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Hayneedle Reviews

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Hayneedle is a popular budget and discount focused furniture online store front, owned by the popular retailer Walmart. With many brands and manufacturers to choose from, Hayneedle focuses on providing affordable value to its shoppers. With mostly happy customers, there are some mixed reviews around delivery and durability in some instances.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7.4/10

Price: $16-$6334+

Return Policy: 30 Days + Restrictions

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Hayneedle Specifics

With nearly two decades of e-commerce presence, Hayneedle is a home decor and furnishings brand known for their affordable products and streamlined ordering process. In the last few years, Hayneedle became a part of the Walmart family, which brings more competitive price points and logistics.

Most customers like the streamlined simplicity, styles, and low prices of Hayneedle overall. However, there were some mixed sentiment about delivery, perceived quality, and durability for some shoppers.

Material Quality

One of the benefits of Hayneedle is that they act as a marketplace for multiple brands, mostly focused on the budget-friendly price point, but also feature some higher end brands as well. With a focus on the discount level, wooden options oftentimes feature veneered particle board, while the more expensive options may have more expensive veneers and wood construction. Similarly for upholstered furniture, most options feature synthetic upholstering, while there are a few more expensive options that offer higher grade construction and materials like leather.

Hayneedle Furniture Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that Hayneedle's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top searches and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Rugs

Hayneedle offers a wide variety of area rugs, runners, and door mats. Totaling over 13,000 products, shoppers looking for a new rug have a wide selection of items to choose from. Most of these options are synthetic polypropylene with jute backing. While most customers like the rugs offered by Hayneedle, there were some complaints about durability and perceived quality in some cases.

The pros: Wide array of designs to choose from with affordable options.

The cons: Some issues reported with perceived quality and durability in some cases, especially thin or shag options.

#2 Bar Stools

The second most popular request from customers is a new bar stool. Hayneedle offers a wide variety of styles to choose from, including traditional and contemporary, backless and those with backs, and leather or microfiber upholstered. With over 3,500 choices starting just over $20, customers have good things to say overall about the offerings. However, there were some complaints about perceived quality and durability in some cases.

The pros: Wide assortment of designs and styles with a focus on inexpensive options.

The cons: Some complaints about durability in some instances.

#3 Outdoor Furniture

Since the beginning, Hayneedle has set itself apart with its outdoor and patio furniture. With everything from planters, patio heating, seating, and conversation sets, Hayneedle offers thousands of outdoor furniture piece and products. With cheaper options featuring plastic or fold up items and more expensive options offering wicker and wooden styles, customers have good things to say overall about their wide selection and competitive price points. Those that had complaints mentioned perceived quality and durability problems in some cases.

The pros: Wide variety of outdoor and patio furniture pieces to choose from.

The cons: Some complaints about durability and perceived quality with some items.

#4 Accent Chairs

Another top request by Hayneedle shoppers is a new accent chair. Hayneedle has over 2,000 accent chairs to choose from, including arm chairs, barrel chairs, wingback chairs, armless chairs, and even egg chairs. They also offer recliners for customers looking for extra comfort. Their designs start under $100 for minimalist designs. They focus most on traditional styles, but also have a wide selection of modern and mid-century chair types. While most customers like their selection of accent chairs, there were some that had complaints about perceived quality and construction in some cases.

The pros: Wide selection of affordable products in common traditional and modern styles.

The cons: Some disappointment around design and perceived quality in some cases.

Top Quality Alternative: Wayfair Accent Chairs
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#5 TV Stands & Coffee Table

The last category that Hayneedle customers are interested in is a new TV stand or coffee table. When it comes to their designs, most varieties are under $500 and feature wooden veneer. Most common designs include traditional and modern styles. Although most of these options require some assembly, most customers report being satisfied with their purchases. Though there were some complaints mentioning delivery and durability problems in some cases.

The pros: Affordable TV stands and coffee table designs with a wide array of options.

The cons: Some issues with durability and perceived quality reported.

More From Hayneedle's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Hayneedle offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Dining Chairs

- Curtains

- Desks

- Mirrors

- Beds & Bedroom Sets

Hayneedle Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture and home decor shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $100s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

If you are ready to learn more about the best rated online furniture stores and brands that shoppers love, read our reviews for the top 2024 Furniture Stores.

...or jump right into the #1 rated online furniture store, Wayfair.

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Remarkable customer service

Remarkable customer service. Received an item damaged by UPS and they immediately rectified the situation through the chat feature. Will definitely purchase from them again and highly recommend this company!

They cancelled my order

They cancelled my order two weeks after I placed it. Without notice. I had to look into it to even find out it was cancelled.

Poor Quality! Horrible Customer Service!

Poor Quality!! Horrible customer service! Received a desk that was warped! Sat on customer service line for 45 minutes before having to hang up!!

Delivered to Someone Else!

I got an email today saying my item was delivered today, but it was not. I checked the tracking information and it was sent to an address in another state! It may have been delivered but not to me... So i logged into my hayneedle account to confirm my address was correct on the order, which it was. How do you mess up so badly when someone pays you hundreds of dollars for an item? There is no excuse for this. I have been charged to send a gift to a stranger in another state I guess... I would not use this company again.

Horrible Customer Service- Total Fraud

Purchased a $500+ wood desk. It shipped in three huge boxes and had dozens of parts. The packing materials included mountains of styrofoam. It was clear that the parts were laid out and the shipping boxes glued up around the parts. Just opening the boxes made them totally unusable later. I found that one part of my desk was defectively manufactured. It was a drawer front, and it made the entire desk drawer unusable. I called seeking a replacement part. I was told. No replacement parts were offered by the Chinese manufacturer. I was offered that I could a) disassemble the now partially assembled desk and ship it back at my own expense to exchange it for a new unit or b) buy a second unit, take out the part I needed and return the second desk, also at my expense. I was also told that Gaymarket would pay a portion of the cost of having the part made. None of these options are reasonable! I am absolutely going to sue these fraudsters if my credit card company won’t give me satisfaction.

I ordered a Garden Eagle Statue

I ordered a Garden Eagle Statue, I received Garden Peacocks contacted service and they said to keep the Peacocks as it would cost to much to send back, they would send a eagle, gess what I got more Peacocks after many e-mails they sent a FedX label to ship the second one back, then I get a e-mail that they didn't have the Eagle, I can say they did refund my money. I will never deal with them again, and I found a Garden Eagle that is a little bigger made of steel at less money, there's are rip offs.

We received a broken couch

We received a broken couch. BROKEN frame i have photos and a report filed by the delivery guy They said I could return this huge thing for a refund. or they could offer 40%. It cost more than that to repair. I had ordered years ago, and thought I would give another chance, NEVER AGAIN

Poor Customer Service / doesn't stand behind products

FOLLOW UP!! shortly after I posted the below I received an email from someone at Hayneedle apologizing and explaining they would be sending out a replacement directly to my Mom free of charge. Regretfully, they sent the incorrect item and I had to go back to them yet again - the Good news is Mom has her item now and loves it. While it shouldn't be this difficult I am happy that they eventually made it right. ORIGINAL REVIEW: For the holidays, I purchased 2 Solar Smart Garden statues for my mother on December 8th. When I received the delivery, only 1 statue arrived. After exchanging emails with Customer Service they informed me they would work with the supplier to locate the item. This took a few days to sort out. I ended up having to have another sent out and they refused to send the item directly to my Mother's address citing that they are only able to send to original shipping address. This meant I would have to send it separately to my family as to not hold up the other gifts I was sending. When the package arrived and was opened the statue was broken into several pieces even though there was NO visible damage to either the outside box or the inner packaging. It was almost like it was intentionally packed broken. I sent photos in and was told they will not send a replacement to my Mother but they had refunded my original purchase. Now, I am not only out the gift I purchased for my Mother but I am also out the additional money spent for shipping a second package, not to mention a lot of my time spent trying to get this resolved that is time I can’t get back. I am not satisfied with the level of customer service I have received from this company and will not be ordering any more items from them.

False claims of being unable to process payment

An expensive product I needed was $200 cheaper at Hayneedle than any other site, so I went ahead and ordered it from Hayneedle. Within a few days, I got an email saying that my order was cancelled because they (allegedly) couldn't authorize my credit card. I looked at my Hayneedle payment details again, and everything was correct (credit card number, billing address, expiration, etc). I then logged into my bank account and I could see the charge pending, so clearly the information was indeed accurate. I contacted Hayneedle support online, and they said I had to call phone support. I called, and they didn't know what the problem was with the credit card, so they put in a support ticket. Several days later, I got an email confirming again that it was cancelled because they "couldn't verify" my credit card info being accurate. Again, this can't have been possible, because the charge was actually pending in my credit card/bank account. I then went onto the Hayneedle site and saw that the product I had been trying to purchase was now marked "out of stock." The sales from the other sites that have this product are now over, so they're back to full price at those sites - meaning this situation has cost me potential savings if I could have just bought from one of the other sites instead. It's odd that the product was $200 cheaper at Hayneedle than others (especially because it wasn't even marked "on sale" at Hayneedle, and every other product I've seen at a discounted price on there has been clearly noted as being on sale). It seems like the product I bought probably wasn't supposed to be listed at the price it was, but instead of simply cancelling it and explaining the error, they claimed the problem was with my credit card (when it definitely wasn't). If you look at other reviews on here, there are other people who have encountered the same type of situation. Really disappointing and bizarre business practice, and I won't be ordering from Hayneedle again.

