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Medley Reviews

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Medley, a leading furniture brand focused on crafting environmentally friendly pieces, is making a name for itself online. Offering a wide range of stylish modern and mid-century inspired, sustainably constructed furniture, Medley uses solid wood and stringently certified upholstery, ensuring that each piece lives up to their reputation for exceptional quality. While customers have praised Medley's product offerings, some have expressed frustration with delivery delays and customer service response times.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 8.4/10

Price: $50-$6161+

Return Policy: 30 Days

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Medley Specifics

Medley, a rising furniture brand, distinguishes itself from competitors by prioritizing environmental consciousness and a streamlined online experience. The company focuses on using environmentally friendly materials like OEKO-TEX and Greenguard Gold certified fabrics and solid sustainably sourced wood to produce its modern designs. The brand works with skilled craftspeople in the USA to bring their furniture creations to life. Medley's online platform makes the shopping experience easy as well, offering a wide range of 80+ upholstery options.

While this furniture brand offers high-quality materials, customers have reported some instances of delayed delivery and design disagreements. Despite the occasional issues, customers have been generally pleased with the overall product quality and customer service experience.

Material Quality

Medley, a furniture brand renowned for crafting top-notch products, places a strong emphasis on using high-quality wood and eco-friendly upholstery materials. Their meticulous sourcing process ensures that the raw materials are curated to maintain a superior product standard. While customers may experience longer manufacturing times due to their construction methods, they are often more than willing to wait for the added value in terms of quality and longevity. Some customers have shared comfort concerns about cushioning in some instances, but overall, Medley's quality product construction speaks to their dedication to building more lasting products.

Medley's Top Picks

Medley shoppers are excited about certain pieces of furniture. We will discuss the ins and outs of customers' top picks:

#1 Sofas and Sectionals

Medley is renowned for their sofas and sectionals crafted with top-notch materials and over 80+ leather and fabric upholstery options. Their leather sofas are made using aniline plus or pure aniline leathers and are Red List certified, designed to last for years with proper care. The brand's fabric sofas feature 7 different quality choices with OEKO-Tex 100 and Greenguard Gold certifications with soft, easy to clean choices available. Prices start from $2,232 and are reasonably competitive given the devotion to quality. Although customers have expressed satisfaction with the overall build, some have reported issues with cushion comfort.

The pros: Sofas and sectionals with high end designs are available with lots of quality choices.

The cons: It is not uncommon to find sofas and sectionals with complaints about comfort.

#2 Accent Chairs

Medley accent chairs offer a stylish blend of mid-century sophistication and modern design aesthetics. With the same wide range of colors and fabric qualities to choose from as their other comfort furniture, it's easy to find a chair that fits your personal style. Despite some complaints about the chairs' comfort, Medley's prices start from $1,399, making it easy for customers to find a chair without sacrificing quality or design.

The pros: Accent chairs with good upholstery options are offered.

The cons: Complaints about comfort challenges are more common in customer reviews.

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#3 Bed Frames

Medley also specializes in mid-century style and durable pieces for the bedroom, offering a range of solid wood bed frames. Their certified hardwood bed frames are built to last and provide superior support. Prices start at $2,930 and customers appreciate the elegant designs and sturdiness. However, their prices are somewhat aspirational for those on a budget.

The pros: Beds get good scores for design quality, materials, and sturdiness.

The cons: There are higher prices compared to competitors.

#4 Credenzas

Medley's assortment of credenzas and storage furniture offers a mid-century and contemporary aesthetic with premium, sustainably-sourced woodwork. Starting from $2995, their collection is designed to meet the needs of those focused on getting long-lasting furniture. Customers have been largely satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship of their credenzas, but prices are still aspirational in today's market.

The pros: Their selection has been crafted using certified wood construction for sturdiness and reliability.

The cons: Price value is a challenge.

#5 Dining Tables

Medley has a wide range of modern dining tables that combine exceptional craftsmanship with artisanal woods like FSC-certified maple or walnut. Their selection of hardwoods offers a natural and luxurious look, with prices starting at $2195. Many customers have been happy with their purchases, but entry prices are still a concern for some.

The pros: Dining tables crafted from solid wood and showcasing quality craftsmanship.

The cons: Starting prices may feel steep for some.

More From Medley's 2024 Catalog

There is even more furniture to choose from at Medley. Here are some of the other top options mentioned by shoppers:

- Accent Tables

- Sleeper Sofas

- Benches

- Poufs

- Ottomans

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This is the perfect couch for our space---made with eco materials--and beautifully designed. Sure. We needed to wait a bit for delivery---but as they say......Laura and Kevin were terrific at communicating with us.

Everybody LOVES my chair!

It's such a comfy, soothing kind of chair in my family room. It's firm enough yet soft enough to want to stay in it for hours!

The color and fabric choices are…

The color and fabric choices are amazing. The samples they sent are gorgeous! It will be tough to pick which one i want cuz they're all so stunning!

