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Mathis Brothers Reviews

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Mathis Brothers (now Mathis home) is a furniture retail chain in southern California and Oklahoma. Their claim to fame is their value-focused, mid-market furniture. Even though they have a low price guarantee, we wouldn't describe Mathis as a budget-brand that sells extremely low cost furniture. Instead, they are positioned to sell well-constructed furniture, but at a more attractive price than competitors. Customers have good things to say about their experiences with Mathis overall, but there are some complaints about delivery, return policy, and perceived quality available over time.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Price Value: 7.7/10

Price: $53-$16073+

Return Policy: 7 Days + 10% Fee

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Mathis Brothers Specifics

Mathis Brothers has five locations and an online store, and focused on their mission of passing on more value for the price. Like other retailers, they source their furniture from a range of manufacturers,. While there are deals to be found, their prices are mid-market overall.

Customers have good things to say about Mathis Brothers overall. When it comes to complaints, there are some that have issues with delivery, returns, and perceived quality for some items.

Material Quality

Mathis Brothers offers a range of furniture products from multiple manufacturers with different construction qualities. In addition to offering large brands like Ashley and La-Z-Boy, Mathis also provides local boutique brands like Michael Nicholas Designs and Jonathan Louis. These smaller players oftentimes are able to pass on more construction value, which customers appreciate. However, the larger players have had issues over time with durability. Based on this, customers report middle-of-the-road construction with some outliers on the negative side.

Mathis Brothers' Top Picks

Mathis shoppers are excited about certain pieces time and time again. We will discuss the ins and outs of the top picks:

#1 Sectionals & Sofas

Mathis' offerings start at a moderate price, just over $1000. Their offerings include classic and contemporary looks in common colors like brown, beige, blue, and gray. Customers have good things to say about the price and initial feel, and others have had successful experiences in-store with higher priced offerings getting more appreciation. However, there are some concerns about returns, delivery, and post-sale service when things don't go quite right.

The pros: Good selection of most current styles. Fair prices.

The cons: There are some complaints about perceived quality for some brands. Some delivery issues reported.

#2 Recliners

Mathis offers recliners from household names like La-Z-Boy and Ashley and others. With over 300 options, power reclining and manual options are showcased with prices starting under $300, which is budget-friendly. Synthetic microfiber and leather options are included. Some customers did not agree with the longevity of some models, which is often due to general dissatisfaction with these name-brands' perceived quality.

The pros: Streamlined recliner offerings with affordable prices.

The cons: There are disagreements about durability for some brands and models.

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#3 Mattresses

Mathis presents a variety of mattresses for those looking for better sleep, including from name-brands like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Serta, boutique brands like Ecocomfort, and also famous online brands like DreamCloud, Nectar, and Purple. Prices start just around $100 for a queen, which is very low. With both spring hybrid and foam varieties available, some mattresses have some complaints about their comfort, especially from name-brands. Options like Nectar and DreamCloud are very well-rated, but better deals and trial periods can be found buying direct.

The pros: Wide range of mattresses with budget-friendly options. Affordable prices available.

The cons: Durability and comfort complaints for some. Better trial periods found buying direct.

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#4 Beds & Headboards

Mathis Brothers includes both contemporary and classic styles in their selection of beds. Children's options such as bunk beds and twin sizes can be found as well. With powder coated steel, wooden, and also upholstered options, most customers report mostly good designs, but there are some complaints about assembly and sturdiness in some brands and models.

The pros: Affordable beds and some well-reviewed options.

The cons: There are complaints about the durability and assembly of some beds.

#5 Outlet & Clearance

Mathis has 2 outlet stores (and online options). Their options focus mostly on lower priced brands like Ashley. These deals may have final sales restrictions and previous styles may be over-stocked. Customers like being able to find deals, but there are some complaints about perceived quality and durability for lesser priced items.

The pros: If you are looking for a deal, items at outlet prices can be much less.

The cons: There are some problems with durability reported.

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More From Mathis Brothers' 2024 Catalog

There is even more furniture to choose from at Mathis Brothers. Here are some of the other top options from shoppers:

- TV Stands & Entertainment

- Dining Room Furniture

- Home Accessories & Decor

- Home Office Furniture

- Rugs

Mathis Brothers Furniture Store Locator

Mathis Brothers Furniture can be found in California and Oklahoma. Want to know which location is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

Mathis Brothers Alternatives

This is still a great time to shop for furniture online. Depending on where you buy, you can save $1000s for quality pieces that fit your individual style.

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Browse Mathis Brothers Customer Reviews

Purchased a new dining...

Purchased a new dining room table and chairs recently. I worked with Adam Wolf at Mathis and he was great. Very patient, knowledgeable and actually brought value when speaking about the differences in quality as well as the extended warranty. Appreciate his honesty and sales style!

Went to buy a...

Went to buy a recliner, found one I liked. They told me the price of delivery was $169, walked out!!!

If you want to...

If you want to take a look at the showroom for some ideas without being bothered, don't come here. As soon as you walk in, someone is assigned to you and that person will not leave you alone. I had a slight cough so we both had masks and with all the stuff going around, didn't really feel comfortable getting close to anyone. Can't they read that in your body language? Salesperson: welcome, what are your names? Us: uhhhh... Salesperson: what are you looking for? You can call me big mike. Yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada yadayada... promotions... yadayada... sales... yadayada.. Us: we're just here to look around and we prefer to look by ourselves (we don't want to be rude, but he won't Stop talking so loudly and getting close). Salesperson: ok well I'll be close by so let me know if you have any questions. Me: you don't have to be close to us. We'll find someone if we need something and don't want to waste your time. Later as we were looking at beds... Sales: when's the last time you bought a bed???? Yadayada yadayada... promotion... yadayada Anyway, after all that he came over at least another 5 times. He even said if he doesn't, he'll get in trouble. I'll give an extra star since they do have some nice layouts for ideas, but we didn't want to show any interest because big mike might come running over again. I don't think we'll ever come back here again unless we're desperate. So annoying.

Really disappointed in Mathis...

Really disappointed in Mathis bros. We bought over $10,000 in bedroom furniture and a motorized bed before Covid hit and I guess we were in some sort of rewards program that I didn't even realized that we paid for that too. Well we had a gift card to spend there for over $200. So I finally got a chance to drive all the way to Costa Mesa to use the card and after spending over an hour and a 1/2 there really not finding anything I really needed, I settled on some fake plants to put on the patio. And wow! Even at 40% off they were still not worth it. I could of gotten the same thing at Home Goods for $19.99. Anyway, I was told that I had canceled the rewards program. Which, by the way, I never cancelled it! They said maybe your husband did. NOPE would never happen. I even asked him. And I never received a notice saying it was due. Not an email, text or a phone call. But they said if I pay the $99 now to join the rewards I could use my credit. Well why would I spend $99 just to spend what was left. Besides I am never going there again. Their furniture isn't even that great and some of it is way overpriced for what you get. Not happy having them say we did something we didn't do. Basically they were telling me I was lying. Well I wasn't. And with Covid and people not going out of their homes for such a long time, you would of thought they would of honored it. Not shopping here ever again.

We Love Mathis Bros,...

We Love Mathis Bros, bought all of our furniture there through the years. Today we custom made our future sofa. Jay absalon was so helpful throughout the whole time. I'm very picky and know what I want and he's stayed calm and attentive the whole time. Recommend Mathias 5 stars!

I'd give it a...

I'd give it a one if I could. They sale merchandise from manufacturers who are out of business. When you have a problem (broken or defect) they just say 'sorry that manufacture is out of business but we'll give you a credit to keep the furniture' not a refund so you can get something different a credit and you keep the broken furniture. What kind of business is that! I could go on but definitely would avoid this retailer.

Kyle was a great...

Kyle was a great assistance! Helped with any questions i had and wasn't pushy at all! If you need excellent service ask for him! Mathis had a good selection of furniture. If you cant find something you like, you are beyond needing help

We came in on...

