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La Z Boy Reviews

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Summer 2024 Updates: La-Z-Boy reports quick delivery for in-stock items with custom upholstery experiencing some delays. Recent reviewers mostly like their experiences with issues with delivery and durability described in some cases.

La-Z-Boy is well-known for their recliners, but over the years, they have expanded to include much more, such as mattresses, sofas, accent chairs, loveseats, beds and bedroom sets, and more. While most customers think of them as pricier than most discount stores, they offer a higher value than most for the price, which extends to their full catalog. Overall, customers have good things to say about comfort and delivery, with some exceptions around perceived quality and durability.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

Price: $69-$8500+

Return Policy: 3 Day Exchange + 30% Fee

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La Z Boy Specifics

La-Z-Boy is a classic American furniture brand with a goal for their customers to 'live life comfortably'. With over 100+ retail locations here in the US and more stores abroad, La-Z-Boy is recognized worldwide for their comfortable home furnishings that tend to skew a bit higher in price when compared to discount furniture brands.

When it comes to customer experience and sentiment, many long-term shoppers of La-Z-Boy products are satisfied with their pieces. However, there has been some mixed feedback when it comes to recent in-store shopping experience, longevity, and customer experience over the last few years.

Material Quality

Most of La-Z-Boy pieces are handcrafted here in the US at one of their 5 manufacturing plants and made from US and imported parts. Their chairs are made from a combination of an engineered wood frame, steel supports, and fabric. When it comes to the cushioning in their chairs, shoppers can choose between the standard cushion offering (comprised of a double-picked blown fiber fill), Airform™ seat cushions (which provides an additional 2 inches of high-performance Airform™ foam over a foam base), and ComfortCore® Gel seat cushions (which uses Airform™ and gel-infused foam over a foam core). Some La-Z-Boy dining and bedroom furniture pieces available for purchase in-store comes in solid wood construction. While customers have had mostly positive feedback about quality, there is some mixed feedback recently about longevity in some cases.

La-Z-Boy Furniture's Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that La-Z-Boy's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of La-Z-Boy's offerings.

#1 Recliners

La-Z-Boy carries just under 300 different models of recliners ranging in price from $909 with standard options all the way up to $4200+. Some of the recliner models available to shoppers include: power recliners that move with the touch of a button, rocker recliners that combine both a rocking chair and a recliner, wall recliners that can help save space by being placed mere inches from the wall, swivel recliners that rotate 360°, lift recliners that can help with getting in and out of the chair, and some that even include massage and heating functions. Many La-Z-Boy recliners are customizable with different options for upholstery fabric and color, cushions, and finishes. Overall, shoppers are happy with their La-Z-Boy recliners, especially with all of the customization options. However, there are some disagreements when it comes to to the in-store buying experience and percveived quality in some cases.

The pros: Huge selection of customizable recliners available online to fit shoppers' unique needs.

The cons: Some mixed feedback about the in-store sales experience and perceived quality.

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#2 Sectionals & Sofas

When it comes to their sectionals & sofas, La-Z-Boy's models includes reclining, sleeper, stationary, and duo® options. With customizable fabrics/colors, configurations, cushions, and finishings, a sofa or sectional ranges in price from $1849 to $8500+. Customers tend to have good things to say about the perceived quality of their La-Z-Boy sofas and sectionals, although they can be a quite bit more costly than other competitive options.

The pros: Shoppers like the customization options and online selection.

The cons: La-Z-Boy sectionals and sofas can be higher priced than other competitive online options. There are some recent complaints about perceived quality in some cases.

#3 Chairs and Office Chairs

Whether it's waiting room seating or a home office chair, seats for a family/living room or a reading nook, La-Z-Boy has chair options that can be customized to most shoppers preferences. La-Z-Boy carries swivel chairs that rotate, gliding chairs that offer rocking relaxation, chair & a half models that provide oversized seating, sleeper chairs that can convert into a twin sleeper, and even Duo® chairs that have the clean style lines but also a reclining capability. Shoppers enjoy the huge variety of customizable upholstery options available (most chairs have over 300 different fabric colors and prints to choose from), but the cost to own a La-Z-Boy chair can be a bit pricey.

The pros: A nice array of customizable and versatile chairs that can be used in offices, guest rooms, and living spaces.

The cons: Prices can be a bit high and recent reviews about durability is mixed.

#4 Ottomans

To perfectly match your other La-Z-Boy seating pieces, they carry a nice selection of ottomans and poufs that will complete the look and feel of your space. Just like their recliners, chairs, and sofas & sectionals, La-Z-Boy's ottomans are customizable, so you can choose the exact fabric/color to perfect match and complement your other pieces. While customers can appreciate the selection and fabric customization options, the price for their ottomans can come in a bit higher than average.

The pros: Nice selection customizable ottomans that can perfectly match La-Z-Boy's other seating pieces.

The cons: Price points are a bit high.

More From La-Z-Boy Furniture's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, La-Z-Boy offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Pet Beds

- Home Accents

- Bedroom Furniture

- Kitchen & Dining

La-Z-Boy Furniture Store Locator

La-Z-Boy Furniture can be found across North America and in multiple worldwide destinations. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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Just an FYI

Just an FYI we still own a couch that looks new that we purchased over well over 14 years ago. We purchased some furniture here in May. We decided we wanted a matching side table to our coffee table. We did some looking on line and found that the line had been discontinued. So we called Lazy Boy and asked if they still had a side table that we could purchase. Sure enough they did. They called to let us know that we could go pick it up. Staff is always friendly and courteous. They have a wide range of furniture from pricey to high end. They also have tall recliners for any tall people in your family. We have purchase other furniture from other stores in our area to find that they don't stand up as well as Lazy Boy. I am very cost effective and feel that the cost is minimal when divided by the number of years it will hold up.

Prior to my recent purchase...

Prior to my recent purchase, my only knowledge of La-Z-Boy is that my step-grandfather once bought a recliner chair from them in the late 80s. Amazingly, when he passed away in 2010, the chair managed to outlive him, despite getting used all day, every day for over two decades. Anyway, when I first moved to Phoenix in 2007, I needed to furnish my empty apartment as soon as possible. Being on a strict budget, I ended up purchasing one of those microfiber sofas and chair sets. Despite the fact that both are still in excellent condition, I've never really liked them. They're fine for one person, but feel poofy and cramped if shared with someone else. I decided that it was finally time to make an upgrade. I didn't really specifically seek out La-Z-Boy. I was just going from store-to-store looking at sofa and chair options. La-Z-Boy just happened to have a set that I liked. Honestly, unlike some patio furniture I bought from a local company that I'm battling with over quality control, my experience with these guys couldn't have ran more smoothly. The salesman I dealt with gave me recommendations based on my needs. In fact, he even came out with one of their interior designers to help provide some input on color choices and the overall layout. This was at no extra cost. Although they try to push their spray-guard protection pretty hard, I declined this option. I figured that if my previous couch was able to survive for 12 years without so much as a stain or puncture, I'm pretty sure I'll be fine without it. Furniture took about 2.5 months to arrive, which was a bit longer than I expected, but not really a big deal. Items were brought out, while the delivery crew moved my old furniture to the garage at my request. In the end, I'm quite happy with my purchase. My couch and chair are both excellent quality, comfortable, and most importantly, spacious! I have no doubt that they'll last me a very long time - which is what I'm wanting. In the end, I would not hesitate in coming here again whenever I decide to make more upgrades down the road.

A family member needed a new recliner

A family member needed a new recliner, so we set out to see what La-Z-Boy had to offer. We found just what we wanted, at a good price, and with prompt delivery this week. We were assisted by Christian Lane, who was pleasant and helpful. We are very happy with the customer service and will be back.

There is a reason why this company has been in business

There is a reason why this company has been in business as long as they have just amazing customer service and as I have the quality of the product is untouchable very happy with Ruben very knowledgeable looking forward to doing business in the future

Norma is very kind

Norma is very kind and helpful. She helped us to buy one good lazy boy just for us!

After an awful experience at the Scottsdale store

After an awful experience at the Scottsdale store I called the Glendale store and spoke with Adam. After explaining the complete debacle that had occurred at the Scottsdale store and giving Adam the model numbers and fabric numbers etc, Adam was able to order my Sectional for the advertised price at Scottsdale. Very professional and friendly service, he even sent. Very nice follow up email afterwards. VERY happy

We needed a recliner

We needed a recliner, quickly, and I wanted one in grey. Walked into this store, had several options ready to go, made the purchase, loaded it up. Home in an hour! Bonus, it was on sale for less than half price. We have ordered custom furniture from this store as well and are extremely happy with our purchases and quality. Don't overlook LaZBoy thinking it's too expensive or will take too long. They really work on pleasing you.

LaZboy is good

LaZboy is good. They have various pieces of furniture of unimaginable quality, especially their sofas, loveseats and chairs. I like the colors they have and I especially adore that you can customize the fabrics out of a large selection (though 6-8 weeks is too long of a time in my opinion to wait for it). Almost all of their cushions were attached, so that is good. I like how they have the option of firmer, stronger cushions (though pretty pricey) but most of their regular cushions on their sofas were pretty weak. I guess it is just the style. Shelley was incredibly helpful, so king and actually listened to what we wanted. She was of great service and has good taste and recommendations. I think that this is an excellent furniture store, though my only con and concern is how pricey they are for things that I just don't agree is THAT good of a piece of furniture. But I had a great experience here, so good I may come back!

I went in to Lazy Boy

I went in to Lazy Boy to test the remote on my lift chair to determine if the remote was bad or if the motor in the chair was bad. I received the BEST customer service from Mario P.!!! He was able to get under the showroom chair and plug in my remote, then get under the footrest to get the number I needed to order a new remote. His incredible service doesn't stop there. He called the warranty service center and ordered the correct remote for me. I didn't buy 1000's of dollars of furniture, he knew I wasn't buying 1000's of dollars of furniture but he still provided extraordinary service to me. I will remember him the next time I am in the market for furniture. I hope whomever is reading this review will remember to ask for him, Mario P. He's a gem and makes Lazy Boy look good!

Truly well made

Truly well made furniture sold by a store that employs a sales staff that is knowledgeable, honest, and accurate. The delivery was on time and professionally installed. I wouldn't hesitate to return when it's time for a remodel.

We have been looking for a recliner

We have been looking for a recliner and since we owned La-Z-Boy in the past and happy with it we decided to look again. We were greater immediately and was bombarded with questions about what we were looking for and how our home was decorated....ugh. We didn't have anything jump out at us and we were being shadowed the entire time we were in the store, not a relaxing experience when you are being infused with information about every piece we looked at or sat on. I almost felt knowledgeable enough to sell the furniture when it was time for us to take our leave! In their defense they are not the only furniture store that chooses to practice this but I wish they didn't and just let me shop till I find something I am interested in. I guarantee you this, I would have spent more time looking if it wasn't for t h is.

We were very impressed

We were very impressed with the service we got from Lisa and Rebecca. There was no sales pressure and we were very happy with the product. Delivery was very simple. We will definitely go back the next time we need furniture.

We very recently paid nearly 3000.00

We very recently paid nearly 3000.00 for 2 chairs.. Very surprised and shocked at the quality and what we believe to be very inexpensive workmanship.. A ton of staples are holding these chairs together .. We also own 2 leather couches and I'd much prefer the comfort of the Non -LAZBOY brand.. Do not waste your hard earned money like we did !!! Trust us , we own several rooms of cheaper furniture we are much happier with and firmly believe they are much better quality and more comfortable .. Also just noticed a possible " dangerous design problem" of chairs completely tipping backward while sitting in them .. Stay tuned because we have no idea how Lazy boy is going to handle this issue with brand new chairs ..

We were very happy

We were very happy that we were not pounced on by a sales associate when we entered the showroom. We already knew what we were looking for and Kate helped us to select appropriate colors and options. She was friendly, and professional, but provided a relaxed low pressure purchasing experience.

Great service.

Great service. Loved Shane Fleishour, he was in sales but has a good eye for color and detail. Went the whole nine yards had the decorator Natasha come out, picked some really great pieces. Have had for around 3 months now, still love it. Had customer service come out to fix a few things, they were great, no questions asked, just came out and did the repairs. I had a recliner I had purchased some 15 years ago, chair is still in great condition, my point is if you want quality and great service go to Lazyboy.

I am really impressed

The sales rep hadn't received my messages. Once I got through to her she jumped right on the problem and made it right. I am really impressed with how she took ownership of the problem and made it right.

We walked in to LAZBOY

We walked in to LAZBOY to buy couple of recliners, and we ended up furnishing our whole house! Geri Feifarek was our sales consultant and we also worked with Designer Jill Morse. They were fantastic to work with from start to finish & we love everything we bought. Furniture is very nice quality & we love being able to customize the fabrics. We recently went back & ordered an upholstered bed from the dining & bedroom store next door. Great customer service again, this time we worked with Judy Waddell. She helped us pick out a great style & fabric for our room.

Went into the store

Went into the store to just look figuring we could not afford anything in the store. Went to a different building for the recliners and immediately had sticker shock but kept looking and finally found our price range in the back corner. Rebecca realized we were not high dollar customers. Treated us like our sale mattered. We ordered 2 recliners and got our choice of color and texture. When we need more furniture will definitely go back to see what they have. Great service and very pleased with everything.

Very impressed

Very impressed with customer service today! Meghan was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us get a recliner to fit my dad's needs. She wasn't pushy and was very down to earth.

Really satisfied with our purchase

Ask for Kate when you go in looking! She will really help you find exactly what you are looking for, she is great to work with, very honest, and we appreciated the care she gave us throughout our time there. Really satisfied with our purchase.

This is my 1st ever La-z-boy purchase

This is my 1st ever La-z-boy purchase. Came in and ordered a custom recliner (tripoli) with massage and heat and powered back and leg. Paid my deposit was given an eta on delivery date. Got a call 6 weeks later and they delivered and set up for me. Business as it should be conducted. All good in my book. Oh by the way, the delivery guys from san jose were friendly.

I laugh when I read reviews

I laugh when I read reviews... how come the Complainer's don't know how to spell? I've figured out that reviews are mostly a complaint forum for people who are complainers by nature... most people don't take the time to leave a review if they're happy with a business.. My mother taught me "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" or maybe that was thumper from Bambi... this is a good place! No complaints.

We came here looking for a nice recliner

We came here looking for a nice recliner/rocker for our nursery, I figure if I'm going to be getting up 3-4 times a night I want a comfortable chair to sit in! We were greeted by the store manager Michael Martinez, he pointed us in the right direction and gave us a quick rundown about the selections then left us alone to explore. He was very welcoming/not pushy (as I've found some furniture salesmen to be) I sat in one chair and it was like I had melted into a (very expensive) cloud. Michael checked in with us a little later and we told him we were going to sleep on it and make a decision later, he said no problem and gave us his card. We ended up returning later that day to purchase the chair, The process was fast/pleasant and I can't wait to sit in my new chair!

The customer service

The customer service of this place is terrible. The only reason it got 3 stars is the quality and comfort of the La-Z-Boy furniture is so good. My wife and I ordered 2 recliners and a love seat for our new house 3 months before we moved in with assurance that our furniture would be ready well in advance. As our move in date got closer I had to call the store for updates because I Haden's received any notification. The delivery date got pushed out twice with the second date moving beyond our move in date. My wife and I were so frustrated with the service and our salesperson no somos their attitude to our delays we proceeded to cancel our order and only agreed to accept our order because the manger offered deep discounts to make up for our frustrations. I would defiantly by a La-Z-Boy again I will just use another store.

