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Mor Reviews

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Mor Furniture is a discount furniture chain found in the western states, such as New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. With over 50 stores, Mor focuses on affordably crafted furniture, which feature engineered wood and luxury-style accents. Overall, most customers describe satisfactory experiences, but there were some that had issues with delivery and durability.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

Price: $6-$4999+

Return Policy: No Returns

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Mor Specifics

Mor Furniture for Less is known across western states as being an affordable and high value for the price furniture store. Their prices start below $400 for sofas and their seating products feature both synthetic and leather upholstering options.

With styles that focus on transitional and contemporary in addition to on-trend farmhouse styles, customers have good things overall to say about the selection and experiences overall. Those that had complaints mostly mentioned issues with product longevity and delivery.

Material Quality

Mor Furniture focuses on the discount and budget-friendly market. For comfort items, like sofas and accent chairs, they offer items with either solid wood or metal frames, foam cushioning, synthetic or leather upholstery, and both power or manual recline options in some cases. Their wooden furniture offers mostly composite construction with premium wood veneers. While most customers find these items to be desirable at first, some mention issues with durability, especially for the most commonly used furniture items.

Mor Furniture's Top Picks

When it comes to Mor Furniture's top finds, there are a few requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Mor's catalog.

#1 Sofas & Sectionals

One of the most popular furniture items sold at Mor are their sectionals and sofas. With around 200 options, Mor carries both left and right facing sectionals, sleeper sofas, power reclining and manual reclining sectionals and sofas, loveseats, futons, and fabric and leather upholstered couches. With prices starting at around $300 for a smaller, fabric couch all the way up $3900+ for a large, leather reclining sectional, shoppers are likely to find a seating option for their living spaces that can fit into their budget. While some shoppers are happy with their Mor sofa or sectional purchase and found the price paid to be reasonable, some customers reported having delivery issues. Other customer feedback also brought up some durability issues with the specific sofa or sectional they purchased.

The pros: Variety of both contemporary and traditional styled sofas and sectionals available at reasonable prices.

The cons: Some issues with delivery and durability were reported.

#2 Living Room Sets

For shoppers with larger living spaces to fill, in need of extensive seating, or just want their seating options to match, Mor's living room sets are another popular pick. From matching sectionals and chaise, matching sofas, matching ottomans, and matching modular sectional pieces (so you can build the right sized seating for your space), Mor's living room sets can help you fill your living space up with the right seating and style options. While their living room sets can be a convenient way to shop, some customers mention issues with longevity of their seating pieces as well as delivery issues.

The pros: Variety of different seating pieces, including some modular options, makes matching styles more convenient.

The cons: Some customers mentioned issues with the longevity of their seating piece. Some delivery complaints.

#3 Coffee Tables

To go along with their living space seating options, Mor Furniture shoppers are also oftentimes in search of a new coffee table. Mor carries around 20 different coffee table options in contemporary, farmhouse, traditional, and lift-top styles. Their coffee tables range in price from about $180 up to around $500, and feature materials such as wood veneers and solid wood, metal, laminate, marble, and more. Customers enjoy the selection of coffee tables available to them at Mor, but there were some who brought up issues with durability in some cases.

The pros: Nice selection of coffee tables in modern, traditional, farmhouse, and lift-top designs.

The cons: Some issues with durability reported by some customers.

#4 Beds & Bedroom Sets

Another popular item that Mor Furniture shoppers are in search of are their beds and bedroom sets. Mor carries a selection of around 150+ different beds, from wooden panel beds, upholstered and tufted beds, storage beds, canopy beds, sleigh beds, sideways beds and more. When it comes to matching pieces to complete the bedroom set, Mor also carries dressers and mirrors, nightstands and bedside tables, media chests, and chests to complete the look of your bedroom. Customers like the wide selection of beds and bedroom sets available to them at Mor Furniture. Even so, some have brought up issues with durability and delivery.

The pros: Wide selection of beds and corresponding bedroom set pieces.

The cons: Durability and delivery issues were mentioned by some customers for the bedroom pieces they purchased.

#5 Mattresses

The last top pick for Mor Furniture shoppers are their mattresses. Mor carries around 50+ different models of mattresses from popular brands such as Stearns & Foster, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic. They even have their own line of foam mattresses called SleepMor. Although some shoppers are happy with the name brand mattress they purchased from Mor, others have brought up delivery issues, issues with longevity and with the sleep guarantee. For these shoppers, it may be worthwhile to shop around online or buy directly from the brand for the latest promotional offers and to receive direct support.

The pros: Popular, name brand mattresses and even their own line of foam mattresses.

The cons: Some shoppers mentioned issues with delivery and longevity of the mattress they purchased from Mor.

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More From Mor Furniture's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Mor Furniture for Less offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Accent Chairs

- Recliners

- Dining Room Sets

- Dining Tables

- Dining Chairs

- Bar Stools

- Youth Bedroom

- Office & Entertainment

- Accents & Decor

Mor Furniture Store Locator

Mor Furniture for Less can be found in states across the western US. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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Really great place to buy furniture

Really great place to buy furniture for your entire house, the sales associates are really friendly and helpful. My family and I have furnished our entire house using Mor furniture. The quality is good for the price, keep in mind you get what you pay for, this isn't high end furniture. Good quality though no complaints from my family or I. Been told some of my furniture will take a month for delivery, nope always arrived before then. Bought beds, living sets and kitchen tables from here every few years, mom likes to change style every 2 years or so. Have small and large dogs, the leather and pleather furniture we purchased have lasted us fine with no damage whatsoever. Love the financing that is available through Mor too, worth it.

awesome and helpful

Randy was awesome and helpful. Got us taken care of in no time. Will be using him again.

beyond amazing

Please see salesman Christopher Anderson. I 1st walked in, didn't see anything I liked. Don't like furniture salesmen, however Chris was beyond amazing. We walked around, he was funny, respectful, real, helpful. I can't say enough. I actually did buy all my furniture from him, yep. Love what I got. Thank you Christopher. I'll send you a lot of business. Why does everyone look the same in there with same looking clothes? Paranormal Extraction Travel Channel Z P.S Lucky you I'll be back!

Recently, I purchased a recliner

Recently, I purchased a recliner and a live seat. Well, it has a console in the middle... but you got it! Pure comfort! The shopping experience was very pleasant. Refreshments, knowledgeable staff.... I got my delivery ad everything went smooth. Now, time to recline and Netflix!!!!

I have purchased thousands of dollars

I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of furniture from Mor a little over a year ago. During that visit, I bought a kitchen table (and a couch, coffee table, side table, and a TV table) from their showroom. I then find out when it was supposed to be delivered (a few weeks later) that the kitchen table that I purchased wasn't in stock anywhere in the US. They sold me a table that they didn't have! I had to go and re-select a different table. Fast forward a little over a year and the couch that I bought during that transaction has completely gone to crap. The springs are completely worn and the pad is shot. They sold me some BS warranty that of course doesn't cover it. They say that's "Normal wear and tear." When the guy from the warranty place came to clean it and look at it, he said "Yea the pad is completely shot and your springs are worn, they should cover this." But of course they didn't. I bite the bullet and go in to buy a new couch yesterday. I tell the salesperson what happened with the last couch and he looks it up and tells me that it was a defective couch and they had a number of recalls on them. I asked if there is anything they can do about it and he said no because it's been over a year. I go to buy a new couch and tell him, listen, I am spending another $1,700 with you on a new couch, and I have spent thousands more over the last couple years, is there anything you can do for selling me a defective couch last time (maybe throw in free shipping, or 10% off, anything!) and he says no because it's been over a year! (It's been a year and a couple months). So finally I order the new couch against my better judgement, pay $1700 for the couch and delivery, and he then tells me they only have two pieces of the sectional in stock! They can deliver both side pieces next week but the center piece of the couch is over a month out from being shipped!! So now I will have bits and pieces of a couch for the next month and a half. (If it ever shows up). A week after the purchase the salesman called and told me he forgot to charge me for the delivery and needed to charge me more money. I called back and complained to the manager, the manager at least seemed to have cared and finally comped the delivery charge. Update: They just called as told me that my deliver is delayed another month now (it will be over 2 months from the time I bought the couch to delivery).. This feels a lot like they table they sold me last time that didn't exist. They assure me the couch will come but now I am left without a couch for another month. Do yourself a favor and never buy from this store. Unbelievable. The center of the couch finally showed up and it's a different color, height and fabric ‍

This is the state my night stand was delivered in

This is the state my night stand was delivered in. Huge gouge in the bottom probably caused by their driver drivers. I reported this to Mor furniture the day I received it this September, asked for a replacement, and have not heard back from them since. Horrible customer service, shame on you Mor furniture.

