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Horchow Reviews

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Horchow is a brand by Neiman Marcus. They offer high end furniture and home decor with a focus on modern, trendsetting style that fits into a variety of home designs. In addition to furniture, they also offer dining room and kitchen goods and gourmet delights. Those that have good experiences appreciate the quality and design appeal. Those that had complaints mostly mentioned returns, shipping delays, and customer service.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

Price: $50-$15995

Return Policy: 30 Days With Restrictions

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Horchow Specifics

Horchow has remained a popular designer furniture retailer. As a seller of high end and designer pieces, prices are somewhat higher with unique offerings than their competitors. With a focus on trend-setting styles, their furniture fits well in either the modern home or a more traditional design with a flair for style.

When it comes to customer experiences, Horchow is less transparent with reviewer sentiment on their web properties. Those that had good things to say mention good quality, while those with issues mostly mention delivery issues and customer service around returns.

Material Quality

Horchow focuses on designer furniture pieces. These oftentimes come with a high price tag. Materials include hardwoods and laminated hardwoods in most pieces, with handcrafted craftsmanship in many of their selections. Customers who had good things to say are pleased with material quality. However, some reported issues with perceived quality and pieces damaged on delivery at times.

Horchow's Top Picks

When it comes to Horchow's top finds, there are a few requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Horchow's catalog.

#1 Sofas & Sectionals

One of the most sought after furniture pieces for Horchow shoppers is a new sofa or sectional for their space. Horchow carries over 250+ unique couches, from tufted sofas, curved sectionals, leather sofas & sectionals, U-shaped sectionals, chesterfields, double-sided sofas, geometric sectionals, and more. With artful statement pieces and even some exclusive designs as well, a sofa or sectional from Horchow can definitely elevate the look and feel of most living spaces. With prices starting at $1400 and going up to $14000+, shoppers enjoy the distinctive selection of sofas and sectionals available at Horchow. Still, some shoppers did mention issues with shipping and delivery.

The pros: A very unique and beautiful selection of sofas and sectionals.

The cons: Prices are high. Some shoppers mentioned delivery issues.

#2 Beds & Bedding

Moving on from furnishing the living room to the bedroom, the next popular category for Horchow shoppers are their beds and bedding options. Horchow has a nearly 200 different bed and headboard options that can add flourish to both modern and traditionally styled bedrooms. Horchow's selection of beds and headboards include upholstered and tufted beds, storage beds, four-poster beds, canopy beds, regal and ornately designed headboards, beds featuring handwoven wool and rope, and more. When it comes to the bedding set to complement their beds, Horchow carries comforters and duvets, quilts, coverlets, blankets, throws, sheets sets, pillows, bed skirts and more. Horchow shoppers can definitely appreciate the interesting bed and bedding pieces available to them, but prices can run on the high end. Some shoppers also mentioned issues with delayed deliveries.

The pros: Large selection of interesting beds and bedding pieces.

The cons: Delivery issues such as delays. Pricey.

#3 Lighting

Shoppers with a keen eye for design may find that one of the best ways to elevate the look of their spaces is with a statement lighting piece, and Horchow has many unique options that could fit the bill. Horchow carries hundreds of different lighting options including ornate crystal and gold chandeliers, modern brass floor lamps, elegant table lamps, geometric pendant lights, unique sconces, flush mounts, and more. With thousands of uncommon options to choose from, shoppers can't get enough of the beautiful collection of lighting pieces available at Horchow. In some cases, shoppers did mention high price points and issues with perceived quality.

The pros: Large and beautiful selection of characteristic lighting pieces.

The cons: Some issues with perceived quality reported by customers.

#4 Rugs

Another great accent piece that can help tie together different furniture and design pieces in your space is a rug, and Horchow has over 1000+ different rugs to choose from. With options including traditional, contemporary, hand-knotted, animal & hairhide, and transitional rugs in a variety of styles, Horchow's rugs start around $100 for smaller rugs made of synthetic materials and run over $13000+ for a hand-knotted, wool rug. As always, Horchow carries a pretty and interesting collection of rugs that shoppers enjoy. Still, some shoppers have brought up issues with delivery.

The pros: Huge selection of rugs at varying price points, including some more affordable options.

The cons: Some delivery issues mentioned by some customers.

