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Montgomery Ward Reviews

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Montgomery Ward is the legacy of over 140 year old catalog and department store. Over the years, the brand has consolidated into focusing mostly on furniture and home items with a vibrant online storefront and direct mail catalog focusing on very affordable home goods. While most customers like Montgomery Ward's designs and styles, there are some that had issues with returns, perceived quality, and financing.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.8/10

Price Value: 7.5/10

Price: $17-$849+

Return Policy: 60 Days + Restrictions

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Montgomery Ward Specifics

Montgomery Ward's brand has been around for decades upon decades. With a long legacy as a department store and national catalog in the 20th century, Montgomery Ward as a retailer company went out of business in the early 2000s. Their brand was then taken up by a new online and catalog business, focusing on affordable decor and furniture offerings with store 'Wards Credit' options that make it easy for even those with low credit scores to purchase new household items.

Most customers like Montgomery Ward's selection of items and their extremely competitive price points with some positive feedback about their credit program in terms of building up credit scores by being loyal patrons. However, there were some mixed feedback from others around delivery and returns, perceived quality of some items, and customer support when shoppers had problems paying off their bills.

Material Quality

Montgomery Ward has developed a cult following from shoppers when it comes to their selection of home furnishings and household items. Their prices are oftentimes $100s cheaper than other discounters. When it comes to furniture, their products feature inexpensive materials ranging from solid wood to particle board. While shoppers report being excited about these bargains and liking them overall, there are some who had complaints about durability in some cases.

Montgomery Ward's Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that Ward's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top searches and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Indoor Furniture

The first thing that Montgomery Ward's shoppers are oftentimes looking for is indoor furniture. Montgomery Ward has a smattering of various types of furniture, usually focusing on smaller items, but ranging to mattresses, sofas, and dining room sets. With prices starting as low as $39, customers have good things to say about the bargains they could find. However, there were some disagreements about perceived quality and durability in some cases.

The pros: Array of extremely budget friendly furniture.

The cons: Some issues reported with perceived quality and durability in some cases. Small selection for some catagories.

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#2 Outdoor Furniture

The second most popular category that Ward's shoppers are looking for is outdoor furniture. Ward's has a fairly wide selection of outdoor furniture options. With cushioned hanging chairs starting at just under $50. With seating and conversation sets, Montgomery Ward shoppers have good things to say overall about their selection. However, there was some mixed sentiment about longevity in some cases.

The pros: Good assortment of outdoor furniture for extremely competitive prices.

The cons: Some issues reported about durability and delivery in some instances.

#3 Small Appliances

Since Montomery Ward was a department store chain, it has been known for small appliances. Keeping up with this legacy, the current Montgomery Ward shop provides a variety of small appliances like tillers and lawn mowers, griddles and fryers, and even dishwashers and refrigerators. Similar to their other products, these options are very price competitive and offer buy now pay later credit terms. However, there were some complaints about durability and perceived quality in some instances.

The pros: Affordable small appliances and household essential power tools.

The cons: Some complaints about durability and perceived quality for some items.

#4 Bed & Bath

Another popular request from customers are bed and bath items, such as towels, bath decor, sheets, bed spreads, and more. They have a wide selection of bed and bath items ranging from solid color palette options to printed versions, all starting for under $20. Customers have good things to say overall about these options, but some had some complaints about perceived quality in some cases.

The pros: Bargain focused selection of bedding and bath items.

The cons: Some disappointment regarding longevity and perceived quality in some instances.

#5 Curtains & Window Treatments

The last category that Montgomery Ward shoppers are excited to get their hands on are new curtains or window treatments. They have options that start under $20 and feature a variety of print options to choose from. With over 75 options to choose from, customers report liking their window treatments overall, but there were some complaints about perceived quality.

The pros: Very affordable window treatments and curtains.

The cons: Some disagreements about perceived quality in some cases.

Top Budget Alternative: Browse Wayfair Curtains
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More From Montgomery Ward's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Montgomery Ward offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Kitchen Furniture

- Electronics

- Cookware

- Holiday Decor

- Home Decor

Request A Montgomery Ward Catalog

Montgomery Ward offers a popular catalog available to residents of the US. Want to see the newest designs and get inspiration for your home?

Visit and request your catalog today.

Montgomery Ward Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

If you are ready to learn more about the best rated online furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2024 Furniture Stores.