We came in on Sunday afternoon to browse for furniture for an apartment and quickly were greeted by Nick A. He directed us to see sofas and dining tables. We were undecided about the items not being available but he quickly checked and they were in stock, he suggested we order considering items have long lead times, so we did. We walked out with our new dinning table and sofa. Thank you Nick for your exceptional customer service and recommendations! Recommend you sign up for their rewards.

We walked in to...

We walked in to Mathis Brothers this morning, looking for a couch that was in stock and one we could have delivered ASAP, as Bob Mills has lied to us about delivering a couch we purchased for the last five weeks. We told our sales associate, Donna (highly recommend), that we wanted a couch that was IN STOCK. Donna told us what they had and took us around the showroom. We were in and out of the store in 45 minutes and have a couch being delivered in 4 days! THAT is customer satisfaction. We are happy to get our couch and proud to support Mathis Brothers.

Pretty obvious these people...

Pretty obvious these people work off commission. They don't leave you alone. You can feel these people following you and almost concerned when is this person gonna pop out from a drawer you open asking if you need help

We have had the...

We have had the privilege of working with Chris Ortiz in the past year. He listened to our needs and guided us in the purchase of a King Kohl Bed. His expertise and insight were invaluable in assisting with our purchase. We are delighted with he bed and his professionalism. Thank you for employing such a high caliber salesman. Sincerely, Dr. and Mrs. Edward Zalta

We bought 4 high...

We bought 4 high back bar stools in April 2022 from Roger Pham. He was very helpful and friendly until we purchased the 4 chairs. We had 4 chairs delivered to our house in May. We were told 3 chairs were available and the 4th chair they need to get from the warehouse. The chairs were comfy & matched great in our kitchen under the island. We noticed 1 chair had a white powdery substance on the ground near the front leg. This continued for 2 months before we realized it was coming from a small hole in the fabric, inside the chair. When we realized it was probably a termite, we called our salesperson, Roger Pham, immediately for help. He said bring the chair in and we will replace it, no problem!!!! Well 6 months later, I still do not have a new chair. I have talked to Roger & several people in customer service including the manager with no solution. This salesperson & Mathis Brother is full of EMPTY PROMISES & WILL NOT BACK UP THEIR PRODUCTS!!! They tried to tell me the termite came from my house. You all have been warned!!! This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with!!!

Walked in thinking we...

Walked in thinking we were only gonna spend 20 mins here... 4 hours later we walked out with a bed frame, mattress, pillows etc. KING was with us through our wholeeeee journey here (poor guy! Lol) but he was patient , not pushy, super chill. Not to mention the food there is bomb. Thanks king & team for everything, can't wait to receive our items next week!

I purchased the membership...

I purchased the membership because I thought it was a pretty good deal for new homeowners--free delivery and set up for $130 a year. But there were just too many negatives to ignore. The salespeople are very pushy while you're in store, but when I needed help with a previous order and tried to call them, they were suddenly all unavailable. They also messed up my order and sent only one box spring instead of two. I tried to fix the issue by going in store when my associate never responded to me, but since the associate who had helped me wasn't there, all I could do was return the one box spring and cancel the whole order. Ended up just ordering them through Amazon like I had originally planned. Overall, i wouldn't recommend and I think you can find much better deals elsewhere. My suggestion: try the west elm outlet at ontario mills.

Asmaa Kubisi was so...

Asmaa Kubisi was so nice and generous. She helped us pick furniture and she was very caring about every single piece as well as giving her honest opinion. She is very easy to talk to and if there is something you want she will either help you find it or find something very similar. We loved working with her!

I always dread visits...

I always dread visits to Mathis Brothers and today was no different. Prices are terribly inflated and the selection isn't as good as it used to be. Everything is an ordeal. We bought a simple recliner swivel and it took forever to order and pay. Then we had to drive to the distribution center to pick it up. Waited thirty minutes to get one small item. Then we got a sales pitch to fill out a survey. Ridiculous.

As an interior designer...

As an interior designer in the Coachella Valley, I cannot say enough about Chris Ortiz, the ultimate professional. It is such a pleasure to bring my clients into Mathis Home. My clients love him. He helps me design and pull things together because of his vast knowledge of merchandise that Mathis carries. He is truly a internal part of my company's success. I consider myself very fortunate to have him as my associate. He is the BEST!! He is prompt with service, delivery and customer service. In todays atmosphere of retail it is rare. Mathis Home is a very fortunate company to have him!!!

I have still not...

I have still not gotten a resolution of the problem I reviewed 3 weeks ago. Soon after my review I got a call from a Carolyn Decator saying that she would talk to the manager and expedite resolving the issue in the next day or so. I waited for 10 days or so before I called her and her attitude completely changed and said that would have to pay another $1500 more to have the replacement bed delivered on Friday tomorrow. I agreed but when I called the store today they said there was no order and no bed was being delivered. I tried to contact her and the store manager and both were too busy to respond. I will have to continue to struggle with this issue which is highly stressful for myself and my elderly husband and hard on our health. No business in our lifetimes has been this uncaring, irresponsible and hard to deal with.

Had a mattress issue...

Had a mattress issue with the store initially but were referred to Able, the mattress return coordinator. He very swiftly took care of us and we are now happy campers and will continue shopping at Mathis.

They have alot of...

They have alot of good furniture in this store. And the sales people did not hound us to death!!

We came in today...

We came in today on a Friday afternoon and was cheerfully greeted by a desk full of employees. Then a friendly employee named Valerie greeted us, asked what were where interested in looking at, and proceeded to escort us to the recliner area. Valerie was knowledgeable and patient with us as we tried out different recliners and wandered around. There are so many options to choose from and fabric possibilities! After looking around awhile I remembered the gray recliner I saw online. I showed Valerie the picture and she knew exactly where it was! I tested it out and even brought a book to read to see if I was still comfortable. Valerie was so friendly and helpful. I recommend having her assist you with new furniture!!

Purchased a sectional, 6...

Purchased a sectional, 6 dining room chairs, a pub table with 4 chairs, and 2 occasional chairs. They said all were in stock. On delivery day they delivered one of the 6 dining room chairs, pub table chairs but no table (out of stock), and the sectional. The sectional started wrinkling the first day, and the pub chairs were dimpled. Out of stock items were apparently on back order so we contacted them to come get everything they delivered. Waited 2 weeks and called ... they said it wasn't in the system. Scheduled again for today and they said it would be picked up between 9:33 and 11:33 (odd times). Gave us a tracking number that said pickup was scheduled between 10:20 and 10:50. Took the day off from work and waited 4 hours with still no pickup. Will not be going back to Mathis Brothers anytime soon.

2 and a half...

2 and a half months, I was able to find the correct bed for this set online at another furniture dealer, Mathis did refund me the amount of the bed, since i could not get it from them, though it was not an even trade, technically Mathis shorted me 8 dollars on my bed refund but I'm not going to worry about it, just glad I found what I've been looking for somewhere else, and never have to deal with Mathis ever again. At no point during this process has anyone from Mathis called or tried to follow up with all of my complaints, as far as they know I have all the dressers and still no bed to match! , Mathis continued to refuse to return the set and issue a refund for an incomplete bedroom set. Again, unless they have it, and you can pick it up yourself, run away!!!

Paid all the extra...

Paid all the extra fees to have my couch delivered. After waiting months for my couch, the couch came in less than good condition with staples sticking out and scratches on the bottom wood boards. While the delivery guys were bringing the pieces in, I noticed one of the legs had a significant chip in it. Before I could say anything, one of the guys was on the ground coloring it in with a marker. When I called, the customer service woman seemed unsurprised they did that and more surprised I was wanting it fixed. Would not recommend.

I placed my order...