This was an amazing experience

This was an amazing experience. The moment we walked in we were greeted and offered soft drinks, cookies, and pop corn and then given the freedom to walk around and shop. We were not harassed but our sales person was always close by willing to answer any questions. We picked up our furniture and while we waited they offered us water from their little fridge in their lobby. Everyone was very kind and said hello when walked by.

Although the wrong couch was delivered twice

Although the wrong couch was delivered twice, they really went out of their way to make it right. The delivery guys were very more than helpful especially Gus. Thanks to everyone at MOR furniture my family is now snuggling in a plush sectional.

Dude !!!

Dude !!! This is the place !! Like I have gone to many places !! I love my couches and will be back for my table !!! Guy was the sales person and he was awesome !! Fun fact (he is a hugger ) ha ha no seriously he is awesome !! And so is the quickness they did went in purchased and next day delivery !! Score !!! Gel top sofa so comfy!!! Love em !!!

We recently purchased a dining table

We recently purchased a dining table and a bench from them. Good experience at the store. All the troubles started after that. We got a dining table which was not at all similar to what we ordered. The design, color, finish and even the size of the table was different (width was off by 2 inches). When we called them, we were told that this is normal when ordering solid wood table and they do not have a return policy. So basically we are stuck with it and there is nothing they can do about it. We were told they would get back to us after talking to the manager. Has not happened....still waiting! Was thinking of purchasing a tempurpedic mattress from them, needless to say that it will not happen now. They are done with you as soon as the purchase is made. Won't be getting any more business from us!

This is where used car salesmen go

This is where used car salesmen go to after they failed at meeting their quotas. It's a high pressure sales tactic location with poor customer service. The furniture is moderately priced, however, the quality of the furniture is garbage. We purchased a leather sofa set that we have had for 3 years and it started to fall apart after the first 1.5 years. Ended up getting rid of it after two years. We will not ever step foot in that furniture sweatshop again.

It's now September

It's now September, my couch still isn't repaired! I called the insurance folks that Mor offered to us. It's been many months now that my couch has not been fixed. And manager of Mor has not even replied! Never again shop at Mor. Yeah huge selection with zero furniture in stock!

Promise the World then delivered used

Promise the World then delivered used, torn and broken furniture! I should have known there would be a problem when Chandra Upreti asked me if I had shopped at the store before; I said yes and described the salesperson, he said, oh he is not here, however a little later after he had worked with us, I saw the salesperson he said was not there. (Liar) Secondly, when I got home from work (my easygoing wife took delivery) and saw the garbage they had delivered I went to the store and talked with a guy who said he was a manager, Tommy Fletcher, he gave me a bunch of b.s. about how they always make things right and that I would get a call the next day by 11:00am! (Liar) I should not have to jump though hoops to get what I paid for! I should not have to wait for you to make things right! I should not have to take time off my job to make sure you do your job! I should not have a sour taste in my mouth after spending my hard earn cash for something I was hoping would bring me a little joy! DO YOUR JOB RIGHT THE FIRST TIME AND STOP LYING! SMFH!

We bought our dining room set

We bought our dining room set, daughter's, and son's bed sets about 8 yrs ago. They are timeless pieces that have lasted well and still look good. Our experiences were all been great!

My girlfriend and I bought furniture

My girlfriend and I bought furniture from Richard Vargas over Veterans Day weekend. We spent 2 days making sure we covered every detail and were told multiple times by Richard that if we didn't like something or if it did not fit our space then we can adjust the order, get a credit and find something that worked. Well, the furniture delivered and every item worked except the area rug. My girlfriend called them the day the items delivered and all sales are final. I called Richard the following day and now "I was only referring to defective items covered by your warranty, I would never say you can return something that didn't fit your house, sorry for the miscommunication". The area rug was only $200 but considering we spent close to $4000 on couches, we wanted everything to be perfect and this little gesture would have went a long way with us. Keep in mind, this guy poked fun at me for being so thorough with all my questions throughout the process. It was infuriating to hear, " I would never say that" when he did say it...multiple times!!! I will never buy another piece of furniture from Mor ever again because of Richard and his deceiving sales tactics. This place lost our business which could have easily amounted to 10's of thousands over the years considering we are young professionals looking to start our household.


DO NOT GO TO MORE! My wife and I were completely ripped off . I'd give it 0 stars if I could. Poor service, hidden charges, crap furniture , no returns, too forever to receive, not as displayed...ugly Joey C

Bought an expensive leather couch

Bought an expensive leather couch, loveseat and recliner, along with a warranty. The salesman at the Portland store told us that the warranty covered everything. One year later we noticed the chair and couch had tears, on the arms. (See photo) called the warranty number, sent them photos. They said not covered. We will NEVER buy anything from Mor again! It's coming apart at the seam, where there is a metal frame on both couch and recliner.

This coffee table

This coffee table was bought for about half year ago, and it suddenly clapped on the floor when my family writes a check on the table. Mor Furniture is for more danger with less money?????? I drove all the way from south Seattle to this location seeking for customer service, unfortunately they turn me down with careless attitude and non sympathy for the pain I got on my leg and the fear for having a dangerous clap-able table in my living room. They just said we will let the technician look it at and call you next day. No any promises. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a heavy glass table which was clapped on my leg suddenly in my home, what if this accident hit my toe instead of my leg, will I be in the hospital now?? And what if hit a child instead? I think they are happy to be sued to be a popular company...

I have purchased several items from Mor furniture

I have purchased several items from Mor furniture over the years and I will NEVER buy another item again. We purchased a couch and the warranty after about a year of use the frame of the couch broke. I submitted a claim with guardsman and was told the damage was not covered. Fast forward a few years and I purchased a kitchen table. When I was asked if I wanted to purchase the warranty I said NO! been there, done that, and it was a total waste of money. I explained to the salesperson of my past experience with guardsmen and was assured that changes had been made due to complaints and any damage to the kitchen table would be completely covered. I have now submitted a claim twice. The 1st claim for a couple of deep scratches which was denied and the 2nd because of burns from a dinner plate. Guardsman has refused to fix the burns and I am now stuck with a kitchen table that looks like sh*t. I'm sorry but a kitchen table should not sustain burns from a dinner plate.

One star is simply just for Justin

One star is simply just for Justin and his kindess at the store. But if I could I'd rate it a 0. Went in looking for a sectional and had visited 5 other stores before. I was already frustrated with the furniture shopping as many of you could imagine. They had a lot of options and many that were affordable and in our price and size range. Justin approached us and helped us out a lot and showed us some other options that were in stock. We ended up picking out the one that we wanted in the beginning and was told it would be delivered 5 weeks out. Contemplating the wait time, we decided to test our patience and wait the 5 weeks. Justin had told us that sometimes they can come in sooner than 5 weeks but no more than 5 weeks. So I wanted to check on the status of our delivery 2 weeks ago and was told that it's still stated for the ETA of March 24th. I should receive a text message to confirm the delivery two days before. Okay cool. Here we are... March 22, two days before our ETA. No text message. I went online to chat with a rep and was told that there was a delay with the manufacture and that there is a new ETA of April 19. That is 4 MORE weeks away from today. My original delivery was slated to come on a Sunday not a FRIDAY. I should have read the reviews on Mor first before attempting to go. I'm planning on canceling because my patience was tested far enough. Don't buy here if you want to ever receive your items.

