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Furniture Row Reviews

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Furniture Row is a popular furniture store that is found in the southwest and northwestern states. They are well-known for their wide range of furniture designs -- from affordable to high end offerings. With a wide selection of furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and more, most customers like their selection and service overall. However, there were some complaints about durability and delivery in some instances.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

Price: $59-$10836+

Return Policy: No Returns

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Furniture Row Specifics

Furniture Row is a discount furniture store on a mission to bring customers contemporary styles and budget-friendly prices. Also, with the Magnolia Collection from trend-setting TV personality Joanna Gaines, customers can easily match their home style with the newest in farmhouse charm.

While most customers find their furniture sales experience to be straight forward with easy delivery, there are some that had complaints about their customer service experiences and long term durability with disappointment about the return policy in some instances.

Material Quality

Furniture Row is well-known for offering affordable options, which most Furniture Row customers visit the stores for. However, discount products are only a small part of their selection. In addition to offerings that feature particle board and engineered wood construction, they also offer higher end items and materials, such as high quality leather upholstering and specialty hard wood accents. While most customers appreciate their selection, some of their lower priced products have mixed reviews when it comes to perceived quality. Their higher priced offerings with luxury materials get better ratings overall, but there are some disagreements about price value in some cases.

Furniture Row's Top Picks

When it comes to Furniture Row's top finds, there are a few requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Furniture Row's catalog.

#1 Sofas & Sectionals

One of the top requests from Furniture Row is a new couch or sofa. Furniture Row offers extremely affordable offerings starting at just $265, with their most popular styles fall below $1000. Most of their affordable options come with plywood frames and coil & foam construction. While most customers like their options, there is more positive sentiment about their pricier options with some concerns about durability for their less expensive models.

The pros: Wide range of price points and styles to choose from. Affordable options to choose from.

The cons: Problems with durability reported, especially for lower priced options.

#2 Mattresses

Furniture Row also offers mattresses for those that are looking for additional comfort in the bedroom. Denver Mattress is Furniture Row's mattress store arm. In Furniture Row stores, they offer the Denver Mattress brand, and name-brands like Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and Tempur-Pedic. Also, they offer the popular online brand, Purple. Overall, customers like the selection at both Denver Mattress locations and Furniture Row. However, some of these brands have reported issues with sagging and quicker degrading than average. If you are looking for a new mattress, browse the reviews before purchasing.

The pros: Variety of name-brand and local brand options to choose from. Good initial comfort scores.

The cons: Some complaints about sagging for certain choices.

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#3 Recliners

Another popular customer request is for a new recliner. Furniture Row offers a wide selection of recliners, including some very affordable options starting at under $300. The more affordable offerings come with faux leather and synthetic upholstery options in either the gray and brown color palette. Their more expensive offerings include luxury upholstery, like bison leather and hardwood construction. Overall, customers gravitate towards the more affordable options, and like the selection overall. However, there were some disagreements about longevity and perceived durability for some lower-priced models.

The pros: Good array of options, from budget-friendly to more luxurious materials.

The cons: Some issues with durability reported by customers.

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#4 Bedroom Sets

For those that are looking for furnishing or redesigning a bedroom, Furniture Row offers a wide variety of bedroom sets, including both 3-piece and 4-piece sets. With some sets starting under $600, budget-focused customers can find something for them, usually featuring veneered styles. Higher priced options include high end construction, including some high grade Amish options. While most customers like the Furniture Row offerings, there are some complaints about some of the budget-focused options.

The pros: Good variety of options for both discount-shoppers and also higher end craftsmanship.

The cons: Some customers have described issues with longevity in some circumstances.

#5 Furniture Row Outlet

The last thing that customers are oftentimes seeking when they think Furniture Row is low, outlet prices. While Furniture Row doesn't have explicit outlet store fronts, they do offer clearance level prices at their locations and online. With offerings that are less popular or over stocked, there are deals to be found, sometimes hundreds less than the original price. Overall, customers like these options, but there were some reports about issues with long term durability of some of these items.

The pros: Clearance prices for nearly 100 products in various stores and online.

The cons: Some complaints about durability reported.

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More From Furniture Row's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Furniture Row offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Dining Room Sets

- Coffee Tables & TV Stands

- Office Furniture

- Kids Bedroom Furniture

- Mirrors

- Rugs

- Outdoor Furniture

Furniture Row Store Locator

Furniture Row can be found in the western states, such as Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona.

Take a look at the handy store locator for more information.

Furniture Row Alternatives

This is one of the best times to be an online furniture shopper. Depending on where you look, you can save $1000s for higher quality pieces that can fit even the most unique style.

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...or jump right into the #1 rated online furniture store, Wayfair.

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Browse Furniture Row Customer Reviews

I am a stager and often run into the store requesting pieces...

I am a stager and often run into the store requesting pieces that can be sold off the floor or from the inventory in back. I can always count on Lisa to show me what's available and give me ideas for my homes. Her friendly demeanor and goal of making her customers happy keep me coming back. Also, Sofa Mart has AWESOME accessories picked out by the stylish manager, Carol, who is patient and encouraging with her staff. Check out Sofa Mart the next time you need a sofa, coffee table, accessories OR just to browse!

I had a great experience purchasing dining room..

I had a great experience purchasing dining room and bedroom furniture at Oak Express. Kendra was incredibly friendly and helpful while we decided on our furniture selections. I love that they carry the Magnolia home furniture line, too! Our furniture was delivered (and set up for us!) within a week and we are loving it!

No pushy sales

No pushy sales. The major thing we look for when in a furniture store. Was greeted and asked if we needed help. The second I needed someone they where there and happy to help. Very knowledgeable guys. Kevin, Andrew and Josh.. thanks for the help and see you next time.

Walked in to an empty story

Walked in to an empty story. Prices seem a little high. Found some close out items in the back, but beware, some are actually broken to the point of being useless. Found a couch in decent shape that met our needs. Made an defer lower than marked, and got a deal. Took it home on the spot, so can't comment on their delivery services.

I want to start by saying this is solely a review...

I want to start by saying this is solely a review of the bedroom furniture portion of Furniture Row in Fort Collins. I bought a mattress from Denver mattress (which is a very nice mattress and the sales person was wonderful), and I picked out a headboard to go with it from "Bedroom Expressions" or the bedroom portion of Furniture Row. We spoke with Jeremy who told us that the item was in stock and would be delivered on the same day that our mattress was scheduled for delivery. We picked out a date, and I received the call the day prior to let me know the "window" of time of my delivery. When the delivery guys arrived, they had the bed, but no headboard. They said I would need to call Furniture Row and that when they came back, they could still set everything up. I called a few days later and spoke to a sales person who states that the item was on back order. I can't believe that there was NO communication to let the customer know that an item that was scheduled for delivery was on back order. Again, I waited. Fast forward a month: I received a call from Denver Mattress asking how I liked my mattress, and states that it was great, but that I still had not received my headboard or a call from Furniture Row. He said he would relay that message to that department. Again, a week goes by. While I'm at work, I receive an automated call that my headboard is scheduled for the following day (did they even bother to see if that day worked for me? - NO!) . I called back right away and spoke to Jeremy and told him that I no longer want the headboard. He asked for my credit card number so he would refund the item. Since I was at work, I was unable to provide him with that information. Instead I had my father call with what we thought was the correct credit card number. They hung up with my dad, tried to refund the money, and it would not process because it was the wrong card. They called and left a message for me stating that the refund did not go through. A few days later, when I was not working, I tried calling again to process the refund. The person I spoke to (not Jeremy) said that only Jeremy could process the refund because he is the manager and it was his day off. He said that "Jeremy will do it tomorrow when he's here." Holy Sh*t! How many minutes of my life have I wasted dealing with this company, especially Jeremy?! I am extremely frustrated. Looks like I will be taking more time out of my life tomorrow to make sure that I'm getting a freaking refund on the damn headboard that Jeremy said was in stock to begin with and no one ever bothered to follow up with the customer on. BUYER BEWARE! Don't waste your time and energy here. Go somewhere else - Anywhere else for your bedroom furniture needs!

