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Overstock Reviews

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Overstock is a well-known online furniture and home decor brand that focuses on low price points for the designs. With a long e-commerce legacy, Overstock has redefined itself over the years to bring stylish home products to shoppers for less. While most customers like Overstock's selection and price value, there are some complaints about delivery and durability in some cases.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

Price: $8-$5021+

Return Policy: 30 Days + Restrictions

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Overstock Specifics

Overstock is a popular discount furniture and home store. Originally founded as a discount e-commerce department store, Overstock has focused its mission over the years on providing affordable home furnishings. With products that are oftentimes much less expensive than even other discount offerings, Overstock has carved a niche in convenient and affordable products across a wide range of categories.

While many shoppers appreciate Overstock's discount offerings and describe good experiences, there are some complaints around durability, perceived quality, and delivery in some cases.

Material Quality

Overstock is known for affordable offerings. When it comes to wooden furniture, they oftentimes feature particle board or fibreboard covered in specialty or premium style veneers. Their comfort furniture, such as seating features foam and spring layers. Customers generally have good things to say on initial look, but there are some complaints about longevity and durability of construction.

Overstock's Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that Overstock shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular items that customers search out. We'll go through the top requests and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Living Room Furniture

The first product category that interests most Overstock shoppers is living room furniture. These include secionals and sofas, living room sets, TV stands, and accent chairs. Overstock offers affordable living furniture, such as sectionals and sofas that start under $200, which feature foam and spring cushioning. Their wooden offerings, like TV stands and side tables, feature both veneered and solid wood options. Overstock's most popular styles include farmhouse and mid-century designs. While most customers have good things to say about the price point and initial quality, there are some complaints about durability and assembly in some instances.

The pros: Wide range of living room furniture styles. Very affordable price points.

The cons: Some disagreements with durability and assembly in some cases.

#2 Rugs

Another product that Overstock shoppers are excited to find is a new area rug or runner. Overstock offers affordable area rugs that start at just under $10. They come in multiple different materials, such as polypropylene, jute, cotton, wool, and more. While most of their styles are modern or contemporary, customers have good initial feedback overall. However, there are some complaints about perceived quality in some cases.

The pros: Very nicely styled options at affordable price points for the look.

The cons: Some disappointment about perceived quality.

#3 Mattresses

Another popular ask from Overstock shoppers is a new mattress. They offer both name-brand and discount brand options. With mattresses starting under $100, customers have good things to say about the price. However, there are some complaints about sagging and durability for some models. This is one of the best times to buy a mattress online if you know where to look, and it can sometimes pay to buy direct from the brand for the best rates and at-home sleep trials.

The pros: Affordable mattress options including options from name-brands.

The cons: Some durability and comfort issues reported by some sleepers.

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#4 Curtains

Another popular request from shoppers is for new curtains and window treatments. Overstock offers over 1500 different curtain and drape options. These include either solid or pattern options with either light-filtering or room-darkening elements. Prices are very reasonable with most options featuring synthetic fabric. While most customers like Overstock's wide range of curtains and drapes, there are some complaints about perceived material quality and discrepencies about color in some cases.

The pros: Very wide array of curtain and drape options.

The cons: Some issues with perceived quality and color tones in some cases.

#5 Patio Furniture

The last category that Overstock customers are eager to shop is patio furniture. Overstock offers a wide array of very affordable conversation sets, lounge chairs, and outdoor dining set ups. Affordable brands like Safavieh deliver affordable whicker designs in boho chic, modern, and contemporary styles. Their prices start under $100 for some furniture pieces. Customers have good things to say about Overstock's patio furniture overall. However, some customers reported issues with delivery and durability.

The pros: Very affordable patio furniture. Some notable budget brands, like Safavieh, offered.

The cons: Some issues with durability and delivery reported.

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In addition to the top categories above, Overstock offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Bar Stools

- Bedding

- Lighting

- Dining Furniture

- Desks

Overstock Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

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Browse Overstock Customer Reviews

I had a wonderful experience with Overstock

I had a wonderful experience with Overstock. They sent my packages before I even expected them. The quality was great. Will definitely order from this company again! I have ordered a belt and jewelry and both were great quality!

I bought a mattress

I bought a mattress and base for my newly redecorated bedroom. The shipping was free. The tracking was very informative. The delivery men were friendly and set up my new bed in a few short minutes. They even moved my old mattress to the spare room for me. The quality of the mattress is amazing. I am sleeping so sound.

Comforter set

Comforter set. Arrived quickly. Toss pillow had a big black smear on the back. I took a picture of it and sent them an email. Within 5 or 10 minutes, a customer service rep called me. She was super nice, apologetic, and said they'd send a replacement. She called back yesterday and said it had just been mailed. I got it today, only it wasn't just a pillow. They sent another complete set! Happy dance! But did I just get lucky? This was my first time doing business with them, but after reading so many negative reviews, I'm apprehensive about ordering again.

We recently purchased a bathroom sink

We recently purchased a bathroom sink and vanity from When it arrived, I saw Fedex drop it out of their truck onto the pavement! Needless to say, the vanity was damaged! Long story short, Overstock immediately sent us a new one when we contacted them!! Their customer service was beyond wonderful!! They actually called to discuss it with us AND emailed us!! And they were real people, not robots!! We will definitely purchase more from them in the future!!

Ordered 3/22

Ordered 3/22 with an ETA of 3/30. ETA goes by with no update. 4/1 They assign a UPS tracking number, by 4/7 tracking has not updated and UPS claims they have not received the package. 4/10 they cancel the order completely, leaving me completely out. Will not use Overstock again and would not recommend.

My review was denied by Overstock

My review was denied by Overstock on their site due to abusive language. In my opinion, says a lot about company's ethics by denying poor reviews... Very poor service, will not respond on orders in process. My opinion is not to order anything until the current covid 19 situation is over. And as of today 4/10 after weeks have cancelled order for lack of product. I stand by my opinion above.

Overstock sent me the wrong color Floor Lamp

Overstock sent me the wrong color Floor Lamp today and when I requested a return; they charged me $18.63 for their mistake! After I spent $150 plus tax, and waited a week to receive it???? They asked me for a review & when I tried to post this comment, they denied my review and told me to edit my review to receive discounts for future purchases and added this comment: Whoops! Your review has been denied. You can edit your review and resubmit. Our moderation team reads all reviews to ensure they meet legal standards. Please read through the denial reason(s) you have encountered to help you fix your review and resubmit. Customer Service: Your review is about customer service and is unrelated to the item.

I ordered two large rugs

I ordered two large rugs from Walmart Marketplace that just so happened to come from I read the return policy several times in several places on the website before completing the purchase (Free shipping and returns). One rug looked cheap and didn't lay flat after being on the floor for over a week. The other one was supposed to be grey and it was cream. I went through the return process through Walmart Marketplace and they referred me to Overstock. After two emails from me and messages from Walmart customer service over a two week period they still had not responded.

In the far past and recent past

In the far past and recent past I have ordered from Overstock and been satisfied with the furniture and service. No big problems where I needed to contact the company. THEN I needed to make a return. Overstock bent over backwards to make my life a living hell. I cannot get the chair to recline and even injured my hip (yes I've become that old!) trying. When I asked for a return, the Overstock employee said, "Let's call the company that made the chair." The woman we talked to said "Yes, this particular chair is stiff and difficult to recline." I asked for a refund because it's impossible for me to recline and I got an email from Oversized Returns, saying "Sure- you can return it for 202.OO return fee." Yep- and the chair only cost 650.00.

I ordered an item on their website

I ordered an item on their website. Got an email confirmation and payment was made. Several hours went by and I was informed they had to cancel my order because they could not fulfill it. Sounds to me like someone in the company got first dibs on the item I ordered. I will never shop with them again. Thank you.

I ordered a 13" mattress

I ordered a 13" mattress and captain's bed, the mattress is too big (*tall) for the bed, it blocks the bookcase headboard. Overstock wants me to box it up and take it to UPS for free return, then when they get it I will get a store credit.... I am a 61 year old disabled woman, how am I to box up a full size mattress and put it in my little car, drive to UPS and unload it? They did not understand or care!!!! When you order a mattress online, it comes vacuum sealed and compressed into a little package (that you have to leave set and "AIR" up for days). Pray tell, how do I compress this and package it up. THEN....I got "you mean you opened the package", well DUH! How else am I to know it is to big for the bed. I had to order a new mattress as I need a bed, NOW I have to wait until they get this one, and give me a store credit, and I get to buy something else.

