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One Kings Lane Reviews

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One Kings Lane is a high end online furniture store that is well-known for its modern and contemporary farmhouse furniture, home decor, and other home essentials. With on-trend furnishings and extra consideration to value, there is a lot to love about One Kings Lane. While most shoppers have good things to say, those that had issues mostly had with delivery delays.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.8/10

Price Value: 9/10

Price: $20-$5296+

Return Policy: 30 Days With Restrictions

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One Kings Lane Specifics

One Kings Lane is an online home furnishings and decor site with a few boutique store locations. Purchased by Bed Bath and Beyond in 2016, One Kings Lane aims to help shoppers realize their design goals and 'live your style', with their collection of distinctive pieces. With a huge catalog of home furnishings from over 100+ different brands, vintage items, weekly deals, interior design services, and the ability to customize certain pieces with Palette by One Kings Lane, shoppers will find no shortage of design inspiration here.

In terms of customer experiences, shoppers tend to love the selection as well as the the look/style of the home furnishings available to them. Still, some customers bring up issues with delivery.

Material Quality

One Kings Lane has a wide selection of home furniture and decor items. Some of the materials used in the furniture pieces they carry includes kiln-dried hardwood, stainless steel, wool, leather, cotton, linen, velvet, wicker, glass and more. Shoppers are generally happy with the look and quality of One Kings Lane pieces, although the prices can be high.

One Kings Lane Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that One Kings Lane shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of One Kings Lane's offerings.

#1 Rugs

A great way to add character and distinctive style to any space, one of the most popular picks for One Kings Lane shoppers are their rugs. With over 3500+ different rugs to choose from in a variety of sizes, there's no shortage of interesting rug styles at One Kings Lane. Their selection of indoor, outdoor, one-of-a-kind and vintage rugs includes traditional and contemporary rug styles and designs. One Kings Lane rugs start at around $25 for a small door mat and go up to $35000+ for a large, antique rug from the early 1900s. Customers tend to love the styles and designs of rugs available at One Kings Lane, however, some did bring up issues when it came to the delivery process.

The pros: Huge selection of stylish and unique rugs.

The cons: Some issues with delivery.

#2 Art & Mirrors

Shoppers hoping to enhance the design of their spaces can find endless inspiration in the selection of art and mirrors available at One Kings Lane. When it comes to unique and expressive art pieces, One Kings Lane provides shoppers with a selection of nearly 5000 different pieces including paintings, photography, drawings, mixed media, vintage reproductions, maps, flags, posters, and more. They even carry vintage art pieces as well as original/one-of-a-kind pieces. For shoppers looking to add style to their spaces through use of a mirror, One Kings Lane carries over 750 wall and floor mirrors that can help elevate the style of most spaces. Their distinctive mirrors include antiqued oval mirrors, brass finish mirrors, contemporary mirrors, natural wood and rope mirrors, rustic mirrors, and more. Shoppers tend to love the look and selection of art and mirrors available at One Kings Lane. Some shoppers brought up complaints with the shipping process.

The pros: Wide ranging selection of interesting and eclectic mirrors and art pieces.

The cons: Some shoppers brought up shipping issues.

#3 Pillows

With the unique selection of home decor pieces and style inspiration available at One Kings Lane, it's no wonder shoppers are often in search of their pillows. A great way to add flair and a bit of whimsy to your bedroom and living spaces, One Kings Lane has over 2400+ extraordinary pillows in floral, chinoiserie, animal, geometric, solid, abstract prints and more. Their pillows start at $44 and go up to over $2500+ for a pair of vintage 18th century tapestry pillows. Shoppers appreciate the beautiful selection of pillows available to them, although some of the options can be a bit high priced.

The pros: Beautiful selection of whimsical and unique pillows.

The cons: Prices can be high for some options.

