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Design Within Reach Reviews

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Design Within Reach is a popular modern and mid-century modern furniture company with both retail locations and an online storefront. They focus on sustainable wood sourcing and certified pieces from prominent modern furniture designers. With designs that shoppers love, DWR gets good feedback from customers overall, though some budget-conscious shoppers have reported wishing for lower prices. Shoppers that are looking for a statement piece should definitely consider this brand.

Furniture Scores

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

Price: $22-$12145+

Return Policy: 3 Days With Restrictions

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Design Within Reach Specifics

Design Within Reach is a modern furniture brand with a minimalist, mid-century, and Scandinavian design aesthetic. With over 40 locations in the US, DWR focuses on authentic modern design, which often means exclusive, heirloom-quality designs from notable designers of modern furniture.

In terms of customer experiences, most shoppers describe well designed and durable furniture with straightforward delivery. Those that had complaints were surprised by some prices versus discount offerings found elsewhere.

Material Quality

One of Design Within Reach's core differentiators is their work with top designers of modern furniture, and this focus also passes to their care in selecting manufacturers. In terms of material, many offerings feature solid wood construction, but there is some use of fibreboard and plywood in some cases.

Design Within Reach's Top Picks

Design Within Reach offers a wide variety of furniture offerings and we'll go through customers' top searches and discuss the ins and outs of their offerings.

#1 Chairs

DWR's lounge and accent chairs feature some of the most well-known mid-century modern designers, such as Charles & Ray Eames. In addition to the famous Herman Miller Eames® chair, shoppers can also find other upholstered and non-upholstered options. With designs ranging from the iconic Egg™ chair to more muted minimalist options, shoppers have good things to say about DWR's chair selection and enjoy the multitude of color palette options. Those that complained mostly had issues with comfort with select designs.

The pros: Good selection of mid-century modern chairs with iconic options and upholstering options.

The cons: Price is higher than many competitors that embrace similar aesthetics. Some disagreements with comfort for some pieces.

#2 Lighting

Design Within Reach offers high end lighting with a retro and mid-century look. They offer ceiling lights and chandeliers, floor lamps, table and desk lamps, outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, and even wall sconces. With the wide selection of lighting options, shoppers can find something that matches their modern home and each other. Some of the most popular options include the Nelson® ceiling lamps, which feature airy paper-looking shades made of plastic polymer. Most shoppers like the range of DWR lighting designs with rare negative comments mentioning difficulty finding light bulbs in some cases.

The pros: Large selection of lighting across all major categories.

The cons: Prices are higher than other competitive offerings. Some issues with light bulbs in some cases.

#3 Sofas

Design Within Reach offers a selection of sofas in multiple styles and upholstering options per design. With options with wooden legs, metal legs, and lower profiled upholstered bases, shoppers have over 100 sofa options to choose from. Customers have good things to say overall in terms of style, but prices are somewhat more expensive than other similar-looking options available elsewhere. Those that had minor complaints mentioned sliding cushions in some instances.

The pros: Large selection of sofas with a diverse set of feet styles and upholstering.

The cons: Prices are expensive versus discount competitors. There are some disagreements about cushions in some instances.

#4 Dining Tables

DWR's dining options include tables, chairs, storage, and dinnerware (including flatware). Their tables mostly come in wooden designs, including teak, walnut, and more. They also have glass and marble options in modern styles. Their chairs and stools also offer modern upholstered and minimalist styles. Shoppers like most of the options, though their chairs are better regarded than their tables for the price. Customers with rare complaints mostly mention durability concerns.

The pros: Good selection of dining chairs and tables with a multitude of different designs including those using wood, metal, and marble.

The cons: Some price concerns. Some mention durability issues in rare cases.

#5 Bar Stools

DWR has a wide selection of bar stools and chairs with both upholstered and solid construction options. Iconic styles like the Tolix® Marais stools in galvanized steel offer recognizable style, while Design Within Reach exclusives offer more value and unique statements. Shoppers have good things to say about the dining stools with rare complaints mentioning durability.

The pros: Selection of iconic designs and DWR exclusives with good reviews from shoppers.

The cons: Some disagreements about price value and durability in some cases.