I spoke to a sales person...

I spoke to a sales person about getting just a headboard I already bought an adjustable head frame and told him repeatedly that I only needed a headboard he said he had to get pricing from the manager Angie I spoke to Angie and her lowest offer was 200 when I went to pay she said I had to buy the rest of the set brand new in order to purchase the headboard or I could purchase the headboard at a higher price by itself I told them I was only looking for a headboard so why waste my time and try to switch it up at the end when I was frustrated Angie with a smirk on her face said sorry I said " is that it ? You knew I on needed a headboard so why would you try to force me to by other stuff that I don't need" then, I have a platinum level line of credit at the store she forced me to pay using my debit card because she said I had to make a minimum purchase of 500 dollars I told her I've made purchases of under 500 dollars before and had no problem she said that was crazy she had never heard of that I then called another store and confirmed that she was wrong do not shop here bad management I wish I would have looked at there reviews before purchasing

Everything seemed fine...

Everything seemed fine and we were about to make a couch purchase the next day, but when we went to buy some sales items that were marked way down the salesman demanded our personal information including birth date, address, email, etc. for a $20.00 cash sale. When we said we value our privacy and preferred not to give out our personal information the salesman said "Nothing leaves my store without this information". We decided to pass on the sale. The information will be sold to God knows who, so no sale. Is this a company policy? If so, I will have to look elsewhere.

Bought a dining room table and chairs...

Bought a dining room table and chairs. They told me it would be 3 weeks to get it delivered. I waited 4 weeks before calling them, and they told me it would be another week. I'm calling to get a refund and going to American furniture warehouse

We purchased a table and set of chairs from the store

We purchased a table and set of chairs from the store. It was a floor model closeout, so the price lured us in and we liked the looks, but knew it wasn't the highest quality. We needed two more chairs than they had in stock, so we took the table and the chairs they had, and they ordered the extra chairs. We got a call the chairs we in, so went to pick them up. When we inspected the chairs you could clearly see where nails were shot through the sides of the chairs, e.g. nails protruding it! Obviously, we didn't want those, so we asked them to reorder more. They did, we got a call, went back in only to find two more chairs, with more nails sticking out of them... seriously they didn't even bother to look at them. So they ordered yet another set of chairs... Obviously, we were frustrated that they couldn't get it right after 3 tries, so I discussed with the manager that a discount at this point seemed very fair. Nope, wouldn't do it. So sorry, but you have to pay full price and keep coming back to inspect the chairs that we don't.. seriously. Long story short, we finally got the two extra chairs, but had to just accept the poorly assembled chairs and like it. It amazes me that in this day and age that managers don't realize the value of customer service or their employers don't teach them. Give away a few measly dollars to retain a customer, rather than have them never give you any more money and tell all of their friends what a horrible experience they had with you.

Found the perfect couch!

Found the perfect couch! Price was a little higher than I had seen before but that was okay because it was what I had been looking for. Asked the associate if they had any in that particular configuration available at the store or any where near by. She said that they only had the opposite configuration and could see that there was no longer an option to order it. So we inquired about the floor model. She said she didn't think she could sell it and to just keep checking back as once they sold all other inventory we could probably purchase it. No confidence in her answer and I'm trying to buy your product.... I'm sad because I had to go elsewhere and settle for something else. But now I know who to avoid.

I highly recommend staying away from this place

I highly recommend staying away from this place. The first thing that turned me off from this store was the smell of must and cigarettes right when you walk in. One of the employees came over to talk to us and my boyfriend asked him a few questions about what the couch frames are made of and such. We noticed their price tags have a "200% guarantee of the cheapest prices around" so we asked why the same couch was half the price next door at American Furniture Warehouse. He said some things about quality and tried to sell us some bull***t. My boyfriend called him out on it and he stumbled over some words to try to save face, but it didn't work. Here's where it gets good though... I asked what their warranty is like and he said it's 7 years and they guarantee a great warranty. I told him we were just at LaZboy too and the woman there guaranteed us a lifetime warranty on the couch frame which was included in the couch price and we could purchase a lifetime warranty on the fabric for under $100 even a rip or spill was our fault. The guy at Sofa Mart retorts with "Well that's where they get you, Colorado law only allows lifetime warranties to be 7 years." I thought wow that lady at LaZboy really tried to screw us over. We left and went right back to LaZboy and asked the lady about what the guy at Sofa Mart said. She had no problem giving us a full copy of the warranty in black and white and lifetime means lifetime! The guy, once again, was full of crap. So then, I googled what he had said, and there IS NO SUCH LAW. I will tell everybody to steer clear of here!!

I had a loft bed delivered yesterday

I had a loft bed delivered yesterday and the kid doing the delivery damaged my brand new hardwood floors. He took pictures and said someone would call me. Of course nobody did. I called the store and they told me the store manager was out but would call me this morning. Once again nobody called me. My husband called today and after getting the run around he was told we have to get three estimates and submit them to their legal department. What a bunch of b.s! They damaged my floors! They should have to do the leg work. We were thinking about by a $4k couch from this place. Forget it!

We couldn't be happier with our experience

We couldn't be happier with our experience at Furniture Row. The staff was extremely attentive and helpful as we made our purchase. Even though we had a small discrepancy, they went above and beyond to make us happy and ensure we had a great experience. We're thrilled with our purchase and highly recommend the store!

I went to Furniture Row to buy a bed frame

I went to Furniture Row to buy a bed frame. I couldn't find anybody in the store to help me out. I finally found one very disinterested guy who quickly passed me off to somebody else. The whole purchase experience went this way. I also wasn't consulted about the delivery at all. I was just told when it would be - period. The guys that delivered the frame were great though - on time and efficient. However, I'll never buy from Furniture Row again - poor customer service in general and notably so after the sale. I upgraded my review from 1 star to 3 stars after being contacted by a Furniture Row customer support representative. She called to discuss the experience I had and asked what could have been done differently. I was SO impressed by the call that I felt I had to make this change. Things don't always go as planned and I definitely believe that the folks at Furniture Row are interested in understanding problems and making things better when possible - thanks!!

very helpful and patient

We found Michael S. very helpful and patient. I had questions about what will work for a new house. This is our second purchase at Denver Mattress and we've been happy with them. Their prices are very competitive.

