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Frontgate Reviews

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Frontgate is a home decor and furniture catalog with five stores nationwide. Originally with a focus on outdoor furniture and decor and being a holiday destination for decorations and more, Frontgate has expanded to indoor furniture, decor, and essential home elements. Overall customers have good things to say about Frontgate, but there were some disagreements about durability, delivery, and perceived value in some cases.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7/10

Price: $24-$23199+

Return Policy: 90 Days + Restrictions

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Frontgate Specifics

Frontgate is a popular and well-known national catalog in the US with select retail branches. Over the years, they have expanded into all decorative features of the home, including bath and bed elements, entertaining linens and utensils, furniture, and outdoor decor.

With a focus on indoor furniture and room design over the last few years, customers have reported appreciation for their traditional and chic style offerings. However, there was some mixed sentiment regarding delivery, purchase facilitation, and perceived quality in some cases.

Material Quality

Frontgate has a wide array of different types of products, including those with wooden veneer and upholstered options. The wooden options come mostly in painted or specialty veneers over solid wood, while the upholstered options feature fabric options including poly-blend, linen, velvet, and leather. While most customers like their material options, there were some complaints about the construction and design consistency in some cases.

Frontgate's Top Picks

When it comes to the pieces that Frontgate's shoppers are most excited about, there are a few popular requests that customers make again and again. We'll go through the top searches and talk about the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Living Room Furniture

The first popular request from shoppers is for living room furnishings including a new sectional, couch, TV stand, coffee table, and/or accent chairs. Frontgate offers a wide array of options for living room furniture, like upholstered sectionals and sofas with various fabric options like chenille, velvet, leather, and more. Also, their accent chairs, TV stands, and coffee tables come in modern, traditional, and rustic chic styles with solid wood accents. While most customers like Frontgate's living room furniture options, there were some that had issues with delivery and durability.

The pros: Good selection of moderately priced living room furniture with desirable styles and materials.

The cons: Some reported complaints about delivery and durability.

#2 Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture is another one of the most sought after items from Frontgate. Their outdoor furniture offers wicker, aluminum, and teak collections with seating, chaise, daybeds, and accent options. Frontgate's prices are moderate to high for these options with collections starting at over $1000. While most custmers like their outdoor furniture options for their contemporary and traditional chic styles, there are some complaints about durability and delivery in some cases.

The pros: Wide assortment of outdoor furniture with good-looking material styles.

The cons: Some complaints about durability and delivery for some customers.

#3 Bar Stools

Another popular request from Frontgate customers are new bar stools. Frontgate's designs are mostly traditional with both backed and backless options with mostly upholstered designs. Their most popular options start at under $200 and feature wooden legs and upholstered seats in either leather or synthetic fabric. While most customers like these options, there were some complaints about durability and perceived quality.

The pros: Good variety of bar stool options.

The cons: Some complaints about durability and perceived quality with some items.

#4 Holiday / Christmas Decor

Frontgate is known for their holiday and Christmas cheer and decor. Their catalog is a well-known source of inspiration for holiday decorations. With a wide variety of Christmas and holiday decorations, ranging from candles, garland, wreaths, and ornaments of various types, their prices are moderate versus discounters with wreaths being priced at just above $100. While most customers like Frontgate's holiday offerings and inspiration, there were some complaints about quality vs expectations.

The pros: Wide selection of holiday and Christmas decor.

The cons: Some disappointment about perceived quality in some instances.

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#5 Rugs

The last category that Frontgate shoppers are keen to get their hands on is a new area rug. Frontgate's rug styles range from mostly traditional to contemporary chic with some European, Persian, and Moroccan influences. Most of their options come in polypropylene as the primary material. While most customers like Frontgate's rug selection, there were some complaints about the thickness and unexpected variations to color palette.

The pros: Over 100 different rug options to choose from with on-trend styles.

The cons: Some disappointment about perceived quality.

More From Frontgate's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Frontgate offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Dining Chairs

- Beds & Bedding

- Towels & Bath

- Fire Pits

- Doormats & Outdoor Rugs

Request A Frontgate Catalog

Frontgate offers one of the most popular home catalogs in the US. Want to see the newest designs and get inspiration for your home?

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I love this place!

I love this place! In the past, I had only shopped at Frontgate through their catalog. After being away from Georgia for years, I was pleasantly surprised to find this Frontgate Store in Phipp's Plaza at the top of the big staircase. Wow! It's a big shop filled with nice home furnishings. They moved (fairly recently) to a larger space across the walkway from where they were located. So don't be sad when you walk up the stairs and Frontgate isn't there anymore, just look to your left and there it is! To be honest, I window shop more often than I purchase here. I really enjoy browsing here and getting inspiration and decorating ideas. Sometimes though, a piece of furniture or a home accessory sticks in my head and I have to go back for it. I'd say most of their products are for indoors but they also have a good bit of outdoor & patio furniture and accessories. They always do nice Christmas displays here. If you're in Phipps Plaza around the Christmas holidays swing by Frontgate for some Christmas cheer.

