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Jayson Home Reviews

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Jayson Home is a Chicago-based furniture store that offers a wide array of unique, used and new furniture pieces and home decor. They also sell their furniture online with multiple shipment options for furniture. Customers report a classy and on-trend selection with reports of mostly happy experiences with their purchases.

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Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9/10

Price: $19-$9496+

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Jayson Home Specifics

Jayson Home is a popular furniture and home decor retailer in Chicago with a competitive online marketplace of unique, oftentimes vintage, furniture pieces and eclectic decor, which feature moderate price points. They are known for their trend-setting and inspirational design aesthetics for customers both in-store and online.

In terms of customer experiences, Jayson Home customers focus their feedback mostly on their amazing selection, unique finds, and easy purchase experiences. In-store customers describe helpful and friendly customer service, with rare complaints about having to approach sales staff at times. Online customers express very warm experiences in their purchases and also dealing with customer service.

Material Quality

One of Jayson Home's biggest differentiators is their sourcing of vintage and one-of-a-kind furniture and home goods. They describe their selection as edgy yet elegant. Some items have had new upholstery or light refurbishing done, while others are sold with their natural patina. For shoppers looking to make a statement, Jayson Home's curated selection will do just that, and also offers more traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing designed to last lifetimes.

Jayson Home's Top Furniture

Jayson Home is known for its trend-setting and unique furniture and home accents. We'll go through their customers' top picks and discuss the ins and outs of their selection.

#1 Sofas

Jayson Home's sofas offer a wide variety of modern and vintage designs with leather, velvet, and synthetic upholstery. Some items can be customer upholstered with added fill options for the cushions such as the down and feather upgrade. Other items are more unique and offer a one-of-a-kind style with a vintage, modern design. One thing that customers can agree on is that these sofas are stunning with high quality, unique designs.

The pros: Unique, sofa styles with some customizable upholstery options.

The cons: Some prices are more aspirational.

#2 Coffee Tables

Jayson Home's coffee tables feature a wide range of eclectic designs. Most offer solid wooden styles with a modern aesthetic, and features hardwoods like teak, mindi, white oak, and more. Each coffee table has a unique design with both solid, bulkier options and wider, airy styles offered. The prices are moderate, starting at $895. The unique and inspiring options with the high quality builds make these coffee tables another top pick from customers.

The pros: Unique and wide-ranging coffee table designs.

The cons: Some aspirational prices.

#3 Chairs

Jayson Home's chairs have a wide selection, which includes more traditional, formal chairs, and also mid-century design-forward chairs. Some of the frames includes woven rattan, oak, walnut, and more. Some feature customizable upholstering and cushion fill options with 40+ different upholstery fabric options. Others include leather and animal hide seats and backs. With the wide selection with a moderate price point and high quality sourcing, these are top contenders for savvy shoppers.

The pros: Wide range of seating options with unique, trendsetting designs.

The cons: Some prices may be out of range for some shoppers.

#4 Rugs

Jayson Home rugs follow suit with their other furniture options with a selection of both unique vintage rugs and also eclectic styles, including cowhide, goathide, and sheephide rugs. Their vintage rugs offer some one-of-a-kind, handwoven styles from regions like Turkey and Iran, which are famous for their handwoven rugs. While prices can be high for some of the one-of-a-kind rugs, their selection and quality is unmatched for shoppers keen on finding something uniquely special for their living space.

The pros: Wide range of rugs with some exquisite vintage handwoven options.

The cons: Some high prices for one-of-a-kind items.

#5 Lighting & Accents

Lighting is another Jayson Home top category. Their selection mostly focuses on modern and mid-century styles with some design twists to be found. They offer chandeliers, pendants, and side lamps. Some pieces include rattan, brass, glass, and linen features, with a variety of bulb types available. While prices for some items are more aspirational, their unique pieces are well worth the consideration.

The pros: Unique designs with some stunning, trend-setting designs.

The cons: Prices may be too high for some shoppers.

More From Jayson Home's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Jayson Home offers a variety of other home products, such as:

- Pillows

- Decor

- Beds

- Benches

Jayson Home Alternatives

Even with everything going on in the world, this is still one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for high quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

If you are ready to learn more about the best rated online furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2024 Furniture Stores.

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Browse Jayson Home Customer Reviews

I ordered a product online...

I ordered a product online but it turns out the product was on back order. Unfortunately, I needed the the products asap. Jayson Home customer service contacted me immediately and notified me of the situation. They contacted the OEM manufacturer and tried to speed up the shipment to make my deadline. They even offered me free shipping costs! However, I could not move my deadline but the customer service speed and responsiveness at Jayson Home left me very impressed. 10/10 would do business with again.