Great couch and great customer service

The couch is beautiful, and when one issue occurred, customer service was extremely responsive and helpful. I would definitely recommend their furniture to a friend.

Well Done

Absolutely love this sofa bed! It is beautiful, comfortable, easy to alter to bed and back, and makes me happy to see and be on. The fabric is lovely, soft, and tightly woven. Class A. It is so reassuring to have NO chemical

Very pleased with the Lala Sofa

I am very happy with our new sofa. We chose the CertiPUR-US®-certified Foam and it is very supportive, and we love the Smart Earth fabric as well, and are hoping it cleans easily when the eventual stain occurs. Overall, I am very satisfied with the design, comfort, and quality, especially knowing that we made a sustainable choice for our sofa. We really appreciate that there was no off-gassing, plastic wrap, or styrofoam to deal with when it was delivered.

We like our Rio sofa

It took a while to get the sofa, but we are pleased with the comfort, durability, and style.

Everything I desired ...

I needed a low toxic sofa and was disappointed at the options, until I found Medley. I can't believe the design, customer service, support and quality of the product! I am sensitive to most things and although I have some furniture, I avoided anything upholstered. I finally took the plunge and am SO thrilled with my Blumen sofa! Laura worked patiently with me and I will always be grateful for that.

Fine craftsmanship

It is the best couch I’ve ever owned no question.

Rio Sofa and Chair are comfortable and well made

After a bad experience with some chemical laden furniture from another company, I did lots of research looking for non-toxic, eco-friendly furniture. Medley kept coming up . I read reviews and perused the Medley website many times. I ordered free fabric samples which arrived quickly. Finally, I settled on the Rio sofa and chair. I placed my order in May 2022 and was given a delivery date of sometime in October. I received an email in October alerting me to a delay in the construction of the furniture. After many emails and calls, my furniture was finally delivered this past Saturday. January 21. The furniture is beautiful and very comfortable .

Best sofa ever!

I love so many things about this sofa. The color is perfect; it's just the right size for someone my height (5'4); it's comfortable to sit on (not too squishy); and- possibly best of all- IT DIDN'T SMELL AT ALL coming out of the box! Hurray for non-toxic. I took a gamble on a sofa I'd never sat on, but it was kind-of a no-brainer because of the free return-shipping policy.

Love our sofa bed!!

We ordered a sofa bed and we love it! The quality is good, and it is very comfortable to sleep on, we have tested it with people who weigh 125 to 160, and everyone loves it. It is very well made and looks beautiful! We had one issue with customer service, but when I got in contact with Kevin, he took the time to listen to me and resolved my issue to my complete satisfaction. I was super impressed with Kevin's dedication and how much he truly wants all customers to have an amazing experience with Medley.

I want another!

Love the size and fantastic artisanal legs. It looks and feels high end and is bigger and better constructed than expected. Love! Thanks, Medley!

Absolutely amazing experience

Absolutely amazing experience. I loved all the information on the site, the complimentary design consultant (sent her tons of photos of my space), asked lots of questions on fabric care (it's all so durable and beautiful). From fabric samples to the finished gorgeous couch, and everything in between (eco conscious, no off gassing, small biz!): love this company and their products.

Maureen Bradish

Love it ❤ It is beautifully made. Wonderful to look at and great to sit on .

Really bad experience

After we paid, it took Medley nine months to manufacture the couch. Then it took three weeks for them to deliver the couch, and the delivery company was repeatedly rude on the phone. When the couch arrived, it was much lower quality than we expected, so we initiated a return. The company then sent multiple rounds of emails trying to pressure us to keep the couch. We're still waiting to get our money back. If you care about your time or money, it's probably best to look elsewhere.

Comfortable but pricey

We really like the sofa - it looks great and is very comfortable. Since buying this though, I've seen several comparable sofas, from brands that also produce sustainably manufactured furniture, at a price that's 25-30% lower.

Perfect sofa!

I LOVE it. It’s beautiful, comfortable, non toxic and earth friendly. The fabric (Linrara) is beautiful and soft and feels luxurious. It sits really well. I wanted something with high sides so you can lounge from any direction. It’s firm enough that you can also sit up properly. I hope it wears well because I love it.

Blessed with the down

I’m lovin it!!!

Zavis sofa and loveseat in Thyme Green Smart Fabric

The workmanship is outstanding. The cushions are firm and comfortable. If I were to change anything it would be the fabric choice. A larger sample would have given a better representation of the final appearance. The green is much more pastel than the sample suggests.


Yes! The best forever couch. If you want to buy a couch that will last, from a company with amazing customer service, where you can customize your couch, know you will get a quality product that is the BEST in the industry, that is eco-friendly and built in the U.S. then buy from Medley. I have had my couch for 15 months and it has held up nicely to my two small boys, guests and my husband. The color is beautiful and the couch is the right level of firm. We went with the Zavis. Two of the legs were scratched to hell when it was first delivered at the beginning of covid. One email later and we had 4 new replacement legs sent right away. I KNOW that this couch will last for MANY years to come. I HIGHLY recommend.


