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IKEA Reviews

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IKEA is one of the most recognizable furniture stores in the world. Founded in Sweden in 1943, IKEA's legacy has been their assemble-at-home furniture and sprawling shop-by-room warehouse stores. When it comes to prices, IKEA has always focused on practical items for an affordable price. While most customers like IKEA's furniture (and their famous Swedish meatballs), their have been some complaints about perceived quality, assembly, and price value over the years.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

Price: $8-$3829+

Return Policy: 365 Days + Restrictions

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IKEA Specifics

IKEA is probably the furniture store with the most international name-recognition. With their large stores with floors upon floors of room concepts and an affordable Swedish cafeteria for hungry shoppers, IKEA is as much about the in-store experience as it is about their products. They are known for their streamlined shopping experience with browsing concepts, shopping by number, and then picking and paying for furniture items in a warehouse-like setting.

For those that are DIY aficionados or looking for a no-hassle bargain, IKEA is well-rated by shoppers. However, there are some complaints. Those looking for lasting pieces have reported issues with long-term durability in some instances. Also, although IKEA has added more white-glove and assembly options, there are still some lingering complaints about delivery, assembly, and returns in some cases.

Material Quality

IKEA is known for their streamlined and affordable furniture products. Due to their low prices and the need for their items to be self-assembled, most of their wooden items feature specialty veneers over particle board. Their comfort items feature comfort materials like memory and poly-foam with or without innerspring technology. While most customers like their IKEA furniture at first, there are some complaints about long term durability for commonly used items.

IKEA Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that IKEA shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top furniture items that shoppers are looking for and talk about the ins and outs of IKEA's offerings.

#1 Desks

The most popular item that IKEA shoppers are looking for is a new desk. IKEA offers over 500 desks to choose from with items starting as low as $24 for simple options. When it comes to design choices, the most popular options feature white and clean color palettes with minimalist designs. Popular options feature fiberboard with painted and veneered surfaces. While most customers are satisfied with IKEA's offerings, there are some complaints about tough assembly and longevity of items.

The pros: Wide range of affordable offerings starting below $100.

The cons: Some problems with assembly and durability reported by some customers.

#2 Dressers & Storage Drawers

The second popular item that IKEA shoppers are looking for is a new dresser or drawers. Their options start at under $20 for plastic options. Their most popular options gravitate towards the $100 level and feature painted particle board in muted tones like white, gray, and beige. Customers have good things to say about these options overall, but there were some disagreements including issues with durability and quicker damage under normal wear/tear.

The pros: Extremely competitively priced dressers with minimalist designs.

The cons: Some problems with durability and perceived quality in some cases.

#3 Kitchen Cabinets

Another highly sought after product category are new kitchen cabinets and furniture options. IKEA's designs range from Scandinavian minimalism to more traditional cabinet / drawer front designs. These options come in standard dimensions with muted color palette tones. With options starting at just above $50 per cabinet, most customers have good things to say about the price value. However, there were some complaints about assembly and misfitting arrangements in some cases.

The pros: Very affordable kitchen cabinetry in consistent design choices.

The cons: Some reported problems with assembly and perceived quality.

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#4 Mattresses

Another of the most common requests from IKEA customers is a new mattress. IKEA offers a wide array of mattresses, starting just above $50. With options that range from innerspring to all foam and latex, shoppers can find affordable options. While many customers find these to be satisfactory for temporary mattresses, there are complaints of sagging and quicker than average degrading in some cases. If you are interested in finding a new full-time mattress, there may be competitive options that are better rated by customers.

The pros: Very affordable mattresses in the most common material designs.

The cons: Some issues with durability and sagging reported.

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#5 Rugs

The last most popular item that IKEA shoppers are looking for is a new area rug or runner for their home. IKEA shoppers have over 50 rug designs to choose from and these update over time with the newest styles available. IKEA rugs start at just below $25 and mostly feature minimalist and Scandinavian style choices. These rugs come in a variety of materials, including polypropylene, wool, and cotton. Most customers like IKEA's rug options, but there were some desires for more designs and complaints about perceived quality in some cases.

The pros: Very affordable rugs in desirable IKEA styles.

The cons: Limited designs and some problems with perceived quality.

More From IKEA's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top product categories above, IKEA offers a wide array of other home furniture, decor, and products, such as:

- Shelves

- Couches

- TV Stands

- Bed Frames

- Chairs

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Tish was helping me exchange...

Tish was helping me exchange an item and made the process so easy. I was scared it was going to take a while, but she made the process very smooth and was there to help me and save time. She is customer focused and I really appreciated her!

I haven't been to IKEA in forever...

I haven't been to IKEA in forever. They always have something to tempt you with here. I went on a Sunday and it wasn't horribly crazy. If you already know what you want just head straight to the market place area. If you don't have decor ideas then you will take hours in their maze of decorated rooms upstairs lol. Great place to kill a whole day. I took maybe an hour here. To save time, I suggest looking online first. They had some great storage cubes for sale here for super cheap. They were $4 here, other stores usually sell them for about $10. Holiday items were 50% off so I grabbed some things for next year! Also, you can't leave without eating something because it's like treating yourself to a job well done. The food is remarkably cheap and it's tradition now to eat a hotdog and drink lingonberry juice lol. Plenty of parking of course and great prices. Best place for new minimalistic items that are hackable for any living space. Lines can get crazy but worth the wait.


DO NOT BUY A MATTRESS AT IKEA. When I ordered a mattress at Ikea the salesperson said that I would pick a day and then the company would call the day before and I could choose a delivery window (morning/afternoon). It ends up their delivery service does NOT offer that and they just call you the day ahead and inform you what your delivery window is. They also said the driver would call me 30 minutes before my delivery. They did not. They also said they would take the old mattress. They did not. Once the mattress was delivered I got 2 voicemails saying that I missed my delivery and needed to reschedule. After calling their customer service line twice and it telling me that "there is a higher than usual call volume - we cant not take your call" and then hanging up on me. I found another number, spoke to a human, and he transferred me back to the line which hangs up on you. Also you have to pay about $60 for this delivery service.

worst customer service EVER!

This IKEA has the absolute worst customer service EVER!!! What happened??? Is it the minimum wage increase leaving the management with no options other than to severely cut sales staff so that no one can pay for their items in event to save labor dollars?????? There were three lines open. They all had at least 20 people in each line. The sales person came out MID-LINE and placed a cone and said "I'm closed." Then the next line the guy did the same THING. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PAY??? Then I FINALLY was almost to the only open register, like NEXT person in line, and a lady two aisles down says "I'm open". And all these a-holes run over. The sales associate could have simply said a virtuous, "Next in line?" But, nope. Not at this IKEA. OY VEY!!! Finally, the line I'm in I get to pay, and this cashier is the epitome of an inconsiderate, rude, job-hating employee. Absolutely NO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS. I HATE THIS IKEA--because of the disgraceful guest service.

$6000 + $3200 future counter top kitchen

$6000 + $3200 future counter top kitchen was told was going to be delivered friday between 11 and 3. No call/no show. An hour and a half on hold that day and another 45 min yesterday. Missing a day of work and pay is one thing but having to miss another day for their mistake and no compensation. Didnt even refund the delivery charge. I would cancel the order but we have no kitchen now and a reputable cabinet company will take 6 to 7 weeks for delivery. Spend the extra money on your kitchen and don't use ikea. Pretty inconvenient, pretty pissed, pretty much never going to shop there again. And such a big company I'm sure not one represntative will reply. #ikeatobigtocare

What a joke!

What a joke! They want to charge you $5.00 to pay online and pick up in the store and can't even confirm the quantity available in the store! Can't believe they don't even have phone numbers to reach a store to call for quantity information yourself! Way to many other retailers interested in customer service to chase deals for inferior merchandise at this indoor flea market

Very disappointed with the rude empLoyees

Very disappointed with the rude empLoyees. I came in for one thing so I didn't get a cart , couldn't find what I wanted but I did pick up two heavy door mats then I found a few Plants. As I struggled to hold it all I found an employee pushing three empty carts and I asked it I could have one but was told no he had to sort them?? Ok so I put some things back and went outside to find a cart. At the check out the customer in front has a full cart and the conveyor belt is on the right of the register with the customers on the left. You can't get to the conveyor belt because of the end caps of merchandise. The clerk uses her hand held scanner to check out that customer and then it's my turn. I have everything positioned so she doesn't have to pull anything thing out of the cart, the barcodes are all right there. I'm told to I have to take it out of the basket and put it on the belt. I wrenched my back trying to reach over the end caps to put the plants down with out knocking them over and I tossed the non breakables. With so many stores closing due to the internet, maybe some lessons in customerr service would be advisable.

This is the best place to find home furniture

This is the best place to find home furniture, I moved to new place and I had dilemma with my interior design of my room, after researching a little bit I found IKEA with great deals. Firstly, I look at the website make sure that item is available in the nearest store, and it was available. Second thing is my visit, the parking lot was large and comfortable, staff was friendly and helpful.