Great experience at this store today

Great experience at this store today. Daniel and Joe were very helpful and patient while my wife and I were undecided on color and material for our new purchase. Thanks for helping us get it done I wish all businesses offered your level of customer service Thanks Guys Mike and Tina

Had a great experience here

Had a great experience here, very pleasantly surprised with the quality and prices of the furniture! Beautiful store, great selection, and Joe was very helpful, just a true professional, great experience all around! Thanks Joe!

The buying portion was the easy part

The buying portion was the easy part. The salesman was awesome and she knew her product. I opted to pick up my chair at the store, didn't want to pay $80 for delivery. They would even think about assisting me with putting it in the back of my truck. The chair I sat in at the store was very comfortable and plush. The one I got is alright. When you sit in the chair you are automatically rocketed back, it will not stay up at all. When I recline, I need to force the lever down hard in order for the footrest to not fall. I called it in to have someone come and look at it and fix it. The repair tech looked at it and said that is how it is supposed to be and left. Moral of the story, once they get your money, they don't care about you anymore. Sucks for them, I was going to buy a matching couch and loveseat from there, now I will look elsewhere.

Went to Lazy Boy today

Went to Lazy Boy today to get new recliners for the house. Extra 30 percent off and zero percent financing today. We are loyal customers of Lazy Boy. Our old recliners are being moved out to RV. They are 7 years old and still like new. Would highly recommend Lazy Boy. Quick and easy purchase today. Great customer service.

Outstanding service

Outstanding service Joe really took care of us. Really close to food and shopping. We loved the location. The store was clean and organized.

Moving into a new house

Moving into a new house and stopped in to the La-Z-Boy store to look at sleeper sofas and dining room sets. We were very impressed and purchased everything we needed with the help of Joe, who was very informative and professional. We were lucky to catch their 4th of July sale and got a great deal! If you stop in ask for Joe, he was awesome!

Went in to look at furniture

Went in to look at furniture. Was helped by Joe, who we told we are just looking. He didn't pressure us and let us take all the time to look at couches. He allowed us to take a swatch (have to put a deposited down) to check the different colors with our room. The next day we went down and we told Joe we were going to buy one, we just wanted to look around a little more. He let us look with no pressure. We ended up getting a completely different couch and recliner. Joe was great and with the help of Dan, we were able to buy our dream lay z boy.

Just bought the most perfect recliners

Just bought the most perfect recliners. Lots of personal attention and so many options. Mr. Mota gave me so many pricing options, I thought I was going to drive him crazy, but he kept smiling. Ended up customizjng with glider mechanism and metal handles. Can never go wrong with La-z-boy!

Came in to look for some new couches

Came in to look for some new couches. Joe was a big help. Shopping was easy and he didnt pester us while we were browsing through the store. Very simple and easy to find what we wanted for a price/color/style we liked as well. Now awaiting the delivery of our new couches.

Furniture shopping today

Furniture shopping today and we got a beautiful recliner, a swivel chair and 2 end tables with built in USB port and outlets to keep things nice and neat. Joe was very helpful and knowledgeable. Made in America too!

Joe was patient and attentive

Joe was patient and attentive to our needs and got us good discounts. Super big selection to chose from.

Nest place to buy in Modesto!

Nest place to buy in Modesto! Daniel Herrera was patient no pressure to buy gave us the time we needed to shop! Very happy with our purchase

I purchased a sofa and a chair and a half

I purchased a sofa and a chair and a half. My salespersonJoe Mota was great, helpful courteous. I know the furniture is expensive, but very good quality. The store itself sux on some of there charges...i chose a more durable fabric then the one they had on my items i purchased, added an additional charge 1 then i wanted it delivered not in right zip code additional charge 2....i was gonna pick up from modesto store....additional charge 3 because it was beong made and coming to them from San Jose...I asked for a small square of fabric so i could match an area rug to buy again again an additional charge 4....i could not believe that i was really upset, but i purchased the 2 items but i will have to save more money and add some more pieces to complete my living room

Came here looking for a new recliner chair

Came here looking for a new recliner chair and i was able find one, Joe Mota was very helpful and with no pressure. He made you ease and let you take your time in making a decision. I'm very happy with everyone that works here. Tim

My husband and I stoped by Modesto's La-Z-Boy

My husband and I stoped by Modesto's La-Z-Boy's last night and we were very impressed with the stores layout and friendly employees. We were so delighted with all the many styles of recliners that was available, we made our choice, bought it, and was out the door in a hour. Much to our surprise they also have many styles of sofa's, love seats, and chairs. Ask for Joe Mota when you go in, he was outstanding.

Came in to purchase

Came in to purchase a recliner for my mom. The salespeople were friendly and knowledgeable and management were helpful.

Why does Laz-Boy

Why does Laz-Boy show their recliners being make of plywood and solid wood when parts of my recliner is make of chipboard (same material they use for roofs) You would think for $2700 it should be make of a stronger material like real wood.

Worked with Eric

Worked with Eric and Chantal who were both wonderful! Chantal even came by our home to insure the furniture selected worked well in our Master Bedroom and upstairs TV room. Everything they recommended worked out very well. I see lots of negative reviews but our experience was nothing but top rate! I cannot speak to all the furniture made by La-Z-Boy but what we purchased feels/looks very good. The reason for one less star is for delivery. It was pretty bad. Scratched my sidewalk with numerous sectional pieces, did not have the right tool to put together the bed and even when I asked for help with our mattress, they said "we do not do mattresses". Now, did they work hard and get all the furniture inside ok, yes but there was definite attitude and not very professional. I know they were looking for a tip and there was no way on top of the $199 delivery fee we paid would I even consider a tip! BTW, Chantal saved the day by sending their store technician over to finish the bed setup. Service/Design/Furniture - 5 STARS! Delivery - 1 star at best. Overall, great in-store and follow-up experience but delivery you may wish to consider someone else to move your furniture unless La-Z-Boy takes delivery in-house and not use 3rd parties.

very disappointed

Quite honestly I am very disappointed with my recent purchase of a couch, loveseat, and chair. Very poor quality, just over 2 years old and it's already broken down and not very comfortable. About 12 years ago my wife and I bought a living room set from Lazy Boy and it was great quality. We moved and wanted a different color in our new house. It has certainly changed, I would NEVER purchase from Lazy Boy again. Shop elsewhere, don't buy here!

10 stars

Eric Bray was 10 stars. Super helpful and knowledgeable. Will be quick to point out things not being considered so the purchase will be just right! Expected this to be an easy purchase but it's immeasurably easier.

Customize every piece here

Customize every piece here. Leather grade, size, firm to soft. Recliners offer various options of motion. Alisha, store manager, worked it out for us to get what we wanted at an affordable price..cutting it nearly in half from the original quote by giving us options.

I'm reading all the bad reviews

I'm reading all the bad reviews here and really am surprised.. I've owned a recliner from them for years and have enjoyed it. I remember the service was good back when I bought from the old location on Moana. I stepped in and knew exactly what I was ordering, fabric color too. So not a lot of decisions, just choosing the grade and tone of the fabric. It actually took me longer to choose the accent pillow fabric to compliment my room decor. Anyway the associate , Maria was very patient and helpful. The new chair is modern and comfortable of course. Financing the chair took a little while , not the stores doing, but the stores manager assisted and was pleasant and helpful. All in all it was a good experience. My old chair with wearing upholstery, I will miss but it's time.. Thanks la-z-y boy..

Alisha was very good

Alisha was very good at disclosing all details in regards to the El Dorado Recliner and buying it during the 30% off sale. She said this will be the time when we get the best price since it is La - Z- Boy's best sale they offer. She also had answers to all of our questions. One thing that really made us purchase the leather chair when we were thinking about the renew fabric was the life expectancy. Renew only has a life expectancy of 5-7 years. When leather is anywhere from 15 to 20. Also, when my husband and I came to pick up the chair the next day we noticed slight imperfections with the wood of the chair and she was very thoughtful in giving us the choice of the floor model or touching up the wood and discounting 5%. We chose the latter and glad we did. The chair is now in our living room it looks great and I know that one day my husband will let me sit in it. For now, I have to deal with him hogging it! ;o)

Dave was very helpful

Dave was very helpful and knowledgeable in answering all our many questions. We got three great recliners at a good price and are very happy. Dave even arranged for me to pick up one of our chairs in store to save on delivery charges. Plus he has a neat first name!

I had purchase...

I had purchased a "recycled leather" recliner in 2013. The seat and back started going bad after just 2 years. I brought it back to the location and they stated there was only a 1-year warranty on the "fabric" which they called "renew". I said fine but the company has been in business for a very long time and has a decent reputation and they kept repeating the 1-year warranty but could repair it for me at MY COST! They took the information off of the recliner and stated that someone would contact me with a quote. After 3 days, no call. So I called the store and asked for the person and the receptionist stated he was at a different location and transferred me to the warehouse which only has an automated phone system. Unfortunately, I did not have the person's LAST name so was unable to get through the menu and ended up back at the store. The receptionist stated that she would have him call me back. Received a callback and the man advised that the price would be $487 and take 5-6 weeks to get the fabric!! I had purchased the recliner for $599. I told him I would think about it. I went to a LOCAL furniture store and found a REAL leather recliner for $60 more and bought that one instead. The salesman stated he used to work at the La-Z-Boy store! I went to the La-Z-Boy store due to the company's reputation not expecting to have the recliner just fall apart. Sad, just sad. Spent my money at a longtime local store instead.

I have purchased a number of recliners

I have purchased a number of recliners from Lazy Boy. Each has been wonderful. However the purpose of this review is to sing the praise of one particular sales consultant there: Kelly Strickler. We had done business together in the past. However recently Kelly went above and beyond the call. I am buying an Lazy Boy recliner in another city. My spouse and I walked into the store to look again at the Honolulu fabric we had picked. Kelly saw us and left her meeting. We told her why we were there and she helped us select two different fabrics which went together more beautifully than the ones we selected in Honolulu. Kelly went beyond the call of duty and helped us find better fabrics without any possible renumereation on her side. You did a great job Kelly

I only did business

I only did business with this national chain's local store because 1) they had a Labor Day "sale" going on (although their sale prices were not low, hence the $$$), 2) they offered a zero-interest finance program, albeit a short one, which I needed for financing the purchase over an extended term, and 3) the size and style of sectional sofa - and its standard fabric - that I needed was carried only by this company and no other local furniture store. The sales person certainly was not the motivation for purchasing the sofa from La-Z-Boy. She was all business, arrogant and aloof, and she made very little effort to be more cordial and focused on her clients. It wasn't all that busy in the store when we were in there, and yet she was hopping from client to client, I guess playing the opportunistic commissioned sales person who is forever looking out for that next deal to close. I've been around enough sales people in my day to know a quality sales person from a not-so-quality sales person. I had a much better sales experience from a local mattress store last year than I did from this store in September. Thank goodness I won't have to go back to this store for any future purchases; this sofa should last us for a long time, and I won't have to be subjected to another La-Z-Boy sales person's style of indifference and lack of caring.

Great furniture!

Great furniture! Just wished more actual products on premise hope items ordered are just as view in catalog and viewer!!

Bought sofa and love seat

Bought sofa and love seat. Very disappointed and frustrated with this purchase. Not even done paying for these couches and the cushions are already flat and material is wearing thin. Apparently the lifetime warranty doesn't cover the poor quality of materials they use. I highly recommend you look elsewhere for your furniture needs.

We purchased our furniture from Linda

We purchased our furniture from Linda. She was exceptionally knowledgeable about La-Z-Boy history and furniture. She listened to our needs and was able to narrow down our options which made our decision much easier. We noticed the clearance prices which were surprisingly affordable. Also, La-Z-Boy sells more than recliners and sofas. There were several quality pieces in the store. We haven't received our furniture yet (it can take up to 4-8 weeks for some pieces), but we are looking forward to it. Thank you, Linda!

We are excited to get our very first lazy boy

We are excited to get our very first lazy boy recliner rocker in leather with lumbar support. So many fun choices with such comfort. Frank our salesman was knowledgeable, helpful, and very kind. Their sales and finance options really sealed the deal.

They have a one-year warranty

They have a one-year warranty on their leather. 17 months into a perfectly good chair in every other respect I get color vanishing on a big part of my leather and they don't cover it.

I have had many La-Z-Boy recliners

I have had many La-Z-Boy recliners over the past 30 years. I just ordered 2 recliners. They are so stiff that it takes all my strength to try and make it recline. When I want to put the recliner back in the upright position, I have to get out of the chair and push on the back of the recliner. The store sent Mario out to fix the problem which he didn't. We contacted the store and their only remedy is to send Mario out again. Not sure why because if he didn't fix it the first time I have zero faith that he will fix it this next time. So I guess my only options are to live with this major inconvenience or to sell them and get recliners that actually recline.

We got our recliner today

We got our recliner today, Randy and Jeremy delivered it and set up the chair. We are very pleased.

We are so excited

We are so excited about our new furniture just in time for Christmas! Thank you Linda! La-Z-Boy is the place for people looking for furniture!

Read before you buy

Read before you buy!!! This is the short version. Trust me the long version is worse. My wife and I went in about 5 months ago and talked to Linda. We found what we wanted. She said the price is the price .No discounts. She emailed my wife the complete price of what we wanted. 2 months later she calls my wife and said they had a sale 30%. My wife and I went in and ordered what we wanted. She brought the order to sign. I asked why only 10% off. She said our original quote already had 20%. She said I will bring you my work sheet. You could see where she just wrote in the 20% on the old quote. Was not honest. We ordered it any way as what do I tell my wife at this point. Linda brought the order to sign. 10% off only. 30% off is a scam to get you in the store. After signing order, Linda brings the warranty to sign. They use a third party company that has no vested interest. The warranty is a scam. You have to bring couch in, They pay for parts and you pay $75 an hour labor. Then Linda brings us papers to sign for delivery. Again they use third party company with no vested interest plus $150. Our delivery was a total disaster. They called and said our time was 9am to noon. They call at 6am in the morning and beat on the door at 7am and tell us sorry forgot half the order!!! Emailed Linda for 2 days and got no resolution but a bunch of lame excuses. Linda will sell you on quality and give you zero customer service. Other furniture stores in Bakersfield have great quality for one half to one third of the price. Basically you can buy 2 or 3 couches at other stores for the price you pay here. Think about it before you buy at this store.

We have had La-Z-Boy

We have had La-Z-Boy furniture for 15 years and it has held up beautifully. We had a leather loveseat and a leather recliner couch and have loved it. We decided to upgrade and get new and I'm really looking forward to receiving it.

Furnished our living room

Furnished our living room with Michael at this location and it was a breeze! They are extremely helpful and go out of their way to meet our demands. Best furniture buying experience! They really take the work out of the experience!

I bought a $1200 rocker recliner

I bought a $1200 rocker recliner a little over 1 year ago. Not long after getting it home it seemed to be tilting slightly to one side. I didn't think so much about it at the time, but I wish I had. A few weeks ago I heard a loud pop in the chair. Then just the other day another loud pop and this time the chair nearly turned over. I turned the chair upside down and found that 3 of the 4 small screws connecting the base to the frame had broken off. I called la z boy and told them of the problem and they said they would cover the parts but not the repair. It would cost $120 for the repair. Mind you, I can buy the screws at Home Depot for $2. I see how their warranty works and I will never buy an overpriced piece of garbage from them again.

great and very informative

Geddy, was great and very informative. We had a very great experience at this store. We can't wait to receive the sofa. I highly recommend this store.