I would give this company a zero...

I would give this company a zero if it were an option. They don't honor their warranties on cheap quality, overpriced merchandise. Don't believe the product ratings on their website.

If I could give this company...

If I could give this company less than one star, I would. I bought pre-lit garland and two pre-lit wreaths in June 2015. This year, the garland stopped working entirely, and half of the lights on one wreath don't work. When I called to request a return or replacement with a comparable item, I was told that the best they could do is offer me a few bucks back in a Frontgate gift card. So essentially, I spent hundreds of dollars for greenery that lasted ONE CHRISTMAS. Despite the fact that I informed the service rep that they would lose my business, they refused to make this right. I've purchased decorations from Walmart that have lasted longer. Frontgate in a nutshell: OVERPRICED TRASH & ABYSMAL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Never again.

Never again. After thousands of dollars in outdoor furniture, I can not begin to explain my frustration with the delivery and lack of customer service follow through. I will not use this company again. The order arrived late, partial delivery 2 hours AFTER the promised delivery window ended, no explanation of where the rest of the shipment was, mismatched cushions, missing 2 cushions of the fabric I ordered, no follow-up phone call from "special" concierge rep when she said she would call, etc. I've never written a bad review for a company, but this ordered was truly mismanaged and felt very unprofessional. I offer it only because I wish someone had cautioned me before I spent so much money.

Ripoff store...

Ripoff store. Their sales are still overpriced and even though they say storewide they exclude most of the items. So when you go to checkout you have a big surprise.

I don't know how this place stays in business...

I don't know how this place stays in business. First they sent a damaged, previously used product. Then they sent UPS to my billing address instead of my shipping address for a return pickup. Once they picked up the return at the correct address they refunded my credit card instead of sending me a new item. What? The products look nice in the catalog.

Good products...

Good products. TERRIBLE customer service. IF you enjoy having your transaction incomplete and charge pending on your credit card even AFTER you have received the item due to FG not "completing the transaction (explained via PayPal) AND them blaming PayPal then continue to shop with them. I personally, have no desire to have my credit availability eaten up for 30 days because a vendor has dropped the ball.


THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! I have been waiting for TWO MONTHS for outdoor sofa and ottoman to arrive. Placed the order on 6/2 and kept waiting and waiting. Called customer service MULTIPLE times to check on the order and every time I spoke with someone they kept telling me that it was "on it's way!" Last week when I called they told me that the order had been "stuck" at the warehouse and I needed to cancel my old order and re-order. I can't even make this stuff up! Supposedly my NEW order was to arrive today, so I waited at home for the delivery and only HALF of the order arrived! As I write this review I am currently on HOLD with customer service! I have wasted COUNTLESS hours just trying to get this outdoor furniture set, which makes me think that it is not even worth it at this point. There are SO MANY OTHER furniture companies, PLEASE go somewhere else! Oh, and Cornerstone companies (the parent company) also owns GrandinRoad, Ballard Designs, Garnet Hill and Improvements. I will NOT EVER be ordering from another one of their brands.

Terrible customer service and policy!

Terrible customer service and policy! We received some Frontgate plates as a wedding gift. We didn't especially like the plates and wanted to return them. We were told that if we returned them that the original purchase price would go to the original purchaser (i.e. not us). Our second option was to exchange them for a similar product (this product had no variation). Our third option is to keep the sh*tty plates or donate them.... or break them in the driveway :)

I just received a life size Christmas Character...

I just received a life size Christmas Character (LuLu) from Frongate which I ordered from the catalog. She is everything they said she would be and more. She is very heavy and very detailed. She can sit in a chair or hang on her stand and still look adorable. Her little dog is perfect and the bottle of booze to hang in her hand was a extra surprise. Thank you Frontgate for helping decorate in a unique way.

Bought a dog bed online 100 bucks...

Bought a dog bed online 100 bucks. .not even close to the size it said it was going to be. Now we have to return it and the store won't take it back. You should be able to return things online to the store..the box it came in is completely wrecked from the shippers so now I HAVE TO PAY TO RETURN IT AND FIND A BOX..NEVER AGAIN!!

A poor procurement processing business

A poor procurement processing business. I ordered a bed on line in November and it was originally scheduled to arrive in February. Never got a notification there would be any delay. When I called they said they didn't have email notification feature turned on but they would add and send notification with any additional delay. Another month passed by and no notices and no bed. I called this morning and they claim that several notices were sent and it's delayed again. Never got any notification. I canceled the order after living without a bed for several months. They're not empathetic and didn't blink an eye when I cancelled the order. I asked for a cancellation confirmation but they said I will gent an email in about 24 hours form "that" department. I am not counting on getting any emails. They obviously do not need more business or appreciate customers. I will take mine to businesses where they do.

