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Jordans Furniture Reviews

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Jordan's Furniture is one of the largest furniture chains found in New England. Their tagline is that they are 'not just a store, an experience' with some locations featuring ropes courses and food for sale in the same complex for customers to enjoy. In terms of their furniture, their prices range from moderate to high end, with most customers liking their quality overall. However, there are some disagreements with customer service, advertised prices, and delivery.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

Price: $64-$8999

Return Policy: 7 Days - Excluding Bedding

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Jordans Furniture Specifics

Jordan's Furniture is a New England based retailer with 8 store locations delivering home furnishings to customers throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and parts of New York and New Jersey. With their huge brick-and-mortar stores in addition to the IMAX theaters, restaurants, rides, and even ropes courses available at a few of their locations, Jordan's Furniture truly wants their customers to come in to their stores for the experience. Jordan's Furniture carries pieces manufactured locally and also imported from overseas. Prices range from moderate to more costly, and shoppers have a large selection of furniture options available to peruse through and can even customize some pieces for an additional cost.

When it comes to customer sentiment and experiences, many shoppers seem to enjoy the attractions such as the ropes course and restaurants offered at the physical locations. However, there are some who report mixed interactions with sales staff and with regards to perceived quality, especially given the higher price of certain items. While there are some that have good things to say about their overall customer experience, others have reported issues with customer experience and longevity of some products.

Material Quality

Jordan's Furniture offers a high-end experience for a higher than average price point when it comes to their offerings. Most customers find Jordan's Furniture pieces to offer fair value for the price with positive feedback about initial quality. However, there are some shoppers who noted issues with durability over time.

Jordan's Furniture's Top Picks

When it comes to Jordan's Furniture's offerings, there are a few popular items that customers shop for again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Jordan's Furniture's catalog.

#1 Mattresses

One of the top furniture items that Jordan's Furniture shoppers look for is a new mattress. With their Sleep Lab shopping experience, Jordan's offers shoppers over 90 different mattress models to try in store from some well-known brands such as Sealy, Serta, and Beautyrest as well as their own mattress brand: Jordan's Mattress Factory. Jordan's Furniture also offers in-store shoppers with specific mattress recommendations through the use of their exclusive technology, BridgeIT. Shoppers can choose from mattresses ranging in size and types including innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam with prices ranging from $115 all the way up to $8,300+. Overall, some customers enjoyed the unique experience of the Sleep Lab and BridgeIT and were happy with their experience buying from Jordan's. However, some customers experienced comfort and durability disagreements with some of the options.

The pros: A unique experience with their Sleep Lab.

The cons: Some mixed service experiences and mattress longevity issues were reported by some shoppers.

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#2 Sectionals & Sofas

Jordan's Furniture shoppers are oftentimes on the hunt for a new sectional or sofa for their living space. Jordan's carries nearly 300 sofa and sectional models, many of which can be customized to the fabric color of your choice for an additional cost. Sofas and sectionals tend to come in designs that are more traditional/classic and start at $700 and go up to $6,000+ and can be delivered to shoppers in qualifying areas for at least 6% of the furniture retail cost. While there are plenty of customers who have had a positive experiences browsing Jordan's sectionals and sofas, some shoppers point out delivery delays for pieces that are customized, some varied services experiences, and some durability complaints for certain upholstery fabrics.

The pros: Nice styles and the ability to customize some sofas and sectionals.

The cons: Varied sales experiences, some delays in shipping, and some durability issues reported by customers.

#3 Recliners

Another popular find are Jordan's Furniture recliners, and they have just over 130 different models (some of which can be customized in the fabric color/pattern of your choice) available for shoppers. From the traditional recliner models to more updated looking chairs and some with a massage and heating functions too, buying a Jordan's recliner can set you back anywhere from $400 to $5,400+. Customers are generally happy with their recliner purchases, but some mention that some issues with perceived sturdiness and supplemental warranty services.

The pros: A good variety of recliners and some customization options.

The cons: Some models seem unstable and the warranty may not cover all that customers expect.

#4 Beds & Bedroom Sets

When it comes to furnishing entire bedrooms, Jordan's Furniture shoppers have a large selection of beds, nightstands, dressers, mirrors, and chests to choose from. With beds alone, Jordan's carries over 500+ different models ranging from just headboards from $119 to $2,800+ for fully upholstered sleigh beds. Their bedroom set pieces tend to be made of steel, solid wood and/or wood veneer, and man-made furniture board with a veneer. If you're not sure what pieces would best fit in your bedroom, Jordan's offers an online Room Planner tool to help shoppers get a better sense of the size and layout of their prospective bedroom furniture. Additionally, they also have In Home Design Services where a designer can come to your home and help select pieces from Jordan's Furniture to furnish your entire room. When it comes to their bedroom sets, customers appreciate the classic designs and variety of options available to them. Some shoppers did mention problems with the lastingness of certain pieces and also concerns with the delivery of their bedroom set pieces.

The pros: An abundant number of bedroom designs to choose from including some pieces that are made of solid wood.

The cons: Some durability concerns on certain options as well as delivery issues.

#5 Dining Furniture

The last top shopper picks at Jordan's Furniture are their dining furniture and dining room sets. Jordan's carries just over 170 dining sets, starting at $350 for 3-piece sets which come with a table and 2 chairs and go up to $5,200+ for a dining set with a table and 8 chairs. In addition to dining tables and chairs, Jordan's also carries matching servers & sideboards, credenzas, china cabinets, kitchen islands, bar stools, and bars & wine storage pieces. Their dining furniture is manufactured using materials such as man-made furniture board, high density urethane, and solid woods. Shoppers can enjoy browsing Jordan's selection of classic and traditional dining furniture, and they even carry a few more modern options too. Some customers have brought up concerns about perceived quality and the furniture protection plans offered.

The pros: Varied designs and pieces to furnish most kitchen and dining spaces.

The cons: Some complaints with the furniture protection plan and durability reported on some dining furniture pieces.

More From Jordan's Furniture's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Jordan's Furniture offers a wide lineup of other home products, such as:

- Furniture Accents

- Kids' Room Furniture

- Outdoor Furniture

- Rugs

- Home Office Furniture

- Entertainment Room Furniture

Jordan's Furniture Store Locator

Jordan's Furniture stores are located in a few locations across New England. Want to know which is the closest to your home?

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

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Buying the mattress

Buying the mattress was a little painful, using the website. I tried for 2 days, with 2 different browsers, and 2 different devices. It wasn't until I contacted customer service that things magically started to work again (no explanation offered, either). Once the website was working properly, the process was quite easy. The delivery was easy. I picked my own day which was only a couple of days after the purchase was made, and it was arranged for the weekend which is very convenient for me, and they emailed me quickly with a window for delivery of 8am to 11am. They arrived at 8:30am which was great. The two movers were very polite and quickly went about bringing in the new bed and removing the old. I bought a mattress only, without box spring, and it was amusing to see them snap photos of the existing bed setup, I am sure to cover themselves for potential future warranty claims. I put zero faith in warranty claims as I have tried to exercise them in the past without success. They are worthless. Once you accept that, and that you may need to replace your mattress every few years (and go cheaper too, because of that fact), the happier you will be. :-) So far I am very pleased with the comfort of the bed too. Overall a very good experience, I would use this same process again in the future.

Bridge it

bridge it is the biggest gaff and con going my wife and i went in there the other day we are the complete opposite she is petite no aliments i am a little over weight bad hips shoulders back knees etc guess what we both fit bridge it requirement to fit the same mattress then when you ask the sales person how can that be he was like a politician never got an direct answer went all around the world and never answered the question we also have an adjustable bed king that requires twins which two twins came out to be 1000.00 more than a king which is the same size as a king again when asked his politician speech came out again never got a correct answer so all i can say is bridge it is a big rip off and jordens should be ashame of them selfs for deceiving the public with this gaff

Literally the nicest customer service

Literally the nicest customer service I've ever received. I came in at 4:30 on a Thursday night and there were no other customers in the waiting area. They had refreshments available, and the woman behind the counter offered me an AMAZING smelling pina colada air freshener for my car. I brought my car around to pick up the piece of furniture that I bought, and as they were putting it in the back of my car, another guy cleaned my windshield! I couldn't believe it! Awesome customer service!!

This was my 3rd purchase

This was my 3rd purchase from Jordan's Furniture and have had great success with their products and their service. Latest was a dresser. Ordered online and was told it would be delivered between 7-10 am. Received it at 8:30 in perfect condition. Delivery was smooth and delivery people were very polite. Nice value for the price. Will continue to shop there in the future.


BUYER BEWARE. ...dishonest sales people...Not told at point of purchase that item was final sale...on delivery, frame was not attached to bed at promised..It does not fit, now I am stuck with a $2500 bedframe that Jordan's refuses to take back...Don't believe Elliot...items are NOT returnable despite his commercial that airs every 15 minutes. .Will never buy there again . JORDAN'S SUCKS...

The ONLY reason I am giving this place a 4 stars

The ONLY reason I am giving this place a 4 stars was because there was a worker that didn't seem very trustworthy around the little ones. And the lockers sucked let's be honest the furniture isnice but nobody's gonna spend 500$ on an end table. Overal a fun place though.

Sleep center review

Sleep center review: Buyer beware of add-ons to your order WITHOUT your consent. I purchased a mattress here a few months ago and when I went to pay, the saleswoman told me the price and it seemed inflated. I had to ask to see the detailed invoice and sure enough she had added two $100 pillows to my order and a mattress protector that I most certainly did not ask for. I told her to remove the unwanted items and in hindsight I wish I had cancelled the entire order and walked out. Furniture review: excellent selection, salesman gave us our space but was available to answer all our questions. Checkout was speedy and delivery was made on promised date. Delivery men were outstanding, very respectful of our home and super friendly.

Here's an update

Here's an update regarding my review of Jordan's Furniture. I was contacted by Jordan's customer service though Yelp, it was a canned response stating their concern about my review and asking for my contact info. To date I have not heard from them, NO FOLLOW THROUGH just as I expected. I can imagine if we bought something there and had a problem with it, we would get the same treatment...NO FOLLOW THROUGH! So, if you like shopping in a nightclub atmosphere, with music so loud and noisy that you can't even hear yourself think along with poor customer service, Jordan's is your place. Well, low and behold....Tim, the manager just phoned me. He basically said that they are a different kind of furniture store and some people like the loud music (nightclub atmosphere) but he did say customer service should have accommodated us by turning the music down a bit and he will speak to them. It was nice that he called after I posted my update, so there was some follow through.

Man you can see this gigantic sign

Man you can see this gigantic sign of theirs from pretty far away! They are an awesome store. They offer any kind of furniture one could possibly want. I mean seriously they are huge and just alot of fun to shop at. I would plan to spend some time here. They are not your average furniture store. The staff are helpful and nice but if you are just coming here to browse, without a specific product in mind, you can do that too. There is much to see. And if you want to make a day of it and grab something to eat while you are in the area, I would suggest Brazi's Italian Restaurant which has some really great food and which is located very close to Jordan's. You cannot go wrong with Brazi's. Happy shopping!