I went to the Bakersfield store

I went to the Bakersfield store to find a chair similar to one my husband had just purchased. The salesperson, Linda Evans, was very nice and helpful. She found a matching chair in their warehouse in San Jose and it's being delivered next week. Needless to say, I was very happy with my experience at this store.

I went looking for a recliner

I went looking for a recliner to replace one that broke. I was greeted by Minh, the store manager. Obviously very knowledgeable. He directed me to a few recliners and outlined why la z boy is one of the better manufacturers. I later returned with my wife who decided to price out a couch as well. Minh spent quite a while with us picking and choosing and designing. When we were satisfied with the choice, the price was way more than I expected. I simply couldn't afford both the recliner and couch. He was totally cool about it and no pressure. I'll probably buy the couch later after I get some funds together and I'll buy it from Minh.

very happy with our purchase

We started out with Linda. She spent so much time with us. Letting us know all about the structure of their furniture and answering all of our questions with great knowledge. We went home and thought about what we wanted to do. After several weeks and much research we went back and talked to Geddy. He was extremely knowledgeable and kind. Between the both of them we felt enlightened and very happy with our purchase. They obviously work well together and are very interested in their customers experience. Thank you both for your help and consideration. Your the best.

Extremely comfortable!

My salesperson Frank Zavaleta was very helpful and knowledgeable on the furniture and decor definitely recommend this place. The furniture is like no other. Extremely comfortable! I bought a leather chair and it's the most comfortable thing in the world

Wonderful service!

Wonderful service! Michael our sales consultant was so helpful. He answered every question we had. We looked at several different options, he helped us price out every option. I appreciated his attitude and professionalism.

Who knew La Z Boy was still in business?

Who knew La Z Boy was still in business? Geddy was very interested in working with us. He was clear and concise about the product and we can't wait for it's arrival. Many options available. Great price for a quality product-we shopped around!

Just bought a couch and love seat here.

Just bought a couch and love seat here. Minh was are sales associate and was very helpful. Paid more but has life time warranty on everything.

Never thought I would buy anything from here

Never thought I would buy anything from here because of price. After looking at many furniture stores, the quality does not compare. Came back and was helped by Frank Zavaleta. Very helpful and triple checked measurements. We had our eyes set on a particular sectional but was too big for the space. Frank suggested another and worked perfectly. The material and comfort is very worth it. Will shop here again for future couches and chairs.

so much patience with us

Michael Dawson had so much patience with us! We had a great experience! He was so knowledgeable with all the different fabrics and options!

absolutely love their service and chairs

My mom needed new seating for her living room and she called us over to help pick the perfect rocker and couch. We were helped by Michael. He was extremely patient and informative and helpful. I would highly recommend him. After a few hours, we finally found the perfect rockers and a couch to match. We have bought from them in the past and absolutely love their service and chairs.

I went here because I needed a new chair

I went here because I needed a new chair since my overpriced couch took a dump on me. I went in and an older woman helped me. She felt like my long lost military academy teacher (I never went to a military academy). She instructed me about all the makes and models and sold me a chair. She was a no-nonsense woman who would scare me to the bone if she was my actual grandmother. The chair is still functioning properly and was delivered at the bitter end of the delivery window. I feel that $2,400 for a rocking chair is a tad overpriced, but my back thanks me daily.

We got excellent and friendly service

We got excellent and friendly service from Linda Evans. She was very knowledgeable about each and every piece we looked at and ordered. She wasn't pushy like most sales people in furniture stores and gave us space and plenty of time to discuss what we wanted to order. We had an excellent experience. The only bad thing I can say is having to wait so long to get it delivered, but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

We were very impressed

We were very impressed with our sales person Michael. He was very helpful in showing us the couches that were what we were wanting. He was very knowledgeable about the kinds and warranties and fabrics and the many choices there were. He really put himself out providing individual service. When I went back with a few questions he was not there but the salesman that helped me was equally informative and helpful. He assured me that Michael would get credited with the sale. He was very gracious and provided great service.

helpful and kind

Minh, the store manager, was helpful and kind. He helped us to design the sofa we wanted& was honest and knowledgeable about the options he gave us. He was also friendly, straightforward, and did not try to pressure us. Thank you!

The staff is very friendly

The staff is very friendly and will take all the time you want to answer all your questions and find a great fit for you. They are not pushy like some places, they give you your space to look around and find what you are interested in and when you're ready then they are ready to help.


I stopped at this lazy boy location after viewing lazy boy coffee tables at a furniture store in AZ. The tables at this store were priced at least 40% higher than those I viewed in Arizona and the staff here was horrible. We walked in and two of the female employees were sitting at an open break room in the back and turned and actually laughed at my husband and I. We are older and do the best we can, but certainly shouldn't be laughed at....especially since we have the money to buy whatever we want while these two bozos have to work at a furniture store. I see from the other two reviews on this site that we are not alone. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Ordered a $3000 electric recliner in black leather.

Ordered a $3000 electric recliner in black leather. It arrived as a grey suede chair. They refuse to take back. Beware. Never do business here. Update: They offered to take it back.

Great selections

Great selections and so many ways to personalize your home. We worked with Patti and she is sweet genuine and very kind and extremely helpful, not to mention patient. We are so excited to move home and enjoy our new furniture.

Store had a great collection,

Store had a great collection, helpful, yet no pressure sales people. Found a small flaw first time, but they took care of it easily and quickly. Many thanks, love our LaZBoy recliner!

Their leather furniture is uncomfortable

Their leather furniture is uncomfortable, we ended up selling it at a consignment store. We tried to buy TV stand for around $1,500 that matches our end tables, they were offering 10% discount plus they pay the sales tax, they also had a fire victim discount of 10%, but they said we can't combine the 3 discounts, I had to choose 2, so I chose 10%+10%, but after I completed all the paper work, and gave them my credit card, they changed up their mind and backed off. Way to go William (the store manager) you lost a client over $15 discount, such a smart business move!

Have always owned la z boys

Have always owned la z boys. Bought my last one from this showroom. Paid between $800-$900. Couple mos ago the arm broke off with normal use. Called inquiring about lifetime warranty, apparently it's only for parts and it would be another $200+ for labor to repair. All they told me when they wanted to sell me the chair was it had a lifetime warranty.. I would be careful about purchasing another la-z-boy !!!!!!!

We recently purchased our second couch

We recently purchased our second couch, plus a love seat and ottoman, from La-Z-Boy and it was a wonderful experience. Patty is friendly, helpful, and not pushy. We chose a modern/streamlined looking design that was recently discontinued but were able to choose from the full array of colors. Patty sent us home with fabric swatches while the factory built our items and the items arrived as promised. The best part about La-Z-Boy furniture is the comfort factor. Our first favorite couch from this company, purchased in 2004, lasted through four moves and a decade, and was super comfortable to sit or nap on until the end. These new couches are slimmer and therefore the arms are less cushioned, but the lovely throw pillows that were included with the couches add a supportive and festive touch. We would not hesitate to purchase additional furniture from Patty and La-Z-Boy in the future.

It was easy and quick

Patti Stratton assisted us in selecting the perfect lounger and found her helpful, efficient and informative. I wish this kind of customer service would be found everywhere I need to shop. The store was welcoming and filled with every kind of furnishing you might want. It was easy and quick!

Furniture delived on time, and everything great

Met my salesman Casey. So glad I did. Right from the start, listened to what I wanted with no pressure. Very helpful and friendly, got me every discount he could. Furniture delived on time, and everything great.

High-quality customer service

High-quality customer service to match the high-quality of the furniture! Go see Patty to find the right furniture for you! There's a wide price range, with great deals starting around $300. I have bought four LaZBoy chairs, two of them as gifts. My oldest LaZBoy is nineteen years old and still rocking. I work with Patty when I shop at La-Z-Boy. I've made three purchases with her - the most recent being yesterday - and I highly recommend working with Patty. I bought a chair last year, and yesterday I returned to buy two more. Patty's knowledge of products, cheerful personality, and professional conduct make her a rare find in the retail world. I explained what kind of chairs I was looking for, and she showed me different features of each chair I was considering. She pointed out things like reclining positions, rocker/glider options, the possibility of a rotating base, and she discussed construction of the chairs. She didn't try to up-sell me into pricey chairs, but rather focused on finding the right chairs for me, and worked within my budget. Shopping with me is like shopping with Goldilocks, and Patty helped me find not one, but three chairs that were just right! Thank you, Patty!!

Great service

Great service and the best customer service from patty. Really enjoyed shopping around the store with her. Made it more fun and enjoyable. Thanks patty

4 Stars

3 stars to the salesman at La-Z-Boy Santa Rosa, 4 stars to the warehouse, and 5 stars to the delivery people today. Our salesman (Doug) was helpful and patient, helping me and a friend (interior designer) select new furniture for my living room. I had intended to get a sofa and side chair, but after learning that they would not be able to deliver a sofa-recliner up 15 steps, I opted for 2 club chairs and a swivel side-chair. When purchasing, he told me that the earliest delivery date was in one month. When I called back in 2 weeks, a different person told me that since the chairs needed to be manufactured, it would take 6 to 8 weeks, plus shipping time. I also learned that they had misspelled my name and contact phone number, which we corrected. Since I was planning to have my existing furniture picked up by a removal service, I wanted to have as little time as possible between the removal and the new delivery. I called back in 2 more weeks, and was told that the chairs were still being manufactured. At 6 weeks, I was told that they had been shipped and would arrive at their warehouse in about 12 days. The week that La-Z-Boy was scheduled to deliver I called, and they gave me the delivery date of June 9 (which was only a week later than the original estimate). I was told that they would call me to schedule a time. Yesterday, one day before delivery, I hadn't heard anything and called again. I was told that they would call around 5pm for next-day delivery. No call. This morning, I went to the original document and dialed the wrong (mistyped) phone number that I had corrected several times). That person was very nice and said that yes, La-Z-Boy had called and left a message about delivery. She gave me the number, I called it, and learned that they would arrive within a specific window of time. The delivery people arrived on time and couldn't have been nicer. They placed the furniture where I directed and were very polite and friendly. They definitely get 5 stars!

Customer No Service

Customer No Service. What a very expensive recliner or year and one month ago and it's already broken. Purchased warranty and his company will do nothing to help facilitate repairs with the warranty company. Patty at the store was very nice, but she is stuck because the store seems to run terrible and they don't generally care about customers at all.

This is not your grandfathers La-Z-Boy design

This is not your grandfathers La-Z-Boy design. The new styles are sleek and contemporary. We were treated as a customer should be when we visited the store. There was no hard sell, rather a very informative style of customer service which was much appreciated. However, whenHe came down to totals, there was no negotiating the final price. In my opinion, everything's negotiable. In this case not so with La-Z-Boy. No budging on the final fees.

We bought an expensive La-Z-Boy leather loveseat

We bought an expensive La-Z-Boy leather loveseat and sofa from the Santa Rosa Gallery. The units looked very nice and comfortable in the showroom. We also bought a warranty for $1000 for the two pieces. After delivery, we almost immediately had problems with the coloring of the leather wearing off. Upon contacting their promoted service group several times, we received no response for service. The units are now no longer under warranty and La-Z-Boy's service department offers no help. Poor quality leather processing is what I am finding out is the cause. I will look elsewhere the next time I'm buying furniture.

Patty was instrumental

Patty was instrumental in making my decision to purchase a new couch at La-Z-Boy. I looked at other furniture stores in the Sonoma County area, but Patty's customer service and knowledge was outstanding. She is the reason I returned to La-Z-Boy Santa Rosa to purchase my couch. Great quality, great service and a wonderful shopping experience.

Bought a couch here with duel motorized recliners

Bought a couch here with duel motorized recliners in it. Took eight weeks to make and be delivered. There was a small flaw in it but they took it back no problem to redo. It was hard to let it go since other than that flaw it was beautiful. Can't wait to actually sit in it. Okay so who am I kidding. I'll more than likely be asleep within minutes of sitting down but technically I'll still be sitting. :-)

We bought a nice recliner here years ago

We bought a nice recliner here years ago, to replace my Dear Old Dad's old one which we had for decades that broke down. Sadly, the yoyo's delivered the wrong chair, [they said the box was mismarked, & this had happened before], & we wanted the right one delivered. Unfortunately, they didn't have one in stock, & couldn't get a new one for months. Meanwhile, I had no chair. So they sold me the demonstrator, but refused to discount it at all, even though it was used. Otherwise, we were going to go elsewhere. All of their furniture is expensive there, so this wasn't a cheap chair, over $500. I thought that they would accommodate us just for the sake of the inconvenience they cause us, but instead, they acted as if they were doing us a big favor. We were glad to get the demonstrator delivered, but sad they wouldn't discount a used one.

Patty was extremely professional

Patty was extremely professional, warm and kind. Made our day. Great experience. Can't wait to be lounging in our new Lazy Boy. Thanks Patty, Kim & Dennis from Novato

Great showroom and selection

Great showroom and selection. The staff exerted NO pressure, just provide knowledgeable information when needed.

I needed to replace my recliner

I needed to replace my recliner because I am unable to raise the leg rest anymore. So I went to La-Z-Boy furniture. I had a wonderful sales person who was very helpful! She gave me the time I needed to make the choice that I wanted. She made it clean efficient and easy. That is always appreciated when you get such excellent customer service!

We were skeptical

We were skeptical about coming here in the first place because I don't usually like that "used car salesmen" feel of places like this, but we were pleasantly surprised. Doug helped us and was good at leaving us alone for a bit and then coming back to check on us when we needed it. He didn't hover at all. We came during one of their "we pay the sales-tax" deals and ended up getting a recliner at a really great price. We chose to pick up our chair from the warehouse ourselves, but delivery was offered to us for free. Overall good experience.

By awarding ONE STAR...

By awarding ONE STAR my review may make shoppers take notice. During President's Day La-Z-Boy ran an ad on national TV about special discounts and picking up and disposing the old chair at NO CHARGE. We had a choice of going to 3 "La-Z" stores and selected Santa Rosa. We completed our transaction for a new recliner and was told the old chair would not be picked up plus there would be a delivery charge of $99.00 for the new chair. I tried to argue the points, but was told that was store policy; I recall seeing no signs pointing this out in the store. I contacted the "LaZ" people at Corporate and argued deceptive advertising based on the TV ad and was told I would have to take it up with the local store. The response was essentially they do not pick up old furniture and that I should have (perhaps) gone to the SF location. (Aspiring lawyers would have a field day with this deception, but I am sure some "LaZ" fine print is buried somewhere.) The chair was expected to arrive at the store in late April/early May. I get a call the end of April," the chair has arrived, but we won't get to your area until after May 15th-we'll call you". 3 more weeks to wait? Part of the contract states if you pick up the chair and AVOID the delivery charge of $99.00 and something happens to the chair-you have to return it to the store. So, the moral to the story? I now have my very own electric chair.

Lazboy sells bonded leather...

Lazboy sells bonded leather furniture to unsuspecting customers. Furniture is expensive, to have it completely peel apart a few years after purchasing is disappointing.

We just had a GREAT experience

We just had a GREAT experience with Patty. She is the perfect mix of friendly, professional and knowledgeable. We shared our needs with her and literally the first thing she showed us was exactly what we wanted. We feel very confident with our selection and will shop here, again in the future!