Purchased furniture...

Purchased furniture in 2012 and I will always come back when we are looking to add or update. They stand behind their products and their staff is wonderful. I love dropping in to get inspiration and design ideas. They have a great selection of gifts and accessories as well.

One of a kind interesting pieces of furniture

One of a kind interesting pieces of furniture and accessories. A bonus is their floral service on the premises. Not cheap, but well worth the price.


Unique, eclectic decor and a garden center maintained with love. Always a pleasure shopping at Jayson!

Eclectic mix

Eclectic mix of carefully selected vintage furniture resale, new home accessories, plants and lighting. It's a great old space with wood floors and high ceilings -- the vibe is upscale flea market / barn glam with a bit of mid-century thrown in. Prices tend to be on the high side but it could be worth it if you find that one-of-a-kind piece you've been searching for. Lower level has a selection of area rugs. Great place to browse.

The one thing that I'd like to add to the other reviews...

The one thing that I'd like to add to the other reviews is that after comparing the pricing on a sofa that I love in stock at Jayson Home (made by Mitchell Gold) and the same sofa at Mitchell Gold, Jayson Home wins. To parrot what others have said, this place is a design mecca in Chicago. A great place to go to get inspired.

his place is a Mecca for amazing home goods

This place is a Mecca for amazing home goods. They also do a fabulous job with floral. Kudos for being a unique and one of a kind store.

We had to stay home...

We had to stay home for the first time for the holidays due to covid so this Christmas was looking a little different for us. We'd never had a real tree and since we lived across the street from Jayson Home, we decided to pick out our first live tree to make the season a bit warmer. Their tree selection was perfection. All the trees were healthy and came in many shapes and sizes. The staff was super friendly and helpful. When we finally found 'the one' it was love at first sight. We just knew. The staff gently wrapped it up for us and we left it there to pick up the next day. When we arrived to take our tree home, we were surprised when a staff member offered to carry it across the busy street into our house! We were prepared to make the arduous journey alone, but this man was a saint. Once inside, we grounded our tree, released its casing, and stepped back. Wow. After a horrible year this was just what we needed. The aroma hit us like a million happy Christmas memories years before. Thank you Jayson Home for helping make this year a little brighter for us and for your helpful staff!

Unique items...

Unique items, amazing customer service and items always shipped with great care.

This place...

This place is awful. Display furniture looks old and worn. Customer service is lacking. People barely looked at us when we walked in and on my way out I said thank you to our "helper" three times - once right to her face - and she never said anything back. Designs are old and out dated. Don't waste your time. Yuck!

Favorite home goods shop

Favorite home goods shop to find heedfully curated furnishings for indoor and outdoor needs. Some of my favorite purchases from Jayson's were rugs (living room and hall runner), indoor plants, large ceramic pots (most options are in solid neutral tones), and chic shelve and table decor. They do beautiful work with flower arrangements. Quality furniture pieces that'll fit in a vast variety of home styles (contemporary, traditional, chic, vintage, Parisian flee-market, etc.). If you're looking for home inspiration, stretch your legs through Jayson Home!

I absolutely adore Jayson Home

I absolutely adore Jayson Home. It's an eclectic mix of textures, fixtures and furniture that cannot be found at the common chain furniture stores. I've purchased serval items from Jayson Home and more often than not, my friends will say "where did you get that?" My favorite recent purchase were these fascinating hand-painted Moroccan plates which are perfect for dessert or appetizers. Beyond exceptional offerings, I found Jayson Home to have the most extraordinary customer service. As stated on their website, they are committed to your satisfaction and I was recently a witness to this promise. Early January, sales associate Harriet did a fantastic job in helping me select a fabulous dining room table. The team was friendly and delivery was prompt and professional within a few days of purchase. Unfortunately, this gorgeous table wasn't manufactured to stand the test of time and six months after purchase, some defected areas on the table legs were apparent. Had this been a West Elm or Crate & Barrel this would have been a "tough luck" scenario. Not the case with Jayson Home as the General Manager, Don, promptly came to the rescue. I explained my situation and Don was gracious to give me a full refund. With my love for that table, it was hard to say goodbye, but I feel so incredibly lucky to have bought from a store that provides quality furniture and will do what it takes to promptly correct any hiccups. The pickup process was scheduled immediately and the delivery team was friendly and recognized me from the original drop-off. I fully intend to do my future furniture shopping with Jayson Home and would recommend this store to anyone who wants original quality pieces teamed up with prompt and friendly service. Thank you again to Don and his team for making a VERY happy and satisfied customer. Keep up the great work!