#5 Mirrors

The last top shopper pick is Horchow's collection of mirrors. Mirrors are a great accent piece for any room and can even help to add depth and make spaces appear larger. Horchow carries over 450+ floor and wall mirrors that feature bamboo and shell accents, antique and filigree designs, brass mirrors, modern mirrors with clean lines and more. Shoppers appreciate Horchow's impressive collection of distinctive mirrors, however, some have mentioned issues with shipping.

The pros: Beautiful selection of distinctive mirrors.

The cons: Some complaints with shipping reported.

More From Horchow's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Horchow offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Bar Stools

- Coffee Tables

- Chairs

- Curtains

- Artwork & Wall Accents

- Decor

- Dining Room Furniture

- Dinnerware

- Tabletop & Gourmet

- Outdoor & Travel

- Holiday & Gift

Horchow Online Catalog

Looking for some online inspiration? Check out Horchow's digital catalogs, which can be found here for free viewing online.

Horchow Alternatives

This is one of the most amazing times to be an online furniture shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save you $1000s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

If you are ready to learn more about the best rated online furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2024 Furniture Stores.

...or jump right into our top online furniture alternative, Perigold.

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I placed an order...

On 8/25/20 I placed an order on the Horchow website for some towels. Two of the items that I ordered were on back order until 9/4/20 as stated on the website. Less than 24 hours later, all of the items shipped, including the back ordered towels! And all items were received today, 8/28/20! I'm super impressed by how quickly my order was shipped and arrived!

My husband ordered 3 dinnerware sets...

My husband ordered 3 dinnerware sets from Horchow, I asked him if he had gotten a shipping confirmation. He said no, a few days went by so I ordered 4 dinnerware sets. That evening he got the confirmation so I cancelled all but one dinnerware set, and he has 3 sets. Horchow as of today has still not refunded the money to my paypal account for the cancelled sets. Their rep said they did, but I spoke with PayPal and PayPal said no, they have not reimbursed me. In the meantime, we received his three sets of clear Renaissance dinnerware. The first dish I took out was the dinner plate, the edge is chipped and the glassware is poor, I could purchase better glassware at the dollar store. So Horchow has my money for 5 sets of dinnerware, because they never cancelled the 4 I ordered, plus they added the one I did not cancel, they just added another set to deduct from my paypal account. What a mess. I will be sitting out in front of Neiman Marcus Troy Sunday if this doesn't get straightened out.. Go elsewhere.

I have ordered from Horchow

I have ordered from Horchow many times in the past several years, from a leather couch to shower mats. Just recently I ordered stainless flatware for 8. Their merchandise is outstanding from the finest manufacturers, in my experience. Customer service even discounted my couch while it was being made, since the current pricing was even lower than when I ordered it. Yes, wait for storewide sales.

If I could give 0 I would

If I could give 0 I would The worst customer service I canceled all my orders because sofa was broken and now a month later have not received the refund and anytime I call they give me a different answer and blame everything on covid There is no accuse to be so awful and manage a process so badly

The rug I ordered 1...

The rug I ordered 1- said "free shipping" under the specific item I was ordering. Shipping was NOT free. I screenshotted the false advertising, complained to a Horchow associate, and got a discount. 2- showed up 9 months after ordering. That is, 7 months later than the ship date advertised. 3- was pictured with fringe at the edge of the rug. Rug showed up with no fringe. I ordered my rug on December 27, 2019. It was delivered on September 4, 2020. I LITERALLY got pregnant and had a child in the time it took for my rug to arrive. I understand that Covid-19 caused such delays across the nation, but Horchow not only waited for me, the pregnant customer, to reach out every 2 weeks for 9 months for a status update, but they also had no explanation for me other than "delayed because of Covid." They also kept pushing the shipping date back by a month every time a shipping date passed. I had to continuously call to get a shipping update. Even if I called on the evening of the predicted shipping date, the Horchow associate would insist that the rug was still going to be shipped that day. Then of course I'd call the next day, and the shipping date would be pushed back a month. This happened so many times, I lost count. I would've appreciated an explanation, such as: it's stuck overseas, we don't have anybody to make it, we lost our contract with our distributors... ANYTHING! But, no. For 9 months, all I got was "Covid delays" and several fake shipping dates. Why not just be real and honest??? Tell me what stage of the process my rug order is in, and give me a REALISTIC ship date, or tell me why you can't give an estimated ship date. Communicate. It's not hard. So my rug finally arrived. I opened it and put it in place by myself (obviously, because why would they ever offer white glove delivery?), and the rug has no tassels, despite having very pretty fringe tassels in the picture advertised online. I called to get compensated appropriately, and Horchow wouldn't budge. Low class if you ask me. The only reason this company deserves even 1 star is because they sent me the correct rug size with the correct rug pattern. I read reviews on this company online before placing my order. Because of the rugs sale price, I chose to take my chances because I thought the poor customer service would be worth the rug at a discounted price. Clearly the order wasn't worth it because it's not even the exact rug as pictured online!! I will be returning it. I will never be ordering from Horchow again and am encouraging everyone I know to do the same.