More From Design Within Reach's 2024 Catalog

In addition to the top categories above, DWR offers a wide array of other home products, such as:

- Bookshelves

- Rugs

- Beds

- Outdoor Furniture

- Coffee Tables

- Desks

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Design Within Reach provides free catalogs to shoppers in the US.

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We've worked with DWR multiple times

We've worked with DWR multiple times in the past and will continue to do so. They carry a great amount of affordable modern pieces. Our Account Executive (Candace @ the Georgetown Showroom) has been absolutely amazing and maintains awesome communication with us during every order process. DWR will remain a must when we specify for all of our projects!

The hardest part about walking

The hardest part about walking into one of your stores with a client is not getting another chair for myself. Thanks for championing beautiful, modern design.... from important classics to smart new designers.

I must say I am very pleased...

I must say I am very pleased with my experience in DWR. I went in a bit skeptical after reading some of the reviews. However, from the beginning somebody, named Gerardo, helped me with the item that I was looking for. Not only that, but he found it in the color I wanted, which was not in the internet. The parking spot for clients was also a plus! Really happy with my whole experience in DWR!

I've bought pieces from DWR on multiple occasions

I've bought pieces from DWR on multiple occasions, and everything was acceptable, though the buying process typically hit a few snags. Items go out of stock without warning, the warehouse fails to pack something, or there's an issue with the hand-off to a local delivery company, but none of these were the fault of the people. The service is refreshingly regular, following more of a hands-off European style, where the employees leave you alone to shop for the most part but will offer an opinion or answer questions if you ask. If your ego demands incessant attention and superficial reverence while you browse, this will be a different experience. For better or worse, DWR and Hive are the only game in town for this kind of product. If you want the pieces they offer, you take the experience as well. I've shopped at both; Hive's ordering process is a bit better, but its showroom is pitiful by comparison. DWR's primary disadvantage is a comical lack of information regarding order status and delivery. In a time where I can order a tube of toothpaste from Amazon and receive laser-guided targeting on its location, it's inexcusably bizarre that thousands of dollars of furniture sails through an opaque æther to coalesce on a local delivery truck in a few weeks. I know much of this is due to the logistics backend, suppliers, and delivery services outside their control, but it's still an unsatisfying experience. However, the employees always told me everything they knew, even though that knowledge was often a confirmation of unknowing. Interestingly, I've even had some of the salespeople straight-up tell me why some of my design thoughts were misguided/bland/etc when I floated an idea to them. In a time when stores demand salespeople disgorge groundless adulation about every single one of the customer's selections, it's attractive to have someone refute your idea if they believe it isn't going to achieve what you imagine. This approach indicates that the employees have real opinions and ideas about design and decor, not just smiling, agreeable idiots selling generic products. The quality of the furniture is excellent. I've had no service-related issues, and every time I've had an unusual request, order, or problem, the employees accommodated me as best they could.

The merchandise and the store are phenomenal...

The merchandise and the store are phenomenal. The customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I spent a ton of money there and then our favorite sales guy moved to Europe. Ever since, it's been one poor customer experience after another. They take longer than Hive, aren't as courteous, and their shipping policies are just a flat out a rip off. They lost a customer. With so many high end shops vying for business, they need to do much better.

At this furniture store I feel like a kid in a candy store...

At this furniture store I feel like a kid in a candy store. I go around and drool over all their stuff, its all so nice. The furniture is all high end designer. The furniture you see knock offs of elsewhere. It is decidedly modern. Though some of the pieces have become classics. Everything is well made. The kind of stuff that will last you for years. This isn't IKEA and nor are the prices. The staff are always friendly and helpful. And if you get on their mailing list they will send you notices of sales.

We have worked with Gary Greene at DWR for years

We have worked with Gary Greene at DWR for years. He is extremely helpful on projects and goes above and beyond to insure our clients are fully satisfied with their merchandise. Aside from their amazing product line, the service exceeds our expectations.

I bought a LEM blanched oak stool from DWR

I bought a LEM blanched oak stool from DWR. As promised, I received the chair in 2 weeks, no damage. The LEM Stool is a classic in contemporary design that suits my minimalist kitchen.

Patrick Chapman at the Portland DWR is amazing!

