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Floyd Reviews

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Floyd is an innovative furniture brand that started with a vision to make modern design feel more at home with quality materials, simple modularity and ease of assembly for a price point that can be a bit higher than average. Over the recent years, they have expanded from just one product to a wider range of design-focused furniture (such as sofas, tables, and bed frames). Most customers have good things to say, but there are some that reported assembly, delivery, and customer service issues.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

Price: $185-$3825+

Return Policy: 30 Days - Most Items

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Floyd Specifics

Floyd is revolutionizing the furniture space with their modern, mid-century, and sometimes minimalist designs with quality craftsmanship and easy assembly. They started with the goal of crafting timeless pieces that grow with you without sacrificing quality, all while keeping prices competitive for all of us.

In terms of customer sentiment and experiences, they have a wealth of positive shopper experiences and sentiment. Rare complaints mostly mentioned delivery problems, but customers reported good experiences with mishaps being taken care of by Floyd's customer service team.

Material Quality

Floyd's wooden products offer real wood with birch, pine, and walnut used depending on the product. Some of their products also use FSC® certified woods (which are sourced from responsibly managed forests). While they do use plywood in some places, their rigorous product stress tests and proprietary honeycomb design for their wood core are reasons to feel good about the longevity of these pieces. When it comes to upholstering, they don't use chemical flame retardants and are in compliance for regulatory standards for off-gassing, with CertiPUR-US® foams used in their mattress. They are also extremely transparent about their ingredients, which we love.

Floyd's Top Picks

When it comes to Floyd's top finds, there are a few requests that customers can't get enough of. We'll go through the top picks and talk about the ins and outs of Floyd's offerings.

#1 Beds & Bed Frames

With a sleek and minimalist design, it's no wonder that the top pick for Floyd shoppers is their modular platform bed. With customizations including different colors, an optional headboard, and even underbed storage, shoppers have had good things to say about the modern look and quality of the Floyd platform bed.

The pros: Beautifully designed, modular bed made from sturdy materials.

The cons: Though not common, some delivery complaints.

#2 Sofas

With the same durability and thoughtful craftsmanship that made shoppers love their bed, Floyd has created a sleek and modular sofa. The Floyd Sofa comes in 5 different colors with configuration options including 2 seats, 3 seats, or a 3 seat couch with chaise. Upholstered in a stain-resistant, pet friendly fabric, customers appreciate how easy to assemble (and take apart for moving) the Floyd Sofa is. The Floyd Sofa's cushions are firm yet comfortable, and don't slide or slip around. Although customers love the easy delivery and set up of this 'sofa-in-a-box', there are some who experienced some delivery issues.

The pros: Easy, comfy, and durable sofa with clean lines and great customization options.

The cons: Occasionally, shoppers have mentioned some delivery concerns.

#3 Storage

Another popular find are Floyd's storage pieces, which includes a modular shelving system that can be customized and a media console/tv stand. Made of wood and steel, Floyd's storage pieces come in a few different color options and interconnect with optional expansion units and cabinet add-ons -- customers can truly personalize their storage piece to fit their spaces. Overall, customers love the sleek design of Floyd's storage and shelving pieces, although some customers do note that not all shelves are tall enough to store certain items like records.

The pros: Sleek and versatile shelving and storage pieces that can be tailored to your specific needs.

The cons: Height of shelving pieces differ (you can double check the dimensions to make sure they work for you).

#4 Tables

Fans of Floyd's well-crafted pieces and minimalistic designs can get excited about their collection of tables. Floyd carries modern, rectangular and round tables that can be used as a dining table or desk, side tables, coffee tables, and standing desks. Made of wood and steel, Floyd's tables provide the perfect combination of beautiful design and functionality. Easily assembled and durable, shoppers have been raving about Floyd's collection of tables. In some cases, issues with delivery were mentioned, however, Floyd's customer service team was able to help fix these issues.

The pros: Modern collection of easy-to-assemble tables for different functions.

The cons: Occasional shipping issues mentioned.

#5 Bundles

The last category for top shopper picks are Floyd's bundles. For shoppers who love the durability of Floyd's furniture coupled with their clean lines and modern designs, a Floyd bundle can definitely help with furnishing spaces with the added bonus of bundle price savings. When purchasing a Floyd bundle, shoppers can save anywhere from $150 to $450 while getting specific pieces for their bedroom, living room, office, or entire studio or apartment.

The pros: Cost savings on modern, durable pieces that can elevate the design and function of spaces.

The cons: While you can choose specific colors and customization options for your furniture pieces, bundle packages are not in themselves adjustable.

More From Floyd's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, Floyd offers a couple of additional products on their site, including:

- Hardware

- Outdoor Sets

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great table! XPO logistics did leave the table top leaning vertically against my door when they delivered it, though, which is so strange. fortunately I am strong because I had to like carefully push my front door open while holding the table steady so it wouldn't fall over. anyways the table is great and sturdy and easy to clean and it looks beautiful.

Fantastic Floyd

After searching and searching for a sofa that would meet my needs, be functional, not too expensive, great transitional design, and fit through my darn doorway ... I'm glad that I exercised patience and stumbled across the Floyd sofa. It was rated in the top five of one of the best Sofas in a box. The delivery was initially delayed, but I was kept abreast of the situation. Whenever my sofa arrived, the set up took less than 20 minutes and I can say that I'm extremely pleased with my sofa. Once the sofa was assembled, I discovered that there.was an issue with the side and back panels, however customer service offered a couple of options to remedy the mishap and make me happy. I can tell from the customer service that I received that Floyd really does stand behind its product and that's very important to me as a consumer. Sarah from customer service is awesome! I have already attempted to break the couch in, I've been sleeping, sitting, and just overall relaxing on my new sofa. I honestly don't have any complaints about my sofa. I wish I could give feedback on how my family an friends like my new sofa, however as of now no one is allowed to sit on it but me! LOL I'm hoping in the near future that Floyd comes out with an ottoman, that would be really sweet. Overall I'm extremely happy with my purchase and would definitely buy from the Floyd furniture company again.

It's such a pretty bed

It's such a pretty bed and I'm very pleased with how I'm sleeping! I got the queen size with a headboard in the lighter wood, and it's great. The headboard doesn't make the bed take up more space, but it does make the mattress sit a little further down the platform, which is fine for me. It was also easy to put together! I have a very small bedroom, so my only struggles putting it together were because the room is so small and I needed room on the floor to lay down to cinch the straps. For reference, I'm standing in the doorway of my bedroom for the pic... Overall I'm really happy with the bed. :)

I love my bed! It’s

I love my bed! It’s so stylish and beautiful

Best Bed yet

I just received mine an hour ago. Did a lot of research, and it was between this bed and thumb. Not only did it arrive earlier than I expected it, but it looked even better in person. Love it.

I live alone and bought

I live alone and bought the king size Floyd bed. I had to initially unbox it before bringing it to my apartment (the box is extremely heavy, so I brought it up piece by piece), but that was the hardest part. Assembly I did no problem doing by myself, and it is such a beautiful bed. It is functional, minimal, sturdy, and easy to assemble. Could not ask for more!

I had been looking far

I had been looking far and wide for a platform bed that was affordable, well made, and had a wide edge. I couldn’t be happier with the Floyd platform! I have a full so the full/Queen size allows for more space around the edge than folks with a queen, but that is exactly what I was looking for. Also, never have I had a piece of furniture that was so easy to put together. 10/10 recommend.

Beautifuly designed and constructed, and

Beautifuly designed and constructed, and simple to set up. This is the minimal bed frame of your dreams. It's awesome!

Sturdy, easy to put together

Sturdy, easy to put together and my girlfriend loves the design. We paired it with a different headboard but it’s great nonetheless!

I bought the queen platform

I bought the queen platform bed and headboard. The panels and legs were shipped in four separate boxes. Once the bed arrived, assembly was painless. Although one my panels arrived damaged, the customer service department was responsive and offered restitution.

Great Aesthetic, Couple of Flaws

Let me say first that I really do like this bed. I love the company and everything they're doing. I would give this five stars, but there are a couple of small things that were a little disappointing: 1. The edges of the wood were very rough — I almost cut my finger a couple of times. For a product this price, I would expect a better edge finish. You can hit it with some sandpaper yourself, but again, the customer shouldn't have to do that. 2. If you have a foam mattress, be aware — the legs and supports can be felt through the mattress, depending on how thick your mattress is. 3. Don't try lifting the bed to move it — the tension system holds the bed firmly in place when sitting on the floor, however, if you try to lift the bed from one of the edges, it loses a lot of its structural integrity. Try to slide it into place instead. All in all, I love it, just a coupe of small things to be aware of :)

We love it!

Beautiful, high-quality, so comfortable, and most importantly (for us) totally cat-proof! So happy we can finally have a couch that we love and that our fur baby won’t destroy.

Easy assembly, high quality, sturdy

Easy assembly, high quality, sturdy and frankly gorgeous. Looking forward to using this for years to come!

Well thought out design. Putting

Well thought out design. Putting together was an absolute breeze! At the end a very pleasing bed to look at. Money well spent. Thank you Floyed.

The support is rly why

The support is rly why I bought this bed. The tension straps seem to allow it some give when it needs and remain secure but pliable, in the good way. I move a lot and the panels seem like it’s gonna be way easy to deal with. After wasting money on new bed sets every 3 years (so it seems) I can tell the material and quality of this bed are superior, and def what you pay for. I was eyeing this bed for quite some time, looking for cheaper alternatives. It came down to nothing really comparing to the structure of this bed frame. I even looked into but just the hardware and supplying my own wood, the website gives exact measurements for doing this, and it still just wasn’t cutting it. I don’t regret my bed whatsoever.

Bed is beautiful, well-made, and

Bed is beautiful, well-made, and easy to set up!

