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Kirklands Reviews

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Kirkland's is a furniture and home decor delivery company that offers an impressive catalog of affordable home goods. Kirkland's selection offers homey and farmhouse styles ranging from indoor furniture to bed / bath essentials. With hundreds of local stores, phone and online store fronts, most customers have good things to say about their purchases with some complaints about delivery and perceived quality.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Price Value: 8/10

Price: $9-$1299+

Return Policy: 30 Days + Restrictions

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Kirklands Specifics

For the home decor addict in all of us, there is Kirkland's. Founded in 1966 in Jackson, TN, Kirkland's has grown to a recongizable nationwide retailer and catalog brand with an interesting spin on home decor, essentials, and furniture. Instead of offering sterile stores with rows of metal shelves, their stores and brand provide shoppers with inspirational environments while keeping their low prices.

Overall, customers have great things to say about their in-store experiences, including enjoying browsing the displays and finding something new for their home. While most customers have good things to say, there are some mixed reviews about customer service, durability, and those needing pieces delivered in some cases.

Material Quality

Kirkland's stands out for selling affordable products that are styled well and easy on the eyes. Happy customers appreciate the designs and look of Kirkland's options, and there are many reports about happy purchases for decorations and accent pieces. However, for those looking to purchase more commonly used furniture items, there were some complaints about the durability for some customers.

Kirkland's Top Picks

When it comes to Kirkland's offerings, there are some types of products that are more sought after for shoppers. We'll go through Kirkland's most popular types of items below.

#1 Wall Decor

Kirkland's is well-known for their wall decor. They offer affordable options like wall art that starts below $20. Additionally, shoppers can find competitive wall decorations that include clocks, frames, plaques, and other styles that range from boho to rustic chic. Overall, customers have great things to say about these designs with the odd complaint mentioning issues with durability and delivery.

The pros: 1000s of wall decor products in trendy styles.

The cons: Some issues with durability and online delivery.

#2 Mirrors

Apart from their other wall decor options, customers of Kirkland's also commonly look for trend-setting mirrors in various styles. Kirkland's offers mirrors in multiple styles including full length and floor mirrors, armoires, decorative mirrors, and framed mirrors. With options that include free-standing and wall mounted options, shoppers report good experiences finding designs that are enticing to contemporary style choices. With smaller options starting at just under $30, shoppers report satisfaction with price points. However, there are some complaints about delivery and durability in some cases.

The pros: Wide range of affordable mirrors in affordable prices.

The cons: Some issues with longevity and delivery reported.

#3 Lamps & Lighting

Another common find for Kirkland's customers is a new lamp or other lighting element. Alike to their other decor options, Kirkland's maintains stunning style choices when it comes to their lamps and lighting options. With affordable options that start under $20, shoppers can find affordable options in trendy styles, like industrial, shabby chic, art deco, and more. Customers have good things to say about their lighting options overall and appreciate the low prices. Some complaints mention delivery issues and faster than expected durability concerns.

The pros: Affordable lighting and lamp options in trend-setting styles that shoppers appreciate.

The cons: Some disappointment with delivery and durability in some cases.

#4 Indoor Furniture

Another popular category for Kirkland's shoppers is indoor furniture items. Due to their low prices and style-forward catalog, there are many tempting offerings in Kirkland's furniture department. With many shoppers opting for their accent furniture, such as side tables and storage options, Kirkland's also offers larger furniture items like sofas, accent chairs, beds, and dining room sets. While most customers have good things to say about lesser used accents and the overall style of items, more used furniture pieces had some concerns about durability and perceived quality for some shoppers.

The pros: Affordable collection of furniture products across big and small items.

The cons: Some issues with durability and perceived quality with some of the most used options.

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#5 Pillows

Kirkland's also has a variety of throw and accent pillows that are widely sought after. With options in a wide array of styles including solid and print pillows, Kirkland's has 100s of styles to choose from. While many customers find these options to be enticing and of satisfactory quality, there are some customers that reported issues with the perceived quality in some cases.

The pros: 100s of affordable accent and throw pillows for affordable prices.

