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Macys Reviews

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Spring 2024 Updates: Macy's furniture delivery times are 8-12 weeks with some exceptions mentioning much longer delays. Recent customers have mixed reviews with some very happy experiences and some complaints related to shipping and durability.

Macy's has been one of the best known sellers of quality items for moderate price points. When it comes to furniture, they offer living room, dining room, bedroom, and outdoor furniture with one of the widest selections of over 100k items to choose from. Most customers find their products to be stylish and priced moderately. However, there were some disagreements about value, durability, and shipping experiences for some.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.6/10

Price: $37-$9014+

Return Policy: 30 Days + 15% Fee

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Macys Specifics

One of America's oldest and longstanding department stores, Macy's is well-known worldwide for its huge stores and endless selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, kitchenware, and home furnishings. Founded in 1858, Macy's remains a household name and has hundreds of locations throughout the US. With home furnishings alone, Macy's carries over a hundred thousand different products from hundreds of different name brands. Priced moderately to higher end, Macy's shoppers can easily find home pieces to fit their space with such a huge catalog of offerings.

When it comes to customer experience and sentiment, the feedback from Macy's shoppers has been a mixed bag. While most shoppers are happy with their furniture and their experience shopping at Macy's, other shoppers mention issues with the perceived quality of certain pieces as well as issues with getting the warranty they purchased to cover what they had expected.

Material Quality

Most of Macy's furniture pieces are manufactured and imported from overseas, and given their huge selection, run the gamut of possible materials from particleboard and other engineered woods to solid woods, foam, man-made fabrics such as leatherette, leather, metals, marble, and plastic. While there many shoppers who have found Macy's furniture items that they are satisfied with, other shoppers have reported durability concerns and issues with perceived quality for certain pieces.

Macy's Furniture Top Picks

While Macy's carries much more than just home furnishings, we'll focus on shoppers' top furniture requests and discuss the ins and outs of Macy's furniture offerings.

#1 Mattresses

One of the most popular furniture request of Macy's shoppers is a new mattress for their bedroom. Being a retail giant, Macy's carries a whopping 3,500+ different models of mattresses, ranging from just under $100 for small crib mattresses and going up to luxury mattresses costing $15,000+. Macy's mattress selection includes familiar brands such as Serta and Stearns & Foster, but they also carry some bed-in-a-box brands and even have a line of mattresses created specifically for Macy's called Hotel Collection by Aireloom. If you're unhappy with the mattress you purchased, Macy's offers shoppers a one-time re-selection or return within 120 days (a 15% preference return fee may apply). While some shoppers were satisfied with their Macy's mattress sales and delivery experience, others mention problems with their mattress delivery. Some shoppers also brought up complaints about the sales and customer service they received as well as issues with the durability of certain mattress models. For those shoppers, it may pay to shop direct with the mattress brands.

The pros: A huge selection of mattresses and financing options for those who qualify and are buying in-store.

The cons: Some mixed feedback about the sales and customer service. Some issues with delivery and durability reported on by some shoppers.

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#2 Bedding

Following suit, another popular item that Macy's shoppers are on the hunt for is bedding, which includes: comforters and comforter sets, sheets, and pillows. Macy's offers shoppers thousands of options when it comes to bedding. For bed sheets alone, Macy's shoppers have an overwhelming 1,700+ types (many of which come in different colors and pattern variations) to browse through from over 180 different brands. When it comes to their bed-in-a-bag collection, Macy's carries over 2,400+ different options for shoppers to look through, ranging from their nursery collection to luxury duvet sets in traditional and seasonal prints and patterns. With such a large selection, most shoppers can find something that will fit their specific design tastes, although some shoppers might find the enormous selection to be a bit overwhelming.

The pros: An endless number of choices of bedding options at varying price points.

The cons: The huge selection can be a bit overwhelming for some.

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#3 Rugs

Another popular home furnishing for Macy's shoppers are their rugs. As Macy's shoppers have come to expect, Macy's has a massive offering with over 50,000+ rugs for their shoppers to choose from. Their rug designs tend to be more traditional, although they do have some more modern prints and solid options as well. Macy's rugs go from around $20 for smaller, door mat size rugs and go up to $29,000+ for large 12x15 area rugs. With such a vast inventory of rugs, shoppers can often dig through Macy's rug selection to find one that fits their design preference. Some shoppers had mixed feedback when it came to the in-store rug shopping experience and brought up issues with getting the warranty to cover what they expected.

The pros: A huge array of designs and price points.

The cons: Some shoppers brought up issues with their in-store buying experience.

#4 Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to furnishing their bedrooms, Macy's shoppers have 4,500+ bedroom furniture options to choose from including: bed frames, headboards, bedroom sets, dressers & chests, mirrors, nightstands, and armoires & wardrobes. As per usual, Macy's carries a wide array of products within each bedroom furniture category at varying price points. For bedroom sets, Macy's most affordable options start at $450 for a twin bed frame and single night stand and goes up to almost $5,000 for a set with a king bed frame, 2 night stands, and a dresser. The style of Macy's bedroom furniture tends to fit a more traditional or classic aesthetic, so shoppers looking for modern designs and clean lines might need to do some digging. Shoppers can usually find some bedroom furniture at Macy's that they are satisfied with, however, there has been mixed reviews when it comes to the durability of certain pieces. Some shoppers have also brought up complaints with delivery.

The pros: Traditional styled bedroom furniture at a wide range of prices.

The cons: Some shoppers brought up issues with delivery and perceived quality.

#5 Sectionals & Sofas

The last popular furniture item is Macy's sectionals and sofas. For shoppers looking for a new couch for their living space, Macy's offers just over 800+ different models of sectional sofas, sleeper sofas, and loveseats. Macy's couches are made both overseas and in the US from materials such as microfiber, faux and real leather, fabric, engineered wood and solids woods, and metal. Their sectionals start at just over $400+ for smaller sectionals with one chaise and enough seating for 3 and go up to $6,000+ for leather sectionals with power recliners. When it comes to the customer experience with buying a Macy's sofa or sectional, shoppers are satisfied with their selection of couches overall. Some shoppers brought up complaints about delivery including delays and missing pieces while others mentioned the specific couch model they purchased was not comfortable. Some who bought a sofa or sectional from Macy's mentioned they had difficulty getting the warranty to cover what they had expected.

The pros: A large selection of sofas and sectionals. Possible financing options available to Macy's cardholders.

The cons: Some complaints with delivery and the comfort level of certain models.

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- Outdoor & Patio Furniture

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- Baby & Kids Room

Macy's Store Locator

Macy's stores can be found across the US, and you can even filter to search for locations that include a Furniture Clearance Center or Furniture Gallery too. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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Not sure why all the poor reviews

Not sure why all the poor reviews but we had a great experience purchasing a couch from Greg. He was attentive, knowledgeable and courteous. Delivery team did a great job as well. I recommend them for your next large purchase.

I can't help but have mixed feelings

I can't help but have mixed feelings about this store. We have been in a total of 3 times this year and our experience has widely varied depending on the day and time we came in. The first time we came to the store, we were approached rather quickly and attended to throughout the visit. Kenya checked in with us frequently even though we told her we weren't ready to buy just yet (we hadn't taken measurements due to the remodeling job at home). On our next visit (a Sunday afternoon) we came in with dimensions in hand yet, could not for the love of God, get anyone to help us. At. All. It was extremely frustrating that we had to flag down staff just to make a purchase. Had I anticipated this type of service, I would've just made the purchase on Macy' Our last visit was a mixed bag; the salesperson was there but made tons of mistakes throughout the transaction. I had to call the online rep to rectify several issues regarding the warranty and delivery times. I have to say I'm on the fence about recommending this place due to the spotty service and inconsistencies. On a positive note, the quality of the furniture is fantastic as is the "worrynomore" guarantee. And that is the only reason I would recommend Macy's furniture.

Located in Pleasanton off of Rosewood Drive

Located in Pleasanton off of Rosewood Drive near a strip mall (Near a Starbucks if you need a coffee fix). This location has a wide variety of selections from Sofas to Beds and everything in between! We were greeted by Greg, one of the Reps there. The nice gentlemen asked how we were doing and what brought us in. I explained to him that we were looking for a new sofa because we gifted my sister with our current sofa, since she just got her first place! He wasn't pushy and allowed us to look around. At this time we looked and found a 5-Piece Chaise Sectional Sofa with an Ottoman, that we thought would be perfect for our Condo. Later we went home to measure the living room area and found that our choice was a little too big for our Condo's living room area (Sectional Originally Approx. Total Dimensions: 148"W x 113"D x 30"H; 376cm x 287cm x 76cm). Greg, reminded us that we can customize the Chaise as well as the pieces to fit our needs or style. So our 5-Piece Chaise Sectional Sofa turned into a 6-Piece Chaise Sectional Sofa (Total approx. dimensions: 100"W x 128"D x 30"H) with the color that we wanted including the Ottoman. Greg was very accommodating and helped us customize the Sectional Sofa that we choose. He helped us make the best choices to fit our needs and we didn't have to put any stress into our decisions. All in all I recommend you check this place out for your furniture needs. Great customer service bundled into great selections, it's a win/win for everyone involved!


****DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE**** ****** ZERO STARS ****** I purchased a couch from here and had an issue with the legs within the first month so having the couch (first red flag - quality). I called the warranty service through Macy's and boy was it a a joke. The CS reps are rude and many of them don't care to understand the problems that their products are defectiv (red flag #2). I asked to speak with a supervisor and they just had me on hold for 20 min before I hung up (red flag #3)... Forget about the "worry no more" extra warranty because they just deny your claim, saying that it's your fault. I'm telling everyone to stay away!!!!! Macys you've LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER! No wonder your company is doing so poorly. Your products and customer service are horrible. Anything related to Macys should be avoided. I used to watch the thanksgiving parade but now I won't and I'm sharing my experience hoping to save some of you from a terrible waste of time and hard earned money... Goodbye forever Macys. You suck.

I've been in and out a here a few times

I've been in and out a here a few times but this go around found me looking for a new sofa and love seat. Seems the one at home had overextended it's stay and while still decent, was given an eviction notice: "It's time for new furniture," the lady of the household cried. Off we went to Marcy's Furniture Gallery. What we found here was a major upgrade to what we have at home...there are couches here that require electricity! A plug-in sofa, while not new to me, had never so much as crossed my threshold! Customer service at Macy's was quick...I guess we looked like the "furniture buying kind" because we no sooner walked in the door than a salesperson attached themselves to us lickity-split! Issac, was his name, I believe and was professional as the day is long. Now, I saw several things I would have enjoyed purchasing, however, we landed on a set that was comfy, cozy, beautiful, and on sale! Delivery wasn't bad, however, the sofa came a little damaged. While I probably should have not accepted it, the store is sending someone out to fix it this week. By and large we got a good deal and comfort to boot!

Would not recommend

Would not recommend. I bought a number of furniture pieces here and was talked into buying the warranty on the furniture. Here is the thing. It's a total scam! If you clean exactly how they advise and follow the policy word for word they find a way to stop warranty coverage. Not only that but I had a claim that took 9 months to process! 9 months! Then they sent the replacement fabric by itself! Fabric that needs to be installed on the sofa itself not just a cover. But then they told me that too much time had passed!!!! It took THEM 9 months! On the original piece that wasn't replaced they told me that it has excessive stain! It was the stain they "cleaned" the list goes on. Unbelievable the scam they are running. I contacted the store from the store with no reply... not that I was expecting anything else.

Went in today shopping for mattress

Went in today shopping for mattress. Having recently purchased a sleep number bed which turned out to not fit my needs, slept hot, and basically felt like a really expensive air mattress I was on the hunt for a new bed. I walked into the mattress department and Ed Breuner approaches me and my wife. I told him we were just looking and we didn't need any help. We thought we were looking for a regular non pillow top mattress. He obliged to our wishes and let us look no pressure. After trying some mattresses he gave us some advice and left us to try different mattresses until we narrowed down what we were looking for. When it came time for us to ask some questions he was the most knowledgeable and informative sales rep about the products that were represented on his sales floor. He was polite, friendly and personable and wasn't pushy. He made sure we were comfortable in our decision before we decided to buy a mattress. After all was said and done he gave us his card and said if we had any further questions give him a call. We had such a pleasant experience and such excellent customer service we gave a friend of ours who is in the market for a mattress his information.

Don't waste your time our money here

Don't waste your time our money here. These guys have screwed me over twice. The only reason I let it happen a second time is I ordered additional pieces for the original sectional I bought. If I could have gotten them anywhere else I would have. They change my delivery window 20 minutes before the scheduled time after I had already taken off of work and driven home. Then they no call no showed the updated delivery time. Wasting my time, gas, and time off of work and I have nothing to show for it.

I will always give 1 star to businesses

I will always give 1 star to businesses that refuse to acknowledge my existence. My husband and I are completely remodeling our master bedroom. I walked into this store on a Monday afternoon, with my two young daughters by my side, hoping to find a new king size bedroom set that matched our tastes. We walked through the entire store, made eye contact with multiple employees that were not helping anyone, and not once did anyone speak a word to us. The few customers that were being helped by employees could easily be categorized as a certain type that I am not. I can only assume that because my husband wasn't with me, because I had two very small children with me, and because I was wearing very simple clothes and no jewelry, the employees thought I must not have been there to spend any amount of money. I did see several bedroom sets that I liked, but I'll be damned if I'm about to spend several thousand dollars at a business that refuses to acknowledge me. I'm happy to spend that money elsewhere.

We visited this place couple of times

We visited this place couple of times and sales rep Zubia was very knowledgeable about mattresses and helped us pick the right mattress for us. Zubia had been very thorough and talked to customer rep to increase credit limit on Macy's card, she also got us 2 free purple pillows ordered for the Purple mattress we bought. The delivery was on time and professional. The mattress came with many parts and the delivery crew was able to set it up perfectly.