Dealt with Doug

Dealt with Doug, a very good salesman who let us try every recliner in the store while waiting nearby to answer any questions we had. Selected the recliner we liked best and a fabric to coordinate with our existing furniture, paid for it and the chair was delivered in the specified time frame. If the chair holds up to the guarantee, we're super happy. Thanks.

We walked in on the Tuesday before black Friday

We walked in on the Tuesday before black Friday. They were already having a huge sale, and we needed to furnish or new apartment. Doug greeted us and helped us whittle down exactly what we were looking for. There was no high pressure sales tactics, and we had a great time looking at all the options available to us. We ended up with a sofa, loveseat, recliner, coffee table, and TV stand. The prices were great, and Doug was so awesome and helpful. I also got the fabric protection. La-z-boy has great service and good quality, so I want to make sure the fabric is nice for the life of the furniture. If you need comfortable things, go here and ask for Doug. This visit was an absolute breeze.

We were looking for a comfortable chair

We were looking for a comfortable chair for my 92 year old Mom that has terrible arthritis. My husband and I went in on Saturday and Sherry was our salesperson. She was very understanding and caring and had lots of good suggestions but we needed to bring my mom back for the final decision. So I brought Mom back the next day and was disappointed that Sherry wasn't there when We had spent so much time with her! BUT A very nice young man was more than happy to pick up where Sherry left off! Matt was so sweet and patient with us. He never made us feel rushed and had so many helpful ideas. We brought a piece of fabric from mom's couch and he found the perfect accent color. Mom was so tired and he made our shopping experience so pleasant. The showroom was so nice and you could tell that Matt really knew his product and enjoyed his job! Thank you Matt

Couldn't be happier

Couldn't be happier with the service we received from Patty. She was helpful but not pushy. We picked several items on sale and she was pleased we got a good deal rather than trying to up sell us. Highly recommend asking for Patty.


POOR POOR QUALITY! I cant say that enough!!! My parents always had La-Z-Boy Furniture growing and in the last 30 years had 2 sets of couches and love seats purchased through them. The quality they used to make was something that as a consumer I would stand behind. NOT NOW. In 2013 it was my time as an adult to make my first big furniture purchase. So I went to them, designed purchased a large leather reclining sectional and reclining chair for our family room- $7,000 worth of furniture and warranty's to go along with them. As soon as they receive payment and the furniture was delivered that was the end of the nice, helpful experience with this company. We wanted quality, comfortable furniture that would last. Now, only 2 years later, I went to sit on my couch and heard a large crack. The frame itself has just broken! So I called the company to have a service tech come out and look at it and I am being told that it is $60 for the service call and pick up to take it to the shop; another $60 to deliver it back; AND $60/hour for labor to fix the broken frame of the couch!!! I am beyond angry and appalled that ONE, my furniture is breaking after only having it for two years and TWO I am having to pay for all this because the frame is not covered in the warranty! WHAT THE HELL LAZYBOY??!?! Customer service was absolutely no help and only offered me to dismantle my furniture and pick up/deliver the furniture myself to save the delivery fees. How the hell do you expect only one woman to dismantle, move, load into a truck that I don't have, and bring in furniture this size?!! Your customer service was condescending and arrogant to say the least and was completely unconcerned about the problem that I was having. Does a company not stand behind their quality work anymore? I want to inform others if they are thinking about furniture from this company that it is not what they are paying for! There are other MUCH LESS expensive brands out there that hold up to quality and customer service and I would buy from again in a heartbeat!

Unexpectedly great

Unexpectedly great, and I don't give a 5 easily. We recently bought a new sleeper sofa. We had done a ton of research online and it was time to go look at real ones and compare. We started at this La-Z-Boy location, with no intention to buy that day. Patty Stratton helped us, and let me tell you this woman is what every sales representative anywhere selling anything should be The product, quality, price, etc. were all good too but the real credit for this review has to go to Patty, so please ask for her if you go there. We had a lot of questions. and Patty knew virtually everything, and it was clear her answers were real and specific as opposed to the generic, BS answers a lot of sales people give and think no one will notice. The few things she didn't know she was happy to find out for us and did so quickly and pleasantly. I am sensitive to bad sales experiences, they make me crazy. For example, high pressure, lame sales lines, disinterested sales people, etc. Patty was the opposite of all of those. No exaggeration: it was the perfect sales experience thanks to her. The quality of the sofa is good, what we expected. We are happy with it. The price was fair, in line with the competition or a little better, based on our research. (Wow, real leather on a sofa is not cheap! We opted for the faux leather.) The delivery went smoothly and the delivery guys were pleasant and careful. If I had to criticize something I would say I wish the wait time was shorter when you order a sofa -- from order to delivery was about two months for us -- but it is being custom built and I have no reason to believe anyone else would be faster. All in all, great experience. Patty Stratton is absolutely the best. I can't vouch for anyone else there.


Horrible. 10 weeks out and still no furniture. Sales rep. made us sign documents stating that furniture is non-refundable. He told us that it would take "up to 8 weeks." I called after 8 weeks and told it would be delivered in 2 weeks. Called again after 2 weeks and told 10 more days. Receptionist states that sales rep. and manager aren't working today and that I'd have to call tomorrow. Absolutely ridiculous. I've never waited longer than 6 weeks for furniture.

Patty knows how to treat a customer

Patty knows how to treat a customer. She is attentive without being pushy. She gave us all the time we needed to find just the right chair. She was there to explain things that we had questions about. Patty is the kind of salesperson any store should have. I hope she is being paid the kind of salary she deserves. Punkie M.

We had an excellent experience with Patty

We had an excellent experience with Patty. She helped us get exactly what we needed to replace an old lift recliner. Thank you!

For a very long time

For a very long time I had intended to buy a "nice quality" recliner from La-Z-Boy for my retirement. I ordered it and from the beginning I had issues. The screws fell out on the bottom the wood creaked and cracked all the time And it wasn't long before the back broke down in the seat bottom broke down. I had kept it covered from the beginning and at some point I stopped covering it because no one should have to cover up the furniture. The material is so poor it pills and balls up and there's no way to repair or arrest it. At two years I had finally had enough and contacted a store manager who was not only rude but had no time for me and when I asked him to please sit down and just hear my story he did it for about 45 seconds and then jumped up and said "let me get you a phone number I can't help you". While I continued to ask him to hear me out he was simply not interested in wasting his time. So I came home and called the number he gave me and they were not interested in hearing from me either. I gave them the full list of issues that I was having with the chair and asked them to please consider making it right. I had conversations with Two different people and then they told me it went to a committee that had to make a decision but since it was past the warranty he highly doubt it they would do anything. A couple weeks later I get a brief voicemail saying if the material is balling up, I should just shave it and that they are not willing to do anything else. He never addressed any of the other issues. Frustrated and angry this is the first time I've written a negative review but I feel like people really need to know that lazy boy is not the company that they either used to be or they say they are. Maybe for many it's not a lot but I paid over $1000 for this chair and for me that's a good sum of money and would expect it to last much longer than two years. After reading some of these reviews I see that I am not alone and it seems to me that the best retaliation I have is just recommend other people do not do business there. If they had just repaired and recovered the chair, I would be a happy person. Oh by the way, they no longer use this fabric. Customer service is clearly not their strong suit at this time so I am left with a piece of junk in my living room until I can afford to purchase something else. Rest assured, it will not be from a La-Z-Boy furniture store.

Today we went in looking for furniture

Today we went in looking for furniture. Doug bozich was very helpful and understanding of our situation. Answered every queation we had and made our shopping experience great.

You would think that if spend greater...

You would think that if spend greater than $10 K on furniture that you would receive at least the basics in customer service. After the sale we had poor customer service and for what should have been handled at the salesperson level we had to go to the district manager level to get many of the basics such as furniture arrival and delivery done. Also unless you have lots of free time to accommodate store designer schedules don't be fooled that Lazy Boy provides quality in home design services. We tried twice with both the Glendale and Prescott stores and it was like pulling teeth to get a designer to come to our home. In short, Lazy Boy (or at least Lazy Boy of Arizona) does not have the quality services of Lazy Boys of the old past. You would be wise to steer clear of these stores. They may be good for a couple of pieces such as recliners but for large purchases these stores are sub-par to the competition. Thank goodness for competition.

Went to find two chairs

Went to find two chairs. Patty was very helpful, made us feel like she wanted us to be happy with our choices rather than just make a sale. Haven't received our chairs yet, but so far we are very satisfied.

They convinced us of Lazyboys famous good name...

They convinced us of Lazyboys famous good name, hence we paid $2800 for a couch and love seat being told of the guarantee. Two years later it's junk. It's bare bones folks, cheap thin frame (barely) and sunken lumpy cushions. We had a repair guy here twice and he simply stuffed more foam pieces in a cushion making it MORE lumpy. Two of the recliners foot rest sit on the floor tight. If you lean on an arm you can hear cracking of the thin piece of wood barely holding this together. Really mad at ourselves for not paying much less for a better quality couch and loveseat. There is nothing too this junky couch. And only two years? You will be sorry if pay top dollar for this skimpy frame with cushions that will not be firm for long. Waste of money. So glad we didn't also buy the highly overpriced sofa sleeper.

Resolving Complaint

Thank you to Lazy Boy for resolving my complaint with an Ashton Recliner. I purchased two. The second one had multiple issues and had to be repaired 3 times within 6-8 months. My complaint was elevated, Lazy boy took the time and consideration in resolving my complaint giving me an option of store credit due to the seriousness of the repair (frame and structure damage). I was very happy with their response and happy with the Store Manager (Jason) in Louisville to help resolve this issue. I have purchased two more chairs and expect delivery soon. I will follow up with the review when I take delivery but the Corona Virus is pushing delivery dates back; I understand. I would recommend Lazy Boy to my friends but also recommend to purchase the expended warranties due to the cost of furniture and the different options that are available. Again, thank you for your help in resolving this issue.


Bought boy one get one free. Wanted to exchange one, would not give a penny credit towards a new purchase. Very poor service. Never buy their 2 for 1, usually something they can't sell.

Dye Wore Off in 2 Months

My wife decided to indulge me with a legendary La-Z-boy all leather recliner. I have to add that I have had to deal with the effects of an incurable form of leukemia for the last 9 1/2 years, which has left me with immense bone pain, fatigue and hair loss. As a result I needed a great chair that would be comfortable and should definitely last me for the rest of my life (I'm already 2 1/2 yrs past the longest the cancer centre gave me). I have had many different recliners in the last 20 yrs and this one is the most comfortable and luxurious one by far (it is also the most expensive one by far). As soon as I sat in it, I was in heaven. That was June 8th, 2020. Now 2 months later, the dye has come off parts of the head piece. My wife contacted the store and they told her that La-Z-boy would not cover this under their warranty because the problem was caused by "continuous exposure to hair product or water from wet hair right after washing it." Needless to say I was a little more than disappointed by that response. The store that carried the chair offered me a credit towards a different chair as mine was a discontinued model, but I find that unsatisfactory. I have never had any chair, couch, hat or anything else that touches my skin lose it's dye whether leather, cloth, or vinyl. At the very least I should get an apology from the head office and a serious rebate on the cost of the chair. It is still the most comfortable chair I have ever been in, but the La-Z-boy is sure not living up to it's reputation or warranty promises. Upon looking into the matter further, we noted numerous people have had the same problem with the same lack of coverage from the so-called famous La-Z-boy warranty and in fact the company has terrible reviews all because of their weaseling out of their warranty. So...Buyers Beware.

Quality is not what it used to be

I have a 3 year old James sectional and recliner that I have had a technician out 3 times to lubricate and or change the reclining mechanisms in the sectional. The sectional has 1 seat that is sunken 2 inches and the fabric is wearing horribly. Quality is not what it used to be. I have also tried to leave a review on the website 4 times now and apparently leaving a 1 star review violates their policy. They refuse to post my reviews, just say they will send someone out to look at it again.

Customer Service is the worst

I attempted to purchase a sofa from LazyBoy and after 5 months of excuses and dozens of emails and phone calls with customer service, I was finally forced to dispute charges and get a refund. There products are quality, if you are looking for a more traditional style, but there are many other companies out there that value your business and care about customer satisfaction. This is not one of them.

Junk furniture

I bought a leather reclining couch and loveseat. Within 7 mos they had to come and replace 2 pieces on the back of my couch the metal popped out and made 2 holes in my wall. They came and replaced them no problem. Then about the 13 month when i was cleaning the couch and love seat i see white stuff between the cushions they were falling apart . I called again and when they came out they said they could fix it for 950.00 . I asked if they were crazy? I just paid 4500 for the set!!! He asked if i bought a warranty and i said no. I said i never expected that a 4500 set would break in 8 mo and 13 months. He said only guaranteed for a year. I said isn’t there anything you could do it is only a month over warranty. He said no I’m sorry . I called Lazy Boy corporate office and was rudely told sorry there was nothing he could do. I have no kids and no animals just me and my husband. If I didn’t live so far from there store i would put it in the back of a truck and drop it on their doorstep So the customers could see what the furniture looks like and maybe i could stop some people from buying their crap.

Splitting leather

My two year old leather recliner is ripping on the seams and a spring has broken and punched through the leather in the back. Also padding is very skimppy

Won`t repair

Good stuff, very hard to get them to repair things. We have a recliner that we have been calling them off and on for a year. The controller isn`t working. Hard to get a call back. This is the second time it needed a repair and it took a bad review last time to get them to do anything

Quick Profit at Customer Expense

I bought my first LazyBoy couch in 2003 and was happy with it for 17 years, so I returned in July 2020 when I was looking for new furniture. Wow has the company changed! My wife and I ordered a sectional July 3, 2020 from La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor 495 E Hospitality Ln San Bernardino, CA which was delivered October 10, 2020 with a defective section (no recliner). The section was returned, fixed, then delivered again. Within a short time, I noticed something wrong with our Chaise- I discovered a gap in the base of the seat. Upon investigating, I found the wood framing was cracked. I called for service, after waiting for very long time, and created a work order. The store which sold the furniture was "very sorry" but did nothing to help me obtain warranty service. Service was delayed two months until December 10, 2020. The service person noted the defect immediately. He said he would put in for the replacement. Since then no part has arrived, no notice given, and I waited two hours on the phone to attempt to obtain service, to no avail. Warranty service is not worth the paper it's written on. I sought out BBB to make a complaint. Wow! When I viewed the more than 400 complaints to BBB in 2020, I saw that LazyBoy no longer cares at all about quality, farms out repairs to a different furniture repair company, leaves customers on hold endlessly (which hiring would fix), delays warranty service for months (which hiring more staff would fix), and pretends to care while disregarding the issues. The company has changed- resting on laurels, short-term profit, and engaging in these practices because it makes more money, short-term, by understaffing, delaying warranty service, and disregarding complaints. If LazyBoy hired staff (there'e high unemployment during Covid!) and focused their work, they could address every concern. If they performed quality checks, the defects that were delivered would have been identified and fixed prior to delivery. However, I also discovered another store offering Lazy Boy furniture who told me they provide direct support for warranty service of product they sell. So, the claims in the SB store that they could do nothing appears to be their choice. I have a choice as well and will be exercising it. You should too!