MOR Furniture is the WORST

MOR Furniture is the WORST. Do not, I repeat do NOT purchase anything from this company. I have purchased two bedroom suites from them to the tune of $17,000 (Tempur-Pedic beds with adjustable bases + entire bedroom suites) First bedroom suite for my daughter - after asking REPEATEDLY will this storage bed work with a movable base... no - and they delivered in and set it up. Top of the bed was four feet off the ground. My daughter is 5'1". I asked for a switch out. We picked another bedroom set. When they took the first one away - they took the legs to the adjustable base. I now have furniture and a bed I cannot put back together. "We will order legs for the base - they'll be here in six to eight weeks. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Today's mission - speak with the sales manager. I REPEAT - DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!

Horrible return policy

Horrible return policy. It's actually nonexistent. Once your furniture is delivered you can't return it. I suggest every buyer be extra cautious purchasing anything here. We ordered a couch and they forget to delivery the pillows. It took several weeks of going back and forth just to get our six purchased pillows. Furthermore, the sales associates are like piranhas here--they won't leave you alone.

I called Mor for a service on a power sofa

I called Mor for a service on a power sofa we purchased a year ago. Never encountered a very rude customer service until now. Dan you are an asshole! Your supervisor need to re-train you or orient you again on customer relationship management. Your customer service ethics sucks!

was amazing.

Chris C. was amazing. I came in to set-up auto pay on my account and he walked me thru the process step by step. I really appreciate feeling like my concern mattered. A+ customer service, I definitely will be back here to buy Mor Furniture

We purchased our beautiful couch

We purchased our beautiful couch last year in April and had it delivered to our home. We were absolutely in love with the style and comfort of our couch. Needless to say within the first year we we had no problems with the couch. Then all of a sudden the couch started to sink, I flipped the couch over too look and parts of the wood were sticking out of the cloth underneath the couch. I pulled back some of the black cloth to look inside at the structure of the couch and the wood was broken, needless to say the structure of the wood at been compromised from the beginning but that was unbeknownst to us! We both went into Mors Furniture and talked to a supervisor which was no help. "He said he sent a message and would be in contact with us." Which all's we've gotten is radio silence! We attached some photos and yet has yet to hear from any of them at all. Don't shop here

Went into Mor last week

Went into Mor last week to just look at couches. We weren't planning to buy-- just look. We walked in and were greeted by Elaine, she let us know she wouldn't be bugging us but she was there if we had questions. I like that. We walked around and found 2 different sectionals that we liked. I found Elaine and we went over the 2 sets. Well, we fell in love with a sectional and to be honest, once I say on it I wasn't leaving without buying it. We ended up finding some end table and a media center that we liked as well. Again, zero pressure from Elaine, just answers to our many questions. Elaine was so much fun to work with. Personable, funny, knowledgeable... I highly recommend working with her! The only awkward thing was there seemed to be a manger hovering over her while we were at the table getting the delivery set up. She was doing awesome and we didn't need that, we loved the no pressure and that is a big part of why we bought that day... He just made us uncomfortable. Fast forward a week and here comes our stuff! YAY! Delivery guys, Devon and Dillon, showed up in the delivery window. Both men were very nice, funny, friendly! They laid down blankets so that the couches didn't get dirty - I really appreciated that. They brought our stuff in and set it up. We have a couple pieces that were back ordered by I am calling the warehouse to request that they bring our items as they come in. They took really good care as they moved everything in, plugged in the side table that we had, never hit a wall or bumped the furniture. A+ service. Great guys! I am overall 100% happy. After reading some of the reviews about backorder items taking forever -- I am a little scared... I am going to keep positive and hope that everything goes well. Based on the service so far I have high hopes!


DO NOT SHOP HERE. I was suckered into buying a extended warrenty for $100 do not do this. The guy lied his ass off saying it was worth it as they would replace it for any reason. There is no warrenty. There is no returns and they do not fix anything. We called as after a few months of owning our Sofa it started to separate in the middle on each side where the storage compartment was with cup holders. It is a reclainer but the recliner bits started to be defective more and more to the point on side will not open and close anymore. The frame seems bent. They said we had to take it to their location in Sparks to be fixed. I do not believe it can be fixed. It is actually falling apart it is also a health and safety issue with exposed metal. You call the store number in Reno but you cannot talk to anyone at the Store in Reno you are stuck talking to someone in California. So after having rude woman on 1866 number hang up on me I went into the Reno store and spoke to the Manager. He said that I could email pics of the Sofa. I said I was willing to compromise and only wanted half our money back as I did not want to buy anything esle from their store. He acted all calm and fake and said customer service would call me. They did call me same rude woman who wanted $59.99 to come look at the Sofa in our home. I was like no way are you getting anymore money out of us and she hung up on me. I looked them up to find a phone number for their corporate office. Its interesting it used to be a Cali family owned business now they sold it to China in Oct 2019. All stores report to the Chinese executives. It's sickening. I deeply regret buying a sofa here and wish I had bought furniture somewhere esle. We bought a kids bed here about 8 yrs ago and it was fine but their Sofas are crap. Maybe its because the stuff made in China?

Looked for furniture here

Looked for furniture here, but price was ridiculously expensive, would be great for people who don't want kids, or others to sit on couch. Felt like it was overwhelmingly leaning to super rich Reno ppl. Had less than feeling which is entertaining because we are not, as opposed to Ashley furniture and Macy's. Also felt like store was super empty also like over priced Macy's.


ZERO STARS... I have been laughed at, hung up on, not taken seriously many many times. And now there is a random 100 dollar purchase that I did not make and they won't even call me back and keep fighting with me over financing. Don't trust this company it's filled with rude incompetent and inconsiderate people. I'm 2 weeks into waiting for a callback and every time I call they say 2 days. More like 2 months.

Don't buy from here customer service

Don't buy from here customer service and policies are horrible I can't believe they are still in business and they are ok with how much they treat their customers. Very very disappointed but I guess you get what yoU pay for!

I love MOR furniture

I love MOR furniture. This is the 3rd home that I am decorating from here. The prices are really excellent and so reasonable. We just purchased a couch/ loveseat combo and have 4 full recliners and the headrests also recline, new insane tech! We looked around at a couple of other stores and some had the reclining option but not nearly as nice as the set we purchased! I know leather and the hides are top notch, like butter!!!! The recliners run by battery pack or plug in. The set was $3300. A great value for all that space, we needed something our dog can go on with hair everywhere. Leather is the best. We chose the taupe color and it's gorgeous! Super pleased! Thanks Nik!

I have been shopping at Mor furniture

I have been shopping at Mor furniture for over 15 years. I won't bore all of you with the details but long story short, once you have the furniture in your possession, they will not give you a refund. Even if you show the delivery driver a crack that goes all the way through the wood. You can only exchange and if the item you exchange it for is less than the damaged piece of furniture you don't get that money back. Worst customer service if you have an issue. Guess I was fortunate all these years not to have any issues with furniture bought there. I highly do not recommend buying anything from there. We've been in hell for 2 months with them trying to fix the first bed, beg them to give us a new bed (same one) and then there's something wrong with it too. They offered a 10% discount for the furniture being cracked all the way through lol

Horrible experience just now

Horrible experience just now, bought a couch, got it delivered, within an hour of getting it delivered I have Nick V calling me telling me that I have a fraudulent account and that if I don't want the police involved that I better call him before seven. turns out it was his idiot fault in the first place because he can't confidently transfer numbers from one document to another document how hard is this job dude we will definitely not be shopping here ever again

Everyone here was pleasant

Everyone here was pleasant they let us look around casually. They have a small clearance section in the back of the store well the side of it anyways. They have a decent selection but not the largest in town.