...or jump right into our top online furniture alternative, Wayfair.

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Browse Montgomery Ward Customer Reviews

I love MW products!!

When MW was in the malls I was a frequent customer. So glad they are now available to me in this way. Their prices are high but so far the quality of everything I have ordered has been A+++ and beautiful. I have ordered a chenille bedspread of the best quality. I could not find a nice one in the stores. I also got a gorgeous bed coverlet. Again, top quality. I have ordered a few other things as well and everything has been as described. My only wishes are that the handling/shipping fees were not so high and that discounts or coupons were offered. I recommend MW to anyone wanting beautiful, high-quality items.

Great Customer Service, Nice catalog Items, They do report on time payments to Credit bueau

First I like to say to all the bad reviewers on Mont. Wards. I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED ANY THREATENING PHONE CALL FROM MONT. WARDS .THEY HAVE NEVER CALLED ME. MAKE YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENTS ON TIME, OR DONT OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT. I've had excellent customer service with them. I've had a charge Account 4 mths now with Mont. Wards online. And they have excellent friendly customer service, which I've only waited no more than 10 to 15 minutes for them to answer my call. They have Atomated service to pay your bill also. I've gotten a nice Icemaker,& Airfryer, from them that I'm making monthly payments which I like that they report your on time payments to all 3 credit bureaus. Mont Wards has helped me to rebuild my credit, and my credit score has gone up 100 points since I've had a charge account with them. Before I got a charge account with them my credit score was indeed poor at 500. Now my score is 600. That's a 100 point gain which is good for only 4 mths . And I know with my on time payments my score will gain even more points untill I get a good credit score in the 700's. They mention in their service agreement that they don't report to credit bureaus, BUT THEY DO REPORT, AND I LOVE THEM FOR THAT. They do charge up to 38.00 shipping for a 200. item, but all online catalog company's do. I have no complaints with Mont Wards. Their helping me to rebuild my credit, at a time when I can't get approved for a credit card cause my score is low. Mont Wards online is a great company to help you improve your score, and also me paying my bill on time, they raised my credit Limit. I recommend them to anyone that wants to improve their score. They have nice household items in their catalog you can order and make monthly payments . The customer service team is friendly and quick to answer your calls. That's a company I like. They also ship your order within 2 days, & I've gotten my Merchandise in the mail within 3 days after they ship it, that's fast great shipping. I recommend them , order today their a great company.

We purchased a Corner Curio Cabinet

We purchased a Corner Curio Cabinet. It arrived in two boxes and the unwrapping of the boxes became a career opportunity. 3 days to assemble with gluing several sections. The instructions could have been better. Even with all the grief of unpacking and figuring out the instructions the piece is assembled and it looks great.

This is the biggest scam going right…

This is the biggest scam going right now!! I ordered a Chenelle quilt for my bed, the shipping and tax was about 20.00 bucks cheaper than the quilt itself!! When I called and spoke to a CSR, he was rude, mumbling, and just an inadequate human t!! I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for a lengthy amount of time until I hung up!! I will NEVER order from them again or refer them to anyone!!!

If I could give them -10 stars I would

If I could give them -10 stars I would. I have been a customer for 6 years and I am gonig to pay them off and get rid of them. I had to have surgery so I was late on a payment. They sent me a letter saying that they intended on ruining my credit and my spouse's credit as well. Horrible company.

Shipping is high bad customer service

Tried to place a $200 ordered for first time and shipping is nearly the price of one item. I called and got a CSR they told mr I have to be a customer to receive a discount. Guess I will try to find the items at their competitor.

I have ordered from this company and…

I have ordered from this company and mind you when you apply for credit you tell what your income is. I have been making payments they call nonstop and love to threaten customers. I should have never ordered anything else after they went in to my bank account and took the full amount they are rude and should actually go out of business. I will never order from them again and well let my family and friends know never to order from them

I am 63 yrs old and have never dealt…

I am 63 yrs old and have never dealt with such a nasty untrustworthy company in my entire life. I just finished filing a complaint with the BBB. I also am well aware as I said in my report that I fully expect them to lie when they see my complaint. I would warn anybody to check montgomery ward out before you try to dezl with them. They are not a trustworthy company and I would definitely say, Buyer Beware. I am definitely done with montgomery ward. I got horribly threatening letters telling me what they could do to my credit and could make it hard for me to buy a car or get a credit card or even buy from another mail order catalogs and they would go after the spouse too. Now who would want to deal with this kind of company.???