The cons: Some customers found perceived quality issues in some cases.

More From Kirkland's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Kirkland's offers a wide array of home products, such as:

- Patio Furniture

- Bed & Bath Essentials

- Rugs & Curtains

- Kitchen & Dining Essentials

Kirkland's Store Locator

Kirkland's can be found across the US. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

Kirkland's Alternatives

This is one of the most amazing times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

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Great deals and great customer service...

Great deals and great customer service. The staff here was extremely helpful and informative. The store was also well organized, which I liked because I've been to other Kirkland's that have been a little cluttered and disorganized. Nice location, just wish it was closer to home, don't mind the drive...

This place is a bit of a drive for me

This place is a bit of a drive for me, but normally worth it. After recently buying a house, I need to fill it up. The staff here is always nice and helpful. Prices are somewhat high, but they have a smartphone app that usually gives a discount. You can use it once per day.

I love this store so much

I love this store so much for holiday decor and accent pieces. I have yet to pay the entire full price for an item by receiving their emails and coupons. The staff is always welcoming and helpful!

What a horrible experience

What a horrible experience. I ordered bar stools and it is 7 business days a total of 11 days and they still have not shipped. I reached out to customer service and the rep was totally unhelpful...informed me that they had 7 to 10 days to get me my order, really, if they can't do better than that then they should not be servicing anyone online...that is just not acceptable...I will never order from them again...agree with other review...stick with Wayfair...their service is fantastic and no matter what issue you may have their customer service will bend over backwards to make it right.

Terrible Customer Service-Choose Wayfair = Less Headaches

Purchased "Windowpane Sliding Door Driftwood Gray Cabinet" online. It was delivered to me completely bent, broken, gouged on the front of it, and with broken sliding door mechanisms. I ordered it because it was not available at my store and because I am disabled/do not have a truck to drive a display cabinet home (or the ability to unload it, even with assistance). Customer service is soooo unresponsive. After three days of waiting for an answer from them (sent them multiple pictures of the busted item), they send me an email that says "Please adhere to normal return policy by taking the item back to the store or printing a fedex label and taking the item to fedex." First, is Kirkland's going to send someone to repack this thing?! Are they going to send fedex to pick this thing up?! I am not an able-bodied person here! Second, this cabinet is so trashed that it needs to go in the trash - do they think they are still going to SELL it?? On top of everything, I bought the item on sale and was charged regular price!! Copying upper management at Kirkland's does nothing... As I copied my correspondence, including the pictures, to Lesa McNeal (over Customer Service) as well as to Carter Todd (VP) - neither of them have responded to date. No wonder your company has been in the news with financial problems. You place no value on customer service or your customers' experiences!

I have never been to a Kirklands before

I have never been to a Kirklands before, and I am glad that I haven't. I wanted to buy the whole store. They have 40% off pretty much everything right now! I love the signs that they have and all of their accent pieces. I got these wonderful smelling sachets that were 3 for $5. They have a great selection of anything you can imagine to quickly make yourself a hoarder of knick knacks. I need to stay away, but I hear it calling to me now...I might need to visit again soon.

I love shopping here

I love shopping here and I am guy! Although I get a headache from scents sometimes I still love shopping here for home decor. My wife loves shopping here too. The staff has always been friendly. They have so many great items to choose from!

I agree with other reviewers...

I agree with other reviewers that Kirklands has horrible customer service. I ordered a rug and received the wrong item. It was not only a different color and rug but it wasn't even the same size. Though inconvenient, I was not upset because mistakes can happen. What does upset me is the customer service total lack of concern and how rude they are. I will never buy from Kirklands again.

Hands down the worst customer service

Hands down the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my 31 years on this earth. I had two concerns about my first ship to store order that I communicated through emails to customer service.. I received two generic responses that did not help or dignify my concerns at all. Worst of all customer service reps doesn't even sign their name with their responses, so no one can be held accountable for their lack of help. Concerning the order, I was told by CS that all my items are ready for pickup, however one item still shows processing when I look up the order on my account. I placed the order on September 7th and now it's October 8th!!!! Totally unacceptable.. ripoff, scam, terrible customer service.. will never make the mistake of ordering from this company again and I will make sure evetryone I know is aware of the terrible service.

