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Made Trade is about more than just home decor, fashion, and furniture. They are a sourcer and promoter of sustainable, fair trade, heritage, and minority owned businesses and also donate 1% of their profits to eco-friendly non-profits. When it comes to products, customers have great things to say about the quality, designs, and mission of their designs. Rare complaints mention the occasional delivery mishap.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

Price: $249-$4995

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Made Trade Specifics

Made Trade is hardly just a furniture brand. They offer a wide array of home goods, decor, kitchen and dining supplies, and even apparel sourced sustainably and responsibly. When it comes to their furniture, they work with some of the most sustainable brands and micro-brands in the industry, including but not limited to Masaya & Co., Emeco, KAZI, Amara, Area Home, and Mbare. Their prices are competitive for their mission and quality. As part of their sustainability mission comes product durability, designed to be kept for life.

In terms of customer experiences, Made Trade customers give excellent satisfaction scores for their Made Trade purchases with high ratings for both wooden furniture and decor with attractive and high quality designs. With this array of positive feedback from customers as well as their wide product offering, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to include them on our furniture list.

Material Quality

One of the biggest benefits of buying from Made Trade is their sustainable mission and high quality craftsmanship, sourced from local artisans. They are certified Climate Neutral, and source their furniture from local artisans across the globe that share their mission by using sustainable, upcycled, or recycled materials while still offering high quality builds with solid wood, metals, and traditional, time-tested building techniques. Customers respond very well to the quality of their products versus traditional furniture competitors.

Made Trade's Top Furniture

Made Trade provides a wide variety of home decor and home furniture items. We'll go through customers' top searches and discuss the ins and outs of their selection.

#1 Accent Chairs

Made Trade is well-known for its chairs, including rocking chairs and lounge chairs that feature stunning craftsmanship by local artisans. Their Masaya and Co. chairs are some of the most popular, with traditional handwoven seats and backs. Made Trade's chairs comes with sustainably harvested hardwood and trees planted to offset the carbon footprint. Additionally, they have other chairs made using recycled materials with inspired designs. These high quality products get high marks from customers on style, function, and mission.

The pros: Beautiful options with a mid-century aesthetic. Quality materials. Sustainable.

The cons: Prices are aspirational for many.

#2 Platform Beds

Made Trade's platform beds are also popular with similar sourcing to their seating with sustainable and solid wood artisinal designs and also handwoven headboards in some cases. Their beds feature teak, white oak, and walnut hardwoods, which is much more resilient than common fiberboards found in other furniture stores. Also, they offer white glove delivery with assembly included. With their sustainable mission, sturdy designs, and beautiful selection, its no wonder why their platform beds are highly rated.

The pros: Solid wood and sturdy designs. Sustainable materials and unique designs.

The cons: Aspirational prices. Some designs aren't as readily reviewed yet.

#3 Side Tables

Made Trade's side tables offer both bedside and living room side table designs. One of their most popular designs is the stacking side tables for those that have space restrictions. These are made from sustainable hardwoods and many offer trees planted with purchase. They offer handcrafted designs with both artisinal designs and modern aesthetics, ideal for those looking to incorporate mid-century styles.

The pros: Sustainable and visually unique side tables. Good selection.

The cons: Some aspirational prices in some cases.

#4 Coffee Tables

Made Trade coffee tables feature solid wood designs, sourced sustainably. These include teak, mohogany, walnut, and more. Their focus on wooden designs create a warmth in color to living rooms. They range from 24inches to 51.5inches wide with most integrating into cozy living spaces well. With their sustainable mission and solid wood pieces that are designed to last, shoppers will do well with their coffee table selection.

The pros: High quality coffee table selection with a sustainable approach and artisinal handcrafted designs.

The cons: Smaller selection than other categories.

#5 Baskets & Decor

The last unique category of items, which is a serious consideration for shoppers, is their baskets and home decor items. Their selection offers handcrafted, sustainable, and fair-trade designs that are sourced from Uganda, Rwanda, Vietnam, and more, which help local communities and also are unique show-stoppers for any space. In addition to their baskets, they have woven wall-hangings, which can transform an empty wall space. With too many decor items to name, their inspiring and socially-conscious selection will be sure to excite.

The pros: Selection of fair trade, sustainable, high quality, and beautiful baskets and home decor.