Placed my order over the weekend

Placed my order over the weekend, not shipped out on Wednesday. Contacted and was told it would ship out that day. Still nothing on Thursday, contacted again and was told to wait 1-2 days. Then on Friday got the cancellation, saying oos. Wait for a week then OOS? Why can't they notify earlier? Funny thing is that others who placed order after me, got theirs! So is that random sending orders out?

I purchased several items for my new apartment

I purchased several items for my new apartment, a dresser and night stand of the same brand, a bed frame, a couple of items to hang on the wall, and a set of sheets/a comforter. Everything except for the Dresser and Night Stand are great. However, the Dresser and Night Stand are of horrible quality, and not as pictured. I built both items, the drawers don’t line up with the frame, the drawers fall out any time you try to get an item out, etc. I contacted, and they told me, that even though the items are utterly useless, and not what is portrayed online, I was required to pay $200 in return shipping charges. The only way to get a full refund (in store credit) and not pay for shipping was to join their O membership so I can have 3 returns a month, so I did that. They tell me I can easily use the return shipping label and take it to UPS.


BUYER BEWARE!! I purchased a 3 year platinum warranty plan from Overstock for a window unit heat and air that I purchased from them. It malfunctioned and I tried to file a claim and was told my warranty was no good. I purchased this warranty as an addition to the manufacturer's warranty. Per OVERSTOCK CUSTOMER SERVICE REP The 3 year warranty I purchased and paid extra for would start at the time my manufacturers 2 year warranty was over. Today I was informed that the warranty started the day I purchased it!! What a total rip off! Why would I have wanted 2 warranties at the same time??? Save your money! I am through with!! Wayfair is my new buddy! I intend to let the whole world know how I was cheated by

This is the worst company to order from

This is the worst company to order from. I ordered a comforter that came damaged with a pillow that was also damaged. When I called customer service they said I can send it back but it’s not a guarantee that they will accept it. It’s crazy to me that they will send the damaged items and not except returns. I would NEVER have this issue with Wayfair! I will continue to order from them I guess! Overstock was a bust!

Ordered a Rockwell

Ordered a Rockwell 30" gas fire table. What I received did not match the product which was pictured on their advertisement. Attempted to obtain matching table top, but Overstock blamed it on the manufacturer. Plus, the Overstock Customer Service representative I spoke with was rude.

I ordered a bed last night

I ordered a bed last night which was to be shipped via 2-day delivery. I had an argument with my landlord, and he kicked me out of the new place I started renting without a lease. I left very early in the morning and now I'm basically homeless. I obviously cannot accept this bed because I'm not even at the shipping address anymore. I hope to find a place quickly but will definitely not be able to get shipments of any kind since I am homeless and making a sudden and unexpected transition. I t live there and am not allowed on the premises.

Spent over $1600

Spent over $1600 on kitchen table and chairs on Jan 29th. Table was supposed to arrive on Feb 5th, got the top of the table a few days late and the pedestal/base didn't show up. Overstock could not track it down and didn't get back to me with the fact that they are shipping another one out until Feb 17th! I've had to reach out to them to get status updates and I keep asking what they are going to do to make this right and zero response to that question. They should be giving a refund of some kind for the inconvenience, customer service is horrendous. I have three young kids eating off of random furniture right now. I would have NEVER purchased this had I known it was going to take close to a month to get here! Insanity. Never buying from overstock again!

I ordered a love seat

I ordered a love seat. I paid bill. On December 26, 2019 I received a bill for $9.95. I contacted and through text messages about this "bill". It was membership dues. I didn't want membership. Was assured they'd cancel and no further action needed. January 2020 I recieved a bill from Overstock and my bill was $76.00, this time I called. They cancelled my membership. Was told I'd be getting a refund check in the amount of $30.00. Today, February 17,2020, I have received a bill from overstock stating I owe over $92.00. I AM PISSED!!!!

I ordered the merchandise

I ordered the merchandise on 11/29/19, the quality of the bed was not as expected for the price paid but we decided to keep it. After about a month of use we decided to wash the bed and could not get the cover off because the zipper is defective, the only way would be to break the zipper or cut it off. I tried to return the bed online but it stated I could not. I reached out to Overstock and they responded 12/24/19 they were working on it. On 12/26 overstock stated that they could not send a new cover but the item could be returned. On 12/27 they stated they tried to contact me and would try again on 12/28. I received no contact at all from Overstock and I reached out to them again on 01/08/20 to ask again if we could resolve this issue.

Product arrived damaged

Product arrived damaged, wadded up in a ball and in a damaged box. The rug was wet and warped all over and overstock is currently out of stock of the item. I was on the phone with Customer service for over an hour and all they offered was a 27% discount. I explained repeatedly that the movers are coming and I need to put the rug down and am not able to return it and they could only offer me the 27% discount. They said they could not tell from the pics that the rug was damaged (see pics below). It is super easy to see the rug is damaged. I asked to speak to a supervisor who told me they could not do better than 27%. I would NEVER send my customer a damaged rug and make him/her beg for me to make it right! Go elsewhere for your purchases.

Their return policy is non-existent

Their return policy is non-existent. I purchased an item that I was allergic to. It was a skin care product. I was told I could not return it and could not get a refund because it was ordered from a third party. I will never order from Overstock again.

On the advice of the salesperson

On the advice of the salesperson at Office Depot, I ordered a printer from, as I thought I would save around $25 from the advertised price on Amazon. Big Mistake. Huge. I should have paid the extra $25 and I would be happily printing away by now, actually I would have been up and printing within two days of placing the order if I had stuck with Amazon. It is now 12 days past my order date, including four chat sessions in which my chat was abruptly ended without resolution and two phone calls with customer service. They still don't know where my printer is! Needless to say, I am very disappointed and my business has been crippled by this SNAFU. My advice, AVOID SHOPPING AT OVERSTOCK.COM, unless you don't mind waiting and wondering, or getting hung up on. You will notice that consumers are only allowed to rate products at There is no place to leave a company review.

I am writing to tell about my experience

I am writing to tell about my experience with Overstock's so called Rewards Program called Club O. You pay $19.95 a year and in return for this payment in advance you can earn 5% on purchases as well as extra dollars for placing reviews about the items you have purchased. Sounds good if you order a reasonable amount of home items every year....right? Problem is, after you have paid for a full year, and, you have purchased items and paid for them, you have also left reviews on some for additional rewards dollars, they are removed from your account after the renewal date for another year, and you cannot use them unless you pay again for another additional year. These are rewards you earned for the current year you had already paid for, but they are removed from your account and cannot be used unless you PAY UP again to continue in the program.


BUYER BEWARE!! I purchased 4 chairs and immediately after ordering, I realized my 15% off coupon didn’t apply to my payment. I called customer service only to find out that they’re not taking any calls and customers must text/email/chat their concerns. I sent the initial text and a day later, texted with an extremely unhelpful, rude, flippant, smart-aleck rep named “Cristiano B.” who adamantly REFUSED to help and told me to cancel my order and replace the order with the coupon again!!! By this time, however, my order had already shipped so canceling wasn’t even an option for me anymore. Want more reviews? Check out their Facebook page - click on their most recent posts and you will see even more horrifying, totally unacceptable customer experiences. NEVER AGAIN.

I can not get

I can not get to cancel order made yesterday that is in process.

I need to allow me to cancel my order

I need to allow me to cancel my order. They have delayed my order without any idea of shipment well after they should have communicated with a customer, charged me for product they admit they aren’t able to guarantee, but won’t respond to my email or allow me to cancel my order and receive a refund. I am out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic and if they can’t send me what I ordered, I understand, but please refund my money, with a communication, in a timely manner.

I really should have looked at these reviews

I really should have looked at these reviews before purchasing. Be very careful with coupons, I was offered a 15% off coupon for signing up for their emails. ALL THE WAY THROUGH CHECKOUT this coupon was applied and showing as available. I didn't even have to do anything it uploaded all on its own.....when i get my confirmation email guess what? Coupon wasn't applied. I contacted customer service and apparently coupons don't apply to sales items! Why did their website automatically add it to a sales item then??? Talk about a bait and switch. Be very aware and careful with this company.