What I thought would be a quick...

What I thought would be a quick and simple return turned out to be such a headache. First of all, if you want to return or exchange something, make sure you grab a number. There was no obvious sign to grab a number at all. Secondly, I don't know what's taking each person so long to get some service. I've been waiting in line for more than an hour now just to return something. Who knows how much longer I'll have to wait. This feels exactly like a DMV, so plan for a long wait if you're planning to come here to exchange or return. Ikea wants you to stay in their store as long as possible. In this day in age where convenience and and consumer experience win, IKEA is a complete failure. If someone opened an Ikea like store with just faster and better experience to get people in and out, Ikea will go out of business.

The customer service

Ikea could not be worse lol if you live in SF you're better off driving all the way to South Bay instead of here. The customer service line is crazy and when I came to get replacement parts for an incomplete online shipment, they gave me the wrong parts! I drove all the way home and then waited on hold for 60 full minutes in order to file a claim. I normally like Ikea but this particular branch is way too disorganized!

I love coming here...

I love coming here so it is disappointing to see the place going down hill like this. It makes you wonder if the food in the restaurant is safe to eat or the furniture will hold up after assembly. You can do better IKEA.

As much money as this place makes...

As much money as this place makes IKEA should have enough employees to get your purchases a whole lot quicker! It's like we are cattle! We are directed through a maze! Once you go through the mazes you have to go find your products yourself. You have to go through the isles & bins to find your stuff and then once you find your heavy products you have to cart them on a cart that has a mind of its own that you can't dare take one hand off it. Or else it will turn a sharp left on its own. All to GO STAND in ANOTHER LINE! It takes forever to pay for your products! But just when you see the light shining over at the EXIT door way, forget exiting!!! You need to make a sharp right turn AND GO WAIT AGAIN! Waiting and waiting! YouR starring at the PINK, YELLOW AND GREEN list on the screen waiting for your order number to go from color to color! When it moved from PINK to YELLOW you get exciting thinking FINALLY my additional purchases will be coming up soon.... BUT NO! That yellow means, we got your order number and now that we got your prepared to WAIT EVEN LONGER!! Why can't IKEA have more employees so we don't have to wait so long for or purchases?? Yay my number was just called!!! Wait they don't normally call numbers!! What's going on??? I was just told after waiting this entire time that they do not have my products! Was told... That my products are in a warehouse in Hayward, and that they will be delivered to my home in about 3 to 5 days! I'm now changing the 3 stars I gave them down to 2

Service was not great...

Service was not great. Purchased a sofa and the legs required a pick up at the "Furniture Pick-Up" counter. I was initially projected to have the item ready in 15 minutes, but after 35 minutes I asked how much longer it would take. She said it would at least be another 30 minutes. I just purchased legs to a sofa that was $10. Why does it take over an hour for this? Never buying a sofa like this again. Poor service. Poor honestly in timing. Wasted my time and money. I would have rather had the honest timeline communicated to me so I can do further shopping, grab a bite to eat, come back at a later time, etc.

Things don't always go as smooth...

Things don't always go as smooth as today but I feel the need to take the time to commend Angela in the returns department today for handling my return with a polite smile and efficiency. Angela is a asset to this store. I hope she is recognized for her job well done. It's refreshing to come across a associate who obviously cares about and takes pride in their work. Keep up the awesome work Angela.

My favorite thing about this IKEA...

My favorite thing about this IKEA is the returns area. It brings everyone together in their disdain for the wait and the poor functionality. Why can't America be more like the people in the returns line?

Love this store!!

Love this store!! Its always clean staff is friendly and you can't beat the prices. Can't say much for the quality but overall good deals. Plus you can grab 2 dogs, chips and beverage for just under $3 bucks. The hubs and I like to visit on rainy days, we can walk around for hours.

Came here on a Sunday...

Came here on a Sunday - the line was wrapped around outside of the warehouse... so don't come here!! Even after you fight the crowds to get through the show room you'll have to wait in line for an hour to checkout. They aren't understaffed - they just don't have staff Came back another day for an online order pickup - you have to wait for 20-30 mins in a line to just get a cart with stuff on it - they really don't care about you here at all, all processes are designed to minimize staff at expense of your time.

IKEA is my favorite new place...

IKEA is my favorite new place for "window shopping". The store is massive, the parking lot crazy, and the goods affordable. This is definitely an ideal location for decorating or remodeling a home. I could literally spend hours wandering around the store before getting tired of it. Employees are friendly and fast. Bathrooms clean. IKEA even offers groceries and a dining area. My favorite IKEA item is the long handled shoehorn. Long, durable, and easy to use for $2. During my visit, I stocked up on for shoehorns for work (occupational therapy) because patients keep stealing them from my place of employment. Best shoehorn ever.

There are 2 kinds of people in this world...

There are 2 kinds of people in this world: those who love exploring Ikea and those who don't. The Renton location is standard: there's a cafe that features the little meatballs, numerous showrooms you can explore (with the shortcut signs ofc), the self serve section, and the dreaded returns area. However, the Renton Ikea has just CHANGED THE GAME for returning items at Ikea. You can now check out what the line is like from a website (see my photo) BEFORE you get to the store. Additionally, you now add yourself to the list via your phone which allows Ikea to send you a text to alert you when it's about your turn. This allows you to walk around the store and shop, go to the cafe, or even sit in your car if you don't want to deal with the masses. It's awesome. They also have WiFi available for Ikea family members (free to sign up) which was perfect for my husband and I to watch football in the cafe while we waited for our turn.

IKEA is a cool place to shop

IKEA is a cool place to shop. I really wish they had a location in Hawaii. They have so many great ideas for every room in your home and the prices are great. I found really cool unique items to purchase and wished I could purchase more things, but unfortunately no room in my suitcase. IKEA please come to Hawaii!!!

Explore IKEA...

Explore IKEA. Take a long walk, bask in the commercialism. Get some ideas for your small space. Pick up a snack or two and sit in every chair available - to try it out. It's crowded and busy, but a fun adventure, whether you're four or forty-four! So much to see and explore and discover.

We just moved again...

We just moved again and bought a lot of decor and essentials again from IKEA to furnish our apartment. I love IKEA. For all the bad parts of the experience of shopping there in person, there's all the perks of getting modern, cool designs without going into debt forever. I don't mind investing in essentials. But IKEA is the best for everything else. This time around, we made about 4-5 trips to get and return things. And, as a whole, it wasn't too bad. I don't mind the quiet drive there. And I definitely suggest you plan a midday work week trip because weekends are hell. And here are some more IKEA courtesy tips from me: - I love kids. Don't bring them with you to hang out at IKEA. Please. Your kids hate it. We hate it. (Or do, but put them in the daycare) - Do not stop to check your list in the middle of an aisle (step to the side) - Do not stop to look at furniture in the middle of the aisle (step to the side) - Do not walk clumped into large groups of three or more in the middle of the aisle (I'm talking to you, extended family of 12, shopping together at IKEA for some god forsaken reason...) - Do not leave your cart blocking an aisle I know a lot of this seems obvious. But just go to IKEA on a Saturday and tell me anyone shopping there understands common courtesy. LOL.

I love IKEA

I love IKEA for it's cheap furniture and convenient food court. It has all the basic furniture you need if your moving into an apartment or dorm room. In addition to furniture it sells appliances, kitchenware and honestly anything you can think of in order to have a nice and comfortable home. While the prices may be cheap and quality isn't the greatest ever, I've had IKEA furniture fail on me. Just remember you will have to collect and assemble the pieces of furniture together, so as long as you have a big enough car and can follow directions, you should be fine. In terms of this IKEA store, everything is laid out and organized well. The staff can be helpful- if they are actually there. It's frustrating at times to know how short staffed this place can be considering how big it is. I could go in an buy one thing and still have to wait at least 20 minutes in line. Also the return lines are absolutely ridiculous. People wait up to 1.5 hours in order to return anything back to the store. When I had to do so, I found that there were only 3 workers working on returns. It's disappointing to say the least when the store doesn't understand that they need more workers to handle such a large customer volume.

I like their showroom

I like their showroom - a very fun place to visit until I went to check out. This IKEA need a lot of improvement. It seemed that they needed more employees. Only 2 registers was open out of 30. I was there for couple items for my office (new table top and Alex drawer) and had to wait around 50 minutes to be checked out. This was on a Tuesday morning I would imagine how terrible the line would be on a weekend. This waiting time was so outrageous, so if you need to shop at IKEA, you need to plan the whole morning or until early afternoon. Some products are really good for the price but the store should need to be more people and a better management.

I like this place for basic furniture...

I like this place for basic furniture items but this place is a labyrinth and I have a hard time to navigate and find stuff that I look for. I have bought several items from here and have been using them for a couple years with no complaints. The food court is convenient and has super reasonable prices.

