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Grandin Road Reviews

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Grandin Road is a furniture and home decor catalog and online storefront that also offers two outlet locations (one in Ohio and another in Georgia). With a legacy as a popular catalog business, Grandin Road offers affordable price points in contemporary designs and styles. Overall, customers have good things to say about Grandin Road and their generous return policy, but there were some disagreements on durability and perceived quality for some shoppers.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7.6/10

Price: $59-$1399+

Return Policy: 90 Days + Fee

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Grandin Road Specifics

Grandin Road is one of the most popular home furnishing and decor catalog companies. With a legacy of mail-order sales, they have also expanded to include two outlet centers as well as a popular online store. When customers think of Grandin Road, they oftentimes think of innovative 'shop the look' styles, which include contemporary decor and furniture styles.

In terms of customer experiences, most customers have good things to say about ordering and delivery from Grandin Road, but there were some complaints. Some describe issues when deliveries are delayed or items backordered, and some others mention concerns with durability of some items.

Material Quality

Grandin Road provides budget-friendly to moderately priced home furnishings and decor. With styles that stand out from the competition, customers like the look of Grandin Road's offerings. For lightly used items, customers mostly describe happy experiences fitting expectations. However, when it comes to comfort items and more heavily used furniture pieces, there are some that have described issues with long term durability.

Grandin Road's Top Picks

When it comes to Grandin Road's top finds, there are some requests that customers mention again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Grandin Road's catalog.

#1 Bar Stools & Dining Seating

The first most popular request by eager Grandin Road shoppers are new bar stools and dining room seating. With options that start from below $100 and have stylish designs using materials like wicker, bonded leather, and solid wood, Grandin Road has offerings for most room styles while being competitive on price point. Most customers like the selection from Grandin Home with those having issues mostly mentioning issues with delivery and durability.

The pros: Stylish options at competitive price points.

The cons: Some issues with durability and delivery reported.

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#2 Sofas & Living Room Seating

Another top priority for shoppers are new living and family room seating. Grandin Road offers both more formal and less formal options including affordable sectionals and sofas with many options below $1000. Also, Grandin Road offers a selection of accent chairs, many of which are already assembled. These come in a wide array of materials such as faux leather, cotton, and synthetic material. Overall, most had good things to say, but there were some complaints about comfort and durability in some cases.

The pros: Affordable living area seating with handy pre-assembled options available.

The cons: Some complaints about comfort and durability issues reported by some shoppers.

#3 Rugs

Another popular item that shoppers are on the hunt for is a new rug. Grandin Road offers over 100 styles and material choices in a variety of size options. With styles that focus on contemporary design elements, most customers with a modern or contemporary interior design can find something that works for them. While most customers like Grandin Road's offerings, there are some complaints about issues with delivery for some customers.

The pros: Wide array of contemporary rugs at affordable prices.

#4 Holiday / Halloween Decorations

Another top request from Grandin Road are holiday and Halloween decorations. They have a special online area for year round Halloween offerings, Halloween Haven. From spiders to witches to creepy pumpkin faces and wreaths with skulls, Grandin Road has found a special niche in their Halloween collection. Overall, customers really enjoy these offerings with the rare complaints mentioning back ordered items and delivery mishaps.

The pros: Funky and fun Halloween offerings available all-year for the true enthusiast.

The cons: Some limitations with delivery and back ordered goods in some cases.

#5 Outdoor Furniture

The last popular request by customers is for new outdoor furniture. With collections ranging from outdoor dining sets to seating and outdoor decor, Grandin Road offers multiple designs that use wicker and hardwoods. Items come at affordable to moderate pricing overall with customers excited by some of the bargains to be found. However, there were reported complaints about durability and delivery for some.

The pros: Stylish outdoor furniture with reasonable starting price.

The cons: Some complaints with durability and delivery reported.

More From Grandin Road's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Grandin Road offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Beds & Headboards

- TV Stands & Living Room Sets

- Bed & Bath Items

- Wall Decor

- Seasonal Items & Decor

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Grandin Road offers free catalog delivery to addresses throughout the US.

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I love Grandin Road!

I love Grandin Road! They have so many items! They have everything for your house! They have halloween decorations, Easter, outdoor items, paintings, and Christmas items! This is a fun place to shop!