They do not honor their sale prices.

They do not honor their sale prices. On Cyber Monday their website showed 30% off. After the sale they went in and changed my order and took the entire 30% off each item without telling me. Total fraud. The last number of items I have bought have been sub par. Cancelled my account with them. A once great company is now into cheating it's long time customers.

Dear Lauren...

Dear Lauren: Thank you for taking my call today, when I asked to be removed from your mailing list. I am sorry you couldn't understand me. I assume you have never heard British English before. (It's the same language, Lauren, spoken with a slightly different accent.) Thank you also for explaining that it would take 3 months to process my request. This came as something of a surprise to me, since I have only just moved to my current address and it took Frontgate no time at all to add me to their mailing list. Frontgate accomplished this without even receiving a request from me. In fact I had never heard of Frontgate, so I assume the company buys mailing lists in order to stuff unsuspecting householders' mailboxes with their spam. So thanks once again, Lauren, for allowing me the opportunity to share my experience with other consumers.

worst customer service ever!

worst customer service ever!!!! people were rude on the phone. useless return policy. ugh don't do it!!!!

When I read all the negative reviews I nearly choked...

When I read all the negative reviews I nearly choked. I had already ordered a magnetic world map for about $200. However the product arrived at my home in two days! Ordered Monday morning and it was there Wednesday. It was as good looking as the picture online and came with 50 magnets. I ordered another 50 which has not arrived yet but I was supplied a tracking number and they should be there today when I get home. And the customer service was great when I called to check on the shipping time. I would buy from them again based on this experience.

Frontgate's product quality...

Frontgate's product quality should equal their quite high prices but it doesn't I have bought outdoor rugs, lounge chairs,storage boxes and they simply don't last. What do we buy from them now: NOTHING!

This company truly sucks...

This company truly sucks, they run promotions that only last hours to a few days and when you try to order they say promotion expired based on time zones!

If I could give zero stars for this review...

If I could give zero stars for this review, I would. Frontgate presents itself to customers as a high-end retailer. However, they outsource the delivery of their products to unreliable trucking companies with very low customer ratings such as CEVA Logistics and JB Hunt. I had to cancel my entire order because I was not been able to schedule the delivery of my Frontgate order with CEVA Logistics. Few days after I called to Frontgate and cancelled my order, CEVA delivered my order at the random time and unfortunately our nanny without knowing the situation accepted the already cancelled order. Frontgate "kindly" arranged for another incompetent trucking company (JB Hunt) to pick up the merchandise that CEVA erroneously delivered to my home. It is already the second week I am eating for JD Hunt to call to me to schedule the pick up while Frontgate customer service representatives keep saying that I should keep waiting! Meanwhile, Frontgate charged my credit card and will not refund my money back until they receive their items back. I will never order anything from this company again and advise you to spend your money and time elsewhere. The scheduling the delivery with CEVA was impossible. CEVA computer system generates the phone call and gives to you the choice of few 2-4 hour delivery options on only one day. CEVA has faulty phone system which does not allow you to speak with their customer service representative. It puts you indefinitely on hold while giving to you periodically bogus waiting time (ex. "Your waiting time is 3 minutes and 14 seconds), then 15 minutes later of waiting in silence, the computer notifies you of another new wait time of 4 minutes and 45 seconds and the process repeats itself until you gave up and drop from the call. Awful!!! Frontgate, stop using non reputable delivery companies if what to keep your customers!

I recently placed an online order with Frontgate...

I recently placed an online order with Frontgate. At the time I ordered 3 units of one item. The items were described as IN STOCK at the time of my order. My credit card was charged for all items. A few days later I checked on the order for delivery tracking, only to find out that 2 of the 3 units had been CANCELED because they were now OUT OF STOCK!!! This company has no quality control with its stocking warehouse and online ordering system. If a product is IN STOCK at the time of purchase, the product should be delivered as ordered, not dumped AFTER your credit card has been charged for the FULL order!!!


DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM IF YOU CAN GET A SIMILAR ITEM ELSEWHERE! I ordered a wall-mounted retractable hose reel. I paid someone to install it only to find out there was a hole in the hose. Customer service will not issue a refund unless you return the item, but I'd already tossed the box. (This is a very large item.) After about 45 minutes they agreed to send a new one, so I could use the box for a return. They threatened to charge me a second time if I didn't immediately return the broken hose. Now I've paid someone a second time to take down the broken one and install the 2nd one, only to find out I can't get the water out of the hose and UPS wont take it. Now Frontage is threatening to charge me for a second time. This is truly the most inconvenient, cumbersome internet purchase I have ever made and I shop almost entirely on line. The product is shoddy and the customer service is abysmal. Buyer beware - if there is any issue with the product, it is all on you.

