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Plow And Hearth Reviews

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Plow & Hearth is a catalog and online storefront that focuses on homey decor and rustic items. With an initial focus on outdoor living and fireplace elements, they have expanded to indoor furniture and seasonal decorations. Customers overall have good things to say, but there were some complaints about delivery concerns.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.6/10

Price: $51-$2499+

Return Policy: 90 Days + Restrictions

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Plow And Hearth Specifics

Plow & Hearth focuses on homey decor, outdoor furniture, rugs, indoor furniture, and more. With a nationally recognized catalog and over 15 stores across the northeast and south, their prices are moderate and selection multifaceted.

Most customers like the selection offered by Plow & Hearth, especially for gifts and decor, but there were some complaints about durability and delivery in some cases.

Material Quality

Plow & Hearth is known for their home decor and outdoor living accents. Shoppers can find both outdoor furniture that offers low cost wicker and wooden designs, but also solid wood selections with more price value. When it comes to indoor furniture, they focus on rustic smaller pieces, mostly with solid wood construction, which is desirable for the price.

Plow & Hearth Furniture Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that Plow & Hearth's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top searches and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Rugs

One of the items that Plow & Hearth shoppers are most excited for is a new area rug. Plow & Hearth offers over 200 different rugs, runners, and accent rugs. Most of their options offer a rustic, folk, or traditional style, and are made of polypropylene or wool. Shoppers like the selection offered and have good things to say about the quality of rugs overall with some minor complaints about sizing in some cases.

The pros: Good selection of rugs in rustic styles for affordable prices.

The cons: Some minor complaints about size in some cases.

#2 Outdoor Decor

The second product category that is popular among shoppers is outdoor decor. Plow & Hearth is known for its selection of wind spinners, garden accents, and outdoor decor. These include planters, lighting, birdbaths and birdhouses, and other items to put outside the home to add a homey charm. With over 1000 products to choose from, shoppers report good experiences overall with some minor complaints about delivery in some cases.

The pros: Huge assortment of outdoor decor, garden accents, and more.

The cons: Some complaints about delivery at times.

#3 Curtains

Another item that Plow & Hearth shoppers are keen to get their hands on are new curtains and window treatments. They offer over 50 different window treatments including floral and traditional pattern curtains, and also solid colors. With curtain rods in multiple styles like brass, silver, and bronze and low prices overall for these options, shoppers have good things to say about their selection of products.

The pros: Good selection of window treatments in traditional styles.

The cons: Some select issues with delivery.

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#4 Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture is another popular Plow & Hearth request. Their outdoor furniture includes seating sets, dining, benches, swings, and more. They offer over 100 different items and sets with wicker and all-wood options, including both painted and varnished sets. Shoppers resonate mostly with the lesser priced wicker options due to their price value. Overall, customers have good things to say about Plow & Hearth's outdoor furniture line-up with some complaints about delivery in some cases.

The pros: Moderate variety of outdoor furniture.

The cons: Some disagreements about delivery in some cases.

#5 Indoor Furniture

The last category that Plow & Hearth shoppers are excited about is indoor furniture. Most of their indoor furniture are smaller accent pieces, such as benches, side boards, chairs, and cupboards. However, they also offer larger items like kitchen islands and bed frames. With prices that run low to moderate, most customers have good things to say about their offerings. However, there were some complaints about assembly in some cases.

The pros: Low to moderately priced indoor furniture with a rustic charm.

The cons: Some complaints about assembly reported.

More From Plow & Hearth's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Plow & Hearth offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Bedding

- Rocking Chairs

- Fireplace Accessories

- Wreathes & Christmas Decor

- Footwear & Apparel

Plow & Hearth Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

If you are ready to learn more about the best rated online furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2024 Furniture Stores.

...or jump right into our top online furniture alternative, Wayfair.

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Browse Plow And Hearth Customer Reviews

Had a great experience at Plow and Hearth

Had a great experience at Plow and Hearth. Went in looking for a special housewarming gift, found one, and the sales girl Tammy went above and beyond making sure it was packed well so it wouldn't break after opening. Love this store, my husband and I are in here whenever we are trying to find that special gift.

This was a fun place to go into...

This was a fun place to go into, especially around the holidays. It was decorated to the nines and just a fun garden/stuff/hearth shopping haven. They had everything you needed for a hearth and they had some fake ones too. It's very log cabin like in there and they have some wonderful pieces for the garden. They also have some unique gifts that you can only find in places like this. We will be back for the garden fun stuff in the Spring.