Great experience with ordering from…

Great experience with ordering from Hayneedle. I got my bed and draws delivered within 1 day of my order. Keep up the good work.

The actual worst

The actual worst. Ordered a hanging chair for my daughters Christmas gift. It was missing the main piece that allows it to hang from the stand. Customer service was exactly no help and said they can’t replace the piece, but would pay half of having it custom made for us, and then offered a 20% discount on the unusable and very expensive item. I will never order from this site again. It’s Christmas Eve and we don’t have a gift for our child. Thanks a lot hayneedle.

Well I would like to remove my two…

Well I would like to remove my two previous post but TRUSTPILOT aparently has no edit option. I have since called and spoke with a customer service rep who issued a credit to my card to offset the issues . I would and definitely will order again from HAYNEEDLE. I wont be making any more post at TRUSTPILOT ever again since they don't have the edit feature that works. Thank you Derek

order placed - furniture never delivered

I placed an order with hay needle on 11/1/19 and received an email that it would arrive before 11/24/19. They never delivered. Then they never called me to explain. I called them and they apologized and gave me another delivery date. The furniture never arrived. Two months later I received an email saying the item was out of stock and they cancelled my order. But when I placed the order and provided my credit card information- there was no indication the item was out of stock or on back order. I would rate hay needle less than 1 if I could.

I tried 2 different credit cards to…

I tried 2 different credit cards to purchase and both times my order gets canceled because they can't authorize. Same cards I use everywhere else. They say call your bank. I won't be back to this retailer.


SHADY PRACTICES BY HAYNEEDLE AND WALMART!! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT I purchased a patio set from Hayneedle through Walmart on 11/29/19. For "security reasons" according to Walmart my credit card was not processed. I explained to Walmart that the initial charge processed fine on my CItibank card (but then dropped off after the seller never fully processed it) I looked at the item and imagine my surprise when the price is now double. I called Walmart, they blame Hayneedle. After talking with Hayneedle, they blame Walmart. Long story short, Hayneedle would be glad to process the purchase at double the price. Neither Walmart nor Hayneedle will honor this sale. I think the Attorney General would like to know about these shady practices.

Terrible experience

Terrible experience, ordered a storage bench. The furniture was left in the rain AND when the box was opened, the wood was broken on one side. The customer service rep said I could print a label to return it, but I had to go buy a box OR buy a second unit and return it in that box. Also I would have to lug this thing to Fedex to get it returned. It was only after I complained he said I could get a fedex pickup. Why is that not what you lead with? At the end of this, I won’t even have the furniture I ordered. He also said is an uncommon experience and looking at these reviews...nope.

Don’t shop with these crooks if you…

Don’t shop with these crooks if you expect reasonable customer service. They make it almost impossible to return a damaged item

Beyond disappointed with Hayneedle and this entire experience.

Finley Home Hudson 4 Cube Rotating Bookcase BLACK Finley Home Hudson 4 Cube Rotating Bookcase WHITE Ordered From: hayneedle Order Number: 6589481634136 Order Date: 12/1/2019 Total Amount of Order: $164.19 Black Unit: Charged $85.70 on 12/02/2019 White Unit: Charged $78.48 on 12/5/2019 Ordered 2 units from Hayneedle on December 1st. Our Bank Account showed a transaction of $164.19 instantly pending for the total cost of the 2 units. The next day on December 2nd our bank was charged $85.70 for the Black Unit that was shipped. We called customer service and informed them that the entire amount was already pending in our bank account and that they must have double charged us. We were told that the total order amount is placed on hold with our bank at the time of the order and that each item would be shipped separately. Once an item shipped, they would charge our bank account again for the individual price of the item. Hayneedle state that once the last item in our order was shipped, that they would release the original hold of $164.19 from our bank. On December 5th the white unit was shipped and our bank was charged $78.48 and the hold of $164.19 was removed the next day. Upon arrival of the boxes, we found that the packaging was very thin, this is a 60 lb unit and the cardboard was falling apart. On December 7th we opened both units to assemble them, we found the bottom square of the white unit was cracked in ½ and could not be used. The board material is of poor quality, very light and fragile. There was very little packing material inside the box. Upon assembly of the black unit which was NOT damaged, the instructions indicate to use camlocks to assemble, but there were no camlocks in the box. My husband indicated that camlocks were actually not needed to put this item together. • The instructions say to use an item that is not needed. • Tell you to use an item that they do not include with the unit. • Then they did not send enough round black stickers to cover up the screw holes, so we have to find round stickers to cover the remaining holes. On December 7th I called Hayneedle to find out about getting a replacement panel for the white unit that came in broken. All I wanted was for them to ship me a new square bottom shelf. I called 2 times and spoke to different representatives to confirm that the below information was correct. This is what I was told……. • The Distributor does not provide replacement parts for this item, distributor is out of China so they could not call them to ask if they had an extra bottom they could send me. • I am required to ship the entire 60 lb unit back to the warehouse. They did offer me a free shipping label. • My Money would be refunded when the item was RECEIVED and PROCESSED at the warehouse. 2 to 3 weeks • NO EXCHANGES- MY ONLY OPTION IS TO RETURN THE UNIT FOR A REFUND. • To get a new white unit, I have to place a new order on the Hayneedle Website and start this process all over again. • I purchase this item on black Friday weekend while it was ON SALE for $78.48. Today the item is going to cost me $127.50. Tomorrow this item will cost me $180.99. Beyond disappointed with Hayneedle and this entire experience.

Ordered three tables and all three were…

Ordered three tables and all three were cancelled due to their lack of inventory. Terrible service. Look elsewhere. Wish I could leave 0 stars.

Bought a five foot CHRISTMAS and they…

Bought a five foot CHRISTMAS and they sent me a three foot tree... Also bought a six foot tree and it arrived with a damaged box.. I would not recommend this company....

Ordered a table

Ordered a table. Charged for table. Expected a table. After a week, no table. Called customer service, someone will research the missing table. Was told customer service will call me back once they find out what the issue is. No call from customer service. Two weeks, still charged, no table, no answers. Finally I spoke with someone at Hayneedle who informed me the manufacturer had run out of said table and apologized I was never notified. I asked to have the order cancelled. Finally was refunded, order still showing as pending. First order from HN and will be my last. I honestly could have saved my time and energy, bought a book and some tools and built myself a table in the time it took to figure out that my order at HN was for an imaginary table. I need a real table.

2 months since I ordered - 3 weeks since expected delivery and still nothing

I ordered 2 counter chairs from them about 2 months back and they botched my order the first time . Their website said item delivered but I never received the item . When I called them they asked me to place the order again and I did . And it has been 2 months since I placed an order and they have not delivered yet . It has been almost 3 weeks now since it was first scheduled to be delivered, but everytime as it gets closer to scheduled delivery date , they move it further away. They have a very poor supply chain management system and they do not own the inventory brighter for they have any leverage amount their suppliers . They say that the item is back ordered and that’s why it is taking time . But they already knew that when they rescheduled my delivery the first time . They randomly give me and estimate and one day prior to the expected delivery , they again postpone it . They have done it thrice . And when I call them they say that it is Upto the supplier and they have no info . It appears that they are more of a software platform that just connects us to suppliers . And the unfortunate thing is , they do not take the responsibility if something goes wrong . They just put it on supplier and you can’t deal with the supplier because there is a middle man here . Rest of the retailers also follow a similar business model but they have clarity into the process and have the leverage which helps consumers . They have a much more efficient supply chain management process . This company on the other hand just blames it on the supplier . But I have paid them they need to take responsibility since I trusted them and paid . I guess it is a hit or a miss . If things go fine then I guess it is not problem . But if something goes wrong , then they do not take the responsibility and you have to deal with them . I emailed them twice with no response . Called them to get them to look into this . They don’t have a sense of responsibility neither are they apologetic for the inconvenience that is caused to customers . This is probably my first and last time ordering from them . They should really work on serving customers better . Amazon and wayfair are a lot better when it comes to solving customer issues . I believe these companies are small and aren’t as skilled on how to run a sustainable business. I would request for price match with other retailers if something is cheaper here . Most of them offer a price match . It is a lot less hassle dealing with such irresponsible companies if things go wrong - Jyothi


Scammers! Do not purchase anything from this website. They have items that show that are in stock, however when you order they take 2 months to tell you that they don't have the item in stock and never return the money they put on hold. Customer service is very rude and disrespectful and each and every one tells a different story/lie. Such a scam and a headache

Do not use this company

Do not use this company. They charge you credit card excess amounts. They charge something they call a "pre-authorized amount" and then charge for each item essentially doubling the amount. They tried to blame the credit card company saying it was the credit card company's policy. No other company does this.