Harassing and intrusive mail

I opened a montgomery ward account. I spent several hundred dollars. I made multiple "minimum" payments each month and received harassing letters from the company, even after I my account balance was paid off in full. Note to business: It pays off to treat your clients like you care about them, not like you own them. Amazon is a prime example of what people respond to.


Montgomery Ward is without a doubt the biggest SCAM artist in the business. If you purchase a item from them and have to return it for some reason DO NOT EXPECT TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK. Once they have received your money that's it! You will never see it again. I will be following up with our families attorney. I WILL NOT let them continue to steal money from hard working families!!!

They are terrible

They are terrible. I had a $480 credit. Now I have zero. I pay 7 days early every month. I've been paying off for a cheap trellis that broke from wind. I also ordered something on Dec 9 for my mom for Xmas. It never shipped. They never emailed me to let me know what's going on. Took my credit and ignored my order. Myself and friends are closing the account. MONTGOMERY WARD IS AWEFUL..

Like the rest of you on here I am DONE…

Like the rest of you on here I am DONE with Montgomery Ward!! They prey on people with less than perfect credit. Offer products with horrible shipping costs. I wanted 2 sets of service of 4 dishes $60.00 each & $35 shipping. Bad huh? Oo but gets MUCH MUCH worse. They couldn't process the order so made it 2 orders and charged $35 for each order. RIDICULOUS! THEN when I called customer service to complain, the agent hung up on me. Grrrrr

Just an FYI

Just an FYI: ANYONE can set up a line of credit in your name with Montgomery Ward all they need is your name and address....I have been battling this company for months now and still absolutely no answers/ their customer service SUCX! #sofustrated I WOULD NEVER EVER purchase anything from them! Background: someone set up an account in my name and I contacted them 3x to get fraud paperwork to fill out and still nothing! But every week I am getting bills and threats for collection. I spoke with a supervisor today that was NO HELP AT ALL

I have been a customer since 2015

I have been a customer since 2015. I find out they don't report good credit ever. I still continued to use them, started out with $300 limit, it is now $2600. Haven't purchased for awhile, so I bought something on Nov. 3 2019 for $116.00. I received the purchase no issue there, Go to my credit report and the purchase is on there as a new inquiry dropped my score, and will stay on there for 2 years. I have never missed one payment, my balance was zero. They suck I am done. And for some reason the $116 isn't on my balance so I can't even pay that off. They suck buyer beware!!!!!

I ordered a few things and the girl…

I ordered a few things and the girl said it automatically went thru even give me a delivery date just to find out they dont need the business. would not recomend this place to no one

Shipping is a complete rip off. AVOID

I did not mind over paying to to help my credit. The $150 dollars for a 50 dollar item, well it's expensive when you have bad credit. But, when you charge me 30 dollars for shipping, and it takes 5 days to go 4 states....well ya, I'll be paying this off and no more business with them. Absolutely ridiculous shipping times, and a complete rip off all the way around.

watch out they run your credit without…

watch out they run your credit without your permission,caused me to have a ding on my credit.said they would remove it,but never did.I will never ever use this company.very very poor custermer service.


Please stop selling cheap,cheap cheap,cheap. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! CRAP!!!!!! Not about profit, it’s about satisfying the customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was trying to make a pymt on my…

I was trying to make a pymt on my Montgomery wards and monroe main and the agent DEDDIE over talked me she yelled and told me they didnt EMAILING confirmation emails? Ok I've been a customer for 2 YEARS WHEN DID THAT CHANGE!!!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED! I WILL NOT BE TALKED TO LIKE THAT ALL ALL!!!! MY NAME IS SANDRA RODRIGUEZ

Beware of mongomery ward I open account…

Beware of mongomery ward I open account they check your credit I understand but it should not do it all the time I regret opening account with mongomery ward

Terribly high prices coming from a low…

Terribly high prices coming from a low name has been company. I wish I could give you no stars

I have had an account with them for…

I have had an account with them for years never any problem, Until recently. I called their customer service to get my account straightened out. And was called a liar and had a person proceed to talk over me. I dont know who they are out sourcing their customer service department to. But I would suggest they rethink that strategy if they wish to keep customers. I will not be buying or using Montgomery Ward again in the future.