The cons: Aspirational prices at times.

More From Made Trade's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Made Trade offers a variety of other home products, such as:

- Bedding

- Clothing

- Plates + Bowls

- Other Home Goods

Made Trade Alternatives

Even with everything going on in the world, this still remains one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

If you are ready to learn more about the best rated online furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2024 Furniture Stores.

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Beautiful Product and Best Customer Service [Obelisk Runner / Rug]

The customer service that we received with this product was unparalleled to any other company! There were delays due to COVID, and their team provided the best support. Needless to say, our household is filled with loyal Made Trade customers! The rug is gorgeous! It has repelled water and stains as well, and it works great with a rug pad underneath. 10/10 recommend!!

Gift [Seaside Stripes Large Laundry Hamper Basket]

This was a gift that my daughter requested. She loves it!

Stunningly Beautiful [Greece Indigo Curtain]

These curtains are absolutely gorgeous. I'm using them on my closet and they add a beautiful pop of color to my room! The color is so rich and I love the pattern. I can definitely tell these are high quality, well worth the price.

Love it. [Vanilla Sugar Swirl Flat Lid Storage Basket]

Love this laundry basket!

Better than expected [Iringa Basket - Natural]

Love my beautiful basket , it showed up in a large box it perfect condition, worth every penny and would definitely shop here again.

Sweet Dreams! [Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Snow]

I love these sheets. They have a soft, luxurious feel and my husband and I are both big fans.

Beautiful and comfy [Crinkled Percale Pillowcase Set - Ginger]

These are a beautiful addition to our bedroom. I love them!

Shanti Red Curtain(s) [Shanti Red Curtains]

Very happy with the look and quality of the product. Anya from customer service was very helpful when I had some questions about the color of the product. My only critique is that this should be labeled as Shanti curtain not curtains since only one panel is included. I did notice after I received the first panel, that description listed one panel included when usually panels are sold in pairs. Thank you, Marie Pagán

Lovely blanket! [Horizonte Upcycled Blanket - Lila]

Beautifully made with vibrant colors.

Great Products Great Business [Colorful Mini Porcelain Vase 3]

The ceramic products are as perfect as advertised and pictured. The team at Made Trade is delightful to work with and go out of their way to be helpful. I know I will order from Made Trade again.

Silky, Soft, and Sustainable [Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Dove]

Great material. Pricey but feel luxurious.

Gorgeous, silky [Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set - Moss]

These sheets are so beautiful, and are as silky as they look in the pictures. They also reflect light very beautifully. I've never spent more than $20 on sheets before but I absolutely love them! Very breathable as well. It came in a plastic package.

Gorgeous rug [Rosetta Wool Runner / Rug]

Love this rug, and it looks even better in real life.

Iringa Basket [Iringa Baskets - Black Stripe]

Love this basket. It is a beautiful object and smells wonderful as well. I bought one as a gift for my sister. It is in a prominent place in my house and I keep my dogs toys in it! I ordered the large.

Cool and soft [Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set - Moss]

Best sheets I’ve ever owned

Amazing duvet comforter [Tencel Eucalyptus Duvet Cover - Sky]

I couldn't believe how soft this was. It feels like I'm sleeping in a cloud! And the color is absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend!

Beautifully Made & High Quality Piece [Marianne Wool Lumbar Pillow Cover - Ochre]

I absolutely love this pillow for my bed. You can feel the integrity of the piece, how well it's made, and it's absolutely stunning/adds to my room perfectly!

Wonderful Craftsmanship! [Blah Blah Shapes Wool Throw Pillow Cover]

Lovely detail and quality.

super nice [Duka Throw Blanket - Ivory]

good quality, nice texture, draped over my daybed mattress beautifully

Tencel Eucalyptus Duvet [Tencel Eucalyptus Duvet Cover - Forest]

The duvet doesn’t fit my king size comforter. It’s too big on both sides. Unfortunately, I don’t like it and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

So great! [Tencel Eucalyptus Duvet Cover - Fog]

Very positive experience. Shipped fairly quickly. They're really soft and do not get very wrinkly. I also love that they have the snaps on the inside to hold the comforter insert in place.