This entire site is a scam- they do not let you cancel items

This entire site is a scam- they do not let you cancel items or price match anything. I have reached out for help several times and they only respond with surveys I can take about how great they are. I am so furious with this site, I genuinely feel swindled and robbed. No one has helped me after multiple emails- an email I had to find on google and that is NOT on their website, I even tried the chatting online option which also was a failure. I ordered an item, tried to cancel it within 5 minutes and as I clicked the 'cancel' button, it conveniently DISAPPEARED. I will never order from these thieves again!

During this...

During this cover-19 crisis, Overstock is price gouging. They have 250 count paper napkins on sale for $12.08. While delayed a week, the same product is available at Amazon for around $3.50. Seventh Generation hand soap is advertised at Overstock for over $13.00 per pump. Target is selling the same product for a little over $3.00. Shame on the the jerks at Overstock.

I ordered a dining table set

I ordered a dining table set and the table was missing parts. I contacted and they sent a replacement that was missing parts too. They were not able to order the missing part from the factory, so now I have a table that can not be used. I was not able to send the original purchase back due to not having the boxes anymore and the chairs were already put together and used. They did not resolve the problem in any way...only gave me a $48 credit. Extremely unhappy with purchase. Horrible customer service.

I helped my son purchase an engagement ring

I helped my son purchase an engagement ring from Overstock. When we received it, the main 1 carat diamond was so yellow & had cracks that were visable inside it. No paperwork came with the ring.I called the company & asked why it looked like this? They said I didn't read the fine print. His proposal was days away so he gave it to her & within a few weeks (were dragging our feet) she damaged it, but he bought the warranty. Sent it to the warranty company & they were going to repair it, but I called Overstock & said we wanted the main diamond replaced as well. The warranty covered it. I fought with them for 6 weeks & the corporate office said because she damaged it, that they could not replace the large diamond. The bait and switch theory. The fine print stated that the cracks were supposed to be invisable but they werent. The ring was supposed to be a G/H clarity. It's yellow more like an M/N clarity. The ring was over 2200. WE WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM OVERSTOCK AGAIN. IT WAS A SCAM & THEY WERE NEVER GOING TO BUDGE. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!

It took THREE replacements

It took THREE replacements to get a nightstand that wasn't damaged or of poor quality. Just miserable. And to top it off the dresser I ordered, which I paid $636 for, had cracks in the bottom and one drawer has a partial paint job. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! At least do not buy furniture from them!!! I've never in my life seen such poor quality products.

My first time ordering from Overstock

My first time ordering from Overstock was a nightmare! On Feb 10, 2020 I purchased a washer/dryer. I followed up with a call on Feb 11th, 2020 asking if they knew when the item would arrive and (the start of issues) was told over sized items are handled in another area and that I would need to wait 1-2 business days as they only communicate with the other department via email. On Feb 13th, I was told it would take 1-10 business days to shop and 1-4 weeks to arrive to me. I opted to cancel the order since it was still pending and was told again 1-2 business days because this department is only communicated to via email. On Feb 14th I received a message saying my order had shipped. I immediately called and asked again to have the item cancelled and was told it would be taken care of. On Feb 17th I received a call saying they had an update on when my order would arrive! I asked again to have it cancelled and was told someone missed some notes but not to worry, another email would be sent. Later that day I received an email saying if I wanted to cancel it would cost me 170! I said fine even though I thought it was very unfair considering I’d tried to have the order stopped days before. That same day I received a call and was asked when did I want to have the item delivered! I said again I don’t want it and was told oh you have to sign to have it returned. I called customer support and after telling them I needed help with an over sized item(I’ve been through this before) they asked questions to say oh I can help and will send an email. I finally asked for a supervisor who said oh well you have to pay 170 to have it sent back. I agreed again and now I have a bill for 170 for item I never received and tried to cancel an order on. Email is not a process and I will never order from this site again!

Purchased an item but they charged my credit card more...

Purchased an item but they charged my credit card more than they represented in my cart. My credit card paid overstock and overstock sent me a receipt. Both showed I paid more for the item than my “checkout” amount. Overstock says it was a market place item and I have to deal with the market place vendor. Won’t take responsibility for the overcharge. However, they collected the funds on their site. Both receipts show that the funds were paid to

This company has no Ethics

This company has no Ethics & Morals, they do lot of baiting by false advertising & marketing! when you try the purchase item, price will change when u get ready to check out or while you have it in your shoping card. This happen in the few min, multiple time with different items.

all i did was check out 2 things

all i did was check out 2 things on their site and it blew my mind how expensive it was. The product i checked out runs about 2-5 dollars and the exact same thing they were charging 8 dollars and change. It was finger tip caulking. They should be ashamed of themselves of the greed.

I ordered 2 lamps including lampshades

I ordered 2 lamps including lampshades. When the lamps arrived they were both damaged. The lamp shade structure came loose. It appears that this lampshade is substandard. I do not want the lamps replaced. I would like a refund.

Fraudulent BAIT N' SWITCH

Fraudulent BAIT N' SWITCH Pricing A faux fireplace was priced $349 ($390.00 for gray oak post Xmas sale). Upon checking out, the price jumped to $463. Then $534. Irritated by the yo-yo pricing I declined to purchase the item. 2 hours later I receive an email for the same item that I wanted now priced at $314 - with the tagline “Waiting just for you” - Check out / Buy now. You would think that would be the price, but nope. It was a bait n' switch CON game. Upon clicking on Buy Now, for no apparent reason, the price jumped to well over $500. Whatever happened to the ‘just for you - check out / Buy now @ $314? Good question. Annoyed I contacted Customer Service and received a dismissive, cavalier reply — “there must have been a glitch” I was told. Upon presenting screen shots as evidence, I received more EXCUSES, and a series of equally half-baked DISMISSIVE explanations. When a company sends an email with an item priced accordingly THAT IS WHAT THEY “SHOULD” honor otherwise it constitutes FRAUD. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME on There are plenty of other online reputable online retailers happy to have your business. WE WILL NOT EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM OVERSTOCK AGAIN.

I purchased four dining chairs

I purchased four dining chairs about one year ago. The total price exceeded $600. These chairs are of horrible quality and defective. We have only had them just over year, and have barely used them. Two have broken underneath our guests - the legs just snap. The first broke about one month after purchase - we were having a family gathering for Christmas. We replaced the first right away and thought the issue was with just one chair. About a year later (another holiday) a second one broke in the same way. The chairs are actually a danger to sit in. Overstock will not issue any refund or credit. The total price I paid for the chair was over $600, just over a year ago. We can't even use these chair anymore - they have to be replaced.

I've never ordered from such a careless company before

I've never ordered from such a careless company before, certainly not one of this scale. I ordered 3 ladies diamond watches and received just 1 low end cheap men's watch worth 1/10 of the style I ordered. How is that even possible? Unacceptable.

I purchased an item that was advertised as FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING

I purchased an item that was advertised as FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING. Well needless to say they didn’t ship it 2 DAY. They sent it UPS ground. Due to both holidays it’s going to take about 10 days to get to me. UPS site shows zero tracking updates as of 12/24. When I reached out to Overstock not one person comprehends FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING. They tell me this is just an “ESTIMATE” and that it is a guarantee that it leaves their warehouse in 2 days. This is the worst company EVER!!! Stay far away from them. The customer service is even worse considering they are in India and read from sheets. They have no clue.

Horrible return policy!

Horrible return policy! I bought replacement coffee carafe from Walmart, but the item came from Overstock. The carafe was $19.99. It was too tall for my coffeemaker, so I went to Walmart to return. Nope. I had to go through Overstock. Waited three days for an email with the return label, and then was told it would costs $12.63 for shipping to return. Why would I spend $12.63 to get $19.99 back? Do the math! I will never shop at Overstock and will be relating my story to all my friends verbally and on social media. Listen up Overstock: this is why A***** is so successful!!!


Terrible. I ordered a Golden State Warrior Bean Bag Chair on 12/1/2019. On 12/12 I received my package which wasn't the bean bag chair but a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal dressed in a Chicago Bears outfit. Returned the item to Overstock and then shipped the replacement chair. The replacement shipped on 12/14. I have not received the item yet but the replacement item according to UPS is the exact weight (2 lbs) as the previous shipment of Mickey. When talking to Overstock they stated that others have make the same complaint regarding this item. So they already know their is an issue but obviously were not taking care of it. They were going to contact the warehouse regarding it and contact me back within a couple of hours. 24 hours later and still no word. When I contacted Overstock they said it would be 1-2 business days before I would hear anything. There is no way this shipment is the bean bag as it should weigh more than 5 lbs. I've requested that they contact the warehouse and overnight the correct item to me so that I can have it in time for xmas and they refuse. I will never do business with this company again. And to top it off they want payment for the item on their credit card. I don't have the correct item yet, why would I ever pay for something I have yet to receive!!!! Terrible, terrible service. Avoid them at all possible. Shouldn't even get 1 star.