Purchased a "Fabulous Furs Throw Sable Blanket" for $157. from Horchow. This is not soft like the Hudson fur blankets and it is a solid dull brown color that reflects like plastic in sunlight. I do not recommend.

Buying high end home furnishings...

Buying high end home furnishings and paying the high price has an expectation of customer service with it. One would expect a quality that has guarantee help behind it. I spent over $2000 on 1 Massoud chair 4 1/2 years ago. Today the down feathers on the lumbar pillow are coming thru fabric making it totally prickly to sit up against. Sought help 5 times with Horchow to get replacement pillow or fabric or remedy for the pillow.I was will to purchase a pillow NOT a new chair. I called Massoud manufacturer twice to no avail. Horchow continues to sell the TAMMY chair but will not facilitate when theres a problem. BUYER BEWARE - no longer the CS / quality company of years past.

I ordered a very expensive rug...

I ordered a very expensive rug from Horchow. After I placed the order, I was notified that I wouldn't receive it for weeks. I canceled the order via email two days later. They shipped the product anyway the following day. I called the transportation company immediately and said I would be refusing the delivery and to send it back. They agreed and I confirmed it was returned to their distribution center. It's been over a month and after numerous chat sessions, phone calls, and emails, they claim that they have not been able to locate the rug and therefore cannot refund me. I feel as if I've been robbed.

Very disappointed with Horchow

Very disappointed with Horchow Bought a mirror, delivered on April 9th broken. Called April 9, the same day and reported that the delivered mirror was broken. Horchow sent the company, Pilot to pick up the mirror. On my first call to report the broken mirror, I asked that another mirror is sent out. Horchow claimed because I used Paypal they could not do it. Well that bull because they were already paid. From April 9 to today they have not issued a refund and now the mirror is sold out. Horchow a family of Neiman Marcus has poor customer service and their price point should make them a better company. I could have paid with another card to secure the purchase but they intended not to find a solution. Shame on Horchow.

Horchow is one of my favorite...

Horchow is one of my favorite go to vendor partners because of their updated, classic styles. Their pieces can be seen in all my major projects. My only recommendation is that thy develop a seamless way for those of us working in Africa to procure from them. A valid, West African credit card was rejected (even though approval code received; told it was the cc vendor). This then caused me to hire a US based firm at 20% of purchases to put the order through. Fraudulent transactions occur around the world but yet only certain parts of the world are penalized. Other vendor partners have found ways to combat whether through wire transfers, CC acceptance or some other mechanism. I look forward to Horchow's solution so that I can continue to wow my clients with your offerings!

I ordered a rug from Horchow

I ordered a rug from Horchow, on sale. They sent the rug which was defective. The return and re-order process took over 6 weeks with many phone calls to customer service as I was charged again, and they tried me to charge the full price of the rug! I finally got the replacement rug which was also damaged but in a small way with an orange color on the edge of the rug. I lived with it as I was tired of dealing with this company. The orange line has now spread all the way across the rug, I contacted Horchow and they are now refusing to send a replacement. Photo attachment option is not working, would love to attach them!

Worst company to deal with

Worst company to deal with.i do not recommend doing any business with them.or neman Marcus

Placed my order...

Placed my order on line on July 18, 2019 with anticipated delivery on July 30, 3019. Got a call and scheduled delivery on August 3. They gave me a 9am-1pm time frame to expect the item. Stayed home waiting for them to show up. Finally around 12:45pm called the delivery company just to find out that they don't have my item. "We got the paperwork for it but the item is still in transit" - I was told on August 3 after wasting half of my Saturday waiting for them. When they expect the item in? Where is it at the point? No one knows. On August 9, 2019 called again re status of my order just to lear that the item is backordered and is not expected until after August 23, 2019. At that point I asked them to cancelled my order as I was fed up with their incompetency. Got a confirmation email about cancellation shortly there after. Any guess what a reason for cancellation was? This is a quote: " Cancelled 08/09/19 We apologize our attempts to contact you have been unsuccessful. Federal Trade Commission requires us to obtain your approval to wait for this merchandise each time the expected shipping date changes; therefore, we would like to advise you the merchandise below has been cancelled." THEIR attempts to contact me? Really? Worst experience ever with any retailer. By far. Stay away. Save your sanity and frustration.