I never Purchase any thing form this…

I never Purchase any thing form this website, but I credit card was charged 101 dollars by this company. Stolen credit card.

TV cabinet ordered worst assembly…

TV cabinet ordered worst assembly instruction and hardware doesn't tighten properly two middle verticals about 1/4 inch taller thinned pieces, so the top does not lay flat. I will never order from this website again. I called to request replacement hardware that broke they said this company doesn't have extra parts I was given 20% off and told to find where cam locks are sold. This cabinet is crap but way too difficult to send back for refund.


This is a follow up to my review posted 6 days ago in reference to Hayneedle canceling my order times 2. After my previous review, Hayneedle reached out to me and we exchanged many emails. I thought I would share the last couple of exchanges. The first follows my request for expedited or standard shipping depending on where I would be to receive the item. I responded in this fashion because Richard L. suggested to me that they would ship to the address of my choice at a discounted rate. I really wish I could give them 0 stars. If you have time, read on.... On Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 4:25 PM heroes@hayneedle wrote: Dear Patricia, We regret to inform that this order cannot be booked nor expedited to be received on time with the information provided. For further information, please contact your financial institution. We sincerely apologize about this inconvenience. Sincerely, Richard L. Corporate Escalations Liaison Corporate Escalations Liaison From: patsyq Sent: Tue Oct 15 2019 17:00:01 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) To: heroes@hayneedle Subject: EXT: Re: Hayneedle Trust Pilot Review - 6589481249374 Then Richard L. I will assume you will remove the pending charges on each of my credit card accounts immediately. Please email me when you have completed this refund on each card. One ending in XXXX and the other in XXXX. Sorry for the inconvenience and the amount of time wasted. AND THEN THIS..... heroes@hayneedle Wed, Oct 16, 8:13 AM (1 day ago) to me Dear Patricia , Thank you for your reply and we would gladly reach out to your credit card companies asking them to release the authorizations. To be able to do this we require the fax number for the authorization release department for your credit card companies. Could you please forward us this requested information. Generally an authorization hold will drop off between 3-5 days. We apologize for any inconvenience these orders have caused you. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Sincerely, Rosemary H. Patricia patsyq Wed, Oct 16, 12:25 PM (21 hours ago) to heroes Dear Rosemary H. Thank you for your latest email dated Wednesday, October 16, 2019 in regards to the credit card authorization hold. I realize now that I must manage my expectations. I find your cancellation of my orders for this desk representative of obstinance on your part and poor taste on your part, because, in essence, your unwillingness to verify that this was a valid order and subsequent cancellations of those orders suggested that I was attempting to defraud my credit card company or you, the vendor, Hayneedle. As I stated before to Richard L. I hope this transaction and all the inconvenience it conveyed upon you was not too distracting. It's time for me to unwind this relationship because I have failed to understand or to be understood.

THESE folks are horrible

THESE folks are horrible - stay away. I had one transaction just fine. They have cancelled my last two orders and no one there can or will tell me why. They are inept poor customer oriented folks. They desperately need to be retrained and understand why they exist - it is for the customer you STUPID!!! Get some management that has a micro millimeter of a brain! RIDICULOUS...


STAY AWAY! Zero Star! I purchased a sofa. it actually came as a bench. so I return bc its not a sofa as listed! They said theyll take the return but bc of high shipping cost they are not able to refund me my return at all?? Fedex said the pickup was free so they came to pick up but the company refuse to refund! STAY AWAY FROM H-A-Y-N-E-E-D-L-E AT ALL COST! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HAYNEEDLE! SCAM!!! This is the message they sent me when I ask them about my refund after I returned ship the product: "Thank you for contacting hayneedle. Yes, the return will still be on time since the label doesnt expire until 9/27. FedEx pick-ups are actually not free. They charge us a much higher amount to come to your home, rather than dropping the item off at a FedEx location. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Thank you for shopping with hayneedle, where you'll find everything to create a home you love. Please let us know if you have any additional questions - we're here to help! Sincerely, Morgan E. Customer Experience Specialist"

No matter how many times I unsubscribe…

No matter how many times I unsubscribe from this site, they ignore my preferences and continue sending daily emails. I will never buy from a company that won't respect my preferences. Bullying.

Stay away from this vendor

Stay away from this vendor. It sells merchandise that they don't have. Changing delivery dates from INITIAL DELIVERY OF 7 days to OVER 60 !! Not an easy task to cancel your order too!!! Best NOT to deal with this vendor at ALL !! Very unpleasant experience! STAY AWAY!



I have placed an order for a table…

I have placed an order for a table online which i cancelled 10 minutes later. The next day at 900am i called the company explaining i did a csncellation 10 min later. They told me the table has already started being made, which is hilarious. Next i realized i needed to change the shipping address where the package would be sent. AGAIN thet told me it could not be done, that they will re route the package while i need to pay again and place a new order. 12 days after the package has been in hands of federal express i am still waiting for a refund. Worst custimer service i have seen in my life. I will never buy from this company.

Hayneedle- please stay away from this vendor

I purchased an item from Hayneedle via I did not need the item (item is still brand-new) and wanted to return. Hayneedle made it extremely hard and never sent me the return label to ship the item back. First, they said it would take 24 hours to send the return label. I did not understand why it took them that long to process the return label. After 24 hours waiting and never received it, I contacted Hayneedle. This time they said it was sent. I checked my mailbox and the spam/junk folder and did not see any label. I contacted them again. This time, they said they would resend the label right away. I waited, and again no return label was provided. I contacted them again, this time they do not respond. The item is only $34. I do not understand why Hayneedle would lie and does not want to take the item back. This is my first time learning about Hayneedle and I would advise all of you to stay away from this vendor. They are horrible. Please do business with Amazon which can save you time and headache.

We bought 2 chairs last summer

We bought 2 chairs last summer, stored them thru winter and brought them out again with the warm weather. We used them a total of about 10 times. Sat in one yesterday, reclined and it disintegrated. Here is their reply: " we are unable to process a return for the Coral Coast Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs - Dark Teal Blue - Set of 2 at this time because the 30 days warranty has expired. Thank you for shopping with hayneedle, where you'll find everything to create a home you love. Please let us know if you have any additional questions - we're here to help! The items we bought were very poor quality. Do yourself a favor and buy elswehere.

I tried to order an accent chair

I tried to order an accent chair, $200. It would'nt work ordering it so I called. First thing I got a woman wanting to sell me a health alert system to wear around my neck. Told her I had one but she would'nt listen & talked over me. I hung up. Then I called back & same thing plus was now talking to a salesperson about car insurance. Tried calling on 2 different phones & obviously I was "blocked", Recording told me the number I was calling was not valid. What is with this company? I will take my business elsewhere especially after reading these reviews. I have never heard of Hayneedle…….sounds like a pretty crummy company. No thanks. I always had good luck with Mayfair.....great service & products.

We ordered an outdoor table

We ordered an outdoor table. The shipped a different table than the one we ordered and would not take it back. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANNY.

Not sure why all these bad reviews Very pleased.

Not sure why all these bad reviews. I ordered many items from hayneedle recently including outdoor sectional, outdoor dining table, side table, chair cushions, folding chairs, trellises and outdoor furniture covers. Every item arrived on time, was good quality and as described. Quick shipping, excellent communication. I was in touch with customer service a couple times because I had one chair cover that had a rip (looked like from a box cutter) and one item that did not fit as it should have. Customer service was excellent and quickly responded with an offer of new item or refund. I have continued to order from Hayneedle with no issues.


We ordered a canopy for our campsite and it was said it would be delivered that Friday. All day the tracking said it was on the truck to be delivered that day. It wasn’t delivered. Customer service said it would be delivered Monday. On Monday Fed Ex came to deliver it but said it was too big to put on the truck. It was then supposed to be delivered on Tuesday. Tuesday I received another notification that it was on the truck and out for delivery! I tracked it at 5:00 pm and it was still on the truck to be delivered. I tracked it again around 5:30 and it said the delivery was now Wednesday. I emailed customer service again and they said that we could pick it up at 7:00 Am Wednesday morning. I asked if we could pick it up at 10:00 am. They said yes, as they don’t open until 9:00 am!! I received another email saying that the package was lost!! Even though it had been on the truck and out for delivery since Friday!! I then called customer service and they told me that they would offer me a full refund because the package was lost!!! Don’t order from them!!

I bought a patio set and when I opened…

I bought a patio set and when I opened it I noticed the table was dented and scratched (really bad); I called them and they said they would send me a new table top which I agreed to. I was complaining how long it was taking to get the new table top and they gave me a little $ compensation. When the new table top came, it is also dented and scratched. I called them again and they asked if I want them to send me a new one. Really?? Um, NO! I was angry and they said they would give me $ compensation, this time it was 30% so I'm keeping this table top with the damage because I'm tired of all the trouble. They also did not take the old table top so now I'm stuck trying to get rid of a heavy table top which I can't even make into a table because the new one didn't come with legs and hardware! Still waiting for both $ refunds so we'll see if I get it. Will never order from them again.