I placed my order on Nov 22nd. Sale agent forgot to invoice me the dining set. I went to their shop and placed my order personally. They said that I'll receive sofas and dining set together on Dec 11th. December 11th I received my items partially!! Only sofas! I've been told that my items will not be available until mid January 2023!! I have invited my friends and families for Christmas and now i have to cancel my party, because 'MATIS BROTHERS ' were not honest with me. They just attempting to sell you without keeping their commitments for delivery.

I cannot recommend Sugey...

I cannot recommend Sugey Fernandez of Mathis Brothers Indio enough. She went ABOVE AND BEYOND to ensure that my dreams came together in a stunning photo shoot ready finale. She worked tirelessly to make sure every little request or concern was met. I'm sooo particular and picky, yet she was endlessly patient, often working with other locations and even after hours to ensure that not one stone was left unturned. Not only did she manage to help me furnish my dream home, she did it all in the midst of a pandemic when supply was basically non existent. I don't know how but I'm forever grateful for her pulling it together and giving me a home that never ceases to take my breath away. Thank you Sugey!! You're my dream interior designer and I'm forever grateful!! Mathis Brothers has a GEM in you.

I bought a recliner...

I bought a recliner in December 2022. When it was delivered, it looked too big in my space, though I liked the chair pretty well. I called to clarify their 7 day return policy, to make sure of what was the latest day I could change my mind. The lady I spoke to said, 'we can give you 30 days actually, to be sure, and we will just enter it as a pending return'. I was so glad they did that, because I did decide it was just too large. I went to the store and chose a different chair, this time a more expensive lift chair. When the lift chair was delivered, the delivery man fiddled with it quite a bit. Something seemed a little off, and he repeatedly took the upper half off and reattached it. Finally , he said, 'well if you have any problems with it, just call and they'll come out.' The guys left, and I got in my chair. The first time I sat in in and began to recline, the chair went 'pop pop pop', and a white piece of plastic flew out from underneath. I noticed the chair didn't look completely level after that. I called the customer service number for the delivery, and even though the guys JUST LEFT, they could not locate or call them to come back! They said they'd send someone out a few days later. When the day came for the man to check the chair, he agreed it wasn't sitting level. He couldn't determine where the piece that had flown off came from, but took it with him. He put in an exchange for a replacement. So I've waited now another 5 days to get the replacement, and it came today. After the problems with the first one, I'm just hoping this replacement is going to be fine, but because I'm uneasy, I called customer service to ask if they could again give me the 30 days to possibly (and hopefully NOT...return. The lady that answered was not friendly at all. She kept repeating, 'no, the limit to return is 7 days, and always has been. I explained how they had offered 30 days the first time, and how I am uneasy as the first lift chair had issues. She just kept saying. 'Well it's 7 days. So you want to go ahead and return it? Because I don't know who told you 30 days, but we don't do that.' (Ummm...yes, you did!!) Ugh! I'm soooo mad right now! I'll say that my sales guy was friendly and helpful. That's been the only good thing about all of it! UPDATE: I messaged my sales guy and HE called customer service and got a 30 day extension to return. Again, he has been great to work with! So, I'm again hopeful...but that customer service lady sure did detract from my experience, and it may be a minute before I shop here again.

I have purchased from...

I have purchased from Mathis Brothers on multiple occasions. I bought a piece of furniture that was broken when they were loading it. When I asked if it broke the loaders lied and said it didn't. I asked them to move so I could check myself and they had BROKE a huge piece of the furniture off. I thought I'd give them another chance. I purchased two shelves and two ottomans. One ottoman arrived with cat hair and lint all over it. The glass for the shelves didn't fit. I actually paid for the delivery people to put it together and they did not. When reaching out to Mathis about both of these issues they didn't give 2 shits. Not even 1. Now I have furniture in my house that's damaged and not functional. I will NEVER shop here nor would I ever recommend them to anyone.

I should of posted...

I should of posted this three weeks ago.... Im kind of disappointed in Mathis Brothers.... I made another trip to Ontario from Redlands to order bedroom furniture.... I live in Redlands so it's a bit of a drive.... Especially with traffic... but I really like the quality of the furniture here.... plus the staff is super friendly.... Today my helper (salesperson) is Eddie Medrano... He worked hard at sealing the deal.... I was looking forward to getting the dresser and two nightstands delivered on the 6th of August. I was told the furniture would be in by a certain date... so I postponed our vacation by a week to get it delivered... unfortunately the week prior to delivery , I reached out to my salesperson and he said it wasn't in yet and could Possibly be at the end of August.... I had to cancel my order... so no nightstands & dresser...

Worst experience ever with...

Worst experience ever with the delivery service of Mathis Brothers. Ordered a dresser and night stand through Ashley Furniture online on 1/1/23. Night stand was delivered, no problem. Then the games began. Conflicting emails from Ashley and Mathis on delivery. Mathis says they don't do assembly. Ashley offers that service which I ordered. So this issue caused more problems. Mathis emails from Amber and Sandra, say they haven't been able to reach me by phone to schedule delivery. Ashley gives me a delivery date. Amber and Sandra never called me. No record on my phone of calls from Mathis. More emails from Mathis. Calls from me to them, no reply. More emails telling me to ignore Ashley emails about delivery. Called Ashley on 2/1/23 to confirm delivery for 2/2/23. Yes I was told to expect delivery. You guessed it, no delivery. Another email from Sandra today, she is trying to schedule my delivery. Called her, no one answers, let another message. Email from Ashley today, they have scheduled a delivery for 2/9/23. Once again, conflicting information. By this time I am done with both companies. Through the virtual chat on line with Ashley, I was able, through threats, to get the order cancelled and a refund. I told them I would dispute the credit card charges if they didn't cancel the order. Such frustration could have been avoided if the two companies talk to each other and the customer. I had to do all the calling with no response of any kind. We shall see if I get the refund in full. I did tell the customer service person at Ashley to please not take my rant personally. It wasn't her, it is the company where she works.

I didn't - and...

I didn't - and won't - buy furniture because they made it so hard to get info before the sale. If they won't answer questions before the sale, they are not lokely to provide service after!

Our Sales Associate Anthony...

Our Sales Associate Anthony always offers outstanding service. He is very knowledgeable and we never leave disappointed! I have referred family and friends to Anthony!

Mr. Sang Lee provided...

Mr. Sang Lee provided superior service. We didn't purchase anything due to my indecisive decision making . Hopefully the world will be back to normal and restock my bed set . Until then I'll keep an eye out for other sets and make a decision by then .

Fantastic service and lots...

Fantastic service and lots of choices for our new home. We went back several times and each time we received excellent service. Sales associates Toni and Raul, Ben from clearance, Ryan in rugs and manager Josh were all awesome. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Please don't go to...

Please don't go to them, the Store Manager agreed to do a price match, and after running a credit check after having a hard inquiry on credit with 4X times approved from the purchase price she says we cannot do a price match later after the finance was approved. Based on her agreement the the application was submitted. Unnecessarily they will waste the customer's time and get the credit score impacted. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!! After posting the review, got an email from the host to send the details to their customer service and never got an response. Their service is horrible and waste customer time.

Anthony has been our...

Anthony has been our 'go to' sales person for the last 8+ years. We continually keep going back to him due to his professionalism, great customer service, and the advice/recommendations he provides. We instantly connected with him due to his low-key, non-pressure personality as he knew when to give us space, but yet was always around and when we needed him. We have furnished 3 residences through him and will continue to do so. I highly recommended you reach out to Anthony anytime you need anything for your home or office!

Was helped my designer...

Was helped my designer Aaron Gomez and really appreciated his help. We went in to consider different fabrics for a custom accent chair and Aaron helped us select a better fabric then we would have chosen which coordinated with our furniture, and he helped us select a far better rug (better color and quality) as well. He was fun, candid, experienced, and collaborative. Would ask for his help the next time we shop here.

We have been a...