This is a pretty neat outlet store

This is a pretty neat outlet store - note that this address is for the outlet, not really the catalogue (although, yes indeed, this is where the warehouse is and where most of your orders will ship from.) Since Grandin Road and Frontgate's head offices, with designers, merchandisers, warehouse, and all, are just a hop, skip, and a jump away, you get a lot of off stuff. In Grandin Road, lots of out of season stuff (look for lawn furniture, come in September/October for lots) and very slightly damaged - or not at all damaged but overstocked things. You can get a really good deal here and a lot of times they knock a good percentage off the price. Often there are in season catalogue items there too.

I just want to echo the opinions

I just want to echo the opinions given here already about the horrible customer service received from this company. Luckily, I didn't end up ordering from them because of how I was treated by them on the phone, but I wish I would've looked at these reviews before even considering a purchase. Could've saved a lot of time. Ugh.

I've bought several items from Grandin Road

I've bought several items from Grandin Road over the years, first from their catalogue and then later on from the website. I had never been to their outlet, when I found myself close by and decided to check them out. It's housed in the same building with Frontgate and Ballard Designs, as they are all the same company. It's pretty tight in there, real estate-wise. They have decent quality merchandise, but like the other two stores, it's pretty overpriced. At an outlet, you're looking for deals. I really was hoping for some of their really cute Halloween or Christmas decorations, but I was out of luck. I couldn't find anything discounted heavily enough to make me feel that I couldn't live without it. I'm sure I'll check back the next time I'm within reach, because I love to shop and bargain hunt. Not a bad place.

We ordered a table

We ordered a table, and it arrived with dents and paint chipped off. When we tried to return it, we had to find a box big enough to ship an item that is too big to drop off at the UPS store. They said to leave it in our front step, and 3 attempts would be made over the course of a week. 5 days of pushing the big box onto our doorstep and then having to bring it in at night have left me wondering if UPS is even involved in this thing at all. I'll never order another furniture piece from Grandin road. Hopefully I can return this one and get my $600 back. I've had major home improvement projects that were less of a headache. Will update on whether or not the refund actually happens.

Received a piece of furniture

Received a piece of furniture that was damaged in 2 spots (not from shipping, it was sent that way). I wrote a review on their website and they sent an email stating thank you for the feedback but that my review can't be posted. Sketchy! Apparently they only allow good reviews??

Here's a company

Here's a company that has no regard for its environmental impact - sending catalogues to millions of homes and making it difficult for me to remove my address from the mailing list. Oh, they also sell your name and address to other marketing companies.

I ordered the Morgan bars stools

I ordered the Morgan bars stools from grandin road maybe 2 months ago. Thesecstools are great if you can get a set thats Doesn't have fabric hanging off nail sticking out or chipped wood .2 of the 4 bar stools showed up damaged. I-ship those back. 2 more came in a timely manner. However one of those was damaged I shipped it back. It's been over a month they have not called me to tell me or update me on when they will be shipping product out. When I call then they tell me it's being looked at for quality assurance to make sure I don't have any issues with that period however It's been almost 30 days. As of today I still dont have product that I paid for 2 months ago very unacceptable

I wish I had read the other reviews

I wish I had read the other reviews before I made a purchase from this company. As others reviews have stated, this company is unethical and shady. STAY AWAY!!! I ordered the Picadilly Round Dining Table and after two months, the paint cracked and the wood split apart. After several calls to customer service to explain that a $385 table should last a lot longer than two months, I was sent a replacement. The replacement table was delivered damaged. It had cracks and it looked like someone had touched up the paint in several areas. Shirley in customer service told me that they would send a replacement table the following week and pick up the damaged one. A week went by and I didn't hear from the delivery company. By this time, I was worried because I had a dinner party planned and I didn't have a table. I called customer service and asked to speak with a manager. Ebony, who identified herself as a supervisor, told me that the table wouldn't be delivered for 2-3 weeks. She told me that in order to expedite the order, I would have to pay for the replacement and once the original table was picked up, I would receive a refund. I agreed.....BIG MISTAKE on my part! As it turns out, the table took another 2 weeks to arrive. I called during that time and spoke with Tammy, another supervisor. She told me that I would be refunded the second charge as soon as they received an email saying that the damaged table was released/picked up. The damaged table was picked up on August 15th, 2 weeks ago, and I have yet to receive my refund. Oh, and in case you're wondering....the third table was also damaged and the box was covered in dirt and looked like it had been opened and taped back together. I have since spoken with Tammy and Nancy (both supervisors) and both have promised me a refund that I haven't received. Each and every person I've spoken with at Grandin Road has lied. I'm going to contact the BBB, since I have now paid for 2 tables and have 1 damaged one. What they've done is illegal, let alone unethical and sleazy. This is the WORST customer service I've ever encountered. I'll say it one more time.....STAY AWAY!!!