Doesn't report on time payments to credit bureau

Been with wards for years. They will not report to credit bureau unless you're not making payments on time.

Been with Montgomery Ward's four five…

Been with Montgomery Ward's four five six years order television sent me a bed comforter set instead cancel my order on the TV have called them six times and it keep telling me they made a mistake and they'll pick it up I finally got the tag to pick up now they're telling me I have to put a deposit down never had to before they're customer service is the worst I've ever had have talked to three different supervisors in three months trying to get them to pick up this order and order my original order now they're telling me I have to pay a deposit I am done with Montgomery Ward I would not recommend it to anybody ever

Very upset & disappointed

I ordered the sunflower dinnerware & canister set on 5/15/19 for $49.99...a 20 piece set per the website on the sale page. Received a box from them today containing ONLY the canister set (and the order summary clearly shows 20 items sent!). I spoke to customer service (Tom) who said that these items are sold separately. However the website does not show this unless you click on the items individually. So here I’m thinking I’m getting the 20 piece set hat I paid for. This is complete misrepresentation of what the website shows! They didn’t offer me anything as far as any type of discount for this false advertisement. All they told me was that they’ll send me a return sticker for what I did receive. This was supposed to be a wedding gift for my daughter! So very unhappy with this and I will never order from you again! I’m very disappointed!

My online account malfunctioned and I…

My online account malfunctioned and I was unable to pay online. My payments were being mailed and they were charging ridiculous late and finance fees. I was having a hard time paying off my account because they charged so many fees. I dont plan on shopping there again.


Their prices are EXPENSIVE and ridiculously HIGH. Yes, they have "Sales," but that's seldom a bargain.

Horrible products

Horrible products, cheap for a steep price, i ordered yellow bathroom set just to get mustard color towels and off yellow mats theu dont match, they dont stay they slide and fold. On top of that this is the only one i know that still charges for shipping and handling. Most places i order on line dont so $30 for 2 mats, $30 for 4 towels, $20 for shipping. Ughh never again.

I grewup shopping MW just like Sears

I grewup shopping MW just like Sears. They gave me 300.00 credit, all good let's see what they have on sale. That's were my nightmare began. Here is a table six chairs for sale..picture everything...BUT in reality it was two highback chairs for the table. Deffently false advertising. I tried to stop the order within or before 24 hours. Bam it shows at my door and the next day here come the bill. Maybe if the were open..heck even a snow day closure..all this issue could of been resolved. They returned it without fuss, but really lack Customer Care.

I just got a mailing from Montgomery…

I just got a mailing from Montgomery ward. Apparently they don't include sales tax. So now they say I owe all the sales tax for all the purchases I have made for the whole year. This is so wrong. My friend also just started receiving the mailings as well. Absolutely terrible.

Identity Fraud

Customers beware. I will never order again from Montgomery Wards. They did not protect my personal information leading me to be suceptable to Identity theft. It had to be done by a dishonest employee. Merchandise was ordered and rerouted to another state. MW was supposed to take care of the charges, but I keep getting bills.

I am really surprised at the good…

I am really surprised at the good reviews on this site. Most sites have bad reviews for mw. Higher than average prices, fail to report to credit bureaus, and then after sending multiple emails saying I have available credit, they take away the available credit, or at least that was my experience. Never late on a payment, just took it away. Couldn't get an answer from credit dept. Just talking in circles. I'm done

Didnt have anything i wanted

Didnt have anything i wanted. Didnt let me know till a few weeks later. Said i had about 2,000 credit but when i ordered said i needed to send money first.

There products are excellent

There products are excellent. What i really want to say and compliment mw is there billing. I have never dealt with a retailer that is NICE, when your late on payments. They go above and beyond and allow you enough time to get on your feet. They really wait and give you plenty of opportunities to catch up. This retailer has a heart! Thank you mw!

I used to shop at Montgomery Ward's…

I used to shop at Montgomery Ward's that ever since I moved away I haven't gone to Montgomery Ward's now I want to start going back cuz you have some good

I love this company

I love this company. Not problems and alway high quality.

