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Nebraska Furniture Mart Reviews

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Nebraska Furniture Mart is a well-known midwestern furniture chain that was founded in Omaha, NE with a mission to 'sell cheap and tell the truth.' Over the years, they grew from a small furniture store to a leader of affordable home furnishings, appliances, and electronics. While they have a tradition of helpful sales experiences, there are some mixed reports about delivery issues, delays, and post-transaction support.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.8/10

Price Value: 7.3/10

Price: $21-$3170

Return Policy: 30 Days

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Nebraska Furniture Mart Specifics

Nebraska Furniture Mart (or NFM) was founded in Omaha in 1937 by the late Mrs. B. Sold to Berkshire Hathaway in 1983, Nebraska Furniture Mart remains one of the largest home furnishing stores in the Midwest and is widely known for their enormous selection of items. With a handful of midwestern big-box store locations and an online storefront that delivers to 47 states (California, Hawaii, and Alaska are not included), Nebraska Furniture Mart can be a one-stop shop for shoppers looking for a variety of reasonably priced home products. With many items being imported from overseas, Nebraska Furniture Mart is able to provide a huge assortment of products at a wide range of price points for their shoppers.

In terms of customer sentiment and experiences, shoppers report mixed interactions, issues with the perceived quality of items, and delivery issues.

Material Quality

Nebraska Furniture Mart is known for their vast selection of home furnishings and moderate prices. In terms of material quality, a shopper with a keen eye might be able to comb through their vast catalog of items to find a good deal, but make sure to take a look at what goes into the furniture if possible. This can be a bit difficult as not all products list the different materials used. However, some do note the use of man-made materials like engineered lumber, which may be less sturdy than solid wood.

Nebraska Furniture Mart's Top Picks

When it comes to Nebraska Furniture Mart's most popular finds, there are a few requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Nebraska Furniture Mart's catalog.

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

The top furniture request from Nebraska Furniture Mart shoppers is a new sectional or sofa for the living/family room. NFM has an astounding amount of seating options to choose from that will fit into most design preferences, and a wider range of prices than other stores from $150 - $8,800+. With an extensive selection starting from smaller sized, low-priced couches with synthetic fabric upholstery to huge sectionals in both man-made fabrics and leather, there are 2,000+ different style and color combinations to choose from online and in-stores. When it comes to customer satisfaction, there are some mixed reviews. Customers have better things to say about the pricier options made with higher end materials like 100% leather, while some of the more affordable offerings that use materials like faux leather and leather match have complaints about durability and longevity. Some customers also mention long shipping delays for pieces of their sectionals.

The pros: One of the largest selections of sectionals and sofas for a wide array of prices.

The cons: Some issues with durability reported on items using man-made materials such as leather match. Some delivery complaints including reports of delivery delays.

#2 Beds & Bedroom Sets

For shoppers looking to furnish whole rooms, Nebraska Furniture Mart provides a characteristically large number of bedroom set design options and colors to choose from. NFM has bedroom sets ranging from 2-pieces to 7-pieces, starting at under $300 and made of engineered wood, and going up to around $7,000 and made from either real wood or solid wood construction. Most of their bedroom sets come in 4-piece sets, which will usually include a bed, nightstand, dresser, and matching mirror. From traditional designs and darker colors to more modern sets that are light and airy, shoppers have nearly 500 bedroom sets to peruse through. While there are some very affordable options, there are also some complaints about a few items, particularly surrounding their durability. Some shoppers note that the bedroom set they purchased from Nebraska Furniture Mart has shown signs of wear sooner than they expected and might be better off in a room that is not used often such as a guest room.

The pros: An exceedingly abundant number of style and color options that shoppers have come to appreciate from Nebraska Furniture Mart.

The cons: Some issues with longevity have been reported.

#3 Mattresses

Other popular items are Nebraska Furniture Mart's mattresses, which include options such as innerspring and foam. NFM carries well-known brands such as Sealy and Serta, but they also have a large selection from Omaha Bedding. Customers seem to like their mattress purchases overall, but occasionally, durability issues were reported and some customers mention their mattress started sagging within a year of purchase. Some shoppers also mentioned that it was difficult to get help with issues related to their mattress warranty in some instances.

The pros: A collection of mattresses for every price point.

The cons: Some issues with the longevity of the mattress metioned by customers.

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#4 Recliners

With over 1,300 chairs to choose from, Nebraska Furniture Mart does not fail to deliver a large selection of recliners for their customers to choose from. NFM recliners start at a very affordable $150 for fabric upholstered rockers that have the 'classic recliner' look, and go up to $3,500+ for all leather recliners and recliner chairs in a variety of styles. Overall, Nebraska Furniture Mart shoppers like the selection of recliners available to them, but feedback has been split when it comes to the lastingness of some options and their ability to remain comfortable over time.

The pros: Shoppers generally tend to like some of the recliners made of higher quality material like leather rather than the low-priced rockers.

The cons: Some degrading comfort and durability issues reported by some customers.

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#5 Flooring

The last popular customer pick is Nebraska Furniture Mart's flooring. They have the full suite of indoor flooring options including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, and carpet (carpet flooring is only available for shoppers to purchase in store at one of their 5 locations). If you're close to one of the store locations, they also offer flooring installation at an additional cost. As usual, shoppers enjoy the thousands of flooring choices at varying price points that NFM has to offer. In terms of installation, most customers share positive feedback, but there are others that described issues with price transparency on installation. Others had issues with some flooring options showing quicker wear than expected.

The pros: A good amount of options for shoppers to buy online for hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile indoor flooring.

The cons: Some issues with the delivery and floors showing wear sooner than expected.

More From Nebraska Furniture Mart's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, NFM offers a wide variety of other home products, such as:

- Appliances

- Electronics

- Fitness

- TV & Video

- Computers

- Baby & Kids

- Toys & Video Games

- Home Decor

Nebraska Furniture Mart Locator

Nebraska Furniture Mart has a handful of stores located across 4 states. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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Employees exemplify customer care

Employees exemplify customer care! Russel helped us find the perfect loveseat for our home and even called multiple manufacturers to check upholstery pricing and warranty information--all within the last hour they were open. He took the time to understand our needs and we never felt rushed. An incredible experience start to finish!

I have 2 bad experiences

I have 2 bad experiences with this place, and will probably never go back. #1. Not sure whether to leave this review on NFM or on the protection company they affiliate with, so I'm going to leave a review on both since they advocate and false advertise for the company. Bought 2 couches from NFM on Black Friday 2018. Fast forward to September 2019, both had began to develop rips/tears. Luckily (we thought), we had purchased the protection plan NFM encouraged us to buy with the couches. The brochure for this protection plan clearly shows rip/tear coverage. After submitting a claim, and waiting 2 months for someone to come out and inspect the couches, and another month for a reply, we were notified our claim was denied because it's not covered in our policy. Clearly both NFM and this company is false advertising since the brochure I have sitting on my counter clearly states rips/tears are covered. Only exception stated that leather scratches weren't covered, and we don't have leather. Unfortunately for us, earlier this year we had bought a bedroom set and, again, bought the protection plan. These protection plans are absolutely worthless! 100% scam. #2 The bedroom set we purchased was damaged and we didn't know it until we got all the way home. We called, and they allowed us to bring the bed all the way back. When we got back, I made them open the boxes as they brought them out to load them in my truck. The next FOUR they brought out were all damaged. The first night we wasted over an hour there, the second night when we returned the items and kept trying to get new ones, we were there for over 2 hours just waiting for a non damaged bed frame. I can't wait to go back once they finally get the rest of the items in stock to see how long I have to wait for a non damaged dresser. Absolute joke, never again!

I placed an order in-store

I placed an order in-store for two chairs at the beginning of May. It is now Oct 6 and I have yet to receive the furniture. I never received communications from anyone at the store telling me that the furniture wouldn't arrive when I was instructed to pick it up. When I was in Omaha for store pick up, they told me the shipment hadn't arrived. So, they offered a gift card but I convinced them to ship it to me for free. Still receiving no updates, I called again in June and was told the shipment would come in in July. I called again in July and they said the order was never placed. Then I was told it was placed but the chairs are on a ship in China. Then I was told I could reselect. Then, after I decided I could wait for these chairs longer, I was told they would arrive in September. Then I finally was called to be told they would arrive in October. A week later I was told December. Finally, a few days ago, my first communication with the salesperson that sold them to me, I was told they would never come. My paid-for "ordered" chairs that I had been patiently waiting for for six months were never coming. Why wasn't there better communication with a customer about this? Why did your inventory say I would be able to pick the chairs up in a week......eventually, after six months of waiting, to be told they were never going to arrive? NFM, this has disillusioned me and I am very disappointed. A Berkshire Hathaway company with this kind of customer service? I am shocked.

Back again

Back again. For over 35 years of my being their customer NFM has been the go-to for nearly anything you can imagine. Today it's a microwave, as ours pooped out a few days ago. We briefly considered other places, as a smart shopper always looks for the best deals. But you'll find 98 percent of the time, NFM has the best deal, hands down. Their website had all the info we needed about specs, so once we got into the store, it was about 15 minutes total. Easy peasy.

Going to the Nebraska Furniture Mart

Going to the Nebraska Furniture Mart is an experience in and of itself. They have everything - I lived in Omaha in the mid-1980s and my in-laws are there. When we lived there, I bought my first real furniture there. Over the years, we have gotten rugs and other items and had them shipped. Their prices are good. I'm surprised by some of the other reviews. Back in the day when Rose Blumkin owned the Mart, she used to ride around on her scooter - over 100 years old and still selling. Those days are long gone and the Mart is not part of Berkshire Hathaway. But, they have grown into multiple buildings. We actually went to get a lift chair for my father-in-law. You know - the recliners where the entire chair raises and pushes forward to help you get up, then when you sit back down, you lean against the chair as it slowly drops down to normal. They look very much like a powered Lazy-Boy Recliner. As we entered the store we asked the first salesperson we encountered where they were. She guided us back there and showed us their selection - about 15 different ones. We made our selection, he was given a military discount since he was a Vietnam Vet. They offered 12-month no-interest financing and the chair was delivered the next day.

We love NFM

We love NFM and I would rate it much higher if I did not just experience the worst customer service experience of my life. We were excited to get new flooring in our basement and office. We have had our new flooring for three months and have noticed that wherever furniture touches the flooring it has left dents/divots. This has occurred under furniture that has virtually never been sat on or even under my kids toy chest. We made a claim thinking NFM would have our back because clearly something is wrong with the floor and were denied. They sent a "3rd party inspector" out. While he was here he said to me that this floor should not be doing this and that he suspected it was a problem with the product. A day goes by and our claim is denied. The store claims that it is not the result of poor installation or material defect but rather caused by not having any felt covers on our furniture. We have similar floors throughout the house and have had no problems with furniture leaving these marks. When we contacted them to discuss our potential further options they basically shut down and said that the only option is legal. When asked about a legal department they said that they could not discuss it and refused to provide any contact information. Guess we're stuck with damaged floors unless we file a lawsuit. Thanks NFM!!!

We decided to get new couches

We decided to get new couches for the entire house. We have a dog and wanted something durable and wipable so we wanted something with real leather. We bought a very nice sectional that we love and a couch and loveseat combo for upstairs. We paid over $1800 for the couches upstairs. Within 1 week, the "real leather" wore off in one spot that is frequently sat on. It is either the thinnest leather ever created or its bonded leather and they lied. Super pissed off. We also had very rude delivery drivers and we are missing a sectional of our couch. It was on back order, which we new. It was expected late December and they called and told us February was the new date. We had to call and make a fuss about it and they magically changed our delivery date back to December. Probably never going to buy anything here again.

Wish I could give 3.5 stars

Wish I could give 3.5 stars. We've been coming here for years and NFM, for the most part, is good. Who doesn't like to shop local when they can? If you are purchasing in the electronics or appliance areas it's all good; a basic transaction is in NFM's wheelhouse. This is their strong suit. Staff is helpful, quite knowledgeable too. Prices here are hard to beat as well. However, if it involves a return because of a bad product it can become difficult. We had a defective dining room table (table was falling apart) that was handled not as swiftly and professionally as we would've liked. However, it was resolved in the end.

I got a phone call from Nebraska Furniture Mart

I got a phone call from Nebraska Furniture Mart saying my order was in and ready for pick up. I came through the warehouse customer pick up and waited five minutes. The staff were friendly and courteous. I came to this location at 10:55 on a Saturday.

Huge selection

Huge selection, helpful staff and decent prices. Never pay interest, if you do you are a fool. Though I rarely shop here because the place is just too big and too much to walk thru that I'd prefer to avoid it when I can but that being said when I need an appliance or piece of furniture I always check here.

Ordered a subwoofer from NFM

Ordered a subwoofer from NFM. The order was confirmed, my credit card was charged, and NFM cancelled the order a day later. Still haven't received a refund, so I'm disputing the charge with my credit card company. Not worth the effort of dealing with NFM.

I spend a lot of time at NFM browsing

I spend a lot of time at NFM browsing, there are so many great deals if you look hard enough. Plenty of times you can find items that are marked way down , for instance I found a Kitchen Aid Mixer for only $75, they had a stack of them and so many people were buying them. The only reason they were that low was because the manufacture changed the box, so it was deemed outdated. It does not matter what section we go into there is always someone to help you. We spend more time in the electronics as we don't need to buy furniture as much. The only thing I am not fond of is they keep shrinking the DVD section, I know not that many people buy them anymore but some of us do ! Plus the CD section is next to nothing, which is somewhat irritating with your trying to find one , of your favorite musical group or for a gift.

As a life long Omahan

As a life long Omahan, I went to NFM when it was on Farnam St., downtown. I went and picked out my first "big boy bed". NFM is officially too big for me. Customer Service sucks. We went Thursday, last week. There were three sales people at 2:00, in the main building, and about 20 customers. They had to call for sales help 5 times. I don't think salespeople are honest. They just want to sell. I don't feel charges were explained, even after I asked. Then when you call customer service, they don't really care. I think they are under pressure to not have or show compassion. Just follow rules to make a profit. I guess that's good for my Berkshire stock. But that's all.