The buying experience was fine

The buying experience was fine, it was the delivery that upset me. I knew I wasn't going to have the experience I was use to when I saw the unmarked delivery truck in front of my house when I arrived. I thought oh grief, Macy's uses outside contractors now. To start, I was promised I would receive a call with a window for my appointment but instead I received a call from the driver telling me he would be there in 15 minutes. This was an inconvenience since I didn't sleep at home since I got rid of all of my old bedroom furniture to make room for the new. I quickly rushed home and met the delivery guys outside and they off-loaded and assembled the furniture. I was disappointed they didn't roll out the red Macy's rug to protect my doorway and carpet and wear booties as they normally do, but I didn't complain. The issue arouse when I asked if he was taking my old bedding as I was promised, he said he couldn't because he didn't have room in his truck. I later realized this was a flat out lie, since he had just off-loaded a king size bed, King mattress, King box spring and Dresser. How could he possibly not have room???? He said he would take it outside for me and have someone else come back and get it. It sat in front of my house for 3 days. I finally called Macy's customer service Monday and was promised I would receive $50 off of my furniture for the inconvenience. I was also promised a call on this day to arrange for the pick up of my old mattress. I never received this call. On Tuesday, I finally rented a Uhaul for $68 and paid $50 to dump it at my local dump since the Thanksgiving holiday was approaching. I don't want my house to look like a dump on the holiday and I'm sure my neighbors don't want this either. The $50 credit I was given was an insult in my opinion. What about the inconvenience, my time and reimbursement for the truck rental? They finally called me back on Wednesday to schedule the pick up, but I had already disposed of the mattress. If you have been a Macy's furniture customer because of the great customer service, go elsewhere because good customer service is now a thing of the past.

Such a nice selection

Such a nice selection. I'm currently looking for something comfortable for the upstairs family room. A room no guest will ever see so I want it to be comfortable at the expense of beautiful. I found a really nice love sack type couch here. They have two different models - to me the only difference was the shape of the arm of which I was indifferent to. The love sack here is magical. It is a sectional that you can build any which way you desire. The configuration I'm set on is the smallest possible chase lounge sectional. What is so great about is is that you tuck the ottoman in and you've got a queen size bed. Forget those sectionals with a tiny "snuggler" at the end and with one of these there is no point to have to go to bed. Reasonable shipping prices and inventory is abundant for quick delivery. Down to earth pricing and friendly help here.

Many options

Many options, helpful staff, had a credit from a previous purchase covered by the 'worry no more' program so we came to this location to redeem. Great layout

We had no problems with the buying process of our sectional, but...

We had no problems with the buying process of our sectional, but the delivery process has been the worst. When the sofa arrived, four pieces were dark grey and the fifth piece was white. We refused delivery of the white and they rescheduled for delivery of the fifth grey piece four days later. The day of delivery arrived and nobody showed up. We called them and rescheduled but it was another four days away. My husband talked to the supervisor and was promised a credit and a delivery in two days. The promised delivery date went by again with no delivery, but they showed up after four days as originally scheduled. BUT WITH THE SAME WHITE PIECE. I asked for delivery tomorrow, but was told the earliest would be another four days and they can't even guarantee that. "You have to understand the logistics." Reading through the reviews, it looks like this is a common problem. Wish I'd read the reviews before we ever went there.

Well Macy's refunded me a considerable amount...

Well Macy's refunded me a considerable amount for all my troubles and apologized for all their mess ups. I am happy they stood by their commitment to the customer. Nowadays this is hard to find. I am happy with the furniture and the quality. It's unfortunate that it took so long and the were so many issues but they did stand by the their word to make it right and I am pleased that they did.

Received delivery

Received delivery of entire order yesterday, including customized sofa, which I did not expect until March. Thank you Meri-Jo for working your magic, and for following up. Delivery experience exceeded expectations - was truly white glove.

Good sale, variety of sofas

Good sale, variety of sofas and materials to customize whatever you want. Our sales guy Ron was very helpful and knowledgeable about the make and materials. He must be good he sold us a nice Italian recliner for hubby...they were quick on delivery, within 2 days or ordering in NorCal to our home in San Diego - wow!! Luv Macy's

Bought my mattress here

Bought my mattress here after bad experiences at 2 mattress stores. No high pressure and Linda answered all my questions. Great experience! And the price was better!! I would highly recommend going here to see what they have to offer. I will certainly buy future mattresses here!

I came in here looking to purchase some furniture

I came in here looking to purchase some furniture & not once was I greeted nor acknowledged. It wasn't busy at all and I did see salesmen just sitting around. When I was making my way to the front someone had walked in and he was acknowledged & asked if he needed help. Never once in my life had I felt so discriminated. I will definitely not be back due to the lack of customer service skills. I do not leave reviews like this but this service was completely unacceptable.

extremely helpful and knowledgeable​

LAVONNE was extremely helpful and knowledgeable​, she was the main we stayed to shop at Macy's and we ended up buying a gorgeous sectional for our new home in Palm Desert and plan on buying anything else we need from Lavonne too as we know she will take exceptional care of us!!! She is a "Class Act" and I would refer all my friends and family to her!

Thank you

Thank you Linda Beqa You made buying our new matress so easy and you really know everything about mattresses. Your patience was appreciated

Overpriced with an OK selection

Overpriced with an OK selection. Sure the show room looks beautiful when you first enter but everything looks pretty similar. If you like to pay a lot for basic looking furniture this place is for you.

Please read reviews

Please read reviews. This company just rips you off. When we were shopping the displays were all high quality and perfect but we finally got our furniture (bedroom set, living room and dinning set) after 3 months. First the bedroom set they brought the wrong parts so it was unusable for 1 month until they bring the correct parts. Then they sent some one to do cleaning and touch ups. Guy came and after 2 hours (5 minute cleaning and 1:55 "ordering" parts online ( cancelled within a week for unknown reasons) he left. Anyway they would not send anyone to do fix the living room set. Honest to god after 3 months after we received the sets we are still scheduling for drivers to come take defective products and deliver more defective products. Very bad. Please believe me you don't wanna go through the same experience. Today we again asked for more chairs to replace the defective ones. Hopefully in a year or two and after more deliveries and exchanges we get a non defective set. Worst people to do business with. False promises and lies. Buyers be aware. Also they say made in USA but trust me they are not. One of the drivers said they all come from China, Vietnam or Mexico. They take tags off.

I'm writing to compliment Ron Tatum

I'm writing to compliment Ron Tatum, a sales person at the Macy's furniture gallery in Pleasanton, because he worked with us very hard over several days and phones calls to make our selection and purchase of a couch and chair the right one for us. He was always patient and honest and we're very happy with our purchase, to boot! thanks, Ron!

I wouldn't return

I wouldn't return. I had to ask for help. If I didn't know better, I'd swear there's a stain he of racism in the air at this Macys as well as others in the bay. I shop Macys loyally, it sucks when service is non existent. Frankly, the tens of thousands of dollars I've spent, they should've greeted me with champagne! What a disappointment. The other thing was I asked about a specific piece. He says, it's discontinued. I turn a corner and it's in front of my face ZERO customer service, and clearly zero knowledge of the stores inventory.

I had fantastic help at this store yesterday

I had fantastic help at this store yesterday. I am intent on purchasing a couch, and although it was a bit of a drive to get there, the sales lady was very helpful and they had all of the couches I'd seen on line. Very glad I made the drive as several of them were not quite what I'd hoped they'd be. I plan to make a purchase either during their current sale or an upcoming sale from the nice sales person.

I bought multiple pieces of furniture from here in July

I bought multiple pieces of furniture from here in July. The price dropped before it was delivered. I went to the store and notified my sales agent Kenya that the prices had dropped. She was busy with other customers and said that she would put it in the system but she never did. I called Macy's customer service after few days. They say only the sales agent can submit the request for price adjustment if it's been more than 10 days. I tried calling the store but couldn't reach the sales agent. I will probably have to go to the store again and fight for it. I wonder why they even have the price adjustment policy if they make it really difficult for customers to get it.

Ordered a new dinning table...

Ordered a new dinning table and chairs a couple months ago. The delivery came today. With all the Macy's discounts the price was OK. Mary Jo the sales person was very helpful and made the process seamless. The delivery was easy and efficient.

If I could give Macy's 0 stars

If I could give Macy's 0 stars I would. We have had nothing but problems with Macy's furniture. We bought over $7k of furniture from this place and the customer service has been beyond terrible. At first they delivered our dining table bench (3) times damaged. I had to deal with incomplete dining set for over 6 weeks and they kept forgetting to process the requests for a new bench. I had to babysit every single macy's furniture rep and spent over 6 HOURS of my personal time trying to just get a dining bench delivered that wasn't damaged! Then our coffee table starting nicking and the finishing came off even though we cleaned and cared for it with the utmost care. I spent over $500 on this garbage fraudulent warranty because the moment I filed a claim to have someone come fix the problems with our coffee table and spent over 2 hours of my and my husbands time, I was told by the warranty company and the Pleasanton Macy's Furniture store that basically we are screwed and they will do nothing to help fix or replace this garbage quality coffee table. At the stores, the salespeople will tell you the warranty will take care of any issues we have-they lied. I will NEVER do business here ever again. What a slap in the face to your high paying customers-basically take our money but don't help us when we have any problems with the furniture. I'm disgusted by the treatment we've received and the quality of some of the furniture is terrible. Do not waste your time or money at this place. Please take your business elsewhere. They make it your job to call and waste hours of your time because they hire incompetent staff. Sent from Outlook


STAY AWAY from Macy's. I have ordered furniture on three occasions from here and my furniture has come in damaged and it has been a pain to get a replacement or refund. The people at this location are nice, but because the furniture doesn't come as expected I can't recommend anyone to purchase from here.

Buying a bedroom set here

Buying a bedroom set here was a neverending disaster. I purchased a bedroom set in store and was told by the sales agent to accept delivery if the furniture was damaged because they could set up an exchange more quickly than if I rejected the furniture. The furniture arrived damaged. I contacted Macy's and they first sent someone out to inspect the furniture. Then a series of exchange attempts occurred. It took them four times of showing up with a new bedroom set to actually deliver a non-damaged set. Each time it was the delivery people who saw that the furniture they were delivering was damaged, such as one of the dresser legs being broken, so it's not like I was overly picky about accepting a replacement. Finally, after a month and six total Macy's trips to my home (original delivery, inspection of damaged furniture, and four replacement attempts), I received an undamaged bedroom set. I asked them at this point to refund the delivery fee because of the above fiasco. They would only agree to do that if I signed and returned to them a statement that I was accepting the furniture as-is and voiding the warranty. What kind of company treats its customers this way?

3 stars is a fair rating for this place

3 stars is a fair rating for this place. Huge showroom. Immediately upon entering the store, we were greeted by Wayne, the salesman. He wasn't pushy but wanted to let us know he would be the one helping us should we have any questions. He informed us about the extra 10% off sale going on and we were on our way. I will have to admit that the prices are pretty good here. The quality of the sofas I tried appeared OK. However, one of the armchairs was spewing out goose down feathers! The styles are a bit old school here. You're not going to find a cheaper version of something from the Pottery Barn catalog.

I have been a Macy's...

I have been a Macy's credit card customer since 1978. I recently purchased a mattress and boxspring on sale in the Pleasanton store. I was told by the salesman that I could get a promotional interest free for 12-months for this purchase. I was approved right there as the salesman completed the transaction. With my subsequent statements I am being charged interest every month on this purchase! After 5-6 calls to customer service with no satisfaction I spoke to a supervisor in the credit card department. She researched the item and told me that this promotional was only good for a certain amount and mine did not qualify. I called the store again and asked to speak to a manager(2 times) with no return call. I am on my third try. What a terrible way to treat a long-term customer. I will never purchase a product in this store again.

I went to Macys about 4 months ago at 11am

I went to Macys about 4 months ago at 11am. There were about 6 sales people that I walked by and made eye contact with and not one offered to greet me or ask if I needed any help. They were not busy and there were only a few other customers inside. I found a couch that I really liked but no one offered assistance so I left. I figured I would give it another try yesterday but this time I was with my husband and kids. Same thing happened, not one person greeted us or asked if we needed any help. So we ended up buying our couch elsewhere.

Huge and clean show room

Huge and clean show room. - lots to choose from...patio sets, couches, bed frames, recliners, etc. - sales people seem friendly, commission sales? - good quality furniture Looked at bed frames but didn't buy...looking for something cheaper. Good place to look around...laterz.

Doesn't anyone check the furniture...

Doesn't anyone check the furniture before it's delivered? The new sofas were stained and a cushion even appeared to have been cleaned. The customer service rep asked if we wanted someone to come out and clean them instead of exchanging them. NO, I want new ones! Absolutely ridiculous!

Visited Macy's Furniture Outlet today

Visited Macy's Furniture Outlet today. I'm about to move and thought I'd stop in to see what they have. I purchased a leather sofa from here about 8 years ago at a great deal and I was very happy with it. I will be purchasing a sectional sofa and bed frame. I was not impressed with the sectional selection. Ugly colors and basic designs details. There were two bed frames that I found at really good prices, but didn't pull the trigger. I was most impressed with the area rugs. They were all priced at either 75% or 80% off retail. You can find anything from outdoor rugs, cheap viscose/poly blends, all the way up to high-end designer wool and wool/silk blends. The lighting is absolutely terrible in the warehouse, so make sure that you carefully inspect the items before purchase. I would recommend that you transport furniture yourself, no telling what kind of further damage takes place in the warehouse while they move the pieces around. Gross that someone bought mattresses here that had bedbugs. I think some of the stock are returns.

I recently visited the Macy's Furniture Gallery

I recently visited the Macy's Furniture Gallery and was very impressed with their selection and pricing. I am doing some upgrades to my house, furniture included, and a friend of mines recommended I stop by here. First, when you arrive make sure you're at 1208 and not 1200. 1200 seems to be the entrance to their warehouse, and it's not customer friendly. At 1208 Whipple is the entrance to the Clearance Center. The space is vast, the options many, and the associates friendly. I definitely recommend shopping here, I bought a couch, headboard, and dining room set. I'm very happy with my purchases!