The design and quality are better than expected. The construction is damn near impeccable. The orange fabric also better than expected and totally delightful. The cushions aren't holding up as expected but, its so fantastic I'm looking past it.

Beautiful with a comfortable high back, but a bit more white than anticipated

I bought this sofa because I wanted one that actually has a supportive back, made in the USA, and also wanted a fabric from natural materials and not plastic. The sofa is indeed comfortable if you like to sit upright when watching TV and not in some kind of crazy position that will annihilate your back (notice how the pictures for many internet-sold couches have people lying on them or doing ridiculous activities rather than actually sitting). At almost 6', I can sort of lie down on the 67" version with my feet on the arm, but that wasn't its intended purpose. It is a comfortable height for both me and my closer to 5' wife. We ordered the Wawona Limewash Fabric, which has a wonderful feel and which, thank God, my cat has no interest in scratching (although we also found a few things he does like to scratch in the meantime). The only downside is that the fabric is much closer to white than the swatch seemed to indicate: perhaps it was something psychological and if the swatch was larger we would have realized? We almost returned the couch over the color. Of course, our cat spit up on the fabric, but thankfully Medley's recommendation of an enzyme based cleaner did the trick; unfortunately, due to the whiteness of the couch, we now generally keep it covered with a cotton throw. I would order another, longer Zavis once we have a larger living space, but I'd choose a grey version of the Wawona fabric. It is a beautiful couch and we've received many compliments on it. One last thing to note is that only the seat cushions have removable covers: the rear of the couch isn't removable at all. This is stated in the product description, so I guess I just failed at reading comprehension when I bought the couch. Also, my cat absolutely loves lying on it and resting his head on the arm, but he's a long cat so it might not be a good fit for a shorter cat, if that is somehow one of your buying criteria.

Someone asked me if it came from IKEA

I cannot accept a $7000+ sofa where the seat cushions slide out when you sit on it... and they are not very comfortable, if you sit for a long movie... The overall design is not sophisticated. Something is off... it looks like it was designed on a computer and not tested enough in actual rooms with other furniture... and to top it all off the sofa has a 1/2 inch hole in the top leather...

So pleased

There was an extended wait for this sofa but it was well worth it. What this company stands for with its standards for safe, healthier furniture production are worth supporting. The sofa itself is great! Streamlined, simple, well made. I asked for the firmest latex available, and that’s what I got. I have terrible back issues and must sit on hard surfaces, but this firm latex is working and I can sit on my own furniture. Thank you!

Expensive but I'm very pleased.

I got my Kirnik Sofa with natural latex and Tuolumne fabric a month or two ago and I am very pleased. The cushioning is slightly more firm than I expected but I actually really like it. It's very supportive while still being plenty comfortable. The side pillows are just comfy enough for me to lay down on my side or lean up against. The fabric is very soft and looks great. If you drag any dirt up onto the couch it will stand out, but that just helps to let me know to brush off the couch and make sure to keep it clean. I likely wouldn't recommend the fabric for pets or small children.

Excellent Quality

Great quality and great people to work with!


This couch is absolutely gorgeous and so comfortable. It was a long wait, but we really appreciated all of the timely communication from Medley. We will definitely be shopping with Medley again in the future!


It's a bit short. Measures slightly under 16" without sitting on it. Once seated, the cushions cause one to sink much further down to where it is uncomfortable for some.

We ordered a kirnik sofa and a pel…

We ordered a kirnik sofa and a pel loveseat and ottoman. We live in Hawaii and waited 9 months for our furniture because of supply chain issues. When it arrived, the sofa had a tear in the fabric. They agreed to send us a panel and reimburse us for the repair. They sent us the wrong fabric twice. After receiving the fabric the repair and reimbursement went smoothly, a full 12 months after we ordered the sofa. Soon after we were alerted that the cushions which we believed were low VOC (which is why we chose Medley) were not and the cushions needed replacing. They sent us new cushions which arrived today (15 months after we placed our order) in a box that was torn in 5 places and had dirt stains on the cushions. I am so very perplexed why they would send cushions in such terrible packaging. The couch is very nice, but it was just So. Many. Things. Wrong. Not worth it at all. So so so disappointing.

So happy with this couch!

We love it! So comfortable, looks amazing in the space and is holding up really well so far with my toddler jumping all over it. Spills wipe out easy too. My favorite couch I've ever had.

The Best Couch

Originally ordered the Mota, but switched to the Rio after realizing the Mota didn’t work with our space (although it was very comfortable.) We couldn’t be happier with the Rio. It’s so comfortable and lounge worthy. I get a 90s vibe from it, which makes me feel right at home. The cushion components are removable, so we removed the foam from the backrest cushions so they’re only down, and it’s even cozier, and gives more seating depth. Honestly this is the perfect couch.