Don't ever try to take back a return or warranty

Don't ever try to take back a return or warranty. They won't do anything for you. When it comes to furniture the quality is super cheap and it's way overpriced. Rod Kush has a much better selection at much more reasonable prices. And there's no issues with returns or warranties.

Sandra is amazing.

Sandra is amazing. She helped us out a lot with finding an awesome sofa. She deserves a raise. She's very kind has a great attitude very friendly. Comedo experience here amazing. She's very kind very sweet and extremely helpful I wish the world had clones of her.

Bought a computer and extended warranty/service

Bought a computer and extended warranty/service. Computer has been slow since we bought it. NFM outsources their computer support. So after being bounced around to about 5 different people, few of which I could even understand (non-native English speakers), they tell us if the computer isn't making any weird noises the only solution they have to speed up our computer is to wipe it clean and reinstall everything. They didn't ask any other questions. Plus we were on hold forever just to be told that they would call us back a few days later. Computer problems were never resolved. Called NFM to tell them how horrible the service is and they wouldn't refund us the money for the service. Oh ya and they were weeks late on delivering the computer, and they were supposed to get a signature when they delivered it but just left it on the porch. Luckily it wasn't stolen. Worst service of my life. The salesman promised us if we had any problem at all they would remotely access our computer to fix it so we wouldn't have to spend any time on it. All lies. We have spent tons of time with no results and no one can access our computer to fix it remotely so we have to do everything ourselves, which eats up more time. NFM lied to us, sent us a crap product, and then refused to refund our money. Don't buy any service from them at all, unless you like throwing money away. Edit: Britany thanks for responding but i already tried contacting You guys multiple times and you were no help. We were told repeatedly that you can't help and to call the tech support company who was also useless. We just feel like we got ripped off and lied to. Pretty unethical business practice

My fainceé loves NFM

My fainceé loves NFM. We normally only go to the clearance section. The prices are much better than the other parts of the store. We recently purchased a couch from here. We got a lot of help from the people who work there and we got a customized couch. I really loved that the employee double and triple checked to make sure she got everything right from two different managers. We did get something that needed some figuring out for sure. The couch we got was $1,200! It is a huge couch and that is such a reasonable price for the couch. It will be delivered in 6-8 weeks. We also got a kitchen table here a few months ago. It is a beautiful faux marble that came with four chairs. The price was $145! This place has a little bit of everything you will need in your home!

Little bit of a fiasco today

Little bit of a fiasco today - unfortunately. Currently in town from out of state and was hoping to take back a good quality chair. Picked out a recliner that was "in-stock" at the jones street warehouse. Little bit of confusion about what was considered "in stock versus floor stock. Not sure why furniture on display floor shows up as stock furniture in the warehouse - silly. Paid $$$$$$ for the chair in the store and went over to the warehouse to pick it up and waited a good 25 - 30 minutes. Warehouse staff were very nice and had to clean up the ensuing mess. Apparently the "in-stock chair" was mislabeled between chair sizes - had a large base but small seat.. not sure how this would happen given they are supposed to be a set. Lots of confusion as they could order the chair but would take 43 working days for a estimated delivery date of December 31st to NFM warehouse. Refused to ship or make arrangements to get the chair delivered to my residence. Told me - I would have to hire the 3rd party to get he chair out to my state and pay extra. Went to cancel the order and was faced with a 25% charge for a "special order fee - cancellation." There was no special order - it was a regular chair order.. What's happened to Mrs B's flagship...

Purchased a queen size bed

Purchased a queen size bed and mattress set online for a spare bedroom. The price and quality exceeded my expectations. Pick up was a breeze. Pulled up to the loading area, they brought it out. Loaded it into my truck and tied it down. I asked if they needed help, they just told me to relax. Great experience.

Picking up a gaming chair

Picking up a gaming chair! Perfect place for all your household needs. Similar to American Furniture but so much better. When purchasing large items they will deliver to your door and set it up wherever you want. Definitely recommend even just stopping by to walk around!

Don't trust the install guy

Don't trust the install guy! I'm a little ticked off and need everyone to hear my story. Over the years our family has bought carpet, tile, electronics, and now appliances. The appliances are great but the installation was horrible! I opened the door the first use and the kick plate on the bottom fell off. It wasn't even screwed on!!! I looked under and the junction box to cover the cords was shoved under there, too! After a week of use the dishwasher had a sensor that detected a leak. Thankfully there was a sensor! I removed the kick plate with no screws on it and there was a puddle underneath it! The wood floor boards were warped and it has leaked to the basement! What a mess! I can't believe that they would do such a crappy job after the service we've received in the past! I can't believe they charged us over $100 for this crap!

Inconsistency and false information

Inconsistency and false information regarding product availability summarizes my experience with this company. Prior to placing my order, I expressed to the sales associate that I need products that were in stock (due to relocation) that's ready for delivery. So I carefully went through items with the sales person to ensure to order items in inventory. Fast forward 4 weeks later, 2 weeks before delivery, I was notified that one of the bedroom set that I ordered was on backorder at the moment will not be available and delivered until after my departure. So I proceed to the store to verify the information and select a replacement however, the manager that I spoke to re-assured me that the back ordered item will make it before my move. Today, I received another phone call from the delivery department stating that the same bedroom set will be delayed and will not be delivered 2 weeks from now. Frustrated in the fact that I stressed my situation to several employees before and during the entire purchase process and still have to go to the inconvenience, wasted time and stress of going over finding and selecting options/process over and over again. Customer service is sub-par and no value over person's time.

All products and financing are excellent

All products and financing are excellent. Buy them and use the no interest financing options. Do not buy the guardsman furniture protection plan. It's a joke. They deny so many requests. I wasted $400 on buying the plan for new furniture. Waited on hold for 20 min to talk with someone about and they repeated the same b/s line. F them

I purchased a dining room table and chairs on April 6th

I purchased a dining room table and chairs on April 6th. I was given an estimated delivery date of April 29th. Now NFM says there is a vendor delay and my furniture will not be delivered until after June 12. I expected much better out of NFM. This was my first order from them; it will also be my last. They need to pick better vendors.

Payers beware

Payers beware - ordered and paid for 3 pieces of furniture in May with "next week" delivery. Two delivery slips later adding months to the delivery, I reselected at NFM encouragement 3 new pieces and paid additional $. Those pieces were scheduled for "next week!" Two more slips to delivery dates, now with an October 30 delivery. I just cancelled the order and refunds are only given back to credit card - which has had no balance due for months. Truly the worst retail experience I've had from sales to service to accounting! See ya NFM - I'm done!

We always shop at Nebraska Furniture Mart

We always shop at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Things have changed at that store though. We bought a new mattress set last month and spent almost $3000. The salesman said "if the box spring is too high just call and we will exchange it for the lower one". Well I called and for a 25% restocking fee and $89 delivery fee they will exchange it. The mattress is a new hybrid and weighs about a hundred pounds so very difficult to move to access the box springs. I am just fed up today!

I often shop at the Mart

I often shop at the Mart. However, I recently bought flooring on a sale for install advertisement. So when you buy flooring from the Mart they send out a measurer to determine your flooring needs amount. So you get the install price and the flooring price and if that works for you then the purchase is good. So during this process I asked multiple time will there be any other cost or needs... no ...asked Okay then after shopping around with competitors I felt this is where I would make my purchase. The day before the install I am called and reminded of install and told there may be more costs when the installer comes if he has to do special work to the floor but he will tell me tomorrow. I asked why is that I was advised the floor was looked at and there are no additional costs. Keep in mind there currently is no flooring at all so what you see is what you get. She went on and on how they don't know what they are getting into until the installer gets there. I said well that's funny the sales man told me when they measured they would see floor and give costs of install. I said well I guess we see what happens tomorrow. So installer comes out is there for five minutes looks at floor and tells me to do the little area in the basement it will be an addition $1250.00. to level cement ect... really he knew that in 5 minutes. So I asked why this was not determined at time of measure. You know I was told the Mart just sends out a measure guy and not a professional installer who can give you the true labor costs on the floor. He advised, he goes through this every time he does an install and always feels horrible. With a 1250 difference I could have decided to go with another flooring company and bought one of my different choices. I felt like I was with my back against the wall since I have a basement finish happening and different installers lined up every few days. So I very disappointingly agreed. I felt bad for the installer as he's just making a living. Now Nebraska Furniture Mart well they know this as the lady I spoke to had enough gall to tell me this is how they do things and I should be happy as her flooring install was an addition $3000. So it was nothing to them as they answer customers who are screwed by the discounted flooring install advertisement and general installs all the time. Basically, the Mart could care less. They are a big company and nothing is going to impact them. So I for sure wont every buy flooring again from them but warn you of the professionalism and the increase you are going to get at the end! Other companies sent out the professional to measure and look at the flooring and had a solid cost.


BUYER BEWARE!!! Employees talk a big game when referring to customer service, until you need them. We bought all the furniture for the entire living room ($10,000 worth). We purchased a TV stand ($785) with a electric fireplace insert which the fireplace was defective. We called the store and was told to bring it back and they would replace it. We live at the other end of the state 460 miles away, so we made the trip to exchange it only to be told once we got there that it was the manufactures responsibility and there was nothing they could do. I would not recommend doing business with this company, they will not stand behind the products they sell.

I have always heard nothing

I have always heard nothing but good things about the furniture here. Although, I was disappointed with my recent purchase. I spent nearly $400 on a bed frame, just to open it up when I got home to see that I had two lefts legs, the screws were drilled into the headboard so tight that they were popping through and visible to the front to the point where the board was cracking, there were scratches and fingerprints everywhere AND it looked like there was food on the headboard. It is obvious this had been used and returned and I guess all of these issues were overlooked? I will not be buying from here anymore.

Yayy Nebraska Furniture Mart

Yayy Nebraska Furniture Mart is getting Better!! I have always loved the omg immense supply of stuff here; and the easy, always someone available to help. They have updated and brought the delivery process along with the greatness they offer. Now when you purchase from them you can sit with your sales person. (who will have a tablet thing) You can go over the whole order and also schedule delivery, sign, and cash out right with them. No more printing you a slip to take to a cashier. Also delivery service has been much better lately. Looking forward to some new cool stuff. and continue to change and decorate the home!

It was hit and miss at this visit to NFM

It was hit and miss at this visit to NFM. It's Berkshire Days, which means it's a busy weekend for them. Steve in the recliners area was incredibly rude and very hard to work with. But the negative tone set by his behavior was then positively offset by the awesome service and great attitude of David in the sound system area. All in all I generally find NFM to be a bit overwhelming. But if you get a GOOD employee/team member to assist you when you have questions, it can be an ok experience.

This is the third time we've gone to the Kansas City store

This is the third time we've gone to the Kansas City store to make a major purchase; first for a tv, next for furniture, and this time for a range. It's our fault. We didn't learn the first two times. And now we are hosting a large family Christmas party without a working range because they have delayed delivery three times on short notice. I am convinced that they knew that it would not be available on time, but exaggerated their promise to get it here in order to make a sale. We could have ordered it for a lower price from home depot or lowes, but we went with nfm because they said they could deliver it quicker. We are quite mad...grrr. We will be looking into cancelling the order. We have no intention of ever shopping here again...grrr. Oh yeah, the tv and the furniture we had previously purchased were both inferior products (lemons) and we could not get any satisfaction from customer service. We are stupid-heads. Okay, several days have passed since our review above. They called to postpone again. We will be hosting our final party this year from the stove-top and a crockpot. Nfm responded to our yelp review, but nothing can fix things before the party. They have not offered any discounts or free set-up; only the opportunity to change our order to something that we do not want. Whatever.

I come not to praise the selection at NFM

I come not to praise the selection at NFM, but to bury the customer service. Nutshell version -- our house has wood blinds by a major manufacturer. NFM is a seller for this manufacturer. We need two (yes, just 2) replacement valances. We have visited NFM multiple times, and no one in the blinds department ever seems able, or more to the point, willing, to assist us. Yesterday, three employees kept trying to hand us off to each other, I'm assuming because this possible sale would not make any one of them a sizable commission. In the end, the employee who drew the short straw gave us the merest attention and effort. If this is what customer service at NFM looks like, then I'll gladly go elsewhere.

I purchased a lot of furniture

I purchased a lot of furniture from the Texas store and I would like to share my thoughts with you. The good or shall I say GREAT: Great selection. Better than any other furniture store. Great low prices. They will beet any other store's prices. Many discounts including military discounts. Great sales people. Great customer service. Now for the bad: Delivery people don't care about your furniture. Damaged one piece and had to reschedule a replacement. Wanted me to dispose of their trash. Did not finish hooking up the recliner wires. They said they did not know how. Had to schedule someone else to come out and do it.

They're the furniture monopoly in Omaha

They're the furniture monopoly in Omaha. You'll shop here whether you want to or not because you don't have much of a choice in the matter. Here's a perfect example: Have you ever noticed that department stores like Sears, Dillards, and JCPenney have furniture sections in their locations in almost every city except Omaha? It's because Omaha has NFM and so hardly anyone else can compete. The only furniture stores that can even hope to enter the market are the discount/bargain furniture stores and the city can only seem to support 1 or 2 of them. NFM cornered the furniture market in the Omaha metro area many years ago. Obviously, they have a huge selection. The place is massive. They sell furniture, mattresses, flooring, and electronics. I think they also offer interior decorating consulting services. Also, don't think that the colors you see displayed are all they offer. Much of their furniture can be ordered in other colors and fabrics. Just ask a salesperson about it. I find their salespeople hugely annoying. It's not NFM's fault. They work on commission and that in and of itself is going to make them annoying and pushy. Sure, when you tell one you're just looking they'll back off, but then six more will approach you separately over the next 30 minutes. It's like a pack of hungry wolves circling its prey. It completely ruins the shopping experience for me and I dread going furniture (or jewelry or car) shopping because of it. I find their antique looking green screen point-of-sale system amusing. If you came here in 1985 to buy something the sales screen probably looked the same as it does in 2017. lol

I ordered a chair at the beginning of July

I ordered a chair at the beginning of July and was told it would arrive 2 weeks later (July 23). Each time I called to check on the chair, the estimated arrival date was pushed back. I spoke to a customer service on the date the chair was due to arrive after the first delay and she assured me the chair would be in that day and I would receive a phone call when it arrived. It's now been over 2 months since I ordered the chair and when I called to complain their resolution was to give me free delivery, which would also add 2 additional days to me receiving the chair... They offered no additional discounting and did not seem apologetic in the least that it had been so much longer than the original ETA. I understand that it was likely the supplier's fault on the delay, but a company that boasts itself as the biggest furniture store in America should have much better customer service and should at the very least have offered me a future discount or voucher. I will not be shopping here again.

