7 weeks. I Love my new chair.

Very helpful staff with products and desig

Very helpful staff with products and design. They were quick to answer questions and give great ideas on how to decorate. I would definitely recommend this location.

I don't have any strong feelings either way

I don't have any strong feelings either way about the store. I just found it ironic that "Pottery Barn" had zero indoor planter pots with saucers. There were a few pots that were meant for fake plants or swiftly become swamp water mold catchers or your new weekly cleaning hobby.

Christie is hands down the best!

Christie is hands down the best! She was more than happy to grab a bunch of items for me and place online orders. I had an issue with a reward certificate that no one was able to resolve but she was determined to help me figure it out. Not only was she spending a lot of time with me getting items checked out, but she called the retail service team and explained to them everything I told her and helped me work it out with them. She was the sweetest and most helpful employee ever!

In the past 2 months, I've ordered 2 pieces

In the past 2 months, I've ordered 2 pieces of furniture and bedding from this location. While all the store associates/designers have been helpful and professional, I want to take this space to call out Christie. She has helped me on both store visits and was simply fantastic. She listened to my needs, offered advice and suggestions, and couldn't be more helpful or patient through the whole process. I purchased a Buchanan sleeper sofa, a Paulsen desk, and bedding for my new home. I've had all the pieces in for about a week and the quality seems extremely high. Delivery was easy (this location uses the same delivery company as the neighboring West Elm store and set up/scheduling was simple). I don't have any suggested changes or improvements from my two store visits.

Shout out to Josh K. for helping

Shout out to Josh K. for helping make lighting miracles come true! After a negative experience of purchasing a light fixture in store that sold the glass shades separately, I spent several hours on the phone with various pottery barn employees trying to locate glass shades without having to repurchase the full complete fixture set. Josh K. went out of his way to locate the shades for me out of state, and kept me updated throughout the process which avoided me having to spend additional hours on the phone taking care of this matter. He even went above and beyond to ensure my shipping was waived after he successfully located the shades, as well as applied a discount given the circumstances. Thank you, Josh K! you are top notch customer service!

Ordered a sleeper sofa

Ordered a sleeper sofa back in 2018 October, but still didn't received it. It's been 4 months! Called many times, they don't even know where the furniture was. The customer service was so rude, they just transfer and just hang up. We have been PB costumer many years, this is the Last PB purchase. Unbelievable.

We had an amazing experience

We had an amazing experience at the Lincoln Park Pottery Barn thanks to Paul. Paul, just WOW. I really don't normally go out of my way to write a review, but just had such a great experience at this place. There are a number of employees to thank, but Paul was absolutely fantastic. So we were on the hunt for a duvet cover and fell in love with a particular style, though it was a little more than we were prepared to pay. We shopped around to neighboring stores, but then came back to pottery barn, because this one particular cover stuck with us. I mean, when you envision yourself cuddled up after a warm apple cider with a particular duvet, then that's it, you're in the rabbit hole. So we returned and oh Nooo, they didn't have it in our color. Then we find out, that particular color is on backorder for 2 months. AHHHHH!!! But then Paul steps in, and with his persistence and fine investigative skills, actually finds it deep within the shelves of the back room. And just when we thought we couldn't get matching shams, he finds them located at a nearby store and hooks us up!!! The man is a real detective. Paul, you made our day. I'm now sitting a violet hour ( a wonderful speakeasy not too far away ), thinking about throwing on my new set and loving the final piece to my apartment.

I ordered a mirror from Pottery Barn

I ordered a mirror from Pottery Barn in August 2018. It was back ordered and arrived mid-October. The mirror arrived broken. I had to contact customer service, repackage it, drive to a UPS store to return it and I was told the new mirror would arrive in December. In the meantime, the product went on sale and was $10 cheaper than when I purchased it. I sent several emails to customer service to know what the status of the new order was and to ask them to match the sale price. No answer. My husband called customer service and was on the phone for over an hour with three different people and all they could offer was a $12 gift card to match the new sale price. No advantage to us, only enticing us to buy more products from them and no compensation for all the hassle and time wasted for a product we still haven’t received. We used to shop at Pottery Barn every holiday season but after this horrible customer service experience, Pottery Barn just lost some of its most loyal customers.

I bought a faux fur blanket here last year

I bought a faux fur blanket here last year, I washed it once per the instructions on the label and it no longer looks or feels the way it did when I purchased it. I don't have my receipt because I was going to keep this throw. Now I know not to waste my money here because they don't stand by their product quality. Nordstrom would have replaced this item without asking any questions, instead I'm out of $100+.

I go here once and awhile

I go here once and awhile with my wife to browse mostly and get decor ideas for our house. Recently, I went in for the beginning of holiday season with my wife to browse. She was looking at furniture ideas for the house. I got caught up in all the fall decorations. They had these adorable glass pumpkins that I thought would be lovely for the fall time! I didn't end up buying the pumpkins then. However, I returned a couple days. Later and got the pumpkins. The cashier was polite. The line was long. The pumpkins weren't cheap (even though they were on sale.) will I be back? Sure. I'll come back to browse no doubt. Will I purchase something? It depends...on the line and the price. Time will tell! They pumpkins do look cute in my counter top though!!

My wife ordered bedding on-line

My wife ordered bedding on-line and didn't like the way it looked in our bedroom. We took it to the store at UTC Mall, and Courtney cheerfully refunded our money. But the best part was when Courtney worked with my wife in selecting different bedding, shams and pillows. We both really liked her selections! Thank you Courtney! (We also bought towels when we were there.)

Ordering Familyroom furniture...