Leather reclinervoering terrible quality and no assistance for repair from the company

Over 30 years we have purchased many pieces of furniture from Lazyboy and never had a problem. We purchased a rocker recliner in 2015 at a substantial price and the leather covering on it has developed terrible discoloration and tears. No cleaning products have been used and the chair and it has had minimal use by one older person just sitting and watching TV., I contacted customer service whose only solution was to give me the number of an upholsterer and told me that we could pay to get it redone which would cost more than the original purchase, My advise - Do Not Buy La-Z-Boy leather furniture! The brand and their customer service is not worth the extra price.

poor quality leather

we bought a lay z boy electric couch and love seat three years ago. the leather is breaking down and cracking in many places. Our children are grown and this couch is not being abused. WE are very disappointed in this product.

Reese Power Rock Recliner

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the quality of a chair that I spent $1,800 for. Poor workmanship incomplete and stained. My bad for accepting. Service guy came out and said he would propose replacing the chair but never heard back. Avoid

All Leather Lazy Boy Furniture

We bought a reclining all leather couch & love seat LESS than 3 years ago. The cushioning stuffing has gone flat. Checked with furniture store who said we had to pay to get it restuffed. What’s the point if it’s just going to go flat again? Too much to spend on poor quality.

Awful Experience

The experience dealing with La-Z-Boy has been awful from the start. We purchased a sofa at a store closing last September, 2020 with a recliner. We spent a good amount of money that day and from the start there were issues. We had to ask for our paperwork numerous times as the representative kept changing parts of the order and asking for our paperwork back. Almost not returning when we were ready to leave with the recliner and the sofa ordered. The sofa was delayed 6 weeks from original date of several months, acceptable with the pandemic but just another issue. The sofa was damaged on delivery. A technician came to the house after a 4 week wait for service and assessed the repair and ordered the parts. Once received I was to call for service. I was left no paperwork or documentation so when only a partial part delivery was made I had no way of knowing. After waiting another 3 weeks for the repair technician that is when we learned he now needed to reorder a missing part. SO we have a sofa unusable for the most part in our living room while we wait for La-Z-Boy to get their act together. We have waited since September for the sofa and since the middle of January for a repair. Awful experience!

Poor customer service

Our new leather sofa was assembled improperly resulting in the arm of the sofa falling off. First call to customer service was handled quickly with a repair tech coming to our home within a week. He determined we need a new arm so he placed the order for it. We were told 4-6 weeks to receive the new arm for the couch. It is now almost 3 months and still no part. Customer service says they do not know when the part will be in. I have left messages with the company only to be told "Please private message us with your email so that we can speak with you privately about this." We've never been emailed back.

Terrible warranty service

Bought my recliner Nov.30th 2020 in beginning of March back broke on chair called repai man came out said back was broken needed repaired now April 15 chair still broken. Called store to check on it no response , went to. store to find out how much longer . No one could answer me. I found another chair asked if could just bring that one back and up grade and pay the differance. The manger was not in and no one could help me, was told would ask in in morning checked to see if I could and manager wasn’t in again and district manager was there, was told would ask him and let me know by close of business but no call. Two days later I called went through entire thing again was told would find out for me what was going on and call by close ofbusiness that day. Seems tome. It is like the check is the mail deal. No call back yet again.

Poor customer service

We bought a lazy boy loveseat. The handle on the foot rest broke. Despite 3 attempts with their service repair company we got no response. We got our own handyman. This was lazy boy of Sarasota florida. They pretty much told us to stuff it. No more lazy boy

One Problem After Another

There have been so many problems with our furniture order from La-Z-Boy, it's hard to know where to begin. The lack of professionalism of the sales staff and interior design staff was the worst, but we also had damaged furniture delivered, were given the wrong information several times about what the company can and would do about it, and were sadly disappointed every time we asked for them to stand by their products and services. I would never shop here again, nor would I recommend them.

Worst piece of furniture I have ever purchased

We bought 2 recliners. For reasons we cannot figure out, my chair but not my wife slides backwards and has to be pulled forward at least twice a day. (they are both on carpet) Mine is also much noisier than my wife when I put it down. I would never buy a Lzee boy product again. By the way, they are an expensive piece of furniture and I expected better.

No where near the quality we have gotten in the past.

We bought our 3rd set of furniture 2 years ago and it is so uncomfortable we have to use pillows just to sit up straight. The recliner is nice but the couch & loveseat are definitely not.

My nice furniture and confortable.

I recommend this store,the manager Hana Haleem,give us a very nice service,polite and realy profesional,thank you very much!!!!

Where is my sofa?

We have had a Lay-z-boy sofa on order since October 2020 with no delivery. Our dealer can not tell us when it might arrive. Do not order if you expect to get a timely order

Gone Way Downhill

We bought two Lay-Z-Boy couches twenty years ago. We used them everyday and aside from some sun fading, they are still in great shape. So when we wanted to buy a sectional for our new house three years ago, Lay-Z-Boy had the inside track even though we were not happy with the high-pressure sales tactics in the showroom. We took the extended warranty on the couch. Three years later the couches look like they should be under a bridge. The “leather” has peeled away from the fabric backing in all wear places. The back cushions are all deflated and look terrible. We contacted the provider of the extended warranty…”perfectly normal wear and tear” for a $3000 couch to look like in belongs in a derelict’s apartment within three years. Be warned - this stuff is now junk, but the price doesn’t reflect it. The company has moved from being a high quality North American producer to a high-pressure, high-priced provider of junk, trading on the past name,

Wicker patio set disintegrating

Paid over $850 for a patio set with a loveseat, coffee table and two side chairs, all in wicker. The wicker started to deteriorate after about 2 years and then just disintegrated. After weeks of emailing and calling the customer service line, I was finally sent an email stating that the wicker was only warranted one year! Unbelievable! Would have been better off buying cheap wicker chairs from Big Lots and just replace them every two years. What a waste of $850. I'll never buy Lazy Boy furniture of any type again.

Horrible Customer Service & Response

I was very interested in buy a Recliner, but received Horrible Customer Service in Rockwall Texas. I have tried to reach a District Manager but was informed by another Store that NO District Manager would ever be calling me to discuss. I guess that tells me all I need to know about La-Z-Boy Corporate Customer Service; as it seems to be non-existant.

poor quality control

We purchased a corner sofa so was not cheap. Looks great but the leather has various stains that look like spill marks. We have been told it is normal. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

NOT like they used to be…no quality & do not stand behind product

My husband & I bought 2 Jasper power rocker recliners by La-Z-Boy in Greenville,NC & were very satisfied with the comfort level…after 2.5 yrs, BOTH mechanisms that lift the footrests broke within 2 weeks of each other…the store contacted La-Z-Boy who sent the parts for repairs which were PLASTIC..but the costs of repairs was $300 for both….within 3 months one of the recliner footrests broke again….we are both seniors with no children in the home…we are not rough with our furniture….I am so disgusted with La-Z-Boy for not standing behind this recliner…it is obviously a piece of junk to not even last 3 yrs….we will never buy another La-Z-Boy! And we are advising our family & friends about the lack of quality also.


I am on my second la-z-boy and, for the first time had to call to see about having a repair on the mechanism that operates the recliner,(manual). Although it's a "lifetime" warranty ... I've discovered that only covers parts. Labor is charged at a rate of $124 per hour. I have little doubt it would take them at least 20 minutes to fix this and I believe they have a two hour minimum, but I'm not sure about that. I have also had problems with the leather dye rubbing off. The chair is about 6 years old and I've elected to make do with it until I replace it with a much better quality chair. This WILL BE MY LAST LA-Z-BOY RECLINER. I plan on purchasing a zero gravity PC-420. Both of the La-z-boy recliners that I've had gave me problems. If I could have rated them lower than one star I would have. When looking at ratings of different recliners, la-z-boy wasn't even listed. That's probably because they are so poor in quality ... at least that's my guess.

Purchased sofa never received

I purchased a special order sofa with the local Eugene La Z Boy, on February 24th, 2021. I paid in advance for the sofa. As of today, I still have no sofa. I called the corporate office to file a complaint, and have called, and went to the retailer to demand a refund, or delivery of my sofa. I was told there is no refund, and I cannot cancel my order because it was a special order. (Fabric not found locally). 7 months and counting, and still no sofa. I do not recommend La z Boy to anyone! For a senior citizen to pay almost $1500.00 for something which they still have not delivered is unacceptable. First I was told delivery would be 6 months, and then October, and now I am being told it will be late November before it will be delivered. This is the worst policy for a large company, that I have EVER seen.


STAY AWAY from these crooks! I'll try to keep my year-long saga brief but purchased a sectional, summer 2020. Paid in full but had to wait nearly six months for "assembly." They have a tiny little store with only a few options to look at and then the "design center" where they get you to spend thousands more on "high-quality fabric" upgrades. (That should have been my first warning sign, product should have at least basic quality to start.) Delivery finally arrives, some guys come out and slap the pieces together like legos. There are immediate STRUCTURAL, QUALITY, PERFORMANCE and DESIGN flaws in the product. We tried to give it a go, but a few weeks later, after the holidays, my wife called the store to address the issues. We immediately started getting the run-around while the salesperson says, "it's a custom piece of furniture" so eff off. So begins days, weeks, months, HOURS of trying to call these people, getting hung up on, told to call someone else, ETC. The store manager Kenneth Medford would not answer or return our calls for weeks, after 100% follow-up being done on our side of things he says there's nothing he can do, "call corporate." Then we got directed to a "district manager" Jonathon. Then we got sent to Julie Swanson of "escalated concerns" who we were later told no one had ever heard of. My wife was told to call the parts support team, the product support team, and the service center. Mike from service talked down to my wife and told her she didn't understand the product and maybe she should "google it." My wife has an advanced degree and runs a business, she's not an idiot besides the fact that you shouldn't speak condescending and rude to anyone regardless of their education/employment. I think our favorite was Josh the technician. We had to take time off of work and schedule him to come out THREE TIMES. Josh said he's seen better and he's seen worse (?!) having to revisit all the LAZY boy purchases in the area. He told us about the house he was at before ours, where the furious customer picked up the faulty recliner and chucked it across his living room. Now, you might think that customer sounded a little psycho UNTIL YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THESE money-grubbing, dismissive a-holes yourself! My wife has been in tears. Negligence and unprofessionalism on their part has continued. She's had to talk to these people while on her job, we've both had to take time off of work, she had to discuss it again while on a recent vacation. We've sent pictures, videos, detailed correspondence and FINALLY someone at corporate escalations offered us..... $250 to keep the product as is. Btw.. that number is 980-201-3342 so hopefully that will save you 327 hours of chasing, calling and follow-up that we've had to do. Now we have to retain an attorney, call the local news channel or just put it out with the trash and start over with a different company. 10k on a couch with several issues that have not been rectified, rudeness and runaround. Stress, discomfort and months of trying to deal with these people. BUYER BEWARE!

broken board

August of 2020 bought a couch a the Springdale Arkansas location. It looked the same as the one I tried in the store. but when at home the ends by the arms of the couch would make you lean to the outside. Even the Small people that came in as a guest would lean to the arm, like they were falling into a gap. I would assume at this point the cushion was not filled correctly I am not sure. the September 2021 one of the boards on the back of the seat broke. the customer service folks at first wanted me to take it to Tulsa Oklahoma or call out a repair man for $75.00 per hour and I live 1 to 1 1/2 hours away. We ended up taking the couch back to the Springdale store. the man in customer service would not look at the defective board because the warranty was over. I understand the time frame but the board was a plywood board and had knots on both sides where it broke and there were several missing pieces of board inside the plywood board itself. so since we couldn't get them to look at it we came home and my husband cut new board and fixed it himself. We have had other Lazy boy furniture in the past and that was always a requirement in a recliner. Will not go back and will not buy another.


Ordered Harbor Town Recliner On July2, 2021. Arrived July 13. Noticed Arm Crooked. Called Within Hours Of Delivery. Store Gave Me A Number To Call For Service. First Available Appt Was 5 Weeks Later. Thought Chair Should Be Replaced - Refused. Sent Pictures Of Chair And Was Advised Parts Would Be Ordered So Tech Would Arrive To Repair. Weeks Later Tech Arrives And Says Parts Have To Be Ordered. Wow..Two Strikes. Another 3 Or 4 Weeks Go By. Repair Made On September 23. We Owned Our 'New' Chair Over 2 Months Before Fixed. Main Office Said They Would Offer A Bonus Financial Incentive...Not Sure What That Means, Since, They Never Followed Up. Chair Should Have Been Replaced Immediately Without Jerking Around This Repeat Customer. Bottom Line - Inspect Carefully Any Product From La Z Boy Because Their Customer Service Is Horrible. Everyone Was Very Pleasant, But, Their Company Has Struck Out. Strike 3

Third purchase at this store...

Third purchase at this store. Never again. Second purchase was a sofa that the padding wore down to the frame in only three years! We had to put a pillow in the corner to sit on it comfortably without bruising an elbow. The last purchase was a leather sectional ($$$). It came damaged and they would not replace the damaged piece, it took three months for the "part" to come in and they came to replace the whole back of one piece, it still doesn't fit correctly. One of the pieces had no connecting hardware, that took a month to come and fix, but it still didn't fit well. We are DONE with this company. We bought a new couch, not one that two pieces had to be repaired out of the box with NO apologies or discounts. We were told "good luck" by the delivery people when they said we had to deal with the salesroom to have the matter resolved. Life goes on of course, just not at La-Z-Boy for us.

Quality has dropped significantly

The frames on 2 pieces of our sectional couch cracked within a few weeks. The frames are made of what looks like particle board. The electrical components have broken as well. My couch is less than 6 months old and is totally broken. They won't stand behind their product and refund my money so we are having to go to court

259 days and still waiting

I ordered furniture on Jan 29, 2021. The original delivery date was "approx end of May". We received a partial delivery. We are still waiting for the rest to be delivered. They have the same model we ordered sitting on their showroom floor but won't give us that in lieu of waiting for some undefined amount of time. All they can tell me is that it is in Production. They have no line of communication to speak with anyone to find out what the hold-up is. We purchased from La Z Boy because the furniture is made in the USA. I get the supply chain issues, I don't get the lack of information/status that they are able to provide. They seem helpless. If I had to do this over, I would go somewhere else as their customer service is extremely poor.

Poor quality product

Purchased recliner for $1540. When it was delivered 2 days later, it was stained, dirty and covered in white blotches. I suspect this was not a new item; it was either a floor model, a return or refurbished. The quality is poor. In fact; if Walmart were to produce a recliner, this is probably what it would turn out to be. If the item is "stain resistant", why do I have to remove a bunch of stains when it is delivered? Will certainly NOT ever buy a Laz Boy product again.

Wish I had never chosen Laz e Boy

I purchased 3 chairs and a sofa fall 2020. I did not receive the actual furniture until May 2021. The quality is terrible. The recliner ( fabric is cloth) looks as if someone had no idea how to properly upholster furniture. I have puckers along both arm rests and also loose fabric that does not fit snuggly on the back or bottom cushion of the chair. The sofa does not hold its shape even after one sitting. The pillows do not allow a nice, neat look and must be constantly fluffed and reshaped by hand to obtain a neat and uniform shape. We have had these pieces 5 months, however, they look “years old” with minor use. My husband and I are the only two people living in our home. We are 55-60 age range . I am so disappointed in this quality. Especially since my total bill was $4800.00 on sale. Do not be fooled. This furniture is no good. Sorry to say, but I am stuck with looking at this everyday . Never will buy Laz e Boy again…wish I could show you the pictures.

bladder mattress for sleeper sofa does not hold up and warrant not honored

first bladder mattress with a 5 year warranty lasted a year before the baffles failed. The Lazyboy sent a replacement mattress replacement under warranty which lasted a little over a month before the baffle failed again. Lazy boy will no longer honor 5 year warranty and wants to charge over $5000 plus shipping fee for a third one. Don't buy a bladder mattress from lazy boy. You can get the same mattress on Amazon for $200.