This is the most well-made

This is the most well-made and gorgeous bed frame/platform I've ever owned/seen. Worth every penny. And so easy to put together, which I can't really say about most furniture. You can't go wrong with anything from Floyd.

Extremely satisfied!

We are very happy with the sofa! It is a good balance of comfortable and firm. It was also very straightforward to assemble. The fabric feels soft and luxurious. Would recommend to anyone interested!

Love this bed and the

Love this bed and the minimalist feel it gives my bedroom. I live in an old home and bedrooms are small. The under bed drawer and extended ledge of the bed give me plenty of space for storage. I under bed drawer does not sag and thus I was able to run the cable from the outlet, under the bed and into the drawer and charge my phone. The ledge is wide enough for me to sit my water bottle or other small items on without having to drop things on the floor. It has eliminated the need for end tables. Plus, it sits just high enough for my Roomba to clean under the bed.

Classic look and comfort

Really loving my new Floyd sofa. It's comfortable, has a great look, and was really easy to put together! I love having the flexibility to change the placement of the chaise if I need to. Self assembly was the way to go for me. All the boxes were able to fit in my old apartment building door and stair! Thank you Floyd. Your design is spot on.

WOW!!! Great Table!!!

I just purchased this table and am soooo pleased with everything about it. To start, I was thrilled with the packaging - protective, minimal and all recyclable - such a welcome switch from the sea of plastic and styrofoam that so frequently comes with everything. AND of course the table - it is solid and well-made and super easy to assemble with brilliant design. I will definitely purchase more furniture from this company! BRAVO!

perfect size for family dining

perfect size for family dining at the lake.

Very fast shipping and easy

Very fast shipping and easy instructions to put together. Can tell that the material is of higher quality as well.

We love our Floyd sofa!

We love our Floyd sofa! My 12 year old put it together in 30 min., the instructions were super easy to follow. I love how it looks in our family room. It is a sturdy beautiful sofa. It fits perfectly in its little place in the corner of the room. We love it so much we ordered the sofa with the chaise to match!

Well made and comfortable

I purchased and received my grey colored Floyd sofa with chaise this month, June 2019. It was delivered in 7 boxes and was very easy to put together. I put it together myself in about 15 minutes, but I recommend two people due to the weight of the main platform. The hardest part was carrying all the cardboard boxes to the dumpster. The sofa is comfortable and the seat cushions do not slide. The sofa has been holding up well from my cat who destroys furniture pretty quickly. I did have to scold my cat this morning when she started to use one of the side arm rest cushions as a scratching post, but it was not damaged from the one or two clawed swipes. I am very happy with my purchase.

I like how low the

I like how low the bed sits.

We love it!

Extremely, scarily easy to put together, despite coming in 8 boxes. It's very striking and looks great in our small living room, and the color is awesome! It's definitely not a deep couch, so if you're looking to sink in, this ain't it. But the cushions are firm and supportive, and we got the chaise so we could still lounge. So far, big fans!

Very pleased

Been looking for a new table to serve as PC desk for 2 years. Could never pull the trigger….until, I visited a new neighbor and noticed his table that turned out to be a Floyd and I was sold. Two days later I made the order. To my two year search, including trips to show rooms and agonizing on-line hemming and hawing took 2 years and two days.

Sturdy, well built and a

Sturdy, well built and a stylish look and feel.... In a word, "Perfect"

Love this bed frame and

Love this bed frame and so easy to put together

Form and function. This bed

Form and function. This bed looks great, but is sturdy. And, if you thought it would move or creak because it is in pieces…think again. Holds up solidly, and with he straps taut, no problem whatsoever. And, while the strap tightening looks daunting, it turned out much easier. My 18-year-old son had a blast doing that step of the “construction.” Overall, beautiful piece, and services comfortably.


Great design and comfortable

Sofa of my dreams~

This is the first piece of furniture I have ever bought 1. New and 2. Over $100.00 and I was very nervous about this purchase but so far it has lived up to all my expectations! The color: I purchased the mint color and it is a great! I was worried about spills and my dog making it dirty but the fabric is very easy to clean and my dog's hair doesn't seem to stick to it as much as my previous couch. Cushions: the cushions are incredibly comfortable! Soft yet firm enough that you aren't sore after sitting on it for long periods of time. They also don't slide or move around. Its been two weeks and I haven't once adjusted them. Putting it together: so so easy. I had another person help but I would think you could do it by yourself (except bring the boxes inside alone might be a challenge) Overall design: the couch is lower to the ground than what I had expecting but I like the height. It's easy to get up and down from. I really enjoy the chaise and yes it is worth the extra money (if you have space for it!).

Excellent office desk

Perfect size for a work from home office desk. I was very impressed with the sturdy and solid construction. It was super easy to assemble, took less then 10 minutes.

Hey all! My name is

Hey all! My name is Katie and my husband and I prioritize minimal living and sustainability. We decided that we wanted to buy one big thing new for our home and that would be a couch that we would keep FOREVER. We went with The Floyd Sofa! We searched high and low for a furniture company that prioritizes sustainability and makes items that are non-toxic and built to be kept out of landfills and we landed on Floyd. Plus, they ship their items without using plastic - the furniture pieces are all encased in cardboard! We loved this. The Sofa is gorgeous, for one, durable, and so easy to take apart/put together, as you probably already know. The one thing that could be improved is the cushions - one is a bit lumpy and they seem to have some frays at the seams. This is not a big issue, but wanted to be honest. I would highly recommend The Sofa regardless! :) I love supporting Floyd!

Quality is stellar and that

Quality is stellar and that under bed storage is a must !! Customer service is on point from beginning to end. Easy to say, I’m never buying from any other vendor EVER !!

Great Desk

While working from home during the great COVID 19 pandemic. I created an office and the first thing I ordered was my Floyd desk. Works great. Smells new.

I love this bed. The

I love this bed. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the assembly video setup wasn’t the best experience BUT other than that it’s wonderful. The materials are sturdy, I put it together by myself and I wouldn’t consider myself to be incredibly handy. I love this bed and will be purchasing the headboard soon

We are enjoying our Floyd

We are enjoying our Floyd sofa! Delivery was sooner than expected and setup was easy. We shopped for a sofa for a long time before deciding to give Floyd a try. Quality and price can’t be beat. It is well made and a great napper. If you are on the fence, take the plunge - you won’t be disappointed. Hoping Floyd designs an ottoman soon.

Literally perfect in every way

Set-up was less than ten minutes and I even did it solo. It's beautiful and a conversation piece. Now if only Floyd made chairs (just one I bought from another retailer took longer than the Floyd sofa and Floyd table combined!)

Love it

Easy to assemble, looks great and super practical

Extremely easy to put together

Extremely easy to put together and I absolutely love how it looks! Paired it with a king mattress from nectar and I seriously never want to get out of it! 10/10 definitely recommend. I’m also in college and I graduate soon so being able to take the Floyd platform bed apart quickly and transport it easily was another selling point for me!

I love the look and

I love the look and design of the bed. It’s pretty easy to set up and I liked the videos online. The only reason I didn’t put 5 stars is because one of the pieces came discolored on the end, when I contacted customer service they were very responsive and I appreciated that. I also noticed that the bed gets scratched/dented really easily. I accidentally made a scratch while I was setting it up. I was thinking of buying the Floyd table but now I’m worried that would get damaged easily too. But, the bed does look awesome and I’m overall happy with my purchase. My husband and I joke that it’s our “Instagram bed”

Love it and it looks

Love it and it looks gorgeous in my room. Incredible craftsmanship and the easiest thing you will ever put together in your life.

The best!

I bought this sofa a year ago and still love it and am planning to add the chaise. The yellow color is perfect and goes with everything, and my dog and two cats who manage to destroy everything have not caused a single bit of damage. I recently took some of the stuffing out of the side and back cushions, and pulled the cushions you sit on a little forward, and it made it way comfier to lounge on/added some helpful seat depth. I highly recommend this, it's beautiful and holds up and is so easy to clean!

Love this table! Great quality.

Love this table! Great quality.

Great comfort and quality

We bought the two seater sofa in oatmeal with the birch base to float in front of a fireplace in an open loft room. It’s actually a bit more substantial looking than I expected due to the poofiness of the cushions (and heavy when all put together!). It’s a unique aesthetic and looks great from all angles. Some reviews have noted issues with the depth of the couch; we haven’t found this to be an issue, but it’s also not the sofa that we use for watching tv. It’s more of a sit-and-chat piece for us and functions well that way. It seats two people very comfortably (including my husband who is 6’4”); the cushions are enveloping but also firm enough that you don’t actually sink into the couch. You can’t feel the wood frame of the couch at all while sitting on it. I often sit sidewise with my feet up on the couch and my back against the arm and it’s very comfortable. We have two lightly shedding dogs with dark fur and took a risk with the oatmeal fabric. It does show fur, but we have found it vacuums up easily. So far, it seems very resistant to dirty paws. And the oatmeal looks outstanding with the birch base. We’re very happy with this purchase and expect to have this couch for a very long time. Amazing quality for the price.

Sturdy Sofa - She’s a Looker

MAJOR Pros: -gorgeous materials -beautiful color - so beautiful I want to eat it -easy to assemble -made in the USA -great customer service -a timeless piece that will last a lifetime -chaise addition makes it roomy! -wood base and arms are stylish and worth the additional cost -after assembly you will have a cardboard box that will comfortably fit a 6’ man or woman plus smaller boxes MINOR Cons: -you will always have to tell your friends where you got it and explain how great Floyd is over and over and over until the end of time -seat cushions are a little narrow - as expected based on other reviews. Definitely comfy and supportive though! But if it was a little wider it would be perfect. (Floyd Folks - if you ever make a wider option can I trade this one in heh heh ;) ) . . . If you get the chaise it makes up for seat depth. -material does like hair. I shed a lot. If you have a cat it would like your cat’s hair. But it’s a VERY minor con. Lint roller and being tidy would make this a non-issue. -you do have to adjust back support pillows at times if you really snuggle into that chaise corner. But generally pillows stay in place - even with the wooden base! No sliding seat cushions. Note to Floyd : Keep making quality items! It’s refreshing to have a company care about quality. And it’s rare to find one that does it well and modestly. Bye bye Fast Furniture!