Ordering Familyroom furniture ($3,000) from PotteryBarn was a hassle in & of itself, & then I was given 10% back in rewards which I purchased dishes with($300). Ordering those dishes took THREE HOURS due to the order taker not figuring out what was wrong with the reward #. All of it has been nothing but frustrating from the start. Phone call after phone call to get issues resolved. It's been very disappointing considering the price of the furniture & price of the dishes. So far I will say I'm pleased with the furniture, however it sure was a hassle to get it (after waiting the usual amount of time for custom furniture, it THEN sat in a warehouse a couple of months before it was "found"). Basically what we experienced is that PotteryBarn employees know very little & don't have upper management to turn to either. Very disappointing for a company the size of PotteryBarn.

I bought a large piece of artwork

I bought a large piece of artwork (47'' x 47'') for the living room in my new house on October 4, 2019. The art is 'custom' (meaning they probably add a few paint strokes over top of the printed canvas) so the delivery time was longer than usual - about 5 weeks. I was fine with that. My living room was designed based on the colors in the art, so I was willing to wait for the 'final piece' to complete it.The delivery date was originally given as November 20. I noticed that the status of the order never changed from 'Ordered' to 'Preparing to Ship', so I contacted customer service on November 16 and asked about it. They assured me that it was in fulfillment and would be delivered. On November 20th the dates suddenly changed to January 8th, with no explanation. 'Fine', I thought. I would have preferred to have it before Christmas, but whatever. As I watched the status of the order remain as 'Ordered' throughout the month of December and early January, I contacted customer service once again. I was told that it was scheduled to ship on January 8th and is in fulfillment again. Not believing them, I called and checked again and a different customer service agent did a 'Where is my order' request and said I should be contacted in 48 hours. I was never contacted.I called again and was told that the item would be in their warehouse on January 3rd and delivered on January 9th. 'Finally!', I thought. But then she said that the there was a note stating that they were waiting on a vendor response. I called again after the holidays, thinking that the vendor may have been closed during that time...still no response from the vendor. On January 6th the date changed to February 13th...which would be over 4 months from the time I ordered it. I know people who have had houses built in less time. I emailed customer service, thinking that maybe they could forward it to a manager or someone who could get to the bottom of it. I was emailed back that they reached out to the vendor again and are awaiting a response. I emailed back and said I didn't understand why someone can't just pick up the phone and call them and ask what is going on. They emailed back and said 'Thanks for understanding'. What? I literally told them that I don't understand. I hate them.

Utterly disgusting customer service!

Utterly disgusting customer service! We bought some curtain rods from them and had them shipped to our house in Seattle. We love Pottery Barn and we have our whole house decorated from them. They sent us the wrong curtain rods which does happen sometimes, I get it. I escalated to Becky, the assistant manager and she apologized and assured me she will send me the correct ones and that she will go in person and check the box before it gets sent. We get the second shipment, and surprise, they're wrong again. I tried for a whole day to get a hold of her on the phone, but she would not call me back and Esther, the one associate promised me she will stand by her side the whole day and Becky will call me as soon as she is done helping a customer. Then I call back after 2.5 hours, to find out Becky has left the store. I was furious so I asked to speak with the manager, Rodrigo. He was very apologetic about the situation and told me that he will personally go into work 4 hours before they open, at 6am and look for the right ones and ship them to me. I didn't hear from him the whole day and I can't reach him - every time I call, I'm put on hold for 20+ minutes, and sometimes the call disconnects when I call meaning they hang up on me. Utterly disgusting customer service, we had to complain to corporate to straighten out our issue as this store and its employees are just chronic liars who don't care about their customers or experience they receive!

I want to share my experience

I want to share my experience on that Store. On Aug 11th I bought a Crib on Pottery Barn UTC store, 3 weeks later looking online for things I need for my son`s nursery and I realize that same crib for almost 100 dollars less. Based on that, I decided to call UTC store because it was where I bought my crib to see if they would adjust the price or maybe give me a gift card or discount for my next purchase. For my surprise, the store manager was very rude saying that they could not do anything related to that, because the price changed after my purchase. I told the manager that I still have my crib in a box and I could return it and buy it again as she was not willing to do anything for it. That was when she told me that If i return it, she would place me in the end of the wait list for that crib and I would probably not have it before my baby arrives because she has a huge wait list for that. Turns out that I checked on that same store and they do have a few units ready to be pickup if I decide to buy it today. In other words she was not only rude, but she was also lying to me. Pottery barn is an expensive store which I was used to shop there thinking that they may have a good customer relation program as many other expensive stores in US. Where you pay more for the products, but you know that services are really good and worthy it. So, I was expecting much more from the Pottery barn brand and specially from a Store Manager in such a fancy mall like UTC. I will never come back.

I would give 0 stars if I could

I would give 0 stars if I could. Don't order anything that is not off the shelf from pottery barn. They are plagued with backorders and "vendors" that cant hold up their production and delivery dates. Well PB needs to stand behind their customer promises for these "vendors" but they refused. They charged me for an "off the shelf" buffet that was supposed to be made and shipped in 4 weeks. That turned into 4 months based on their delivery update email! Maybe longer, who really knows as I'm still waiting?? I called 6 times starting 1 month after purchase (after receiving the first delay email) to cancel it only to be given the run around and a refusal to refund stating it was "custom made" and the vendor has to refund me. Well it wasn't made, according to their websites progress tracker, just still "order in progress". But PB still refused to cancel it. This should be criminal... holding my money hostage for 4 months on a broken delivery promise while all the while I'm trying to cancel it. They charged me 1,000$ on 5/27 for God's sake! Someone should sue pottery barn for this type of activity!

This store must be extremely understaffed

This store must be extremely understaffed. Don't get me wrong, the sales associates are generally very nice however, it takes forever to get help or check out in line. On average I wait about 20 minutes in line to get help and that's with only one person in front of me. It's a little ridiculous. I visit this location since it's across from my work however, tend to order more things online these days since it's very frustrating in the store.

Can't remember the last time...