Bought a couch and chair set and a bench

Bought a couch and chair set and a bench. Perfect color, size etc. From Flexsteel. However when the couch was delivered it was broken. The chair didn't come but was given to another customer who has been waiting longer than me. I refused the bench because it couldn't be made stable, the couch I can keep till it's replaced. The lady at the store reordered the sofa and the chair tonight. Let you know in a month.

This place was incredibly disappointing

This place was incredibly disappointing. Zero stars if at all possible or if there such thing as negative stars this place deserves it. Our couch was super late getting delivered to us as well as the couch had several defects once it arrived. Ordered a new couch and of course its late again. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE.

Bought a bed frame

Bought a bed frame over a week ago but we can't get them to deliver it! They won't set up an appointment, only call the day before and ask if if we can hit a two hour window. Do yourself a favor and arrange your own delivery.

My boyfriend and I visited three Furniture Row

My boyfriend and I visited three Furniture Row stores on 12/10/13. We bought a mattress from Denver Mattress, a bed frame, table and chairs, and entertainment center from Oak Express, and two chairs and a rug from Sofa Mart. We coordinated with all three of these stores to ensure that they knew we were ordering items from all of them so they could be delivered on the same day. The sales representative from Sofa Mart (I believe his name was Josh) informed us that unfortunately one of the chairs we wanted was out of stock and wouldn't be able to be delivered until mid January, but they would call us as soon as they arrived. We scheduled delivery for 12/21/13, the day we moved into our new apartment. Here's where our experience went downhill. Our "Guaranteed" delivery window came and went. About 5 minutes after the deliver was late we heard from the delivery driver saying they would be late. Well this is obvious and pretty unprofessional to keep us waiting and not informing us until AFTER they are already late. When they finally do arrive almost and hour past their "Guaranteed" delivery window they don't have all of our stuff. The only items that arrived were what we ordered from Oak Express leaving us without a mattress for the evening and forcing us to stay in a hotel. This, as you can imagine is infuriating. We spent over $3,000 with this company and now not only is the delivery late, but it is incomplete. We call Chris at Denver Mattress and somehow he entered the wrong delivery date. A new delivery can't be made until the following day. At Sofa Mart the representative doesn't know how his items weren't loaded, must have been an oversight. Extremely frustrating since we were very clear in telling each of these stores that we were ordering from the others and to make sure they coordinated so there were no issues in delivery. Chris offered us a $200 store credit as a way of apologizing for forcing us into a hotel for the night. Hardly commensurate with the troubles we received. Fast forward to now, Feb. 16, 2014. It is halfway into February and I never received a call saying our chair was in stock. I finally call them myself, and they act as though it's no big deal. "Oh, I think they were just delivered today, that's why we didn't call." This is UNACCEPTABLE. First of all I highly doubt the chair just so happens to be delivered the day I call inquiring about it and I don't appreciate being lied to. Secondly, if we go with the assumption that the chairs were in fact delivered today, then when they knew the order would be delayed past mid January as previously stated why didn't they call to confirm with me? I am beyond disappointed with the professionalism of this staff. This has been by far the worst experience I have ever had buying furniture.

I cannot believe this place!

I cannot believe this place! It's no wonder they are not the top furniture sales in colorado. I purchased a couch and chair set, which was one week late being delivered to begin with, so it took 3 weeks to get to my house. 2 weeks later I decided it was to shiny for leather and not that great of quality. I contacted them about their return policy, and what did they tell me? They basically have no return policy, and that we waited to long!!!! They were the ones that took 3 weeks to deliver... I am extremely disappointed in the quality and customer service of sofa Mart. I will not be purchasing again, nor will I encourage any of my friends or family to do so either. The "customer is always right" is my business ethics and in this economy I would suggest they take note also.

We had an issue

We had an issue and Dan the manager did everything in his power to rectify the situation.. He went above and beyond. Great customer service. Great selection of furniture. I will definitely be shopping at Sofa Mart in the future.

The wife and I got married...

The wife and I got married a few weeks back, and decided we would spend some of our money on a brand new bedroom set for the house. We had looked around at a few different places but didn't really find much, so we decided to swing down to Furniture Row in Daytona. Very glad we did. It's a large building housing four different stores inside. A store selling nothing but living room and office furniture, a store selling bedroom sets, a store selling oak furniture, and a store selling just mattresses. They're all seperate, but you're able to walk through from store to store through a center walkway. We were approached upon entering by a saleslady who introduced herself, then let us shop. No pressure. No sales pitch. We looked through all the bedroom sets and found one we liked a lot. So we decided to check out the mattresses. We found a few different mattresses we liked, and a saleslady approached us inside that store. She asked us a few different questions about how we slept, gave us some information on the different mattresses, and then gave us a comfort test to help us select the right mattress and pillow. Never pressured us to buy expensive or something we didn't want. We picked out a mattress we both liked, and purchased the mattress first. We then explained we were going back to buy the bedroom set. We saved 10% off the low-priced mattress, then got a $100 coupon to buy our bedroom set. SCORE! Our mattress saleslady walked us over to the bedroom set saleslady and let her know what we were looking for, talked about the savings, and we purchased our bedroom set right then and there. Got a great deal on delivery, along with a great price on the bedroom set. This place rules if you're looking for furniture. Great selection, great prices, awesome sales staff. Tons of kids stuff, too. They even have their #78 NASCAR Stock Car on display where you can check it out. Had a great experience here, definitely recommended to anyone looking to pick up a new Mattress or some new furniture for any room in the house. Worth the drive from St. Augustine, definitely stop in if you're living in the Daytona area. Great work, guys!

Ordered a dresser for my room...

Ordered a dresser for my room from here. It was a special order item, was told it would be about 6 weeks to get it in and I received it in less than 3. Ray was helpful throughout the process and pick up was very easy.

Delivery service

Delivery service from Daytona location is excellent. Friendly and professional employees who are on time. I have had 3 separate deliveries and each time they were courteous and cleaned up all packing materials. I highly recommended this team. Thank you.

My wife and I went here recently looking for a couch

My wife and I went here recently looking for a couch. Bob served us. He stated that he does not hover over a buyer but wanted to be available to answer any question. It was very true. We looked for Bob as we had questions and he answered each one. I am very comfortable with the selection process and the prices charged. Bob carefully described what would be the delivery process and when. We have not taken delivery yet but thus far I am very pleased

We had a great experience

We had a great experience at furniture row. They had a massive inventory to browse and we found exactly what we wanted. A table and 4 chairs - and they were in stock. There was however a mixup on the box of two chairs we found when we got home (30 mins away) and called the store. I assumed I'd have to go back to pickup the correct pair. Instead Jake instead insisted he drive them out to us. He wouldn't even accept a tip for his time. Fantastic service you don't see much anymore. Very please and we will be back - we have more rooms to fill

when my wife and I entered the store

when my wife and I entered the store Jake asked If he could help us. I told him we wanted to look around and he said to take our time and to let him know if we needed help. We took our time looking around and we finally decided to purchase a bedroom set. We sat down with jake and he was very personable and professional. We bought the SNOWMASS bedroom set on 9/21/ and Jake said the delivey would be 10 days to the store. We will be writing a complete review when we receive the bedroom set.