#4 Beds & Headboards

Another popular pick among One Kings Lane shoppers are their beds. With over 700 different models of beds and headboards, shoppers can easily find a unique statement piece for their bedroom at One Kings Lane. Their collection of beds and headboards includes upholstered beds in beautiful prints and colors, panel beds, wingback beds, four poster beds, canopy beds, sleigh beds, platform beds and more. One Kings Lane's selection of beds and headboards fit into just about any design aesthetic from modern and contemporary spaces, rustic and country home designs, traditional bedrooms, eclectic and grand styled bedrooms, and more. Shoppers enjoy the wide ranging selection of beautiful and unique beds, although some mentioned issues with the delivery and setup process.

The pros: Wide ranging selection of pretty and eclectic beds and headboards that are sure to enhance the design of most bedrooms.

The cons: Some issues with delivery and setup were mentioned by some.

#5 Coffee Tables

The last popular pick for One Kings Lane shoppers are their collection of coffee tables. With over 400+ indoor and outdoor coffee tables, buying a coffee table from One Kings Lane starts at around $200 and can go all the way up to over $12000+ for a vintage designer coffee table. True to One Kings Lane form, shoppers have no shortage of design inspiration and statement pieces in their selection of beautiful coffee tables which include contemporary styles, mid-century modern styles, rustic tables, artistic and eclectic designs, traditional styles, vintage coffee tables, and more. Some shoppers did mention delivery concerns.

The pros: Nice selection of distinctive coffee tables.

The cons: Prices can be high for some options. Some shoppers brought up concerns with delivery.

More From One Kings Lane 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, One Kings Lane offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Lighting

- Outdoor Furniture

- Vintage

- Home Decor

- Sofas & Sectionals

- Living Room Furniture

- Bedroom Furniture

- Dining Furniture

- Bedding & Bath

One Kings Lane Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

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No issues, pleasantly surprised.

I purchased a throw/sofa pillow and received it within a week as described and a day earlier than FedEx originally stated. I was a little hesitant with the negative reviews to order from OKL but I couldn't find the pillow anywhere else, even on the manufacturers site so I figured I'd give it a shot. No issues, pleasantly surprised.

Great place to find high end designer home interior pieces...

Great place to find high end designer home interior pieces and gifts at discounted prices. It operates like Zulily, as the sales are only available for a day or two and then rotate out, but check daily and you’re sure to find some treasures!

Over the years I have bought...

Over the years I have bought so many home decor pieces from their pop up sales. They have great customer service and ships quickly using FedEx. The shopping experience is fun because the theme sales only last a few days, and quantities were usually limited. I always shopped the app on my phone at 11am when the new sales launched daily. Now it's more of a regular website were you can shop my categories but still they have amazing finds. A lot of vintage and luxury items are available on their site as well.

Supwr fun shopping thru their website!

Supwr fun shopping thru their website! Easy to use and they have some really great stuff for your home! Tons of options. Great customer service as well!


Beautiful items but shipping kills me every time. Many other sites have great bargains without the high shipping costs

You can find whatever you are looking for at OKL

You can find whatever you are looking for at OKL. Its easy to decorate a small space or a large house and save while while doing so!

This site is the reason I have a shopping addiction now

This site is the reason I have a shopping addiction now. It has the cutest home decor and kitchenware.

I look at the site all the time because I love their stuff!

I look at the site all the time because I love their stuff! So unique and eye catching! Some of it even gives me my own DIY ideas.

Their site is pretty expensive but they have some really fun household items

Their site is pretty expensive but they have some really fun household items so I order from them occasionally.

I really love shopping online...

I really love shopping online, and One Kings Lane has soooo many things I love. However, I feel that this brand is a little pricey.

One Kings Lane has a huge variety of home decor...

One Kings Lane has a huge variety of home decor and they are beautiful! I love their prices and the items they have are perfect for any home!

I like some of their furniture

I like some of their furniture, but they have some funky stuff. Like green velvet couches. It is hard for me to find as much stuff I like as I do in other stores.

I really like the pieces from one king lane

I really like the pieces from one king lane. I love that I can shop online for items and see how they look in rooms.

I purchased an expensive bed that fell apart during PROFESSIONAL installation

I purchased an expensive bed that fell apart during PROFESSIONAL installation. The "wood" under the fabric is just saw dust and glue. VERY POOR QUALITY! Of course the company doesn't accept reviews so the buyers are stuck guessing whether the product is acceptable. The company states the bed is not returnable, so I am stuck with a side that is half off and a headboard that tilts to the side, DON'T BUY FROM ONE KINGS LANE!