I am very, very unhappy

I am very, very unhappy with Grandin Road and highly recommend that you avoid them! I purchased a witch silhouette for Halloween and added a black cat. After about a week, they sent me a note and said it would be delayed. After a few more days, they canceled the order as they had "run out". seriously? I than called them to cancel they cat as there was no point without the witch silhouette. Guess what, they shipped the cat. I than had to argue to get free shipping back. This is an appalling company. Stay away! BTW, if I could give negative stars I would.

Like COUNTLESS other reviews said

Like COUNTLESS other reviews said-- AVOID THIS BUSINESS LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Their customer "service" SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! As a business owner myself, you make the customer happy no matter WHAT it takes. This place is a customer service DISASTER. Some of the products are nice (most of which are WAY over priced) but if something goes wrong......forget're SCREWED. Or, if you place an order for say, $3,000.00 like I did, and haven't even gotten it yet, and there is a sale on that item two days later (25% OFF in my case!!), they won't honor it. SERIOUSLY?? She even asked the "manager" who decided it was best to not grant the discount than make the $3000.00 customer happy. Hope the $300+ bucks they saved by not giving me credit was worth it!! LAST TIME I SHOP THERE!!!!!!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even paid-up for "in home delivery service" $$$. Did they think I'm not going to order anything else from them at some point after I explained that I'm a business owner who turns around furniture every freaking year?! I can't believe how stupid people are. UNBELIEVABLE. BTW, the other businesses owned by this same POS parent company, CORNERSTONE BRANDS, include: Ballard Designs, Chasing Fireflies, Frontgate, Garnet Hill, Improvements, and TravelSmith, ALL of whom just lost my business. Nice job, Grandin Road. AVOID IT!!!!

I only purchase online

I only purchase online and always Halloween items, ranging from small items to over size items. I have never been disappointed with my 15+ items I have ordered over the years. I have been so lucky that all my items has arrived on time and in one piece. Most of my items are for the outdoors, all has maintained their original color with no damaged from the elements (lived in MN, CA and CO). Wished I lived close to an outlet. No complaints if I have to talk to customer service, wonderful and can answer my questions quickly. I will continue being a customer into the future - Good Job!

Shipping was free

Shipping was free but packaging was inadequate. Customer service is horrible. I ordered a cocktail/coffee table & shipping was free but the packaging for a 70 pound coffee table was inadequate & thus caused marble top to chip. The table was shipped in one cardboard box with styrofoam on top & bottom but nothing but cardboard box on the 4 sides. Table arrived with chip in the marble top of table. I called Grandin Road, reported the problem, shipped back to them via UPS pick up. The item has been delivered to Grandin Road according to UPS, but Grandin Road RUDE customer service tells me they do not have the table. At this time, I've lost $399. I will never shop from them again.

Never Ever order from this company

Never Ever order from this company. I ordered 4 chairs, 2 bases and a glass top for my elderly parents November 8th & 9th. We are still waiting for the glass table top...when we call they are friendly until we are told we need to speak to a supervisor who then lies through their teeth and acts snarky. We were told the table top would be delivered 5 different times and someone would call us 30 minutes prior to delivery NEVER a CALL until Gardin Road called to say the glass table top was broken and would need to be replaced. Every time you call it's a totally different story. Stick with Wayfair though not perfect honors service & reputation & makes things right. If you want abuse, aggravation & headaches then Gardin Road is your store.