My fiance and I recently became homeowners

My fiance and I recently became homeowners and upon moving to house, we quickly realized that we had next to no furniture. To remedy this, we visited several furniture stores in the East Bay only to find out how ridiculously expensive good quality furniture can be. That is when we found out about Macy's Furniture Gallery in Union City. At this location, they sell Macy's furniture that either has some minor defect or is missing parts of the set. Here are some of the key points to know before shopping here: -There are no returns so you should definitely inspect the furniture very carefully before deciding to buy anything. The employees are really nice and closely inspect the furniture themselves and point out any defects to you, but you should also do your due diligence. -You will get outstanding deals on really solid furniture! For example, we checked the price on Macy's website for a dresser that we bought for $400 at this store. The same dresser on the website cost $1,000. The only thing wrong with the dresser was a large nick on the front corner of it. This defect was purely cosmetic and easily concealed with the help of some $5 wood putty, a $4 wood marker, and fifteen minutes of watching YouTube videos. -This is a great place to buy a bed for a guest room/in-law unit. Personally, we would only buy a new mattress for our own bed, but we don't mind buying a returned mattress for our guest room. We were able to get a mattress for super cheap and if you buy a mattress, a box spring (of the same brand) is only $1. -Prepare to spend several hours there. They have only 2-3 employees and when you want to buy something, you have to walk with the employee to the item and have them fill out a form to place on the item to signify that it has been sold. Each team you need an employee, you might have to wait in line a while, because the store is huge and there are so few of them. The best strategy is to pick out all of the things you want to buy first and then buy them all at once. Even then, the process will take a long time as you have to also wait for the employees to round up your items and move them to the loading dock. -You can save even more money by bringing/renting a large van or moving truck. Delivery is $99 for the first item and $30 for each additional item (I'm not 100% sure on this). If you bring your own truck though (which you can rent for relatively cheap), they will help you load all of your items into the truck. -Lastly, you can use Macy's gift cards there but not Macy's coupons. As you can probably gather from the points above, we had to spend an entire day shopping for furniture and transporting it home. However, we are incredibly satisfied with all of our purchases and we saved literally thousands of dollars from what we would have paid for new furniture at Macy's or another decent furniture store. We would definitely recommend Macy's Furniture Gallery to anyone who wants solid, stylish furniture but is also budget-conscious.

I've been in and out of the store deciding

I've been in and out of the store deciding on a sofa set. The sales manager Jay worked patiently with me till I decided on witch one I was gonna purchase! Very good customer service and very happy with my purchase! When delivered I was very happy and pleased and it fit my spot perfectly!!! Thank you so much very happy customer!!!

Found a mattress in our budget

Found a mattress in our budget. Staff was super friendly and helpful. We brought down so many mattresses but they didn't mind. We wanted to make sure we found the one in our budget. We got lucky found it and brought it home the same day. If you're on a budget but need a good high end mattress stop by. They have couches, rugs and desk. Check it out and you might get lucky.

I love, love this warehouse

I love, love this warehouse. We always start here if we need any furniture or rugs. They have amazing prices, some items maybe alittle scratched or some surface damage, but I ok with paying $400 for a regular priced $5000 hutch. Prescott the store Manager is super helpful.

It's a warehouse with sales

It's a warehouse with sales that speak for themselves not salesman. Keep that in mind when walking in. If you find something you like and want it then decide if you want it delivered. It's 95$ for the first piece of furniture and 30$ there after. 80$ for any mattress (you could have 10 mattresses delivered for this charge but for some reason a mattress is not considered furniture) They get new stock every day said the employee, Gloria, who had been working at this location for 4 years. No returns, no refunds and no exchanges. It's like a scratch and dent store. These items were bought FULL cost by a customer and then they refused it at delivery or within 60 days of receiving it, they decided didn't want it. So, look over your item carefully, to make sure it's what you want! We were a little impatient at first because we are used to being catered to by commissioned salesman but this place, they're hourly. Buckle up and be prepared for a deal!

Hit or miss- today's case was definitely

Hit or miss- today's case was definitely a good time to go. We lucked on a sofa piece that's part of a large sectional that would've otherwise cost $1000. It was a clearance item and we got it for$220 plus got a $30 Macys gift card. The only problem w the piece was a stain which we were able to get out. Service could be better- there aren't a lot of employees that can help you and they lack name tags so you don't know who to ask. It's definitely worth checking out despite the customer service.

Amazing Prices

Amazing Prices, we found a beautiful leather sectional for $800 that was originally $4,000. Excellent service, both from the sales person and they guys who helped us load. There was an older lady working there being really rude to everyone but the guys helping us were fantastic. Patience required, it did take a couple hours to buy the couch and then to have it loaded up.

Because this is one of those hit or miss places

Because this is one of those hit or miss places, I will have to give it an average 3 star. If you are looking for furniture with a matching 3-4 piece set, it might be difficult to find them all available and in good condition. However, if you just want a replacement piece and not in a hurry, this can be a good bet. After 15 years, we had gotten our money's worth on our love seat from our original set. The bonded leather had been cracking for awhile now and has gotten way too soft due to daily wear and tear. We went in not really expecting that they would have a color and style that would be close to our original but there it was. Granted it felt like it was probably a floor model from a store since it wasn't as firm as ones directly from the factory, for the price, it is a great piece that should last us for another 5-10 years until we are ready to replace the whole set. Retails for $1389 with Macy's dept store having it on sale for $969 this weekend so for $448 and under $500 including tax, I am willing to take a small mark that should be able to remove with a little baking soda and water solution. Heads up though, try to see if you can find a friend with a truck that you can borrow to bring it home yourselves as sold pieces remain on the floor until delivery date which means that kids may jump or step all over it in the meantime...not good since there is no warranty and all sales are final. If you want to get what you see at that moment, haul it home yourself. Because we were not prepared to finding what we wanted on our first try, we did not have a truck to borrow at the last minute so we rented a uHaul pickup truck - $19.95 + tax + 99 cent per mile + gas fillup for what you use. Came out to be about $55 total so still cheaper than delivery through them which is $95 since they do not haul your old one away except for mattresses.

I totally understand why people bag on this place

I totally understand why people bag on this place. It is, in fact, a huge cement warehouse filled with semi-worn furniture and tucked away mattresses. That's why I would suggest to ONLY GO HERE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIFIC. You will grow frustrated quickly if you just want to "shop" around. If you have a specific item in mind you want to buy, like for me it was a queen mattress, then you may be in good luck! I got a $1,200 Simmons Beautyrest pillow-top mattress for $244! On top of it already being incredibly discounted, all mattresses were an extra 30% off. Needless to say, I was extremely pleased with my purchase. The woman helping me out was extremely friendly and informative. She made sure I got exactly what I was looking for and getting the best deal possible. Thank you, Linda! While at this store, be patient. It is a furniture outlet. Don't expect great organization or even great customer service. However, you may be able to find a diamond in the rough and it makes all of the flipping through mattress and scouring through couches worth it.

customer service associate

Linda - customer service associate - is AWESOME. Super nice, very action oriented, and gets the job done. The staff are very busy so come in here expecting to be patient. Take it with a grain of salt. You're not going to walk in and find exactly what you saw at the Macy's website or in the regular store. But if you go in here open-minded and bargain-minded, this place is AWESOME. Have a little bit of patience because the staff are busy and it can take time. But we found a sectional couch, 3 dining tables, and 2 benches all for more than 50% off retail and everyone compliments how nice our furniture is when they come over. A couple of them have minor scuff marks but no one notices.

Thanks to our cousin we found a mattress

Thanks to our cousin we found a mattress/box spring within our price range! Great customer service and Luggs delivery was quick and punctual. Satisfied!

Attention MBA students

Attention MBA students - come here if you want to see a live case study how poorly a business will function without training your employees. Yes there are smoking deals but the true economics of the deals are hidden. You will spend at least 2 hours in a confusing and disorganized customer service loop before spending another 30 minutes at checkout and another 30 minutes or more trying to get your items out of the store. Do not bring small children unless you have a 4 hour survival kit. Note that you will also not be able to remove any items yourself from the floor. Items must be removed by an employee AFTER 12:30PM. Is there a silver lining? You can get some things up to 70% off and their delivery prices are on par with renting a uhaul.

Thank's to Gloria

Thank's to Gloria,Victor and Darrell and everybody who went above and beyond to help me. After all very happy with my new couch! Thanks again.

Worst customer service

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. 3 people working on a Saturday, and the employees are extremely rude to each other, and the customers. We bought a couch set, two rugs and some bed covers and it took two hours to get everything finished and to pick it up was horrible also!! They do have some cheap deals, but sometimes it's not worth dealing with the employees. We were in the middle of being helped by one of the employees, about to be ringed up and he said he would be right back, he needed to help another customer. Completely left us and no one else helped us for 30 mins. Than he went in the back and we were asking other employees for help, but "they weren't clocked in" so they weren't willing to help us! Pretty crazy if you ask me! All the customers in line were very unhappy with their experiences. And they voiced that to the employees that were willing to help.

Nice gallery for not-so-perfect furniture

Nice gallery for not-so-perfect furniture. Look thoroughly on what you want to buy, check it inside out and get a best deal. We locked on a nice leather recliner that had very small tear. Gallery is huge and lots of furniture to choose from, and from what they claim, it's refreshed daily. Buying process was not smooth though, had to wait 1 hour in line and there were just 3 customers ahead of us. Delivery charges are at par with what other stores offer.

If you have a Macy's gift card

If you have a Macy's gift card and are looking for furniture, I would definitely recommend this place. We got lucky and found a leather couch for $199. Our gift card was for over $200 so it definitely covered the cost plus tax. The only thing we paid out of pocket for was $95 delivery, which was totally worth it. The people working at the place weren't helpful, but they also didn't try to up sell you on anything. So if you're looking for a bargain, I'd check this place out. Just make sure you inspect the furniture thoroughly before purchasing.

Who likes left overs?

Who likes left overs? I do I do, just kidding. They say a fool and their money are soon parted, come on down to Macy's "clearance" center. A night stand cost $715, really gosh I better get two of those. If you have tons of money, no opinion I also have a bridge I like to sell you. Macy's furniture center is the odds and ends of places. The prices not really reflect that. Macy's brand name has stood the test of time, "high price tacky stuff". You will leave dissatisfied and wishing you didn't waste your time, kind of like a blind date.

I would give it No stars if I could

I would give it No stars if I could...customer service is horrible..I am literally standing here in the front for the past 30 mins and no one has offered any assistance..I have asked twice for help to no avail

This place is like shooting a arrow

This place is like shooting a arrow in the dark. You have no idea what you're going to get, and it's a pretty slim chance that you're going to walk out with a win. With that being said, if you're not picky, or don't have specific needs, you can walk out with a good deal. This seems to be where the floor models of furniture displayed in Macy's end up. Since people have sat on it, eaten on it, treated it like crap, a lot of stuff reflects the scuff marks, foot prints, etc. Now if you can still get over that, sanitize it, then you're good to go. I came here a few times because there is a couch I saw at the Regular Macy's for over $5,000. Took a shot to see if it could be found here. Well it's a mish mash of different things, but I did end up finding a PIECE of a similar looking couch that was on sale for about $2,000. I found it odd that they'd sell a small piece for that high, as most of the random pieces are a few hundred. Upon asking the employee, he said it's actually part of a set, it just hasn't been unloaded yet. Score! We said we were set on buying it, even put the 'sold' tag on it without seeing the entire couch. We were told it's still in the back. He consulted with 2 other men and they confirmed, yah its still wrapped up in the back. So we were instructed to come back in a few days. Well.. we did, and lo and behold our little lonely piece is still there with a $2,000 price tag, Sold, with my name on it. Where's the rest of it!? We asked another employee...she called the 'manager' on her cell phone. Then we were told, they've lost the rest of it..not sure if it will ever be found, or arrive. So..basically we're SOL, thankfully we haven't put any money down. So moral of the story.. if you see a good couch, grab it, and take it home. Don't come in with high hopes though.

It's true

It's true, like any other discount store, it's hit or miss. Been there several times over the years, sometimes we come home with a great find, other times empty handed. We have purchased the following items in great condition---if anything, minor scratches or removable dirt stains: 1) $7000 Congac leather sectional for $3000 2) $700 White Velvet tufted couch for $450 3) $3000 Cream micro fiber 3 PC sectional for $1100 4) $5600 Cal King Simmons Black Torrence Ultra Plush Mattress for $700 5) $1050 Queen Sealy firm pillow top mattress for $400 6) $2000 Espresso wood 3 piece entertainment set for $650 We purchased the mattresses most recently, and Linda had superb customer service! So far, they've been pretty attentive every time we go, but from reading other reviews, I guess customer service is hit or miss as well. They help load your items into your truck, or deliver.

I was looking for a couch...

I was looking for a couch at Macys for 3k, a dining set for 2k, and a buffet table for $700... Ended up buying it here for half the price! Go in and ask for Linda!

Many of the reviews are true it really is a hit or miss

Many of the reviews are true it really is a hit or miss but it is a lot like going into a Marshall's or Nordstrom Rack (just everything has a slight issue) you are never quite sure what they will have. We have bought two lovely pieces here. Both in which have rips and tears. But me and the boyfriend have no problem repairing things that are this slashed down in price. I bought a piece for $199 and I sewed up the tear and cleaned off the ugly stains with oxyclean and warm water. It is beautiful for $199 compared to $800. People who shop here need to be handy, creative and able to see beyond the exterior flaws of their pieces. We also got a lovely leather sectional for 1/2 the price. As for the service, I usually go during non peak hours so the floor people are available and have spent almost an hour assisting us. Her name was Grace very sweet woman, she only works on Friday. She went above and beyond, asking people to move the large pieces so we can see things together. Nudging the pieces around to see if there are more problems. Like any store if there is only one and more problems than it stated..try to slash the price! Important note for everyone shopping. PURPLE FINAL PRiCE, everything else you take the percentage off the tag. It's stupid and confusing but you need to go in with that knowledge, because people do not ask questions and just look at those price tags thinking it is still super pricey. It's not! Do a full inspection because there are sh*t pieces out there, where the foundation of the piece is broken so it might collapse in one day. We are thorough . Good luck!!! Just keep an open mind and understand it is really just the luck of the draw.