A salesperson talked me into fabric care protection

A salesperson talked me into fabric care protection for a rocker recliner I bought. It was expensive (I think $150) but I asked if it covered pet damage and he said, "that's the amazing thing, it actually does which makes it a great deal!". So I got it and of course my cat eventually scratched the chair. Then I am told that it actually does NOT cover damage due to claws or beaks! Of course I'm pissed, but I ask if they can just give me some fabric to make a slipcover and they're fine with it. So I pick it out and am placing the order and they ask ME how I am paying?!! WTF! I'm trying to be nice and compromise with them but they're just a**oles about it. I'm never buying anything here again. If you do, don't purchase add-on options without reading the entire contract. Don't trust the salespeople!!

I'll start

I'll start by saying Jordan's has a great selection of furniture at all different price points and they offer no interest financing for 60-84 months which is amazing! We found a couch we really liked, then headed over to the sleep lab. The woman who helped us in the lab was nice enough but they lost us as customers because of their mattress prices. They want $$3000- 4000 for a king hybrid mattress with a cooling top. I got a hybrid cooling top mattress that was better quality at sleepys in 2015 for $800!!! Jordans does not include the base Either so you have to buy that too! Mattress firm sells the same brands for 1/2 the price and they give you a free adjustable base. Sleep Lab tech tried to sell us a cheap mattress that we could add a cooling top thanks, we will go to mattress firm and get what we want for a fair price! We were so disgusted by the inflated prices @ Jordan's we left without ordering the couch. Not sure I'd come back.

This place is fun!!!

This place is fun!!! A little too lax on staff though. You get hooked up to a harness and then attached to a rafter(I don't know exactly how to phrase it) and then you're on your own. Once you start going up the course there is literally 0 staff around. While waiting for the zip line at one point my friend had to help a child because he was scared and didn't know how to hook himself up. Can't blame him. Every time we got to the platform to wait for the zip lines a swarm of kids would come rushing for the platform even with no room. I tried to get them to stay on the other side until people went but they didn't listen. This was really annoying. I get that it's a playground but you could literally fall and be injured. Since parents don't teach children manners anymore staff should be present. Besides all this it's fun lol a lot of work I was in pain for 2 days lol

Made a store trip

Made a store trip (1 hr drive) to look for a sectional. Big selection of furniture ranging in quality and prices. We found a $3000 leather sofa we really liked and dimensions were perfect for our living room. No one was helping us so we asked one representative for help, he said he will send us someone as he was assisting other customers. Lady (cant remember name) was not knowledgeable at all and not interested in helping. She seemed as she couldn't care less. She checked the availability for the couch to find out we wont be able to receive it till November! November! Wait, what?? I understand it is a special order but 4-5 months wait for a couch that Is made in China when I can get a sofa at different retailer in my house this week. Thanks, but no thanks.

Totally recommend

Totally recommend stopping by! It was on the way back from New York and was totally worth stopping. Ropes course is great for kids and parents if they want to. The overall atmosphere was fun and the water fountain was a cool addition. There's an ice cream store inside and it was very good priced. This is perfect for parents want to go shopping around and they just need a place to drop their kids off. You lose track of time when you're on the ropes course I ended up spending two hours when it didn't even feel like one. Overall definitely recommend.

over & 2500

.over & 2500 on a bed and spent the extra $100 for the stain protector. Well what would you know the mattress on one side is sunken and now Jordan's doesn't want to replace the mattress due to a stain. The stain is not even in the area where it's sunken. Furthermore, I had the stain protector cover on the mattress. My wife called the Jordan's store in new haven, and they were incredibly rude to her. I am starting to notice a pattern of how rude customer service is in new haven. I really hope they fix or replace my mattress. Worst fucking company to deal with. No one should buy a mattress from Jordan's. It's a fucking scam their customer service sucks and their employees are a bunch of morons. I'll rather spend my money at Bob's. I urge everyone to go to Bob's. Email me and I'll tell you all about how ridiculous this company is.

Excellent company

Excellent company, great product, great financing. have purchased multiple pieces of furniture and a bed. after the first bed didn't work for me and my wife they happily re fitted us and switched it out. after 6 months we were still unhappy and in pain from the bed and the lead supervisor for all the sleep labs in this area reached out and had the sleep lab crew in new haven spend a whole afternoon with us and got us into a bed we love with a very reasonable exchange fee ( since we were so far past the return/exchange window). I couldn't be more grateful for the service we have received. Jordan's will truly go above and beyond to make sure their customers are 100% comfortable and satisfied. We will be happily returning to this store time and time again for all of our home furnishing needs and look forward to fitting our entire house with all the products they offer!!!

Ratings should be on your experience

Ratings should be on your experience as a whole. We did special order (color) a sofa, chair and ottoman. We cannot rate the furniture or delivery because we won't get them for about 4 mos. 0%financing 60 mos. to begin when delivered. Ok .we're in no hurry. Good deal The two 's results from the salesman. Just watch your printed bill as he slipped in an 11% fee on each price of each piece for an extended warranty. An extra $425! Didn't ask us. Delivery fee.. didn't tell us just added it. ( not disputing the charge) Now he tells us because we bought leather part of the deal was Red Sox tickets. He asked if we wanted them ..sure we said. He didn't tell us that financing is 48 months if you take the Red Sox tickets...another surprise It should be full disclosure. There shouldn't be surprises. We told him we thought it was pretty shady and after some back and forth he apologized and admitted he slipped it in. That put a damper on our experience .. but it's a really nice store and we do love our stuff we purchased fingers crossed. Follow up; Our furniture was delivered without incident and to the 4 month time frame promised. It's really nice. The gentleman that delivered were careful, courteous and cleaned up any packaging etc. The financing began after delivery with no issues as cleared up above. We are pleased and will shop again at Jordan's.

I came here on the recommendation of my sister

I came here on the recommendation of my sister, who was completely delighted with her overall experience with Jordan's Furniture, New Haven. I had gone on their website previously and selected what I wanted, and printed it out to make my purchase as quick & painless as possible. I had a great experience purchasing that new reclining sofa & chair today. The sales associate, Chris Daniels, was at the same time pleasant, engaging, and very knowledgeable about the products, features, as well as types of fabrics available for special order as I was doing. He made sure I was aware there would be about a two month lead time on special order fabrics, which was acceptable to me. I was very happy with the service & salesmanship he demonstrated. Like any furniture outlet, they offer a variety (in this case a very large variety) of furniture in different price/quality classes to fit most any budget. I found the pricing competitive for equal quality at other higher end furniture stores. And as usual, you get what you pay for. Referencing one reviewer's comment of the loud sound system, they seem to have taken heed, and it plays a pleasant variety of music at a level conducive to furniture shopping. My only knock on the process is that Jordan's doesn't offer removal of the furniture to be replaced, even at additional cost. I had to pay someone to remove and dispose of my existing reclining couch and reclining chair in advance of delivery of the new reclining couch and reclining chair. That cost me an additional $140.00 NOT COOL!


Jordan's is definitely my go-to furniture store. I've been shopping EVERYWHERE for furniture whether it was online, name-brand stores, and even sleazy furniture shops (maybe I could find a gem?) so I could find exactly what I wanted. Jordan's is huge! The layout is beautiful and their showrooms are clean and easy to navigate. Towards the back near IT, it is a tad noisy but it's a fun addition and perfect for families (kids can go have fun and parents can look at furniture. So smart!). Our salesperson Ian Moyes has helped us twice. He was quick, professional, patient, friendly, and super helpful. He recognized us the second time we visited, too. The salespeople are NOT pushy and they let you explore on your own which is a huge deal for us (we were literally stalked in Ashley Furniture and we felt so uncomfortable, we left). Jordan's is pricy but they had everything we wanted and more. We purchased a couch, two bedside tables, a bar, and a coffee table. That's how much we loved this furniture store! We will always recommend this place to friends. Update on delivery: I'm still keeping my five stars! Delivery was quick and professional! They were wonderful and made sure to keep everything safe and intact. (And not to mention the delivery guy had a nice accent and was friendly! )

A lot of fun

A lot of fun. Took my five year old. Wise to start them out on the kid course first. A bit expensive. Should be one price for everything with as much money as it is. Instead of another ten for climbing walls and another five for the jump. However. It is fun. Neat water show. Might go again for rainy or winter fun. The furniture area is like pier 1 on crack. Very nice displays. Could look for hours.

We stopped here on Saturday

We stopped here on Saturday just to check it out. Nice layout. You want to buy everything here and redo your house after getting inspired by what you see. With the exception that you don't actually buy anything because everything is so pricy. Michael Jackson music was playing from the outside speakers as we walked in which was random.. Nice and spacious, doesn't seem too tight to navigate around.

Can't say enough about how pleased we were

Can't say enough about how pleased we were with our shopping experience and also the delivery of our furniture from Jordan's. Bryan Royster our salesman was exactly what we needed. We weren't exactly sure what we wanted but he guided and suggested ideas for us without be pushy. Also the delivery guys were excellent too. New furniture looks great and we highly recommend Jordan's.

We purchased an expensive bed

We purchased an expensive bed from jordans and have had nothing but problems; 1. The remote is very intermittent and sometimes the bed will not respond. 2. The mattress moves across the bed frame laterally every time we attempt to move the mattress vertically. 3. When we try to get support from jordans, we get told to go "ergomotion" for support. A. Going to ergomotion for support is not effective. B. Jordans will not take ownership of the problem. B. The problems persist with the unit. C. When I call Ergo Motion, using the number supplied by jordans, I end up in gbs furniture. I attempt to "report a new claim" at which point, they hang up.

Thank you Jordan's

Thank you Jordan's for making things right, by replacing the couch we bought from you. On the day of the original delivery, they dropped the couch from the truck. It was an accident, but my husband did send security camera footage to them about the incident. My husband was contacted immediately, and spoke to Andrew, who was very concerned and wanted to make things right. Thank you to Andrew who did make the situation right and ordered a brand new couch for us.