We purchased a lot of furniture

We purchased a lot of furniture from them when we moved to Palm Coast. All I can say is buyer beware! Cushions in our couch have flatted out so bad there are wrinkles everywhere. After many phone calls and trips to the store they have agreed to replace the stuffing. I will believe it when it gets done, and I will update my post accordingly. One more issue is our coffee has developed cracks in the top. And we have a bad place where a Glass was put down without a coaster. Well we purchased the additional warranty on everything, BUT they are not honoring it because they no longer make that table! Great service for the buy, terrible service afterward .

the worst i have ever seen took months

the worst i have ever seen took months to get furniture that they sold on us so to make it up sent extra chair that was nice problem chair was broken and now took that chair back hmm thanks i am guessing?

They have wonderful staff

They have wonderful staff that are helpful and informative on their merchandise! Helping us to purchase a couch first, then something on each return visit! They have great decor options as well to fill a house full of lovely, well made items.

Drove from Jacksonville down

Drove from Jacksonville down to Daytona to look at new living room set. Ended up with Great Service, Jon the store manager was very helpful. Got exactly what we needed and at a great price.

My wife and I stopped by to look for a small bistro...

My wife and I stopped by to look for a small bistro table for the kitchen. Jeff, the manager, was very helpful, polite and friendly. If you're ever in the area, go ask for Jeff. He's a real nice guy and will treat you really well.

Furniture row

Furniture row was there for us after Hurricane Mathew. No other furniture store helped us they was they did. They gave us free delivery, as many discounts as they could, and because of that everything we lost was replaced by their company. Always willing to help however they can,it is. volusia Counties Furniture Place to go. Thank you to all of the staff Jeff& Cindy Knight

Bought a nice table

Bought a nice table set with a server yesterday. Good value and comfortable surroundings to shop in. Salespeople are friendly and low-pressure. Will continue to shop there as I have before.

Furniture Row

Furniture Row is a conglomeration of Oak Express, Sofa Mart, Bedroom Expressions, and Denver Mattress. They are all housed under the same roof with access and entry in between all four on the inside. They are located off Lewis and Clark Parkway in Clarksville. I've shopped there around five times or so, but have only bought items that I could take with me, so I cannot attest to their delivery. They carry name brands and I would say they are a step up from Ashley, but not quite Haverty's, at least on most items. They do have some solid wood pieces in Oak Express that, although they aren't the trendiest, are well made. They are not high pressure here and do not follow you around. I would've deducted a star if I had to chase a salesperson off, which I do when they won't let me shop in peace. They have reasonable prices, especially on accessories. They also have some really good clearance prices. Today we walked out with three rugs and a bench for a kitchen table. The rugs were on clearance and they even knocked off some more for taking home three. (We asked, they didn't offer.) The staff in Oak Express and Sofa Mart were both friendly and helpful. We interacted with four different individuals and they were all nice. It was an easy and pleasurable shopping experience. You can see them from Veteran's Parkway and the expressway, but they are actually located on Hwy 131 past the White Castle just a bit. (You can get there from Veteran's simply by coming down the access road by Menard's that leads to Bubba's 33.)

I was not impressed by Furniture Row

I was not impressed by Furniture Row. This was my first stop on the hunt for a couch, The 2 employees said hello to me and sort of greeted my from their desk. When I responded I that I was looking around, they did not inquire further as to what I was looking for, just if I had any questions to let them know. As I made my way around the store, they did not approach me. I was the only one in the store. Most of the couches they had in the store were leather which is specifically what I did not want, and there was nothing that I could find with information on if they had a catalog or something to look at for other options. I ended up going else where.

I like I like Furniture row

I like I like Furniture row because they are very helpful and even exchange the mattress for me when it just did not work the way I Wanted. I am now going to shop for a new sofa for my living room and Furniture row will be the first place I go very good customer service.

I like the Furniture Row

I like the Furniture Row in Clarksville, Indiana. I have bought four beds, three living room suites, kitchen chairs and a bench, a beautiful entertainment center, lamps...on and on. While its not the quality of say Williams Sonoma where you will spend at LEAST six thousand on a couch, it IS affordable, looks decent,most of the time wears well and if something happens they are all too happy to help as long as you bought their warranty and people, ALWAYS buy the warranty on your things. ALWAYS. Anyway, for the average family...its great. If you want fancy...well, seek out the overpriced shops.

Great buying experience

Great buying experience and very helpful staff. Went to several furniture stores but was most impressed with Furniture Row. They carry higher quality items than the competition, priced in line with or better than the market. Amanda was very knowledgable and helped me pick out the right layout and the perfect fabrics to achieve the design I was looking for. Happy customer!

We had a great experience

We had a great experience with Furniture Row. We just moved here from Colorado and needed all new furniture. Furniture Row is great because it has everything you need all in one place. I highly recommend furniture row!


ZERO STARS! Terrible. Liars w/ no integrity. Every week I called & they repeatedly lied about furniture availability & shipment. Their delivery system texts you to say you have a delivery scheduled the next day, when you don't. They do NOT care about customer service or getting quality product to customer timely. We had many, many issues to get our furniture & ended up w/ damaged, incomplete set. After 2 months of my patient phone calls (they already got a couple thousand $$ from me), I told them to forget it. Seriously considering BBB action, but will see if they get their damaged furniture from my home & refund my money timely first. Seriously, go anywhere else for your furniture needs. Nothing is worth the stress they will put you through.

Store looks nice

Store looks nice but the sales people are no help what so ever. Went to table area with no real answer. Guy didn't know anything. He wanted to watch golf more then do his job. Very disappointed. Got approved for financing but walked out due to lack of help. The has one other couple walking around so was not busy.

Bought a couch here recently

Bought a couch here recently. Was dreading having to deal with the stereotypical staff you expect when going to a furniture store. Thankfully my fear was misplaced! The staff were great. They don't follow you around and badger you. But very friendly and happy to help when you were ready for help. Will definitely be coming back for purchases in the future!

Useless warranty

Useless warranty. Cheap materials and framework. Terrible customer service. Avoid avoid avoid!!!

Bought 2 power reclining black couches

Bought 2 power reclining black couches and 1 matching chair. The couches are falling apart and have not been abused. Cheap poor materials. They are under warranty and this will be second attempt on warranty claim in less than two years of ownership. Don't get me started on the amount of turnover this store has and the level of none existent customer service.

They lie...

They lie whatever you do don't buy from this location, oh and that warranty biggest scam out there. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to sell you stuff! I bought couch it started to fall apart I immediately called to let them know, they sent someone out to take pictures and said they would call me back it took 3weeks to get a phone call back. Then they said pictures weren't good enough this happened 3 times before I asked for a supervisor now they're saying the warranty won't cover boards bending and cushions have springs that moved, very uncomfortable. I'm a small dude if you weigh more than 165 apparently this furniture store won't support your weight because it's cheaply made..... hence why they offer you their scam coverage that they say covers everything liars!!! It covers nothing DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE!!

Very impressed

Very impressed. We went in looking for a couch budget $6000. We ended up getting two desks, two desk chairs, a 3 piece sectional couch, coffee table, a new bunk bed for my son, a king size bed frame and new king mattress. $6100 total price. Delivery 4 weeks later the couch wedge came ripped (on the bottom where I would never have seen it). The furniture delivery guys put everything else together and took the wedge back. The new wedge comes in today. I found the delivery team taking that wedge piece back to be very ethical and honest. Thank you!

I think Furniture Row is a great example of why people are turning away...