Waste of time

Waste of time and gas since we drove all the way to Union City from South San Jose. This place had furniture that was ready to be thrashed. I have no clue why they even had the broken pieces on display. Since it was an outlet I didn't have high expectations, but hey come on, i didn't expect to see broken stuff! The rugs were all torn off, not sure why anybody would buy them. The glass in the furniture was cracked.. Uggg... We flew out if this place in 5min.

I went here on the 4th of July

I went here on the 4th of July to look for a bedroom dresser. But instead I stumbled upon a beautiful wool area rug. The person who helped me and my friend was Veronica. She is one of the most helpful, courteous, and professional person there. She explain everything in detail for me which is what I really appreciate. Her expertise on the rugs is what convinced me to buy. She was not a pushy sales person at all and treated us with respect which is very, very rare these days. I definitely will be asking her to help me when I shop there again. I will be telling my friends and family about this place. Great bargains and great customer service.

Most of the furniture here

Most of the furniture here are either former store displays, customer returns or old discontinued products. In that regards it's not like the normal Macy's furniture store you see at the malls, in the sense that everything you purchase will be brand new in pristine condition. This is a clearance center so some of the stuff will be banged up but you can find some gems, just do your research and inspect everything before you commit to a purchase, there are no returns/refunds here. The good thing is that most items are heavily discounted on top of the tag price (10-40% depending on the item and condition). 40% usually means something is broken or damaged badly. 10% means it's in excellent condition and probably discontinued stock, just so you have a feel of how it works or if you're unsure of the condition. So if you see something you love and the price is 40% off, I'd probably inspect it a little closer because there may be damage somewhere that is not obvious. I'm not too critical about minor scuffs on furniture because I am a pet owner, so if I can save $600-1200 off a piece of furniture because it has a minor scuff in a hard to see location, I will gladly take it.

I am surprised Macy's has their name on this place

I am surprised Macy's has their name on this place. I had my hopes up, but was disappointed. This place is like the "free" section on Craigslist, except you're paying a couple thousand dollars for it. Might be good if you want to buy the random recliner, but pretty much everything else is damaged, some worse than others. Go around the corner to "Rooms Decor Gallery"- super nice guys, AMAZING prices (even for a customized couch) and superb customer service!

SOooooooo many bargains!

SOooooooo many bargains! LOVE IT. Of course there's always going to be something slightly wrong with an outlet - duh, that's why it's cheaper. If you want like new quality, take off your pajamas and head over to a retail store where you can pay top dollar. However, if you're willing to accept a few cosmetic blemishes - let's face it, your dog/cat/kid will trash it in a matter of months anyways - why not save some $ and get a nice discount? Sectional+huge area rug+headboard+end table = $1200. Winning.


DO NOT GO HERE!!!! After 3 weeks of waiting for our furniture they lost our order and called us 3 times prior to the day scheduled to remind of us our order that didn't show and the day it was supposed to arrive no one called and they tried to reschedule several weeks later. Its cheap all the way around!

Worst customer service

Worst customer service. The manager is a old lady that yelled at me for coming at 5:30 when they close at 6. It's not my fault you guys close so dahm early. She literally screamed at me.

Ok, so I got the recliner

Ok, so I got the recliner and it is fantastic! No rips, no is wonderful, and looks great. I did pay for them to deliever and they were on time and in the time frame, and yes, it was the day of that horrible strom. Listen, I got a great chair at a great price. It is a huge warehouse but it is NOT DUMPY furnitre, it is really quaity furniture at great prices. You just have to take the time to look and ask for help.

I ordered furniture on-line

I ordered furniture on-line for my brother, who had back surgery scheduled. Macys did not deliver the furniture on the scheduled date, and missed the next 2 dates as well. He had 2 surgeries in 1 week, and had to sit in a desk chair for 3 weeks after his surgery because Macy's kept not delivering on the dates they scheduled (we had the old furniture picked up on the same day of the scheduled delivery). It is impossible to talk to anyone in customer service, I kept being put on lenghy holds. When I finally reached someone, I got apologies, and then promises that were NEVER kept. Horrible customer service, I would never order from them again.

We could not be more impressed with Vann

We could not be more impressed with Vann - if you have any opportunity to work with him, it'll be easy to expect the highest level of service. Vann was not pushy, yet very informative. You could tell instantly he had a great understanding of the product as well as how product will wear over time. This was our first time purchasing leather sofa's and we were nervous to see over time how we could take care of the leather/keep the longevity of the sofas! Van was quick to let us know what kind of products to use and assured us of our purchase. He followed up with us via e-mail and also called to thank you for our business.....I have not had this level of service ever....Vann truly went above and beyond! He also mentioned the warranty's which is incredible - I would highly recommend the 5 year warranty! Vann, this store is lucky to have you and I will be letting all of my friends and family to shop with you! If you are reading this review - find this guy, you won't be sorry!

I've been looking for a grey sofa

I've been looking for a grey sofa for weeks. I purchased one online through Wayfair and it was ridiculously uncomfortable, so I sent it back. I looked online, several furniture stores in my area, and nothing. I decided to travel south to Tacoma. I was impressed with how large the store was in Tacoma; however, AWFUL SERVICE!!! Upon entering no one greeted us. They made eye contact but did not say hello or asked if we needed assistance. My designer and I split and went separate ways and met at a grey sofa we both saw at the same time. We knew immediately it was the one we had been looking for. To be sure, we went upstairs to take a look, and there was nothing. As we came down the escalator two associates stood at the bottom and asked if we needed any help--not in the genuine "how can we be of service" way, but more so in the doubtful/skeptical tone. I replied with, "no, I don't need assistance, I'm going to make a purchase." And I walked towards the customer service stand. At that point, Nancy approached me and asked if anyone was assisting me and I said no. From there, Nancy took my sofa order and completed the sell. Nancy was apologetic for the delayed approach from any of her fellow associates, but at this point, damage was done. As an African American woman I see this ALL THE TIME. The smug looks, the hesitation to assist, the prejudging, and the assumption that we're not there to buy. I've worked as a Macy's associate at the Yakima, Southcenter and Spokane locations and I know for a FACT that this was unacceptable customer service. The staff at Macy Furniture Gallery missed the mark with providing customer care and service.

Just don't go here

Just don't go here... the customer services is absolute garbage! If they ask you your price range you might as well just walk out of the store. They completely ignore everything you say and show you more expensive things and treat you like you're not going to find a better price anywhere else. Nancy was the sales person who helped us and when I let her know we saw a similar less expensive bed frame at Harkness she glared at me and walked away.... DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS!!! Go to Harkness instead where you'll get much better customer service.

My new 5 piece sectional

My new 5 piece sectional/power recliner arrived this morning. The delivery driver called and I gave him the exact location of the main gate to my community along with the code. He called me 30 minutes later from our exit gate because that was where his GPS took him. Rather than giving the driver directions again, I drove to that gate and let him in. 4 of the pieces were the grey leather that I ordered. The chase was white leather. I asked the driver if the cartons were marked with a description of the sofa component. He said they were not. The wedge he delivered had a hole in the bottom. I told him that it was unacceptable. He said that a tech would come out and repair it. I do not want a repaired or mismatched sofa. I wanted the new sofa that I just spent over $4,000 on. The driver said that I would have to wait another two weeks for my correct Chaise Lounge and he did not give me a time frame for the repair I did not ask for. I was willing to drive the wrong/broken pieces back to their local warehouse but they would not let me. I but Macy's furniture for the quality but have had much better service at Mor or Ashley.

I went in on new years day

I went in on new years day looking for a new mattress....I found one I liked and had every intention of purchasing same day...had I been acknowledge by any one of the many employees that simply walked right by my partner and I. On our way out one was even just on a mattress napping??!?!? So guess what....I did purchased a mattress ...I just did it from the comfort of my own home!

I checked out 4 different furniture places

I checked out 4 different furniture places for a king sized mattress. Mattress Firm was too expensive, mattress ranch's mattresses were crap, jr furniture was meh. It was down to Mattress Depot and Macy's. Mattress Depot's salesman tried to con me for paying some money for a"free" adjustable base so I went with Macy's. Macy's had the best selection of mattresses, best prices, best Memorial Day sale, no conning. Free delivery was awesome which mattress depot didn't have. The Sales people were nice and helpful. If you're lookin for a mattress at least check them out.

oh my how Macy's furniture has turned poor

oh my how Macy's furniture has turned poor. We have tried shopping the Tacoma store several times and can truly say it's never a good experience. The salespeople remind me of buying a used car in the 70's. Truly obnoxious. The quality has also come down. Certainly a step above all the Ashley / Mor type of furniture stores but hardly what Macy's furniture used to stand for. If you haven't purchased here in a while, be prepared for disappointment. Good luck trying to call the store for any type of assistance either. Their automated system will have you in a continuous loop until you finally give up. It's too bad as we used to buy Macy's furniture quite often. Thinking back more of our house is their furniture than anyone else's. Just not an option for us anymore.

We had the pleasure o working with Paul

We had the pleasure o working with Paul. From the get-go Paul was quick to answer any questions we had and was very knowledgeable about every item we looked at! He gave us the space we needed while also being accessible for any questions and information we needed. We bought a new mattress for the house we just purchased and I'm sure we'll be coming back for more help from Paul! I will recommend him to all our friends and family.

I visited The store on Black Friday

I visited The store on Black Friday hoping To score a good deal. Found a couch that was on sale as well as a matching chair and coffee table. I ordered the merchandise with a store sales woman only to be called back an hour later to let me know that the sticker price on the coffee table was actually 100$ more and that the table apparently had the wrong sales price on the tag. So I asked if she could ask her manager to agree to the original price that was on the ticket and apparently the manager agreed. However, when I received my bill the price on the coffee table was not adjusted per the managers agreement... Now the delivery has been a entire situation itself. I was told my purchase would be in within two weeks however was contacted two weeks later to let me know the order would be set back another 4 weeks. (So we go from 14 days to 40. Pretty big difference when your moving into a new home and expecting guest for the holidays) when I called to ask if I could possible get the delivery sooner I was simply told no and alls I'd receive at this point was a refund. Overall all, a very frustrating store to work with. I strongly suggest to shop elsewhere where customer service still means something.

Our salesman was incredibly pushy

Our salesman was incredibly pushy and we have had nothing but headaches with our furniture purchase. The salesman appeared to be uniformed regarding the purchasing process and he even persuaded us to open up a credit card which has been declined for the ONE purchase it was opened to make. I have had to call the Macy's customer service line more than 3 times to try to resolve the issue. The customer service is not helpful and they love to transfer us to various departments because no one can help with anything. Please, save yourself the trouble and DO NOT purchase furniture from this company.

Don't appreciate employees standing

Don't appreciate employees standing waiting at the front door for customers. Geez come on now I want peace and not to have a stalker lingering in the shadows. If we need your help we will ask. Kind of creepy so find something to do and stop following people around the store.

I have been to every furniture store

I have been to every furniture store in the Tacoma area and have found Macy's to have the best selection of moderately priced, stylish furniture. I don't really know why the other reviews are so bad. I have made three separate purchases here in the last year (living room, dining room, & family room.) Everything was in stock and delivered on time with good customer service. Others have mentioned the "shark" aspect of the sales people. It's exactly the same in every furniture store I have been to (lots!) They meet you at the door, ask you what you are looking for. You tell them. They walk with you to find it. You say I'm going to look around on my own for a while. They check back in with you more than once. Truly, this is the same in every furniture showroom store. Also note, Macy's furniture is delivery only (fees apply). There is no pick up available.

The store manager must be incompetent

The store manager must be incompetent every week I see the lawn service come and do only half the lawn they use to do the whole property now in the back the grass is over 4 feet tall and the back of the building has graffiti on the doors smh for a multi billion dollar company they should do better.

We drove 45 minutes to this store

We drove 45 minutes to this store to be met at the door by Very hungry sales people. After some looking and being followed around by the salesman who was determined to give us a credit card (we were paying cash) we finally found something we loved. A sofa and chair that happened to be on closeout. They had 12 couches left in stock but were told by the salesman no chairs were left. He said he would see if he could knock off some money and sell us the floor model. When he came back he said they would only sell the chair if we bought the $500 ottoman too. We didn't need the ottoman and walked out. I called the manager later to complain and he didn't give a shit. When I got home, I called Macy's online and bought the sofa and chair. They magically had one left in stock! This place is a scam and I'm calling corporate to at least file a complaint. Probably will go to the round file but this is not what I expect from a company with the name "Macy's" on it. Just surprises me they would rather turn down a cash sale than make money and make a customer happy. What the heck happened to customer service?

Purchasing over $16,000

Purchasing over $16,000 of furniture with Macy's was a huge mistake! The quality was quite poor and now, we still do not have all the bedroom set pieces that are without defects after over three months and three deliveries. Time off work to deal with this, just to have to reject pieces time and time again. However, this is nothing compared to their billing practices. They charged our credit card over $80,000! The time to get this resolved has been ridiculous and today was the final insult...they sent a letter demanding payment or they are picking up the furniture! They have however already received full payment and we have yet to receive all the pieces for the set. Worst buying experience of my life! NEVER WOULD I DO BUSINESS WITH MACY's again! Avoid at all costs!

Found Several pieces of furniture

Found Several pieces of furniture we really wanted, we were willing to spend a little over 3G. The amount came to about 300$ more than we wanted to spend as we had seen comparable pieces for less. The sales lady (Nancy) said she would talk to the manager and let us know by 5pm the next day. Never heard a word from them. We had even told them we had a whole house we would be furnishing down the road. I guess no sale was better to them than lose out on any of their overinflated markups. She didn't even have the common courtesy to call us like she promised she would. They have lost any chances of having us for a customer.