Saturday May 4th. The two delivery' people show up and they were very nice.

Saturday May 4th. The two delivery' people show up and they were very nice. Once old dryer was removed and new dryer in we learn that we have the wrong one... it was supposed to have steam. At this point some of the blame does go To the sales person. Call the number below they will return it but now it will cost more for the correct dryer what a complete cluster. If I had the time I'd go somewhere else but it seems like they know they have you by the short hairs. This is not what I expect from a Berkshire owned company. We were going to go down and pick out new hardwoods and I realize it would be mess expensive from NFM but it's truly not worth the stress working with them. I think they are to large to live up to there values. To date they didn't get my kitchen appliances delivered correctly, only ordered one piece of a sectional, wouldn't take the doors of a fridge to get it in my moms home (sears kindly did) and broke priceless children's tea set which they gave money for that has never been replaced as we can't find it anywhere. Why has it taken us so long to figure out NFM is a large corporation who simply doesn't care anymore about anything other than the bottom line and as a share holder I guess I should be happy. But I'm truly disappointed in what they have become. So satisfied... Nope just jot of an airplane to see my message that you will be here from 10-12 Saturday... so the shit show continues.. you promised 8am.. you continue to fail. I'll follow up with you next week but I was out of town Wednesday till just now. Heading home to tear an office/laundry room so we will now have side by side washer and dryers. You want to fix this? train your sales people to share the proper information! and bring me a new washer.. but that wouldn't fix the issue because we would be right here again when one breaks down and needs to be replaced tearing up a room we remodeled for stackables! If only we'd have been told factual information we'd have stayed with cheaper top loads...and the tip my 80 year old mother gave the delivery people shame on you for excepting it.. you did zero to earn it!

online store

This review is more of a buyer beware for their online store. This company cancelled my expensive online order with no notice to me. I called their customer service line to check on my order because I never got a "your item has shipped!" Email. They told me they cancelled my order and there was nothing they could do about it. The person I spoke to was super nice, but this ended up to be a major Christmas disappointment. Also--they did tell me they reversed the charges, but they still have my money. I'm not angry, I'm just really disappointed. Thanks for nothing. *Update* Okay-they gave me my money back, so that was cool I guess. Have another star.

I've always made all my large purchases

I've always made all my large purchases from Nebraska Furniture Mart. Many couch sets, computers, and small appliances later, I find myself rather disappointed in them with my recent visits. I went their twice last week to find a whole new living room set as well as three new bedroom sets for my home. It seemed as though customer service was majorly lacking. Mostly everyone was more interested in hanging and chatting rather than assisting customers. I had my heart set on a sectional but decided to go see what other stores had instead due to the lack of service. A day later, I bought from two different stores, whom had way better customer service and delivery options. Will I ever shop here again? Sure, I still like Nebraska. I'm just disappointed with my last few visits.

Who doesn't love a visit

Who doesn't love a visit to the mart? Since we don't have IKEA here in Omaha, the mart is the next best thing. Their history is really interesting as I watched a documentary on Warren Buffett recently that also included some of the history of Nebraska furniture Mart (which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway). They offer a good variety of furniture ranging from contemporary to classic to eclectic. Here you'll find everything from rugs to carpet to window shades to countertops to furniture for every room in your house. And don't forget the technology area! They also offer really great financing for a lot of their items-- sometimes you can get away with 18 months of no interest! I guarantee you that every home in Omaha: apartment or house alike has something from Nebraska furniture Mart. It's really just a fun experience to walk around and find things for your home, and locals know that this is the best deal and selection they're going to get! I think it's really fun if you are a visitor to come check it out and see how it differs from IKEA or whatever big furniture superstore is in your town I think you'll be impressed :)

Been here a few times, usually pretty good staff

Been here a few times, usually pretty good staff most very helpful and knowledgeable. Everything i've bought from here is durable and seems to last. Jesse helped us pick out the best lamps. Wonderful store, more variety online.

I bought a black leather couch here 3 yrs ago

I bought a black leather couch here 3 yrs ago and it started ripping. I called neb furniture mart and they could have carried less. They gave me phone number for Ashley furniture. Ashley said they have reports of this specific couch. They wanted a picture so I sent it. They said they couldn't see the tears.ok i will never purchase from NFL again.

I have visited Nebraska Furniture Mart three times

I have visited Nebraska Furniture Mart three times in the last month. Each time, I was not overwhelmed by the sales associates. They approached me without being too pushy. They gave practical advice and suggestions. I did purchase a rug with the help of Trina F. who was professional and helpful. I will be making more major purchases in the near future so I hope I have the same experience. Yes, this is a "cash & carry" operation. It is convenient because you don't need to wait very long if you buy something from the floor. Could you get better quality furniture elsewhere: absolutely. It fits a certain niche.

I purchased furniture for an entire house

I purchased furniture for an entire house that was newly built. I used Laura in the design gallery who was/has been fantastic through the whole process but that is about the end of the good experience. I custom ordered a few pieces of furniture with custom fabric/design. A chair I ordered took 6 weeks to be completed and when it was finally delivered it was made incorrectly, the nail-heads were the wrong color, etc, the dining room table apparently was damaged prior to delivery so instead of bringing another they said we will bring one some other time which I ended up waiting weeks for, then to only receive a call the morning of the delivery that the 2nd one was damaged as well. This repeated once or twice more and the table that was finally delivered was damaged. Then to top it all off there was a huge amount of damage to the house including gouges in the walls, furniture that they moved that was already in the house was damaged severely, etc. This all was back in September and the issues have yet to fully be resolved. I was offered $500 for the damage to the furniture, that I might add was only about a year old, which was damaged/ripped beyond repair and the $500 does not even come close to the amount needed to replace them. I had to have my walls fixed and repainted which was a hassle to get done. And still to this day I have not received the correct chair or a table that is not damaged nor have I received replacement furniture or compensation for the damaged furniture. For the amount of money I spent here, you would think things would be handled a lot differently but it has been a terrible experience with no end in sight. Response to business reply: I have contacted customer service many, many, many times and the issues have not been resolved.

The furniture set I bought was missing several screws

The furniture set I bought was missing several screws. While the product was bought at a bargain it needs to have everything to put it together.

I've had good experiences in the past

I've had good experiences in the past. However I recently ordered a dresser online that stated it came with free shipping and delivery. It has been almost 7 weeks since I ordered, and I still don't have the dresser. NFM used a third party delivery company that was extremely difficult to work with. They didn't want to deliver outside of 8-5 Monday through Friday. They tried to make me come get the dresser myself. Once I finally got the third party company to attempt delivery outside of 8-5, the manager himself showed up with the dresser and claimed it was only a curbside delivery and wouldn't bring the item up to my apartment. This was all after we had discussed my living arrangements. He put the dresser back in his truck and left. That was 4 weeks ago. I immediately got NFM customer service involved that evening. Since then, I have had to constantly call NFM to check on the situation, and I still don't have my item. I am still out a large chunk of money that I paid for this dresser that is MIA. This has been a joke. It's sad I have to resort to online review to get some attention.

NFM is absolutely massive

NFM is absolutely massive and is the kind of place you can easily get "all lost" in (cue The Clash), so you need a battle plan if you want to get out of the 'Mart in under one hour. My wife and I were shopping for a new couch on Sunday. NFM was absolutely packed with families -- you couldn't walk more than a few feet without almost being run over by some frazzled parent pushing around a baby in an NFM-sized all-terrain stroller. Still, the no interest financing promotion will always and forever keep drawing me back in when I need to make a big purchase -- computers, TVs and now a couch. So we sat on a few lovely (and not-so-lovely) couches until we found one we both liked and was in our price range. We started to get a little antsy waiting around for a salesperson to help us, but after 15 minutes or so we found someone who quickly sold us a swank new sofa. Bonus that the current promo offers free delivery. I don't shop here because I necessarily enjoy it, it's just by far the best option we have in Omaha.

In the last week I have gotten a broken lamp

In the last week I have gotten a broken lamp, a broken table, a broken lighted bed frame/headboard & been lied to by a sales rep about the price of my table set which I had to pay $130 more than she told me. NFM sells crap and you will spend more time returning things than buying things. If you buy anything there I hope you have a lot of time to deal with BS.


DO NOT, DO NOT PURCHASE FROM NFM. They are scammers, con-artist and down right have horrible customer service. No regards to your concerns when it comes to products you've purchased through them. I've purchased near $10k in this store and they disregard your loyalty to them. Apparently the "low price guarantee" only applies to your local market? Yet, I purchased a couch and someone priced matched my couch in another market, from L.A., California. But when I called to price match my fridge in the DFW area it is $1,100 but some how in Omaha it's $800. Yet, they can't price match a different store of their own??? HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE. On top of that, the customer service I received from the some how titled "manager" was rude and inconsiderate. Snapped at me when I ask "how can you not price match your own store in a different market?" Rewind before this incident; I have had multiple from them before. They guaranteed my couch with the rest of my order but somehow overfilled the truck that my order was now pushed back AFTER Thanksgiving. So we sat on the floor or had to purchase plastic chairs to sit on. When my order was finally ready it was late on delivery, my couch came in with many different scratches, markings and they tried to just pay me off because it'd be cheaper that way. But instead I wanted my brand new couch that I'm perfectly fine with being charged for. My dining table chairs had a huge dent in it though they said by overfilling the truck it won't ruin any other items on board. I can definitely keep going. Find better customer service, quality and more elsewhere! That's for sure!

My order was received earlier than expected

My order was received earlier than expected, which was great. I opened the box to assembly the chair I ordered, however there was no hardware in the box. I sent an email to the email provided by NFM, and 3 days later I still have not received a response. I had to call and the lady on the phone said she would send the hardware out the next day. Hopefully it's faster than their email replies. Angel

Good morning, I am hoping someone can help me

Good morning, I am hoping someone can help me. I am having a difficult time with customer service regarding a couch I purchased. I purchased this couch two months ago. It needed to be custom made, so it was going to take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Unfortunately, I was supposed to receive it yesterday, and I received a call saying that the frame was broken and it will be another 6 - 8 weeks before I will receive it. That makes a total of four months without a couch that I have already paid for in full. Can you please help me resolve this so that I can receive the couch in a timely manner? I understand there are wait times, but since this error is not my responsibility, I am hoping you all can make it right and speed up the delivery time. Thanks.

Everything was going fine until I went to actually pick up my stuff

Everything was going fine until I went to actually pick up my stuff. Turns out they didn't actually have what I bought. Went back inside and found the sales guy, tell him that the item is out of stock. He just laughs and says that he looked at the wrong item. Great, so it's a joke now? He tells me that they will have more in a few days. So I wait and wait and wait....nothing. I call and get told the item is in. Drive all the way there to get it only to be told that it's not in stock. WTF? I had just talked to someone two hours prior and was told it was there and now it's not? Go inside to customer service and explain the situation. They did their best to resolve it and actually found one that was in the warehouse. So, not sure what is going on with your inventory system but it has some flaws evidently. I can overlook things if it happens once, but this was the third shame on me for going back hoping things would be different. The first time I was at least offered free delivery. The second time, I never did get my item. After three months of waiting, I ended up going with something different only to find out at checkout that it wasn't in stock either so I just cancelled everything. And you just read about my third time. Maybe it's time to see if that store in that little town between Lincoln and Fremont is any better.

Since relocating to Omaha

Since relocating to Omaha, we've been to NFM for a variety of things ranging from stools for our kitchen, to office desks to a dishwasher. They have it all! They really do. And as far as I can tell, the prices are more than fair. Taken as a whole, it's hard not to enjoy the convenience of a place where you can get all of your home furnishing needs met. So, four stars for the store. They only get three overall stars from me because we have had numerous problems with the delivery facets of our orders. First the good about the delivery process: the guys who have delivered our stuff have been friendly, courteous and efficient. Every time. I have no complaints about the employees. The problem is that we have needed to reject our delivery three different times because of defects to the product. Now, to be fair, the employees are almost always the ones pointing it out. With my home office desk, the top was loose. With our dishwasher we had delivered today, it was dented in the back. We also had a stool for our kitchen with stripped out screws. It becomes very frustrating to schedule your time to be home for a delivery and then have it canceled and rescheduled. I love that the employees making the delivery are willing to point out the flaws. The honesty is commendable. So, it now becomes an issue with the people back at the shop who are filling these orders and loading the trucks. They very clearly are NOT engaging in quality control and making sure the product is in great shape before loading. It leaves the delivery guys to break the news and is frustrating for customers. So, if anyone from NFM ever reads this, let's get the products reviewed before loading it on the truck so we have fewer mistakes and fewer reschedules. We will continue to shop here and generally like it. Just be prepared for the delivery process to be more frustrating than it should be.