Can't remember the last time I was in a Pottery Barn, but I don't remember it being that crowded. There were plenty of people working, but managed to get one hello. Things were too crowded for my liking, but I did spot a few nice things. May come back when in need of something for my house.

I walked into the PB

I walked into the PB at UTC for the first time this week. It seemed way bigger compared to the one st fashion valley or at least had more stuff. The salesperson was very helpful. Will be back!

Spent a fortune redecorating our family room

Spent a fortune redecorating our family room. Leather chair came in with damaged seat leather. After promises upon promises for replacement and almost a year of aggravation receiving several white cloth inserts but never a new leather cushion ; one that also was promised to be covered on all sides in leather as their sales woman promised us... an then after 8 mos... a ridiculous feeble offer to send us a can of leather conditioner! Empty promises! Horrible company filled with liars! Never trust a word they say and shop elsewhere!

We actually had to return something

We actually had to return something to Pottery Barn and used this store to do that. it was no problem. They were as nice to us as if we were buying something. Ben I think his name was, did the return and he was super nice. I love this store in particular. It's always kept really neatly and they have a good stock of everything that you might be looking for in Pottery barn. The parking ( even though it's been renovated) is pretty easy to find right by the store. I like the UTC mall in particular anyhow. It's going to be amazing once they finish the renovation adding more parking and stores.

So many bad reviews about customer service

So many bad reviews about customer service and apparently they don't care. This was my first and last time shopping at this chain. I went there looking for WS that unfortunately was closed... I wanted a nice wedding gift so decided to give it a shot. Yes it is pretentiously overpriced but at least stuff looks good. Walked in and walked all over the store with nobody to greet me. They saw me, but they just kept doing what they were doing in their computers. Fine, then! Picked the item I wanted and went to the lady on the cashier. Not much enthusiasm, asking if I found what I needed, nothing. She was doing paperwork at the computer, and there she remained. The store was empty. I asked her for gift wrapped and she gave me that look "oh, no!" and said "it will take an hour because we are short-handed." I looked around.... Heard crickets. Two ladies working on their computers, including her... "One hour!?", she was like "yeah...". Seriously tho, why even bothering go to work if working itself brothers you so much?! Somebody mentioned Julia Roberts in "Pretty woman" trying to shop for the first time... And the sales associates giving her the nasty attitude. I kinda felt like this today. And I was well dressed, with money to spend and flashing a pricey purse because that's how things roll at that mall. Still, apparently I wasn't worthy their attention. I paid and when I was leaving she said "target had great wrapping paper!" as I carried my large box with a wine rack. What a skunk of customer service. People like that should never be allowed at retail. First and last time for me. But bet they don't give a dime.

My husband and love this store

My husband and love this store. The quality of the products and the customer service is top notch! Shelly, Lisa and Battina and Emily have all been very helpful. Returns and exchanges have been pain free with these superstars! We bought so much from's a bit OCD.

I purchased this mirror...

I purchased this mirror to hang on my wall, but, unfortunately, the mirror is distorted. I was unable to return it, as it was a final sale. I wish the product description would include that this is only a decorative piece and not a mirror that can be used. I also purchased a second item (a guitar stand) and it came cracked. This was the first time I purchased from Pottery Barn, and it will also be the last.

Pretty fancy furniture / homewares

Pretty fancy furniture / homewares store offering exclusive styles and products that cater to the home decorator in most of us.

There is a reason people buy online

There is a reason people buy online and not bother coming to the store. It's their lack of customer support. Batina literally told me "I can't help" and Becky refused to call other stores when I asked for an item they didn't have in stock. I wish this was an uncommon occurrence but every time I go to La Jolla Potterybarn the woman working are unable to provide any level of adequate support.

This is for an online order...

This is for an online order using my loyalty rewards certificate in it's entirety with no balance owing. Most of the 38 items were on back-order, which wasn't stated until the order was placed. I understand that things can be on backorder but it all went downhill from there...and we continue to encounter problem after problem. 1) The first problem with the order occurred when the stemmed wine glasses arrived. I ordered the red wine glasses and the white showed up. I called PB and was on the line for an hour with them to get the problem resolved. Eventually it was figured out by customer service agent and she shipped out the correct red wine glasses. I was told to ship back the incorrect ones. This added to my time spent on this issue as I had to go out and buy packing tape and then had to drive to the UPS store to ship the incorrect item back. 2) The second problem with the order occurred when the bowls I ordered finally arrived (weeks after ordering). I ordered 2 sets of 4 bowls however one box contained 4 and the other contained only 3. So again I was on the phone for an hour to get this resolved. The resolution to this is super irritating to me as they said they couldn't send out one bowl and would have to send a set of 4 (even though they are sold individually) and then proceeded to tell me that I must return the 3 extras. Unfortunately, I had already dismantled and recycled the boxes so now I have to (a) find a box and packing materials to safely box the fragile breakable bowls and (b) drive again to the UPS store or visit a Pottery Barn store over the holidays. For Pottery Barn's mistake, they should be just letting those bowls stay with the customer instead of inconveniencing me further for something that wasn't my error. 3) The third problem with the order was that come 2 days before Christmas so many items were still outstanding (this is almost a month after the order is placed now). We had ordered a Christmas tree ornament as well as 2 personalized Christmas stockings which we needed for Christmas. I was beginning to wonder if they would arrive on time. My husband checked the order online in his account and to our dismay it said these 3 items (along with several others) were delivered TOGETHER on Dec 7th! We did not receive it! However we did receive ONE item from that delivery - it was a small box with a starfish pillow cover in it. We checked our Ring Camera Security System videos and only one delivery came that day and it was in a very small box so there is no way the other items were delivered as they said they were. It was all in one delivery so it would have all been together in one box. The resolution to that was that they were indeed not delivered and they would send us out that delivery right away but that the Christmas ornament and the personalized stockings could no longer be done as they were seasonal items! Further disappointment. 4) The fourth problem with the order is that items we ordered in November (the Christmas ornament and the two personalized Christmas stockings) were now unavailable due to Pottery Barn's mistake. So we were offered a refund however we used our loyalty reward so I am guessing we will get some sort of gift card? What I wanted were those items. 5) The fifth problem with the order is that about a week ago we discovered that although I used our $1150.00 loyalty reward certificate (and was slightly under so no further balance was due) the entire order was CHARGED TO OUR POTTERY BARN CREDIT CARD! So again we have been on the phone for an hour dealing with that and getting disconnected by the system and then again by a customer service agent who attempted to transfer us after being on hold for a very long time. When we finally got someone, initially we were told that we would need to pay the credit card and then we'd get credited our reward certificate. They said this was because not all of the items in the order have been shipped so the rewards certificate wasn't applied yet?!?! This is completely ridiculous and totally unacceptable. When I placed the order I used the rewards certificate and it was confirmed it was applied and no balance was owing. It was done correctly and payment via rewards certificate was confirmed online. To then make us pay and then get credited to the card is completely unethical and against the law. My husband asked to speak to another agent and was told that the credit card issue would be fixed by next tuesday. Will it though? Or will we need to sit on hold and then get the run around for another hour when it's not fixed and we have to call back? We have little faith at this point and we don't want our perfect credit to be ruined because of a mistake that is due to Pottery Barn/Comenity's incompetence. Buyer beware.