Placed my order on Nov 15th...

Placed my order on Nov 15th for a Christmas Wreath. On Nov 18th, I received a call stating that the order I placed on Nov 15th was in back order with no ETA. I told the lady to cancel it. After 15 minutes, she said it was cancelled. On Nov 29th I received an email stating that my order was on its way. I called and I was told that the package was already out and I would return it. Next day I checked and the package never left until 10p. Called back and told Tiffany the Supervisor, to stop the package. She called and rerouted the item. Called back on Dec 15 to check on my refund, the package was sitting somewhere and never processed. Dec 19th I received my refund. This Company is in need of serious reorg.

Horrible experience with outdoor furniture order...

Horrible experience with outdoor furniture order. Ordered palisades outdoor furniture totaling over $7,600. You'd think at that price customer service would want to be helpful. The items were delayed 5 times, the last time only the corner of the couch was delivered with no sides and no estimate when the others might arrive. Later in the month I received an email with no explanation telling me the order was canceled. I had to deal with the returns and then wait a month for a refund, which was short over $1000 then had to call again and was told they were charging me for the return shipping..... Never Never Never again. Still on hold trying to get the full amount refunded, If i could give this company a negative 10 stars I would

The chair I ordered arrived in timely fashion

The chair I ordered arrived in timely fashion. It is substantial and just what I needed. The price I am paying is outrageous. The dollar amount wasn't bad at all, but the aftermath is intolerable: I expect the daily emails can be brought under control by getting a better junk mail filter than the Mac mail client provides. But my entire system is saturated with Frontgate ads. The Yelp page on which I am posting this comment, news, weather, EVERYTHING is saturated. I'll try to ferret out their cookies, but I am really annoyed. Be warned.

Still they are unhelpful

Still they are unhelpful. Adamantly refused to honor my credit. They ask for me to contact them but I did and still refusing to accept.

In my experience Frontgate misrepresents their items online

In my experience Frontgate misrepresents their items online. Everything I had ordered arrived either damaged prior to shipping or not as photographed online. The quality aside from that is very poor I'd say it looks like it's made in China but that would be an insult to Chinese craftsmanship. I honestly believe you'd find better quality and service in Walmart or Target. The million marketing emails they said offering everything at 40% -50% is a testament to how over inflated their everyday price is. This just cheapens an already cheap product.

This store is a rip off

This store is a rip off. I ordered a outdoor set mid may 2018. It was supposed to be delivered in a month. A month goes by no delivery, no communication. Hours on customer service, will be delivered in a month. Month goes by and same thing. Hours again of our time. Then finally about three months after our order part of it arrives but one item is wrong. It gets replaced by the wrong item. Then this happens again, it gets replaced by the wrong item. Now 4 months after our 7K order we have no idea when we will get our patio furniture, its end of September and the summer is over. Never ever ever ever, even if your tempted, ever order from here. Why can't I give 0 stars? Look at the reviews, the only 5 star is a 5 negative star review! I am posting this review on every site I possible can, doing my best to make no one ever spends their hard earned money at this website.

Frontgate air mattress...

Frontgate air mattress - Ez bed lasted 1 1/2 years and even worst is their customer service as they never get back to you! Can't recommend this product or Frontgate because of CS...

Ordered an outdoor rug that was in stock...

Ordered an outdoor rug that was in stock, it took two weeks to ship and the trucking company J. B. Hunt made an appointment to deliver to my house two weeks later and gave me a widow between 1:00pm and 5:00pm and told me the driver would call 30 min ahead of the delivery! At 4:45pm I called the J.B. Hunt and the customer service person told me she couldn't get a hold of the driver but she would call me back! At 5:45 pm called J. B. Hunt again since I never received a call back and after being on hold for 15 min. I got connected and the customer service person told me they couldn't deliver the item that day because the highway was shut down and the next available date to deliver was in two weeks!!! I paid for shipping but Frontgate wants to make money on the shipping as well and chooses lousy shipping companies to save money at the expense of the customers! This is a perfect example of why retailers are going out of business while Amazon is growing! Frontgate as lost me as a customer!


WARNING: YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IS NOT SECURE I placed an order with Frontgate and when I opened the box, I discovered that the item had been previously purchased. How did I know this? The prior customer's return slip was in the box, with her name, address, phone number, email and her credit card number with the expiration date. I called Frontgate and spoke with a supervisor, Billy, who was not concerned at all. It's a busy time and accidents happen is what I was told. When I pointed out again that I had this woman's sensitive personal information and I was concerned about the security of my information, he just didn't understand my concern. Beware!

customer service does not exist...