We have been a client of Mathis B. for the 15 years or. Majority of our furniture were purchased at Mathis B. in Ontario CA. Part of $15,000 purchase of a bedroom set in 2019 , was a $1900 (include tax) mattress , Lady America Serena which was sold to us a s firm mattress, WITH 25 YEAR WARRANTY The mattress has gone from firm to a waterbed like mattress, sagging more than one foot in sleeping position. The body movements , transmit across the mattress like water waves and the integrity and support of the mattress is gone. We took the complaint to Lady America Warrantee Claim Department, included with photos. After one day they wrote back ' Its Wear & Tear'. So they see and understand that there is a problem but they would rather call it 'Wear & Tear', than defective and low quality mattress . 3.5 years of ordinary use and where is their 25 Years warranty? This is unacceptable and illegal to not to honor 25 years Warranty, when its sold and written in the sales invoice.

I want to thank...

I want to thank our salesman Richard John's. He was so professional and helped us with exactly what we wanted. He went above and beyond for us. We highly recommend Mathis Bros. for your furniture needs. Their selection and prices were perfect!

Such a horrible experience...

Such a horrible experience with Mathis Brothers. I was in the market for a sectional and I was specifically interested in Jonathan Louis. Googled where I could purchase locally and Mathis Brothers came up. From the moment we entered the door, a salesman was hounding us and following us around the entire time. Not only was that super annoying (we wanted space to discuss our thoughts on the couches....but he was always there), but the salesman was completely incompetent. When we had questions, he just gave us a blank stare or just said he didn't know. Literally it got to the point that he grabbed someone that I assume was higher up since they were dressed nicer and could actually answer basic questions (such as what filling was in what couch). Worst of all, we asked him to find us a tape measure so we could take some measurements. He got us a tape measure that wasn't long enough and in his attempt to 'help' us measure, he whipped the tape measure and it snapped on my head. He didn't even apologize when it happened either, he just pretended it didn't happen. I was prepared to purchase a couch that day but unfortunately with that horrendous experience, we had to take our business elsewhere.

I purchased a Sideboard...

I purchased a Sideboard cabinet to match the dining room set from the Ontario store. Upon delivery, the 2 guys bringing in the furniture put it in place and we're about to leave when I looked at the furniture noticing a damage on the front corner. One of the guys asked if I wanted to keep the furniture? I said NO. It was obvious they dropped it. When calling the store, the woman I was talking to, was upset when I asked where they hired these men? The customer service has no PR , they just want to butter things up. For the size of the store, you would think you would get better service. Then a man with an incredibly heavy accent called after the new delivery was scheduled, it's like a lack of communication within the store. Obviously they didn't care to deliver a new Sideboard they have in stock, so I have to wait until after New Year. Frustrating that they didn't seem to try anything better.​​ worse, VERY POOR, ARGUMENTATIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE (Cynthia), she got very defensive when I asked if they hire experienced furniture deliverers or they just pick anyone up at a corner or Home Depot. They should have seen the damaged furniture and immediately replaced it, not delivering a damaged piece and acting dumb, as if the customer would not notice it!!! Maybe more training is in order not to argue with a customer, but I guess the company doesn't care about good PR and quality.

I did a CPU...

I did a CPU for two mattresses. Show up the next morning, wait almost an hour to be first in the pickup line. There were 6-7 vehicles behind me, mind you, I'm first there in line. They literally helped everyone else before me!! WTF?!

Purchased a table and...

Purchased a table and after getting it home i noticed a stain blemishes and a raised are on the top of the table. Because i picked ip the table i didn't want to go through the trouble to return it. But when i tried to use the leaf it would not completely close and line up. So i decided to return it. I paid the $99 for Mathis Brothers to pick up and bring another table. I received the return window of 11-2, they showed up 30 minutes early so i could not get home and my son received the table. The table had one insufficient blemish but also had what looked like a long hair from a paint brush under the finish. This was the a deal breaker. Called again and went through the same process. And scheduled another table exchange. When they return they brought the original table back to me. And it still had food on top that i was unable to clean because they came early. Now on table number 4 and it has damage to the leaf. Avoid at all cost, they will pass off used tables as new.

Terrible service, no one...

Terrible service, no one gets back with you even after multiple attempts, ordered a Sofa in May and still waiting and can't even get updates from the store. I wish there was a Nebraska furniture Mart near, they have customer service like Chick-fil-a and Mathis is the McDonald's Ice cream machine always broke!

Been a customer here...

Been a customer here over 15 years, service has always been adverse at best, floor vultures are over bearing at times. Last year we purchased a love seat and recliner, both electric, also got the battery packs. They claimed the batteries were good for at least 100 cycles. 30-40 is what we're getting. Found out the battery packs were 3 years old when we got them. So we took them back to the request of the service department to exchange for newer packs. They tried to give me wrong one, no go. So they said it's going to be a warranty issue to order in the right ones. So I took pictures of the tags on both pieces of furniture like requested and emailed to the service department like requested. 4 months later and resending the pictures over again still no battery packs. Excuses and excuses is what we get. Guess I'm going to buy new battery packs online and kick Mathis Brothers to the curb. At least Amazon will send a replacement part in a few day if something goes wrong. Mathis, your after care sucks, you were more than happy to take my money and forget about me. Well, we're done with you, there's enough competition out there that allows me other choices. So if you're thinking about buying from these guys just remember their service department isn't ran well. Companies failing to deliver quality customer service are at risk of losing not only current customers but also potential ones. Negative word-of-mouth can have a disastrous impact on a company's online reputation causing would-be buyers to look elsewhere.

Of course nobody that...

Of course nobody that I've spoken to seems to prioritize or want customer feedback, but here it is anyway: this company is terrible. The first communication I've received from them since my order in May was an impersonal text informing me that they'll deliver my order this Sunday (in October). I had previously called and was told that the 'concession' they'd make was delivering my order. So to be clear: to make amends for taking so long, this company is willing to do exactly what I already PAID THEM FOR back in May--and nothing more. I won't be buying from them after this initial experience. I will go out of my way to spend more at other companies if that's what it takes, and I'll tell everybody I can to avoid them.

It's a good day...

It's a good day for free mimosas!!! Yes!!!! The first of the month the bar is open just for this reason. I'm here for it! So much more pleasant to shop with a cocktail! Looking for a nice/ different sofa table.. so much to choose from. I like good quality pieces so of course I find a few things and stubbles on a beautiful king clearance headboard that was just sold. Uuuugh I should have came earlier!!! Love the shopping today and the friendliness of customer service and sales agents!

I was looking for...

I was looking for a storage bed and bunk bed. The woman who helped me did not know what a bunk bed was. When I showed her she said she did not know 'bunky' bed. Not at all helpful. Also, I felt stalked in the store. She hung out just where I could see her watching my every move. If I go back, I will find another sales person.

So, for the COVID...

So, for the COVID review I would give them five stars. All customers are temperature screened upon entry and given a paper bracelet to wear. (But, not sure who was really policing that part.) For furniture selection I give them a three (even though this is the largest furniture store in Tulsa). I was looking for a funky chair and seriously, everything here was either brown or beige or leather. Nothing really unique about anything. There were no galleries as I remember (like Thomasville or other higher end brands). Brown and beige. Now I know that they can special ordering anything and they have designers and they can create whatever we want (as the pesky salesperson kept telling us as he followed us around even though we told him we were just browsing). Pretty sure I will stay with some boutique local businesses in the future. Honestly, I was pretty impressed with Sutherlands (believe it or not).

This place is MASSIVE....

This place is MASSIVE. I was helped by Daniel and he was great he spent a lot of time showing me stuff. I really wish I could've given him some commission but I was unable to find the perfect colors and comfort level. I would've had to compromise on one or the other and spending that kind of money I kept searching. The patio furniture is soooo expensive there. I was shocked at how high the prices were. The rest of the pieces I looked at were very good pricing I just wasn't excited about the options. Daniel was great though 10/10 for customer service.