I think Furniture Row is a great example of why people are turning away from brick and mortar stores to buy their furniture. I came in looking for a hallway tree/bench, an audio/video tower, a bistro set, a student/small desk, a daybed, and lingerie chests (with matching dressers). Furniture Row had none of this. Sure if you want a couch, or a recliner, or a dining table, or a bedroom set made to fit an extremely large master bedroom, you can get it here, but not much else. Also to note: No one greeted my family when we came in. All employees avoided eye contact. I get that people don't like high pressure sales but shouldn't we be acknowledged? I mean if I want to have a cold relationship with a business, I can shop online. And apparently that's what I have to do to get what I want.

If I would've rated this company 2 and a half years ago...

If I would've rated this company 2 and a half years ago, I would given them 5 stars as the furniture is very appealing, there's a huge selection, and the customer service was good. Now, fast forward 2.5 years and the quality of their furniture is a joke. We purchasesd 5k worth of furniture in 2012 and every single piece of furniture has broken in some way. For example, the beds are horribly made. The support beams for our king size bed is made of two pieces glued together on each beam and they've all snapped. The similar thing happened to the twin beds. The dining set chairs, we had two where the cushion has broken inwards as it would obviously made with a flimsy piece of flat wood with cushion sewn on top. The only thing that hasn't broken is our armoire. Save yourself some time, go over to Ashleys furniture and get yourself good quality furniture that will last longer than 2 years. UPDATE: After this review, I contacted Furniture Row and it turns out we had purchased a 5 year extended warranty but currently in the process with a 3rd party company on filing the claim. I've adjusted my review based on how helpful furniture row was giving me info on my warranty.

Bait and switch tactics...

Bait and switch tactics. Price looked nice on the table we were interested in. Salesperson then came over to let us know it was on sale for less than listed. Told her we agreed to that price. She THEN said she wouldn't let us have it at that price unless we ALSO purchased additional chairs (not previously discussed). Walked out. Avoid these lying scoundrels.

I've been a customer at the Salem store...

I've been a customer at the Salem store for almost 16 years now. Nearly every piece of furniture in our home is from this store. While there have been a few troubles, like a dining room chair cracking or the trim on a couch coming loose, this store has been EXCELLENT about quickly replacing the item. I always get the 5-year protection and it is worth every penny. No furniture is indestructible and one has to expect two small children and two pets to take a toll on furniture. I have purchased cheap furniture at other places (children's bedroom furniture or office desks) and they NEVER hold up. And do you think Office Depot or Target replaces them? We just purchased a new home and went in this weekend and worked with David who was outstanding. Not only was he helpful and knowledgeable, but he also wasn't pushy. He felt genuine in his suggestions and ever talked us out of purchasing one item (which was more expensive) for a less expensive item that he felt worked better for what he understood of our family and our needs. This speaks volumes. David and the other staff has always made themselves available but try not to be overbearing or pushy. I will continue to take my business to Furniture Row of Salem.

I waited a little bit of time to write this...

I waited a little bit of time to write this because I didn't want to write a review based on how I was feeling at the moment. Two months later, I still get mad thinking about it so I figured I'd finally write this. My wife and I came in to your store during your memorial day sale. We were looking for a sofa and love seat set and were determined to find something that weekend due to the great deals. We have seen your ads before and figured it would be a great place to start. As we entered your store, we were not greeted by any staff (not an uncommon thing but one I definitely notice) and instead saw multiple sale associates standing around the main desk. We were one of the few people in the store and figured we would look around. As we made our way around the store, we stopped at multiple sets and found some we liked but never had anyone even make an effort to come over. We made eye contact with multiple sales associates but never had anyone come to assist us or even ask how we were doing. We always say if we walk around for more than ten minutes without getting help we leave a store but in the case here, we did find some things we liked and decided to walk around the entire store before leaving. Throughout our time there, multiple people did come in to the store and some were actually greeted and helped by your staff... just never us. We are a young couple and this has happened before, but not very often I can think of it being this blatant in regards to ignoring us or even trying to see if we needed anything. I always remember places that do this and I certainly will remember this incident and never plan on shopping or recommending your place of business ever again. My wife and I when we were younger both worked at jobs that required good customer service and we know the importance of this. That's why when we see such a disregard of it, it bothers me to this day. Nobody likes to feel like they were disrespected or ignored, especially when they plan on spending money in a store. That's why, in this case, it still bothers me even months later. And to end this review, we ended up going to Ashley Furniture and actually were helped the moment we walked in (and they were packed which made the effort they made even more appreciated) and ended up buying a sofa and love seat in cash that day. Overall, I will not be going to this store again or recommending it due to such a bad experience that very much could have been avoided with just decent customer service. .

I went in looking for a comfortable queen size mattress...

I went in looking for a comfortable queen size mattress set for my guest bedroom. The sales person: James was so helpful in helping me find exactly what I was looking for and spent the time going into detail about how their mattresses are made and constructed. It comes with an excellent warranty. Overall: I had a great experience. Thank you James!

I bought my leather sectional from Furniture Row...

I bought my leather sectional from Furniture Row a few years back and I have not been back since. I paid the most I had ever paid for a sectional or any couch set. It's double stitched nice and large; has foot rests and some electrical footrest. The first 6 months I had to return the same piece x2, the back just went flat and one side of another piece simply tore. After having their repair person try to repair the piece, it came back more messed up with glue visually spilled on it, a different color thread that was stitched badly. The whole set was replaced by then due to not being able to match the color of pieces, the warranty was expiring and the same pieces repeated the same problems. They would not fix or replace or refund my money. Now the piece that has hardly been used is tearing along the edges. I wrote this to say don't be fooled by the looks of this stores furniture, it's beautiful but has not held up to the stores policy. Worst investment ever $2300.00. So if you see a small problem with your purchase don't delay, make them take it back as soon as possible.

Went in for a bedroom set for my son, my husband, and myself...

Went in for a bedroom set for my son, my husband, and myself. A new living room set and possible dinning room table. Walked around for 29 minutes looking. Kept getting eye contact from several people who worked there... and not one of them came to help. I'm now leaving and taking my money else where. There was 2 men behind the counter talking to each other not doing a thing.. they saw us too. Still no help. Unless you want to drag them over to assist you in wouldn't advise going to this store.

My parents bought a couch

My parents bought a couch set on September 7th, were told that it would take 2-4 weeks for them to arrive. They called back at the end of September and since then, they have been saying that they're still shipping or in transit and will be out on the next truck. It's now the end of October and we just called again and they said the couches were discontinued and are waiting for one remaining arm. The fact that we have to keep calling them every two weeks and make trips across town just to check on the status of the couches is terrible. Let alone the fact that they've been couchless for a month now. Seriously thinking of asking for our money back tomorrow. 100% DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FURNITURE STORE!!!

Very poor customer service

Very poor customer service. I was in the store looking around. Lady that works there looked straight at me and said nothing. I called them when I got home and she said she was helping someone else which she was not and made excuses that they lost 4 people and she was the only one working. They were great 8 to 10 years ago but not anymore. DON'T GO THERE!!