My family needed a new couch

My family needed a new couch and we decided to check out Macy's for a power reclining sofa. We met Charlotte and she was really nice in helping us pick one out based on our likes. She was very detailed, professional and had the best customer service! She is very dedicated to her work and wants her customers to know she is there for them. She helped us every step of the way and made sure we left happy! She definitely deserves this 5 star review!


tl;dr - they will lie to make a sale, then do absolutely nothing to uphold their promises This store will do anything to make a sale. My wife bought a mattress here and was given fabulous help to get something to help ease her back pain. A mattress was decided on and my wife asked about the return policy. She was told that there would be no fee! Amazing! This seemed like the perfect way to see if this was the right bed for her back. We received the mattress and tested it out. The mattress was much more firm than in the store (probably since the one in the store was used so much). She realized it wasn't the right mattress and we proceeded to attempt to return it. Surprise surprise! There would be a restocking fee and pick up fee! The sales associate said she didn't remember making this claim. The manager didn't bother to help saying they always charge the fees. We know! That's why we were so glad when we were told there would be no fees! Blatant lies to make a sale. They will do and say anything to get you to make a purchase, then do nothing after that. Please, please do not buy anything from here unless you plan on not returning, exchanging, or fixing whatever you get. Garbage. I don't think I have ever left a review in such disgust.

Both myself and other members of our family...

Both myself and other members of our family recently bought several thousand dollars worth of furniture, mattresses, beds, etc. Furniture was delivered with damage, parts to attach headboard were missing or delivery people did not know how to install it. In one case the bedroom set included two night tables but one was missing and when they showed up with the missing unit, it was damaged. My son's dining room set was delivered so damaged he could not accept it and he's still waiting for it. One coffee table.had a big scratch on it so Macy's Customer Service sent a guy with a Sharpie to "fix" it‼ Remember that each visit or attempted delivery requires you to be home waiting during a 3 hour window the day of delivery or visit. While the sales people at the San Mateo Store on El Camino are very nice, the company does not do a good job of delivering good value for your dollar and service is difficult to get. You have to call an 800 number and be prepared to spent time and energy explaining. NO WONDER MACY'S IS CLOSING MANY STORES‼

We purchased a dining room set...

We purchased a dining room set with the warranty protection plan. The plan as told to us was supposed to protect us in case any piece was damaged in a non-wear&tear incident. Most of the chairs have wear and tear damage on the chair legs. When a small scrape occurred on the top edge of the seat back, like most insurance claims, the warranty company denied the claim. I still like the furniture that was purchased, but as far as I'm concerned, the warranty that Macy's encourages you to purchase is a sham... and any company that lies to you once, will always lie to again.

I custom ordered a couch

I custom ordered a couch from Macy's in the color I wanted. I was told it would take 12 weeks. After 11 weeks I was getting anxious and called to see when delivery was expected. They told me they canceled the order from Day 1 because there was no credit card on file. I had paid my deposit at the store with a credit card. The salesman told me we were all set. So they decided to keep my deposit but never email or call to let me know there was a problem, but never produced the product. They have since put the order through but are telling me it will still take 8 weeks. Never EVER order furniture from Macy's.

We stopped by

We stopped by, because of the email I received. Macys was having a big Labor Day sale and the prices were pretty good and I found the exact couch that I found on the website. And to my surprise, was comfortable as hell! The salesperson Marcos was super helpful, went out of his way to help us and lent us the furniture color swatches. We took the colors watches home and I came back the following day with my decision. I ordered my couch and cant wait to receive it. Do yourself a favor, and at least swing by to check the quality out. Yes, it may be pricey, but the quality is well worth it. Also, I went across the street to the other furniture store. Man, was that a waste of time.

I buy a sofa mattress

I buy a sofa mattress, I pay at the store and it was delivery to my apartment in about 4weeks, but the mattress come with some mold, I pay $1, 280.00 expecting to receive a brand new sofa mattress not a one with bad manufacture! So I called customer service and they say I have to opening a claim so deal I Did and after 30days waiting! They just call me and say sorry it doesn't under the guaranty any more ! Sorry for spending a lot money and not happy at all!!!!!!! Don't waist your money buying furniture at Macy's I would not Do it again!!!!!

Consider yourself warned

Consider yourself warned, you'd have to be a masochist to purchase a mattress here. We purchased a Sealy Hybrid mattress (around $1500) in late May 2019. The in-store experience was fine, the salespeople at the store were a little strange but whatever. Overall, it felt like a shopping experience from 1999. The mattress was comfortable and we liked it once it arrived but within three weeks we had noticed things weren't the same, the mattress was already sagging and just not as comfortable. I went back to the store to explain this to our salesman (Randy) who said to call customer service to arrange to have mattress inspected for defects. He refused to help me in the store. I tried calling customer service line multiple times and literally NEVER was able to get through to a HUMAN. I return to the store (third time) to tell Randy this and he eventually calls on my behalf while I stand next to him. (Note: I have to return in-person to the store since I'm never able to reach Randy over the phone). Once a human on the customer service line is reached, they tell me there is only one inspection day per month. Insert Eye Roll Here. I happened to be out of town the one day it was planned for in June so had to wait until the July date. Eventually the July inspection rolls around and I await my Inspector, he comes at the end of the 3-hour window, he tells me that the company doesn't even have inspectors in the Bay Area and that he drove up from San Diego for the day, CRAZY! The mattress is deemed "DEFECTIVE" and I was also told the crappy box spring is broken and that "this happens all the time in the truck when they deliver them" -- ummm okay... Eventually I get to return the terrible mattress. I don't know what I was thinking going to Macy's when there are SO many great direct to consumer mattress products available with excellent return policies, I'm a millennial after all! I do know that I took 3 days off work for the delivery, inspection and eventual pick-up and spent countless hours returning to the store and on the phone with the Macy's credit card people. I'll spare you all from the saga I'm currently dealing with regarding trying to get my money back. Whatever you do, don't let them convince you to open a Macy's credit card, ever. Save yourselves, just buy a Casper mattress!

Store has tons of parking

Store has tons of parking. Much more accessible than the Macy's downtown location. During our past several visits the store was never too busy or crowded. Also, they had most pieces from the website that we wanted to check out in person. Jane assisted with our purchase and I can't emphasize enough how helpful she was. My mom purchased couches too but there was a misunderstanding with her order bc a warranty plan was tacked on her invoice erroneously. Fortunately Jane had this corrected right away. Another gentleman in the rug department (I believe his name is Anthony?) assisted us and was just as helpful and knowledgeable. The reason I'm knocking 2 stars is due to a couple employees who very obviously favored select customers walking in... In the past few months, we visited this store a handful of times and observed these employees (an older Caucasian man and older, heavier set Caucasian woman) behave much differently with non-minority families. It just felt like major profiling. Anyway, thanks again Jane! My mom's couches were delivered 2 weeks ago and mine came in Friday. We LOVE them.

White sofa sent with black fabric...

White sofa sent with black fabric decking that bled into fabric so unable to ever flip the cushions. I was robbed as they refused to refund delivery fee and had to fight like hell to get my deposit. Aurhaus sofa lasted 10 years. More expensive but worth the investment and they don't have design imbeciles. I've shopped at Macy's for many years. I'll never step foot in there again. They handled this very poorly! Take the loss for a customer who has spent more annually shopping than the delivery fee you refuse to return for a product that shouldn't have made it to the truck. Quality control in serious need here.

Never deliver on time

1. Never deliver on time, and never communicate with the customer. I had two mattress delivery experience with Macys. One was cancelled without notification, one was delayed for whole day (scheduled to be in the morning, when I finally got it, it is near night). Terrible communication system on any delivery update. 2. Poorly trained customer service representative. No knowledge on the product, the return policy, or maybe they have knowledge but prefer to be a liar. Macys says the Purple mattress they have to sell online and instore come with 120 days full refund return period. Not too many customer service representatives know this, and when you (as a customer) try to explain to them, they will not listen or make the effort to learn or investigate. Even worse, you will be yelled at. If there is anything wrong I did, it is that I chose to be a Macys customer at the first place, and I chose to trust whatever been told at the time of purchase, and I chose to trust what has been published on Macys' website. Clearly the customer service is a joke, and they DONT CARE about customer!

We purchased a sectional

We purchased a sectional with recliners and got the warranty to go with it. The motor is giving out on one of the recliners and they declined to cover it. I would never purchase anything from Macy's again.

Great customer Experience!

Great customer Experience! We stopped in to purchase patio furniture and a new mattress. Charlotte worked with us for the patio furniture. She was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. The process was stress free and enjoyable! Pooya worked with us to select a mattress. He was also very knowledgeable and helpful! I would return here to buy again!

I recently ordered from here

I recently ordered from here, they have this delivery service they claim is "white glove" and they charged $200 for it. My stuff got here, after 10 phone calls from the non English speaking driver, guiding him to my apartment, and wasting an hour of my time. My wife said something wasn't right about them. Not only that, the "white glove delivery service" left boxes of junk and trash in the hallway of my apartment. I couldn't believe it and thought it was someone else's, but I looked at the packaging and than saw my chairs still had tags and they matched. This is driving me nuts so much I don't know where to begin. Oh and don't forget they sell you this warranty you don't want but really need because they treat you like dirt if you don't buy it. That's only the delivery. Let's see how I like this furniture.

Went though Macy'

Went though Macy' to order two beds. You order and buy them from Macy's but they take zero responsibility for the order if it is a "ship from vendor". No way to find out status, the order said 3 days and it's been almost 2 weeks. Macy's punted back to me to contact the vendor, but the vendor is not listed on the site. My agreement is with Macy's and it should be up to them to chase answers to my questions

I recently had to move again

I recently had to move again which means I visited Macy's Furniture Gallery to give it a chance again - plus it was about to be Memorial Day weekend so I felt like maybe they have good deals. I walked in and one thing I typically don't like about in-store shopping is how you can't really just walk in and browse without having to politely turn away countless sales associates. I get it, it's their job to ask you what you're looking for and how they can assist but it may be nice to have badges that customers can grab with color coding such as "Green for ASK ME" and "Red for DONT ASK ME" and "Yellow for NOT YET" lol - just an idea. So, why the four stars? Well, I actually had a sales associate who didn't pester me but gave me space, answered my questions without pushing his sales agenda, and overall was VERY patient with me as I browsed, looked at reviews etc. His name is GEOFF. If the management at Macy's Furniture is reading this, give GEOFF a raise. He was great - provided us with countless options/scenarios and didn't push which is what really made me feel comfortable. We bought a small sectional, are happy with the price, delivery etc.

The Manager Gary has helped me several times.

The Manager Gary has helped me several times. He is very courteous and efficient. I had to return a section of my sectional sofa and was getting the runaround on the phone, so Gary took care of it for me.

The sales pressure here is horrendous

The sales pressure here is horrendous. I went to look at leather sofas and had to go home and measure and decide if the design would fit my style. Went in again to try the sofa and was completely ignored. They have poor customer service. I previously bought a mattress last year and the sales guy was complaining to me that a couple came in and wasted his time. What kind of customer service is this. These sales people need to respect customers and let them take their time when making a purchase! I will place my order online.

I have ordered and purchased so many sofas

I have ordered and purchased so many sofas and furniture over the years but this experience has been by far the worst I've ever had to deal with. First off, I ordered this sofa back in May 2018. It was not delivered until the end of July. Then when it was delivered the pillows were damaged and had stains from the delivery drivers and their dirty hands. So not sure what kind of white glove service I was paying for. The delivery guy and myself called customer service to have both pillows replaced. They assured me my pillows would be sent out soon. I had to call another three times to see where my pillows were considering it was the end of August by then. The lady said she would ship them out ASAP. But I thought this was already taken care of?!?! Come September I finally get pillows, but they were the same color as my sofa. So I had to call back once again to tell them they made a mistake and I needed the pillows that match my sofa. They assured me they would put a rush order because at this point I was beyond annoyed. We are now in the beginning of October and I call once again and the woman says "they are suppose to be shipped out today". Really?!?! Well let's hope so lady because this has become a nightmare. I will NEVER buy any furniture from Macy's again!!!

Just worked with a fantastic sales associate

Just worked with a fantastic sales associate, Charlotte Jaques and would highly recommend reaching out to her personally if you are ordering furniture from Macy's. I was having trouble working with central Macy's furniture customer service when replacing a sofa damaged but covered by the worry no more warrant service that I purchased when I bought the sofa a few months back but was out of stock. I visited the store and Charlotte offered her assistance to help me get a sofa that was in stock and fit much better with our living room space. I was getting no where with central customer service but she stepped in and quickly got a replacement and it was delivered today. She took ownership and solved all the problems. I would go out of my way to work again with her when we need to order more furniture. Terrific customer service!

not as described

Their "white glove delivery " is not as described. They say they will move your old furniture to another room in the house as long as it's on the same floor. They're driver gave me an attitude when he found out he had to move the sofa to the next room. He gave me such an ordeal that I felt uncomfortable having this person in my home that I asked him to leave and refused the delivery. I'm still waiting for my money back.

Macy's used to be my go to place for furniture

Macy's used to be my go to place for furniture. Not anymore. Not only is the quality of their furniture gone down but good luck getting it delivered even if you find something you like. First the told me the item was in the warehouse but wasn't loaded on the truck. Then they couldn't find the item in the warehouse and had to reorder. It's been 2 months and counting. You may pay a little more at crate & barrel or room & board but at least you know you will get a quality item in timely manner. Skip Macy's unless you can examine the item and carry it out of the store.

never rushed me or pushed me

Went in not meaning to buy anything Charlotte came and said hello and told me to look around and if i had questions to let her know she never rushed me or pushed me to buy anything which i appreciated she answered all my questions and i decided to buy my bedroom she schedule my delivery date and even after answered all my questions and concers thru a txt message i will definitely purchase again and i would suggest to go to Charlotte since she gives you the best customer service in my opinion.