Top class furniture in every regard.

LET’S START WITH THE ASSEMBLY.. My sofa came in seven boxes and everything needed to put the sofa together was included. I didn’t need any of my own tools, screws, etc. The full assembly time (including unboxing all of the cushions, beams, etc) was under an hour, all by myself. That was a lot better than initially expected. COMFORT This couch is COZY. The cushions are very thick, plus the outer material is soft and comfortable. The cushions are also pretty wide too, which is a big upgrade from my previous couch. I’m 6’0”, 220 and able to lay across it any way I want very comfortably with room to spare. OVERALL STYLE The design is super timeless and you can’t really ask for much more. I was torn between Lunar Grey and Saffron Yellow, but they’re both perfect. This shade of grey fits in nicely with all of my decor, easy to mix and match any pillows or throws I want on it and the physical frame has a dope shape. With one of these, you won’t be looking for new sofas any time soon in the years to come.

The perfect sofa

This is the perfect sofa. Heavy duty, easy to assemble, and a pleasure to keep clean. The option of moving the chaise is amazing, and we’ve already re arranged our living room because of the ability. Thanks Floyd!

Perfect plush sofa

We love this sofa! The color is perfect and goes with all our decor. It sits two comfortably. I am even able to stretch out my legs across perfectly...For reference I am 5 ft! The assembly was slightly annoying but the pieces are all very well made...and arrived in flat packaging that was shipped out in ONE business day. We mostly sit on this sofa to play ukelele :) in a conversational nook.

Great table/desk

Love it! Perfect size and blush color is perfect - soft and really quite neutral. So easy to put together. Highly recommend! I am using it as a desk but would be a great small dining table or game/puzzle table.

Solid piece of furniture. Easy

Solid piece of furniture. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Looks stylish. Very low to the ground which is a bit annoying.

Great quality, and even better customer service!

I had a couple mishaps with damaged deliveries, but the Floyd CX team went above and beyond to ensure I eventually received a table in perfect condition. I've been using it as both a desk and a dining table for special occasions, and it's been perfect! Assembly was super fast. It does weigh a ton, so make sure you have 2 people to carry and put it together. Would definitely purchase more from them in the future!

AMAZING. That is all that

AMAZING. That is all that needs to be said. Amazing product. Amazing customer service. Amazing company.

The Floyd Bed is so

The Floyd Bed is so easy to put together, the wood is fragile so be careful, I kept the packaging so when I move it the wood will be protected. It is a great platform, very good value for the money. I like the minimal aspect.

This Sofa Might've Saved a Life (FOR REAL)

I ordered the chaise sofa in blue on July 21st under the impression it would take 4-7 weeks to arrive. The darn thing showed up (nearly) unannounced on August 4th. So, like, what? 2 weeks later!? Wow :) The delivery process is a STORY... thaaaat I'mma tell you right now: I'm a therapist working from home offering Telehealth (#Pandemic). Crazy times. I ended up having to make an emergency phone call to a client who was suicidal. Right in the middle of doing the assessment to determine whether or not to send said client to the hospital, I hear huge knocks on my door - SURPRISE - it's my couch and my UPS driver is struggling to get it out of the truck because one of the 6 boxes is heavier than two dead bodies. I guesstimate based on assumption, not experience so you can calm down, Karen. It turned out to be a really humorous moment that eased some of the tension with my client that lead to a big shift which helped them get safe. Divine timing? Maybe! Anyway, I'm 5' tall and maybe 100lbs. Even in pieces, this couch is heavy BUT, although I would not recommend doing it this way, I was able to put it together by myself within the same day. I think it's because of my kettlebell muscles but, I digress. So, if you're stubborn, impatient, and looking for a sense of "omg-I-really-can-survive-the-apocalypse," definitely build this by yourself even though your BFF Teresa offered to help you build it over the weekend! The process of building this was a little frustrating (again, you're here to prove to yourself that you can make it through the apocalypse so... you're gonna need to sweat a little, Kevin). I struggled to get some of the pins to go through the legs of the couch. I actually couldn't get one of the pins to go through more than 3/4ths of the way and just gave up because this was a long day and I was just done with it, Nancy. Done. It's our dirty little secret. Despite the one weird pin, the couch is super stable (unlike me right now) and will be fairly easy to disassemble and reassemble if I ever move into a new home. All in all, I am really happy with this purchase and I thoroughly feel like I've earned it. LOL.

Solidly built couch, easy to put together, surprisingly comfortable.

Comfort: 8/10. To be honest, I thought I would be taking a significant trade off of comfort in exchange for durability and ease with moving. However, the sofa is surprisingly comfortable, if I could change anything I would make all the cushions maybe a tiny bit thicker and, well cushier. Construction: 10/10. The base and legs are built like a tank, I have trouble coming up with a reasonable scenario for my apartment that would result in damage to either. Ease of assembly: 10/10. This thing might as well put itself together, Floyd is wasting paper by printing instructions. I'm really happy about this, as someone who expects to move 3 times in the next 2 years this is a premium feature. Design: 10/10. I personally love the way it looks and all my friends have commented on how nice it is.

Cat proof!

I’ve had this couch for about 6 weeks and it truly is cat proof. One of my cats tried to scratch it the first day, but nothing happened to the fabric and he found it wholly unsatisfying. The wood frame also discourages scratching. I love the color (lunar gray) as it’s truly neutral and doesn’t trend too green, pink or blue. The cushions stay in place and get more comfy every day. Very happy with my purchase - pricey but worth it.

Awesome table!

This is my first dining table, and it is great! I have a somewhat small dining space and this fits in perfectly. The build quality is amazing and the birch top is beautiful - this is already my new favorite piece of furniture.

Refreshing quality

It was refreshing to put this sofa together- such high quality materials and design.

A lot of seating. Great for small spaces

Look how gorgeous this looks in my SF studio apartment! Fast delivery with pick your own delivery date was amazing. Put it together myself but would have been better with a friend. So happy I spent a few bucks more for the birch. Frame is gorgeous and solid as a rock. Real lifetime quality furniture. Fabric seems great and so far has held up to the affections of two senior cats - although all they’ve done is snuggle on it. Would recommend to a friend.

I love the sofa! The

I love the sofa! The saffron color is awesome. The assembly instructions are impressive and super easy to follow. I had a bit of an issue once delivered, the box with the back panel and arm panels arrived super beat up/ripped and one of the arm panels was missing. Things happen, it’s how they are resolved that matters. Customer service (Michele to be exact) was amazing! They didn’t have any extra “new” arm panels, but sent me an interim panel (that had an issue) to use (so the two pointy supports weren’t just waiting to poke someone) while we waited for the real replacement panel. Received the replacement arm panel and could not be happier with the sofa! It is so comfortable and looks amazing in our room!

Everything good design should be!

We got the 3-seater with the chaise. It’s an incredible piece of good design and we love it and our dog too!:) It looks great, a lot of stance, is super comfy and so easy to assemble. The pillows don’t move, the fabric/colors are perfect and seems durable. It’s crazy how simple is the execution. Exceeded our expectations, Floyd did it again!


After contemplating my sanity for considering an “online couch” I purchased a Blue 3 seater with chaise. Shipping took a little longer than expected but the team at @floyd were extremely transparent and upfront with what was going on. They provided updates and responded to emails quickly which is important to me as a consumer for a business that operates primarily online. The Sofa arrived in 7 boxes that were pretty easy to manage. The main part of the frame was a tad bit heavy to move. I would recommend 2 people for that, but the rest of the boxes were a breeze. Building the sofa was extremely easy. Cleaning up/breaking down the boxes was the hardest part. The frame and build of the sofa are very sturdy. I’m 6’4 and 220lbs and me and my gf lounge on the couch with no issues, no flexes/ creaks or weird noises. I can lay comfortable across the length fo the sofa. Initially, I was a little nervous about comfortability with something designed like this, a lot of the modern and simple looking couches feel like you’re sitting on marble. This sofa is perfect! Not too soft but definitely not stiff. You won't sink in and get stuck like some blown out frat house couch but you also won't wake up after a nap needing a “backiatomy.” It’s the perfect blend of comfort and support. It has a clean design literally and aesthetically. Gone are the days of losing items to the “couch cushion abyss,” and so are the thoughts of what filth might be festering under the couch skirt. A huge deciding factor was the fact that it's small space friendly and since we don’t have a huge apartment we needed something that fit our spacial parameters. When its time to move the way the sofa is constructed I’m confident that we’ll be able to quickly disassemble to the point where we’re able to transport it ourselves. I’d say the only real con is the price, which is a little pricey but what it costs to produce a quality American made product.

Perfect for small spaces

A snap to put together and insanely comfortable. I love it in my small apartment, feels classic and modern at the same time. Great customer service and so nice to have a payment plan option.

Love it!

I'm so happy with the Floyd sofa! We purchased it with the chaise. I love that I didn't have to commit to right or left with Floyd's reversible chaise. Assembly was easy and I love that it only required one tool that can now be used as a bottle opener! The fabric is so soft but durable... Our cat has not been able to puncture it while jumping on the sofa. The cushions are firm but comfortable and seem like they will last a long time! I'm incredibly happy with the purchase!

It's perfect! Sturdy and super

It's perfect! Sturdy and super easy to assemble and dis! Plus, it looks awesome!!

Perfect for our tiny house!

We added the 2-seater sofa after searching for quite some time for additional seating for our living room. We have a tiny house, and needed something that didn't FILL our space, and actually provide a few extra seats. The FLOYD sofa was just right! It's super comfy, and it was simple to put together!