Website robs you and customer service does not exist. I ordered something online that was on sale, and used a gift card they sent me, the first ever with all the money I have poured into this company over the years. After I checked out I realized that they charged me more. I called them immediately and the person told me they cannot do anything, so I demanded to cancel my order. I then wrote them about my order and experience. They never ever responded and it's been a few weeks. I went online and added something to my cart just to see if my gift card would work, and it does not. I, along with my family, have spent a LOT of money on this website, from an entire house of Christmas decorations, bedding and rugs, to other big ticket items like their ridiculously priced furniture. I cannot believe this is how they treat their customers. If I could give them minus five stars, I would. I'm so disgusted and wished I never bought anything from them. I honestly want to throw out anything I have out of my house because I don't even want to see it. I will not purchase any further, nor from any other brands this company is owned by.

We have been long time Frontgate shoppers...

We have been long time Frontgate shoppers and have had wonderful experiences. This summer furniture we ordered keeps getting pushed back, so now it looks like 6 months at best for a delivery date. Another item we ordered was canceled by frontgate and they didn't refund us our money. My husband went to check on a delivery date and saw the item was canceled and asked if I did it. We called and they told us it was don't on their end because the item was taking to long to get in stock. No phone call or email to us, just canceled and no refund either. Who does that? We will not continue to shop at Frontgate.

Carpet is less than one year old...

Carpet is less than one year old. It is fraying, discolored and a poor quality carpet. I called for a refund and i can send it back and then I will get a credit. They said they are not the vendor. Where is the quality? What can I do with a credit if the quality is so poor? Shocked at the poorly made product. This is the second time I have had a poor quality product#dont shop at Frontgate.

Websites like this are the reason they're still malls...

Websites like this are the reason they're still malls... paid $59 extra for next day shipping and now I'm being told it will not be here for another four days... Whatever you want to either get it from somewhere else or go without it

Negative stars!

Negative stars! Fed up with their supposed "sales". They send numerous emails about great sales but then manipulate prices so no savings. They had a bar cart at $999 regular price w/ 15% discount and advertised free shipping - but only shipment option was inhome special truck delivery which was $100. So no free delivery. New anniversary sale - advertising 27% off site wide. Same cart that was $999 last week has now jumped in price to $1199...hmmm that's a 20% price increase. 27% off $999 would have been $730 but 27% off $1199 is $875 - so only a savings of 12% off the original $999. And still have to pay $100 for delivery. I don't care how nice products are - advertising/sales practices are SLEEZY & SLIMEY. I will not buy from them again.

Horrible customer service.

Horrible customer service. I have purchased two hose reels ($350 each) and the hose connector continues to break ($10 part). After months of waiting on this part (which I have ordered three times because it keeps breaking) I'm told "we can't get the part" and "we can't give you a new reel because it's out of warranty". The hose reel has broken every year - how can it be out of warranty? Really Frontgate?

If you order from them keep in mind...

If you order from them keep in mind, that most likely it will be delayed over and over again then once received pure disappointment. It's over priced and the qualify and specs are way off. I am still waiting for my credit card to be credited and it's been over 5 weeks since the return. I will not be ordering from them again!

This organization has dishonest employees working for them...

This organization has dishonest employees working for them. I purchased a faulty outdoor table. Went to store, scheduled a return with replacement. Trucker schedules and shows up earlier than four hour window with the text we're here. I call and said I'm heading home now and will take about ten minutes. Couldn't wait even though didn't show up within their window. I explained they were to pick up a damaged table. He said call and schedule because they're only here to drop off and left a text photo of box at my door. After phone tagging with the trucker numerous times, they show up again outside of scheduled window to pick up table. I go to frontgate and spoke with mgr who said she would handle. I then received a letter saying they were charging me for the table not picked up. I called and told them I was bringing table to their store. I was told they wouldn't accept it. Finally, the truckers showed up as scheduled, picked up table. I photographed them carrying it out and received the pick up slip. I had already disputed with my credit card company and sent them both docs. On the last day FRONTGATE was allowed to dispute they sent in a total lie saying numerous times I've ignored their request to pick up and requesting their money for the table. I guess they thought I don't keep a file on shady businesses as theirs. I'll resubmit the same docs again proving they picked up the table OCT 26 2018. Moral of story, don't trust them or their business practices and lack of. Keep all your documentation!!! I'd give a zero rating but one is the least allowed...

Simply the worst customer service...

Simply the worst customer service imaginable. I've ordered many high ens items from this company, this time a $1200 umbrella. Never again. They really do not care about their customers and it shows. Go somewhere else where your business is appreciated.

I've placed a lot of orders with Frontgate...