I spent $2k on a sectional

I spent $2k on a sectional with the extended warranty and delivery. When it was delivered the hook type clamp that attaches the sectional piece was missing. And instead of giving me a new couch they said they would send a delivery truck back over to attach the clamps. So I needed to take time out twice to deal with a couch I paid top dollar for plus the install would've been better had it been done in a shop/warehouse than my home.

It's been a frustrating experience with Mor

It's been a frustrating experience with Mor, to say the least. We ordered a King sized bed frame, which initially arrived on time. Upon installation, we found the support slats were queen size and too small. So we called customer service; they said to call the local store. The local store sales guy told us we need to make our own, which defeats the purpose of purchasing a set from Mor. Now we're going in circles calling the 800 number again. We then spoke to someone else and a week later, they were replaced- but the replacement support slats are STILL too small and the wrong size. We call the fourth time to have them replaced. We arranged a delivery date and now a NO SHOW. We called, and they stated the warehouse manager needed to push the date out; and they never informed us of the change. Our bedroom has this bed-frame in pieces and we're sleeping on the floor for OVER A MONTH, because WE CANNOT ASSEMBLE our set and they said all sales are final and absolutely no refunds. In short, our bedframe is IN PIECES all over our bedroom for OVER A MONTH and we're STILL WAITING for them to deliver all the pieces. Never again!

My husband and I went to the grand opening

My husband and I went to the grand opening of the new Mor Furniture store in Sparks, NV and we are highly disappointed. I wish we could give 0 stars on this review. 3 associates walked right by us, 1 making eye contact with me and not 1 greeted us or asked if we needed help or what we were looking for. But they did greet and attend to another couple that came in after us who were older and well dressed. Apparently we did not look like Mor Furniture customers/our money wasn't good enough to spend there. We feel discriminated against and that really sucks because we found a full bedroom and living room set we wanted to purchase but now we will be taking our business elsewhere, where it will be appreciated. I have never been so offended in my life. The sign should say Grand Opened for the people who look rich

Sure, the salesmen are nice

Sure, the salesmen are nice. But when your sofa arrives damaged, the nightmare begins. The manager on the phone told me that when I signed for the delivery I was accepting the couch. I wanted to return the couch, because it clearly had poor workmanship. No way! Manager argued and argued. I finally agree for them to send a replacement. But at the end of a four hour window, they called and said they couldn't deliver because of weather.It has been a month now. I am absolutely miserable about the sofa. In the showroom, it was not apparent that the base was made of cheap, paper-thin fake wood laminate. A 4 inch chuck is missing. The seams do not align. I cannot believe I am not allowed to return a poorly made item that cost $1,000.

Terrible, terrible, terrible

Terrible, terrible, terrible. Can't say this enough. I bought a full bedroom set. After it was delivered, I noticed tons of gashes and dents on 4 of my 5 pieces of furniture. I called corporate waited 2 weeks for my furniture the second time and it was delivered damaged again. They offered absolutely no solution and tried to charge me to have it sent out for the third time. Then they avoided my phone calls for 3 days saying "a manager is in a meeting". By the fourth day they offered me 60$ off of the next shipment to get it to me. They charged me every time they shipped damaged furniture and still refused to give any sort of discount for all my troubles. Now 4 days of missed work they still have not shown up to pick up the furniture that I told them I was returning. Their customer service is incredibly ineffective.

Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!

Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!! Even big lots has a better customer service, we purchased 2 bedrooms sets since the beginning of December, they told us it will be here right after the holidays, which we were fine with that, and then they said 2 more weeks, and then they said January 29th, well that day we went to pick it up and found out that one of the bedrooms sets was discontinued!! How you discontinue something that it's already paid for?? And they didn't even bother to call us and let us know and at least offer something different!!Now today it's February 3 and my other set is not in the warehouse and they have NO IDEA when it will arrive!! Are you F serious!!

I went to Mor to purchase all my furnature

I went to Mor to purchase all my furnature for my new home and the sales man was very helpful, but once the purchase process was over everything went down the drain. I was told my couch would be on back order for 4 weeks and I was understanding of that. Then I get a call saying my headboard can't be delivered because there is a crack. So I had to wait on that, and when the table was delivered there was a crack in the table leg. So those had to be taken care of and then my mirror is still on the way 4 weeks later because that also had a crack. Today I get a call saying my couches won't be delivered for ANOTHER 5 WEEKS! At this point I am out of patience!

As long as actually getting your furniture

As long as actually getting your furniture within few months is not an issue go ahead an order from them. When i bought it they said 4 weeks. Then when I called to find out a delivery date was told it got pushed out.. huh? well wouldn't that oh so helpful salesperson have called me with that information? NOPE. And expected to be put on hold for a very long time! Like where they give you the option of pushing one to get a call back!? Its a furniture store not the IRS. I was on hold for 7 minutes before i decided to push 1.. that was 15 minutes ago. For a place thats job it is to sale stuff. So since they said my furniture I ordered 12/9 wont be here until 2/30 ya thought maybe a discount would be in order since i sold my other furniture! NOPE no discount. Run far far away from this company.

Pushy salesman who stared at us the entire time

Pushy salesman who stared at us the entire time we walked through the store. He had the audacity to ask my husband if our 2 year old had a developmental delay. We walked out and will never be back. UNPROFESSIONAL

The furniture is great

The furniture is great. If it was here. If you're willing to wait about two months before you get your furniture then go for it. Every time we check on a delivery it's pushed back at least three weeks. At this point it'll be two months since we bought our dresser. All we want for Christmas is to stop having our clothes on the floor because the dresser we bought and paid for already isn't here. Original delivery date was almost a month ago. We'd bought a couch from a different store and it was at our house the next day. They at least delivered the giant mirror that goes with the dresser we bought that is sitting on the floor because there's nowhere to put it. The staff was really kind and very nice to us, however this wait reallllly sucks. I wouldn't recommend the wait.

OK this was my mistake

OK this was my mistake. I have heard bad things about Mor but I went anyway. Ordered furniture for our guest room and everyone is so eager to please when you are going to buy something. Then the deal is done and it becomes a different attitude. The different pieces were to arrive within 2 weeks. Then a month goes by and I am calling looking for the sales person, 90 days later the furniture arrives and some pieces need to be replaced. This has been a nightmare and still an ongoing problem. MOR = Poor service, poor products, poor judgement

the store was so off putting

Only bright spot on our visit was Glenda, the salesperson that greeted us and was present but not bothersome. (Only reason it got one star) While there were some nice pieces, we were looking at sofas, the store was so off putting, we couldn't get past it The floors and carpets were FILTHY. Popcorn everywhere. Furniture upended and things piled in corners. The men's restroom was being used as a storeroom and my wife's assessment of the lady's was very bad with papers strewn about to put it mildly. For a store selling a "look" for your home, it was anything but homey. Would have to be a much better deal to get past the cheapness of the store itself

Bought it set of couches from them

Bought it set of couches from them. Shortly after the frames inside of them broke. Went into the store and they said it was under warranty and some one would call me to come look at them. Never received a call or heard back from the store. Buyer beware.

I only buy from Mor

I only buy from Mor. I love their protection plan and have benefited many times from it. Letty is our sales lady, she is helpful and not pushy.