I would not recommend...

I would not recommend that you buy from Mathis Brothers especially mattresses. I bought right at $40,000 worth of furniture from them about a month ago and when it came time for us to pick the mattresses out for the master bed we were told the split mattresses might be a good fit for us. Though we were a bit apprehensive about the split situation we were assured we could swap them if we didn't like them after 30 days. Well as it turns out we were right, we hate the split mattresses so we called for the swap so we could exchange the two twin XL for a King like we originally had planned. Now let the half truths and lies begin as the real deal about their exchange policy is you have to exchange the same size mattresses that you bought 'would be nice if they mentioned this'. Two twin XL is a King size, but nope you can't and additionally you have to pay $200 per mattress for the exchange. If you want to return them, nope that won't work either. So we have over 7K is mattresses that looks like we are going to give away as we hate this combination. Don't listen to what they say as it is lies and make sure you read every single page disclosure / disclaimer they make you sign in the mountain of paperwork at checkout as their words or lack there of means nothing. Needless to say I have cancelled all the furniture that we bought corporately just in time thank the Lord and will be looking to take our business elsewhere and you should too. Buyer beware!!

Dishonest, disorganized, Rude and...

Dishonest, disorganized, Rude and the Worst Customer Service i've seen in my life! I bought over 5k furniture from them, the sale's rep checked all the item and told me with the membership i get free delivery and assemble. On the day of the delivery for starter their delivery team was late 90min i had to call the customer support then they confirmed they are behind on a schedule and will arrive in 30min. The delivery folks showed up, in a hurry they started to put furniture together then they told me there are a bed and a nightstand marked as 'assemble by customers' and they can't assemble. I explained the the sales rep said everything will be assembled by them, they put me on the phone with dispatcher, she was very rude and disrespectful. She kept saying they are not going to assemble it, call customer service. I asked to speak with a manger she refused! I called the sales rep 'Big Mike', he said he checked all the items at the time of sales and all were supposed to be assembled by them, he suggested that the box may be labeled wrong and told me he will talk to his manager. A few mins later he called and said his manager said there is nothing they can do now, but they can stop in the weekend to assemble it themselves for me!!! I called customer service, explained everything to the rep, she repeated the same thing saying nothing she can do, and i can return the items and get my money back. What about the wasted time and inconvenience, what about my 3 years old child who was expecting his bed to arrive? Nothing. I asked to talk with a manager, she refused at the beginning but then accepted after I insisted. Finally talked to a manager. After minutes of explaining, she said the same thing, even more ruder than her rep. And basically said not my department problem i can transfer you to sales manager. I was furious everyone of those loosely, low education, so called 'managers' don't want take any responsibility and sending me to someone else. I don't even know how this is still functioning as a business if everyone is in for themselves! Anyway you can guess how the call with sales manager went. Worse than the 3 calls before it. Saying the same thing nothing we can do just return the items! I hang up frustrated by those mediocres. I wish i returned the bed, but I didn't want to broke my 3 years old heart. He has been waiting for his new bed all day :( so i spent the rest of the evening with his mother assembling the bed for him. Be alert making business with this dishonest incompetent company, once they have your money, good luck you get any support or help from them! They are literally the definition of horribly run business!

Wife and I have...

Wife and I have been looking for a rocker recliner for several months and went to many stores, we could not decide because none of the other stores had what interest us. We went to this store and was greeted by Katie Ball, a sales rep, who was the nicest, most helpful person. We explained what we wanted, Katie took us to the first chair, and it was exactly what we wanted, perfect color, very comfortable chair. The way Katie worked with us made it so easy to find what we are looking for. Just wanted to give a shout out to Katie Ball and say thank you you helped us tremendously. Thank you thank you thank you.

I went this weekend...

I went this weekend and found an item i felt in love with, I had the privilege to have Mike Martinez as my salesman, he was very patient with me, I couldn't decide on 2 items and he took the time to explain more about each item, he made sure both were available and never made me feel pressured on buying anything. I recommend you ask for him next time you're there. Thanks Mike!

Worst delivery service. They...

Worst delivery service. They delivered wrong couches 3 times. Don't buy there 3rd party protection plan it's garbage. They take weeks to respond and they will make any excuse not to clean or fix your furniture. They will find any loop hole . Never again buying from here or any Mathis brothers

We needed a chair...

We needed a chair and started out with Mathis. It took us three times to go back to finally pick out a beautiful chair with Marwa. She was there helping us with style and quality. I just want to say she is amazing. She has the best customer service I have ever had there. She made sure we got help with what we needed. When you shop at Mathis request Marwa she is worth the wait. With Marwa she cares what you are looking for. Her manager Josh was also Fantastic and gave us great customers service. We were grateful with our experience. I cannot forget Sophia who rang up our order at the end. Sweet helpful and lovely. So thank you I hope to love my chair forever. Thanks for the best customer service. It's so nice to put a positive review.

We bought furniture from...

We bought furniture from Mathis 10 years ago they were recliners, we still have them the leather has worn on them. The mechanism on them is still smooth working great. Padding and stuffing still good. We bought new recliners and a loveseat. In the store the padding and stuffing looked good, on delivery day the recliners back padding was lacking so much that it wrinkled the leather material horrible. It doesn't even fill out the material there. The mechanism on the manual one sounds like it's clunking and very hard to push back and go up. My husband's electric chair quit working 4 times now in a 2 month period. When it's on the battery mode and goes down at 50% or less it quits. It has to be reset. I have always loved the Lazyboy recliners but it seems all they want to do is charge you more and give you less. Very Disappointed

The quality of furniture...

The quality of furniture at Mathis is always excellent, and their sales staff is attentive and answers my questions. They didn't mind moving things over a little to get everything in the right place. On two different deliveries, the delivery folks noticed that a piece of furniture had a mark and they didn't even bring it in like other places would, but rather they reported it to management while they were at my house. There were plenty of other identical pieces, so they brought another out a couple of days later. This shows a lot of integrity and training.

Ok, let me just...

Ok, let me just start off by saying that I will NEVER come close to stepping foot in any other furniture store again!! I had heard a lot about Mathis Brother's, but never had been there before. I couldn't believe my eyes as soon as I entered the parking lot of the store, I was stunned to see how HUGE the store is, also gave me the vibes of a casino from the outside look of the building - so you know the money is going to be well spent!! My experience was beyond great! I was greeted by a kind gentleman by the name of Zachary who was very updated with his knowledge on all their products, not a single question was left unanswered! So the shopping began!! I literally filled up my entire house with all of Mathis Brother's products & by far one of THE best qualities out there on any of their items! I still am working with Zach Via phone who is still assisting me with my questions/concerns & additional purchases, giving me the comfort of feeling like I am there in-store shopping being the fact that I live an hour away! I will continue my business with Mathis Brother's & Zach as long as possible, referred many people already & looking forward to my delivery tomorrow!!!! Thank you Zach & you're incredible team with all the assistance & efforts in making this happen for me!!! I've attached some of the items purchased, beautiful!!

I recently had to...

I recently had to purchase furniture for my house and absolutely dreaded the whole process. I found most salespeople to be pushy and not listen to my wants but not Karen she took time to listen to my requests. Not only did she find everything I was looking for she even convinced me to add some extra special touches to my home. Thank you to her expertise my home is complete!!!

avoid these guys at...

avoid these guys at all cost. They are worthless in sales and customer service. Bought a primer brand king size bedroom set which we paid hefty price for. It showed up with one box spring, apparently I need two. The single part number for a Sealy king size box spring needs to have qty 2 which sale person didn't know and i should have been charges twice. . I was told they will make it right by shipping me the 2nd unit the day after. Later called and said the other piece went to someone else. So i am not the only one with half box spring. A week later, they show up with their in-house brand called Lady Americana, which is junk.

Looking at other reviews,...