Overstock is nothing

Overstock is nothing but a site that lists other businesses products, Overstock doesn't possess or ship anything that I've seen so far. They will list delivery dates that the vendor claims to have no control over often weeks away from actual deliveries, I ordered Xmas gifts that the site still claims I will receive by 12/20 but I'm informed by FedEx not till the 26th. They put me in touch with "the vendor" who expressed their disgust with telling me this is an ongoing problem. This is the 2nd vendor I've spoken with about the same issue.

The company sold a defective product

The company sold a defective product. The metal base of a chair was not screwed in. The metal base is behind the upholstery and is not visible. The only reason we found out the defect was after six months of use, the legs with the metal base buckled and ripped out the upholstery. Overstock blames us for not checking to make sure the product was built correctly and ask for a refund within 30 days... The company is fraudulent and should be sued. Why isn’t the BBB or other organization taking action against them?

They sold me a sofa

They sold me a sofa that was out of stock and sent me a recliner in its place. I will never do business with them again.

I ordered a watch that came with zero paperwork

I ordered a watch that came with zero paperwork in a scratched box. The protective stickers were dirty and used looking and the watch face was sticky with sticker residue. I returned it because it came like this and because it was "a high value item" I had to ship it back myself and insure it which cost over $25. It was also from a 3rd party seller which wasn't written anywhere. Buyer Beware! When I emailed the customer service rep Cathy P asking why I wasn't told it was a 3rd party seller, why the watch came in such poor packaging condition and if they could reimburse me for shipping it back she completely ignored my questions and comments and only thanked me for sending her the return tracking number. This was my first experience buying something from Overstock. Never again!

I’d give this company 0 stars if I could

I’d give this company 0 stars if I could. My purchase got lost with their carrier. They lied to me and told me it was found when it wasn’t. It’s been a week past the initial delivery date and no one has done anything to fix this. If I hadn’t been tracking the product they wouldn’t have even known it was missing. They keep telling me they located it which they haven’t, and so I just wanted to cancel my order. They are now telling me I can’t cancel my order because the seller doesn’t accept cancelled orders. At this point, that’s not my problem!!! As the consumer, I’ve paid (and gotten no reimbursement) and I have received no product!!! They are telling me I have to call again for a refund after it’s delivered. Who knows if it’ll ever be delivered!! They have been 100% unwilling to work with me, they’ve offered me nothing for my time and inconvenience. They don’t care and that’s very clear. I would never order from this company. Amazon has the same stuff and typically even cheaper, so save your time and hassle and order from them instead.


Wow !!! I have read many of these reviews. I am amazed how many customers have had horrible experiences. I will not go into detail because I have spent far too many hours on my purchase. This was my first and last purchase. My experience is that I ordered a pair of boots and a dress and then looked at the invoice and they had charged me for two different pair of boots. I spent many hours of texts and emails to straighten this out and got nowhere. I sent the entire order back at my shipping expense and now waiting for the refund to appear on my bank statement which they said they would issue. Overstock needs to review and come up with a better business plan. As I have spent too much of my time on I will end my review and just say, "Don't waste your time with this company". There are too many other businesses out there that run their business fairly and honestly. Signed K. S.

Falsely advertised

Falsely advertised that something was in stock and would get to me in time. Actually took more than 2 weeks to get to me rather than 9 days. I paid extra to buy from them and they didn’t hold up their end

Their pricing for discounts online are LIES

Their pricing for discounts online are LIES. I can make that claim because I have proof. I visited their site online 12/3/19. They had a pop-up which claimed if I signed up for their newsletter they would give me a coupon for 17% off on select items. I received the coupon in my email and activated it. I had already seen the item I wanted to purchase and was accepting of the "off select items" though I wanted to see if it applied. after adding the items to my cart, I navigated to my email address and activated the coupon. I refreshed my cart and it showed the items as discounted a total of $90.92 off my price. I input my personal information as well as my card information. I reviewed my cart and everything looked good as well as the price. I have a screenshot showing the price and the discount and the total the I would be charged on my card which was supposed to be $443.93. I clicked the big green "Submit Order" button and then when the confirmation window popped up, I was charged $534.85, no discount applied. I then contacted them via the chat window. After chatting with them about the items they told me that the item wasn't applicable. If that was the case, then why show me the discounted price??? Was their non-discount price better than some other places, yes, but don't say that it applies for the discount and then when I purchase it say that it doesn't and charge me more than said.

Misleading customer service...never again.

Will never deal with them again. I purchased a $49 mixer through Walmart which only showed it as a Walmart item subject to a free return, but when the item arrived, I tried to initiate a return through Walmart and the system didn't let me. Turns out it's an overstock item (marketplace seller) and ships through Overstock, so after that it took me a long time to get hold of someone through their chat with constant long wait just to tell me that someone will get back to me. After they did, I was told that they will be deducting nearly a $10 return fee from my order upon the arrival and they also finally provided me with a shipping label. Then when I complained saying that there was NO indication that the return shipping was not free, Overstock did not even address this fact and went further to tell me that they were supposed to have deducted $20 return fee, BUT I guess I am so lucky and blessed that they are being nice about it only charging me $10! That's pretty much what it sounded like as if they are doing me a favor themselves. Anyways, luckily for me, I took a screenshot of the previous return policy at the time of my purchase because they quickly ended up modifying their return policy on Walmart changing it to an overstock item and updating their seller return requirement, which now isn't free. This company is VERY misleading and even after proving to them that they are misleading the customers, they obviously do not care...nor do I and that is why I will be contacting my bank for a refund of that deducted return shipping when the item arrives back to them and never again will I make a purchase with Overstock....first and last 'satisfying' experience.

Former loyal customer

I have made several purchases through Overstock, initially happily and without issue. Then, in early March, I tried to use it's price match, so I could be loyal to Overstock and purchase from it, knowing the price was higher than the other retailer. They refused to price match or cancel the order, even though I requested cancellation within 2 hours of the order (and it did not ship until 2 days later). It was like I had to jump through hoops to get this issue addressed. In the meantime, I had purchased 3 other expensive and large items. All 3 came damaged. On one, I requested a full replacement item. Another I requested a replacement part. The third I requested a refund. On the first, the replacement item came damaged a couple of weeks later, so I had to request a refund and return the large item. On the second (the one I requested a replacement part), after waiting 10 days and having not received a response, I then requested a return. Even though the item was a large dresser and came damaged (I sent proof), I had to go through the trouble of getting a box large enough to return the item. The item was picked up 10 days ago and I'm still waiting for my refund. The third item was refunded without issue, I'm merely putting it in this review because it was one of 3 items (4 if you count the replacement coming damaged too) in a row that came damaged from Overstock. Unlike other retailers, I had to jump through hoops to get refunds on two of the 3 products. I will never shop with Overstock again. A loyal customer no more based on the significant mistreatment by this retailer.

I placed and paid for an order at the…

I placed and paid for an order at the beginning of March. To date I have not received any confirmation of any type from Overstock. I tried calling, there is no one there accepting calls, but they will accept orders! Today, when trying to track the delivery again, (with the order number I was able to get from Rakuten), I was told that the order was "dropped off at USPS on a pallet and it hasn't been logged in yet", then the conversation was quickly ended. What exactly does that mean? When do I expect to receive my order, when do I expect to get a confirmation of the order from Overstock. They could care less and when a company is so big, that they don't care about or take care of EVERY customer, they no longer deserve your hard earned money! There are a lot of other hungrier companies...

Deceptive shipping information

I realize that many sellers are overwhelmed with orders for shipping. Deception is not an acceptable response to delays in getting packages in the mail. I received not 1 but 2 notices that my package was shipped. When I run the tracking number UPS says the package hasn't arrived at their facility yet. It's been 8 days since the label was created and generated the first false notice that my order had shipped. Second notice that my package was on its way arrived this morning - and nothing has changed according to UPS. I trust UPS a whole lot more than I trust Overstock at this point. Since we are waiting for elastic for masks, a high demand item, I suspect that Overstock's deception goes beyond false claims that they've shipped. They probably sold a product that wasn't in stock rather than admitting they were waiting for a supplier. Bad plan.