Greatest sofa

We really love our new sofa. It has the right firmness, the right shape/size and the color turned out better than we thought it would from the swatch we got before we ordered it. Best thing yet is the fact it isn't made with materials that will harm us. The delivery guys did a great job setting the new sofa up and taking our old sofa out of the way.

We are so happy with our Medley couches

We are so happy that we decided to purchase from Medley. My husband and I live in Canada and were searching locally for a healthier option for furniture (no flame retardants, no offgassing, etc) and couldn’t find anything. We stumbled upon Medley online and really loved what this company stood for. We ended up buying 7 Rio pieces from them. The design process was straightforward (Thank you Laura!) with lots of options. We even had swatches delivered to us several times to help us decide on fabric. We just received the couches and are honestly blown away at how beautifully made they are. You can tell they’re built to quality and the fabric is stunning. We chose the certipur foam with down pillows and it’s very comfortable. There was a bit of a wait I guess because of covid, and then because we live in Canada. Kevin was amazing at informing us many times about the delay and when we would expect to receive the couches. Awesome customer service from the entire team at Medley. We will definitely be purchasing all of our future furniture from Medley, and we highly recommend them, whether you’re from US or Canada!

Poor customer service

It's true what the other 1 and 2-star reviews have said -Medley customer service are slow and don't seem to care. We ordered a sofa that was delivered 2.5-3 months late (ordered in February, arrived in September), which we were happy to excuse given the supply chain issues that companies have been experiencing (even if the communication on this sucked). However, only half our sofa arrived on the delivery date - we thought the delivery company were joking when they said they'd finished setting it up. I immediately reached out to Medley, who have only sent me an email saying that the office for the delivery company was likely to be shut (this was 5 days ago). After spending this much on a sofa that you patiently waiting a long time for, then to have a customer service that doesn't seem to care, is incredibly disappointing. The second star is for our half sofa (which to be fair is very nice).

Love our new Medley furniture!

We are VERY happy with our Rio XL sofa, XL ottomans, and chair. After researching non-toxic furniture for a while, I decided on Medley and am happy I did. It is very well made and super nice looking! It did take a few months to receive it, which was expected, as I was advised of this when I ordered. It is not put into the production line until after you order it, as it is custom made to your specifications, so you should expect a wait. All went smoothly and I received status updates along the way. It was completely worth the wait.

Medley is Best company I’ve Ever bought from!

This company Medley -is truly above all others I’ve ever dealt with! They are amazing. I’ve bought many things for my home for 20 years as I redecorated/painted every room many times. -But had to return may things at other places because I discovered everything was toxic. -So I began searching for nontoxic things and that’s when I found Medley. I needed a sofa, but there aren’t much nontoxic available and all too expensive, -except Medley. They were only place that had affordable prices, making it possible for me to get a sofa made from organic cotton! They were extra friendly and great helping me pick one, their sofas are big and good. Also later, they helped me again a couple more times, including sending me a brand new bigger sofa in a different style and color! They were very generous, best company ever I’ve ever talked to about any issues -they fix immediately in wonderful ways! They were so great, I love this company and their furniture! I will buy more in future! Thanks so much Medley, I wish Every company was exactly like you.

Like it a lot

Very happy

Beautiful and well-made

Love this beautiful desk. Functional, sturdy and aesthetically very pleasing. It's beautiful.

The Rio Sofa is everything I was hoping for!

I could not be more happy with my Rio Sofa. The excellent craftmanship and design really shows. It not only looks great, but is perfectly functional and easy to live with. The cushions are firm, yet comfortable, the fabric is beautiful, the color perfect for the room, and dog hair just brushes off so easily. The whole family loves this sofa.

Damaged & Unresolved 9 Months Later

If the couch came to us undamaged, I would have given it 5 stars! However, there was a tear in the back of the fabric with sharp metal sticking out, and the base has "drop damage" where the wood is ruined. Customer service says they will fix it, but it took a lot of pictures and phone calls to address the fabric issue and we are still waiting on a base resolution more than 8 months later. I have to continually follow up with them and get very confrontational answers. What a headache. Not worth it.

Beyond expectations

Bought a pair and it’s beautiful! Solid wood. Heavy and robust. You can stand on it. The drawer is soft close using premium hardware railing. The hardware rail is not visible from outside when drawer is open as it’s located underneath. We plan to buy couple more.

Couch and ottoman

Everything was great! The website was very clear about what choices were available, and your staff was ready to answer any additional questions we had. She even helped us regarding how we should adjust the height of the couch and which types of legs would go best with that height. After we placed our order, Medley sent regular updates about constructing the couch (and ottoman) as well as shipping and delivery information, all of which was helpful in planning for the arrival of our new furniture. Best of all, we are really pleased with the final product. It’s very comfortable and looks beautiful in our living room!

I love my Rio sofa!

I love my Rio sofa - it is beautiful, comfortable, and so far very easy to keep clean - even in a house with four pets! The delivery was also very professional. I will definitely go back to Medley the next time I need new furniture!