We got a rug here two years ago

We got a rug here two years ago. The experience in store wasn't great - the sales person was super pushy. When I thought I decided on a rug, then saw that there was a whole upstairs I didn't see, she said "No! Just go with your first instinct. Don't look at these!". I was sort of appalled she didn't want me to look, considering it was a large purchase (I'd like to note that I wasn't asking for her to stay with me AND it wasn't near closing time, so she had no incentive to act this way). This wasn't enough for me to leave a review until now. The sales associate was super pushy about getting a warranty since we were getting a white rug. She told me, and I quote "No questions asked. For 7 years, we will come and clean your rug for ANY reason". So of course, I thought that was a good idea and got it. This warranty wasn't cheap. It added 25% of the price on. Well, surprise. We tried to call the warranty to get our rug cleaned. They claim "accumulation of stains" doesn't count, and it has to be a single large stain, and "dirt doesn't count". I'm FURIOUS. I've called and complained, but no one will hear me. Their sales associated blatantly LIED to us to get a bigger sale. I am appalled and furious. For the price I paid for that warranty I could have simply got our carpet cleaned myself. BE WARNED. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS. Go buy a cheaper and better rug online.

When my husband and I walked into Macy's

When my husband and I walked into Macy's, I instantly fell in love with the Avondale dining set. The size was perfect for our kitchen and looks homely with the wooden look and it also looked a little modern with a bench and two chairs instead of the standard four chairs. If I remember correctly, our sales lady's name was Paulette. She was so attentive and nice. She gave us all the time we needed to make our decision, got our order in the system, and told us it would come in 3 weeks. We decided to throw in the matching buffet stand and also a recliner. Macy's called a few days before delivery, set up a time, and they showed up on a Tuesday as scheduled. Everything arrived disassembled so the delivery guys assembled everything for us in our place. I was worried from all of the bad reviews Macy's had about furniture being delivered damaged. Perhaps they have improved their process by assembling on delivery? Hubby and I are completely content with Macy's. They delivered within 3 weeks as promised, nothing arrived damaged, and the quality is fantastic!

Nice selection of modern furniture.

Nice selection of modern furniture.. Good quality for the price. We bought a sectional and dining table. Fast delivery, we will definitely shop there again for the big items for our next house :D

We ordered a significant amount of furniture

We ordered a significant amount of furniture and the delivery of our items was a mess. We took the time to go over with our salesman the delivery calendar and everything was in stock, all furniture eta delivery three weeks for all the items. Three months later waiting on more than half of the order. Quality of furniture is great but delivery disappointing.

Macy's customer service

I am absolutely disgusted with Macy's customer service. My husband and I recently purchased a mattress in July for 3000.00 and unfortunately I had an allergic reaction with swollen lips, eyes and shortness of breath. The sales associates were very nice and we decided on a second mattress. I developed the same allergy symptoms and realized I was allergic to gel foam and because Macy's only sells gel foam mattresses, I can not purchase a mattress from their store. As I explained the situation to the customer service agent, she started laughing and was very condescending. She kept repeating that I owe them 350.00 because I am not purchasing a mattress from their store. We have furnished our entire house with Macy's furniture and will never spend another dime in their store.

As others have stated, DO NOT buy a mattress

As others have stated, DO NOT buy a mattress from this store. After their slick sales people "upgraded" me to a more expensive mattress, I have not been able to get a good night sleep in 4 months. Bad back & neck are the upgraded results I have experienced. I cannot take back the mattress without paying a stocking fee again. I am ready to just toss it (maybe in their parking lot). They have no business selling mattresses.

A few years ago my wife and I spent $3,000...

A few years ago my wife and I spent $3,000 on a sectional sofa from Macy's. Shortly after 3 years, the cushions began to cave in... to the point where the sofa was giving me a backache to sit on. I've never encountered anything like this with sofas or chairs before that have lasted far longer. I contacted Macys and they arranged to have someone visit us about 2 months after the call. The person who looked over our sofa said that the cushions were no longer under warranty. So, I called around to find out what it would cost to replace the foam inserts and was shocked to hear it would run about $200 to $300 per section for high quality foam. I recontacted Macys asking if they would at least help defray the cost of fixing very expensive furniture that didn't last very long. They apologized and said there is nothing they can do. My advice to anyone in the market for furniture is to find a different retailer that will stand beyond their product.

This review is strictly about their furniture

This review is strictly about their furniture and mattress delivery service. I ordered a queen mattress set...the same size mattress set that is currently in both of my bedrooms...but their delivery people said they weren't able to get it up the stairs. They barely even tried to figure out a way. Amazingly movers were able to get two queen mattress sets up the same set of stairs. A couple of years ago I ordered a sofa from Macy's and experienced the same problem. Their delivery people couldn't get the sofa up the same stairs that another company could. Again their delivery people showed little to no interest in getting the job done. Am very disappointed with Macy's.

I bought 3 pieces, when they were delivered

I bought 3 pieces, when they were delivered, it turned out one of them are total not the one I ordered, another one missed one hardware so they can't not install it. I was told they will fix them and leave. The second day, the customer service called me and asked "call you let me know which hardware was missing?", I was speechless, how was I suppose know that. 3 days later, they delivered the right things and installed the bed, I found that one slat of the bed is broken, but they still installed it. We I asked the installation guys, he said I should call the customer service. And I called, they said they will replace it , but this is the worst purchase experience I ever had, they messed up everything, that just wasted a lot of your time.

Last Year we bought a sectional

Last Year we bought a sectional and we we told we had 24 months interest free to pay it off fast forward to 2017 in April 2017 we are told we have to pay $382.00 in interest fees on a $100.00 balance - I will never buy anything from Macy's ever again... These guys con artists - no wonder stores like these are going down ... Customer service is terrible and extremely unhelpful

I just walked out of Macy's with such disgust

I just walked out of Macy's with such disgust. My husband and I were excited to buy new furniture as we just bought our new house. We walked around for 45 minutes passing several sales people either in a group talking or sitting alone on their phone. We found a couch we liked and might order it online but would never shop in store again. Tuesday 5/16/2017 @ 4:45pm Dayna

I bought a leather recliner sofa

I bought a leather recliner sofa last December (about $2500) and there was a missing part on the reclining mechanism. I called immediately and they said they ordered the part and it would arrive in 6-8 weeks. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I waited about 4 and a half months to call them again (as getting through to the right service person is an hour long process). He apologized and said they didn't have the part at the time it was ordered, and after being on hold for about 30 more minutes so he could verify that they had the part, he assured me it was there and guaranteed it would be at my door in 6 weeks. It is now October (almost a year later) and still no part, or any communication from them. I have now been sitting on hold for 58 minutes waiting to speak with someone and am beginning to believe they sold me a faulty sofa with no way to fix it. I am beside myself, and feel entirely ripped off by this company.


DO NOT BUY YOUR MATTRESS OR BED HERE! Macy's delivered a bed with the wrong parts on Saturday, and my new mattress is sitting on the floor. They're supposed to finish my bed at 8:00am this morning, but it's 8:30am and no one is here, and I can't get through to customer service. The bed is hard as a rock and feels nothing like the bed in the store. Do not buy your bed or mattress here! The quality of the merchandise is horrible, and the customer service is abysmal.

Do not buy the worrynomore warranty

Do not buy the worrynomore warranty. In fact don't buy furniture from them they or the warranty company do not stand behind your purchase, we have a reclining sofa that within the first year the cushion has collapsed they sent a repairman out and after a month same thing they said they will not repair or replace. Macy's response said it is the responsibility of the WORRYNOMORE warranty and will not do anything. Now we have the same problem happening on the recliner

We ordered a new dining room set

We ordered a new dining room set (a table, 6 chairs, and a buffet/server) in the spring. We spent just under $4000 for the set, added on a warranty, and scheduled delivery. The item was delivered within 2 weeks of when we ordered, so needless to say we were very happy with the service at first. We soon noticed that the buffet had been delivered damaged. It was missing a small piece of trim. We called Macy's the next day and informed them that the item was delivered damaged and we requested that they come to fix it. Macy's sent someone out within a week who told us it couldn't be fixed. We were told that a new piece would be delivered to replace the damaged one, but that the replacement wouldn't be available for at least another month. Months went by. We called every month for an update, with no updates from Macy's. Each time we were told it would be one more month until we got our delivery. I finally went into the store and expressed my frustration with getting the run around. I was told the item would be back in stock on January 27. We got a call to deliver the item and scheduled delivery for today (12/31, now 9 months after our purchase). The delivery showed up today and it was not until the delivery guy had it unloaded that we were informed that the replacement had a problem. The replacement delivered did not have the legs attached and there were no holes in the piece to attach the legs. We asked the delivery guy if someone was responsible for checking the items prior to delivery and were told that they don't do that as they unbox the items when they arrive. We have now been told it will take 2 additional weeks to get a replacement for the replacement. I will never buy from Macy's furniture again after this experience!


Wow! We had a great time coming here and working with our salesman. This experience and their furniture options are far more higher end than I remember.

I'm a new homeowner

I'm a new homeowner and decided to ditch the old apt. furniture and start fresh. A friend recommended Macy's home gallery in cherry creek before they moved into their gorgeous new show room where the Safeway next to the mall used to be. So I added them to the list of places to check out. I went to Macy's first and I'm so glad I did - I purchased all my homes furniture from here and didn't bother looking anywhere else. The furniture is beautiful, quality handmade and original. The price is also surprisingly right and competitive. I loved it! My purchase included kitchen/dining, living room and master bedroom. My home looks so well put together and the designs flow from room to room. Beyond happy with my purchases. Kevin made the experience very easy and enjoyable. I had a budget and an idea and he walked me through the showroom with that in mind. Macy's also offered outstanding financing. I purchased and had 12 months to pay with 0% interest. They'll even extend it to 24 months! Delivery was included and also timely. No waiting around for them. They called me and told me the exact time they'd arrive and then called to double check I was home when they were close by. If you're considering a furniture purchase, I urge you to stop here first...and ask for ke

We purchased a bed set mid-January

We purchased a bed set mid-January and are really starting to regret it. The experience in store was great, the sales associate helped us out and even let us know that we could think about it overnight and get the same deal the next day. This is why they get two stars instead of one. The bed was delivered two weeks after, as scheduled, and installed by their delivery men. It was installed incorrectly and we had to run down and make sure they took care of it before leaving. Only a month later a piece of the frame broke off because incorrect screws had been used. We contacted Macy's support the next day and they scheduled a repair guy for the following week. He came right on time and was very professional, but the piece could not be repaired so a replacement had to be ordered for the following week. He also told us to be careful since continued use could damage the rest of the frame. The following week, two delivery guys arrived on time with the piece, but it had to be returned because it was damaged by the manufacturer. We had to order a replacement piece again but it was on back order and would not arrive until April 2nd (a month after we reported it broken). I decided to call the sales rep to see if he could expedite things, but unfortunately he could only authorize a partial reimbursement for delivery costs. It is now April 6th and it has arrived at the warehouse but no delivery times are available until the 18th. We can only hope that this time they get it right. If you can, go somewhere else! The sales staff are great, but if anything goes wrong after that you have to be very patient and willing to deal with broken furniture.

I bought a couch

I bought a couch from the sales associate Allen. He was helpful, but lied to me about being able to earn Macy's Rewards if I used my Macy's card to buy the couch, thus I lost out on about $125 in rewards. Then when the new couch was delivered, via their white glove delivery service Cory Home Delivery, they broke the sleeper sofa frame on the couch I was replacing when they moved it (part of the white glove delivery service). I had already lined up a buyer on Craigslist, so now I've lost out on that as well. I will never shop at Macy's again.

I hate shopping at Macy's now.

I hate shopping at Macy's now. I'll NEVER buy furniture here again. I bought the Worry No More warranty. What a scam. They say if you don't use the warranty within the warranty timeframe, they'll give you a voucher for $198 (the price of the warranty). I didn't use the warranty because basically it doesn't cover ANYTHING meaningful (like fading). So--I got my voucher, and basically, the process is so laborious and rigged that I'll probably just throw the voucher/money away. You can't shop online with the voucher--something I learned after a few hours of trying to figure out how the voucher works. And, basically, it's set up so that you MUST purchase a BIG ticket item--like a mattress or expensive rug. I wanted to use it for a small coffee table, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. Not an option. They will not honor the voucher on any "direct ship" item--which means that anything decent looking and within my price range was a NO! So basically, Lesson learned: WARRANTIES ARE ALMOST NEVER WORTH THE MONEY. This is a scam-y, rigged system created to make the customer think that they are not losing anything if they buy the warranty. Wrong! You're out the $198 unless you want to buy one of the mattresses (and look at those reviews before you buy-ugh!) or other big-ticket items--things I don't want or need. Shame on Macy's. No wonder they're struggling to stay afloat.

Buy your furniture

Buy your furniture from literally any other place. Furniture was incorrectly delivered twice and then incorrectly overcharged. I have spent hours being bounced from department to department with no resolution. Currently sitting on hold going on hour two of dealing with this today and call number 5 so far...

Salesperson was great

Salesperson was great. Delivery a nightmare. They would not move old couch (per written agreement). They stated "Macy's will say anything to get a sale" and then left the new couch in pieces on the main floor. After much going around, they finally moved the old couch to the center of the living room, and set up the new couch. A total hassle that ruined the experience and would discourage me from buying from Macy's again as we have never had such an experience.

Had a really good experience

Had a really good experience with purchasing a new mattress here. This was my second mattress purchased for different rooms with Macy's in CC. Robert, my sales person, looked up my previous purchase for comparisons. He was direct and provided the information I was looking for to make my second purchase. My only negative is that they were closed for a few weeks for their move, which caused me to choose a Casper, which was good, but ultimately didn't work for me.

Deceptive advertising of sale prices

Deceptive advertising of sale prices. The prices listed in the showroom do not include a delivery fee ($140 for 4 side chairs). This additional fee is not disclosed until you are finalizing the purchase. There is no option for store pick up. As a result, we did not complete the purchase and will shop elsewhere in the future.