Ordered two rainbarrels via Google…

Ordered two rainbarrels via Google Express. Took my $ and indicated they would be shipped soon. Then delayed the date, then a new date and then nothing They had cancelled my order without telling me. When I contacted them, I was told that they didn't make deliveries to RV Parks! What crap.

Poor Customer Service!

A friend gave me a gift of a $200 lighted floor fountain from Hayneedle. It failed within 4 months. I contacted their customer service. Was told no warranty and past 30 day return policy. Was told I could repurchase same fountain for full retail price! No credit, rebate, discount or other consideration. This response was insulting. I will never order from them and do not recommend. In checking this site and others I found numerous other customer complaints so apparently many experience the same poor service.

Too much damage

The two items I received from them were delivered on time and the price was good. Unfortunately, both items, both separate delivery times, arrived damaged and the paint was chipped. Hayneedle customer service was really good about refunding and helping me out with the damage. Because both deliveries came damaged I will probably never order from them again. I'm not saying they are a bad company, I'm just saying that the damages are too much for me to handle. That's a shame, because their prices are very reasonable.

Up to this point I was very satisfied…

Up to this point I was very satisfied would hayneedle .. I purchased a roll around outside beverage cart that I actually never rolled around ..the caster broke off the bottom it had a one year warranty the manufacture had me send pictures that clearly showed the poor design... they would not stand behind it and neither did hayneedle...

This is my first review of anything …

This is my first review of anything and I’m only writing it because of all the negative reviews I saw about a Hayneedle. My experience was Awsome. I ordered a Blackstone griddle on Saturday. The reason I ordered from Hayneedle they were at least $50 less than anybody else on the web they said it would arrive on Wednesday which you did. No damage everything was perfect. I will certainly be using this company again in the future

I ordered a Keter Tall Storage Cabinet…

I ordered a Keter Tall Storage Cabinet from Hayneedle on March 1st. The web site showed the order in stock and I received an email with the order number and an arrival delivery date of Arrives by 03-13-2019. March 13th came and went and on March 14th, I contacted Hayneedle via their chat window. The agent checked and said the order had not even shipped from the supplier. I asked for the order to be cancelled and I was told a cancellation would be submitted to the supplier and I would have to wait for the supplier to "approve" the cancellation but it would take 72 hours to do this. Also, my payment would be held for up to 4 days. I feel lied to by Hayneedle and given the run around on how they are handling my order. If they can't deliver an item, they collected the money so they should refund the money. The cancellation should be a no-brainer guarantee rather than we will ask for a cancellation and see what happens. I will NEVER shop this vendor again and I urge anyone else to look for items from a different seller. UPDATE: March 19, 2019 - I have purchased a similar item from a different seller. It HAS been shipped and is due to arrive on March 22, something Hayneedle couldn't do. From the new seller: Hi John, your order is being shipped! Your order will ship to: United States Estimated delivery: Fri, Mar 22 I urge shoppers to look elsewhere if you want to know if and when your purchase will REALLY arrive.


I contacted them to return a defective item. They agreed into receiving it, sending me a new one and charging and crediting my card for both transactions. Next thing I know is they put me in their collections department as a delinquent account. The reason: they did not charge the new item to my account because they entered the wrong information (how can that be possible if they credited the return correctly?). Emails back and forward and harassment asking for payment. I told them to charge my card as agreed at least for five times but they never admitted they made a mistake, and wanted to process the transaction as a delinquent. At some point they even denied to give me a return label, so they were holding the item hostage while demanding payment. How can all this be??? Terrible!! Terrible!! Terrible!!!

Delayed Deliveries & Unhelpful Customer Service

I ordered the Emerald Home Siesta California King Sleeper Sofa, as well as two chairs on February 22nd. I chose to go with Hayneedle as their website indicated that the sleeper sofa would arrive prior to my guest's arrival on March 20th. I received an email on February 28th that said I would be able to schedule my delivery on March 2nd. I attempted to do so online, and it did not appear that I could. I then waited 2 more days and was still unable to schedule delivery. I then used the chat support to attempt to schedule my delivery. They told me I had to contact the carrier and cut the conversation before I could say anything else. When speaking with the carrier they claimed that no one has asked them to pick up from the vendor. Irritated, I contacted Hayneedle via phone, was given a discount, and was assured it would be picked up soon. I continued to check my tracking information and nothing has changed. My couch is still sitting at the vendor and has been for nearly two weeks now. After several unhelpful email responses, I called again yesterday and asked for a manager, but was given a lead. The lead said they would email the vendor and get back to me. After several days of calling Hayneedle, the carrier, and the vendor I was escalated to someone who was able to give me answers. They had not sent the vendor the appropriate paperwork for the carrier to pick it up. He then said he would update me throughout the day to make sure it was shipped. What saved this from remaining a one star, was the delivery people. They showed up on time, were super friendly, and went above and beyond by bringing the couch upstairs! Hayneedle was frustrating to deal with. The investment of time I had to make in order to make sure my item arrived on time was a bit ridiculous. I don't know how many poor CS reps I had to chew out to finally get a manager, but it should have been zero. I will say the couch arrived undamaged and is super cozy, but Hayneedle had nothing to do with that.

Terrible Customer Service ....

Error message when attempting to place order online. Contacted number for error message and the worst customer service. The representative actually stated WOW when I requested to speak to a manager. The manager disconnected my call and had no idea of how to assist with technical issues with website. When I asked if technical department no department available. Spent long time on website searching for items and unable to purchase them due to inability to access the website. Customer service disconnected my call. Call back and still no resolve. TERRIBLE Customer Service

Wish there was an option for 0 stars

Wish there was an option for 0 stars! The package was damaged when I received it and pieces were missing. When I called the seemed helpful and said they would put the parts in the mail and they would be here 3-5 days. Today was day 10. I received an email asking me to call the vendor directly. I was really in shock Bc I’ve never dealt with a customer service that has asked me to directly contact the vendor when they have all the exact same information on the item I purchased... since I bought the item from them! They were 0 help in the long run and I will never purchase another item from them.

Stole my identity online

Stole my identity online. Never used these creepy thieves. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. BAD, BAD NEWS.

gross incompetence processing order

I ordered 8 dining room chairs in early January 2019. Hayneedle canceled the order, even though it was approved by my credit card bank, and had all correct personal and credit card information with the order. Subsequent emails inquiring about the cancellation were unable to fix the problem, which appears to be due to gross incompetence on the part of a number of customer service representatives. Stay away from this online store unless you really, really want to waste your time!

This has to be the worst experience I…

This has to be the worst experience I have ever had with a retailer. I ordered on 12/10/18. I was first promised a delivery of 12/20/18 - just in time for Christmas, but 2 days later they told me it would be 12/27/18 - Oops missed Christmas. When I called to ask why, they said it was scheduled to ship on 12/17/18. I called on 12/18/18 - no-one could tell me what the issue was. To make a long story short, I called at least a dozen times. Eventually on 1/8/19 the product FINALLY arrived. If only I had read these reviews before I ordered, it would have saved me a lot of anguish!

Disreputable Company - The have my $$$ and I have nothing

I ordered this couch on 12/12 with a guaranteed delivery date between 12/25 and 1/4. It was shipped on 12/14 and I was sent a tracking number on 12/18 telling me it had shipped on 12/14. I started trying to track down the sofa on 12/24. The tracking number didn't work, and I called the company twice to get information as to where the sofa was at this point. During the phone calls, I was told there was no answer from the shipper (while I was on hold) and that it might be lost. Finally on 12/28, I received an email with a different tracking number saying the sofa was now in California (about 150 miles from my house) and would be delivered by January 4th. On January 4th, I got another email stating "it seems that you can expect a call to set up delivery by 01/10/19 at the latest" They acknowledged that "This item has experienced various backorder delays, unfortunately". In response to that email, I told them I wanted to cancel the order. Today I received an email that I can't cancel the order. I "CAN" refuse delivery, and then once it is returned to them, they will issue a refund! If it is taking over a month to get to me (AND IT STILL HASNT GOTTEN TO ME), how long will it take to be returned???????? So, 4 weeks after ordering, I MAY get a call to schedule delivery. In the meantime, they have my money, and I have nothing!!!!!!!! AND I may never get my money back, because if the sofa can't get to me, how will it get back to them??????? I am a senior citizen (in my 70s) and I consider this treatment as elder abuse and manipulation.

Good experience!

I bought a desk from them and it delivered on time, however, when I got it I noticed one of the packages was damaged and one part had a huge dent on that. I called them and they started the process right away. Although, it took a little bit more than I expected to get the part. It finally arrived and I was happy in general with my experience with their customer care.

Buyer Beware!!!