Reading all these reviews I'm amazed at how lost people can be

Reading all these reviews I'm amazed at how lost people can be. Navigating this place used to be worse prior to their overhaul renovation. The parking lot is a lot larger and accommodating now, while inside the store there's a lot more shortcuts to get from point A to B faster. The showroom and cafeteria are upstairs while the shopping area, warehouse, children's play center and cafe area are on the main level. Who doesn't love relatively cheap IKEA home goods and furniture, although some things are outrageously overpriced for the shoddy quality. The stock of items is usually abundant and I've never had an issue locating things in the warehouse. The weekends are hectic with tons of lines everywhere; at the checkout, cafeteria, and cafe. They really need to invest into a self checkout area. Oh and good luck in waiting if you ever want to return an item at customer service. You also can't deny partaking in everyone's guilty pleasure when it comes to visiting the cafeteria for hot food or the cafe for a quick hotdog and froyo cone.

First of all, I absolutely love shopping at Ikea

First of all, I absolutely love shopping at Ikea. I love going through the models and seeing everything set up. The furniture and decor items are super awesome especially during the holiday. I frequent the cafe often and have never had a problem. I love the Swedish meatballs the best. The reason for 3 stars is the lack of check out personnel. Almost every time I patron this store, I'm left waiting in a check out line for almost 40 minutes each time. I really want to have given 5 stars, but the terrible check out experience needs to be improved first.

I went to IKEA

I went to IKEA to return one item and bought one item on a Tuesday morning. Totally cost 2.5 hours. Part 1, Return The return department needs a lot of improvement. I came on a Tuesday morning around 1045, but still wait about 30mins in return with a just a single item. I have to say the whole system worked pretty well. But my concern is IKEA should hire more people in return department. There are 4 counters opened, with totally10 clients.But I still wait for a pretty long time. And only one counter actually moving. The labeling and storage process can be separated. Part 2, Checkout After finishing the maze, I finally came to the checkout. And starting another nightmare. There are 29 checkout there, but they only opened 3! Speechless... If you want to date a girl and do not want to leave soon. You can take her to IKEA! Then you guys can spend at least 2 hours here. But mostly likely the girl will hate you after this date.

It's Ikea. I get it

It's Ikea. I get it. You will be jostled, overwhelmed, and woozy from volatile chemicals in the air. But the promise of cheap, modern furniture is DIVINE and irresistible. We purchased two Kallax shelves, 4x4 cubes. These are arguably the best pieces they make. Durable, versatile, indestructible, and stylish. Yes yes yes!!! Room divider, storage, bookshelves--all of the above. No, they will not leave your apartment without a crane operator, but that's fine. Stay! They were inexpensive, and we can get more. I want to shout out to customer service. The woman who helped me was fantastic. However, the process sucked. I waited hours, my fault, it was a weekend. Go on a weekday. Eat some yummy pastry.

Ive been here many times

Ive been here many times, old building, new building whatever. This place is sooo huge I highly recommend coming early and mid week to spend some tiiime there, if you're planning on going through the whole thing with little idea of what you want. However I highly recommend downloading the app the night before and get some ideas. As itll give exactly where things are in the wearhouse. So if you do know what you want, you can be in and out fairly quickly!!! The place is nicely laid out. Walk in, go upstairs start there, once you've gone around you'll end back at the stairs and food court (also hiighly recommend!). Then head down walk around the loop, and grab tour stuff before purchase. One thing I wish they would move before the warehouse area is the clearance section. Idk how many times i got what I wanted in a cart and headed to pay and found it in the clearance section for like 60% off and had to go put the full priced one back! Slight announce haha but its fine.

It's always nice to visit IKEA

It's always nice to visit IKEA whenever we have the chance. There are so many organization ideas to be had that you probably wouldn't think of without seeing it first hand in one of the staged flats. We definitely prefer not to be there on the weekend, however it didn't work out that way with our schedule. We spent a couple of hours in IKEA this trip, taking our time checking things out. Lots of ideas were taken home and we received excellent customer from everyone. We arrived prior to the store opening, however they allow you to go upstairs and walk through about half a dozen of the staged flats/apartments/rooms, prior to the rest of the store being opened. One gentleman upstairs assisted us in finding a wall shelf that had no signage on it. We didn't know the name or price of it and he managed to find it on the computer. To top it off, we had dimensions and weight of the boxes to ensure we could check them with the airline. It worked out perfectly to tape the two boxes together and check them as a single oversized piece of luggage. Before heading downstairs for the second round of shopping, we stopped in the cafe for a bite to eat, which I've written a separate review for as well. One minor gripe was once you get downstairs towards the registers, people just pile up in front of the registers that happen to line up in front of the main aisle, rather than moving to the left and right registers. It would be helpful if the staff would assist in moving people around to get around this hiccup. We made our way through the lines, which took about 25 minutes and unfortunately just puts a bit of a damper on the experience. Once we did get to the register, the lovely cashier didn't hesitate to fill out the quick paperwork for being tax exempt for being Alaskan residents. That's a nice perk for those of us who don't have sales tax and are taking our purchase back home. All in all, a good trip and we came home with some goodies for the house!

Very friendly employees

Very friendly employees. This location is almost spotless. Even the parking lot is clean and free of loose carts. The layouts they have in the store are nicely done. Very clean & professional looking. Also good pricing too. 90% of the items I was looking for was in-stock. Upon asking various workers about bedroom layouts they were highly professional and knowledgeable. Never pressured to buy anything I didn't need which is a plus. Also since I have an electric car. It's a plus they have three Level2 chargers in the parking garage so I can charge up while shopping. The general crowd here is middle to high-class. You barely see any kids really. I seen a few but they were just taking selfies in the various layouts though. But were still mature. Overall. A good IKEA. The only downfall is the food could be better like the other IKEA's.


IKEA is IKEA is IKEA. Pretty much the same among all other Ikeas. We only visit this store maybe once a year given the distance it is from us. It's about a 45 min drive to college park if no traffic. We stopped in to look for a book shelf and left with a kids lounge chair, hangers, and a speaker. I couldn't find a shelf that would go with our living room. Before diving into the different set ups of living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, we decided to get a bite to eat. The Swedish meatballs were ok. Everything was luke warm temperature which really didn't appeal to me. They ran out of chicken tenders so my daughter got French fries and fruit. We visited around 3pm and on a Sunday. Overall, they had IKEA things and that's about it.

Getting my garden organized

Getting my garden organized. Great place to shop and eat. They have an amazing kids area. Staff using cell phone 10 times within 20 minutes. Unacceptable. The restroom is very friendly with kids hand washing station. Fantastic return policy.

Who doesn't love IKEA?

Who doesn't love IKEA? With their famous Swedish meatballs, $1 cinnamon rolls, and free coffee when you're signed up with the IKEA rewards program. I can spend hours at this store and not get bored. It could get a bit overwhelming with the amount of items but also fun to get ideas for your home. Sara in the mattress area was amazing! I'm on a hunt for a new mattress and she was very informative, patient, and had an awesome personality! She had a few recommendations and had me convinced on a memory gel foam pillow. I was sold after testing it out for myself and actually hearing it live directly from someone that has the item at home. I'm in love with this Klubbspore pillow and I've never been excited to rush home to sleep. Happy to find one helpful representative out of the hundreds on the floor. Thank you Sara for an awesome customer service!

Love finding random little things

Love finding random little things at ikea. I've made it my go to spot for large zip lock bags. Their restaurant raised their prices. Portions are still dinky. Lacks flavor. Not sure why ppl keep Eating here. I get disappointed every time I think it's a good idea.

Ordered online

Ordered online and got it delivered to my apartment. I have both damaged and missing items from my order. Both pillowcases are damaged and I'm missing my desk. So annoyed. I missed church to have these items delivered and now I have to figure out when I need to be home for yet another delivery. If you can avoid delivery, do it. Edit: Ended up just canceling my order and requesting a refund. This wasn't handled well at all.

Do NOT purchase anything here

Do NOT purchase anything here unless you keep your receipt for a year. They will only exchange for the lowest price of the year. I purchased a rolling tray for my books and purchased a blue cart instead of black. I went back 3 days later to exchange it for the black which is equally priced. This doesn't make sense if it is just color swap and the prices are the same that day.

Only thing I don't like is how long it takes to check out

Only thing I don't like is how long it takes to check out. This is my second visit, and again it is taking forEVer. You can find some good bargains in certain things, and definitely items you can't find anywhere else. Also, this would be a very dangerous store for me to wander with no specific purchase in mind! Much like a few other stores, I kept seeing things that I didn't know I "need", so impulse buying would be happening. :/ One thing I especially appreciate is the staff person stationed near the entrance, who can give directions to get to your destination aisle/bin. Although I'm dismal at following said directions, both times I got pretty close, due to their knowledge of the store. I'm a bit interested in their food area, but on both occasions I was under a time limit to go pick up grandkids, so I had no time to check it out. I doubt I'll go back except to get specific items, because ... impulse buying. But it's a nice experience and good prices on furniture! (PS, the little dresser I bought had extremely clear and easy directions for assembly, so I can only assume that people who rail about them are just ... not ... savvy....)