I came to Mor to look for a dining set

I came to Mor to look for a dining set, a dresser, a couch, and a coffee table. I came in early in the week and was greeted by someone named Bruce. He was nice and helpful but when I walked away without getting anything, he was obviously butthurt and suddenly became attitudey. That was annoying BUT I came back later in the week and was greeted by someone named Steve (who clarified that Bruce was not there that day). I found 3 dining sets I was interested in and Steve was so quick in getting me information. I ended up getting a set I fell in love with around 2 pm and it was delivered and assembled at my place by 5pm the same day. Such a smooth and hassle free process, I'd definitely work with Steve again!

After searching the Internet for months, I found Mor

After searching the Internet for months, I found Mor for Less was one of very few retails that advertised the entertainment center I so desired. I don't live in the area of any of retailers. However, I was able to purchase via M4L CS and paid the full amt due. I was then told of an est. availability date for pickup with a lead time of 35 days. Which I was ok with. I also explained that due to a distance issues, I would have the large entertainment center freighted to my location once received in their warehouse. I made all the logistic arrangements. Called M4L a week before pickup date and the explained situation and was told all was on schedule. Called back just to reconfirm 2 days prior to pick up and was told item won't be available for another 25 days. By the way this same women hung up on me the first time and I clearly stated that in the call back survey. But by then it was too late to cancel logistics without a penalty charge. I would have been ok with the additional wait had I been told in a timely manner in order to make different arrangements. PISSED CONSUMER!!!! Last chance, MOR FOR LESS, CAN YOU MAKE THIS RIGHT FOR ME??????????? I still want the entertainment center. However will cancel and purchase from higher priced retailer if you can't.

We've been looking for a new dining table...

We've been looking for a new dining table and stopped at Mors by recommendation of my sister. We walked in, over to the right were two employees, a blond female sitting at a dining table with her tablet and a mid-aged man standing near the same table. They looked at us but didn't acknowledge us as we walked right past them. A simple hello, do you help finding something? Goes a long way especially when your not helping another customer. We lingered around two tables that we liked, that were near the front door, for about 10 minuets hoping a sales rep would try to assist. Since not one sales rep had attempted to assist us, we decided to walk around the store for about 15 min. We ran into several Reps but still no acknowledgement. We went back to the same tables, hung out for another few min and then just decided to leave. As we headed out the door, the same woman remained at her "dining room table post". Generally sales reps are eager to make a sale but not here. The worst furniture store experience EVER! Best part of the visit was the complimentary popcorn and soda. I would never recommend this store!

I found a nice dining room set...

I found a nice dining room set. I have no complaints. They delivered on time and the sales person was friendly and helpful.

We works with Edward Bustos at Mor

We works with Edward Bustos at Mor and he was wonderful to work with! He showed us all the options and his personality was the best. I highly suggest asking for Ed when you go int Mor. We also looked at every furniture store and found the best deal on a beautiful sectional.

Friendly, very attentive

Ask for Steve!!! He was excellent! Friendly, very attentive, and professional! Made our shopping experience easy and wasn't at all pushy!! Helped us find the perfect sectional.

I went in ready to buy some furniture

I went in ready to buy some furniture and had rather interesting experience. Six different sales people walked right by me and didn't offer to assist. Four of them even saw me readying the list where it showed all the prices

I thought it was awesome

I thought it was awesome, big selection and a wide range of prices.

I stopped in today to browse for bedroom furniture

I stopped in today to browse for bedroom furniture. I was greeted by Tara (or Tamara....I'm sorry, bad headache today) and she was very helpful. She provided just the right touch of "I'm here if you need anything but I'm not stalking you" that I like. Selection is nice and the prices about what I was hoping for. Now that I've done the "pre"shopping, my husband and I will be back!

Sorry to say it but DONT BUY FROM HERE

Sorry to say it but DONT BUY FROM HERE. We bought two couches and then 8 months or so later a table and chairs. The experience was good, we liked the financing but thought price was a bit high. With that said we thought the quality of product was good too... well we were terribly wrong. Not only is the product they sell absolute garbage they don't stand behind it even if, like we did, you buy their extended warranty. One of the couches broke in the mechanism for the foot rest. It took a few weeks, maybe more, to get them to fix it. When they did fix it the part was "updated" so it didn't even match the couch anymore and it look bad.... and then it failed within a couple weeks. We call back, set up a repair, of the repair, and that is now taking MONTHS. They send a guy out who acknowledges the part just failed somehow and he orders several parts that he says we need. A week later they call to say the extra parts he ordered aren't covered .... ok.... it was their tech who ordered it, not me. So they order just the one part that they had already replaced before. Then they can't get the part, then they find the part and don't know why it's not delivered. Then it gets delivered and you have to call someone different to put it in. Well here it is...Still not repaired and we don't have a repair scheduled since no one calls you back. Did I mention it's been MONTHS! At one point I was Fed up so I call Mor directly and asked to return the couch and pay the difference for something better. The customer service lady didn't give a crap about my concerns. No consideration, nothing. She told me that they didnt do that and I had to go through the warranty company. The same garbage company that they sold me and is clearly a terrible service provider. Learn from my pain and DONT SHOP HERE. I now need a new mattress and I can tell you where I won't go because they don't stand behind their product and they don't care about you after the moment they collect your payment.

A few years ago we purchased...

A few years ago we purchased a very expensive "all leather" sectional from this location. In less than 3 years the color started chipping off a little at a time on almost every seat. When I contacted customer service they just gave me the run around and told me too bad. I would avoid this store at all costs. No integrity. Go to one of the nearby choices...there are many. We are now in the process of buying a new California king bedroom set, living room set, dining room table and chairs, 2 consoles, 2 ottomans, and other accessories. You missed out MOR! This is why you take care of your customers. We will never go back there again...And we will tell all if our friends and family about you also.

I can't thank him enough

AARON IS WONDERFUL!!! I can't thank him enough. He went out of his way to make sure that we were purchasing something that would work great for our family . I didn't feel like he was trying to upsell me like some annoying salesman. He listened to all of my concerns and recommended what I really needed. I couldn't beat the price anywhere. We will be using AARON from now on! I walked in just looking because I've been searching for months and walked out with a new bed thanks so much. Thank you for having the safety of my kids in mind when recommending a mattress to us !

I can see why this place has almost a complete 5 stars

I can see why this place has almost a complete 5 stars across the board. Todd went above and beyond for me. This location is fast, efficient, and truly cares about their clients. I will be spending my money at this store again!

Though I haven't purchased anything, I've visited the store twice

Though I haven't purchased anything, I've visited the store twice. I worked with Armando the first time and with Brandon today. Both gentlemen were very friendly and helpful. I was greeted upon arrival and made aware of incentives and sales. Free delivery is offered within a certain area. The store has free drinks, cookies, and popcorn. They also offer several financing options. Many styles and options are available for living room, dining room, office, and bedrooms. The only issue was having to wait for a mattress order and only delivering to Tucson a couple times a month.

I stopped in the store yesterday

I stopped in the store yesterday and was greeted by Steve Pappas, who was very pleasant and helpful......I told him exactly what I was looking for and he delivered all my expectations every step of the way.....I will definitely be back to purchase MOR furniture! BTW - the concession area is a BIG PLUS!

Great experience!

Great experience! As first time customers, my wife and I were greeted by Armando Gonzalez who patiently listened to our input. He then showed us around the showroom where we never felt pressured to purchase. We changed our minds a number of times but finally settled on the perfect furniture to match our taste, budget and lifestyle.