So much fabulous here.

So much fabulous here. Carefully curated selection of the best of globetrotter home goods, furniture and accessories. Everything here is super chic. Staff is wonderful and very helpful. Yes the prices are high but the quality and level of service are both exceptional. I have bought a few odds and ends here and I'm depressed not to live in Chicago any longer as it was a favorite weekend haunt. One of the city's finest treasure troves. Don't miss it!

Quick notes on furniture shopping

Quick notes on furniture shopping: It's a very specific style - rustic, homey, open homes that can utilize their style of furniture. I ended up not getting anything here, but would recommend the place to friends who have styles similar to theirs.

I like to drop by every now and then...

I like to drop by every now and then to grab some cute accesories that I don't need. They do a realily god job with the way they present their pieces.

Great place to purchase a lush Christmas tree.

Great place to purchase a lush Christmas tree. Fantastic, prompt service. I was a little disappointed with the dearth of Christmas decor for sale within the store, but store merchandise is quality.

This is my happy place.

This is my happy place. Unique, eclectic decor, helpful staff, and inspiration on how to better present things in your home.

Furniture, flowers and accessories!

Furniture, flowers and accessories! Oh my! Jayson has every home decor item from big to small that you can imagine. Not your standard big box kind of items here. So much fun to browse and get your creative juices flowing even if you may not be purchasing something at the time. Great fresh flowers and Christmas trees around that time of year too. The first time I came in and was seriously looking to upgrade and invest in some long term furniture, the sales people could not have been more helpful! Very friendly and detail oriented, asking lots of questions about my space, style and what items I was looking to purchase. I took some pictures to help my memory since I was visiting other stores on the same trip. By days end, I knew one of the coffee tables I saw at Jayson was the one! I couldn't find the item on the website at first, so I called in and was told the table was out for a photo shoot that day, but they would get the specifics for me and called me back very quickly to let me know the easiest way to place an order. Stacey contacted me to arrange for delivery after I placed my order online since I live outside of the Chicagoland area and needed to plan for the following week. Right after the delivery guys left, I noticed a chipped corner on the table and again, Stacey was wonderful in providing different options and making sure I had a replacement delivered and swapped out for a new table in no time. It's been about six weeks or so since I got the table, and I could not be happier. Everyone comments on how unique it is and even with other new items in my living room, it's the standout piece! Great quality, durable, and looks fantastic! I'll definitely keep browsing at Jayson Home and will surely buy something else from here in the future when I'm ready for a re-design, upgrade, or just in need of a new special something to switch things up a bit!


THIS IS MY HOLY LAND. It is the epitome of my style and I cannot say enough good things about it. The service was great and I can't wait to hit up their lil shindig early next month. It's not cheap but I wouldn't say it's uber expensive either -- plus I feel like the stuff is cool enough that you're not going to find it everywhere (ahem CB2 or West Elm) and it's small business! Shop local!


Love their uniqueness , the pristine cuts in furniture and or paperweight

This place is amazingly well put together

This place is amazingly well put together and has a ton of unique home furnishings to choose from. We have bought items for our home from here, albeit sparingly, because the prices can be a bit high. However, it's not for someone that wants to furnish their home in one fell swoop, but add a little character to their space with a unique item. Leland helped me during my purchase and is super-informed as well as helpful. Jayson Home never pushed product on us either and we have probably browsed there more than we have bought. They have a spectacular outdoor plants section that is great in the summer. Whenever we want add to our home, we look here for inspiration, and whenever we can afford it, a purchase.

This is by far one of the best home stores in the city

This is by far one of the best home stores in the city. Unique, fun finds with a side of sticker shock. Sometimes it pays to pay a wee bit more for that special, vintage find.

As someone living across the country...

As someone living across the country (California) from the store, I can only attest to the online and customer service experience that I had with Jayson Home - it was so good it's worth writing about even from afar. I loaded up my cart with a few small sale items and was having issue checking out so I called the customer service number and got immediate help. It wasn't the usual, "oh, sorry you're having trouble, give me your credit card number" help either... it was warm and caring and I felt like I was actually important and that my measly transaction mattered. It was one of the most satisfying customer service experiences that I have ever had, hands down. Fast forward to receiving the two items I had purchased, a candle and a horn pencil holder (if I had the budget and ability to easily make decor and furnishing decision, believe me that I could have bought out the entire store, so well curated!) arrived at my doorstep and I couldn't be happier. Safely packaged (we're talking above and beyond with the bubble wrap) and with a little note from the customer service person who assisted me. Seriously?! How sweet! I'm looking forward to keeping Jayson Home bookmarked as a wonderful go-to place to order gifts and home decor items... it may be on the other side of the country and I may be able to find similar things in California... but this store made it just so wonderful that I'd come back again and again.