I purchased a set of lamps recently

I purchased a set of lamps recently from One Kings Lane. They used the name Bethany Lamp. The shipping notice I got listed the lamps by a different name. Turns out the same lamps were available through Amazon Prime for $120 less! Have tried to get in touch with Customer Service but have received no replies.

Nothing assembled at all.

Ordered an item that said 'some assembly', it can in about 40 pieces!!! Nothing assembled at all. Plus, it’s a cheap piece of furniture that said it was from bed, bath and beyond. Wood veneer smells so bad out of the box.

One of the most unprofessional...

One of the most unprofessional online companies I have experienced. Shipped me a dining chair for a client project that was obviously a damaged return and the icing on the cake, the front legs were missing!! The item was shipped via common carrier, not by UPS or FedEx ground at a charge of $99.00. No ground option. I contacted to schedule a pickup and refund as they said the chair was no longer available. I was asked to take a picture of the unassembled chair in the box before they would process the return. Seriously? A picture of no legs? How is that helpful? I emailed the picture and called several times and emailed and nothing!!! I contacted my credit card bank to reverse the sale and emailed One Kings that if they didn’t respond in 24hrs I would dispose of the partial damaged chair. They then responded and said they would expedite the refund and that I could discard the chair. This whole process went on for over 30 days so far and still have not received my money back. This company should go out of business and probably will if this is their best effort.

I share the same experience with some of the previous reviewers

I share the same experience with some of the previous reviewers. In short, the item I ordered pictured AND described incorrectly. When I attempted to return on such grounds, I was asked to take images of the item. I went through the trouble of taking all of the images and indicating the pictorial and descriptive discrepancies. To my dismay, the OKL rep said "We've compared photos and have determined the item was described correctly". After I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I proceeded to reply that I will be seeking a clawback on my credit card and reporting the company to BBB (also, that I will send the item back once I receive a prepaid shipping label). I have NEVER in my life experienced something so grossly negligent at a retailer. When all else fails, do the right thing.

Just ordered a beautiful Vintage Hereme's Scarf

Just ordered a beautiful Vintage Hereme's Scarf for a gift for a 60th Birthday for my dearest friend ! It was the PERFECT gift with so much meaning and I know she will think of me whenever she wears it! The site works well and functions GREAT but the shipping for a scarf was $23.95!!! That is CRAZY!!! Just outrageous for regular shipping. That may keep me from buying again - if it wasn't for the truly one of a kind item - and the special occassion - I would not have paid that price to ship a piece of thin silk. Refine your shipping!!!

I buy things online all the time

I buy things online all the time, including all kinds of home goods. I bought a defective rug from One Kings Lane in february 2019. They would not authorize a return of their defective product even after repeated requests. They offered me $100 off and that was it. I will never, ever do business with them again.

Would give zero score if possible

Would give zero score if possible. Ordered a 2 piece sectional on 11/28. OKL “White glove” delivery was scheduled for 1/18...found out the crew was missing half the sectional and the part that was delivered had a large, visible stain. Delivery crew made no effort to resolve. For my first call to the shipper, I was on hold 30min before hanging up. Second call, I talked to a rep who promised to do a warehouse check and call me back (that didn’t happen). Called again the next day, was told I’d receive a call back in 10-15min from the original rep I talked with...again, no call back. I called a third time later that day and was finally connected with the rep who had failed to reply twice before. No apology or acknowledgement that they had failed to respond. I was told they couldn’t find it and the vendor must not have shipped it. Tried contacting One Kings Lane, since frankly they were the folks who were paid for the order and should be the ones sorting out this mess. First call, I was on hold for 40min before hanging up. That day I received an email from OKL saying they had delivered the order that day and asking how my experience was (actually they had delivered *half* my order 5 days earlier). I responded via email that the experience was terrible, the order had not in fact been delivered, and I needed a rep to contact me to sort it out. Also sent a separate email via the support contact info on their website. Just received canned replies to both emails today...a full week after I sent them. Neither reply had any info specific to my order status (I provided this detail in both my emails), nor was either email followed up by a phone call to help resolve the issue. Meanwhile I was 20-30min into another call to OKL and was just about to hang up when a customer service rep finally answered. I bit my tongue—hard— and explained my issues (missing half of order while other half was delivered damaged). I also politely, but firmly, made sure they were aware of how displeased I was with OKL’s performance and lack of support. Gabriela, the support rep who answered that last call, did seem legitimately empathetic to my situation, walked me thru their process and promised to call me back with an update within 3 days. Today was day 4 so i’ll be calling again tomorrow for the update. Will also be calling my credit card company to see if I can get their help escalating or clawing back payment. Unless OKL can give me a solid delivery date within the week, I want this thing gone and my money back so I can try again with someone who actually cares about their customers and business rep. I won’t purchase anything from OKL again and will actively share my experience with others so they don’t make the same mistake.