This company STINKS!!! The fact that allows them to sell ANYTHING on their website is awful. I purchased some plant pots that were not at all as described and wasn't "allowed" to return them to the store. (These aren't anything special- a set of 3 was $16. They say that they require special shipping through FedEx.) They want me to mail them back- at MY expense- although it is their product that sucks. Avoid Hayneedle! You get way less than you pay for! Update: After posting this review, someone from their company contacted me within a few minutes and offered a full refund. Why do companies make it SO difficult and then if you're really lucky when you complain, someone says that they'll do something about it?

Doesn’t even deserve one star

Doesn’t even deserve one star. The worst process for ordering I have ever encountered. Ordered bar cart, got email saying they had to verify my card, I called they the. Said all good with card. Got another email three days later saying order cancelled again because they don’t deliver to P.O. boxes , resorts or campgrounds. When I called and told the. I live in a complex with 38 permanent residents they the said the dept in charge of approvals would let me know if I could resubmit my order. Really? This is a joke, as other reviewers pointed out maybe this whole back and forth (1 week) is a stall when they don’t have the item. Also their customer service is awful, they could care less. Don’t waste your time choosing something on the website that you may not get.

Terrible business is what it should be called

Terrible business. Ordered item a week before it should’ve been delivered and paid $60 for it to get to my home in 5 days! Not unreasonable shipping time if you asked me it’s pretty standard. How ever it was canceled not by me but by Hayneedle the day it was supposed to arrive to my home!!! THE DAY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DELIVERED! How absord no heads up nothing! I am furious! This is the only gift we could afford for our kids and it didn’t get here in time and now we have to wait for a refund before they get their gift!!! Ruined my kids holiday! Do not order from here not even if a last resort go through another company! This place is fraud!!!

So much for a Merry Christmas...

When I placed the order for a TV stand, it said it would arrive between 12/21 and 12/24, plenty of time for Christmas. It's now Christmas eve, no item. A call to Hayneedle customer service was of no use. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HAYNEEDLE. As others have stated, be warned. How they survive as a business is beyond me.

What a joke

What a joke. My ONLY Christmas gift Iwas giving to my partner. Was told it would be here before Xmas... once my shipping updates never changed for 3 days I called customer service. To get told they’d get back to me. The warehouse doesn’t know where it’s at. Looking at other reviews it seems like this is common. Long story short they “credited me $10” for me to get a late Christmas present coming hopefully dec 27... i wanted an overnight ship on their dollar due to their mistakes. I WILL NOT be using this site again. So unhappy

Bad company to order from

Cancelled my order that was placed one week earlier just 6 days before Christmas. Customer service is terrible!!

Terrible unreliable an unethical company

Terrible unreliable an unethical Business practices! I wish I had googled This company's reviews before I wasted 5 days held hostage on an order that I placed and had to keep calling and inquiring when it would be shipped. Their website estimated a delivery date -6 days after order was placed and on day 5 the order Still indicated it was "In Fulfillment" because you guessed it! they had ZERO IN STOCK. Before committing to ordering I called and spoke to a rep inquired about dispatch times, and indicated to her that I needed the order shipped within a certain frame, she assured me the product was in stock so there should be no issues. In reality they were drop shipping and the manufacture was backordered. After five days and no movement I made my 3rd call and was finally told they did not have the product in stock. This whole transaction was a Nightmare to say the least, they wasted 5 days of my time that I could have used to source the items elsewhere. Very Shady company, Stay AWAY! You have been warned.

Company Lies

I attempted to order furniture. The website accepted my order and my credit card company approved the purchase and the purchase was placed into pending. Then the next day, this company canceled the order indicating that the credit card company disapproved the purchase. This was not the case. Then when I attempted to reorder the furniture, the company is now saying it’s out of stock. This company lies. Don’t do business with them.

Defective arbor lasted 6 months

Defective arbor lasted 6 months, then collapsed in October, 2018 due to metal fatigue. It was ordered in May, 2018. In refusing refund, Hayneedle cites 30-day warranty and otherwise refuses customer goodwill. A metal arbor should last years, not days. PRODUCT NOT SUITED FOR INTENDED PURPOSE. Hayneedle offered full refund on November 15, 2018

We also had problem with Hayneedle…

We also had problem with Hayneedle Canceling our order due to our second home status. Absolutely absurd! No problems with Amazon and various other companies. No worries Hayneedle, or should I say ByeNeedle.

Hayneedle cancelled my order because I…

Hayneedle cancelled my order because I was shipping item to my second home. Never had the problem with Amazon or Wayfair. Hayneedle sent me a generic email saying my order was cancelled for credit card security reason. They didn't attempt to call me or tell me what I should do to resolve the issue. I tried to fix through live chat, but was told I had to call. When I called, all they did was verify my credit card billing and shipping addresses (which they already had) and then started asking me questions about the type of house I lived in. I asked why and they said their company doesn't deliver to certain types of houses. They wanted to know of my address was in an RV park. My home happens to be a modular home inside a 55+ community. UPS and FedEx delivery here every day. Hayneedle tells me they have to run my order past their accounting department for approval and that I'd get another email telling me if my order was approved. I requested a phone call. I was told that their accounting department doesn't make phone calls. I cancelled the order and will never do business with Hayneedle again.

Excellent customer service experience

I ordered a $150 bird bath, and it cracked in one day. They sent a second one very quickly, free of charge, no need to send the first one back. It cracked the same day! Evidently, there is a manufacturer's flaw, and they can't hold water. They gave me a complete refund, no need to send anything back. Disappointed in the cracks, but pleased with the service!

I was to receive me order a month ago

I was to receive me order a month ago - still have not received anything. Have sent three emails to the customer service department, no reply. Wish I would have seen all the problems people had prior to placing my order with Hayneedle. Buyer beware.

One order was fine, but not the next one...

***Edit: I've updated the review score, since a manager contacted us and offered an apology, and also personally sought to resolve the issue and help us find another product that would work. *** We had one order for a mattress go through without any issues, but upon placing an order for another mattress, we got an email the day after it was scheduled to arrive (7 days after placing the order) saying that the order was cancelled. Talking to them on the phone they told me that as they were packing up their orders they ended up not having one left for us. They couldn't offer any info about future stock, and left it at a, "That's what happened, we can't do anything about it."

Stay away from this company!

I have now tried to place an order with them THREE times. On each occasion, they charged my credit card and then one day later sent me an email saying that my order had been cancelled because of some nonsense about how it was for my safety because "they could not verify my billing/shipping address". I then had to wait up to 7 days for the money they had charged to be returned to my card! After this first time that this occurred, I called my bank and confirmed with them that the shipping/billing addresses I was entering matched their records and that the transaction was going through fine on their end. I assumed there must just be some random thing happening with that card and tried to replace the order with a different card. The same issue happened--and again my bank had no idea why! I called customer service, and they explained to me that they have some computer system that automatically verifies billing/shipping addresses and that they would send the order to accounting to be reviewed by an actual human. The representative assured me that I would NOT be charged a third time for the order by sending it to accounting. Of course, the next day my card WAS charged again, followed by yet another "your order has been cancelled" email. Customer service was wildly unhelpful, refusing to take accountability for their error in charging my card for a third time expressly against my wishes. They simply said "the money will be returned to your card in about 4 business days". LOL ok, but that doesn't really help me because now I am out $1500 for the next week with nothing to show for it! Customer service also refused to provide a reason for why the orders were failing, giving fishy and illogical anecdotes and saying it was "for my own privacy" that they could not give any information out about why an order was cancelled ever. When I asked to speak to someone from the accounting department, they refused saying "the accounting department does not accept phone calls." This company is quite obviously a scam. They are taking customers' credit card info, checking to make sure that info is accurate by charging an order to the card, and then immediately cancelling the order and refusing to provide information why. Who knows what they will do with my credit card information now? I suspect sell it. I now get to replace both credit cards that I used with this company. STAY AWAY!

I ordered a pressure cooker

I ordered a pressure cooker. It never showed up, called them turns out the order was never made. Ordered again with them on the phone they said everything was taken care of and would recive it in the mail and again no pressure cooker and the order was never placed again. This company is a absolute nightmare. Will never try to do business with them again

I ordered some towels for my daughters…

I ordered some towels for my daughters birthday, they were the last set in stock. A few days later when I tracked the order they said they weren’t in stock and credited my money back to my credit card. THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!!! DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!!!!!