Avoid Grandinroad

Avoid Grandinroad like the plague. Bought a great looking customresearch pool float, paid extra for shipping and it arrived damaged. The box was a mess and the float was leaking pellets. One of the manufacturer tags was ripped off. Reported the issue immediately. Grandinroad's policy for dealing with it was to have me buy another one, send the damaged one back and then they would determine if a refund on the first was warranted. Never again Grandinroad.


NEVER ORDER FROM Grandin Road! On November 14, I ordered 2 counter stools for my new apartment. For some reason, the order was changed to 1 stool. My theory is that -- with each error message alerting me that I had neglected to complete some part of the form (which deleted some of the information I had already entered) -- the order quantity must have defaulted to 1 unit. The web site needs to correct this problem. I waited for the next Door Buster sale and ordered the second stool. The second stool arrived with the wrong color seat. I sent the stool back. The replacement stool arrived damaged. And the ripped, white fabric stool cover was testament to the fact that I was not the first owner. They were trying to send me a previously-returned, damaged stool! So I sent it back. However, the re-packaged stool remained outside my front door for 7 days more than the original pick up date, much to the chagrin of my neighbors. Then the rep told me that UPS had been dispatched to an address in a city two hours from where I live to pick up the stool. Finally the damaged stool was picked up (on Christmas Day). Both experiences with UPS were troubled. For both pick-ups, UPS left me a slip indicating it was their "3rd attempt" to pick up the stool, which was not true. It is January 10 and I still have not received my second stool. I will never order from Grandin Road again.

This is a comment for the online retailer

This is a comment for the online retailer. I could not be happier. We ordered four counter stools online and they arrived within a couple of days (far sooner than promised) in excellent condition. I called customer service and they applied the free shipping that hadn't activated when I placed the order. A couple of weeks later, we realized the color of the stools was not right for our space and wanted to exchange them for a different color. I called on a Saturday night at 10pm and the customer service rep was WONDERFUL. Not only did she help me process the return, but she placed the new order for me as well, and worked it out so I wouldn't have to pay several hundred dollars all over again (waiting for the refund.) The replacement stools arrived three days later. I've had a TON of customer service encounters these last couple of weeks. Grandin Road has been the best of almost all of them.

They do NOT stand behind their guarantee!

They do NOT stand behind their guarantee!!!! I get an email this morning advertising 20% off Halloween merchandise. As you can see, I placed a pretty hefty first time order with them on 9/1. So...I called them to see if they would honor the 20% sale price to the regularly priced items that I purchased. First I was told that on orders already shipped, they couldn't. I read the girl this price guarantee article on their page. She then forwarded me to a supervisor who explained to me that the price has to be "marked down" to that amount & not "on sale" that "SIMPLY BRING TO OUR ATTENTION" line is GARBAGE!!! & False advertisement! So for a 20% savings, you lost a customer & will get a review that reflects your customer service. :) "If we offer a special price on the item you purchased within 30 days of your sale, simply bring it to our attention and we'll refund the difference."

I purchased a small area rug

I purchased a small area rug on Grandin Road at 20% off plus free shipping and the next day I saw the rug go on sale for 50% off. I called and customer service said I would get a $53.00 credit and they would send me an email. The next day they left a message saying I could not get the 50% off. I called them and they refused to give me the credit. told them I would never shop from them again.

Had to call three times

Had to call three times to get information about a return I made 2.5 weeks previous. Each time they said they had it and would credit but no luck. Made me feel like it was my fault. Will cancel account and do not want any more catalogs! Great items but customer service sucks!

I have shopped from Grandin Road

I have shopped from Grandin Road for years but will no longer return. Customer service is too poor. Shipments can take long. Order summaries do not clarify what a customer is charged for shipping (beware when you see "oversized", "truck delivery", "in home delivery" and terms like that). This can be OK, unless returns items. Returns are not credited in a timely manner (two-and-a-half months still not long enough, unless one calls and spends longer than half an hour on the phone to receive the credit). Credit delays may be caused by problems between Grandin Road and the shipping company, but there was no consideration for the customer who is no party to this. Upon calling, customer blamelessness was acknowledged but customer was still charged for shipping services never rendered by a customer service supervisor who could not adequately explain shipping practices and charges. Customer decided to allow fleecing from Grandin Road in order to close the issue and move on (loss of approximately 300 dollars).