Pretty and as pictured

Comfortable modern chair. Works well in loft space.

Love this couch.

Super comfy. Firm enough for reading but soft enough for a nap. Sizing is great for a woman.

Furniture limbo

I ordered a table and couch which were not inexpensive in early October. They were supposed to ship Dec 14. It is now Jan 14 and I don't have the table and couch. I contacted Medley weeks ago and they said their amazing shipping partner has them and would be in touch with me. The shipper has not contacted me. I contacted Medley again, they said something about Christmas and New Years and they expected I would be contacted by the shipper in the next week. I was not contacted by the shipper. I wrote the Medley customer service person again, and this time I received no response. That was last week. So apparently someone has my furniture, somewhere, and I may receive it some day. Right now I am regretting this purchase very much.

Love the Comfort and Design

We love our new Gio sofa! Waited a few months to review, but we’re as happy with it now as the day it arrived. It’s incredibly comfortable and a great addition to our family room. The Medley team was helpful throughout the delivery process!


I love my Rio Sofa. It firm and super comfortable. You won’t regret it!

A Great Contemporary Chair

This chair not only has no chemicals but is very comfortable as well. It is firm but not stiff and it would fit with any modern decor. I can tell that it is well made and will last.


I love my natural latex cushioned EIM chair. It is so comfortable!

Clean and Extremely Comfortable

Like all the other reviews, it took forever and a day for this sofa to be made to order, and IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. I love that it was made here in California using clean materials. It is beautiful and extremely comfortable for sitting or laying down and snuggling. We can fit our entire family and very large greyhound on it all at the same time. This purchase was inspired by a trip to Ikea and the inevitable, "no more disposable furniture," conversation. I'm really glad we decided to spend the money and wait for the good stuff.

Latex mattress

Very nice and comfortable thank you

Very happy, high quality furniture, amazing customer service

Took a while to get my sofas and table but wow, the furniture is gorgeous, well worth the wait. Also very understandable due to Covid, supply chain issues. I have friends in the home building industry and wood and supply is incredibly hard and scarce to source. There were delays and yes, sometimes the delivery vendors installing could be more careful, but Medley's customer service was top knotch. I was able to obtain a very generous credit for my troubles. They are one of the few nontoxic and safe furniture makers. I scoured the internet, and by far they are above and beyond competition when it comes to design and quality. The wood is gorgeous. We get unlimited compliments about our furniture. Definitely feel like I got very high end premium furniture, best of all it is nontoxic which is super important since we have our little boy. Very happy to have found this furniture. Definitely would recommend to all my friends, and will purchase from them in the future.


Great modular sofa pieces ( very comfortable and beautifully made) - just took a super long time to have them made and shipped.

Healthy, earth-friendly, people-friendly!

I highly support the sustainable, healthy, earth-friendly and people-friendly aspect this company stands for. Even though the time to receive the order of my two sofas was longer than expected, it is worth it to me to wait. My family's health, the earth, and supporting a small business are incredibly important to me!


Well made, beautiful quality and aesthetically pleasing!

Medley put a skip in my step!

From start to finish customer service was outstanding! I can't recall the last time I received such personalized assistance, so this Medley purchase was refreshing. Initially I had concerns buying the Mota Bumper Sectional without seeing it in person, but with the 15-day in-home trial AND 100-day return policy, it's a pretty risk-free purchase. Finally the eco-friendly and high quality (who hand ties springs anymore?!) furniture is rare to find in the market. Once it was delivered, it was love at first sit (and sight)! I'm SO happy with my sectional! It's the most comfortable and well-made sofa I've ever owned. Definitely a piece that I'll have for many years to come.

Excellent quality and customer service

We have two Rio custom sofas from Medley and LOVE them. The quality is fantastic. Our 3.5 year old sofa is not showing any signs of wear and tear. We have a cat and toddler too! I love how the sofas are fully customizable!


Great quality, very comfortable and looks amazing!

Love my new sofa!

I am so happy with this furniture! It is beautiful, comfortable, so far easy to keep clean, and was delivered very professionally. I will definitely come back to Medley the next time I need new furniture.

Love the Sectional, but very long wait time.

The couch looks beautiful and is great to sit on - bouncier than we expected but we like it. We have a young puppy and a newborn so we love the scratch and stain resistant material that is also soft to the touch. We wished the quoted lead time was more accurate (it was delayed another 2-3 months for us). Regardless, we are happy with the order. It's good to know the couch is backed with a great warranty, and the couch will last us a lifetime.

Took 8 months to get the sofa bed but…

Took 8 months to get the sofa bed but now that we have it, we love it! Customer service was excellent!

Solid coffee table

This is a really nice, solid coffee table. We had it finished just with Daddy Vans (beeswax polish), and absolutely love the look of it in maple. It doubles as a table for our baby daughter to eat at (while standing).

Love it!

It’s very well made, comfortable and less chemicals than other brands. I’m 6ft tall and appreciate that I can lay down and still have space.