The table top texture is

The table top texture is perfect. The simple lines and easy assembly makes this dining table a must for a minimal look.

Everything worked out well -

Everything worked out well - easy delivery, easy set up, and the frame met my expectations. Would def recommend!

The Perfect Couch

TLDR: It's sturdy, looks great, was easy to build, just the right size, and seems cat & dog proof! It took me months to find the right couch for our new house. Our rooms are very small and we knew a full couch would never fit in our living room. However, all the tiny couches we saw looked flimsy. We also have two cats and a dog. We wanted to be able to let the dog on the couch without fear of her nails puncturing the fabric, and we needed a couch our cats couldn't scratch. This couch has been perfect for those needs. Our cats never even try to scratch it because the back and base are wood/metal. It's the only couch we have ever bought that they show no interest in using as a scratching post. The fabric on the pillows is thick and sturdy, and our 55lb dog has not injured it in any way jumping up and down onto it---and we've had the couch for months now. Our dog did decide that she doesn't like the arm pillows, so we just put them in the closet. The couch frame is heavy and sturdy. It hasn't budged an inch since we placed it in our living room. Our old couch was always sliding everywhere when the dog would jump up enthusiastically. We love the look of the couch. We love the size, which is perfect for a small space, even though it's too small to lay down on it. It's a comfortable sitting couch. We also love that the pieces are replaceable, just in case. I highly recommend the Floyd couch to other pet owners.

Very happy with my purchase!

Very happy with my purchase! The king-sized is large but the low profile design is unobtrusive. Also, love the headboard - so much easier and more comfortable to read in bed.

Floyd goes to Portland, ME

My Floyd sofa is just what I thought it would be, and I love it. It arrived ahead of schedule. My UPS driver delivered it to my mudroom where it had to sit till I could get a friend to help me move the old one, and set it up. Set-up was smooth, thought it is a two person job. The sofa is solid and secure, even though I know I could take it apart and move it if needed. The cushions are on the firm side, but I like that. Haven't had a chance to nap on it, but see that coming. The depth of the seat is a little shorter than I anticipated, though that may grow as the cushions soften. The height is great for my size (5'5"), and the whole profile of the sofa fits well in my smaller New England living room. The style is modern yet classic, goes well with my MCM chairs and thrifted coffee table. The color has a bit more green in it than I thought, but it goes well with the rest of the colors in my room, because it is still a neutral grey/blue/green. The price of this sofa was very good for the value of the piece. Overall I am very happy with my sofa! Recommend it to anyone who wants to step up from IKEA, doesn't have the space for a large piece, and wants something made in the US.

Perfect. Just what I wanted.

Perfect. Just what I wanted. Seems sturdy enough. Love the headboard !!!

This desk is beyond simple

This desk is beyond simple to assemble, incredibly stable, and is the perfect "work from home" desk for me!

I love my Floyd sofa!

I love my Floyd sofa! Buying it was one of the best decisions I made while moving into my new place during this crazy time. When all nine (?) boxes that contained my Floyd sofa arrived unexpectedly (I didn’t get an email with a tracking number until after my Sofa arrived), I didn’t have any help carrying the items into my apartment. And is didn’t know any of neighbors yet. I either dragged, carried, and/or unpacked each box to my apartment on the first floor. Thankfully I only needed to go up one flight of stairs, but had to go through four doorways! It was truly a “I am woman, hear me roar” empowerment experience. Especially so after I the put the sofa together by myself. It took between 3-4 hours to complete, with some breaks. I talked so much about my love for my Floyd sofa that my best friend in Seattle bought a Floyd couch for her new apartment! The same one as mine! She also recently bought the Floyd coffee table and bookcase for her living room (I’m totally envious). Additionally, my colleague told me that her sister was going to buy a Floyd couch after my colleague shared my Floyd experience with her! I’m a referral queen! Floyd is a great company and makes great furniture. My Floyd couch is very well constructed and comfortable. Five stars! I also appreciated the forethought that Floyd showed me through sending a branded water bottle to me during the 3-5 weeks I waited for sofa to be delivered. That unexpected extra attention from a company means everything. Thank you!

I love this sofa. I

I love this sofa. I probably can't say anymore about how awesome it is and how ideal was the experience of receiving it and quickly assembling it. Maybe one unique thing I can add to the reviews: the non-upholstered frame option allows this sofa to be completely UN-CAT-SCRATCHABLE!! My previous sofa was destroyed by my cats clawing it to shreds. The Floyd sofa is basically an attractive bench with cushions that aren't fixed to the frame. That said, they never fall off or scootch around, and it is so comfortable and beautiful.


size of love seat. perfect for an apartment or accessory piece in a larger room. comfortable. great color.

Actually the best

Some background for this review: Previously we had owned a Clayton Marcus couch that we got from a wholesale furniture mart in NC. Hand tied springs, wood frame, etc. It served us well until the cats took to the tweed fabric as a scratching post. However. This couch. It is as comfortable, if not more, 200% more stylish, and far easier to get around corners than that “fancy” couch. I kept the boxes in case I needed to return it but after a couple weeks, there’s no going back. This couch will stay in my life for the next several years. The seat is firm and supporting (but also cushy) and the back and side pillows give just enough to not make it feel like the couch is trying to push you off the seat (a common issue with firm couches). If you’re considering a new couch, especially in this price range, look no further. It’s worth every penny and so incredibly easy to put together. I know this couch is going to have a good long life in our home.

Bright + light !

We love our new Floyd table! It’s the perfect table for our nook. We live in a townhome in the city of Portland, Oregon and we have to make good use of our space. We love having family dinners, conversations, with morning coffee or afternoon tea.....very much looking forward to having friends over to enjoy dinner with us on our new table! Floyd was so quick and efficient from the moment we purchased. It was here within a week and super easy to assemble! Best! I would highly recommend this company and we hope to order more from them in the future.

I really love the bed

I really love the bed frame. We got the Walnut and it looks amazing. It was pretty easy to put together. My only complaint is the shipping. I had to reach out several times to get our bed shipped. It took about six weeks from when I got the email saying it would 1-3. Then when I reached out initially Floyd customer service told me I should call the shipping company, so I did, and they said they didn’t have anything. Then I emailed again saying that the shipping company said they didn’t have it and finally they handled it on their end. Also the shipping company never called me to set up a time, they just set one. That worked out fine, but the miscommunication was confusing and slightly frustrating that it fell on me to communicate with the shipping company.

Best Desk I've Ever Owned!

I was looking for something that would last a long time and wouldn't have to be replaced. This desk stood out because of the build quality and clean design. Really happy with this purchase!

It was very easy to

It was very easy to assemble. A great size as a desk and very good looking. I love it.

Great quality, super easy assembly.

Great quality, super easy assembly. 5 starts.

Great sofa!

This sofa was so easy to put together and it looks beautiful in our space. We’re using it as the main couch in our b&b and would 100% buy again

We needed a smaller table

We needed a smaller table for our dining area and are very happy we purchased the Floyd Table. The material looks and feels great and it definitely seems like it will hold up well despite us having two young kids. (We even tested the sample swatch to see if we could stain it with different foods, but everything cleaned off easily!) And the gray color looks good in various types of light. It's a versatile shade and quite easy to coordinate other items with. Overall a great purchase and great customer service from Floyd.

Saffron 2-seater sofa

I absolutely love this sofa! Hesitant at first to buy saffron color, but it looks great in my sunny solarium. It balances all of the grays/neutrals in the rest of my space really well. One of the most comfortable and cozy sofas I’ve ever sat on. Great place to read, nap, or just hang out - and I am a senior! Delivered within 4 days, easy to assemble, and very solid. Could not be happier with this purchase!

Loving them!!!!

We are in live with these couches! They transformed our living space and super-charged our family chill time. So comfy without looking dowdy or taking up too much space. Thank you!

Easy to assemble + gorgeous

Easy to assemble + gorgeous

I’m a full time artist

I’m a full time artist and I use this as my desk. I love how big it is and it’s the perfect height.

Beyond expectations

My husband and I had been looking for an apartment-sized sofa for our "sitting room". We live in a bungalow and wanted our 12x12 foot dining area to be comfy and sort of have a coffee shop feel. Everything we had looked at (and I looked a LOT) was too big and bulky, or felt so cheaply made that I was concerned about how long it would last. I was hesitant to buy a purchase this big without doing a "sit test" but the free shipping and 30-day guarantee assured me to go ahead. I cannot say enough about how happy we are with our new sofa! It arrived much earlier than the initial expected delivery date, was a snap to put together, and exceeds our expectations in every way. I love that the cushions and pillows are removable, making it big and comfy and adjustable enough for a nap if you want. It is sturdy, heavy, and solid. The cushions are a bit on the firmer side, but not rock-hard or squared off like some sofas I tried. There's something about the rounded edges of the cushions that makes them feel less like you are sitting on a slab of foam and more comfortable and relax-y. If you like a really squishy broken-in feel, this isn't it. Great job Floyd!!! Please keep making more furniture and home accessories. PS: we also appreciate that this is made in Detroit!

Buy it!

After realizing I was unable to bring my West Elm sofa with me to my new apartment due to its cumbersome size, I went on the hunt for a new sofa that would be able to move with me through the years. I was nervous about the cost, but the marketing of Floyd as a luxury Ikea brand, with modular components and easily construct ability drew me in- and I did not leave disappointed! I purchased the 3-seater + chaise in Ocean Dive. The packaging was immaculate, clearly designed with care. I was able to assemble it in a half hour with the help of a friend, although it could easily have been done alone (keep in mind the larger components are on the heavier side). The fabric is great. The Ocean Dive color is true to the photos online, a grey toned blue, and is super soft and smooth to the touch. The cushions are plush, and don't shift around whatsoever. Trust me, this couch is worth the money, especially as it is priced to similar sized sofas on the market.