Furniture looked good

Furniture looked good on the web, got a coupon code online for free shipping, checked that it worked ok and told the wife she was getting her stuff. Finished out the order and later in the process, the coupon code reverted to no-good. Called them and they would do nothing. Well, told the wife, so had to go ahead. Then got email after email about the products being late, later and later. Called to cancel and it appears one was stuck for no real reason, while the other was actually "early". Turns out I wasn't even supposed to get it for months. I was told that I would have known that if I hovered my mouse over the product long enough to see the delivery date appear. Guess I don't hover enough. Recommend you hover over the product and confirm delivery (at least reported delivery) dates before buying. Called to cancel and while it took a while, they were nice. Here though, I was told I cannot get anything in writing to confirm my cancellation, and that I could go to the web to see it's cancelled status. So happens I had that up already so before hanging up, I did a "refresh" and two items still showed un-cancelled. I asked about that and the story changed to basically this is a glitch and I shouldn't be concerned. Furniture may be great - I don't know, never will. But again, they were nice.

Will never do business with them again

Will never do business with them again. Paid extra with for the "white glove service" because I thought that would mean we would receive more than a bunch of parts sitting on our floor. Shame on me for not reading the fine print. Why would I pay $50 for somebody to remove a box? Customer service just gave me the "its on our website" language...that's not customer service. We already paid too much for a chair and delivery and only purchase because it was on sale. Was going to purchase two more chairs (if we liked this one) but now the company will lose my business and hopefully others business once reading my review.

wow! we were just about to place a large order

wow! we were just about to place a large order for garden pots/planters... pretty and good prices... BUT, not worth taking a chance on these losers after reading all of the horrible reviews. They need to re-think their customer service issues before they go BK.

I ordered a rug from Grandinroad

I ordered a rug from Grandinroad and after THREE MONTHS, I finally cancelled my order. They were not willing to offer any compensation for the delay and inconvenience. They just kept sending apologetic emails offering false hope of a delivery any day now. They would say, another week, another 10 days etc. I became serious concerned about the quality of the product they would provide if this was the type of commitment they have to customer satisfaction. WOULD NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

Customer Service

Customer Service at Grandin Road is terrible. I ordered an item on June 2 and was told that the item was on back order, but would be available in several weeks. Since then, I have been given multiple later dates for delivery with no end in sight. I called yesterday morning and was told the item would ship Monday, but when I opened this morning's email, delivery is now pushed back to late August. While I could cancel the order (an outdoor bench), I have already received and paid for a bench pad to go on it, so I'd have to go through the hassle of shipping that back for a credit. When I called customer service, they could not have cared less. I will never do business with them again, not that they likely care.

The customer service is the worst ever

The customer service is the worst ever! The representatives are not nice. I ordered furniture and it came damaged. The representatives at the company and the managers offered NO adjustment. They treated me horribly. I told them their reviews online are 1.5 and now I see why. I hope they will do better as I have been a customer for a while but have not ordered anything since that episode.

Avoid this retailer!

Avoid this retailer! Terrible service and no concern for customer satisfaction. If I could give zero stars I would. If you want quality merchandise and service go elsewhere.

Just received my first order

Just received my first order from Grandin Road. Product just as described and expected. It was shipped and delivered as communicated. Great first impressions if this online retailer

Ratings are not good.

Ratings are not good. Not sure I'll order from them. Maybe they should provide better customer service. I love joss and main as they stand by their products.


Terrible. Ordered outdoor benches as Christmas gift. Backorder delays 3 times and then today get a note that color cancelled. I hardly ever write a review but these guys should be OOB!

So disappointed in quality

So disappointed in quality, would give them a zero.... cheap, cheap, cheap.... I would send it back if it would not cost an arm and a leg to do so. Don't let their pretty catalog and website fool you... this is junk!

I purchased a York table lamp

I purchased a York table lamp #154227 from the catalog ans it arrived as scheduled. After about a week My plastic water bottle bumped up against it and the glass exploded. The glass is so thin and cheap it is a danger to have on your table or bedstand.