I've placed a lot of orders with Frontgate and have spent thousands! I haven't had any problems until my last order. When I saw their advertisement for outdoor furniture for 25% off plus my order was enough to where I would receive a $1,000 coupon to use later I had to take advantage of it. My total when I placed my order taking in account for the 25% off and the $1,000 coupon my total came to about $3,700. I ordered about May15th. My first email from them told me that my order had been delayed and delivery date changed to June. My second email from them said delivery had been delayed until end of July!! The furniture finally arrived and in good condition. I was happy with my purchase. I then received an email asking about my purchase to see if I was happy and sent a link to purchase a furniture cover. I responded and told them I was happy but that I still hadn't received my $1,000 coupon yet. When I called customer service one lady said that it had been emailed. Another lady said that it had been shipped USPS. Well I didn't receive it either way. They couldn't resend it through an email plus they didn't have any tracking info so basically they couldn't show any proof of ever sending it plus they told me my coupon had already expired!!! I then go my Frontgate orders online and notice that they charged me full price for everything I ordered. The total was now over $6,000 dollars!! I called them back and was told since I used the coupon offer code that two codes can't be used and that the 25% offer had expired!!! Had to talk to a manager explaining I didn't get anything.....not a $1,000 coupon OR a discount off my product and that I had just received my order.......I paid full price for something i was told my balance was going to be $3,700. The supervisor agreed to give me the 25% discount to be applied in 3 to 5 days. Keeping my fingers crossed.

just like ALL OF THE OTHERS...

just like ALL OF THE OTHERS.....terrible service. I just used their return label for a large float. They originally charged $60 for oversized item. I used their prepaid label for 14.95. They ended up charging over $46.00 to return...not the prepaid label which should have been only $14.95... i have bought items from them over the years and they always find a way to cheat the customer...horrible customer service. They just will not make it right! This is the LAST TIME!

All the same complaints as other customers...

All the same complaints as other customers. They don't even deserve the one star. Lousy company that screws up numerous orders, and still somehow," it's ***, it's the vendor", excuse after excuse- as they take your money for orders that were delivered to you, and meant for someone else... You call, they tell you "how strange", they apologize , must be an error with their vendor.. They will tell you your order was refunded, and convince you to reorder your original order -Don't do it! Do not fall for it. This greedy, lousy company does not even offer you anything- not a penny off! They say they "will expedite your shipping at no extra charge, should be two days, but, no guarantees"... I left their errant order out for a full business week for *** to pick it up. Never happened. I emailed, was assured I would not be double-billed, and *** would pick up this"rogue" order. I called two more times on Friday, When that expedited shipping farce finally arrived on Friday May 24th, 2019. Imagine my surprise when both boxes are outside, because *** did not take the box marked for RETURN order- the one I resealed and wrote "*** return to Frontgate" . Now I am told THEY either forgot to set this up or put the wrong info in for *** "order" to pick it up... Do I believe them? Absolutely NOT. Claim they put the correct *** request in now and maybe next week they will come and pick it up- and than, when they receive the return, and only than will I get my refund. In the meantime, They double talk you, convince you they are sorry and your refund was already issued-verbally and in an email. NOPE. The final woman I spoke with today, the "supervisor" I requested to speak to... was the worst . Her voice alone was so non-caring, and that is sugar coating it- More meaningless apologies. She had quite the attitude. Amazing. I'm the one getting screwed and she is bothered by my non acceptance and lack of understanding. So, although I've had the guy whose order they originally sent me in errror, I resealed the box, and have been putting this out all day for *** pic up since I received it and called Frongate about this issue..., than bringing it back in every not , after not being picked up- I'm in the wrong? I am being unreasonable? NO WAY. I even put it in plastic in case it rains. That is the difference between Angie at Frontgate and I... I care, she did not.

This has to be the absolute worst company...

This has to be the absolute worst company I’ve ever dealt with! I used a coupon code for free shipping since they charge astronomical fees. After placing my order, the website CLEARLY showed that the I WAS NOT charged for shipping. I checked my bank statement and noticed charged me $20.00 extra. I called Frontgate’s customer service number and the rep I spoke with told me they will not reimburse me for the shipping charges! Any other business that actually values their customers would refund the shipping, no questions asked. This is the only company I’ve had this issue with. Totally uncalled for and ridiculous. I will NEVER shop with them again and will be sure to let everyone I know to steer clear of them as well.

have been a Frontgate customer for years...

have been a Frontgate customer for years, called to ask for Free shipping customer service rep said they didn't have any, I searched on line found some through different vendors, all did not work, came up in red saying invalid, one code didn't come up as invalid, no info as if it would give free shipping , but did not take shipping charges off.

On October 31st...