I'm Obsessed [Mitad Wall Hanging - Fern]

My piece took around 10 days to ship and 4 days to deliver after shipping. It was so worth the wait! I love this artwork and the uniqueness that comes with it having been hand-painted. It did come a little wrinkled but I steamed it just as the directions suggested which quickly and easily straightened it out. I love this piece so much, it's different and timeless and ties my whole living room together. Thank you!!

Super happy with my purchase [Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Forest]

love these sheets- well made, gorgeous color, silky soft feel, and feels (slightly) cool on my skin. So happy with this

Beautifully made [Kophinos Basket - Natural]

I bought 6 baskets for a flower cart I’m building. Each basket will hold a bucket with flowers inside. I will say the sizes were not consistent, and not all the baskets cover my buckets completely, but each basket is unique and close enough to the size I bought to be very happy with the purchase.

Incredible basket [Rainbow Herringbone Storage Basket]

This basket is incredible! It literally looks even better then the photos , I don’t know how it’s possible but it is! The basket gives a weird smell and I don’t know where it comes from, but it looks great !

Beautiful Basket!!! [Low Hamper Basket - Blue Stripe]

Excellent service. Arrived in a timely fashion. The basket is a great size and holds much more that I thought it would. Very large basket for a size “medium”

Awesome quality! [Plant Hanger Basket - Cafecito]

So cute!!! And I absolutely love how it was made by a small artisan

Love & Soft [Tencel Eucalyptus Duvet Cover - Blush]

Love love love my bedspread. Super soft and lovely.

super comfy [Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Dove]

I was a little hesitant to buy these after reading some comparisons of tencel to silk. These are are far superior to silk sheets. Cooling and soft, yet not slippery. Love em!

Gorgeous, perfect size [Horizonte Upcycled Blanket - Sol]

I love these blankets from Nipomo! The colors are true to the photo. The texture is what you would expect for this style of blanket, perhaps a bit softer than typical. They are the perfect size for a picnic or being a throw blanket. We actually keep them on our two twin beds as accents and they really bring the color scheme in the room together.

So impressed [Nazar Coral Rust Curtain]

I love the curtains I bought on made trade so much, and I am so impressed by their quality and beauty. This purchase and shopping experience surpassed my expectations! I will definitely be looking to made trade for my home needs in the future.

Very beautiful [Modern Neutral Woven Wall Hanging - Daybreak]

I had a hard time finding an extra large basket for my wall, so I was super happy to find this one. It was very pretty and high quality.

Beautiful [Manabi Linen Throw Pillow Cover]

This pillow is perfect. Definitely recommend

Elegant hamper basket [Large Hamper Basket - Blue Stripe]

The hamper is gorgeous! Such fine workmanship. My husband even likes it. A truly functional accent piece for our bedroom. And it came so promptly.

cute and functional [Sunrise Stripes Large Laundry Hamper Basket]

This item is the perfect size and shipped super fast! The colors are pretty much exactly as pictured, except the hot pink part of the weave is a little more pronounced, which is honestly preferable. The quality seems great so far!

Love these! [Classic Tencel Sheet Set - Vanilla Blush]

Oh gosh-- these are so comfy! Silky smooth and still cool (temp and style). My husband and I both have commented multiple times on how much we like these sheets. I can't wait to get another set. They do stain a little easier than others, I've noticed but trying to be careful and following wash instructions. Really love them overall.

Beautiful and soft! [Naidi Throw Pillow Cover]

Beautiful pillow cover. Very soft as well. Perfect throw pillow for bed or sofa! Has a nice texture as well.

love it [Nube Lumbar Pillow Cover - Cream]

love this pillow, it's well structure and looks lovely on our couch!

beautiful pillow cover! [Flecha Throw Pillow Cover - Gray]

incredibly well made, looks lovely on our couch!

Beautiful [Eclipse Wall Hanging - Earth]

Exactly as I’d hoped! Love this

Gorgeous Throw Pillow [Terrazzo Throw Pillow Cover]

Love this pillow - vibrant color, lovely thick fabric, gorgeously made

Beautiful pillow - exactly what I wanted! [Rising Moon II Block Print Pillow Cover]

The Made Trade team were super communicative and the pillow arrived safe and sound from the designer. The fabric has such a gorgeous and high quality feel and look - the color is more on the olive green side than the rust/tan in the picture, but it actually worked out better for me because it matches a color in the rug I was working with.