I accompanied my Parents

I accompanied my Parents to Jordan's about a week ago to help them select some furniture. We were immediately greeted by Bryan Ayala. We found Bryan to be one of the most pleasant, positive, and upbeat sales consultants with whom we have ever had the pleasure to interact. First, Bryan helped me locate a wheelchair for my elderly Dad. Bryan then took us virtually by the hand and helped us navigate the maze-like layout of Jordan's. In addition, Bryan encouraged us to follow the path of Jordan's well laid-out 'maze' as we browsed. I don't think we could have had nearly as great of an experience without his assistance. Bryan answered every question we had and explained, in detail, each and every item in which we expressed interest. He is a consummate professional. What we loved most about Bryan was the fact that he never once came across like a 'salesman'. He had our best interests in mind and NEVER pushed us in one direction or another. Bryan was very knowledgeable about Jordan's merchandise as well as the unbelievable financing and savings that were available to us as customers. He CONSULTED us. He did NOT hover over us waiting to 'make the sale'. Instead, he maintained a respectable distance from us in order to allow us our privacy. Yet, he was well enough in proximity if we needed his help. Bryan was instrumental in helping my Parents schedule a prompt delivery of a gorgeous white dresser and mirror for their bedroom. We would GLADLY shop at Jordan's again in the future. We will also recommend Jordan's to our friends and Family for their furniture needs. Just a quick thank you to Bryan. Thanks for making my Parents' shopping experience enjoyable, easy, and memorable! Keep up the GREAT work!! We hope to see you again soon! Kindly, Steven, Regina & Sal Palumbo

I bought a couch

I bought a couch form Jordan's furniture in April of 2019 and it already sheared and pulled in two places on the cushions by September of 2019. I put a claim in with the warranty company, which went nowhere and then directly with Jordan's. They in turn sent a gentleman out to my home and he examined the piece and said well it looks like it could be done by your dog or jeans with buttons. I assured him it was not because my dog is not allowed on the furniture and besides you can see that it all gated off. As for buttons we someone would have to sit way back toward the end and that is virtually impossible with such a depo couch. He said look I would like to get this covered if I can, which meant there was a possibility at that time due to him mentioning it. So I get a call telling me how much I owe to order a new seat cover and I asked the person and debated it her and her speech went something like this: Jordans is not responsible once delivered how you use your set , nor are we responsible for the manufacturer itself and their shortcomings .Since did buy a" value piece" I guess meaning cheap piece of furniture. l did spend 2,000.00 on this couch so I guess that is considered cheap and told so. I also told her the Velcro that hold the cushion to the couch rips the batting and she said I told the inspector that it didn't bother me. I said it didn't bother me but why would someone place Velcro strips in opposite directions, she said her couch has that too. So I guess I should be ok with that? Doesn't make sense to me I think it should hold up with an adult only house for more than 6 months for 2,000.00. And then said if I spilled wine on it that would be covered, but material that tears isn't...... Am I expecting too much from Jordan's furniture, you are choosing to sell furniture from these companies even though that is not a lot to you it is to some.

This is a review regarding delivery

This is a review regarding delivery and has nothing to do with Sales. Customers of Jordan's need to know that even though they call it "Our Delivery Service" on the Order Receipt and Steps for a Successful Delivery "Jordan's Furniture." It is not Jordan's that delivers your is a Sub-Contracted Service that has Nothing to do with Jordan's. The problem is if they damage the furniture or your property, you have to deal with the owner of the Sub-contracted company. Do you really want a Trucking Company or a Contractor they know, doing repairs on your furniture, home or property ? If you don't then you have to get quotes from Contractors in you area and send them to Jordan's to see if they will be approved. This becomes a Full Time Job for you and can take months. The Sub-Contractor ultimately pays for the work for the damaged property or furniture. Welcome to your own personal hell. This is an FYI for future customers of Jordan's. Updated 23 October 2017: As I expected, it took a month and a half to get this issue dealt with, and much too much of my own time and effort. My Jordan's "Experience" was a poor one and as much as The Customer Service Department would like to deflect it on the Sub-Contracted Delivery Service, it is a "Black Eye" for The Jordan's "Brand". Jordan's Sub-Contracts our to these Trucking Companies for Delivery of their furniture and needs to be responsible for them. I have nothing further to discuss with anyone at Jordan's. I am left with a bad taste in my mouth and will now think twice before buying anything from Jordan's Furniture in the future. It should be disclosed to customers that any credits placed on your account are only good for 1 year... then they disappear forever. However, Jordan's is not a well-run business so you are not told that.

Wanted to try Gidget

Wanted to try Gidget. Analyze yourself to pick the perfect bed. Totally useless. No printout of the results. The technicians kept results to himself. Still have no idea what type of matress to shop for. Thanks for nothing.

Went in with a couple of friends

Went in with a couple of friends looking at beds and one of the workers there came up to us and called us "kids" and said that if we stay longer he'll kick us out. Meanwhile another worker was eyeing us down from across the hall giving us a dirty look and we didn't even get a chance to look at anything

We recently went into Jordans

We recently went into Jordans at the Warwick Mall. We go in from time to time to look at furniture and see if we find anything that catches our eye as we have been looking for a few accent pieces. When we got to the second floor we were quickly approached by Donna. She was pleasant and eager to help. We explained we were just looking for something that would catch our eye. We weren't looking for anything in particular. We continued to look around and every few minutes Donna kept trying to have a conversation. Working in sales myself I understand that helping customers and selling is how money is made however you also need to understand what a customer says and read the body language. After walking through most of the store we came upon a shelf that we liked. We also came across a coffee table. When we went to find Donna as she had offered her help we felt like she should be the one who got the sale. Donna first checked the availability and said it was in stock. Now this was Tuesday afternoon. We thought that's great as my wife had a party at our home on Friday and having this new piece would be nice to show off. When we tried to schedule delivery we were told Saturday was earliest. This was disappointing. We asked if there was anyway to get it before Friday a manager came over and made a call and said it could be delivered next day on Wednesday. So Wednesday comes and the piece of furniture we bought wasn't on the truck but told we can get it on Thursday. And on Thursday we did get delivery. The main issue was the sales people hawk over you like vultures and if not for that we probably would've bought coffee table and end table as well instead we were frustrated and then felt as though delivery taking 4 days for a small piece was long. Also charged for delivery so it's not like it is a free service. I could've rented a truck for less and picked up myself. The aggressive sales and lack of follow through is why I can only give 3 stars. Not great not horrible. Guess that's what you get at mid level furniture place.

I gotta say

I gotta say, I'm a believer.... Bought a condo and needed EVERYTHING. The guy (sorry forgot his name) was awesome. 1.5 hours after I walked in, I had a house full of furniture and a mattress. Reasonably priced and decent quality. This was on a Sunday and out of the 10 pieces only 1 was not available for delivery on Friday. On that Friday, my window was 8-10. They were calling at 7:45 saying they were 15 mins away everything was in and set up in 45 mins. They wouldn't take a tip. Today I find out, the piece that wasn't supposed to be in until 9/5, is ready to be delivered on Sat. Everyone I dealt with has been very on point and professional. And I love the messages from Elliot

I was looking for a mattress

I was looking for a mattress and I went here. I met Glenn who was such an expert on sleep and mattresses. Absolutely no pressure which made me return and purchase from him. He is certainly a gem! If you are looking for a mattress be sure to visit this store and Glenn. They do a computerized analysis of you and your sleep habits and body. It's so helpful and saves a lot of time. Great store great salesman. Very very happy!

I want to start by saying the sales staff here was incredible

I want to start by saying the sales staff here was incredible. My boyfriend and I went for a new mattress and they were informative and did not pressure us to purchase then and there. I hate that pressure of having to buy immediately. We went back a couple days later and bought one. Here's why I'm irate. We were told the delivery would be made in a 3 hour time frame. We got a call saying they were 45 minutes out. I work about 10 minutes down the road so I took my lunch break early to come meet the delivery. Fast forward to an hour and a half after they told us they'd be here. I am now an hour over my lunch break and still waiting. Not only am I losing money but I am also in trouble at work due to poor miss communication on the Jordan's delivery end. The delivery men were extremely rude and as I came out to open the door they started saying "I don't get what the deal is with people in this city" and at some other point they were blatantly talking about me and said "shh, we can't say anything. She's right there", mix in a little profanity and it was a very unpleasant experience. Needless to say we will not be making further purchases from them.

This is the best of the best

This is the best of the best when it comes to big box furniture stores if you ask me! The staff is great, and the store itself is clean, easy to navigate, and very vibrant. The last thing I want when I'm looking for new furniture is to walk directly into a huge indoor pond full of fish, free ice cream cones, and decor straight out of the early 90's. (New Englanders will understand me) Let me just say that the bargain outlet area is my favorite. Sometimes if I am in the mall, I stop by just to check out the outlet section. They have AMAZING prices on really beautiful, deeply discounted sofas/sectionals, bedroom sets, dining sets, you name it! The last time I was in, I worked with a very nice sales associate who helped me find the smallest sectional on the sales floor. We then found the right fabrics and she even placed an order in the system for when I was ready, I simply had to call! Sadly, that move fell through, so I did not need the sectional after all! However, due to the amazing customer service I received, I will definitely go back to work with them again when the time is right! CHECK OUT THE OUTLET SECTION!!! You will thank me later!

I just bought a new mattress

I just bought a new mattress on Saturday with the help of a top notch salesman named Glen Sousa. He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and NOT at all pushy. We had visited the store the week prior and he had given us mattress shopping lessons and that is why we came back. We couldn't he happier with the entire process now look forward to getting a better nights sleep on Wednesday. Thank you Glenn Sousa! You rock! Janet and Tony

This store is outstanding

This store is outstanding it has just about everything you want for your house or apartment. I bought an adjustable bed there and I love it

Why isn't there a zero star option?

Why isn't there a zero star option? Absolutely the most frustrating experience. We ordered a customized leather sectional in July 2018 knowing it would take some time coming in (est 16 weeks) - but thinking we had PLENTY of time to get it before the holidays. The sales person made a mistake on the original order and Jordan's wanted us to pay for the discrepancy. That took two weeks and multiple phone calls to various levels of management to figure out. Once Jordan's was shamed into doing the right thing (kind of - we still had to pay for a portion of their mistake) they placed the order again. But it was like they placed a new order so the delivery got pushed back by three weeks! It's now December and a week before Christmas. I just made my fourth phone call in the last two months to get an update on delivery and still nothing! You would think with they way they screwed up our order that they would expedite the shipping - but no. I was told we might get delivery in the middle of or late January. Thank you Jordan's, for the terrible experience, for the holiday pictures in our new home with no furniture and for the fairly atrocious customer service. "We will call you with an update" must mean something completely different to the Jordan's customer service staff. Please, save yourself the stress. Shop somewhere else.

I absolutely love my new sofa

I absolutely love my new sofa from Jordan's. My experience was so good. I am thinking of going back for a new mattress and box spring. They get a 2 thumbs up

I find furniture shopping painful.

I find furniture shopping painful. Hovering sales agents, some pressure, too many questions, etc. Jordan's was my third stop in looking for new bedroom furniture. I loathed the idea of throwing myself to the wolves for a third time in one day but went anyways. After trying to dodge every person there, Jason found me. "Uggggghhhhh!!!!" I thought but he was the BEST! He made sure I saw pieces similar to what I was describing and I picked out some wonderful items. He then helped me pick out a contrasting headboard. He had many great ideas and led me to combining a couple of looks into one sleek design idea. So awesome! Everything was painless! My husband insists that we do our master bedroom next so I am sure I will be seeing Jason once again in the not too distant future.