They just lost a long time customer

I'll start off with the packing and quality of their items. I received a dining table with the box dented, and unsurprising damage to the table itself. It wasn't just a chip off the paint, it was a chops off the wood! I contact customer service regarding the damage. I was reassured I would receive a FULL refund, since the fault was on Hayneedle's end. Moreover, the chairs I had ordered to accompany the damaged table would no longer be needed, so the representative reassured me the chairs would be canceled and my card would not be charged. Disappointingly, my card was indeed charged for the chairs and it was shipped after all. It gets WORSE. They receive my return of the table, however, did not issue a FULL refund as promised. They claim to have withheld my reward points accumulated. But I also returned the chairs which I used the reward points on, hence forfeiting my reward points. Yet a full refund remains to be unissued. Moreover, the representatives who reassured me of a "Full Refund" failed to disclose any information that any amount would be deducted from my "full refund." I'm not going to hold my breath for a full refund on the chairs which they also reassured a full refund for, but you bet I will be taking these matters to my credit card company. Not only does Hayneedle fall short on delivering quality in products, but they also lack customer service. Surely in the mishap of "miscommunication" they could offer a remedy, but failed to even make the effort. As a long time customer, I will no longer be purchasing anything else from them in the future. Perhaps my absence will not impact their profit logistics, but I hope that my review will make a difference to those who are considering on doing business with them. Heed my warning and save yourself the frustration, stress, and utter disappointment in this deceptive company.

Product came with damage and upon…

Product came with damage and upon looking at other reviews it looks like a risk to have them refund or replace it. Seems they have a record of sending out damaged items then charging large amounts for shipping and are known to not refund completely.

I had a bad experience with this…

I had a bad experience with this company because I bought a bed and fedex leave the bed in front of my building on the street and I was in vacations in mexico at that moment. I called them and they don’t care ,they said call fedex and put a complaint but I paid the bed to them not to fedex,they supposed to be in charge of that.

Worst customer service ever!!

Worst customer service ever!!! Do not buy anything from this company!!! I purchased a crib from them and wanted to return it and they wanted to charge me $167 to return it for shipping fees. No one was willing to work with me or even see how ridiclious it was that they wanted to charge me that much money to return an item. Horrible customer service and return policy!!!!!

Lies and the worst service ever imagined

I ordered a microfiber sofa and loveseat from Hayneedle. After waiting or 2 days for the delivery, the merchandise showed up severely damaged by a forklift. Of course I refused both pieces. Hayneedle then managed to lie to my credit card company and claimed the furniture was delivered to me! I am still trying to get my money back. NEVER EVER use this company!!


We ordered a glass-top outdoor dining table for our deck. The glass top was shattered into a million pieces in shipment (at least it was safety glass). The table arrived in five days, via FedEx. The box had either been poorly taped or retaped. The metal hardware in the box was well protected with bubble wrap, but the only thing between the hardware and the glass was a thin piece of cardboard. I don't understand how a company could ship a piece of glass without ample padding. I called the company, and an agent accepted our word that the table was irreparably damaged and promised to reverse the charges. We'll see. I will not shop with this company again.

I placed my order with Hayneedle

I placed my order with Hayneedle on July 30 for a patio sectional set from Walker Edison on their website the dimensions stated the furniture was 32 inches high when I received the merchandise on August 9 the merchandise was 26 inches high I called Hayneedle about this discrepancy and they said that they would need to check with the manufacturer could I please hold I said sure he came back on and he said the manufacturer said they do not ship out anything that small so I asked him you’re telling me I’m lying then no I’m just telling you that the manufacturer said that that cannot be the correct measurements I told him again I can send you a picture where I have it measured and it’s at 26 inches I also noted that on the lighting from the manufacture it says the height is 27 inches so the manufacturer who is calling me a liar even on their paperwork has the dimensions as 27 inches high which still is wrong so The representative from hay needle then told me I could have the item returned and they would ship out another one and I said well is it going to be a short one or is it going to be the right height I don’t know I don’t to ship it back out to you and I said no I don’t want another short one and then he told me because we used their financing for 12 months no interest that I would have to get wait for them to come pick up the merchandise then it would be another two weeks before they will issue me a refund for the merchandise and that then after all that I could go ahead and I could go ahead and re-order in a month from them I said I need to speak with the supervisor he transferred me to a supervisor she told me all they can do is send a trucking company to contact me about when they can get the merchandise schedule the delivery and then it’ll be two weeks after the merchandise is received before I will get a refund on the credit in the meantime when the payment comes do I have to make a payment on merchandise I do not even have because of their paperwork situation they cannot just issue things they have to go through all the different departments so in other words they send me the wrong merchandise I had to wait a day wasted day for us the wrong merchandise to come now I have to wait for the trucking company to call me to schedule another day where they can come pick it up so now I’m wasting another day and in the meantime I’m going to have to make a payment on merchandise that I don’t even have because it will take approximately six weeks to figure out how to give me back the refund . The supervisor was so polite as to offer me the opportunity to order from Hayneedle again which I told her that will never happen and that I will be leaving the reviews on the Internet rest assured so this doesn’t happen to any other innocent people

Horrible Customer Service

Bought an expensive outdoor umbrella which fell apart after about one month of use. They refused to do anything about it because it was over a month that I had it. This umbrella cost over $1,000.00 and should not have fallen apart at all let alone so soon. They had absolutely no concern in making things better. I will never shop with them again. The service rep. told me they are owned by Walmart.

Terrible product AND customer service- NEVER AGAIN

So bummed to have received this desk chair that had a mark on the seat that clearly someone had attempted to clean before shipping to my client. Because my client put this box in her garage and went on vacation when she returned and discovered the stain it was 6 days past the 30-day return. Hayneedle didn't have a replacement so she is stuck with either a dirty chair or a credit. Because Hayneedle cannot supply a replacement this is where I feel they should show that customer service they boast about and refund my client since she clearly has to go put new money out for a desk chair. Nobody would want to do this. What a waste. Customer service rep Cassandra was so sweet and probably should give her supervisor a refresher course in how to treat customers and be a little flexible when you can't come through with the product. We didn't order a dirty chair and although I fully recognize and respect that you must have return policies I also know that when you can't deliver what was purchased you shouldn't stick it to the customer. As a designer, I will no longer be feeding Hayneedle any of my client orders, something I did on every project. Between my client and me we both tried to speak to the manager 3 times and he wouldn't even speak to us. Bad move, that's partly what you are there for Mr. Supervisor. So, word of mouth happens now. Letting all my designer colleagues, and clients know- we are a pretty large group. In an age where there are so many options, and with Hayneedle being one of the smaller ones, it was a dumb move and one I can only imagine the founders, Mark, Doug, and Julie would probably want to be handled differently. All this over a cheap $150 chair.

Everything they sell is damaged

I ordered a console table from Hayneedle about a month ago. I wasn't expecting anything fancy and assumed it was made of particle board; it was under $100. But I expected it to show up in decent condition. Two edges and all four corners of the tabletop had been bashed in in transit. The plastic bag containing the hardware was shredded, and several pieces were missing. I called the company and got a replacement. This one was also badly damaged. I tried opening a customer service ticket, and haven't heard anything back in two weeks.

Great fountain

I can't believe that some people are not satisfied with the fountain. It was securely packaged and the shipping was quick. I love it. It has enough water flow to be heard from a distance. Relaxing to listen to and look at.

I was looking for a replacement netting…

I was looking for a replacement netting for my gazebo and was having hard time called there customers service center and the gentleman was so helpful stayed with me until I found the perfect one. I placed the order they gave me a delivery date and it actually came two days early! And it was perfect so happy definitely will be shopping tbrough Hayneedle again!

The worst customer service in the…

The worst customer service in the world!!!!!! I will never shop there again! Don’t buy anything from them, they promise delivery date and don’t deliver on time. My items are lost, I needed them for upcoming weekend event and on Thursday I was told I need to wait 72 hours for my items to be located. It’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve ordered!!!

I have no words for how unethical they are

I purchased patio furniture thinking I was paying at the time of purchase (normal business practice) but instead they held that money and then began charging piece by piece as each item started to ship which resulted in double charges on my card. When I asked about it they proceeded to show me the new charges (excluding the previous hold for the full amount) when I came back with screenshots from my bank they changed their story to an authorization for the full amount then charges for each shipment. When I called about cancelling the order due to shady practices they told me I would have to pay another fee to return the items. Worst customer service ever. They made no effort to correct the error or honor my request. I will never do business with them and will tell everyone to avoid them. I don’t know how they have managed to stay in business this long but I guess if you’re a thief you find a way.

Hayneedle is the worst company IN THE WORLD

Hayneedle is the worst company that has ever existed. I'm going to make it very brief but beware DON'T EVER EVER EVER BUY FROM THEM. I purchased yesterday 8 items, as a first time user, and the the amount totalled to $2209. My debit card was charged for $2209 and I thought that's it. This morning I wake up and I start seeing charges on my account for 3 of those items again but this as 3 separate charges. I called hayneedle customer service and I asked them what is going on. So this is where they explained to me that first they hold $2209 (which came out of my account already the day before) and as each item gets shipped I am charged for that item and they release the money that they took yesterday with 4 business days, but they only release the money for items that got shipped. So pretty much in order for me to buy from them I would have needed in my account $4418, luckily I have the money so I didn't go in overdraft but this is the most ridiculous policy that I have ever seen. I buy online all the time and this is the first time that something like this happened to me. WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD, I WANT PEOPLE TO BE AWARE ABOUT THIS POLICY. I KNOW I AM NEVER GOING TO BUY FROM THEM AGAIN. I WILL POST MY REVIEW ON EVERY POSSIBLE WEBSITE AFFILIATED WITH HAYNEEDLE. SCREW THEM ALL!!!