In the mist of an issue...

In the mist of an issue with them about the delivery of a table that has been sitting in Tampa for 4 days now. Pilot emailed a date for delivery 11/19 between 11-3pm. I called pilot and told them I can’t be home during that time and she said they will call you back in a few days to rebook. NO I called today to find out pilot has a sub company/driver and they won’t rebook the time...GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE they will call me back (gave no timeframe ) to rebook. WILL NEVER ....REPEAT NEVER ORDER FROM HORCHOW AGAIN ....TERRIBLE FOLLOWUP ....I GUESS THE SAYING NEEDLESS MARKEUP FITS

A large mirror arrived damaged...

A large mirror arrived damaged, and it’s been weeks and hours of time trying to get it returned. They did refund me right away but the shipper has been a no show twice and customer service hasn’t been well informed or empowered so they keep having me jump through hoops instead of just making this problem go away. Write it off, whatever but don’t keep the problem in the Customer’s lap.

The WORST customer service!

The WORST customer service! Don't waste your money or your time with their products!! And most of all don't support such a terrible business that doesn't try to work with their customers, and flat out steals their money. No communication between employees there. The first fan they sent out to us was defective so they said they would send us a new one and to send back the old one. We did as instructed AND Horchow charged us twice. And they won't refund us for the first fan we sent back. Makes no sense. They have no record of prior communication where it was clearly stated they would refund money once we sent it back (or they just choose not to look for it). Clearly a company that doesn't have a conscience. We won't be using their products anymore.

I have purchased a buffet...

I have purchased a buffet from Horchow in 2012, Bedroom nightstands in 2012 and a desk in 2015. I purchased a dresser and night table in late 2015 as well. The dresser drawers did not close all the way. The night stand drawer did not open easily. I just had the replacement pieces delivered today. The night stand is fine. The new dresser is not. I l was wiping the surface immediately after the delivery agent dropped off the furniture and left- Sun Delivery- separate company from Horchow. The merchandise was scratched and the surface paint worn away near the corners. I called the driver immediately to take away the dresser. He did not answer his phone and his Voice mail was full. The dresser, unlike the other pieces I have received in the past, had no tags. I believe they shipped me a returned dresser. Also, after picking up and wrapping my returned pieces, the Sun Deliverymen had me sign paperwork for the items I was returning. After I signed, they verbally told me they had noted on the paperwork, that my Returned items were damaged and scratched in the back! When I acted concerned they said not to worry that it would impact them. Why did they not point this out(if indeed it were true) before wrapping and removing the to-be-returned items? I will now have to call Horchow tomorrow to straighten this out. As this was a second delivery for the same items, I had requested "white glove service" check before the items were shipped. I had a very non-white glove experience. Stay away from the Aubrey dresser and accompanying items. The quality is not up to Horchow standards.

Really disappointed...

Really disappointed in the products and ability to return items. I ordered some high end lamps, and the quality control was very poor. The lamps are actually crooked on a level table. I had already donated my old lamps, and in trying to get new ones shipped, and old ones returned, I still am having challenges getting them to get me set up with a pick up, so have been without for a few weeks now. I was going to order more furniture but this experience let me to use luxe decore instead for the rest of it. If you are used to ordering from a place that is service based like Nordstrom- I would not recommend shopping here.

What the heck?

What the heck? I just called to ask for more information on a $3000 console. The girl read me the description that is listed with the item. I said can I speak with someone for additional information? She said no. Who would buy a large expensive item without speaking to someone about it? Who shops here? Too bad because their stuff is beautiful but what horrible customer service. Won't cut it at that price point. Too much competition that actually has good service.

Very disappointed...

Very disappointed in your customer service. I purchased a beautiful advent calendar from Horchow for my 4 year old and paid for 2 day shipping (an additional $21) because I thought you were a company that believed in customer service and a quality product. The product arrived on time, but was damaged. I understand the things may get damaged in shipment; however, when I called customer service, I was given two options: $20 off or send it back. Based upon the Horchow reputation and the fact that the merchandise was a time sensitive product, I expected to have a new one sent out immediately to replace the damaged one. If you can provide a better solution than the one I have presently been offered, I would be interested in giving you another chance. My order number is 998180321-1.