I ordered quite an expensive metal

I ordered quite an expensive metal, retro glider, outdoor furniture set. It arrived on 4 separate days, which was strange. When I unpacked it, there was quite a bit of damage to the largest piece, a glider couch. It was not damage from shipping, but rather poor manufacturing. I immediately contacted Grandin Road via email as suggested on the info with the items, and sent several pictures of the flaws. No response. Tried again by phone and left a message because "all agents were busy". No one called back. Re-sent the email a few days later, no response. Kept calling and about 10 days later (!) actually got someone on the phone who was able to locate my email and pictures. They said they would give me a 10% discount. I told them that for that small amount I would prefer to return the item and get a new, undamaged one. They told me I would have to take the thing apart, repack it and take it to a shipper. I asked if they couldn't have it picked up at the house since it weighed a lot and wouldn't fit in my car, and they said NO! At that point, I used the link on their website and sent a letter to the office of the president - which probably goes directly to nowhere - and have never had a response AT ALL from that communication. Geez, people! So I called back customer service and said I would take the 10% discount because I really had no choice and asked that they also send me some touch up paint to keep the flawed areas from rusting. Its been almost 3 months, and I've never received the promised discount. I did get the touchup paint about 6 weeks later. VERY bad customer service and they don't stand behind their products AT ALL. Buyer beware! Its such a shame because they carry different items than many online retailers, but the customer care is abominable. They should be ashamed.

Nice products.

Nice products. Too bad they don't inform you when an order placed on March 13 won't even ship until JULY 17 and you have to phone them to confirm that craziness and then cancel the order. If something is listed in stock when I place the order, I understand that it may not actually be in stock when my order is processed, but at the very least, I expect an email asking me if I can wait FOUR MONTHS for it to ship. Many online sellers do that, but apparently not this one.


Horrible! I ordered 3 sets of chairs and a bench. I received 1 set and the bench. The next day I received 2 folding beds! Their mistake, obviously . They then charged me AGAIN, to RE ship the other 2 sets, and said they would credit it me when they got the beds back. WAIT! I am paying twice for something I don't even have yet? For your shipping mistake? They charged my debit card without authorization. That's illegal! When I reviewed the item on their website, they wouldn't publish it. They only publish positive reviews. SHOCKING! I contacted the BBB. Will continue this battle, I'm sure!

Sorry to say, this Julien leather bar stool is a little on the cheap side

Sorry to say, this Julien leather bar stool is a little on the cheap side. The wood is inferior and poorly stained and the miters in the legs aren't finished smooth. One of the lower cross members came apart at the leg because it wasn't glued. Not worth the $150 price tag.

From Mail Order catalog

From Mail Order catalog. Very poor customer service. Ordered an umbrella. It never arrived. Several days later called to track package, according to GR " it's on the UPS truck is should be there soon, Thank you for calling - then click" Hang up. Nothing else, other than just wait hopefully it will be there soon. A week later...same story. "It's on the UPS truck, just wait" A week later, same story. They must have a preprogrammed script when deliveries are late. No Customer Service No attention to detail, NO one cares, they must be instructed to follow the script and then hang up. No reason to actually track the package and follow up. 3 months later- still no umbrella so we try one last time and get the same... " the umbrella is on the UPS truck I'm sure it will be delivered soon !" The only resolution was to call credit card company and cancel the transaction.

Placed an order for a chair

Placed an order for a chair. The chair did not go out at the expected delivery date which was 3 weeks out from the date of my purchase. Long story short the delivery company did very little to contact for delivery. Called Grandin Road to find out where the chair was & she said it was still at the delivery warehouse & would call them again to get the chair delivered. Almost another week by and haven't heard anything I called again. I was then informed the chair was sent back & the order would have to be replaced again. Talked to a supervisor & manager and either of them offered little help. Horrible customer service.

I received an item

I received an item that had been returned by a previous customer. I know this because I accidentally ordered two of the same products. One was in its original box the other was in a huge generic box with padding. The original purchaser's return slip was even in the box. So I know her name, address and purchase amount for her order. I think I will email her come to think about it. It is obvious Grandin Road received the returned item and did not open it but just threw it on the shelf to be resold. I tried to write a review - they would not post it because I said "customer service better improve its quality control or they are going to lose customers". They highlighted it in red and pointed me to the rules for posting. If you have a problem with service you are supposed to complain to their customer service dept. and not post it in a review. Seriously? They even asked me to rewrite the review. Somehow several reviews did slip past their censorship. Several reviews for 2017 particularly Halloween. People receiving items with parts thrown in the box, dirty and obviously used. Not just one complaint but several. This happened to one purchaser with the original item and the replacement! They lost me as a long, long time customer due to their censorship posting only 5 star reviews.