I have been a fan of Plow & Hearth

I have been a fan of Plow & Hearth for years. I love having a brick and mortar store to wander and I frequent the store often. This store is a bit small and they have a BIG inventory so it's a bit crowded. I see some of the same employees and I do shop frequently and yet I never feel like I am welcomed as a frequent customer in particular. I love the products and will continue to shop there. I do wish it felt a bit more welcoming.

This was my second visit to Plow & Heart

This was my second visit to Plow & Hearth. My first experience was horrific - very bad experience with unprofessional staff. I tried it again because it was the only store that had what I was looking for. Although the staff was not as rude as before, they remain untrained. It is unfortunate as the merchandise is something that would bring me into the store on many occassions. Seems that if this is the only place I can find what I need, I will buy on line.

This is a great discovery that took me a long time to find

This is a great discovery that took me a long time to find. Not that it's difficult or hiding away, it's just that I don't often venture out this way. We were on our way to visit my daughter who lives south of Charlottesville, when we passed Plow & Hearth Catalog Outlet. I usually shop at the Plow & Hearth in Fairfax but had heard of the outlet for quite a while. Guess I just didn't realize how close it was! What fun to wander around here! They have dozens of wind spinners out front, which definitely catches the eye. I just had to have one after seeing that display! After milling about outside among the discounted lawn furniture, cool wrought-iron chairs and benches, and all sizes and shapes of spinners, I looked forward to checking out the indoor trinkets. So much stuff! Some of it (most of it) isn't presented all prettied up, it's more like a garage sale. But wow, what deals you can find in here! There are two buildings to peruse: one is further back than the other. That one is a little more like a Plow & Hearth store, everything laid out nicely and attractively presented. But, there are still deals to be had! The building up front is the "junkier" one of the two, gotta look carefully but I guarantee you'll find something you love for a very cheap price.

I never mind walking around these types of places

I never mind walking around these types of places when I have time to kill. In general I'm a fan. I felt this location overall was a bit of a clutter but the items they had were inexpensive. Today I bought a shiny wind spinner for ten bucks and change. Very cool.

I visit this location when I am on my way to see family

I visit this location when I am on my way to see family. There are two catalog outlet stores within walking distance of each other. They have different items. We usually buy a lounge chair during their seasonal sales. I love looking at all the cute gardening items and lounge wear. This is the cheapest place to find "Life is Good" T-shirts. Bonus points for all the peanut samples.

My favorite stop...

My favorite stop on the way to D.C. They have a wide variety of garden, home decor, clothes, shoes, and the best kids toys. Love this store!!

Virginia peanuts worth stopping every time!

Virginia peanuts worth stopping every time! As the outlet store, things change all the time, but there is usually a good supply of kids toys, china and odd serving pieces, shoes and boots, fireplace accessories and outdoor and patio accessories. Friendly salespeople. They often have big tent sales where they haul out the outdoor furniture and there are significant savings.

Very dissatisfied with purchase

Very dissatisfied with purchase. One of lag screws needed a different size hex key (not included). One lag screw had metal piece in hole where hex key should go. I had to drill it out. Design of the chair is very poor. Instructions were not clear, particularly the fact that the parts were not identical and had to be put together in a specific order. Finally, there were two bolts that were too long to be inserted in the hole provided. This made assembly near impossible and resulted in both seat backs being damaged to finish assembly. I will not shop at P&H again, nor will I ever recommend them again.

Every time I drive by this store(s)

Every time I drive by this store(s), it calls out to me. I am more tempted to stop by during the summer. There are two stores within walking distance of each other (but who wants to do that?). The best sales are usually at the end of the season. There are wonderful gardening gadgets, cute deck/lawn furniture and camping items. I am a big fan of the "Life is Good" clothing line. It looks like the store has permanently reduced the T-shirts to $23 (from $29). The magazine outlet store is "related" to the country store but more like a cousin than a sibling. You can find the same item and pay a different price at both stores. If there is something I really want, I visit both locations to see who has the cheapest price. Both stores don't seem to mind if you take 30 samples of the free peanuts (just spread them out). You can show coupons on your phone if you forget to print them. The magazine outlet store seems to have more items for kids and a much larger selection of furniture. The store address does not show up on any GPS.