We tried to return a mattress today...

We tried to return a mattress today to the College Park IKEA and met one of the rudest customer service managers around. Keep in mind that IKEA has a 25-year mattress warranty. We've had our mattress for 9.5 years. A couple months ago the springs started to pop up, right around the hip area, and the defect has been giving me hip aches. We lugged in our king size mattress today and started the warranty exchange process with a very nice customer service rep, Chantel. However, she needed approval from the manager at the time, a guy I'll call Steve, since his name was Steve. From minute one, Steve was rude and unprofessional, first addressing only his colleagues and not us, the customers, who were standing right there. He told them, "There's no way they can return this with a urine stain on it." Reader, there was no urine stain on it. There was definitely some age showing on the mattress, i.e. mild discoloration right around where our faces/shoulders were every night for almost 10 years (we always used both a mattress pad and sheets). I interrupted him and said it was not a urine stain, and how can they claim a TWENTY-FIVE YEAR warranty policy if the mattress has to appear unused? He got sarcastic with us and asked how WE were going to explain the policy to HIM. We attempted to ask more questions/clarify the policy but were cut off by him rudely and he made to walk away from us. By then, we were so frustrated that we walked away, too. We later returned to get his name and another very nice customer service representative Adrienne said her understanding of the policy was that if there was a defect in workmanship (such as springs jutting into your hip socket every night), IKEA should honor the warranty policy given that the wear and tear (on a different section) obviously did not cause that defect. But, alas, middle manager Steve's decree ruled the day. My advice to you is that if you need to make a big ticket return or enforce a warranty -call ahead and make sure Steve is not working.

For those that need this review...

For those that need this review, let me break it down. Whatever your budget is IKEA will have merchandise for you. The merchandise quality will also be as good as what you pay. So if you come to the store looking to furnish your whole home for 20.00's they will have a line of furniture made from re-rerecycled popsicle sticks, and used bottle caps, and it will last you until you can either get another 20.00 or upgrade to the 21.00 set made of recycled jailhouse mattresses. What you get really depends on what you're bringing to the table, or how much you're willing to spend. Just know that whatever you buy, you will see at everybody elses house who shops at IKEA because even though its a big store, they really thrive off of their popular items, and the selection in that area doesn't really change much. Over the last 12 years I have purchased the same dresser 3 times, 2 of those times were for myself. My biggest complaint about spending the money for the nicer items, is that the stuff doesn't really travel well, and a lot of it is super heavy and bulky. Great for a home owner locked into a 30 year mortgage, but maybe not for a younger person who moves around a lot. Bottom line is IKEA is what you make it. As far as customer service goes there are like 350 employees at this location probably more, so it's just going to depend on who you come in contact with.

I can't believe I have to resort to doing this

I can't believe I have to resort to doing this but hey Ikea! When are you going to pay me back for overcharging me?? I've spent hours on the phone with over 10 different customer service reps and none of them can get this store on the phone to process my refund! So, Ikea can't even get a hold of each other! Apparently, this store doesn't have anybody checking the multiple messages left by different ikea service reps! I'm tired to wasting my time with this and am extremely disappointed with how they're running this store. Ruined my opinion of and past good experiences with Ikea. I really hope they're not doing this to other customers.

Though many may detest IKEA

Though many may detest IKEA (like my husband lol) due to their self assemble mentality I still love it! I like there minimalist style on home decor and making everything affordable for the today's consumer. On this particular days visit I had come for the collaboration of Virgil Abloh x IKEA newly released. Although I did not make it for the initial release date I was lucky my store still had an item I wanted. I picked up the duvet set and all the employees were very helpful on what insert to recommend etc. They are very good at controlling there checkout lines and stock. They also are kid friendly which is nice if you are bringing along the little ones. The food court is nice but really packed, so I suggest just going to the lower level market near the checkout area.

Marleen and Edgar helped me out right before closing

Marleen and Edgar helped me out right before closing. They got a complicated return taken care of and made sure I was happy with the resolution. We all know Ikea trips can be both awesome and traumatizing. I was glad the Marleen and Edgar were there to help.

I felt like a little kid at a candy store whilst entering this place

I felt like a little kid at a candy store whilst entering this place. It's a huge maze with so many cool, chic pieces. By the time I was done in there I was literally exhausted. A big plus is that their furniture can be returned within one year of purchase.

4 stars, because the fixed the monumental mess that made of my order

4 stars, because the fixed the monumental mess that made of my order. TL;DR: Do NOT order from the Ikea website. Get your items in store or arrange for the store to deliver your items. The website faction is so unfathomably disorganized and, according to them, they are "not exactly" affiliated with Ikea stores... whatever that means. I ordered two cabinets and a desk and paid extra to have the items delivered into my home (not just to my door), because I live on a 3rd floor walk-up. The delivery company gave me a 12 hour delivery window, and narrowed it down to 4 hours on the day before delivery. I was also informed that the drivers would call about 30 minutes before delivery to let me know that they were on the way. Delivery day comes and I get a call at the top of the delivery window from the delivery company saying that they arrived. No heads up call (if they'd called, I would have informed them about the parking restrictions in y neighborhood due to street cleaning.). Rushing to avoid a ticket they put my items anywhere in the house, instead of where I requested, and in their haste, they forgot to deliver the primary piece of my desk. Since there were so many boxes, and since I was taking my time assembling it, it was almost a month before I noticed the oversight. I called Ikea customer service and it took multiple times to finally talk to a person. They offered to refund half of my delivery fee and have the piece shipped out ASAP from their delivery facility, via FedEx. I asked if the same delivery terms that I originally paid for (delivering it into my home) still applied, and was told that that it would, but that I had to call FedEx to coordinate it. No problem. I did so, and provided them my contact info to give tot eh driver, yet somehow I got an email 36 hours later from FedEx confirming the "delivery" of my package. They had dropped it off at the front door outside of my building (I did mention that I live on a third-floor walk-up) where someone could have stolen it. Luckily, a neighbor walked by and helped me haul this heavy-ass thing up the steps. Imagine my frustration when I open the box and find that the furniture has been dinged and damaged: one of the metal rails had been completely ripped out of the wood. That was the last straw. I called customer service again and all they offered were excuses and what they could *not* do. The "best" option they could offer is the exact same situation I was just in. Toss it back to FedEx for another delivery that would likely be left at my door, just as before. After literal hours (cumulative) of being on the phone with these people and going nowhere fast, I decided to take matters into my own hands and take the item back to the store myself and get this whole thing sorted. Fortunately, there were ergonomically designed carts in the customer service/pick-up areas that kept me from having to lift this heavy box and carry it inside. I wheeled it to customer service, explained the nightmare that has been this whole process, showed them pictures of the damage and told them that I just wanted my desk. The two girls in customer service were able to process my return in a reasonable amount of time (given that one of the girls was fairly new and relatively unfamiliar with the system) and within about 20-25 minutes, I finally got the piece I was missing. I've always loved the ergonomic designs Ikea churns out, but this whole experience has made me leery of buying from them again. However, if I do, I will be sure to make my purchase from the store.

Plenty of free parking

Plenty of free parking throughout the shopping center. It's across the street from Potbellys, Dunkin Donuts and Buffalo Wild Wings. Fun fact - this IKEA has several hundred square feet of solar panels on the roof. So this establishment is running on solar powers which is good for the environment. This IKEA has everything you need. From bedding to shelves to kitchen appliances to kitchen dishes and utensils. They even have live plants which is nice (located on the 1st floor). This IKEA is 2 floor levels with their showroom upstairs and you can pick up the items on the 1st floor. They also have a food court here on the 2nd level which is fairly cheap. Be sure to get a IKEA member card to get free tea / coffee with every visit. The card membership is free so it's a win win. Their food court is large and there are plenty of cold and hot dishes. Their portions are good too. If you have kids, they also have kids portions for a cheaper price. The decor in their food court tables are nice and gets a lot of natural lighting from the large windows throughout the building. If you plan to get bedroom / living room / kitchen furniture here, recommend you bringing a bigger vehicle in order to get everything that you need. Also, all their items needs to be manually installed. If you need assistance, they do offer services where they can built the furniture for you for a flat fee. So that helps though who need the assistance or just don't have the time to build the furniture. There is also a kids play room located on the bottom level. One thing I would improve is their customer service employees throughout the building. Felt like I had to run into circles to get the attention of a staff member when I had questions. Also, they should consider self checkout lines as lines tend to take a while especially on weekends and rush hour times.


WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. My mom went in to buy a bed. The women helping her automatically said "there are no more in stock." DIDNT even bother to check online- even though we came to buy a mattress that said they had in stock. She hops on the computer and says "oh yeah. We have 30 more left in stock." With an attitude. We go to checkout to use a gift card and the cashier says it hasn't registered yet. (Gift card was a gift for my moms birthday) he insists to call the manager. The manager, heavy set man. LITERALLY WALKS SO SLOW WHILE ON HIS PHONE TO US. And proceeds to tells us "sorry we can't help you." WORST IKEA EVER. Not even upset about the gift card... just upset at the fact that everyone walks around like they're too good to do their own job. If you ever want something from here- save yourself the time and effort and just order it online... TRUST ME

This is a huge store

This is a huge store and a perfect place to get your steps in if the weather is too cold out. With that being said, it's not the best place for shoppers who just wants to get in and get out. The layout of the store is very confusing and the average trip takes at least an hour to navigate the entire store and get the things you need. I was so frustrated at times walking through the never ending maze to get to the checkout. True that there're "shortcuts" but you still end up walking a lot! I do like the variety of home goods at IKEA and the prices! They may not always be the best quality but it seems that they're better at improving the quality over the years. And if you have little kids, this is a great place for kids furniture like cribs, toys and tableware. People know what to expect when they step into an IKEA store and this store is no exception. I do like the restaurant that offers healthy vegetarian options like veggie dogs as well as traditional Swedish fare. This is a very kid-friendly store!

So Huge!

So Huge!! I can't get over how enormous this place is! You will need a map and a canteen for realz! The furniture is bomb!! I got a beautiful black and white desk with a white leather chair to boot. Very easy to assemble, too! I'll be back!!


Just got of the PC and...HELLO are the WORST place to TRY and shop unless I drive the 60 miles to do it myself!! I LOVE the stuff they sell, now if I just could buy it without leaving the house. Tried to order a cataloug over the PC, now here comes the great whopper : I typed in my homephone.............I don't own a cell.........and they tell me that this is not my phonenumber!!! Are you paying my bill that you know this??? It is my phone, so here I sit after all these years and still cannot order one damn thing from them. If I were the Swedes, I would kick their behind to fix a ton of problems!! Get off the " soemigmedel " and DO something!! ( swedish for sleepmeds ) Heading for the garage to do some primal screaming....don't want to scare the pets.


IKEA, to me, was probably the coolest furniture warehouse & retail store ever created. Who knew it was equivalent to a theme park, too? Yup, according to my 10-year old daughter, it was comparable to one! This was her first visit there and it brought her so much joy! She could have stayed all day. My husband and I hadn't been to an IKEA in probably 15 years. This was a stone's throw from our hotel and was able to see from our room at the Hilton Denver Inverness, so we had to go. If you've never been to an IKEA before, don't expect to get out of there quickly. If you want to walk through the gallery, it may take you a couple hours, especially if you have children. Their senses will definitely be excited! If you're hungry, they have food! Their cafe has some fun eats, drinks and desserts, but some things are better than others. We were traveling during our visit and was our last couple days in Colorado and I knew that I barely had any room left in our luggage; however, I knew I wanted to buy some bed sheets like the ones I had purchased 15+ years ago that I loved so much. The only thing I had an issue with was how they organized the sheet sets... color coordinated. There was no other order after that + there weren't a lot of sheet size varieties in the purple and/or pink 400 & 600 count sheets. So, I ended up buying some neutral colors. They even thad the set of 3 heat cork mat kitchen mats (for pots & pans) that they had 15+ year ago. Can you believe we still had the same ones that we had from way back then? I'm so glad that they still had those. Anyway, I hope they put an IKEA in Louisiana sometime soon. The closest one to us in in Houston and driving 4 hours for one is not something I plan on doing. Great job IKEA for still being around all these years!

Being a member has its perks

Being a member has its perks - and it's free to sign up! Free coffee, discounts on everything and sometimes secret shopping. We bought one of those fancy foldout cat beds and when we got it home we were so excited to put it together. Pretty easy to do. However. NO ZIPPERS came with it!?!? This has become a nonfunctional piece of furniture. How does it have no zippers when the instructions clearly read 'zip up the jacket'?! Well, we made it work. That was just frustrating to say the least. Other than that, IKEA is pretty great and we've never had any other problems

Awesome IKEA!

Awesome IKEA! They gots the FURNITURE, they gots the PENCILS and DIY SHOPPING LISTS, they gots the multi-directional shopping carts you can jam your ankles against, they gots the MEATBALLS, and they gots MORE MEATBALLS! The parking situation is GREAT! Plenty of space, and they have a loading dock with loading-assistance bars so you can just seesaw your boxed furniture into your vehicle. They have a nice corner for miscellaneous discounted/"As-is" furniture at the end of the walking route. Go there if you're looking for random pieces of things. I asked for help from some of the staff, and they were extremely helpful. Two thumbs up for them! Also, the little food court has some tasty sodas/fizzy drinks. Strongly recommend trying all of them. In summary: I'd name my first child "Ikea". I'd also name your first child "Ikea".

IKEA is equal parts fascinating and annoying

IKEA is equal parts fascinating and annoying. They make Swedish minimalism look so good that you end up walking out with a hundred things you didn't need, eliminating the very minimalist aesthetic you were trying to achieve to begin with. For those who have never been, IKEA is essentially a home goods warehouse with a Swedish cafeteria inside. It kind of feels like a fancy Scandinavian Costco. The food is decent and they hold fun events like Swedish Christmas Buffet. There's a reason "Ikea Hacks" trends on Pinterest. IKEA is like the Coloradoan of furniture, where you buy a $20 side table and then put $50 worth of geode knobs on it. And in the end you can say you built everything yourself - because you really do. Great for beginner homes and getting some exercise as you get lost in its maze.

This was my first time trying to purchase something...

This was my first time trying to purchase something from Ikea and I've never had a worse customer experience, anywhere. I placed the order online for pickup. The first time I went I went at 7:30 during my 6-9pm pickup window and they had closed early at 7. The next day I went again at 5:15 and they had closed even earlier again, at 3pm. Two days later I called again informing them that I would still be picking up my order and would be there the next day. When I went the 3rd time they informed me the order had seemingly been returned to the shelves because they couldn't find it. I told them I didn't get reimbursed on my credit card and they said it would take 7-10 business days. They were unable to fulfill another order then and there. When I got home I saw an email that my order has been picked up while I had been there waiting. That's when i realized they had delivered my order to the wrong car during Click and Collect pickup...the reason they couldn't find it! I'm very upset and still don't have confirmation I'm going to get reimbursed for them having given the order to the wrong party. I've tried calling several times with no call back. After my first two pickup attempts i asked customer service to have a manager call me to remedy. I asked twice and they never called. I'd still like the order and hope something will be done to remedy. Never experienced worse customer service.

I like Ikea for the small room ideas

I like Ikea for the small room ideas. We live in Hawaii and almost all of our dwellings are 350-600 square feet. Coming here and getting ideas is fantastic. The prices are fair and products appear to be decent quality. The food court is awesome - love the Swedish Meatballs and the grocery section at this location. The only downside is that you could get lost in this place. A long meandering pathway cut through the store with no way to really "short cut" out of there. But its fun to browse.

I don't know how I made it all these years...

I don't know how I made it all these years of life without going into an IKEA, but the fiance introduced me to IKEA because we were looking for some inexpensive but nice stools to use in the classrooms. I had always imagined a huge warehouse (like what is actually at the end of the store), but I didn't know that they had all the set-ups that were there! So fun! I really enjoyed browsing around, and probably ended up with more things than we needed. And then the clearance section! What a steal! I really enjoyed my first IKEA adventure and will want to go again!

I always love ikea

I always love ikea. Everyone is friendly, food is really good & super well priced, products are great for home furnishing. A lot of people complain about the stability of ikea furniture but I've never had an issue.

I love Ikea

I love Ikea, mainly for the bargains! Quality is good, depending on what you are looking for. Just bought my living room set here over the weekend, happy with the stuff that I just bought! Living room set for a little over 1k? Scored! I got a sleeper sofa with lounge ottoman, entertainment center, coffee table and a side table. Even some storage unit! I love all bargains and great quality. But, am unhappy for the crappy service that i got in the warehouse. My other half was at home sick, but needed to see and buy the furnitures that I saw online ASAP and to be delivered by next weekend. Let me tell you, sales reps was nice and patient. While the customer service reps at the self service department was rude, short with the customers and would dare put on their gloves to help you. Unless, you become a demanding person and ask for help. Honestly, I'm naturally demanding and especially if i am paying. Lol I'm Filipina and Spanish, it's in my blood! Bring on the challenge! He literally told me and pointed where the couches were and how to load them on my cart. I flat out told him to F off, just kidding. I told him that I need him to do it for me as I was alone with another cart already. Mind you, I was trying to save myself $35 bucks for them to haul it for me. Which you can do, per the sales rep! He loaded the cart and told me to take it to the register, I kindly said no. You'll have to take it as my hands are full already. In return, I got a bad look and a nasty attitude. So unprofessional and definitely needs another job that doesn't require customer service. So yea, I was happy to let my inner B leash out and told him what's up! Don't be afraid to ask for help, that's this job and get paid for it. He got lazy with the wrong person. Totally unacceptable. Be ware of lazy reps in the warehouse department! Don't say I didn't warn you.