Do not place an online order with kirklands!

Do not place an online order with kirklands!!! Its ridiculous how long it takes for them to get your order to you! They take the money immediately but take their time to ship it to you! Customer service is a joke! You are on hold for 10 or more minutes!!! Totally disgusted with them!!

I ordered two artworks...

I ordered two artworks and seven teardrop mirrors online almost a month ago. About a week after I ordered it, I checked back online and the status showed as 'shipped to store'. That remained even a week later so I contacted the customer service #. I was told that all they could tell me was that it was 'shipped to store' and that I should call the local store to see if they have received it. I contacted the local store and they told me they have not received it. I contacted the customer service again and they had no way to determine status during transit and exactly when it would actually get to the store. I asked to speak to the supervisor and was told they were not available and couldn't do anything further, but that they would pass the message along. No one contacted me back but I got an auto e-mail noting that it was 'shipped to store'. I tried to e-mail the customer service with the issue and no one responded back to that. The status kept showing 'shipped to store.' Another week later, I called the customer service again and was told that everything was at the local store for pick up except four of the teardrop mirrors and that the delivery truck was there that day so those could be on that. I waited two days then went to the local store to pick up my items. When I got there, I was told that none of the items were at the store but that a truck was unloading so it could be on there. After waiting a month and neither the headquarters or the local store having any idea where my purchased items were, I asked for a refund. I would have posted this review to their website but they do not allow reviews related to customer service!

Kirkland's Online has terrible customer support!

Kirkland's Online has terrible customer support! They are unprepared to handle moderately complex issues. We received the same order twice and both times they were damaged. They made us buy packing tape and spend an hour packing the damaged items over and over again. They demanded pictures via email. When we sent them, they did not respond for a week. When we called, they said they don't have enough staff to handle all their returns and complaints and hadn't gotten to our emai yet. They said they had to forward the email to corporate and that it would be another week at best before we heard from them.

They always have cute decor items here

They always have cute decor items here, and affordable at that. Mirrors, wall decor, candle holders, cute pillows, accent furniture pieces and even some outdoor items. I love the scent packs they sell, too. There's a nice selection on scents, and they're eco-friendly.

I have been to several Kirkland locations

I have been to several Kirkland locations and have had good service, however this location in Pflugerville is exceptionally nice. Their staff is very friendly and helpful.

The Pflugerville location is my favorite

The Pflugerville location is my favorite. I love all the decor items they carry and the prices are very reasonable. They always have coupons which allows you to save even more. And if you are military, you can save an extra 10% by showing your ID.

I ordered a lamp off the Kirkland's website

I ordered a lamp off the Kirkland's website. It arrived without the knob to turn the lamp on. I went in this afternoon and a girl found one in the back that fit the lamp, it must be worth at least 5 cents. However, the manager would not let me have it or buy it. She said I would have to buy a new lamp and return the one that had been delivered -a 200 mile round trip. I WILL not go back in that store. I did call Kirkland's customer service and they are mailing a knob that should arrive in 4-8 business days. Besides not being cooperative, she was rude.

White Plains just included a fresh home store

White Plains just included a fresh home store. Some may see it as a hot mess because we have Pier 1, Home Goods and now, Kirkland's- ALL at the Crossroads Shopping Center- but they mesh nicely. Each one of these Home Stores, vary in price and uniqueness- not necessarily in that order, but works as my blueprint when I'm buying something different for the house. Though I like shopping at Pier 1 every so often, I'm going to rule this one out, for their outrageous dollar signs. Branching out from Tennessee, most would also say, Kirkland's merchandise is somewhat similar to HomeGoods. And what sets Kirkland's apart, are their inspirational messages (and some religious ones) seen on their decor. I'm not ditching my fave HomeGoods, but If I'm seeking a (slightly) different flair, Kirkland's is an excellent alternative for my home. Furniture and other items here are different and didn't disappoint- almost the kind that stands out from the others. Rock bottom deals made me want to stay, but part of the charm, is their pleasant and wholesome service.