Recently I ordered a pair of women's sandals ( $70 price).The shoes arrived in a terrible, unwearable condition! When I first opened the box, a horrible musty odor filled the whole room. The shoes were covered with a thick layer of dirt, mud and mold. There were some big letters written in black marker on the insoles... Honestly, I was disgusted to even touch those shoes! Overstock refused to help with the return. What a frustrating, shocking experience! SHAME ON THE COMPANY! NEVER AGAIN! I agree with the other reviews - Overstock used to be a nice company, but now they don't even deserve a zero star review! Stay away from them!

Sold 100% fraudulent goods and wouldn't take return

Sold me 100% fraudulent goods and would not accept a return despite clear proof. The packaging did not even have trademark symbol for the brand name. I provided evidence including comparison pictures of the authentic product.

I only gave them one star because I couldnt give them zero

I only gave them one star because I could not give them zero. I placed a order and two hours later I realized that it was not the product I was wanting. (That was my bad for not reading what all it included, from the picture it looked to be what I wanted) TWO HOURS later I cancelled the order. Then, two days later I received an email stating the product had still been shipped. They shipped it even though I requested the order to be cancelled, and then charged me a $30 return fee. This is their way of still trying to make some money even after I did not want the product any more. They communicated with me the whole time through text message and when I asked for someone to give me a call they said there is not a way to speak to anyone. I searched the web and finally found a number that worked. The representative kept saying something about getting their customers orders out in a timely manner, and when I asked why would they "rush" to send an order out that has been cancelled, all she could do was keep repeating herself. DO NOT BUY from them. The customer service sucks and they're goal is greed. I hope that $30 is worth loosing a customer that had planned on spending lots of money with them.

I regret 100%

I regret 100% ordering from them I will never order again. Their customer service is a joke. They give you the run around for days, and lie just to shut you up but never fulfill their promises. Their excuse on the website is due to the virus but it is unacceptable to take my money knowing full well their warehouse is CLOSED. I ordered May 27, my item was supposed to arrive April 6th. It is now April 4th. April 2 I reached out because they had not shipped my item yet, their customer service gave me a fake message claiming they were closed during normal hours. They replied to me once per day. They go back and forth saying it will for sure be shipped April 3rd. April 4 they say it SHOULD have shipped but they have no idea if it will. Ask me if I still want a cancellation request. So you mean to tell me you have no idea if my item shipped or not, and you still took my money. Wow amazing. I have never been so angry before, they are blatant scammers.

Hydraulic Lift barstools are cheap and will break

I purchased two barstools with hydraulic lifts (Brand Lumisource) September 3, 2019. One box was obviously a replacement box (not the factory box), and when I got the chair the edge was damaged. Overstock replaced this stool. However, March 21st 2020 an adult sat in this chair.( I do not have children and the are hardly sat in.) The hydraulic lift broke (the stool will not go up or down). Cheap Chinese goods. I looked at their website and they are now called BELLEZE Set of (2). Every few weeks they have a different name. They claim they don't sell Lumisource anymore. Overstock is a racked. It is cheap stuff and they don't stand behind it. I contacted them on March 26, 2020 they were called Carrington Carson Leksand (same chair) and they said they were outside the 6 month guarantee. (by 23 days). No help. Do not buy. Cheap garbage. Buy from reputable furniture stores.

Beware of deceptive pricing.I ordered…

Beware of deceptive pricing.I ordered Coffee Mate mini cup vanilla caramel cream pack of 200 instead they sent me a pack of 50 for $13.52 don't waste your money shop elsewhere.

Accepted coupon offer of 15% off first…

Accepted coupon offer of 15% off first purchase. Ordered Ladder-Chair but they changed the price from sale $118.34 to original, then applied the 15% coupon, so the net result was 5.6% discount, not 15%. As a retired retailer our company would call that false advertising, misleading at the least. We're in no hurry for the ladder-chair and will find someone else even if we have to pay more to shop a reliable company. Headed to now to see if they have one. Paul E - the Rock in Arkansas

I have had very good experiences with…

I have had very good experiences with Overstock . They are priced well and delivery is always prompt. I have probably make 20+\- purchases from them over the last few years. I do not recall ever having to return anything, so I can not speak to their return policy.

Horrible company

We purchased three light pendants from overstock. com . When we opened the individual pendant containers, we noted that two of the three pendants received had significant cracks in them. They made us take photos of each of the lights and the packaging containers and send it to them. They then responded, asking us to hold the damaged items for 30 days so the shipper could inspect them if they wished! Finally, after a few emails, a credit was issued to my credit card....for $25.77 less than what I paid! Now, the shipping containers and Styrofoam holders were in great shape. Obviously, they shipped defective product, and they expect me to clutter my house for 30 days before returning the defective product, and pay $25.77 for them as well. AVOID OVERSTOCK.COM!!

We had an issue with 2 sets of faucets…

We had an issue with 2 sets of faucets recently purchased. Both handles said "Cold" on each set. I called customer service and they were courteous and helpful. They said someone would get back to me in 2 days and they did. They contacted the manufacturer and within a few days, we had replacement handles for both sets. Fantastic service. We are very happy.

We used to be a happy customer with…now BAIT AND SWITCH AND YOU PAY.

We used to be a happy customer with We have had some scary returns when an air filter blew our circuit board of our fusebox causing almost a fire! We call them and it was returned without any trouble. NO TROUBLE. Today they sent me the wrong sheets, it was THEIR FAULT. The shipping packaging was a mylar (plastic mailer, the supervisor didn't understand this terminology) that had been vacuumed packed to the point I had to destroy it in opening the package, there was no way to preserve the bag. They now are ARGUING each point by sending me the WRONG sheets because they were "out" of the sheets that normally we used to get from them. Now there is a restocking fee because of "Buyers" remorse (!) on a set of SHEETS that were substituted BY THEIR COMPUTER instead of the sheets we had gotten before. Buyer substitution is NOT cool on online orders. Worse was the quality of the sheets not even being the same style or the same "deep pockets" needed for our adjustable bed. Neither the customer service person nor the supervisor could "understand" why was I upset I would have to PAY to have my item returned, that I would have to "just deal" with the fact that the same sheets weren't available. I asked for a supervisor, who wanted me to know what a 'great customer service representative' "X" is/was, and how it was MY FAULT that I couldn't get the same sheets I ordered before by clicking through, (buyers remorse, remember?) so therefore they were "doing me a favor" in waving the 'return fees" using my packaging because the packaging they sent had to be destroyed in opening to even get to the item. As it is, AGAIN it is MY fault, I will have to use another box from another company, (which had to be emptied from my own stuff) in order to ship it back to them with a substituted ITEM their computers decided upon. REALLY? It's bad enough that I feel horrible, I will have to dredge myself out of bed to get this handled and drive over 12 miles away to get it to our local UPS shop. Of course, if I was willing the $25 dollars to be an "O" member, they would wave the return fees.....OMG, not a good customer service. This is as horrible of customer service as you could ask for. When they change a policy (any company) it would be nice to be informed rather that this mess. Just avoid. I used to like this company and gave them HIGH praises prior, now, I do not recommend them period. YOU shouldn't have to pay an additional $25.00 to be treated decently, rather than be told it is YOUR fault because they don't have a way to send you the right item from an item click through that THEIR computer made these changes! According to them: Buyer's Remorse. No, bad customer service.

We purchased two small rugs for out…

We purchased two small rugs for out entrance way and when received the color was not even close to what we saw on line. In trying to return the items we looked at the charge for the shipping label that was about half of the total purchase price of our rugs. Overstock would NOT accommodate our reasonable request; therefore PLEASE AVOID ANY ATTEMPT TO USE OVERSTOCK for any purchases you may be contemplating....use AMAZON instead,

price on chair was great online less…

price on chair was great online less than $170 ordered it. delivered promptly. went to print record of receiving one, none of their emails shows purchase price. went online to overstock to print - you cant find a receipt for your order on their website. checked my charge card, was charged $241.92. same item priced for $186.19 right now on their website. customer service talks in circles, oooh you can return it you pay shipping. i had to put it together and dispose of the boxing so not an option. BEWARE, if you order something, check the total and CANCEL immediately if they inflate the price AFTER you click order. i'm never shopping there again.

be aware of return policy

be aware of return policy. I purchased a rug from Overstock. When it arrived the color looked different than the photo on their web site. When I contacted them to schedule a return they told me that I would have to pay a $200 fee. Overstock does not have stores. Their entire business is on line. Most on line only merchants don't charge for returns and have better customer service (see Article). Also, Overstock's prices are not the lowest. When you see something on Overstock that you like google the name of the item and you are likely to find it cheaper with another merchant. I won't order anything from them again.