This site is terrible

This site is terrible. I received an email offering a promotional discount. I ordered decorations for Christmas, then realized I did not get the discount AND that the items I ordered were not going to arrive until after Christmas! So I immediately emailed asking to cancel. NO answer. Sent another email. No answer. Sent a third. No answer. Tried to cancel paypal. Told to contact vendor. Called them. Waited 30 minutes to talk to a live person. Said they have a "no cancellation policy" which they of course did not advertise. Also, I have to pay a restocking fee. Said why can't I cancel, save my shipping, and pay the restocking fee? No you can't because it has already shipped. Well if I had heard from you once in the last three days I could have just paid the restocking fee!!! argh. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

I ordered a finial based on their website photo

I ordered a finial based on their website photo. It arrived with a chrome base, instead of brass. After waiting 15 minutes to speak to “customer service” I received no satisfaction. I was told there are no returns on this item and they no longer have it even though I called them immediately on receiving the finial.

I purchased an $85 coffee table book as a gift for a friend

I purchased an $85 coffee table book as a gift for a friend. I had to return it when I learned that the friend already has a copy. I called to find out the return policy and was told that the ONLY way an item can be returned is by Fedex, using their $20.00 flat rate label. I asked if I could return the book by USPS if I had tracking and insurance (a far more reasonably priced option) and was told absolutely not. While apologetic, both the customer service rep and her supervisor were clearly uninterested in my distress. $20.00 to return an $85.00 book. How outrageous. Caveat emptor!! I will never purchase anything from One Kings Lane.

One Kings Lane has daily sales

One Kings Lane has daily sales where you can buy everything you need for the home for less than retail (from luxury to more affordable items). They sell new and vintage products and also offer sales curated by interior designers and bloggers. I've bought a number of rugs, an ice cream maker, picture frames, and more. Love it!


Shocked! My order arrived in 2 boxes and wasnt what I expected. They said to return it was $20 PER BOX, not per order. When I said it wasnt my fault they took two teenie boxes to ship 4 pillowcases and a duvet, they just sniffed. Most on line stores have $9.99 or a site credit to return. $40 total??? Never again!!

Customer service is practically non existent

Customer service is practically non existent. I received multiple very large boxes which did not seem to be my order. They were for a customer in California and I live in Georgia. When I finally was able to get a customer service representative to respond to my call I was told they boxes would be dealt with very soon. After over a week and no action being taken another representative told me the customer that ordered these items was out of town so didn't need them right away. ? I was now the holding company? The lack of follow-through, sensitivity and blatant disregard was egregious. Prior to this I had received multiple orders that were what I expected and received in a timely manner. After this I made 1 more order. They were leather items which arrived I believe from a secondary source and REEKED of mothballs. Old, stored merchandise? That was it. There are plenty of other sources for online shopping that are happy to make sure the customer receives what they believe they have ordered and also try very hard to deal with their errors appropriately and in a timely manner.

They don't care if your item takes one week or one month to arrive

They don't care if your item takes one week or one month to arrive. This has happened to me several times now. I recently called because an order was purchased with the expectation that it would arrive in 10 days at the LATEST. The rep thought I was insane for requesting some sort of credit or discount for the fact that my item didn't ship out in time. They act like I should be so grateful to be their customer. The order prior to this incident took 20 days to arrive!