Customer service doesn't seem to understand...

Customer service doesn't seem to understand that there is a Pier 1 literally 30 seconds away in the same shopping plaza. I recommend going there. That's where I usually go. Both times I have come here the sales people behaved as if tidying up a home goods store was the toughest job on the planet. Not helpful at all. They stand around and gossip. Not a store for adults looking to spruce up their home. Not with that kind of "service." Just set up the self check out machines, hire a security guard and be done with it.


OMG. I just discovered my new favorite store. It's Kirkland's (apostrophe s as explained by the cashier. No connection to Costco's brand) in White Plains. It's a combination of Homegoods and Pier 1. If you like Christmas ornaments and decorations, this is nirvana. It's a great place to pick up hostess gifts, stocking stuffers and other small gifts at great prices. If you don't celebrate Christmas, don't worry. They have plenty for everyone. They have lamps, paintings & posters, throws, robes, slippers, chairs, small accent furniture etc. It took a gargantuan effort not to buy out half of the store. Did I mention that they also have great sales? Currently 75 percent off fall merchandise!

Decided to go to the store today...

Decided to go to the store today to do a little after Christmas shopping but they really didn't have anything that I needed, but the people that work here are very helpful, the store is very organized and very clean I love this place. I WOULD highly recommend that you go check it out.

Kirklands used to be one of my favorite stores...

Kirklands used to be one of my favorite stores when I lived in Arizona. This location was a little bit difficult for me to find, but parking was easy and once inside this location was very organized and neat. I will say that when I came in not too long after the store opened I wasn't not greeted very warmly as the stuff was busy doing other things. But just as I remember they had decent sales and pretty good pieces for home decoration and gifts inside.

Poor customer service...

Poor customer service. The store manager Christie (unsure on the spelling of her name) is the rudest manager I have come across. Her customer service skills need a tune up. From the moment we walked in, there was no hello only a nasty stare. Horrible! I will never go back as long as she is there.

Super cute home goods!

Super cute home goods!! I was looking for furniture (which they only have small items) but found some adorable things!

Great mirror!

Great mirror! We bought Item #: 114761 home last night. It looks beautiful & although the description says black, ours is a very dark brown, which is what we wanted. With the angle we have it on, I only need to be about 1 meter away to see my whole body, and I'm 5'9". This mirror was on sale for $99.99 in store and I didn't see till later in the day on the website that it had gone down to $79.99 (turns out that it was that price in the store but they had not changed the tag). The 20% off coupon codes on the website are also on top of the sale price so it came down to $63.99 before tax. We're fan's of seeing what we're buying first. There was a few mirrors we liked in the store that had a few bumps and scratches, one that had a big hunk of glue on the inside edge of the frame. Sure they had other's in boxes out the back & you can order them in too if you buy online, but you never know what you're going to get when you open the box. So we went into the store & spoke to the manager. He honored the online price & let us take the one that we liked off the shop floor. The staff were super friendly and helpful, really went out of their way to help us out. They also told us about the Kirklands Spin to Win app which allows you to spin once a day to get 5 - 15% off your purchase.


This place has some pretty cool (and inexpensive) decor! We purchased a HUGE (and rather cool, might I add) mirror, storage console table, centerpiece for our formal dining room table, a frame and a decoration item; all for the low, low price of $250. They also had great customer service. We'll definitely be coming back!

Amazing buys

Amazing buys at cheap prices!! I could spend hours in this store. Staff are very friendly and helpful!

The Worst Customer Service

Absolutely terrible customer service. It's been almost a week since I placed an online order and have not received one update on status. I also submitted several requests over the last few days for order status via their "Customer Support" option on website. I have yet to receive one reply to those. Even tried chat where the customer support person said it was being packaged up for shipment, but that wasn't truthful. Probably the worst customer service/experience I have ever experienced. And I have done a ton of online shopping.