Loved the sleep lab experience.

Loved the sleep lab experience. It really helped make our choice easier. Communication and updates prior to delivery were great. 2 negatives, the driver quickly announced they had many deliveries and they seemed extremely rushed, to the point of being careless. Second, though we were "sold" the mattress cover it was not on the invoice. We had to return to the mall and pick it up the last shopping weekend before christmas! Not where we wanted to be! I would highly recommend Jordan's to others!

First time furniture/mattress shopping

First time furniture/mattress shopping and this Jordan's location made it a breeze. We started off in the 'Sleep Lab' and Robert really went out of his way to accommodate us and inform us of all the options we had to play with. It was fun laying on their pressure sensor mattress by the window with my wife and figuring out what mattress/pillow combination would best fit our needs. Based on the results, Robert put together a list of mattresses we should try and sure enough the last mattress on the list was the one where we laid down and was like "OMG this is the one!" Once we wrapped up our dealings in the Sleep Lab, we headed upstairs for some furniture shopping and were helped out by Jackie. Jackie is a absolute sweetheart and although she was busy the two days we dealt with her, really made us feel important and went the extra mile with us to ensure we got exactly what we wanted, even though we threw her a curve-ball or two during the process haha Overall, the layout of this place is great, the selection is second to none and all the sales folks we dealt with were really friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend Robert and Jackie and now since I'll be having to do grown-up things like buy furniture and decorate the new pad, Jordan's will be our first choice going forward!

Have outfitted a new house

Have outfitted a new house - and the process has been exceptionally easy - from working with a consultant to pick the " right stuff " to the delivery guys not only being on time - but early ! and that get the product up stairs - into position without nicking the paint - a remarkably easy place to do business with

This rating has nothing to do with the sales team

This rating has nothing to do with the sales team at Jordan's as they were fantastic. This has to do with the Jordan's team that handles repairs off the insurance policy. I would like to start by saying that we filled out all the proper paperwork with GBS. We then proceeded to be called by Jordan's to say that the material was in and they wanted to pick up the furniture. When we called back to schedule an arrival time for someone to fix it, it began the ridiculous conversation about if there was an arm on the piece of furniture we want repaired. Then we found out that work orders were canceled and scheduled again over missing parts. Jordan's reported that a technician had arrived at our house which was untrue which they finally admitted to not being truthful about. Every time we have spoken to someone in their call center there has been a different story. They blamed GBS which GBS said that they gave them all the pictures. We requested for someone to come out, a full explanation, or for someone to check in material. At no time have they done this. What is more disappointing is that as I read reviews about the customers that are poor there is only a simple apology. Jordan's customer service people act as if we are bothering them and have no right to be upset. They also do not take ownership and the fact that someone really should be following this case until the end. It should be noted that we have had an incident with Jordan's four years ago where our couch was literally stolen off one of their delivery trucks. We again had to keep calling them as they did not view this as a customer service opportunity to truly follow through and rectify a situation. It almost ruined a family holiday. The lack of customer service is very disappointing as their sales company is absolutely amazing. Once again, I am still waiting for a call back from the center. Yesterday, the person stated with a tone, "What do you want me to do about it?" Jordan's should take a tip from AMICA insurance on customer servi Update: Tone can be a funny thing. Within the initial response to my review, prior to speaking with Lyn, it came across that bc I was working with her now, my review was premature. Again tone can be hard to interpret. This update would not have occurred with the commitment of Lyn. I want to thank her for truly following through on everything that she said she was going to do and validating our reasons for being frustrated. While no one asks to be a case study, she listened to our story and researched our communication throughout this process. I hope that Jordan's truly acknowledges her recommendations and allows her to continue to lead this company to a stronger response in customer service. I am going to upgrade my response to three stars. If this was just on Lyn alone it would be 5+ stars!!! Thank you Lyn!

The customer service was great

The customer service was great, the 72 month 0% interest deal was awesome! ( besides no military discount). We went to Jordan's to buy a new couch and ended up buying a Couch,TV Stand, Table and Cofee table. I love everything I bought except, I won't see any of it for 2 months! Literally anything and everything I liked was "out of stock". I was even willing to go with things that were more expensive just to try to get them within the week.. but it seemed like mostly everythingggg was out of stock. That's really the only complaint I have, which is a pretty large complaint. It sucks to have to wait 2 months to enjoy your new purchases.

Bad company customer service

Bad company customer service does not care Extra 5 year warranty a scam They sell furniture however do not repair there errors in workmanship

Perfect credit my entire life

Perfect credit my entire life. They didn't send my bills. Slipped my mind for a month or so and so I finally realized and called. They told me I was past due, (obviously) I paid the bill and then found out they had already reported me to the credit bureau. After one missed payment. No bill, no warning. Thanks Jordan's!

I usually can't stand salesmen/saleswomen

I usually can't stand salesmen/saleswomen but Danielle Randazzo was truly excellent. She helped us pick out a chair and did not pressure us to sway to anything we did not want. I had my children with me and she was great with them as well. We got a custom color and leather and she was extremely knowledgeable with the different types of leather and what would fit best to hold up with four kids and a cat. If you are looking for a pressure free shopping experience do not hesitate to ask for Danielle before you shop.

I ordered a custom couch

I ordered a custom couch, paid for delivery with detailed instructions as to where it was to be delivered. Couch arrived, delivery guys were never told of loft delivery. Then opened couch to find it was damaged, a big hole going through fabric on the arm and cut in fabric. I was told it would be another 3 months and then an additional delivery, which I had already paid. I am still waiting on my full refund. I would never buy from them again. Border line rude customer service, did not care or show any concern. I have still not received a call from Jordans offering any apology or follow up as to what happened. There are so many other options, do not go there.

I'm posting specifically about any furniture protection plan

I'm posting specifically about any furniture protection plan. It is not worth it. We got one for our dining table, and while someone does come, the fumes and chemicals are intense and ends up making the whole house smell. Not ideal especially if you have kids but even without kids the smell is very overpowering.

Wish I could give this place ZERO stars

Wish I could give this place ZERO stars. Had a delivery scheduled for today between 7-10am. It is snowing so I called at 7:30 to confirm that they were still coming. They said yes. I clicked on the link in their confirmation text and it brought me to someone else's order an hour away. So now I have some random persons address, phone number, and what they ordered. I sure hope no one else can see my information so easily. 8:30 comes around and I get a call saying they will be there in 30 min. Awesome. Just finished shoveling my entire walkway to the front door for them. 8:55 comes and I see an unmarked truck pull up in front of my house. Stop for 2 seconds, then pull away. No phone call, no NOTHING. So I call the company asking if they were just at my house. Oh yes we have to reschedule. Ummm why? Because there wasn't a cleared pathway in the driveway. BULLSHIT. Other cars have gone up and down the driveway just fine. At this point I'm fuming. Then when they say I have to reschedule I say I'm not waking up at the ass crack of dawn again for these people and they said well you don't really have a choice that's the time we come in your area. Once I get my furniture I can promise that I will NEVER be returning to Jordan's Furniture and I will be spreading the word about their TERRIBLE customer service skills. Thanks for completely disrupting my schedule and ruining my day, Jordan's Furniture. Pissed I ever gave you a dime of my money. Never again.

Went in today to purchase 2 sofas

Went in today to purchase 2 sofas. Larry Rubino met with us, answered all of our questions, and we locked in our purchase in less than 30 minutes. The only thing that left a bad impression was that when he was taking care of our order, another associate...older blonde woman, rudely stepped in front of us to start an order with her customer....wasn't a great representation for Jordan's on her part, and I'll make an extra effort to give references to Larry just for the simple fact that he had a lot more class than she. I will Absolutely recommend Larry at Jordan's!!!

i love this place!

i love this place!!! i think you should also have a zipline on the 24 ft course. But that's just a recommendation. i love the ice cream. i actually discovered my favorite ice cream there!!! i love the decorations!!!!!!! And there is furniture there so you can shop and have fun. This place is so cool. That's why i gave this place 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to recognize salesperson Susan Kessler

I want to recognize salesperson Susan Kessler for her patience, know-how, friendly demeanor, and professionalism. At the time, I was indecisive about making my purchase. But when I knew I was going to commit to my purchase, I came in and asked for her specifically. Thank you Susan. You are definitely an asset to Jordan's Furniture and you are appreciated!

My husband and I

My husband and I have been to this location often in order to take advantage of the the "one stop all entertainment" slash cheap date night (Fuddruckers, IMAX, Richardson's ice cream) but had never visited as customers of the furniture store. We recently moved into a new house and I decided we needed to be grownups with grownup furniture, rather than a hodge podge of hand me down IKEA furniture. That's right. We didn't even have first hand IKEA furniture. It was SECOND HAND!! I debated the whole order online, or visiting different locations for the best options, but I was 8 months pregnant and time was limited. A friend recommended I stop by Jordan's and just look around. I dragged my husband and 2 year old to the Reading location and was surprised at just how many different options there were! As I was comparing dining tables, MICHAEL DONNELLAN walked by and asked me if I needed any help. I said no. Then yes. He was prompt in responding to all my questions, but didn't make different suggestions. (I should mention right now, I HATE pushy salespeople. I like to make up my own mind, and I don't like people telling me that I should get this or that. I always feel pressured to buy and if I do, I 100% return that item later. Michael was not like that!!!) To make a very long story short, we ended up buying furniture that I absolutely loved, and I never felt that Michael was trying to "upsell" us on anything. He answered all my questions promptly and was quite knowledgeable on all the furniture in the store. I would 100% recommend Michael to anyone who needs furniture. I know that he will be my primary contact when I need to purchase more furniture!

So what ended up happening after wrangling

So what ended up happening after wrangling was they agreed to take back the couch and give us 1/2 of the purchase price toward a new sofa (after just over 2 year, which was something). So we essentially rented a poor quality couch for $800 a year. I like the person that took care of us, but our experience with that couch permanently soured my loyalty. They also like steering you toward expensive mattresses these days, I remember the old days when they used to sell you on the house brand as a good quality better value, so I'd go elsewhere first. I still like most of the people I've dealt with, but will go other places and compare seriously before buying there again.