Terrible padding

The center front cushion of our couch collapsed in less than 3 years. We don't even sit there. Lazy boy made me pay $150 for their "techs" to come out, they said it was flat and non repairable - no access to insert new foam. They said Lazy Boy will say it is normal wear and tear. Well, they are living up to their names - the lazy boy is sure that. Not a good produce. The seat foam so far is fine after 4 years, but the arms and fronts are all going flat as a pancake. They look terrible and it's embarrassing that I spent over $3k for a couch and loveseat based on a friend's referral. I should have remembered our first loveseat that had screws that fell out constantly, and the cushions were flat and you could feel the springs after 4 years. Oh for sure they are fantastic at the store, great sales people. TERRIBLE product. Not sure what furniture is good, we always have had cushions go flat, and we are NOT heavy people at all in case you think that is the case. We just sit on our couches in the evening for a few hours. Isn't that why ya buy them?

Well named -- It's my chair, but they're still sitting on it

I understand that there is a general slow-down of furniture orders due to the current supply chain issues. But I still expect truth and open communications from those retailers with whom I choose to deal. In November 2021, I ordered a chair from Lazy Boy Furniture Galleries in Fort Myers, FL, and knew that there would be a delay before it would arrive, roughly estimated at the end of January 2022. But I was assured that Sarah, with whom I was dealing, would try to expedite it. Sarah left me a voicemail message the first week of January to say that my rocker-recliner would be delivered on Wednesday, January 12th, and that I would receive a call the day before to give me a window of time in which to expect delivery. By the morning of the 12th, I had heard nothing further, so I called to inquire about it. Sarah had Wednesdays and Thursdays off, but another agent told me that it would be delivered on the 19th. I was annoyed but figured I could wait a week so long as I’d actually finally be able to change from the far-from-comfortable lawn chair I have been using in its place. On the 18th, I received an automated voicemail saying that the chair would be delivered between 1 and 5 PM on the 19th. Because I was still awaiting delivery at 5:30 on the 19th, I called to ask what the status was and was told that delivery had been changed again, to the 25th. As before, Sarah had the day off, so I spoke with a different agent. Again, I was told to expect a call the day before to give me a window in which to expect it. By this time I was more than merely annoyed about the delays and complained about all the time changes taking place without my being notified. At that point I was told that the delay was because of the changes I had been making in the schedule, which I had most certainly not done! Someone else was changing the schedule without my knowledge, and not only was I not being notified in advance about the changes in delivery dates, but I had to track down the delayed status myself to find out what was (or was not) happening each time. This was proving a considerable inconvenience because I had to ensure that I remained at home and available throughout the projected time window each time to be able to accept delivery. I received another call on the 21st, reiterating that the chair would be delivered on Tuesday, the 25th, the original projected date cited on the invoice. Production may have been expedited, but delivery certainly was not! I fully intended to be available to accept delivery, but … The evening of the 24th I had heard nothing about the new delivery window, so I called to enquire. I was told that the supervisor’s notes said that I had again changed the delivery date--a blatant lie--this time to February 2. I’m certainly glad I wasn’t holding my breath! This isn’t a matter of supply chain slowdown. It’s a matter of someone falsifying records and failing to communicate vital information to me, the purchaser! I will certainly think twice before ordering anything from the Lazy Boy Furniture Gallery in the future.

They sold me a dirty, discolored rug

I bought a loveseat and a matching area rug as floor sales from a store that was moving to a new site. The rug was staged with model furniture when I viewed it, which hid the actual state it was in. When I took it home and unrolled it I saw that it was dirty and discolored. I tried to clean it professionally, but it didn't clean up; the dirt was embedded. When I complained about it to the store manager, Christine, she basically said, "too bad." This is both fraud--it was a defective product--and poor customer service. It's the first time I had bought anything from Lazy-boy, and I will never shop there again. I initially had concerns about the company as a third-rate furniture store and now my concerns have been proven true.


Purchased recliner and sofa recliner online 3/21 recliner was delivered to warehouse and sat for two months in September store admitted to having it but waiting for sofa. Had to request it be delivered. Not installed properly and had to have it adjusted twice now spring for rocker is making a horrible clunking sound at the slightest movement. Called for service in Jan. It’s now end of March and they still aren’t here. When service was requested no date is set for repairs, they say a phone call will be made prior to them coming out. Sofa finally arrives at the end of Oct. the back on on recliner is not right and the leg support was dragging on the carpet. Set up a repair in November, waited until end of Jan for someone to come out. Sofa still isn’t right. I bought La Z Boy thinking I was purchasing quality not junk.

Really made from partical board?

I bought a double recliner couch that the arm pretty much fell off. Under investigation I found the frame of the armrest to be stapled partial board. Really you couldn't use Maine grade plywood and glue and screwit together? It's a $2400.00 leather couch. What's another 100 bucks worth of quality naturals? Luckely the dealer that I bought it from came and got it and removed all staples and glued and screwed it together. It will never last 5 years as one of the cushions is already collapsing. Expected much more for my hard earned money. Darn shame the lowest bidder got the partial board bid. Shame on you lazy but heads

Buyer Beware of Cheap Material

Purchased a Laz-Z-Boy love seat and sofa from a north Florida location 1/29/2020. Both are leather. Model Fortune Laztime Full Recline. Also purchased a 5 year leather protection warranty. So, why one star? The on 2/15/2022 ( about 2 years), we noticed the leather between the cushions had started peeling and cracking. This is from normal wear and usage. I was concerned but remembered the 5 year leather protection warranty. We filed a claim. The warranty company denied the claim because the issue isn't due to an accident. The issue is due to materials and workmanship defects. So, they didn't cover it. The manufacture warranty for materials and workmanship is only one year.. So, we have no recourse and are stuck with the furniture. Two things for potential customers. The manufacture warranty is 1 year only.. Don't let them tell you this will last 30 years like they told us. Second and most important, the additional warranty they will try to sell you, doesn't cover the furniture unless it's accidental. Crazy huh? But we now have to live with this. The leather between the cushions is so thin it's almost unbelievable. Buyer beware.

Proud customer

I spent almost $4000.00 on 3 pcs of furniture and it was delivered in now my husband's remote chair doesn't work. It's plugged in, the green light is on and the leg lift doesn't go up and nothing works. Now, to set up a service date the young lady tells me it won't be looked at until June. Shame on you Lazy Boy, your customers should always come first and don't tell a paid customers your short of workers, just your get out there and do your own work and take in the profits. No one should have to wait 3 months for a service call.

Poor Workmanship & Worse Customer Service

We bought 2 recliners. When they were delivered, the workmanship was horrible. Fabric was stretched too tight on the backs causing it to rip & fray exposing the padding and frame at the bottom of the chair; staples showing at the top of the chairs because the fabric wasn't cut long enough; pointy bumps where the fabric joined the wooden legs. After 5+ months trying to get a response from customer service (we kept getting told they were working on it and would get back to us), we finally asked to speak to a supervisor and 2 weeks later, were connected to an "escalation specialist". He finally approved that 2 replacement chairbacks be sent and after receiving them, checked both and saw that one was damaged and had to be reordered. Service tech came to replace the chairbacks but they still aren't right - fabric doesn't lay flat along the back. Having no way to dispose of the 3 damaged chairbacks in large boxes, we were told by the escalation specialist to contact the distribution center and they'd arrange to pick up the 3 large boxes with the old chairbacks. After calling and leaving a message as well as sending 2 emails asking for a response, we heard nothing. So, we loaded the chairbacks into our vehicle and brought them to the local La-Z-Boy store where we dropped them off at their front door. Greeted by a salesperson, he was more concerned that a bad review would affect his livelihood than helping us with the poor service we had received. We'll never order from La-Z-Boy again. Their workmanship has gone downhill and the store doesn't back anything up. The customer service is all but non-responsive.

Lazyboy quality

I have had lazyboy furniture for many years. I just updated our recliners and the quality has gone down hill quite a bit and I am very unsatisfied with the purchase


I would not recommend buying a Lazy Boy product, if something goes wrong you can’t get them out to repair them!!!!

Total Letdown

I recently purchased two top tier pieces of furniture from lazyboy in Rockville MD. Was very excited to finally own the legendary recliners, only to find out that they are poorly constructed. My 3000 $ chair stopped working 1 month after I received it. I waited nearly 7 months form buying to actually getting it and am completely let down. Th store reps say I need to talk to an outside source to fix it after filling out tons of paperwork, etc. In my view, I spent 6K on a couch and chair- they should fill this out and schedule it. Or take it back. Give me my money back. But they refuse. Long story short, the brand no longer represents itself honorably. It's not the furniture of our past fondly remembered. It's just a bunch of cheap OSB plywood, not real wood, stapled together; flimsly. I just want this out of my house and in the trash. Lesson learned; LAZ Y BOY is a waste of money.

Cushion Issue and Poor Customer Service

We purchased two lazy boy recliners and within four months, the seat cushions began to develop bulges. We have experienced extremely poor customer service about this issue, inconsistent follow up, and learned that to replace the cushions, we would need to pay an additional $150.00 dollars to have the chairs picked up for repair - and that we would be without the chairs for up to 3-4 weeks. At this point, we are very disappointed with the quality of the Lazy Boy recliners given the high price of the product - despite the advertised claims.

Recline Mech Sucks

$2600 chair that has been broken as much as it has worked. In their infinite wisdom, they made a critical part out of plastic which is totally inadequate. Go get a Flexsteel instead!

service leaves a lot to be desired

I have been waiting for 11 months for two identical chairs. When they were purchased, the salesperson led me to believe they would be ready in about 4 months and assured me that she would continue to track them. The only tine that I was given any updates is when I called the store and half the time they couldn't tell me anything. Now they tell me one will be delivered but the other is still out there. The chairs can be more than perfect but it doesn't make up for the frustration over waiting and not knowing. I doubt that I will ever purchase anything further from LazyBoy.

LazyBoy Office Chair

I bought a Lazyboy office chair about two years ago spending almost $300 which I thought was made of leather. Now about two years later, it's flaking apart. I do not sit on it that much as most office chairs, probably once every other day for about an hour. I bought the Lazy boy chair thinking that it would last for some time since I thought they were well made. I was wrong. I don't recommend Lazy boy furniture because of this.

Recliner leather is falling apart

We bought a Lazy Boy electric recliner two years ago. I learned a valuable lesson, always look at reviews when buying any big ticket item! Our recliner is part leather and it is looking very bad. We are two elderly people and the chair is never mistreated. Is anyone else seeing their furniture looking bad for NO reason?


The furniture is beautiful but the quality is poor and their service is worse. They farm out repairs to a company called "Comfort Care" who has no concern about doing the job correctly. I have been trying to get my lazy boy rocker repaired for 9 months. Don't shop here!

Comfort really doesn’t care

First a missing bolt on one side. It was noted at delivery and a technician came out and fixed it. Subsequently we noticed the other side not quite right and found the wood frame, holding the reclining rail, to be broken. Hours on hold trying to get this fixed. No longer the American made quality furniture. Calling Comfort Care, their support system, is a joke. If they really cared they would resolve the long wait times. They could start by making the quality furniture that didn’t break down and fewer people would need a problem resolved.

buyer beware

We still have a Lazboy reclining chair that we bought nearly 30 years ago and which is in great condition! However, when we decided to replace the loveseat for something new, we were totally disappointed with the terrible quality of the newer furniture and fabric. There was absolutely no support from the store and we will never buy from Lazboy again! Such a disappointment as they used to be such great qualit.

Leather color wipes off

13 months after delivery. One month after warranty expired.

Just hope you don’t need service

Hours online to try to get a service appointment.

Customer service sucks

It took 10 months for my sofa and love seat to arrive and it arrived defective. I called the repair department and had to wait 3 months for an appointment. A new section of the sofa was ordered and shipped to my home. No notification that it was coming. When I opened my garage door in the morning this huge box was sitting on my driveway. That was on July 12. I waited a week or so for someone to contact me, but no such luck. I have called several times only to be on hold forever. Each time I had to hang up because I couldn’t wait any longer. Today, August 12 I have been on hold so far 1 hour and 10 minutes. This is in sane. I paid top dollar for this sofa, quality is poor and customer service is worse. They will hear it from me when and if they ever answer. Never, I repeat, never do business with them.

Duo Couch - Broken and little help from lazy

I've had a broken Duo couch for several months and still no resolve. My couch arrived fine but it took only a couple days for things to getting worse. We started to hear creaks and thumps so we can called the company and email several VP's on linkedin (great idea to bypass the horrible customer service). Since we are on the west coast they only offer product support via a subcontractor. Huge red flag and wish I knew before buying. The first fixer (1 month wait) was a non-show. The second came 1.5 months laters and did not bring much. I replaced two missing bolts (I actually gave him one of my bolts) and was ready to leave but showed him that he made the couch worse. The whole thing is a messy but smells brand new. We have another person coming in 1.5 months but I ready to drop off the couch at the store. Cheap product, bad support and the VP's could care less. We are also going through but still the worst support i've gone through.

No such thing as warranties for life.

Purchased a dual recliner PLUS the extended warranty. Was told company will warranty item for life. Found out the extended warranty was only for fabric. I was complaining about a structural issue. I have a service man coming and I HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SERVICE CALL, AND LABOR - they only cover the parts. LUDICROUS! What part of “lifetime” is covered? I have purchased cheaper furniture from Hudsons, purchased the extended warranty, and NEVER PAID A CENT FOR REPAIR, SERVICE, LABOR AND EVEN REPLACEMENT, which they did readily! Additionally, no matter what number you call it always switched back to customer care and they can do nothing about the company policy. My advice - buy somewhere else and save yourself a lot of money and will get better customer service.

Broken Couch

We bought a couch which costed over $5,000 May 31. The couch was delivered broken. After trying to resolve the issue with them, we are now mid August with a 'new' broken couch. Never again will we buy from this company.

Would give a “0” if I could!

I paid over $2000 for a recliner in 2018. I’ve had to pay $160 twice for service calls and then pay to ship parts. I had voice mail they would ship parts after I pay the $13 shipping charge. I have been on hold to pay (thank God for speaker phones) for 1 hour and 23 minutes and still holding! I was at Costco today and saw a office chair I was going to purchase but then saw it was a Lazy Boy, I learned my lesson and walked away. LAZY BOY VERY POOR QUALITY AND EVEN WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Still on hold 1 hr and 27 minutes….ridiculous!

Pleasant experience at York,Pa. store

Tomi Webber was great . He had just a few preliminary questions when we walked in the door . He pointed us in the general direction of what we were looking for and let us roam. Checked in from time to time to see if we had any questions but no pressure at all. We finally settled on 2 Morrison recliners and he ordered them for us. I can't stand high pressure sales people but this was just the opposite . I would highly recommend this store and this salesman.

new rocking recliner squeaks

I had a set of rocking recliners delivered in July 2022. Each chair has only 1 arm because they are meant to be hooked together. The squeaking sound from the springs / wood is unacceptable. I've had 3 service calls and new springs on each chair. The noise is still unacceptable. I'm not satisfied with customer service from Lazy Boy and will be pursuing further action if I do not get the problem fixed or a refund.