Kirklands...I started going to your stores when I lived in Texas, and I still love you in Colorado. The last time I was in, I was searching for a rug that I had seen the week prior. I asked the salesgirl (So sad I've forgotten her name) if they still had it in stock. She said no, but the CO Spgs store did! She placed one on hold for me and was so sweet about checking in whether I needed anything and helpful beyond belief. LOVE this place.

I had an amazing experience at Kirkland's

I had an amazing experience at Kirkland's. I was in the process of decorating a baby's room and called Kirkland's to see if they had all the letters of a specific product to spell the baby's name. When I called the store in Centennial CO, I spoke with Maria who was SO helpful. REALLY great customer service. She went and found the letters that they had in stock then called other stores to find the letters that they did not have in stock. She called me and left a message once she had all of the letters that I needed and set them aside for me in the back room. When I came into the store everything was waiting for me and all I had to do was pay. Such a great experience and such helpful staff!

I was so happy to hear that a Kirklands would be opening up

I was so happy to hear that a Kirklands would be opening up in Livermore. I used to drive to Antioch/Brentwood to go to this store after my friend told me about it. Kirkland's is a home decor store. If you sign up for their free rewards program, you get emails, tons of coupons, and notices when they are having sales-which is all the time. Albeit, the prices are a bit higher than stores like Tj Maxx and Home Goods, but they have a great selection of home decor and furniture. I have purchased many items from Kirkland's for my home and have received compliments on all of them. Highly recommend if you are looking for something different than what Tj Maxx and Home Goods has to offer. Bit more upscale-but I feel it is pretty good quality for what you get.

A pretty nice edition to the area

A pretty nice edition to the area, this place has pier one, cost plus and slight michael's kinda of feel. The employees were friendly and proactive in terms of approaching me for any questions or needed help. The prices seem to be fairly reasonable and the overall selection and variety seems to be have alittle something for everyone. A nice place to shop and browse around overall.

The store is beautiful and clean

The store is beautiful and clean. The employees are very friendly and very easy to approach. Tons of cute things.. I love Kirkland's and am thrilled they opened one out here. Plenty of parking but I'm sure it'll fill up once this shopping center opens up. They had a soft opening the other day and were giving out treats and a free gift with every purchase. Make sure to sign up for their rewards program too! Only down side is that the store is much smaller than i was thinking/hoping. Ill definitely be back. Yayy!


When contacting customer service and spending 20 minutes of my time to try to change my shipping method , their Cs department tells me they can’t do anything with my order. They can’t make changes, they can’t change shipping methods , they can’t cancel. They literally can’t do anything ! So I ask you Kirkland.... why have a CS department?? Just a joke! Don’t Ofer anything online. It’s been 10 days since my Oder was placed and it hasn’t even shipped. No company can compete without speedy shipment. That’s why people go to Amazon these days .

This store...

This store, I would say is an upscale version of Home goods stores. I can always find things here that are reasonably priced. I've ordered items online and delivered to their store. The only thing I would advise is that when buying mirrors, check it thoroughly especially the corners when its covered by cardboard because it can have some damages. I bought one recently and when I got home the mirror had a crack on one corner and one other corner the wood was separated and I ended up returning it.

Website is awful

Website is awful, employees can’t order within their store online, tried to order, but have to drive across country, when it actually works they are out of stock, customer Service call back 8 hours later, love the products, online customer service, not so much


Sorry Love the store but I can't go in there again even w a 60% of today only! . The fragrance will just kill you. I recall this was a similar reaction I had in the Tracy store. I came out wanting to throw up or spit. It's like putting a scented candle in your mouth. I'm not overly sensitive to smells either. I tried walking w my breath held but still came out gagging.

Lots of decor...

Lots of decor items we all love but don't need. Lots of the items are trendy decor, mostly good quality. No food, no cooking items. They have mirrors which I found the perfect one for over the new bathroom vanity for $20. Sachets that smell great for $2.50. Storage and wreaths and candles and pillows. Lots of sales that change all the time. I got replacement patio chair pillows for $13. They are a wonderful quality, thick and ruffed. Lots of signs for the house and laundry. Seasonal items were cute. I'll go back when I need some girls gifts.