LOVE this store.

LOVE this store. It was truly a great experience!!

Went to Jayson home to buy a fig tree

Went to Jayson home to buy a fig tree for our condo and ended up leaving with a beautiful fig tree, vase, one of a kind cowhide rug, and Turkish runner for our kitchen. If I had the money I would furnish my entire home at Jayson. The staff is very knowledgeable, welcoming, and helpful. And they love our dog Beans :).

We ordered a Fiddle Fica tree...

We ordered a Fiddle Fica tree and a beveled planter. Both were delivered within a week which was sooner than we thought, very happy. Because we both were at work we had our condominium maintenance team allow them to bring the plant into our unit. That night we noticed a few scratches on the planter, which we paid good money for. I emailed Jayson Home that night regarding our desire for a replacement. Within 12 hours we heard from the owner and a customer service person both apologizing for the issue. Two days later they replaced the planter and we receive a follow-up email this morning asking if we were happy. The point of this review is to applaud JH for outstanding customer service, and offering a quick solution. Both added to a great experience.

This place is amazing

This place is amazing. If you are like me, and don't enjoy the process of looking for antique/vintage housewares, but DO very much enjoy the obtaining of such objects, this is the place for you. They have the most beautiful things, carefully curated so it looks like someone just placed a 200-year old French bar there, but oh wait - it's too cool for that! We bought a desk here that cost us about half our mortgage payment for a month but was totally worth it for the unique beautiful piece that we got and for the friendly service we received. When (?) I become a millionaire, I will be back again and again. Just hope that ancient French bar is still for sale...;)

Although they have beautiful furniture...

Although they have beautiful furniture for the price point they are at one would expect better customer service. No one was friendly or eager to be helpful. I was in the store for at least 10 minutes before any one said hello. I was considering purchasing a sofa from them but when I got attitude from the employee I decided I'd rather spend $2,000 elsewhere. A bad impression that will stick.

Favorite home decor / plant stop

Favorite home decor / plant stop. A dangerous place. Prices are up there, but all good are quality. Totally worth it!

the employees here are ALWAYS a pleasure!

the employees here are ALWAYS a pleasure! my partner and i purchased a plant for the new year and it was the sweetest experience.

Jayson is a Home away from home for myself

Jayson is a Home away from home for myself. The staff is so inviting! I enjoy taking my time and walking around the store because there are many unique and unexpected furnishings and goods to find. I've purchased two sofas from Jayson and they were both great quality. This store will be my go-to for statement furniture pieces for years to come. It's also my favorite place to get flowers from in Chicago. They really do the most creative and original floral work in all of Chicago in my opinion. The tattooed florist is so talented and was able to take some basic directions and make something that was out of this world beautiful.

Lovely store.

Lovely store. Wish I could purchase everything in the place. A bit expensive, but the quality is all there. I went in recently and Harriet helped me find exactly what I needed. Very attentive service. In the summer they have a great plant selection in the courtyard!

It is a always a treat

It is a always a treat to walk through Jayson Home when I am out and about in the neighborhood. The furniture tends to quite chic and my house is not so chic and the prices are a bit out of my reach, but the quality, style and workmanship are all there, even if the sofas are not for me at this time of my life. Walking through, dreaming of future furnishings and getting design ideas are all free, so why not take advantage and do a walk-thru? What is so special about Jayson Home are the unique accessories, books and gift items they offer. Need a housewarming gift for a friend that will be summering on their boat? Jayson has nice dominoes or cards sets reasonably priced in great boxes ready for gifting. Need a book for the kid finishing college? How about going to Jayson and finding something called "Paris Street Style". Want to bring something special to a senior you are visiting? Jayson has some great lotions and soaps. This list goes on and on. The staff has always been helpful, plus there is a free parking lot across the street.

I am glad that Chicago has a home furnishings store of the calibre of Jayson Home

I am glad that Chicago has a home furnishings store of the calibre of Jayson Home. It is a place that I love to come to to get inspiration in decorating my place. Nomadic rugs, beautiful pillows, decorative items and mirrors, antiques and contemporary furnishings. Jayson Home has it covered for you. If you have a yard check out the gardening center outside. This place is awesome and I can't recommend this place any higher, but as a cautionary word, I will add, that this is not some huge emporium, but a small local business. Support it.

I recently went to Jayson Home...