I want to specifically call out Debra Coviello

I want to specifically call out Debra Coviello by name for outstanding service. Not to disparage anyone else, but I spoke to a few other sales people before reaching Debra who were not particularly friendly or interested in helping. In fairness to them it was tax free weekend, so I'm sure they were tired. At any rate, Debra was terrific. She was very kind, helpful, and thorough. It was definitely in part due to her that we went through with the purchase. There turned out to be a snafu with the order and again Debra was the difference maker. Things happen ands I feel like customer service and the way a company handles when things go wrong separate businesses from each other and create brand loyalty in me. Jordan's definitely got it right and made me a loyal customer. They may have lost a little bit on this deal, but they've increased my lifetime value as a customer and made me a vocal and loyal fan. This is the first furniture we've bought together in our first home, so it feels extra special to me. So, thanks to Debra, her manager, and Jordan's for doing right by us as customers and making us happy. I recommend Jordan's as a place that you can shop and know they care about their customer's satisfaction. That's not something you see every day, especially from a successful business of this size. So, yay Jordan's.

Bought a very expensive couch

Bought a very expensive couch and it was delievered broken. Four technicians came out and nothing was resolved. The reason we were given is not what the issue is. We have been loyal customers for many years but after this service, I don't know if we will be back! Very very disappointed in Jordan's Furniture customer service!

I would go to the movies

I would go to the movies here but never ever will I buy furniture there again. I've been trying to post this complaint to their website for 2 weeks now and their website keeps spitting back 404 errors. How can it be broken that long? Here's the complaint I had:Hi My wife and I bought a couch from you a few years ago. I know its old and I expect wear and tear but I don't understand this. A few days ago we heard a tearing sound. When we looked under the couch we saw that part of the frame of the couch tore through the bottom. I don't understand how this could have happened.

Our flex steel living room set

Our flex steel living room set has fabric that is saggy, has ripples, and arms that have indents. The set is used very lightly. I called and the woman said, "they don't make furniture like they used to,". The technician came and he went back and forth with someone on teh phone and he told me there is no permanent fix for the problem. The customer service department then told me this is normal wear and tear and I could pay a 30% restocking fee and order again. This is horrible service. You might as well buy an $800 sofa at Bob's if this is what a store like Jordan's is offering.

Had a wonderful experience

Had a wonderful experience at Jordans Furniture. What started as an impossible task ended as a smashing success. All due to monumental work of Randy Perilllo I had a patterned fabric that I wanted on a small recliner. As it turned out, not an easy task. He found the right recliner with the right fabric Randy accomplished it with his perserverance, extra effort and hard work. KUDOS to Randy Perillo

I will never buy anything else

I will never buy anything else from this store called 3 different times hopping to get someone a little bit better then the first person once you buy from them you be come a no body to them so think very careful if you want your furniture from them

Great store

Great store. It's as if IKEA dropped acid and went to Disneyland!!!!

Really a great place

Really a great place to go for kids and even for parents to have some rest I liked more the water fountain even the music is little bit higher but still is a great idea

I've had pretty good experiences here

I've had pretty good experiences here. I bought a 2 piece couch 1 time and everything came on time and in good condition. They've updated the fudrockers which is nice. They should update the area where the ice cream place is and where they do the water shows cause it looks pretty old. Other than that it's a good place!

We can't say enough great things

We can't say enough great things about Lori and how she helped us get our couch order correct! The first salesperson told us that what we were looking for wasn't an option, and that sounded a bit odd to us, but we are so happy we went back and spoke with Lori. She was able to make sure we ordered the right pieces to fit in our space. Thank you so much!

Poor Quality

Poor Quality. Dishonest People. We ordered a very expensive dining table from Jordan's and when we received it we were very disappointed. It was poor quality and poorly made. It was NOT a $5000 table. We were told we could return it if we were dissatisfied but when we called to return it they charged us a $600 use fee. Evidently this is written on the mile-long receipt but they don't tell you up front, only after they have your money. Very dishonest business practices. Poor quality furniture for the price.

We purchased a dining room table

We purchased a dining room table set from Jordan's about 14-15 months ago and recently we've noticed a couple of cracks in the table top. I reached out to customer service to ask why the table would be doing that and the representative was AMAZING. She went above and beyond to replace the table top for free since the cracks were caused due to weather changes.

I'm curious, why each time we visit the store

I'm curious, why each time we visit the store. The ladies who's making the donuts always give us a look when we ask for donuts? Are there restrictions? Are we not supposed to ask for it? Why serve us complimentary snacks and always give us a looks or make a comment? I'm always happy with the sales department but always an issues with the complimentary snacks area. The person who serve us should be happy to serve us as when're giving the company business.

We had purchased a very expensive mattress

We had purchased a very expensive mattress from Jordan's and a few years later after it sagging. Jordan's sent a technician. The mattress was deemed defective and we were allowed to pick one out for the same amount spent. All went very smooth. So we went to pick out another and got a aggressive sales person who had us do that Bridget test to see which mattress is best for your body type. Here we are 5 months later and it is sagging on each side with over an inch rise on the edges. Customer service was called and they sent us out a tiny foam piece to put under the slumps. Per customer service mattress doesn't quality for a defect. I can't imagine how bad it will be after a couple of years. I wouldn't recommend Jordan's. We spent to much for poor quality

If I could give a zero

If I could give a zero, I would. We purchased 2 couches almost 2 years ago. After only a little after a month, the material on the couch was coming off. I contacted the company since I purchased the extended warranty and since it was barely a month, I figured they would be more than willing to take care of it. I was dead wrong. Not only did they not take care of it, but they did it wasn't covered under the warranty since it was considered "wear and tear". After a month?!?! I was extremely disappointed. I tried taking to several different managers and nothing. I spent over $3500 on a couch and loveseat and they already look like they are 20 years old. My Bob's discount furniture that cost less than half that lasted at least 3 years. I'm disgusted with the quality and the lack of customer service. The pictures attached were taken recently. This is what it looks like and this isn't even 2 years old!!! DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!!

I paid a lot of money

I paid a lot of money (extra for upgraded material) for a flex steel sofa and it is saggy, has ripples all over the fabric, and the arms look concave. They called it normal wear and tear and said I can reorder with a 70% refund only. Horrible service. When I called in the first woman said, "they don't make them like they used to". That made me feel much better after spending so much there. From now on I might as well buy a Bob's $800 sofa if they all fall apart anyways.

Went in there to look at some sectionals

Went in there to look at some sectionals, as we were just shopping around. Salespeople at this place are not too pleasant. We told them that we're all set and just browsing around, yet staff would be all over us, constantly asking questions, such as what specifically we came in for and when we are planning to buy it. No one likes this kind of approach and pressure, if you ask me. Also, their prices are outrageously high! There are few places on same street with much better value and good quality furniture. I'll never go back here.

Jordan's is great

Jordan's is great if you want great customer service perks with financing, etc. They are definitely overpriced for what you get. Items here when walking around are priced VERY high. Jordans has made a good name for themselves though. I bought a bed from here and they have a nice financing option where they don't pull you're credit. I paid before I got interest and that was amazing. Some people say they have quality stuff, others say they can get more for there money from bobs, bernie and Phylls , Ikea. I guess its all personal preference.

After the second technician

After the second technician coming over to my house today there was a technician named Jesus and Jesus was by far the most sweet soul , patient, and fixed the problem that I needed on my couch. Finally no metal objects poking out of my couch. I think that he needs a raise and I think that he needs to be honored and recognized. It literally took two tries for someone to actually fix my couch and I wish it was done last weekend but I can't predict what person does but when it comes down to fixing the couch. Customer service with Jordans is great but my product was not so great. I have nothing against the customer service it was just moreover the product was not up to standard and I'm a little upset that I didn't get my money back or a credit for inconvenience but what can I say.

I purchased family room furniture

I purchased family room furniture from Jordan's (12k) and at the same time bought the insurance in case of rips, stains etc. What a NIGHTMARE to file a claim...I have called the insurance company once almost two weeks ago, emailed them the info they needed and was told they would open a claim and call me back...I'm still waiting...called Jordans in Nashua on Saturday, spoke to the liaison and he told me I would be getting a call from insurance company on that same day....still waiting.....called Jordans this am....was told Insurance company would call me today....still waiting. Called just now for the fourth time since this issue has manager and assistant manager not in....was on hold for 10 minutes for the sales manager.....customer service said he would call me back. Still waiting..... This is unacceptable. Not a way to treat customers. Think twice before buying from Jordan's.....or purchasing their warranty insurance.

Aweful quality these days

Aweful quality these days. The last couch I had fell apart and I was given a credit for a new sofa. So, we pay an additional $2000 and get a sectional sofa and the frame snaps after 1 1/2 years. It appears that the manufacturer used a piece of wood with a knot for the main beam and it wound up snapping leaving our sectional 1/2 useless. After the warranty claims guy came out, he told us that the sofa was not repairable, but Jordan's denied the claim and picked up the sofa to "fix it" after about 5-6 weeks claiming that they called. So, now it's mid March and this was reported in January . Thousands of dollars later I have 1/2 a sectional. Jordan's and the warranty company failed. Jordan's isn't what it used to be. I will never shop at Jordan's again.

My husband and I purchased a living room

My husband and I purchased a living room set 13 months ago from Jordan's Furniture in Nashua, NH. Upon the day of delivery we had to call customer care because there was a tear in the skirting of the couch. It was repaired to our satisfaction. A year later the same couch (now 13 months old) has shown what they call "normal wear and tear." Two holes, wearing of fabric on the cushions and arms and complete disintegration of material on the piping of the same cushion and arm. Customer care has been completely uncooperative. Refusing to put us in contact with any upper level management, stating there's nothing they can do and it appears to be normal wear and tear. They've given us the run around for 3 1/2 weeks. I could understand this being true if the couch was several years old and/or we had small children using the furniture as a trampoline or it were purchased from a second rate furniture store, but not for a piece of furniture that cost an arm and a leg and is just over a year old. I've had furniture from Bernie & Phil's and Bob's that has never shown damage like this....and I didn't need to break the bank to buy it. You don't always get what you pay for. Safe yourself a lot of money and do not shop at Jordan's Furniture.

We went to Jordan's

We went to Jordan's in Nashua to look at couches. After walking around overwhelmed by the enormous selection , we were pleasantly greeted by Nancy Griswold, not Only was she pleasant , but she was extremely knowledgeable about the furniture available. We had very specific requests and listened intently and gave us exactly what we were looking for. She helped us pick out the fabrics and not Only gave us what we wanted but also told us what to stay away from. Without her knowledge, we probably would have purchased the wrong couch for our needs .. we bought a beautiful couch at a decent price point and. I now know more about the structure and function of different makes of Couches and feel so informed About our purchase m. It's a great feeling to be confident about the purchase that we made and Nancy made that happen .

This guy and his commercials.

This guy and his commercials. Every half hour there's a commercial on the TV there is such a thing as Overkill and you have over killed it why would anyone want to come and get furniture when you keep using it like a battering ram

I couldn't get out of here fast enough

I couldn't get out of here fast enough. In the 35 min I was here 11 salesmen asked if I needed help. How about waiting patiently in a corner until I ask for help. I don't need someone to shadow me as I'm walking around and then to interrupt my wife and I to give me a history lesson on the wood used to make the table we're discussing. Heres an idea. Give shoppers something as they enter the store that indicates to salespeople if that person wants to be left alone, or is willing to be verbally assaulted by the way too many salespeople this place has.