I was promised a couch

I was promised a couch to be no later than 2 weeks and now am on week 4. I called today and they said it was delivered today but they didn't contact me. Truck is full for delivery and can't deliver until the weekend now? I have been told each week that I called something different or some excuse on why it hasn't been delivered. I will never step foot inside this store again after receiving my couch (which I'm picking up myself)! Poorest customer service around!

I ordered an end table from furniture row

I ordered an end table from furniture row in August and was told it would not come in until mid Swptember. I never received a phone call so I called back. They told me it was on the next truck. I got the run around 2 more times saying they would call and it was on the next truck. It is now mid October and I finally found out that my order is back ordered and might come in the beginning of November. I would have re-thought this purchase if I known it was going to take over three months.

My search for the great mattress ended up at this place

My search for the great mattress ended up at this place. *Not for other furniture.* The Cleopatra mattress made by Denver Mattress company retails for something around 1800 and i got mine here for around 650 because while dragging it in their warehouse one of the ends had a dirt line on it. Actually i bought another great mattress there too. It was all good and dandy until i had the box springs moved in my place. i had them on top of my car and i noticed one of the workers who subcontracts here was around and i asked him to help me. later i found out his name is Rigo. Rigo was in a hurry and told me with very broken English that he doesn't speak much English and that he has to hurry i replied in Spanish that no problem, i speak some Spanish . After Rigo laid the first piece of the box spring down, he had already traveled on the carpet and stepped onto my handmade rug . My eyes glanced on the stain he had left on the carpet and all of a sudden all the Spanish evaporated out of my brain and instead "get off" spat out of my mouth, Rigo was standing on the rug with a grin on his face completely oblivious. I couldn't find my words in Spanish and next thing i was on the rug with my arms around his ankles trying to move him off my rug. Later he test smelt the stain off his shoe and decided that it was dog poop and not dirt as he had first guest. Rigo asked me if i like dancing and i couldn't say in Spanish that poopy shoes already had him scratched off walking list let alone dancing.. Goodnight to you sir.

I went in with my fiancee...

I went in with my fiancee during one of their sale promotions in September looking for a dining table for our apartment. We finally settled on a marble table both of us loved and the sale associate put in the order because furniture row didn't have in stock at the moment, so salesman told it would take 1-2 weeks for our order to arrive and wasn't a big deal since that was the time we were moving into our apartment. It took 19 days for our order to arrive and what upset me was having to call in and check the status of our order on the second week. It would of been nice if our salesman had actually kept in contact and updated us on our dining table, but I kept being told "it's in commute". When I went to pick up my order finally on Saturday Oct 3rd, I was dumb founded as to seeing my order had been screwed up and received a counter height table instead of a regular level dining table.... I kept cool and could of easily flipped out on him, but I didn't and simply stated I had received the wrong table... I didn't want to wait another "1-2 weeks" for the right table to be shipped in, so I asked for a refund and even that wasn't easy to get back because I have to wait patiently 7-10 days to receive a check while I'm at my new apartment with no dining table to eat on or do homework. There customer service was horrendous when it come to fixing my situation and left me stranded with no table and having to look for another dining table again in town. Thanks for the help furniture row...

good cheap stuff

good cheap stuff. but quality? uh, you get what you pay for. watch out for dings in furniture, etc. not pushy sales staff, which is nice. the place looks small from the exterior, but it's really big once inside. selection of everything furniture-wise. worth a stop inside.

Chad and Chris are amazinggg

Chad and Chris are amazinggg! This is my favorite furniture store in the world. Can not say enough good things, but maybe that's the boxed wine talking. AMAZEBALLS

We went into furniture row

We went into furniture row and ended up buying a leather power reclining sectional with 4 reclining seats I'm guessing about a year or so ago. We are still making payments on it. Shortly after it was delivered we discovered that there was some stitching that had came undone on one of the pieces so we contacted Furniture Row and they ended up sending out the upholstery company that they use and that was all taken care of. Fast forward to now as of November and power recliner no longer works on one of the sectionals and it was stuck open. Again I called furniture row and they sent upholstery company out to see what the problem was and what part needed to be ordered. The upholstery company was out within 2 days to figure out what the problem was and then let Furniture Row know. When I first called Furniture Row had told me don't worry about it we'll get this taken care of as of course we're still making payments on it I also. I have been in contact with one of the managers via email at least twice and have called once trying to get an update of when this part is going to be in. We still haven't had any update of when this part is going to be in and when this is going to be fixed. As of right now I probably won't be doing any future business with Furniture Row. This couch wasn't cheap and I paid for power recliners for a reason. Feeling pretty disappointed as today is Tuesday December 17th and we are still with a broken power reclining sectional :(

Horrible experience !

Horrible experience !! Went in to buy a loveseat recliner . Chose the one we wanted and was told 7-10 and it would be ready for pickup (delivery was going to be over $100 to mountain home) day 10 we were called . Picked it up in the rain so asked for it to be well covered (which is was) and we put a tarp as well for extra protection.. got home and brought it into my apartment to unwrap it and it was not the one we ordered, it was a full sofa .. it did not fit in our living room and only fit diagonally across The Whole living room (town house) .. I called and they said they would order the right one but wouldn't be able to pick it up for 8 days .. I was not going to have my whole living room overcome by this sofa for that long ! So I loaded it up and took it back .. was giving $100 back but was told they would not deliver it when the correct one came in .. was told the correct love seat would arrive in ANOTHER 7-10.. day 10 I called and it was not on the truck . They would get another truck in 4 days and "we'll see if it's on that one" .. and then we can deliver in ANOTHER 7 days .. at that point , I said forget it, ended up canceling the order .. we will take our business elsewhere !

I saw chairs a couple months ago I liked

I saw chairs a couple months ago I liked. Waiting for a sale though. GF says there is a sale there so I call. Clearance pricing! But this review is a reflection of Logan who carried each chair up, wrapped with plastic for protection on the ride home and made the experience enjoyable with banter and great customer service.

Had a fantastic experience buying a dining room table here

Had a fantastic experience buying a dining room table here. We never felt pressure to buy. The sales team patiently answered our questions and researched info for us so that we could be informed. I definitely recommend purchasing from this store. I will always check here first when looking for new furniture. Thanks Furniture Row!

Horrible experience

Horrible experience. Bought $1k of teen bedroom furniture a few weeks ago and was told they would call for delivery within 2 weeks once it arrived there. Two weeks and a day later without a call, we called them and were told, "oh yeah, it is in...we'll call Friday with a time for delivery Saturday." On Saturday morning after no call Friday, we called them, "oh yeah you should have got a call're listed on about between 4:30 and 6:30 today?" Generally I don't want furniture delivered Saturday night but this point, I just want the stuff! So Saturday at a little after 7 and no call or sign of them, we call the store again..."oh they should have called...let me see what's going on" Then we get a call from the delivery people saying they can be there in about 30 thanks we say...don't want people delivering and assembling furniture Saturday at 8 pm. So now the next time they can deliver it is Wednesday which they actually did do. The manager we spoke with Saturday said they would call once the delivery was done and offer us some sort of discount on a future purchase...the phone never rang and frankly I wouldn't want it anyway as I won't be back.