I recently went to Jayson Home to pick up a small orchid. It took everything out of me to stay focused and not look around. It's one of those places where you pop in for a minute and can easily leave an hour later. This place is teeming with eclectic items for every room in the house. Even though the store is big, it has a feeling of being one of those small shops in a seaside town with great art objects and home decor. The kind of store you wished they had back home only it is back home in Chicago! My only quip about this store is the customers you run into during your visit. While Jayson's carries items for most people's budget, they do have items for those who have, let's say, extra, extra income. And for some reason the people I've come across in my path of perusing come off very snobby. That aside, I have found the service to be friendly and helpful.

One of my favorite places...

One of my favorite places to go and get inspired. It's on the pricey side for me, but they still have smaller affordable items that I pick up. The smell alone of this place makes me fall in love every time. If you have been, you know what I mean. If you love all things home decor, go to this beautiful place. You won't be disappointed.

I can't say enough good things...

I can't say enough good things about Jayson Home! They have outstanding customer service and wonderful products. I am extremely impressed by the way this business handled a delivery situation for me, and by their very kind, thoughtful and conscientious customer service and delivery team. The store itself is beautiful with a very broad and unique selection of furniture, home decor and greenery. I will absolutely be a repeat customer and will suggest the store to family and friends. Really shows the elevated level of care, service and selection you have at a local business compared to a big box brand store. Highly recommend this store!

I have a long shopping history...

I have a long shopping history with Jayson Home--one that goes back to the '90's when they had a single location in a warehouse next door to where their current space is. The space where they are now used to be their second shop, focused primarily on gardening and gardening furniture. Today they are consolidated into the garden center space, where they still have beautiful outdoor plants and urns, and their fresh flower area. The focus now tends to be swank mid-century modern re-imagined furniture with a blend of tribal for a super hefty price. The space is still designed in a way that makes you want to move right in, but I miss the past. In their other space, the focus felt a bit more shabby chic+ Parisian flea + a kick of vintage. The prices seemed to reflect the care of the buyer who traveled around the world seeking out one-of-a-kind unique furnishings that you couldn't wait to get your hands on. When the items were gone, they were gone. That's what made them special and worthy of the high price tag. The collection is still fabulous here, so please don't get me wrong, but I feel like I've seen some of the pieces before. In the past I used to get excited to explore what came in from the recent flea market trip from Paris. It seemed like many of the pieces had a story. If the buyer is still there, I have no doubt she knows exactly what she's doing. Perhaps for the location, this is what the market wants now. What I do love about the shop are the wonderful decorative accessories. You'll find a few items from local artisans mixed with books and pillows. I couldn't keep my eyes off that vintage looking leather-wrapped bicycle. Now that's a fun find. Still the same great quality and tasteful design of the space with room to move around and shop. Though I remain a huge fan of Jayson Home, I miss the days of the past. But that's just me.

I love the store...

I love the store and yes it is expensive. They carry unique products perfectly curated. When they run a sale they run a great sale! And customer service is great. They do understand how to help people. Just ask. They don't hover like in some stores; they leave you alone to shop in peace. But they have answers if you need them. And sometimes they run a sale on Mitchel Gold furniture that is better than the MGBW store pricing. It's a great place just for inspiration too! Window shopping is free and so is the parking across the street!!

The best home and garden store...

The best home and garden store in Chicago/Midwest! Incredible space to view their amazing selection of custom made home furnishings and accessories. One of the best places to go in the city too if you are a city gardener. They stock lots of interesting and unusual trees, shrub, perennials etc suited for shady, small, urban gardens! You will love this place!

The customer service I've received...

The customer service I've received has been so so encouraging during such a difficult time. Amazing really! The floral department has been following up on a small item very consistently, providing updates..... very bespoke service! Beyond that, the owner is a really nice guy. And of course, the selection is unlike any other in Chicago.

Excellent selection of home decor...

Excellent selection of home decor, beautiful gifts, unique plants and flowers. My favorites include their collection of John Derian, Astier de Villatte, Cire Trudon and I love the mini potted orchids. Last time I was in I also picked up a beautiful set of marbleized wrapping paper. The only downside of the shop is the lack of friendliness. I don't need someone to fawn all over me, but a simple "hello" or "let us know if you need help" is always appreciated. It's awkward when you walk in and 4 people working look up at you, say nothing, then continue their conversation or task.


Beautiful! I love visiting jayson home because it's such eye candy. Everything is tastefully done, but just out of my price range. Like other reviewers, I love coming to get inspired. This is also a fiddle leaf fig heaven. They have so many of these leafy beauties that are hard to find in chicago, and they are well taken care of. The small tree varieties are in the mid $100's and the 5 footers go up in price to nearly $600. But they are beautiful and complement any home with their leafy greens. Maybe one of these days I will bite the bullet and get one.

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