I am opening a boutique for women and…

I am opening a boutique for women and ordered carpets from Overstock...returned two for a different color but the same carpet overall, was issued a store credit. Received one carpet and the other three weeks later plus another one out of the blue in delivery. They are a mess and "chat" or email is the only customer service available to contact. After store credit is used up I will not be returning. I had to purchase their $21 store customer card to avoid shipping costs to return the first set of rugs! Cannot recommend this website for shopping. Two stars for their selections only but perhaps not worth the chance.

Bought a rug and it didnt look like the…

Bought a rug and it didnt look like the picture at all. Charged me 58 dollars to return it. Very misleasing return policy. Terrible customer service. Should have stuck with amazon. Will never buy or recommend overstock.

Buyers Beware

Purchased a oriental rug a few years ago for over $1,743.00. We placed in our master bedroom, out of the direct sunlight and in a very low traffic area. Within less than two years we started to notice half the rug was fading, found two areas where the rug had been repaired. One area had a 4" x 6" square patch repair and the other was a stitched half dollar size round repair. It was out of the return period, but these defects did not become noticeable until after a year and half. Overstock refused to help in anyway and accused us as to having the repairs done. They never sent a rep out to inspect because they do not have any. Overstock advertises they sell only new products, well this may be true for some products but not all especially rugs. Anyone doing business with a company like Overstock which uses only third party vendors beware you are on your own. We will never again purchase anything from Overstock, worst customer service, takes no responsibility, never even see's any product and has no quality control. If I could I would attach photos, but there is no option for them.

Be warned.....

Purchased a beautiful painting but arrived with a huge cut down one of the pieces. Devastated! Money refunded (initially was told minus the shipping/postage which was almost the price of the painting as I live in the UK but finally returned in full). I have to reorder as they could not directly replace it. So Ordered another Silvia Vassileva 'Clear Water Indigo and Gray' painting. It was a completely different colour to the picture and to one I was originally sent (had this weird yellow tinge to it). Was told if I wanted a refund then I would have to pay for it to be sent back (I live in UK as mentioned above so expensive) and have to order it again! Happy to send proof/photos to anyone who wants it. Two terrible experiences with this company and neither I, nor anyone I know who have seen these paintings, will ever order from them again. Not worth the time/effort/money. This was just my experience and is opinion only. p.s they also declined my reviews that I tried to publish on the painting! Not know why everything has so few review but all 5/4 stars.

We purchased several sinks in advance…

We purchased several sinks in advance for a new house construction. When we got to that phase of thr construction, we found out the items did not meet the specs. I understand their return policy, however, in this case they should've made an exception.

Great prices and selection of things…

Great prices and selection of things that i need at prices i can afford on a fixed income.

This is a new one

This is a new one. I ordered a paper punch from Stuff4Crafts through Overstock. Took a while to arrive, but it was what I ordered, no problems. A month or so later I ordered another paper punch from Stuff4Crafts through Overstock. Again, took a while to arrive but when it did, there were two exact items. Assuming that Overstock would handle and correct Stuff4Crafts' error, I called customer service and asked for a return shipping label for the item I didn't order and a reversal of the charge on my bill for the item I didn't order. Overstock informed me that I had in fact placed two identical orders and that if I wanted to return one of them, I would have to pay shipping and only then would they would give me a partial refund (item minus the original shipping I was billed for.) They told me I would need to discuss the matter directly with Stuff4Crafts. I emailed Stuff4Crafts explaining in detail the situation (I thought they didn't understand what actually had happened) and they responded with the same comment that Overstock did. Frankly, I was surprised that neither Stuff4Crafts nor Overstock was willing to send me a return label and refund me the item I didn't order (in full because I didn't order it). That would be the right thing to do. Instead they are standing their ground and insisting that I ordered two of the same identical products on the same day with two different order numbers. If I wanted two identical items, I would have ordered them together anyway. What a way to run a business. Shame on Stuff4Crafts and more shame on Overstock.

Don’t buy anything from this horrible…

Don’t buy anything from this horrible company. I made an online purchase. I got the wrong stuff and they DID NOT help me return it so I ended up with a over $100 crap inside a box in my garage. HORRIBLE COMPANY OF ALL!!!!

part missing and customer service is HORRIBLE

I bought a table on Jan 29th, it was supposed to arrive on Feb 5th. I got the top of the table a few days late but the pedestal/base didn't show up in that order. Overstock could not track it down and didn't get back to me to tell me they've shipped another one until Feb 17th. I've had to reach out to them to get status updates many times and I keep asking what they are going to do to make this right and zero response to that question. They should be giving a refund of some kind for the inconvenience, customer service is horrendous. I have three young kids eating off of random furniture until that arrives - just annoying when you spend so much money. I would have NEVER purchased this from this company had I known this was going to happen. I would have gone to the tried and true bigger companies out there that have legit customer service. Never buying from overstock again

Lost my rug, and customer service was horrific.

I have never done this, but here we go. I bought from overstock last week for the first time. I purchase a rug. The rug was delivered somewhere else. They said they were going to sent Usps to pick it up, but if they couldn’t find it, then they were not going to refund me. That’s not the worse part, the worse part was the customer service. The manager raised her voice, so I moved on to call corporate. Corporate was nice, but they still said they were not going to refund my money. This was horrific experience. I will make sure to tell people to stay away from overstock.

If I could give them a 0 I wouldont order from them!!

If I could give them a 0 I would. Got ripped off and lost $173.00 I returned a chair and they said it was received and credited to my bank but I called my bank and it was never credited. Spoke to about 4 people at Facebook Overstock marketplace and they said it was credited to my bank but it never was. My bank won’t issue a credit either

The company that steals your money

I had an account with a long time ago back in 2018 I decided to pay off the account so I didn't have to owe them anything the following month I receive a bill for a lamp that was charging my account and I didn't that I never ordered and I never received today and 2020 I place an order I decided let me order a couple things to find out my account was locked because they say I owe for the lamp an issue that I was taking care of two years ago now they said I have to pay for this lamp that I never received so they are stealing my money that trying to collect for an item that I don't have the guy named Ryan from the loss prevention he said I'm sorry there's nothing else we could do you just have to pay for it are you freaking kidding me? I'm taking this one to my lawyer to consumer protection that's what I'm going to do in the meantime Overstock is the worst company that you can deal with and Shop

The worst company to deal with

The worst company to deal with. They just dont care. NEVER order anything from them. If you have any issues with the order you will spend hours on the phone and no one will help you.


DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!I ORDERED ON-LINE DRAPES...$38+. When they arrived they were NOT the color they had shown and were of poor quality. When I contacted them, because I didn't want them, I was told I had to pay to return them and I had better use a service that tracks deliveries! What? They fraudulently list an item, not as listed, and I HAVE TO PAY RETURN SHIPPING? YES...That's their policy! I shipped them back UPS at a cost of $12.00, so now I am out $50. They got my drapes back and refused to credit my $38.00! They will only give me $24.00----WHY? OH, THEY TOLD ME I ALSO HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM SHIPPING THE DRAPES TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!? What the H---?? So, not only did they screw me out of $38.00, they stole another $14!! I am out $26 of my $38.00 original purchase! There is NOTHING stating any of this when you buy from them...I found them on Facebook Marketplace. They are perpetrating a fraud and I am sending all of this to the AZ ATTORNEY GENERAL'S office and the local TV Consumer Reporters as a warning to everyone NOT to buy from them. Totally dishonest business with fraudulent, unethical business practices. BUYERS BEWARE!!

Horrible company!! False adverstising

Horrible company!!! falsely advertise a rug. Picture was plush thick no borders and when you receive is a cheap imitation, and they expect you pay for the return$$$$$$. Dr. Phil recommended them, but I will make sure he and no one else gets scammed like I did.!!!


Overpriced. Have to jump through stupid hoops i.e. coupons, spinning wheels for discounts, email signups for discounts etc. Then the pricing might sti;; be more than other online competitors. try to get a price maych? No No No. Have to buy a membership first, then fill out forms and wait. I could go on and on but you get the picture. My advice AVOID.