I never thought I'd be one of those folks who writes in all caps

I never thought I'd be one of those folks who writes in all caps: "DO NOT ORDER FROM HORCHOW". I ordered a rug. The order was delayed four times and each time I was sent an email asking me to confirm whether I still wanted the order. Each time, I called and agreed to wait. Just after the notification of the 4th delay, I saw that the rug was on sale with free shipping. I called Horchow and asked for a price adjustment. The rep agreed and told me she have to cancel the order, and reorder it, to get the price adjustment. I agreed to this. A few weeks later, I received two sequential email notifications that the rug had shipped. I immediately called, and told them that I thought the rug order was being sent in duplicate. I spoke with and Karyn; she suggested that the earlier rep may have caused the rug to be sent out in duplicate. Karyn told me that she was able to prevent the second rug from arriving-and that she was able to reroute it back to the warehouse. I was satisfied and thanked her. (And gave her a 5 star review in the email sent by Horchow.) Since then three dates have come & gone for the rug to be picked up. I called today--after the 3rd failed pickup-- and spoke with Cody, a manager. This is when it gets ridiculous. I shared the chain of events with Cody, and he accused me of ordering the rug twice. I was astonished and shared with him, my conversations with previous Horchow reps. He repeated the accusation. He told me I had been charged for the second rug (which I did not order). I was quite irritated by this. I agreed to prepare for a 4th pick up for the duplicate order-- on Tues 6/12/2018. I will not be ordering again and plan to escalate my concern to the BBB if rug is not picked up on 6/12. Either way, Horchow has lost a longtime customer.


DO NOT PURCHASE FROM HORCHOW! I could have bought the same desk/vanity from Wayfair with free shipping for $300 less. But I though that I was paying for quality, that I would be buying an authentic Neiman Marcus Claudia Desk/vanity. Also this one was advertised as a desk with drawers, but the Wayfair one was a vanity with no where to put my laptop and notebooks. However you DO NOT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR WITH HORCHOW. First, the desk doesn't come safely packaged. It comes wrapped in blankets. Then, they forgot to deliver my desk's legs. So I had to call and complain. They refunded my $106.00 only after I demanded a discount. Then I noticed that something else was off. "Is this really what I ordered?" I asked myself. So I go online and noticed that the chair hole is black instead of white as advertised, and I don't have one deep drawer to my right side, instead I have two shallow drawers. I called the company, not to demand another discount, but expecting an explanation and an offer to exchange it for free. The "customer service" representative seemed annoyed with me and told me I would have to pay the $250 to ship the new one. I WOULD HAVE TO PAY $250 TO CORRECT THEIR MISTAKE! I would like to add one leg is cracked (the "wood"/painted part not the mirrored part) The delivery men who "assembled" it lost two out of the five drawer know plastic barrier that are supposed to protect the mirror from the knob. And finally my extremely fragile desk is wobbly. I wish I had researched the store. In summary 1) Didn't deliver the legs 2) Lost small pieces of the knobs that ensure safety and create a finished look 3) One leg is cracked 4) The piece is fragile and wobbly 5) Not the color advertised 6) Does not have the drawers that were advertised 7) You can get the a very similar piece for $300-$500 cheaper at Wayfair 8) I haven't tested the electric outlet yet but I hope I don't have any problems with that.

Overpriced Junk

Overpriced Junk that looks great but the quality is hideous. Absolutely love the style and design of the furniture and thought with being owned by Neiman Marcus the quality would be excellent. Boy was I wrong!!! And the customer service matches the quality --- extremely poor.

Customer service blows

Customer service blows. Rude, unhelpful, and unintelligent is a bad combination for a rep. Mantra should be customer is never right. Avoid unless your stranded on a desert island. Oh wait they wouldnt bother to rescue you.


NEVER AGAIN. Horrible customer service, and lead times from the 1980's. Ordered a couch & delivery date moved twice, placing actual delivery to me in late December. Ordered in September. What item in 2016 requires a 4 month lead time. It's absurd. Don't expect high end customer service based on the sites price point. CANCELLED ORDER TODAY.

I gave one star...