Customer service stinks

Customer service stinks. I bought a rug online & bad weather prevented me from picking it up on time. Called store to have them hold it & they said oh yes no problem. When my daughter went to pick it up they wanted to charge her full price (it was on sale & I had a coupon). Wouldn't honor online price. Called customer service & they were not helpful just very annoying. Never shopping in their made in China junk stores again!

went in today...

went in today and not a single greeting from the staff/lady on cash register. The store wasn't even that busy. They had some sort of scented Saches on display and the smell was so strong and overpowering it wasn't even pleasant. Their variety is ok, personally I think homegoods has more options.

Copying upper management at Kirkland's does nothing...

Purchased "Windowpane Sliding Door Driftwood Gray Cabinet" online. It was delivered to me completely bent, broken, gouged on the front of it, and with broken sliding door mechanisms. I ordered it because it was not available at my store and because I am disabled/do not have a truck to drive a display cabinet home (or the ability to unload it, even with assistance). Customer service is soooo unresponsive. After three days of waiting for an answer from them (sent them pictures of damages), they send me an email that says "Please adhere to normal return policy by taking the item back to the store or printing a ***** label and taking the item to *****." First, is Kirkland's going to send someone to repack this thing?! Are they going to send ***** to pick this thing up?! I am not an able-bodied person here! Second, this cabinet is so trashed that it needs to go in the trash - do they think they are still going to SELL it?? On top of everything, I bought the item on sale and was charged regular price!! Copying upper management at Kirkland's does nothing... As I copied my correspondence, including these pictures, to Lesa M***** (over Customer Service) as well as to Carter T*** (VP). No response from either of them as yet either. No wonder your company has been in the news with financial problems. You place no value on customer service or your customers' experiences!

What can I say...

What can I say... I'm addicted..I just can't help myself. It all started the first time I opened their doors and caught a whiff of the amazing smell of the store. I always make a bee line straight to the clearance section grab everything I don't need ...but that doesn't stop me. Then I go to my phone where I have the spin to win app download and spin to see my coupon for the visit. Then I point out everything I want to my husband followed by..are you listening? Then while redecorating every room in my house in my head I dive for anything that goes with the current decor I have. We are great friends Kirkland's and I . They email me and I visit often. We go way back! I always tell the employees that I should be getting commission on all that I have sold to their customers (and tell them about the app) and they just laugh and laugh.. I suppose I'll keep waiting for that check to arrive. I once thought about working here but that would cost me a fortune. Oh as for my review it's great. Everything is great! Always bringing in new items, great prices and sales. Never have I met an employee that wasn't helpful or kind ..and I've been to these stores all over the U.S.. so get in there! Download the app! Request emails! Dress up those rooms and bring a friend!


Ugh. Staff is rude. They don't acknowledge you unless you are Caucasian. I hate to say that but it's what I noticed. They have a great selection of home decor. Great selection of sayings on frames and woods and metals.

I love this store!

I love this store!!!! Great prices... great customer service. I send everyone here for there home decor .

I'm glad that we finally have a Kirkland's

I'm glad that we finally have a Kirkland's on Stephanie Street. I've always enjoyed the store on Eastern, but don't always love the Eastern traffic to get there. Now I have one closer to home. This is definitely one of my go to spots for home items. So far I've been to this store three times and have managed to find something I needed for my house each time. They were items I've shopped for and failed to find at other stores, but walked in here and found exactly what I needed. It helps that the store is always clean and well organized. This location has a huge section of wall art that is reasonably priced. The wall art also comes in many different sizes and shapes. This is where I finally found a wall art large enough for my front foyer that wasn't crazy heavy after two years of searching. The store also carries plenty of other décor items like vases, candles, candle stands, and kitchen décor. The holiday décor is my favorite part of coming here. I can always count on them for reasonably priced holiday décor. I searched everywhere for Patriotic décor and was having trouble finding décor that wasn't tacky until I came to Kirkland's. They had more than I needed in Patriotic décor and it was all reasonably priced. It seems like this store runs sales often so it's easy to stumble upon a deal without trying. They also have a rewards program. The rewards rack up even if you don't bother to complete the registration process, oops. On my last visit the clerk was kind enough to let me know that I have earned rewards if I finish registration which is cool. The service is okay, but there is usually a wait at the register. When they first opened the wait was long, but it seems to be getting better. When I purchased a large item there was a kind employee that helped me load it into the car which was helpful.