I will NEVER be recommending this…

I will NEVER be recommending this company to anyone. My mother in law tried ordering my husband and I a $900+ house warming present. Everything went through, order was confirmed *MONEY WAS WITHDRAWN* and then come to find out the order was cancelled due to their system thinking there was a fraudulent charge. My mother in law lives in California and we live in Oregon. I called and the guy was very nice but basically I had to wait 48 hours to see if the order would go through again. At this point they have now tried to charge it twice. I get another message from hayneedle that it was flagged so now my husband called multiple times to get this squared away. Each time the customer service was friendly but UNHELPFUL. Your friendliness only gets so far if you can’t help or answer any of my questions. They received charging almost $1000 to the account EIGHT times. I am fed up. Order cancelled and hope this gets refunded ASAP. They offered to cancel it and reorder. NO THANK YOU!

When SHIPPED does not actually mean shipped

I ordered a raised bed and a tub of tung oil on Jun 23rd 2018. I was told it typically arrives in 2 days. On Mon 25th Jun I got a "Your order has been shipped" notice at 1pm - promising delivery on Tue 26th by 8pm. It is now Mon 2nd July and I have neither delivery nor a date when I might expect it. I have sent emails and talked to two operatives for up to 20 mins each and no one can explain why a "shipped" notice does not actually mean it has been shipped. The kicker: the warehouse is 38 mins north of me - and at this point I'd be happy to pick it up myself, but I am not allowed! This is no small order - over $350 - yet I cannot expect them to keep their promises. I have been on the hold as the current operative tries to contract the warehouse for almost 10 mins. I am trying to cancel the order and even that is taking an insane amount of time. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE UNTRUSTWORTHY.

If I could give this company zero stars…

If I could give this company zero stars I would. Placed two separate orders for a table that were cancelled. Was told that the orders were cancelled by their internal auditing team due to an issue with an order I placed with them fours years ago. The order I placed with them four years ago was a bench that was white that had black hand prints on it. This probably happened during packaging. I opened a dispute with them, but was not able to send it back to them because I had no way of packaging the bench back up to return it. All packing was basically destroyed when I removed the bench from the box. A label was sent to me by them for the return, but I never returned it. I did not receive a refund for it, but they say I did. Not true. That is fine if that is how you want to do business Hayneedle. I do not want to deal with a dishonest company anyway. I will take my business elsewhere!!

Missed promotion but they honored it. Thank you.

I ordered from Hayneedle on Sat. The following Monday prior to receiving the order I noticed that they started a promotion for the same item plus additional items that valued over $100. I contacted them and they sent out the promotional items right away. Thank you.

Wrong item sent but corrected problem quickly

While I must admit they sent the wrong item first and the return was a half hour phone call, the customer service was great. They were able to ship the correct dresser and take the old one away when it arrived. Customer service has improved tremendously!

Worst online shopping experience ever!

I ordered a loft bed, and the steps were damaged. I called while the delivery men were on site and the rep told me I can accept the undamaged pieces and they would send replacement steps. I called back a few days later to confirm delivery date and was told I would need to take delivery of the entire order, which means a whole bunch of additional pieces that I don't need and weigh over 350 pounds. I could not get them to understand that I only want the steps replaced and don't have the means to discard of all the extra pieces, especially since they would all be brought up to our 2nd story bedroom. When I suggested just cancelling the order to get a refund, they said it was my job to take apart the part of the loft bed that was already in the room and pack it up ourselves for return. I explained that I wouldn't have taken delivery of the bed if I knew I couldn't just get a replacement for the steps. They couldn't care less that one of their agents misled me. Just said "sorry, that's how it is". They did nothing to try and help the situation or contact the delivery company or manufacturer. No common sense, and totally rude. Will never shop there again.

ANYBODY out there

ANYBODY out there, DO NOT order from 'HAYNEEDLE; 'they send you your order in great fast time, BUT, you will not receive all the parts to use it, or , install it. What ever the case may be!!You try calling them, and very nicely ask for the rest of the parts, they give you a half price on the piece of s**** they sent, then send you ,AGAIN, the wrong parts!! So you call again, and they proceed to say , that they don't have the parts you need, and what do you want them to do about it!? Well I told them very LOUDLY, not to sell this piece of sh*** on the inter-net,. Then I called them FU****ING MORON'S! then hung up. If you've got half a brain cell, you;ll avoid HAYNEEDLE!! P.J.

Never again!

I purchased an expensive coffee table from 2 weeks ago, they sent an email stating that it was in my city. I scheduled for my table to be delivered on a certain day and time, they confirmed that it was going to be there. I had taken off of work to be home between 12-4 pm. And they NEVER showed up or even called..... to say that it wasn't going to be delivered. I had to call them only to find out that they weren't coming at all. So, I tried to cancel the order because of bad customer service. They wanted to charge me an additional $200.00 to cancel. And still it was going to take another 2 weeks for a refund . They didn't even offer to compensate me for THEIR for lack of communication of the delivery and the inconvenience they caused me today. At the end... they still have not told me when the table is going to be delivered...They lost a potential returning customer for sure.

Return and exchange policy is horrible

Return and exchange policy is horrible. I lost half my money on returning outdoor cushions. On their website it still states that you can do an exchange but when I talk to customer service they don’t do exchanges anymore, you have to return the product and purchase something else. Like I mentioned above I am losing $75 in shipping fees to send the cushions back. I will definitely order from other vendors who have a better return and exchange policy.

Security cancelled my order

I placed an order with Hayneedle. almost two days later they send me an email that the order is cancelled due to SECURITY issues. My bank had accepted the charges. I called Hayneedle thinking I can confirm the order and they tell me that it will be another 2 days before the info I confirmed is sent to the proper people at Hayneedle and then THEY will decide if they will ship. I will NEVER ever do business with them gain.

Buyer beware!

Buyer beware! Many items are simply not returnable, bad business behavior for an online retailer. Unlike every other online retailer I've done business with in years, Hayneedle does not have a return policy that is conducive to buying things unseen. When I asked why the item in question was not returnable (an almost $300 flowerpot that I didn't use), I was not given a reason. I was just told that the non-returnable status was stated on the website and I should have read it. You should too before buying anything from Hayneedle. Also be advised, if you buy something off another website and Hayneedle is the vendor, same no return policy applies. Which is what happened to me.

A friend gave me a Jeco lighted floor

A friend gave me a Jeco lighted floor fountain retail value $212 ordered from Hayneedle as a Christmas gift. After a four months the lights failed and cannot be repaired. Hayneedle Customer Service told me on May 5th that it wad not manufacturer warranted and that the 30 day return period had expired. Their offer to me was to send me an exact replacement for the retail price. So essentially they offered no discount, rebate, credit or any other consideration for this defective product. Based on this experience I do not recommend Hayneedle.

I ordered...

I ordered $555.37 on they charged my debit card instantly this amount as they say it a hold on the order which will be returned in several days, but as each item shipped they made charges to my debit card plus still holding the $555.37 by the time they finally ship all the items in my order they will have withdrawn $1,110.74, calling and chatting with them about this issue would not stop their process. I had to borrow money from a relative to cover the amount to prevent an over draft fee, I'm not ordering from this place again knowing you have to practically have twice the money available to cover your order.


Terrible! I contacted them to return a defective item I received. They agreed into receiving that item, sending me a new one and crediting and charging my credit card for both transactions, automatically, since they had my information. After I received the new item, next thing I know is they had me in their collections department. The reason: they did not make the charge to my credit card as agreed or they entered wrong information (which it is funny because they credited the return to my card, so they had all the information). Emails back and forwd and being harassed by that department, they never charged to my credit card as agreed. They never admitted they made a mistake by entering the wrong information when making the charge and rather they put me as a delinquent account. At some point they even denied sending me a label to return the item, so they were holding the item hostage while demanding payment, which I thinks it's illegal. Can they be sanctioned because of all they did?