I went here because it had all kinds of home goods

I went here because it had all kinds of home goods and thought it may have some cool ashtrays to keep on my patio (who wants cigarette butts on the ground or dishes used and make shift ashtrays?). As I was browsing, a middle aged, blonde lady asked if I was looking for anything. I asked if they had any ashtrays and she said that they did not. I asked if she knew of anywhere that may have one and she said that she did not and, "maybe he should stop smoking." I was so offended! I asked for an item, not a judgement on the lifestyle that I, or any of my guests, choose. I left the store immediately and will probably not ever go back.

Yes, the furniture might look nice

Yes, the furniture might look nice, and store customer service is great (albeit long long waits) but you will never receive your items! They are always backed up by weeks, so plan to receive them 2-3 months after your expectation time. Don't even try to call customer service, unless you have half a day to be on the phone.

The worst furniture buying experience ever

The worst furniture buying experience ever. I dislike writing bad reviews but had to on this one. My husband and I stopped in the store to buy a sofa. After choosing the one we wanted along with cushion and material choices the sales rep could not find the sku number for pricing. After over an hour of waiting we left and told her to call us when she figured it out. Before we got to the parking lot she miraculously found it and told us to come back. We were told that we would receive our sofa in 8 weeks. However, that amount of time passed with no contact from PB at all. After continuously calling them myself and being on hold forever, I was told it would be another 2 weeks. That turned into another 4 weeks. When the sofa finally arrived, it was 6 inches shorter and narrower than it was supposed to be and came with the wrong cushions. I immediately called and asked them to send the correct cushions. The customer service rep was polite and said she would send them out right away. 3 weeks later I received the new cushions that were the same wrong cushions that they sent the first time. I called again and was told again that they were sorry and would send out the new cushions immediately. After 2 weeks of waiting and a pending move, I called to make sure they had my new address only to find out that the cushions were never sent out! So, I called AGAIN. This time I spoke to a very rude "customer service" person named Conrad Lodge. He accused me of receiving the correct cushions and being dishonest and wanted me to take pictures of the cushions and send to him before he made a request for new ones to be made. I immediately took pics and emailed to him with NO RESPONSE. Figures; it has now been 6 weeks and I have tried reaching him several times with no response. Who knows if I will ever get what I ordered, and on top of all that, a nail head has already come out! Very disappointed to say the least.

The place is conveniently located

The place is conveniently located, close to a parking space. A little walk to all the other shops. They have good options and quality products. Everything is beautiful and neat. I would have stayed longer and probably shopped more and maybe even go back. The thing that turned me off the most is the customer service. Not once did anyone say hi to us. I had to approach an unfriendly lady and told her I need help on one section. She looked at me like I don't speak english. She condescendingly told me to be clear on what part of the store I need help with. ( I tried to be helpful & mentioned earlier, I don't know the name of the section but It's behind the elevator which was 10 steps away from where she was standing). She did not offer to check it w me, I had to spell it out to her, she still asked me to be more specific (news flash: I'm a customer I do not know the name of the sections!!) She seemed very reluctant and finally followed me. I told her there are only 5 items on the shelf and I needed 8 of the placemats that matches the table throw. And if she could kindly check if there are more in stock. She left to check, after 5 minutes I went to look for her again since she didn't get back to me, she was back on her section stocking, I know she is busy but the common courtesy is go back to the customer and assure that someone is working on it etc She looked at me, and before I could open my mouth she said "they're getting the items, they'll be there in a few minutes" & turned her back again. She could have went to me & said that earlier. & she could have showed a little interest. I felt unwelcome and discriminated. Had I not really liked the fall table settings I would have just left. But leaving the store, I felt heavy like they did not deserve my business.

I didn't purchase in this store

I didn't purchase in this store, I attempted an online return but was rejected because they couldn't find my order number for some reason. (Yes, I brought in all my packing slips) She tried calling customer service and they didn't find a record, either. I worked with a frazzled sales associate who was trying to help 2 customers at once and manage a long line while asking several times for help from her fellow associates. She took apart all of my boxes and scattered the contents around... not sure why she did that, it wasn't organized and I felt she was making this return harder than it should be. After a long time another associate sloooowy came down the stairs and helped out. At this point my return was completely messed up. My sales associate was completely flustered as well. I had brought in my order slips and also had my emailed order numbers but for some STRANGE reason there was no record to be found on their end so they declined the return. I went back home and reorganized the 2 huge boxes this store messed up. Next day I went to my regular store (in Burlingame) and the person was able to process all of my returns in 5 minutes. No fluster, no confusion. Thanks to the Burlingame for restoring my faith in PTB. Walnut Creek, take some deep breathes and less caffeine.