HORRIBLE. We paid $4k for beautiful bookshelves, only to have their "white glove service" deliver 2 of the 6 pieces broken. They said they would send out a tech the next weekend to fix the light that wasn't working and then to fix the broken glass door. They send out a tech (these are our weekends by the way, that we are sacrificing), who doesnt even bring his own LADDER??? Doesnt bring parts for the light and says he has to now order them. Really, you had a week to do that and didnt?? Then he "fixes" the glass door, it still doesnt fit, so we tell him we want a new one. It's an $800 piece, we arent going to be satisfied with broken. So today, Sunday, they come out and bring THE WRONG BOOKSHELF. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Then I call and talk to someone in customer service who tries to debate me and say "well the tech said its the right one" - like do you think this is some game I like to play to trick you? You gonna believe your customer or not? Now they have to send someone out next saturday to bring the right one. If they dont we are going to the store and raising hell so be prepared, Mor. After I argued with the girl and she went on hold for 10 mins, she offered us a $100 gift card..... whatever.

Beautiful furniture selection

Beautiful furniture selection at reasonable prices. The salesperson named Steve was very helpful in guiding of what I looking for. I initially went in wanting to purchase a small sectional, but ended up also getting a mattress set for my daughter. I was offered free shipping and installation. Plus, I was able to get 100 off from an email promo!! I was very pleased with my purchase and will totally recommend Mors to others.

Tamara was great!

Tamara was great! Greeted us at the door and was around every time we had a question. Our purchase was quick and pain free. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. Felt like we were friends from way back. Go see Tamara if you have any furniture needs!

Awful delivery service

Awful delivery service and I paid $300 for it, I have been on the phone with them multiple times this week due to their errors! Salesperson ordered wrong item and when spoken with about this he replied, "my bad, let me look into this and call you back" no return call at all! When in the store buying another piece of furniture giving them a second chance when asked if we wanted the premier delivery service we said no and explained our poor experience the salesperson did not offer a manager to hear our poor experience he persisted in trying to sell us the premier delivery. When I completed the online survey I explained the poor experience, management called to discuss and attempted to correct the issues. I was happy with the response and looked forward to improved service for the last piece of furniture delivery but was disappointed even more! I have spent over an hour of my time today trying to correct the delivery they messed up again, each conversation I have asked to talk to the manager and each time I am told I cannot that they will help me. If I feel like going by the store this week I will have a lovely face to face with management sharing my dissatisfaction. The main take away is think twice about paying for their premier delivery as it may cause more heartache in the end! Oh and we wouldn't be dealing with this awful service if the salesperson had not screwed up our order in the first place way back on 3/3/18 a month later still haven't received correct piece of furniture!!!! Update-Customer Service told me to be at my home at 2pm as they would deliver at exactly 2pm because of all the issues I am having, it is 4:20pm and not sign of the Mor delivery guys!

Great new Gilbert store

Great new Gilbert store. Awesome knowledgeable staff and long term financing available. Quick turn around time on deliveries and overall, it seems like this company knows what they are doing.

I have bought a lot of furniture

I have bought a lot of furniture (probably more than I need, and I probably have an addiction to beautiful furniture) so when we were looking for a piece recently we decided to go to Mor. They are in the neighborhood celebrating their Grand Opening for this location. I was surprised that after all the trouble they go through to get you to go to the store, they don't deliver on customer service. We had issues with one of the stools we bought and it was not resolved to our satisfaction. Sadly, this will be our first and last purchase. Furniture is a competitive business, I can appreciate that, as should Mor. They don't even give you the telephone number of the retail store. All they have is one central call center.

We recently purchased a sectional

We recently purchased a sectional from this location. The quality of the furniture throughout the store was nice. The sales guys were helpful and not pushy. We came back a couple of times before making the purchase and they were always helpful.

Had a great experience

Had a great experience at this brand new Gilbert location on Monday. Armando assisted me and my family in choosing new furniture for our living room, dining room, and older son's bedroom. The prices were good and we got instant zero interest financing. Armando was super helpful and explained everything thoroughly down to the last detail. He was friendly in assisting us and did not pressure us at all, just helped us make good decisions for our home. Highly recommended.

My husband and I just moved from Idaho

My husband and I just moved from Idaho, and we were needing new furniture throughout our whole place. We were greeted by Steve, who helped us throughout the whole process and explained everything throughly. He even gave us some space to just look around. Great experience! We're so excited to get our furniture!

This store is absolutely beautiful

This store is absolutely beautiful. They have all the latest styles. I was really impressed as I walked through the store. If ya wanna get some incredible service ask for Aaron when you walk in. He knows his stuff and really goes above and beyond.

Family and I purchased a small living room set yesterday

Family and I purchased a small living room set yesterday. Amazingly, almost all we wanted was 20 yards inside the front door. Steve and Tamara were professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Our 3 kids enjoyed a movie and popcorn as the adults sorted things out. The store was clean and plenty of staff to assist and keep the store organized. The prices were reasonable, about what we expected. The only negative we have is when asked when we would like furniture delivered we said the next day. The response was, no problem you will be called about the delivery time. However when called later we were informed that they could not deliver until Wednesday. We thought that strange. We had already made plans to take away our couch. Had they simply said at the store that earliest delivery was Wednesday we would have planned accordingly. Accurate expectations. Besides this bump in the road we appreciated our experience at Mor and would recommend and shop with Steve and Tamara again.

I came in to their grand opening

I came in to their grand opening Julien assisted me she was very patient and provided excellent customer service. I will definitely be back.

I've been in the market for a sofa

I've been in the market for a sofa for a while and after searching around town, I stopped by know, just to browse a little. Famous last words, of course. After browsing, I found they had a floor model sofa at a drastically reduced price. It was in pristine condition and was exactly what I'd been searching for. Plus, they had a lift top coffee table that was also precisely what I'd been searching for as well (minus the usual exorbitant price tag that these coffee tables generally garnish). My husband (who spent much of his 20's assembling and delivering furniture) inspected both pieces (that I had found visually and functionally appealing) and declared them both well made (phew!). Our sales person was the usual level of helpful meets eager that one expects from furniture sales people. He was very patient and provided space and privacy for us to discuss our options. He even provided a tape measure when we wanted to measure the dimensions of the sofa. They offer great 0% interest financing options (awesome). If you can possibly avoid having the furniture delivered, do so. Their delivery fees are a bit exorbitant. If you don't have access to a truck, you could easily rent a U-haul for a day and save some serious cash on delivery. Of course, you'd have to have the ability to transport it from the U-haul into your home (not an option for everyone, I realize). As it turned out, we were able to transport both pieces (thankfully). Other than the over inflated delivery fees--a great buying experience (as I happily type this comfortably perched on my brand spanking new sofa).

Good store

Good store, kind sales staff, fair prices and a nice sale around thanksgiving. The problem is their warehouse processes and procedures. Their delivery guys have visited 3 times already and we still don't have the bed we paid for. Round one: ordered two SOFT temperpedics, and was delivered one firm and one medium. Round two: 4 days later was delivered ONLY ONE soft temperpedic instead of two. Round three: the next day the delivery men brought the firm mattress back. Now we have to wait an additional 10 days for the correct mattress because although it was in stock when they first messed up, it is no longer in stock in our area. So frustrating! I expected better.

Absolutely horrible service

Absolutely horrible service. Two salesmen in the store, one with a customer, the other doing paperwork. Neither could be bothered to say hello, "I'm sorry, we're tied up, we'll be with you as soon as possible". Totally ignored us. They lost a $1500 sale, and I'll never go back. Absolutely inexcusable.