Looking at other reviews, I would be embarrassed if this was my business. We had a similar horrible experience. Bought a sofa ( amongst other things) and wanted a different configuration than what was on the floor. Was told it would be 3 to 4 months to have made. No problem we were willing to wait. Three weeks later they called to schedule a delivery. When they showed up it was the wrong sofa. We called and customer service said they would look into it. Nothing. Went in several times and spoke to two managers promising to fix it. Still waiting months later. This business does not care once they have your money. Go somewhere else.

It's quite disconcerting to...

It's quite disconcerting to be assailed the minute you walk into the showroom. It's actually off-putting. I understand that the salespersons work on commission, but this is the only place I've ever been to in the Coachella Valley where this occurs. It's actually uncomfortable, and makes shopping there unpleasant. But they do sell nice lines of furniture. Addendum (following Rick's reply.) Rick, I appreciate your response. Yes you do have a wide variety of lines and furniture in each of your showroom buildings. And yes, I am sure some people do appreciate having a sales person nearby to answer questions they may have. The emphasis here is on 'some.' But I think you missed the point here: having a sales person hover over you and follow you like you're being surveilled for theft should be optional, and people who are expressing disappointment with this practice and the impression they're given the minute they walk in the door, you should take it to heart. Perhaps have your salespersons hand their business card to shoppers and say 'please call me Or page me if you need assistance and I will be happy to meet you where ever you are at in our store.'

Around March 2019, we...

Around March 2019, we bought an electric recliner chair and about a month before the one-year warranty was set to expire our recliner broke. Around February 2020, we filed a claim with Mathis Brothers, and they sent out a technician to see if the chair could be repaired. The mechanical component to the chair bent and was not fixable so they had to order the part for the chair. Fast forward 9 to 10 months later, (after several phone calls asking for updates and management and customer service not knowing what was going on with the order), Mathis brothers finally received the part. The technician comes out and it is the wrong part. At this time it was revealed that, Mathis Brothers stopped doing business with the manufacture that made replacement parts and there was no fixing it. We were done messing with the poor customer service and inept management and asked for a refund. They refused and gave us store credit. We were determined not to give Mathis Brothers any more money for all the trouble we received doing business with them. We found a broken (discounted) side table and a Walmart quality kitchen dining set (two benches and a table) and ended up paying around $25 for the taxes. Since Mathis Brothers does not allow the display pieces to be purchased (except for the broken furniture for sale), we had to order the dining set and this was done February 2022 and once again, we were told the table would be delivered in two weeks. We asked for delivery, and they wanted to charge us $120. We declined. Two weeks comes and goes, and the shipment is somewhere between the Tulsa warehouse and the California warehouse. Sometime in March they agree to deliver the dining set free of charge. It is now May 27, 2022, and the dining set arrived broken. So, we once again send furniture back to Mathis Brothers. After dealing with them for over a year of multiple mishaps, poor customer service, and dishonest management - we asked what it was going to take just to get our money back and wash our hands of Mathis Brothers. I guess we aren't allowed to speak with management, so it was facilitated by a customer service rep that Justin Lewis (district customer service manager) once again denied our request for a refund, and we were told to wait for the next shipment in July 2022 before we get a third set of furniture delivered by Mathis Brothers. Needless to say, the quality of Mathis brothers has gone downhill and they lost two lifelong customers. We will NEVER do business with them again!

I was promised one...

I was promised one price, but after a 1 month delay, the bill was $400. higher. New management at Mathis/Ashley not honest as a few years ago. BEWARE!! worse than a used car lot!!!

Bought some outdoor patio...

Bought some outdoor patio furniture and we really like it. At the time of purchase they asked us if we wanted to join some sort of membership, of course we declined and didn't join. A year went buy and all of a sudden a charge on our checking account for 107.00 dollars showed up. When I called they said it was for there membership, I promptly told them that we did not join there membership and that we don't want it and we want a refund. Petty cheesy business, then I found out the same thing happened to my sister in law. They lost us for any further business. You wonder how many people get charged and ripped off from this cheesy company.

This Indio store has...

This Indio store has worthless customer service. On July 7, 2022 I ordered a Jonathan Louis couch from Mathis Bros in Indio. It was delivered about 4 weeks later. After about 2 weeks, loose threads started appearing everywhere on the couch. I waited one week to be on. the schedule for a 'service' call. That was on a Wednesday. I was told that I would receive a call from the Service Manager 24 hours later. On the following MONDAY, I received a call back. The lady told me that they would 'do me a favor' and order new cushions. But what about the body of the couch? I guess that I am stuck with those threads getting worse and worse. I have also contacted Jonathan Louis who made the couch . No. help there either! What a complete waste of my $2700 ! At this point, this couch looks so bad that I guess that I will just give up my $2700 and have Mathis Bros just come get it. They have blamed me for the damage! I live alone! This situation is absolutely ridiculous!

Bought a coffee table...

Bought a coffee table from them about 2 years ago which is already falling a part. 2 years later they charged my card another $107. Called them back to ask about the charge. Guy answered the phone was very rude and right away gave a refund without explaining what was the charge for. Now this makes me think that they save customers credit card info and later date they charge a random amount hoping they won't notice? If you ever bought something from them watch your credit card statements or change your card.

just moved into a...

just moved into a house , so needed some furniture of course.. walked in and was greeted by King. We spent many hours here and he was patient with us. Good service!!! & the manager Damian was really helpful & professional. Overall a great experience here!

Well, I think this...

Well, I think this deserves an update. Jon Peters helped us yesterday, and he was awesome. He was low- to no- pressure, easygoing, and sweet and accommodating to us and to our son (pictured here, pretending to be so bored he fell asleep, he's only two so you can imagine how much trouble I'm going to be in). We are looking for a sectional, and trying not to spend an insane amount of money because (A, I'm not made of money, B, my kids are little and will probably mess it up). We were literally kicking tires, and Jon knew we would not be purchasing anything (we haven't even measured our living room yet), but he treated us like his best customers all day. He was knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful. We will probably end up buying from Mathis Bros instead of World Market or Wayfair because of him and his expertise.

I am a royalty...

I am a royalty customer since 2005. I met Toni for the last couple purchase. she just different than other sales person。so friendly and helpful makes you want to go back again, thank you Toni we'll see you soon !

My experience with them...

My experience with them is the worst this time . I keep calling and only to be told that some will call back . This has been going on for almost a month !!! I ordered Ashley furnitures . I was told Mathisbrothers will be delivering them. I am still waiting. I have purchased before from Ashley furniture in MS and in FL . No problem. On time delivery and pleasant . Mathisbrothers Communication is so horrible. They are not professional to the customers. I keep seeing my credit card being charged few times.( then credit back ,charged agin ) It looks like there is NO Quality control or check and balance with this business.

We first met Kora...

We first met Kora as she greeted us on our first visit to Mathis. Kora is knowledgeable AND pleasant to talk with about the product we inquired about. I asked for Japandi style pieces and after showing us the dining room section of this huge store, we excited selected an A.R.T. piece with 8 chairs to include 2 Slipper captain chairs in taupe. Kora knew her product and when she didn't have the answer she goggled the piece easily and effectively! We happy that we stopped in. AND we were just looking! I recommend Mathis AND Kora!

Non-existent customers service, ambivilent...