Such a variety of things

Such a variety of things for your home and outdoor living area; definitely something for everyone. I found a really cute stainless steel 20 oz. bottle that was shades of iridescent purple.

Plow and Hearth is a cool store

Plow and Hearth is a cool store. I've always been a fan of the rustic, country ambiance they promote. I'd never noticed this store before - so I stopped in on my way to C-ville. There are two stores here - an Outlet Store - which is the first building closet to the road; and the Country Store - set farther back. I'm not sure that Google maps will interpret the address correctly, suffice to say it's right on U.S. 29 on the right hand side southbound, the web link for the store has a map, it's about seven miles north of Ruckersville, VA). I always grab a can of their salted Virginia peanuts - so fresh and yummy - and this trip was no different. I snagged a can, as well as a jar of another favorite - pumpkin butter! I looked around for a bit at the home decor stuff. I need to stop in again when I have more time. Cool place! Check it out!

There is more here than it looks from the road

There is more here than it looks from the road. The outlet store has some really great deals on stuff they have on clearance if you look around. Oddly enough, the discount store is the building in front not the one in the back. Very friendly staff that will help you find what you are looking for.

Steer sooooo clear!

Just yuck! from the rooter to the tooter BAD! it took OVER TWO MONTHS for my order to arrive for starter. it was a stained glass piece. I messaged to find out what the delay was and got zip, zilch back. When the piece did arrive there were globs of creamy gray stuff...

Do not order from Plow and Hearth

I placed an order with Plow and Hearth 7 It was for a present for a relative in Ohio and was being directly shipped to them. I received an email today, 3 days before Christmas, saying g due to a high demand, they cannot ship the item and offer me a 14 % discount on my next order ( if I order something by January 2!) This company did the exact same thing to me last year, but the gift was for a neighbor. There is o way to get a present to my family before the holidays. Totally unacceptable! This company customer relations suck!


UGG SLIPPERS re free shipping today--top of the checkout page says 20% off $50 purchase with promotion code as listed. On-line shopping would not take code. Tried "Help" Accidentally disconnected. Tried calling their #--Service was very polite, but unable to fix problem unless item ordered with him by making an account. NOT THANK YOU--Going to try elsewhere

This company lies

i ordered 3 sets of replacement cushions for my plow and hearth prospect hill wicker deep seat couch. I ordered these products on a saturday knowing that they would not ship on a weekend so I decided to call on monday and they told me at first that they could not find...

Where is the e-gift card that I paid for?

Christmas 2018...I went through the Plow & Hearth website directly. I ordered and paid for an e-gift card to be delivered to my sister via email. She never received it; she checked spam and junk email from Plow & Hearth. I called P&H customer service; first the lady said that they had no record of this transaction, even when I gave her the confirmation # from the confirmation email that I got from P&H. She switched back and forth (let me check on this...will you hold?) for a good 15-20 minutes. Did she check her spam and junk folders? Yes Are you sure this is her correct email address? Yes Have her check it again tomorrow and see if it shows up. End result: lady says "our customer service team will check on it and see what happened to it". I contacted my credit card company; they temporarily credited my account, but then reapplied the amount once the dispute was reported to P&H. Apparently, now I have to wait for P&H to respond to the disputed charge and in the meantime, that $ amount is added to my balance. POOR accountability and BAD customer service.

Horrible customer service

I have never received the product I ordered. When I contacted customer service they informed me that the item was delivered. If I have a problem I need to contact the shipper. No proof of delivery, no investigation, nothing. I did not check any reviews on the company...

Quality products & full satisfaction guarantee--Yeah, right

We will never do business with them or any of their subsidiaries again. If you choose to do so, beware and have low expectations for over-priced junk. My daughter bought a Mayfair Bonded Leather Wing Chair and Ottoman with the Christmas money I gave her in 2014. The...

Disappointed in quality

This year I ordered a 2nd wicker pouf side table and its totally different from last year's....quality is not the same...doesn't match but too much hassle to return!!!!