On October 31st, I received an email from Frontgate indicating my nearly $200 purchase item had been delivered. However, I never received the item (front door coco mat). I called Frontgate the following day and the customer service representative apologized and noted that they would replace it in the next 2 to 3 business days. I called back after that did not take place. I then spoke with a “supervisor” who apologized and noted that I was misinformed and that an investigation with *** was open and could take up to 8 to 10 business days. A *** driver was sent to our home and showed me on the GPS map where the item was delivered on 10/31. It was NOT my address. I called Frontgate again and asked for a replacement and received two emails a week apart noting my item was now on backorder until December. I call them back and demand a refund and am told that can’t happen until the *** investigation is closed. It is now November 15th. Still no resolve. I called again on 11/14 and was told that had I of not requested a refund four days prior, I would’ve received my item (that was back ordered until December?). Needless to say, this company lacks in customer service. My order was placed nearly a month ago and I haven’t received it. I’m out almost $200 and have no resolve. I have been told a different story every time I’ve called. Even when asking for a supervisor.

Worst company in the world...

Worst company in the world for "Customer Service", it is non-existent There isn't one single person at either Front Gate or grandinroad that can make a decision on how to handle a "problem", once they have your money they simply do not care to assist you at all. ! Do not support Front Gate!

Ordered an outdoor rug...

Ordered an outdoor rug that was in stock, it took two weeks to ship and the trucking company J. B. Hunt made an appointment to deliver to my house two weeks later and gave me a widow between 1:00pm and 5:00pm and told me the driver would call 30 min ahead of the delivery! At 4:45pm I called the J.B. Hunt and the customer service person told me she couldn't get a hold of the driver but she would call me back! At 5:45 pm called J. B. Hunt again since I never received a call back and after being on hold for 15 min. I got connected and the customer service person told me they couldn't deliver the item that day because the highway was shut down and the next available date to deliver was in two weeks!!! I paid for shipping but Frontgate wants to make money on the shipping as well and chooses lousy shipping companies to save money at the expense of the customers! This is a perfect example of why retailers are going out of business while ****** is growing! Frontgate as lost me as a customer!

Shady business with terrible customer service...

Shady business with terrible customer service. Husband bought a gift card for $250.00 from them, which cannot be verified (i.e. it won't go through) when I try to use it for a purchase. Made me call their third party business that handles the gift cards who said there is $0 remaining on the card and to call Grandin road back to verify when the gift card was used. Called Grandin Road AGAIN for the 4th time and their solution is to dispute the gift card charge with our bank! Super shady!

I purchased a product from Frontgate...

I purchased a product from Frontgate a while back and I tried to post a negative review of that item on their website. After getting a confirmation email from them, the review never posted. I contact customer service several times about the missing review and was told on several occasions that it takes a few days for the review to post and if it didn't that someone would contact me within 2-3 business days. After waiting 3 days, I contacted them again and was told the same thing - or was told to contact a different department. I posted another negative review and am having the same thing happen. Neither review has posted to their site. So they're basically picking and choosing which reviews they publish, weeding out the negative ones. This is very dishonest. People use these reviews to choose their purchases and are basically being convinced (by the misleading high reviews) that Frontgate items are superior to other brands or items purchased from other stores. I think this borders on fraud, or at least false advertising.

I bought 4 fairhope swivel Barstools...

I bought 4 fairhope swivel Barstools at $3,083.74 and the quality is horrible one is cracked at the arms another one the frame is completely loose from the legs I called customer service and they said I would have to repackage them at my cost and return them are you serious? Don't bother trying to email you'll get no response at this point I'll just get ahold of the BBB and report them. Beware the quality for the price is way below par.

Absolutely gorgeous silver trays...

Absolutely gorgeous silver trays, very good quality..I love them, simply a must have..

Frontgate used to be a great place

Frontgate used to be a great place to order fine furnishing goods. But they have slowly eroded over time. Here are some issues you'll face. 1. High shipping fees. You have to pay to return the item 2. An erosion of quality. So you get to pay to return their poor sourcing choices. 3. Try getting upper management help. They are all on break. 4. I order and item and tried to switch the order later to pay by gift card. This wasn't anything there antiquated system could handle. So I'm stuck with a gift card I can't use, 5. Prepare at some date to have you CC information hacked. 6 They charge sales tax now on top of really high prices. This company will eventually collapse.

Don;t shop online here

Don;t shop online here. They can't make good on their merchandise credit. They send you a Gift Certificate instead and it has an expiration. Who does that? And items arrive broken!!

Quality of the stuff is subpar

Quality of the stuff is subpar for the price. I bought a fire table here and it had problems staying lit, so they replaced it and I had the same problem with the next one.

Beautiful store and great customer service!

Beautiful store and great customer service! Attended a holiday event at Frontgate just recently - very festive!