I have shopped this site several times

I have shopped this site several times, It really irks me when you have a promo code supplied by them that hasn't expired and they say, 'Oh, sorry, that code is no longer valid, but if you buy something totally different than you neither want or need we can offer a discount on that". A company should honor what they advertise, that being said, this one has lost me as a customer.

I ordered several outdoor furniture covers

I ordered several outdoor furniture covers to cover our outdoor furniture from the Grandin Road Catalog.I meticulously measured each piece to make sure that they would fit (especially since they do not offer free shipping to Hawaii even though it is part of the US) and the measurements matched exactly what were stated on the website. I wanted to make sure that the product would work if I was paying so much in shipping. Come to find out the furniture covers did not fit the furniture I bought them for, even though they matched the measurements given on the website. I was forced to return the items and at first was refunded $50 less than what I paid. After calling, they did end up refunding a portion of that but I still lost the shipping charges because of the inadequate information on the website. When I explained the situation to a manager, they would not budge on refunding the original shipping charges, even though my measurements match the specs given on the site. Needless to say, I will never be ordering from them again and will make sure no one I know will have to deal with this poor customer service. In the end, it would have been much more cost effective for them to return the small shipping charges than to lose the future business of myself and everyone else I know. Had I taken a moment to look up reviews on this company, I would have saved myself the time and hassle of working with them.Lesson learned.

i recently ordered three items

i recently ordered three items from the Grandin Road catalog (a first for me). I ordered a faux fur xmas tree skirt, a xmas door mat and a xmas tree storage bag. The faux fir xmas tree skirt was a joke -- very poor quality and thin. If you are going to offer such a product then charge $50 and make it lush not skimpy. The door mat -- it never stated that it was backordered and not only backordered -- not available to ship until January 16th!!! Why would you offer such a product and not have it available to ship before xmas? Why would you not be up front and say it is backordered? The xmas tree storage bag seems ok, but we shall see when it comes time to use it after xmas. Of all the catalogs I've ordered from, this one seems the worst of all of them. Even Pier One Imports does a better job with better product.

I wish I could give a ZERO rating

I wish I could give a ZERO rating for this furniture company. I ordered a headboard for my new place. A week later, I tried to track my order online and to my surprise my order was cancelled! The company didn't send any form of communication at all about the change in order status. Talk about customer service! Definitely my first and last time to order with this company.

This is one of the catalog outlet stores

This is one of the catalog outlet stores at Frontgate in West Chester. Grandin Road sells upper-end outdoor furniture, accessories, rugs, lighting, etc. Many of the items are large-scale patio sets, planters and the like. It's one of the larger outlets at this mall. I've wandered through many times, but since we have a community pool and live in a condo, we don't a have a huge need for the outdoor items they sell. They're also a bit pricey, although I suspect they are of excellent quality. Worth a stop in if you're up that way.

I just finished talking to a service representative

I just finished talking to a service representative. I feel sorry for these people who really have no answers to give you except lies. They lie to you about the date that your product will arrive. Mine was ordered in April and just told it will be shipped end of Oct.. They tell you the factory is back ordered and give you a date but that date comes and they give you another date until you are into 6 months of waiting for the next date, rediculous. I cannot believe this company can continue to lie to you and keep doing busiiness. I ordered an otoman and received one and not the other but was told a shipment date for the second that came and went. I bought these two otomans for a pair of chairs so I regretfully can't cancel the order, I just get to listen to a new lie and another arrival date off in the distant future. Does anyone know the corporation complaint line? No one can give me a name of a sales manager so I can really complain with a possible result for fixing this horrible problem. I like the product well enough to write this. Save this company!!

First order with Grandin Road

First order with Grandin Road - just discovered it when looking for Christmas decorations. Signed up for the email list to get free delivery but the link didn't work. Customer service told me to place the order and send them the order number - ok, cool. But then it still takes 3 days to get an order acknowledgement and now at 5 days, I get some random email that has no additional information except that it indicates they never actually refunded the shipping charges. The item shows in stock, so in this day and age, why does it take 5 days just to get an order summary and no indication of shipping date or expected arrival. There are too many other businesses out there with better systems and faster service. I really liked what they had, but this is very likely my last order here.