Patrick Chapman at the Portland DWR is amazing! He has given us outstanding service from the first time we walked into the showroom. He has kept us informed all along the way and follows up quickly on all our questions. The white glove delivery was fantastic and we are thoroughly enjoying our new furniture. I recommend DWR highly!

Had a great experience here

Had a great experience here buying an office chair. I had looked everywhere for the perfect one and couldn't find it until DWR. The only thing that's kind of frustrating is that I was told they only needed my email address to send my order confirmation and shipping details, but now I get emails all the time from one of their personal work emails so there's no way to easily opt-out without being a jerk. :(

I purchased Globus Chairs + Eames Table and was taken care by Stacy

I purchased Globus Chairs + Eames Table and was taken care by Stacy. She is exceptional at both understanding my needs and helping me to make selections with a great personal touch. I am so lucky to have Stacy who is knowledgeable, friendly, extremely helpful to make sure i have a great experience. She provided me a super quality customer service which i never ever experienced and I have to say, It's hard to find people like her anymore! Can not recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much, Stacy, you are the best!!

Gregg Ritchie at the Portland DWR is awesome

Gregg Ritchie at the Portland DWR is awesome. He was able to order a bed from another designer at a lower overall cost + white glove delivery--it was as smooth a process as I could have imagined. Plus, the designer in question has a reputation for terrible customer service, so we were able to avoid them and work directly with Gregg and DWR, who were wonderful throughout. Thanks Gregg!

I live in far northern Minnesota

I live in far northern Minnesota. The nearest dwr is 4 hrs south (along icy winter roads). I was convinced the on-sale twilight sofa/sleeper was just what I want for my new house that will be built this spring. But I needed someone I trust to check it out in person for me. A practically-life-long friend from the mountains near Santa Cruz, CA, was going to visit a daughter in Portland. I asked if they would check out my sofa at the local dwr. They did and pronounced it perfect for me. I corresponded via email with Gregg Ritchie at dwr Portland to place my order. He answered all my questions promptly and was most courteous, professional, and friendly. That same day I ordered (just an hour of so after i ordered the sofa) the Sapien bookcase I've long had my eye on. I feel like I have my very own dwr 'professional shopper' now. Hah...My Santa Cruz friend is working with Gregg now, too. The twilight sofa/sleeper made its way from Kentucky to Minneapolis to Duluth and finally to me in Bemidji this afternoon. It's gorgeous. And will happily coexist alongside the Noguchi coffee table I purchased 10 yrs ago from dwr. I can't wait until it's time to order a Womb chair from Gregg!

One word...Amazing!!!

One word...Amazing!!! I've always wanted a Noguchi table and when I finally moved into the neighborhood I decided this was my chance! You only live once right? I called the store to find out details about delivery and timing. Stacy helped me and set me up in the system even though I wasn't ready to make the purchase. A month later when I finally came in to pay for the table Stacy remembered me. I looked around a bit at other furniture and everyone was so friendly! There is an excellent display in the showroom with so many options for all rooms in the home/office. This is a great place to browse and try out very unique furniture. Who might find something you just can't live without! Stacy especially was helpful and very friendly. I plan on contacting Stacy for any new pieces I need for my new space. I ordered the table in a walnut finish. I love my new table and white glove delivery was great! Thanks Stacy!!!

I have shopped at DWR locations around the country

I have shopped at DWR locations around the country when I was living in Los Angeles and New York but my favorite location has always been the studio in Portland. While the space is amazing and a great venue to see the amazing modern collections from DWR in person, what makes this location special is the customer service and knowledge of the store manager, Stacy Day. Stacy is exceptional at both understanding your needs and helping you make selections with a great personal touch and she has an incredibly deep background in design that really shines through. She introduced me to several great designers available through DWR and she even went so far as to provide information on designs I had seen in magazines or online. In addition when I mentioned that a lamp I had purchased years ago at DWR was missing a small piece, Stacy took care of the whole situation and made sure I got the part delivered to my home in just a few days. We are lucky to have access to great modern design through this showroom and even luckier to have somebody like Stacy to work with. If you have an interest in modern design and want to work with somebody who is knowledgeable, friendly, and will make sure you have a great experience, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Brian S

I have had the worst experience with the order

I have had the worst experience with the order I recently placed here. The chairs were lost and nobody would take responsibility for it. DWR said it was the shipping company's fault & that they are not able to speak directly to the company, only through the national DWR office. I was the one who discovered the chairs were lost, waited an extra month for replacements, received them the other day and only 3 out of 4 were the correct type! The manager was supposed to call or email me back regarding replacing the mismatched one and is overdue with her response. Blunder after blunder without follow-up has been frustrating.