This was my first time in the Nashua location

This was my first time in the Nashua location and I was very impressed from the moment we walked through the door! I had brought my 90 year old father in to get a new mattress and from the wonderful very kind greeter who kindly and discretely offered us a wheelchair (dad uses a cane and has trouble walking) to the sleep technician Perry that assisted us in patiently finding the right mattress it was truly a wonderful experience. They were able to pull up the record for the adjustable bed he bought 12 years ago and Perry excellently explained the options available in a full xl mattress so dad fully understood his options, then helping him onto the bed I could not have asked for a better experience!! Definitely recommend this store for any of your furniture needs but especially the Sleep Lab and Perry!

Went to the sleep lab

Went to the sleep lab to purchase our new mattress and had a great experience with Jim K! He wasn't looking to get excessive amounts of money from us, and seemed to genuinely want to help us find tge best mattress for my husband and I.

I've been disappointed

I've been disappointed with every product purchased atJordan's. Desk lamp: broke Desk: poor finish quality Rug: still shedding fiber after 3years. Pattern is distorting. Desk chair: all 5 casters broke and had to be replaced. The desk chair was so bad, they threw a few hundred bucks at me. The comical thing was the customer service manager pointing out that the chair was at a mid level price point. I must of missed the sign that said "expect this to break in 2 months". Customer service desk is good, I think they get plenty of practice.

My husband and I had bought a mattress

My husband and I had bought a mattress at Jordan's over a decade ago, and we liked it enough that we dragged it across the country when we moved. When we had an issue with it while it was still under warranty and I couldn't find the receipt, Jordan's found the receipt and emailed it to me in under 24 hours. Now that we're back in NH and needing a new mattress again, we had no hesitation in going back to Jordan's. Nathan took his time showing my husband and I several different mattresses, having us try them out, and being endlessly patient with my two kids who were going stir crazy. My husband and I have very different preferences, and we left without making a decision or a purchase and with no pressure from Nathan. He did give us a business card with the info on all of the mattresses we were comparing so we could think about it and not start from scratch if we came back. It took us a couple minutes to get back to Jordan's, where Nathan once again helped us and took his time answering all our questions without the slightest pressure. It really was a great shopping experience, and I'm confident we've gotten the right mattress for us. As another nice bonus, when I needed to take my daughter to the restroom, I noticed that the shelf above the changing table not only had changing table covers but a pack of wipes. It's a small thing, but as any parent who's ever had a wipe emergency knows, it can be a life saver.

I was in need of a recliner

I was in need of a recliner and decided to check out Jordans and was not disappointed. The staff was really helpful, the selection was decent, and the prices were within budget. Delivery/ setup was a breeze and it was a much more seamless process than I expected. The showroom/store is HUGE and gives you IKEA vibes. There's also an outlet and theater upstairs. I wasn't a fan of the furniture in the outlet bcz the majority of it was particle board. I hope they transition away from that bcz it doesn't last. I would (and have) use(d) them again.

Amazing experience buying our living room set

Amazing experience buying our living room set today! I knew we would get great quality as we already bought our bed a few years ago at Jordan's. My husband and I are new home owners and felt lost on choosing a living room set. Long story short Cory Welch came to our rescue! He was super resourceful and patient. Customer service like this is something to talk about. We didn't feel rushed to make a decision however we ended up buying today because Cory really took the time to look at pictures of our house, listen to our needs and wants and he found a perfect match for our home! Can't wait until we get the furniture delivered, and hope Jordan's appreciates sales associates like Cory who represent their brand well and went above and beyond for their customers. Kudos to businesses who still have great customer service!

Wow, just wow

Wow, just wow. How many sales people can one store have asking if you need help????? Then you say no and they follow you around to the point I had to in my nicest calmest way tell off. Felt like I was swimming in leach infested water. Closing on our new house on July 2nd and we decided to purchase new living room, dining room, office, formal room furniture. Guess what NOT at this Jordens. Funny most of my furniture comes from Jordens, do not ever remember it being so intrusive to my shopping. BYE

As newish homeowners, we've been buying a bunch of new furniture

As newish homeowners, we've been buying a bunch of new furniture for our home. About a year ago I bought a beautiful dining set from Jordan's. We wanted to get a small shelving unit to hold our nice cookware so we came back to Jordan's and found one that was an exact match to the dining set we bought a year ago! They didn't have it in stock so we waited about 5 weeks for it to be available. We ran into an issue when it came to scheduling the pickup. I contacted customer service and the associate was able to rectify the situation. The unit was fairly easy to put together once we brought it home. Even though the furniture is more expensive than Bob's, we like the styles and we always get compliments on our Jordan's furniture from guests.

Gave this spot yet another try

Gave this spot yet another try when I bought a new condo 5 years later. Still disappointing. Salespeople act like you're just lucky to have them help you. You can tell how territorial they are about customers and commission too.

I was very disappointed

I was very disappointed with the customer service they were rude. The sales man told me that it was one flat shipping rate no matter how many deliveries I received. I had to wait three months for a piece of furniture to finish my sectional. They charge you for delivery on the amount of your purchase so it doesn't matter the size of it it's how much you paid for it and they charge you a percentage. I will never shop there again. I will go to Bernie and Phyl's they have awesome customer service, beautiful quality and prices and free delivery!!!!! don't waste your money or time I have called and they laughters at me and said that is what Jordan charges.. NEVER AGSIN WILL I EVER GO INTO YOUR STORE

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service. Angela, thank you for helping us pick a different Mattress. It's very comfortable!

I was looking for a headboard for my kid

I was looking for a headboard for my kid. I purchased a very expensive headboard but didn't get any paper or any email saying my purchase is a special order. I was not told that if I decide to cancel the order they would take 30% off of the cost of the headboard! I found similar headboard at a different store and called back to Jordans to cancel my order (I ordered few days ago). Now, they are trying to charge me 30% for changing my mind. The delivery was scheduled to end of October beginning of November. And they are saying it's too late to cancel unless I pay 30%. seriously? Are you trying to rip me off?

The best furniture shopping experience thus far!

The best furniture shopping experience thus far! My relationship survived lol. A couple of months ago my boyfriend and I went shopping for a new sofa for his apartment and of course I was brought along for a second opinion however, upon entering this massive store the 2 of us felt quite intimidated and didn't know where to start. I honestly thought it would take 4 hours to pick out a mediocre sectional sofa and so like tourists in a foreign country we wondered around for like 10 minutes. Suddenly an associate named Micole (who had been discreetly paying attention to our banter) came to our rescue and let me say she made the entire experience feel like a godsend. She was direct, speedy, asked the right questions, and guided us with a game plan. The whole shopping trip took about 75 minutes and we even got to customize the sofa during that time. If you ever shop at this location ask for her because even when you think you know exactly what you what she will bring a new perspective to either reinforce your confidence in the purchase or make you consider factors you hadn't thought of before.

We had an excellent experience

We had an excellent experience buying furniture today at Jordan's. Dennis was very helpful and professional. He answered all our questions and was patient while we tried our several different couches and chairs. Dan in the sleep lab was also great. We haven't had the furniture delivered yet but I've had great experience in the past with the quality. Would recommend this location!


SHOUT OUT TO MICHOLE in SOFAS! SERIOUSLY! The woman has it all - she listens, she KNOWS fabrics, decor, quality, pricing, you name it. After a failed attempt with a lady who should have gone home... we were about to walk away, pissed and empty-handed. We didn't want to pay Ethan Allen prices for a family room couch. And the first lady (unnamed) was as unhelpful and unenthusiastic as a deflated balloon at a kid party. Totally bummed. We decided to run around one more time and Michole walked up to us and said "you looked confused" - I WAS! So I poured my soul, and the next thing you know is, she takes us by the hand, thoroughly went through our requirements, and BAM! At the price we wanted to pay, with the firmness we needed. She is AMAZING! Ask for her! You will be patiently heard and professionally serviced by a military mom!

Great experience

Great experience in store with Corey Welch and throughout the 2 months of waiting for our custom couch. Delivery today was not so good. They literally shoved my couch in my apartment and damaged both my door frame and my walls. Now I need to have a contractor come to fix the issues caused by carelessness from a delivery crew who couldn't have cared less and were extremely dry and unfriendly. We were there first stop and they just wanted to get in and get out as fast as possible. The couch came stained in 5 places and it's beige. The cushion on my chase lounge is built horribly and looks like ish. Now I have already had many calls and emails back and forth and the experience is tarnished. Normally I'd be pretty darn upset but actually fully expected this hoping to be blown away. One can wish. I'd still do business with them but look over everything before you sign and before the delivery team steps foot in your home make it clear to them to take it slow.

Before I start this review

Before I start this review I just want to state that this is strictly based on the sales experience my wife and I received upon the initial purchase of our living room furniture from Jordan's and I will be posting an update when we have the furniture delivered. My wife and I spent a few hours here on Sunday testing and looking at a ton of living room furniture. After a couple hours of looking we were approached by an associate named Diane who really made our final decision easy by pointing out some amazing concepts about fabric choice and color which was really giving us a hard time. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful on all fronts of our choice and was an extreme pleasure to work with. She then turned us over to a sales associate named Joyce who was also an extreme delight. I highly recommend asking for Diane and Joyce right off the bat if you are looking for new furniture at Jordan's.

The furniture warranty program

The furniture warranty program is very shady. Sales person automatically added the $299 charge without me knowing. She said "oh I thought you would want it". Obviously their is a huge incentive to sell these plans, but When I left the store after spending over $2000, I felt like someone just tried to pull a fast one.

Our bed

Our bed, bought there with an extended warranty, which is barely 8yrs old started to fail appropriately 6mo ago. We can tell that a coil or two has sprung, and there is a zone in it, which is weirdly diagonal, that feels like we are trying to sleep on a shower rod. There are some sagging issues too, but this is not the primary reason that we called. The box spring also creaks like the damn thing is haunted. It took them 3mo. (and 9 calls) to respond to us with the right customer service department. We followed their instructions and upon receipt of the "detailed photos" they requested, the CSR mansplained to me about how to use a level?!?!? It took a further 6.5 weeks to have a mattress accessor come to our home, take some very undetailed photos & leave in approximately 10min. Jordan's then made the assessment that the mattress is not in need of replacement (even the they acknowledge that additional warranties to cover for this problem type were purchased) and they are voiding the warranties entirely due to "perceived staining" on an 7.5yr old mattress (which would be illegal for them to resell anyhow). To say that we are enraged is a gross understatement. We are posting this to all social media outlets and will be in contact with local news outlets

Horrible experience

Horrible experience! We were just browsing for a couch and made it clear to the salesperson that we didn't have any specific questions and would prefer to browse. Instead of backing off he proceeded to literally follow us around the entire store, including following us upstairs when we attempted to create some space. Not only was togs beyond creepy and annoying, it sealed the deal for us and we will go elsewhere for what we anticipate being a very large furniture purchase!