Ordered a coffee table online

Ordered a coffee table online. It wasn't available in store and was shipped. Arrived in a timely manner but when I opened it was an entirely different finish than the picture (description said sepia). I even looked up the color to see if it would work for me before ordering. Never removed from box and called for a return as instructed on website. They refused to accept saying it was RTA (ready to assemble) and they would not accept the return. I never saw that on the purchase invoice or my receipt. I spoke to a 'customer service' rep who read from the script and just kept sending me emails of their policy. Of course there isn't the option to attach their invoice which never says one word about not being able to return RTA. I finally found that one sentence policy 4 link clicks into their website at the bottom of a very long narrative about all their policies! How does a customer even know what RTA is! Will never buy from them again and I'm stuck with an item that in no way is as described on their website! Buyer beware!

Anyone who's lived in the Omaha metro area

Anyone who's lived in the Omaha metro area for any length of time probably has something (or many things!) from NE Furniture Mart. I myself can think of a coffee table, futon, desk, bookcase, coat rack bench, corner tv stand, lamp, laptop, washer, dryer, toaster oven, mini fridge ... the list goes on and on. They have a huge selection and reasonable prices and often times good sales or interest-free deals when using an NFM card. Items can be picked up in the warehouse or delivered. It's sometimes fun just to go look around, like a zoo for furniture, and dream big. I remember when I was young and broke, it felt pretty uptown to get something brand new from "The Mart". The only thing I've noticed over the years is that I seem to get better service when shopping as part of a couple rather than when shopping as a woman by myself.

So waited six weeks

So waited six weeks for our exchange for another dryer, got it by October-November? Which is awesome going through all of this since July....and this second literally died yesterday!!! You guys seriously smell crap.

do not buy anything in this store the sales tactics are to buy

do not buy anything in this store the sales tactics are to buy and get you out of the way. Have spend more than enough money in this store like a dummy and every experience is worst than the other one. do not fall for their warranties and clean care programs they never work and have a terrible customer service in response. Sadly Omaha does not have a lot of options when it comes to furniture and warranty but, will be destroying the credit card and never going back there. Prefer to travel to neighboring states to buy furniture than spending a penny more in this false advertisements and throwing my money down the drain company. If you have stock dump that trash thinking to on drooping the couch at the door so they deal with the issue.

they can't deliver my furniture

they can't deliver my furniture until over a month away! do they have to manufacture it first? it says that it's in stock soooooooo what is the problem??? i guess we'll just let it sit around for a few weeks until we get around to it.

Had to deal with Guardsman insurance

Had to deal with Guardsman insurance and was told that since my purchase was over a year old, you cannot submit your claim online, you must call in and then mail your claim in. After spending 30 minutes on hold the first time and the recording keeps stating to file your claim online. After speaking with NFM they stated there is nothing they can do, and if my stain had occurred within the first year, they would have sent a technician out themselves. So sorry that I take care of my furniture so that it last!. 3/31/17 Finally got a call back from their insurance company Guardsman. After 20 minutes on hold, and they investigated my claim, I was told that my policy does not cover stains. I told them over and over again, I was not there when the stain occurred, so I am really not certain of the type of stain it is. Gentleman told me that if it is not a human or pet bodily fluid, the stain would not be cover. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! after 4 policies purchased, I guess I learned my lesson that NFM does not care about the customer and neither does Guardsmen. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEIR INSURANCE!

So finally, after not getting a return call

So finally, after not getting a return call and then hunting them down until I reached a live person, they tried to get me within a day or two but my schedule did not fit. I took one about two weeks out. They sent Eli and Joe. These two, of the three sets that have been here are by far the best I have had. These guys watched me step through my issues and seemed to know what to do right away. They went to work on my downstairs setup and got everything going the way it was supposed to work originally. They went upstairs and did the same. They would not leave until I had gone through everything I wanted to see work and ensure it worked as I was sold. Beyond their technical expertise, they were extremely professional, courteous and seemed to actually care that I received the service I expected. I appreciate that NFM made this right. This is how it should be from the beginning. It should not take a bad review to finally get someone's attention. Eli and Joe get 5 Stars, NFM gets 3.

The last time I ordered an item here, there was a missing part

The last time I ordered an item here, there was a missing part. Contrary to Brittany's claim, no they did not offer me an option to deliver the missing part. They literally told me to come back and get it, but that's besides the point. This time around we ordered a few items including, a dining set, media set, oversized coffee table, and an end table. The people we talked to ensured that our items would be delivered and assembled. We didn't even ask them about assembly. I was talking to my boyfriend and told him we could just get it delivered to a save us the time. We could assemble it later. The salesperson said that we didn't even need to bother to assemble it, they will do it for us. Little did we know. Flash forward to today. We had our items delivered and nope, they did not assemble it. This is not a problem if they were just honest in the beginning and said it only included delivery. This happened last time when my boyfriend bought a couch from them. They lied about what was covered with the insurance. I am 100% sure that either the salespeople do not know what they are talking about at all or that they repeatedly lie just to make more money. I do think that the furniture here is nice and there's many options to choose from, but be sure to red search before you buy. Every time I come here looking for a certain item, they will lie to you just so you will buy from them. Someone literally gave me a lesson about different type of leathers and just so I would buy the more expensive item. I know leather couches and they were lying through their teeth. Overall, I don't really recommend this place, but there are no other furniture store near us with this many options. Just research before you buy. Don't expect too much, because they will probably not honor what the salesperson said.

My wife and I bought a couple of chairs from NFM

My wife and I bought a couple of chairs from NFM on 1/11/2020. When we got them home, one of them was broken (see pic). These are expensive ($600 each) mid-century modern chairs. I immediately contacted NFM customer service and they said that another one was coming on 1/20/2020 and that they would swap them out. I thought to myself: "wow, that's great service". But wait, there's more. I got a call today (1/19/2020) saying that my chair was in and that I could pick it up today. I packed up the old, broken chair in its original packaging and drove 40 minutes and paid $5.00 in tolls each way. When I got there, an old chair wrapped in shrink-wrap was brought out to my car. Note: these chairs come in a large carton with tons of foam and plastic wrapping. The loader explained that the chair was one that had been delivered to a customer, was broken, and then repaired. I was in shock that NFM wanted me to pay $600 for a chair that was used, broken, and then repaired. I'm still in shock. So, I called customer service and was flabbergasted at their lack of contrition. They didn't seem terribly inconvenienced by the trip I made and the time I wasted; and frankly, they didn't seem to care. After a little back and forth, I decided to have them pick up the other chair and issue a refund. They may have good prices and a great selection, but the customer service at NFM is TERRIBLE!. An apology would have gone a long way, but I guess that's not how they operate.

Great place to get lost in!

Great place to get lost in! The customers service associates are EVERYWHERE and willing to direct us in the right direction. This place is non-stop furniture and decor and home improvement. Bought the kid's beds/mattresses here today. They had a blast laying and figuring out their taste and style and the associates answered alll our questions and very patient with our special needs teen and his process.

Don't shop here

Don't shop here. It's an oversized over priced RTG. The furniture you buy will fall apart in a year and the extra service plans you purchase are worthless. They only care about taking your money but when your furniture falls apart or tears, the so called service plan is worthless...just another money hungry company. Save your money and shop somewhere else where quality and customer service counts for something.

I have never found what I looking for

I have never found what I looking for. The service is lackluster. If you aren't shopping for high end then they are fine ignoring and playing on the computers. What they do just standing around everyone staring at their screen I have no idea.

What a crap show.

What a crap show. Ordered from Nebraska Furniture Mart in May and July. Two orders. Still dealing with their multiple mistakes and problems in Jan. 2020. Never again!

This is one of the worst furniture place

This is one of the worst furniture places I've ever had to deal with. Buyer beware... if they don't have your furniture in inventory, you may never get it. Then they'll hold your CASH hostage. On December second I purchased a sectional couch for $3379 and some change. I was told it would be there 16 December. On 15 December, not having received a phone call to schedule delivery, I called them. We were told the couch wouldn't be delivered until the 30th of December. Ok, I can deal with that, it happens. So we waited. On 30 December, we didn't get a phone call, so we called them... and of course, it's delayed again and we should get it delivered on 15 January. So I'm a little annoyed over this but, we hang on and stay patient. Today is 15 January.... we didn't get a call. We called them and they say, "it's now scheduled for a February 15th delivery and it won't be the full item." So it's time to move on and go to a different store and get what I want. I'll go get my money back. We go in and they nonchalantly cancel the order and then proceed to tell me they can only give me $1000.00 in cash or I can wait on their check. "This is their policy". This isn't acceptable I say, you didn't have any problem taking my $3379 and change in CASH, you need to return my $3379 and change in CASH today. "Well sir, that's not possible. It's a liability thing" I said, "you weren't too worried about liability when you took my $3379 in cash!" So he went and got his manager, who proceeded to tell me the same thing until she decided it was best to tell me she shouldn't even be talking to me because the account had my wife's name on it and not me. Don't trust them As noted in her reply, it's for my safety... lol. You didn't care when I paid cash upon purchase!! Greed! I will never come here again and will do my best to dissuade anybody who asks from coming in!

Tried to purchase a desk chair for $79.

Tried to purchase a desk chair for $79. They didn't have it in stock so I asked if I could have the floor model. The answer was no because their shipment would arrive tomorrow. I said I lived an hour away. if I ordered it the cost would be $90. Bad sales tactic. I left the store.

This is legit the Adult version of Toys R Us.

This is legit the Adult version of Toys R Us. The only downside is depending on the style of furniture you are looking for eclectic, modern, unique. Nebraska won't have this in their inventory. But the quality of the standard style furniture is really good. Bring your walking shoes, water, and a granola bar. Because you will loose track of time and find yourself hungry and thirsty.

This place has a nice collection but a HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

This place has a nice collection but a HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! The quality of the table we bought is cheap and didn't worth the $$ we paid. One year later and it's going to the trash.. Not going to shop there again!

Such a huge store

Such a huge store, it is easy to get lost in all of its greatness. Skip the front parking lot traffic and go straight to the garage. Much easier. So many salespeople everywhere. At least when you don't need help. Then as soon as you need help they are no where to be found LOL I do like the wide selection of items they have and there is usually always something good on clearance. They have multiple clearance sections, one for furniture is upstairs and electronics is downstairs.

Huge selection but I'm not sure why they hate black fabric

Huge selection but I'm not sure why they hate black fabric couches but they do! I couldn't find not even ONE black fabric couch. But that's ok, we still found everything else but affordable shelves. Customer service was good but no one mentioned that we could bundle the delivery costs together so we were buying everything separately on the same day until I realized I could probably ask this at the customer service desk to bundle it up and refund us a couple of the delivery charges. It's not really our fault for buying multiple things from multiple reps from different parts of the store. Also not our fault that one item can be delivered in a few days when another item bought can be delivered a month later. So anyways, it got bundled. There's a Subway there if you need food and water after walking around this massive store.

Want to be a fan but can't

Want to be a fan but can't. We spent 3 days (literally almost full days) shopping and comparing and rinse and repeat. Yes they have a huge selection and yes overall you can find some good deals there if you are a smart consumer that has done your research. The size is overwhelming and some of the salespersons were aggressive but not knowledgeable and willing to give inaccurate information to close a sale. This wastes a lot of time as you have to fact check even things you ask about from a 2nd source. On a positive note: 1) they literally have almost everything and so as a one stop shop, they are definitely the ticket. 2) prices during sales events are highly competitive are some major items that you would want but be ware of the add ins like pillow or mattress covers. They all are not a great deal and drive up the price very quickly. 3) they delivered on a short schedule and were on time with solid communications. The merchandise wasn't perfect but it was setup and that was what we needed. 4) when we found items at a lower price later, we called and got a refund (albeit the method of calculation was a bit odd. Still hassle free. ) We've been back since with a huge budget but left because we just didn't feel the price or quality were what we wanted. Found furniture (coffee table) with unfinished bottom surfaces and chairs with sharp items sticking out of fabric. Even with the discount from Berkshire stock ownership, just not really worth the hassle factor. Don't plan to return. We have a whole house to furnish but don't think that NFM will get any of that business. The checkout process was a nightmare due to the careless write up by our salesperson.

I love coming here!

I love coming here! The prices seem lower than most retail stores and it's just great to walk around and find what you love. The candles are also my favorites to pick up!

Everything is bigger in Texas

The saying " Everything is bigger in Texas" is well justified by Nebraska Furniture Mart's grandness standing at 100 acres of land! Located right off of Sam Rayburn Highway/ TX 121, NFM is unmissable with its 560,000 sq ft showroom. It deserves its own zip code but instead has the street named after it. Nebraska Furniture Mart doesn't just offer the largest selection of furniture, it sells flooring, appliances, electronics, lighting, accessories and much more. They have something for everyone's taste or liking. The price range is wide so you can buy high end furniture or very reasonably priced furniture depending on your budget. Last month, I went to NFM with my mom to find her a queen size bedroom set which we found within 20 mins. Mike, our salesperson made the ordering process easy for us. When it came time for paying for our order, the lines were long/moving super slow. For a store so large in size, they need to do something about the lack of employees at checkout. The furniture was delivered on time as promised without any scratches/dents etc. Their deliver guys were professional and efficient. I would definitely go back to shop at Nebraska Furniture Mart for any future home furnishing/decor needs. The variety is endless and sales people are pleasant, not pushy and helpful.

Bought a washer/dryer 2 weeks ago

Bought a washer/dryer 2 weeks ago, washer arrived next day.... the drryer was supposed to arrive 10 days later, got a call that it will be delayed until Feb 21. That's 6 weeks after we purchased it. We specifically bought a set that was "most available" & we are disappointed they don't know why the dryer didn't make it on tHeir delivery truck, and it'll be another month for delivery. Very strange!