Went in to buy a sleeper sofa

Went in to buy a sleeper sofa, the salesman in the floor was nice and very helpful. However, went to buy a different mattress for the couch and the gentleman behind the counter in Denver Mattress was rude as ever. His response to wanting to purchase the mattress was, "You don't expect me to get that you for you tonight so you!?" We immediately walked out. Told the salesman to forget the sale of the couch. We would rather spend $1,000.00 somewhere else. Extremely rude and will most likely never buy from that company again. Put a bad taste in my mouth.

We recently bought this couch

We recently bought this couch and have had it for several days now. We sat in the couch in the store and immediately knew this was our couch. It has the most support and the craftsmanship was superior to a lot of the other sofas we looked at. There are two colors available (grayish/steel and Auburn brown) and we chose the auburn brown color which is a beautiful brown color. We could not be any happier than we are with this couch. The manager at Sofa Mart was exceptional. He knew the products inside and out. His knowledge was a huge factor in us choosing Sofa Mart over all other furniture stores.

Great prices and great service

Great prices and great service. If you pay delivery once (59$). You can get free deli every in the entire place the rest of the year. I've bought a couch and a box spring here and will Be coming back. Really nice things! Love my couch!

What do you think about this experience

What do you think about this experience? We purchased chairs on a Saturday and were told they would be ready in a week. We called after the week and were told the chairs were in, though not assembled. So, they asked for a couple days to assemble and told us to come on Tuesday. We did not receive a call on Tuesday, and got busy; so we gave you till Thursday. My wife stopped by on Thursday and the chairs weren't assembled. They promised to get right on it and asked her to come back on Friday. She came back on Friday and picked up the chairs. When she got home, one of the chairs was not level. My wife called and we were told to come back and anyone is able to level it. We came back on Saturday and the chair was leveled by a guy who put it on a table and whacked it with a mallet. When we get home we find that the whacking has knocked staples out of the bottom of the chair that holds on the fabric and seems to have created gaps in some of the joints. At this point, we're not sure if it makes sense to keep these chairs. Everyone has been real nice and apologetic. Apologies only go so far.

If you expect good service, go elsewhere

If you expect good service, go elsewhere. We stopped by on a Saturday afternoon to buy a picture I had previously seen here. It was on sale for $199. The gal asked if it was cash or credit. I told her cash and she proceeded to ask me for all of my personal info. Name, phone, address, which I refused to give her. She said she couldn't ring it up without that info and just stood there. Had I not wanted the pic so bad I would have walked out. I told her to figure it out and that I wasn't giving her the address. She finally called someone else who came over and apparently they "figured it out" but they weren't kind about it at all. Will I go back? No, I want to shop where my business is appreciated no matter how small the purchase.

Walked in looking for a dresser

Walked in looking for a dresser. Prices seemed decent. LTZ of variety. Found a small section in the back with close out items. Found a TV stand that would work as a dresser and it was less than half price. Couldn't see anything wrong with it, other than it had been sitting there awhile. Took it, got help loading it. Overall great experience.

Had a lousy experience

Had a lousy experience. After a month, I had an issue with a recliner and was put on wait for four months for the replacement part. I'm not even going in detail about their crappy payment system and the fact that their delivery driver mauled our lawn. Avoid. Update: Repair guy sent to finally repair my sofa on-site after repeated complaints. +1 star

So normally I would not take the time to right such a lengthy review...

So normally I would not take the time to right such a lengthy review, but my husband and I have had the absolute WORST experience with Furniture Row. We moved about a year ago and needed to purchase all new furniture for our home. We ended up purchasing the majority of our furniture about 3 months before we needed it delivered, because my husband was deploying to Iraq and we wanted him to help pick out all of the furniture. One nice feature they do offer is storing furniture before it needs to be delivered, but that was the ONLY good thing we have experienced from them. We purchased a bedroom set, a dining set, a mattress and a couch before he left. When it was time to get everything delivered, I physically went into the store and asked to change the phone number on the account (because my husband is deployed and cannot receive phone calls) and I gave them the delivery address for all the furniture. However, they wouldn't change the number on the account and just added my phone number in the notes. The night before everything was supposed to be delivered, I didn't receive a phone call with a delivery time, and had to call the store to get the delivery time because they called my husband (which they weren't supposed to do). They didn't even have me on the schedule even though today was the day I set in the store, so they said they would bring by my stuff after everything else was delivered, which would be around 430. Well 630 rolls around, still no furniture, and I am calling the store trying to figure out where they are. After waiting for 3 hours, I finally get a call that they are at my house but no one is answering, and I'm looking outside and there is no one there. I ask where they are, and they read an address that is completely wrong and all the way across town. So they say they are going to come to the correct address. I wait an additional 2 hours, still no furniture, and there is no one there I can call. So the next morning, I call the manager again, and he says he'll have them deliver first thing and doesn't know why they didn't bring it by last night. He says the furniture will be there around 9. Well, 11 am rolls around and they finally show up, claiming they've been calling me for hours, except they're calling my husband's number, AGAIN, which he obviously can't answer. So I finally get the furniture, except multiple chairs are damaged and my bedroom TV stand is damaged. Awesome. So they say they will bring me new ones, and by this point I'm so upset they give me 2 free chairs. Ok, nice gesture. Well when they bring the next round of deliveries, they continue to call the wrong number and go to the wrong address, AGAIN, which causes me to wait 5 hours for the furniture. And when they arrive the second time, they forgot the chairs, only brought the TV stand for the bedroom, and this TV stand is damaged worse than the one I had previously. So, had to order yet another TV stand. It took 2 months total to get a TV stand that had damage we could live with, but we still never got a non-damaged stand. Oh and the chairs showed up a month later. So we are now in the second round of furniture buying, my husband is back from deployment, and we purchased a second couch and some end tables to match the entertainment center we purchased. We had the couch delivered, and of course the night before they call my number to give me the delivery time. SO NOW YOU CALL ME. Awesome. But of course, because they can't go to the right house the first time, they go to the wrong address AGAIN. So we had to wait additional time outside of our delivery time to get the couch because they cannot seem to get the correct address to deliver furniture. The end tables are the only pieces of furniture we have purchased that we had to assemble. We just finished putting together, and they are the worst things we have ever seen. The instruction manual is terrible, and on one of the tables there are pre-drilled holes where the brackets need to go, and the other one just didn't have anything and you had to guess where to drill holes. The table with the pre-drilled holes did not have the holes in the accurate places, and after assembling it twice, it is crooked and rocks and the glass doesn't fit in the top. So the two things we don't have to have delivered don't even look good. Sweet. Moral of the story - we are absolutely DONE with Furniture Row. The delivery is terrible, and the one thing we don't need delivered cannot be assembled easily. It's unfortunate that we still have pieces we want to buy to finish out our entertainment set and living room. Maybe there is somewhere else we can buy them.

The staff, selection and prices were great at all three stores...

The staff, selection and prices were great at all three stores. Their proximity makes them a great "one stop shop". We've bought several items from the Furniture Row, we also had several items delivered and installed. The delivery team was also very affordable, professional and on time. I highly recommend the stores at Furniture Row.

Bottom line - No pushy sales people...

Bottom line - No pushy sales people and good value on home furnishings. Some of the quality in the drawers within the bedroom sets was disappointing for the price. However, the overall value of the products seemed to be on par with the price. Additionally, there were a few sales gimmicks (free TV with purchase) that seemed almost too good to be true. However, I would feel comfortable buying a product with them any day.