One Kings Lane has beautiful products

One Kings Lane has beautiful products. I ordered a chandelier that was not quite the right style for me, and their customer service department worked with me to allow me to easily return it. In the past, I have purchased many unique and stylish things from OKL including a rug and lighting.

I ordered an expensive coffee table

I ordered an expensive coffee table and waited the 4 weeks for the ship date. It never showed up. Of course they didn’t contact me. Spent 30 minutes holding to get a person who said they would check into it. They never called me back. After two more calls, got someone who said I would have to wait another 6 weeks. It was a good price so I waited. They sent me shipping info finally but said I had to contact carrier. When I called, they couldn’t find the order. After several more calls to OKL found out it was the wrong shipper and they gave me info to call another shipper. That shipper said they were supposed to get the item over 2 weeks ago but it never showed up. Called OKL once again and was told they would look into it. Get an email back with the same shipper info to contact. Just called again, and after holding for 30 minutes, have another person who is looking into it. What a total waste of time. I will never use them again. By the way, the item is even lower priced on the website now but they wouldn’t match the price without me having to cancel my order and starting all over again. Horrible customer service.

I like looking through One kings Lane

I like looking through One kings Lane because they have high quality furniture that will last a long time. Hopefully someday I will be able to afford it!!!!

Their return policy is very bad

Their return policy is very bad. I ordered a $330 headboard and was given an estimated shipping date of 1 month out. 3 days later I changed my mind and found a different headboard with another company (West Elm) which is exactly what I wanted instead. I immediately called One Kings Lane customer service and was told they couldn't cancel the order (even though delivery was not due for another MONTH) and I would have to wait until delivery folks come to my house and tell them I can't accept it. The whole thing is just a waste of time and resources. On top of this I will have to pay a restocking fee. Beware before you buy.

This place has terrible customer service

This place has terrible customer service. I purchased a framed picture from them and did not like the quality of the image. I attempted to call the company multiple times getting through once only to be hung up on when the company rep attempted to transfer me. I also wrote in inquiry on their website and received two emails stating I would receive a response within 24-36 hours. The only response I received was an additional generic response email stating I would receive a response within 24-36 hours. I will not do business with them and I will let all of my friends and any one who asks know that I do not recommend this company or their business. Awful customer service and transparency.

I was not shipped what I purchased

I was not shipped what I purchased. Now two weeks later I haven't received refund or return tag. AVOID THIS COMPANY! Horrible customer service!!

I received a magazine yesterday...

I received a magazine yesterday that contained a “20% off your next order” offer for One Kings Lane ( The ad was intriguing so I decided to visit the site for the FIRST TIME today to see what they have to offer. I came across a great gift I wanted to send to a friend in Virginia & tried to place an order. Things were going well until I entered the coupon code (OKLJANUARY) which was expiring today (1/17/18.) Tried a few more times, to no avail, & then called customer service. After being on hold for just about 6 minutes, I was placed on the line with “David” (who was very nice.) Told David the problem I was experiencing & he asked several questions & then gave me another code to try. He wasn't sure why the code in the ad wasn't working. I put in the second code (OKLTHANKS20) & that didn't work either. David then explained that he could place my order manually over the phone & enter the code on his end. By this time I had been trying to place an order for well over 40 minutes & had been put on hold 4 times. Upon providing all of my billing information, the gift recipient's information, my gift message & credit card details, I was then told that neither of the discount codes were working on his end either!!! I had now been on the phone for 25 minutes (after 30 minutes online as well) & was ready to lose my mind & just give up. David assured me that he would “make it work” & then told me that the order can be placed without the discount code & I would be provided with the 20% discount as a refund after my order has been shipped. Oh, and for all of my trouble (over 1 hour & 15 minutes of my life I will never get back) he would give me a refund on the $7.95 shipping charge as well. I decided to go ahead with this as he provided me with a case number & assured me I would actually receive the refund. Also, I really wanted my friend to have this item as a gift. The conversation ended with him asking me if I wanted to set up an account so I could place order's faster in the future. I laughed, said “absolutely NOT” & told him this would be my ONE AND ONLY shopping experience with One Kings Lane. Good luck folks. My completely horrible experience was worth a measly $7.95 as an apology. Never again.