Love my ritual rug [Ritual Rug / Yoga Mat - Obsidian]

Great for hot yoga , no slip, great grip

Theo Blanket [Theo Blanket]

Very pleased with the purchase of the Theo Blanket. Exactly as described. Wonderful feel to the fabric.Shipping was quick!

Beautiful--just as described! [Pismo Blanket - Ginger]

This lightweight blanket is absolutely lovely! I purchased it as a gift, and as soon as it arrived put one on my own wishlist! :) The texture and soft colors are gorgeous!

So beautiful [Luna Upcycled Blanket - Brisa]

I love everything about my blanket and I’m so glad I ordered it. It’s soft and stunning and will provide a lifetime of warmth and comfort.

The perfect pillow [Turiya Latex Pillow]

I have been searching for a comfortable and sustainable pillow option for ages. I started having headaches and neck aches from my last pillow so I finally invested and it was SO WORTH IT.

Pillow Cover [River Block Print Pillow Cover]

I first ordered one of these covers thinking I may use it in my bedroom window seat. Ordering was easy, shipping was prompt and the cover was nicely packaged with a personal note from the maker. Turns out it was perfect for my sitting room and since I have two matching chairs I ordered a second cover. Love the unique design!

Not enough stars for this blanket [Mariposa Supersoft Cotton Blanket - Aqua Multi Stripe]

I am a blanket fanatic so I have quite a few. This one, I can honestly say, is the softest one I have ever had. I love the size of it too. I have been very pleased with this purchase!

Beautiful [Cold Mountain Tulip Porcelain Vase - Lilac Gray]

Stunning in person. Work of art. Thoughtful packaging. I like how they include information about where it came from.

High Quality, As Advertised [Anton Percale Pillow Cases]

Thoughtfully packaged, high quality material and stitching. Washed and dried according to instructions and they still look great, they feel even softer after every wash. Love them.

ritual rug [Ritual Rug / Yoga Mat - Stone]

This is beyond a yoga mat, it is a beautiful hand made rug. I am glad I invested in this. I love that it is light yet stirdy. I didn't expect it to be so light, yet it makes it into a perfect travel meditation/ asana mat. The grip of the mat is perfect and the thickness is perfect, offering softness during savasana. Thank you, I love supporting Made Trade.

French Linen sheet set [French Linen Sheet Set - Slate]

The sheets are of a beautiful, soft thick quality. The color depicted on the picture is true to the real color, a deep grey. I love sleeping under linen as it is cooling during the summer and the heaviness of the sheets is comforting during the winter time. Two thumbs up

beautiful blanket [Luna Upcycled Blanket - Higo]

I have not used the item. It was a gift. But the recipient really loved it - especially the neat leather straps that hold the blanket for easy transport.

perfect [Forest Tree Curtain]

arrived as expected. great quality, and goes perfectly with my decor

So perfect! [Nazar - Coral Rust Curtains]

The curtains hang beautifully and are the exact color I hoped they’d be. They are really lightweight and sheer enough to let in some light, but thick enough to keep our privacy. I’m so impressed with them!

Love it! [Color Blocked Dipped Raffia Oval Basket]

We are using the basket as a catch all for my 6 month old's baby toys! Handles are a perfect size for his little hands to grab and move around. Also we love the colors. So cute!

Well Made and Stunning [Palm Leaf Laundry Basket - Oval]

I love this basket. It's the perfect size and feels really sturdy. It's also gorgeous.

Super cute! [Footed Porcelain Vase - Mint]

Adorable color and style. Love it.

Beautiful Colours [Reversible Pillowcase in Cream + Tan]

Ripped a little because my pillow was so plush, but the design and material of this case are beautifully crafted and pair well with my navy blue duvet sheet set of the same style.

So beautiful! [Rosetta Wool Runner/Rug]

I cannot express how pleased we are with this beautiful rug! It looks amazing and will be a wonderful family heirloom. We truly will charish this rug for many years to come. It was also shipped two weeks earlier than expected, with tracking. A great experience all around. Thank you so much!

Unique and fun! [Hanging Basket Trio]

Love this hanging basket. Great for fruits and veggies in the kitchen and very sturdy for holding lots! It has a really fun look and I am happy to support women-owned businesses.