My husband and I entered this store...

My husband and I entered this store in search of an automated recliner. My husband was injured and lost the use of his right hand. We were greeted by a young lady who pointed out the recliners and explained the layout of the store. We searched the store and found a recliner we liked. We waved the young lady over and asked if the recliner was in stock. She came back, said the recliner was not in stock, and walked away. We could not get her attention again. We could not get anyone to help us. The store layout is nice and they have nice looking furniture. But beware they don't have items in stock and do not want to talk about selling floor models.

We went looking for furniture...

We went looking for furniture and instead we found attitude. We had been moving all day and on a whim decided to do some furniture shopping. Perhaps since we had been out in the heat all day or because we were looking in the clearance section we didn't fit the profile of the clientele they were looking for, I don't know. We found a chair that we liked in the clearance section and I asked the sales lady for a price since it wasn't marked. She took 12 minutes to get back with me on ONE price check. I was ready to walk out but my family was looking all over and I couldn't get them rounded up. My wife found a chair that she liked and we purchased it. The salesman wasn't happy that I couldn't take it at that time but relented and allowed me to get it when they opened the next day. Like I said just happened to be out so we didn't have a truck. I don't know if it was because we didn't look like the kind of people that they wanted in their store or because we were looking at clearance items but the service was awful. There were four people sitting in the little island and none came to help us. I had to get someone's attention just to buy a chair. The old saying is that you should never judge a book by its cover and Furniture Row should not have done that with us. We left and went to FFO and bought a living room set, a bedroom set, and some random chairs for other parts of the house. We spent $225 at Furniture Row and $8250 at FFO. Maybe they don't care about sales at FR but FFO was more then eager to accept our money. I don't drop money like that very often but when I do I am not going to beg someone to take it. Maybe FR will have better service are trying to move product when at their Going Out Of Business Sale.

The worst experience I've ever had...

The worst experience I've ever had. Came in to purchase a bedroom set. Then wondering through the store found a living room set that I fell in love with. Came back to purchase it to find out the salesman told me the wrong price and the store manager Nolan wouldn't honor it. He was extremely rude and spoke down to me. I came prepared to buy a living room set and two bedroom sets. He lost ALL my business.

So we bought a $900 that is poorly made/designed

So we bought a $900 that is poorly made/designed. Won't fix it the chair borderlines be pure dangerous. I am having my lawyer come too the house too look at the chair tomorrow. This store has just lost any of our future business. We were going to buy a whole new living room set from them plus nes sectional for our basement. Somewhere else will gladly take our business. I don't even want to give them one star.

They only get two stars...

They only get two stars because our sales guy Jerry was good to us. However, loader boy Dave in the back is a total dick, treated us like shit, and should NOT, work with customers!

Best prices by far in Wichita!

Best prices by far in Wichita! This store is connected with its sister stores so you get all (bedroom, living room, office, mattress, kids rooms, and more) your furniture in one place!

Ok after choosing a mattress we needed a bed...

Ok after choosing a mattress we needed a bed. Worked with Will et Alex. Spend several days browsing. Once again like their mattress shop, no pressure, very friendly. Once we decided on the bed. They helped quickly get paperwork et delivery set up on our schedule. As in the mattress store once I got the bed home I realized it wasn't the right bed. A quick phone, a quick visit et all has been corrected to make me happy. Highly recommend all of these stores.

Terrible customer service

I wanted a recliner and sofa. Clerk INSISTED I buy 3 piece set, saying delivery would be quicker [I explained time is of the essence]. We could not purchase the display set, and would be required to have it delivered (extra charge). A call from their delivery company confirmed I would receive my purchase 13 days later, but they did not receive the furniture to deliver it on the scheduled date. Furniture Row said because I changed my order (canceled one piece), delivery would take longer. Call to HQ customer services "promised" to call me back within 24 hours & didn't, either. Still have to wait another 2-4 more weeks for my furniture.


The staff ignored us, even after we asked for help.

Furniture not worth a damn..

Never will I ever buy anything from this place bought a sleigh bed ,sofa and swivel chair about 16 months ago.Have had to have the slats fixed on the bed and swivel chair is broken.I know they don’t make things like they used too but you would think it would last until you at least finished paying for it.Buyers beware spend your hard earned money somewhere else..

Outstanding Service at Selma TX Furniture Row, Denver Mattress Department

I have purchased 4 mattresses at various times at Furniture Row. The manager, Mark Mayes, helps his customers and not only listens to any of your concerns, but provides outstanding customer service. His installers and delivery personnel, especially Joshua and Jermony, are excellent. They arrived on time and fixed any problems that I had and were so courteous and efficient. Highly recommend going to Furniture Row in Selma, TX, to buy mattress from Mr. Mayes.

Would buy from again

In 2021, I bought a sofa from Furniture Row in Albuquerque. I’ve since moved to British Columbia and I’m very glad I bought the sofa I did. It’s extremely comfortable and looks as good today as the day it was delivered. The upholstery fabric cleans easily (I have a rug cleaner with an upholstery attachment). It’s so comfortable, I’ve used it for “guest sleeping” when I have more visitors than available bedrooms. I’m happy with my purchase - it also arrived sooner than promised - the delivery was smooth and the sales staff at furniture row were easy to work with. All in all, a very good experience. Thank you

Warranty does not cover anything at all, even if the salesman says it does.

Edit** After sending me to a care specialist "Angie" they are still refusing to honor the warranty. Their employees are trained to inform you that the warranty will cover anything and everything without providing you with a brochure to disclose what is actually not covered. Alice would not even acknowledge how their employees sell the warranty when I asked her several times how they can sell a warranty like this when they do not actually cover anything. How can a company lie to your face and then "customer care" just brushed it off? Thanks, Angie, for the lack of help or care. You respond to all my reviews and act like you will resolve it and then you deny any wrongdoing in a private email. We purchase a very expensive couch and were “sold” on the Allaway protection plan by Ericia for $399. We have several dogs and a toddler and expressed concern as we have never owned a nice couch in this price point or a leather couch. We were told by Ericia to not worry about dogs or any issues with children as with the protection plan everything was covered, and they would even replace the damaged section one time during the coverage period if they could not fix it. We were told ALL issues would be covered and were not given any brochure on the plan. Obviously, Ericia receives commission, and we were too dumb to realize this when purchasing it and since becoming aware of it on the spot – we were not able to do our own research on whether a plan is worth it or not. We would not have purchased the plan if we knew only a select small amount of damage was covered. We realized today that only damage caused by stains is covered and there’s is only a small list of what is considered a “covered stain”. We found it out when they denied our claim immediately with this reason “The AllAway Stain Protection Program is for limited accidental stains from single incident, but unfortunately, does not cover leather worn out from cleaning such as color loss, fading”. I was told by Ericia that it does not matter and that if there is damage that is what the insurance if for. Apparently, Furniture Row trains employees that it’s morally and ethically okay to say whatever is needed to the customer so they can get their commission; you don’t have to worry about it once they’re out the door. I could have used the $399 towards replacing the damaged piece rather than spending it on insurance that refused to cover anything. If I would have received this brochure on the coverage when I bought the couch I would have laughed and said no because of the short and limited list of what is covered. Glad Ericia sold her morals and ethics for %30 of the sale. Way to go girl!

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