Item not as pictured

I ordered a curved wood pathway. the picture of this item showed a curve with a straight section. I phoned their customer service prior to ordering. I was told, the picture is exactly how the item will appear. I asked how wide was each section of wood. Customer service told me each piece of wood was 1- 1 1/2 inches wide. the picture of the item showed 44 pieces of wood. 44 x 1 would be around the 4 feet the item description stated. when the item arrived, it was just a curved piece containing 22 pieces of wood. when i phoned customer service to complain, i was told i should have known what i was receiving from the item description even though their customer service told me otherwise prior to ordering. they would allow me to return the item but I would not be re-embursed the 8.99 shipping nor the cost of return shipping. so BUYER BEWARE. DO NOT TRUST PICTURES OF THEIR ITEMS AND YOU CAN'T TRUST CUSTOMER SERVICE'S DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEM EITHER. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE AGAIN FROM PLOW AND HEARTH.

Coming up empty for Christmas

I placed an order with Plow and Hearth 7 It was for a present for a relative in Ohio and was being directly shipped to them. I received an email today, 3 days before Christmas, saying g due to a high demand, they cannot ship the item and offer me a 14 % discount on my next order ( if I order something by January 2!) This company did the exact same thing to me last year, but the gift was for a neighbor. There is o way to get a present to my family before the holidays. Totally unacceptable! This company customer relations ****!

Plow & Hearth is a scam

I placed an order on May 27, 2019, and now is August, I have not received the item. The most horrible thing is that after they charged me $47.55 at the time the order was made, they were trying to charge me another $58.20 on August 25, 2019!

Mama turtle and babys

Ordered 5 weeks ago and still no turtles,holding $77 and was told still on back order,summers almost over and still waiting on this item ,very disappointed will never do business with this company again☹

Patriotic Americana Banners

I ordered large Americana banners and half banners to hang on my veranda. They are advertised as red, blue and ecru. I received them last night and they are maroon, black and ecru, not our American flag colors. I can't tell you how disappointed I am that I cannot hang these for our summer events, plus have to pay for shipping to send them back. Not American, not cool. I don't understand how you could advertise them as such. They look like the right colors on the screen, but they are not. I also have another order for a triple Hummingbird feeder that the shipping date has been changed twice. Wondering now after reading all these rotten reviews if I will ever get it. Can't even describe the disappointment!

Zero! Extremely poor quality!

If I could give Plow and Hearth a 0, I would. We have purchased several products over the years, but never again! We purchased an outdoor bench for my parents that was supposed to be made of teak and wrought iron. No way it’s teak! It was quite expensive, barely 2 years old, well cared for, and in a sheltered space... a few days ago it literally fell apart when my, thin, 89 year old father was sitting on it. We were lucky he wasn’t seriously injured!!! I don’t want so much as a toothpick from them gojnv forward!!! Shame on Plow and Hearth! You DO NOT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!


Lied about shipping, lied about order confirmation. Item will not arrive in time. I have had 4 conversations with customer service. They refuse to cancel the order, or refund me my money. I suggested they up the shipping used and they refused stating I had already gotten a discount on shipping as a promotion. Wait...what? My only recourse is to sit at the house waiting for UPS to show up and formally reject the shipment. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Total liars.

Horrible customer service - buy from Amazon instead!

I placed an order and I have never received my order. When I contacted customer service they informed me that the UPS driver said he put the package at my front door. If I can't find it I should call UPS. No proof of delivery, no investigation, nothing. Not the way a professional company handles a missing package. Very disappointed and will obviously never order from them again. I see all the other reviews on this page, wish I would have read them before I ordered!


I ordered a live balsam garland for $89 from Plow and Hearth on December 8th for the holidays. I cancelled the order when I leaned it wouldn't ship until the 20th. After I cancelled, they shipped it anyways. I had already purchased another garland and I contacted the company asking why they sent it when I cancelled the order before it shipped. I was told the cancellation was just a request, and I was charged for the order. I expressed my displeasure of having to return the package that I had cancelled. To console me, they said they were not going to charge me the return fee or re-stocking fee. I am disgusted that they were considering charging me a fee to return something that should not have shipped and a re-stocking fee for a live garland that cannot be used. I found their customer service lacking. If I had not said anything about the hassle of returning their mistake, I would have been charged the return and re-stocking fee. This company is best avoided. I just received the package and will be returning it soon. After reading the other reviews, I am wondering if I will even get my money back. If you can find the same item at another store, definitely choose them over Plow and Hearth. It will save you a lot of frustration. It is worth paying a little more to know that you will be treated well.

Shipping is a joke.