Keep away!

Keep away! I have made 2 purchases at this website. One was ok (a $150 vintage cushion cover). The other - a "final sale" reclaimed wooden chest - cost me over $850, and started to come apart after about 2 years. Be very, very careful when you make a purchase. Better yet, do your shopping elaewhere.

Great Service and a positive experience

I purchased two velvet slipper chairs and and then read the reviews so I was concerned. However, my expectations were exceeded and my experience was very positive. I ordered the chairs , received updates and good communication on the delivery window ,and the order came a few days before it was expected . The items were very well packed to protect them from damage. The chairs were in good shape, they were made in the USA and they they are of fine quality for the price I paid. They are exactly as described and they meet my expectations. So I would say my experience is positive and I would. buy from then again.

Do NOT buy from them

Worst customer service I've ever experienced. Our table was supposed to be delivered on March 7. That was already SLOOOOOW, but okay. Three weeks is not intolerable, though it's slow. It's March 18still no table, no call from One King's Lane, no attempt at customer care whatsoever. We are told the table will be here on the 19th. This is the third revision. To be clear, the saga began before the corona virus outbreak. The slow delivery is unrelated to thatthough it may be exacerbated by it, understandably. But it's not the cause, and it's certainly not to blame for the ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE they offer. We will never order from them again. Be preemptive: do the same. Save yourself a headache. Don't buy from One King's Lane. They suck.

Item better than I thought...communication from OKL - poor.

I knew of OKL prior to the BBB buyout and even received a free candle from them way back as a contest they ran. I ordered my silver plated toast rack for my husband. We made several trips to London and he loved the toast racks idea. After I ordered, I got a hold placed on my credit card and waited for my order to show up as an email. I kept logging in to my account and finally saw my order but I kept waiting for it to show a shipping timeframe. My account also said I had no orders. Finally my order showed online and a date for delivery range. My credit card was charged but still no email with a tracking number. My delivery dates came and went. The last day of the delivery date I got a shipping tracking number. My customer service email still went unanswered, I was getting ready to call my credit card company and cancel my order. My Jan 25th order for Valentine's Day arrived today, Feb 12th. The toast rack is made in Uk. It is lovely shiny and boxed to be a nice gift. It was very worth what I paid, I wished that communication from the company worked better as I almost cancelled my order after reading all the bad reviews and wondering if I would get a nice item or junk or if my order had even been processed. Be aware that my order, apparently, was conveyed internally to another company that housed (owned) the item. They were responsible for the tracking number and mailing. OKL needs to give the customer a more accurate idea of what is going on when an order is placed and when it might actually be delivered. The only way to contact the company is to email them and their response time is an estimate of 3 days. I never received a reply.

Horrible Customer Service in response to wrong item sent to me

They sent me the absolutely incorrect painting (I ordered a large black and white woman sketch and got a tiny green garden), and when I called to speak to customer service, she basically said she couldn't help me and then hung up. I had to call again and the second person I spoke to was similarly rude (though slightly less so) and unhelpful. I had made industry recommendations to use OKL but I now I plan on doing the opposite.

Item not delivered and no communication

I ordered an etagere from them in early January and was told it would be delivered in a few weeks. At the end of the month the pending charge was taken off my credit card and there was absolutely NO communication regarding the order status. I have contacted them several times with no response. Now the item is no longer available at other retailers and i am left wondering what happened to my order. Sadly this was the worst experience I've had with a retail store in a long time.

bed fell apart and it is not returnable!

I purchased a cute white cotton Morgan bed, but when it was professionally put together the fake wood under the fabric would not hold the screws. The side panel is hanging down and the head board is tilted. I cannot return it! The website does not take reviews, so buyers beware of their products!