I gave one star, because I couldn’t give zero. I ordered a bed frame and a coffee table from this site and I had to cancel both. The reason I had to cancel was because for both of these items when I purchased them it said it would be delivered first part of May, then I got emails for both items (separate vendor/manufacturer) saying it wouldn’t be till July!!! Keep in mind I placed the order for both items in late March...that’s a 4 month projection, and 2 months more than their original promise when I ordered the pieces. The order total was also $6k, and they can’t deliver. Just bad business. I will never order from Horchow again, which is disappointing because their merchandise is gorgeous.

l love the tufted white leather...

l love the tufted white leather swivel high back office chairs with empire arms (almost non existant)! I use them in my dining room, comfortable and a knock-out. As disclosed up front. It took acwhile to grt here, but arrived beautifully packaged. Horchow always over wraps! I can't find their quality anywhere else I wait for sales,then pounce. Never been disappointed.

Purchased curtains...

Purchased curtains, they came with abnormal measurements : 26 inch wide and 108 inch long... not happy for the price paid, they should include this information in the description of the product

Placed an order for a rug...

Placed an order for a rug, in a week the order gets cancelled with no personal apology. Placed a second order for a different rug, called in to make sure they had it in stock to avoid disappointment, they assured me this one was in stock and that I would get it. What do you know, second order gets cancelled in 4 days!!! Again, just an automated email with no personal apology. I call and tell them i feel unhappy. They did not do anything until I actually pointed out how frustrating it was and that I wanted them to do something about it. At that point they offer me a 10% discount for my next rug order. I choose a rug that is on 20% off, call them to place my order, ask them to apply the additional 10% which they promised. They did so on the phone, but when I received the order email confirmation, the 10% was not applied!!!!!!!! Just imagine how it felt, after going through all that mess. I call again asking to apply the 10%, and the agent is RUDE. She asked me in a very rude way "Anything else?!, have a good day!". It really amazed me. Now my questions is: Is the management stupid? Are the agents stupid? Will never shop there again. In the end they did refund me the 10%, but the supervisor did not really come through as she was sincerely sorry. Terrible experience. I do not recommend them. Also, they seem to manipulate the prices right on the spot. When I placed the new order the rug was going for a 20% off, but when I called asking for my 10%, they quickly manipulated the price by removing the 20% off which was there just before my call.

Absolutely hands down...

Absolutely hands downThe WORST experience. I ordered what I believed to be a BEAUTIFUL lamp with gold and crystal accents... When my delivery arrived it was an entirely different lamp-- looked NOTHING like that which was presented on the website! I did call and complain, but the worse part? I had to pay for return shipping which was NOT cheap... Never EVER again--

I cannot understand how Horchow is still in business...

I cannot understand how Horchow is still in business. I was about to buy a table lamp from the website, so I googled the manufacturer and style and found the exact same product for less than half the price on Hayneedle. I won't bother with Horchow again.

One star removed because they outsourced...

One star removed because they outsourced their delivery with people who did not offer white glove service even though I paid for it. Thank goodness it was printed on the receipt and I had to instruct them on what to do. I am glad I decided to go with this purchase because I had my doubts buying white patio furniture but couldn't resist the beautiful design. The sets have lasted through the recent, heavy rains and were easy to clean. Can be dressed up for a tropical luau or styled for an English tea garden and the whiteness brings out the vibrantly colored blooms during the spring and summer seasons. Very versatile and we've received many compliments. I do wish I had bought the additional third set for another seating area.

Bought a 2k sofa from Horchow....

Bought a 2k sofa from Horchow. After waiting 2 months, there is still not a delivery date. Very poor customer service. The delivery was canceled twice and will never ever buy from Horchow again.

Defective, Expensive Venetian Mirror

I received the very expensive "Giorgia" Venetian Mirror from Horchow in January 2012. Since installing it, 2 separate mirrored sections completely fell off (they are glued on with 6-7 dabs of some type of glue/caulk that clearly deteriorates over time). The etched piece that most recently fell shattered. I would expect a $1500 mirror to last over 10 years, and was very surprised at the poor craftsmanship and defective adhesive that eventually disintegrates. What should be an heirloom piece is ruined. Horchow customer service refused to do anything, and cannot even sell me a replacement piece so I can have the mirror repaired. Don't waste your hard-earned money, buy the cheaper version from Wayfair.

This store is the WORST

I haven't ordered in awhile as find they take forever to ship or cancel items without notification. They had some Christmas items on sale so took a chance My mistake. More than a week later I'm getting notification that they don't actually have the items. I never have this happen with any other store. They need to learn how to keep track of their stock. It plain horrible service.

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