NFM is like, the monster truck of furniture stores

NFM is like, the monster truck of furniture stores. Plan to be overwhelmed and bring a snack (unless you like Subway, there's one inside). So much stuff, ranging from "this is my first couch" to hardcore adulting quality. They also have tons of appliances and great sales, plus a room of (often barely noticeable) scratch and dent items at a deep discount. Most recently I was talking myself out of a Peloton and came to look at the exercise equipment (huge selection and competitive prices!!!) - ended up with a treadmill that has the video screen and a year of the free classes, plus bluetooth, speakers, and a decent incline for a home machine - out the door for $1k (inc. warranty). That day I also found a new desk for the home office - $950 marked down to $199 bc of a microscopic chip on the part that faces the wall and a cute sectional table for the breakfast nook. PRO TIP - make sure you get all of your deliveries scheduled on the same day/time to avoid extra fees!!! Caveat - large electronics (like the treadmill) require delivery guys who have a very specific set of skills, so you pay an additional cost and that delivery fee cannot be combo'd. Cut to the day they installed it and realized it was defective. They called dispatch who promised they'd deliver the new one at the time of my choice - cool thx. 'Cept they changed the time and didn't tell me until I got the confirmation call that they'd be rolling in between 7-9PM on a Friday, for a setup that takes hours, uh, NFW NFM. I pressed "0" for help and talked to a rep who said there was nothing he could do, so 3 managers later (yep, I'm that chick) they rescheduled to the time they promised and waived the all the delivery/setup fees, sweet!!! The bestest part (besides the subsequent delivery of a working treadmill) was the apology letter I received from corporate and $100 gift certificate. Way to make it right, NFM!!! I'm totally gonna use that $100 toward a TV to put in front of the treadmill, or a mini fridge for my infused water ;)

If I could give zero stars I would!

If I could give zero stars I would!! The experience that I have had with Nebreska has been horrible! I ordered a bed and dresser in Dec. delivery got postponed 3 times even when it was confirmed and I took off work waiting NO ONE called to tell me the delivery was changed once again! Did not finally get items until Feb. They have horrible management and a horrible delivery process. They do not communicate with their customers properly. Do not waste your time, you are better off going else where unless you want to deal with all of their excuses and lack of responsibility!

Today my friend and I went to go buy a fufton

Today my friend and I went to go buy a fufton (yes, that's what it's called.. weird I know) and we looked for it on display, even tho we've both seen it and sat on it before. It was nowhere to be found. So I pulled it up on the website and found that it was no longer on display but it said that it was in stock. We went to the check out area and Priscilla was so helpful and didn't hesitate to help us out. She called in the sku # and in a matter of about 15 minutes we had the item paid for and were told about picking it up. I really liked how smoothly it all went. I will definitely be purchasing more furniture from here in the near future.

I placed an order for 2 subwoofers via their website

I placed an order for 2 subwoofers via their website. Regular priced items. Paid, got a receipt with expected shipping date. Then, the next day I get an email cancelling the order with an excuse of "wrong price listed". That is a bait & switch. Completely deceitful and dishonest. A company with integrity & decency and would honor their advertised price. This was not even listed as a sale item. Do your business elsewhere. Being from Nebraska and understanding how the people work there you learn quickly that your word is your bond. This company doesn't follow that value or those ethics. Shameful. Also will report experience to the bbb.

You all are the worst!!

You all are the worst!! I ordered a couch and paid $50 for a delivery 25 miles away and you can't help me put it in my place? You just want to drop it on the street. And I ordered the takeaway for an old love seat and now I find out it's just for mattresses? Why would I order a couch and want a mattress taken away? You should make things more clear in the order process and provide an email confirmation with all the details of the order. Lesson learned.

Nebraska Furniture is the largest furniture store

Nebraska Furniture is the largest furniture store I have ever been in and I lived in High Point, NC. The store has furniture for all budgets. The check out is all done via iPads and the pick up process is customer oriented and fast. If your in need of furniture or decor this the place.

If I can give no stars I would

If I can give no stars I would. I bought a mattress set and a bed set. After setting up delivery they have called me twice to reschedule saying that they don't know when they will get the mattress in. Well why sell stuff to customers knowing we all need it at a certain time. I was find pushing it back a another week but once they called the second time to push back because of the mattress. I went ahead and canceled the mattress and asked them to just deliver the bed due to the fact that I have guests coming in town for the holiday. Went to the Casper store and they were able to give me a mattressthe same day. They said my bed would be delivered between 9 and 11am. They called around 7:30am saying they can't find the head board and would need to reschedule. People can't keep taking off work to wait around for you guys and for you to keep rescheduling. I'm a cosmetologist and we work solely on commission. I don't understand what kind of business are you guys running that is so unorganized. If my order doesn't come in before Christmas I will cancel the rest of my order and this will be the last time shopping at this place. There's to many furniture stores in Dallas to put up with this madness especially when you're spending thousands of dollars. 12/23/2019 update on my bed. They found the head board and called to schedule for delivery on December 24 But today I got a phone call and they said the head board is damaged and I will have to wait till the the end of the month till they get another one and call to schedule delivery for Jan. I'm just so over it. I've been patiently waiting and waiting. Been taking off work for all these delivery dates. All they did was compensate 200 dollars on the order for all the trouble but what about the the time they have wasted in my life waiting for them again and again and not being able to work. I just want the dam bed that I was supposed to receive since December 14. I will definitely not recommend nfm to anyone or give yal my business ever again.

My wife purchased a desk over a month

My wife purchased a desk over a month before Christmas because my 7 year old daughter asked for it from Santa. Only the hutch was sent, even though it said fully delivered, leaving my wife and I to tell my daughter on Christmas Day that Santa and his elves had made a mistake. To make matters worse, customer service has been no help all day and told us to call UPS to figure out what happened. Nebraska furniture mart charged our card but yet blames the manufacturer and UPS for the delivery issue. We will never purchase another item from NFM and will tell this story to every friend and acquaintance that we can.

Horrible customer service.

Horrible customer service. I called after 2 months to check status on delivery that had be postponed 3 times and the manager told me I could just come get my money. So when I got there the manager said they could only give me a 1/3 of my refund and the rest would be mailed. They didnt have a problem taking my money. She even offered to take the couch from another customers order so I could get my couch??? Hmmm I guess that's why mine kept getting delayed. I guess when they get a mad customer they look up to see who has the same item and take from someone else. That's terrible!!!

This is amazing.

This is amazing. I was told to contact customer service because they'd help me - and this is the response I get. Now they're saying I don't even have an appointment to fix my bed when I scheduled one last week on 9/28. Even their follow up customer service is brutal.

We ordered theater chairs and sectional in September

We ordered theater chairs and sectional in September. No problem with theater chairs. Sectional is a different story. When we ordered on 9/8/19, we were told sectional would come in October, delivered second week of November. Then one of the pieces was wrong due to salesman entering wrong item number. At first they didn't want to admit mistake and told us not put together correctly. Finally they realized it was the salesman that entered wrong #, correct piece was ordered and we were told 6-8 weeks should have in December. Correct piece finally came 1/20/20. It took 10 weeks to get correct item. Never once did NFM contact us to give us an update, we always had to call for status. NFM doesn't care about customers they have your money. It took 4 1/2 months to get a complete sectional, more than twIce as long as the promised time frame.

Want to like Nebraska

Want to like Nebraska because it is incredible looking and we had a great sales experience at our visit. We made a $2500 order when visiting the first time. Perfect experience....and then.... Weeks later, when it was time to deliver, the delivery people were unprofessional and rude on the phone as I watched them lost, passing my my home multiple times and even driving the wrong way on one way streets. They mouthed off to me on the phone, clearly stressed they were so turned around, as I watched the incompetent driver go around and around near a park by my house with cars blazing their horns at him (as he was in a large truck and going against traffic). He became so frustrated and frankly, angry with me, he gave up and drove away. It would have been funny if it wasn't so unsettling. I called their service line to complain. They profusely apologized and said they believed me, but they did not offer to return the same day to deliver furniture. They said I'd have to be at home again tomorrow to get it. So, I told them to keep it. They refunded my money without argument or incident. I then called the lady who helped us order the furniture and apologized for the loss of her sale/commission. She was very sweet and relayed another incident of poor delivery from Nebraska in her own experience. Wow - I've never seen such an initially positive experience go so far south so fast. And it could have been salvaged even after all that drama if they had kept their promise on the delivery day -- but they didn't do that right either. In any case, I ordered new furniture the same day from another vendor who has delivered us furniture before. It will be here in 7 days instead of 7 weeks -- and I'm excited to see it. And it cost me less. I guess I should thank Nebraska?

Pretty bad experience

Pretty bad experience. 1) I found some flooring I liked on their website, but as per their website the flooring is not on display but it can be ordered. 2) price on website is 2.80 sqft. 3) after talking to someone at the store, it turns out that they do have it on display but not in stock. 4) went to look at it and it really doesnt look much like the photo at all. 5) They mentioned that the flooring did NOT qualify for the save the tax promotion because it had a "manufacturer rebate," basically it was already on sale. The coupon code says NOTHING about this, however reading the coupon closer, it seems possible that it is not included since this is a "not in stock" item, and I so see vinyl mentioned, but there were other LVP products that qualified for the tax sale Frustrating. 6) I spoke with a retailer online who will sell the same flooring shipped to my door and no tax for 2.65 sqft. 7) the flooring in question is a SHAW Product. 8) SHAW is a Berkshire Hathaway company, just like NFM. SO, how is it that an online retailer can beat the NFM "sale" by 15 cents, and NFM cant even bother to give 8.25% savings at the 2.80 price when the flooring company is a subsidy of Berkshire? STUPID.

We were in the market for a couch

We were in the market for a couch and we had never been to Nebraska Furniture Mart and we thought it was a good time to check it out. We went during the President's Day weekend which probably meant they had more customers than normally. The sales weren't great, 11%. It is quite big and it wasn't obvious which floor the couches were on but we found it pretty quickly. It was next to impossible to find a salesman/woman. We eventually got hold of someone that contacted a salesman that would come over. It was about 5-10 minute wait. He seemed knowledgable but wasn't particularly interested in selling it seemed. We had to talk a bit to the type of couches we were interested in and he took off to the races. My wife has a bad knee and can't walk 30 mph but he seemed to have no disregard if the customers can keep up with his pace or not. We didn't find a couch that we really liked and based on how we were treating during the sales process it didn't seem like they would be interested in helping if you have an issue after you have bought something from them.

They sent me a Black Friday offer on a DVD player

They sent me a Black Friday offer on a DVD player that was very slightly lower than Best Buy and Amazon so I ordered it. They billed my credit card and sent me a confirming email. Then a week went by and I didn't hear a word from them. Their order tracking tool wasn't any help so I contacted Carlos in their customer service. He told me that my order had been "cancelled" because I am "too high of a risk" (whatever that means, the item only cost $96 bucks and they accepted my credit card for payment). He said I could come and buy it in person at their retail store. Of course the sale is long over now and the price is substantially higher. It appears they want to bait me into their store to have to deal with high pressure commissioned salesmen. This is a shady operation at best, more like dishonest. what worries me is now some minimum wage dude who runs this store who accused me of being "too high of a risk" has my high limit credit card number and is putting my mid-800 FICO score at risk if he decides to start charging stuff to it. A week after they accepted my order as a "Guest Account", thanked me for my purchase, assigned an order number, charged my credit card, and gave me an estimated ship date Brittany V. from their staff wrote the comment to me below changing the terms and conditions of the sale to say that they only sell to people who open accounts with them and that despite taking and confirming my shipping information that they will only sell to people who drive to their store to pick up the order, which would be discriminatory and exclusionary to anyone who does not drive, has physical disabilities, is elderly and a shut-in, is blind, who lives an excessive distance from their store and a whole host of other reasons. The way I see it they lured me with a lowball ad price to get my credit card information and other personal information they could use to sell to telemarketers but going by what Brittany V. says they never intended to sell me the product at that price. Now the going price on the street is much higher and NFM has removed it from their available product listings. Remember that at NO point after they accepted my order did they ever once call, write, email or in any other way contact me to tell me any of this, the only way I found out is by writing this review and having one of their staffers post a comment. Fun fact: look at Brittany V's picture next to the comment she posted and you'll find that it is really that of a lady named Rose Blumkin who died in 1998. Really Brittany?? I will be reporting them to the BBB, the attorney general in their home state, and others including their suppliers. Read and believe all the negative reviews!

NFM is not a cheap store and the salespeople

NFM is not a cheap store and the salespeople are trained to sell! I think some people come here looking for a big bargain and feel attacked by the salespeople on the floor, but you have to look at this place like any other furniture store. They're usually a little less expensive than everywhere else, but not by much. The best things about NFM are the massive selection, fast delivery (or pickup), and their interest-free payment offers. They are unbeatable in those arenas. So casually walking through for ideas sucks because you'll get swarmed, the prices aren't as low as like IKEA, but it's a really cool store to visit as long as you have a purpose for being there!

I first came to this place with such an excitement

I first came to this place with such an excitement because it is huge and there are a lot of different options in every department. My initial visits to this place were mainly for browsing purposes so I did not realize all the downfalls NFM has. Now I have begun working on filling the rooms of my new home. I came here a couple of times for living room furniture and I should have taken my experiences those times as a sign. It was near impossible to get the attention of any salesperson. We did walk away from buying during those times but we also came back. The first time we found a salesperson at last, they did as little as possible to help us. We literally had to flag down people to help us and this guy was informative enough but it really felt like he was just waiting for the checkout. We eventually found a salesperson who was pretty helpful and we ordered our furniture six weeks ago and as of the beginning of this week, we still had no word of where our furniture is and how long it will take to arrive. We were supposed to get our furniture on August 30 but receive no call or any sign that it was coming on that day. We had already moved all our living room furniture out. They told us on the customer service hotline that it may ARRIVE at the WAREHOUSE August 30 and we would get it September 5 at the earliest. Then, on a whim, we called just now to make sure the furniture arrived to the warehouse. They told us they won't know if it's there or not since it is a busy weekend. They said they won't know until Thursday. They told us if we still don't have an answer Thursday, they will then call the manufacturer. The problem here is that we did not get any courtesy call about the delay. Nobody who we speak with on the phone has any idea of what is going on with our furniture. We are already looking at delivery potentially 10 days after our original delivery date. Not to mention the fact that have already waited 6 weeks. I really don't like the feeling of being juggled around when I am trying to get an answer.