Non-existent customers service, ambivilent sales people full of excuses and incompetent people on the other side of their 1-800 number. It all started when we walked in the door. Our sales person, Maria G., looked us up and down and pretty much decided how much money we had. Mind you we just rolled in from the pool at our vacation home in La Quinta. Told her we were looking for a Cal King bed and were pretty specific about the look. She led us up the escalator, pointed in a direction, said let me know if you have any questions and then proceeded to take selfies in the full length mirror. I guess she liked her floral pants and blazer fit that day. After we didn't find anything, we headed back down the escaltor and I saw a bed that fit our description perfectly. She said, oh that's in our better furniture section or something along those lines. Long story short, we loved it, the tag said 'in stock' and we bought it. Then she perked up, worked us hard for a mattress and thank goodness we just went with the bed. I told my husband if all goes well, we'll come back, get the mattress and the rest of the furniture for the room. Now, four weeks later, we've never received an email or communications from them. We've called Maria multiple times with no callback. When we do get a hold of her she's full of excuses, saying she's having trouble with her phone, it's her day off and she'll call us back, she has to ask her manager and he's busy - the list goes on. We try the 800 # and they tell us they're waiting on parts and don't know how long it will take. We understand things take time these days, but for the love of all that's good, someone give us a straight answer! And don't advertisde it's in stock if it's not. Needless to say we're beyond frustrated and I'm so glad we only bought the one thing. They will not be getting any more business from us and I plan to tell everyone I know and leave a review every where I can about my experience. I don't want anyone going through what we have experienced. Still waiting on the bed...

I have a love...

I have a love hate relationship with Mathis. I always look everywhere else first and still end up here. I can't deny the huge selection they have but I just hate the car salesman stalker vibe from the hundreds of sales people they have. Sometimes I want to look without being bothered. My recent visit was a bit different. A sales girl attached herself to us, led us to what we were looking for then stayed back while we browsed. Nice! Somehow we lost her. So we found someone else who was the same person who helped us 14 years ago! Yes we've had the bedroom furniture that long and it's still nice. The prices are decent, financing options are good (1year no interest), selection is vast. The delivery for some items was delayed a lot. I got my dinning chairs but no table for 4 months! I also don't like how they push the furniture coverage and rewards membership. You have to be careful when you check out that they don't add it when you didn't want it. I did like that the membership got us a 1 year sleep trial for our mattress! See.. some things I love and some I hate. Would I return? Probably.

My experience with this...

My experience with this company was absolutely horrible. I spent thousands of dollars on a brand new dining table and chairs and was told it would arrive at the end of July. After it had been over 2 weeks past the arrival date, I finally called to ask why I hadn't heard anything. They told me that it got delayed the week after I ordered it which was in April and wouldn't be in until September. I was frustrated that after spending so much money, I had to call to find that out after the expected arrival date. I explained that they should have called me immediately to let me know what the new arrival date would be and after many phone calls on my end and no returned calls on their end, they still offered me nothing. One of the last times I tried calling customer service, I was told it wouldn't arrive until November, and again was frustrated because I only found out due to calling about it. They still offered nothing despite how poorly they handled the situation. I eventually got a call from my salesman who told me if I paid in full then they would transfer one from the OKC warehouse. Which was ridiculous but I did it anyway and then again, I had to call to find out it had arrived from OKC and was ready for pickup. To top it all off, when we picked it up, they tried to give me 2 chairs off the floor that were beaten up. When I called to complain they offered to exchange them for 2 new ones. When these chairs arrived, their delivery team ended up putting a massive hole in our wall with one of them. Keep in mind these are not heavy chairs. They are supposedly sending someone to fix it but it is still a huge inconvenience and we have not been offered anything for all the trouble. I will never buy from this company ever again.

I do not recommend...

I do not recommend the Tulsa store and the customer service is horrible. And when I call back I just get the runaround and excuses that this person's in Mexico or this person only works on Wednesday that would handle your situation etc. etc. I went in on 10 December picked out some furniture, Purchased it for a later delivery date. Called the next morning and canceled everything. I had written them at $4900 check which they had said they had already processed and here we are on January 3 and I still don't have my refund. How would you feel if a store had $4900 of your money.??? And I've called several times and no one has helped and no one has resolved this issue and no one seems to care.

This is my first...

This is my first 1 star review. -- First, a sales person lied to us. I asked to see a specific couch we saw online. He showed us a hard, ugly couch. I asked why it had different legs and a different name? He said it was just the color. The color I wanted was 'way over there.' Then showed super expensive couches instead. What??? -- We find a different sales person, Alan, who was LOVELY. He was kind and explained to us the couch was actually in the outlet not it that store. He even walked us over to help find someone to help us there. This sales person, Alejandro, was equally great. -- We bought an in stock couch so we could have it Friday. We were told 100% it would be delivered on Friday, but the time of day wouldn't be specific. We moved a vacation to be there. The delivery service called Thursday to say it could be there anytime in the next 3 weeks. Seriously. -- The couch is $200 less online. At this point, I just can't... what is wrong with this place?? 5 stars for Alan and Alejandro -5 for lying sales person -5 for delivery service ----- Update: -- I asked for a refund on Friday. Was told the 'Payment Team' would be calling me by the end of day. No call. -- I reach out again on Saturday. They called back. Yay! They can't process the refund until Monday. Unclear why they can take money any day, but only give it back on week days. -5 for Payment Team

I have been shopping...

I have been shopping at Mathis Brothers for years. We built a new home 4 years ago and I joke that I decorated my 4600 sq. Ft. home with the clearance section at Mathis. Of course I didn't, but I did find many great items and always with the help of Andy Padilla. We have recently decided to rent out our home and purchased a new one. The rental house needed a few new items and the new home will need all new furniture as well. My first thought was Mathis Bros. and Andy Padilla. As usual he was there to help , always happy, kind and genuine. To me Andy Padilla is Mathis Bros, they could not ask for a better person to represent them.

So disappointed! We were...

So disappointed! We were in the store about 10 days ago and found what we wanted. Just as I do with everything, I wanted to be sure it was my choice. We look at many stores and decide that what we had chosen was our favorite. My husband goes to the store, a young female salesperson asks him, 'what are you shopping for besides me?' He tells her that he is just going to be sure they still have what we wanted. She followed. He tells her, we are working with ____ who is on vacation, can you help and he still gets the credit. She states I will split it. He gets to the register and explains it to them. They state that nowhere on our paperwork states that our salesman ______ will get any part of it! WHAT has happened Mathis Brothers???? Your salesperson is completely out of line with a married and/or single man and then lies and doesn't add our sales person to the sale? It wasn't this way in the past and I am at a loss for words

If any one of...

If any one of you is in the market for over-the-top and reliable customer service while shopping for furniture, please check out this Mathis Brothers in the City of Irvine and ask for Mr. James Hamilton. This gentleman is such a fine example of what it means to go above and beyond with regards to a successful level of customer service, listening well to our needs and expectations, helping us to find the piece that suited us best, then assisting with everything from point of payment to delivery and final in-home setup. He was really good about always being accessible by phone, which helped with the purchase greatly. Looking forward to many more purchases. Thank you James!

Rejecting all my emails...

Rejecting all my emails to you Mr Stephenson could you please look me up in your stores customer data and call me back I've tried to call you twice Thank you I've tried again & again no luck with your email sir.

As always I had...

As always I had a wonderful experience shopping with Mathis Brothers. I worked again with my AWESOME salesperson Clayton Hale. This visit I used the 12 month interest free offer. I worked with Ricky in customer service and he was helpful and pleasant. I would also like to share the delivery experience. I realize they are 3rd party to Mathis Brothers. But, they are very nice, professional and always respect my home. Thanks again Mathis Brothers, Brenda Aguirre, CDA

Update: Went back to...

Update: Went back to Mathis Bros to order our replacement chair as the leather sample had looked great in our home. Salesman had said it could be here in May & that was fine. Things have been crazy due to Covid. But after meeting up w/ him, guess what? It was in stock! Our chair was waiting for us!! Yea, Mathis Bros.

I came in n...

I came in n a whim to look for a recliner chair for my husband as a surprise. Andre assisted me but I didn't make a purchase that day as I didn't have enough time. Andre was kind enough to keep in touch and sent me photos of recliner chairs available. He found me the perfect chair and my husband is in love! He doesn't get off the chair all day! Thank you so much Andre for all your help! Best customer service!

Bought dineing room chairs...