Banana Leaf Wall Basket [Banana Leaf Wall Basket]

LOVE this item! It looks better in person than in the photos and matches my decor perfectly. Shipping was even early!

Buy this Duvet Cover! [Tencel Eucalyptus Duvet Cover - Sky]

So soft and wonderful. I highly recommend.

Love these Pillows!! [Moon Shag Throw Pillow - Cedar]

They are soft, comfortable and stylish. I had to buy 2 sets! One in black and another in in Cedar. I highly recommend these awesome pillows.

Best sheets ever! [Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Slate]

First venture into Tencel Eucalyptus sheets and love them! Never going back to cotton as these are silky and keep you cool. I sleep hot and read these were the best for that. My husband prefers cotton sateen and doesn’t even notice the difference. But I do! Will be a repeat customer!

Basket purchase [Kophinos Basket - Natural]

The basket is made as expected and I was happy with the price. Winter weather affected the shipping of my order and the support staff was very helpful in making sure the product I purchased got to me.

Beautiful! [Pink Knitting Basket with Orange and Silver Stripes]

Great. I love the basket-it’s very high quality.

Beautiful basket [Kophinos Basket - Natural]

We are using this as a plant basket, it’s made beautifully and shipped safely and quickly.

Nice Basket [Frangipani Wall Basket]

The basket was very pretty but the size was too small for what I needed so I returned it. Customer service was excellent and the return was easy. I will look for another basket from Made Trade.

Soft & Sexy [Moon Shag Pillow - Monochrome Black]

I was so excited to receive my new pillows. Once they arrived and I set them up on my vintage 50's black with grey weave couch it literally made the room come together! I LOVE them and I am SO stoked to know about this company. Definitely a returning customer!!

Perfect basket! [Kophinos Basket - Natural]

This handmade belly basket is the perfect addition to my home, great size for a plant container/pot, decoration, or throw blankets!

Beautiful! [Lemon Dipped Hamper Basket]

I bought this basket to store the 20lb bags of rice I usually buy. It’s perfect! Sturdy, beautifully made, smells faintly of grass, and livens up the kitchen with a happy color (much better than the giant rubbermaid that was taking up room on my floor). Thank you so much to whoever made this gorgeous piece, you are a master of your art and I appreciate your hard work :)

Linen sheets [French Linen Sheet Set - Dove]

Amazing quality, would definitely recommend!

Beautiful! [Modern Brights Woven Wall Hanging - Sunburst]

It is Soo... Beautiful! What a gorgeous piece! I love it so much! So well made! Will return for more.

Highly recommend these soft and comfortable sheets! [Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Snow]

These tencel sheets are so soft and comfortable. I also love the option to skip on the flat sheet since I use a duvet cover instead. Highly recommend!

So soft and comfortable! [Tencel Eucalyptus Duvet Cover - Dove]

This duvet cover is very soft and light. I am very happy that buying ethically made and sustainable bedding did not mean forfeiting comfort. Instead this is the most comfortable duvet cover I've ever used!

All of the Tencel sheets and pillowcases are amazing! [Tencel Eucalyptus Pillowcase Set - Dove]

My partner and I are so pleased with the Made Trade Tencel sheets! We looked long and hard for ethically made and sustainable bedding, however, most are out of our price range. Thankfully, Made Trade, made our choice easy and did not disappoint! Their tencel sheet + pillowcase sets are the softest sheets we've ever slept on. We highly recommend!

Fantastic! [Handwoven Rattan Wall Basket - Lombok]

This looks so beautiful hanging in my bathroom and is exactly what I wanted - something to go over "the throne" that won't induce anxiety as something that could easily shatter in the event of an earthquake (CA problems). It ties the space together in such a beautiful way - I love it!

Best Basket Ever! [Multicolor Basket Medium]

I absolutely love this awesome basket! I would definitely recommend Made Trade. They provided great customer service and an excellent product.

Lovely, lovely basket! [Iringa Basket - Auburn]

The lovely Iringa basket arrived quickly and in perfect form! Have several of these in a variety of sizes. They are both useful and decorative!

For the grouping [Large Blue Night Hope Wall Basket]

Great. Main item in a grouping. Beautiful!