So we spent 27k on furniture for the bedroom

So we spent 27k on furniture for the bedroom, family room and dining room in July.....was told the delivery would be 8/20...called on the 20th ...they tell me that the table will be here 9/21 and they would see if they could deliver my other furniture on this Saturday ... I wonder if this place is just a showroom for furniture...seems everything that we picked out was not in stock.. A total disappointment and i wasn't notified of the delays...i really expected more from this company... I will never buy from here again

Got a good deal until it comes to delivery

Got a good deal until it comes to delivery. Their paper states one day and the recording that calls you states another day. Day of delivery still told 2 different delivery times. A MESS AND UNORGANIZED. Don't waste your money or time. I've missed 2 days of work for a couch.

I really like this store it's huge

I really like this store it's huge and and full of selections. My friend brought me here and we drove 45 mins to come but it was worth it! The showroom was full of ideas for our next home. They have designer furniture for great prices , also clearance sales ! Yes ! You can get a great deal for whatever your budget is . They have everything from outdoor furniture, indoor, even bars and pool tables , decorations for everything! You will literally spend the whole day here. They also have Sees chocolate candy store in house and yum! They also sell food I don't know what kind but it smelled amazing. There's also a cheddars near and a Mi Cocina restaurant in case you are doing an all day shopping trip. There's staff all over the place ready to answer questions or help find what your looking for. There's plenty of parking, also several restrooms and it's family friendly.

Just your normal generic big box store

Just your normal generic big box store. It's about the size of a football field. Good options when it comes to furniture, electronics and the like. Customer service is usually pretty good, most times you have to find someone to help you... once you find them, they are typically helpful and knowledgeable. Went in recently to buy a TV. Found a helpful sales rep that was very good about giving us space to discuss our decision. It is frustrating to see the extensive mark-up they put on prices. Make sure to google each purchase and check competitors. They are often not the lowest price. Fortunately, they price match but keep in mind, you have to point the lower cost elsewhere out to them. Interesting to see a TV marked "on sale" for hundreds less than the original list price. I hate the marketing gimmick they play, the "massive markdown" and "three-day-sale" game. Just offer the lowest prices, quit the sales gimmicks and make shopping simple again. Overall, it's a fine enough store. Still exhausting to play the "sale" game.

I relocated to Kansas City last fall

I relocated to Kansas City last fall. My realtors recommended NFM to me for appliances and furniture I needed as my home is brand new. I had a fantastic experience with Brian in appliances. I bought my washer and dryer and fridge from him...super knowledgeable and accommodating. I also bought barstools, a mattress and an entire bedroom set. I spent 6 hrs that day...great customer service. I was given a $200 gift card for future purchases. I thought that was great, as I planned to couch and rug shop two weeks after that. I came in mid November, ordered a couch and a rug I loved. I was told the rug was on backorder and that I'd get a call when the rug was in and they'd deliver both together..due in the last week of the month. I thought, fine, I'll wait 2 weeks. The date came and went. I had to call and that time I was told the rug was now back ordered until 12/23. 12/23 came and went and nothing from WFM. So I, the customer had to call and ask. The girl from customer service told me she would have Matt, the flooring manager call me back. I waited all day for his call. Nothing. So once again I had to call back. I said look...if he can't call with a delivery I am canceling to entire purchase. I then informed him I'd have no furniture for a NYE event I was having. He told me I could come up and get the couch if I had someone to get it. Ummm don't you think if I had a way to get it home I would've instead of having it delivered? He states he will reach to the supplier and confirm where the rug was in delivery. He calls me and tells me he confirmed it will be on a truck and someone will be calling me 1/8 to set my delivery. I thought...well 2 months...better late than never. Well I got called 1/8 to be told the rug was now on back order untill February. I told her forget it..cancel it all. So she did. Not an apology, not a "hey come in and pick out some else and we'll wave delivery for your trouble. didn't end there. I got no confirmation of the cancel. I had to call for that too. So if NFM thinks a 10k cash customer isn't worth their time, I would recommend you reconsider your choice of stores...and tell your friends like I've told mine. I'll never set foot in that place again.

The customer service at Nebraska Furniture Mart IS A JOKE

The customer service at Nebraska Furniture Mart IS A JOKE!! 1st went in to make a payment, then when I checked my receipt later on, it turns out that they had made my payment to someone else's account. I had to go back and get fixed. What would have happened if I hadn't noticed that I had just paid for someone else??? All they could say, "We're sorry." 2nd Bought a washer and dryer unit, spent almost $2000. It was supposed to be delivered between 1pm and 4pm.... 6:30pm came around STILL NO DELIVERY STILL NO CALL. 3rd Bought a bedroom set that was supposed to be delivered TODAY between 12-2pm. It is now almost 6pm... called customer service to see where my furniture was, turns out they had to reschedule for the 21st of January. DID NOT GET A CALL, DID NOT GET ANY TYPE OF NOTIFICATION So that I would not be WASTING MY ENTIRE DAY WAITING FOR SOMETHING THAT WAS NEVER GOING TO ARRIVE!!!! Now I have to wait 2 MORE WEEKS for my furniture to arrive and all they say is "we're sorry ma'am." How about you get your crap together NFM AND STOP INCONVENIENCING YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT? I will NO LONGER be spending my hard earn money here, they CLEARLY don't give a damn.

This is a unique giant furniture store

This is a unique giant furniture store. I doubt Texas has a bigger store. They got some high quality stuff at the executive section of furniture. The lady who helped us was so professional and helpful. Got floor lamps, couch, love seat, dining table and a huge saguaro decorative plant. Some items took a month to deliver. But overall it was a positive experience. You can get higher end furniture at Scandinavian stores (my fav was a store in San Mateo) but this store has really amazing quality. Don't come here during busy hours. If you hate shopping, come here to the next door brands mall and then here so you can get it over with and get done with all shopping at once.

Very disappointed in Nebraska Furniture Mart

Very disappointed in Nebraska Furniture Mart. I've purchased things from here before. I've taken older family members to buy things here - but no more. Nebraska Furniture Mart knowingly sells inferior merchandise. I found out the hard way. I didn't do my research and purchased a Frigidaire Freezer in preparation for purchasing a 1/2 a steer and a shrimp run down to the coast. This was to be my meat freezer. I had it delivered and set up in my basement where the temperature is a constant 65ish degrees. Nothing was around it and no extension cords were used. My freezer was over half full of beef and shrimp when the compressor quit working after EIGHT MONTHS. By the time I knew the compressor was out, the meat was thawed and rotting. My food loss was over $600.00. I contacted the leadership of Frigidaire in a very professional letter along with pictures of the freezer contents. I was told it was "unfortunate" but they didn't cover product loss. Their "top"? customer liaison, Rita Moss, finally returned my call to offer a $50.00 "goodwill gesture" in a most hateful and unprofessional manner - I remained professional and civil. I started doing a little online research about Frigidaire and quickly found I was far from alone in my experience. Not only are their appliances breaking/malfunctioning/exploding after a few weeks or months - customers are left stranded with horrible responses and accountability from Frigidaire and their parent company, Electrolux. In a nutshell, their appliances are unreliable junk. This is where it comes back to Nebraska Furniture Mart. If they cared about their customers, or having repeat business, they would not sell junk like Frigidaire. There is NO WAY they cannot know what poor quality Frigidaire appliances are, yet they continue to sell them to their unsuspecting/trusting customers. This is unacceptable and I will not buy anything else from Nebraska Furniture Mart. Prospective buyers should be aware of this. If they knowingly sell junk and dangerous appliances like Frigidaire, do they also sell poor quality furniture? Carpet? Electronics?

We love NFM and I would rate it much higher

We love NFM and I would rate it much higher if I did not just experience the worst customer service experience of my life. We were excited to get new flooring in our basement and office. We have had our new flooring for three months and have noticed that wherever furniture touches the flooring it has left dents/divots. This has occurred under furniture that has virtually never been sat on or even under my kids toy chest. We made a claim thinking NFM would have our back because clearly something is wrong with the floor and were denied. They sent a "3rd party inspector" out. While he was here he said to me that this floor should not be doing this and that he suspected it was a problem with the product. A day goes by and our claim is denied. The store claims that it is not the result of poor installation or material defect but rather caused by not having any felt covers on our furniture. We have similar floors throughout the house and have had no problems with furniture leaving these marks. When we contacted them to discuss our potential further options they basically shut down and said that the only option is legal. When asked about a legal department they said that they could not discuss it and refused to provide any contact information. Guess we're stuck with damaged floors unless we file a lawsuit. Thanks NFM!!!

Wow, I had pretty much forgotten what great customer service was

Wow, I had pretty much forgotten what great customer service was, until our recent visits to NFM. Joseph M. was very informative and helpful in appliances. Greg H. took a great deal of time to school us on the differences in carpet fiber, quality and pads. Thank you both so much for your help. The person who knocked it out of the park was Cynthia H. in hardwood flooring. Not only did she help us find the perfect hardwood floor for our new house, she was able to get it shipped early to fit into our contractors schedule. She called us 3 or 4 times to update us on the status. She is AWESOME! I'm so used to hunting down an employee who usually doesn't know or care, it was a welcome change to work with real professionals who listened and asked appropriate questions. Thank you,

This review is about the pick up service

This review is about the pick up service at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Absolutely incredible!! The delivery team hustles !! We were in and out in 15 minutes. The team loaded our table, tied it down and most importantly had great customer service and attitudes. We left "Wowed".

If I could rate negative stars

If I could rate negative stars, I would! We purchased a new couch and a dining table with chairs in late October. We were told it would be delivered to our apartment in 7-10 business days. That passes, so I call. It's at the vendor's and will be delivered to the store on the Nov 15 truck. Nov 15 comes and goes. I call. They tell me our couch is there, but to save a delivery fee, I should wait for the table and have them both delivered at the same time. I tell them I want the couch. That gets delivered on Dec 2 (broken, so they say they will replace it, but I have my doubts at this point). They tell me the table and chairs will be delivered on Dec 28 to their store and I will be contacted to set up a delivery to my apartment. That comes and goes and now I'm told it will be delivered on Jan 8. Well, today is Jan 21 and still no couch. So, I went in to the store. It should be on the truck from the vendor in 2 days, but that's not a guarantee. WHAT DID I PAY FOR? I GAVE YOU MONEY FOUR ****ING MONTHS AGO! When you go to a store and purchase something, you expect to receive your product or service immediately. Sure, there are extenuating circumstances, but the business makes the effort to get you your item in a reasonable time frame. All I keep hearing is "Maybe you'll get it next month, maybe not." How is this any way to run a business?! I honestly think they're not giving me my dining set in hopes that I'll forget about it, and they will have earned a free $700! I'm on hold right now with the BBB, because this is borderline criminal!

Think twice about spending your hard-earned money

Think twice about spending your hard-earned money with Nebraska Furniture Mart. We purchased over a $2k Serta mattress on Fri 8/8/19 & it was delivered on 8/9/19 damaged and defective. The manner in which it was stored & transported for delivery caused the pillow top to pull away from the mattress base, as well as coils, subsequently causing a billowing effect (air pockets between pillow top mattress). On 8/10/19 an exchange mattress was sent & it was in worse condition than the original mattress that was delivered on 8/19! We refused the delivery as the mattress was defective as well due to the shipping and handling of the mattress. When speaking to Customer Service they said that Serta sends them mattresses that are already like that. I find it hard to believe, as I've owned over 5 Sertas in the past 10 years and I've never had these issues. After 4 more calls to NFM, 3 more hours of holding and scheduling with the customer service team, we arranged for another exchange of a mattress. The 3rd mattress that they brought out was so bad the delivery drivers commented and said that they "didn't know how this bed made it on the truck in this condition". We refused the mattress as it was in VERY poor condition. NFM has yet to contact us to rectify the matter. The only solution they provided is to buy a more expensive bed or keep exchanging the current one for one that is in worse condition. I will be taking my business to Mattress Firm and will be outfitting my new 3 level house at a different furniture retailer.

I absolutely love Nebraska Furniture Mart

I absolutely love Nebraska Furniture Mart. I have spent several thousand dollars there furnishing an apartment and a home. I love their interest free financing and always find great deals! So many things that you cannot find anywhere else in Kansas City. Additionally I have never had any problems with customer service. After purchasing art yesterday I had a wonderful experience with the sales girl who found exactly what I wanted, had it taken off the wall, had it wrapped and delivered to my car. Five star service all the way. I will continue to shop At Nebraska furniture Mart.

Ordered a couch

Ordered a couch, chair and dining set. The chair was delivered today, but the legs are bent and it wobbles. The 4 legs are not able to be on the ground at the same time. The couch was simply not delivered. They claim to have called about it being "delayed" and that I agreed to have it delivered on October 7th, however that conversation never happened. I called to get my couch delivered today or tomorrow because you know, I've already taken off work for this to be delivered, and while on hold they hung up on me. Like seriously? I've worked customer service and if hanging up was an option I'd have done it daily, but no that's not an option. Save yourself the trouble and go else where. Now I have a broken chair, no couch or dining set, and many many many questions as to who they actually called and spoke to about this new delivery date, because it sure was NOT me.

We went here to buy my laptop

We went here to buy my laptop. We were looking at them and trying to figure out what was best. We were approached by a gentlemen that asked if we needed any help and we said we were just looking to see what would work best. So he began to help us. His name is Derrick. Not sure on the spelling. But he was phenomenal. He didn't try to up-sale us on anything. He was very honest and gave us information that the normal person would never know. So I applaud Derrick for a job very well done. I also asked if had been in the military because of his haircut and mannerism. And he said "yes ma'am". I said I could tell cause our son was a Marine. So that extra military mannerism goes a long way. Furniture Mart is very fortunate to have this young man working in their electronics area.