Warranty Bad Customer Service

We purchased a Power Recliner and a bolt that connects to the back and side of the chair is broken. It took 6 weeks to get the first available appointment for someone to come out, evaluate and submit his findings. I then was told I would receive a call within a week. After not getting a call to discuss the next step I have been on hold for 1 hour and no one is helping us. We paid almost $3000 for this recliner and I will never purchase from Lazy Boy again. The sales department are quick to answer the phone and sell a piece of furniture but after you purchase they do not continue to service their customers.


bought a love seat and couch combo cost around $6000.00 and find that the seats are very uncomfortable. You can feel the framing through the seats. Very surprised as we have 2 rocker recliners and they are very comfy.Will not go back to Lazyboy again. Bang for the buck just isn't there.


If possible I would give 0 stars. Reclining sofa piece of garbage, poor cushioning, failing reclining mechanism, squeaks and groans everytime position is shifted, uncushioned parts of arm-material over wood frame. Two servicemen from Comfort Care advised nothing is broken on the couch - this is how it is made. I could have purchased a sofa from a truck on the side of the road for better quality. Wait for repairmen- 4-5 weeks. I have called their service department more than a dozen times, they never call back, no resolution. Stuck with a $2500 lousy reclining couch

Terrible installation and customer service

We bought a Trouper and they did not have the correct tools to do the installation and they NEVER came back. We called our sales representative, Max Cline, literally 20 times. We have been trying to get them to put the pieces together for months

leather recliner

Special ordered a leather recliner. Within a week of delivery the right side of recliner became loose. Called for service,had to wait 6 weeks for a home visit. By then the entire right side of recliner comes separated in the front and hanging on by a thread at the base. Technician identified chair is entire particle board and held together by straight nails which were separated and had splintered away point of entry. Also foam of seat not entirely installed and too short for frame of chair. Leather grains do not match from the seat to 3 seams of head and back of chair.Leather wrapping at foot rest also not completely wrapped and secured in place and lifting! Chair cost $1900 and lacks quality and craftsmanship and literally falling apart! Multiple calls and visits to local store over course of 3 weeks trying to get chair removed from my house and replaced . Still not resolved. Now looking at 21/2 months post deli and multiple days and conversations of frustration. Will NEVER recommend Lazy boy to anyone In the future.

Terrible Customer Service

Four months ago, I ordered a couch, a recliner, and a side chair from La-Z-Boy. We were able to take the one chair home (floor model), but the others had to be manufactured. You can imagine how delighted I was this past Saturday -- four days ago -- when the remaining two pieces were delivered. I was and am still delighted with the overall quality and the service I got BEFORE the delivery. However, on day 2, the one side of the reclining sofa stopped working. All the connections are tight, and the other side works fine. Now...try to get help! Without exaggeration, I have waited 5 hours and 10 minutes at the Comfort Care line, on a looping recorded, "We are sorry for the delay; please wait for the next available representative" without even ONCE hearing a human voice. (...taking up much of my day off.) Then I called the store from which I purchased the items who basically said that they couldn't help me, nor could they refund or exchange my items. I emailed the CEO of the company -- Melinda Whittington -- at two email addresses (found on Linkedin) and have yet to hear a word. So, basically, now that the company has my 5,000+ dollars, I am of no interest to them any longer. Needless to say, and despite my enjoyment of the style and pieces themselves, I will not be shopping at La-Z-Boy ever again.

Never Buy from La-Z-Boy

Ordered a couch and love seat Jan 26 with a "target date" of June. Not here in June, July, or August. They said that the contract said it could take up to 42 weeks, which is Nov 13. Since it got pushed back to October 21, I said to cancel the contract at midnight on Nov 14. They said that the contract has no obligations to deliver at any certain time frame - or even at all (store manager acknowledged that to me over the phone). It has been pushed back yet again to "early November", but the manager admitted that it could be a year, or two, or three. No matter how bad it gets, LAB has absolutely no obligation on their part to do anything. Nor do they have any desire to make an attempt at customer service. The message is that it is just too bad for you for doing business with us. I will never buy from this company again. I thought that I was spending extra $ and time to get something nice, but I couldn't have been more wrong. BIG buyer's remorse. Look at others' reviews. Delivery is awful, and the quality is terrible when it arrives. A warranty is only as good as the customer commitment of the company behind it, which from what I have seen, is worthless.

Leather furniture sucks

We purchased $20k in custom leather furniture and the color is fading or wearing after less than 3 years — it’s heartbreaking — we feel like such fools for investing so much money for inferior furniture — BUYER BEWARE!

lack of comfort

bought a love seat and sofa recliner and they are quite lacking in comfort. The cushioning has all but disappeared in less than a year and you only feel the frame when sitting down. The only redeeming feature is they do have good recliners. No I will never walk into a La Z Boy store again.


I purchased a $2000 powered rocker Recliner as an order from the factory. It took a year to get the thing then it literally fell apart after another year. The workmanship was garbage. Some of the parts are welded together but the welds were substandard. One broke completely apart and another cracked. Put it all back together with JB Weld, metal zip ties and hose clamps. After a few more months the rocker mechanism broke. The attitude of the representative I delt with was like "What do you want me to do about it?" You can be sure I'll never buy another product from them.

Buyer Beware of Laz-Boy Leather Furniture

I bought a Laz-Boy leather recliner two years ago. At about 18 months the leather started discoloring in the middle wear your head and back are. We did not spill or have anything that would discolored the leather. Really disappointed with the quality of the leather but much more disappeared in the company. I was told that they don’t cover regular wear on the leather. As far as I am concerned Laz-Boy leather furniture is not with the money.

Overpriced, inferior material

LaZboy quality has dropped in the last decade. Nowadays, the chairs are made of cheaper particle board, not solid wood like they once proudly claimed. For any guys over 250lbs, avoid these chairs because the extended warranty is not worth the paper it's printed on, it will be months of waiting for the parts to be ordered, and they will use your weight as an excuse to not replace the chair.


I have had this furniture over a month..... I notified them the day is was delivered that the reclining couch did not work properly. Asked for service. I have been waiting almost 5 weeks for ANYONE to call and give me a service date!!! The price you pay for the furniture is outrageous, but then to get it and have it be crap you don't even want in your house is very frustrating. I would LOVE for them to give me back the money and get this piece of garbage out of my living room. I'd rather sit on my floor!!!!!

Chair sold to another customer

On November 1, 2021 we purchased a lounger and fully paid for purchase. We were told that chair would be delivered in January. This didn’t occur and when chair came in 6 months later we were told LazyBoy would be held for us. During this time the chair was sold to another customer. We are now waiting to their reorder. We’re now over 13 months and LazyBoy can’t tell us when chair will be delivered. I am not pleased with how this purchase has been handled and have no idea when I’ll receive this purchase.

poor service, and not frequent reschedule

Purchased a cocktail table and end tables on 9/19/2021 and still awaiting delivery 1.4 months later. Delivery date continuously is pushed back. I am not receiving notifications from store unless I call the store. Now date for delivery has been moved to Feb 2023. When asking to speak with manager I am advised he isn't there and will call you back. Then no return calls.

This has been a horrible experience!

My saga began in the summer. Furniture was ordered and we we told 8 weeks. The designer comes out and sells us thousands of dollars for the room and new sofa and love seat. This is Labor Day weekend. Well 6-8 weeks was changed to 12 weeks. It’s now 15 weeks and we get delivery date Dec. 23. We leave the condo we are paying rent on, fly here and a few days before delivery it’s cancelled because the weather might be bad? Really? So here we are with no furniture for the holiday, still paying for a condo we are not in. Phone calls emails phone calls no return call. I now have to drive to the store to talk with a person. We are now told most of it will be delivered on December 30th but no the tables are not in and no clue when they will arrive. Really?? 3 little tables? Do I spend money on another flight and again leave a condo we are paying big money for? Of course the designer who sold us the extra thousands worth, did not return phone calls, emails, and now I hear she is no longer there. Have yet to reach a manager. Our friends who ordered same time from Tyners have been sitting on their furniture for months. Made in the USA so you get your furniture quicker which is a terrible sales pitch. I would never refer anyone there. Have a Christmas celebration with no furniture It’s horrible. It’s now 16 weeks and we may get some of our furniture, then fly back to the condo that sits empty while we sit in our empty place waiting

Buyer Beware!

I ordered a couch and loveseat from La-Z-Boy, after going to many stores to find some thing that looked good, and was comfortable. Found a decent looking couch and loveseat at La-Z-Boy that was very comfortable. When I received the product, they were not comfortable at all. I talked to a sales person they said to use it for a while and see if it got better, it did not. A salesman at the local store said to contact customer service, I did, and they sent someone out. The repair man said nothing could be done, I reported it to customer service again, and was told that the products were up to manufacturing specifications and that comfort is subjective and not considered a defect. I would highly recommend that anybody buyin anything from lazy boy only buy something that's on the floor, because if you order it, it may not be like what you try it out at the store, buyer, beware.

poor quality upholstery, very rude customer service

The store we went to did not have the color we wanted, so we selected the fabric and ordered a reclining loveseat. We paid half down, and were told it would be about 4 months. Well 7 months later, it was delivered. The delivery crew was good, but in a hurry, so they left immediately. The manufacture was outsourced to a foreign country and the upholstery job was inconsistent and poorly done; not up to laz-e-boy standards. Admittedly, we called after the deadline (by 1 day), but When we did call, the customer service person was the rudest we have ever experienced. After holding our funds for 3 months longer than the original delivery time, you would at least think they would listen to our concern 1 day after their deadline. Not this customer service person. Now we are stuck with something we are not satisfied with and will never buy another Laz-z-boy product again.

LA Z BOY wall-hugger power recliner buyers beware!

We ordered a Talladega power wall-hugger recliner chair on 10/26/2022 at the LA Z BOY furniture outlet in Sterling Hts., Michigan. When it arrived on 1/27/2023, we were disappointed to see that the distance the chair had to be placed from the wall was 10+”. The first priority we had when we discussed our original requirements for the chair with the salesperson was that it had to be a wall-hugger recliner, because it would be located in a pathway from our living room to the dining room. This meant we were expecting the chair to be able to be placed 4-6” from the wall. LA Z BOY’s own website ( indicates the differences between a wall-hugger recliner vs. other recliners is stated as, “the amount of space needed between a wall hugger recliner and the wall is on average 4 inches. Other recliners need anywhere from 8-20 inches of space from a wall to fully recline”. Therefore, it was obvious we did not get what we ordered! Even in the “Features” description for the Talladega power wall recliner on the LA Z BOY website ( it states, “Can be placed inches from a wall”. After five days of multiple calls to try to determine what went wrong with our order without a response from our salesperson, we finally had to return to the store in-person to get answers. We were told that LA Z BOY made a corporate change in December 2022 without telling their outlet stores or any customers that they were no longer going to make a power (?) recliner that can be placed any closer than 8” from the wall. Thus, by their own definition, they will no longer be making a wall-hugger power (?) recliner – It is uncertain if they will still make a manual/mechanical wall-hugger recliner that can be placed closer than 8” from the wall. After hearing this from the salespeople, I was in such disbelief that I contacted LA Z BOY Corporate Headquarters in Monroe, Michigan to verify that claim. They also indicated that it was true. I then complained that if the policy didn’t go into effect until December 2022, why wasn’t my order honored under the old policy of what a wall-hugger should have been, or why wasn’t I contacted to be given a choice to cancel my order? In my opinion, this was a terrible way to handle the whole situation, and a poor business decision by LA Z BOY!

Never again

Although I spent over $7000 on a La Z Boy sectional due to the La Z Boy brand, I will never do it again. Ever!!! I waited over months to get our sectional and it was damaged. Getting it repaired has been a nightmare. Customer Service is a disaster - one call center for the entire US. Least amount of time I have waited on hold ... is 1 hour 6 minutes. Three times I have been on hold - disaster. I just want my La Z Boy fixed. I wish I could send it back and start over. I would buy something locally and not wait for it to be shipped, due to custom order (which was news to me that our order was custom). So stay away from them - not worth the time.


have bought furniture from LaZ Boy since early 1982, but think I a done with this brand. Last two couches bought within the last 5 years have arm cushions that the wood frames are pressing through. Cannot sit close to the arms of the chairs. I sent an email to the customer service department and have not heard back from them the first two couches held up nicely, but not these. Very disappointed.

Peeling of materials

Double sofa all materials are peeling except leather. Cause friction of the non leather. Look like he'll. Cut cost.I get it.Make it last

reclining couch and love seat

good fabric , good mechanics but VERY uncomfortable. There is so little cushion or support in the seats you can feel all the cross members etc. We have 2 reclining armchairs that were purchased 8 years ago and find them to be far superior to our recent purchase. Will not darken La Z Boy's door again.

Leather power recliner

Leather does not last

Leather is bad

My recliner is a year old this March, In February the leather on the head rest was wearing off and that is when I first contacted them. Customer service is worthless, I sent an email to the president and, got an email that it is the oil in my skin (which is dry) and medications. Im not on medication so dont know how they came up with that. After I went back to them again, they agreed to fix the leather on the back only and will dye it. I had requested a full refund or replancement. Suggest you DO NOT BUY from Lazyboy, the are not BB accreted company. Lazybox told me to call Servco for any other issues. I called them and went over what was wrong, the lady I spoke to told me for a chair that is just a year old, it deffective material.

Poor Customer Service

In January 1998 I purchased a Lazy Boy Rocker Recliner which turned out to be a great chair. In 2020 I decided to get a new chair and retire the chair I had been comfortable in for 22 years. I went back to Lazy Boy and found a comparable chair that fit my 6'2" frame. I paid extra for upgrades amounting to about $300, padding being the largest of upgrades. Took about 6 weeks to get it. Got it home and sat in it for a couple of days and found the padding very stiff and uncomfortable. I went back to Lazy Boy and tried to trade for the chair I had originally sat in on the showroom floor. The manager refused any deal. I even asked for an even trade disregarding my $300 upgrade. No deal. He said Lazy Boy doesn't accept returns of upgraded furniture. He said I signed a paper that allowed only 3 days from "date of purchase" to change my mind and make a return. It took 6 weeks to get the chair, so the 3 days was gone. Swore I would never go back to Lazy Boy. So I gave the chair to my son and went back to my original 22 year old recliner. This lasted until February 23 when I decided I really needed a new chair. After shopping around and finding nothing, I broke down and went back to Lazy Boy. I found a chair that fit my large frame and decides try Lazy boy again. The chair I tried was comfortable, but unfortunately, I did not recline the chair because there were other chairs behind it. It seemed to fit good sitting up, so what could go wrong. Well, the chair is fine to sit in, but when I recline the back stretches out and my head winds up between the top cushion and the next cushion down giving absolutely no support for my head. Most uncomfortable chair I have ever reclined in. Two big mistakes. I did not recline it at the store and again signed Lazy Boys 3 day trial and return. I purchased the chair on a Friday which wouldn't arrive at the store until Tuesday. That takes care of the 3 days. I specifically asked the sales person if the 3 days started when I get the chair on when I purchase it. She said when I purchase it. Now another chair to give away. Beware when buying anything from Lazy Boy. I hope I have finally learned about Lazy Boy. Absolutely no customer service.