I have had a pleasant experience …

I have had a pleasant experience ordering product from Montgomery Ward. Their quality is good and their monthly payment arrangement excellent. I have bought bedroom linen, kitchen items and the last items purchased where window dressings for my kitchen, living room and dinning. Customer service is great and they speak comprehensive English so it's an American based company - yay! On my last order I was short one item and when I contacted customer service they resolved the problem and the item was shipped to me immediately. So I will definitely make future purchases from Montgomery Wards.

Happy with past purchases

Happy with past purchases. Recently they have had nothing that has peaked my interest

so far a one of a kind home decor store

i found out about this wards site through my mom since she had a credit card through them (which i do now) and so far the items are phenomenal . easy to find items... the customer service i have received so far is excellent . they have helped me with everything from billing to statements issues and etc. so far no problems with rude CS people .i love this site

Fantastic estate agents

I sold my flat through Wards of Birchington and they were absolutely fantastic. The staff were really caring and kept me well informed throughout the whole process. I'd recommend them to everyone looking for a professional but friendly and approachable agents. the whole team were great but special thanks to the manager Maria. Thank you so much.

Efficient & helpful

Abi Miles, lettings Herne Bay, has been consistently attentive and has been very good at communicating with us throughout. Abi's enthusiasm has given us full confidence in the process. We are very pleased to have worked with her and thank her for her support.

Ecellent Service

Great service from the Birchington office, no fuss no stress ,just a easy and quick sale of our flat.

A very professional company dedicated to their customers

We invited Wards Estate Agents to act as our selling agents and we did not make a mistake in doing so. We had 'James' from our local Walderslade office visit us and the young man did us proud. His professionalism and attention to detail is five star and from start to finish he kept us fully informed of progress. As we agreed our sale we began to realise the extent of the team at Wards as we had communication with several of the team literally up to presenting our keys to the new owners. I would recommend anyone who wants their home presented and finally sold, as well as ours was, Wards should be your choice.

Great products

Not brand name but they are good. Ex-husband had trouble getting order approved.After redoing order 3 times it was shipped without notice. Still observing this company time will tell.

Charged me a deposit and they have no record of it on their end!

I opened a account buy ordering a item for the buy now and pay later option.. asked for a down deposit as soon as it charged my account for the down deposit it canceled my order!! and it charged my account for a order that they have no record of even charging on my account ! and now I have to send a copy of my bank statement showing them what they SHOULD have a record of and they dont .. HOW DO U CHARGE SOMEBODYS BANK ACCOUNT MONEY AND HAVE NO RECORD OF IT ????

Threatening Letter

I have been a customer for 6 years. I had to have surgery, and I was late on a payment, which has since been paid. They sent me a threatening letter claiming they were going to ruin my credit as well as my spouse's credit. I am not even sure if that is legal however I will contact the Consumer Protection Agency and find out. User's recommendation: Do not do business with this company. This is not a BBB accredited company and never will be.

To get the balance on my credit account

Customer service told me the balance. User's recommendation: Use customer service.


Any time I have returned a purchase I never received a full credit refund. For example, I purchased a pair of boots the total amount of the purchase was $164 and some change. I was credited to my account $141 and some change. I understand they charge for the shipping fee but over $20 is a lot. Then there statements don't have the item # for your purchase instead they have a reference # so it's kind of hard to figure out exactly what the purchase is for. "M talking about the paperless statements. User's recommendation: Check your monthly statements carefully.

Still haven't removed charge on my credit score. Plus, I paid off my charge card, "Total Visa", before Nov. 2019. Yet, it's still on my report.

Charges on my credit report that have been paid. User's recommendation: After paying off any account in full. Regardless if it's on time or late. Make sure it's right on ur credit report. Don't let up until they have it right!!!

Problem with shipping

When we got the package it was not what we were expecting it to be totally disappointed

Be very very careful when buying diamonds from this place. Spent $1000.00 back in 1997 and it it totally worthless!

My boyfriend was looking for engagement rings and a worker was helping him. Well he chose a !1000.00 one. Come to find out it is totally worthless. Not a diamond at all! I was so mad I could scream!

Be very very careful when buying diamonds from this place. Spent $1000.00 back in 1997 and it it totally worthless!

My boyfriend was looking for engagement rings and a worker was helping him. Well he chose a !1000.00 one. Come to find out it is totally worthless. Not a diamond at all! I was so mad I could scream!