A person could spend all day here at the Mart

A person could spend all day here at the Mart. I love their clearance and sales sections. Great place to hunt for a good deal and burn some calories at the same time. Not everything on the show room is stocked in KC so be prepared to wait a few days to get your big stuff. Free delivery options, good promotions & fun seasonal decor. I'm a sucker for the farmhouse look and my husband is a sucker for anything electronics which makes NFM a great place for us. Doesn't hurt that he's a husker himself. You can find some great deals!!

I spent 3k on a new TV

I spent 3k on a new TV, sound bar and tv mount on 12/30/19. My salesman Marc Boyce was excellent. He was professional and extremely knowledgeable. He set up the delivery for 12/31/19. We were supposed to get a phone call on 12/31/19 to give us a window on a delivery time. After my wife and I stayed home most of the day waiting for that call, my wife called at 130 pm to find out what time the delivery would be. She was told around 330pm. We needed to pick up some things for New Years at the store which is 10 min from our home. We were on our way home from the store when our 18yr old son called to inform us that the delivery crew were at my home. I told him to tell them we would be there in 5 min. After that phone call I called the delivery driver back to verify that they were going to unbox the tv, put the feet on it and turn it on. The delivery driver verified that they would do just that. We arrived home 5 min later the tv was in the box in the middle of my living room floor with the tv mount box stacked on top of the TV box and my sound bar box laying on my ottoman and my front door was left wide open. I asked my 18yr old son where the delivery crew was and he said he went upstairs after they brought the items in. I then called the delivery driver and he did not answer and I left a voicemail. I then called customer service and was told they were going to call the delivery manager and the delivery manager would call me back. I waited for a phone call until around 7pm and called customer service. I spoke to a customer service manager and he said he apologizes and he will set up delivery for tomorrow 1/1/20. He also said he would compensate by taking $75 off the price I pd for the tv. I appreciate the offer, but now I have to look at my new TV in a box instead of ringing in the New Year watching my new 82" tv. I find this totally unacceptable and I am disappointed in NFM. I would hope someone from corporate reaches out. I am sure this would not happened to their new face Kansas City Chiefs quarter back Patrick Mahomes.

Looking around this page

Looking around this page, management will probably drop a note on this. *shrugs* I paid $2,000 for a new stove on 12/11. Set up a measure and an install day on the 21st and 28th. Assured that the piece is in stock, this will be EASY. 21st: Measure guy comes. Says it will fit, I'll want to buy a MicroTrim kit later to cover any gaps. NFM can't order it, but they will give me measurements on the install day. 28th: No one shows up. I contact customer service and am told it's being installed on the 7th because it isn't in stock. 1/4 Get a phone call that they failed to order a trim kit, install will be the 18th at the earliest. Also, it's $100. After calling around, he confirms that this is wrong. Install is still 1/7. Someone will call the day before and confirm. 1/7 Leave a message again with NFM- no one called us. The reply: They said they did. They're coming today. (They didn't call- another lie.) At this point I have contacted customer service twice and the manager twice. No one is stepping up to make this right or even admitting fault. Apparently it's getting installed today, exactly when I have to be somewhere else. I had no chance to change this because they never called. I should have listened to the 2 star rating. Edit: Britteny, I heard one more lie this morning- I called sales to confirm and was told Install informed him they called me. They did not. I canceled the entire order, I'm done.

If you enjoy high pressure salesmen

If you enjoy high pressure salesmen, this is the place for you! Went in today ready to buy a $600 treadmill. Within thirty seconds of being approached by a salesman, we were told that the model we were looking at was "bottom of the barrel" (his words), and he directed us to a $1000 model that was way above what we need or wanted to pay for. He made us feel guilty and low class for wanting the model we went there to buy. He also told us that one of the other models in that price range was sold out and we couldn't have it, even though it was on the floor with the sales tag still on it, and when I asked about a "rain check" he told me that wasn't an option. Bait and switch, anyone? We have purchased a new couch, bedroom set, mattress set and refrigerator there within the last six months and found this tactic in all departments, but the guy in the fitness equipment area was the worst. I left in tears and without a treadmill -- AND WE WENT IN READY TO BUY. Go elsewhere if you can. Their "sales" prices are a ruse to get you in there so they can up-sell you and make you spend more than you intended. ETA: Brittany doesn't seem to understand that this is a problem all over the store, not just in fitness. When we went in to buy a mattress set, we planned to spend $1500- $2,000. Before I knew what had happened, we were sprawled out on a $5,000 mattress that had been hand-sewn with thread made from unicorn manes by orphaned Nicaraguan children and stuffed with the tails of baby bunnies. No matter how much you go planning to spend they will always try to upsell you. Every. Single. Time. Beware!

The guy who sold us the bed was friendly and extremely helpful

The guy who sold us the bed was friendly and extremely helpful. As for the people who helped us when we picked up the mattress. They were rude, and frankly I was unimpressed by there inability to get the bed into the truck. It was frankly just a sad experience that frustrated me. Watching them struggle to put the mattress in was just straight ridiculous. Also the male loading guy was a straight prick and mouthy as hell. I think he should be fired. I will be contacting management due to his disrespect.


DO NOT BUY A MATTRESS FROM THEM!!!!!!!!! My parents bought a name brand mattress from them and it broke twice within the first month and they would only give them half of the money they paid on a new mattress because of the box springs that were listed on the sale as free with mattress purchase. They even offered to bring the foundation back. Horrible customer service. You will not get any more of my money NFM.

Fantastic service

Fantastic service and they make you feel at home! The sales people were informative and virtuous. I was shocked at the great prices and the amount of stock they carried.

I really like NFM

I really like NFM. The items here range in price, you can get a $200 sofa from the clearance section or a $9k option off the floor. You can find good quality and bad quality. It's important to read reviews and ask questions on which products they guarantee and will replace. I just bought a new smart tv and buffet/served because the one I purchased from Amazon (also sold at NFM), is buckling. They price match to all major retailers which is a good way to save money. Unfortunately, hunting down help is like asking to be struck by lightning, it will only happens for a few. I'm usually waving down help, and I try to avoid weekends. Once you find it they are usually nice. On my recent trips I was helped by Paul Mata (electronics), he was so nice and informative. I would definitely ask for him when you go. For my buffet I worked with Paul Showwalter over the course of 2 days, I bought one item one day and had to return it because the tv wouldn't fit. He and I emailed, I came back in and boom he broke out the measuring tape and I had a new item.

They have pretty much everything you need in this one store

They have pretty much everything you need in this one store. It's a. It overwhelming but the staff is friendly and they assist you without putting pressure on you. I have bought a mattress and box springs there. The old saying "you get what you pay for" rings true. I've slept soundly for almost a year. Thank you NFM!

This place can be overwhelming

This place can be overwhelming because it's huge with a large selection of everything you're looking for. I love all of the option and the prices are pretty decent as well. The issue is that there really isn't any competitor local to Kansas City to help with furniture shopping to compare. I will admit that their salespeople are easy to find and stop by to ask if you need anything before moving on. We have had items delivered to our home and we have also picked up items ourselves. The warehouse employees have zero to little customer service skill set. We had been waiting for 20 minutes in the pick-up lane and watched multiples of people pull up after us, get their purchases loaded, and gone before I finally brought it up to an associate. I told them that someone needed to check on our order and when someone finally came back with an update, there was no apology and little to no words spoken to me about our product. I'm only hopeful that we don't have any issues because it sounds like NFM loves to take your money, but isn't great about actually supporting their customers.

Beware of the furniture delivery options

Beware of the furniture delivery options. They try to make their furniture protection plan void by making you sign a waiver releasing their delivery drivers not responsible for damages. Huge disappointment. I can spend my $$$ elsewhere.

I never had issues with this store

I never had issues with this store but the way they sell you things is just bad business. I didn't feel like my business was good enough and to buy something over $450 and not being able to return or exchange is not acceptable. I tried calling the CEO and I was offered a $35 dollar gift card. I'm hoping that what you buy, as a valued customer you want to make sure you review and don't go based on what the seller tells you because more than likely is a lie just for them to meet their commission. Worst customer service, I got a call once then that was it. I have referred so many people and being a customer since 2015 is just sad. I will pay off my credit card and will never ever purchase from Nebraska Furniture Mart again.

We have made many purchases from Nebraska Furniture Mart

We have made many purchases from Nebraska Furniture Mart and have always been happy with their product, and their customer service. We can usually find what we want and what we want to spend. We feel lucky to have this Furniture store in our city.

It's always something with this store

It's always something with this store. Run... AWAY! Ordered a dining room table in 2016 (with extended warranty). Noticed, after a year, that the corners were fading and there were a few small divots here and there. When the guy showed up he used a wood furniture marker to "color" in the fading. What?! If I knew that's what this expensive warranty entailed... I would've skipped the warranty, bought a $5 dollar furniture marker, and let my kids go to town! Anyway, the color has already faded again. Markers only last so long! When we moved in 2017 we ordered ALL of our furniture to be delivered. One of the items was a large entertainment center. The delivery guys couldn't figure out how to put it together. It took 3 separate crews (different days/appointments) to figure it out (yayyyy for a waste of "vacation" days)! The 2nd "crew" chipped a large piece of wood off the center piece of the entertainment center and tried to hide it in his pocket!!! I had the piece returned and the 3rd delivery guys (who figured out how to put the entertainment center together) ... brought the "new" center piece. Which, come to find out, was the same piece they had just used a wood furniture marker (NFM obviously loves these) to fill it in with color. Now when you stand and look up you can see where the chunk of wood is missing (2-2.5k entertainment center... I expect it to look new - not like it's been thrown around, taken apart, and moved multiple times). Now, 2019... we ordered new flooring. We get a call weeks after our order saying they no longer carry that style and we would have to drive all the way back out to the store to pick out new flooring before an install date is set up. We pick out new flooring (our first pick was still out on the show floor even after it has been discontinued. Just waiting to waste other customers time) and set up a date for install. Install day is here!! And, lo and behold - the installer says the flooring we have picked out won't work with our floors due to unlevel areas between rooms. Really?! Why do they send someone to measure and check out the floors (before an install date is set up) if they can't even catch what flooring will/won't work with certain rooms? This is extremely inconvenient. We have furniture and all decor moved out of 3 rooms and appliances moved out of the kitchen! We now get to move it all back and start this entire process over again. We are wasting vacation days for these deliveries and install days. Extremely unprofessional! All around, complete incompetence. Update: The prior incidents (before flooring) were handled with furniture markers. That's how NFM "fixed" those. They said there was nothing else they could do other then "touch up." After talking to customer service today, about flooring, there was nothing they could do about this either. They said we could pay an additional $1,000 so the area wasn't unlevel between rooms or pay an additional $1 per sq/ft for a different type of flooring. The floor we picked out was close to $3 per square foot. We weren't looking to spend more then that. Again, a waste of time and our own labor. We have had to move all furniture, decor, and appliances back into place after we had moved everything (unbeknownst to us, for no reason). There is a complete disconnect between every department and employee at this business. For example - the employee who has replied to this post. NFM rarely makes an issue right. What happened today was completely uncalled for. We spend hours of our own time moving furniture, decors and appliances. We waste our own vacation days to ensure we were available when installers arrived. And our time was wasted, once again, when we had to move all of the furniture/appliances back into place (hours after it had just been moved) into flooring that had never been replaced. I'm even skeptical about buying furniture here anymore. But if you are looking at any type of flooring, I would highly recommend you find someone local who knows what they are doing. I would also recommend saving yourself a big headache and tons of time by either shopping online or finding a smaller furniture store who cares more about their customers and their business because it's very obvious (after multiple incidents) that NFM could care less about you and your business. So save yourself the hassle of dealing with them! If you are just shopping here due to the financing options - shop around. There are other companies who will finance you with longer terms. In the end, it will be worth it!

This was my first time shopping at NFM

This was my first time shopping at NFM and I am incredibly disappointed in the quality of service. I ordered a mattress and box spring and when the the delivery men arrived, they were unable to get the box spring around the corner. Since it would not fit up the stairs, they told me that I could just take the mattress and would have 30 days to receive a full refund if it didn't work. Sounds good, right? Well, the mattress might as well have been a slab of concrete. I ended up sleeping on the couch instead since it was so uncomfortable. When I called NFM, they informed me that I would be charged a 30% restocking fee and $89.99 to have the mattress picked up. I explained the situation and they essentially told me that there was nothing they could do. Unfortunately, I will no longer be an NFM customer for future furniture/mattress purchases.

I don't know why after the first two deliveries

I don't know why after the first two deliveries I ordered went wrong I decided to give them a third chance. They literally left my new couch hardly wrapped in breaking plastic in the rain. Sitting almost in the street. Couldn't even manage a few steps to at least put it on my porch. I'm shocked by the robotic responses I get when I ask customer service for help. And they have never been helpful. No one ever offers to rectify the situation, just a bunch of empty apologies by people who are doing nothing more than reading from a script. They need to fix their delivery system. It's not okay. Let's just say I crossed carrying a 150lb couch up my steep steps. Would give zero stars if possible.

Why I'm the hell did I pay for 160 Diollar washer

Why I'm the hell did I pay for 160 Diollar washer and dryer install when I ended up hookinh up both water lines and the drain line to the washer and installing the three prong outlet for the dryer. When your shit crew arrived they told me the extra set up and connection and instillation fee didn't cover instillation wtf is the instillation fee for. Typical big box store company that does not give a shit about its clients

Love Nebraska furniture mart

Love Nebraska furniture mart with some of kind Nice Décor Sofa couches and rugs very nice and beautiful lots of varieties with hard choices to make

I don't like this place.

I don't like this place. When it's time to purchase furniture in KC, everyone will mention NFM, although I haven't met anyone who is pleased with their experience here. I understand the recommendations because this place is huge and has everything, but that's about it. The furniture is expensive considering the quality. A $1000 dining table that isn't real wood is just ridiculous. They also always have sales. It seems like they went straight from the Memorial Day to the ​Fourth of July. Maybe it's because they know the stuff is overpriced and the sales are to make things more reasonable. Some of the salespeople​ have a weird, pushy, sleazy vibe. I'm sure it's because they work on commision or they have to make a sales quota, but I didn't care for them either.