Very unhappy with this experience

Very unhappy with this experience. It has been 14 weeks after my order and they cannot tell me why the sofa that I ordered has not moved past the “frames started and materials organized” status for months. Do not purchase from this company.


I waited eight months for this couch, it was worth every day I waited. Every seam is perfectly straight, there’s not one loose thread anywhere on the sofa. Everything is perfect and as hard as I tried to find some thing that wasn’t perfect I wasn’t able to. Every cushion, front and back, every piece of wood perfectly finished, even underneath the couch is done to perfection.

Love this couch!

The Rio sectional is extremely comfortable and supportive and is great for napping. The style looks amazing and I've received many compliments on it. I'm very sensitive to chemicals outgassing and struggle to find furniture and I only noticed minor outgassing issues on the first day, which is unheard of compared to all other furniture I've purchased, including Greenguard Gold certified items. I had my eye on Medley couches for years and wish I had gone for it sooner with how happy I've been with this purchase!

Quite possibly a scam.

4 month lead time for simple wooden shelves. Fine. They look beautiful and are perfect for my space, so I spend almost $6.000 on these shelves. I get consistent updates that everything is on track. I feel ok about this expense, knowing I will have these shelves soon. Then FOUR DAYS before the 2 shelves are set to be delivered, an email comes saying it is now delayed 4-6 weeks. Nope. This feels like a scam. If I don’t hear back about my complaint, I’m going to dispute the charge on my credit card.

Great couch and company

Great communication by this company as to the status of my order. Really love my new couch too - it’s comfortable, durable (pet and kid proof), and looks great. All this, and I don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals.


Hard to say more. The modification came out very nicely (exactly per the drawing they sent at the order stage) and the chairs are beautiful!


Excellent construction, sturdy, and perfect for us. We have the latex cushions and they are firm. It gives me peace of mind that it is made of more natural materials . It did take 7 months for construction (supply issues at the time I believe) but it was well worth the wait. Thank you Medley!

My search is over!

It took longer than I’d care to admit to find what I consider to be the ideal sofa. Medley has done it with the Mota Sofa!! It is supremely comfortable, extremely well made, and understated and elegant in its design. Medley offers the option to customize the arm height, so we chose to have it lowered by a couple of inches. The Macarena Slate fabric is also the perfect shade of grey and feels durable but also comfy to the touch. Well done Medley!!

Amazing quality

Our friends and family told us we were crazy to get an (admittedly pricey) all white couch with two dogs and a baby on the way. However, the New Delhi Bleach fabric is so easy to clean that we have no worries. We have wiped off paw prints and baby spit up with just a wet cloth, and the sectional looks like new. The large L-shape makes it easy for us to imagine fitting a whole future family on one couch together.

Worth the wait

I am so happy with this couch. It did take a long time to ship but I had some very custom options. It came super fast after shipping even though it was international. It’s nice knowing that a piece of furniture I spend a lot of time on isn’t exposing me to a bunch of toxic chemicals. It’s firm but also very comfy. You can definitely feel the quality. We had an issue with the shipping invoicing but Medley was communicative and ultimately resolved it to our satisfaction. The local delivery service they used was phenomenal.

Good Not Great

Ordered 113” Rio Bumper Sectional in Smart Denim fabric with standard filling. We ordered in 2022, so after their rebrand from stem to medley. Good: Very sturdy frame, even suspension, comfortable heavy foam (they told me seats were 2.8 pcf), soft but durable performance fabric, bumper layout and size options allowed us to fit the space perfectly, 3rd party delivery was easy, customer service responds to emails within 48 hours. Bad: Upright posture and narrow seats aren’t great for lounging, it’s almost more comfortable with the back cushions removed. Delivery was delayed, and we had to proactively reach out for updates. It ultimately took about double the original estimate to get our couch. Our back cushions came with the wrong filling (down) but we didn’t bother reaching out for replacement. They consider down the premium material but I find the feather shedding annoying. They didn’t post my review on their site, so I had to post on trust pilot. Overall: I think this couch is well constructed and durable. I fully expect the frame and suspension to be in good enough condition to replace the foam when it wears out, unlike many budget couches. Its a bit cheaper than some of the premium direct to consumer competitors, but I think that comes at the cost of customization and some nicer touches. If we did it over, we would probably splurge and buy benchmade modern or maiden home or something (I don’t have personal experience with either, but those are the alternatives we considered while shopping). And most importantly we would prioritize a deeper seat and more relaxed posture, which medley doesn’t seem to offer.

Amazing Comfortable Sofa

This sofa is better than I imagined. The cushions are firm but very comfortable and the look is clean and modern. Knowing that it has no chemical treatments is the reason I first came to the website and I highly recommend this product.

Great Ottoman

This Ottoman is perfect for us! Very well made. Great size! Glad we ordered it!