I. LOVE. THIS. PLACE. I will be decking out my new home with ikea even though it's all the way across town. And their food is awesome.

I don't even mind getting lost in this store

I don't even mind getting lost in this store. I should probably frequent here daily in order to learn the layout better. Well lit, clean, friendly staff, found what I was looking for, for a reasonable price! Didn't get my meatballs, though... sad day.

Wow, lots of merchandise/items

Wow, lots of merchandise/items to choose from. The layout makes it a bit frustrating, since you must walk the entire store racetrack in order to find your items and exit. The RTA area is a bit confusing, but its so large I'm not sure of how it could be improved. The prices are fair and seems like a great place for College students to get items for a dorm or small apartment. They also have a cafeteria with alright eats if your in a hurry.

This is only my 2nd time to an IKEA

This is only my 2nd time to an IKEA. If you are going I suggest comfortable shoes and clothes! Upon entering you will see maps and if you've never been I suggest you take a map. The place is set up on 2 floors. I found walking thru to be like a maze. The second floor has all the furniture and it's all set up like rooms. The furniture here is more reasonably priced because you purchase it, take it home yourself and assemble it yourself. I'm not sure how good the quality is but if you're on a budget I'm sure you could find something here. The first floor is all household goods. The amount of things available was mind blowing. The prices are all very reasonable. I'm pretty sure if you need it they have it and then some. They offer a childcare center where you can drop off your children while you shop. It's conveniently located right when you walk into the store. Next to the childcare center is a wall of free lockers for your convenience. You can also eat here. I didn't but I saw that they have a food court with lots of options. IKEA really makes it very convenient for you to shop in their store! This store is conveniently located near downtown Tampa. The parking lot is huge so make sure you park near the doors or you may have a long walk to get into the store. I went during the week and it was very quiet with no lines to wait on. I highly recommend going during the week if at all possible. Everything in this store is labeled. If you decide to purchase anything large you will need to write down or take a picture of the aisle number and bin number. On the first floor you will see signs directing you to an area where you will pick up your boxed items you wish to purchase. You will look for the Aisle and then the bin. If you are purchasing furniture you will need a truck big enough to transport your purchase home.

If I could give 1/2 a star I would

If I could give 1/2 a star I would. Signage not clearly placed . Sale on light fixture was for something on the other side of display, with the sales tag hanging in front off what I planned to purchase. Not honored aNd told that I was wrong... I may have been wrong but someone needs to fix the sIgnage! Do not put a last chance on a fixture and a sale sign next to each other on a wrong fixture. Not to mention the fact that it is all per item... no screws... no light extension... once you add it all up your better off at target or Lowe's. Will never make the drive again to Ikea.

I paid 50 bucks to have my items delivered

I paid 50 bucks to have my items delivered. They changed my delivery time twice and still managed to be an hour and a half late from the time they stated and to top it off my item is damaged and now I have to wait 5 more days to get it.... perfect.

Now that I bought a house, IKEA has become my second home

Now that I bought a house, IKEA has become my second home. I could wander around here for hours and still find something I hadn't seen before but absolutely need. Upstairs is where you'll find their room displays- kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. That's also where their Cafe is if you're looking for some delicious Swedish Meatballs. Downstairs is where you can actually pick out the products you want to buy and pick up your furniture boxes. I've purchased quite a few things from IKEA, curtains, nightstands, dressers, rugs, desks, chairs, as well as various home decor. Although it's quite annoying to put everything together and the directions suck, the prices are fair and everything I've bought so far has been decent quality. Checking out is another story. Honestly, for some reason even on busy weekends they will only have 2-3 lanes open. So there will be 10-15 people standing in each line just waiting. It's awful and I'll never understand why they don't open a few more lanes, especially during busier times. Overall, an excellent place for furniture and home decor. Just make sure to get their early. Plus, Coppertail is right across the street if you're looking to grab a quick drink pre or post spending all your money!

IKEA is a great place to get some steps in

IKEA is a great place to get some steps in if you're into that kind of thing. I love IKEA, I just recommend that you try to go during the week instead of the weekend when it can get pretty crowded. Inevitably you will end up behind someone slow and you'll be trapped in the maze of IKEA forever or for what seems like forever. I actually enjoy the maze of IKEA and if you visit here often enough you'll get to know the layout of the store so you can buzz through the shortcuts if you feel like it. If you just feel like browsing you can walk through all the decorated rooms. I like to look at all the bedrooms and kitchens - it's very inspiring and I leave with a ton of decorating ideas that even if I don't implement them immediately, still influence me in all my creative endeavors. I've eaten at the restaurant many times and I find it to be pretty good most of the time and excellent sometimes. It's convenient and inexpensive if you're shopping. The checkouts can be kind of aggravating - crowded and backed up a lot of the time when it is busy - all the more reason to go when it's slow - weekday mornings. My new favorite thing about IKEA is the fabric - I'm a sewist/seamstress and their cottons and linens are attractive and very reasonably priced. They also have a couple of prints that are 18th century accurate, if you're into costume making or reproduction dressmaking. And of course, the dreariest part of IKEA is that you have to put your own furniture together - but I just got a great price on some cubby shelves and they actually go together pretty quickly.

This is the gutter...

This is the gutter b*tt trash IKEA nationwide. The managers are useless , the employees are Walmart quality. Customer service is non existent. Never spending another dime in this trash place.

If you're looking to improve your life...

If you're looking to improve your life and your environment, there aren't many places better than IKEA that allow you to do this at a reasonable price. In case you've never been, they carry everything from full on complete kitchens to a simple fork and knife and their prices are unbelievably inexpensive. I'll say this...some of the quality in some of their products are really cheap in terms of material make up, but they also have other options that are on the other side of the spectrum. Many of their furniture is modular so you can get different looks and it all just works together effortlessly. If you don't have a large vehicle to take the things with you, they also offer a delivery service, but the fun part isn't taking the things home with's assembling them all together which I highly suggest reading the directions and getting it done the right way the first time! There's a reason for the way they tell you how to use specific pieces at certain steps, but me with my ADD always makes me jump ahead only to disassemble and fall back several steps, sometimes all the way to the beginning. Pro Tip...if you're stuck and can't take apart some of their furniture, youtube it and you'll find how to proceed; true story...some of their furniture looks simple to figure out but you could get stumped just trying to figure things out and in my case, youtube came to the rescue once again.

I shopped at a different IKEA

I shopped at a different IKEA in a different state. Was looking for a big picture to hang above the couch. Not sure if this is a new store, but it didn't appear to be well stocked. Didn't appear to be busy at all.

I used to love this place

I used to love this place. Not anymore. Rude people, prices not correct, disorganized and dirty. All the displays are filthy. Literally hundreds of curtains in a bin marked $14.99. Rang up only $16.99 , they wouldn't honor the price. Tag even said the name of the curtain. Cashier hardly tried to find out. Basically said too bad. Peace out IKEA...

Solid IKEA location

Solid IKEA location. Easy to find and pretty well stocked. Their kitchen and dining area is always packed to the brim with people on the weekends, so plan for that. Clean and well organized. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. This is our go to ikea for the Tampa Bay area.

Only the second time we have been here

Only the second time we have been here. It is neat how you are guided through the store and through different room setups. Pretty busy place but things are easy to find and numbered for locating in the furniture area. Can be a bit crazy at checkout but you don't come here if you are not expecting a little crazy. The food court has some ok offerings. You have to get the meatballs right!?

This huge all in one store

This huge all in one store and warehouse sells all kinds of furniture and housewares. The second floor of the building is a showroom and the first floor is a self serve warehouse. You make note of price and location of an item, then you find it in an isle on a rack in the warehouse section. All self serve. Most items have to be put together. The smaller houseware items can be taken in shopping carts. They have everything to inexpensively furnish a home, apartment, rental property,, or a college dorm. There is even a kitchen center to design and build a new kitchen. The prices are very good for the housewares and furniture. But you need to do all the work concerning the furniture. I had put together several pieces of furniture for my sons apartment. It assembles well. Once you complete one item, they all go together the same. I would recommend using the map they provide when entering the store. The showroom section is literally a maze. Parking is now problem. There is a loading dock for your vehicle.

I arranged a return pick up for a $400 item...

I arranged a return pick up for a $400 item as it was a manufacture defect. Ikea's personnel picked up the item on November 13th but no refund was ever issued. I've spoken to customer service three times - once a week for three weeks - and each time another excuse is given. Each time, they confirm the item was picked up, but say the company they hired did not deliver it to Ikea so no refund. Most recently, the CS personnel sent the issue to her manager, and still nothing. Nothing. Today I've called twice and each time, the customer service line disconnects the call as they are 'too busy.' I've been a decades-long shopper of Ikea both stateside and in Europe. This is the worst experience I've ever had.

So this one is supposed to have every single item...