It's a Pottery Barn

It's a Pottery Barn. You know what you're getting product-wise. We stopped by to buy a few rugs and chandeliers tonight. The employee who "helped" us was so gratuitously condescending that I decided we'd just order online. Thank for nuthin, dude. P.S. We've had great customer service at the Crate and Barrel just down the road. I highly recommend taking your business there.

Waited for the representative...

Waited for the representative on the floor to help us for 30 minutes, and after hearing the angry cashier to tell me to wait for her to finish one more thing, we left. Help the customer present at the time, then finish your mobile order! Simple... They are understaffed. Customer service is non-existent. Floor manager!!! If you have 4 people on the register, why can't you have just 1 on the floor? People were leaving as we waited. These are sales you can't recoup and customers you won't get back. Don't complain and cry when your store sales underperform and store gets closed. Go to the one in San Ramon. Much better service!

Unfortunately, I agree with many of the other

Unfortunately, I agree with many of the other 1 star reviews here. Customer service is abysmal. Which is too bad, as I really like Pottery Barn. I called today and was put on "hold" for 6 1/2 minutes, with no one bothering to check on me. I hung up and called back and again she wanted to put me on hold. I asked if it would be 6 minutes again, and she said yes because they are "very busy". I said I just had a simple question. She huffed and said okaaay...So, I know no customer was standing in front of her. I arrived at the store 1 hour later and it was dead as a door nail. I did my return (over 30 days, so I get store credit, which I know). The cashier basically almost threw my receipt at me and said "here". Ok, here what? "You'll get 'it' in the mail". I'll get what in the mail? "Your store credit". How long? "7-10 days". Really?? Would it have been so hard to say all that the 'first' time? Did I really need to pull it out of her? As I said before, the store was empty of customers and there wasn't a line behind me of people waiting to helped. From all the other less than stellar reviews and lack of response from a store manager, much less corporate, I don't think they really care one iota about their customers. Pottery Barn has sure gone downhill, scraping the bottom of the barrel on the employees that they hire.

I bought a custom sleeper sofa in August

I bought a custom sleeper sofa in August. It was to be delivered last Sat.11/9 between 12-4 pm. I was sent three emails and 2 texts during the week PRIOR, but on Sat when I looked at the path for the truck, one said "cancelled" and the other said, "delivered on 11/5" Well, I began to call on Saturday and spoke to a person early on Monday morning in GA. THEY CANNOT FIND MY SOFA PAID FOR IN AUGUST. SINCE MONDAY, NO ONE HAS CALLED ME TO UPDATE ME AS TO THE DELIVERY OR THE STATUS. This is extremely poor service and poor customer service. Never order HERE!! WILL CANCEL MY ORDER! BUY AT CRATE AND BARREL. THEY NEVER IGNORE THE CUSTOMER!

The store has the worst customer service

The store has the worst customer service. I have been in the store several times and have never had great customer service however I went in over the weekend to buy a few Christmas decorations and the girl at the cashier was beyond rude, condescending and never said one word to us while we were checking out. She has stringy reddish blond long hair. I've never experienced such terrible service.

I bought chairs...

I bought chairs and were told they would be delivered by July 9. They still have not arrived and sent me no emails of an updated delivery date. I had to call to give notes to the rep to update me. This is the first sign of weakness in a company. I also purchased 12 towels from the retail department. They didn't have any of the towels I wanted in the front of the store so they grabbed them from the back. Through searching for the towels and other items the associate helps other clients. Which I want to note is pretty rude. You should always help the client you're with first. She was also lazy and just rang up one item and charged me the multiple of it instead of going through them individually. I guess she just really wanted to leave her job. However, I come home to find that they grabbed different types. I wanted all hydrocotton but was given organic and classic. Perhaps if she just focused on the task at hand I wouldn't have received the wrong items. Or If the associate had rung up each towel individually we would have seen that they were different. Or if she let me go through them I would have noticed. But she told me she's only be available to help me until she clocked out and rushed my purchase. Having workers who don't care for their job and don't pay attention to detail is a second sign of weakness in a company. Last, I then called to let them know that I wanted a return and instead of being accommodating and apologizing they treated me the exact opposite. Hey I understand if it was MY mistake I might deserve the rude conversation that was partaken. But this is not the case. It was YOUR mistake and now I have to drive all the way back to the store waste my gas money and time to deal with your lazy inattentive, uncaring, and unapologetic staff. Hands down the worst store ever. Worst retail customer service ever. I regret giving them credit for my prior purchases. I would like to hope my experience was the only one, but after reading other reviews it seems others have been through something similar. Upper management should really take notes and find employees better suited for the role. I was going to buy a couch, dressers for each room, drapes for my windows and more bath supplies but now I'll look at buying them from a different company. I will never give them my business again. And you shouldn't either. Stay away. Stay far away. There's far better quality at other brands more or less expensive.

Good quality and classy products

Good quality and classy products. There is not anything else like walking into a home fully furnished full of PB items. Instant sophistication points. Big fan of everything they've got. My only gripe is that it is pretty expensive, but you gotta dish out for the high quality. Customer service is overall pretty good, sans a few dingus employees. But hey, it's retail and a ritzy area with high maintenance customers. Overall, everyone needs to calm down and buy a faux fur throw. Chill out and enjoy the PB. Will do business again.