Disappointed. Like majorly disappointed. This was my first time purchasing from this store and it seemed promising, but the process was not great. To preface, I purchased a $200 gift card for a friend's housewarming party, specifically so that she could pick which magnetic map she would like. While checking out, here's what I was told: "We don't deliver items." I was taken aback when she told me this because how can you not deliver large items? She told me that we would have to pick up orders/sales from the store. Um, so why is there a Frontgate Outlet where it clearly looks like items are damaged from delivery? Correct answer: YES, THEY DO DELIVER TO YOUR HOUSE. IF THEY DON'T HAVE THE ITEM IN THEIR INVENTORY AT THE STORE, YOU CAN ORDER IT TO HAVE IT DELIVERED. My friend ordered the map by calling the store because the associate placed her business card in the gift card envelope. When the map arrived damaged, she called the Frontgate 800 # and was told, "Stores are not supposed to take orders over the phone especially with credit cards because it is not a secure line." This is also a lie. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO ORDER THE ITEM YOURSELF WITH FRONTGATE'S 800 # OR YOU CAN CALL THE STORE TO ORDER. Personally, I'd prefer the 800# because the line is secure, but also because I don't think the salespeople in the store deserve commission from my order. Ultimately, I'm embarrassed that my friend had to go through all this trouble for a gift. She has yet to receive a map that's in-tact, but I'm not holding my breath. I would never go back to this store unless it's to give them an earful.

Really beautiful store...

Really beautiful store full of some unique furnishings and gifts! You are bound to find something perfect for your home. So many cozy bedroom ideas and lovely scented candles and oils for diffusers. I came across some cool round ice molds for cocktails, and several nice oversized outdoor furniture pieces that would look GREAT on my patio for next summer. I look forward to returning for more shopping very soon.

Service at this store simply sucks...

Service at this store simply sucks. You would think the associates would be more helpful at high end store like this.

I have been a huge fan of frontgate for years

I have been a huge fan of frontgate for years. Have spent a lot of money in that store over time. I went in around Christmas this year to look at a few items, including some ornaments, etc. My biggest issue with this store is that the sales associates appear to look at their customers as an inconvenience. Not once was I asked if I could be helped. The store was not busy. I finally had to interrupt a sales person that was taking ornaments off a tree. I felt like I was an imposition and frankly, when I asked a question, the sales person responded in a demeaning tone. Sadly, I won't be going back to the store or shopping online based solely on the sales person and the unacceptable reception I received. When you shop in an upscale store, customer service should NEVER be in question. There are many other options. I believe they are owned by Cornerstone that also owns Ballard Designs and Grandin Road (maybe other properties as well) - so won't be shopping their either. I get about 4 catalogues a month from these companies. they'll be going in the trash!

I really liked this store

I really liked this store. It was kind of like Williams-Sonoma meets furniture store. When you walk in you're immediately greeted with some outdoor furniture and some interesting contraptions to keep beer cold and well presented. In the back there are various wine devices and espresso machines for your entertaining pleasure. Walking around a bit more yielded some more great furniture and some small fire pits. I really liked the outdoor patio set that had some sort of canopy attachment over the bench. Prices seemed fairly reasonable. Someday when I actually have a backyard I will be checking this place out again.

Simply disgusted!

Simply disgusted! I received a very large outdoor mat that was too big for my condo. I carried it all the way up to the Phipps store and was told since it was a web sale, I could not return it in the store. WHAT? Never heard of this. I asked how I would get a credit to use for something else, and the employee told me the credit could only go back on the card it was paid for. Their computers didn't work with their web computers. A company/store this size cannot take web returns. Isn't this almost 2016? NEVER heard of such ridiculousness....She offered to send it back on the truck that would be going to the warehouse, but the credit wouldn't be processed until then...possibly a few weeks. But still, I wouldn't get the credit. She said I could call customer service and maybe they could work it out so I could get a gift card, but I would have to send it back myself. No thank you! Just keep the damn thing....Now I have to call my relative and let her know I am returning her gift and to make sure her card gets credited. How embarrassing...lesson is: DO NOT BUY A GIFT FROM THEIR WEBSITE, and if you do buy anything from the website, you cannot return it to the store.

Black rug turned purple

I bought and received a beautiful rug for my front door. (As you may know, these rugs are not cheap) I placed it at my door and to my wonder, months later it was no longer black but an awful shade of lavender purple. I was told that this does happen and they would not replace or refund my money. To say the least, I was very disappointed. I want another rug but I would no longer trust that a rug from this company would hold true to its's color. Please beware if you do purchase from them.

Fabric failure

Purchased the Berkshire outdoor upholstered sofa. It is very comfortable and looks high quality. After two months of use in out covered outdoor lanai the fabric is drab and mildew is apparent on it. Very little use. Have a call into customer service. I have other sunbrella furniture in same area nd it’s in grey shape. Not left out in weather. This occurred very quickly, within a few weeks and is getting worse. The fabric looks durable. Was told I,could only wash it in a large industrial machine. Not sure I would have bought it knowing this.Slipcover will be hard to remove and put back on. Waiting for service.

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