We ordered our chairs, and they were ready for delivery within a week

We ordered our chairs, and they were ready for delivery within a week. Unfortunately the delivery windows available (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm) were incompatible with our work schedule, so we asked for everything to be delivered at the DWR studio (for $10 more, we did not mind paying a bit extra) Everyone has been very nice, Ayana was incredible at sending updates on the order. We are very happy with our purchase! Already saving for more furniture porn! Kudos to DWR for outstanding products and even better customer service!

the showroom is large, open, and well lit with plenty of natural light

the showroom is large, open, and well lit with plenty of natural light. the products are nicely displayed. I worked with Kristie to redecorate a room in my house and she was helpful, knowledgable, and a very easy person with whom to work. she was incredibly prompt, quickly responding to my phone calls and emails. the custom pieces arrived individually, but on time, by white glove delivery. I am very pleased with the overall experience.

I have just had an amazing customer service

I have just had an amazing customer service experience at DWR. I ordered a Satellite chandelier, which is a new product. It has 24 arms with a light bulb at the end of each. When we installed the chandelier, one of the arms was dead, so the bulb didn't light. I called the store and told Stacy Day about the problem; it took a few days to get everything straightened out, but DWR 1) shipped me a new chandelier; 2) arranged for pick-up of the defective chandelier; and 3) -- this is the amazing part -- actually reimbursed me $150 I spent having the old one taken down and the new one put up. Not a store credit or anything -- actual money. Both my electrician and architect said they have NEVER seen a business do that. Stacy was 100% helpful, including giving me her personal cell number so I could contact her on her day off. I've always loved DWR's products, but this was above and beyond.

DWR is amazing

DWR is amazing. Have used them for many years on a variety of projects and always had a great, successful outcome. Highly recommend Design Within Reach! They take great care of their clients and ensure the highest level of product possible. Great company!

We have worked

We have worked with Staci Gleasman in New York City for awhile now and she is fabulous. She is very responsive, efficient and reliable. Design Within Reach has high quality products that we love using on our projects. They make buying a wide variety of pieces easy for us.

Great products

Great products, excellent finition and express delivery. Those guy are pros. I will buy from then again as their service is worth their higher prices.

I had a great experience at DWR

I had a great experience at DWR. I spend a lot of time at the computer and finally decided to invest in my health and get a better task chair. I had already done a lot of online research and felt fairly prepared and educated on the subject, but Stacy still had a lot of insight to offer and was a pleasure to work with. She has a long history with a lot of the products and loves to share that knowledge. I troubled her for loaners several times before finally deciding on the Herman Miller Aeron. She was always accommodating and willing to go the extra mile. Stacy represents what customer service should be. I'll be passing on her name on with pleasure. Thank you Stacy!


Amazing, swoon-worthy (expensive) furniture and home goods. Timeless for good reason. I know there is new staff since many of these fairly outdated reviews were written - ask for Kristie and I guarantee you will be taken care of.

Stopped in to check if I could get a replacement

Stopped in to check if I could get a replacement foot for my Eames chair (which I have looked for everywhere to no avail) and was surprised that not only was Stacy able to order me one on the spot but also gave me a new appreciation for my chair by educating me on the finer points of changes in the chair throughout it's 50+ years of production. If only I'd asked at DWR in Portland first I would have saved myself alot of time.

The woman who used to own our house keeps...