I came into this store to return an online item

I came into this store to return an online item. The young lady at the front was very gracious and offered to help. As I got to the counter she was having some difficulty with my return as the item was not registering. She was interjected by an older Caucasian women in her 60s who was incredibly rude and abrasive to say the least. I was brashly informed that this item was a final sale, although my order nor my receipt stated anything of the sort. When I inquired about the lack of information she lashed out stating she had worked at pbkids for many years and I should know that anything on sale is final sale. I'm not quite sure how the customer is supposed to know certain priced items are nonrefundable if there is no indication when purchasing. All in all, very poor customer service in a developing affluent neighborhood. I would expect more for someone who's been working retail their entire career. Oh, and I was able to return my item online without any hassles!

Listen to all the others!

Listen to all the others! Once they have your money FORGET them making furniture that is falling apart right. We bought r Pearce sectional with top grade material $6000+ delivered in October. Have been fighting with them for months. Hold times over 60 minutes then cut off Total waste of money. They hid seams in the cushions in the store with throws n pillows, then when delivered, you get a very inferior product. Classic BAIT N SWITCH!!!! Store managers do nothing Rewards items are continuously billed to you DON'T OPEN A CREDIT CARD!!! Buyer beware they also own West Elm & Williams Sonoma!!!

Store = fine customer service!

Store = fine customer service! Online/delivery = awful! I ordered 3 items from you in February. 2 Chairs and the Atwell canopy bed. After waiting 3 months it was time for delivery of the bed. The bed comes and our box spring wont fit in the frame. I told the delivery man that it was probably a Cal King instead of a king that i ordered. He said it is not. They left and I went on to call PB customer service and they said well it must be a Cal King. We will come pick it up - what a waste of time! If I wanted the bed in the King size (which was originally ordered) I would need to wait another 3 months even though it was their fault. No way am I ordering another! Next, my custom chairs are ready for delivery today which is a week and a half after the bed mishap. One chair is delivered today and the delivery man says - oh by the way, they cant find the other chair in the warehouse!! keep in mind - this is a ski home we are furnishing so we do not live there full time. Every delivery and pick up has to have someone come over to accept the items. Called the delivery service today and asked wheres the other chair? The customer service rep said they are looking for it! thats it! I am so over this!!

Ok so I don't like to review anything negative

Ok so I don't like to review anything negative but I'm hoping by writing this that the company or at least the store manager at the Walnut Creek, CA will read it. The customer service at this store is shamefully non existent or plain rude, I have never been in a store before or you literally have to chase a sales person and even so when you get one, to get actually a nice experience. I would have actually purchase more if it wasn't for the rude sale person simply raising her shoulder ups like I'm asking stupid questions about beds and sheets, and even if they were stupid questions I would say, stay polite please with the attitude. It wasn't an isolated situation, one couldn't even bother giving more details for ordering a sofa and told me to go to the Outlet in Alameda for quicker service. Yes, how about that one! Now I have it another shot like an idiot and called and was put on hold and when I called back they simply say "can't hear you..and une one seconde hang up". Apparently my neighbors got their entire living room done and told me good luck if I wanted to purchase with the store considering the bad experience they have had. Heidi, who is the manager still, please if you read this step in as a leader and hire kinder sales people, I'm just speechless 2 years on and there's still the same amount of rude people. Incredible.

The company is fine...

The company is fine; the store in San Raphael has never been a problem for me, but the store in Walnut Creek is repeatedly just DREADFUL! Imperious, condescending, inattentive, dismissive. I've made six calls - SIX CALLS - to try to get an update on an item return that I brought into the store, and it has been a total nightmare. Still have no information about the status of the return, and yet have spent so much time on hold, all for nothing.

The worst customer service

The worst customer service... Walnut Creek is such a nice shopping area it is very disappointing that a name like pottery barn would employee such unprofessional behavior.

Uniquely expensive

Uniquely expensive. I am not sure that Pottery Barn fits everyone's decorating style. I came in here with my wife and while she looked through the store I shopped in the kitchen section. They have some little gadgets that are cool, but at a price point I could do without. Ultimately I was looking for a pizza stone and their offerings either didn't fit my oven or were the wrong style. What did I learn today? They have mastered the window display. So tempting.

I am NEVER ever going to buy another item

I am NEVER ever going to buy another item from Pottery Barn. Be warned that the store is disorganized and their customer relations is disorganized. Nobody cares about the customer. All they see is the $$$$ they can milk from you. The issues I've had are: 1. Being charged over $500 in delivery fees because the store didn't have the product in stock. Insane. They couldn't consolidate everything into one delivery (I'm still waiting for the first delivery). 2. Deliveries being held without my knowledge. 3. Deliveries being scheduled without my knowledge. 4. Rude customer service ("Well, the Fedex guy has to be paid. I'm sorry there is nothing we can do.") 5. Headquarters connects me to a voicemail that never calls back. Please don't ever buy any Pottery Barn product. Learn from my experience.

This rating is for Pottery Barn overall

This rating is for Pottery Barn overall as order was placed online. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! I ordered a desk and bookcase in January. It was instock. They charged my credit card (not a hold) and then later the item was placed on back order. It's end of Feb and I'm still waiting for the item (should be delivered in March they say). I've already been billed for the item and paid my credit card in full. Items have now gone on sale and they will not honor the sale price even though I have still not taken possession of the items. Since they won't honor the sale I've asked to cancel the order and refund my account and they won't until the order is ready to be delivered. Pottery Barn does not allow customers to provide reviews on products. I knew that was a red flag but I really liked the item so thought I'd take the chance. People, listen to your gutt and the reviews. This is not a ethical company to do business with. Spend your money with someone else.

Just awful...

Just awful. I'd give no stars if I were able. Ordered a sofa in September. [Now it's January.] After waiting patiently for 3 months I called to cancel. 1st they told me I couldn't cancel because half of the sofa had been produced and was in a warehouse in Seattle ( i live in Calif.). Then I called a few weeks later. I was told neither half had been produced and I could cancel. then learned later when they submitted they said it was in production and could not be canceled. Now another attempt after a email said delivery was pushed into mid February or March, so that will be 6 months. This is a POS company that lies to it's customers. Customer service is a joke with calls never returned. Don't buy from them unless you'd really rather never receive your purchase.