Bought a couch from here last year

Bought a couch from here last year. After approx 60 days, some serious malfunctions, including pilling of fabric and the stuffing of the cushions beginning to separate, causing divots in the couch occurred. After multiple weeks of back and forth, they offered a 25% discount. What? 25% discount on a couch that started to fall apart? That means we would spend $1200 on a crappy product. Seems hardly fair. Oh wait, we bought the extended care product too, but that wouldn't even kick in. Go elsewhere, trust me


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE. Please read this as there are many similar reviews to mine. Macy's furniture is extremely unprofessional. Our couch was supposed to be delivered on a Monday and was then cancelled without communication. We took off of work expecting to receive a couch and then received nothing. It was then rescheduled for Saturday. We got a text confirming it was coming between 3-5pm. We cancelled our plans to go skiing because of this but were ok with it to receive the couch. At 6pm, we spent over an hour on the phone with customer service and then told us the delivery was backed up and we would be receiving a call within the hour. She assured us it was coming and truly made us believe it. It is now 8:30pm on a Saturday, we cancelled our night plans and still have not received any communication. The sales person we worked with was Doran and we also spoke with Allen on the phone from the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. They are both completely clueless and only care about selling the furniture so they can get commission. Doran wouldn't even return our calls. The best part about this whole story is we have 10 people coming over for the Super Bowl tomorrow and no where to sit (we already got rid of our old couch). I can promise you that neither us or any of the people coming tomorrow will ever buy from Macy's Furniture after this. This place is a joke. You spend money on quality and receive nothing in return. Please save your time and money and look elsewhere. Again, please read the other 1 star reviews as there are many similar to mine.


REPEAT MACY'S FURNITURE BUYER HERE - HONEST REVIEW We've purchased a bed, a large sectional, a leather club chair, a double desk office set, a bookcase, and a couch here over the last 5 years and I can say you will never find white glove furniture delivery like you do from Macy's at most stores. What's great about Macy's also is that most of their items are in stock and will be to you within two weeks from the warehouse in LA, CA. Something to consider when pieces at the Barn and C&B are backordered months and months out. With regards to delivery and execution, Jesus and his team who delivered my furniture this week did a wonderful job (white glove service) and Ann who was our salesperson at the store was friendly and courteous. We shopped on a weekday so maybe that's why we didn't have trouble getting helped as some of the reviews indicate. The furniture is lovely and has styles for just about everyone. Find a piece at RH or the Barn and I guarantee Macy's has something that is very similar for a third of the cost.

Looks pretty expensive

Looks pretty expensive. Sure go ahead and buy that expensive living room set, and find out that your daughters have painted their nails on it, while drinking hot cocoa, and eating oily popcorn; all while you were away on vacation. Let's not forget the bunny that was rescued after falling into disrepair in a basement window casing, and needed emotional support. Here I was rejoicing over not living in California from all their infectious disease issues from the horrific homeless catastrophe, while Denver has the Flat Earth Convention, and the scheduled talks are already filling up. Yes they believe that the earth is flat and we are not falling off because of the ice mountains along the edges that hold us from this fatality. Just like a Chicago pizza with a thick crust, we gravitate towards the moon, because more people eat pizza after dark, and the sun revolves around us because our egos need inflation. So go ahead and buy that expensive furniture if it makes you feel better. It's worth it.

We've shopped here many times

We've shopped here many times. Better quality than most furniture stores in Denver. It is more expensive than AFW but worth it. We've enjoyed the service and the furniture. We will return.

Would never shop here again

Would never shop here again. Spent $3500 on furniture only to have it delivered by people who caused about $1000 of damage to my home and damaged the furniture. Despite weeks of a process to get this resolved the call center and Tim, manager of the store won't even call me back. Inexcusable.

Great prices...

Great prices , however....until you have a problem and find it near impossible to reach the store by phone. We bought several floor models and inspected them before delivery.l Macy's recommended a delivery company with an "F" rating with the BBB, which was the worst experience we've ever had. They didn't show up at all on the day they had scheduled with us and when they did the next day, they forgot half the furniture at the store. When we went to pick it up, it was stacked on top of other furniture, not protracted, scratched and damaged. The employee who helped to load the furniture was not careful and had a very bad attitude. I doubt he would have handled his own furniture like he did our purchase. Not likely to buy here ever again.

I am totally mystified

I am totally mystified how Macy's allows their furniture department to direct delivery services away from Macy's itself to a horrible local moving company with terrible ratings. The salesman said this delivery company is far superior to their own Macy's delivery, what a sucker I was! Anyway, we are returning a mattress and buying a new, more expensive one that is a floor model. I got a call from Macy's Delivery at noon the day before with the time they will pick up the old mattress. I have placed 3 calls to this poorly rated moving company, Designer's Choice, trying to find out when to be home from work for their delivery. Wow, anyone monitoring these employees and managers that are directing delivery money away from Macy's and smearing Macy's name with a terribly rated moving company? I don't trust this Macy's store! Fool me once...

Bought a high-end mattress

Bought a high-end mattress on Labor Day. Scheduled delivery for 12 days later. 30 minutes before the two-hour window I received an automated call telling me my delivery had been canceled and I would receive a follow-up call. Strike one. Well, the follow-up call informed me of my next delivery window. The driver called me 1.5 hours ahead of my window and asked if they could come in the next 5 minutes. I said sure. They showed up 50 minutes later. Strike two. Hate it when people treat my time as their own. The driver then says they won't deliver the mattress unless I sign a waiver relinquishing them of any responsibility for damage to the mattress or my home. I refuse. They call their supervisor. I call Macy's. Before I can get off the phone with Macy's, the delivery team leaves. Just plain bolts. This was a $4500 mattress. Purely a comedy of errors. I've been treated better at the DMV. Strike three. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE.

Had a great experience buying a mattress here

Had a great experience buying a mattress here. The salespeople were friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy or overbearing. Mostafa was our salesperson, he was wonderful! Such a better experience than we had at Mattress Firm! The delivery guys were on time, quick, and friendly.

Everything that I have bought...

Everything that I have bought from Macy's furniture has been delivered with awesome White Glove service. I am looking for a bedroom set and just because of this service, I will only get from Macy's.


WAIT A MINUTE! WAIT A MINUTE! WAIT A MINUTE!! When I walked into this store a few days ago, it was like walking into a totally different store from the one that I had visited approximately a year earlier. They were fully staffed AND they had quality furniture. This is why it is so important to give second chances because businesses do listen and they do make changes when their business is negatively affected. Macy's is an icon and they should always move that way. There should never be a time when a customer enters their store and is disappointed and embarrassed for them. This happened on a previous visit. Perhaps they had different buyers or managers but something was definitely wrong. Fast forward to 2020 and it's a new day!! When we walked into the store, we were warmly greeted and proceeded to browse. After a while, I asked the salesperson about a specific furniture set that we had seen on line. He took us to a general area and said "this is all I have". I knew better so I spied Stewart and asked him about the furniture set that I had pulled up on line and he took me directly to it. Yes! That's customer service. You should know what's in your store and where it is located as it will make a difference when it comes to closing the sale. Throughout our visit, we consulted Stewart with our questions and he did not disappoint . Consequently, he will be our point of contact going forward. We were looking at their leather seating options and they had quite a few to choose from and many reduced during the President's Day Sale. We had no problem finding something we liked but were not able to purchase right away because we needed to take some additional measurements, and wait until our room is painted. There was no pressure to purchase and since the particular items we wanted are designed exclusively for Macy's label, we are confident that it will still be available when we are ready to purchase. If you have had a poor experience with the Macy's furniture store, now is the time to revisit and give them another opportunity to make a great impression! Things to know: 1. Macy's has a sale during every major holiday so hold on if you can. 2. If you need to have an item delivered, it will be $99 for the first item and then $35 for the second. 3. They have a 90 day return policy on furniture. HAPPY SHOPPING!

I ordered a custom couch

I ordered a custom couch and was told eight weeks delivery. I was also told that if the couch went on sale during that lead time, Macy's would credit me the difference - this I believed was a great perk. Between my order date, June 24 and now, July 23, my credit card has been charged and refunded three times. I had to repeatedly call Macy's to ask why they were repeatedly charging my card to which they responded, "the order was accidentally keyed multiple times, but this will have no effect on the lead time of your couch." After the credit card issues were sorted out, I noticed the couch was on sale - 10% off. So I called the store to ask them to credit the difference per their policy and I was told that I could only get credited if the couch were to DELIVER at the time of a sale. So I asked if they could give me an update on my custom couch and they said they could not, that they could only see that the order is received, but not to worry - it should deliver in 10-12 weeks - not what I was told initially, and obviously this would be WELL after the sale would end. Honestly, I am so tempted to cancel this order - I'm certain production has not begun on this - and I would never recommend this store to anyone looking for furniture. And it's a shame. I've always loved Macy's - not anymore.

I ordered a bedroom set

I ordered a bedroom set ,Mattress, table chairs and a sectional couch. I choose Macys because I thought I would get good service, but I was wrong. 1. Sales person lied about pieces being in stock 2. I had to have 3 deliveries 3.They give you a 2 hour window but they keep making the time later as day goes on. I called manager after first delivery and asked if he could just get me a morning delivery since sales person was not truthful about chairs being in stock. Lets just say I was the last stop of the day. They came at 5:30 pm

I am so disappointed

I am so disappointed Macy's furniture. I spent $2k for a piece of furniture that I needed after surgery. The receipt says " The merchandised you have ordered is promised for delivery to you on or before 12/19/18." But I got a call from them that it did not make the delivery route. That is after I explained the situation to the sales person, she took the payment on the spot, and she verified and confirmed delivery with the warehouse on 12/17/18. While David L Abney co is the EX CEO of UPS is on Macy's board, they have absolutely no way to get the furniture to me as promised for when I get back home from surgery. The great news is that they offered $100 credit towards another purchase and a negative review don't matter to them. Horrible customer service

After a less than friendly experience

After a less than friendly experience at another mattress company we stopped by Macy's to look for a King Size mattress set. We found our salesperson Tonya to be very helpful, non pressuring and easy to work with. We purchased a Beauty Rest and have it being delivered this coming week. Thanks Macy's for the great experience.

Yes, decent furniture

Yes, decent furniture from Macy's, whenever it will arrive here, BUT DO NOT BUY there, if you appreciate service, as you have to deal with an antiquated system of accounting, off and on authorized charges, change in delivery dates and a ranchous call center in FL. Another old dinosaur that acts like it. A shame.

If you had asked me for my opinion

If you had asked me for my opinion right after our trip to Macy's Furniture at Northpoint Mall I would have had all positive things to say. We thought our salesperson, Ellen, was great. She was knowledgeable, patient, friendly and helpful. It was great. So we ordered our furniture and waited for the delivery date, 6 weeks later, to arrive. No big deal. But then I called to see what time they planned to deliver it and was told by a rather unpleasant guy at the store that the delivery was being delayed from the beginning of August to September 15. Shit happens, I get it, but good customer service means letting your customers know that the date of their delivery has changed by a month and a half. I tried asking the guy more questions and he cut me off and said that our salesperson wasn't in that day and we could call back another day. Ummm ok. When I hung up I called Macy's customer service and got in touch with a very helpful, friendly service-minded woman. She explained the delay, told me when they thought the furniture would arrive, and apologized for the inconvenience in a non-patronizing way. It was still a long delay in the delivery, but the nice woman I spoke to at least made an effort to turn the negative into a positive experience by acknowledging the issue. It's that simple. In the end we finally got our furniture at the end of August and we really like it. The items arrived in two separate shipments - the first set of delivery people were fantastic and the second set were decent. Macy's could stand to improve their service at this location.

I love my furniture from Macy's

I love my furniture from Macy's. It has hels up very well. That definitely offsets my bad buying experience. At least I'm happy with my purchase.

My nightmare started when I purchased

My nightmare started when I purchased a mattress and box springs on February 16 from sales associate Alex Salfity. Delivery was scheduled for Feb 20. A mattress came that was damaged. Delivery guys said it was fine. I wrote damaged on delivery slip, they called to report. A second mattress was sent Feb 27. It was damaged. A third was sent March 8th which was supposed to have "VIP white glove inspected". It was damaged. At this point I called customer service and asked for a manager. I was told by manager Xena that the 4th mattress would not come from a warehouse but would be especially "made just for me" and could in no way be damaged. She also said that she would give me a 15% discount. The 4th mattress was delivered March 15th.....damaged. I then called the Macy's store and spoke with Roxanne Kerry who said that she had a mattress comparable to mine if I would like that one instead. I went in to look at it and it was a lower quality mattress so I declined. I called several more times trying to reach her but she was conveniently busy each time. I finally spoke with Kondra Williams and asked for a full refund. I was told that the fourth damaged mattress would have to be picked up first. I then didn't hear from her again. I called customer service again to schedule a pick up. One was scheduled for April 7th 12:45-2:45 window. It is now 4:20 and a driver just called to say he was on the way. Really Macy's? This is how you treat loyal customers? No one should ever have to go through this. A regional manager needs to be aware of what is going on with this store. Shame on you Macy's!!!!

We just bought a new house

We just bought a new house in the burbs in we thought it would be easy to go to Macy's to buy some new furniture. We arrived on a weeknight around 8 pm to look at sectionals. Our salesperson, Sandy, dutifully took us around the store to look at different sofa possibilities. When we finally found one we liked, Sandy quoted us prices for different configurations - they were in the middle of a sale and they sounded too low to be real prices. Unfortunately, none of the prices she quoted us were based in reality. We eventually walked away from the sales register when she was unable to get the order to match the original quoted price. The next day, Sandy called us and offered us a different configuration for a lower price more aligned with the quoted price. Fast forward 10 days when two sofa pieces that don't make up a full sectional arrived at our house. After some back and forth on the phone, my husband and I went back into the store and patiently explained to Sandy several times what was wrong - she had ordered the wrong pieces. She never apologized for the inconvenience and had the audacity to say that she was 'throwing in free delivery' for the new piece. It's not free if you're the reason we have to exchange it. Finally, it's apparently Macy's policy to charge a customer for the replacement piece before refunding their money. When we raised concern about the fact that we hadn't received any documentation about the return, she offered up that's why they prefer for us to use a Macy's credit card for purchases. Of course, we prefer to have our orders not messed up to begin with. Overall, a subpar customer service experience.