I’m using this sofa as a quiet corner/conversation area. It’s not my primary relaxing spot where I watch movies.. I find the sofa to be extremely comfortable. The seat and back are supported really well by the frame and the cushions are soft yet hearty. I got yellow and I really really like it. It’s so deep and vibrant. If you are thinking about yellow, go for it bc it’s lovely. Assembly took a minute but was doable with some patience and a friend. Overall as time passes I enjoy it more and more. Very practical, cute, modern and comfortable.

Looks pretty good, but took

Looks pretty good, but took some time to figure out the straps under the platform. I thought the wood would of been higher quality and solid. If it were, then it would probably be too heavy though. The wood is basically many many sheets glued and pressed together instead of a solid plank cut from one piece. That being said the wood and top sheet/layer is soft and can scratch easily. Maybe the walnut finish would of been better? Once the bed is put together, the pieces can shift and I’ve had to slap them back in place after making the bed in the morning. Even though the straps are as tight as I can muscle it taut. I also need to put something between our Casper mattress and the bed- so the bed doesn’t slide around when we’re playing around.

I love the Floyd table!

I love the Floyd table! It's the perfect dining table and work space for my small studio apartment. The pink top is subtle and beautiful when the sun hits it. It is heavy and feels really sturdy. This table is awesome!

Like the color

Like the color

Very good looking sofa

I really enjoy the sofa. Still breaking it in

Love this sofa, better than

Love this sofa, better than I expected. It’s a little larger than I thought but fits perfectly as a mid-sized couch. So comfortable and overall just a great looking couch.

Floyd 3-Seater Sofa Pros: The

Floyd 3-Seater Sofa Pros: The birch frame + vibrant saffron cushions are a stunning combination! An unexpected benefit of the Floyd sofa is that it holds up well to flooding. Our refrigerator hose ripped and several inches of gushing water from the ice maker filled our first floor. Wet vac, fridge repair, mop cleaning, industrial fans and a simple wiping of the Floyd sofa legs and it's like it never happened. Hope I get the option to post pics. Our cat isn't tempted to rip the upholstery to shreds - that's a huge selling point! Up until Floyd, our cat destroyed all our upholstered furniture, despite having plenty of scratching posts. It's been months and our cat is still behaving and our Floyd sofa is intact - success!!! Floyd Sofa Cons: Some taller people or those with joint issues may take issue with the seat height.

Great sofa: solid build, easy assembly, simple purchasing process

I purchased the Sofa + Chaise and am pretty happy with it so far. Ordering, shipping and assembly were all very easy. I appreciated how easy the purchase process was. I'm no interior design expert and don't have experience purchasing furniture so I was looking to buy from a company known for its quality, modularity and simplicity. I trusted Floyd as I've owned the Bed for a few years. Floyd checks all those boxes and my living room looks great. The furniture is built solidly and the assembly instructions were easy to follow. I was able to put it together by myself in about an hour. The price was initially hard to swallow and I'd splurge on more Floyd furniture if the prices were a bit more palatable. The Sofa is a great value and I'm happy with my purchase

Easy to put together and

Easy to put together and love the simple, modern look. Shipping was also super fast! This is my second Floyd bed and would definitely recommend.

This table is the perfect

This table is the perfect quarantine desk/puzzle & game table. It has made working from home so much easier - so happy I purchased it. Assembly was easy and I love the clean design. It is sturdy - no complaints!

Beautiful design and simple to

Beautiful design and simple to put together!

Beautiful table, great size. I

Beautiful table, great size. I get pencil marks on it and it rubs right off. Really easy to put together.

Simple, sleek, and clearly something

Simple, sleek, and clearly something that will last quite a while. Buy this table now!

Beautiful table, better customer support

Our table arrived on time which was great. When we got it there were finishing issues along the top that were quite obvious. Floyd customer service was wonderful, they sent us a replacement and the return of our old top was incredibly simple. 5/5 for the service. There are a couple small finishing issues in our replacement top, but since they're minor... we're ok with it. For the price, I did expect it to quality to be perfect, and I hate to be nit-picky, but this was not an idle purchase for us. Overall though, I love this table and am still happy to have purchased it.

We have a dining room

We have a dining room / family room combo that doesn't really have enough space to be both at the same time. This table is perfect, because: 1) we can easily flatten and store it away when we aren't using it 2) we wanted an actual dining table, not something that looks temporary (like a regular folding table), and 3) it's beautiful and solid In fact, I bought two -- when we have guests over, we can put them together. It is much more versatile than our old extendable dining table we replaced. We can keep one table in the dining area and keep the other in a different room and use it as a project table or desk (which is something we also needed). Because we typically eat at our kitchen counter, I expected to store away the table that goes in the dining/family room most of the time, but it's so cool, I've kept it out. I highly recommend this table.


Love this sofa and the fabric color. Four boxes arrived with all parts neatly packed and protected. It was easy to assemble. (approximately 45 min) Cushions on side and back are a little softer than seat but seem to keep their shape so the couch remains to look neat. Well thought out design to ensure the seating cushions stay in place. Seat cushions are firm, comfortable. Still breaking it in.

Perfect WFH desk

I purchased this as I did not have a good desk for working from home. Its the perfect height for a desk and like other Floyd products is well made, sleek and multifunctional. My work from home setup is now better than any office setup I've ever had!

simple and attractive. A bit

simple and attractive. A bit narrow, but my room is small so it works.

Next day shipping on a sofa? Unheard of.

When we ordered the sofa on a Sunday night, we were so excited to have it on the way to us in the next few days. To our amazement, the sofa arrived to our home in Brooklyn the very next day. The delivery service was cordial and efficient, and the sofa was easy to assemble. It's a well manufactured and comfortable product with the customer support to match. We love it!


I looked at this table for a year and I wish I would have bought it a year ago. Everything about the experience was incredible - it was even fun unpacking it (A+ for the Earth-friendly packaging!) and securing the legs. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship is fantastic and it is the perfect size for a dining nook (ours is 8X12). Now to find some chairs!!

Exactly the desk I was looking for.

I ordered a few other desks (some double the price of this Floyd desk), and returned them because they just weren't right for me. I must say it took literally 90 seconds to assemble this table. It's extremely sturdy, and looks great. I'm super happy with it!!

Great quality, solid build, exceptional

Great quality, solid build, exceptional design, especially for the price

Best Decision!

The couch is a dream, was put together in 15 minutes and is perfect for my pup and I!

I’m living in North Carolina

I’m living in North Carolina in my first apartment and this is such a great bed. It was so easy to assemble and it really adds to the look of my room. Definitely worth the money!

All around 5 star brand!

When my wife and I moved, we were committed to buying furniture that would last and furniture that wouldn’t make us tear our hair out assembling. We put our Floyd bed and table together in MINUTES! My father-in-law was formerly in construction and was very impressed with the furniture. He bought us our Floyd couch and is looking refurnish his home in all Floyd!

A few of the supports

A few of the supports were a little too small/narrow for the planks, so it made assembly a little more difficult. Otherwise it was great!

Comfy, sturdy, high quality, genius sofa

This sofa is highly intellegent and the build quality is exceptional. It’s very sturdy after set up. The pillows and fabric materials are highly comfortable. And the fact that at any time I can pack it up and move it from one apartment to the next is incredible! I moved a sectional once it was a nightmare this product is ingenious. If you’re considering purchasing do yourself the favor.

The Floyd table is beautiful

The Floyd table is beautiful as a desk! It was super easy to put it together (I did it mostly by myself) and it gives me a ton of space to do work + also paint when I can. Very sturdy - couldn’t recommend enough!

The sofa is fantastic! Easy

The sofa is fantastic! Easy to put together, comfortable and we love the color!

not too big

beautiful and relatively easy to put together

The last sofa I will buy

Had this 3 seater in saffron for a about 4 months. Easy to assemble/disassemble and the cushions are excellent The birch trim upgrade is a must, here is way. With the birch trim the only fabric are the cushions. So as years go by and you want to update this sofa, simply have new cushion covers made! Such a brilliant design, with no upholstery fabric actually attached to the frame. I will probably never buy another sofa, just redo the cushions from time to time.

Recent Floyd Table Purchase

Table set up was easier than advertised and the birch top looks great in the dining room. Another great product from the Floyd design team!

Beautiful and high quality! Simple

Beautiful and high quality! Simple design makes it versatile for a variety of interior styles, and the color is just a gorgeous blush. Using it at a desk and love the size - easy to keep lots of art supplies on one side with my monitor for work on the other side.

So worth it in the

So worth it in the end! I have to admit ... the journey to my dream sofa wasn't an easy one. No fault of Floyd! I moved out of state and coordinating the delivery with UPS was less than idea. This sofa was my present to myself. That being said ... It was totally worth it! I am in LOVE. A bit trickier for me to put together than I thought - even with my 24 year-old son helping - but I think that's due to the sturdiness of a Floyd purchase. This puppy's gonna last! Comfy as can be. I even slept on it WITH my son one night and we both survived to tell the tale! It's perfect for the space, the color is amazing, and I can't wait to get some colorful pillows to adorn it. And as you can see - we're not the only ones who love it!! I couldn't be happier with my Floyd sofa! It makes me happy every time I look at it!!!