Buyer Beware terrible return charges

I order a pair of earrings that ostensibly were for an adult. They were pearl and 14k gold. The cost was 187 or thereabout. When I received them, I didn't even have to take them out of the plastic envelope as they were the size appropriate for a child. They should have written that in the description. I return them as was charged over $25 for the return and shipping fees. That is deplorable in my book. I will never order again from Overstock! Buyer beware!!

Of course people come on here to…

Of course people come on here to complain and because they are getting the lowest prices on the internet more than likely they are on a super tight budget and complain even more. I love overstock and have never ever had one single problem with anything. Good customer service when needed. They have really great products and great prices. Don't let all the complainers scare you. Purchased LG Window A/C Unit (refurbished). Same exact model had over 4yrs. I didn't take it out of box and install right away because wasn't using the room for awhile and then temps dropped. Because it was just beyond 30 days Overstock won't stand behind "product that doesn't work, defective out of box." Has power but doesn't cool. Cooling dial defective. Out $189.00

The worst customer service agents in the history of all time

I love there product but their customer service agents are the worst, they have the worst attitude and they are rude and uncomfortable. They are not helpful and always seem irritated. I hate when I have to call, I just ask for a supervisor. I literally threw my credit card away, because I refuse to give them my money or buy anything else from them because of their customer service agents. I cannot wait to make my final payment so I never have to deal with this company again. I feel like they are hiring anything to answer the phone and be rude to you

Be warned do not buy from this company

Be warned do not buy from this company. I ordered wall arches for my living room. I never received any shipping info a week after ordering. Contacted customer service numerous times they we're unable to tell me the status of my order. All they do is give you the run around, never a direct answer. The website doesn't update you at all to tell you when your item is shipping not does customer service know. 10 days after I placed my order it shipped. To me that's unacceptable. I told them to cancel the order, again I was sent a run around email telling me they couldn't cancel it. Why can't it be cancelled if it hadn't shipped yet? I finally get my order, and instead of the brown arches I ordered they sent me blue. Contacted customer service yet again. They said either ship it back for a refund or ship it back to get replaced. I live alone and am disabled I am not able to physically get it back to a shipping carrier. I asked for a small refund as part of compensation because they did in fact send me the wrong color. They offered to refund me $5 back. Lol what a joke and disgusting company. I will never order from this joke of a company again

Beware of Overstock

1. I was looking for a good looking TV cabinet and came across this online site. The item looked good and came on time. 2. But to my surprise, the instruction to assemble the product was not at all good if compare with Ikea. I have another TV cabinet from Ikea and instructions were perfect and to the very detail. Because of the unclear instruction, I had to reassemble multiple parts which is not good for MDF products. 3. Secondly, the product looked "Used/Returned" product. The holes in certain area were bigger than screw and very clear someone tried to assemble it before. The product also had option to apply glue (came with package), to my surprise, the glue marks were all over the 2 pieces which needed glue. I am really disappointed and never thought that I will get a used/returned product soled as new where I had hard time to assemble as you know once screws are removed in MDF, it is difficult to re-assemble them unlike wood. I have similar TV cabinet from Ikea with 3/4th price and not having these issues around quality. Will not suggest anyone to buy as well.

Yo-yo pricing

We were in the market for a faux fireplace - saw one listed on Overstock - the starting price listed $349 ($390.00 for "gray oak" post Xmas sale). Upon checking out, the price suddenly jumped to $463. Then it jumped even further to $534 for no good reason. Irritated by the yo-yo pricing we declined to purchase the item. 2 hours later we receive an email for the exact same item priced at $314 - with the tagline “Waiting just for You” - Check out / Buy now tabs. So, we foolishly fell for their pricing CON game. And for no justifiable reason, the price jumped to well over $500. Whatever happened to the ‘just for you - check out / Buy now @ $314? Annoyed we contacted Customer Service and received a number of dismissive, cavalier replies — “there must have been a glitch” one rep told us. WRONG ANSWER. Upon presenting screen shots of evidence, we received more EXCUSES, and a series of equally half-baked DISMISSIVE replies. Working in law details are paramount. Clearly Overstock's approach to pricing is all about playing games and wasting your time. When a company sends an email with an item priced accordingly THAT IS WHAT THEY “SHOULD” honor - no if's, and's or but's about it. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. WE WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM OVERSTOCK AGAIN.

Never buy anything from

Never buy anything from Bought a $350 area rug. The quality was so horrible when I opened it up. I went to send it back and they wanted to charge me over $200 to send it back. Horrible customer service.


CUSTOMER BEWARE: website offered an item in a color that I needed. I ordered the item, which was sent to the wrong state, wrong address. Fortunately the person who received the item, an ottoman, met me halfway and delivered it. When I got it home and opened the box, it was the wrong color. I contacted Overstock and explained the situation, and they sent out a replacement...again, the same wrong color. Customer service said they will send out the corrected item after I returned the second wrong item. Unfortunately, in order to return wrong item #2, have to go to the UPS store and buy a large box so it can be shipped, as the original box was in poor condition. I was FINALLY told, 12 days later, that the correct color didn’t exist and the website was in error. They have my $ and I have the wrong item. It is up to me to return that wrong item in order to get my money back. I was offered “up to $50“ by the first representative to reimburse me for the cost of the box. The second representative offered me $10 and did not mention the $50 until I did, so evidently the deal you get depends on who answered the phone. After several hours on the phone and 12 days, I finally got an answer as to the status of my order. I now know, by calling Overstock yet again, that the correct item doesn’t exist, and that I have to take a day off, purchase a suitable box, and arrange for a UPS pickup. Then I’ll have to wait to be reimbursed for the cost of the box, but not for my time or gas. At that time they will also finally refund my $200+. I HAVE NOT, IN TRYING TO DEAL WITH OVERSTOCK, RECEIVED ONE SINGLE APOLOGIZE FOR EITHER THEIR ERRORS OR THE WASTE OF MY TIME AND MONEY.

They shipped my orders to my old…

They shipped my orders to my old address . then they couldn't seem to fix it on their end. And they expect me to cover the shipping costs to get my stuff delivered to the correct address. Well I'm not and I'm NOT paying the credit card either. No stuff no payment. Eye for an eye.

They canceled my order.... but it gets worse

This company is horribly crooked. They canceled my order because they had an error on their site. I purchased some items using some of my membership points, right before I also subsequently stop renewing my membership (because I hated their customer service). I received a confirmation for my order but later find out they canceled it without informing me. What’s more they said I can only redo the order by renewing my old membership. No thanks!! Poor customer service from start to finish. And don’t bother using their chat service - those bots are even less helpful.

Worst company I’ve ever delt with.

Worst company I’ve ever delt with. Horrible delivery system. Dropped a 165lb box at the end of my driveway a day before the appointment and drove off. Never buy from overstock. Crappy product. Horrible customer service. Horrible delivery company. Scamming America.

Don't ever buy from Overstock

Don't ever buy from Overstock. I placed a Christmas order on Dec 15, their web site showed it shipped on Dec 18, to arrive on Dec 23. My discover card was billed on Dec 18. When the product didn't arrive on Dec 23, I called customer support and they stated that it would be arriving soon. I checked the UPS tracking web page and it showed "label printed" but no pickup. After several calls to customer support, I found out that they never shipped the product nor did they ever have the product. When I asked, if on Dec 18,when it was supposed to ship, they didn't have the product, why didn't they contact me and I could have purchased the present somewhere else. SILENCE. Worst on line company ever. On Jan 2 I finally got a refund. Customer service was useless and at times, arrogant.

Wrong goods delivered.He don’t accept return.He shipped to not my address.

I ordered from Japan.But it was delivered to USA Saddle Brock address why? I contacted to customer.He said”you ordered from Saddle Brock.So we delivered there.This deal finished” 2nd order,I received wrong goods.I tell to him the return goods and all amount refund include shipping and tax.I paid 400$ for this wrong goods. He said”We will refund 30$ for you.You should accept.If you don’t accept,we haven’t anymore” Oh you're funny, you should be a comedian. He is crazy.

Overstock is unreliable and not accountable to its customers

I ordered a sink on December 19, 2019 and it was scheduled to be delivered on December 21, 2019. When my shipment still did not arrive and the status of my order continued to read “processing” there were several emails, chats and phone calls. I was assured that Overstock would be shipping my order to me quickly and that I would probably have it by Friday December 27th. I am now told today, December 27, that their “partner” doesn’t actually have the sink and won’t have it until the first week of January but they offered to issue me a refund if I cannot wait! This would have been annoying to learn within a day or two after I placed the order. Learning this over one week later, long after the estimated delivery date, is unacceptable. Overstock would not consider finding another “partner” to honor the sale. Overstock is unreliable and is not accountable to its customers. Stay away if you actually need something in a reasonable amount of time.