The woman who used to own our house keeps getting catalogs sent's not really a problem unless one considers the environmental implications. Still, some of the stuff is fascinating to breeze thru' & certainly gives a glimpse into a world I don't have going on (single woman, clean house, no pets...). The catalog for this shop has been drooled over for 2 weeks now & we do need some items. While I walked past the Berkeley version of this shop several times a week, I never went in. Today, I decided to check it out. I considered it a sign since the only parking space for several blocks was right in front! Everything in here is museum-worthy. It's beautiful, & timeless. It holds up well, yet, it IS very expensive. It's difficult to consider a purchase here in these economic times despite the fact the items I lust over will last far longer than I will. I realized I needed a much stronger lighting situation next to our bed. I think I'm getting to the point where the "mood lighting" is swell, but to read bedtime stories I need a strong light! Found one here! It was more than I wanted to pay, but the design, the quality, & the functionality will make it pay for itself several times over within a short amount of time. The woman who helped me was very personable. I didn't get a 'cold vibe' as mentioned in another review. While we can't frequent this store, I got a lot of good ideas & I liked the place!

We have worked with Design Within Reach

We have worked with Design Within Reach on various of our projects and have never been disappointed. Their team has always provided us with the utmost efficiency on all our orders, quote and sample requests. Their pieces are of the highest quality and all of their NYC showrooms are well stocked and beautifully showcased. We look forward to continue working with them and recommending them to all our future clients!

I've got a few pieces of furniture

I've got a few pieces of furniture at DWR. No need to say that these are the best purchases. Just recently I've purchased a rug and recliner. Mary came to my house and helped me pick a rug to match colors with the rest of furniture in my living room. She was great! My purchase arrived while Mary was on maternity leave. Lisa was there to help me. I had to do one return, and Lisa made it go so smoothly. The best service ever! I would highly recommend Berkeley DWR.

OK, this is a review way overdue!!!

OK, this is a review way overdue!!! I purchased a loft in the Jack London Square area where the vibe is great and the area very entertaining. With that said, owning a loft in this area can be challenging especially when I needed to furnish it and using some of my own furniture & Pieces like a custom made purple couch. Well I lived there for approximately 1 month and every time I went "home" I would get depressed and frustrated with the way it looked "furnishings" The best decision I made was to go to DWR Berkley. Heres the best part, i met Mary Conley who was an associate there "Interior Designer" I unloaded all my frustration and explained my situation.. So with that said, she quickly gave me some hope and offered her services to come to my place and look for herself, which she did very quickly. Let me tell you, she walked in and loved the place assuring me that everything will be ok. So she looked over the space and took some measurements, recommended that some of the pieces be replaced and or moved to a different location within the space. She then explained that the purple couch can be fixed by toning it down with accent pieces OMG I can keep my purple couch!!! I was starting to see hope. She left and contacted me shortly with some ideas and or alternatives at which time I met her back at the Berkley DWR store showed me some pieces that would work in my space. It's been approximately 3 months now and the living room space is almost completed and looks spectacular thanks to Mary Conley We are now moving onto the bedroom space which is going to be incredible and am excited to get this space completed thanks to Mary's talent. Anyone needing to have their space designed or needing ideas need to visit DWR Berkley and see Mary Conley. i also want to mention that the entire staff there are incredible and welcoming. DWR is lucky to have Mary Conley a very, very talented designer!!! Thank You Mary Conley..

We have bought several pieces of furniture

We have bought several pieces of furniture from dwr over the past several years. We've always sought help from Vernon who provides wonderful service. When problems developed with a chair we purchased, Vernon went the extra mile for us. He came to our house to check out the problem, arranged for the chair to be replaced and followed through until the new chair was delivered. We were thrilled with the service Vernon provided.

Went in looking for a lounge chair

Went in looking for a lounge chair and desk for my office and desk for my office. The staff is helpful and courteous. The shop itself has a nice contemporary layout. I'm quite happy with the stools I purchased here previously but design wise, the furniture selection could use some updating especially given the DWR price points. There is more interesting stuff out there for similar or lower price points with similar quality in build.

My husband & I recently made three separate purchases

My husband & I recently made three separate purchases from DWR in Berkeley. The first order was for an office chair & floor lamp. We worked with Vernon, in store, who was so patient & accommodating and took all the time with us necessary to select the right products for our needs. It was such a great experience with excellent customer service & top notch quality products. Since our first experience had left such a wonderful impression, we have since placed two additional orders via phone (unfortunately, the store is not local for us), again w/Vernon. Could not ask for a better experience in furniture buying right down to the minor details! Thank you Vernon for your professionalism! DWR is now one of our favorite "go to" stores for home needs. And, of course, you will be the first person we call!