THIS! COUCH! IS! IT! My girlfriend and I finally decided to invest in a good quality couch– and man oh man, we are SO GLAD we went with Floyd. For real. I was personally so stressed re: buying a couch online. But rest assured– it is super comfy, and it's only getting comfier as we break it in. It's been about...two months or so. And with us both working from home due to COVID, it's getting a LOT of use. What I REALLY want to address is the fact that I have already spilled multiple times (I know, I know) on the couch– we got the gray color– and NO STAINS. I was so skeptical at first but after dropping a pretty good amount of notoriously-stain-causing hot sauce (oops) on the cushion and it came right up, I was DONE. Would recommend 10,000% and would buy over and over again. We plan on adding on the chaise once we get a bigger space. TLDR; really stain-resistant, super comfy, BUY THIS– YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

The best sofa ever! Quick

The best sofa ever! Quick and easy to assemble, very comfortable, sturdy, and looks absolutely beautiful. I love the mist color. Be advised - the boxes are very heavy so be sure to have someone help out! I can tell this sofa will last a long time, and I couldn’t be happier. The perfect fit for my studio apartment!


It's everything we hoped and dreamed. The color is bold, but not crazy. Great for lying down for a nap or working on your laptop. The only minor issue is the cushions have a strong smell initially that fades over a week or two.

Quality = great

Quality = great

I love this table

I've wanted the Floyd table for a very long time and for various reasons had been unable to get it. I was finally able to order and have been more than pleased with this desk. Because I work from home now, I use it daily and it meets all of my needs!

We really love this table.

We really love this table. I like the (gray) finish of the top more than I was expecting to. It wipes clean really easily (we dine with a toddler). My only complaints are with dimensions--I wish it were just a few inches wider across the short side, and a couple inches taller. It's a couple inches lower than the dining table we replaced and I find myself feeling slightly hunched over (and I'm short). But we love the style and aesthetic and it feels so sturdy and simple!

Great Sofa

Great Sofa

So easy to setup and

So easy to setup and beautifully simple!

I've been looking for a

I've been looking for a new platform bed for quite a while and finally stumbled on Floyd and their products. Finished my newest room and ordered the platform bed with the headboard and it was a breeze to set up. Delivery was communicated in advance since they used XPO Logistics to ship it to my home. The frame and quality of materials used are stellar. Props to the packaging engineers who made it easy to take out of the box and keep everything in pristine condition. The bed looks great and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality platform bed while supporting a small business from Detroit!

Absolutely love this table. The

Absolutely love this table. The birch wood is beautiful and looks great in contrast with the black metal legs. It took one minute to put together and I could not be happier. It cleans easy as I have a toddler.

Love it

The sofa is perfect. I love the color and the simplicity of the sofa.


It’s so comfortable and so stunning in our living room. Couldn’t be happier!!!

We love the look of

We love the look of the bed and it was easy to put together. The little sticky pads that they provide to put on the bottom of the legs just slid right off and left a sticky residue on the legs and floor, so they aren't doing any good. Also, I wish the cord to tighten the frame wasn't quite so long, it looks a little sloppy all in a pile under the bed.

Sleek design, easy to assemble,

Sleek design, easy to assemble, and supports my mattress wonderfully! Love the style and the ease.

I truly love this desk.

I truly love this desk. It was honestly one of the easiest pieces of furniture to assemble (less than 10 minutes). I work from home, and it has more than enough space.

This is quite possibly the

This is quite possibly the best purchase I have ever made. The Floyd Table/Desk is beautiful and really easy to put together (no tools)!

Very easy to put together

Very easy to put together and adds simplistic beauty to the room.

So easy to set up

So easy to set up and a great style.

The bed is beautiful aesthetically

The bed is beautiful aesthetically but also really well made. We absolutely love it!

Solid, beautiful, functional and a breeze to put together

I got the fog/white combo and I love it. It serves as dining table and desk. It arrived super fast and it took me less than 10 minutes to put together. I stained it with eye pencil the next day and the Floyd team recommended magic eraser which worked immediately. Very happy with my purchase. Hopefully I will not have to buy another table ... ever:)

At first we were a

At first we were a little frustrated because they sent us the wrong base and sent our base to someone else. And then it took a couple weeks for us to receive the correct base. But they refunded us the shipping for the ordeal. I must say though, we absolutely love this couch! Super comfortable and the perfect size for our small living space. We have gotten a lot of compliments! We ordered the coffee table later and love that too :)

Great design and sofa shopping experience!

I loved my experience with Floyd! I shopped so many sofas and couldn’t find anything I liked better than the chic and cozy design of the Floyd sofa. I ordered the fabric swatches and put them through everything to see how the fabric would hold up against muddy paws and red wine spills. I was a little hesitant to purchase a sofa without seeing and sitting on it first but the customer service team was very responsive to any questions I had through the online chat feature and quelled my fears. Once I decided on the color and ordered, it shipped so fast and was super easy to put together. The instructions are great and the packaging of materials is very intentional. After a few months of breaking it in with parties and puppy snugs, I’m really happy with how comfortable it is and how it holds up to everyday wear and tear. Can’t wait to see what Floyd comes out with next!

Worth the wait

I waited for this sofa for a long time. I had it on preorder, then ended up canceling it, but then kept going back to it. I delayed buying a couch for my apartment almost for a year - I wasn't sure if I was going to stay in this location. I finally bit the bullet and got the couch and I'm so glad I did. My apartment has gone up in comfort and style. So nice.

Simple, beautiful and efficient

Simple, beautiful and efficient

So comfortable!

Very sturdy despite being a cinch to assemble. And I’m terrible at assembling things! Friends can’t say enough good things about the color. And it is so, so soft! I’m very pleased with my purchase.

I love the design

I love the design


Beautiful color! We love it!!

Clean, Minimalist Look

I ordered the 3-cushion Mist sofa. I love it, as do my guests. The color is a neutral, soft green. The cushions are zippered if I want to remove for cleaning. This sofa is sturdy and well designed. It takes a little time to break-in the cushions, so during evening I remove the middle cushion to lay on my back and read...this lends extra room for my arm to comfortably hold books. I am a senior female and I put this together alone, but most people will appreciate an assistant. The only improvement I could suggest is by making it 2 inches deeper; but I love it regardless. I am especially happy to buy an American-made sofa helping Detroit! There are zero defects in this sofa. Thank you Detroit! From Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

We love it! The under

We love it! The under bed storage is amazing and a great place to stash extra baby things and nursing supplies (we have a newborn).

So comfy

Wow, here is me enjoying my sofa after a long day! It is great- a bit too cushy at first but the pillows should calm down soon.

Beautiful desk! Looks light and

Beautiful desk! Looks light and airy but is very strong. Nice smooth surface for artwork. I loved how easy it was to assemble- with no tools! My son and I put it together in 10 minutes.

Excellent customer service and table

Excellent customer service and table looks amazing

Really like this table. For

Really like this table. For me it's doubling as a work from home desk and all around utility table in my apartment. Great quality and looks really sharp.

We got this as our

We got this as our first real kitchen table and are absolutely obsessed. It’s sleek, durable and just the right size for our small family and guests someday (post covid)!

So great I had to buy another...

We bought one table and liked it so much, we bought another for another room. Pictures do not do it justice... it is pretty darn heavy, extremely sturdy, and very well made. Very happy with our purchase(s)!

Really couldn't be happier with

Really couldn't be happier with this couch. It's incredibly comfortable (the cushions are fluffy and smooth), looks great and was very easy to assemble. If you live in a walk-up building, I'd suggest finding a friend to help you carry the larger box (which contains the base) up the stairs.

Great table

The table is incredibly sturdy and well built!

Amazing sofa

You won't be disappointed with the Floyd sofa. Ease of Setup: 10/10 It's not frustrating to set up the Floyd sofa. It comes with all of the tools that you need, and it will come together in 20 minutes. It's possible to put it together as one person, although two people would make it easier. Build quality: 10/10 It feels high quality. I was worried about spending this much on a sofa, but it gives me confidence that it will last. Color: 10/10 I wanted a yellow sofa, and I got a yellow sofa. It's a delightful yellow. Comfort: 10/10 I purchased the birch version of the sofa. You can't feel the birch through the thick, comfortable pillows. I was also worried I might bump my legs or arms on the wood at some point. So far, that hasn't been an issue, and it doesn't seem like it will be. I had concerns that the pillows might slide off of the wood board, since they just rest on it. But there's a fabric underneath that adds enough friction so that the pillows don't slide at all. Customer support: 10/10 UPS had an issue delivering my sofa, and I only received 3 of the 4 pieces. For whatever reason, UPS accidentally returned the 4th piece instead of delivering it to me. Floyd's customer service was incredibly quick to resolve the situation, and they had shipped a new piece to me within a few short days. Working with Floyd's customer support was one of the best parts of the buying whole experience!

Love this table!

It’s so pretty!! Very easy to assemble, perfect for dining and desk in my studio

Pet Lover's Dream

I've had my sofa for several months now and love it because it's beautiful, comfortable and practical! I have 3 indoor cats and 1 dog, who are all couch potatoes, and they also love relaxing on the Floyd sofa. It's so easy to spot clean the upholstery, then vacuum up their fur. IMPORTANT: my cats can't scratch the fabric because the weave it too tight!!! It is so hard to find upholstery that cats can't scratch. I purchased the birch base sofa so I wouldn't have to worry about my cats scratching the upholstered base; however, I think the upholstered base would withstand their claws since it's the same fabric as the cushions. Thank you so much Floyd for making a beautiful, pet friendly product!!!

Great bed!

We love our Floyd bed! We purchased the bed, headboard, and underbed storage, and they are all excellent! We started sleeping so much better the first night we were on it, and as I am a little late in writing this review, can attest that we have only continued to enjoy everything as the months have passed. Thank you so much Floyd!

I absolutely love this table!

I absolutely love this table! I purchased this desk right as the WFH policy began and I am so glad I did! It arrived quicker than I imagined and was very easy to put together. Though it's heavy (carrying it up two flights of stairs was tricky...) it's sturdy and will withstand a lifetime of use! The surface is a nice, smooth texture that makes it easy to wipe down and clean. The gray is a great neutral-- looking almost green in some light. I'm so glad I purchased it and can't wait to save up for my next Floyd purchase.