While our sales rep was amazing

While our sales rep was amazing, our experience since then has been pretty awful. We had our bed frame scheduled to be delivered on a Saturday specifically so that it would not interfere with our working hours. Upon arrival, our delivery/installation guys let me know that the manufacturer left out a couple slats that were necessary to put the bed together. Things happen - I get it. Not their fault. HOWEVER, they have been LESS than accommodating since then in getting this resolved. When I asked the warehouse manager if they could get these sent out same day he chuckled and said "no - it won't be today. I don't have enough guys for that." First of all, NEVER chuckle at someone who is already frustrated. That won't help the situation much. The part was not in the state so it was scheduled to be delivered and installed the following Tuesday. They came out and installed the slats and I thought all was well. Then, I opened a drawer on the bed and find wooden posts that are supposed to be attached to two slats down the middle of the bed to provide support. They literally put the two slats underneath the bed and left the posts in the drawer and didn't attach them to my bed. So now, my bed has no support in the middle whatsoever. I called support again and they said they can have someone come out tomorrow to get this fixed. This will be the THIRD time that I have to wait at my house for the duration of a 2-3 hour delivery window. The delivery that I set up specifically on a Saturday is now affecting my working hours not once, but twice. I leave out of country tomorrow and still have not even received a call to schedule the installation. Our house/dog sitter might be having to sleep on a mattress on the floor - all because they can't get it together and make something right that they messed up. I understand that things happen, but what is most frustrating is the lack of support we have been given. At no point have they tried to make this right. All I have received so far is a $50 in store credit, which is honestly pretty useless. Especially considering I have no desire to shop at their store moving forward.

Well this is unfortunate

Well this is unfortunate but I'm going to have to lower my previous rating. While my first experience was very good the few others I have had since have been nightmarish. Last year I bought several items but during delivery the delivery guys were rude unprofessional and careless. They trashed my home causing damage all over the place and when I asked them to leave one of them tried to fight me causing me to have to call the police. Mor refused to take care of the damages and told me their delivery company was liable as they were subcontractors! I gave them another shot before thanksgiving and bought several more things however the kitchen table was damaged so now I have to wait for replacement parts in addition to having to schedule ANOTHER appointment. This being the 3rd for the table and I have lost wages for every time they have come out. Now they are saying they don't have the rest of my order and want to reschedule it out even further. To make it worse, because of the nature of one of the items I now have to reschedule the guy I hired to mount and wall fish and connect my tv to the console costing me yet again a reschedule fee. Mor you are doing pretty badly!

Can only call 800 number for help

Can only call 800 number for help. Called ahead 2 times to pick up so they could have stuff ready. Both times cs did not follow thru& I had to wait an hour each time to get furniture. Waiting for warranty repair over a month because cs dropped the ball again. Now they went to wrong address and told me they only come to my location once a month.

We had a great experience with Mor.

We had a great experience with Mor. Brian was our salesperson and very patiently walked us through finding the perfect bedroom set & mattress. His years of experience helped raise our level of confidence in getting exactly what we wanted & needed. Highly recommend Mor Furniture!

Will not be shopping here again

Will not be shopping here again. Bought a mattress with a 90 day sleep guarantee. The mattress felt good in the store but after 2 months of sleeping on it it really started hurting my back. When I went to return the mattress I quickly realized the 90 day sleep guarantee is not as easy as advertised. Long story short, the salesman said he gave me a discount before that he shouldn't have, etc. now I stuck paying an additional $733.53 for a different mattress (with the exact same list price as mine) that has no sleep guarantee. I feel like I just got suckered at a shady used car lot.

Derek was our guy and he was amazing

Derek was our guy and he was amazing as he helped dial us in to the proper dining table we were looking to use as a display prop that fit our budget. Derek made the impression, but when we went back he was out to lunch; the second salesperson that rang us wasn't as personable or friendly as Derek was, but that didn't matter cause Derek made the right impression. People buy from people they like. Products here are reasonably priced and offer good value otherwise!

Every single time we go to MOR we get great service

Every single time we go to MOR we get great service. We bought a couch there a few years back and still love it. My dad just purchased a recliner and Derek our sales guy was not pushy and was very friendly. The cookies are always a bonus as well. Financing is a breeze and their in store financing has reasonable terms. We love MOR. We have never had a disappointment.

Holy cow, what a great experience

Holy cow, what a great experience it was to shop here! I can't say enough good things about the incredible assistance we received from Walter! He took his time with us and was extremely knowledgeable and patient. Walter knows the ins and outs of the furniture in this establishment. Really happy we bought our Tempurpedic mattress from him! He's our new go-to next time we need furniture!

Walt did a great job for us

Walt did a great job for us. He made sure we knew what all our options were and ensured we got the best deal possible. Updating review. Still haven't received love seat. 60 days has turned into 12 weeks. If you buy from here, make sure they have it on hand. At no point should it take this long to get something delivered. I just hope when it does finally show up, that I don't have any problems with it because then how much longer would it be?

If there is one thing I can't stand, it's shopping for furniture.

If there is one thing I can't stand, it's shopping for furniture. I found Mor Furniture after looking at some other places here in Treasure Valley and not being able to find what I was looking for. I'm glad I gave Mor Furniture a shot. We were met by Walter who was friendly and very helpful. Walter went over the pros and cons of each piece of furniture we were looking at. He gave us time to roam around and helped us put together a living room set we're sure to enjoy for many years to come. The deal we got was great and I couldn't be any more pleased. Thank you, Walter!!!

I enjoyed my furniture shopping

I enjoyed my furniture shopping, purchasing, and usage experiences with Mor Furniture for several reasons. 1) The sales staff (Jake and Derek in my particular case) are highly organized. They had notes on my purchase ideas that could be brought up by anyone when I showed up, regardless of who was working. 2) The sales staff finds a great balance between being informative and letting you have your space to think about how to furnish your space. They answered all of my questions and let me browse by myself when I wanted. 3) I had an issue with a piece of furniture and Karina, in customer service, helped me resolve the issue quickly and to my satisfaction. Thanks Karina!!! 4) Their free, comfort food treats (cookies, popcorn, and drinks) offered a nice mini break from the day and made me feel more at ease (less like I was shopping and more like I was imagining the future of my home, in relation to how it is furnished). All in all, I appreciated the business being run at Mor and would recommend them for someone looking to furnish any portion of their home. They have a full range from very affordable to high end, and I liked the options within each price range.

What ever you do DONT SHOP HERE!

What ever you do DONT SHOP HERE!! The salesman are not straight forward and will lie to you about how the finances are handled. No one will take responsibility on either side for their actions. Better off with a company like RC Willey who is straight forward about how your payments are handled. WORST EXPERIENCE BUYING FURNITURE EVER and the manager sent me a message after this post and never got in touch with me. This is a shady company! DONT EVER SHOP MOR

I was rushed into a sale

I was rushed into a sale and they got me into a matress that ended up giving me bed problems and didn't go over any of the return policy . Come to find it 7-10 days later after financing there is a no return policy or money back worst experience ever would not recommend this place

We were helped by Joe Haines

We were helped by Joe Haines. He was very friendly and helpful. He was patient and informative and it was evident that he wanted us to be happy and not just make a sale. The store is clean and very maintained and the store is very kid friendly.... Our two boys were handfuls but Joe made us feel right at home.... Especially being in a new state!

The varnish on this table...

The varnish on this table begins to come off within a year...and that's just wiping it with a soft products applied. The trim on the bottom ripped off just moving it from one side of the room to the other. I filed a claim and it was denied due to normal wear and tear. I will not shop at Mors again

Very pleasant experience

Dan is the man! Very pleasant experience at this furniture store. Greeted immediately upon entering, asked if we needed any help and taken to exactly what we were looking for. Provided us with lots of information about the Mor company, their warranty, how pricing works, etc. I loved how he would leave us alone for awhile, come back to check in and then leave again. I never felt like he was hovering or pressuring us to make a decision. The purchase process was fairly easy and straight forward. Wish we would have qualified for the special financing offer, but that was no fault of theirs. Wells Fargo deals with this area, which has never been one of my favorite banks. He did take the time to call and directly talk to the bank, in case the computer generated response was not correct. Furniture is currently on order, expected to arrive in 2 weeks. I will be sure to provide an update if there are any hiccups with this process. Overall selection in the store was average. I was happy with the option they had, but did feel alternative options were limited. I also felt like there could have been more fabric color choices. But again, I don't feel like I compromised. Pricing was very fair. And they do have a guarantee that their price is matching to competitors, if you find is somewhere else cheaper they will match the difference by double. So no need to shop around for a better price. Top it off with free cookies, popcorn and refreshments . . . what else could you ask for!