Wow I cannot say enough good things

Wow I cannot say enough good things about Cory W. at Jordan's in Natick. Out of all my past experiences with sales-people Cory is by far the most genuine, knowledgeable and helpful I have ever encountered. If you are in the market to furnish your home, ask for won't be disappointed! My boyfriend and I rolled into Jordan's on a Saturday afternoon in hopes of maybe finding a sectional and dinning table for our new house. Luckily, Cory approached us and started chatting. Right away we were comfortable with how friendly and sincere he was. We talked about our wants/needs in a sectional and the first one he showed to us we fell in love with. Instead of stopping there, he took us around to a few more to compare and show us the differences. This was great because it really reaffirmed our love for the first one! Cory also helped us find the perfect dinning room table. We had a pretty specific vision in mind for what the dinning table would look like. We ended up designing a custom table to fit our vision. Cory was great at recommending which finishes/styles/colors/etc. looked best together. We're super excited about the table! Since we had such success with the sectional and dinning table we decided to have Cory assist us with a bedroom set while we were there. We ended up finding that too! What really makes Cory stand out to me is how readily available he is via email. That evening after we met with him, he sent us a follow up email about the order and how he would be tracking back stocked items for us and communicating with us after the closing to set up final payment/delivery. He kept his promise. Cory has been a huge asset to this process. Jordan's is lucky to have him. Jordan's has a huge selection and beautiful furniture and Cory just totally topped it off.

We bought a bedroom set

We bought a bedroom set and were extremely disappointed with the quality. About 1 year in the drawers in the dresser started tilting. Then 5 years in the wood on one of the side boards split while I was sitting in bed with my 3 month old and the whole bed collapsed. It was really scary. The furniture set was not cheap and should have lasted way longer than it did. A $100 bed frame from Ikea lasted longer. I will never shop at Jordan's again.

We visited Jordan's in Natick

We visited Jordan's in Natick on Sunday looking for a new adjustable bed. We were greeted at the Sleep Center by Patty Foley-Helm who was an absolute delight. She was patient, knowledgeable and friendly. She guided us to the perfect mattress for our particular bodies and sleep preferences. We tested several mattresses before finalizing our choice and Patty walked us through the available payment options, which at the time included double the state tax off. We had a great experience overall. A+.

Went to Jordan's today

Went to Jordan's today with the intention of buying a sectional sofa and mattress with my husband, but we were made to feel so uncomfortable that we left. The sales approaches were over the top in the "sleep lab." We were approached by a woman who wanted to set measure us and stuff, but when we said no thank you, that we just wanted to look around first, we were given attitude. She said, "ok, but they all look the same." We left almost immediately after. If people want to look around, they should be encouraged to do so. We have bought many products from this particular Jordan's in the past and never felt so uncomfortable.

Mixed review here

Mixed review here, overall I like Jordan's Furniture. There product is better built than the shit competitors like Bob's etc. They have a beautiful store with lots of things going on, an ice cream store in the hallway, jelly beans, a burger place, movie theater IMAX etc... This night, I went in to buy my son a new mattress set up (Chris C CCL) Sleep Technician was very knowledgeable and helpful and not trying to upsell us at all. We got what we wanted for a price better than anticipated. I then asked where the bed frames and bedroom set were, after being directed to the area, I had a woman appear out of a door, she seemed like she couldn't be bothered less once I asked about the clearance rooms they might have? Sorry lady I have two kids in college and this furniture will likely be rented for the next 3-5 years before he moves out to his own home and buys nice things. Overall again, I like Jordan's but this night, that lady rubbed me the wrong way. You work in retail lady, deal with it.

I am not even sure where to begin

I am not even sure where to begin with this experience, but here goes-- In July I was in the Reading store and found a beautiful floor clock I really liked it, the best part is that it was on sale! However, I noticed the pendulum was damaged and there was a scratch on the wood. The sales woman assured me that I would receive a new clock, not the floor model, so I purchased the clock using their "Progressive Leasing" program (if you pay it off within 90 days--no interest!). The clock arrived at my home and was set up by the delivery guy, who accidentally dropped one of the weights and broke the base. After he "fixed it," (I was not happy about it) they told me that one of the weight hooks was missing and would need to be ordered. Not so long after, I realized the pendulum was damaged and the there was a scratch on the wood. They sold me the floor model! I called the sales woman and told her about what was happening and she said, "Once it is sold, I have no involvement." REALLY?!?! Now I needed to get the store manager involved. Fast forward, the parts were sent to me and I got the clock up and running. Soon after, I received a call from Progressive Leasing who informed me that I was not on the 90 promotional plan, yet a 24 plan with interest and fees--which would prove to double the price of the clock! (They said the sales woman did something wrong when submitting the paperwork.) After arguing for an hour, I paid the clock off in full and told Progressive Leasing to take a flying leap. What else could go wrong? Suddenly the clock was not striking on the hour any longer. Jordan's determined the main core of the clock (I do not know the technical name) was broken and needed to be replaced. The ever-so-pleasant (not the sarcasm) service tech arrived at my home and replaced the part. Guess what? He did something wrong because now the clock strikes properly, but only 15 minutes before the hour. Here I am, 5 months later, and I have yet to enjoy this clock--so I called Jordan's and told them to take their clock back! They will pick it up next week, unless they screw that up as well.

Still fighting to get my door payed for

Still fighting to get my door payed for. The delivery team insurance will not pay because the delivery team said they did not do it ! As far as my couch waiting to April to come in from China ! What a fight to get my couch and door replaced !

We recently purchased our furniture bedroom set

We recently purchased our furniture bedroom set including a mattress from Jordan's furniture. Exactly one month later not even, with the mattress I felt like my head was tipping backwards and my feet was up in the air. Like I was sleeping on top of a mountain. We then also contacted Jordan's they told us to flip the mattress again, we did. We called them back again complained they then decided to put an inspector to come out and take a look at the mattress which took about two weeks for them to do so. The inspector that came out told us at the mattress was damaged because of the way the furniture was installed so they put a support beam in the middle. 3 weeks later and still have that issue. I contacted Jordans again, they sent an inspector out again they gave him some foam to put between the mattress and the box spring one on each side that was supposed to help it. I contacted them again and they told us it was normal wear and tear this is after 4 months of purchasing the mattress set. We spent a lot of money at Jordan's I will never ever, ever do it again and I hope whoever reads this review will think twice also.

Be very careful

Be very careful when buying from the outlet store. Just bought a $500 couch and once delivered I discovered the bottom side was smashed in the underside and one of the cushions was covered in grease. You get what you pay for and there is a reason they say final sale. Never again.

I walked in Jordan's

I walked in Jordan's thinking that it would be a boring furniture shop. Nope. It felt like a little like Disneyland! As soon as you enter, you will see an obstacle course that looks really fun. You do have to pay for it but it could be good practice if you want to become the next American Ninja Warrior. There is also a small fountain with lights, there is a light show every now and then. Then there is a store that sells candy and even a food court! You can spend hours here. I spent half the day looking at furniture and planting myself on 6k mattresses. They have everything you need to furnish a house from outdoor furniture to couches to dining tables. There is a clearance section as well. I had such a fun time at Jordan's. Perhaps I will be back to catch a movie in the Imax theater there!

I feel so bad writing this review

I feel so bad writing this review as I have always had such positive experiences with Jordan's. We have bought multiple items over the years there, beds, mattresses, sofas. We have always had good experiences. But this latest purchase will be our last. We bought a sectional with sunbrella fabric that was supposed to be very sturdy. Within 10 months of owning the sectional, we noticed a tear in the seam. I have a very small dog and teens, so the sofa is not abused in any manner. It is very gently used. I called Jordan's, they were gracious and sent a service tech. The tech sewed it up. Less than two months later (but after the 1 year warranty - by a matter of days), I noticed it was ripped again. I called, now it was under the insurance. I asked for a new slipcover. I was told they had to send a tech. By the time the tech came - three weeks later - the tear was 10 inches. The tech was rude, swore and said, he could not authorize a replacement. He insisted on sewing it. As you can see from the attached pictures. The quality was abysmal. He didn't even fully close it. I could have done a better job and I can't really sew. You can actually see the black stitches and there are still holes. It will of course rip again, and I will have to take more time away from work to wait for them. So far I have wasted 7 hours on this debacle. It really is a shame. More importantly, the tech (named Paul) now knows where I live and he was very scary. I fear being home alone with someone like him. Not only that, he can't sew. Regretfully, I will never purchase another product from Jordan's. They sadly don't stand behind their product. They have sent people to my house twice, rather than just mail me a new slipcover. Apparently, my time is worthless. I am truly saddened.

Go somewhere else

Go somewhere else. I know they do a lot of advertising but go anywhere else. Spent literally thousands on a mattress. They screwed up the order in a few ways. Didn't put the bed frame on order/truck. Even though the salesperson said they'd take the box spring the drivers didn't/wouldn't. I asked if they'd call their supervisor. "you call your salesperson". My salesperson comes in at 1 PM every day he works. This was before that. So salesperson screwed up, drivers were surly and not helpful at all. This is what you get when you spend OVER $4000 for a mattress. Go to a place that values you as a customer. That's NOT Jordan's - no matter what they say in their ads. And that Bridge It thing is strictly a gimmick. Useless!!!!!!!!!!! Called Customer Service and they wouldn't do anything at all.

Needed a replacement foam insert

Needed a replacement foam insert cushion for a chair bought in 2017. This would be the third cushion for this chair. Two weeks to get a price, of course I had to Call them! $134 cost and 8 weeks delivery. Yes folks, 8 weeks for a piece of low quality foam. Local upholstery company, $80 for top quality foam and same day delivery. Never again Jordan's!

Ordered a mattress

Ordered a mattress from Jordan's. Is for a second home, so didn't want to spend too much money. We pick a mattress and then decide to buy online. No problems with the delivery. After two months and not sleeping on it everyday, there are indentations where we sleep, which makes it uncomfortable. I call customer service. They asked to see pictures of the mattress,I take pictures and send them. They basically said that mattresses always do that and there is nothing wrong with the mattress and maybe I should buy a more expensive mattress. I call the salesperson who says that we can swap it but it will cost close to200 dollars due to fees,etc. The next day the manager calls and says he will only charge me 50 dollars So, now I feel like I spent close to 1000 dollars for a crappy mattress that I can swap and pay an additional 50 dollars. I told them I just wanted my money back and they refused. Not happy.