Overstock denied an HONEST review

This is a gift for my mother for Christmas, and was sent as a replacement for the first crate cover that I ordered. This is what came in the first box, then to my dismay, the second box had the same thing in it! I am not only shocked, since I have never had an issue ordering from Overstock in the past, but I am angry because really, who would think that they would get 2 toys instead of a crate cover? (One is heavy, one is light, one is big, the other is small, one costs around $45, the other, well, it is a TOY!) I spoke to an agent live named Josh who was wonderful in assisting me with the returns and attempted to assist me in ordering another crate cover..I said fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, no thank you. I will never be ordering from Iconic Pet again. RESPONSE FROM OVERSTOCK-Our moderation team reads all reviews to ensure they meet legal standards. Please read through the denial reason(s) you have encountered to help you fix your review and resubmit. Customer Service: Your review is about customer service and is unrelated to the item. What?!

I ordered a gift a month prior to…Christmas

I ordered a $75 gift a month prior to Christmas. 2 1/2 weeks later, it had not arrived. I called Overstock cust svc immediately. While I was on the phone, they created a case, escalated it -- as my item had been lost in shipment. They committed to resend the item anew, while I was on the phone with them. 5 days before Christmas - it had not arrived. Cust Svc said the resent was cancelled without explanation. No chance to get the item before the holidays. Max credit they'd offer me? $10. Unbelievably, the sup got on the phone to try to sell to me. They tried to get me to purchase their loyalty program which offers free-ships, and encourages product reviews for $19.99/annually. So, I am understanding that this site may run under a membership model; if you're a member, you'll get svc you might expect. If you're not a member, forget it.

3 separate orders screwed up!

3 separate orders screwed up! 1st: a snowglobe... shipped without a box in a bubblewrap padded envelope, yep showed up shattered. No biggy, that was on the 16th, plenty of time to get a replacement right? The CSR that I spoke with assured me how sorry they were and they would rush a replacement to me guaranteed delivery BEFORE the 25th, yeah the track package shows estimated delivery of the 27th. 2nd: Ordered on Dec. 4th, tracking shows an estimated delivery date of Dec. 17th... today is the 21st, not here and it only shows generic delivery info... i.e.. picked up from facility, en route to destination, etc... 3rd: ordered on the 15th, product page showed "arrives by Christmas", package tracking shows "preshipped on Dec 16th, awaiting package at facility, estimated delivery ...(blank) NEVER AGAIN!

Overstock Rip-off: DO NOT PAY for expedited or express…

DO NOT PAY for expedited or express shipping!!! They show dates as “estimated” and when they don’t meet the dates you pay A TON of money to meet, they won’t refund you the additional shipping costs. Terrible customer service. Stick with Amazon or Wayfair.

Customer service is TERRIBLE

Customer service is TERRIBLE. I'm trying to get information from them about payment options and the person I talked to didn't help at all. Ended up transferring to another company who told me that if you fill out an application, there's a auto generated denial. But to try again after their systems are refreshed. I asked when will that be and I was told that there is no estimated time on when the systems will be refreshed by to try again in 72 hours, but there isn't a guarantee.

Won't accept returns

Forget it if you end up not liking the item. They will only fully refund if it arrived damaged. They charged me a handling fee, which consisted of 90% of he price of the item. Paid $38. Got a $6 refund.


*DO NOT BUY IT* First upon arrival you realize you over paid $200 for the couch. (Google the brand on box) The couch itself it is HORRIBLE quality. Most uncomfortable (hard) and awkward couch you will find. The material is so bad. When you use it for 3 times, it will leave indented marks on the foam. Very visible and wont go away. It only gets worst!!! One week with this couch barely using it. Only me and my wife, the couch looks atleast a year old. SO once I contacted overtock about the problem. They said I would receive a call back in 2 business days because they had to open a case and everything was backed up due to the pandamic. I called back again a week after, they tell me the same thing. Until they finally called me, exactly 31 days after the purchase. To tell me it had been 30 days and they couldn't do nothing about it!!!!!!! READ THAT AGAIN, BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT DOING BUSINESS WITH OVERSTOCK COMPLETE JOKE!!!


I purchased a chandelier for $600 and there were no written instructions. I contacted Overstock repeatedly, and eventually the manufacturer. No help with written instructions. I paid for 2 different installers and an electrician and nobody could figure it out. 9 months later, I have to throw it away and Overstock would not help with any store credit.

Misleading delivery

Never again will I order from Overstock. At the time I placed the order I was given a 3/9 delivery date. On 3/10 I contacted customer service and was told 3/26.I tried to cancel and was told I could only return if item defective. Today I checked the tracking and it’s now a 3/31 delivery. I found out I could have ordered the product direct from the manufacturer, paid less, and gotten the product in 5 days.

Overstock lack of response & professional service

Overstock lack of response & professional service Overstock Order # 33629XXXX Serta Luxe Edition Grandmere Plush Pillowtop 14-inch Hybrid Mattress Lets review this order dilemma so that we have accurate information. Placed the order on on April 1, 2021 Money was taken off my credit card on April 1, 2021. On May 21st, (over 50 days later) I contacted Overstock questioning why I had not received the product, and had never heard from anyone. On May 21st, Elsie V. in customer care acknowledged my request. On May 22nd, rep. York replied and said it would take him 3-4 days to figure it out. 5 days later on May 27th, John J. an Escalations Specialist replied that they tried to reach me at an old number and needed a current number to contact me to set up delivery. On May 27th, I responded with my mobile number that was already attached to my account. I questioned why they had not emailed me. 3 days later on May 30th, Michelle P. an Escallation Specialist II, replied that I had given them the old number when I ordered. Since that number was disconnected a year prior, that could not be accurate. On June 4th, John J. an Escalations Specialist responded saying that the carrier had my new number and would contact me within 2-3 business days. It is now June 14, 10 days after promising me 2-3 days contact, and 75 days after placing the order and I have still not heard anything. My thoughts on and their specialists, and complete lack of professional service: They were quick to charge my credit card the full amount (April 1st), and notify me that the status was “shipped awaiting tracking update” (April 1st). That obviously was a lie. But used to justify charging my card immediately. And then Overstock did nothing. I ship and receive many items and have NEVER had a shipper have to call me to set up a delivery. Most supply email updates, but your specialist claims that “Our partners & the carriers they use will not contact you by email under normal circumstances as they will always make attempts to reach you by phone.” NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES? Would you say that not doing anything for almost 2 months is normal circumstances? Does this fall under non-professional service? Probably more like absurd service. When I gave them my other contact number you responded saying that I would be contacted in 2-3 days. That response was already 9 days after I had given you my number on May 27th. Under these circumstances, I would expect a professional organization to have contacted the supplier and requested that they contact me immediately! It has taken 4 different representatives to accomplish very little, to nothing so far. Instead it appears they are doing their best to dodge any responsibility. This falls under the worst customer service of any company, and complete lack of professionality. ADDENDUM: 80 days after order product was delivered! Overstock's response was basically to detail the order process almost identically to my complaint. They finished by saying the order would be delivered. They gave me the carriers phone contact so I could call them! They wanted me to do their job! One they found almost impossible to do. They acted as though that was normal. How long would it have taken if I had not followed up continually? In all my correspondence, Overstock has never addressed the fact that they took my payment when I ordered. Eighty days before they delivered it, and they. never addressed the eighty day delay or the fact that their representatives did virtually nothing after I contacted them.

Buyer Beware Return Policy

I recently purchased ~$10,000 in furnishings for my new home which included a $1,500 King mattress. Upon receiving the mattress, I lied down on it and realized that it was too tall for my platform and too soft for my liking. My request for a refund was rejected because policy states the following: "You will only qualify for a full refund for damaged or defective mattresses, mattress sets, or foundations if you refuse the item(s) at the time of delivery. If damage/defects are found after delivery, please notify us immediately." It is impossible to know that you will like furniture simply by viewing it on a website. Furniture is used in our living spaces and therefore, we can only know if it meets our needs if we "experience" it in our living space. fails to realize this important fact and therefore, I will never waste another dollar with them.

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