Bought dineing room chairs and new pillows for 200. Bucks pleased the clearance section at mathis brothers is really good. Beware alot is messed up tho so use caution that being said they still have great stuff.. just like little chips on items and they're half what they'd normally be.. paid 40 for dining chairs they're great.. this my favorite furniture store .. would recommend..

I would definitely definitely...

I would definitely definitely recommend this particular one!! Her name is Ollie. Best customer service you can receive we were there two hours and we left there with a three-piece set ....end tables and coffee table along with some lamps. She did well didn't give up on what I was looking For and made us feel very comfortable....

Previous visits left us...

Previous visits left us unimpressed but we decided to go in and look around again. Game changer!! We met sales consultant 'Ashley Rios' who is simply amazing. She listened to our needs, gave us space when we needed to think, gave us great suggestions, reminded us things can appear smaller in store, and was helpful in so many ways!!! After our first visit Thursday she responded to our texts quickly during business harpies Friday morning...sending us us photos and measurements of the items we were considering to make sure they fit. We went back later Friday with ideas in mind and she helped us piece together a beautiful patio set and dual love seat recliner all within our budget! She let us try everything until we were sure we made the right decision. If you're looking for an extremely helpful sales consultant who carefully listens and does not try to upsell or use other sales techniques Ashley is your girl!!! Ashley Rios is a gem and a one of a kind!!! Because of her we will definitely be back to finish off our other rooms.

My wife and I...

My wife and I have a home in Maryland were most of business is done. We purchased a second home in Blanchard OK and bought furniture to furnish it from Mathis Brothers in OK City. The furniture was delivered 9/7/21 to the front door as they charge EXTRA to bring it inside (this should have been the first warning flag to me). My wife returned to Maryland a day prior to delivery and I stayed. The furniture was delivered and I set it up with my son. In this purchase were TWO Lane Rocker Recliners set up in living room. I flew back to Maryland 9/13/21 and only sat in one recliner. I came back to OK on 10/19 to accept some other orders and have some installs completed. I sat in the same chair as before with no issues. I returned to Maryland on 10/28 . In the mean time NO ONE has sat in the second recliner. My wife and I returned to Oklahoma on 12/27/21 and know one has been in the home. My wife sat in the second recliner and the arm seemed very loose. At the time I didn't think much of it because both of us were busy unpacking delivery's and setting up the house. On 1/5/22, I decided to flip the recliner upside down to see what was going on as my wife flew back on 1/4/22. I found a very cheaply constructed piece of furniture with broken 1/2 inch CDX plywood broken that used staples to hold it together. On the side rails 1/8 inch cardboard was used to hold the foam in to form arm rests. The listed price was $ 723.95 discounted to $ 651.56 because of other purchases. I had also purchased the No Use No Use protection plan for another $ 209.00. I called Mathis Brothers Customer service about this and asked for a replacement. I was told that they would ONLY REPAIR and I had to bring it in. I mentioned to them that I would only be in town for a few more days and what would happen if I couldn't pick it up after the repair for a month or two. I was told I would be charged a storage fee ! So I protested saying Mathis SOLD A DEFECTIVE PRODUCT and I paid for a furniture protection plan and still have to pay more and bring it in for a REPAIR and not a replacement . I spoke with the store manager as my sales person no longer works there and was told there is nothin he could do ! I spoke with customer service again and made sure they had my SALES ORDER # 53A198541 Document Date 9/04/21 correct. They then said they would waive the storage fee (how nice) if I would just call them to let them know. I again explained that I wouldn't be able to pick it up for over 30 days as I wouldn't be in town when the repair is completed. I am Certified Licensed Property inspector, 45 yr. licensed home improvement contractor, Real Estate Agent and never have I had a such poor product backing from a supposed reputable company. I thought I was buying a quality LANE RECLINER from a GOOD COMPANY and both turned out to be JUNK without backing for there products they sell and a misleading warranty unless you really read the fine print ! Will attach photos of Junk Later. Ken

I was wondering why...

I was wondering why a store that sells such quality furniture has such low star ratings. Now I know why! The customer service is a sham. They take your order, your money, and then they hold on to your merchandise, and keep changing the date that things are supposed to arrive! They pass you along on the phone, put you on hold, pick up, hang up, pick up, hang up. I am waiting for a manager as I type this and they will not get on the line. I plan on going up there tomorrow and cancelling my order 10,000 dollars in bedding and they dont have the common courtesy to answer a call or give you definitive answers. If there was a zero star available, I would give them that. Mathis brothers sucks in my opinion. Sales is what they are interested in, not returning customers. Guess what? I've been waiting as I type and, they have just hung up! Never got a manager on the line. How about that for customer service? I WILL BE CANCELLING MY ORDER!

My daughter and I...

My daughter and I were in Oklahoma City looking for a piece of furniture for her dorm room, instead we stalked by the saleswoman! The second we walked in the door, we were aggressively approached by the saleswoman. I immediately told her we were just wanting to look around and that we did not require any assistance. She continued to pry for information about what we were looking for as she followed us throughout the store. We were finally able to get away from her and literally tried to sneak out of the store. Unfortunately she caught us and tried reeling us back in!!

The furniture seemed cheap...

The furniture seemed cheap - and the sales people were over the top . Definitely work commission- so you have someone following you around .

Our sales person was...

Our sales person was wonderful but customer service is abysmal! We bought a sectional sofa and warranty. Almost a year later, we had to file a claim for damage to 2 cushions. The replacement cushions were shipped to Mathis Brothers instead of my home address. I live in a different state. Not one person from Mathis Brothers ever reached out to me about the replacement cushions. I have called multiple times, explained the situation repeatedly, am told that someone will get back to me, and NO ONE ever does! I've been dealing with this since August 2021 and still have 2 damaged sofa cushions on my sofa!!!

Mathis is probably one...

Mathis is probably one of the few places in town with a large enough variety of items to make it worth stopping in. That said, you also have to run the gamut of 'furniture sharks' at the front door. Swear to God, they're worse than used car salesmen. I get my hackles up just pulling into the parking lot. That said, they have gotten better at leaving you alone to shop if you tell them to. Still, they're like a shadow... or an annoying puppy.... not necessarily underfoot, but never far away. As for inventory and price, yeah, they're huge, so they have the most selection and reasonable prices. They must have some value, since we've nearly furnished a house from them over the years.

After 6 months of...

After 6 months of going back and forth with Kandyce at Mathis Brother's nothing has been done. I just keep getting run around. They agreed that there was extensive damage to the dresser and it arrive with all sorts of putty filler that looks horrible. They can't replace the dresser because the line has been discontinued. They sent someone out to access the damage and he said it was bad but there was nothing he can do to fix it. They offered a 10% refund which is insulting. The bottom line here is they have done nothing and don't even bother to reply to my emails. The drawers are all broken and they said they would repair them, but that was dropped as well. Very, very disappointing for a company this big.

dont buy at mathis...

dont buy at mathis brothers in tulsa. we paid over $2k for a mattress and headboard 10/8 delivery was scheduled 10/9. was not delivered due to someone changing it from delivery to will pick up. no one admitted doing it. delivery was rescheduled for 10/16. they called and said the delivery truck broke down and they would be late. at 5:30 we got another call that they would not be delivering after all and rescheduled for tuesday 10/18. we told them that was unacceptable and we would be canceling our order. the manager & salesmen never returned our numerous calls. do not buy from these lazy liars. once they have your money they forget about you. shopped here for decades and we are done! check with the better business bureau before you step foot in their store. sorry we didnt do that ourselves. lots of horrible stories like ours at the bbb. we will file a complaint with the bbb too. people need to know these people are not the people you want to do business with. i came home & ordered exactly everything online & saved money too!

came into store found...

came into store found chair over 2000,000 ordered and paid for it was to be delivered today almost a month to the day. Chair not is delayed no one bothered to call me at all since purchase of chair no one to update me at anytime. once they have your money and made a sale they could care less Very poor customer service Very dissapointed

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