Summary: This "full size" bed is not the correct size for a full size mattress. It is 6 inches too wide! Also, the "gray" color is actually taupe, not gray at all. Hayneedle has terrible/non-existent customer service. No response to customer service emails. Full review: The real problems started on delivery day. I had a 4 hour window blocked off 10-2. When 2:30pm rolled around and I had no delivery, I called customer service because I thought I was going to have to cancel the order because I had to leave the house (signature was required and I wanted to check the product anyway). 10 minutes after I got off the phone, the... um... "delivery" truck arrived. Hayneedle uses the worst/cheapest shippers around. They actually showed up in an ********** rental truck!!! Is this a real delivery business?!?!? The two shipping boxes were in terrible shape, which made me very nervous, but luckily the pieces inside were not damaged, despite having the surface visible through the box and packing material. Pure luck. The next day, my husband and I spent about an hour putting the bed together, and were really happy with the instructions, quality of the materials, and the overall look of the bed. The wood was hefty and solid, and the overall design looked pretty. I was a little disappointed in the color, since I was expecting actual "gray" not taupe, but since I had not purchased any other furniture to match it yet, I figured it wasn't a deal-breaker and I could make it work. The major problem occurred when we lifted our full size mattress and put it on the bed slats. There was an extra 6 full inches on the end of the bed, and a 2 inches on the side! I could not believe that wasn't mentioned in ALL of the other reviews!!! I could see down to the bed slats and the floor; it looked awful. There was no way I was going to pile up fluffy bedding to "cover-up" this issue. This bed is meant for the FULL XL mattress, not a regular full size!!! This is especially concerning for those who are buying this for a toddler/little kid transition bed (which we did). This extra space is dangerous for the little ones, because they can get their head wedged in there, or get a limb stuck (and then fall over and break something). We could not put our child to sleep on this, so I thought I was going to have to return the whole thing... and since the shipping boxes and packing material were destroyed (partially by the shippers), this was going to be a BIG P I T A. I emailed Hayneedle customer service immediately to see what they could do - was this an anomaly?... could they have the correct size pieces shipped?.... No response. Still dead air.... So I turned to google and ******.... I found that I could buy a full XL size mattress protector that wraps around the whole bed and fill the extra 6 inches with chair foam padding (luckily we have a foam mattress, not a spring, so hopefully this won't be too noticeable). Of course, I have to buy all of these things and do the extra work... but at least I can fix the problem. I now also have to buy Full XL sheets to fit. So now I'm spending at least another hundred dollars, and doing a lot of extra work for a bed that costs well over six hundred dollars. So disappointed in Hayneedle. What a shame. I cannot recommend Hayneedle for a good experience or a reliable product description.


Follow-up after ordering is nearly non-existent. Once Hayneedle puts an order in the hands of a shipper, there is no assistance with shipping issues like delays. I called customer service for help trying to narrow down where my furniture piece was and all they could do is give me the name of the shipper and their phone number. That's poor customer service. I also kept getting nag emails from Hayneedle to review my product long before l ever received it. That's further evidence of the lack of customer service. As far as they were concerned, their commitment was done as soon as the product left their warehouse. To add insult to injury, Hayneedle is non-response to requests to unsubscribe from their email marketing. I've tried it from the link in the emails as well as emailing customer service directly. They just keep spamming me and it's been a couple of months now.

I would give Hayneedle ZERO...

I would give Hayneedle ZERO stars if I could. I often find items I want on their site, but it's always true good to be true. I ordered furniture from them last year and they messed up the order so bad and sent a damaged product, I decided to give them another chance because I found a chair I loved, it said it would be delivered in two days, which surprised me but what ever, I ordered it and tracked the ***** package, it was cancelled by the shipper for no reason that Hayneedle, nor *****, could tell me why they said it must have been damaged in transit and gave me a refund instead of sending me the product I ordered and offering me a discount for the inconvenience stay away from this company, they don't care about their customers at all.

I saw this company...

I saw this company was a member of the Better Business Bureau, so I felt secure in ordering. I was confused when I read the negative reviews because my experiences have been great! It seems to me that the problems that they were talking about had nothing to do with hay needle it's self, but whomever was delivering it. Anyway, every order I made cake within a few days, the things I've ordered have been perfect, and I couldn't be more pleased!

We ordered 3 Abbyson barstools

We ordered 3 Abbyson barstools and one of them the leg is completely cracked and breaking, we have only had them since October... totally ridiculous there is no exchange allowed on this product since it is defective. A one month warranty is what I was told? Only supposed to last one month? I would give this company a zero if I could bc the quality of these stools are sub-par. I spent over $200 on each of these stools and was told basically I was out of luck. I will never shop from here again or recommend this company unless this is resolved.

I ordered a furniture set...

I ordered a furniture set from Hayneedle on 11/28/2018. It said it was delivered on 12/3/2018, however it was never delivered. I got an email from Hayneedle saying I had canceled my order, but I never did. I contacted Hayneedle by phone and they gave me the contact information for the deliver company. I called the deliver company and they said the product was damaged and that they were sending it back to Hayneedle. I contacted Hayneedle and was advised that another company would be sending another set. I haven't heard anything since 12/3/2018. I filed a complaint with Paypal which I used to pay for the set and Hayneedle will not provide me any new details. I've asked where this was at when it will be delivered and they will not provide any other details. I contacted Hayneedle by phone on 12/24/2018 and the gal said the deliver company would get in touch with me that day, but did not provide any other details. I never heard from the deliver company and Hayneedle has not offered any type of information or any solutions for this problem.

After confirmation of bed sale...

After confirmation of bed sale, no follow up was given. The day that our bed was scheduled to be delivered we contacted Hayneedle to find out that our bed is on backorder for another month. I am very disappointed with their lack of communication. Now I will be forced to pay a higher price point for a bed because holiday sales are over.

I ordered a bistro set in July...

I ordered a bistro set in July. By November, the set had completely rusted. I called to get a refund because product is defective. They refused to accomodate me. I will never shop with Hayneedle again.

I'm only giving one star...

I'm only giving one star because I can't mark zero. My wife and I ordered a Gazebo, which was quite weighty. The Gazebo came in with missing parts; so, we naturally called customer service. We requested for them to simply send the missing parts so that we could begin assembly. Our customer representative informed us, "we don't do that." She did, however, say that she would be happy to send out another 100 lbs. gazebo for us to dig through for parts and then we were responsible for shipping the heavy item back. Why not just send the missing parts? Oh yeah, they don't do that, just like I don't shop at Hayneedle!

I ordered 3 set of 2 chair each on Saturday...

I ordered 3 set of 2 chair each on Saturday, I have been looking for those chairs for a while but the prices on other sites was high, so when I found them in this website I ordered them right away, the confirmation email show the chairs were to be delivered by that next Thursday, on Tuesday when I did not get an email about shipping I called asking about the status of my order, the first lady that I spoke to was really nice and after looking into it she says, "good thing you called, your order got cancelled yesterday (Monday), because the price in the website was wrong, that price was to another item and the manufacturer cancel the order, then I told her I have never received notification of my order being cancelled and that I should be honored the price on the website, I spoke with 3 different reps and they all told me that on their terms of use it does specifies that they can cancelled any order if the price on the website is an error, t, which it does but I do not think that is right and it is kind of shady of you ask me, I went back and forth with them to see if I can get a deal that would benefit both, the business and me, and we could not agree to a price, so they lost my money and my business this morning (Wednesday) finally I received and email saying that my order got cancelled because they item was out of stock, you can tell how serious and professional this company is by lying in the email to me, knowing that I actually know the order got cancelled because a price discrepancy in their website, which is their mistake not mine


I ordered a bed and dresser in Oct 2021. The bed came, the dresser did not. After calling customer service multiple times inquiring as to where the dresser was, they said they would check with the carrier. This went on for a few weeks. I finally filed a charge back on this dresser and just ordered another one. Well, I received an email from Chase this week saying they could not find sufficient enough communication between me and Hayneedle about the missing dresser to approve my refund. So, in the end, I am paying for a dresser I never received, unless I can pull up all the emails and prove to Chase that I DID try to get them to find the original dresser. My lesson in this is to go to the brick and mortar store for my purchases. This is just absurd.

Over priced and dishonest

Ordered two copper bird baths ($152). Both were like miniatures of the catalog pics, way over priced. First, could not return using the online form because the form wouldn't accept the order number. No phone number for customer service so emailed. Sent me return address via email and I returned, but they deducted $40 for the "label fee". Will not buy from Hayneedle again, over priced and dishonest.

Shipped anyway after cancelling order

I placed an order and realized right away that the color was not what I wanted Totally my fault however, I cancelled the order within an hour of placing it. Their site said "Cancellation in process". The next day I decided to call to make sure that my order was cancelled. The representative (who was very nice) said that she had called the warehouse and left a message regarding my request. The following day I get a notice that my item had shipped. I sent another email stating that I was going to refuse the shipment, that I had requested the cancellation almost immediately after I placed the order. I received another email that said I would be charged $150 for the return shipment. I plan on trying to dispute this with my bank. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON that my order should not have been cancelled. I'll never purchase anything from Hayneedle again.

Poor customer service

I purchased a dresser chest and did not receive all the material needed to build. I did not find this out until half way assembled. I also found that one of the facial boards was cracked in too places at this point. I called and requested replacement and they said they would send it promptly. A week later I still do not have what is needed so I call and get told to return it. How the #$&! am I to pack it up now. I am not happy with the customer service I am getting. Do Not Buuy from here.

Horrible company

FIRST they uncharged the color I wanted on a chair that they DID NOT say was low on stock...(20%) THEN 2 day after I ordered WITHOUT ENOUGH TIME TO GET ANYTHING FOR New Years.....they cancelled my order as out of stock. Worst company ever

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