My experience at the store was not the problem

My experience at the store was not the problem. It was the worrynomore protection plan that was the problem. (Or if it is too good to be true than it is). They explain any problems with stains would be covered. Well don't look at the stain longer than 10 days or they won't cover it. Our lives are not busy I guess! Then you send pictures and the response was "Accumulated stains are not covered." So make sure it is only 1 stain I guess. This bs plan will be the reason I will not purchase from Macy again! I'm a long time customer who has spent thousands of dollars with Macy. Their loss.

Unfortunately, I have had problems...

Unfortunately, I have had problems with delivery of Macy's furniture the two seperate times I have ordered it in the past 4 years (both were $4k+ in furniture), so i think this is a trend for Macy's in general. HOWEVER...i am reviewing here to share a very positive experience I had with the manager at Macy's on Northpoint, Pete. I had a major snafu/error/mistake in my order of a sectional, which was (needless to say) very frustrating, particularly since I had been waiting on it for a few weeks then had to go another couple of weeks couch-less. Pete took complete ownership of the issue and worked behind the scenes, pulling all sorts of strings to sort the situation out. He gave me daily updates and made very clear how much he understand my frustration and completely validated my feelings. He even offered compensation for my time/patience without my even asking. He was professional, compassionate, and a true example of a leader in the customer service industry. I was very impressed. Had he not stepped in and worked to resolve the situation, I would have been on here giving them 1 star and writing a scathing review. Thanks Pete! I will continue to do business with Macy's because of you

I am only giving one star

I am only giving one star since that is the least I can choose. Big mess with a large purchase (over $4,000) caused me to be double-charged for my furniture purchase. Absolutely NO HELP from the store manager, sales manager and sales person, despite numerous communications with them. This caused an avalanche of overdrafts in my checking account. After cancelling my order, I was informed that I would get my money back in my bank account in 3-5 business days. So, my money ($8,400+) is being held hostage and my account continues to accrue overdrafts. Never again will I shop at Macy's.... This should have been a simple resolution, but no one was willing and/or able to help. UPDATE: Day 7 and I still don't have my money back! Even after working with the CEO's office. Poor customer service obviously starts at the top at Macy's.

Purchased 3 new mattress for the house

Purchased 3 new mattress for the house. The sales person I purchased the mattress from was okay, called back later in the day could not have been a bigger ass. The delivery people were 2 hours late and real jerks. Why did I give them money? Never again, If you have a problem they charge a $70 pickup fee and 15% restock fee. WOW! I will never buy anything at Macys. Not worth one star. Very very very bad customer service.

Bought a Chateau Dax sofa

Bought a Chateau Dax sofa and love seat 1.5 years ago. The cushions have worn out and both pieces are essentially useless for adults. Macy's can only say the warranty has expired. So, if you buy furniture at Macy's, expect the worst. There is no help in contacting the manufacturer. Will never buy from Macy's again.

If you need furniture where do you go?

If you need furniture where do you go? Well being 26 and not having a job I usually find myself at IKEA...not today!! What a pleasant surprise....Macy's was having a 4th of July sale and we were in desperate need of a mattress since we just moved to Alpharetta. Entered Macy's pretty close to closing time and were instantly greeted by 4 people....yeah, not a lot of customers in this store... We walked alongside one of the knowledgeable sales guys and he showed us where the sale mattress's were. Of course the cheapest ones sucked, but we were able to find one we liked. We wanted to shop around a bit more before buying it, so we left. After going to 3 other mattress places we decided to go back to Macy's and get the first mattress. Well our original sales guy had the day off so we had some other guy who seemed a lot less knowledgeable (and I think was cross-eyed?). Good thing we knew what we wanted! After about an hour spent of applying for a Macy's card (to save 15%!), filling out the paperwork, arranging the delivery time, we were out! We had to wait about 5 days for our mattress to be delivered (for $75 charge), but once it was the service was quick. They set it up for us and everything was great. I would probably go back to Macy's furniture once I have more money...everything is made out of real wood and not that weird wood at IKEA, but for now, I will probably still use C'sL and Ikea for my furnishing needs....I am glad we have the Macy's mattress though!

horrible experience

horrible experience. left $2000 worth of rugs laying on the front porch without a heads up phone call for delivery. delivered the wrong mattress today. then found out the adjustable is an additional option. salesperson didn't tell me that, he was just too much of a hurry to write up the ticket probaby because they all work on commission. no one likes to listen and they will cut you off. after purchasing almost $9,000 worth of stuff i would rather return it and purchase somewhere that gives MUST BETTER SERVICE. wouldn't recommend this particular location to anyone.

I ordered a sofa and recliner

I ordered a sofa and recliner on 9/25, I received my sofa ( which l love) 4 weeks later. After that I have called every other day checking on my recliner. I have been given 10 different dates for delivery. Finally someone who was actually honest told me it had been back-ordered from the get-go. No one ever told me it was a back-order. I had to pay a deposit of 122.00 for this recliner with a promise it would be here before Halloween. Now to find out it isn't going to be here till mid Dec. After speaking to the store manager Kristen, she actually acted like she was genuinely concerned (at first) but then did not return my phone call. I had to call again to find out the status of this since she was going to try to get my deposit refunded.....guess what????? Of course, I am stuck paying the deposit after being lied to over 10 times. Macy's furniture has absolutely horrible customer service. DO NOT ORDER FURNITURE FROM MACY'S!!! EVER! We had a similar incident with Macy's 10 yrs ago, but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt...NEVER AGAIN!! They are liars and thieves.

Poor quality!

I purchased a couch and matching love seat back in 2018. I also purchased guaranteed warranty for $370. I was told everything was covered. Approximately six months ago the couch started peeling and losing its color it looks atrocious. I wish I could post a picture after contacting Macy’s eyewear told normal wear and tear is not covered but if the dog had had an accident or nail polish had fallen on the couch or any other spill it would become I have no idea why one section of the couch is fine in the other section of the couch is not nor is the loveseat peeling in anyway it is without a doubt not normal wear. Don’t spend money on furniture warrantees I personally will never buy furniture from Macy’s again.

Horrible notification, pointing the finger, and still no confirmation/communication

When purchased a bedroom set for my son the Macy's website notified me that due to COVID and manufacturing delays that furniture was currently being delayed, understandable. They gave a delivery date of approximately 6 weeks from the date of purchase at when I paid. Here it is 7 weeks from the date of purchase and no update has been sent. I called a customer service representative and was informed that the new delivery date was out another 10 weeks. This is triple the time I was told during purchase. Macy's has not reached out to notify its costumers of further delay, do they not have an obligation once they have taken thousands of someone's dollars to keep them informed of their order status? I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told it was the manufacturer's problem and that they could do nothing about it. I asked the supervisor I spoke to if they felt that Macy's had an obligation to its customers after they had spent thousands on an item to inform them of further delay after the purchase. I received no reply, asked to be connected to a person that would reply and was put on hold I have now been on hold for 15 minutes. This is unacceptable customer service. LOL, they just sent me a notification of delayed delivery and asked if I wanted to cancel the order via email while I am on hold, what a joke. Still on hold, have to go to a meeting, guess I will not receive an answer today. I responded to the email that I do not wish to make the purchase. Guess I will purchase elsewhere.

We just purchased our 3rd couch from them...

We just purchased our 3rd couch from them, we went back to a leather one that fits in our home since we moved. We found a great couch similar to the brown leather in previous review and pics. We got a very similar couch but Grey and smaller for our house. The salesperson Krista was great. Not pushy whatsoever, but got us pricing on what we liked. Price was fantastic, just like our other 2 couches which is why we go in and online they aren't on sale when I looked it up when we got home. Our first couch from here we are currently using and it's 6 years old, so we definitely got our money out of both previous couches and can't wait for an upgrade this summer.

I ordered a bedroom set...

I ordered a bedroom set (king bed, dresser, two nightstands) on January 18, 2021 at this store. Original delivery date was mid-March. That was pushed back to April. Then pushed to July, then August, and now November (10 MONTHS LATER!). Each time there is a delay, I waste time on hold trying to call in and I hear different updates from different people. Even the original salesman (Shahin Moeini) has said one thing and customer service has said another. In July, customer service told me 2 weeks before the delivery date that it was on schedule, but then 3 days before I get a call saying it was pushed back again. I say all of this to show that Macy's has no idea when they'll be able to deliver items. I can understand supply chain delays, but this is getting ridiculous. It's also shady business practices that Macy's continues to sell items when they have absolutely no way of fulfilling the orders. I feel like I'm stuck waiting it out as we got it on sale and can't replace it for the same cost. We've also wasted so much time already that I hope we get the product some day to make it worth it. Warning to customers: DO NOT BUY until they fix their fulfillment problems.

Fabulous customer service

Fabulous customer service. I got the the highest quality bedroom set, leather sofa and sleeper. There was a problem with the sleeper sofa, and Macy's replaced it right away. The delivery crew was on time and professional. Macy's has won my furniture business for life.

Jazlo leather sectional

Jazlo leather sectional couch from Macy's is HORRIBLE!!! And Macy's has given me horrible customer service. I accepted the delivery with two bolts missing from the legs from one of the sections because Macy's said they would mail them out right away. That was over two months ago and the only couch in my new house is broken!! EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.

Don’t buy from Macy’s furniture

If I could pick a zero rating I would. I bought my couch and chair (brenalee) on july 26th 2021. Today is October 28!!!! Twice it was to delivered and twice was a no show that I didn’t find out until I called them. Today I was expecting my couch only to call Macy’s and find out it may arrive at the warehouse December 16 which means I may have it by 2022! I will never buy from them again! I have spoke to supervisors and a manager (if that was true) and they just don’t care. I have called corporate only to get a voicemail of course that they will call me back. They are a joke! It will be six to seven months maybe before I get my couch. This is October 28 2021. I will be back to update when and if I hear from anyone at corporate.


TERRIBLE COUCH - EXTENDED WARRANTY WAS A JOKE We purchased a large couch and two large chairs from Macy's 3 years ago. (The chairs, one in leather and wood with an ottoman and the other, all leather, are fine). The fabric couch has gotten moderate use and is terrible. THE COUCH FABRIC HAS A THOUSAND BIG PILLS ALL OVER IT, IS ROUGH AND UNCOMFORTABLE TO SIT ON AND LOOKS HORRENDOUS AS. It has gotten worse and worse over the past year, and now it is just unsightly and ugly (like a dog with matted hair). The salesman at Macy’s San Francisco told us the fabric would hold up well – we were such fools for believing that a large retailer like Macy’s would have knowledgeable honest salespeople. But wait - it gets worse!! We purchased the extended warranty on all the furniture (for $334 - THE 5 YEAR WORRYNOMORE PROTECTION PLAN (Furniture Care Kit & 5 Year ULTIMATE Protection Plan - RG59.0). So this should be covered as the fabric is terrible (definitely not normal “wear and tear”) right? WHAT A JOKE. WE SUBMITTED A CLAIM ON A SATURDAY NIGHT AT ABOUT 10PM, AND A FEW HOURS LATER (AT 1:28AM) WE RECEIVED AN EMAIL THAT OUR CLAIM HAD BEEN REVIEWED AND DENIED. REALLY? Did they have people working at midnight on a Saturday night reviewing claims??? It was obviously an automated denial. I would like to see the internal review process that took place to determine if it was covered – all within a few hours on Saturday night. I am going to file a complaint with the CA Insurance Commissioner against the insurer, and see if they will take action against Macy’s for selling that plan (that automatically denies claims). I am sure I not the first customer to receive such treatment for a furniture claim. The couch is terrible and we are sorry we bought it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY – BUY FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE. And if you are naïve enough to purchase furniture from Macy’s, do not waste your money on the Worrynomore Plan. They literally rejected our claim between a few hours after submission on a Saturday night. IT IS INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTING BECAUSE MACY’S USED TO SELL HIGH QUALITY FURNITURE.

Damaged furniture

the dresser should not have even been brought into my I have to wait for the Tech to cone out and take a look to see if it can be repaired. uh no! not for $1100 dresser. needs to be replaced.

Warning: Macy's and Worry No More - A Disappointing Furniture Store with a Deceptive Warranty

Hey Follow Consumers, heads up on Macy's Furniture and their WORRY NO MORE Warranty—don't fall for it! I want to share a cautionary experience to save you some trouble. Steer clear of their WORRY NO MORE Warranty. It might sound like a safety net, but let me tell you They promise to repair or replace if anything goes wrong with your furniture that's under the warranty guidelines, but in reality, it's NOT True. Here's the deal: they'll ask for pics and videos when you file a claim, but when you do everything they ask, they'll turn around and deny your claim.Saying it's not cover but it is because it's on the pamphlet they give you, but the deny it anyway and tell you to take it up with the other department. It's a frustrating runaround where they shift responsibility from one department to another, leaving you stuck in the middle. They might even claim your warranty is void because you got a discount,due to the several issues you encounter with damaged items and missed delivered dates. Yep, the same discount meant to compensate for the issues you had with your original purchase. And the real kicker? If they canceled your warranty, why didn't they refund the $499 right when you received the discount? Instead, they wait until you need the warranty, and suddenly it's a problem. They conveniently wait until you need and submit for repairs to drop the bomb that your warranty is canceled. It's like they're more interested in pocketing your hard-earned cash than standing by their warranty. It's a shady game, and it feels like they just want your money without delivering on their promises. Consider this a friendly heads-up: Macy's and their upcharge Worry No More Warranty? Not worth it. Save your hard-earned money for something more reliable and trustworthy. Trust me, it's a complete letdown—they won't honor the warranty when you need it most. I wouldn't recommend Macy's or their sketchy warranty to anyone. It's not protection; it's a complete scam. Don't fall for it!

Furniture delivery

White Glove Delivery is Outstanding by Richie & DJ

macys outlet glen cove road review

purchased 3 pc sectional with lounge section...and 1 power recliner chair by sebaston...looks absolutely beautifull...quality feels great...all at 1/2 price sale feb 2024...was told items in stock and deliverycs was at my home 3 days only problem is that macys uses separate shipping company...cost me 300 dollars for delivery for 4 small took about 15 minutes to set up...raymour and flannigan ship themselves for flat rate of 75 dollars..other than feeling ripped off about the delivery,everything else was great...

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