So I've owned this bed

So I've owned this bed frame for about a month or so and I have no qualms -- solid construction, easy setup, beautiful wood and a simple aesthetic. Only minor nit is that if you don't have the FLOYD mattress (has some underside rubber) your mattress is going to slide and you'll nee to find the right rubber to provide the anti-movement you desire. It'd be nice if FLOYD had a how-to/setup/suggestions box for that, or offered a solution.

I am a fan. The

I am a fan. The couch was quite easy to put together, and is very comfortable and sturdy. And of course, looks great! I would like to also give some bonus points for customer service, as I had received a mismatched colored piece, and Floyd was quick to respond and send out the correct color, as well as schedule for the pickup of the mismatched piece.

Expectations vs experience

There are many reasons to love this table. It’s dimensions, it’s weight and aesthetic. I picked up the green, in no way am I disappointed with the color. I am how ever bothered that there are a handful of small details that combined leave me questioning my purchase. The linoleum cleans well and the matte is a pleasing finish, but came with a small indent/imperfection and it’s rough around the corner edging. The long side of the table seems to have damage from a router and is not smooth, it is at an angle so it is not noticeable from sight but touch. The legs are sturdy and the powered coating is thorough but there are some burrs that I think should have been knocked down. Overall I like this table in theory. But some Finishing details are needing attention.

This sofa is everything I

This sofa is everything I was looking for: stylish and a fun pop of color in my apartment. The cushions are comfortable and don’t slip. The overall construction is sturdy and clearly built to last. The fact that my next move will be infinitely easier without having to Friends-style “pivot” down a staircase is a big plus!

Great starter couch!

So easy to put together, love the fabric - soft and a great color. I just wish the back and side cushions looked a little neater - they almost seem a little too big for the couch, but will probably squish down and fit better after a couple months of use - but it really is SO comfy that I can't complain. The bottom cushions are firm enough where you don't feel like you are drowning or sinking into the couch but you still get enough support, and the back and side cushions are plush enough that you can really lounge/nap. Definitely going to be ordering the chaise add-on soon, but I figured I'd let my bank account recover a bit from the whole "first real furnished apartment" hit it took this past month. Also, you can't beat that Floyd makes everything in the US.

We purchased the table/desk due

We purchased the table/desk due to a much needed work from home set up that would work for two people in a small Brooklyn apartment. We are super happy with it and can tell it’s made with high quality. The actual size is perfect for two people to work with laptops + an additional monitor when needed! We’ll see how it works with more people eating once that’s safe!

We love our new dining

We love our new dining table. Purchased for a small breakfast room, it’s the perfect size. It was the most well packed item of furniture that I have ever ordered. Arrived very quickly. Was a breeze to put together.

Awesome table

Looks exactly like pictures. Easiest piece of furniture I have ever had to put together.

So comfortable!

Knowing that it is stain resistant has given us peace of mind when we have guests over. Major red wine drinkers. It is so comfortable! My boyfriend and I snuggle up without being crunched up, he gets the chaise, I get the rest. The only thing is that it is very static. Wearing jeans on this will have you shocking everyone. But it is soft and comfortable and the cushions barely even move! Goes well in our place!

Amazing! Sleek and easy to

Amazing! Sleek and easy to put together. Will have it for a long time!

We love our Floyd Sofa!

As a young family with two little boys, the durability and stain resistance were the most important features of this couch. After having the couch for about two months, I can proudly say that it’s been such an awesome addition to our home furniture. It’s a great place to nap and binge Netflix!

great. Easy install

great. Easy install

Low profile. Easy assembly. Rad

Low profile. Easy assembly. Rad looking. Can take/change with wherever we go in life.

Like a dream

Gorgeous color, comfy, perfect size, mid cent modern, high quality parts, easy to take apart to move, easy assembly. I find myself dreaming of being home just so I can lay on this couch. I am 5"2 and this baby is the perfect size to lean into and put my head on the back of or on the side pillows. My husband is 6"5 and says the back is too low for him to use like idol but he also loves it. It's the perfect depth so you can actually sit in it and have your feet on the ground. Perfect, I only wish they made a singular chaise lounge, or an accent chair abd ottoman to furnish the rest of our space.


i did a local tour of furniture stores looking for something w/ a nice design, made w/ less chemicals, wouldn't end up on the curbside in a few years, not cheap, but not designer expensive...i went to all the stores. they were all boring shapes or overpriced or those big plywood sectionals that take up an entire room. couldn't find anything. disappointed in all of the warehouses full of wasteful furniture. i'm trying to be better about buying for longevity. then i went down the rabbit hole of online searching and reading reviews and youtube and interior blogs... i found FLOYD. love the ethos, brand, detroit!, look, vibes. everything. for some reason my swatches never showed up, but I bought a 2-seater anyway. it's beautifully made. super soft. the bottom cushions don't slide. doesn't creak or squeak. heavy. easy to put together alone if you're used to assembly and use a wall for support. lots of packaging to breakdown and recycle, but nothing damaged during shipping. the 2 seater isn't great to lie down in, due to size, but moving the pillows around or throwing one on the floor makes the seat deeper. i'd by it again in a heartbeat. i wish i knew about their bed before i purchased from a different company. i can't wait to see what else they're going to make.

Absolutely loving my Floyd platform

Absolutely loving my Floyd platform bed. Easy to assemble and move if need be and feels like the perfect height to keep me grounded while I sleep. Highly recommend this bed frame for anyone looking for a lifelong investment.

Beautifully designed and sturdy! This

Beautifully designed and sturdy! This is the perfect desk I could hope for! There was a minor scratch on the table top when I received it and Floyd sent an exchange without hesitation. Such an amazing company!

Very high quality product that

Very high quality product that is functional, attractive and easy to assemble. Very smart design.

Great looking piece of furniture

Currently using in the pantry and it was super simple to assemble. Very sturdy and attractive

I love the modern, minimalist

I love the modern, minimalist & clean look. It's the perfect platform bedframe and brings perfect contrast to our hardwood floors. It was easy to set up. The best thing about it is knowing if I have to move,taking it apart and assembly will be the least of my worries.

This took two people less

This took two people less than 30 minutes to haul upstairs and put together. Couch is incredibly sturdy and well-made, and has already improved my apartment. I was a bit worried about getting the saffron yellow, but it makes the place look bright and cheerful. Also, the tool doubling as a bottle opener is indicative of Floyd's thoughtful designs- you'll never loose this tool because it will live in your utensil drawer, meaning you'll find it when its time to move out.


Our first furniture purchase for our first grownup apartment! Beautiful, very sturdy, and incredibly simple assembly. Doesn't wobble or flex a bit even when you try to lean on or jiggle it, unlike a cheaply-built table. It only took my partner two minutes to put it together. Looking forward to adding more Floyd pieces to our new home.

The sofa and customer service are excellent.

I purchased the sofa and there were some hick-ups. But the customer service (Sara) went above and beyond to work with me to create a good experience through and through. The sofa has been a great purchase so far. Things that stand out: - I bought the 3-seater with chaise and it is very comfortable. I find I can sit or lie down on it and read for a long time without feeling uncomfortable - As promised the cushions stay in place - The footprint of the sofa feels lighter than most other sofas of this size, since it is an open design. This is great for smaller apartments like mine - Built quality is great. Installation is easy and the materials used feel solid This sofa is a winner!

Three-Seater + Chaise

I ordered Saffron and Mist swatches several months ago and immediately fell in love with the colors and texture of the fabric, but my priority was durability. I tested the fabric with spilled wine, as well as by rubbing and stretching it as much as I could, and it withstood my abuse with no marks to be seen. Perfect. I decided to order an upholstered Saffron Three-Seater + Chaise because I wanted my sofa more sofa-looking and not so bench-like, if that makes sense. My order arrived unexpectedly fast and set up took me only 35 minutes. It is a solid sofa and quite heavy once assembled. The cushions are firm, comfortable, and depth is just right for me. I was slightly worried about the gaps between cushions but their fullness make that a non issue. My friends and family are huge fans of the design and color as well, and I’m looking forward to a long time of use, though I do feel a little pang of regret at not choosing the birch version because, now that I can envision it from seeing the upholstered style with my very own eyes, birch appears that much more beautiful in photos.

We Love Our FLOYD Bed!

We absolutely love our FLOYD Bed. I read a lot of reviews about it before we decided to go with this bed and I'm so happy we did. Its low to the ground with a very modern and sleek look. I think this is the EASIEST piece of furniture I've put together ever. The longest part was unboxing, but everything came carefully packaged. If you purchase the underbed storage, those supports will actually be used as the side supports instead of using the ones that come with the framework. We've had our bed for about a month now and I could not be happier. It is quality material that is easy to put together, take apart and move. We are very happy with this purchase.

I knew going into my

I knew going into my new apartment, I had to have my dream bed! I had my eyes on it for years. I love the height and overall look of the Floyd bed. Easy assembly, and most of all..doesn't take up too much space..even though I have a Queen in a studio. Best investment!

Looks beautiful, bed frame came

Looks beautiful, bed frame came in several packages (but arrived together). Easy to figure out how to piece together. Only thing that bothered me was the sides of the panels (both platform pieces and headboard) was unfinished for how much this bed frame cost, and small slivers splintered off and did get a few splinters. Thought the whole piece wouldve been sanded smoothly and sealed, and i eventually had to sand each piece to stop worrying about gettin a splinter everytime I accidentally brushed against it. Overall shipping communications went very smoothly (impressive during covid era) and I love my frame after everything was put together.