So this one is supposed to have every single item in the catalogue in store. It's huge, so much parking, nice and open dining area (the food is overrated though, in my opinion), etc. But, it's IKEA - you should only come here for very specific items (and some, rightfully so, are a good deal and offer variability in function). You get what you pay for here. While you won't find unique pieces, you can get things to get you by temporarily that are affordable, sure. And, notoriously (usually) frustrating and time consuming for assembly, if required. My advice is always to measure thrice and do your research before investing in furniture. Some IKEA hacks are pretty cool, but make sure you're willing to spend more time and effort (and that it's worth spending vs. the cost of the item) before purchasing. Besides that, if you're in a pinch for something, it's not a terrible option. Also, try to avoid coming here on weekends.

I was concerned about a trip to IKEA...

I was concerned about a trip to IKEA in Burbank on a Saturday afternoon. It is the largest one in the USA. Was expecting huge crowds, but found a parking spot close to the front door, and took the elevator up to the second floor restaurant. They have well designed cafeteria carts that can hold a few trays. The lines were short. and we had the Swedish Meatball entrees in no time. Everything was tasty and reasonably price. You start the trek on the second floor, and it loops around to the elevator and the rest is downstairs. Enjoyed the long walk, and seeing the simplistic design styles. Most of it is made in China. The prices were low, but the styles were high design. Bought a few items, and will come back again.

This review is for Jorge!

This review is for Jorge!!! I was STRUGGLING - like sweat dripping, breathing heavy, not having a good time - to get this huge mirror in my car. I tried every angle and swore it wouldn't fit. Literally the moment I have up Jorge turned the corner and offered to help me. I told him it was impossible and he just wanted to give it a try anyway! The man is magic, saved me a ton of money! It took 3 minutes for him to unload and reload everything. So kind and so so helpful. Thank you Jorge!!!

Terrible waste of time...

Terrible waste of time trying to order anything from this company. IKEAs eCommerce site is useless. Spend a hour adding items to cart only to not be able to check out. Then when was finally able to based on their customer service fixing an "Issue", my cart then showed empty. Terrible experience. Will not bother again.

It's really strange...

It's really strange because it's like my review was wiped clean or something. I know I have a 5 star review to this location 6 months so or so. And now, I don't see it. I'm really shocked by the poor ratings. Maybe because I only drive here for their lunch and breakfast deals. I don't actually shop for furniture here. Lol The customer service in their huge cafeteria area is always pleasant. Yesterday morning was my first time stopping here for breakfast, I usually come for lunch only. Their breakfast is really good. And the plates are $3.00!! Yes, a full breakfast plate for $3.00 y'all!!!! So I was a glutton and got two plates! Cause this is just unheard of! Coffee station and desserts on display in their window as well! Seriously their food is good and prices are one of a kind! I got here when they opened yesterday and majority of us went straight upstairs to the food, hahahahaha! Don't be fooled, ikea has some dirt cheap food that's really good!

Affordable furniture

Affordable furniture and great quality (I mean not all ripped and messed up). However, they have very poor customer service. I get that it's busy, but when they were free customers asked for help and they just told them to hold up and walked away.

Ikeas best for their furniture

Ikeas best for their furniture and lots of stuff for home and office improvements. All their products are really nice , but it's hard to find some things and is wayyy too big. Too much walking and you have to walk through the whole store to buy something. Got some cheap things though to buy. The food looks good though and tastes pretty decent. It is very clean and has all great products! *BEST PLACE TO GET NEW FURNITURE OR HOME IMPROVEMENT* *WAYYYY TOOOOO BIGGGG* *GOT SOME DECENT FOOD*

I have never been into an IKEA

I have never been into an IKEA, but have been to many furniture stores! I'm amazed and love their stuff. We came here looking for items that my daughter would be able to use in her dorm room at UCSB. We found a small night stand that fits on top of her fridge, a small dresser to use for storage and as a TV stand, things to organize her closet, a cousion for her desk chair and even a futon that fits between her and her roommates bed! The quality is awesome and simple to put together. Love it! I am 100% a fan and we will be back when we upgrade rooms at home! We had no issues, customer service was fantastic and we will be back!

The Burbank IKEA is the largest in the natio

The Burbank IKEA is the largest in the nation. I did not know that when I lived in Burbank. There's a separate review page of their restaurant cafe, which I got to enjoy the other day. I've bought furniture here before. The other day, my friend was looking for particular items and for me, I decided to shop at their grocery store. I bought crackers, cookies, chips, and other snacks. Too bad I couldn't buy the frozen foods like salmon and meatballs, which I wondered if it were just as good as having from the cafe. Remember to bring grocery bags if you plan to get stuff or else you'll have to buy their blue bags for $1.50. I really didn't need any new bags, but theirs are large. Oh yeah, 500 Days of Summer (2009) filmed their IKEA scene at this location. I wonder if it would really make a fun date?

Edwin made my IKEA trip great!

Edwin made my IKEA trip great! I have had issues with customer service here in the past, but Edwin redeemed IKEA in my eyes. Good prices and selection if you aren't looking for high quality and pricey.

I can't say enough good things

I can't say enough good things about Jorge! I was having trouble fitting a large mirror into my car and I thought I would have to return it. One of the managers called over Jorge who was quick and eager to lend a helping hand. (Note that this was after closing at 9pm on a Saturday night) Jorge went above and beyond my expectations. With a little twine, cardboard and a couple of bungee cords, Jorge was able to get the mirror secure into my car and sent me on my way with a smile on his face. This guy needs a raise or a promotion! Jorge, Thanks again for all your help and for being a positive, vibrant energy!

Y'all already know about IKEA

Y'all already know about IKEA. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I am someone who loves it and I also go to this IKEA about twice a week. So I'll just give you my best tips! For this location: 1) Go on weekday evenings if you're planning to purchase or return stuff: I typically go in after 7p. Lines for return are usually just a 5-10 min wait! Also short wait times to pick up items or the check-out lines. 2) Park on the lower level for fast in-and-out. On Ikea Way turn right to go into the lower parking structure instead of going forward up the ramp. If you have an electric vehicle and want to charge it, there is a row of chargers (not free, and you should download the app before you go, because the parking structure doesn't have great cell reception). Tips for general IKEA shopping: 1) Do your research before you go! Know the measurements of what you want and scope out products online. This way you can go with a clearer picture of what you might need, and use the showroom for other ideas or inspiration. 2) If you accidentally put together your furniture wrong (and break your furniture in the process), just return the pieces and IKEA will exchange them for free! If you break the majority of your furniture from a box, just bring everything from the box, and they'll just grab another box of the same item for faster service. If you're just exchanging a few pieces, you might have to wait a bit for the employees to go find the exact pieces you need. Hold onto the pieces and make sure you're exchanging for the correct ones! 3) If you lose or break screws, dowels, plastic circle thingies, etc. IKEA will give you extras for free! Just bring your manual for quick and easy referencing. All of the parts have a number, and they need to match the number to give you the right pieces. 4) If you go to IKEA frequently, use your IKEA Family card # for all of your purchases to take advantage of the 90 day price guarantee! Keep on the look out for items that go on sale...items you already purchased! If it's within 90 days, just take your receipt to the Returns area and they will process a return for the difference! 5) Use your IKEA Family card for free coffee and tea on all visits! Just grab a mug when you're in the IKEA restaurant, and tell them you're using IKEA Family for free coffee and tea. They just need to scan your card, or if you pull up the barcode in an email.

Went here to the new ikea yesterday

Went here to the new ikea yesterday to see some furnitures that may fit oir new house. The new Ikea looks great and bigger. More parking available. Their show room is much like the old store. Same set up, nothing's changed. Their cafeteria is much much bigger and food are pretty much the same than as before. Food taste good but not great. The only food that I liked was the meatballs and veggie cake. They taste great. Then the rest are dry and boring. Prices are ok, not too expensive. I would come back here definitely. Overall 4 stars in my opinion.

Ikea is Ikea...

Ikea is Ikea... a huge maze of cool looking stuff that looks like it would be amazing in your home if you remodeled or are looking to decorate spaces on a budget. Furniture is decent quality, often complicated to put together, but in the end, it looks great and is a great value. Of course that is if you don't lose your mind while trying to sort out all the nuts, bolts, and pieces when putting it together. If you are good at putting together complicated Legos, you are gonna have no problem putting together a bedroom set. This review is for the Burbank employee Demitra. She was so helpful in helping us find a bed frame, mattress, and tips for saving some money along the way. She was patient and so very kind. We thank her whole heartedly for her friendly and expert service. Treat her well Ikea.

Comfortable and convenient [Kivik Loveseat]

Very happy with my KIVIK loveseat and sofa. The wide flat armrests are perfect for setting down phone, magazine, remote, etc. Assembly requires more than one person, but was not too difficult. The seats are very comfortable. (Note that the seat cushions have a "back" and a "front" - the front side facing the sitter has more soft padding than the back side facing the frame, so make sure you put the cushions soft-side-up.)

Sad day [Kivik Loveseat]

I thought it would last, it was perfect but at the 5 year mark frame broke, Plywood completely rotten. Of course I don’t have receipt anymore so there it goes the 10 year warranty.