Ordered a bedroom set...

Ordered a bedroom set. They sent the WRONG one. We had to call numerous times and get this runaround (4-5 agents with all different stories) to return the set. Finally it was returned, the right item was ordered, and was told the first item will be fully refunded. Surprise surprise they held a 90$ shipping and moving fee. KEEP IN MIND. This was their mistake and were not transparent about a 90$ fee AT ALL. Highly disappointed in this companies ignorance. It was their mistake for the wrong order, which they admit, and are still charging the "customer" who has taken plenty of time out of their day to get this sorted out. We will dispute the charge, and return the second (correct) item. Shame on you pottery barn.

The $350 chair...

The $350 chair arrived unassembled with the wrong parts and the wrong color. The replacement would take another month. Customer service keeps you on hold for 40 minutes and offers no help at all. The worst. Never again.

Cheaply made and overpriced

Cheaply made and overpriced! I bought a dining room table over a year ago and it started falling apart. The bolts that connect the stand to the table are falling out. Customer service told me there's nothing they can do after a year and that it's normal wear and tear. So it's normal for an $1100 table to only last a year? They gave me the name of a furniture repair company and said I was on my own. Classy, Pottery Barn.

Total crap, misleading advertising

My wife bought two "Astoria" collection "real wood" nightstands. When unpacking them we looked at each other and said, "This is plastic!" Turned out that it was cheap wood dipped in plastic, and ugly as sin. She decided to sand it down and refinish, which made them look marginally okay, but definitely not what you'd call quality. I am a professional woodworker and only agreed to this purchase because, like the shoemaker, I often don't have time for personal projects. And it's Pottery Barn, right? I went to assemble the parts after the hours of refinishing, and was unable to complete the job because several of the ill-fitting joints ended up with stripped out screws. I am totally disappointed with this purchase - it's cheap garbage in every way. It will be returned, if Pottery Barn has the integrity to take back crap that we tried to fix. We'll never buy furniture from PB again.

If I could give 0 stars, I would!

If you buy more than a lamp from Pottery Barn and expect to be taken care of, you're likely to be very disappointed. I thought I'd use Pottery Barn to furnish a newly constructed house - 5 bedrooms and 2 living rooms. Pottery Barn noted that due to the size of our order we qualified for their concierge service. We placed our order in April, 2021. It's now early July 2022 and we've received a few items, but most of our furniture is completely missing in action. Of what we received, we're missing parts (so can't use - a bed without a headboard from PB is useless), some is damaged, and some things seem like they just thought "we have it in the warehouse, so let's just send them stuff". We have a bedroom set that's not the color or models we ordered. We have a duplicate coffee table. We have a corner section of one of our sectional couches, but none of the other pieces. We have a lamp - but no lamp shade. Customer service - zippo! The store can't help. It took an email to the William Sonoma CEO to get some reaction - but that seemed to get someone's attention for a day and now they've gone silent again. If you're ordering something you "need" - depend on someone else. If you can afford to wait and be disappointed and fight, then Pottery Barn is right up your alley! A few of the things we did get are nice - as expected and look great. I'm not thrilled about the quality - the dining table and chairs are "wood" but feel like plastic and that the wood grain is a little too "forced". Maybe the rest of my experience is making me over critical, but I trusted a well known brand to help make a new house a home and find myself being 100% let down with no resolution in sight (I'm now thinking it will take going to court). I can't imagine anyone could provide a worse experience.

Only giving one star because zero isn't an option

One star is being generous… I only left one star because zero isn’t an option. I am a designer and have ordered multiple households of furniture from William Sonoma Brands. My advice, RUN. Here are the most recent examples why: 1) Client wanted a sofa and 2 chairs. Waited 5 months. Sofa was dropped and damaged. After 7 calls, nothing was resolved. The client had no choice and took a discount. The 2 chairs—day of delivery only one chair arrives. The delivery guy promised I’d get a call to resolve it. No call. 10 phone calls later, hung up on 3 times, on hold for 30 minutes each time. Each agent says there is no record of any call. There’s no record that one chair was missing, and said I received both. Basically, I’ve made a $1600 donation to pottery barn. Update#1: They’re supposedly shipping the chair but it’s been bumped another 3 months, again. No resolution yet. Update #2: Now 10 months later--no chairs and no delivery date scheduled. The order page says they'll charge my card soon. I ALREADY PAID FOR THEM! Hold for 30 clear answers. 2) Client wanted an in-stock coffee table. Every time it was supposed to arrive “today” it didn’t show. 30 minutes on hold, several calls, different story every time. The coffee table never left the warehouse. Two months into waiting, and being lied to that it was "in stock", the agent told me 1300 had been pre-sold but only 200 were coming on the next container from China. She said I "may" be one of the 200. I was told I couldn't cancel but finally was able to. 3) Ordered chair for client. $209 to ship a $200 chair. The day of delivery, it doesn’t show. Delayed. Delayed again. Delayed again. Never shows up. I finally got someone to answer the phone—the chair never left the distribution center. They supposedly refunded my money, but NO REFUND. I’m still getting emails to schedule delivery. Currently they still have $432 of my money. If they are this horrible to their trade members, I can’t imagine being the general consumer. This company DOES. NOT. CARE. If you actually want furniture, buy elsewhere. Look at other reviews, not advertised by Pottery Barn.

Disappointing Toscana dining room set, scratches easily

Ordered a large rectangle Toscana table, bench, and leather side chair along with a small buffet. The set is very attractive, the table is heavy and sturdy. It was a fairly expensive purchase, over $6,000 and I am disappointed with the quality of the surface. I'm not sure how, because we're not rough with things, but both the table and buffet have noticeable scratches on the surface. Still trying to decide how to protect it, might have to get a glass top which is not at all the look I was hoping for. In summary, this set looks great but has poor surface quality.