Sofa not as pictured

I wanted a classic English roll-arm sofa. The Hayes looked gorgeous in the photos, and I was encouraged by bloggers who recommended it, even though I was concerned that One King's Lane doesn't allow buyers to post actual reviews or offer refunds if you are dissatisfied, like other internet retailers where I have bought quality furniture in the past. I should have stayed away. The sofa is comfortable, but it looks cheap and overstuffed. I am annoyed every time I look at it, and there is nothing I can do but live with it for years until we can afford to replace it. I also had a bad experience with the delivery person, who wanted to leave it on my porch because I didn't pay for white glove delivery. I wrote to customer service but did not get a reply. I will not buy anything from One King's Lane again.


Their customer service is unbelievably rude, they actually hung up on me and oh they charged me $40 shipping fee to return two things that I ordered together. Awful. Spend your money elsewhere. Oh and they might give you a packaging slip that tells you to use the same returns info as Bed Bath and Beyond....the thing is you can't. They are an absolute miss.

Fraudulent company

I order 5 bracelets in 2 orders from OKK. I received the 1st order no problem. 2nd order was not delivered...went to check the order details...OKK had given both orders the same shipping/tracking??!? I called and was told I would receive a refund. Followed up 2 weeks later still no bracelets or refund... told again I would receive a refund, but first I had to return the bracelets I never received!!! Showed them their system error, told again I would receive a refund. Still no refund, so called again...told same runaround and given a new case #....we will see if I ever get a has been a month so far. Also 1st order bracelets sucked.

Expensive & Damaged

They try to cater to a high end consumer but the products and service are low quality. I ordered a $2,000 coffee table which arrived damaged (which we refused) and almost 3 weeks later I've yet to receive the promised refund. The customer service has been terrible. For the prices, the experience has been unacceptable.

1 King's Lane The French Bee

description of flower arrangement 12" Snowball in Bubble-Neck Vase, Faux dimensions were given as 10x12x12. picture showed 6+ flowers with appropriate foliage. Arrangement that arrived was barely 8x8x6 with 3 very small flowers and minimal foliage. Returned and had to pay restocking fee. Will never purchase anything from them again..

Worst customer service and terrible products

I bought a bed which took weeks to arrive with no news from the company. Built it up and it has to be the most ridiculous thing ever! The bed has like 4 flimsy slates which i could break like a twig to hold the mattress. This is a joke right!?!? Tried getting in contact with okl and no response whatsoever . What do I do now ?????

At least One Kings Lane tried...

OKL sent another lamp that arrived damaged. The shade was not damaged but both lamps lean to one side. I took the lamp apart and tried to straighten... Regina Andrew needs to address their QC issues.


I ordered a dresser from One Kings Lane and over the course of a month, it was delivered incorrectly TWICE. Both times, only one of the two boxes that are required to assemble the dresser were delivered. I now have two boxes of the same thing, that I can't do anything with. After the second incorrect delivery, I called customer service and they told that nothing could be done that week because it was 2pm on a Friday and no body was around... I was told I would be called back but I had no communication. I followed up with them twice only to get a response saying, we'll send you another one. Followed shortly by we're having stock issues and that they would refund me. I responded immediately, but they have gone silent again. This is the absolute WORST online store. There is literally no worse customer experience. I wish I had never come across them. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. BUY FROM ANYWHERE ELSE. Appalling.

Terrible customer service

Our dining table arrived without a top. We noted it on the delivery recept. The shipping company encouraged us to wait a couple days to see if the top would show up. I contacted customer service a few days later. They actually doubted my story, sent me an email a couple hours later to say the shipping company claimed they delivered our item. Well, yes they did, but it had no top. I was asked to send in a picture, so I did. More than two weeks have passed, no credit, no return information. This purchase totaled almost $2,400. We called again today to check on the status. After being placed on hold, I was told that a rep would call me back shortly. I've not received a call back. We had to dispute the charges through our American Express. I'll never order here again.

horrible customer service

They sell merchandise that falls apart after one year of use. Outdoor chairs advertised as Sunbrella fabric. The fabric frayed after one summer. One Kings Lane claims it's past the vendor's warranty. I purchased from OKL, and don't care about the vendors warranty. You sold me merchandise that fell apart! Disgusting company. Do not buy a thing from this retailer. You will regret it!!!!!