Very Poor Customer Service

I had a terrible time buying from Lazy Boy in Richmond, BC. Throughout the whole experience I felt it was all about them, not me the purchaser. Things I asked for were not done and it took far longer then it should have with too much stress. But I did buy from them to wait 3 1/2 months to receive it and even though they had half of the money was told they would not schedule the delivery until the balance was paid, even though I was out of town and told them I would pay as soon as I arrived in town and before delivery, they scheduled nothing. Now in scheduling it they can not tell me until the day it will be delivered if it will be done in the morning or afternoon, not even the night before, so another day off work waiting for Lazy Boy. If I had know how I was to be treated throughout this experience I would not have purchased it at Lazy Boy and I will not recommend it to anyone.


Bought two recliners at a Lazboy store in Midland, TX. Since they go in a small space they needed to be wall huggers or wall recliners. The Lazboy website claims their wall recliners only need a couple of inches clearance from the wall. We special ordered two LENNON Wall recliners for $5800 total and when we received them they needed 11" clearance from the wall to recline. Since they are special order, Lazboy says "sorry, can't exchange or refund. Chairs have some tolerances and the fact that they don't fit is not our problem". Worst customer service ever. Never buy a wall recliner from lazboy if you need a couple of inches clearance like they claim, because they need 11"!!

Not worth the trouble

Thought I was buying quality. Don't be fooled. Part of the reason we purchased these lounges was because of the La-Z-Boy name - that was a mistake. We purchased 3 seater 2 seater and 2 single recliners in February 2023. Cost over $10,000 after discounts. They weren't tested on delivery and the first time we plugged in and tried them one if the mechanism was obviously faulty. It made a clunking noise and seemed to get stuck on the way up and down. We reported to the store and a technician came. He said he had seen this issue before and should be able to fix it onsite when the part arrives. Five weeks have passed and we haven't heard a word and will now have to chase up what's happening. In the meantime the same thing seems to be wrong with the other couch which has barely been used. We have yet to test out the quality of repair service but this is obviously a major design fault and they will probably fix this one too but I am so disappointed. This lounge suit was to last us a long time and I can't see that happening when they start off breaking. I just want to return it all and be refunded. I don't want the hassle of non stop repairs or fighting for repairs. These chairs are not fit for purpose under Australian consumer laws. Just to add that it is embarrassing to have visitors who know how much this lounge suite costs and to witness its poor quality. Update still not repaired 3mths later. So basically I have a $15000 lounge suit that is unusable. Not fit for purpose.

Fabric has worn out after six years after sitting on it.

I will not purchase another Lazyboy product again. We paid top dollar for this sectional and the fabric literally flaked off. They will not cover this. This is normal use. I am disappointed in Lazyboy. We have purchased three sets from them in the past. The quality of has definitely gone down hill. I would expect that after paying so much for this, that fabric is only covered by a year.

Great - until it breaks.

Electric recliner was owned for 3 years. Then it broke. Main pivot pin on back sheared off. The other side is bent. Had 5 year warranty - $150. Calling their service department is useless. It's a circus. They won't call back, don't know what they are talking about, lag time for service was 4 weeks. I may just junk it and buy another. Certainly not Lazyboy.

Terrible Quality

We were told the sectional was made in Tennessee, but it was made in Mexico and when we received it it looked 10 years old with baggy seats and wrinkles everywhere. Lazboy's answer was that it needed "fluffing" We never even sat on it, why should it need fluffing? We spent $8,500 on a custom sectional that is embarrassing to have in our home.

Back in the day they made good quality furniture

Purchased over $12k of furniture from Star Furniture along with the “PeaceofMind” protection plan. My reclining Lazy Boy couch is now broken, not even 1 year since I had it delivered. Now getting the run-around to get it repaired. When I was sold the protection plan, it covers “everything you could possibly imagine” and more! First of all, I was expecting better quality from Lazy Boy, not to mention to stand behind their product. Second, the protection plan I purchased is crap and is useless. Both Lazy Boy and Star Furniture are on my “don’t ever buy from” list, and will be writing as many bad reviews as possible.

False advertising

Bought 2 leather recliners several years ago and was very disappointed in there workmanship. After 15 months had to replace the back of the chairs due to discoloration . This cost me $700.00 each. Now 5 years later I noticed the front of the arm rests are peeling and one of the side seam is separating, only to find out the arm rests, sides and back of the chairs are not leather. The cost of these chairs were very expensive and now I have to replace them. Would never buy lazy boy again.

La-z-Boy Fails to Support its Furniture.

We purchased two recliners from La-Z-Boy in May of 2022. They were finally delivered in December of that same year. Within six months of owning the chairs, one of the two chairs lost a portion of its color through flaking. Despite buying two "protection" plans (both of which denied covering the issue), La-Z-Boy refused to repair the damage. Instead, the manufacturer blamed the flaking on improper maintenance. That claim was in spite of the fact that the second chair was treated in the same way and shows no signs of any damage. La-Z-Bpy does not stand behind the furniture it sells.

Warranty on standard couches is painfully bad

If you get a standard couch from la z boy they don't really warranty the frame. If it breaks they will send you a new frame "for free" if you pay shipping and you pay labor to have it installed ($600 for the broken board we have in our frame). So if you're a big person and you regularly break frames, la z boy is not not a good warranty

Spent $4k on two reclining couches

We bought two Lazy Boy couch recliners six years ago. During the second year we noticed the color was badly fading in certain areas. We contacted the store where these were purchased and they forwarded pics of the issues and our complaints to Lazy Boy customer service. They refused to do anything about the problem. More recently, toward the end of the third year the surface layer of the leather began to peel away in many places. Needless to say this makes the furniture look cheap and ratty. We are very disappointed in something we paid so much for but was made with very shabby material. We gave Lazy Body a one star rating because ZERO wasn't an option. We will never buy Lazy Boy products again.

Love seat recliner color worn off and seat back compressed

We bought a white leather love seat recliner and sofa less than 2 yrs ago. Love seat headrest color has worn off and the seat back padding has compressed flat. We cleaned the leather in accordance with manufacturers directions. Layz boy refuses to do anything about it. So much for a quality product

Dissatisfied Customer

Two months ago I purchase a lift chair that cost $3,000.00. After it arrived I realized I needed arm and head covers. I returned to the store to order them and was told it would be $95.00. When they arrived at my home I was appalled at the items sent! Three square pieces of fabric that probably did not cost more than $15.00 and continually slip off the furniture. When I brought them to the store in Snellville GA to request my money back, I spoke to the manager S. Mohammed who desperately needs a crash course in customer service! Not once did he apologize for my dissatisfaction. All he said was there was nothing he could do as they were a special order and I was expecting too much by thinking I was going to receive a fitted item. I then contacted the La-Z-Boy number on their website and spoke to a woman named Jewel. She apologized but stated there was nothing she could do as all the stores are franchised. She stated she would notify S. Mohammed to see if he could do something for me and would copy me on the email. It has now been three weeks so I am assuming the email was never sent since I never received a copy. I am shocked that a reputable store such as this treats their customers so poorly. I will NEVER again make another purchase from their store.


we bought two expensive recliners thinking they would last and be great for my severe back pain,( WRONG!!! ) First one broke in 7 months and they replaced it second one 6 months and guess what they said we are stuck with it and they will not replace it. Just because its Lazyboy go somewhere else and spend your money! they are over priced and over rated. when we went back to store to see about replacement the chair we bought was reduced almost 800.00 dollars that tells me we payed way to much for a recliner that only lasted 6 months. 2500.00 later here we are!!

Paxton chaise

I was taken in by Laz-Y-Boy's ads and salespeople. I was led to believe that if there was a problem, they would fix it. Unfortunately, after taking delivery of my Paxton chaise four months after ordering, it literally broke 14 months afterward. They dispatched a tech to look at it and found that the wood support system for the spring assembly sheered off at a knot in the wood--substandard materials. Since then, it's been over a month since he came after telling me it would be two weeks to hear from the warranty company and then four to six weeks after that to get my couch repaired or replaced. Have not had any info since then despite my two phone calls to the warranty company. I paid a lot of money (for me) for a couch that I thought was of superior quality. I have not experienced superior quality in the product nor in the service. It's not worth it. Don't buy unless you have money to throw down the drain.


I am 85 and on a fixed income. I purchased a lazy boy recliner since I thought they were the best. When it was delivered, I could not recline back. It was too stiff. I was told to make a service call. I did and the service person told me to give it a few months to loosen up. I did that also. Now I am trying to get someone to come and reevaluate. They will not send another serivce person and told me to call the store where I purchased. I did that. The store told me there was nothing they could do. So now what? I wish someone from lazy boy would do the right thing and either replace the chair or fix it.

It’s cr*p

We bought a double recliner, it’s not a yr yet, and the repairman been out 4 times to fix this. And still not fixed. We paid over 3,000.00 for this chair. If you buy from them make sure you get the extent insurance. I wouldn’t even give them one star. Cr*ppie a$% furniture. Still waiting for the new leather, because it started to peal 2 months after we got it. They say there is a shortage on the leather. That’s bull cr*p. The repairman is great. Exes and still not fixed. Beware people of lazy boys furniture.

Sales review and Home Consultation.

Lucas & Amanda came to my home and completed many suggestions on my home for furniture layout. Their experience really had shown thru. Their suggestions were spot on for furniture choices and colors. I look forward to receiving my new furniture in the near future.


I just everyone to know that two handicapped people both in wheelchairs went to Lazy Boy in Farmindale and met a Sales person named Lou. Thank God for Lou in every way. He was so helpful in finding out the best automatic couch that was so badly needed. I would never buy anything else for my house except through Lou. The best buy, the best product for us and the most durable. Never would buy furniture any where else. See you soon Lou and thanks for all the help you gave my wife and myself


i got a call from deb that my recliner was ready to be picked up. so i called back on monday to tell them i had made arraigments to pick it upon tuesday. to my disbeliefe she said i would need to pay the balance and then it would ship to a wharehouse in toledo in a few days. of course i would have paid in full when i bought the recliner if i was made aware of this. allready incoveinaced a friend and a gave are old chair away. now im leaving for canada for a week. and it will be two more weeks until i can even deal with this. im going to get my chair but i will never , ever shop lazy boy also concered with qaulity of product after being misled from the start. shame on lazyboy and their business practices

Poor quality

We purchased a leather electric loveseat and couch for a significant amount and within five years the loveseat cover was peeling off. It was a significant disappointment to us. I would never buy another Lazy Boy furniture.

Quality has really gone downhill

I had a La-Z-Boy sofa for 15+ years and thought I should get a new one. Bought a loveseat and sofa. One year of light use and there is no support where I sit, completely gone. Thought it was under warranty but apparently not. My old one was in better shape after the 15+ years than these new ones. Don't know what changed but obviously not what they used to be.


Bought a couch and 2 chairs. The fabric has pilled so bad that I have needed to shave it at least 10 times The pilling started within 3 mths after purchase, it was purchased in 2018. I had them come and look at it and was told to shave it. Tech said he didn’t do that , that I need to do it tmyself. So I had to buy a shaver. 2 years ago the back broke and the wings by the arm came off. They came and looked at it and charged me 178.00. Which would be applied to labor charge to fix it. Labor is $60.00 an hr. Now it’s two years later and it broke again. They will not budge trip and labor charges are still the same. It is only two adults we do lot have children at home. Very upset with them. Will never go there again or refer anyone to them.

Terrible leather

We bought 2 leather Forum recliners in 2017 which soon showed terrible wear on the armrests. After many calls and trips to the store, they replaced the armrests which today are the best part of the chair. They did not use real good leather and the chairs are all cracking up and tearing out at the seams. They are very comfortable, but look worn out. Hoping I can find some slipcovers. Would not buy again.

Leather Power Recliner

Well I must say I am quite disappointed in the Quality of my Leather Powered Recliner. As well as very disappointed with the furniture store where I purchased this recliner. I am a senior and was looking for a stylish and comfortable Leather Powered Recliner to replace my older one which after 15 years was needing to be replaced. I searched various stores around the town of Grande Prairie, AB. and was drawn to this somewhat expensive Lazy Boy recliner. I made the purchase and when we got home and unpacked I was disappointed to find the chair was in a distressed condition. The wooden pedestal legs had left deep crevices in the chairs arm and the large Box containing the chairs power box had left a deep recess in the chairs seat cushion. I also noticed that the bottom right hand corner of the leg supported had been crushed and jammed tight to the right side of the chair. I contacted the store the next day to bring this to their attention and was told that this is a common occurrence and often happens as Lazy Boy does not pack the chairs as carefully as they should before shipping and to bring the chair back if I am not satisfied or send them pictures of the damage and they would submit a claim. Since we live in the country and I had to arrange for someone to haul the chair out to our residence I decided to see what I could do to repair some of the distress myself instead of contacting a friend to come and pick up the chair and drive back and forth bringing out another chair and submitted pictures of the chair to the store. The store agreed to the damage with the chairs and said they would send a trained technician out to see if they could help with the damage… Well that never happened and I was told that the store manager was out of the country on holidays and they would contact me upon his arrival back home. I massaged the leather distressed areas of the chair and finally got the chair to operate as close to new as I could get it. It has been a year now since I bought the chair and my last visit several month ago to the store I purchased the chair from had closed the claim with a note attached saying customer repaired chair claim closed…. No contact was ever made with me and I had never heard anything from LazyBoy either. The chair is comfortable but does creak loudly when recline is operated, The dye used to colour the leather is of very poor quaility and has worn completely off of the headrest within months of use but according to the Lazy Boy Warranty that is not covered under their Warranty Program so I am left stuck with what I have. The chair is definitely not worth the $3,000 + dollars I paid for the chair and I would advise anyone looking for a recliner to carefully shop around elsewhere before buying any LazyBoy Product as I know that I will not be buying another product from them again…. Not the product that they used to make but I suppose that is the age of what a consumer can expect from most manufactures today….. Very Disappointed with LazyBoy Products overall

very poor quality

The quality of La-Z-Boy furniture has really gone by the wayside. Recliners are flimsy and lack the precision to even hold themselves upright. We are not happy with this overpriced "furniture". It belongs in an RV. After speaking with salespeople about a refund or replacement with something better, I do not feel like we have been represented well and do not feel like a valued customers as they claim we were outside of the 36 hour return window. Only got a chance to sit in the Trouper sectional once in 3 days to realize it's quality issues. Spent $6,500 on a terrible excuse for a couch that La-Z-Boy will not stand behind. I will report back with any positive resolution. I DO NOT recommend this furniture or this company. It is stunning that they still exist. This furniture is overpriced junk. Extreme buyers remorse. I will never Buy another La-Z-Boy and will do all I can to help others not make the same mistake that I have.

Pass the Buck

Purchased two leather Greyson recliners. Waited 6 months for delivery. The recliners should be the same with the same comfort and the amount of stuffing in backrest and seat. Not the case. contacted Lazyboy and the response is comfort is subjective. James missed the point completely. The two recliners should be exactly the same. Lazy boy will not take responsible for their lack of quality control. I was told that I had to go to the store from which I purchased even though the store is only the middle man.

I went to a...

I went to a lazy boy store to by a tall recliner. I specifically asked for a recliner made in the US. I was told all recliners are made in the US. When it was delivered the tag showed made in Mexico. This sales technique was very deceptive. I will never buy Lazy Boy.

Poorest leather quality

The leather is sub par as it is sluffing off at head area and extended warranty doesn’t cover that. Manual mechanism is loud and clunky sounding, customer support after the sale is 0!

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