Beautiful curtains [Meadow Curtains]

My experience has been wonderful! The website is easy to use, and when I miscalculated the number of curtains I needed, customer service was quick to respond and got my order updated correctly. Everything arrived well-packaged, present, and it was so easy putting them up. They look great, just like in the pictures. I'm very happy I decided on the meadow curtains.

Even More Beautiful in Person [Nazar - Coral Rust Curtains]

I love these curtains. The colors are even richer in person. I can’t wait to hang them!

Great gift [Mini Plant Hanger Basket - Cream]

I bought this for a friend for her birthday and she loved it! It was out of stock so I added my name to the waitlist and got timely notification of its restock!

Extra Soft and Comfortable [Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Slate]

I got these as a gift for my daughter and her husband and she said that the sheets are so soft and comfortable. She loves them. Based on her raves, I would recommend them highly.

Beautiful [Table Vase - Rosemary Green Satin Matte]

My mother loves her new vase. Also, excellent, responsive and kind customer service. I have already been back and will continue to purchase from this lovely company. Thank you for everything!

Throw blanket [Kurios Stonewashed Towel / Throw Blanket - Charcoal]

Bought this for my daughter. She absolutely loves it!

Cute [Tiny Sand Vase / Pencil Holder]

I use this as a pen pot in my makeshift home office in my dining room. It’s a little taller than my pens and looks nice enough to have on display.

Soft sheets [Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set - Paradise Green]

Sheets were bought as a gift. They loved them. So soft.

Beautiful Piece [Modern Neutral Woven Wall Hanging - Great Divide]

This is a beautiful piece and it looks great on my wall. I just wish, for the price, I had two of them.

They make me smile. So hip and lovely at the same time [Nazar - Coral Rust Curtains]

Love the hand dying and hand stamping. Simple cotton. Lovely. And makes a statement.

Wonderful quality - very soft [Luna Collection Blanket - Sol]

We are very happy with this purchase, and the mission behind this company. Thank you for what you're doing!

Fantastic sheet [Anton Organic Fitted Sheet]

Very nice material that feels high quality and like it will last long.

Beautiful [Organic Cotton Naari Patchwork Throw Blanket]

We love it! It is a perfect addition to our bedroom.

Christmas present [Heathered Black + White Raffia Large Basket]

I almost didn’t give it away because it was so beautiful and well-made. I did part with it and the recipient loved it.

Exceeded expectations [Prism Organic Lumbar Pillow - Slate]

Both beautiful and well-made.

So soft and stunning! [Magis Diamond Blanket - Black]

The fabric is so nice - soft but still rustic. Living in Singapore, I wanted something that could breath, and this does the trick. Tassels are lovely and proportionate. Pattern is super versatile. Go for it.

Handmade and so elegant [Tan Block Print Linen Throw Blanket]

Handmande in India, sharp, modern and beautifully made!

Beautiful Product [Memphis Small Plum Vase]

I purchased an artisanal vase as a gift and my mother was delighted receiving it and using it! The vase is beautiful and the delivery was prompt. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!

great purchase [Luna Collection - Higo Blanket]

great so far! using it as a throw for my couch

Perfect couch cover [Kurios Stonewashed Towel / Throw Blanket - Denim]

I have a dog who loves to hang on the couch, so I am using it to protect couch cushions. Looks great and has held up well to her paws so far!

Beautiful and so soft! [Demi Luna Rug]

This rug is absolutely gorgeous, and I could not be happier with it.

Feels so great on my skin! [Sijo Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Fog]

I was in dire need of replacing my years-old bedsheets that were pilling and wanted to get a more sustainable brand that was POC-owned as well. Luckily I came across Made Trade from a blog, and was able to find this relatively affordable sheet set from Sijo and have loved how soft the sheets feel. It has a satiny sheen to it which makes it look even more luxurious!

Exactly what I wanted [Kiliim Roots Rug]

This rug is so beautiful. The colors and the quality are gorgeous. I’m really happy. The customer service from MadeTrade is excellent. Super warm and responsive. I’m glad I found your shop! There was an issue with shipping. When I received my rug the packaging was torn open in several places. Luckily there was no staining or damage but it might be good if a stronger plastic is used when shipping international.

Lovely baskets [Swahili African Modern Set of Three Mixed Stripe Baskets with Leather Handles]

These baskets are just what I was looking for. They're so much nicer than the cheaper baskets I have seen in stores. well worth the money!