The employees here have no knowledge

The employees here have no knowledge of what customer service is. They have a extremely difficult time trying to answer the most simple questions. Good employees are made by good leadership and training.

Other than the fact that this store

Other than the fact that this store is further from me than I would like, I LOVE THIS STORE. I can just come here and walk around, look around, and shop around for hours on hours! You can get everything you need here for your home! Electronics, workout machines/gym equipments, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, bedroom, outdoor stuff, and more! The prices are great here too. They have a wide range of prices and people here are friendly and willing to help. Many cute, nice and good quality items for sale.

Should be able to give NEGATIVE marks

Should be able to give NEGATIVE marks. This place is owned, ultimately, by Warren Buffet. This place won't warrant their own warranty on a bed mattress. I will be suing them soon. If you want to follow suit and sue a Billionaire all by yourself...have at. I DON'T care. A company that doesn't stand behind their warranty...should stand in front of it.

Run, don't walk, to another furniture store

Run, don't walk, to another furniture store. Any other furniture store. My first experience with NFM was over 13 years ago, it was awful and it hasn't improved. On March 27th (2018) I bought over $4,000 worth of furniture, all was in stock, in different warehouses, but to be delivered (except special ordered bar stools) April 14th. In true NFM form, half of it still hasn't arrived and today is May 7th. I cancelled part of it this weekend because now they told me those pieces would be in on June 22nd, no way am I waiting that long. I'm stuck waiting on chairs for my kitchen table, bc I have the table and need these chairs. They will be in later this week or the end of the month. It depends on who you ask. That's another fun part of this story. NFM is awful, you deserve better. While I appreciate the response from NFM, when I made this purchase, I was told everything was in stock and would be delivered on April 14th (except the special ordered bar stools). So your explanation about vendors and estimated dates doesn't hold water. I should have been told these were "estimates". NFM isn't holding up to their end of the deal, as usual. In other news, I think their ineptness has saved me about $200 bc I just found the same coffee table for much less on Houzz. So there's a silver lining.

The one thing I learned about this place

The one thing I learned about this place is how shady they can be. You must pay attention to the words they say to due in the fact all they want to do is take every dime you. They think that since they will finance you dont mean you are willing to pay for a trip to the moon on a payment plan. The person who sold me my tv and sound bar is very shady not to mention when you have to talk to customer service. It also showed me that there is no one there to police up the lies they tell.

I have always found them to have items

I have always found them to have items that were reasonably priced and be easy to work with. I especially like the fact that purchases may be paid for in 24 months without paying interest.

I bought a table with 4 chairs

I bought a table with 4 chairs, I loved the price and that was what made me include stars in qualifying. The box was very heavy and the attendant confirmed to me that the deliverers would deliver on the 2nd floor. That's why I paid for the delivery in my apartment. I received a notice about the delivery time and then took these hours to wait for delivery. To my surprise the first part of the arrangement was not made, as they did not come up with the heavy table to the apartment. I practically begged the deliveryman to help me and he said they did not do this, and it would take more than 2 people. Then, in the winter of 32 ° I opened the box he left in the middle of the way of all other residents and took it piece by piece. These were super heavy parts. When I came across a well broken part. I asked for the exchange and they told me it would be another working day, Monday. And I could not leave the box with the rest of the pieces where the deliveryman left, I would have to take everything to my apt. I understand that accidents happen, but I will pay for the Nebraska store error twice, because it will be another day that I will need to be available to the store and miss a day at work. Besides (and that's what irritated me the most about this service) I'll have to bring the new heavy table and everything up again, because they will not do this. Nebraska, You should review this service very much, because I contracted the service with the guarantee of delivery in my apartment, not in my drive way. In addition to the terrible after-sales. I'll never come back again, Now, I choose IKEA.

Too bad there isn't zero stars

Too bad there isn't zero stars. I ordered new appliances 12 days ago and they scheduled a delivery for today. When I hadn't heard from them by 10 AM, I called to see when they are coming and it was never put in the books and the appliances are just sitting at their warehouse. I now have to wait two additional weeks to get my appliances. I've been without a dishwasher for weeks already so now I have to continue handwashing dishes since they can't seem to figure out how to schedule an installation or even get in sooner when they messed up. Don't go here if you want fast service

In flooring department to buy flooring

In flooring department to buy flooring. No one has acknowledged me or offered to help for 15 minutes. Horrible service!!!!!

Well, I reached out to NFM via the contact information

Well, I reached out to NFM via the contact information provided in this review. It was a waste of time. Nothing different. NFM is going with the manufacture warranty. This response states NFM does not stand behind the furniture they sell as quality furniture. The issue with this product has been placed on me to take care of and the manufacturer. I will shop closer to home before returning to NFM for nothing more than hassle when an issue occurred. Not worth the extra driving miles and time. Furthermore, I contacted my sea person and his job ended when he sold me the product. This is not right and the integrity of this business is poor.

We were picking up furniture

We were picking up furniture. On the receipt it states to call an hour ahead to get expedited pickup. We called ahead 50 minutes as we have an hour drive to get to the delivery department. We checked in at 12:00. As of 12:50 -we still had not received our furniture. At 12:55 and they brought the furniture but the rails are missing! They actually had the nerve to ask us for a signature for a partial delivery! Supervisor said that they will have to deliver the rails later this week when they find them. Very disappointing... while waiting for delivery I called the customer service department who thankfully made a few calls to get things going. Their website had an ad that stated average pick up time is 9 minutes 23 seconds...hmm.

We love to shop at NFM

We love to shop at NFM. It's a clean, organized and friendly store. There are lots of products to choose from. The one disappointment is at the Quiznos inside the store, they served Pepsi products instead of Coke.

Worst process of getting a couch

Worst process of getting a couch one should ever have to experience. I waited 2 months for a couch to be delivered but the worst part was I have to call and follow up there was no communication from them on my delivery status. I spent entirely too much money to have that kind of service. I will NEVER purchase anything from them again

Update: NBM called us to let us know that after reviewing security footage

Update: NBM called us to let us know that after reviewing security footage they realized that they had not given us a TV would credit our account the $700. Still a hugely negative customer experience. We will be purchasing a new TV elsewhere.

We went to this store to buy a mattress

We went to this store to buy a mattress keep in mind it was 2500 dollars that we purchased. We had the mattress for about a year, there are about 2 to 3 inch dips on each side of the mattress if I try to lay in the middle of the bed I literally roll back into the dips in the mattress cause there so deep. Tried calling this joke of a store to have someone come out and check this bed cause apparently they tell you if you have a dip in the bed past a certain depth they will replace it. WELL they were supposed to have someone come out and check it so about a month went by we received a call it was nfm saying your warranty is up and there's nothing we can do. Needless to say the mattress has a ten year warranty from any issues with the product. We must of went back and forth with these people 5 times about this and get the same results. NOTHING.... This store sells bogus warranties with there products. BEWARE.... And for ever who reads this review from the store, dont tell me to contact you to resolve this because we called this store numerous times to resolve this and like I said the same outcome. So keep your bs comment to yourself because I know and you know that you people aren't going to do anything about it so save your breath... Lost or business and whoever reads this review hopefully they wont make the same mistake we did...

Thought pretty far away

Thought pretty far away, this is where I bought my newest computer. This is where I bought my last computer, and 2 printers. (every 5 years it seems, for a new computer) I had an issue with it, minor,and I took it back today.I called first,and she tried to bend over backwards for me. I was in a state of utter panic thinking I'd done something wrong with it. Apparently I'm not supposed to turn it off for a few days, likely forever, like my laptop mostly stays. But whatever they did made it work, so I didn't have to return it. But they kind of acted like there was nothing wrong with it, but yes, there was something wrong with it. I don't like to turn something on to see blue screens with white letters that I didn't place. Returning things, how I've found, isn't a fun thing to do anywhere, and NFM is one of the worse to take things back...but that being said, when I can get away and make the 45 minute drive to the store,I love it. We had alot of help yesterday, in the pots and pans,and they happened to have a pan we were looking at, only by itself without the set. They have added a few things since the last visit, a food court, for instance. That being said,I'll return, when I'm in the area. I think the prices are on par, or cheaper, which is why I chose to buy the computer. (I'm sure the Windows 7 computer is fine, but it pauses every now and then and was getting harder to wake up.). Only Amazon was cheaper,and I find that alot with Nebraska Furniture Mart...if they'd just make returns a bit easier, and not turn their noses up at you, it'd be a perfect store.

Walked in and wow!

Walked in and wow! What a presentation! So much awesome stuff. Super clean and shiny. Saw some beautiful stuff. Prices looked reasonable. Service was good. Lots of salespeople.

What a wonderful experience at this store.

What a wonderful experience at this store. Went in to buy a couch has a wonderful knowledge saleswoman. Found just the piece we wanted. Paid for the item $2000 and set a delivery date. Made arrangements with our work force to be available to assist with the delivery. We received a call from Nebraska Mart at the delivery time that they were back ordered and it would be 5 weeks before they could deliver our purchase. With the computers system in use why was we not notified when we purchased this item that there would be a delivery delay?? This is very poor sales performance on their part and another we are too big to fail attitude and they will fail in the long run.

Cannot give one star for NFM

Cannot give one star for NFM after the way we have been treated today. The Samsung washing machine we purchased last April is a complete lemon! It has crashed twice in a year and they don't care. Call the warranty supplier. It's not their problem. We purchased this machine from them and they take absolutely no responsibility or their appliance. A long-time NFM consumer. Never again!!!!!

They took good care

They took good care of me even when my furniture fell apart months later. Good people.

I am between a 2/3 stars.

I am between a 2/3 stars. It's good service there or simply terrible. My worse experience was when I had them deliver items that were broken and they left it there and wouldn't let me return it for almost 8 months; then I had the guy at customer service said to me "you get what you paid for." WTH, so I was like that's y I am returning it. I don't know if it sucks till I get some use out of it. btw it was two bed frames with headbands and they both fell apart within weeks(they actually tried to replace it but broke again immediately), and the guy left the headboard unhook bc it didn't fit, and didn't even tell us ( and he scratch one of my night stands, and didn't take responsibility for that either). And the guy at the customer service also said that I was lucky that they are letting me return it!!! ‍ ‍ And I didn't know Ashley was a bad brand!?!?!? At the same time, I have had good experiences purchasing other items.

Great prices and huge selection of just everything.

Great prices and huge selection of just everything. Expect to wait forever to pick up your stuff on a weekend. Update - the line went way faster than we thought - their system seems to be working well

I held off on going to this store for so long

I held off on going to this store for so long. Found college futons elsewhere, furnished my first apartment from friends... but once you get married and get a house, the clock starts ticking on your first trip to NFM. I was dreading it. I'm not a big fan of shopping, and especially as a place so large that it looks like you need a map just to locate a bathroom. However, I came away thinking this place is fine as a means to an end. We ended up finding the couches we wanted, although we couldn't have bought help from an associate on a busy Saturday. I actually had my hands in the air like an air traffic controller and no one came for help. We ended up ordering them online and they were slightly marked down there too which was nice. Side note, the delivery was on time and they unloaded it right where it needed to be. Popped over to beds to look for a frame and didn't come away loving anything. Some of the things NFM sells are nicer than others, but a lot of them are a notch above IKEA but more money. That brings me to the kitchen table area. I couldn't help but notice that these tables looked like they should have conveyor belt markings branded onto them as they were so fresh off the mass-produced manufacturing line. I know it's expensive, but if possible I love the idea of having an individual table/chair/project made by a local artist or found at a local shop. It's aesthetically pleasing and not dorm-room-for-adult style. So all in all, this place works. It has to be somewhere in KC, even if that somewhere is a long drive from the city center and somewhere that I'm not exactly racing out to again on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

If I could give this a negative review I would

If I could give this a negative review I would. My boyfriend and I are going on our "8th entertainment center". We have gone through 2 different models because after the 4th one of the first model we chose we thought maybe this one just has a poor manufacturer. Each one that was delivered was poorly made and very damaged. Then we drive 30 minutes to the store go choose another model as directed by a customer service associate. We picked out another one with good hopes in mind. Long story short we are on #8 and finally feel we found a decent one, but also feel we are settling because we don't want to deal with anymore deliveries. We can't have our living room not set up because we have limited space, so each time we have to take everything down and re put our things back up onto the center. We paid $1300 for a piece of furniture expecting decent quality and good customer service, but we have no received either of those. We have taken time off of work and had to leave work early for 8 DELIVERIES. We would get the call the day before saying " we will be there tomorrow between 1 and 2 even though we specified we both work and those times do not work for us. Then the next day the delivery drivers would show up with no notice at some random time causing us to leave work frantically and by short notice and we both work 25 minutes away. Each time these mishaps have happened we have called customer service. Each time nobody seems like notate anything, so then we have to re explain. Finally we get one rep assigned to us and she won't call us back. We were promised a credit because of all we've gone through! This is ridiculous. We have been waiting for a call back from her For at least 2 weeks. We periodically call her and leave a message. Even though we were promised a call on our most recent delivery date which was Jan 20. Our first delivery was about 2 months ago....We are about to go take our business elsewhere. EVERYONE seems to be shocked about our experience but seriously how do you give poor customer service and sell one person 8 pieces of awfully made furniture. I've never experienced this. We are 100% dissatisfied. I will be reviewing each piece of furniture as well and taking our business somewhere else if this is not resolved asap

Their selection is impressive

Their selection is impressive and the prices aren't entirely ridiculous. Browsing here on a Saturday can kill a ton of time. We had a customer service issue and they made it right. While they did totally mess up our order, it was promptly fixed without an issue. I've never experienced a pushy sales person here, so that's a plus.

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