Has to be a prank....No one is this incompetent

This has to be a prank. I ordered a 3 seat sofa in January that arrived the 2nd week of March. Upon opening it we realized it was a 2 seat sofa and called OKL to arrange a return. They sent a freight hauler a week later to pick it up and I got an e-mail asking did I want a return or refund. I chose refund but it never got it. I called Loretta who I arranged the pick-up with and she said they have no proof of the item being returned. They arranged the hauler so this makes no sense. 3 Weeks have gone by and nothing. I called again today but no response. Now the fun part. On 4/11 I reordered the same 3 seat sofa. I received delivery today. My wife asked to open the boxes to make sure it was the right sofa but the delivery people told her do not bother. Even if it was the wrong item she could not refuse delivery with them. Lone behold when we un-boxed it tonight we again received the wrong sofa. I am done with OKL. Tomorrow I will be escalating my issue the Bed Bath & Beyond. I will also be calling Chase to stop payment on all items with OKL as they owe me >2k from my first return and now I have another $2,500 wrong sofa in my garage.

Ridiculous delivery fee

I paid $199 for a white glove delivery fee - I didn't have a choice actually - but the email confirmations stated white glove - even though I didn't want it The white glove delivery was leaving at front door with my husband - they should be ashamed with themselves for charging me $199 delivery - I do not think I will buy something at OKL again

One Kings Lane Awful Customer Service

I ordered a rug that came damaged with a hole. They did not return e-mails or calls, they have made it impossible to make a return of a damaged item. In calling the customer service line I have waited on hold over 30 minutes. Then they did not respond to follow up e-mails. One Kings Lane has terrible customer service.


I purchased a painting on One Kings Lane on April 3, and paid for it via PayPal. I received an email stating the delivery would be made between April 12 and the 15th. That was the last email or communication that I received. I contacted One Kings Lane around the 12th and was told I would get a response within three business days. Finally heard back that they were reaching out to the vendor. Received an email yesterday with a tracking number stating that I would receive the painting today. The painting was never delivered and was never delivered to Fedex as stated. Buyer beware...

Rug not as represented and restocking fee!

I recently purchased an indoor rug from One King's Lane that looked really nice in the photos. When I received it, the rug was made of jute and was totally an outdoor rug. When I returned it, I found out there was a "restocking" charge and that they had charged me non-refundable shipping. I ended up getting $40 less than I had paid. One King's Lane needs to recognize that most of their online competitors don't charge shipping anymore and they need to do likewise! That was my first and last experience with One King's Lane.


We ordered a dresser from One King's Lane and got the white glove delivery service. We got ZERO communication from them about when the dresser was supposed to be delivered. Then all of a sudden I got a call that the delivery guys were at my house trying to deliver it. I wasn’t home at the time and asked if they could wait 20 minutes for me to rush home and accept it. They said no and they would have to reschedule. The reschedule process was a huge pain. The customer service person had one time slot in mind when he called me. I said that wouldn’t work and he had no alternatives prepared. He had to call me back later and when he did give me a new time slot, I felt like I had to rearrange my schedule to make this work so that I could avoid more delays in scheduling. The guys came during the scheduled time to deliver the dresser, and they set it up in the bedroom. However, in the process, they scratched our hardwood floors. We had JUST finished having them redone. I’m so upset that a "white glove delivery service" like this would make such a terrible mistake. I got in contact with the delivery service's main customer service and they said there is nothing they can do. The delivery guys are individual “agents” so they are in charge of fixing any problems that happen during delivery. I don’t appreciate that the delivery company can’t even express regret about all of the inconvenience and damage that they caused. And I highly doubt an “individual agent” is going to be able to make this right. I’m so disappointed. Meanwhile, the dresser STINKS. It smells terrible. I opened all of the drawers and will try to air it out. It also was pictured with gold knobs on it that looked really nice with the white wood of the dresser - but the piece actually arrived with black knobs. I know I can switch them out, but it is just one more disappointment. I will try to get in contact with One King's Lane, and I will update my review if they can provide any sort of relief. Currently, I will NEVER be ordering furniture from One King's Lane again, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.

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