All I want for Christmas is my couch

All I want for Christmas is my couch- that was ordered in early September. If you plan to order furniture from Jordan's, make sure you have an alternative option while you wait for 13+ weeks. We ordered our couch on 9/8, days before we moved into our new home and were told it would take 8-10 weeks, but production time is typically closer to 6 weeks. Once we moved, we had someone come out and measure, to be sure it would fit. The guy spent about 5 minutes with us, said it wouldn't fit and promptly left. We had no chance to ask him questions, or thoroughly vet if our back entrance was an option. My husband then called the sales rep, to see what our options were from here. It went back and forth between the rep, to his managers, and we got conflicting opinions on whether the couch would fit. We went back into the store to talk it over, and to pick out a back-up couch, just in case. Our rep assured us that if the original couch did not fit, we could purchase the smaller couch with no penalty fees/additional charges. He also assured us if we decided to not move forward with Jordan's entirely, our $600 deposit (and any additional amount we pay) towards the $2,000 couch would be refunded. We were very grateful to hear his. At this point, it was early October, so we figured we'd wait it out and hope that it fit. We're under the impression we have 2-4 weeks left to wait, and we don't want to start over at square one to wait for the new couch to be built. Communication goes quiet, we ask where the couch is, a few days later we learn production is behind, and it's still not ready. It doesn't seem they had any intention of letting us know production was behind. We're left wondering for some more time and needing to pry information out of them. Finally, on 11/22 we receive 12/8 as our delivery date, they'll update us with a deliver window. On 12/4 we ask what time we should expect the delivery (we need to plan our weekend, you know?) On 12/5 we learn it won't be delivered to us, instead, that's when they now expect it to arrive at Jordan's. It's 12/10, and we have no new information. We're not sure if Jordan's even has it. Had we gotten a straight answer, we would've cut our losses and just gone with the second, smaller couch. It is now week 13, and we're not even sure this couch will fit. So we've been left waiting, and may STILL be left at square one. This has been a nightmare to get a response, to get a decisive answer and we're left with no where to sit in our new home. Can't have our family over, can't relax and watch a football game, can't come home from work and sit down, can't host Thanksgiving, not sure about Christmas. We're extremely frustrated in couch limbo and wishing we took our $2,000 elsewhere. We've learned our lesson and the rest of our house will be furnished (probably before we have a couch) from elsewhere!

Such a fun and magical place

Such a fun and magical place !! We loved it I almost forgot that we were furniture shopping ...loved it !!

My wife and I went in on a Saturday

My wife and I went in on a Saturday afternoon we went in to get a couple of leather couches. I didn't want couch and loveseat or a sectional so I opted for 2 couches or sofas whatever you wanna call them. I have a moose of a dog 115lb German Shepherd so I need leather and it has to be very good and sturdy. Salesmen I forget his name tall slim gentleman also a dog owner was great very helpful showed me several styles until I found exactly what I liked he didn't pressure me to buy the more expensive ones all he did was explain the difference in the process in the hides of leather and let us make the choice. With the dog and his help we willingly paid a bit more for some piece of mind. We were there on a Saturday couches were delivered on a Friday could've been earlier but that was most convenient for our schedule. We also qualified for the Red Sox no hitter promotion and wasn't sure so got a Jordan's credit card cause was worried if I paid and they got no hitter I wouldn't know how to get reimbursed lol. Credit card is interest free had it set up to take directly from account so no hassle. Will definitely go back for other furniture in future 1st Time here have been to Avon store before but Jordan's furniture has always been of good quality at least all of my experiences. Also wanna note we were definitely getting the extended warranty on the rips and tears on the leather especially with the dog basically because of the dog and thankfully the salesman was honest 1st thing he said was that it Did Not cover Pet rips or tears. Once he said that we thanked him for honesty and his help but we opted not to get extended warranty I mean when was last time 2 adults ripped their couches ?hope I don't jinx myself

This is my third purchase

This is my third purchase from Jordan's and I could not be happier. The products are high quality, albeit a little pricey, and their customer service is phenomenal, from our sales rep in Avon (Steve in clearance ctr) to the delivery team. Recently, I had to change the delivery address (new house not ready) for a very large sectional that was already loaded on the truck and no less a week before Christmas at that. The rep advised it would be a challenge but, nonetheless, got it done. I am so appreciative...Jordan's knows how to run a business! I am a customer for life. Thank you Jordan's!

My boyfriend and I went to Jordan's

My boyfriend and I went to Jordan's looking for new couch. We had it narrowed down to two and went back and forth for probably 20 minutes. A couple people had asked us if we needed help and we said we were good! We finally made up our minds and went to the gentleman who was standing off to the side while we went back and forth. Lawrence rang us up quickly and he was very nice. Have us the general time for delivery and we were off! Great in store experience! 8 days later, got an email saying our couch was in! Set up a delivery time for 2 days later. 10 days after our purchase, we have a couch! The delivery guys were so fast and polite! It was a great experience and will definitely buy more from them when we need it! Also, we're in love with our couch! Thank you Jordan's!!!

2 years ago we moved to our new place

2 years ago we moved to our new place we decided to purchase furniture from Jordan's Furniture instead of going to our furniture store we have been going for years where We purchased a John Louis Sofa and loveseat with ottoman and 2 end tables We purchased the stain and furniture warranty mind you the Salesperson stated that everything is guaranteed from soup to nuts We have had numerous issues with stains that GBS did and they were excellent The issue is with the John Louis sofa 1st we had to purchase a Gleener to take out the knots then we logged 2 calls for service the first one was that the springs needs to be reset the second one today was for sinking to find out it was from the sofa cushions that were the issue and they said it was not guaranteed the repairmen contacted customer service and I asked the question if a salesperson guarantees hat everything is covered including wear and tare then will it be covered The CSR rep said it will not even if in writing only by what the form says well I stated this is false advertising My family and I will never purchase furniture again from Jordan's Furniture or an John Louis product again We are very dissatisfied with Jordan's

I can't say enough about Jordan's furniture

I can't say enough about Jordan's furniture. I would recommend this company to absolutely everyone. Their customer service in store and out of store goes above and beyond and truly do whatever they can to make the customer happy. I have had assistance from a few employees at Jordan's in Natick primarily who have been nothing but great. Deena and Joy, I can remember we're extremely accommodating. Overall, 10 stars if I could.

Every time a Jordan's mattress commercial airs...

Every time a Jordan's mattress commercial airs, I hit the mute button, while my inner voice screams liar liar. I brought a mattress for about $3,000, and it was awful. Aside from being uncomfortable, the stitching was off and it had a slant to it. They sent out a "so called" independent company to evaluate the mattress, who found that the mattress was not damaged. Unfortunately, the man who check the mattress, broke the strap when he went to put the mattress back on the bed. (Now it's damaged) The person who came out to repair the broken strap was great. He was the only positive thing in that whole horrible experience. I've purchased from Jordan's Furniture in the past, and I was always happy. I thought they had superior and quality product. Not this time, and not with the mattresses. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN. p.s. I started writing this review a while back. When I saw that I hadn't finished it, the anger and disappointment came flooding back. The commercials still annoy me.

unexpected delays

since July I have had contact with Jordan's 5 times all about 3 delays all adding up to 6 months so far. after the second delay the customer service rep said there shouldn't be any more delays than I got the third delay to the total of 6 months. So, I am sitting in a brand-new built home with no furniture. I asked if they had contacted the manufacturer and the supervisor said no, they hadn't. in this climate of pandemic with delays why wouldn't a company keep in close contact with their manufacturer? bad form Jordans furniture! when I asked the supervisor if I could speak to the CEO, she responded that Elliot never speaks to the customers. big surprised Elliot would rather pitch the customer from the safe space of television and not face to face. how is this company still in business?

Not worth wasting your money

We bought a beautiful leather couch that cost us about $5,000. After 5 years, 2 repair men and a lot of wasted time on the phone our couch is trash. The couch dips in certain areas, they fix it and it dips within 2 months of getting it repaired. The filling has fallen in certain areas which we got repaired and it all falls again so the couch looks horrible. The leather now has a tear in it because it was really thin in one area and they say they can't fix that. We bought the warranty which they said covers tears but they won't cover it. For $5,000 I would expect the couch to last more than 5 years.

Very disappointing

I had high hopes when I went to Jordan’s to invest in a new mattress. I ended up spending way more than I wanted and the sales person insisted I needed a firm mattress even though I repeatedly stated I preferred a softer mattress. He basically told me a soft mattress was wrong for my body. I reluctantly followed his recommendation because he had a lot to say about why I needed it, and I thought he must have expertise in this area. Oh how I wish I just listened to myself! The first mattress was way too firm, and it repeatedly woke me up at night due to the firmness. I tried it for a few months, because they insist there is a breaking in period. I was exhausted from not being able to sleep and exchanged it for one a little less firm, and paid another $100 plus for delivery. I tried the new one for a couple months- still too firm. I did not want to go through the process of exchanging again, spending even more money, and the pressure from the salesperson. Instead, I decided to invest in a mattress topper with the hope that would soften it up. Still too firm, even with the topper, and now even more money spent. I tried it for three more months, and it was still too firm. The salesperson basically tells you to suck it up for 6 months because your body needs to adjust. My body was not adjusting, and I was so regretting not just getting a softer mattress from the beginning! The truth is, I felt very pressured to go with the firm mattresses. I emailed the salesperson to tell him the mattress was not working out. He did not respond, so I called him. He said he would have speak to his manager and would call me back. The manager said I would have to forfeit 25% of the cost of the mattress to exchange it… another $350 down the drain. I asked if he could have the manager call me that afternoon. I never heard from the manager. At this point, I don’t want to deal with going back in there, listening to all the reasons the mattress should have worked and spending an additional several hundred dollars. I don’t trust their guidance at this point. I found the salesperson failed to listen to what I wanted and needed and preferred to educate me on mattresses, and what he knew I needed. I was extremely disappointed, spent a ton of money, and am dissatisfied with the mattress.

Prices way too high

I have been a customer of Jordan's for years. I love their quality and would much prefer to buy from here over Bernie and Phyls. That being said .. I am not sure I will ever buy from them again. Their prices are RIDICULOUS since the start of covid, and have in no way, even remotely, made sense with inflation or supply issues. Look at the prices of their desks ... the same one I bought a few years ago for $1,099 is now $1,999 ... hutch and desks foro $3,599?? I would steer clear of this place for anything until their prices come out of orbit and match real inflation. They are simply being greedy and its truly disgusting. I cant imagine anyone paying these stupid prices when you can go elsewhere and not be fleeced for the same quality.

Don’t promise when you can’t deliver

I needed a recliner because I am having open heart surgery. Two weeks prior to my surgery I purchased a recliner at Jordan’s. The salesman had all the right answers promising the chair would be delivered within two weeks. When I called for the delivery date I was told it would be at least a month. The salesman knew they didn’t have any in stock and made a promise he knew he couldn’t keep. Now I’m 4 days from surgery with no recliner.

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