Dont buy to much at one time

montgomery ward. seventh ave ginnys and country door. i had 800 in credit with wards, i had 1125 with seventh ave. i had 1125 with ginnys. i had 680 i believe with country door. well it seems that you cant order a lot. i had about 10 orders over a months time between the stores. its christmas. well they have taken all my credit for to many orders. doesnt make sense to me at all. you give me the crdedit to use so i use it a lot at xmas time but thats not aloud


Just an FYI Just an FYI: ANYONE can set up a line of credit in your name with Montgomery Ward all they need is your name and address....smh I have been battling this company for months now and still absolutely no answers/ their customer service SUCX! #sofustrated I WOULD NEVER EVER purchase anything from them! Background: someone set up an account in my name and I contacted them 3x to get fraud paperwork to fill out and still nothing! But every week I am getting bills and threats for collection. I spoke with a supervisor today that was NO HELP AT ALL

Watch out scam artists.ran my credit without my permission

got my ssn# from my address ran my credit without my permission.i never ordered anything wowser.ding my credit and said they would remove it.they never did,will never use wards again ever.thanks for reading.

Paid account in full. Yet they have a $13.00 charge on my credit from 2017 I've never been notified if.

I haven't a clue what the charge is for. It's just on my credit reports.

Make add more clear on website.

I ordered retro table with 2 chairs on the website ,It was first time ordering and getting credit . On the page the original add says dining room table with 2 chairs,click on it and.its either the 2 chairs or table but I didn't even see it. Ordering 2 chairs without a table . My order wasn't even shipped yet and i caught the problem in email thinking I order it on same order but nope they need a deposit and i get a extra charge to ship. Love Montgomery wards but found it very hard to order and fix order afterward , I don't want anything free and going to pay deposit cause who buys chairs for a table they ain't got.

Mail order disaster

I have received a form from M.W. to fill out and return. Will update as soon as I hear back from them . Sincerely, Cynthia Swoveland

Garbage products

CHEAP CHEAP *** products that you're charged double the price that you can buy it elsewhere.

Ridiculous shipping

I go on the promo code sites for free shipping and NONE of them ever work! They never email me to offer it. Their charges are ridiculous! Even Fingerhut who I would never deal with again offers it occasionally at christmas time!

Delinquent account on my credit report which was paid in full in 2017.

You have an over due payment of $13.00 on my account which was paid of and it needs to be removed a.s.a.p. Cynthia Swoveland 2500 Hwy. 79 Atwood, TN 38220

BAD customer service-not willing to help resolve customer issues or complaints. Servive reps can"t even understand the standard american language..WTH

Made a purchase of a blanket for my bed, loved the blanket it just didn't look good with the décor. so I called and the man said I could return it and even sent me a free return label. He also said when they rec"d it they would clear my acct. So a few weeks later I...

Box damaged during shipping.

When I received my package, I noticed the box is damaged and torn. It'll be a miracle if it works the way the box was thrown around.

Where is the "Zero" rating when you need it?

Placed an order with Montgomery ward after receiving a line of credit magazine offering in May 2022. I was informed that my order would arrive on May 15, 2022. After a few days of not receiving my order, I contacted Montgomery Ward to inquire about my order. Prior to speaking with a live agent, an automated message stated that I needed a down payment to place the order. However, upon speaking with a live agent of Montgomery Ward who informed me that my order was cancelled. The agent also stated that my email address was deleted from the system. The ironic thing is that, who deleted my email address? My order was actually processed online. This entire process sums up to be that "I'll never recommend anyone to Montgomery Ward's poor business practices. I asked for a simple letter in the mail to say that Montgomery Ward has cancelled my order. Unfortunately, Montgomery Ward has refused to send me something in writing to confirm the cancellation. This is important. Therefore, in the future Montgomery ward does not have the standing to say that I owe them any monetary amount.

Fraudulent company

After someone set up a fraudulent account in my name -I called the company. They sent me a letter which instructed me to jump through a number of hoops to clear the account or they would continue to bill me and ultimately ruin my Credit. Now months later, I am receiving letters saying I am in default on payments. In order words, they are effectively defrauding me.

This is the worst company ever to be in debt to.

I have been a customer for MW for about 2 years , they are the worst company ever, for false advertising.

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