Best sofa ever

I am very happy with my Rio sectional. I actually got it about a year ago when there weren't any reviews on the site so I thought I would help out with mine. The ordering and customization process was super easy and the representatives were so helpful when I had a ton of questions and back and forth on my seat depth, pillow height etc. I love that the couch is fully customizable! When I got it I was surprised by how comfortable it is! I was scared to give up our old sofa because I thought it was super comfy, but the medley couch is the most comfortable couch I've ever sat on. I chose the Texture Haze fabric and honestly that's the only thing I would change if I could. It does show stains pretty easily, but we have had success with removing the seat covers and washing them. I probably would've gone with white (because I like it more and if texture haze is going to show every blemish anyways, might as well) or a different fabric that doesn't show stains as well. The texture haze has stood up to my cat's claws pretty well, but velvet would've been better for that. As far as price, I think it is a good deal compared to some other couches out there from the popular big box stores.

Love it but lower than expected

Great sofa! Worth the wait (8 months)… note that the back is much lower than a typical couch.


It was a pleasure to work with your company, from inception, to the end. Laura is a consummate professional who knows her stuff, is creative and understands client concerns. I was astounded when my sofa arrived; it couldn't have been more beautiful. I am comforted to know that I made a smart environmental choice and was rewarded with excellent design and craftsmanship. I extend a huge thank you to everyone at Medley!

Enjoying our new couch.

Our new couch is really pretty. It looks slightly smaller in person, and I would describe it as comfortable, but slightly firm. I really like the fabric we picked.

Medley's Sofas are fabulous!

We purchased a couple of furniture pieces from Medley and were very pleased with the customer service. The quality of furniture is superior, wonderful craftsmanship, and a great choice of fabrics. I had a few questions before purchasing and the designer service was very helpful and quick to respond. We highly recommend Medley furniture!

Nice couch

I love the fabric. I don't remember the name, but it is lavender. The shade really works. It's also very comfortable. We've all been fighting over it. I wish I had gotten the bigger one.

Mary M.

It’s color was better then I expected. It’s beautiful and comfortable.


We love the bed. It really added a relaxed, peaceful vibe.

Horrible service and missing furniture

The communication and customer service has been absolutely awful. After an almost 8 month lead time (which I understand supply chain issues, but is almost 4 months further delayed than I was told when I bought my items, one of my items that should have been shipped with the rest of my order is still missing and nobody seems to care enough to do anything. I will absolutely never be ordering from medley again and have been sure to tell anyone that's asked about the pieces we did actually receive about the process so they don't make the same mistake.

The perfect companion

Love the Mota Ottoman as a component to the Mota Sofa. It’s extremely well made, and understated in its design. Both of which are hard to come by. Especially the latter. And it gives the sofa great flexibility.

Reputable company with contemporary…

Reputable company with contemporary furniture. Very easy to use website with nice photos and descriptions of the sofas/sectionals I reviewed. Appears to be high quality materials and craftsmanship.

From Good to Bad

The planning phase was wonderful. I received great customer support in choosing the fabrics. I did not even mind the long wait for the furniture. Unfortunately, The couch was very hard and uncomfortable, so I had to return it. That is where it got really ugly. The return process took 3 months. It took over a month just to get an appointment on the books, after many phone calls and emails. Then I had to wait many more weeks for the return date. The movers showed up without any protection for the couch. I had to give them some blankets. On top of that, the company misplaced the return. Thank goodness that I took pictures. Finally, the money was returned in a haphazard way, part back to my card, affirm, and Paypal. I would have preferred 1 check.

palder night stand and jasmi chairs

We really like our palder night stand (2), leather jasmi chair (4) and the bramo bed. We chose Medley because there are no flame retardants and it is hand crafted. Material used are premium like the hardware in palder night stand is soft close, you can't see hardware rail from outside. As with any product, Quality comes at a cost.

Super comfy

We fold it out all the time for movie nights and company and it is really comfortable. I would recommend it!

Buden Bed- best bed ever

Great quality product, love the craftsmanship.

Slowly but surely

Overall I am very satisfied with the end product. I ordered two leather couches in October and received one in March. The second one will be here mid April. Friendly employees who are very responsive kept me from worrying about my order. Although it was timely process (which is understandable given the pandemic) I love the end product and will purchase more in the future.

The quality doesnt match the price

We have had our medley couch for about a year and have had issue after issue. The zipper has had to be fixed twice and leaves us without a cover for awhile. The rep was super nice but its disappointing that it keeps happening on a $4000 couch. While vaccuming today I noticed a rip under the cushion on the couch. The quality is just not there for the price. I wasnt going to bother with a review until I saw the ripping of the fabric today.