Alan and I had lunch at Cafe M today

Alan and I had lunch at Cafe M today and after lunch I walked over to Sur la Table to look for a kitchen gadget to replace the one I have that's grown old. They didn't have it, so while I was in the neighborhood I walked over to the Crate &Barrel outlet across the street to look for a decorative acrylic glass for the bathroom. I didn't like the one they had, so went across the street to CB2 at the recommendation of the saleswoman. They had nothing, so I decided to try Design Within Reach, since I was right there. I walked in and looked around. I had never been in before, so I was unfamiliar w/ the store. They have a lot of Mid Century Modern-like stuff, including Eames chairs, but I saw nothing resembling what I was looking for. I was greeted by a lovely young woman who had been helping another customer. She asked if I'd like a bottle of water, giving one to me and to the other woman. I told her what I was looking for and she said they didn't have that. She suggested checking Earthsake next door, then walked me over to look. It was completely wonderful service. Earthsake smelled and looked lovely, but they didn't have the kind of glasses I wanted, so we left and she returned to her store while I continued on my journey.

Yes, it is pricey

Yes, it is pricey. But I do believe you pay for great quality and craftsmanship. Also, I have been in the shop many times and everyone has always been so warm and helpful, not at all pushy or snobby. (Hard to come by in the retail world!) They even put up with my wild toddlers, graciously offering toys and water. Lisa has spent legitimate time helping me to pick out a single chair and gave me just as much love and attention as if I was a big spender furnishing an entire home. She even contacted me via email to help with design ideas and layout. Totally above and beyond what I would have expected. Nicely done DWR Berkeley!

I recently purchased a recliner from DWR

I recently purchased a recliner from DWR. When the chair was delivered there was a very subtle issue in that in the most reclined position, a head nod or slight shift would be enough to move the back form its fully reclined position. I talked with Vernon, the salesman, about this, and he immediately contacted DWR and insisted that they send me a replacement. I actually felt bad because it was really just a minor annoyance, not that big a deal. The replacement arrived today and it's great. Thank you Vernon for great customer service.

Quality items

Quality items and helpful sales people. Its not cheap, but sometimes it is worth the extra cost to have nice things.

We just completed a very complicated

We just completed a very complicated special order with Vernon at DWR in Berkeley. He was patient, professional and stood beside us every step of the way. The order, to begin with, was for a unique piece with an overseas furniture manufacturer, so the specifications were crucial. Once we decided what we wanted, Vernon triple checked with us that the order was correct before submitting. However, we had two rounds of issues with the manufacturer. Vernon treated us as clients, advocating for us with DWR management. I want to also add a complement to that management, who moved to resolve the issue quickly. In the end, we have a beautiful piece of furniture that we are very happy with. Thank you, Vernon, and DWR customer service.

I want to thank Bill for good customer service

I want to thank Bill for good customer service this past week in helping to adjust a piece of furniture that I wanted to buy, but that we couldn't get to work properly. The adjusting needed tinkering, and he succeeded. It is an elegant piece and I'm glad to have it. Reading the reviews below, let me add... DWR is at the moderate high end as furniture stores go, and hopefully the pieces they carry are not only classic but study,, as well as reasonably green and not built by underpaid global labor. That makes them good value for people who can afford them. People who can't afford DWR deserve better choices than they now have. Plain but nice furniture was made in the US a few decades ago, but now is gone. Ikea's stuff may look nice, but it is the Walmart model, relying on underpaid overseas labor, non-sustainable resources, and economies of scale whose cheapness threatens local and even national furniture outlets.

This is one of the prettiest DWR

This is one of the prettiest DWR stores around. Spacious, well designed (of course) showroom with great high ceilings and industrial character, which is warmed up nicely with color. The staff is approachable and knowledgeable. We needed some stools for our shop recently and Lisa Russell helped narrow our search, and include some options we had missed at first pass. She was right. Her advice was spot on, and she also placed our order and kept us up to date as to it's progress. I wish buying furniture was always this much fun!