I love this bed, it

I love this bed, it is the perfect size, height, and style for my new bedroom. The only reason for my 4/5 star rating is that the bed was shipped to me without the ratchet straps that are necessary for keeping the panels of the bed together. After waiting 5 weeks for my bed to arrive I was really disappointed that I wasn't able to assemble it on the same night that it arrived. Floyd was quick to respond to my customer service inquiry and they sent me the ratchet straps three days later, but for the price I paid I think more care should have been taken in assembling and shipping this bed. After experiencing another shipping mishap with a separate Floyd product (the bottom panel of my Floyd Sofa was broken during shipping and is unusable, and two weeks later I am still waiting for my replacement panel), I am noticing a pattern that Floyd still has a lot of work to do on their shipping process.

Great Product & Great Service

My frame arrived and was beautiful and solid! The shipping company ( Not Floyd) didn’t ship my headboard but Michelle with the Customer Service team was so helpful and quickly resolved the issue! I will be ordering from FLOYD again!


What’s better than having a couple boxes show up to your house and have a couch fully assembled within a matter of minutes?! Love the high quality and the way it works perfectly in our space.

I love my Floyd bed

I love my Floyd bed with the headboard! I love the look of the wood - I have the lighter wood bed with the white legs. The bed is very sturdy and doesn’t move when I toss and turn. I can absolutely see myself keeping this bed from move to move!

Perfect in every way

I love my new table! I bought it just before moving, so I had to wait a few weeks to unpack it. The table is a breeze to put together and fits perfectly in my new space. It is big enough for all four kids to come to dinner, but it isn’t a space hog. Its design is perfect for a smaller space with great seating.

Love the Floyd Bed

The Bed is perfect for sleeping and the design with the headboard is amazing! I suggest this bed frame for people seeking a clean design with style. The support is strong and easy to assemble and also move if interested.

It’s a beautiful bed that

It’s a beautiful bed that can be styled in a variety of ways!

it's great!

it's great!

Clean, easy to set up, high quality

The Floyd table is amazing! Super east to set up, extremely high quality materials, and looks trendy/classy.

Beautiful table, easy to assemble,

Beautiful table, easy to assemble, arrived quickly and I will own this forever! Thank you Floyd.

Love it! The color feels

Love it! The color feels a little different than I expected based off of the online photos, but I still love it and it's an amazing bed! So easy to put together.

Well first off, it looks

Well first off, it looks great. It makes the room feel fresh and new. Second, it’s far superior to a box spring or a frame with slats. It improved my sleep immediately. I felt a difference the first morning. Oh, and it’s so damn easy to put together. It’ll be piece of cake to take apart if I ever move or need to do deep cleaning. Thank you guys for making such great products!

Beautiful and sturdy! This is

Beautiful and sturdy! This is exactly perfect for the space. It arrived quickly and assembled even quicker.

Very sturdy and high quality.

Very sturdy and high quality. Love the design!


Solid, affordable and great packaging

Love the upgrades from the first desk version

I own version one of the desk. This one is a bit larger and better edge construction. Perfect desk.

Beautiful and minimal. The extended

Beautiful and minimal. The extended sides act as an extra table.

Sturdy platform that looks great

Sturdy platform that looks great in Walnut! Mattress feels great compared to the old slatted bed frame it had been on.

Great table!!

I really like my new table it was so easy to assemble. It is really a nice piece of furniture.

It’s absolutely gorgeous and exactly

It’s absolutely gorgeous and exactly what we were looking for! Very sleek and low but easy to get out of. Quality of the Wood is amazing and the mattress was surprisingly awesome- even though I had read a bunch of reviews before buying was skeptical about the mattress. No need to be, super comfortable and great amount of support!

Loved it!

Very easy to assemble, sturdy and well made.

I approve of the bed

I approve of the bed very much. I put it together myself but once i added the under storage and head board i did need to purchase easier ratchet clamps. It’s sleek and the coolest bed i’ve ever had.

This Table Rocks!

We love our new Floyd table. It was so easy to put together, super stable and goes great with our home’s decor. It is the perfect size for our home and small family. We also loved how customizable the table was giving you the option to stand out amongst the generic furniture out there. We will definitely be buying from Floyd in the future. -Cliff, NYC

Table =Awesome (pre-rated survey is super pathetic)

The table is awesome - definitely a 5, but the fact that 5 stars was already filled out led to a drop in rating to 4.

I used the 3 weeks

I used the 3 weeks it took to get the table wondering if it made sense to spend that much on a table. It was my first “adult” piece of furniture. The assembly was super fast and easy. Once I stood it up I knew I had made the right decision. It looks great, is a super solid, and I’m sure I’ll have it for years, probably for the rest of my life.

Nice (F-a-B-o lous Voice)

Been looking at purchasing this table for awhile. Easy set up. Very stylish. Very happy with the product and color selection.

Floyd on Cape Cod!

Built it myself with a little cleverness but it is possible. It looks beautiful even when unmade! Careful of your shins :)

easy to set up, looks

easy to set up, looks classy and gorgeous !!

I love the look and

I love the look and the ease of transporting if need arises.

This platform bed is great

This platform bed is great looking, and i love it's height off the ground. Assembly is also very easy once you figure it out. But one thing I will note is that my mattress tends to slide around a bit due to the platforms smooth surface. Nothing is perfect but this comes really close.

The platform bed and headboard

The platform bed and headboard is a great design. Set up was easy and quick. The clean design is great, the platform is solid and the straps are a great design to maintain the structure. I was worried about boards moving but that doesn’t happen. It was worth the wait (took a long time to arrive and there were bumps with customer service) but it was worth the wait. Floyd is a small company so it is good to support them, hopefully as they figure things out their ideas on customer service will catch up with the great design.

This is a really nice

This is a really nice bed. Simple and fairly easy to put together. You definitely need two people for the setup. I like the style and the comfort of a low bed. My order was delayed by one carrier, so it took almost a month for my shipment to arrive. I will say that Floyd has excellent customer service. They were attentive and very open to helping with shipment issues and the setup process. I would order from them again. P.S. Jordan was my customer rep and he is great.

We have the king platform

We have the king platform bed and headboard in walnut. Such a simple, pretty piece of furniture. Setup couldn’t be easier.

Beautiful, sturdy, and spacious! I'm

Beautiful, sturdy, and spacious! I'm using it as a desk with 2 desktops, a laptop, and plants.

Floyd Table

Arrived on time. Easy to assemble. Great, narrow table for our kitchen nook. Fits 5 of us, but could easily seat 7 or more with bench seating. After years of searching for a safe, narrow table, we are very pleased with our purchase! We were happy to purchase from a company we could trust!

Quick and easy set up

Quick and easy set up

Beautiful Minimal Design, Solid Table

I actually bought this table because I loved the Floyd bed so much. It is the same great quality. The table is sturdy and so easy to assemble. It brings a minimal, elevated look to my kitchen while also being sustainable which I love.

I bought the bed for

I bought the bed for my granddaughter and her fiancé. They love it!!!

Still happy one year in

We have had a Floyd bed for almost a year and still love it. It’s not only stylish and easy to assemble, but quiet, if you know what I mean.

Easy to put together. The

Easy to put together. The back/side pillows are a little overstuffed but hopefully they flatten a little over time as someone who's of a wider build might find it uncomfortable because of lack of seating space. The color is beautiful and easy to match with. So far, messes spilled on it have been easy to clean and dog hair seems to not stick as much. I bought this couch because I am a single woman and needed something to move easily if I have to which the break apart feature caters to. I am very happy with my purchase.

Terrible [ZERO] customer service

This was the worse customer service experience ever. The company has zero support. They said it would be 4-6 weeks to get furntiure before paying. It took 3 1/2 months. When it arrived it was dumped in my front yard with wrong pieces that can't be put together. Of course you can't call them. You have to send emails and wait. No response. I have $3,500 in worthless furniture and can'r each anyone. Terrible company.

Furniture on web site doesn't exist

I ordered a table that was in stock. We got an email that it was delivered months later but nothing came. We found out they don't even carry that table. I then saw the table was still "in stock" and "ready to ship" online but when I asked again, I was told the table was discontinued a long time ago and they don't carry it. Why is it on the web site? Why do they accept orders for items they don't even carry? Why do they claim items are delivered when they were never even shipped because they don't even carry those items?


HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE, STILL NOT RESOLVED! No customer service phone number to contact when the wrong order was sent to us. We spent thousands of dollars on a bed frame over Black Friday ( late November). It is now late January and the incorrect order is still sitting on our living room floor. Have to email with inept customer service who takes 3-5 business days to even respond. The matter could have been resolved in minutes if there was a phone number. This should be illegal business practice.


STAY AWAY !!! We ordered the bedframe online on August 1st 2023. The year is now ending and we still do not have a bed. Our receipt said that the item will be shipped within 8-9 weeks. It is now 21 weeks after the purchase and the shipping company just told us today that the item is "missing"!!! They were supposed to finally deliver it on the weekend, but they never came (after we had confirmed with them and paid for a local expert assembly company to send people to assemble the bed). They are also completely unresponsive! I also suffer from chronic low back and sciatica problems which have been exacerbated by sleeping on a mattress on the floor (getting up and down from the floor puts extra pressure on the low spine). My symptoms have been very bad recently. So in addition to a the cost of the item that we never received and is now missing, we have already paid $400 for assembly that was scheduled for the day of the "fake" delivery and we may incur further huge costs related to our health (physical therapy for my back, chiropractic sessions, and possibly even surgery; I'm seeing a surgeon next week). I will make sure that Floyd Home pays for all costs incurred. I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will pursue legal action if I don't hear back.

Sketchy Company

I purchased a bed and two night stands from this company. I needed to change the shipping address but they don't have a phone number to call and no way of altering the order once placed. Several days later, they stopped the bed but sent one night stand and only credited for the bed. Bottom line is they charged for 3 items, I returned the only one I received and can't get any response or credit. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FLOYD. They are a sketchy internet company who can't stand behind their products by providing a phone number or customer service who respond to inquiries. Stick with Room and Board, Article or even Ikea if you have to. Just avoid this company as it has been a nightmare experience.

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