We ended up finding exactly what we wanted

John was extremely helpful when we went to the Boise store to buy a bedroom set. He greeted us as soon as we walked in and went throughout the entire store with us to help us find our bedroom set. We had been to 11 previous stores and at most of them, when someone did finally come up to us, they usually said to look around and let them know if we needed help. We ended up finding exactly what we wanted. Thanks, John!

Excellent service

Excellent service. Beautiful selections and an awesome staff. The saleslady Tina was professional and really helped my wife and I find what we were looking for.She was such a help,attentive and friendly. But Justin you are the man for what u did for us after the purchase ! Thanks to you I was able to bring the furniture home in one piece and save my marriage ! Thank you everyone at Mor furniture. You guys are the best!

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this company yet

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this company yet! Let me rectify that. I went in a few years ago to look at couches. There was a group of salesman at the door immediately pouncing on people who were coming in. I asked if I could just walk around and look. They again persisted on following me, so I said I wanted to me left alone. Then another salesman rudely told me to leave and they didn't want my business. I'm sorry, I didn't realize being asked to look without being followed was a bad thing. It's safe to say I haven't been back sense and purchased furniture many other places. Mor has lost thousands of dollars from me due to their poor service.

Figured i would come give them another 1

Figured i would come give them another 1 since i cant give a 0. I have spent a bunch of money at this shop. They are nice and helpful until you have a problem. Beware that this place is just out to get your money and any warranty you may think you have is worthless. You will be told that if anything happens, you will get a replacement. We had bad stitching and thats not covered. 3 thousand dollars for furniture that was made cheaply. *** buyers beware ****

I regret getting furniture

I regret getting furniture from this place they have delivered the wrong furniture three times in a row. March 2 delivered right side of sectional sofa not the left, March 6 came back again with right side not left, March 8 came back again with right side of sectional not left. Just how hard is it to get your job rite.

I went to Mor furniture...

I went to Mor furniture and was greeted by a sales associate named Mohamed. I was going to buy a table but I did not have the complete measurements in mind that would fit my living room. My sales associate helped me with giving advice on sizes even though I didn't have the measurements. I unfortunately did not buy at this time though I still did not have the complete measurements in mind but I wanted to write this review as I was very happy that Mohamed tried to help me work things out. I'm definitely coming back as I have my measurements in mind now.

They are nice when in the store

They are nice when in the store, of course because they want to make the sale. Once the sale is complete, good luck having them return your call or reach them to just ask a question. The deal, a new t.v. with your purchase, will probably never come to fruition. They do not know when these free t.v.'s will be received. I feel it's a scam. I left a bad review via email and immediately got a call from the store. The employee apologized, however, he has no idea when or if the free t.v.'s will be in. I am very disappointed in the service.

Don't even bother with going here

Don't even bother with going here unless you are paying cash! Denied financing on $800. Left and went to Furniture City. Approved on $1300 and 6 months same as cash!!

As of this last visit, I have now purchased 2 couches

As of this last visit, I have now purchased 2 couches from this Mor Furniture store. The first was a sectional we got about 2 years ago now that we noticed is still in stock this last visit! It was a smaller, cheaper one but definitely has served our needs and budget well so far. The couch has survived the destruction of us, our guests, and our teens pretty well. This trip we needed a second couch because we just moved into a larger space with 2 living areas. We are remodeling so we needed another affordable couch. We ended up going with a sofa from the passport collection in a blue. It was pretty comfortable, offered good seating space, and matched the color scheme I was going for. It also came with tons of cute pillows and was available for pick up 2 days later. Winning!!! We found it thanks to the suggestion of an associate in training (pretty sure his name was Tony? He was really nice.) He really listened to our needs and pointed us in the right direction without making ridiculous suggestions "just because". It felt like he really listened to what we needed. Obviously his trainer Leanor taught him well, and he was on his A game. She ended up ringing us up and setting up our pickup date, and she was very friendly. They also had treats and soda out for customers since the purchase process for furniture takes a bit longer to organize than cashing out at target. It was thoughtful. My only criticism is very minor. I will admit the place was pretty empty and close to closing, so quite a few of the other associates and managers on the floor were a little overly anxious and overly suggestive in speaking to us as we walked the floor. I know they meant well, but it was almost a bit distracting from our decision making process as a couple since our original associate already did a really great job helping us. Other than that, we had a great experience and we will definitely consider coming back for a kitchen table we were eyeing as we looked at couches!

Less Furniture for Mor

Less Furniture for Mor I don't normally do this kind of thing, but I'm pretty pissed off. About 5 1/2 years ago I bought a very expensive bedroom set from Mor Furniture for Less - Bakersfield, CA I paid extra for delivery and for them to put the bed together. Now it's a little over 5 years later and I go to take it apart to move it. Whomever from Mor that put it together, overtightened a few of the hex bolts and stripped them. I'm unable to undo them with the allen wrench. I called them to ask for their help - either to have someone stop by and help me undo them, or at least tell me how to. Their manager's response was that since my warranty was for 5 years, there's nothing she could do to help me. Awesome. How could I have known they stripped these bolts when they built it? What could have been done with simply a little bit of their labor time was too much trouble. That will be the last dime I spend with Mor Furniture.

I purchased a mattress...

Your Serta mattresses with the Reverie Motor WARRANTY is absurd!!!!! I purchased a mattress less than 4 years ago and the motor for the massaging mechanism stopped working. I called Reverie and was told that they only cover defects!!!! So if they screw up the product it might be covered at "Reverie"s discretion" their exact words!! I got offered a WARRANTY book could be sent to me!! They told me that I used it too much !! Isn't that why you purchase any product? BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT AND MOR FURNITURE NOT LETTING YOU KNOW 'NOT TO USE THE BED YOU PURCHASED JUST LOOK AT IT!!!

Worst place ever.

Worst place ever. I received my vanity and during installation they cracked the mirror and just left it like that. Not only that, but a whole mirror, that is supposed to lay on the table was never put on during the installation process. They said they would bring it and never did. I have contact mor way too many times and every time there is no solution.

They supposedly guarantee their furniture

They supposedly guarantee their furniture, are pleasant while getting you to buy and seem helpful. But, once you buy then contact them with a problem with your furniture, they refuse to help, ignore you and want to refund your money instead of being responsible and replacing the purchased, poor quality furniture. Buyer beware!

Anytime I need furniture I always come here

Anytime I need furniture I always come here , big selection and the customer service is always great . But this time we needed something specific for my elderly mother and Kevin didn't give up till he found what we needed . They had a Super Bowl sale so we also saved a bunch !!

Jose Sanchez was our sales associate

Jose Sanchez was our sales associate and our whole experience over all was awesome! We highly recommended MOR Furniture for Less.

This is based on just my experience

This is based on just my experience in store and customer service I have been receiving. Wish I could give zero star but from the moment we walked into the store we were followed and hovered around by Ricky the uninformed sale-man and told that my furniture would arrive on a certain date and that had past by several weeks then that turned into months i was told they don't know what comes in on the shipments so all dates for delivery are just estimated. i have never heard this before with other companies this place is TRASH..... STAY CLEAR AND GO ELSEWHERE....

All the reviews are true

All the reviews are true. This is a horrible place. 1. Their salesmen provide contradictory info on prices, delivery, and shipping terms. 2. They do not keep their delivery commitments. I ended up having to pick up my furniture since they couldn't deliver and they didn't refund me the delivery charge. I had to file a credit card dispute to get my money back.

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