This is one of the prettiest DWR stores around

This is one of the prettiest DWR stores around. Spacious, well designed (of course) showroom with great high ceilings and industrial character, which is warmed up nicely with color. The staff is approachable and knowledgeable. We needed some stools for our shop recently and Lisa Russell helped narrow our search, and include some options we had missed at first pass. She was right. Her advice was spot on, and she also placed our order and kept us up to date as to it's progress. I wish buying furniture was always this much fun!

Me and my husband recently purchased...

Me and my husband recently purchased 5 Forma Boxes for our living space, I wasn't sure about it even though we had been looking at them for quite a few months. Chase was amazing! Not only he lent us one box for a night so that we could imagine the whole thing but he also came to our house himself later to help us installing our new pieces. Delivery was extremely fast, 6 days!!! We loved working with Chase, great guy! Awesome awesome service, please go and ask for him.

Recently bought the RALEIGH BED

Recently bought the RALEIGH BED.... the manger John & team leader Brielle were stellar! I originally spoke with Brielle and she was most helpful- showed me wood and fabric options, mentioned all the delivery options and made helpful knowledgeable suggestions! I went back 2 days later to purchase the bed (during hurricane Harvey) and John helped me complete my purchase and even showed me a few other options! Their dedication to customer service was apparent! My delivery came in exactly on time .... John and Brielle both kept on it and made it happen! I cannot thank them enough for their help and I must say the quality of the bed is top knotch! I love it and loved my experience!

Our go to girl is Despina!

Our go to girl is Despina! We started our collection about 2 years ago and Despina always steers our design pallet in the right direction. AND when theres an item on sale that fits us, shes calls us ASAP, we always get a good deal on flawless pieces. If you're looking for quality design pieces that actually withstand the test of time in quality as well as aesthetics, DWR is hands down the best!

My partner and I...

My partner and I have had the pleasure of working with John Haggard and his team at DWR for several years now in furnishing our home. We could not be more impressed with John's attention to detail and customer service skills, and his knowledge of DWR's products speaks for itself. DWR stands behind the quality of their products before and after the sale, and I have found each employee that I have dealt with to be curious and responsive. DWR's showroom in Highland Village is large and inviting, and a great way to sample the unique pieces they sell. I highly recommend DWR to anyone who is in the market for modern furniture and accessories.

What a great store!

What a great store! Friendly people work here who genuinely seem to enjoy helping and answering questions. Love the selection of furniture. Check it out. You won't regret it.

The showroom is beautiful

The showroom is beautiful and filled with iconic furniture pieces from famous designers. I ordered a coffee table and chairs from DWR in the past, and I recently bought four new pieces of furniture which I love. Each piece is like a piece of art in my home. David was super friendly and helpful with my recent purchases and kept me up to date on the delivery status. There was an issue with the finish on one of the pieces. After communicating the issue with supporting photos to DWR, they stood behind the piece and resolved the issue to my full and complete satisfaction. I will be back, and I highly recommend this store and David for high-style, iconic, on-trend furniture needs.

Talk about a fantastic sales experience

Talk about a fantastic sales experience. Louis was an absolute star when it came to walking my wife and I through the myriad Herman Miller desk chair options available at the store. We were able to make an informed and pressure-free decision as Louis was nothing short of a consummate professional throughout the entire process. Excited for my new office chair and look forward to working with Louis for all future purchases at Design Within Reach.

No Customer Service

Purchase a $6,000+ Eames Lounge Chair from Design Within Reach and it broke out of warranty. All we wanted was repair information/referral so we can send it away for repair. Contacted them by phone & email every month for 9 months and our enquiry is still not answered. Last contact was a phone call and follow-up email to the store manager 31 days ago and they have still not responded.


STAY AWAY. Do not purchase ANYTHING from Design Within Reach. They will delay delivery for months. They then use a so-called "white glove" delivery service by the name of Ukay. Ukay is not ok, it is terrible. Ukay will refuse to arrange for a four hour delivery date and time in advance and routinely turns down proposed dates and times shortly before the requested delivery date and time, making it impossible to make reasonable arrangements for delivery, as they did twice in my case. And DRW does not care about Ukay's dismal service simply stating that Ukay is white glove service when in fact they are a third rate outfit.

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