Will never buy Pottery Barn again

I have never received a furniture order from Pottery Barn without a problem, but now I'm finally done for good. Ordered 4 chairs Oct. 1st 2022, & the delivery date was repeatedly delayed. Then I received notices multiple times that the chairs were ready at my local distribution center and I could schedule delivery, but every single time I would then be told right before scheduled delivery that the delivery had to be cancelled because 1 or more chairs were missing. Every time I called to see what was going on I was bounced around to different departments, never received any explanations, and ultimately would just be told that re-orders needed to be placed. I received 3 chairs 1 at a time over approx. 7 months and now as of June 2023, I'm still waiting on 1 final chair that was (not shockingly) "missing" & had to be reordered. I also was never able to get expedited shipping on the reorders. Most customer service agents I spoke with were pleasant, but there is clearly a significant lack of either staff training, staff competence, communication between departments, distribution center oversight, manufacturing efficiency, or maybe a combination of all 5.

Pottery Barn Spent Months on Delivering a garbage...

After delayed for almost 2 months, today we finally received Zoe Counter Stools from PotteryBarn... This is what happened... I started to install 2 chairs, and both of them are defective products... a) the screw size doesn't fit the hole at all... b) both of the chairs are missing 4 L-type gaskets... The only suggestion that I would provide is, Never & Ever buy anything from PotteryBarn, if you don't want to pay for garbages with months on delivery.

Slipcover Sizing Changes

I bought a set of PB Basic slipcovered furniture in 2002 -- Sofa, Loveseat, and Chair. In 2013, 11 years later, I replaced the slipcovers with no problem. They fit perfectly. Now it's another 10 years later, and the slipcovers are in bad shape and my husband and I debated whether to get new slipcovers or new furniture. I love the PB Basic design and it is perfectly sized for our home. I was hoping that we could purchase this design upholstered rather than slipcovered, only because the slipcovers always have a touch of a sloppy look until you smooth out everything. But the PB Basic style is only offered slipcovered. The other Pottery Barn furniture styles did not offer love seats or they were so oversized they didn't fit into the space we need them. So after many many hours of looking at fabrics online and all of the different furniture styles, we decided to replace our existing slipcovers again. This would be considerably less expensive and we wouldn't have to deal with getting rid of old furniture to make space for new. We went to a store to get some input from real people, and the design rep was very helpful. However, he did tell us that the PB Basic is the only style that has not changed over the years. So we felt confident in going ahead with the purchase of slipcovers for all 3 pieces. BIG MISTAKE!! The slipcovers were way too larger, significantly larger than the current ones purchased in 2013. And even the length and width of the armrolls from seam-to-seam were a full inch longer and wider -- which makes a big difference in attaining a snug fit. I immediately called the store to see how this could be resolved. After several more calls, I still have not had a return call -- 6 days later. So I took matters into my own hands yesterday and called Pottery Barn directly. I was connected to someone in Quality Control and registered my dissatisfaction. This resulted in filing a claim describing my issue and sending pictures. A customer care rep responded very quickly with a resolution and today -- only 1 day later -- the issue is resolved and I'm sending the slipcovers back and getting a full refund. The company that facilitates this is Sutter Street Care, and their service was excellent. The salespeople at the store, by contrast, were useless in helping me with this problem. The larger issue, though, is that Pottery Barn has changed the sizing of the inserts for their slipcovers, so if you purchased your furniture a long time ago and purchase new slipcovers, you will be disappointed. Though I'm happy to be able to return these items and receive a full refund, I am still out around $500 for the original shipping/processing fees. Very expensive mistake.

Extremely poor customer service

They take your money and not deliver for months. If you try to cancel, they give you only partial refund. They will charge you 300+ USD for cancelling, saying they moved stuff between their warehouses on your behalf, so that cost is on you. There are so many other companies who are professional and courteous, I recommend stayng away from this Poortery Barn


Over the last 20 years, I have been a loyal PB customer. My recent order, which cost nearly $4k, had a hiccup with one of the smaller furniture items. I called customer service to resolve. The associate I got on the phone with was lovely, but had zero power to truly assist. She kept messaging her "managers" who otherwise refused to get on the phone with me to assist. Over an hour later, the associate could not get any "managers" attention. I am a principled person and will be returning all my items and NEVER shopping at PB and its related companies again. These managers are not doing their job and leaving their powerless associates to take all the complaints without resolving even the simplest issue. Clearly, PB trains its customer service not to care. I'll never shop with them again and will be sure to relay to anyone who asks for a recommendation to steer clear of PB.

I am so disappointed with the lack of quality

I bought a sectional sofa and a chair last year. The sofa experience was ridiculous and now that i know how it wears in just one year... i am angry at myself for not returning it when i had the chance. The sofa i have now was expensive, and took months to be delivered. When it came, two of the three pieces showed up. I questioned how they could guarantee that the center piece of it would match the the two side pieces...they said it would, of course it was a different die lot, so it did not. The second sofa came, and it was sewn my the blind. The seams were crazy and crooked, the guys that brought it in could not figure out where one of the cushions went, it was so wonky. The third sofa that came was ok. It was not as stuffed or crisp looking as the first, but i did not want to go through not having furniture again, and thought it would work. It is not even a year later and the thing looks worn. The sales person told me that the fabric choice would be sturdy and easy to clean, its a light color. Its not. The cushions look like we have been sleeping on them for years. I can't believe the lack of quality. The chair i bought is a recliner and i love the style. It is Nubuck. I wish they would have told me that it stains super easily and there is not cleaning it where it looks the same as it did new. Buyer beware. We spent around $8,500. on pure crap.

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