Very happy with our sofa

We ordered a Lala sofa in April 2022. We ordered from Medley because of the natural materials they use which are free of harmful chemicals; that was THE most important thing to us in choosing a couch. The delivery date did get pushed back a few times however we didn’t mind much as we knew we were not getting the average couch “off the shelf”; we were willing to wait. We liked working with Laura, our “personal furniture stylist” who was patient with all of our questions. We met with her numerous times on the phone and also communicated via e-mail. We explained what we were looking for – the firmness, natural rubber, organic material, etc. and she guided us and we are very happy with the end result. We appreciated that we could customize the couch by making the back higher than the standard dimensions. We were a little hesitant on the color as the swatch Medley sent was darker than we were hoping for however the actual sofa color turned out perfect. The delivery team was very good and helpful. The style of the sofa is perfect for us. One of the reviews stated the furniture looked like it came from Ikea – well, our sofa has the sleek, minimalist lines of furniture from Ikea as that is the modern style. However, you can tell by sitting on the sofa and feeling it that it is well made, sturdy, comfortable and will last a long time. We take care of our furniture and plan to have this sofa a very long time. We are extremely happy with it; we just wish they made recliners to match.


It took awhile to get, but worth the wait. Beautiful, non toxic and well made. I’m very happy with this purchase. I had ordered three conventional sofas prior to this one but all were sadly treated with fire retardants.

Great customer service and we love our…

Great customer service and we love our new chemical-free couches


My family's experience with my two sofas from Medley was top notch from design to delivery! Laura, our sales and design specialist was so knowledgeable and helpful in explaining materials, styles, fabrication, and custom options. We wanted to go with an all organic/ natural sofa, as we are trying to replace our furniture one piece at a time with healthier options for our home. The few "organic" sofas that we found from other companies, just didn't have much style, or "our" style, and were not as customizable. We chose the "Mota" from Medley with organic latex rubber foam, wool batting, and organic cotton upholstery fabric. I usually like to sink into a low, deep, super cushy sofa, but tried something totally different with the style and make we ordered, but it turned out great! Very different, but great. I am so proud of Medley's desire to hand craft their sofa's in the U.S.A.! It means a lot as it is so hard for our citizens to find work these days, and it also saves the fuel it would take to ship all the way here across the ocean. I am thankful that Medley is thoughtful of the environment, and also in providing us healthier, non-toxic options for our households. Manufacturing of my sofas took a good while, but I understood this before ordering, as these are custom made by order, and I had time to wait. Delivery came only less than a week after "estimated date" and the delivery driver and his associate were super nice, friendly, and professional. They were very careful not to damage anything and were super quick in installing them with the white glove service. If you like to support local companies that give back to the community and are environmentally aware and don't mind the wait for custom, hand crafted, made in the U.S.A. furniture, buy from Medley if you like something you see. It is worth the wait, and their pricing is very comparable to other brands. If you are really wanting to buy an organic/ natural sofa and don't have the budget, it is really worth saving up for awhile to make it happen if ordering from Medley. My "Mota" sofas are stylish! The latex foam with wool batting is very firm/ supportive, but actually not hard and very comfortable, as the latex has a natural bounce.

Took a long time, but worth the wait

I ordered a sofa from Medley because it would fit exactly in my space, and I am happy to support small businesses. Due to the pandemic, it took longer than usual, but they kept me informed every step of the way. When it finally arrived I was thrilled! I have only had it a couple of weeks so far, but it is exactly what I wanted, and sooo comfortable!

Well made, great sofa - just too small for me.

It’s a beautiful sofa. It’s quite small. We ordered a small sofa but this does feel petite. But it’s a great piece.

We love our new couch

We love our new couch, and are so thankful to rest easy knowing it's non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

I was worried about ordering online for nothing

I was worried about ordering a sofa online without testing it out or seeing it first, but Medley really delivered on all fronts. The sofa I ordered -- Zavis with Linara French Grey fabric - arrived in perfect condition and exactly how I pictured it. No surprises at all and no off-gassing. The construction is very sound and environmentally friendly, and the stitching and placement of the fabric is perfect. I only wish it didn't take as long as it did, but understandable given the pandemic and the foam shortage that seemed to impact a lot of furniture companies. I think their delivery time is getting back to normal now. I had to pro-actively stay in touch with the company for updates on the construction but not really a problem. A special shout out to Laura in customer service for helping to find the right fabric and to Kevin and Justin for answering questions regarding the foam delay. I suggest reaching out to customer service about fabrics. There are more to choose from than you might find on the website.

So amazing

So amazing! The customer service was great and my furniture is absolutely beautiful!

Waiting over 4 months for my order to ship

Edit to add: I contacted the company at least 10 times before to confirm whether or not there was an issue that could potentially cause further delays and was told each time that there was absolutely nothing to the knowledge of the customer service rep and her boss who she put me in touch with. The co-founder saw this review and reached out to me to offer $100 off and better updates moving forward. The poufs are now on their way to be delivered in early August. Ordered two poufs for $800 on March 17th. On July 10th, it is still in the “frames started and materials organized” stage and the only updates I have gotten are to tell me the estimated ship date has moved even further.

Worth the wait

Extremely comfortable and supportive. While our delivery date did get pushed twice, we are very happy with the couch. It looks fantastic and is incredibly well made.

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