Super Comfortable and Customizable! [Kivik Loveseat]

Just bought another one after having the first for over a year and decided to put two into a family living space off our kitchen since the couch proved to be comfortable as well as easy to maintain- We have a lot of guest and we have young grandchildren. Being able to wash cushion covers is wonderful but having that ability in a comfortable sofa is priceless. We first started out with the five seat sectional almost two years ago and enjoyed the comfort of that and the color Hilliard Beige and that is what prompted us to purchase the first loveseat. We ended up buying it without the covers due to color choices that did not work with the rest of the rooms furnishings and buying a color we liked through an online vendor. Did the same for the second. Love this line!

White Slip Covers [Kivik Loveseat]

I brought this sofa 5yrs ago along with a extra slipcover for my "black and white" home office, it has held up very well. The only problem is I need to replace my extra slipcover in white, are you planning to bring back the white slipcover anytime ALSO!!

Beautiful [Kivik Loveseat]

I've had this for three weeks and love it! I got this in the Hillared dark blue colorway as a statement piece for my beige/neutral living room and quite like the look. The size is ideal for living room with two people. Just be warned that putting the covers on is a bit tricky alone!

Springs Pop Out All the Time [Kivik Loveseat]

We have been SO disappointed with this purchase. The couch looks nice and serves as good seating, but the springs on the underside are always popping loose - and it's not because we are abusing the sofa (jumping on it, etc.). When we sit down on the sofa, we will often hear a loud "clang" as one (or more) of the springs pops out and slams on our tile floor. The springs work themselves loose over several days and then pop free. It is now a weekly chore for us to flip the couch over, replace the loose springs, and adjust the other springs that are starting to slip out of their holders. I would not buy this couch again!

So comfortable!!!! [Kivik Loveseat]

I just bought this sofa and assembled it on Friday. Normally it takes me a while to get used to a new sofa but this one instantly felt crazy comfortable!!!

Most versatile piece of furniture ever! [Kivik Loveseat]

I originally started with a chaise lounger and a single seat that I placed together about 8 years ago. When I got a little older and it became harder to get up from the couch, I used bedrisers to raise the set (flip upside down and they fit perfectly over the little foot and the black bedrisers looked like tapered wooden legs) so I could continue using it. I moved and changed my color scheme, so I just bought new covers in the new color! Very easy to put on, easy to wash if needed. I needed more seating, so I bought a loveseat, and attached the chaise to it. With the new covers, it looks like I bought a whole new set. Its fabulous, and comfortable. I'm 5'11 and 275 lbs and it holds me comfortably, doesn't sag.


I used to(past tense) love IKEA(but had never made a large purchase there before), so this pains me to write that they have miserably failed at even the slightest attempt at customer service. Where do I start on my hours and days of wasted time with "customer service" games? We started with a purchase of a couch and a few other items. When we got the couch the parts didn't fit exactly as they should and so a major part of the frame ended up being compromised as the sliding nob/notch that slides in literally split through the layered wood inner parts of the frame. I took pictures called IKEA had a hard time getting them(but not big deal). I ended up sending them pics to IKEA and they said they would send the whole couch minus the covers due to the fact that the parts were all interconnected at that point of the main frame and that was what they decided was needed(which made sense to me). The delivery was for a month plus, I think a month and a half due to COVID. I get it, was gracious. Well, the time goes by and they send me part of a couch. I start unpacking in hopes that maybe it was somehow all in there, but it was not. At this point I decide to call them before assuming I am to pull the wedged part out from the inside of the layers of wood. I didn't know what level of force I should do this or not do this at, and they had told me previously that they would be sending me a whole new couch and I wanted to just confirm that I was not to have more parts as well before starting. I call and get nothing, literally nothing. I have had messages that say we have too many calls at this time so sorry. I then call back and at this point get a waiting time, yay! I wait and get someone to help, they say I am not sure I what you should do after I ask them whether I should try it or not, and whether or not I was supposed to have all the parts of the couch arrive. They put me on hold to pass me on to the customer service manager. As I am waiting there for them they hang up on me. I call back and have to wait again for someone and then I get someone and tell them everything again and they put me on hold and I told them I got hung up and I think that they automatically hang up if you are on there for so long. Once again I am hung on again after so long of waiting to talk to the Customer Service manager or department. Then I, SIGH, call again and wait to get someone and this time I tell them again what has happened(Mind you somehow I am polite the whole entire time to everyone who keeps saying they will pass me on and then hang up on me). This time the young lady checks back every 5 minutes or so since I told her I think at like 20 minutes or so they automatically hang up on you as you wait. She was very kind(I know that this is a system set up by IKEA to not get customers resolved to avoid making things right that cost them money- this is not the regular employees doing any of this on purpose- at least not with the lower level employees). So I finally get passed on to the people I need to talk to, and once again I am very polite even though I know IKEA as a company is trying to avoid and dodge me in every way, even the most obvious ones. I then hear that they do not want me to try to pull the couch apart and that they made a mistake by sending me only part of the couch. They were to send me all the couch parts. She said in a day or two I will get a message about the other couch parts that are suppose to come to me (in another month or so). Mind you the one box we do have is about 8ft tall, about 3 wide, and about 2.5 deep. Remember that IKEA markets to people with smaller spaces so we had to keep this mega box in our house until when we thought the other box would arrive(don't hold your breath- here's the spoiler, it never showed up!). So my wife who is LATE IN PREGNANCY HAS TO HAVE THIS HUGE COUCH BOX IN OUR HOUSE DURING THIS WHOLE TIME AS WE WAIT FOR................ DRUM ROLL........ THE EMAIL AND/OR CALL THAT WE WERE SUPPOSE TO RECEIVE FROM THEIR TEAM WITHIN A DAY OR 2. THAT NEVER HAPPENED, and we got busy and thought I need to make a review to see if maybe they will notice then. But before I do I get a call from a delivery company about a package that is suppose arrive within a many hour window on a certain day. This was just to notify us that it would be delivered on this day during this huge time window. Well, my wife was there the whole long time window and still they never arrived and never even called to let us know that they weren't coming. Then my wife calls and gets the famous we have too many calls and sorry message. After that she gets through but just to wait, and it ended up taking so long she had to go. This is an absolute Customer Service disgrace on every single level. Now our newborn baby is here and we have a mega box here in our smaller home and all the parts to our couch still haven't arrived. Thanks IKEA for changing my mind on who I thought I used to love and letting me see another side. We have made many purchases with IKEA, and now our first large purchase with IKEA, which we will not be doing again, was a complete flop.

This is my VERY FIRST & LAST time purchasing anything from IKEA

I purchased a glass cylinder vase from IKEA & it arrived to my home TOTALLY SHATTERED. How STUPID, LAZY & IRRESPONSIBLE is it to pack a GLASS VASE with absolutely no stickers, no stamp, no writing, NO NOTHING, to indicate the contents of the delivery box are FRAGILE, and to pack a GLASS VASE with only ONE PIECE OF SHRIBBLED UP BROWN PAPER & no protective material INSIDE the box whatsoever to protect the vase from damage while being handled & while in transit. NOW they don't want to refund me the TOTAL amount I paid, - Why, I have no idea, but I SHOULD get a TOTAL refund since the glass vase I PAID FOR ARRIVED TOTALLY DAMAGED. I will never EVER purchase anything from IKEA again

I will be back!

We drove out on a weekday afternoon to purchase a specific product. The parking lot looked really full but once inside, it didn't seem too crowded. There were many out of state plates. Since I knew the piece I was looking for, we made our way to that "Showroom." There were some people there browsing but with patience we were able to see what we needed and stay 6' away. After looking at the item in real life and making some decisions, we headed to the "Marketplace" to collect our item. Fortunately for us, the item was on the first shelves in the warehouse. We were able to load a cart quickly and head to the checkout. The line for the cashier was long so we opted for the self checkout. Pretty standard here. You scan your IKEA card code (I have the app), scan items, and then pay. There was a friendly IKEA employee there to help if needed. We rolled the cart out and I waited with it while my hubs drove the car over to the loading area. Boxes fit nice in our Honda CR-V with the back seats put down. When we unpacked the box at home, I was pleasantly surprised to find there wasn't much trash in the packaging. There is some cardboard, some paper lining and only a small plastic bag that the screws and pegs come in. I put the unit together easily using the instructions manual. There wasn't anything complicated about assembly and soon I had it together and ready for placement. I am pleased overall with the IKEA experience. From researching via the app to purchasing in store and after an easy assembly it's not difficult to understand everyone's obsession with IKEA. I will be back!

Doesn't Honor Return Policy

I tried to return an item I bought 3 weeks ago. They refused to refund my purchase. I had removed the price tag which was considered a "modification" of the item. Are you serious? The item was brand new and unused and clean. Their so called 365 day return policy is a LIE!!!!!

Unavailable stock

Just spent an hour looking through inventory for my kids. Picked out new bedroom sets for all. Got to check out and half the items were unavailable. Wasted so much time...

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