Ordered something on Dec 7. It’s now Dec 17th & it was just shipped on Dec 14 th according to costumer service. Costumer service couldn’t tell me when I would receive it. Will not order from them again.

God awful service

Never got the item. It was in the distribution center. Never delivered. They refunded only a 1/4th of what I paid. Never saw the item. Highway robbery. Don’t order from them. Cheats

poor leather chair quality that they will not stand behind

My daughter purchased a "bonded leather chair and ottoman purchased for $500 4 years ago. The "leather" has completely pealed off of the seat and arms. Note my daughter works long hours, lives alone, no pets, no smoking, no children, so less than normal wear and tear. The website states they have quality products "backed by our full satisfaction guarantee". Not true! I called and sent pictures. After 4 phone calls was told by a claims manager (very nice) that since the chair was 3 years off warranty they could only offer 25% off of another chair. Why would we want another "disposable" $500 chair? VERY POOR QUALITY. Will never purchase from them again. And, by the way the nice family that began Plow and Hearth sold the company in 2010 to Evergreen a global wholesale company. Perhaps the best illustration of their concern with quality and "our full satisfaction guarantee" is the fact that the link to "The Plow & Hearth Guarantee" on their website is non-functioning. Figures.


Wow. Just blown away at customer service. They are all very pleasant to talk to, but after the 6th time... I'm the one and isn't so pleasant I placed an order for a wicker set, $400 shipping, but it was still cheaper then wayfair so I ordered. I got a call saying my order is on hold because half of the set is out of stock. I called back and they had just back ordered it, not cancelled. 2nd call; After being on the phone with them to try and adjust shipping (couldnt) they called the next day so say half of my order has been cancel because it just doesn't ship to Canada but the other stuff will go. I called back, after 40 mins and several long holds, they assured me it would ship. I was on their website later that week and notices there was an identical green set for less then half the price, so I called to see if it was possible to exchange the sets, then i was told that half of the set can't be shipped (yet again) and so I just cancelled everything... Fast forward 2 weeks, holy!!! After over 10 emails, there has been 2 charges placed and only one refunded and so for TWO WEEKS, they keep telling me to wait for PayPal. After checking my bank account several times and assuring them they have a pending charge, they continued to put it off. In a nutshell, don't do it! Blown away by the lack of ability to assist a customer. Wow.

Horrible company

I ordered a body pillow as a gift on May 21st. It was in stock. By June 10th it still hasn't arrived. I called and was told it would be delivered on June 20th. It didn't arrive, and there were never any updates on shipping. I called again and this time will as told it would be July 2nd. Ok, way too late for the birthday gift. I called and they said that it would be end of day on July 2nd. It finally arrived ..and the box wasn't even sealed! The pillow inside wasn't in the bag all the way. I have gotten items from China in just a few days! This is one of the reasons why we buy from out of country! I could've driven from Oregon , picked up the package and driven back with days to spare , in the time it took to get this order. This is a horrible company, and probably owned by some other company and not the homespun image that they project. Shame on you Plow and Hearth....your name should be Plow and Worthless

No Order Status

I am usually an Amazon purchaser but I tried Plow and Hearth for the first time recently. I will not be ordering from them again. After 3 days without hearing anything on my order, I contacted them and they said the product is no longer available. But they took my payment and never notified me. I had to call them. I do not recommend this online store. There are so many better places out there that are trustworthy and reliable.

If possible would give only 1/2 star customer service POOR

Order 3 times first order fine loved it told everyone well that was way to PREMATURE of me. Order 2 and 3 they couldn’t get right. Even though curtains were still in catalogue in those colours. Went so far as to trim off piece of exsisting curtain to match, sent back with 3rd order. We’re not even willing to try to match or come close. No communication from them saying they would look into matching absolutely nothing from them. In fact 2nd order returned I had to call them weeks after they received return and ask where my refund was. Even though their colour error I had to pay $50 twice to return the merchandise they errored in. Loved the product but customer service lost them a customer, I work in retail and service like that in Canada would lose you your job. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

Color not as shown

I selected a black arbor but a bronze one was sent. It is black online and another color is not offered. The plow and Hearth representative acknowledged this. As it was assembled and I had paid for shipping , I did not want to take it apart and ship it back. i am going to try to paint it and requested a refund toward the paint/ and /or time to sand and paint it. nothing was offered except to return it and I am not sure whe the r or not the would pay for the shipping back.

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