Have always loved Grandin Road's catalogs

Have always loved Grandin Road's catalogs. I finally ordered a layered bedding ensemble that consisted of a light layered blanket with a quilt over top...4 shams to go along with it and a bird wall décor. The advertisement said 25%, we saved $143...I was thrilled and super excited to get my items. When I looked today at the order, it listed the shipping cost at $'s based upon amount of money you spend there (I learned this through customer service today). The more you spend, the more you pay (regardless of the weight of the item(s)). I had entered my email and signed up for their email list and was told that I'd get free shipping. Well, I learned today after talking to customer service that you may only use one promotional code at a time. So...what really happened is that instead of saving 25%...we saved just about 15%. Signing up entitles me for FREE shipping on my next order! I asked customer service if there was anything that could be done...some kind of an adjustment and they refused. So, I canceled the order and asked to be removed off their mailing list. Any company willing to lose a customer over $57 is worth losing, in my opinion.

I recently ordered an outdoor bench and seating set

I recently ordered an outdoor bench and seating set. The products are poorly made and the poor quality made it difficult to assemble. The bolts were not aligned properly and eventually had to drill holes and use wood screws. Another piece was broken and I had to repair it. Basically cheap stuff from Asia and it looks like it. Very disappointed and definitely will not shop here again.

Buyer beware

Buyer beware. This company has horrible customer srevice. Just look at other reviews. I ordered a jar and immeadately called to cancel order. I was assured the order would be cancelled, but one week later i received an email saying they were unable to cancel but would send me a return label which cost as much as the item! Others wrote that they paid for their own returns, but were never reimburst. They had to cancelled their credit card transaction. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with!

My returned item cost $180 total

My returned item cost $180 total and $180 was charged on my credit card. I returned the item because it was not what I expected it to be. Grandin Road refunded $150.05...stole $30 from me. That's ridiculous!! This has never happened to me before from other vendors. This should be against the law...such thievery!!! And I am seeking legal action. This is the first time I have ever experienced such a penalty for returning an item. I want to alert others to BEWARE when ordering from this company.

Stopped in today

Stopped in today... They had some items marked 70% below the red line price. Seems to be a random assortment of home goods. Prices are epic with the 70% Off but I am not sure if that is normal. I did not purchase anything today - I subtracted a star because so much floor merchandise was sold and I don't know if that's normal or not. I really liked some arm pieces they had so I'll be back!!

Love Grandin Road Outlet

Love Grandin Road Outlet! Great items, great prices and super nice sales people!! Highly recommend!

Grand disapointment

I was hoping to find a sofa quickly for my daughter who moved into her first apartment couchless. Before ordering the Ava, I called Grandin Road to ask about availability and was told that the blue sofa was in stock and would be the quickest to ship. Once I placed the order, I was given a delivery window of December 6-13. Each time I checked the order status the estimated delivery date was postponed. I called customer service to ask about the order status and each time was told the sofa would ship out that day. However, the order status continued to show as "in process" with a new delayed delivery date. I then found a sofa locally that was in stock and available to delivery the same day so I used the Grandin road chat feature to cancel the order. The chat agent said they would email the warehouse advising them of the cancellation. The next day, the order status still showed as "in process" with a new delayed delivery date. I then called grandin road to cancel the order again with the same results. After canceling by phone the second time, I received a text message saying my order had shipped. I emailed grandin road to let them know I had canceled the order, the next day they charged my credit card for the sofa I had canceled four times. When I asked for a refund, I was told they would request one but it could take a few weeks. Thankfully my credit card company was willing to reverse the charge as I don't have confidence that grandin road would have handled the refund any better than they handled the order or cancelation. I am also relieved to not own a product from them. I can not recommend purchasing from Grandin road.

Vanishing chair returns once sale departs

I was going to buy a green pleated side chair @ $99.00 and it " was no longer available". Completely understandable. A few days later the chair returns and over double the price. This occurred on a piece of artwork as well. When I called customer service she said there was no control on vendors. I think my price should have been honored as they can locate my cart with said products.

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