Amazing duvet cover [Sijo French Linen Duvet Cover - Forest]

The color is perfect and the linen is nicer than some of the top name brands out there. Used to work in a high end interior design store and our linen duvet was twice as expensive and not near as nice

Love these sheets! [Sijo Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Fog]

These sheets are amazing quality and extremely comfortable. Absolutely love them

She loves it!! [Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Duvet Cover - Feather White]

This was a gift to Erynn and she said that she loves it!!

Heavenly Sheets [Sijo Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Dove]

These sheets are so comfortable, soft, and I love them!

Exactly what I wanted [Creative Women Carthage Pillow - Cream]

Exact style I wanted and really soft!

Amazing! [Sijo Tencel Eucalyptus Sheet Set - Forest]

This is the first nicer set of sheets I have ever bought myself and I am never going back. These sheets are so soft, so cozy, a beautiful color AND more sustainable. So many wins!

Amazing! [Sijo Tencel Eucalyptus Duvet Cover - Snow]

I love the item, my bed feels super luxurious which inspires me to make it every morning. The delivery was very timely, no complaints here:)

Excellent! [Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set - Gray]

Love the sheets! Thank you.

Perfect fit [Swahili African Modern Lemon Dipped Hamper Basket]

Love the size, color and construction of this hamper. Is perfect for my room and hides all my dirty laundry! The yellow is fun and fresh, just what I was expecting.

WomenCraft [WomenCraft Uru Small Wall Basket - Blue Stripes]

I recently purchased 3 items from this artist. They're even more beautiful than pictured. Made Trade also shipped quickly and their communication thriving the purchasing experience was great. Highly recommend.

Super Soft [Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Duvet Cover - Feather White]

I love sleeping on this, it so soft. I like how cool it feels especially on hot nights.

Fantastic [Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Duvet Cover - Feather White]

This duvet cover is incredibly soft and very light weight. It keeps me nice and cool at night! The only thing is that it does wrinkle easily, but I do not mind nor do I think it looks bad.

Nice pillow [Ichcha Oblong Organic Pillow Cover - Gray]

I think the pillow is nice, and I love the mission and the support purchasing does for women. I am always looking for unique pillow for my clients. However I was a bit disappointed in the color. I would not say it is gray, it is more brown. And in the photo it looks black. I was hoping for black or gray, not brown. I will keep it and hope it works for another client down the road.

[Ichcha Oblong Organic Pillow Cover - Gray]

Have not received this yet

The Perfect Rug [Minna Stacks Rug - Spring]

I love this rug! It's so cute and lovely.

I love my pillow [Creative Women Carthage Pillow - Cream]

This pillow came within the week of ordering. Well made and well packaged. Love it!!

Great Find [Sijo French Linen Sheet Set - Snow]

Lovely sheets, soft and a good weight perfect for summer.

fit for a peu pied a terre [Sijo French Linen Sheet Set - Blush]

La belle drap de lit beautiful bed sheets , they are great

Love it! [Coyuchi Cozy Cotton Organic Blanket]

I’m so happy with my Coyuchi blanket! I love that I can visit Made Trade and find so many wonderful vendors in one place.

Beautiful and soft [Sijo French Linen Duvet Cover - Snow]

Feels very luxe, looks lovely.

Sijo Linen Sheets [Sijo French Linen Sheet Set - Snow]

So happy to have found the Sijo Linen sheets on Made Trade. I have always wanted to try linen sheets and these were within a price point I was comfortable paying for. They are so comfortable and of high quality that I plan to purchase another set in the future.

Perfection! [Eucalypso Tencel Classic Sheet Set - Light Blue]

The best purchase I have made in months! I haven't slept this soundly or comfortably in 4 years; that was my last trip to Hawaii! These sheets don't slide around or hug my body; they remain in place even though I move around throughout the night. I stay temperate, despite the temperature in the bedroom. The sheets create this equilibrium! It's like sleeping on silky bamboo! There's no need for a sleeping aid! These sheets are a sleeping aid! You won't regret the purchase!

Perfect fruit basket table centerpiece [Kazi Heathered Black + White Raffia Large Basket]

I use this in my kitchen to hold fruit and it's perfect. It can hold about 10 apples & oranges at once. It also comes with a subtle loop if you want to hang it on the wall. Love it & definitely would recommend!

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