I have a slight obsession with home decor

I have a slight obsession with home decor so this new Kirkland's is trouble for me! They have tons of inexpensive home accessories, furniture, gifts and holiday/seasonal decor. The store is very neat and organized and there's just so much area to browse. It's a lot of fun to walk through and imagine how and where you'd use the items in your own home. As far as home decor goes, this isn't top of the line stuff but the prices are great and some of the items are very good quality. A lot of the country cottage decor isn't really my style but I can always find some accessory pieces to use on a bookshelf or nightstand. I have ordered items online to the store for free shipping, which is a great option, but shipping to the store took quite some time. The one thing I'd change is the very strong scent in the store, most likely coming from their line of sachet packs. Kind of gives me a headache. Employees are always friendly and I can count on good customer service. There's a rewards program so if you're going to shop here often make sure to join.

Worst customer service...

Worst customer service I've encountered in a long time. Manager or senior sales clerk on duty was rude, uninterested in my business, and didn't seem to want to assist at all with questions or help with products.

My first experience at any Kirkland's

My first experience at any Kirkland's was at this location, on a weekday evening, and I walked out after browsing for over 30 minutes rather disappointed by the lack of customer service. It appeared that there was some sort of employee meeting taking place, which certainly are needed but when a retail store is open assisting customers should be the top priority. After making purchases at another Kirkland's (on Eastern) I decided to give this store another try as it is quite a bit closer to my house. The merchandise is mostly the same, but since this is a smaller store there is not as much in stock. The customer service was still a bit lackluster to me. I will most likely drive a little further to shop at the other Kirkland's location rather than come here.

I have to say I love Kirkland'

I have to say I love Kirkland's, but they seriously need to get better customer service at this location. The manager (April) checked us out and was quite rude to us. We even had to ask for our free gift after purchasing the $ amount. I don't know if she treats everyone like that but this last visit left a sour taste. So much that I will no longer shop at this location.

Would not recommend...

Would not recommend coming to this Location. I've had a problem every time, the employees are rude and good luck asking a question because you'll probably get ignored. The manager was extremely unprofessional and the customer service was lacking. I love kirklands but I won't be going back to this Location.

We've been to this location...

We've been to this location a few times and we'll keep coming back! It's a great place to browse and we walk out with a little something for the house every time we visit. We are happy with our purchases and the customer service.

I absolutely love this place!

I absolutely love this place! It's warm and inviting, and there is always someone greeting you at the door. This is one of my favorite places to go.

I came into this store...

I came into this store to specifically buy a decorative door which can be heavy, I was wearing a medical boot at this time. No one spoke as I entered the store nor the entire time I was in the store, while looking through the doors an employee took time to watch me but NOT assist me? REALLY, I left without purchasing and wrote a complaint online and never got a reply, wow. Customer service is horrible all the way up to corporate and in this area in general.

Worst experience ever

Worst experience ever, do not order online. Tried to charge me twice.


I ordered a cabinet from Kirkland’s. It was delivered and the whole cabinet was damaged. I contacted Customer Service and they offered me a 25% discount or to return it to a FedEx location or a Kirkland’s store. After some more discussions they offered me a 50% off. Still not acceptable as the cabinet is only to use to dispose it. The return means I have to drop this heavy cabinet off! I have no idea how to get it into the car. I would understand that I have to drop it off somewhere to return if I didn’t like it but I received a cabinet which I can’t use. Broken and damaged all over. There was no understanding or accommodation to arrange a pick up…I assume all they can do with this cabinet is to dispose it. Very poor customer service!

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